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Snowboard Freestyle Skiing 🏂 6.1.0
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Welcome to the ski resort on the snow-capped mountains inourSnowboard Freestyle Skiing !Open this fast-paced ski stunttogetherat the beautiful snow mountain ski resort!To get to thefinish linefaster, you need to show off your stunts continuouslybefore youcan continue to accelerate!Game Features:◆ Exquisite gamestyle,the perfect restoration of real ski competitions, themostauthentic ski arena;◆ Continuously making pattern movescanmaximize scores and speed;◆ 40 levels;◆ 10 coolsnowboards;◆Suitable for all Android 4.0 mobile phones;◆ No WiFi,no problem.🏂Stay balanced and enjoy this fast-paced snowboardinggame !
Snow Skating Adventure 1.0
Prepare yourself for the spectacular experience of ice skatingonthe dangerous and tricky snow tracks. Enjoy theextremesnowboarding adventure to fulfill your snow skating wish anddon’tmiss the golden chance to make this winter season morefabulous.Try to skate as long as possible while making your waythrough thesnow hills and dangerous rocks. Jump from the highestslope todouble your snowboarding fun and have a strong grip on theskipoles. There are different types of snow races in this game.Eachone is more difficult and adventurous than the previousone.Different missions have different scenarios and daring icetracksto skate. So, you have to be perfect at skiing if you wanttobecome the real skiing master.Learn the new ice skatingtechniquesand crazy tricks in this amazing skateboarding game. Theadventureand thrill of the game will make you addicted in no time.Spendyour free time in a most amazing way and say goodbye to theboringmoments. The beautiful snow trails have different hiddenhurdles.So, you have to be very careful while surfing the snowpaths. Ifyou bump into obstacles too frequently then you may loseall yourhealth. Try to collect all the coins on your way and dosome crazyacrobatic stunts to reach the final point fast. The turboboostersare also available in this game which will give you awildadrenaline-fueled boost for horrible skiing experience. Youcanenjoy the big air and freestyle skiing while surfing eachsnowtrail. The choice is yours. So, be ready for the craziestsnowskiing adventure.The game demands strong reflexes andperfectcombination of speed and balance. The timely tilt is theonlypossible way to reach the finish line. Try your best to achievethemaximum high score and collect all the surprise packs duringyourcrazy skating adventure. There are multiple protectiveshieldsavailable to provide you extra cover against thedangerousobstacles and Rocky Mountains. Switch different cameraangles forthe better view and use the most suitable camera visionfor thebetter skiing. Also, there are different characters of snowskatersavailable to choose with different ice skiing skills. Go foryourfavourite one and do some insane snow skating stunts to havemorefun. Download this free ice skating game now and experience awholenew concept of sports simulation games.Game Features:• Immerseiceskating effects and snowboarding adventure.• Multiple uniqueandamazing snow trails scenarios.
• Different skiers availabletochoose.• Adventurous missions with a lot of thrill.
•Protectiveshield, coins, and speed boosters to collect. 
• Real3Denvironment with cool snow effects.• You can buy coin packsusingin-app purchases. 
How to Play: • Tilt your device tomove theskier left/right.
• Collect as many coins as you can. • Usemagnetsto collect maximum coins.If you like this game, please tryourother games by clicking “More from Developer” or by visitingourpublisher account. And don’t forget to rate and review.
Ski Tracks
Core Coders Ltd
Designed specifically for winter sports,theaward winning Ski Tracks is your worldwide, ultimate skicompanion.Record your entire day on the slopes without the need formobiledata*.Compare your mountain experiences with your friends, fromcompletebeginners to seasoned professionals, join the millions ofpeoplewho have already downloaded Ski Tracks.As featured in: CBS - Independent - T3 - Telegraph - New YorkTimes- Engadget - Snowboard Mountaineer - Slope Edge - SnowVoleAwardsBattery efficient technology allows all day recording, no dataorphone signal required for recording making Ski Tracks idealforbackcountry or where data roaming charges apply.• Android Wear• Pebble• Ski statistics in one place.• Specifically designed ski analysis.• Include photographs to keep memorable moments.• Share in multiple formats.• Free Ski Tracks online storage• Advanced mapping tools.* Where data charges apply, set Data Roaming / Mobile Data Off.Formore information see Android user guide.GPS will not work accurately indoors.Continued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
Ski Tracker 1.3.10
EXA Tools
Ski Tracker is an application for all who love snow andwintersports. Useful for skiers and snowboarders. Measure themaximumskiing speed, tracks, distance, mark the slopes on the mapandprovide full statistics of your winter sports activity. Insidetheapp you can activate 30 days free, premium app version, whichisextended on many additional and useful functions. SkiTrackerincludes the following features: - measure and recordingthemaximum skiing speed - measurment ski tracks distance, dividedintodownhill skiing and lifts - time measure, skiing, lifts andrest -marking your ski tracks on the map - monitoring the heightabovesea level, with recording min. and max. values - specialfeature"Fast Ride" to make a separate measurement of maximum speed,timeand distance to any section and time - all data and statisticsyoucan record all day and later view history - with this app youcantake pictures with data on it and share them with friends, -ouridea is - any ski statistics, maps, graph and others data inoneapp To use this app do not need a mobile roaming data, just GPSisenough. Remember that the GPS work poorly inside the buildingsandcan generate wrong data. Sometimes outdoors GPS may need moretimeto catch the good signal, especially in bad weatherconditions.Snow tracker application can also be used to trainingcross-countryskiing, skitouring, skating, snowboarding, alpineskiing or othersports practiced in the open. This app is useful forexperiencedprofessionals, but also novice skiers will have whileusing it alot of fun. With Exa Ski Tracker, you can compare skisportsresults with friends, organize sports competitions and otherformsof competitive winter sports. Ski Tracker can also helpyounavigate on the ski slopes, in finding routes or touch withyourfriends. You're going skiing in Zermatt or Chamonix? OrmaybeAspen? Check the weather and instal Ski Tracker app. Nomatterwhere you'll be, this app certainly give you a lot of funandimpressions! Over 30 millions satisfied worldwide usershaveinstalled our apps - join them and have fun! InformationThecurrent app version is a beta version. We still have beenworkingto develop and improve it. If you see something that canbeimproved, we will be grateful for [email protected] want to make our apps the best in GooglePlay - thanks you.
Sportler Ski Tracker 0.57
Sportler is a sports tracker especially designed for wintersports,especially ski and snowboard. Start tracking with a singleclickand Sportler works seamlessly in the background, trackingyourspeed, altitude, distance, route and more. Record your completedayon the slopes and store it for later review. Examine yourtracksusing our interactive map either during or after the day hasended.Sportler furthermore lets you share your location, locateyourfriends on the slopes with live position updates and competewiththem to secure your place at the top of the leaderboard.Pleasenote that the use of social features like location sharingandleaderboard requires a data connection to work. Be awareofpossible roaming charges when abroad. Social features areoptional.
OnTheSnow Ski & Snow Report 6.4.1
Mountain News Corporation
OnTheSnow, the worldwide leader for snow reports and skiconditions,brings you the world's most downloaded skiing andsnowboardingapplication, the Ski & Snow Report app. This Ski& SnowReport app delivers daily snow reports and currentconditions fromthe slopes of more than 2,000 ski areas globally.Compare snowreports for your favorites ski resorts, view andupload firsthandreports and photos, and check out the webcams andweather forecastfor ski resorts you’re planning to visit. Set apowder alert to acustom tolerance to receive a notification whenyour favoriteresorts get that amount of new snow. FeaturesInclude: -- My Resortsscreen that stores, tracks and compares allyour favorites skiresorts -- Access to snow reports from more than2,000 mountains,including Breckenridge, Keystone, Killington,Copper, Vail, WinterPark, Big Sky, Arapahoe Basin, WhistlerBlackcomb, Mammoth and more-- Weather forecast for each ski resort-- Live webcams -- Powderalerts when your favorite resorts receivenew snow -- Regionalweather forecasts from Meteorologist ChrisTomer delivered to theapp Inbox weekly with updates on whichmountains will get the bestsnow for the weekend -- Firsthand skireports and photos from fellowskiers on the slopes right now --Powder Finder with new snowfallfrom nearby resorts -- Mountainoverview with stats and snow historygraph -- Nearby ski areaslocated via GPS -- Trail maps
FIS App 2.3
FIS IT Department
The Official FIS App gives skiing and snowboarding fans onestopshopping to follow all FIS events. Complete live timingandresults, highlight videos all news, photo galleries, and muchmore.For every fan of skiing and snowboarding the best sourceofup-to-the minute information on events from the World Cup,WorldChampionships, Continental Cup and Junior events.
Trace Snow Ski Snowboard Track 5.6.3
Trace Snow (formerly AlpineReplay) is the premiere ski andsnowboardtracking app and is ranked as the #1 winter sports app byMen'sHealth magazine. Trace Snow is the most used and highestrated appfor skiing and snowboarding in the world--our users logmore than 2billion feet of vertical a month!Trace Snow (formerlyAlpineReplay)allows you to track your day on the mountain bymeasuring speed,airtime, distance, vertical, Calories, and more.Made by skiers andsnowboarders for skiers and snowboarders. Weseparate your runs,tell you which chair lifts you've taken, clockyour time on thechairlift and much more. Get a basic set of statsright on the slopeor log in on to see yourprogress over the season,compare with friends, push your stats toFacebook, and Replay yourruns in 3D.With Trace Snow (formerlyAlpineReplay) you can measure:★Speed★ Airtime★ Vertical★ Distance★Calories★ Time★ Much moreTraceSnow is also the official app ,Steamboat, Winter Park Resort, Mt.Tremblant, Snowshoe, Stratton,Blue Mountain, China Peak,Mont-Sainte-Anne, Stoneham, and Canaanfor the 2014/15 season. UseTrace Snow at these mountains to earnspecial medals, be notified ofupcoming events, and much more!
