Top 24 Games Similar to Pocket Galaxy Beta (Space-MMO)

Space Miner Wars 2.0.1
Megaspace Industries
Don’t delegate -- ANNIHILATE! Build a vast space miningempire,blast massive asteroids, and vanquish other players in yourquestfor galactic dominance!Forge powerful Mining Guilds withyourfriends, conquer Mining Outposts to expand your domain, thencrushthe competition in explosive, arcade-style PvPbaseattacks!FEATURES- Play with millions of space miners acrosstheglobe- Join forces with players in Mining Guilds- Design anddefendyour ultimate space station with turrets, drones, andmore-Upgrade, craft, and customize a fleet of powerfulspaceships-Conquer an infinite star system that’s different foreveryplayerThis game requires an internet connection.
Sword of Chaos 6.0.8
Allstar Games
Sword of Chaos, one of the most cutting-edge Mobile ActionMMORPGever produced.Sword of Chaos combines the elements offatalattraction and chaotic violence into a unique andastonishingvisual feast. Immerse yourself in a world of violenceand unleashyour inner wildness. Sensing, Tasting, Hacking, SlashingandFighting dominate your every move, as you fight to destroy allthatstands before you!Now why won't we go taste it,mortals!Features:-Guide your adventurer through 20 challengingfloors- Learn magicskills to defeat armies of fierce creatures- Dobattle withcentaurs, werewolves, centurions, goatmen and more-Variedgameplays including tower defence, world bosses and arenas-Buildyour own Guild and join with friends to battle playersacrossservers and worldwide- Take part in massive 20 vs 20 PvPbattles-Send live messages to your teammates to co-ordinate yourattacks-Customize your adventurer with 68 sets of cool outfits tomix andmatch====FacebookFanpage:[email protected]
Galaxy Wars: Space Defense 1.0
Psycho Sandwich Studios
The best GALACTIC action game of 2017! Galaxy Wars. If youlikespace shooting and survival games and like to simulateSpacecraftshooting in galaxy for glory and duty, then Galaxy Warsis the oneyou should be playing.Earth is under attack by a lifeform fromanother galaxy. General Mutu wants to put an end to anongoing warand develops a fleet of highly advanced fighter jets tofight theopposition. It is up to you to save the planet bydestroying theenemy forces once and for all!Travel through theGalaxy, shootingaliens and gaining points on the adventure.Challenge yourself toexperience the ultimate combat action of Spacewar.Game Features:-Accomplish all the challenges and unlockachievements- Chase highscores- Simple touch controls- Mostpowerful weapons- Unbelievablyamazing experience- Awesome spacebattle scenes- Realistic sounds-Chance to become a real galactichero!!Perfect the Space Galacticcombat maneuvers and techniques. Bean ace pilot in Spacecombat.Download TODAY!
RPGステラセプトオンライン 1.20.23
Asobimo, Inc.
◆全世界400万DL突破!!◆◆ゲーム紹介◆人々を暗黒の生命体から守る戦士として、強大な敵に挑むSFファンタジーオンラインRPG(MMORPG)あなたは惑星サダルスウドに生きる人々を救うヒューリア武鋭団の戦士となる。世界に息づく神秘の力「ステラ」を身にまとい、強大な敵「タラゼド」を打ち倒せ!◆華麗なスキルで敵を圧倒! 爽快バトル!◆リアルタイムアクティブバトル方式を採用。エネミーとの交戦では、互いのスキルが入り混じる。「バーストポイント」を用いて、潜在的な力の解放しよう!◆ユーザー同士の同時協力プレイ!◆MMORPGとして、複数人同時プレイで、同じエネミーを打ち砕く!!チャットで情報共有、アイテムのトレードなど交流要素満載!!◆ハイクオリティな3Dグラフィックを体感!◆スマホMMORPGトップクラスのグラフィック!ソロやパーティプレイ!多人数同時対戦対人バトル(PvP)をハイクオリティな3Dグラフィックで遊ぼう!※MMO RPG:Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(大規模多人数同時参加型 オンラインロールプレイング ゲーム) ◆Android端末間でのキャラクター移行についてAndroid版ステラセプトでは、『GoogleID(以下Googleアカウント)』を用いた認証をおこなっております。・機種変更にともなう「新しいAndroid端末へのアカウント情報の同期」・ご利用端末の故障などのトラブルにともなう「端末の修理・交換」または「端末の初期化」などからの「アカウント情報の復元」Android端末へのGoogleアカウント設定を行うことで上記のケースにおきましても引き続きアカウント情報(キャラクター等)を継続利用が行えます。--------------------------------------------**ご注意ください**・本作はオンライン専用です。 ・ご利用頂く機種により、実行速度が異なる場合があります。・通信状態や緊急メンテナンスなどでゲームへ接続がおこなえない場合がございます。 ・他のお客様とのトラブルにならないよう、マナーを守ったゲームプレイをお願いします。・ゲーム内のキャラクターが集まる場所等で、混雑等による動作の遅延や一時的な切断が発生する場合があります。・ご利用の端末の動作に関しましては、ユーザー様ご自身のご利用環境にて まず基本プレイ無料の範囲でご確認ください。・ゲームプレイ中に端末が高温になることがございましたら、一旦プレイを中断し、 コンフィグの内容などを見直したうえで、プレイの継続をご検討ください。・本アプリは、日本国内向けのサービスとなります。 日本国外からのご利用に関しましては、弊社はいかなる責任も負いかねますので、 あらかじめご理解ご了承くださいますようお願い申し上げます。--------------------------------------------【アソビモが配信中のオンラインゲーム】~全世界1000万人が遊んだ名作ファンタジー!~ ■イルーナ戦記 オンライン [IRUNAOnline] (基本プレイ無料) ~個性豊かなアバター10兆通り!~ ■セレスアルカオンライン[CelesArcaOnline] (基本プレイ無料) ~美麗ダークファンタジー!~■エリシア オンライン[Ellicia Online] (基本プレイ無料)攻撃が自由自在の爽快アクション!~■オルクス オンライン [Aurcus Online] (基本プレイ無料)かわいいチビキャラが大冒険!簡単アクション~ ■ぷちっとくろにくる オンライン(基本プレイ無料) ~爽快戦闘&超ハイクオリティ3D!SFファンタジー~ ■ステラセプトオンライン[Stellacept Online] (基本プレイ無料)迫力バトル×多彩なアクション!美麗グラフィック!~ ■アヴァベル オンライン[AVABEL] (基本プレイ無料) ~超ド級の爽快忍者アクション!~ ■イザナギ オンライン[IZANAGI Online](基本プレイ無料) ~隠れて、投げる!爆弾バトル!~■BTOOOM!オンライン[btooom-online] (基本プレイ無料)自由を謳歌する正統派MMORPG!~■トーラム オンライン [Toram Online] (基本プレイ無料)人じゃない"YOME"との冒険!