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My Eye Doctor 1.47
This game will take you on a doctor adventure full of fun. Turnintoa professional eye expert and help kids with various eyeproblems.Treat all sorts of eye diseases and make children feelbetter andhealthier. Hurry up, kids are waiting for you! Sight isone of themost important human senses, so help children cure theireyes, passdifferent eye exams and test their vision or check forpossiblecolor blindness. Give your patients a warm welcome andtake care ofthem using different special medical tools, just likea real doctor.• Checking vision: Use eye charts with letters tomeasure how wellthe kids see from the distance. Find out the bestdiopter for yourlittle patients and choose some funky color lensesor eyeglasses. •Color blindness: Ishihara color plates will helpyou diagnose colorblindness. After that you will have to choosethe right shade offruit colors and tap to connect broken wires. •Eye diseases: Usemicroscope to find foreign objects in children’seyes. Lasereliminates yellow bumps on the eye, tweezers removemidges andeyedrops treat inflamed red eyes. When you complete thetherapysuccessfully choose an eye patch for a girl or a boy. • Eyeexams:Enjoy playing 3 fun mini-games for testing and improvingeyesight.Check if you have an eye for details by tapping what iswrong andneeds to be corrected. Be precise and throw paper ballsinto thetrash can or find all the differences between 2 images.Welcome tothe colorful eye clinic where you can have fun!Features: •educational and role-playing game for kids • practicemedicine as areal doctor • special real life medical tools • earnstars and enjoyentertaining activities • fun & popularmini-games • friendly HDgraphics with vivid and shiny colors
Eye Exercises & Eye Training Plans - Eye Care Plus 2.5.1
3 million installs strong, Eye Care Plus is the #1 eyetraining,testing and learning app on mobile. Download Eye Care Plusandenjoy our exercises, training plans, info cards, recipes, gamesandmore. Eye Care Plus is all about giving you better visionandhaving fun with clear view, relaxed and strong eyes. Give youreyes5 minutes a day, and see better for the rest of your life. Withallthe tools and info, you get an all-in-one eye care package.Andit’s FREE. You go all the way to the gym for your body care,youreye care can be done on the couch. That’s why we’ve developedEyeCare Plus, so you can improve your eye health wherever youare,whenever you want. Whether you’re looking to simply relax youreyesafter a strained day or start seeing like you’re young again,we’llget you there. Join more than 3 million people who havedownloadedour vision therapy app and move your eye care to the nextlevel.What we offer Vision training and daily eye exercises in onesleekand fun package. Developed with the help of eye careprofessionals,our eye exercises are based on the most proventechniques inophthalmology and utilize brain training algorithms toget youseeing the world better, sooner! Features: • 50+ exercises -thebiggest database of high quality eye exercises • 10exercisecategories for eye relaxation, dry eye, lazy eye andotherconditions • 7 training plans that fit you • 12 eye tests totrackvision improvement • 8 quizzes to check your knowledge aboutcommoneye diseases, problems and first aid • Adaptivedifficultyprogression for a challenging and rewarding experience •Trainingcalendar to help you track your streaks and stay motivatedOurlearning & science section comes with • Daily tips &eyefacts • Healthy recipes & nutrition facts • Q&Aswithcertified ophthalmologists • Detailed information about eyehealth,diseases, trainings, etc Download our app now and ensurebetter eyehealth and prevention of many eye problems.
iCare Eye Test - Eye Care
iCare Eye Test could test your vision and color blindnessbymobile!After the measurement, you can also do training toprotectyour eyes better.Eye Test Functions:► Visual Acuity Test►ColorBlind Test► Contrast Sensitivity Test► Astigmatism test►RedDesaturation TestEye Traing Functions:► Visual Acuity Test►Closeeyes► Close and move► Random move► Move left and right► Moveup anddown► Circle focus► Blink► Two objectsOther Functions:►Datamanagement and analysis► Improve vision diet► ImprovevisionvideoEASY TO USE:Keep the mobile phone in front of you at 40cm,choose the direction of "E"NOTE:Because we have highrequirementson the phone's screen, phones are advised to at least800X480,screen at least 3.5 inchesReliable data:1.Deviation ofvisionvalue: 0.2 Within2.Color blindness and color weakness arebasicallyaccurate
Eye Test - Eye Exam 1.1.0
Check for common eye problems like near or farsightedness andmuchmore in the comfort of your own home. With Eye Test your eyehealthis literally in your own hands.Take our comprehensive eyeexamtoday and join more than 2 million people who screen theirvisionwith the number one eyesight app in the Play Store! WhatWeofferFree and simple to use tests to screen your visionanywhere,anytime. Keep track of your eyesight and ensure thatyou’re alwayson top of your eye health. Developed with the help ofeye careprofessionals, these tests are based on the most proventechniquesin ophthalmology. Eye Test checks for some of the mostcommonvision problems, such as:• errors likenearsightedness,farsightedness and astigmatism. These vision testsare based onstandard charts (Snellen chart, LogMAR chart,Golovin–Sivtsevtable, Landolt C / Japanese Vision Test, Tumbling Echart)•blindness and color perception disturbances• cataracts•maculardegeneration• dry eye• accommodation spasm• andothersFeatures• 12eye tests to track vision improvement• 8 eyehealth quizzes tocheck your knowledge on the most common visionproblems• ResultsTracking, allowing you to see how your visionimprovesEye Test canbe used for:• personal vision screening at theconvenience of yourown home• general eye exam to check if adoctor's visit isrequired• vision tests in schools and workplaces•patients who needdaily vision monitoring • prevention of eyediseases and conditions
Eye Doctor – Hospital Game 2.2.3977
Game Stars
Eye Doctor is a free hospital game for kids! Some children’seyevision are becoming more sensitive and weak. Your task is tocheckup their eye vision and perform different medical examinationsontheir eyes. Eye Doctor Features ✔ Select your patient ✔ Colorblindtest ✔ Laser application ✔ Vision test Being an eye doctor inthisvirtual doctor game, you are the best doctor!
Eye exam 1.3
This eye test allows you to check your visual acuity. The AppisFREE. Take care of your vision. With this program you can testyourvision at home. It can't replace optician's regularfullexamination or advise of ophthalmologist, but with this visiontestyou may discover that your eyesight deteriorates and you needtovisit a doctor. 90% of all information that comes into our brainisvisual. That's why eye care is so important. The advantages ofthiseye test are that it is easy to use, it is totally free,itprovides visual acuity measurement statistics (history, chartsandtrends). You can also schedule next eye exam (daily orweekly).Process: - Make sure you are in a comfortable position -Make surethat there is no glare on the phone's screen. - Place yourphoneapproximately 40 cm/16 inches from your eyes. - Close one eyeat atime During the test you will see different objects. Trytoidentify shown object. The sequence of objects is random.Thatprevents learning the sequence and guessing the answer.Features: -Several eye charts are available: Snellen chart, Landolt"C",Tumbling E, chart with pictures for little kids - Objects areshownrandomly - Measurements statistics are available DISCLAIMER:Thisapplication is not intended to replace optician's regularfullexamination. We recommend you get a full eye test after usingit.
Eye exercises 1.2
Do you want to improve your vision? Regular eye exercises mayhelpyou to improve eyesight and prevent eye diseases suchasnearsightedness and farsightedness. This application containseyeexercises which might become a part of your vision therapy.Createa reminder and do vision exercises regularly. Set an alarmandstart your day with morning eye exercises.Your eyes got tiredeveryday. This exercises for eyes are designed to help you relaxyoureyes and remove existing eye tension and fatigue. Help youreyes!Do exercises regularly and properly.Features:- visionexercises foreveryday use- myopia prevention- hyperopia prevention-you can seta time length for exercise complex- flexible reminders-alarmclock- usage statisticsDISCLAIMER:Eye exercises are notguaranteedto give perceptible/substantial results.This applicationcan notreplace the advice of your doctor.This application can notreplacemedical treatment.