Ski Pursuit 4.1.3
The Ski Pursuit app is the perfect tool for all skiersandsnowboarders looking for fun and challenges. Thanks to thisuserfriendly app, you’ll be able to track and record all yourrunsduring the season, and share your stats with your friendsonFacebook and Twitter. You have always wondered what is youraverageriding speed? The Ski Pursuit app will give you a completeanalysisof your runs and a global recap of your season: maximumspeed,average speed, duration, distance, ascent, descent. For eachrun,you’ll be able to see your line on a real map of the mountain,andfurthermore, you’ll see what your exact speed is during the runbysliding the cursor with your finger! Record your best runs;connectyour app to Facebook and compete with your friends!Features:-Recording: maximum speed, average speed, duration,distance,ascent, descent - Autostop: the tracker stops recordingwhen yourspeed is lower than 1 km/h - History: list of your runs,filter bysport, filter by period- Map view: view of your run on areal map -Explore your run: view of your exact speed by sliding thecursor onthe map - Share: share your stats on Facebook and Twitter-Settings: Imperial/Metric units, countdown set up, autostopsetupContinued use of GPS running in the background candramaticallydecrease battery life.
Ski Safari 2
Sleepy Z Studios
* Will you play as the intrepid Sven orhislovely sister Evana? Will you use skis or a snowboard? Willyouride a snowmobile, a motorbike, or something a littlemorecrazy?* Perform tricks and hit the mountain in style! Pull off 360spins,handstands, snowboard nose-grabs, and strike daring poses -eachanimal has their own stylish moves!* Play head-to-head multiplayer with your friends and family!Whowill be king of the mountain? Pick up powerups to hurlsnowballs,flip your friends' screens upside-down, or pull a penguinout ofyour pocket for that quick escape!* Collect coins to purchase new gear, crazy costumes andpowerfulvehicles in the shop! Isn't it time you thought about thatgoldsled you always wanted?* Take photos of your epic moments and share them with theworld!Set up an amazing photo opportunity and spin the cameraaround forthat perfect shot - all in glorious 3D!---For a description of the permissions that Ski Safari 2 uses,pleasesee our website:
Ski Jump
Pixel Perfect Dude
Ski jump is a retro ski jumping gamewith55different ski jumps from K50 to K250.SKI JUMP offers single player mode (Single contest, World Cup,4Jumps Cup and Flying Cup) and ONLINE MULTIPLAYER challenges!HOW TO PLAY:- tap once to start- double touch to jump- swipe up and down with one finger to control jumper andskiangle- while swiping tap with a second finger to land (ordoubletouch)FEATURES:- ski jumps from K50 to K250- online mode- online records- World Cup- Flying Cup- Team World Cup- 4 Jumps Tournament- jumper appearance- adjustable controls sensitivity- adjustable difficulty level- qualifications
Ski Jumping Pro 1.7.2
Kalypso Media Mobile GmbH
Ski Jumping Pro delivers the sheer thrills of hurtling downasnow-packed ski ramp like no other game. Enjoy the sensationofincomparable height and speed. The ultra-realistic 3D graphicsanda full single-player career mode make Ski Jumping Pro theultimatewinter sports simulation. STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS Ski JumpingPro’s 3Dexperience is so good you’ll think that you’re on theramp!MULTIPLE GAME MODES Live the life of a professional ski jumperinCareer mode or jump straight into the action with Quick Jumpmode,both with Casual and Pro difficulty levels. HUGE VARIETY OFEVENTSAND COURSES Take part in 62 events across 32 unique venuesfromaround the world. DEEP CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION Improve theskillsof your jumper through training and choose from over 50clothingand board accessories including gloves, skis, helmets,boots andsuit items. MULTIPLE CONTROL METHODS One-tap orinnovativegyroscope cobtrols cater for both ne wand veteran SkiJumping Proplayers alike. HUGE REPLAYABILITY Unlock new levels,contests andvenues and become better with increasing skills of yourski jumper.NOTE • For the best possible experience, we recommend aWi-Ficonnection. • Parts of this game require an activeInternetconnection. • Watching adverts will increase your dataconsumption.• Depending on the network used, performance can vary.SUPPORTProblems & Questions: Visit www.kalypsomediamobile.comor writeus an e-mail at [email protected] PrivacyPolicy:
Ski Champion 3.9
Majaka Corporation
Bomb down epic slaloms to victory and become a world class racer !5- 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 … Racer on course ! Hit the trail and passthroughevery gate. Win medals, compete with your friends andchallenge theWorld Record. Do YOU have what it takes to be the SkiChampion ?Find out now... for FREE !********EASY TO PICK UP, HARDTO MASTER*Addictive, intuitive slalom gameplay with sharp,responsive tiltcontrols* Take close turns like a real olympicathlete… or miss andface-plant !* Brush past gates and saveprecious bonus seconds RACEAT THE HIGHEST LEVEL* GameCenter-enabled* Challenge the WorldRecord and take down yourteam’s best times right from within theapp* Unlock every slope bywinning Bronze, Silver and Gold medalsEXPERIENCE THE THRILL *Schuss boom down the fall line of 14 uniqueslopes* Carve your waythrough the cosy Station resort, the gnarlyIce Canyon, the highaltitude Glacier or the olympic Special Slalom* Can you enter theselect few to ever reach the ultimate abandoned“Ghost” slope ?Puton the tight outfits and kick off you careeramong the Winterelite, download Ski Champion now !
bergfex/Ski Lite 2.61
bergfex GmbH
bergfex brings the best ski resorts from the alps region toyourandroid smartphone. *** NEW: Added French ski resorts *** ***NEW:Double tap to zoom on panorama or snow forecast maps ***Up-to-dateweather and snow reports for the most ski resorts inAustria,Switzerland, Germany, North Italy, France and Slovenia.bergfexbringt die beliebtesten Skigebiete der Alpenregion auf ihrAndroidSmartphone. Aktuelle Wetter- und Schneedaten zu denmeistenSkigebieten in Österreich, Schweiz, Deutschland, NorditalienundSlowenien. The bergfex/Ski App has been released for the newwinterseason with a brand new look and user experience with abetteroverview. All the snow and resort info for the ski resortsinAustria, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Slovenia onyourfinger tip. **** ATTENTION**** This is the lite version ofthepopular bergfex/Ski App - the functionality is given in alimitedextent. In the bergfex/Ski Pro version you get access toalldetailed snow forecast maps, hourly day weather, weatherstations,ski videos and there is no advertising inside the app.There is nomore limitation for the amount of favourites, webcamsand days ofweather forecast. If you like our bergfex/Ski Lite app,grab thepaid "bergfex/Ski Pro" version and support the developmentof ourmobile apps. Dies ist die kostenlose bergfex/Ski App. Inderkostenpflichtigen "bergfex/Ski Pro" Version erhalten SieerweiterteFunktionalitäten wie detailliertereSchneevorhersagekarten und einstündliches Tageswetter,Messstationen, einen Videobereich mitSkilehrfilmen - die Pro Appist auch werbefrei. Falls Ihnen diekostenfreie bergfex/Ski Appgefällt, kaufen Sie bitte unsere"bergfex/Ski Pro" Version undunterstützen Sie uns bei derWeiterentwicklung. Features: - Dailyup-to-date snow heights -Weather forecasts including snow forecasts- Webcams - Highresolution maps of snow resorts - Detailedinformation of the skiresorts - Snow forecasts for the alps region- Show ski resort onmap - Navigation to the ski resort (Google Mapsnavigation has tobe installed on your Smartphone) - App translatedin 18 languagesYou can organize your favorite ski resorts in a nicefavorite list.If any ski resort should not be available in our appor any snowreport data may be missing, please contact us [email protected] We are trying hard to keep the info insideourapp as up to date as possible. We appreciate your help verymuch!bergfex/Ski Pro is now available for the following languages:ČeskýDeutsch Dansk English Español Suomi Français HrvatskiMagyarItaliano Nederlands Norsk Polski Româna Pусский SvenskaSlovenščinaSlovensky
Red Bull Free Skiing 1.1
Red Bull
Get some sweet air, wicked speed and epic drops! Welcome toFreeSkiing Heroes, your ticket to world ski domination - in thepowder,between the gates, and in the air! Download now and assembleyourteam of rippers, huckers and powder hounds in thisexhilarating,addictive and visually stunning free-to-playgame.COMPETE IN THREEDIFFERENT SKI DISCIPLINESCollect powder, raceand freestyle skiercards for your squad. Start with single playermode, beat your bestscores and times, then take your team tocompetitive PvP skiingevents.EARN REWARDS AND UPGRADE YOUR GEARWinruns to earn rewards,then cash in your rewards to collect thesickest (or premium) snowgear for your skiers. Better gear meansbetter stats and skills,and the better your chances of finishing onthe podium to earn evenmore awesome rewards!DOMINATE THECOMPETITIONCompete in powder,race and trick contests and take partin special, limited-timeskiing events. Climb up the leaderboardswith single-player and PvPcompetitions.SKI EPIC TERRAINSki the bestspots like a local inover 40 levels. Hit the steepest runs, deepestpowder and mostpristine lines with unlimited variation. Tipandrip!NOTES:IMPORTANT Minimum requirement: 768MB Ram,1GB+recommendedMinimum Android OS: 4.0 or newerMinimumscreenresolution: 800x480Recommended: Android device manufacturedin 2014or newerRequires online connection to playBy downloadingthisapplication you accept our Terms and Conditions and PrivacyPolicy.By accepting our Privacy Policy, you consent to theprocessing andtransfer of your personal information as set out inourPolicy:
Ski Jump Challenge 1.0.11
Simplicity Games
Get ready for true winter madness! Presenting Ski JumpChallenge,the first mobile ski jumping game that’s so playable,you’ll neverwant to put your phone down. It’s so easy anybody canplay it andso realistic that you can control all the actions ofyour skijumper. - Create your jumper profile and develop theirskills! -Level up and improve take-off and landing technique. -Compete onclose to 90 ski jumping hills (with more coming soon) incareermode, unlock new countries and hills, spend your hard-earnedmoneyon fancy ski suits, skis and helmets! - Train beforeeverycompetition, try your skills in all conditions and get readytocompete! - Challenge your friends in multiplayer mode! Playwithyour friends on one phone, FB multiplayer coming soon! You canfeellike you’re watching a real ski jumping competition thankstodetailed graphics, advanced physics system and realisticsounds!Ideal for Winter Olympics!
