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if you have ever been a bird hunter or you have been flyingbirdwings shooter then you never gonna miss this amazingpheasanthunting game with bow and arrow. Bow hunting is mostdifficult huntever played over the world especially bowmaster birdhuntingsimulator.Pheasant birds are smart and clever so beprofessionalarcher bird hunter. You should have good aim andshooting skillwhile holding your breath.The game bird in this realbow birdhunting game is Ring-necked Pheasant which is ranked #4among tophunted birds due to its delicious meat especially in USA.Alllatest types of archery arsenals are added in weaponstore.Pheasant Hunting: Archery Birds Hunter 2018 best over actionandthrill game play.It is all about fun and thrill while huntingwithcrossbow along with your hunting dog.Just take your challengeofhunting flaying birds within time.All of them are indifferentstate of animation like sitting in nest, flying in air andbusy inpeasant calls. Just be careful with the sound of bow andcrossbowwhile taking game. Pheasant Hunting: Archery Birds Hunter2018 isMost realistic hunter simulator in 3D environment to have afullaction packed fun and craze. Enjoy this epic bow birdshuntingsimulator.DOWNLOAD FOR FREE SUPPORTED ON EACH ANDROID MOBILEANDTABLETS.ATTRIBUTES OF PHEASANT HUNTING: ARCHERY BIRDS HUNTER🏹Enjoythe real archery wild Ring-necked Pheasant hunter for junglehuntlovers🏹 Action packed bow hunting game with thrillinggameplay🏹smooth arches controls with smart birds ai🏹 Time +Bulletsrewardafter each level complete🏹 Real 3D archery environment withpeasantcallsDownload Pheasant Hunting: Archery Birds Hunter 2018free ongoogle play store......!!!

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    Pheasant Hunting: Archery Birds Hunter 2018
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    June 26, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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Rabbit Hunting : BowMaster Hunting Challenge Game 1.12 APK
Let's go forRabbit Hunting : BowMaster Hunting Challenge Gamearchery shooting in the safari forest. Accept the Archery challengeof hunts rabbit with bow and arrow. It is FPS jungle archeryhunting game where you have to hunt these tiny rabbits with yourexcellent professional bowmasters shooting skills and enjoyadventurous arrow hunting. You will see innovative and adorablebeautiful environment with green safari jungle (forest), where therabbit can hide behind the bushes & can run away so junglebowman archer shooting & hunting is going to be difficult. Youhave to hunt with an eagle eye, like an archer king. They hide itis difficult to find. you are the real archery and realbowmaster.You will love to play Rabbit Hunting: BowMaster HuntingChallenge Game in 3D stunning environment & enjoy the adventureaction Arrow hunting target archery experience. The latest archeryand bow are used for hunting the rabbit. they are very quick inrunning or they will hide so it is not easy hunting, every level ishard and difficult from the first so you have to be active &attack your aim wisely. A relaxing fps archery views the wildsafari jungle animal hunting game. Users can look at the screen ormove anywhere, where they want. The game has two beautiful modesSTATIC MODE & DYNAMIC MODE. You have to attack & be a realprofessional bowman and archery sharpshooter. The focus is to huntthe rabbits, so you have aim your target sharply and using yourarchery shooting skills be the real bowmaster.Hunt the rabbit insafari jungle with archery and show your bowmaster skills. Rabbitis a sharp animal so set your aim the bow to kill sharply be anarchery , Target wisely with an eagle eye. If you miss your arrowthen surly rabbit runs away or climb from one place to another treeor hide behind the bushes because they are pretty tiny animal thespeed of rabbit is so fast killed with arrow or archer shot beforerabbit run away. The difficulty of the game is