1.0 / April 1, 2013
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[Caution]- You need to install "Schedule St."(Free) separately touse this application.- You need to select new refill in calendarview config to apply it to your calendar.- Please finish theapplication or shutdown the device to erase an ads after you buyrefills.- Technical support is in Japanese only.This application isa calendar design for day planner application "Schedule St.".Youcan switch some calendar designs according to the purpose.[SupportOS]Android OS 1.6/2.1/2.2/2.3/4.0

App Information Refill:CLEARBLACK(ScheduleSt.)

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    April 1, 2013
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    Android 1.6 and up
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ELECOM CO.,LTD. عرض المزيد...

DVB-T for Android 1.0.1413 APK
"DVB-T for Android" is application software that controls DVB-Ttuner made by Elecom.To enjoy DVB-T television with DVB-T tuner,install this software on your Android device.Operating environment-Android OS 3.1 - 4.3 (5.0 is not supported)- USB port with USB hostfunctionality (microUSB or USB Type-A)
Hi-Res Music Player (FREE) 1.0.1 APK
ELECOM Hi-Res Music Player is the application which can playhigh-quality Hi-Res audio.To play Hi-Res Music, ELECOM's Hi-Res USBPortable Amp is required.[Feature]- Playback Hi-Res audio file(WAV/FLAC)- Repeat playback for each file or all files- ShufflePlayback- Manages playlist which includes both normal and Hi-Resaudio.- Playback control on lock screen[Supported Format]- Hi-Res:WAV/FLAC, up to 192kHz/24bit- Non Hi-Res: depends on the supportedformat for device.** DSD is not supportedAds is displayed on somescreen due to free version.[Support OS]Android 4.3~6.0[OnlineManual]http://app.elecom.co.jp/en/musicplayer/android/manual.html
QR link 1.0.9 APK
QR link is an app that uses the QR code included with Logitecrouters to easily configure the Wi-Fi settings between thoserouters that support the app and smartphones or tablets.Since youdon't need to enter any bothersome encryption keys, anyone caneasily connect their smartphone or tablet to Wi-Fi (wireless LAN).■Operating environmentAndroid OS2.1/2.2/2.3/3.0/3.1/3.2/4.0/4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/5.0/5.1/6.0 (a deviceequipped with an auto-focus camera is recommended)■ Notes・To usethis app, a Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) router that supports ELECOM's QRlink is required. For supported Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) routers, checkthe ELECOM website. http://www.elecom.co.jp/index.htmlThe app maynot be able to read the QR code with devices not equipped withauto-focus cameras and with devices with low resolution cameras.・If an error is displayed, terminate the other apps, restart thesmartphone or tablet, and then try the setup again.・QR code is aregistered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated. ・This applicationuses Zxing ( http://code.google.com/p/zxing/ ). ・Permission to useZxing is based on ApacheLicenseVersion 2.0.[ELECOM AppsWeb]http://app.elecom.co.jp/en/index.html[Twitter]http://twitter.com/ELECOM_Apps[Facebook]http://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications
SkyLinkManager 2016.06.21 APK