Paradiski YUGE 12.0.7
Ready to (re)discover the Paradiski area? To get the most outofsummer, Yuge evolves to offer brand new services !Which trail'sorbike's route choose? Or what markets or festivalsnearby?ParadiskiYUGE is THE facility which you were missing andwhich you now can’tdo without for your stay in La Plagne, Les ArcsandPeisey-Vallandry.- Enjoy daily personalised recommendationsduringyour stay.- Check out the weather conditions andforecast.-Discover our routes suggestions, and pick the ones thatbest meetyour level and tastes.- Measure your performance for allyouractitivities : mountain bike, trail or hike.- See your routeday byday- Track your position in real-time and don't miss pointsofinterest thanks to the interactive map.- Discover theactivitiesand events ... A complete guide in your pocket.ParadiskiYUGE hasalso a winter version offering you real time andpersonalizedinformation to make your winter stay in les Arcs, laPlagne andPeisey-Vallandry the best: interactive tracks, snowcovering,information on the lift queues, after skiingactivities.What do youthink of Yuge? We’d love to hear from you,and are always lookingfor your feedback, comments, and suggestions.Don’t hesitate toreach out to us at [email protected] *Continueduse of GPSrunning in the background can dramatically decreasebattery life.
Météo-France Ski et Neige 3.0.1
The "Météo-France Ski et Neige" application, a free appfromMétéo-France for winter sports, has been completelyredesigned.Itis for all those practising winter sports, whatevertheir activity:on-piste skiing, off-piste skiing, snowboarding,cross-countryskiing, sledging, snowshoe trekking, ski touring,etc."Météo-FranceSki et Neige" covers all of the French mountainranges: the Alps,the Pyrenees, the Massif Central, the Vosges andthe Jura, notforgetting Corsica, as well the resorts of Andorra,with weatherforecasts, information on snow cover, avalanche riskreports and upto date data for each of the 250 resorts on offer,includingTignes, Les Arcs, La Mongie, Super-Besse, Les Rousses andLaPlagne.From the homepage, looking up a resort is made simplethanksto an expandable map or via your favourites list.Activatinggeo-localisation on your device allows you to positionyourselfeasily and access the nearest resorts. Select up to 6resorts asyour favourites to find them quickly on your homescreen.For eachof the resorts, 4 levels of information areavailable:1. Theweather forecast: o The predicted weather for thenext 14 days,with 3 hour intervals for the first 3 days. o Theminimum andmaximum temperatures and the wind at the top and bottomof thepistes, gusts, snowfalls and rainfall, as well as thealtitude ofthe 0°C isotherm for each period.2. The snow cover: oDepth of thesnow at the bottom and the top of the ski areao Date ofthe lastsnowfallo State of the snow (powdery, wet, icy, etc.)oThickness ofthe snow off-piste at different altitudes on thesouthern andnorthern slopes of the areao Altitude of continuoussnow coveroSnow and Avalanche Information Reports (INA) for yoursafety.3. Thepistes: o The number of pistes open by category(green, blue, redand black)o The total percentage of open pistes inthe ski areaoAccess to the snow-park and half-pipe when the resortis equippedwith them.o The number of kilometres of cross-countryskiing routesopeno The thickness of the snow cover at the top andbottom of thefacilities4. The resort:o Useful information for yourstay, such asthe details of the tourist officeo Live access to thewebcams ofeach resort to check the snow and sun conditions andpistepopularityThere is still access to the warning map via themainmenu.
bergfex/Ski 2.30
bergfex GmbH
bergfex brings the best ski resorts to your smartphone -withup-to-date snow reports, weather, webcams, snowforecasts,skicourse videos and high resolution piste maps. *** NEW: AddedFrenchski resorts *** *** NEW: Double tap to zoom on panorama orsnowforecast maps *** Up-to-date weather and snow reports for themostski resorts in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, North Italy,Franceand Slovenia. - Daily up-to-date snow heights - Watherforecastsincluding snow forecasts - Webcams - High resolution mapsof snowresorts - Detailed informations of the ski resorts - Snowforecastsfor the alps region - Show ski resort on map - Navigationto theski resort (Google Maps navigation has to be installed onyourSmartphone) Features: - A completely new and handynavigationconcept and modern design - Multiple Favorite overviews -9 daysweather forecasts instead of 6 days - An enhanced snowreportoverview - Daily up-to-date snow heights - Sidebar for aquickaccess of all favorites - More than 5.000 webcamsandpanorama-cams, over 200 video webcams - Weather forecastsincludingsnow forecasts - Webcams - High resolution maps of snowresorts -Detailed information of the ski resorts - 1h-short handweatherforecast for the next 6 hours, every 30min new (Austria andcloseproximity) - current temperatures in the mountains and valleysinski resorts (Austria and close proximity) - Snow forecast mapsin6h steps - Ski training videos (Carving, deep snow) -Accurateweather forecasts for all Austrian states - Over 200weatherstations incl. graphs for the last hours and days in Austriaandproximity (rain, temperature, hours of sunshine, etc.) -Snowforecasts for the alps region - Show ski resort on map -Navigationto the ski resort (Google Maps navigation has to beinstalled onyour Smartphone) - App translated in 18 languages Youcan organizeyour favorite ski resorts in a nice favorite list. Ifyou know anywebcams, which are not available in our app or any snowreport datawhich may be missing, please contact us [email protected] We are trying hard to keep the info insideourapp as up to date as possible. We appreciate your help verymuch!bergfex/Ski Pro is now available for the following languages:ČeskýDeutsch Dansk English Español Suomi Français HrvatskiMagyarItaliano Nederlands Norsk Polski Româna Pусский SvenskaSlovenščinaSlovensky
Ski Freestyle Mountain 1.08
EnJen Games
Whether you like skiing on rails and flyouts, or big ramps andhalfpipes, this game has it all, completely free! Do, slides,flips,grabs, and all the other tricks you can imagine, and linethemtogether for combo bonus like the pros! Ride one of the 4awesomepremade mountain parks, or create your own custom park, withmorethan 15 different ramps, rails and funboxes, to choosefrom!Customize your characters clothes and skis! Earn skill pointstolevel up your characters skills, like jump height, spin speedandmore! On average updated once or twice a month, with newclothing,skateparks, ramps, tricks, bug fixes etc. The game isdeveloped byindependent developer EnJen Games. Follow EnJen, to request new features, reportbugs,or get the latest news about new EnJen Games or updates!Whetheryou like skiing on rails and flyouts, or big ramps and halfpipes,this game has it all, completely free! Do, slides, flips,grabs,and all the other tricks you can imagine, and linethemselftogether for combo bonuses like the pros! Ride one of thefourawesome premade mountain parks, or create your own custompark,with more than 15 different ramps, rails and funboxes, tochoosefrom at! Customize your characters clothes and skis! Earnskillpoints to level up your characters skills, like jump height,spinspeed and more! On average updated once or twice a month, withnewclothing, skateparks, ramps, tricks, bug fixes, etc. The gameisdeveloped by independent developer EnJen Games. Follow EnJenGameson two request new features,reportbugs, or get the latest news about new EnJen Games orupdates!
Alpine Ski III 2.6.2
A simple yet addictive 3D Ski game with 8 different levels!Seehowfar you can ski without crashing into a tree. The further yougo,the harder it gets. So strap on you skis and head for theslopes.