graduallyincreasing, clear your level in short time. Hope you'll enjoy thiscrazy, amazing, adventurous & trilling forest archery shootinggames for young and adults as well.Wild “Rabbits” are a very goodsource of enjoying but to get them one have to “archery hunt” in“jungle”. The crazy tiny creatures can run fast, so be calm,silent, active like a bowmaster during hunting because when theyhave knowledge of archer presence and they simply run towards theirhoods. So get inside the jungle and be carefully be your smallmistake make them away from you. This is an adventurous game withmost thrilling shooting cause jungle small creatures hunts is notthat easy, so don't miss your target.Key Features of Rabbit Hunting: BowMaster Hunting Challenge Game- Realistic graphics and sounds.-Easy and effective controls.- Radar is given to find White rabbits-Latest and accurate sniper rifle - Realistic 3d model of Rabbit-Real best 3d environment- Multiple mission with awesome featured-User-friendly and smooth game
Call of Superheroes: Last Day of Survival Earth 1.0 APK
Call of Superheroes Last Day of Survival Earth is confrontation ofall superheroes as modern warfare secret agent FPS against covershoot strike cops,terrorist mafia and gangster squad to protect thecivilian.In this FPS shooting game you are mission chief andtouchdown hero of underworld empire along with fearless superheroesobeying your order to kill monster army in blocky free fps sniperscope battlefield game. This fps game you are playing as fpsshooter equipped with modern warfare , weaponry and weaponscattered is based on story of elimination antagonists gangstersquad and peloton trope those against of world peace. monster armyhas made strong hinge to defend themselves with fire power, flyingbullets special ops and special forces sniper reloaded.Call ofSuperheroes Last Day of Survival Earth is last battle survivalspeed force against these enemies to protect civilians. Asincredible hero seize the moment and never lose hope. call ofsuperheroes last day of survival earth is best of action andshooting game on play store .You have two modes of game either youwant to fight alone against sniper kill ferocious abundance hingecreated by special forces or you want a supernatural immortal powerof superheroes with you. Further you have selection of flyingsupernatural immortal superheroes to select and make a squad tobuild final sniper battle against deadly dangerous enemies. Fullytrained dogs to attack on you are the best commandos of the enemiesas a silent killer. You as reckless secret agent elite and vigilantcommando sniper who Lead the kings of fighter , multi flash heroessuperheroes to win this final border battlefield wasteland war. Youare a war field shooter who have to survive himself to defendhumanity and emerge as new superhero on violence monster linesbombard indulgence. Let's fire up against wits master special forceterrorist army soldier sniper reloaded those are a sign of threatfor human beings.As you are an experienced well trained fearlessimpartial lone commando sniper war field shooter you have to trainand lead your companions to get escape from unknown battlegroundsto motherland after strong enemy hindrance .Don't wast your Fridaysno more download this superhero immortal plus man commando strengthgame to get amused yourselves. All rules of max shooter survivalapplies here with word warfare sniper duty warriors of lightcounter terrorist attack speed force. Call of Superheroes Last Dayof survival earth Attributes • Powerful weapons from M1911 , Mp5,SMG, M4 including latest sniper • spectacular HD Graphics are added• More than 15 levels are added those are uniquely designed •Tactical Game play on rules of world war hero shoot attackingstealth overkill • combat strike and superheroes fighter is mergedtogether Call of Superheroes Last Day of survival earth issupported on each android device Download it for free to size themoment and don't get afraid as heroes never dies.