~ ■アルケミアストーリー [AlchemiaStory](基本プレイ無料) ◆ Over 4 million DL worldwide! ! ◆ ◆Gameintroduction SF fantasy online RPG (MMORPG) challenging amightyenemy as a warrior to protect people from dark life formsYoubecome a warrior of the heurian martial group that will savepeopleliving on the planet Sadarusudo. Dressed in the mysteriouspower"Stella" that breathes worldwide, defeat the mightyenemy"Tarazedo"! ◆ Overwhelmed enemies with brilliant skills!Anexhilarating battle! Real time active battle method adopted. Inthebattle with Enemy, each other 's skills are mixed. Let'sreleasethe potential force with 'burst point'! ◆ simultaneouscooperationplay between users ◆! As MMORPG, breaking the same enemywithmultiple persons simultaneously !! Information sharing inchat,trade of items, etc. Full of elements of exchange !! ◆Experiencehigh-quality 3D graphics! ◆ Smartphone MMORPG top classgraphics!Solo and party play! Play multi-player simultaneousbattleinterpersonal battle (PvP) with high quality 3D graphics! ※MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game(large-scalemultiplayer simultaneous online role-playing game)About CharacterTransfer Between Android Terminals With AndroidversionStellercept, we use "Google ID (hereinafter referred to as"GoogleAccount ") for authentication. · "Synchronizing accountinformationto new Android terminal" due to model change ·"Restoring accountinformation" from "terminal repair / exchange" or"terminalinitialization" due to trouble such as malfunction of theuser'sterminal By setting up a Google Account on Android device,you cancontinue to use account information (characters etc.)continuouslyin the abovecase.--------------------------------------------------------------**Pleasebe careful** · This work is online only. · Depending onthe modelyou use, execution speed may be different. · There aretimes whenconnection to the game can not be performed due tocommunicationstatus or emergency maintenance etc. · To avoidtrouble with othercustomers, please play game that protectedmanner. · In the placewhere characters in the game gather etc.,delay of operation due tocongestion etc. and temporarydisconnection may occur. · In regardto the operation of yourterminal, in the user's own use environmentPlease check first inthe range of basic play free. · If there is apossibility that theterminal will become hot during game play,Please reconsider thecontents of config and consider continuingplay. · This applicationis service for Japan domestic. Since we cannot assume anyresponsibility in regard to using from outside Japan,Pleaseacknowledge it beforehand for yourunderstanding.--------------------------------------------------------------【Onlinegame played by Asobimo】 ~ The masterpiece fantasy played by10million people worldwide! ~ ■ Iruna Senki Online [IRUNAOnline](basic play free) ~ Individual richavatar 10trillion street! ~ ■ Ceres Alca Online [CelesArca Online](basicplay free) 4 ~ Mirror dark fantasy! ~ ■ElysiaOnline [Ellicia Online] (basic play free) action with freedom to attack! ~ ■ Orcus Online[AurcusOnline] (basic play free) KUJn ~ Cute ChibiCharais a great adventure! Easy action ~ ■ Petit and Kurokuruonline(basic play free) ~ Refreshing Battle&Super High Quality 3D! SF fantasy ~ ■ Stellacept Online[StellaceptOnline] (Basic play free) ~Powerful battle Xvariegated action! Beautiful graphics! ~ ■ Avelonline [AVABEL](basic play free) ~ Refreshingninja action ofsuper death! ~ ■ Izanagi Online [IZANAGI Online](basic play free) dFHa 6 ~ Hide and throw! Bombbattle! ~ ■ BTOOOM!Online [btooom-online] (basic play free) ~Orthodox MMORPG to enjoy freedom! ~ ■ TorumOnline [Toram Online](Basic play free) ~Adventure with "YOME" notalone! ~ ■ Alchemia Story [AlchemiaStory](Basic Play Free)
N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition 1.0.1d
The most immersive and impressive sci-fiFPSfranchise on smartphones is now completely free! Fightforhumankind's survival!Four months after Kal Wardin defeated the Volterites,PresidentFolsom is assassinated and the beleaguered coloniessurrender tothe Volterite Protectorate.Since then, Kal has been lying low, but a desperate pleafromYelena calls him back to save Earth and humankind…• An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns to Earthafteryears of exile! Fight in 10 immersive levels across thegalaxy,from a war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.• Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot, drive vehicles, andpilota mech to defeat hordes of enemies.• Join 12-player battles in 7 multiplayer modes (Capture thePoint,Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 7 differentmaps.• For the first time, multiple allies can jump inside thesamevehicle and spread destruction on the battlefield._____________________________________________Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get more infoaboutall our upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blog at fortheinside scoop on everything Gameloft._____________________________________________This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the appandmay contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you toathird-party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Last Horizon 1.1.0
[⚠ Warning ⚠] Last Horizon will not work on Android 7andabove.Pilot the last vessel of a fallen civilization into thevastunknown, in search of a new habitable world.Carefully land ontheplanets you will encounter to gather terraforming resourcesandspace-faring human survivors for the final destination...skillfulpiloting and the balanced management of fuel, oxygen &hullintegrity are key.Explore and harvest to create a beautifulandharmonious new world, but take too much and you might incurthewrath of sentient alien life...FEATURES-Procedurallygeneratedplanets and arrangements, no two gameplay sessions areexactlyalike.-4 game modes : First 3 [ Flights A, B & C ] havetheplanet positions relatively similar, Flight X is a new andvastlydifferent arrangement every playthrough.-Elegant &minimal artdesign... the first Pixeljam game to break out of itsestablishedretro aesthetic.-1+ hour of meditative background music.