「SkyLinkManager」は同アプリ対応の弊社ルーターをスマートフォン・タブレットからかんたんに設定を行うためのアプリケーションです。□動作環境Android4.0以上□対応機種 WRC-300FEBK-A WRC-733FEBK-A (以降追加予定)□注意事項・本アプリで説明動画を表示するためにはモバイルネットワーク回線が必要です。 パケット通信料にご注意ください。・エラーが表示された場合は他のアプリの終了、端末を再起動してやりなおしてください。□ELECOMApps WebSitehttp://app.elecom.co.jp□Twitterhttp://twitter.com/schedulest_jp(日本語)http://twitter.com/ELECOM_Apps(English)□Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications.jp(日本語)http://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications (English)"SkyLinkManager" is an application for setting easily our router of thecorresponding same application from the smartphone-tablet.□operating environmentAndroid 4.0 or higher□ compatiblemodelsWRC-300FEBK-AWRC-733FEBK-A(Additional planned or later)□notes• To view a description videos in this app requires mobilenetwork line.Please note that packet communications charges.If anerror is displayed the end of the other apps, please try again torestart the terminal.□ ELECOM Apps Web Sitehttp://app.elecom.co.jp□Twitterhttp://twitter.com/schedulest_jp(Japanese)http://twitter.com/ELECOM_Apps (English)□Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications.jp(Japanese)http://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications (English)
Skylink View 1.0.8 APK
◆主な機能『SkylinkView』は、エレコム製ネットワークカメラNCC-ENP100WH/NCC-EWNP100WHを操作、映像を視聴するためのアプリです。・QRコードによるカメラのセットアップ・カメラの映像閲覧(ライブビュー機能)・カメラの上下左右動作(パンチルト機能)・ナイトビジョン切替・カメラ越しでの会話(2Wayオーディオ機能)・外出先からのインターネット経由ライブビュー(P2P接続機能)・インターネット経由時帯域拡張機能(リレーサーバー接続機能)・動画保存機能(カメラ本体SDカード、NAS)・Android端末上への静止画保存機能・動体検知によるメール通知機能・赤外線学習リモコン機能◆このようなシーンで便利にお使いいただけます・外出中に、自宅にいるペットを見たいとき、ペットが部屋で動き回っても、パンチルト機能を使って隅々まで探せる!・外出後に、テレビやエアコンの消し忘れがあっても、遠隔操作で電源をオフにできる!・カメラ越しに会話ができるので、お子様の確認や介護にも最適・暗い部屋でも、ナイトビジョンで侵入者を確認可能。更に声で相手を威嚇できます!・倉庫などのインターネット回線が無い環境でも、USBデータカード(別売)を使って接続できます!□対応機種NCC-ENP100WH/NCC-EWNP100WH※ロジテック製ネットワークカメラ、またUSB接続WEBカメラにはお使いいただけません。□動作環境Android2.3~2.4、Android3.2、Android4.0~4.4『Skylink View』は、Android4.0以降に対応しています。□注意事項・本アプリはネットワークカメラの映像をパケット通信で受信します。(WiFi接続時を除く) パケット通信料にご注意ください。・エラーが表示された場合は他のアプリの終了、端末を再起動してやりなおしてください。・QRコードは(株)デンソーウェーブの登録商標です。□ELECOMApps WebSitehttp://app.elecom.co.jp□Twitterhttp://twitter.com/schedulest_jp(日本語)http://twitter.com/ELECOM_Apps(English)□Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications.jp(日本語)http://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications (English)◆ Themain function"Skylink View", the operation the Elecom made networkcamera NCC-ENP100WH / NCC-EWNP100WH, is the app for you to watchthe video.Camera setup by · QR codeCamera video viewing (live viewfunction)Camera up, down, left, and right action (pan-tiltfunction)Night vision switchingConversation at the camera over(2Way audio function)Internet via live view from the road (P2Pconnection function)Internet via the time-band extension (relayserver connection function)And video storage function (camera bodySD card, NAS)And still image storage function onto the AndroidterminalE-mail notification function by-motion detectionInfraredlearning remote control functionYou can use it convenient tocontact with ◆ such scene• During the go, when you want to see apet at home, even when moving around pets in the room, and PackagesMarriott.com until every corner using the pan and tilt function!-After going out, even if there is forgetting to turn off the TV andair conditioning, I can turn off the power at the remotecontrol!Since the conversation in-camera over can be, it is alsoideal for confirmation and care of childrenIn-dark room, it can bechecked the intruder in the night vision. I can intimidate theopponent further voice!• Even with internet access there is noenvironment, such as warehouse, you can be connected using a USBdata card (sold separately)!□ compatible modelsNCC-ENP100WH /NCC-EWNP100WHGive me your Logitech made network camera, also to theUSB connection WEB camera ※.□ operating environmentAndroid 2.3 ~2.4, Android3.2, Android4.0 ~ 4.4"Skylink View" is, I have beencorresponding since Android4.0.