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Many people use their bedrooms as a romantic getaway within theirhome. Decorating your bedroom with a romantic flair takes some timeand consideration and definitely needs to entice all five of yoursenses. It is not as simple as lighting some candles and havingsilk sheets. A truly romantic bedroom should be well thought outand appeal to both sexes.Decorating the Bed in a RomanticBedroomWith a romantic bedroom, you want your bed to be as invitingas possible. Things to include are luxurious sheets and blankets,plush pillows, and definitely a comfortable mattress. Try to stickwith calming colors like light blue, pink, and ivory, or jeweltoned colors like purple and emerald green for the color scheme. Ifyou really want a romantic bed, then avoid frilly lace anduncomfortable accents that really do nothing to set themood.Lighting for a Romantic BedroomIf you are going for a romanticfeel for your bedroom, avoid harsh bright lights. Instead, go formore of a soft and filtered light for the room. Use a light bulbthat has a lower wattage or instead of an overhead light fixture,use lamps for the room's light. You can go for a very basic lightfixture or even chandelier if you have the proper room in thebedroom. Another great style tip is to try decorative lamp shadesthat filter the light to another color such as light pink or a softred.Accessories for a Romantic BedroomOne of the most importantaccessories that you can put in a bedroom to give it ambiance iscandles. There are so many different types of candles from floatingcandles that you can place in a glass vase to large pillar candlesthat sit on decorative plates of boxes. The type and color ofcandles depends on your specific room and what style you are tryingto accomplish.Other accessories that go well in a romantic bedroomare flowers, canopy drapes, decorative mirrors, and framed artwork.One accessory that you should leave out of a romantic bedroom isthe television, as there is no need for distractions in thebedroom.A romantic bedroom can be very simple and still have theromance and atmosphere that you want. Also, don't be afraid toinclude practical items like a nightstand or armoire in your room.There are plenty of ways that you can dress these items up withaccessories or fabrics to make them flow with the romantic style.

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African outfits come in a variety of styles and designs, but thereis one characteristic among them all and that is the fact that theyare colorful, bright and elegant and often very comfortable.African styles have different ways to express their beauty andelegance. Some contain wide and clear embroidery while others aresimple but beautiful without any embroidery, some go in as onecolor while others are expressed with beautiful mix colors, somecome with shorts with other trousers. Overall African traditionaldress gives beauty, form and personality to people who wear it.African outfits have been popular for centuries but what makes themmore interesting is the rediscovery of ancient African fabrics todesign modern and contemporary african styles. There are thousandsof African fabrics but the most popular are voile lace, satin lace,brocade, linen, adire, aso-okay, and the most popular is calledAnkara, its texture. From Ankara is such that it can be used as oldand new design, but the most expensive is the lace fabric, so thefabric is by way of price determination. As we said at two pointsabove cost is something you need to consider with regards to yourpocket, this is a single point of clothing Africa has over itscompetitors, because our fabrics and designs come from theoriginal. Some time some customers do not know the reason the pricedifference of two products of similar fabrics is also the maindifference can be embroidery on the African style, The moreembroidery the more the price so you need to ask yourself whetheryou really need embroidery
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tv shelves systems are used for function and decoration in homesand offices. The variety of styles, materials, colors, and bracketsavailable to mount shelving on your wall or simply place against awall provides an option for every home and décor. Shelves can beused as a focal point in a room or shelving can take up an entirewall of a room.Location is critical when it comes to making adecision on the style and type of shelving you want for your walls.Make sure to take measurements before you purchase a shelvingsystem. Do you enjoy rearranging your furniture often? You may wantto consider a freestanding shelving unit that will fit on any wallin your living space. Otherwise, a shelving unit mounted into thewall will offer more support and hold heavier objects.What will youdisplay on your shelves? If you are creating a shelving area foryour extensive library, your shelves will need to be very sturdy.Other items such as trinkets, photographs, baskets and favoritecollections may not require as much support. Wood or glass shelvesare better suited for smaller items, whereas wire shelving willaccommodate larger items and linens very well. The more items youcan store up and away using wall space means a cleaner and moreorganized home overall.Everyone wants their shelving to complimenttheir décor. A variety of materials are used today to createshelving, so choose ones that will not only serve the function ofholding your treasures, but also will blend into and match yourexisting