Power Rangers Dino Charge 1.4.0
Power up with the Dino Charge Power Rangers in this stunning3Dgame. Battle Sledge and his monster army as they contestforuniversal power. Based on Saban’s classic Power Rangers DinoChargeseries, precursor to the Ninja Steel series. The simple tapsandswipe controls allow you to quickly master the rangers martialartsmoves and control the team of superhero kids. Immerse yourselfinan original Power Rangers story featuring action packed comicbookanimation. The future of the planet is at stake... and only youcanhelp the Power Rangers triumph!Features • Explosiveturn-basedbattle game featuring a range of awesome attacks•Complete over 50challenges and fight custom battles in Arena Mode•Easy-to-learncontrols designed for younger players• Learn andmaster all theRanger moves and combos• Fight super-sized monsterswith mightyMegazords• Stunning 3D graphics and explosive effects•Battleagainst Vivix, Sledge, Fury, Ice Age, Scrapper, Sting Rageandother villains from Power Rangers Dino Charge• Variety ofbattletypes, including: minion swarms and boss fights• Unlock 7chaptersand over 20 levels! Go Go Power Rangers!
Blocky Cars - Online Shooting Games 7.0.5
Fahrenheit Lab
Enjoying car shooting games, battle games guns and wars? Oryou’reinto fighting in combat games? Feel extremely fast speed attherally track and try unique entry in online shooting games,whereyou can build cars, tanks, war machines or anything you’vedreamedto drive! Put minigun or huge turret on your vehicle andbegin epicbattle against your enemies worldwide. It is time to playBlockyCars - car shooting games which is not a simplerepresentative ofcar games online. Best qualities of shooters &pixel games areconcentrated here. Try to survive in this carshooter with funpixel 3d graphics! Blocky Cars features: - Collectblocks, craftcars or huge tanks! Racing wheels, turbines, miniguns, sniperguns, turrets, space cars, m16, battle armor for yourhero – wehave it all in our weaponry to build war machines forbattle games!- 30+ pixel guns, cars and tanks turrets, 90+ blocksfor craftingand 12 maps of cool 3d battle games! - Develop your owntactics,form a brigade and combat against your enemies on thehardestbattlefields of online games! - Car shooting gamesmultiplayer withvariety of game modes including FPS and racingmode! Modern FPSmode: get out of your car, combat, make a blitz andas muchoverkills as you can in online shooting games! Feel free tojoinonline games battle worldwide or local and defeat them all atpixelbattlefield of car games online multiplayer! How often do youfindcar shooting games or online games with nice anduser-friendlycraft of cars and tanks? Try the best of Shootinggames, car gamesonline! You can craft war machines and customizeyour hero, justuse skin editor and choose any modern armor! Morereasons to loveBlocky Cars - online shooting games: - Up to 8players in the samemap in the multiplayer, online games mode! -Choose your skin andmake its best edition! - 12 different maps -block city and pixelarena are crafted in 3d for YOU! - Race andDeathmatch mode -customize your tanks, try car racing or take thechallenge inclassic online shooting games mode - Deathmatch! Chooseyour ownway in Blocky Cars - online shooting games! Try fast racingor epicbattles in online games, Shooting games. Craft mini shootingcarsor build giant tanks, drive them in various locations and wininthe most creative of car shooter games. Grab your buddies, getintoyour tanks and start epic battle in online shooting gameswithfriends! One of the best car shooting games multiplayeramongonline games, combat games & pixel games in manycountries!It’s time to cooperate with your team in Shooting games!DownloadBlocky Cars - the most imaginative car shooting games forfree fullof advantages such as online, multiplayer and craft anddon't missnew updates! More guns - More car games online - Morecombat games-More Shooting games! Fast shooting cars, monstrouslyhuge tanks andaggressive war machines– all in one pixel shooter,car gamesonline! Join our official #BlockyFans communities andBlocky Cars -online shooting games channels on social media: -Follow us onTwitter at or like us onFacebook at to get more info aboutcar shooter,online shooting games upcoming updates. - Check out ouronlinegames videos and car shooter games trailerson Meet us on thepixelbattlefield of Blocky Cars - online shooting gamesmultiplayer! Weare driving cars and tanks on blocky roads! Terms
Sector Strike 1.2.5
Clapfoot Inc.
