0.4 / September 19, 2014
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Try to survive as long as you can(By the way you can't reallysurvive).[How to play]Tap to jumpThat's itEnjoy the game.

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    September 19, 2014
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    FlatPivot | FlatTutorials
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    Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh , India
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Major Bitman is as awesome as it sounds, try it you will fall inlove with it.There are 30 awesome levels to master, tons ofachievements to unlock and to see how others are doing you cansubmit your score to the leaderboards. The game have a simplecharacter with a gun in his hands and he is trapped with a lot ofaliens, you have to find your way out of this place without gettingkilled. Eliminating all the enemies in a level gives you chance tounlock the achievements, the achievements can only be unlocked insome specific levels. The game also follows a very simple art styleusing the world boundaries as a bright yellow line and with greatselection of colors for the enemy characters. This games alsocontains, moving platforms, speed effectors, portals, yes“Portals”.
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This is the exclusive Ultra Edition of the already famous CircularPong game The goal of the game is to keep the ball inside the bigcircles while you can also get some power ups which would help yourball to split into two , get protection or some extra credits. Thisis not the usual Circle Pong it's much more It's Ultra Edition. ✔Extra features like power ups ✔ Extra credits ✔ A lot ofdistractions ✔ Leaderboards ✔ Achievements ✔ Decent Music ✔Accelerometer Mode ✔ Landscape mode Take your skills to next leveluntil you can top the leaderboards. Level Up on Google play byearning a lot of achievements. Last As long as you can. Made WithUnity 5.
Dude Driving - Car Driver 4.0 APK
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A Satisfied Dude - Yeah it's cool dude and it's definitely a 100%original idea I mean 10/10 Dude , you can skid and park and it hassmall cars to big cars like buses , leaderboards , achievements andmost of all , real time multiplayer and It is a great drivingsimulator also the dude who created this game will constantly bedeveloping new levels and game modes.So yeah dude , go ahead andtry it I mean play it, In this game you drive like a dude and parklike a dude- DudeExperience one of the best and simple first personcar driving systems. with a very low download size.- A lot ofdifferent cars- Unique offline levels- Unique online levels- Weeklyupdates with new levelsA Game By FlatTutorials And FlatPivot AndPowered by Unity 3D Game Engine (FlatGames inc.)Thanks for tryingmy game : eパーク
Super Plane Fly 3.0 APK
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Fly The planes through the caves while avoiding the obstacles thelonger you last the higher you earn , Try new planes with thecolors of your choice , Fly in four different environments andcompete with the world in Leader-boards Earn Achievements byearning points and crashing , level up in Google play by earningmore achievements and Keep track of your friend's progress inleader-boards.+++++++++++How To Play+++++++++++Tap and hold toFlyRelease to come down++++++++++++++ExtraFeatures++++++++++++++Achievements (Try to earn these in order tolevel up in google play)Leader-boards (Compete with others in theleader-boards)++++++++++Suggestion++++++++++The developer if opento all the suggestion, leave them in the comments and may be theywill be implemented in the game
The Hustle 2.0 APK
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This is Just a demo of the game this version will be updated tofull version in a weekThis alpha demo contains = >=> 3different weapons=> 5 levels=> 1 character=> 2powerups---------------------------------------------------------------Fullversion contains=> 12 different weapons=> 60 levels=> 5character=> 8powerups---------------------------------------------------------------Note: this version of the game will be updated after 1 week of therelease (This is just a test to check everything is workingfine)---------------------------------------------------------------ifyou are going to review this game don't be harsh on the on smallamount of content this game will be updated in a week so don'tworry its just a test that every thing is working fine , if youfind a bug , or want to request a feature , you can post it onhttp://www.facebook.com/Flattutorials or on the review. and i'lltry my best, wish me luck guys this is my first game.
Splash Rush 2.0 APK
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How to play?Tilt you device like a steering wheel to control theboat or choose touch controls in the settings.Kill time while youwait for your thing , swim in water and drive different types ofboats while you also collect coins (unlock new boats) and use powerups to get some super powers.Go on a Endless journey with your boatand keep your score always on the top of the leaderboards.
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Try to avoid the falling balls they split and multiply but whatmatters is how long can you survive Features • Very Simple Controlsjust tap to switch direction• Achievements and leader-boards usingGoogle play games services• Level Up on Google Play games byachieving alot of achievements How To Play • Your quest is to savethe green square (let's call him Stevy).• Now Stevy is the kind ofsquare who likes to wander from one point of the screen to theother• You need save him from the angry balls and you can do thatby just simply TAPPING on the screen this will make him move in theother direction• Try to last as long as you can for the glory ofbeing on the top of the leader-board Note The developer islistening to your ideas so if you have a goon one leave them in thereviews and if its good enough we would love to implements it inthe game.
Shapeless : Endless Runner 3.0 APK
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Join the distance battle , can you top the charts?I don't thinkso.Compete with the world and join them on this endlessjourney.This Game is still in BETA