Just Freeskiing - Freestyle Ski Action 1.0.3
Randerline GmbH
Just Freeskiing is a highly authentic ski/freeski simulationwithsheer endless possibilities to tweak, style and combinerealistictricks!The numerous Slopestyle, Halfpipe, Big-Air, Jibbing(Rails,Boxes) and Backcountry challenge locations are covering ahugevariety of freeskiing.The game features a powerful yetsimplesteering technology with supportive in-game tutorials andsimplebuttons for beginners and advanced possibilities (2x taps,swipes,etc.) as well as enhancements (Grab-Trick-Packages)forPro’s.Summarized, the aim of the game is to beat the world’sbestscores and to master given challenges in order to improveyouroverall skiing skills.Let’s go and give it a try !!FEATURES-Finestfreeskiing action sports simulation- Halfpipe, Slopestyle,Park,Slopes and Backcountry- „Real Resort“ Level: LAAX,Switzerland- 5unique levels with a total of 38 spots- 4Customizable male &female characters- Several skis to choosefrom- Challenge,Competition and Training mode- Beat the World’sBest Scores- Tilt-or virtual joystick navigation- Replay option-English and GermanlanguageTRICK POSSIBILITIESSlope: Ollie, Revert,Powerslide,PowerturnSlides: 50-50, Slide, Nosepress, Tailpress,Noseslide,TailslideTricks/Grabs: Safety L/R, Nosegrab L/R, TailgrabL/R,Double-Hand Nosegrab, Double-Hand-Tailgrab, Mute L/R,OctoL/R,Japan L/R, LS Shifty, RS ShiftyRotations: LS Spins, RS Spins,SW LSSpins, SW RS Spins, Frontflips, Backflips, Rodeos, MistyFlips,Corked SpinsOPTIMIZEDThe game graphics are optimized fornewer andpowerful device. Graphics quality and performance mayvarydepending on your device.IN APP PURCHASESThe game offers anIn-Apppurchase for each level to get permanent and unlimitedaccess. Toget access to all Trick-Buttons and more Grab-Tricks,there is aGrab-Package In-App purchase within the game.MORE ACTIONSPORTSGAMESFor more Freestyle Ski games, Freeski games andSnowboardgames, please visit our website rndrln-games.comIMPORTANTNOTICEIfyou experience any problems with the game or in case youhave anyquestions or comments, please contact us directly-support(at)
Ski Crazy Safari : Adventure World 1.0.1
Infinite Speed Tech.
Frantic skiing and adventure between the endless mountains butyoushould escape before the avalanche falls.Welcome to this skitrip,Ski Crazy Safari: Adventure World is a wonderful adventuregamewhich combine animals, avalanche and all kinds of traps. Toescapeon the skateboard and enjoy the beautiful scenery around,animalsforest!Feel free gliding in this rich scenes, frozenKingdom,Empire of fire, candy Kingdom, forbidden dungeon andmysteriousmountains, that nice beautiful winter screen will aroundyou . Itseems to be waving to people who are adventurous.Each scenehavedifferent animals play with our panda skiing travel andescape.Every animal has different attributes to help themescapefaster.The more dangerous with more rewards. Take advantageof yourpets: Tianyi Horse, Ninja Cat, Monkey King, Moon Rabbit willalwayshelp you to overcome huge challenges and destroy the enemy onyourway. you may stay in dangerous environment, extremestorm,apocalyptic meteor and blitz. But you can overcomethosedifficulties with your friends, and arrive at the finalcamp.Make awonderful skipping in the snow, drive the wild animalsand build aperfect skiing team! Of course, don't forget to callyour mounts :Small flying elephants, Snow Moto, Little Dragon...You can evenroll yourself into a snowball, which will make youbetter than yourfriends at the fastest speed!Come to join theskiing adventure,occupy the camp, and seize the glory of your own.Features:Freecontrol systemAmazing HD scenesFree crazy showoperationFulldynamic lighting and weather effects, includingrainstorms,Blizzard, etc.Rich mount and pet system
Jollyturns Ski & Snowboarding 1.5.0
Jollyturns LLC
Jollyturns offers the most comprehensive ski resortinformation.Keep track of your skiing or riding statistics. Easilyfind yourfriends on the ski resort's map and meet them. Getup-to-date,detailed ski resort information. • Detailed informationon almost2725 ski resorts in US, Canada, Austria, France, Germany,Italy,Switzerland, Japan, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand,Australia,Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Greece, Hungary,Latvia, Norway,Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia,Spain, Sweden,Ukraine, United Kingdom, China, South Korea and manymore. Skiresort information includes lifts, ski runs, lodges,restaurants,weather and snow information. We're constantly workingon addingnew ski resorts throughout the world. Please contact us ifyoudon't see your favorite resort on the list, and we'll workonadding it to the database. • Records your day on the mountain.Youcan view your own statistics on a per-day or per-season basis,aswell as your friends'. • Keeps track of where you and yourfriendsare on the mountain. See your location, as well as yourfriends'location, on the ski resort's map, instead of on anunfamiliartopographic map. One credit for a ski resort of yourchoice isincluded, so you can try out the application. Creditsforadditional ski resorts can be purchased from withintheapplication. The application uses the GPS sensor on your phonetoobtain location information. Please note that continued use ofGPSrunning in the background can dramatically decrease batterylife.
Skiline 4.0.1
Alturos Destinations GmbH
Track your ski day! With, you can view yourcoveredvertical meters, traveled slope kilometers and all theSkimoviesand photos taken throughout your ski day. Download theSkiline appto get started. The evaluation takes place via your skipass numberand also works for a limited time after your skiingholiday. BRIEFOVERVIEW OF THE FUNCTIONS: • Enter a ski pass number• SeasonOverview • Display of the individual skiing day incl.verticalmeters, slope kilometers and lift rides • Display actionvideos,speed photos und Photopoint souvenir photos • Share ofskiing day,photos & videos • Updating the ski passes • Managethe skipasses • Battery-saving – doesn’t require GPS Gettingstarted iseasy: 1. Install the app  2. Create a Skilineaccount or login through Facebook 3. Enter your ski pass number 4.Done! Over 3million people already use Skiline – join the largestwinter sportscommunity in the world and experience your ski day tothefullest!  Learn more about Skiline on is available at the following ski resorts: Austria:3Täler, Ankogel, Annaberger Lifte, Axamer Lizum, BadKleinkirchheim,Bergbahnen Diedamskopf, Bergeralm, Berwang,Biberwier, BikeparkLeogang, Brandnertal, Dachsteingletscher,Dachstein Krippenstein,Dachstein West, Damüls-Mellau Faschina,Dorfgastein, Dreiländereck,Eben, Eggalm, Ehrwalder Almbahn,Falkert, Familienberg Maiskogel,Felsentherme Bad Gastein,Feuerkogel, Filzmoos, Finkenberg,Flachauwinkl, Galsterberg,Gastein, Gemeindealpe Mitterbach,Gerlitzen, Goldeck, Grossarl,Grossglockner Resort Kals-Matrei,Hauser Kaibling, Hochkönig,Hochoetz, Hochpustertal, Hochzeiger –Pitztal, Innerkrems, Jungholz,Katschberg, Kitzbühel,Kitzsteinhorn, Kleinarl, Kleinwalsertal /Oberstdorf, Klippitztörl,Koralpe, Kreischberg, Kühtai, Lachtal,Lech Zürs am Arlberg,Lermoos, Leutasch Kreithlift, LienzerBergbahnen, Loser Bergbahnenin Altaussee, Mariazeller Bürgeralpe,Mayrhofen, MölltalerGletscher, Mönichkirchen, Mountaincart Flachau,Nassfeld-PresseggerSee, PETZEN – Top of Südkärnten, Pillersee,Planai, Präbichl,Radstadt Altenmarkt, Rastkogel Lanersbach,Rauriser HochalmbahnenAG, Reiteralm, Riesneralm, Salzstiegl,Schlick2000, Schmittenhöhe -Zell am See, Schwabenberg Arena,Seefeld, Serfaus Fiss Ladis, Skiamadé, Skicircus SaalbachHinterglemm Leogang Fieberbrunn, SkiJuwel Alpbachtal Wildschönau,SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser Brixental, Snowand Fun, Snow Card Tirol, SnowSpace Salzburg (Flachau, Wagrain,St. Johann - Alpendorf), Sölden,Spieljoch, St. Jakob, Stuhleck,Tauplitz, Tiroler Zugspitzbahn,Topskipass Kärnten Osttirol,Tourismusverband Bad Gastein,Turracherhöhe, Warth-Schröcken,Werfenweng, Wettersteinbahn,Wildkogel-Arena, Zauchensee, ZillertalArena, Zillertal -Hintertuxer Gletscher, Zillertal - Hochfügen,Zillertal –Hochzillertal Switzerland: 4 Vallees, Adelboden,Aletsch Arena,Arosa Lenzerheide, Bellwald, Bergbahnen Distentis,BrigelsWaltensburg Andiast, Crans-Montana, Davos Klosters,Elsigen-Metsch,Fiesch-Eggishorn, Grächen, Grindelwald-First(Grindelwald-Wengen),Gstaad, Hohsaas, Jungfrau Ski Region, KleineScheidegg – Männlichen(Grindelwald-Wengen), Klewenalp-Stockhütte,Lauchernalp/Lötschental,Lenk, Meiringen-Hasliberg, MürrenSchilthorn, Nendaz, Saas-Fee(Saastal Bergbahnen), Sörenberg,Stoos, Thyon, Verbier, Veysonnaz,Zermatt – Matterhorn Ski ParadiseGermany: Arber, FichtelbergOberwiesenthal, Garmisch Partenkirchen,Postwiese, SkiarenaSilbersattel, Skizentrum Mitterdorf, Willingen,Winterberg France:AUSSOIS, Chamonix Mont-Blanc, Courchevel, Les 2Alpes, Peyragudes,Pra Loup, Tignes, Val d’Isère Italy: Alta Badia,Bardonecchia,Breuil-Cervinia, Courmayeur, Folgarida - Marilleva,Funivie Lagorai,Kronplatz, Ladurns, Obereggen – Ski CenterLatemar, Piani di Bobbio,Pontedilegno-Tonale, Ratschings, Saslongand in Japan, Norway,Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia,Turkey and Andorra All skiresorts at
Ski Girl Superstar - Winter Sports & Fashion Game 1.0.8
Coco Play By TabTale