A futuristic shoot 'em up designed to challenge your reflexesandwits. Sector Strike combines the mechanics of old schoolspaceshooters and the aesthetics of modern 3D games. Great for fansofbullet hell games! Battle through relentless waves of AI dronesina campaign that will take you through 4 unique environments.Earncredits and upgrade your ship with new weapons, equipment,andabilities. ADDICTIVE power-up system that will keep you comingbackfor more UPGRADE your ship with over 20 weapons and abilitiessuchas hellfire missiles and call for reinforcements. ADVANCEDGRAPHICSthat will take advantage of your new mobile device CLASSICspaceshooter game mechanics familiar to retro gamers and fans oftheSHUMP / bullet hell genre ACHIEVEMENTS to challenge your shoot'emskills PILOT 4 different ship classes ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACKfromBoneyard Audio COMPATIBLE with older devices like the GalaxyAceSMALL download size PLAYABLE OFFLINE
Galaxy Attack : Space Invaders (free shooter game)
Galaxy Attack HD
✈✈✈Your home planet is being invaded by aliens and you muststopthem!In this space shooting game, you will be facing anincreasinglylarge number of enemies in hazardous environments. Asthe gameprogresses, you will earn the right to upgrade yourspacecraft tounleash its full lethal capacity.HOW TO PLAY:* Touch screen to move and kill all enemies.* Collect items to upgrade or change your weapons.The graphics, intuitive controls, and endless challenges this oneisaddictive right from the start.Better yet this game is free and takes very little battery powersoyou can play it for hours!Enjoy classic space combat - powered up.Download ✈ Galaxy Attack : Space Invaders ✈ now!
War Robots 4.8.1
Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play's Festive UpdatesWarRobots is an action-packed multiplayer game with 6 vs. 6teambattles in real-time! It's a time of war, pilot! Are you readyforsurprise attacks, intricate tactical maneuvers and the manysneakytricks your rivals have in store for you? Destroy enemyrobots,capture all the beacons, and upgrade your weapons toincreasecombat strength, speed, and durability of your battlerobot. Proveyourself in each map and use different strategies andtactics toemerge victorious from battle! MAIN FEATURES: – 45 battlerobotswith different strengths; – more than 50 weapon types,includingballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. What will youchoose? –many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create awarmachine to fit your own play style; – create your own clan andleadit to glorious victories; – join epic PvP battles againstrivalsfrom all over the world; – complete military tasks forbonuses andearn the Best Pilot title. Onward, soldier! Victory isyours! Wantto talk about the game or find allies? Join us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter: Watch new videos onYouTube: Find allabout WR onour Knowledge Base: note:This application requires a stable internetconnection. Enjoy thegame!
You are marooned on the shores of an infinite blocky world.Explore,mine resources, craft tools and weapons, make traps andgrow plants.Tailor clothes and hunt animals for food andresources. Build ashelter to survive cold nights and share yourworlds online. Ridehorses, camels or donkeys and herd cattle toprotect them frompredators. Blast your way through the rock withexplosives. Buildcomplex electric devices. Possibilities areinfinite in thislong-running sandbox survival and constructiongame series. This isthe thirtieth release of Survivalcraft, and itadds a new armor andweapons tier - copper! You can now paintstairs, slab, fences andsigns and place electric gates on thefloor or ceiling. Wander indense forests full of tall spruces andfallen logs. Explore biggercaves, but watch out for huge magmachambers underground (15x biggerthan 1.28). There are new soundgenerator sounds for you to use,including hi-fi drums! Check outfull list of 70 changes at ourwebsite. Survivalcraft bringsfeatures you love in the PC version ofthe most popular blockyworld game to your mobile device: infiniteworlds, caves, logicelements (electricity), weather, boats, ridableanimals,explosions, clothes, armor and many more. It does sowhilemaintaining its own realistic, survival-themed style. Enjoy!Briefupdate history so far: - 1.0 (initial release, 16 Nov 2011) -1.1(screenshots, torches, lamps, tools, controlssensitivity,recipaedia) - 1.2 (sneaking, stairs, slabs, doors,ladders, snow,ice, christmas tree) - 1.3 (basalt, limestone,marble, furnace) -1.4 (new world format, clay, bricks) - 1.5(birds, weapons,throwing, food, eating) - 1.6 (emergency bugfixrelease) - 1.7(trapdoors, water animations, snowballs, traps,wildboars, gamemodes) - 1.8 (buckets, water physics, magma, worldproperties, viewangles) - 1.9 (Dropbox, fences, upside-down stairsand slabs) -1.10 (optimizations, bulls, signs, sulphur, saltpeter,adventuremode) - 1.11 (explosives, fire, matches, magma as fluid) -1.12(wolves, cows, milk, diamonds, flat terrain, controlsimprovements)- 1.13 (creature spawners, eggs, saplings, compass,thermometer,grass spreading) - 1.14 (emergency bugfix release,hygrometer,sharper text) - 1.15 (big performance improvements,bears,machetes, adventure restart, cacti) - 1.16 (smootherframerate,polar bears, paint, falling blocks, environment modes) -1.17 (3rdperson view, 3d tools, creature