3.7 / January 2, 2018
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what is the new's about the screen mirroring for all smart tv :Thescreen mirroring for all smart tv is a new tools devlopedandcreated by equipe professional , this application is aScreenMirroring Assistant to connect a TV Assist on phone and toAssisttv . The Screen Mirroring Pro have many different option thatitmake it very different with other app's . The principale optionofthis screen mirroring for all smart tv : * can you use tosharedphone screen with tv . * can you use to screen mirroringfortablets and to screen share phone with tv . * can you use toscreenmirroring for all tv as different model ( should have wifi inyourtv ) . * Display Phone Screen On TV means display any thingthatyou show in your screen phone on tv for example ( video , film,picture etc... ) . same note about the Screen MirroringAssistantpro : - Is a app with ADS . - Use many differentpermission (should to read privacy policy ) . - compatible with+5.0 version .- need to connect phone and tv in the same wifi toactive screenshare with tv . - all TV Assist app option is free . -next upatemay be we change this app to paid ( is not sure , my bewe cancreat other one ) .

App Information Screen mirroring for all smart tv

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    Screen mirroring for all smart tv
  • اسم الحزمة
  • Updated
    January 2, 2018
  • الحجم
  • إصدار الأندرويد المطلوب
    Android 5.0 and up
  • الإصدار
  • المطور
    Dev Yacou
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    N°146 Avenue Pierre France
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Word search game application :word search game is a game ofcrossword puzzles and infinite word search to make challenges withyou friend or every person , this word search puzzles games is verydifferent with other word games in the store because this app havenew ideas and new option .word search games free is very differentin many point, so in the next parties we will reserved for that :*The puzzles word search game is a new word games application to IQtest , this crossword puzzle have many different niveau ( low -moyen - high ) .* Is a word search puzzles free games to differentage means : - is a word search games for kids to test them ( selectthe low niveau ) . - is a word searches for adults with differentcross words puzzle ( select the moyen niveau ) . - is a word searchenglish in principale and other languge word ( second puzzle word ).* This puzzles word search game contient more that +100 questionIQ test , so if you are the best answerd all question .Thiswordsearch games application have many features that his make veryproffessional .The Word Search Puzzles games ket features :-Amazing template and design .- More than +100 different freecrossword puzzles question .- Three different niveau : * low niveau: is a word searches for kids . * moyen niveau : is a word searchesfor adults ( is a normal IQ test ) . * high niveau : is a wordsearch puzzels for proffessional person .- Easy and very sample touse ( don't need any help or any guide ) .- Is word search puzzlefree offline with all free option and function .- Without acces tointernet means don't need to connect to internet to play word brainpuzzle game .- Use low capacite stockage in your phone memory .-All word search english languge and same other word searches gameswith different languge .- Compatible with many different device andtablet .- heathly for battery .- support english languge .That wesaid before you don't need to have guide to use the word search2018 application but may be same person can have problem to use theapp ( 90 % kids ) so we will make a sample explication for the wordsearch 2018 application :* Open your application .* click start theword search games free .* select your prefect niveau ( low - moyen- high ) .* click start, then the game we will be start automatic.In the next update of the crossword puzzle free game we will addmore other function and features so if you have any ideas to add itin the next update please contact us .Same function and featuresthat we will add in the next word searches games update .- Otherand more of word searches to all different niveau .- Devloped theapplication to add more option for example to play online etc ...-Make same change in the design and template .- Add other word gamesfree pro function to be very different with the other's word searchpuzzle free games that we find in the store application .Note aboutthe application ( games challenge ) : * All is a word search puzzlefree , we supported the game with ADS network (Please Read PrivacyPolicy to know all about the app ) * All design and template is apaid graphic ( protected by licence : we are allowed to use allgraphic for commercial (Multiple license) ) .* This application iscompatible with many different device but don't means old phone .*This app need to use same permission, so you need to allowed ( toknow all about permission please check the privacy policy ) .pleasecontact us if the are a question about this word searches free orif the are same error to fix it .Thank