décor seamlessly. Choose from solid woods of every colorand grain, stainless steel, composite, or glass to make yourshelving fit your personal style. Shelving comes in every shape aswell, whether it be rectangular, round, square, curved, half-moonshaped, or triangular, and can pretty much fit into any and everyspace.Wall systems can be freestanding, hanging, modular,adjustable, or fixed, just to name a few options available. Thereare corner units, floating shelves, hanging shelves, track systemsand fully adjustable wall units. The most flexible system is atrack system. You can adjust the height of the shelves toaccommodate several different sized items. This type of shelvinggives you the freedom to frequently change your displays withouttoo much fuss. You can tailor this style of shelving to fit yourspecific needs.In the area of hanging shelves, you have severalchoices when it comes to the style of brackets and hardware. A goodrule of thumb is to use hardware well suited to the structure ofthe existing wall. Wall-mounted shelves with ready-made shelves andadjustable brackets are ideal for the laundry room, pantry, homeoffice or your child's room.If you prefer a freestanding shelvingsystem for your wall, be sure it is sturdy enough to stand on itsown, or somehow secure it to the wall with cables or hooks. Thissafety precaution will ensure no one will be able to pull it overand securing your wall system will keep your breakables safe aswell.tv shelves systems can be purchased ready-made or can becustom built to fit your space. Consider corner shelves and everysize and shape of tv shelves in order to maximize wall space inevery room of your home.
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Mehndi (Henna) is famous in East From centuries. In late times itwas used to dye the grey hair and also the hands of brides at thetime of wedding. But as time passed its use become modernized justlike a lot of other things.Also technology make it more fashionoriented.people can use Mehndi as conditioner by taking one cupMehndi and a cup of water boiled with tea leaves (alternatively,use tea bags). Then put that boiled water of tea in Mehndi also putsome oil (olive Oil or Musterd Oil) in Mehndi and mix all of them.If the Mixture is thick then add some plain water to make it thin.Then place that mixture for sometime to blend enough. After wardsapply that Mehndi mixture in your hair, leave for 4 to 5 hours andthen wash the hair with a shampoo. After that you will feel thedifference, your hair will feel fresh not only from outside butalso from inside they will breath. You can reapply it after 2 to 3months.Mehndi has many uses now a days, like we have a very famousMehndi function in our typical Eastern wedding ceremonies.In somefamilies this function of Mehndi prolonged for a week or so, andhaving a number of functions of Mayoh, Dholk and Sangeet. All thesefunctions are of Mehndi function. In Mehndi function girls andwomen apply Mehndi at their hands and feet. Especially the beautyof Mehndi is worth seeing on bride. Mehndi designs are especiallydifferent for brides which makes her prominent among all otherguests. Bride apply mehndi from hands to arms with full cover ofdesign. That makes her not only beautiful but also give her gloryof wedding on wedding day.
DIY Handmade 1.0 APK
Handmade is better because it promotes creativity. This gives boththe designer and the wearer the happiness because of the uniquenessof the handmade product. Creativity is often associated with art,and art is one of the main reasons why we see a very famous andoften eccentric design that we can not resist except love.Handmadeis better because it encapsulates our innate love for art thatmakes sense. Handmade teaches us the positive value of longing forthings that are beyond the usual. Why put on a factory-made scarfwhen you can make your own - all the bells and whistles of yourchoice are included.Handmade invites us to craft and craft andhandicraft again. Because handmade products are fun to work with,we feel anxiety and joy to never stop improving our skills. Thenovice craftsmen would agree with this.Handmade makes us movefurther, learn more, and appreciate life better. In creatinghandmade items, we devote our love to what we can do and what weneed to improve. There is no better feeling than making a work ofart rather than using a computer, but by using our own hands andintelligence, with trial and error. We feel the need to drownourselves into our subconscious to discover missing ideas that needto be incorporated into our work.Handmade makes us happy and othersare also happy. Who does not appreciate handmade, really? Almosteveryone in the world knows handmade stuff when they see it, andthey always stop to look not only at the stuff, but also the effortthat the artisan has done to finish his stuff.Handmade items areenvironmentally responsible. Actually, the term "environmentalresponsibility" is not conceived until many factories producingmass-produced goods begin to emerge. When you buy handmade, youalso will not feel guilty for injuring Mother Earth.Handmade itemsare often more beautiful and also more durable than mass-produceditems. Because every item is made with precision and grace, it notonly looks good, but it also feels good and solid. An experiencedcraftsman will never use equipment and knick-knacks made from cheapfor his creation. Just look at the antique furniture and how longthe antique chairs, the sofa and the last bed - impress, right?