shadows, physicsoptimizations) -1.18 (rain, snow, thunderstorms, thawing/freezing,werewolves,pumpkins) - 1.19 (electricity, new UI, new recipaedia,new help,germanium + lots more) - 1.20 (community content, bettercaves,creative options, SD card) - 1.21 (fish, horseriding,electricityimprovements, camels, leather + lots more) - 1.22(survival,farming, boats, islands, more painting, pathfinding,rhinos andmany other animals) - 1.23 (content rating, largervisibilityrange, analog electrics, halloween special, donkeys,bass) - 1.24(bows and arrows, shooting target, reindeer, tigers,iron fences,ivy, feathers, string) - 1.25 (custom skins, newexplosions engine,bombs, crossbows, fire arrows, new UI, stonefences) - 1.26(clothes, armor, temperature effects, belugas,cassowarys, pumpkinand cotton farming) - 1.27 (moose, campfires,larger inventory,lightning button, more clothes, AI improvements,new engine) - 1.28(firearms, dispensers, fireworks, digging cracks,left-handedcontrols) - 1.29 (more paintable items, copper armor andweapons,tall spruces, horizontal logs, bigger caves)
The Great Prank War
Help Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man, Skips and your other RegularShowfavorites take the park back from Gene and his goons withaplethora of prank-related powers! A NEW SPIN ON REGULARSHOW!WhenGene, the manager of rival park East Pines, gets his handson atime machine, he goes back in time so he can win the GreatPrankWar and take over the park. Now it's up to our heroes to takeitback, but it won't be easy! The game also features awesomenewRegular Show character designs and animation styles formaximumprankiness. PLAY OFFENSE AND DEFENSE!In an action-packedhybrid oftower defense, you'll assault enemy towers and take themout so youcan build defensive towers of your own, all whilebattling Gene'sendless army of park rangers, animatronic bears,feral hot dogs,dancing cassette tapes, and more! UNLEASH THEPRANKS!Choose to playas Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man or Skips. Eachone of them hastrained in a specialized pranking art and developedunique powersto put the hurt on the bad guys. And in the GreatPrank War, eventhe towers are prank-themed, using eggs, glue, fartcushions andother gimmicks to defend your turf. It's Regular Showat itsprankiest! FOUR SEASONS OF FUN!The Great Prank War isonelong-running conflict, with levels that span the fall,winter,spring and summer. Each season brings different leveldesignspacked with challenges that add up to mondo replay value,includingfour epic boss battles that will test your skills to themax. Fightyour way through the silliest battles ever in THE GREATPRANKWAR!***If you're having any problems with this app, feel freetocontact us at [email protected] Tell us abouttheissues you're running into as well as what device and OSversionyou're using.This app may contain ads for Cartoon Network& ourpartners’ products & services.PRIVACY INFORMATION:Your privacyis important to us at Cartoon Network, a division ofTurnerBroadcasting System, Inc. This game collects and usesinformationas described in Cartoon Network’s Privacy Policy linkedbelow. Thisinformation may be used, for example, to respond to userrequests;enable users to take advantage of certain features andservices;personalize content; serve advertising; performnetworkcommunications; manage and improve our products andservices; andperform other internal operations of Cartoon Networkweb sites oronline services. Our privacy practices are guided bydata privacylaws in the United States. For users residing in the EUor othercountries outside the U.S., please note that this app mayusepersistent identifiers for game management purposes. Bydownloadingthis application, you accept our Privacy Policy and EndUserLicense Agreement, and you give permission for such uses forallusers of your device. The Privacy Policy and End UserLicenseAgreement are in addition to any terms, conditions orpoliciesimposed by your wireless carrier and Google Inc. CartoonNetworkand its affiliates are not responsible for any collection,use, ordisclosure of your personal information by Google or yourwirelesscarrier.Terms ofUse:
Galaxy Shooter 3D 0.0.5
Onex Softech
Galaxy Shooter 3D Space War is afast-pacedtop-down perspective shoot up action game. Requiredskills are morethan fast reactions and memorization of enemy attackpatterns. Theplayer must also have strategy skills to equip properupgrades anduse the appropriate skills during specific missionsGalaxy Shooter 3D, FREE is up action great fromspaceships.Your task is to save the galaxy from the hordes of attackingspacealiens. You have far superior fire power from your twinshootingattack drone but are greatly out numbered by these toughlittleinvaders.-upgrade your weapon's magazine to increase capacity andreducereloads.-upgrade your weapon's scopes to increase damage and zoom.-upgrade your weapon's silencer to increase critical.- upgrade levels increase hp max value.FEATURES ✔ Incredible 3D graphics put you right in thefunenvironment!✔ 3D Environment with multiple characters ✔ Realistic HD Graphics✔HD graphics with at least 720p textures optimized for tabletsandlarge screens✔Exciting boss fights✔Achievements and Leaderboard ✔Ability to use active skills during the missions✔ Free app for kids and adults✔ Fully customizable spaceships✔ Galaxy Shooter 3D is completely free download.Download Galaxy Shooter 3D game now !