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mp3 converter :Is extract audio from video tools that is names mp3converter app , this Mp3 video Converter use a new system toextract audio from video without lost sound quality .The mp3converter use new system that is make it very proffessional toconverted MP3 files and to transferm video to mp3 , so in the nextparagraph we will mentioned all about this application means thisnew tools :1- This tools is a music converters to transferm convertvideo to mp3 without lost soud quality .2- This application is toConvert Wma to Mp3 and also to Convert Flac to Mp3 , convert videoto mp3 etc ....3- Is to transferm different video format to mp3means to convert mp4 to mp3 .4- Is a vid2mp3 converter to convertfiles mp4 to mp3 files as fast and easy just using this tools .Theprincipale video to mp3 converter app features :- Without net ( youdon't need to connect your mobile phone with any internet ressourceto Convert video to mp3 file ) .- Is easy application tools , youdon't need any guide or help to transferm your video to mp3 or toconvert AAC to Mp3 or to any other file format .- Use new techniqueto Convert mp3 means to transferm video format to mp3 that meansmp4 to mp3 .- Don't lost aduio quality whin you use the mp3converter app to converter mp3 .Guide to use this application :1-open the application .2- select the compatible file .3- click startconvert file .4- check your finale resultat .Note :* Any problem orany error at this converter app please contact us .* This convertermp3 app contient ads , so if you don't lik ads make off yourinternet ressource .* We don't collect any data or informationexept general information for example ( mobile model , country ,error statistique etc ... )* We don't test the application indifferent device and tablet so if the are any problem or error inyour application please contact us and don't forget to mentionedyour phone brand and model .
Cutter video 2 APK
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Cutter video application presentation : the cutter video tools is aspeciale tool to Trim video and shorten videos also is to Cut videoand music , this mp4 cutter app use a devloped system to edit yourvideos .Using the video cutter app you can make many different thigwith the different option that supported by this cutter video tool, in the next paragraph we will remember you all function andoption The cutter video application key option :firstly this app isto trimming videos as different format , also is to converter videoto any format for example ( mp3 , mpg , 3gp , mkv , flv , avietc...) .secondly this app is a audio cutter and a Video Cutter inthe same time means tow speciale tools in one proffessionalapplication .Thirdly you can use the app to cortador de videos andto trimming videos .The mp4 cutter app features :- compatible withall device .- support the converter video function .- shortenvideos and trim videos that have different format ( mpg , mkv ...)- don't need to connect to internet to Cut video or to make avideo shortener .Guide to use the cutter video application :-select your video then select the cut video option .- to cut audioselect any one then click in audio cutter option .- save allediting .About the application :- there are same permission need toallowed so please read he privacy policy .- the app use Ads tosupport the devlopement .- This app is free but in the futur wewill add paid option or we will add ( purchase ).if you have andideas or question please contact us .
photo video maker with music and slide show 5.9 APK
Dev Yacou
photo video maker with music and slide show :the photo video makerwith music and slide show is amazing new tool to create amazingvideos and to Create Video From Photos . this app is a videoediting tool that you can use all time .photo video maker withmusic and slide show content :The video slideshow with music isamazing tool to transform you photo to video with music also is tocreate awesome movie maker , this app have amazing key function andfeatures so in the next part we will start by the features then byfunction and sample guide to use the app .Photo Slideshow withmusic key features :* amazing design and them .* compatible andsupport all phone and tablet .* use a developed source .* more than20 them .* 39 new styles of frame as different design .* withoutnet .* compatible to create different video for example to createbirthday photo slideshow with music and etc... )The Photo VideoMaker with Music have a principale function and second function.Photo Slideshow with music app principale key function :* creatingvideo from images with music .* create Video Maker with Music .*create photo Slideshow Maker .* compatible to make amazing smartmovie slideshow with music .Photo slide show maker second keyfunction :* create Image Slideshow with music .* create a videoslideshow with music .* Make your favorite slide show maker withmusic .Guide to use this app : 1- upload the app .2- open it .3-select more than 3 photo in your gallery to start to create yourfirst Image Slideshow with music .4- chose any them and any framethat you want to used .5- click in the music icon to add yourfavorite music .6- ok .7- save be automatic .8- play to test .9-share in sociale media .Note :* All graphic is a paid graphic withlicence commercial ( contact us )* This app compatible +4.0 version.* Read privacy the know all about the permission .* App suportedby ADS , in the next update the app be paid or offered purchase .Weare not test the app in all different version and screen size so ifthe are any problem contact us .Feedback or question please contatus via email .