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Usually, we are looking for stylish shoes and stuffy shoes forfashion. Most Shoes and Boot Shoes have high heels to add heightand good charm. In summer, these high-heeled shoes and shoes may bestylish but 'easy to stand' as big question marks. In what ways canwe get comfort and good style? Everyone is looking for goodfootwear that can provide comfort for a leisurely walk. To meetthis requirement, casual-style footwear is very important. One ofthem is flat sandals.Flat sandals are preferred by soft footwearwhere your feet rest moving without pressure and pain. Thongs,Flip-Flops are a variety of flat sandals that offer elegance andecstasy. High heels or sandals provide minimal comfort and supportfor walking on all surfaces. On the other hand, shoes with low orflat heels are always safe to walk without stress. Strap or Thongjoins the front of the big toe and the second leg fits snugly intoyour legs and allows a comfortable path inside. One can even findthese flat shoes with a back strap or ankle strap that ensures thestyle as well as providing a secure fit to your feet. Some flatslippers are designed with a cushioned middle casing and an outsolehandle to allow the highway to leisurely walk on the beach sand ornear the park.When you are looking for clothing and style, a pairof flat designer slippers with matching clothes gives you arelaxing touch. Perhaps, you can wear flat slippers decorated withfarmer skirts, cut pants and mini jeans for an attractive look. Youmight even try wearing them with a suit, an embroidered outfit butthe results will be sluggish. So, avoid wearing slippers withclothes tailored to your taste.With soft footwear and simple ropes,flat sandals make your mind flat on them to think for a few pairsto walk comfortably. Some flat sandals are designed with ananti-bacterial coating for comfort and moisture protection for yoursoft feet even during sunny days. Flat sandals with beads,rhinestones and ornaments make you appear magnificent in the crowd.You have a large selection of these shoes that are designed to meetyour comfort and fashion needs. So enjoy the freeway on the beach,or take a stroll on the bustling streets at night with a funky pairof flat sandals.
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Many Muslim brides tend to choose wedding dresses that aretraditional, and white. Brides from subcontinent of Asian prefershalwar-qameez that is scarlet, with henna decorated feet and handsin intricate and beautiful patterns.A shalwar is pajamabottom-like, and loose trouser that is wide at the thighs andwaist, and tapers down towards the bottom, where it is stitchednarrowly at the very bottom edges. Pleats adorn it at the waistlevel, and are held in place through an elastic band, ordrawstring, or more traditionally through woven cord, called'Naada' or 'Naala'. There are different style takes among theladies' shalwars, from the more traditional to thecontemporary.Women's wedding shalwars are baggy and wide, althoughthe ladies nowadays wear figure hugging or tight shalwars, named'Pyjamies' or 'Churidar Pyjamies'. One of the more famous versionsof shalawar designs is the Patiala Shahi Shalwars,Kameez Kameez isa tunic or long shirt, with side seams that are open. These sides,called the 'Chaak' are open to about the waist line level, forgreater movement for the wearer. A traditional kameez is cut flatand straight, with side cuts that are traditional, but a morecontemporary kameez sports set in sleeves, which are inspired byEuropean tastes. A traditional kameez, for both women, usually haveloose or normal fitting, although it is more common in modern timesto see fashionable Islamic women put on a kameez that is figurehugging.Typically, a fine kameez tailor will be identified by theintricate and beautiful stitching techniques. Necklines are paidparticular attention, as they are beautifully stitched to make thembeautiful for the wedding day. The techniques that can be utilizedto beautify a wedding kameez are such as beaded necklines,embroidered necklines, decorative necklines, and simple andunadorned necklines.Other Islamic wedding dresses Islamic womenalso favor certain garments for their wedding ceremonies. Theseinclude long modesty skirts, beautifully bead or precious metalblouses, a Jalabeeb or Burqa, which cloaks the full length of thebody as it is a long garment. Others include a simple head wrapknown as the Masar, a Hijab, which is a hair covering head scarf,and Coantino, which is draped over one's head, as it is a largecloth, and then tied at waist level.