Critical Missions: SPACE 3003
Critical Missions: SPACE delivers the nostalgic fast pacedFPSgaming experience on your Android devices. Enjoy the smoothandcustomizable touch controls and play thecross-platformfirst-person shooter!Critical Missions: SPACE is is a cross-platformFirst-Personshooter online multiplayer game where players are ableto competeagainst each other on web and mobile platforms.CRITICAL MISSIONS: SPACE KEY FEATURES- Cross-platform 3D First-Person Shooter MMO: beat playersfromother mobile platforms- Multiplayer Mode: Local network and Servers Globally (USA,Europe,Japan and Asia)- Single Player Mode: Player vs. Customizable Alien Bots- Smooth and Responsive Customizable Touch Controls (-->Gamemenu - Settings - User Interface - Edit HUD)- Six Game Types: Classic, Team Death Match (TDM), Alien Mode,AlienMatch, Survival, Death Match, Juggernaut and Capture TheFlag(CTF)- Customizable settings- Dozens of pre-installed and downloadable unique mapsCRITICAL MISSIONS: SPACE SUPPORT FORUMS
Devil Eater 4.02
*NOTICE*[4.02]Camera/Microphone permission is use to recordplayscreen in Everyplay[Best Reviews]★★★★★ Only game I've felttheabsolute need to rate. Style reminds me of Bloodborne and theparrysystem reminds me of Dark Souls. But is still its own thing.-LostIn Shadows ★★★★★ Whoah, I like this! It's like Deep DungeonsofDoom on steroids. I like the ad structure. Make lots moregames,guys. I'll play them all! -Troy Lauffer ★★★★★ Best game ever.Addcostumes that you put on your character which could give himbuffsor just make him look cooler -Baby Face ★★★★★ Amazing, It's agreatgame it is just mind blowing. -Jordano Ali '...After Elise'sdeath,I have been cursed...Now is the time to hunt them back...withthedark power from the curse...'Punish down the evils withcurseddemonic force and duel pistols!You must continue to killevils toguard your soul from demonic force taking overyou...[Notice]* Ifyou can not select items after purchasing items,please go toSettings> Restore Purchase.Please contact us byemail if you cannot* Final Boss Stage!- Meet Baal, the ultimateboss on 400 kills-Finally you'll find out what happened withElise*Your data now canbe saved!- Title Scene > OPTION >'SAVE/LOAD' Btn.- Saveoften to save yourself ;D[Game Features]◈DEVIL MUST DIE!Punish thedevils and purify 5 cities!◈ Sensitiveaction systemCounter Attack: Counter the enemy's attack by guardingJUST in time!SkillShot :Bust away the devils in a sweep!◈ Selectiveleveling- Train yourhunter : Train hunter and upgrade variousoffensive/defensiveskills and speed!- Weapon Shop : Variety ofdemonic pistols withdifferent skills!- Buy costumes withSkills![Bugs or OptimizationProblems]◈ Laggy on most 512 Ramdevices◈ Has mysterious crash bugat start. We're trying to resolveASAP but little clue. Sorry!◈Free Gold Offer wall's first offer mayneed additional treat toload- After the very first offercompletion, reward may not beloaded instantly. - In such case,please reopen and close the FreeGold offer wall, and your goldoffer will be loaded.
N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit...
Don't waste your time & suit up!Fight for mankind's survival in the greatest space shooteronmobile devices!** Note that N.O.V.A. 3 - Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance needs2GBof free memory to install **Four months have passed since Kal ruined the Volterites' plansbysabotaging their war factories, and stopping the extraction oftheJudger Artifacts. However, following the assassination ofPresidentFolsom, the government surrendered the colonies to theVolteriteProtectorate in order to prevent civil war.Kal Wardin has been laying low since Folsom’s death, but now hehasreceived a desperate plea from Yelena to come to Earth. Onceagain,the hero must rise to save mankind!• An epic storyline: Humanity finally returns to Earthafteryears of exile! Fight in 10 immersive levels across thegalaxy,from a war-torn Earth to a frozen Volterite city.• Multiple weapons and powers: Run, shoot, drive vehicles, andpilota mech to defeat hordes of enemies.• Join 12-player battles in 6 multiplayer modes (Capture thePoint,Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, etc.) on 6 differentmaps.• For the first time, multiple allies can jump inside thesamevehicle and spread destruction on the battlefield.• Discover the new FPS benchmark for graphics andgameplay(real-time shadow & lights, particle system, ragdollphysics,etc.)For fans of the N.O.V.A. series, first-person shooters andactiongames on Android.----Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitter at or like usonFacebook at to get more info aboutallour upcoming titles.Check out our videos and game our blog at for the insidescoopon everything Gameloft.Certain apps allow you to purchase virtual items within theappand may contain third party advertisements that may redirect youtoa third party site.Privacy Policy : of Use : User License Agreement :
Wild Blood 1.1.5
The game requires ~2Gb of free space inordertoinstall.Gamelofthasharnessed the power of therevolutionaryUnrealEngine tobringunimaginable battles in real-time,full 3Dgraphics.Livetheunforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot asyouneverhavebefore!KingArthur has gone mad, fueled byhisjealousytowardLancelot forromancing his wife, QueenGuinevere.Inhisdesperation, Arthur hasbeen tricked by hissister,theall-powerfulsorceress Morgana LeFey, to open the Hellgateandallowall formsof demons to enterthe world. Meanwhile,MorganahascapturedGuinevere and holds herhostage on the magicalislandofAvalon.NowLancelot needs toconfront King Arthur andtheevilMorgana in orderto free theworld from these evil creaturesandsaveGuinevere.Thetime for SirLancelot to face his destinyisnow!GETREADY FOR AVISUALREVOLUTION- Amazing real-time, full3Dgraphicswithspecialeffects powered by Unreal Technology.