Eye Trainer - 12 Eye Exercises 3.0
Vozye Pty Ltd
Tired eyes? Hard to focus? You need a personal eye doctor? Takeashort break and relax your eyes while you keep your eye healthatthe same time! With this app you will have an own eye doctorforyour eye care! Like any other muscles in our body, the eyemusclesalso need regular exercise in order to keep them healthyandstrong. We all know that doing things like swimming, joggingorgoing to the gym keeps our bodies fit. But did you know thatyoucan exercise the human eye as well? With an eye training orasimple vision therapy? Or with this eye app? With thisapplicationyou can discover how fast and easy it is to improve yourvision andpreserve your eye health by doing this 6-7 minutes eyetrainingevery day! You will also instantly feel your eyes refreshedafterevery training and it can also be effective before an eyetest. EyeDoctor (Eye Trainer) is a very user-friendly application.You onlyhave to start the training by one click and the built-invoiceswill manage you through all the 12 steps so you can easilycompletethe eye training. Moreover there are figures indicating thecorrectmethod of doing every step! It is also possible to pause theeyetraining for a while or jump to any other step you would like todoif you need to interrupt one of the exercises. If you completedthetraining you can easily share it on Facebook! This eye app canbeused as a vision trainer or a vision therapy for eyesightrecovery.You can achieve from slight to even serious results inyoureyesight recovery with our vision training which containscarefullypicked exercises (like moving your eye ball). This is yourown eyedoctor! The training can also be useful reducing thesymptoms ofnumerous eye disorders (eye problems) likemyopia(nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), astigmatism oreyestraining. It is also useful if you do the training before aneyetest (eye tester). Tips, warnings and further informationabouteach steps are included in the Help. Start using Eye Trainertoday!For improved vision and healthy eyes. The PRO versioncontains 9full trainings like eye massages, a color blindness eyetest ortrainings reducing the symptoms of many eye disorders. Tryittoday! "Health is Wealth" - and this is true for the eyeprotectionor the eye care as well. The human eye needs frequenteyetreatment, so it is recommended to do the vision training(orvision therapy) every day for suitable results at yourvisionimprovement. Eye muscles should be trained often for winningyoureyesight back (eye test). You will see, it will be like one oftheeye games. About our eye: Eyes are organs that detect lightandconvert it into electro-chemical impulses in neurons. Thesimplestphotoreceptors in conscious vision connect light tomovement. Inhigher organisms the eye is a complex optical systemwhich collectslight from the surrounding environment, regulates itsintensitythrough a diaphragm, focuses it through an adjustableassembly oflenses to form an image, converts this image into a setofelectrical signals. Visual acuity, or resolving power, is"theability to distinguish fine detail" and is the property ofconecells. It is often measured in cycles per degree (CPD),whichmeasures an angular resolution, or how much an eyecandifferentiate one object from another in terms of visual angles.Aneye handbook might help you for more info about the eye (oreyetracking). Pro version is like an eye magic app with 8newtrainings including dominant eye recognition and an eyecolorblindness test! An eye quiz with exciting eye illusions willbeadded later! c62bedc511
Eye Handbook 8.0.1
Cloud Nine Development
Complete overhaul of previous design. Extensive reconstructionofform and function. Now available on Android Tablet! TheEyeHandbook is a smartphone diagnostic and treatment referencetoolfor anyone involved in Eye care. Below is a list of some ofthecommon features. -Calculators -ICD9 coding -ICD9 to ICD10converter-ICD10 coding -Audio, Video downloads -Directory -EyeAtlas -EyeWiki -Forums -Ophthalmology and Optometry Journals-Medication andPharmacopeia -Journals -Eye Diagrams -PatientEducation tools -RSSFeeds -Acronym List -DDX -Dictionary -Eponyms-Genetics -Mnemonics-Workups -Testing -Treatment Reference -VisionSymptoms If you havecontent that you would like to contribute;please contact us Please feel free tocontact us with anyquestions you may have. We are constantlystriving to improve thisapplication and welcome your The EyeHandbook Team
I am Eye Doctor - Kid Eye Care 1.0.1
AE Mobile Kids Fun
Welcome to I am Eye Doctor. Do you want to treat a Sorceressoran kid Alien? Now you can achieve your dream to be a superlittleeye doctor!Be my best kids Eye Doctor at the little fancykidsclinic!Game Features:- 6 cute patients are waiting for thelittleeye dr- Professional medical tools to do eye test and eyeexam-Pretty fake eyelashes, glasses and cosmetic contact lenses toadornyour patients- Simple to operate and cure patient easily- 8minigames to win gems and free trail of locked medical tools! (8minigames are: candy crush, hit it, fly bird, cute jump, specialone,fishing, brick breaker, darts)Wow, such a fantastic littleeyedoctorgame!I am Eye Doctor - Eye Surgery and Makeup,justfor kids! It’s free and fun. I want to be a little eyedoctor!Thereare several kids are waiting for their little eyedoctor:Look at thepainful primitive boy! He mustencountered a dragon athis first hunting! The kid iscrying because of the sore eyes,do you want to cure him first mylittle eye doctor? There is analien kid! OMG... So many acnesaround his eyes! It’s really bad.Doctor! Please help him! You arethe super little eye doctor!---Take care of your adorablepatients, don’t be a crazy kids eyedoctor!Let's do it now, mylittle eye doctor!
Eye Exercise to improve Eyesight, Eye workout 2.6
King Brain Inc
An Eye care app along with Sponsored Pedometer Eye Tests toimproveoverall body and eye health and vision. This App is an EyeHealthBooster which teaches below eye exercises and provides eyetests. 8Eye Exercises includes : * Eye palming * Blink & Breath* Eyerotation exercise * Flower effect on Eye * Leaf walk effect *Starin sky * Counting Concentration * Converge and Divergence EyeTestsIncludes following eye testing :- * Astigmatism Test *ColourBlindness Test using 38 ISHIHARA Plates. With Blue lightfilter,you can remove harmful rays of your mobile device. WithPedometer,track your daily steps and get statistics details. SetGoal to10000 steps(default), keeping you motivated for takingwalkregularly. Achievement and Leadership board are added whichworkswith google signIn. Achieivement levels are : 1. 10000 steps2.15000 steps 3, 20000 steps 4. 25000 steps 5. 30000 steps.ForRunning, marathan achievements are configured. * Fun withIllusionto teach correct observation. Miscellaneous : * Besidethis, A DietVitamin chart and Homeopathy guidance is provided formaintaininggood eye health. * Article For Love, Trust and Gratitudeeffect onEye health. Disclaimer Note : The advice given is notaprofessional advice. Consult a expert before acting ontheactivities given. The developer is not responsible for any lossorinjury.
