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Photo Editor is a powerful picture editor with photo filters,emoji stickers, blurry effect and much more amazing photo editingfunction. With Photo Editor, you can easily crop photos and editphotos. Whether you take a selfie or make a passport photo, you canuse Photo Editor to cut out photos and retouch photos quickly. KeyFeatures: 1. Sticker photo editor: Add emoji stickers to beautifyphotos; 2. Photo editor text: Circle or draw to make marks on thephoto; 3. Photo filters and effects: Varieties of filters forpictures are available; 4. Photo editor blur: Blur background, blurphoto, add mosaic & blurry effect to hide private information.Even without professional photoshop editor, you can also easilyretouch photos with this Photo Editor, download it now and have atry !

App Information Photo Editor: Blur, stickers, filters for pictures

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    Photo Editor: Blur, stickers, filters for pictures
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    December 11, 2018
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    LittleAnts Apps
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讲故事 - 睡前听故事胎教故事大全 1.0 APK
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一款集听故事讲故事功能于一体的有声儿童睡前故事大全,为爸爸妈妈们精挑细选了二十多个故事,并带有讲故事的功能,让爸爸妈妈陪宝宝睡个安稳觉,度过美好的童年。特色:* 宝宝听故事:囊括了格林童话、安徒生童话、一千零一夜等二十多个经典故事,声音优美生动,哄宝宝入眠;*爸妈讲故事:贴心的录音功能,可以让爸爸妈妈提前录下自己亲口讲的故事,让宝贝循环听,让宝宝能时刻感受到爸爸妈妈的存在,睡觉更安心;* 历史记录:一键快速查看历史播放记录,轻松定位上次播放进度继续播放,免去重复播放。儿童故事让你的宝贝感悟生活、接受教育、安稳睡眠~A set of functionstolisten to stories tell the story in one of the audioDaquanchildren's bedtime stories, carefully selected more thantwentystories moms and dads, and storytelling with a feature thatallowsparents to accompany the baby to sleep well , had agoodchildhood.Features:* Baby listening to stories: encompasses the Brothers Grimm,HansChristian Andersen fairy tale more than twenty classictale,Arabian Nights, etc., beautiful vivid sound, to coax the babytosleep;* Parents tell the story: intimate recording feature thatallowsparents to record their own personally speaking ahead of thestory,let the baby listen to cycle, so that the baby can alwaysfeel thepresence of the father and mother, sleep more atease;* History: a key to quickly view the history record player,easilylocate the last playback progress continues to play,eliminatingthe need for repeat play.Children's stories let your baby perception of life,education,stable sleep ~
Beat Maker - Drum Pad & DJ Mix Pad 1.0 APK
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Beat Maker is an ultimate drum pads or drum machine app that givesyou the opportunity to perform cool beats, make music and tracks onthe go. It is designed for music lovers and creative users! Simplymake beats and music by tapping colorful pads, even thoughbeginners about music theory can create something sounds like apopular EDM product with their own hands. In addition, we providemany melodies, which makes this drum machine full of strongplayability and endless possibility. Main features: ★ Each pad is atrack that creates different music; ★ 32 pads in two banks,multi-touch; ★ Mix and match the audio track and make the mixingeffect; ★ The store have lots of super cool sound effects for youto choose; ★ Mix many sounds and melodies in real time; ★ Supportrecording, and share to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook; Beat Maker -Drum Pad & DJ Mix Pad includes sounds like: ♪ Dubstep ♪ DrumAnd Bass ♪ Hip Hop ♪ Break Beat ♪ Rock ♪ Pop ♪ Techno Get the mostout of Beat Maker : - We have implemented a number of effectsthat you can combine in any order.Send each effect to a particularsample pad out of 32 pads that we have in stock for you! You canbecome a real dubstep maker so easily! - Play sessions usingpredefined beat loops that we provide with every sound pack. Shareyour music with friends and other people on YouTube or anywhere youlike! Come to download Beat Maker, make music and share tracks withyour friends. Become a DJ mix music maker!
Compass - Horoscope and Navigation 1.0.1 APK
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The compass, also called Luo Pan, is the tools for feng shui masterto show the direction as a navigation and observe the horoscope. Ithelps to find the deeper feng shui information about a site or abuilding, such as the favorable and unfavorable feng shui areas.Compass is the useful compass for your smart phone, easy to use,install it and use it when you need. It supports the followingfunctions1.Show direction of north, south, east and west likenavigation2.Forcast fortune, success, health, relationships andgrowth 3.Fix unfavorable energies: illness, loss, frustration anddisaster 4.Attract good luck in love 5.The accuracy of resultdepends on device's sensor accuracy6.It supports Chinese Feng Shuifunction, you can know good or bad things easily
Drawing Pad - Doodle draw on photos,Drawing apps 3.4.4 APK
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☆ Drawing and Doodle: Unleash your creativity and create amazingdoodles with get Drawing Pad.; ☆ Draw on photos: Unleash yourcreative streak on a virtual drawing canvas; ☆ Colorful Brush:Select from different brush types for advanced effects; DrawingPad, the BEST drawing game for free!  Doodle and draw wheneverand wherever you want with Drawing Pad app! Drawing Pad is a simpledrawing app that is designed with only the essential functions foreasy use for those who like doodle and drawing something. Main Features ★Sketch Pad! Offer brushes and shapes, such ascircle, square, lines and arrow. ★Smart connection with kinds ofshapes by lines ★Add text and images ★Support to set the bordersize of shapes, color, fill color, font color and backgroundpictures ★Painting freely and painting with sketch pad creatively★Mark pictures with colorful words ★Quickly draw flow charts Ifinspiration comes to mind, using Drawing Pad App to painting orshow your artistic inspiration! Or simply painting what you thinkof as memoirs and erase your thoughts. What can you do with DrawingPad? ♡Using Drawing Pad, you can demonstrate your artisticcreativity and create amazing Doodles ♡Using Drawing Pad, you canhave fun drawing pictures, sketch and doodle regardless of yourtalent level. ♡Using Drawing Pad, You can create beautiful sketcheswith various brush tools like as pen, pencil, highlighter and soon. ♡Using Drawing Pad, you can pick up your favorite colors fromthe quick colors tool. ♡Using Drawing Pad, you can painting withsketch pad while on a go! ♡Using Drawing Pad, you can enjoy yourcreativity with fun with sketch sensibility. ♡Using Drawing Pad,You can use it as a simple drawing board or sketch pad, and thereis enough advanced drawing sketch tool, picture drawing, SketchPad, Doodle! A powerful drawing application! Can be used in life,work, entertainment and other fields, hurry to download it!