Display phone screen on tv 4.3 APK
Dev Yacou
Display Phone Screen On TV via wifi :This phone screen with tv appis a new inovation to share phone screen to TV and to assisttelevision , this application is very different with other appbecause contient pro funtion .The pro function at this DisplayPhone Screen On TV :1- This application support all television (smart tv ) means the television support wifi ; for that we saidthat this app is screen mirroring for all tv via wifi .2- ThisScreen mirroring assistant for tv is 2 different technique to sharescreen , the firstly is via wifi , secondly is via cable .3- Thisapp is compatible with all smart tablet is a screen mirroring fortablets but should be +5.0 version android system .4- Compatible tomake screen share phone with tv via cable .5- Is to display phonescreen on tv .Resumed TV Assist app principale option :* TV Assiston phone via wifi .* Is a tv assist app wia cable .* The ScreenMirroring Assistant app compatible just with +5.0 .* Is mobilescreen to TV for free means don't neet to paid .* Is a screen sharephone with tv compatible with all new tv .About this Screenmirroring app :This application is created to screen share with tv, to make that is need to use same permission so we recommande youto read and check privay policy .This TV Assist app contient ads ,so if you want to disable ads just make off your wifi .This assisttv app can not be work for same phone so please make sure that yourphone have +1 g ram .Any question about the tv assist app or anyfeedback about the assist tv app contact us .
love video maker with music and effects 3.7 APK
Dev Yacou
love video maker with music and effects :The video maker with musicis new application in store at 2018 that is different with otherapp , This Love Photo Video Maker Music is tools crete by equipedevlopement to help every oerson in the world to Create BeautifulLove Movie Maker nd to share it with his friend or fans .The lovevideo maker with music and effects have new function and optionthat make it a different tools , this app is very speciale tocreate video from images and Love music also is to Make SlideshowVideo from your Images with Music and to add amazing theme framesand filter effects for example Love frame etc...The principaleoption at this love video maker with music and effects application:1- Is to make a story book photo video with music for example lovemusic videos, slideshows and love stories etc... 2- Is to makeRomantic Love Video Maker with different Romantic Love video themes.3- Is to create slideshow Video with your Love photos and withlove frames to create Romantic Love more elegant with Love Stickers, Themes , Relevant Music and Songs using this new tools of LoveVideo Maker application .4- Is to create Love Video to slideshowvideo from images and music that you have in your gallery or inyour sd memory .5- More than +30 different theme frames to createHappy Love Movie Maker .6- More than 15 effect to create your photostory video maker with music and to share with your friend andfamilly etc... The key feature of this Romantic Love Video MakerApp :1- Easy to use and very beautiful template and design .2- Is aproffessional Slideshow Video Creator with pro function .3- Createvideo story from gallery photos or from your sd card memory .4-comptaible and support different phone and tablet .5- Don't needinternet to to create love video maker with music and editing ( allfunction is without net except share with friend option or share myPhoto Slideshow With Music with my firend or fans etc...How Can usethis photo slideshow maker to create Image Slideshow with music andto make your love movie maker with music step by step :1- open theapplication then accepet and allowed all permission ( please readprvacy policy to know all about permission used in this SlideshowMovie Maker .2- Select all picture that you want to use to createyour Photo Slideshow with Audio but please remember that is shouldbe select more than 4 picture or you can not transfer to the nextstep .3- add music to photo that you have in your phone memory andchose image to video movie maker with song option to starttransferm your picture to video with music .4- If you like to addsame frame to your love video maker with music and photo v selectany fravorite frame and effect all is free don't need any purchasse.5- after all change confirm that ( click ok or save ) , the app webe start automatic to transferm Image to video movie maker soplease waiting just 10 second ( if you ave select more then 20picture and long music , may be tke more then 10 second ) .6- shareyour love movie maker with music editing by the video editor photoswith song application ( support all different social media ) .7- ifyou find this app is amazing app and helping you to create lovevideo maker with song please make a feedback or contact us toconfirm if this app is good .About the application :- All optionand features at the first application version is free , but in thefutur we will not be free or we will offered ( purchasse ) tosupport app .