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There is only dessert that is a favorite of people of all ages,whether it is babies, children, adults or even the elderly. What isthis dessert? It is the ice cream ofcourse!Ice cream comes in somany different flavors and can be had even as combination ofdifferent milkshakes or as accompaniments with other differentdesserts. There are so many ice cream parlors around us. But haveyou ever thought how is ice cream made or dreamed of having yourown ice cream parlor one day? Do you have any flavor in your mindthat you wanted to make and sell in different ice cream parlors orstores?This game is just what you have been waiting for to help youcreate your new tasty ice cream flavors. Get ready to decorate yourfavorite Ice Cream Dessert treat in this ice cream maker game.Refresh yourself with nice cold ice cream. Learn how you can makeit at home right now!*** Features ***-A super fun food-makinggame-Make yummy Icecream-Tasty syrups and sprinkles to add on yourice-Introducing yourself to the baking world-Learn the recipe anddo it for yourselfEnjoy the game and leave feedback to help usimprove.

App Information Make your own yummy Ice Cream

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    Make your own yummy Ice Cream
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    November 9, 2017
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Kixo Labs
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    Via Moscova 20121 Milan
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Barber Shop and Fun Hair Salon - Beard & Mustache 1.7 APK
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Barber Shop Fun & Hair Salon makes haircuts so much fun - it'sa wonderful, simple game for you to play at cutting hair, shavingbeards and dressing up! Run your very own barber shop and makeeveryone's hair look absolutely fantastic! Max is our firstcustomer today and he needs the work! Max’s hair and beard are likea wild jungle of fuzzy hair! Let’s get him looking good! First, weneed to get that hair tamed a little with the shower – wash it downnice and flat. Now he’s ready for some soap, lather that thicktangle of hair up till he’s covered in bubbles! Back to the showerto rinse it all off – isn’t this fun! Damp hair is great forcutting, but this is far too wet, let’s grab a towel and dry himoff some. Woah! Max, your hair really is wild – it stands up sostraight and tall! But that’s okay, when it stands up in the airlike that, we can get the scissors in nice and easy. Snip, snip,snip, off with those wild tangles! Okay, grab the comb and let’ssee what we can do with this hair? What kind of hairstyle does Maxhave hiding under all that growth do you think? Time to get rightdown to the roots – get the magnifying glass and hunt through Max’slong eyelashes for any bugs that might be hiding – get ready tosquish them! Shaving beards off is so much fun! Max’s beard is sothick we’ll need to start with the electric trimmers first. Getthem buzzing and whip off all that scraggly fuzz. For a reallysmooth shave we use a bristle brush to lather up the beard andsoften it all up. Keep rubbing Max’s beard with the brush untilit’s covered in soap! Excellent! Max’s chin is smooth and soft tothe touch! He’s still got a little bit of an acne problem, but wecan help him with that. First, we wash his face with warm water andsoap - lots of bubbles again, please! Rinse it all off with theshower when you’re ready… Great! Now we can apply some soothingointment to help clean up the acne - let's blitz those! Last butnot least, it's time to dress Max up for a party! So many coolglasses for Max to try on, which one will you choose? Make sure itmatches the wonderful party hat you choose for him, and finish itoff with a costume that will make Max smile! All done? Take apicture and share it with your friends! For hints, tips, commentsand suggestions, please contact us at: [email protected]
My First Love Crush at School 1.2 APK
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Back To School again. But hey, look at the bright side, it is a newyear and you now get to see your love every day! Isn’t thatwonderful!First things first, it is a new school year, fix yourlocker up with your new time table. Wait a moment, whose photos arethat? Does your love know that you secretly have his photo in yourlocker? Will he be excited to see you? Why is he not here at schoolyet? Will he be excited to see you? Text your best friend and checkwhat the Zodiac has to say about it. It seems like you are a matchin heaven, but only time will tell. Let us go to the class and seeif he has come. It is Lunch time, but you still have not yet seenhim anywhere. Is he not coming to school at all? But relax, don’tget too tensed. Maybe you should eat something and try to divertyour mind. Let us go make a nice snack at the school café. It lookslike it is Pizza Day today. Add some Salad to the side. And lookthere is ice cream for dessert. Yummy day at school. Let us headdown towards the playground for a walk after the heavy lunch. Doyou see what I see? Isn’t that your crush standing next to therepair shop? Looks like he is having a very bad bike problem. Hisbike is a mess, no wonder he missed out on his classes. Why don’twe help him out and get to talk to him? Never miss the chance!He isso happy to see you. It looks like he is interested in you too. Heseems to like you a lot. Did he just also ask you out for a date?Say yes, yes, yes! Your first hangout with him. He is taking you tothe Ice Cream parlor to have your favorite ice cream! OMG he boughtyou flowers for helping him out. How sweet is that! He is soadorable. He is asking you to come along for picnic too. This issuch great news! Will it be a romantic setup? Do you think you willget your first kiss tonight? Quickly go dressed up and get excitedfor a romantic night under the stars!Features:- Live your highschool dream and go on a date with your crush.- Different levels tocover all areas of school life. - Get tips to build up confidenceon talking with your crush.- Excellent graphics to give you a realschool life experience.- Easy to play and lots of fun to pass yourtime.How to play:- Follow simple on-screen instructions.- Completedifferent activities on each level. - Unlock new items and newlevels.A KixoLabs Game Production.For hints, tips, comments andsuggestions, please contact us at: [email protected]