Data Recovery 1.0 APK
LittleAnts Apps
Files accidentally are deleted, do not worry, data recovery helpsyou easily retrieve all kinds of filesFeatures:- [Files Category]Open the APP, showing pictures, music, video and documents fourcategories of documents- [Files Recovery]Recover accidentallydeleted files, including audio, video, pictures, Word files, Excelfiles, PPT file, text files, compressed files, PDF files- [Memory]Digital percentage share makes the phone memory share a glanceDataRecovery helps you easily recover and view recovered files for yourconvenience!
Magnifying Glass 2.3 APK
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Magnifying Glass can make your phone be a HD Magnifier with theflashlight. You can use it at home or at work, such as readingsmall text of specifications or browsing very tiny things.Magnifying Glass is wonderful to help users to be away from anyreading glasses and see something clear easily by mobile devices,also it is perfect for the the elderly who are visuallyimpaired.Magnifying Glass can be used also at restaurants, movietheaters, or anywhere else with low light.What you can do with thismagnifying glass:* Read text, business cards or newspapers with noglasses* Check the details of your medicine bottle prescription*Read menu in a dark light restaurant* Can be as MicroscopeKeyfeatures:- High magnifying factor: from 1x to 20x- Function oflighting.- Switch the flashlight on or off.- Switch the front orrear camera at will.- Function of anti-shake.- Option to magnifythe photos from camera roll- Select the zoom level by using theslider.- Option to save to camera roll or share to your socialnetwork.Get Magnifying Glass now, it is Very easy-to-use utility!
Metronome 1.0 APK
LittleAnts Apps
Metronome is a metronome tuner, it is the best free metronome appfor musicians. Metronome is designed for those who love to playmusical instruments. It can not only help you master the dailyrhythm exercises, but also as an essential tool for high-leveltraining. Metronome makes you master the rhythm so easy and simple,enjoy the wonderful music anytime and anywhere.Metronome hascontrols for easily increasing and decreasing the tempo in smallincrements by one touch of the screen. Key Features:1. Intuitiveand beautiful interface design2. Simple and easy to use foreveryone3. Different types of rhythm4. The rhythm speed can beadjustedProfessional metronome for music lovers,add beats to yourmusic anywhere.
Dub Movies - Dubbing Video Editor & Lip Sync App 2.3 APK
LittleAnts Apps
Importance: dub, dub me, dub step, dub music player, dubbed anime,soundtrackfunction:mix music, movies , movie maker, video editor,film maker, sound, sing, lip sync, lip sync appcompetition:the voiceno-heat supplement: dubbing speaker, voiceactorDetail description:Life is like a play and it depends onacting skills. Simple and funny Dubbing Video Editor & Lip SyncApp is on-line now! Do you want to use your voice to interpretdifferent characters to add the voice of dubbing speaker( voiceactor)? Want to create a movie of your own? Do you want to removethe original song and cover your favorite song? Come and try DubMovies!Dub Movies - Dubbing Video Editor & Lip Sync App is aprofessional app of video dubbing, film dubbing, anime dubbing,interesting soundtrack app that can be used for interesting videodubbing and film maker. In just a few minutes, you can create acool blockbuster with your own voice and experience the immersivenature of movies; in just a few minutes, you can also createexclusive mix music videos by following beats and sing song. Youcan not only improve your level of voice dubbing and singing,entertaining yourself in the process of dubbing step, but alsoshare your short video to Live, BILIBILI, Weblog, Twitter, Facebookand other major social platforms. With the website, start a sounddating journey!Key Features of Dub Movies - Dubbing Video Editor& Lip Sync App:Video Editor: Choose some parts to cut video orcrop video freely.Movie Silence: Convert any video to a mute videowith no sound, like anime, video, and MV. Mix Music: Replace asound of a video with any mp3 song or music file by a variety ofdubbing sound effects. Dub Me: Dub movie with your own voiceenjoying the process of soundtrack.Add Subtitle: Custom captions toimplant videos.Set Music: Built-in background musicDub Movies -Dubbing Video Editor & Lip Sync App is a video editor app thathelp you add or mix your favorite audio files to video files. Notonly that, you can split, cut to select the desired part of the dubvideo you made to play or share anytime.Typical Applications of DubMovies - Dubbing Video Editor & Lip Sync App:Make a courtshipvideo for your boyfriend/girlfriend (Harvest Love)Make a video foryour baby growth (Record Growth)Make a video to record the life ofyour family (Collect Memories)Create a promo for your company,product, and yourself (Self-marketing)...... More useful functionswaiting for you to discover!Dub Movies - Dubbing Video Editor &Lip Sync App is an easy and intuitive video voice editor app fordubbing and voice cutting. With this video editor you can cut videoor split video freely, easily dub movie with your own voice orreplace the sound of video with any music without any costly andheavy dubbing tools.