Chicken Shoot Roaster Sniper Hunting Challenge 3D 1.08 APK
Welcome to the Chicken hunting farm for hunting chicks by sniper,pistols and shotgun in this sniper hunting challenging game. Areyou crazy about to hunt Chicks and roaster? If Yes, this game isjust for fly chicken hunt lovers to get target shooting experienceby shooting clever chickens. The game is full of action andcraziness,If you want to become a professional chicken targethunter So this game gives you a chance to shoot & hunt theclever chickens in the safari forest farm. Chicken Shoot RoasterSniper Hunting Challenge 3D is all about the accurate hunt ofrunning and idle chickens, aim and shoot chickens at the right timeand within given time and arrows. You can improve your sniperchicken hunting skills with sniper chicken hunt as a professionalchicken lover.Chicken Shoot Roaster Sniper Hunting Challenge 3D asa challenging hunting is the sniper hunting simulator game forprofessional sniper hunters of chickens and roaster. you have tohunt chicken and roasters with in fixed time of duration to proceedto the next level to have more chicks.Enter in the chicken roasterfarm with modern Roaster Hunter Guns like Sniper, Pistol and startyour hunting in this wild safari farm hunt. Try to be aProfessional Hunter by playing Chicken Shoot Roaster Sniper HuntingChallenge 3D Game.Chicken shooting & Roaster hunting isfunniest and addictive action hobby of Sniper hunting chickens inchicks farm. The game provides you a chance to be a good hunterRange shooter. Download Chicken Shoot Roaster Sniper HuntingChallenge 3D free game on your android smartphone and startsimulation of this best 3d challenging hunting game 2018.Featuresof Chicken Shoot Roaster Sniper Hunting Challenge 3D- All for Bestchicken hunting game is added in this game- Full with amazingaction packed snipers and Machine guns like Mp5- Smooth controls ofweapons && adjustable sensitivity- Full with actionthrilled mission in chicken hunt 3D- Weapon store to buy andupgrade new weapons- Immersive gameplay physics of wild chickenhunting 2018- Breathtaking realistic Chicken farmenvironmentDownload Chicken Shoot Roaster Sniper Hunting Challenge3D on your Android smartphones or tablets and have unlimited funshooting.
Rabbit hunting - Sniper Hunters Challenge Game 1.06 APK
If you want to show off your professional hunting skills thenclever animal hunting games are best for you.If it is jungle RabbitHunting or domestic lovely rabbit hunting then it is a challengehunt for you as professional sniper hunters in safari jungle foryour survival. Rabbit Hunting - Sniper Hunter Challenge Game is themost challenged hunt game on the play store due to it's naturalrabbit AI and realistic weapons (sniper + Pistols + Machine Guns)controls.This sniper hunting game is crazy one game due to rabbit(conejo) cleverness and hide behind green bushes and rabbit hole andalso because of infinite levels fun. There are infinite levels andeach level give you different number of rabbit sitting on differentpositions with smart listening skills. Download this hunting gamefor free on the play store. As a Professional huntsman or RabbitHunter you know that Rabbits( bunny boom) are found in Japan,Africa, North America, South Asia and South America. In NorthAmerica, more than half the world’s Rabbit population lives.Mostly, they like to live in groups, European Rabbit is the bestknow species live in underground called rabbit holes.If you love togo for hunting in jungle (Forest), then we provide you a bestrabbit Hunting challenge hunt game in safari jungle and domesticplaces. Hunting has been a fond of Royal people in past, but nowit’s very easy if you have smart phone. Go on google play, searchRabbit Hunting - sniper hunter challenge game and install to enjoyhunting challenges as a bunny boom (Rabbits) shooter. In RabbitHunting - Sniper Hunters Challenge Game they are three difficultylevels( Easy, Medium, Expert ) of the game. You can select as yourchoice but difficulty will gradually increase with increasingnumber of level.All level are mixed with static and Dynamic huntingmode.In Dynamic Levels you have run after the rabbits to shoot themas bunny boom shooter. Crazy rabbits run away from the hunter as heapproaches them and make calls to other rabbit to be alert same asreal rabbits making this game thrilling and realistic. In StaticMode You have a fixed position to take aim of running rabbits andshoot them.It is also challenging Hunt levels are rabbit run isvery fast and they hide themselves in rabbit holes in case of firemissed. DOWNLOAD THIS SNIPER HUNTING GAME FOR FREE FOR SAFARI FPSADVENTURE HUNT FEATURES OF RABBIT HUNTING - SNIPER HUNTER CHALLENGEGAME • Infinite hunting game full with fun and thrill • BestWeapons for rabbit hunter are available in Weapon Store • Smoothcontrols of weapons with adjustable sensitivity • Lush Green FPSSafari Hunt Rabbit environment • Realist rabbits sounds and Rabbitcalls to make game realistic • More then 78 Weaponsincluding(Pistols + Machine Guns + Snipers)
