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This app usefule while calculating No of holes of Equal diameterdcan be cut from given circle of Diameter D.This is usefulforestimating no of holes will be fitted in tube sheet ofheatexchanger or any other perforated plate holes calculation.

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    No. of Hole Calculator
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    March 12, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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This App is Design to make handy Calculation of Screw Flightdevelopment. This app gives Flat pattern Size for Cutting Blankplate for development or fabrication of Screw flight. This app isvery useful for those who are working in the field of ScrewConveyor or Ribbon Blender fabrication. In this App Input isRequired Outside & Inside Diameter of Screw, pitch of flight,material thickness & specific gravity of material ofConstruction such as carbon steel, Stainless steel,Copper, Brass orBronze material. This app Gives Output as Development OutsideDiameter of raw Plate Circle & Inside Diameter of Circle sothat it will be perfectly fit with shaft or pipe on which it willbe going to weld after twisting of raw plate. This app is also forthose who are working in the field of fabrication of Pressurevessel, Heat exchanger, Storage Tank, Agitator & Mixer and anyother process equipment.
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This app is very useful during hole center Marking on flange atagiven Pitch Circle Diameter.This app gives hows much cordlengthrequired to divide required No of hole on our availablePitchCircle Diameter.This app is very useful for those who aredealingwith flange hole marking or bolt hole marking on flanges oranyother application where we had to divide required no of partsonpitch circle diameter.This app is for professional and anyotherwho are working in the field of fabrication of processequipmentsuch as pressure vessel, heat ex changer, storagetank,reactor,agitator or mixer and heavy engineering Equipment.Inthis appInputs required only pitch circle diameter ( PCD )or boltholecircle diameter ( BCD ).key words : Bolt Hole Diameter,PitchcircleDiameter,flanges, hole marking, fabrication, pressurevessel,welding etc
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This app is build to Calculate Layout Marking of Miter Bend FlatPattern. This app is very useful for all working professionals inthe Field of Fabrication.In this app all Dimensions are used in MMto Calculate Marking so please enter your Input Dimensions in MM toget correct solution or correct layout of Miter Bend.Currently Thisapp is designed by Considering 24 Nos. of equal Divisions of Plateor Pipe.This app is used Mean Diameter Method to Calculate layoutso you must need to enter Inside Diameter of Pipe and Thickness ofPipe so that app is automatically calculate Mean Diameter andlayout Marking Will as per mean Diameter. so marking Should be doneon Raw Plate of required size shown in this app. please note thatCutting allowance are not included in this app so please add yourcutting allowance as per your Requirement.If you are willing to Domarking on Pipe then make some slight change in your input detailsas per following:Input Inside Diameter = ( Actual inside Diameter +Thickness )so if you input as per above then system will considerMean Diameter equals to Outside Diameter of Pipe. and calculateDimensions accordingly. so Now you can use this layout markingDirectly on Pipe Outside Diameter after Dividing to it in equal 24Nos parts.
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This app is build to Know about specific Gravity value of all typesof metal,liquids,gases and other miscellaneous solids.This app hasSpecific gravity Value of Following Reference:1.Metals at 62 DegreeFahrenheit.2.Hydrocarbons at 60 Degree Fahrenheit.3.Liquids at 62Degree Fahrenheit.4.Gases at 32 Degree Fahrenheit.5. MiscellaneousSolids at 62 Degree Fahrenheit.
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This app is very helpful during Template layout Marking ofEllipsoidal Head or 2:1 Elliptical Head of vessel. This appcalculate Marking dimension by Dividing 12 equal parts or 24 equalpart method so that user can get their desired Accuracy. This apptakes Input as Inside Diameter of Dish end, Height of Dish End andStraight face Dimensions. This app generate All marking in the formof X and Y Co-ordinates system. please use all Dimensions are MM orSystem. key words: Ellipsoidal head, 2:1 Elliptical Dish End,Pressure vessel Heads, Dish Ends.
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This app is useful to learn welding Symbols & their meaningWhich are in fabrication Drawing. This app has shown fillet weldJoint of Different Types which are most widely used in engineeringDrawing. This app has also described various Butt weld joints Whichare Used in Engineering Drawing. This app has Basic Symbols ofWelding Joints. This is helpful for all working professional in thefield of pressure vessel, heat Exchange, Storage Tank, Agitator,Reactor, Vertical column and any other Engineering Equipmentmanufacturing.
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This app is very useful for working professional in thefieldfabrication of pressure vessel heat exchange,Storagetank,Agitatoror Mixers and Reactors. In this equipment heating orCooling coilgenerally used to heat or cool process fluid fordifferent purpose,so while fabrication of this types of coil werequired to calculatelength of pipe so that we can estimate or sendraw pipe to form acoil to by rolling process.This is very handytool for all thosewho are frequently used pipe coil for differentpurpose such asheating or cooling. This tool also helps to designeror estimatorto calculate cost of raw material or while preparingBill ofMaterial.
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This is a App is developed by Let'sFab which is team of MechanicalEngineer. In this App eBook is available for easy and fasterlearning of fabrication layout development of Most common Shapesused in fabrication of Pressure vessel,Heat Ex changer, StorageTank such as Full cone,Truncated Cone,Eccentric Cone,Square toRound,Round to Square,Miter bend,Screw Flight,Cylinder to Cylinderintersection. In this Both Graphical and Numerical Method of layoutDevelopment if Described for easy understanding in simple language.Every Section is described with sample example calculation forbetter understanding. features: Cone Layout Development. EccentricCone Layout Development. Cylinder to Cylinder Intersection Layout.Miter Bend Layout Development. Square to Round Layout Development.Screw Flight layout Development. Keywords: Cone, Eccentric Cone,Miter Bend, Screw Flight, Pressure Vessel, Heat Ex changer, storagetank, ellipsoidal Head, vessel heads,Process Piping, Fabricatio,Welding, ASME, TEMA, Engineering.