Curtain Design 1.0 APK
Design is a creative endeavor so it is not surprising to come upwith new and powerful ideas every day. Since there are so manydesigns out there for homes, clothes, cars, and even the buildingswhere we work, the windows in our homes are no exception. There aremany curtain design ideas that can make our windows pop withexcitement and passion. The right design can make the house looklike a dream come true, and it's easy to start designingyourself.But first, you have to figure out how your other parts ofthe house fit the design. For example, if you have a 80s-stylehouse, chances are you would like to get a more stylish 80s curtainor maybe have a more lean 80an design. If you have a morecontemporary room, maybe a minimalist design would be right foryou. Plain poles can be a good start for a room with no elaboratedecoration. Once you start with a plain pole, you can start closingall kinds of curtains from lacy designs to more dense coloredcurtains. More contemporary rooms can benefit from a bit of colorhere or there.You want to design a curtain to complete the roomrather than taking it away from it. You want to see closely whattype of window you have. Is your window rectangular? Is that a bigbay window? The size and shape can play a big factor in the kind ofcurtains you can cover.After considering some of the aboveconsiderations, let your imagination run wild. Pay attention to anytype of fabric such as silk or lace. Consider hand sewing your owncurtains. You can use an outside color pen to decorate a thincurtain or you can attach stliqués, stickers and other fabricshapes to enhance the plain fabric. Peruse art and craft store forendless inspiration.Whatever design you choose, you want to designaccording to your taste and lifestyle. However, though by saying,time is always changing.One design does not have to last forever.Do not hesitate to have new and growing curtain design ideas aboutwindows in your home because because it looks better, you will feelbetter in your residence. Your curtain design idea also does notneed to sacrifice your arms and legs. Even simple changes can makea difference.
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It is believed that back in the day; people used all sorts ofavailable materials to entertain themselves and to help withstorytelling. These available materials include their hands andfeet.Imagine a group of cavemen that lived thousands of years agobored in their cave with nothing but their bonfire for warmth andfood cooking. Then one of these cavemen noticed their shadows beingcast upon the wall, raised his arm, and noticed how the shadowmoved along and became a bird, hand, or rabbit hand shadow.Injected with a dose of creativity, it was probably then that theart of hand shadows puppetry started.Through the years, the art ofshadow puppetry has been visible through various records inhistory. One of the earliest accounts of hand shadows is written bythe Greek author and philosopher Plato during the fourth century.He described the procession of shadows on the wall of a cavesimilar to what a puppeteer produces. There are also records ofthem such as birds, swans, rabbits, and others appearing in thehistory of China and India. This was then known as "shadow theater"and remains a living form of art nowadays.The art of wall shadowscan be done easily. With just the simple use of hands, ample light,and smooth surface like table or wall--it can be done even by kids.Performing rabbit hand shadow puppets is easy, close all the doorsand windows to make a totally dark room, turn on a single light,and position it on a flat table or wall. Then stand a few metersaway from the surface and try to cast a shadow between the wall andthe light, put out your arm and see if a shadow appears.Dating backfrom the ancient time in the cavemen days down to the contemporarylife, the art of creatively casting shadows on a wall stillexist.Here are some simple steps to create shadow puppet animals,starting of course with the very popular rabbit hand shadow.1.Rabbit's head Shadow-Bring hand up between the light and thewall-Make a loose fist with the fingers-Bring the index and middlefingers high up like a peace sign, these would be the ears of therabbit's shadow-Use two folded fingers for the mouth of the rabbithand shadow-Check the shadow rabbit hand shadow on the wall if itis performed right. If not, do some adjustments with the fingersuntil it finally becomes a rabbit's head shadow.2. Dog's headShadow-Bring hands together, similar to the prayingposition-Separate the small fingers from the big ones. Touch thesefingers together to form the dog shadow's jaw-Bend the left pointerfinger a little bit for the shadow's eye-Cross the thumbs togetherand point them upward for the shadow's earsThese are just some ofthe many ways to be creative and perform the art of hand shadowpuppetry.