Supermarket Cashier & Shopping 1.6 APK
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Have you always wanted to be the person at the supermarket checkoutscanning all the foods as they roll along the conveyor belt? WithSupermarket Cashier & Shopping you can! Now's your chance torun your own supermarket and help all your customers have the bestshopping experience ever!Supermarket Cashier & Shopping is agreat, fun game for all to enjoy running their own shop, restockingthe shelves, weighing and wrapping the produce and scanning eachitem before bagging it up and sending their customers on theirway!Are you ready to play?Okay, first things first, let's make sureour produce is fresh - we can't leave any old, squishy, rottenfruit or veg on the shelves. We don't want any of our customers toget icky, gooey mess on themselves! Check all the fruit and veg andthrow out all the rotten produce. There's plenty to go through -cherries, melon, pineapple, tomatoes, pears, pumpkin - so muchyummy food!Excellent, that's all the bad foods gone. Now, we can'tgo leaving gaps on the shelves, can we? Let's get some fresh fruitand vegetables from the stock room and replenish! Push your cartbetween the aisles and put out the new fruit and veg - you're notfinished until every gap has been filled!What better way to impressyour customers than by doing their shopping for them? Take a goodlook at the shopping list then whizz up and down the aisles findingall the right produce to fill your cart up. All done? Great, nowlet's get to the check out and weigh all these fruits andvegetables - be sure to label the bags so they know the price isright!With everything bagged up and labelled, we can put all ourcustomer's items on the conveyor belt ready for scanning. This isthe most fun part of working in a supermarket, don't you think?Beep, beep, beep!Once everything is scanned, it's time for yourcustomers to pay. Make sure you put the right coins and bank notesinto the right slots in the till, a mistake here can cost yourbusiness plenty!Money paid, change given, fruit and veg wrapped -now it's time to bag it all up and send your customer on their way!Fantastic! An excellent service means happy customers will comeback again and again! Well done!Supermarket Cashier & Shoppingteaches all about how a supermarket works and is great fun foreveryone!For hints, tips, comments and suggestions, please contactus at: [email protected]
Vampire High School Crush & Love Affair 1.0.0 APK
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You are the coolest vampire girl in this game. At your school, youneed to hide your secret about being a vampire. You get to dress-upand hang around with your friends like every other girl. There isalso a new boy in the school and you have a crush on him. Do youwant to date him because it seems there is a rumor in the schoolthat this cute guy has a crush on you too. Get ready to meet &fall in love with the cutest boy of the school! You will need tolook your best because first impression is the best impression.Lets spend a good time with face cleanup - wash your face properlyand apply moisturizer. Do a facial spa at home and grooming. Whathairstyle would you do and which dress would you wear to catch hisattention - lets try out from the wardrobe and the makeupcollection. Be fashionable and stand out from the rest of the girlsat your school.Vampire High School Crush & Love AffairFeatures:- Different levels to choose and play- Mini activities todo within each level- Choose from a variety of dress and make-upoptions- Create different styles and make new fashion trendsEnjoyour new game Vampire High School Crush & Love Affair &please give your comments to help us improve.
Wash and Dress up Pets 1.3 APK
Kixo Labs
Cuddly kittens and cute puppies get awfully messy playing in theback yard. It's up to you to look after your pets and clean themall up after a day's play. In Wash and Dress Up Pets, your kids canhave fun cleaning their favorite cute animals and dressing them upto make them look absolutely fabulous!Are you ready to play? Okay,let's roll up our sleeves and get cracking!But which pet shall wewash first, Misty the kitten, Oreo the puppy, Charlie the bunny orYang the panda?Pets get very dirty playing every day. First thingwe need to do is wash them down with some warm water using theshower. Then we add some bubbly shampoo and lather them all upuntil they’re covered from head to paw in soapy suds!It’s such ashame to wash off all those bubbles, don’t you think? But we can’tclean our pets properly without a hot rinse! Get the shower andblast all the bubbles away!That’s all the dirt hosed off, let’s drythem off with the towel. Be sure to dry every little bit of theirsoft, fluffy fur!Okay, the dirt's all washed off and that fur looksdry but there’s still a lot of twigs caught up. Grab the brush andcomb out the mess!Even the brush can’t comb out all the little bugsthat lurk. We need to look closer to find those itchy critters!Squish them one by one whenever you see them pop up!All clean andready for dress up! What shall we start with? A hat, some glasses,collar or accessories?Hats are always fun and we have lots tochoose from! A jester’s hat? Maybe a sombrero? How about a top hatto make them look classy? A witch, a wizard or a pretty summerbonnet? It’s all up to you!Once you’ve got a hat ready, you canpick out a lovely collar. We like the bowtie but perhaps you’dprefer a necklace or something fun and fancy?Looking good! Nowabout those glasses – big green hearts are neat, but that’s justwhat we like. There’s so many more to choose from!Now all we needare some accessories to complete the ensemble! A toy train orbouncy ball? Maybe some maracas or a xylophone? Or even a cute andcuddly toy to go with your cute and cuddly pet!Hooray! That’s onemucky pet all washed and dressed up ready to go! Now you can take apicture of your pretty pet and send it to all your friends!Wash andDress Up Pets will keep your kids happy and entertained as theyplay with their cute pets and dress them in their favoritecostumes!For hints, tips, comments and suggestions, please contactus at: [email protected]