Eye Surgery Hospital : ER Emergency Doctor Game 1.3
Welcome to Eye Surgery Hospital simulation game, it is a realdoctorER emergency game where you can experience being a crazy eyedoctorin hospital which is full of doctor, take good care of yoursickpatient came to clinic in ambulance with mommy & use allyourdoctor skills to perform the eye transplant in hospital assurgeon!Eye Surgery Hospital games is virtual doctor surgerysimulator gamein which you can try your hands at becoming amedical professionaleye surgery doctor in hospital to treat babyor crazy fun kids withvarious eyeball problems through lasertreatment and medicines withthe help of nurse in clinic. Crazy funkids vision is becoming moresensitive and weak & they need toget their eyes checkup fromspecialist er emergency surgery doctorin hospital. Your task is tocheckup blur vision and operate girls,boys and fun kids in hospitalwith laser surgery simulator, lens& glasses. Eye SurgeryHospital simulation games, is acombination of eyes checkup, colorblindness and realistic lasersurgery simulator for better vision.Give diaganosis of eye diseasewith doctor surgical tools likeinjection, x-ray, laser etc usedfor different purposes likechecking the eye vision, curing eyeinfections, color blindness,healing wounds in this eye surgeryhospital : doctor er emergencygame. Use special er emergencysurgery simulator doctor surgicaltools to stretch open eyes,remove germs and kill unwanted bacteria!Discover all kinds ofmedical surprises in your patient eyes and letthe fun begin! Turninto a medical professional er emergency surgerydoctor and helpbaby or fun kids with various eye disease andtreatment. Operateall sorts of eyeball disease do realisticsurgeries or operationand make crazy fun kids feel better examinetheir painful eyes forblood infection, use antibiotic medicinedrops for quick treatmentfrom eye specialist. Eyes are linked tonose and throat. So becareful while performing eye surgerysimulator in hospital assurgeon.Meet the expert er emergencysurgery doctor for bestsuggestions that will help you in eyeballdisease treatment &operation in hospital. Take special care ofyour sick patient whocame to clinic in ambulance with mommy andhelp them get goodquality lens through laser surgery simulatorgames. Use medicalchart with letters to measure how well the kidssee from thedistance. Find out the best diopter for your sickpatient andchoose some funny color lens or eyeglasses. Usemicroscope to findforeign objects in children’s eyes. Lasereliminates yellow bumpson the eyeball and eye drops clean &treat inflamed red eyes.Play your role as an er emergency eyesurgery doctor, checkup eyesight of little kids, adjust lens withdoctor surgery games andtreat them in hospital with care to makethem healthy and happy.Features:* Perform a complete er emergencyeye test operation orrealistic surgeries in hospital simulation asa surgeon.* Make thesick patient happy again with the er emergencysurgery in clinic.*Enjoy the doctor er emergency game with a widevariety of realdoctor operation tools like injection, laser, etc.*Checkup sickpatient eyes and clean them well to remove any germs& bloodinfections.* Checkup your sick patient eyes so that realdoctor maygive his diaganosis & operate them properly inclinic.* Treatthe sores and remove the inflammation to reducepatient pain andirritation.* Real life doctor surgical tools likeinjection, laserbeam, x-ray machine, eye drops and muchmore.Disclamer* Advertisingappears in this game.* No wifiRequired.About Happy Baby GamesJoinus:
Color Blindness Test 2.0
You Labs
Color blindness test is completely free and will surely tellthecondition of your eyes, color blindness is also know ascolorvision deficiency, red–green color blindness is the mostcommonform, followed by blue–yellow color blindness and totalcolorblindness. Red–green color blindness affects up to 8% of malesand0.5% of females of Northern European descent - There are25questions to answer by seeing the colour figures - Wide varietyofcolor figures are chosen - After completion of test resultisdisplayed according to the users eye condition - A new colorgridtest is included to check attention of eyes on colors Note:Firsttest is most important, we advice you please be careful andfocuswhile taking test
Little Eye Doctor - Free games 1.0.0
You must be experienced an eye test, right? Are you dreamed to beasuper eye doctor? Today is your special day to make your dreamcometrue and give an eye test for sweet kids. Who will get thebestresult? Are you ready to start the enjoyable game?
Smart Optometry - Eye Tests for Professionals 3.4.2-full
Smart Optometry
Smart Optometry is a professional application for eyecarespecialists to use for near vision testing! Give yourpatients’best care with 16 INTERACTIVE, PRECISE and SIMPLE eyeexams in 11languages. Smart Optometry is FREE and includes: – ColorVision –Contrast – Visual Acuity – Visual Acuity + – Worth Four Dot–Schober – OKN Stripes – Flourescin Light – Red Desaturation–Hirschberg – Accommodation – Duochrome – Aniseikonia – AmslerGrid– MEM Retinoscopy – Maze (Amblyopia test) To help you makeyourwork simpler, we also included 1 CALCULATOR/CONVERTER: –VertexConversion Because we know language barrier can be a problem,welocalized our application to 9 LANGUAGES: English, Spanish,German,French, Italian, Polish, Norwegian, Croatian, Slovenian,Czech andRussian! Want your language added? Let us Still not convinced? Read what setsusapart! Our solution is SIMPLE to use! Eye screening andtestingshouldn’t be difficult and inconvenient for neitherpractitioner orcustomer! Smart Optometry application is very simpleto use: justselect the test, read through short guidelines forperforming thetest, execute it and let our application give you thebasicdiagnosis – final result or point you in the direction ofpossibleproblems that need more thorough examinations! Tests areFAST!While you are filling out paperwork for a patient, he or shecanalready test his or her eyesight with basic tests provided bySmartOptometry application. There is no logistics involved inperformingthe tests: just pick up your phone or tablet andtest-away! Resultsprovided are PRECISE and reliable! Eye testingand screening oftenrequires eye-care professionals to makecalculations – giving theroom for error. Eliminate this risk withprecise calculations andinterpretations done by our Smart Optometryapplication. Our testsare as precise if not more than the currentlyused on-the-walltesting equipment. All tests are INTERACTIVE andfun! Wouldn’t itbe easier to let patients do the things you askthem, rather thantry to explain what they see to you? SmartOptometry application isuniquely interactive: user presses buttons,draws on the screen andin this way provides precise results – whilehaving fun!Interactive handling with the Smart Optometryapplication alsoenables it to give you result interpretations.
Amsler Grid 1.0
Ossibus Software
The Amsler Grid is a tool for identifying distortion in yourvisualfield. It is a convenient eye test that you can use at hometomonitor changes in your vision. It helps to detect manyproblemsearly, while they may still be treatable, such asretinaldetachments and central serous choroidopathy. It isrecommendedthat individuals with macular degeneration test theireyes with theAmsler Grid daily. If any changes are noted, youshould contactyour optometrist immediately. An Internet connectionis notrequired to use this app. Your privacy is secure because ourappdoes not require any special permissions and does not collectanyinformation. Highlights:* SPEED: Fast start-up and shutdown.*SIZE:A lightweight app that will not create or leave files onyourdevice.* PRIVACY: Does not require any special permissions.Theapplication does not collect any information and your privacyissecure.* CLEAN: An installation that does not put junk foldersallover your device.* Completely FREE and NoAdvertisements!*DISCLAIMER: The Amsler Grid can never replace acomprehensive eyeexamination by your eye doctor.Designed and testedon the Nexus 7tablet. Contact Ossibus Software for suggestions anderrors. Thisapp is the full version and free of advertisements. Ifyou enjoythis app, check out our other apps on Google Play! Tocontinuedevelopment, we need your support by giving it a "5" Starratingand telling your friends. Thank you!
Complete Eye Care 1.3
Complete Eye CareThis app brings you tips about eye care, Thisappincludes** Importance of eye care** Do's and Dont's withEyes**General eye care tips** Foods for Eyes** Tips For goodeyesight**Eyecare for IT Professionals** Eyecare for children**Eyecare forlens usersFollow these simple and effective steps andgetbenifited.