Work on your skiing techniques with the help of a ski guide(whohappens to be super cute!), in this fabulous ski game.Representyour country in professional ski competitions! Ski yourway to thetop, while showing off your cool ski fashion looks, inthis fungirl game!Time to make your superstar girl ski dreams cometrue! Inthis winter wonderland ski game, you get to practice yourskiskills and work your way to the top of the professionalskiingranks,all while being a skiing fashionista. You even get tohave agorgeous ski guide named Dave as your coach. This ski game isfullof so many fun activities, on and off the slopes!See you at theskilodge!Features:> Have a blast skiing and hanging out atthebeautiful, wintery, snowy ski resort!> Choose the coolestskifashion outfits so you can strut your stuff on theslopes!>Become a superstar girl ski in the awesome winter skirunner event,in this awesome girl game!> Practice your ski jumpsuntilthey’re perfect, in this challenging ski game> Get amakeoverfit for a ski superstar girl! Complete your look with apretty newhairstyle> Pick out shiny new skis and cute skiaccessories atthe ski shop. Don’t forget earmuffs to complete yourskiing fashionlook!> Compete in challenging winter races - win agold medalfor your country> Get to know your crush, your supercute skiguide named Dave> Dance your heart out at the apres skiresortparty - maybe Dave will be there!> Get cozy with a cup ofhotcocoa in the ski lodge> Ski competitions are a lot ofwork!Relax at the spa in this fun girl game!> You’re a realsuperstarski girl now! Star on the cover of the most popular skimagazine,Ski Slope Fashion About Coco PlayCoco Play is China-baseddeveloperof creative and unique apps for kids and the whole family.Foundedin 2013, Coco Play provides rich 3D simulation-based gamesfor thewhole family. Coco Play is a subsidiary of TabTale, aleading,global creator of innovative games, interactive booksandeducational apps.Visit us: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTSThe app is free to play butcertainin-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Yourprivacymatters. The app may enable collection of limited user databyTabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. ad networksandanalytics) for limited purposes described in our PrivacyPolicy(e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improvetheapp’s features and services; serve contextual ads and measuretheirperformance). The app includes certain features onlyaccessiblebehind an age-gate to protect children (e.g. restrictbehavioralads; social networks links to connect with others whileplaying;option to accept push notifications to inform of excitingnews e.g.updates). For more information (notably on the providers),pleaseread our Privacy Policy:, updating or using the app you consent (inyourpersonal capacity and for other users of your device) tothiscollection and use of limited device information for ad displayandreporting purposes, and to our Terms ofUse:
Flick Champions Winter Sports 1.3.7
Take to the slopes, ice-rinks, and snow in this wintersports-themededition of Flick Champions. Choose a nation torepresent in sevenwinter sports including Slalom, Ski Jumping, IceHockey and more. GOFOR GOLD Pick a country and lead them tovictory. Master the art offlicking to win the gold trophy in 18challenging cup events.Alternatively, create your own Olympicplaylists in Champ mode. GETYOUR SKATES ON Try your fingers ateight chilly events includingSlalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, IceHockey, Curling Snowball fight,Biathlon and Sledges. ENHANCEDPERFORMANCE Earn experience as youplay and unlock up to 30 itemssuch as a speed boosts, perfectfinishes and more. GAME FEATURES •Eight sports to play; Slalom,Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey,Curling, Snowball Fight, Biathlon,Sledges. • Choose your nationand go for gold in 18 cups. • Proveyourself each day with DailyChallenges. • Give those fingers a workout with flick and swipecontrols.
Offline Challenge 18 (OC:18) 1.02
Quick Start Guide Video on the skis ... Getout of the starting house ... Into a deepposition and improve thebesttime !!! Do you like the challenge tobe faster than others? Doyou want to upload your rides to the gameserver? Do you prefer afaster ghost as help? Then install theGhost Copy 18 app. Moreinformation at Please note: Inorder to play youmust enter a player name (must not be"DefaultUser"). The name mayconsist of A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and _. Thename must contain at least 3and a maximum of 13 characters. Havefun on the 11 downhill tracksaround the world.
SNOCRU Ski Tracking App
SNOCRU is an award winning ski and snowboard trackingapp,connecting skiers and snowboarders to the mountains on alllevels.Recently ranked by Snowboard Magazine, Wired Magazine,TechCocktail, Freeskier Magazine, and SKI Magazine as the #1bestsnowsports app.Users can access SNOCRU's best in classtrackingtechnology with or without an internet connection, allowingfor aday of skiing or snowboarding tracking withoutinterruption.It'smore fun skiing and snowboarding with SNOCRU!Skiers andsnowboarders can connect with each other in real timethrough theNear Me functionality, as well as Challenge fellow CRUmembers tocompete on the slopes by setting up a DAYCRU.• Set up aDAYCRU totrack alongside your friends throughout your day on theslopes•Chat with your friends on SNOCRU and share photo's to theActivityFeed• Check resort snow conditions and forecasts around theworld•Measure your speed, altitude, runs, vertical, distance, slopeangleand map your day on the slopes• Login using Facebook andconnectwith friends on the mountain in real time• Use Near Me tofind thebest après party scene, restaurants or a local ski andsnowboardshop• Share the whole experience on Instagram, FacebookandTwitterSNOCRU doesn't just enhance your on mountainexperience.SNOCRU Turns the Mountains On!Continued use of GPSrunning in thebackground can dramatically decrease batterylife.What's New:+SNOCRU ski and snowboard tracking just got a lotmore interestingwith the brand new interactive heat mappingfunctionality allowingyou to visualize which runs you're skiing(density), as well asview the fastest speeds throughout yourtrack.+ No longer the daysof coming up empty when trying to findyour gear in the SNOCRUprofile. SNOCRU's updated gear selectionfunctionality allows youto select the gear, brands and styles youcurrently use, as well asmanually type into the profile.+ SNOCRUusers now have the choiceto maximize all of the PRO features acrossa number of subscriptionoptions! New subscription tiers allow forusers to access PROfeatures during single day passes, monthly orannual access. PROfeatures include UNLIMITED tracking, Ad-freeaccess, monthlypro-deals to the SNOCRU Store and more!
Ski Jump Super Skiing Safari Adventure 1.2
Feeling extremely bored, let’s start skiing in a spaciousbeautifulsnow landscape with different hurdles to jump with you skiboardand perform professional stunts in this Skiing adventuregame.Complete various extreme challenges while real skiing andearnbonuses. Grab your snow gear with real safari boards and havefunwhile skiing in cold air, performing ski stunts in snowboarding.Inthis ultimate skiing safari game you will get different levelstoenjoy real ski adventure in new snowboarding winter season.Enjoythe wilderness of snow and ski jumping in real 3D environmentwithbeautiful alpine hills and realistic snowfall. Gamologics hasonceagain developed a really interesting 3D snowboarding game foritusers to play and take control of real ski jumping withmostrealistic controls of snowboarding and jaw dropping animationstomake this ski jump super skiing safari adventure gamemoreinteresting and exciting to play. Free style ski jump is anopenworld as well as multi challenging levels so that you don’tgetbored while playing this 2018 ski jump game. Winter is here andweare here to get you to real skiing adventure with no scarefactorand only fun game to play. Start with basics skiing and thenplayit to become a pro skiing stuntman. In this Alpine skiingadventuregame you will race to the finish line avoiding manyobstacles andperforming stunts to earn high score. In this wintersport Alpineskiing game you get through multi levels as you skitowardsdownhill, weave through trees, skid over ice, jump offcliffs, andget to know a cast of bizzare locals in this extremeskiingadventure. This is easy to learn and difficult to masterskiinggame, you can play it anywhere to kill your time, the mostepicskiing battle is live now, download adventurous game of 2018andplay it for hours until you become a pro ski stunts man. Becarefulwhen skidding over ice and make sure you are going on rightside,don’t get yourself killed otherwise game will be over and youwillhave to start again from the beginning. In first few levelsyouwill get to know how to do skiing on real snow and in therestchallenging levels you will be trained as a pro skier. This isthetime to test you skiing skills in multi challenging levels. Ifyouwant to learn play our free roaming mode and ski in open world3Dsnow landscape environment. Performing different and jawdroppingstunts will enhance your skiing skills, make highest scoreandchallenge your friends to beat it. The more dangerously youslidethe bigger the reward you get. You can download Ski JumpSuperSkiing Safari Adventure free without any in apppurchases.Featuresof Ski Jump Super Skiing Safari Adventure:-Fluid, graceful andexhilarating physics-based gameplay.- Easy tolearn hard to mastergame.- Beautiful Alpine winter landscape 3Denvironment.- Amazingskiing models with real animations.- Openworld free mode andchallenging levels.- Free to play any where anytime.- Amusingbackground music and sound effect.- Immersive userexperience.