- All Graphique using in the Love Photo Video MakerMusic application is a paid graphique offerd by images stock - Thecode source using of this video editor photos with music devlopedby indian developer ( multi licence ) - At the moment this LoveMusic Slideshow application supported by adsFinaly we hope that youhave use this video editor photo to movie maker or to other thingas you prefect , so please if the are any problem in thisapplication contact us
slow motion and fast motion video maker app 2 APK
Dev Yacou
fast motion slow motion video :This is a slow motion and fast motion video maker appThe fast camera and slow camera is a new app to create fastvideoand to create slow video at the same time with same tools ,thisapplication is very devloped and have proffessional functionthatis make very different with other apps in the store appThat we mentioned before , this fast motion video and slowmontionhave amazing new pro function so the next parties it willbereserved to mentioned all abou this applcation option :- At first this app principal function is a fast motionvideocreator and slow motion video creator- Secondly is a videos cutter to cut video and Trim Video .- This app use a fast camera to create your fast video .- This app use a slow camera to create your slow video .The slow motion video editor app key features :* Is to create slow motion video .* Many different system at the slow motion video cameraoption.* Proffessional slow motion app .The fast motion video editor app key features :* Is to create fast motion video .* Many different system at the fast motion video cameraoption.Guide to use fast slow video motion app :1- Download the fast motion slow motion video app .2- Open the applicatin then select one of your videos at yourvideosfiles .3- Use the trim video option to cut your video to transferm tofastmotion and slow motion as you want .4- Select your favorite option at the slow motion and fastmontionoption .5- click start edit then save it in your memory phone .Note :- Don't asking for purchasse .- Don't neet to connect to internet .- Contient ADS .- Contient permission ( check privacy policy ) .
Screen Mirroring Assistant app 6.2 APK
Dev Yacou
Screen Mirroring Assistant :The TV Assist app is a new toolscreated to Assist tv with your mobile phone via wifi .Samplepresentation about the Screen Mirroring Assistant app :The ScreenMirroring Assistant Connect television to phone mobile via wifimeans connect your television screen with your phone screen toshare all .This application have many different new function thatmake it this app very proffessional to connect mobile screen to TVso at the next partier we will mentioned all about it :1- Supportscreen mirroring for all tv that is means that is compatible withmany different model and brand phone .2- Support screen mirroringfor tablets means that you can make a screen share phone with tv toconnected your phone with your television .3- Is to share screenphone with tv to wach your movie or your video the you have in yourphone in your television .Key features of this Screen MirroringAssistant app :1- compatible with many brand phone .2- Don't needto connected to internet .3- Tv assist for screen mirroring need toconnect to wifi network not internet .4- This mobile screen to TVapp don't asking for purchasse at the moment but in the futur ( canbe asking for purchasse - is not sure ) .5- Sample and easy .6-This TV Assist on phone compatible just with +5.1 system android.About the next screen mirroring assistant for tv application (2018 version ) :At first the next update for the screen mirroringassistant for tv we will add other nex option for example Assist tvwithout wifi means using ir option or using cable to connect screenshare phone with tv .Secondly we will create new technique toconnect screen share with tv with sound also with sample controle.- This tv assist app don't asked for purchasse at this firstversion .- This tv assist app use same permission but don't collectdata .- This tv assist app first verion compatible with +5.0 .