Cute Anime Girl Wallpapers 1.1
Cute Anime Girl Wallpapers on your phone screen. You justselectwhich image you like and then you just turn it into wallpaperonyour mobile phone.Please check all screenshots of "Cute AnimeGirlWallpapers" app given below to know how your device will looklike.U’ll definitely love to have this app on your device. Share itwithyour friends. Enjoy the App and please rate us.Features of"CuteAnime Girl Wallpapers" app:- Perfect HD quality wallpaperlot!-This application works offline.- No need of internet.- No needtodownload wallpapers.- Wallpapers are preloaded inthisapplication.- Easy to set wallpapers.
com.andromo.dev337735.app650869 1.2
Wallpaper HD Store
Cute Laurra Girl Wallpaper, it is incredibly beautiful andstylishwallpaper for your android device! Set yourself a LaurraFamousGirl Wallpaper and enjoy these powerful images to thefullest!.Laurra Famous Girl Wallpaper this great picture for yourphone!Download Laurra Famous Girl Wallpaper, set as wallpaper andenjoyLaurra Famous Girl Wallpaper! Cool Laurra Famous GirlWallpaper appcontains many picture of Laurra Famous Girl for youphone! Weprovide variety of Laurra Famous Girl Wallpaper such as :- cutegirl wallpaper - korean girl wallpaper for android - lovelygirlfor mobile phone - cute cartoon girl wallpaper - pinkgirlwallpaper - Lovely girl wallpaper hd - korean cartoongirlwallpaper and many more!! Get our apps now, and feel theLaurraFamous Girl within your mobile phone.
The most lovely voice in the world is the voice of baby, thebabycrying, the baby laughing, the baby singing, the baby Funny.thelovely baby sounds like a beautiful pop song,everyone will fallinlove with such voice. so we launched this baby soundringtonesApplication, it can provide you with the most and mostcute babysound, you can easily use these sounds, set as phoneringtones, SMSringtones,notification ringtones, alarm ringtones,alarm clockringtones. Lovely baby voice, funny baby voice...Various babyvoice up to 50 different sound effects, all free . thisis the mostpopular mobile phone ringtones application in 2019.theAPP compactand powerful, simple operation.And we provide a group ofbeautifulHD wallpaper, each wallpaper is designed by aprofessionaldesigner, very beautiful. You can also set your ownphoto as aphone wallpaper This application has good compatibility,we havetested on these devices: HTC, M4 +, Samsung Galaxy S5,SamsungGalaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5, SamsungGalaxy S5,Samsung Galaxy S5 , Google Nexus 5, nexus6, nexus9 LG G2and SonyXperia, our cute baby sound ringtones for most Android ™devices.If you like this application, please give this application5points, thank you for your support. If you haveanydissatisfaction, or if you have any suggestions, please e-mailusfeedback, We will reply to every email。
Eye Test Pro
When was the last time you had your eyes tested? You can’tremember?With this eye test you can test your vision at homeeasily andtotally free! After doing the tests you should be abledecidewhether or not you should see an eye doctor. Doing thevision testsis fun, and you can also share the results with yourfriends onFacebook!The application has 12 types of eye tests:*Visual acuitytests (based on a Snellen chart, numbers and text,with black orwhite background)* An Ishihara Color Blindness test*4 Amsler gridtests* An AMD test for macular degeneration* AGlaucoma survey* AWritten test aka. how much do you know about theeye?* An OKN Striptest* Red Desaturation test* ContrastSensitivity test* Duochrometest* Landolt C/Tumbling E test*Astigmatism testDISCLAIMER:Due tovariations in each screenaccuracy (screen size,brightness/contrast, resolution) the eyetests are not perfect.Holding a phone of approx 4" screen size 30cm/12 inches from youreyes would give you nearly accurate results.Hold it (place it)52cm/20inches from your eyes if you have e.g. a7" tablet.Do notconsider the tests in the app official tests.These tests only meanto give you an idea whether or not you shouldsee an eye doctor orgo on an eye therapy.VISUAL ACUITYThe visualacuity test is aroutine part of an eye examination, particularlyin case of visionproblems.COLOR BLINDNESSColor Blindness is acommonly misleadingterm, because most people think color blindpeople cannot seecolors. They can see colors, but cannot make outthe differencebetween some couples of complementary colors.AMSLERGRIDThe Amslergrid is a grid of horizontal and vertical lines usedto check visionproblems caused by changes in the retina,particularly the macula aswell as the optic nerve.AMDAge-relatedmacular degeneration is aprogressing eye condition that affectsmillions of people. Thedisease attacks the macula, which isresponsible for the sharp,central vision.GLAUCOMAGlaucoma is agroup of diseases that damagethe eye’s optic nerve and can resultin vision loss. If leftuntreated, It can lead to blindness. Withthe proper treatment youcan protect your eyes and vision.REDDESATURATIONThe optic nerve issensitive to red, so when it isdamaged, red-colored objects mayappear dull, washed-out or faded.CONTRAST SENSITIVITYA contrastsensitivity test checks for theability to differentiate betweenlight and dark.DUOCHROME TESTThistest is used to estimate whetheryou are long or shortsighted.LANDOLT CThe Landolt C is the standardoptotype for acuitymeasurement in most European countries.TUMBLINGEThis test is thestandard visual acuity test for people who cannotread the Romanalphabet. ASTIGMATISMAstigmatism is a visioncondition that causesblurred vision making it difficult to see finedetails, eitherclose up or from a distance.What to do if I get badresults?If yourresults indicate you may have vision problems, youshould see aneye doctor. Having regular eye examinations promoteseye health. Italso allows your doctor to measure your vision andmake thenecessary changes to your prescriptions.You can alsodownload eyetraining apps to preserve your eye sight and improvevision. Youshould take better care of your eyes and vision.Preserving visionhealth is one of our most important thing to do.Omitting eye careand eye exams can result in serious visiondamage.If you experienceany eye problems using the web browser,to-do apps, calendars,writing messages or checking the phone bookor the call log, youshould take this test to check if you need eyetreatment and/orvision training.
Cute Baby Photo Montage App 👶 Costume for Kids 1.3
If you like to put on beautiful “baby girl dresses” or “babyboycostume” on your baby, you will love this cool photo softwareapp.This is one of the cute babies app where you can use a babyselfiecamera and edit it with this cute baby pic editor. Use thisbabyedit pictures app and make me baby lookalike - put your faceinbaby costume and enjoy this baby costumes photos app. If youlikebaby girl dress photo editor, you will love this babycostumeeditor. Download this baby image editor and enjoy the littleboybaby photo montage. If you like baby photo collage maker, youwillenjoy this “baby photo maker” and you will love the babypictureediting. Download the “baby picture editor” and get thesuper kidscostumes as well as cute animal face photo app. The appis calledCute Baby Photo Montage App 👶 Costume for Kids and itoffers funoptions for people who love lion photo suit and who wantcool“Halloween costumes”. If you like baby girl dress photo suit,youwill also love this make me a baby app for baby photoediting. Itisfor people who want to put a monkey suit of a baby monkey ontheirbaby and who want to become babies themselves. The app iscalledCute Baby Photo Montage App 👶 Costume for Kids and it thebest“make me look like a baby” app.This free pic editor bestfeatures:*“Baby photo editor” with cute kids costumes!* Cute animalfacephoto app for kids and adults!* The best baby costume photoeditorfor sticker lovers!* No photography editing skills required!*Setas a fun wallpaper or background to your screen!* Shareeditpicture app with your BFFs online!If you like to edit photo ofacool baby flower suit or a dinosaur suit, you will love thisbabyphoto suit photo montage app. People who are into baby beecostumesphotography will enjoy the cute photo montage and will maketheirbabies cute. Even adults can turn into cool babies with babyphotomontage and costume for kids app. Download this cute babyphotomontage app and enjoy being a “pro photographer”. Download theappand “Edit Pictures” in the the image editing app, makingbeautifulselfies. Insert the selfies of you and baby into the “gridlayout”and then edit images and crop images in the app. The app iscalled“Cute Baby Photo Montage App” 👶 “Costume for Kids” and it isthe“best photo editor” app where you can create real photo art.Justtake an instant photo and insert it into this picture editor.Youcan also take “funny selfies” and make “funny photo montage”withthe edited pictures. The photo creator app is called 'CuteBabyPhoto Montage App' 👶 'Costume for Kids' and it will give youthebest photo makeover with the beautiful photo editing tools. Ifyoulike images, download this image editor app for pictures andenjoythe best picture montage as you take a picture of you or yourbaby.Put the pics as a wallpaper or background!The free photo makerappis called Cute Baby Photo Montage App 👶 Costume for Kids andyoucan edit photo with this photo creator and enjoy thepictureediting process. Download this photo software and use theselfiecamera to make a photo montage and even photo collage. If youliketo edit image with stickers, you will love this photoeditingapp.Ifyou are looking for cool Halloween costumes for you or yourkid,this may be the perfect free app sof you. Suits such as lionphotousit or monkey phtoo suit are cool, but this app also hasadultsuits ch would look really funny on a baby. Make your babylooklike a real boss! Download this app and enjoy.We love makingappsand this is the app we like the best. We also have plenty ofotherapps that we would like you to check out and tell us what youthinkabout them. Also, do not forget to rate this app and tell usyourimpressions.This application is ad-supported.