□ Notes• This app will receive theimage of the network camera in the packet communication. (I exceptwhen WiFi connection)Please note that packet communicationscharges.If an error is displayed end of other apps, please tryagain to restart the terminal.· QR Code is a registered trademarkof DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED.□ ELECOM Apps WebSitehttp://app.elecom.co.jp□Twitterhttp://twitter.com/schedulest_jp(Japanese)http://twitter.com/ELECOM_Apps (English)□Facebookhttp://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications.jp(Japanese)http://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications (English)
ELECOM CarCon 1.0.1 APK
ELECOMCarconはエレコム社が製造、販売するFMトランスミッター「LAT-FMBTB02」を制御するための専用ユーティリティアプリです。※「LAT-FMBTB02」をお持ちのお客様のみ、ご利用いただけるアプリです。「LAT-FMBTB02」はBluetoothでandroidと接続することが可能なFMトランスミッターです。ご自身のお車のシガーチャージャーに「LAT-FMBTB02」を差し込んで電源を投入し、androidスマホと接続することで、スマホのオーディオの音声をカーオーディオから再生できる機器です。本アプリはBluetoothでandroidと接続された「LAT-FMBTB02」を制御する、以下の機能を搭載しています。・機器が音声を発信する周波数の変更、切り替え・FMトランスミッターのオーディオ再生時のイコライズ設定【注意事項】自動車を運転中は、本アプリを絶対に操作しないで下さい。【対応OS】Android4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1/ 6ELECOM Carcon is Elecom Co., Ltd. tomanufacture, is a dedicated utility app to control the FMtransmitter to sell "LAT-FMBTB02".※ only customers with"LAT-FMBTB02", it is an application that available."LAT-FMBTB02" isthe FM transmitter that can be connected to the android inBluetooth.The power is turned on by inserting a "LAT-FMBTB02" tothe cigar charger of your own car, by connecting with the androidsmartphone, is a device that can play the sound of the audio of thesmartphone from the car audio.This application is to control the"LAT-FMBTB02" that is connected to the android in Bluetooth, isequipped with the following features.And equipment to change thefrequency for transmitting the voice, switchingAnd equalizingsetting at the time of the audio playback of the FMtransmitter【Notes】The while driving car, please do not operate thisapplication absolutely.[Supported OS]Android 4.3 / 4.4 / 5.0 / 5.1/ 6
Schedule St.(Free Organizer) 1.16.2 APK
New Version "Ver 2" is available at Google Play. Ver 2 isrecommended for new user.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.elecom.android.elenote2"A MILLION downloaded BEST and FREE Scheduler/Calendar application""Schedule St." is a day planner / schedule organizer / calendarapplication for Android. It's FREE. Incorporating various functionssuch as TO-DO lists, text memos, voice memos, photos and functions.It can be further customized just like adding design refills(including cute design). The integration of the TODO and Note memosallows linkage of the scheduled plan with its correspondinginformation. This allows you to quickly access the registeredinformation for reference. Since the system incorporatessynchronization with Google calendar, you can continue to use theschedule you have been previously using without any effort.[Functions] - Day Planner - Google Calendar Sync - Multiplecalendar management - You can switch multiple calendars by swiping.Good for management of family schedule. - Todo list - Google TasksSync - Text Memo - Photo Memo - Voice memo - Calendar Widget(Monthly/Weekly/Daily/TODO/Memo shortcut) This free version has thefollowing limitations. - Ads is displayed Their limitations areunlocked by installing a paid design refills for "Schedule St.".[Support OS] Android OS 4.0 - 6.0 [ELECOM Apps Web]http://app.elecom.co.jp/en/index.html [Twitter]http://twitter.com/ELECOM_Apps [Facebook]http://www.facebook.com/ELECOM.Applications
"ELECOM Smart Copy" is utility application which uses USB memory tocopy the files from Android device to other Android device.