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A great aid to the experienced and inexperienced angler alike. Aguarantee for a better experience along one of Swedens finestsalmon and sea trout rivers.The app presents Kronolaxfisketsclassic stretch of river, Pools 1-32, giving you an insight as towhat is beneath the surface. The app is a tool for anglers tofind new fishing spots along the river. Through the app the anglerwill receive detailed information about various spots and how tofish them. On this 7,5 km long stretch of the river Mörrum between1500 and 2000 large salmon and sea trout are caught annually.During the part of the season when the larger salmon rise from theBaltic, the average weight is always over 10kg. One of the keys tomaking contact with one of these fish is area knowledge andself-confidence. We will provide you with bothingredients! The guide grants you the possibility to learnmore about each pool and its secrets. You won’t have to wonder ifyou are in the wrong place. On the main map you can find thedifferent info points for each section that you may find yourselfat. For each pool there are multiple info points with detailedinformation and pictures of swims, current edges and the spotswhere fish may well be stood. You can partake of the wealth ofknowledge accumulated by many leading anglers with 1000s of hoursfishing under their belts and many, many years ofexperience.The app won’t give you a catch guarantee but will makeyou feel like an experienced angler from day one of yourvisit. Apart from the secrets we will will divulge, you willalso gain access to * Water temperature* Water flow* Viewingregistered catches* Reporting your own catch

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    October 3, 2017
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    Hi-Story Sweden AB
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Hi-Story 4.4.4 APK
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Hi-Story offer their customers exiting guides. Listen to storiesabout cities, historic places or museums. Hi-Story is a completelynew type of app where we use the best story tellers and the besttechnology to give you a fantastic experience. We tell stories in anew and exciting way
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Välkommen till Affärsverken och Skärgårdstrafikens turer. Du kommeratt få höra berättelsen om de platser vi passerar. Berättelser frånbronsåldern fram till vår tid. Lyssna på berättelserna och njut avbåtresan. Varmt välkommen ombord önskar Affärsverken.Welcome toAffärsverken and archipelago traffic trips. You will hear the storyof the places we pass. Stories from the Bronze Age to the presentday. Listen to stories and enjoy the boat ride. Welcome aboard wishAffärsverken.
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Välkommen till Marinmuseum och våra utställningar. Museet har anorsedan 1752 och här berättas den svenska marinens historia. Vårsenaste utställning, Ubåtshallen, öppnade i juni 2014. Där kan dusom besökare uppleva HMS Neptun från insidan och ta del av Sverigesubåtshistoria. Förutom den nya Ubåtsutställningen kan du givetvisäven besöka utställningen Ytspänning – kallt kring i Östersjön1979-89 och vår permanenta utställning om den svenska marinenshistoria.Varmt välkomna till Marinmuseum och Karlskrona.Welcome tothe naval museum and our exhibitions.The museum dates back to 1752and here is told the Swedish naval history. Our newest exhibit,Ubåtshallen, opened in June 2014. Where can you as a visitor toexperience the HMS Neptune from inside and take part in Sweden'ssubmarine history. In addition to the new submarine exhibition, youcan of course also visit the exhibition Surface Tension - coldaround the Baltic 1979-89 and our permanent exhibition on theSwedish naval history.Warm welcome to the Naval Museum andKarlskrona.
Konstrundan i Blekinge 4.4.0 APK
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2018 äger Konstrundan i Blekinge rum fredag till söndag den 11 -13:e maj. Det finns glas-och textilkonstnärer, målare, grafiker,tecknare, keramiker, järnsmedar och skulptörer att besöka. De ärspridda över hela Blekinge från Ramdala, Sturkö i öster tillOlofström, Sölvesborg i väster.Konstintresserade, som först kansketar en översiktskoll på samlingsutställningen i Ronneby, har alltsåstora möjligheter att variera sig.2018 takes Konstrundan Blekingeroom Friday to Sunday 11 - May 13There are glass and textileartists, painters, graphic artists, illustrators, potters, ironrunners and sculptors to visit. They are scattered throughout theBlekinge Ramdala, Sturkö in the east to Olofström, Sölvesborg inthe west.Art lovers, who might first take a glance track of thegroup exhibition in Ronneby, thus has great potential to vary them.
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I den här appen finns vandringar och vandringsleder i Karlshamnskommun. Följ dessa och få samtidigt intressant platsbundeninformation direkt i din telefon!In this app, there are hiking andwalking trails in Karlshamn. Follow these and at the same timeinteresting site-related information directly to your phone!
Världsarvet Karlskrona 4.2.14 APK
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Välkommen till Världsarvsstaden Karlskrona och vår guidade tur. Vitar dig på en resa genom stadens historia från grundandet 1680 framtill idag.Welcome to the World Heritage city of Karlskrona and ourguided tour. We take you on a journey through the city's historyfrom its foundation in 1680 until today.
Örlogsvarvet 4.4.3 APK
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The naval dockyard in Karlskrona is on the UNESCO world heritagelist and one of the world’s most unique naval historic sites. Thething is that the naval dockyard is not only a historical site butis still the centre of the Swedish navy. This is the place whereSwedish sailors have been trained for almost 350 years, where shipshas been designed and build, ropes have been cut and people haveworked side by side. This dockyard is a place where geniuses workedand can best be described as the Silicon Wally of the 1800scentury. A place where excellence gathered, working with what, atthe time, was the coolest things - shipping and the Navy.Listen tostories from back then, from when the first hull hall was built andhow Karlskrona got one of the world’s first dry docks outside theEnglish Channel. Why rope makers walked backwards most of theirworking life and how the basins from the closed sewage treatmentplant for the city of Karlskrona became exercise pools for the navydive training.
Vandra i Skåne 4.4.7 APK
Hi-Story Sweden AB
Välkommen till Sveriges och kanske världens första digitalttillgänglighetsanpassade vandringsguiden med guider på teckenspråk,svenska och engelska. Du får information om ledavsnittet, desssvårighetsgrad och information om sevärdheter. Vi har integreratkopplingar till Skånetrafikens webb så du enkelt kan hitta närmastebusshållplats eller statoin för att enkelt ta dig hem igen efterdin tur. Ta på dig vandringsskorna och ge dig ut och njut avnaturupplevelsen och lyssna på berättelserna om de platserna dupasserar. Skåne är ett fantastiskt landskap med en fantastisk naturoch en spännande historia. Welcome to Sweden's and perhaps theworld's first digital accessibility hiking guide with guides insign language, Swedish and English. You get information about thejoint portion, its severity and attraction information. We haveintegrated links to Skånetrafikens web so you can easily find thenearest bus stop or statoin to easily get back home after yourtrip.   Put on your walking shoes and get out there and enjoythe experience of nature and listen to the stories about the placesyou pass. Scania is a fantastic landscape with a fantastic sceneryand a fascinating history.