「EyeFooU」Eye Care APP
Are you addicted in smart phone? 「EyeLoveU」helps your healthandlife being kidnaped from the phone. You can set using and resttimeaccording to your habit.There are four awesome features:1.EYEEXERCISE: Eyeball animation prevent your eyes being dried.2.SMARTREST: Set using and rest time up to users, and smart analyzeyourusing time.3. Blue Light Filter: Set the best mode andintensity upto users and environment.4. Quick Switch Toolbar:differentsituation fast switch to different function.
Baby Wallpaper 1.8
Very Cute "Baby Wallpaper" And Backgrounds For SmartphoneSamsungGalaxy S8, S9 Free Download! • Beautiful "Baby Images" witha smilePhotos Gallery Wallpapers For Tablet And Huawei P8 P9 P10.NiceFeatures OF Latest 2018 Best "Baby Wallpaper" HD WidescreenAndroidApplication For Asus Zenfone And Moto. - Full support forlandscapemode. - Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices.-Optimized battery usage! - Fully supports horizontal orientation-Add to favorites - You can save or Share "Baby Backgrounds"toFacebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr,Stumble,Instagram Or Line. • Best Mobile Apps 2018 Unique "CuteWallpapers"Pictures APK Free Download! • Amazing Special CollectionSweet BoyAnd Girl babies Wallpaper Full HD For Vivo, Oppo And HTCPhones.
Contact Lens Rx Calculator PRO 2.0.2
Contact Lens Rx PRO is a smart calculator that convertsyoureyeglasses prescription to your contact lensesprescription.Looking to purchase your contacts online? Get yourcontact lensesRx using this app and be on your way! Why do I needit? Did youknow your contact lenses prescription is not the same asthe onefor your eyeglasses? That's right. The prescription providedbyyour optometrist is only valid for your eyeglasses. Ascontactlenses sit directly on your eyes, which is much closercompared toyour glasses, your prescription needs to be adjustedaccordingly.What makes your app special? Contact Lens Rx PRO appwas developedafter extensive research and with the help of numerousexperiencedopticians and eye care professionals. It uses complexalgorithms toprovide you with the best, most optimized prescriptionfor yourcontact lenses. • Convert your eyeglasses prescription tocontactsprescription quickly • Allows easy input of yourglassesprescription • Quickly calculates your contact lensesprescription• Uses smart algorithms that are developed based on theexperienceof eye care professionals Note: Contact Lens Rx PRO appis notintended to be a substitute for your eye care professional.Whilethe results provided are adequate for most people, an eyecareprofessional can provide a more in-depth analysis duringyourexamination.
Cute Baby Chicks Wallpapers 1.0
Fun Free Mobile Apps
Beautiful adorable Cute Baby Chick Wallpapers to set asyourbackground wallpaper picture. This Cute Baby Chicks wallpapersapphas a huge number of adorable and cute Cute Baby Chick imagestobrowse through and set as your wallpaper. A great app foranyoneinterested in Cute Baby Chicks - amazing and beautifulcreatures.Perfect for animal lovers or anyone wanting to have CuteBabyChicks as their wallpaperThis the best and most beautifulandamazing Cute Baby Chicks wallpaper availableBe sure to checkoutour numerous other wallpaper apps and explore the world ofanimalsfrom your phone!
Baby Photo Collage Maker 10.0
Best Photo Editors
👱🌟👀🎉👶 Get fluffy and chubby with tiny memories photo editor forbabypics collage photo grid maker! 👶 🎉👀🌟👱 It is time forcutenessoverload with Baby Photo Collage Maker app FREE download!Thismonth by month baby picture editor collage maker will meltyourhearts! If you love tiny babies babbling, you will adore ourbaby1st birthday collage frames for family photos! You caughthercooing in sleep, and you took lots of pics? You want to share itonsocial networks, but you think it's too much? Decorate yourkidsphotos with cute photo collage baby maker with two picturesormore! Download baby birth announcement maker photo editor withoneclick on INSTALL and make gorgeous pics! Our lovely photo ofverysmall baby wallpaper collage maker goes with lovelybirthdayframes, fluffy toys for girls and boys, baby dolls,bubbles, animalframes and cute stickers for pictures! Creatememories for lifewith "new born baby photo frame"! Our cute babyboy photo collagesoffers 40+ grid photo collage for many pics! Manyphoto filters andeffects that will catch everybody's eye! Say"happy birthdaycollage maker" with your little kids pics! 👱🌟👀🎉👶Enjoy the chubbylittle cheeks begging for a kiss with "Baby PhotoCollage Maker"formore than 5 pictures! 👶 🎉👀🌟👱 👶 Features for BabyPhoto CollageMaker free download: 👶 👱 Customize your phone with kidmaker forAndroidTM! 👱 Photo collage maker for baby birthday is easyto use -select picture from your gallery or take a selfie! 👱 Babypipcamera collage maker offers many cool options to edit pics:move,zoom in or out, rotate pics! 👱 Add different cute pictureframes:mushrooms, teddy bears, hippos, flowers, frocks or bubblepictureframes! 👱 Set different cute backgrounds for girls or photogridpatterns! 👱 Choose over 35 effects and filters for yourpictures –pop art, vintage, black and white and many more! 👱 Saveyour kidpicture and show off by clicking on social share button! 👱Makeplumpish baby photo design with picture grid collage maker!👱🌟👀🎉👶Decorate your phone with sweet baby on screen NOW and getready tomelt ! 👶 🎉👀🌟👱 Its so fluffy you're gonna die once you putkidsframes for boys! Put stickers for kids and make your pics evenmorebeautiful! No need for cute little animals once you get yoursweetbaby girl pic! Start laughing out loud once you see the littlegirlbig eyes looking at you with our photo collage for baby boy!Purpleand pink flower background, heart shape frame, dandelionswill warmthe coldest hearts! New born baby picture frames withstripes anddots will make you smile all the time! Collage maker forchildrenpictures will make all the mommies happy! Cooing, playing,crying –take pictures all the time and put it in the best familycollagemaker photo editor! Imagine all those pics into one with thehelpof mother and daughter photo frames! Be best mother everwith"photo collage for baby girl" NOW FREE OF CHARGE! 👱🌟👀🎉👶Theloveliest baby shower picture frame and collage app is onthemarket again! 🎉👀🌟👱 Searching for "family picture framesandcollages" that will take your breath away? You want a babyalbummaker that puts many pics into one? You want to have babystoryphoto maker with baby photo grid? You are at the right place!Trythis amazing kids collage maker photo editor and see howdelightfuland interesting it can be! This wonderful picture collagemaker forbaby pics is a precious gift to any mother! Now, she canput manysmall child photos into an astonishing photo editor andcollagemaker with cute frames and designs! Babies collage makerforchildren is what every family needs! Make chubby and "cutebabypics" NOW FREE! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
100% vision Bates method 2.1.1 Professional Edition
