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Physics in Hindi (Notes, GK & MCQ) 1.0 APK
Amazing Indian App
Physics in Hindi app with complete notes and quiz mcq in oneapp,The Physics in Hindi app is very useful for class 11th and12thhindi medium student. The App covers topics: 1 बुनियादीभौतिकी(Basic Physics) 2 गुरुत्वाकर्षण (Gravity) 3 गति के नियम (LawofMotion) 4 मात्रक एवं मापन (Measurement and Measurement)5ऊष्मागतिकी (Thermodynamics) 6 विधुत धारा (Electricity) 7चुंबकत्वऔर द्रव (Magnetism and Fluid) 8 ध्वनि (Sound) 9 प्रकाश(Light) 10ऊष्मा (Heat) Tags: Physics in Hindi, Physics Notes inHindi,Physics GK Question in Hindi, Bhotik Shastra Notes inHindi,Physics notes for class 11, Physics notes for class 12,Physics inhindi science app, Physics app Learn Physics in Hindi isuseful forof Competitive Exams and government exams such as AVVNL,RPSC, SSC,Railway, UPSC, NCERT, MPSC, HPSC, JKPSC, SPSC, BPSC,KPSC, UPPCS,TPSC, CGPSC, KPSC, WBPSC, APPSC, HPPSC, UKPSC, APSC,GPSC, MPPSC,RPSC, Goa PSC, Jharkhand PSC, NPSC, PPSC, TPSC,Engineering Jobs,BSTC, State Public Service Commission, CentralGovt Jobs,TET, SSCCHSL, UGC NET, CTET, IBPS, UPSC, Teaching Jobs,Police Jobs,RailwayJobs,GATE EXAM, Bank Jobs (PO & Clerk),SBIClerk,RBIAssistant,PSU Jobs, Army Jobs,NDA,CDS, Defence Jobs, AirForceJobs, Indian Navy Jobs etc
Riddle -The Mind Puzzle 1 APK
Amazing Indian App
A riddle or puzzle is a phrase, question or statement with adoublemeaning to serve as a word puzzle. Do you love riddles(puzzle)? Ifyes, then it is going to be fun feast for you."Riddles– 500 BrainYoga" is a very interesting free riddles and free brainteasersgame that will make your brain sharp. This riddle game isfor allage groups, kids as well as adults can enjoy this addictivemindgame. In general, puzzles are very beneficial for everybody.Withhundreds of free rebus puzzles, riddles and brain teasers,thisentertaining game is as exciting as it gets. Solve all kindsofriddles and puzzles from funny riddles to logical onesRiddleswithanswers is a guess the word game you are simply going togetaddicted to. Make your brain work a percent or two better andsolvethose clever tricky riddles. This classic brain teaser riddlegamefor kids and adults is definitely going to make you cry Nojustkidding but it will be a nice mental workout. Riddles withanswersgame and enjoy your new pastime hobby. A clever riddle gameforkids and adults like this one is a must have. Thisapplicationprovides an easier way to solve the puzzle. It presentsthe rulesand the board in the same screen and allows you to easilymakeselections. * More than 100+ Multiple Choice Questions*Questionsare 4 Levels with Life Line* You can check your score* YoucanReview answers for all the questions★PURE AND INSTANTFUN★Noregistration, no complicated rules. Just start playing, guesstheword, and have fun!★SIMPLE AND HIGHLY ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY★Readtheriddle and think; find out what word is the answer. Guess theword.Win!★NO WIFI WORD GAME - OFFLINE★You can play Just Riddleswordgame offline anywhere anytime. No Internet isrequired!riddlesappriddles app downloadriddles app answersriddlesapp forandroidtricky riddles app answerseasy riddles appanswerssmartriddles app answersfunny riddles app answersriddles andbrainteasers app answers500 riddles free appriddle app gameriddleappgame answers500 riddles game appguess riddles app withanswersgoodriddles apphard riddles appwhatsapp riddles inhindiriddles what ami appwhat am i riddles app answerslittleriddles applittle riddlesapp answersmath riddles appmystery riddlesapp
Bhugol (Geography in Hindi) GK & MCQ 1.0 APK
Amazing Indian App