Powder - Alpine Simulator 1.0
Buck Lumber Games
An endless mountain of untouched snow awaits in this soothing,retroinspired, minimalist skiing simulator."One of the mostcalmingmobile games ever developed" - TIME Magazine"A work ofclass" -AppSpy"The most relaxing game you’ll play this week" -Gamezebo
Athletics: Winter Sports Free 1.7
Practice athletic winter sports in a realistic 3Denvironmentthrough 28 events and 8 competitions ! Challenge thecomputer orplay against friends to beat records all around theworld ! Are youready to take on the best in the world ? Now, thesport, it's onyour Android device !__________________________________ 28 SINGLEEVENTS and 8COMPETITIONS Athletics Winter Sports allows to play 28athleticwinter sports all in sharp 3D graphics.REALISTIC GRAPHICSAthleticsWinter Sports immerses you in an authentic atmosphere.You willevolve through detailed and realistic environment withanimations tocelebrate your records. The game includes music andspecial crowdsound effects. GAMEPLAY Athletics Winter Sportsprovides anintuitive gameplay system for both beginners andexperiencedplayers. It requires fast fingers, impeccable timing,and smartstrategy to defeat your opponents and claim a medal.LEADERBOARDRule the World Leaderboard for each event and eachcompetition. Takea look at leaderboard and see how your scoreranks against yourfriends, as well as all players. SPECIAL 2PLAYERS MODE IN SPLITSCREEN Challenge your friends on the samescreen with split-screenfeature. 16 NATIONALITIES Go head to headagainst 16 athletes fromUSA to Australia ! 28 SINGLE EVENTS &8 COMPETITIONS: -SpeedSkating: Short Track -Ice Hockey -Bobsleigh-Cross Country Skiing -5 Km -Cross Country Skiing - 10 Km-Snowboarding: Alpine Race -SkiJumping -Biathlon - 5 Km -Biathlon- 10 Km -Skiing: Alpine Race-Luge -Skiing: Slalom - ParallelTracks -Snowboarding: Slalom -Parallel Tracks -Freestyle Skiing-Ski Cross -Snowboard Cross-Skeleton -Skiing: Dual Downhill-Nordic Combined -Snowboarding:Dual Downhill -Cross Country Skiing- Long Track Sprint -Super G-Skating - Long Track Sprint -Skiing:Geant Slalom -Snowboarding:Geant Slalom -Skiing: Speed Downhill-Snowboarding: Speed Downhill-Figure Skating
Ketchapp Winter Sports 1.0
Three, two, one… Go! Slide, grind, jump and fly in excitingwinterchallenges!Ketchapp Winter Sports is a fast-paced arcade gametocompete with your friends and worldwide. Collect gems, unlocknewgear and get tons of upgrades!
Featuring:◉ Snowboard Flip: Flyhighand perform outstanding air-tricks to score additional points!◉SkiJump: Accelerate as much as you can and perform the longestskijump the world has ever seen!◉ Ice Skating: Set the newspeedrecords on the ice!◉ Snowboard Slide: Grab your snowboard andbeatthe rail challenge!Grab your skis, ice skates the snowboardandface the ultimate challenge! Beat the records, gain new ranksandbecome the champion of Ketchapp Winter Sports!
Biathlon Mania 1.28
Ski, shoot and win! More than 3,000,000 players from all overtheworld have already experienced the exciting life of aprofessionalbiathlete. Do you have what it takes to ski fast andthen shootdown all the targets? It is time you joined the otherplayers inthe only game of its kind. In Biathlon Mania you can evencompeteagainst real biathletes from the World Cup circuit. BiathlonManiais an action sports game with RPG elements and the mostsuccessfuland most played biathlon game of all time. You cancontrol, improveand train your biathlete as you see fit. You decideeverything thatgoes on - improve your attributes, construct newfacilities, learnnew skills, build up your club, defeat opponentsfrom all acrossthe world, win tournaments and be at the top of theworld. Whetheryou win or become an also-ran is purely down to yourskill. Showeveryone that you’ve got it! Biathlon Mania is easy tolearn, butdifficult to leave. - Play against thousands of playersfrom allover the world - Master the combination of cross-countryskiing andshooting - Challenge real biathletes - Create, level-upandcustomize your biathlon hero - Defeat opponents, climb to thetopof the rankings and earn achievements - Test your skillsintournaments, daily league and the world cup - Join withyourfriends, become a member of a club and fight for the title inclubchampionships - Improve your skills on various tracks, usethespeed, endurance and shooting attributes to your advantage -Gainsponsors, improve your equipment and build facilities suchasfitness center, shooting range or many more - Have fun with awidearray of minigames, fulfill daily tasks and earn rewards -Enjoythe RPG elements So what are you still waiting for? Experiencethelife of a biathlete in the exciting multiplayer world. Chooseoneof the 31 available languages and play for free anywhereandwhenever you like! - - - - - - - - - - - -Support:[email protected] PrivacyPolicy: The user expresses his/herunqualifiedassent to these Terms of Service (ToS), Privacy Policyand rules ofthe game by registering in the game or installing thegame onhis/her device, acknowledges that the ToS and Privacy Policyareonly available in English and Slovak languages, agrees withthisfact and understands their content. The user also agrees thatthegame will start being provided before the expiration of theperiodfor rescission of the contract and declares that he/she wasdulyinformed of this fact in terms of art. 7, section 1 of theseToS.The rules can be found on the pages of the respective gamesandthey may vary from game to game. By purchasing premium currencyorpremium services provided by the operator for real money, theuserconfirms that he/she agrees with these ToS, that he/she is over16years old, that he/she is qualified and authorized to makethepayment and that he/she makes it willingly and without pressureandis aware of the fact that the game is provided for anindefiniteperiod of time in accordance with the ToS.
Ski switch 1.1.52
Play for Fun
Ski Switch is a minimalist arcade game in which you are onAlpineSnow Mountain and you have to Ski your ball and avoidcollisionswith various obstacles. Chilly Snow Mountains havetree's, flags tomake the game more addicting. Chill in the wintersnow and guideyour ball. Try to switch to different positions bydragging yourball with a finger tap. In this Snow Hill mountaingame, yourchance gets over on collision but don't worry you canstart overwith our "Second Chance" mode. Try to survive as long aspossiblein this ball run endless game.Ski Switch is a veryaddicting timekiller game in which you can get various mountainskiingadventures. The snow slide is very smooth and the ball movesatyour fingertips. This is one of the best snow games you haveeverplayed. Try to break the game record and make your own bestscorein this minimalist alpine ski game. Here are some coolfeatures ofthis awesome game :Features :- Two Different Time andScore Mode-Very Small Addicting Game- Unlock and Customize Skins,Balls, andGameplay- Facebook Leaderboard and Achievements- In-appPurchase toremove ads to make the game more addicting- Pick UpFlags to makepurchases- Second Chance on every gameplay- Addictingand timekiller Modes- Bonus Score on close to the treeThe Game hastwomodes to play in :1. Simple Mode2. Endless ModeIn simple mode,youcan score as long as possible by skiing your ball on thesnowmountain but in endless mode, your time will be your score aspersecond. So, Keep skiing in snow hills and enjoy the firstwintersnow of the season with this real addicting puzzle arcadegame andkill your time with this free casual game. Share this gamewithyour friends and suggest us changes you want to see inourgame.Enabled General Data Protection RegulationButton forUnityanalytics.