FREE program for the complete restoration of vision by the methodofBates.EXCELLENT, Orlin FOREVER VISION.Without surgery(lasercorrection) quickly.This method allows you to restore theideal ofalmost any eye condition.Say no glasses and lenses! 100%sightwithout surgery.PROGRAM DESCRIPTION:Perfect vision foreveryone -that's the goal of this program.We offer you theeffectiveexercises, various recommendations, tips for a 100%vision, basedprimarily on the method of William Bates, and hissuccessor, V.G.Zhdanov.In the program you will find - a descriptionof the method,reference exercises, tips andrecommendations,contraindications.The 'Notes Exercises "you willfind a completelist of basic exercises to train your eyes.In the'tips and tricks'you will find basic tips and advice for the fullrestoration of itsprevention and rehabilitation as well asadditional exercises totrain the eye.In the 'complex' we offer youa few sets of measuresfor the correction of vision, consisting ofthe most effectiveexercises for the eyes, recommendations andadvice andmedication.Author techniques, Professor Zhdanov andBates, suresight in almost all cases, you can recover up to 100%percent, andeven to improve it even more.We look forward tocompleting all theexercises regularly and accurately, strictlyfollowing all theadvice and tips to help your eyes with vitaminsand a goodmotivation for you to restore your vision to 100 +%veryquickly.METHOD:Considering how active we are living, and whattheload gets to our eyes, interest in the subject of restorationandconservation without the use of medicines and operationalpracticesis enormous. Constant reading books, paper and electronic,hoursspent behind a computer screen or television, tension - allthis isbad for your vision. Therefore, a course based Bates, whospendsProfessor Zhdanov, "Bring Me the vision" will be useful foralmostevery modern man. Bates has created a unique system ofexercises torestore vision in which a curative effect is achievedby relaxation/ stress certain eye muscles. Although the theory ofBates and adescription of their exercise have been translated intoRussian,and even published in book form, the method of Bates isnotwidespread. Perhaps the reason was that it is not profitabletocompanies engaged in the production and sale of glasses andlenses- given the volume of the market is not so difficult toallocatesome money to combat the spread of information.The methodof Bates- improving visual acuity through training the eyemuscles,exercising focus. If you have an eye muscles, so they cantrainsimilar to the training in the gym. Just things and eyemuscles:some people train them through exercises for the eyes,changing thevisual mode, while others are looking all day at thecomputerscreen without letting their eyes to work "in differentmodes,"depriving them of their natural workout.Comparison ofexercises forthe eyes, which are used in the method of Bates, withtraining inthe gym is quite appropriate: the exercises should bedone on aregular basis.--------------------P.S.The next update isexpectedto:- Addition of test- Updated information on exercisesandtips--------------------The professional version of the program/Professional Edition.
com.wallpapersforgirls.girly.cute.kawaii.pretty.sassy.teen.images.backgrounds.hd 1.1
Special Collection of Beautiful "Wallpapers For Girls" AndAmazingColorful "Girly Wallpapers" HD For Smartphone And Tablet. •Cute"Kawaii Wallpaper" High Resolution Graphics Art 3DIllustrationsFree Download! • Beautiful Pink "Pretty Wallpapers"ImagesBackground For Samsung Galaxy & LG HTC Phones. NiceFeatures OFLatest 2019 "Wallpapers For Girls" And Backgrounds HDWidescreenApplication For Android. - Full support for landscapemode. -Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices. -Optimizedbattery usage! - Fully supports horizontal orientation -Add tofavorites - You can save or Share "Cute Wallpaper" toFacebook,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble,Instagram OrLine. • Best Mobile App 2019 and APK Free! - FunnySassy "GirlsWallpaper" Backgrounds For Teenage. • This is anSpecial New Year2019 collection of Cutest Cartoon "Kawaii Images"with Perfect appfor Girls.
Cute Laurra Wallpaper 1.0
Laurra Cute Girl Wallpapers app contains many picture foryourphone! Laurra Cute Girl Wallpaper, it is incredibly beautifulandstylish wallpaper for your android device! Set yourself LauraCuteGirl Wallpaper and enjoy these powerful images to thefullest!.Laura Cute Girl Wallpaper this great picture for yourphone!Download Laurra Laura Cute Girl, set as wallpaper andenjoyLauraCute Girl Wallpaper! We provide variety of Laura CuteGirlWallpaper such as : - cute girl wallpaper - korean girlwallpaper -lovely girl for mobile phone - cute cartoon girlwallpaper - pinkgirl wallpaper - korean famous Wallpaper - Lovelygirl wallpaper hd- korean cartoon girl wallpaper - Laurra Cute GirlWallpaper - CuteLaurra Girl Wallpaper - Set As Wallpaper - Zoom InOut - Wallpaperwill not drain your battery - Optimized BatteryUsage - Compatiblewith 99% of mobile phones and devices. - No needinternetconnection - You can save or Share Get our apps now, andfeel theLaurra Cute Girl within your mobile phone.
Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute Photo Editor for Girl 1.7
Fun Camera Apps Studio
Adorable and unique stickers for pictures are ready foryourselfies! Download the latest 📸”Unicorn Photo Stickers: CutePhotoEditor For Girl”🦄 photo editing app! Apply the unicorn filtertoyour pictures with the new unicorn photo stickers editor.Enjoyusing the sophisticated image editing tool and photo editoreveryday! With the selfie camera stickers app for girls, you cancreatecute photo montage easily. Take one of your pictures anddecorateit with the girl photo stickers to beautify your images forfree!Go crazy when using unicorn horse and unicorn cupcakes onyourphotos. Pick a cute “pony photo”, take a picture with theinstantsweet camera editor and enjoy looking at your new memories!Grabthe sticker photo editor and photo studio camera and spendlesstime editing pics! Become the prettiest girl thanks to theponyeditor full of pink unicorn photo stickers! Use theuniqueopportunity to improve your photos with the new “picturemodifier”.Get the 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute Photo Editor ForGirl🦄 tocreate your own unicorn photo montages with the bestunicornsimulator! Give your photos a beautiful makeover by usingtheunicorn girl photo effects and stickers! ↓Features↓ 🎀Stickerdesign image photo edit! 🎀 Amazing unicorn photo filter! 🎀Take aphoto or upload one from your gallery! 🎀 Beauty selfie camerawithphoto editor! 🎀 Free pics stickers and effects for yourselfies! 🎀Turn your photos into unicorn pictures! 🎀 Cute photoeditor withsticker in effects! 🎀 Latest photo editor unicorn! 🎀Save the phototo your device! 🎀 Cute stickers for girls! Thewonderful picturedecorator will make wonders for your photos!Install the 📸UnicornPhoto Stickers: Cute Photo Editor For Girl🦄 andtransform yourimages into works of art in a fun and easy way withthe cutesticker camera! If you are looking for a real unicornsticker photoeditor, search no more because the finest sweet cameraeffect andphoto studio app download is in front of you! Have funwith yourfriends and family members by editing your photos with theponyphoto editor. Invite all of your dear friends and beautifyyourmemories with the fun cute stickers and photo studio collage.Putstamps for pictures and cute love stickers for photos onyourpictures for free. The free photo app with stickers hasaneasy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface. Enter the photostudioand try out the photo editing software for fashionable girls.Edityour pictures like a professional and start creatingincrediblephoto montages! The 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: Cute PhotoEditor ForGirl🦄 has been designed for cute girls who like unicornwallpapers,unicorn backgrounds, and unicorn photo frames. Make yourphotosglamorous with the unicorn theme girl stickers. Explorethecollection of photo stickers free and add them to yourselfies.Create stunning photo manipulation with the photo montageapp andunicorn “stickers for girls”! Peep into the sticker appforpictures and find your favorite pony photo. Enjoy the photoeditingexperience with one of the best pictures of unicorn! Thebest photosticker app will refresh your pictures and give them anew fancyglow. The photo edit funny enables you to add some selfiefiltersand try out some realistic “sticker unicorn”. If you arefond ofunicorn wallpapers cute, the 📸Unicorn Photo Stickers: CutePhotoEditor For Girl🦄 will become your new favorite photostickercamera. The photo editing software for fashionable girls iswaitingfor you!