Chicken Hunting 2018: Archery Roaster Shoot 3D 1.05 APK
Welcome to the Chicks hunt farm for hunting chickens by crossbowand bow. Are you crazy about to hunt Chicks and roaster? If Yes,this game is just for fly chicken hunt lovers to get targetshooting experience by shooting clever chickens. The game is fullof action and craziness,If you want to become a professionalchicken target hunter So, the game gives you a chance to shoot& hunt the clever chickens in the safari forest farm. ChickenHunting 2018: Archery Roaster Shoot 3D is all about the accuratehunt of running and idle chickens, aim and shoot chickens at theright time and within given time and arrows. You can improve yourBow hunting skills with crossbow chicken hunt as a bowmasterchicken lover.Chicken Hunting 2018: Archery Roaster Shoot 3D as achallenging hunting is the crossbow hunting simulator game forprofessional cross bow hunters of chickens and roaster. you have tohunt chicken and roasters with in fixed time of duration to proceedto the next level to have more chicks.Enter in the chicken roasterfarm with modern archery Hunter Guns like Bow, Crossbow and startyour hunting in this wild safari farm hunt. Try to be aProfessional Hunter of bowhunting & shooting by becoming aChicken Hunter & by playing Chicken Hunting 2018: ArcheryRoaster Shoot 3D best hunting game. Chicken shooting is funniestand addictive action hobby of bowhunting chickens in chicks farm.The game provides you a chance to be a good crossbow hunter and bowshooter. Download Chicken Hunting 2018 :Archery Roaster Shoot 3Dfree game on your android smartphone and start simulation of thisbest 3d challenging hunting game 2018.Features of Chicken Hunting2018 :Archery Roaster Shoot 3D- All for Best Bowmaster hunting gameis added in this game- Full with amazing action packed bow andcrossbow- Smooth controls of weapons && adjustablesensitivity- Realistic environment Plus HD graphics in chickenshoot- Full with action thrilled mission in roaster hunt 3D- Weaponstore to buy and upgrade new weapons- Immersive gameplay physics ofwild chicken hunting- Breathtaking realistic Chicken farmenvironmentDownload Chicken Hunting 2018 :Archery Roaster Shoot 3Don your Android smartphones or tablets and have unlimited funshooting.
Bottle Shooting Training : Range Target Smashing 1.07 APK
Come on let's have a test of your gun shooting aim accuracyandsniper bottle target smashing. Bottle Shooting Training :RangeTarget Smashing is a bottle smashing game to train you asrangetarget shooting expert. This game is not a simple and classicgamelike bottle shooting with stone. Show your shooting skillsinoutdoor bottle shooting game with real effect of glass breakandsound effect .All range target shooting weapons of bottleshootingare also added in this 3D fun game. Bottle ShootingTraining :Range Target Smashing contains more then 10 levels thoseareuniquely designed according to user shooting skills. Inearlierlevels user is guided through shooting training tips likerangetarget shooting training sessions for aim targetshooting.Difficulty of game is increasing as the number of levelsareincreasing. game is flooded with flip bottles and short timetocomplete your missions. But don't get worried about difficultyofthe game as it gradually increased till user becomes an expertofthis range shooting game. .Three Modes of difficulty are addedtomake game playable of user of each level of expertise.Eachlevelhas further 10 mission with outstanding layout. upgradeyourweapons are select high difficulty after you becomeshootingexpert. OUTSTANDING FEATURES OF BOTTLE SHOOTING TRAINING -;• Realeffects of shooting practice sound, bottle smashing are added•More then latest 7 weapons are added with precise aim accuracy•Nice and attractive gameplay on desert summer beach&bullSmooth controls of all weapons with realistic feelings •Just holdyour pistol to have nice shooting training experience