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It's important to understand the qualities of soap making oils inorder to create your own basic recipe, but it's often times quickerand easier to use someone else's recipe to get started. We'vecompiled several ?basic recipes from our library of classic soapmaking books. They're all "tried and true" very basic recipes...andare good starting places for learning the art of making your ownsoap. Topics: # Milk & Honey Soap # Lavender Oatmeal Soap #Pure Coconut Oil Soap # Olive Oil Soap # Orange and Oatmeal NaturalSoap # African Black Soap # Sea Salt Soap # Peaches And Cream #Aloe Vera Soap # Honey,Lemongrass and Ginger Soap

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It's important to understand the qualities of soap making oilsinorder to create your own basic recipe, but it's often timesquickerand easier to use someone else's recipe to get started.We'vecompiled several ?basic recipes from our library of classicsoapmaking books. They're all "tried and true" very basicrecipes...andare good starting places for learning the art ofmaking your ownsoap. Topics: # Milk & Honey Soap # LavenderOatmeal Soap #Pure Coconut Oil Soap # Olive Oil Soap # Orange andOatmeal NaturalSoap # African Black Soap # Sea Salt Soap # PeachesAnd Cream #Aloe Vera Soap # Honey,Lemongrass and Ginger Soap
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