Puppy Wallpapers 1.0
In this application, a very beautiful wallpaper with cutepuppies.Puppies were always very cute creatures, and remain today.Theseamazing little puppies are always very nice and funny.Wallpaperwith the puppies for the people who love these littlecreatures andare ready to look at them always. Wallpaper with apuppy work finewithout an internet connection, you need only onetime downloadthis app and enjoy the view of puppies every day!Wallpaper withthe puppies have a lot of bright, colorful andunforgettablewallpaper with pups, which please you every day andyou will enjoythese moments and the image of the puppies!
Peek Acuity 3.5.13
Peek Vision
Peek Acuity allows anyone to measure visual acuity, which is oneofthe components of vision. It is designed by eye careprofessionalsto be used to help identify people who need furtherexamination by,for example, an optometrist orophthalmologist.PeekAcuity:Generates visual acuity scoresaccurately, rapidly andreliably. Scores are provided in standardunits of Snellen (bothmetric (6/6) and imperial (20/20) values) andLogMAR (0.0).Includesa new simulated representation that helpsexplain those scores topatients.Includes equivalents of “countfingers”, “hand movement”and “light perception”Does NOT collect anypersonally identifiabledata about you, or anyone else. It is not amedical deviceIt isimportant to keep the application up to date atall times so thatyou receive the latest technical updates.Pleaseensure you performthe enforced manual calibration check, asdescribed here, beforeusing the application to measure visualacuity.MORE FROM PEEKVISIONPeek Vision creates tools and healthintelligence thatradically increase access to eye care worldwide.We harness thepower of smartphones to help make this happen.Wecreate apps,devices and services, to increase access and help makeimpact forpeople with vision problems.For more on Peek Vision andfullT&Cs please visit
Cat Wallpapers Cute 2.4
RA Academy
>Easy to use, And all are very cute can change ourmood.>catwallpapers size is small easy to use.>user friendly.
Cute Wallpapers 2.7
Complement your screen with exclusive backgrounds and awesomecutewallpapers for your Android device. Each picture is arealmasterpiece that can't be found anywhere else - simply swipeyourscreen to see more! Features: - simple and easy to use UI-beautiful HD wallpapers - FREE App provides Unique &Supremecollection A Note about permissions : -we only ask forthepermissions that are essential for the app to be used properly.Weuse - WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to save the wallpaperstoyour own device’s storage. Contacts:
Cute Baby Puppy Care 2.1.0
Your mommy dog is pregnant with a cute little puppies. You havetocare for the mommy dog so she is happy when her new puppiescomesoutFeed the mommy puppy all the food she likes. Then care forherby petting her and brushing her really good.After the babypuppiesare born you must care for them by cleaning them andwrapping themup.Help the mommy puppy care for the baby puppies andthen dressall of the puppies up in clothes for fun!
cute.girl.flower.theme 1.1.8
Cool Launcher Theme
Worried that your phone is too plain and simple? Makeiteye-catching by installing the Cute Fashion Girl now! CuteFashionGirl is an Android mobile theme with 3D effects, 3D weather,appicon packs and Cute Fashion Girl wallpapers. Cute Fashion Girlissupported on most Android devices, including Samsung GalaxyJ7,Samsung S7 Edge and many more. Install the Cute Fashion Girlthemefor a 3D home screen and to make your phone look cool!Features ofFree Cute Fashion Girl Use Cute Fashion Girl, no need toroot, youcan easily protect some apps from peepers by hiding themin aspecial folder. Cute Fashion Girl has world leading 3Dtransitioneffects on screens and folders switching and Elegant andsimple 3Dscreen navigation. Cute Fashion Girl screen lock (locker)protectsyour phone from strangers Use Cute Fashion Girlautomaticallysorting function. Sort your apps into folders and makeyour desktoptidy. Free Cute Fashion Girl stunning icons designedfor popularapps and system apps and amazing 3D transition effectswith XX livewallpaper Cute Fashion Girl app icon packs to give youa newdesigned phone you never used Cute Fashion Girl DIY themes:you canbecome a designer to make your own theme here Compatiblewith allphone models, including Huawei, OPPO etc. How to apply theCuteFashion Girl theme? To apply the theme, please install ourlauncherfirst. Apply the Cute Fashion Girl theme, to make yourphonefaster, orderly and cool. The original app icons, clock andweathertheme of your phone will be replaced by the Cute FashionGirltheme. We have designed many customized themes for popularapps,these include camera apps, social apps, entertainment apps,usefultools and messenger apps. Our app also provides you thousandsofthemes from other categories, namely cartoon and animethemes,graffiti themes, gold themes, pink themes, black themes,lovethemes and many more. All of our beautiful themes are freeandavailable at Google Play Store. Download and apply CuteFashionGirl now! There are more sports (football, basketball),games andother beautiful themes waiting for you! Things to expectin 3DLauncher’s 3D theme center: - Over a thousand sets ofdifferentthemes and tens of thousands of beautiful wallpapers.Regardless ofyour taste, there‘s always something here that’s rightfor you. -The latest 3D themes, along with a large variety ofgolden themes,VR themes, cartoon themes, with custom maderecommendations basedon your preferences.
Cute Wallpaper Endearing UnicornsTheme 1.0.0
+HOME by Ateam
A fancy and cute theme filled with unicorns drawninpastel.Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,theFREECustomization App!To use this theme you first mustinstall+HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, iconsandwidgets has never been easier with +HOME, the FREEcustomizationlauncher app!With more than 1,000 different themes tochose from,you're sure to find a design to suit your everywhim!■Inquiries used are simplyrepresentations and may differ from the finalproduct.