-Epicfightsfullofimpressive enemies andstunningspecialpowers.LANCELOT’SSTORYREIMAGINED- Become thelegendary andbrutalSir Lancelot.Fight offthe legions of Hell andchallenge themightyKing Arthur,who hasbeen enchanted by Morgana.-Travel across10breathtakinglevels onyour journey to Avalon with thehelp ofSirGawain of theKnightsof the Round Table.DISCOVER A VASTWORLDFULLOF DIVERSECHALLENGES- Face 20 different enemiesincludingepicbosses.- Wielda widerange of weapons from axes andlongbows toyourpowerfulgreatsword.- Enjoy intense, spectacular andgorycombatwith bothmeleeand ranged battles.- Explorefascinatingenvironmentsandsolvepuzzles to reach hiddenlocations.ENJOY ANEPICMULTIPLAYERMODE-Have fun with up to 8 friendsin theimpressiveTeamDeathmatch (4vs. 4) and Capture the Flagmodes.-Connect withyourGameloftLIVE! friends and compare yourscores ontheleaderboard.-Local(Wi-Fi) & onlinemodesavailable.----Visitour officialsiteathttp://www.gameloft.comFollowusonTwitterat or LikeusonFacebookat to get moreinfoaboutallourupcoming titles.Check out our videosandgametrailerson fortheinsidescooponeverything Gameloft.Certain apps allowyoutopurchasevirtualitems within the app and maycontainthirdpartyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to athirdpartysite.PrivacyPolicy:
SW Battlefront Companion 1.0.6
Whether you’re in a galaxy far, far away or closer to home,getready for battle with the official Star Wars™Battlefront™Companion app. Featuring the strategic card-game, BaseCommand, theCompanion lets you earn in-game Credits that unlockStar Cards,blasters, and more in Star Wars Battlefront. In additionto BaseCommand, the Star Wars Battlefront Companion also letsplayerscheck game stats and progression, customize hands andappearance,connect with friends, and get notified when they’replaying StarWars Battlefront – as well as gather intel on theirstats andprogress so you can see how you match up!BASE COMMANDPlaythisstrategic Star Wars™ card-game anytime, anywhere to earnCreditsfor Star Wars Battlefront. Use your Star Cards in BaseCommand toadvance to new sieges as you take on increasinglypowerful Imperialforces.STATS & PROGRESSIONGet a completeoverview of your StarWars Battlefront career and learn what’s leftfor you to complete.Also included is a visual overview of howyou’re doing, where youcan dig down into the nitty gritty detailsof your performance.STARCARDS & BLASTERSMarvel at yourcollection of unlocked StarCards and Blasters, and use hard-earnedCredits to unlock andupgrade new ones. Customize your Star Cardhands to fit your playstyle and keep you ready for battle.STAYCONNECTEDSee your PSN,Xbox Live, or Origin friends in real time andget notified whenthey start playing Star Wars Battlefront. You caneven check outtheir game progress and stats to see who is the bestsoldier in thegalaxy!INCOMING TRANSMISSIONSReceive in-app and pushnotificationsto get updates on important Star Wars Battlefrontnews, and reportson what your friends – or foes – are up to. Plus,find out aboutspecial in-game events specifically for the Star WarsBattlefrontcommunity. For more details, Consumer Information.This app: requires a persistentInternet connection (network feesmay apply); Requires acceptanceof EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policyand User Agreement.; collectsdata through third party analyticstechnology (see Privacy &Cookie Policy for details); requiresan EA Account to play – mustmeet minimum age requirements, whichvary by territory, to obtainan account; requires Star WarsBattlefront for PlayStation 4, Xbox1 or PC to access some features;contains direct links to theInternet intended for an audience over13.User Agreement:terms.ea.comGameEULA: assistance or inquiries. EA may retireonline features after 30days’ notice posted
GUNSHIP BATTLE: Helicopter 3D 2.7.22
The world's most powerful combat helicopters are at yourfingertips.★★★ 70 million downloads!!! ★★★ Become a helicopterpilot and engagein combat missions across the world. Select from avariety of rotaryand fixed-wing VTOL aircraft to complete yourmissions. 『GUNSHIPBATTLE』 is a helicopter action game thatcombines stunning 3Dgraphics with flight control simulation andengaging militaryscenarios to pull you into an immersive combatexperience the momentyou start the game. 【 Features 】 ★ Enjoycontrols optimized for 3Dflight. ★ Select from a wide range ofhelicopters, each with uniquecharacteristics. ★ Arm your chopperwith a variety of weapons andequipment. ★ Complete missions inEpisode mode inspired by real-lifeconflicts. ★ Challenge yourselfwith the next mission or replay acustom mission. ★ Also optimizedfor tablet devices. If you enjoyFPS, shooting, or racing games,this is the perfect game for you.You'll find yourself whirlingthrough the skies across intensecrossfire. "Fun and engrossing" -Pocketmeta "Perfectly suited forany action players out there" -Appzoom "Fans of the genre shouldtry this game" - Appgamer Thisgame is free to play, but you canchoose to pay real money for somein-game items. Please note thatsome paid items may not berefundable depending on the type of item.---- Find news onFacebook:
Space Marshals