EpicMix 9.0
Vail Resorts
Experience More with EpicMix. The Official App of Vail,BeaverCreek, Breck, Keystone, Whistler Blackcomb, Park City,Heavenly,Northstar, Kirkwood, Afton Alps and Mt. Brighton. EpicMixis freeand available to all guests with a lift ticket or pass. Noneed tostart or stop tracking – EpicMix is connected to ticket& passscans using RFID readers. App features: • View yourprofessionalphotos in the app • Compete in challenges and collectpins •Compare your vertical feet with friends • Plan your routewithcurrent lift line times • See your current location on everyresortmap • Check mountain web cam conditions and grooming report •Trackyour Ski and Snowboard School lesson progress • Race againstyourfriends and family • Use Guide to explore new areas of themountain
Snow storm Snowboard - skiing games for kids 1.21
It's time to take your snowboard and ride downhill to fightthethree evil pigs, get back the mountain and free all thelittleanimals in our first snowboarding game.Tilt to Avoid cliffs,weavethrough trees, skid over ice, run fast as a snowball inthisextreme adventure will let you experience the excitement ofskiingand snowboarding with your friends on this game for parentsandkids. Girls, boys, kids get ready for the best snowboardinggamesfor free you will ever play! Tired of playing snowball games?Readyto run down a mountain of fun (and snow)? Can you make yourway tothe bottom of snowy mountains? crazy for snowboard games forfree?love snowboarding run? Looking for free arcade games for kids?Whatare you waiting for? hours of fun for freeDownload SnowstormSnowboard! and have fun with the best snowboarding game appof2018.Features:★ Touch/tilt controls designed for intuitive&precise snowboarding★ Endless snowboard adventure fun onsnowboardand ski★ 50+ funny characters to play with (with a crazyloldesign)★ Maximize the fun with beautiful music and sounds★30+missions★ Free to download and play★ Play with puppy,unicorn,kitten, yak and so many more charactersHave fun and prepareyoursnowboard for what it will become one of your favouritessnowboardgames for free!follow us ontwitter
SkiApp PRO - THE Ski Computer 2.2.8
SkiApp allows you to track and analyze your skiing orsnowboardingperformance using your Android smartphone! Receivingthe GPS signalthe SkiApp captures your movements and analyzes themoffline usingthe computational power of your smartphone. This wayyour skiingstage is separated into tracks of following types:Downhill, lift,walk and hold. These tracks are used to maintaindetailedstatistics for each stage. Particularly the statisticscontainfollowing elements: 1. Downhill, lift and walk distance, 2.Summedheight for downhill and lift tracks, 3. Average speed, 4.Maximalspeed, 5. and many, many more! Moreover there isdetailedinformation available about each track. It even allows youtographically display and analyze each track in deep directly onthesmartphone. In comparison to other Ski-Tracker apps theSkiAppoffers much more: 1. For the computation of the velocityanddistance it also considers the vertical movement. Other Appsdoonly provide the velocity and distance in the horizontalplane.They become inaccurate in a steep slope. This is why veloctyanddistance values of the SkiApp are a bit higher than of otherApps.2. SkiApp is the one and only app capable of separating yourskiingday into informative tracks like downhill or lift. Lifttracks arerecognized properly for ascent and descent rides as well.OtherApps handle the complete skiing day as one single trackderivingtheir poor statistics simply on the base of the ascent anddescentheight. 3. The SkiApp works very sparing. The analysis isspeciallyoptimized utilizing the CPU and memory as low as possible.4.SkiApp protects your privacy! The complete analysis of movementsisperformed completely on the smartphone. There is noregistrationrequired and the captured information is not send overthe internetat all! In contrast other Apps often acquire to manyunnecessaryaccess rights during installation to collect informationabout youfor purposes not known to you. The SkiApp uses theInternetconnection only to download the map. 5. SkiApp is able toannouncethe current speed using voice capabilities of thesmartphone. Theannouncement occurs in short intervals during adownhill run. Whenyou are riding a lift, walking around or waitingthere is noannouncement to avoid worrying anybody. The voiceannouncementkeeps you well informed about your performance evenduring adownhill run. There is no other App with similar Feature!6. ThePRO version of the SkiApp allows you to export the recordeddata inGoogle's KMZ file format to the USB storage of yoursmartphone. TheKMZ file may be used with Google Earth and GoogleMaps. GoogleEarth displays single tracks or complete stages in 3Dallowingdetailed analysis of your performance at your PC. Becauseof thecontinuous usage of the GPS signal the SkiApp increases thepowerconsumption of your smartphone to around 6 to 10 percent perhour.If there are other active GPS Apps on your smartphonetheadditional power consumption for the SkiApp is around 1 Percentperhour only. To reduce the battery load it is recommended todisablethe GPS functionality during the lunch break. ATTENTION:Toactivate and deactivate the GPS tracking use thecombinedPAUSE/RECORD button located in the action bar at the top.Have alot of fun with the SkiApp! Please support the developmentbygetting the SkiApp PRO! Please do not forget to rate thisapp!Thank you!
Snowboard Master 3D 1.2.2
Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Get ready to ride down the slopes and shred the fresh powder in#13D winter sports game on Android! Carve, grind, jump, and grabbigair with tricks and stunts!Snowboard Master is a fast-paced3Dextreme sports simulation game, combining console qualitygraphicswith the most realistic physics. Experience the sheeradrenalinerush of hurtling down a snow-packed ski ramp as if youwere reallythere. Stomp your tricks in the backcountry and exploreepic linesdown insane mountainsides. Go big or go home!GameFeatures:-Realistic 3D graphics and incredibly immersive sound-Dozens ofriders and boards to unlock- Intuitive controls - reallyfeels likeyou are snowboarding!
Snowboard Master : Downhill Snowboarding 1.0.2
Rogue Gamez
Snow Snowboard party welcome you to play most thrilling andamazingsnow adventures, uphill rush adventures in snowboarding gameof2018. Are you excited to attack race mode with the snow-packedskiramp of unique adrenaline-filled mountains in snowboardinggame?People who love winter sports and freestyle snowboarding gamesthissnowboard adventure run game is complete package for them.Recreateyour favorite stunts of skii through intuitive controls andbecomethe pro rider of snowboard ski game with uphill rushadventures.Snowboarding games offline gives you a chance tochallenge yourfriends to beat you in snowboard ski game. Free roamsnowboardinggames contains multiples levels with skate boarding insnow. Ridefast, flip, grab air with your unique stunts & tricksinamazing snowboarding party. Unlike other snow sportsgames,snowboard freestyle games, snow skating game race this skidrivingsimulator is available on google store with unique andthrillingsnow adventures.Skating board game in snow with mostaccuratemovements and stunts in ice skating free roam snowboardinggames.Snowboard game has been inspired by xtreme sportslikeskateboarding, sledding, surfing, and skiing. Grab your boardandprepare yourself to rank high score in snowboard running anduphillrush adventures in real snowboarding games. More you ridemore youwill learn new stunts & tricks of snowboarder in thesnowboardparty world. Join snowboard ski member team and buckleyourself forsnowboard race in freestyle snowboarding games. Expertsnowboarderwill be a part of snow board race so you should haveexpertise ofsnowboarding in real snowboarding games. Hop on board,ride fastand grab air and beat other opponents at snowboard racingwith in agiven time in best ski driving simulator of 2018. Freeskiing withsnowboard racing to become professional urban skaterinskateboarding game. If you are real snowboarder, grabyoursnowboard and start riding with unique and different stunts tobeatyour opponents in best snow sports games of real snowboardinggames2018. Join the skateboard party, uphill rush adventures&become the party pro by executing craziest combos and trickswithsnow adventures in this snowboarding game. Winter sportsofsnowboarding is for lovers of free roam snowboarding games.Competein powder race, enjoy freestyle snowboarding games stunt&become pro of snowboarding games. Snowboard Party World isafast-paced xtreme sports simulation game, combiningqualitygraphics with most realistic physics. This snowboardingparty ischallenge for those who have expertise in a snowboard run.Ride anddo your stunts to win the title of best snowboarder inthissnowboard game.FEATURES•Realistic 3D graphics in bestsnowboardinggames.•Immersive sound and realistic environment ofsnowboardrace•Dozens of riders and amazing gameplay•Intuitivecontrols -really feels like you are snowboarder!
Bukovel "My SkiPass" 2.75
Vladyslav Heneraliuk
Features: • the available information on your skipass or clubcard:name, date of purchase, history of ascents, etc.; • theability toscan the skipass or club cards using NFC (in case thecard and yourphone are equipped with the chip); • the ability toname yourskipass whatever you like; • all the information aboutyour skipassis stored on your device, allowing you to view it atany time, evenwhen you're offline. • the additional stats on theskipass and clubcards by days, months, seasons, and all time; • anup-to-dateschedule of the lifts and trails; • the detailedspecifications ofevery lift and trail (type, top and bottomaltitude, altitudedifference, length); • the official map of theresort; • a Googlemap of the resort with all of the lifts andtrails marked, the appalso shows your position on the map; • all ofthe resort's webcameras with the ability to view stream directly onthe device(using a third party app such as MX Player); • the appistranslated into Ukrainian, Russian and English; You are welcometopost any complaints, suggestions and requests on the Bukovelforum: The app isprovidedas is, the author does not bear any responsibility foritsoperation. The author is not affiliated with the administrationofthe Bukovel resort in any way. All of the data is retrievedfromthe resort's official web site The authorisnot responsible for the data not being up to date.
SkiApp LITE - THE Ski Computer 2.2.8
SkiApp allows you to track and analyze your skiing orsnowboardingperformance using your Android smartphone! Receivingthe GPS signalthe SkiApp captures your movements and analyzes themoffline usingthe computational power of your smartphone. This wayyour skiingstage is separated into tracks of following types:Downhill, lift,walk and hold. These tracks are used to maintaindetailedstatistics for each stage. Particularly the statisticscontainfollowing elements: 1. Downhill, lift and walk distance, 2.Summedheight for downhill and lift tracks, 3. Average speed, 4.Maximalspeed, 5. and many, many more! Moreover there isdetailedinformation available about each track. It even allows youtographically display and analyze each track in deep directly onthesmartphone. In comparison to other Ski-Tracker apps theSkiAppoffers much more: 1. For the computation of the velocityanddistance it also considers the vertical movement. Other Appsdoonly provide the velocity and distance in the horizontalplanewhich are both too low in a steep slope. 2. SkiApp is the oneandonly app capable of separating your skiing day intoinformativetracks like downhill or lift. Lift tracks are recognizedproperlyfor ascent and descent rides as well. Other Apps handlethecomplete skiing day as one single track deriving theirpoorstatistics simply on the base of the ascent and descent height.3.The SkiApp works very sparing. The analysis is speciallyoptimizedutilizing the CPU and memory as low as possible. 4. SkiAppprotectsyour privacy! The complete analysis of movements isperformedcompletely on the smartphone. There is no registrationrequired andthe captured information is not send over the internetat all! Incontrast other Apps often acquire to many unnecessaryaccess rightsduring installation to collect information about youfor purposesnot known to you. The SkiApp uses the Internetconnection only todownload the map. 5. SkiApp is able to announcethe current speedusing voice capabilities of the smartphone. Theannouncement occursin short intervals during a downhill run. Whenyou are riding alift, walking around or waiting there is noannouncement to avoidworrying anybody. The voice announcement keepsyou well informedabout your performance even during a downhill run.There is noother App with similar Feature! 6. The PRO version ofthe SkiAppallows you to export the recorded data in Google's KMZfile formatto the USB storage of your smartphone. The KMZ file maybe usedwith Google Earth and Google Maps. Google Earth displayssingletracks or complete stages in 3D allowing detailed analysis ofyourperformance at your PC. SkiApp LITE is for free andcontainsfollowing limitations: 1. The detail view is not availableforolder tracks. 2. The velocity voice announcement istemporallylimited. 3. Stage browsing is limited to the last one. 4.Thestatistics view is reduced. 5. Export of tracks and stages inKMZformat is disabled. 6. Backup creation is not available. Donothesitate and try SkiApp LITE to get an impression onthefunctionality of this app. If you like the app please considertoby the PRO version. In relation to the costs of a day's tickedforthe lift the price of SkiApp PRO is not more than a tip! Becauseofthe continuous usage of the GPS signal the SkiApp increasesthepower consumption of your smartphone to around 6 to 10 percentperhour. If there are other active GPS Apps on your smartphonetheadditional power consumption for the SkiApp is around 1 Percentperhour only. To reduce the battery load it is recommended todisablethe GPS functionality during the lunch break. ATTENTION:Toactivate and deactivate the GPS tracking use thecombinedPAUSE/RECORD button located in the action bar at the top.Have alot of fun with the SkiApp! Please support the developmentbygetting the SkiApp PRO! Please do not forget to rate thisapp!Thank you!