Cute Yellow Friend Theme 1.1.13
Launcher Fantasy
yellow cute minion theme is ready for your android phone!Applycartoon android yellow cute minion theme, and enjoy thousandsoffree themes and wallpapers! yellow cute minion theme givesyouyellow cute minion live wallpapers with yellow backgroundanddespicable yellow cute minion home screen. yellow cuteminionprovides yellow despicable icon pack .This beautiful yellowcuteminion theme is specially made for guys who love yellow andcartoonandroid. yellow cute minion theme is a perfect theme with HDlivewallpaper and brings you a despicable experience. Make yourdevicedespicable and cartoon android with customized app icon pack,lockscreen themes, organized folders, sliding screen effects,HDwallpapers and widgets. You will love this cartoon androidyellowcute minion theme to customize your android home screen. Nomatteryou like yellow HD live wallpaper or cartoon android mobilephone,you will love this yellow theme with despicabledecoration.Beautify your android home screen with this yellow cuteminiontheme now! yellow cute minion theme is available on mostandroidphones. Features 1、yellow cute minion theme lock screen withyellowcartoon android HD live wallpaper. 2、yellow cartoon androidiconpacks decorate your home screen. 3、yellow cute minion theme HDlivewallpaper with yellow style gives you a visual experienceyou'venever seen before. 4、yellow cute minion theme providesadvancedsecurity system and lock screen themes. Your android systemwill beprotected, safe, secure, fast and convenient, with lesspowerconsumption. 5、yellow skin with cartoon android icon makes youfeeldespicable. 6、3D dynamic launcher makes your android phonecartoonandroid style. 7、DIY HD wallpaper in the best theme centerandturns your creative ideas into unique themes right on yourphone!yellow cute minion theme - How to apply? yellow cute minionthemeis specially designed for Launcher. Install our launcher firstandapply it successfully. yellow cute minion theme does notsupportany other Launcher app. yellow cute minion theme withyellowdespicable HD live wallpaper is free now! yellow cute minionthemewill let you enjoy a faster and smoother mobileoperatingexperience. yellow cute minion theme has yellow balloonandwallpaper, with the cartoon android icon pack style. Afterapplyyellow cute minion theme successfully, you can also onlychange thebackground wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper whilekeeping theyellow cartoon android icon the same. If you do not likethisyellow cute minion theme, you can also uninstall it anytime,youcan always find your favorite themes on 3D Launcher. Therearepink, red, yellow, lovely and romantic themes for cute girls;Blue,gray and black theme for business, tech and auto &vehiclefans; Colorful themes for cartoon and movie addicts;Abstractthemes and live wallpapers for art fans; Cute pets &animalsfor animal lovers; Football and basketball celebrities forsportsfans; Greenery themes for those who love nature; And thestarrynight theme for those who love stars. During holidays, youcan findour beautiful festive themes when it's time to celebrate.There arealso 3D themes, live wallpapers and other fashion elementstoredefine your vision. yellow cute minion theme is made forlauncherto customize your mobile phone with yellow cute miniontheme livewallpaper and cartoon android lock menu. Anything youlike can beput into your home screen!
Opticals Patient Manager 1.5
Opticals Patient Manager is a Android App used to manage aOpticalStore.This App can be used by Optometrist and Opticians tostorethe information about the patient and their EyeGlassPrescription.This App is a Software that helps for managing thebusiness inOptical Outlets.Each Eye prescription stores thebelowdetailsDistance Vision's Spherical power , cylindrical powerwithaxis and visual acuityNear Vision's Spherical power ,cylindricalpower with axis and visual acuityIPD and other info canbeaddd.FEATURES==========Easy to Use.Works completely offlineandstores data locally in the device.Can add Patient'sInformationsand Eye Glass Prescription quickly.Send Prescriptionthrough SMS,Email.Track Prescriptions of Patients byDate,Time.Backup the Datafrom and Database.Porting of App acrossAndroid devices is Easy.Can be done with Backup, ImportUtility.This App has Ads on "ViewPatient" and "View Prescription"Pages. "Opticals Manager" issimilar app from hogslab withoutAds.For Suggestions, Feedback,Questions or Technical issues mail
Kids Hospital: Eye Doctor 1.1.0
Hippo Kids Games
Hospital game is an exciting and educational game for kids. Itisvery popular among our small pioneers. While helping thepatientsof Hippo hospital, a little eye doctor learns how to becareful,attentive and kind. Especially for you, our Hospital gameisrenewed with a new cabinet. Our beloved Hippy is an eyedoctortoday! It means, that new hospital games are waiting for ustoday!Problems with eyesight? Don't worry, patients will be curedby thebest eye doctor in the world, your kids. Every dayambulancedelivers new patients to the hospital. They will beexamined byHippo. The phone rings without pause. Somebody need tohave aninjection, somebody needs to be operated urgently, andsomebodyneeds just to choose contact lenses and check eyesight.Somebodyhas a virus eye infection or just irritation. Our doctoreye doctorwill do his own special tests and help everybody! KindHippy doctoris an ophthalmologist of international level, and todayshe isready to share her secrets with you. Let's go to theHippohospital! Anybody who will come today to the hippo hospital,willhave an examination, have eyesight tests and will get alltheneeded injections and firs aid! To cure patients and makethisworld better are secrets, that every doctor should know. Thisisthe game hospital for kids! It means that we are not afraid ofanydifficult operation. Do you want to check your eyesight withthebest eye specialist? A new eye doctor game, as well as alloureducational games for boys and girls, is absolutely for free.Havea lot of positive emotions together with your kids! HospitalHippogames are interesting and exciting. Stay tuned and stay withus.Our free games for boys and girls will always make you andyourkids happy.
Kawaii Wallpapers 1.0
Wallpaper Keren
Kawaii WallpapersYou really like Kawaii pictures, do not missthebest Kawai Wallpaper we've collected for you. Don’t waste yourtimeto search around, our team has put it into thisapplication.Withminimalis & user friendly interface, you caneasy set vectorimage as wallpaper. Kawaii Wallpapers features: -Collections ofCute Kawaii Wallpapers- Wallpaper imut- Fresh layoutview.- Sharewallpapers with friends.- Save wallpaper to photogallery.- Set aswallpaper.- Pinch to zoom image.- Drag to adjustimage.- Realpreview cropping image.- For all types of mobilephones.KawaiiWallpapers is a wallpaper that many Kawaii lovers arelooking for.See our wallpaper collections, vector wallpapers areperfect forpersonalizing your smartphone and make it much more cuteandfun.Download this cool wallpapers app and share the fun withpeoplewe love.DISCLAIMERThis app is made by fans and for fans. Andit isunofficial. The content in this app is not affiliatedwith,endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company.Allcopyright and trademarks are owned by their respective owners.Theimages in this application are collected from around the web, ifweare in breach of copyright, please let us know and it willberemoved as soon as possible. Thanks for making great artwork&photography. Sharing is caring.
Baby Fashion Designer & Cosplay 1.0.2
Svey Development
All little babies are just adorable and these cute girls andboysare no exception! Help the proud mom to pick out something forherlittle boys and girls to wear!This dress up game istotallyadorable! You have 4 girls and 4 boys to pick from. Chooseone ofthe 6 backgrounds and then experiment with over 180 items tocreatecute outfits for the babies! There are a dozen categorieshere:bodysuits, baby costumes, dresses (you would want to put thoseongirls), summer and winter jumpers, panties, pants, hats,babyshoes, pacifiers, toys and hairstyles. That's a lot to choosefrom!And more importantly, all of that is free. No in-app purchasesinany of our dress up girl games whatsoever. Just unleashyourimagination and dress all the babies up!Dress the adorablelittlebabies in all kinds of cute baby clothes and costumes!We havetonsmore amazing new games for girls about dressup and makeover onallkinds of different topics, like toddlers and babies, e.g."ToddlerDress Up". Download our dressup games free, with noin-apppurchases, by tapping the "More by Games For Girls" link!
Funny Wallpaper Emotional Macarons Theme 1.0.0
+HOME by Ateam
Each macaron has its own face creating a cute andfunnytheme.Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,theFREECustomization App!To use this theme you first mustinstall+HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, iconsandwidgets has never been easier with +HOME, the FREEcustomizationlauncher app!With more than 1,000 different themes tochose from,you're sure to find a design to suit your everywhim!■Inquiries used are simplyrepresentations and may differ from the finalproduct.