ABOUT THE GAME Space Marshals is a Sci-fi Wild West adventuretakingplace in outer space! This tactical top-down shooter putsyou in theshoes of specialist Burton in his hunt for dangerousfugitives aftera disastrous prison break. TACTICAL COMBAT Use theenvironment toyour advantage. Avoid attacks by taking cover. Flankenemies forextra efficiency, but avoid getting flanked yourself!Use the toolsof the trade to gain an edge - frag grenades, flashbangs,distractions, personal shields, proximity mines and more.STEALTHChoose your approach with care. Some say running into thefray gunsblazing isn’t always the best option. Use distractions tosingle outopponents. Use disguises and covers to sneak pastirrelevant guards.Use silenced weapons to covertly reduce theenemy numbers. LOAD-OUTS& GEAR Choosing your load-out is a bigpart of your tactics. Inaddition to body armor and grenades youcan carry one two-handed andone single-handed weapon in eachmission - and there’s something foreveryone. Shotguns, handguns,assault rifles, sniper rifles,crossbows, energy weapons, throwingaxes and more. ### IMPORTANT ###Game requires OpenGL ES 3.0support. • Tactical top-down shooter •Episodic storyline in threechapters - ALL chapter out now! •Gorgeous stylistic HD graphics •Wide range of weapons and gear •Performance based mission rewards• Multiple factions to fight withor against – or pitch againsteach other • Dual stick controls witha set of different options •Gamepad controller support • GooglePlay achievements &leaderboards • Optimized for NVIDIA ShieldTablet and Console •English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano,简体中文, 한국어, 日本語,русский, Português do Brasil
Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour 1.2.3e
The #1 Action FPS game is back on smartphone with a new chaptertopush the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wakeofnuclear warfare, the only chance to avoid global devastation isinthe hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down andrescuethe world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terroristgroup.DIVE INTO THE MOST MEMORABLE ACTION SHOOTER EVER ☢ Feel thestory’sdramatic intensity and see both sides of the story by alsoplayingthe villain, Edward Page. ☢ Dominate the battlefield with anewtactical movement system! ☢ Wage war and take action all overtheworld, from Antarctica to Barcelona! EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATEACTIONFPS WITH CONSOLE-QUALITY GRAPHICS AND SOUND ☢ Feel the chaosof waron the battlefield with console-like graphics, lifelikeanimationsand dynamic objects. ☢ The first Gameloft title poweredby theHavok Engine for amazing ragdoll effects. Warfare never feltsorealistic! ☢ Improved sound & voice acting performed byarenowned studio in the movie industry. ENJOY A FULLYREDESIGNEDMULTIPLAYER GAME MODE ☢ Forge your own gameplay profileonline withan improved loadout system & over 20,000 weaponarrangements! ☢A new specialization system with redesigned skills.☢ Lead yourcharacter to the top of the online leaderboards with anew rankingsystem! Find all the information for MC4, the #1 ActionFPS game,on For all fans of actiongames, FPSgames (First-Person Shooters), war games, multiplayergames, onlineFPS games, and for all players who want to dominatethebattlefield! Minimum hardware requirements to play Modern Combat4:- 1 GHz CPU - 512 MB RAM - Adreno 205 GPU or equivalent -Availablestorage: 1.9 GB ---- Visit our official siteat Follow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles. Check out our videos and game trailerson Discover our blogat for the inside scooponeverything Gameloft. Certain apps allow you to purchasevirtualitems within the app and may contain third partyadvertisementsthat may redirect you to a third party site. PrivacyPolicy : Terms of Use: End User License Agreement:
WARSHIP BATTLE:3D World War II 2.7.6
Thrilling news for the over 70 million fans of Gunship Battle!Takethe battle to the seas in WARSHIP BATTLE, a 3D warship actiongame,with missions inspired by the historic naval clashes of WorldWarII. From the USS Arizona to the HMS Bulldog, take controlofauthentic World War II era vessels and steer them throughepicnaval battles to glorious victory! Game Features - High quality3Dgraphics despite compact app size - Fast paced naval battleswithauthentic warships from the World War II era - Customizeyourwarships with different weapons and parts to win the battle-Episodes and hidden missions based on real WWII naval battles. -Nonetwork connection is required after downloading the game Thisgameis free to play, but you can choose to pay real money forspecialin-game items. [Access Authorizations in JOYCITY Games] 1.Accessto Contacts (When logging into the game) It is essential tobe ableto identify the Google account registered in the device forGoogleLogin. [Access to Contacts] includes information to read theGoogleaccount. You will be unable to login to the game if you denytheaccess request. 2. Access to Photos, Media, and Files(Whenregistering/editing profile) Access to [Photos, Media, andFiles]saved in the device is required when you register/editaccountprofile image. Login and gameplay will not be affected evenif youdeny the access. * Phrases used in [ ] may differ based onthedevice and OS version.
League of Stickman Free- Shadow legends(Dreamsky) 5.7.2
Dreamsky Games: Just be Happy! League of Stickman is one ofstickmanstyle cross-action mobile game, it's shadow fighters,smash up allenemies! blow all monsters! Ultimate challenge! Anoriginalmulti-heroes real-time combat, a strong sense of combatwith perfectsound effect, gives you a different combat experience.Features:[Shadow fighter Action Game ] You can experience thethrillingsensation with features like Double-Hits, Levitation andDeadlyCombos! Come feel the heat and slay some monsters! [HeroesJoiningForces] More heroes unlocked and more heroes to team upwith! Joinforces with others to fight the Monster King BOSS!Choose your ownteam now and start fighting! [Multiple characters]Many stickmanheroes waiting for you to choose: Ninja,Gus, Athy,Feist, Bladey,Zilong, shadow fighter,Monk and more. [ VisualExperience]High-quality graphics! Stunning special effects![Simple &Smooth Operation] Freely switch between heroes andmaster their fourdifferent skills. You will have the best combatexperience you everhad! [World Leaderboards] We offer worldleaderboard, countryleaderboard and friend leaderboard. Your teamcan compete withplayers around the world. Beat all others and bethe Champion!Follow Us on Facebook: SUPPORT: Visit our Officialsite: