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It is the new era of police robot shooting games so here it comesthe police robot car game the master of all police shooting games.You would have never seen this eccentric summation of police carrobot with police robot fighting games. This futuristic policerobot car would become a benchmark for the fans of police car gamesthose desire sheer exposure of police car transforming robot andpolice robot games. In this robot car simulator you will get anultimate pleasure of driving police robot car simulator convertibleinto car robot. Show off your police driving skills and chase theother robot cars. Your police car is equipped with special modernweapon to aim and shoot the opponent transformable robots, missedin any other police games. Become an expert police robot shooterand eliminate criminal war robots from the city. Download thissupreme POLICE ROBOT CAR SIMULATOR and enter into the world ofexcitement.Take your breath under control to drive this police car.Dive into the future through this police robot car simulator andfeel the thrilling adventure of police car robot game. You need todrive car robot to chase the opponent’s car robots and shoot themat the same time. You have the choice to transform the police carinto car robot any time unseen in any other car transforming gamesand police shooting games. If you are a top police agent withoutstanding driving and shooting skills then reveal your expertisein this car robot simulator that would be a superlative excitementfor you, which you would have never experienced in other robottransforming games and police games.Police Robot Car SimulatorFeatures:• Experience the police car driving and transformationinto police robot car along with shooting the criminals withexcellent animations.• Amazing HD, 3D Graphics • Excellent in driveand robot shooting experience• Option to convert police car intorobot and robot back into police car in a realistic 3d environment•Realistic Sound Effects• Sensational police robot car conversionexperience• 10 most challenging and exciting levelsWhat are youwaiting for? the prime of car robot games is finally here. So getready to entertain with the best of robot fighting games havingthrilling experience of police robot car simulator. You might haveplayed many police robot games but this unique police car robottakes you to the next level of fun and excitement. Show yourdriving and shooting skills on this police robot car and chaseother robot warriors. Go ahead and grab the finest of policeshooting games with an amazing experience of police car robotconversion. For sure you will get the real excitement. Just playPOLICE ROBOT CAR SIMULATOR, the masterpiece in transform games.

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    Police Robot Car Simulator
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    June 5, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Raydiex - 3D Games Master
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The best Modern Guns Simulator app is there! Gun games fun is goingto begin for weapons games lover. This guns simulator app is one ofthe brand new 2D gun games with real shooting gun sounds andanimations. Moreover the latest weapons games contain collection ofmost powerful modern guns in the world. Modern Gun Simulator withwhich you can feel like in a reality with different kinds of modernweapons!The good news doesn't end here. Guns simulator is arealistic simulator with shooting experience, which has mostprevalent guns/weapons and their animations, including pistolhandguns, shotguns, machine guns, latest army sniper rifles andrevolver. To play, first of all you need to choose the weapon. Ahelp screen of selected gun will appear that will guide you how toplay. Then unlock the weapon by taping on slide stop button, pullthe trigger and you'll hear different gun sounds of shots ofdifferent guns. If you run out of bullets, just tap on the reloadbutton and ammo will reload automatically. You can also release themagazine from the gun. So equip the weapon of your choice from themodern guns gallery and step into the action!Features:• 5 amazingand modern technology weapons• Genuine shooting gun sound, flash& spark effects • Complete interaction and weapon control •Realistic modern weapon simulator• Detailed HD & cool graphics• All screen supported modern gun weapons• Unlimited bullets &realistic shooting sound • Very easy to use interface.MODERN GUNSSIMULATOR, one of the best weapon games, is all about realism. Soforget other gun games and begin fun of modern weapon gunssimulator app and play with this new virtual gun shooting app. Ifyou are interest in modern weapons, pistols, guns, with highcaliber, powerful gun sounds this app is just for you! The MODERNGUNS SIMULATOR in one of the best gun games with awesome arsenal oflatest weapons and we hope this weapon games will not let you getbored.
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Car transporter truck journey begins with a touch of sports cargames. Here we merge transport truck games with sports car games toget an amazing fun experience of driving a transport truck loadedwith sports cars. You will have the opportunity to become aprofessional car transporter truck driver having the responsibilityof loading and unloading shiny new sports cars on different spots.We assure you that TRANSPORTER TRUCK: SPORTS CARS will bring yourway the ultimate truck driving experience in the latest moderntransport truck games!Our mission in this game is to load differentsports cars on a transporter truck from the manufacturing company.Once we have loaded the new sports cars from the manufacturingcompany, we will start operating the big transport truck towardsthe city. The truck driver will have to cautiously drive towardsthe city because the roads in between are very curvy and dangerous.Once the truck will enter the city, we will drive and park thetruck loaded with sports car in a racing track stadium. We alsohave the responsibility of unloading the sports car and parkingthem on a highlighted parking spot in the stadium. Likewise, thetransporter truck will go back and forth to transport the sportscars. The transport truck will also face some traffic in the cityenvironment and it has to stop at some traffic signals along theway. There are total 10 levels of this game.It’s time to live theactual dream of driving new shiny sports cars in an exhilaratinggame categorized in transport truck games. You will definitely getthe first-hand experience of maneuvering a real-time big cartransporter truck in a realistic 3D environment. So, become thefastest and efficient driver in one of the thrilling sports cargames named TRANSPORTER TRUCK: SPORTS CARS!
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