Bhugol (Geography in Hindi) GK & MCQ Geography GK inHindicontains 4000+ Geography Questions in Hindi forvariouscompetitions like UPSC, SSC, Bank PO, IBPS, Patwar Exam,B.ed andNET, SLET, TET, CTET and REET exam and State PSC exams.bhugol gkquiz in hindi Categories: सौर परिवार (Solar System) पृथ्वी(Earth)सामान्य भूगोल (General Questions of Geography)महाद्वीप(Continents) महासागर (Oceans) वायुमंडल (Atmosphere)पर्वत(Mountains) नदियाँ (Rivers) झीलें ( Famous Lakes) खाड़ियाँ(Famousbays) भारत की नदियाँ (Indian Rivers Questions) भारत की झीले(Famouslakes of India) भारत में खनिज (Minerals in India ) etc.GeographyQuiz In Hindi States of India Rivers of India Trees andforestWeather in India Gold mines सौर परिवार (Solar System)पृथ्वी(Earth) सौर मंडल के घटक (Components of Solar System) सामान्यभूगोल(General Questions of Geography) ब्रह्मांड (Universe)महाद्वीप(Continents) महासागर (Oceans) वायुमंडल (Atmosphere)पर्वत(Mountains) नदियाँ (Rivers) झीलें ( Famous Lakes) खाड़ियाँ(Famousbays) भारत की नदियाँ (Indian Rivers Questions) भारत की झीले(Famouslakes of India) भारत में खनिज (Minerals in India ) etc.Tags: Tags:indian geography in hindi question indian geography inhindi notesindian geography in hindi apps indian geography in hindilanguageindian geography book in hindi for ias indian geographybook inhindi download indian geography by khullar in hindi pdfindiangeography ncert book in hindi indian geography in hindi forssc cglcomplete indian geography in hindi pdf indian geographyclass inhindi indian geography capsule in hindi indian geographynotes inhindi for ssc cgl indian geography class notes in hindiindiangeography multiple choice questions in hindi indianeconomicgeography in hindi indian geography notes for competitiveexams inhindi indian geography gs in hindi indian geography gkquestions inhindi indian geography general knowledge in hindiindian geographygk tricks in hindi indian geography gk quiz inhindi indiangeography history in hindi indian geography informationin hindiindian geography notes in hindi for ias indiangeographyintroduction in hindi indian geography important questionin hindiindian geography important points in hindi indiangeographyknowledge in hindi indian geography general knowledgequestionsanswers in hindi This App helps in your competitive exams- - IASExams - UPSC Exams - SSC Exams - IPS Exams - BANK PO Exams -BANKCLERK Exams - BANK Exams - IFS Exams - PCS Exams - CIVILSERVICESExams - BANK SPECIALIST OFFICER Exams
Physics Quiz - Physics GK, MCQ for all exams 1 APK
Amazing Indian App
Physics Quiz app is all in one Physics GK, MCQ quiz for all typesofcompetitive exams. This app is designed so simple to use. Theappcovers various topics of general physics. This app is best for10th,11th, 12th Class Students, SSC, Olympaid and Othercompetitiveexams.Features of our App:-# Complete OfflineApplication# Dividedinto 14 Categories# 3 to 4 option in eachquestion# 5 lifeline forevery quiz# Extra lifeline on watchingvideo# Score Card on quizcompletion# All Correct ans list on quizcompletionSubjects Covered:Electro Magnetic, Electrostatic,Optics, Heat, Light, Energy, Waves,Magnetics, General Physics,Thermodynamics and much morephysics inenglish gkphysics formula inenglish appphysics in english questionand answerphysics englishbook appphysics mcq in englishengineeringphysics in englishphysicsin english for railwayphysics in englishformulaphysics in englishfor ndaphysics in english for ssccglphysics in english forneetPhycics GK Quiz and MCQPhysics QuizTrivia
Chemistry Quiz - Chemistry GK, MCQ for all exams 1 APK
Amazing Indian App
chemistry Quiz app is all in one chemistry GK, MCQ quiz foralltypes of competitive exams. This app is designed so simple touse.The app covers various topics of general chemistry. This appisbest for 10th, 11th, 12th Class Students, SSC, Olympaid andOthercompetitive exams. Features of our App:- # CompleteOfflineApplication # Divided into 14 Categories # 3 to 4 option ineachquestion # 5 lifeline for every quiz # Extra lifeline onwatchingvideo # Score Card on quiz completion # All Correct anslist onquiz completion Subjects Covered: Electro Magnetic,Electrostatic,Optics, Heat, Light, Energy, Waves, Magnetics,General chemistry,Thermodynamics and much more chemistry in englishgk chemistryformula in english app chemistry in english questionand answerchemistry english book app chemistry mcq in englishengineeringchemistry in english chemistry in english for railwaychemistry inenglish formula chemistry in english for nda chemistryin englishfor ssc cgl chemistry in english for neet Phycics GK Quizand MCQchemistry Quiz Trivia Our Other App: 1. Physics in HindiMCQ, GKQuiz 2. Chemistry in Hindi MCQ, GK Quiz 3. Biology in HindiMCQ, GKQuiz 4. Physics Quiz - Physics GK, MCQ for all exams 5.BiologyQuiz- Biology GK, MCQ for all exams
Amazing Indian App
Amazing Indian App
MS Powerpoint MCQ QUIZ 1.0 APK
Amazing Indian App
MS Powerpoint MCQ QUIZ