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Rich dad - The business of 21st centurysuccessful businessmindpowertips ideas ~ Create something of real value~ Improve the livesof others~ Focus on positivity~ Understand Finance~ Follow the80-20 Rule~ The Importance of Family~ Grow As A Leader

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    Rich dad - The business of 21st century
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    May 14, 2018
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Heroic InfoTech
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    Books & Reference
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    20, sadhana society, mota varachha , surat, gujarat,India
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- IELTS Bach , Word power of IELTS english, English Talk, you canget band 7 - 7.5 - 8 - 8.5 - 9.- IELTS Preparation like Speaking,Reading, Writing, Listening . - In this app, available all modulewith the proper manner and user can self practice.- Firstly,students and worker can easily understand about IELTS cause of imention that step by step and from beginning of the IELTS modulesand all. - On the other side, available all tips forspeaking,writing,reading and listening. It follows that, Studentsor any other people can speak confidently with the suitableanswers.- Including available lots of vocabulary for differenttopics and pretty for writing. secondly, You can create goodcommunication with your stuff using it's all vocabulary words andReceive Good :)- I added lots of cuecards and answers with therecord practice secondly, available too much cuecards forself-practice.- Also i added lots of ideas of speaking and writingand Timer for answers. so, students can understand for own prettyanswer.- In the Reading module, Ideas for it also Techniques, Howto improve performance?, ad strategies for reading. Prepare like itand got brilliant performance.- In the Listening module, Ideas forit also Techniques, How to improve performance?, ad strategies forListening. Prepare like it and got brilliant performance.- User canself practice using record voice and play it.- User can check bandcondition for all modules.- User can check requirements for WholeIELTS modules so You can do pretty practice. - You can see list outof top countries in study abroad.- You can check band condition forsome of the countries.- Any students is new in English society, souser can practice with spoken English from beginning and make yourspoke strong.- Thanks a lot for used it . i'll try to improve toomuch knowledge about IELTS for all students and workers.- This Appis still in the experimental stage. We hope you, the potentiallearners, will try out and enthusiastically support this newlearning method. Your appreciation, support and your ideas, interms of constructive feedback, will certainly be a greatmotivation for us to make the most of our time updating more modelanswers in the App, to help you get ready for the IELTS Exam aseffectively as we can.- We wish you all the best in yourstudies!More Features: ~ ielts prep, islets, ielts practice, ieltswriting, ielts reading, cpaexcel, ielts practice test, ieltslistening, ielts skills, ielts preparation, ~ 剑桥雅思, 雅思听力, 雅思听力,雅思口语, eike, preparation for, 雅思, 雅思考满分 - 剑桥官方真题, hoc ielts, 雅思听力,best study app, ca preparation app,
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Vocabulary for IELTS: In this Module, available lots of Vocabularyas like various topics of Speaking and Writting.In the Today's era,Too many IELTS students and Tutor faces lot of problem in the IELTSexam. The Cause of not a much knowledge of Vocabulary. It followsthat, Student can not taken good band in exam. So, Don't worry, Wehave a available the solution of it. Prepare this App perfectly andReceive good.Thank you...!
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IELTS Speaking:- Short Questions- CueCards- CueCards with Audiopractice- Tips for IELTS- Ideas for Speaking Module- You can knowband conditions for speaking's all part.- Timer of Answer- RecordYour Voice and Play it.- Important Vocabulary
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Hello Dear Students, I have seen that lot of students are facingproblem in writing module so no worries about that, causeof.....You can get lot of essays like Short essay and Long essay (part 1 - Part 2 ).including, Lot of Essay formats and ideas aboutessay.Moreover, I have provide Tips of Writing and Strategy forwriting module.Thanks a lot dear for interesting to my ideas. i'llprovide new and new for all students and others user.If you knowmore about writing module , of course you can send mail me."heroicinfotech@gmail.com"Thanks :)
IELTS CueCards 4.0 APK
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Lot of Students faces problem in cue-cards. It follows that, Idescribe so many thing in this app such as - How to followcue-card.- Simple Tips of cue-card.- What is the band condition ofcue-card.- Timer of Answers. in this case, i mention that, how muchspend time with the every answers in part1, part2, part3.- Lastly,You can test your voice regarding every cue-card. it just forself-practice.
Vocabulary Words - IELTS 1.0 APK
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Hello Dear Students and all, I have provide lot of vocabulary forspeaking and writing.In the Speaking, Provided vocabulary for toomuch of topics.and same it is for Writing.Nowadays, Lot of peopleare facing problem in his speaking and writing cause of his can'tuse new things word in speaking and writing during running theexam. so, don't worry students and employees because i have providelot of vocabulary topic by topic. It follows that, very use tolearn IELTS vocabulary and get too much of ideas.Thanks you forusing it. I'll provide new and new vocabulary for IELTS and all.
IELTS Buddy 2.0 APK
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-> full speaking module-> full writing module-> fullreading module-> full listening module-> Tips for allmodules-> Vocabulary for speaking and writing-> Ideas formodules