Snow Trial 1.0.67
Snow Trial is a new and exciting winter trial game loved byplayersaround the world. It’s time for action!Unlock awesome skierandsnowboard characters. Race in fun and challenging singleplayerlevels or defeat your opponents in multiplayer mode!Becomethegreatest extreme athlete ever!FEATURES:• Collect 10+freesnowboarders and skiers• Do insane tricks• Learnchallengingdownhill trial tracks• Compete with players from aroundthe world•Progress through multiple leagues to the topSupport:Areyou havingany problems? Contact us on: [email protected]
Darnell Macon
MLK SKI WEEKEND Welcome to the largest Urban Professional skieventin the world! Over 2,000 anticipated to attend thisinternationalevent! PASSPORTS REQUIRED! Dedicated to the legacy ofCivil Rightsleader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., this event covers 4days and 3exciting nights at Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Canada.The extendedweekend event features 20 themed activities, real snowand fun onthe slopes! Ski Resort activities include: Welcomereception,skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snow mobiling, Ridge RunnerMountainCoaster, visit to Underground Railroad Museum, tribute toMLK Jr.,village day parties, snowball battles, Relationship Forum,iceskating, fashion show, themed parties, downhill racing,networking,speed dating, PJ party, duty-free shopping,after-parties, happyhours, karaoke, dancing, comedy show,horse-drawn carriage ride,cross country skiing, night life, snowshoeing, pool party, ATV’s,spa/massages, games, bonfires, hottubbing, food/drinks and more!!!(wristbands required for agendaactivities) – ski app 1.36.01
The most extensive ski app available: 5,100 ski resorts andskilifts worldwide, trail maps, test reports, snow reports,snowdepths, ski weather/mountain weather, webcams, live streams,skiinfo (slopes, lifts, ski passes), accommodations for skiholidaysand much more! THE ski guide for skiing and snowboarding!Nootherapp has more ski resort information! The company behind theapp isthe market leader in the snow report and ski resort datamarket.Detailed information about 5,000 ski resorts worldwide ・Infoaboutslopes, lifts, ski pass prices and opening times ・3,000 trailmapswith zoom in function ・500 test reports (world’s largesttestportal for ski resorts) ・1,000 current snow reports/snow depths–updated daily ・3,800 weather reports (ski weather/mountainweatheron the mountain and at the base station, updated 4 timesdaily)・4,100 webcams/livestreams ・Route planner to 4,000 skiresorts ・Skiholiday accommodations at over 4,000 ski resorts・Photos/ videos・Data is continuously checked and expanded Ski resorts canbedisplayed according to: ・All ski resorts worldwide ・Continents(forexample, all ski resorts in Europe) ・Countries (for example,allski resorts in Austria) ・Regions (for example, all ski resortsinTyrol) ・Holiday regions (for example, all ski resorts intheZillertal) After the selection of country/region, thefollowinglists can be displayed ・All ski resorts sorted accordingto lengthof slopes, number of lifts, altitude of mountain/valleyandaltitude difference ・Best ski resorts ・Snow reportssortedaccording to open slopes, open lifts, snow depthformountain/valley as well as filter function displaying only openskiresorts ・Weather reports sorted according to weather todayorweather tomorrow Save your favourites ・Save your favouriteskiresorts and view them internationally without aninternetconnection (for example, to view the trail map while in theskiresort). ・Save your favourite regions/countries and loadthemdirectly (for example, snow reports for Tyrol) Ski resortsnearbyYour current position is determined and all ski resorts inthe areaare shown on a map. The map can be shifted and over 4,500entrypoints to 4,000 ski resorts worldwide can be viewed.Detailedinformation about the ski resorts can be opened easily andyou canreturn to the map again using the “back” function. The skiresortsnearby can also be displayed in a list. Shake it - Tips foryourski holiday Where to for your next ski holiday? Under “Shakeit”,you can shake out your dream ski destination or find attractiveskiresorts under “Tips”. About Skiresort ServiceInternationalSkiresort Service International, the company behindthe app, hasbecome to the world’s largest snow report supplier dueto its exactsnow reports and is also considered to be the leadingsupplier ofcomplete ski resort data.
Snowboard Legends 1.2
Zact Studio Games
Let’s redefine the meaning of fun of snowboarding game. Makeyourwinter holidays more rocking with this winter skating game.Doskate from highest summit of the snowy mountain to conqueryourfears.We believe in evolution so we always thrive to come upwiththe best fitting android games. In this regard, we present youanice skating game featuring the best ice surfing and realisticskatesimulator. There are fascinating snow tracks for yoursnowboarding.Ride your favorite snowboard 3d summand enjoysthrilling ski-ramps.You will have to gear up for best action sportson skateboard insnow covered mountain ranges. Crush snow under yourfeet and feellike that you are skating among glittering snowcovered hills.Execute some flip tricks like grind, jump and crouchwith someimpossible ice stunts. Be a skater of 2018 and achieve abetterscore by collecting coins. Just get rid of ordinary skatinggames.Skate like a pro in this snowboard game.SNOW SKATEBOARDERCHAMPIONSHIP 2018 IS HERE TO BE REJOICED:Enjoy the wintersportswith snowboard games. Unlike ski games this snowboarder gameisbased on exclusive snow boards. Pick up your skateboard insnowgame to enjoy the snow skating championship. Flip, turn andjump inthis snow board game. Take the snowboards fun to next levelwiththese skateboarding gamers. Have you ever witnessedskateboardingfree? Not yet. Just delve into skateboard game forinvinciblesnowboarding stunts. This is new skating game which takesyou toimpossible skii tracks. Be doctor of skating games now.Thereareelectrifying time trail mode and endless snow race mode. Thetimetrail mode defines a specific time limit to reach to finishline.The endless mode offers longest snowy track which is filledwithimpossible hurdles.ENJOY ICE SKATING IN REAL SNOWYMOUNTAINS:Theroller skater 3d game encompasses exhilarating skigrace game thatproves to be a great escape from boredom. Here comesyour bestchance to witness realistic snow mountainous. Play thissnowboardgame with skating 3d freestyle.You will be thrilled by theskiramps and skating racing trials. There are amazing skateparklocations and skating styles for your pleasure.Feel the realskateboard stunts of skating games.WEAR SKATING SHOES &DISPLAYINVINCIBLE SKATEBOARDING TRICKS:Among the best skateboardgames,this 3d game is about the freestyle ride on snowboard.Besidesskating race, you will enjoy the impossible stunts. The3dfreestyle snow skater is best trending skating game.As rankedamongthe top ice games for girls, the new skating race snow gameand nowskated includes the best animations. Carve and grind; makeyourmark.How to Play:This skating racing game as ranked among thefreeskateboarded apps is provided with responsive interface.Selectskated boarded from amazing collection. There aremultipleskateboards for your new skating race. You can choose themode ofyour choice.There are challenging levels comprising of snowskatedstunts. In each level there are different types of fliptricks likedouble jumps plus grind. You will not be successfullymove to nextlevel unless you perform the required skateboard stuntslike backflip or front flip. Collect as many coins as you can tounlock morelevels.Keep riding and put in your best skating skillsto celebrate3d snowboarder skated. So install now this snowboardsurfergame.SNOWBOARD LEGENDS FEATURES:1. This skateboarding gamehasaddictive gameplay2. Realistic ice skateboard sim free3.Remarkablevisual and sound effects in the snow boarding game4.Exclusive snowboard race and skate stunts
Stickman Ski Racer 2.2
Djinnworks GmbH
Take your skis and hammer down the most beautiful and mostdangerousmountains in the world and experience the amazing feelingofStickman Ski Racer. Perform insane jumps and stunts whilerushingdown the hills trying to avoid deadly avalanches, rustyweak bridgesor profound abysses. Variety and entertainmentguaranteed with floodlighted night slopes, snow cannons, deeppowder snow, crazy slopesas well as customizable playablecharacters. ★★★★★ Regular contentupdates with new and amazingslopes coming every few weeks! ★★★★★

★From the makers of varioustop 100 apps like Stickman Base Jumper,Stickman Cliff Diving,Stick Stunt Biker, Rope'n'Fly, WingsuitStickman, Line Runner, LineBirds, Line Surfer, RunStickRun andmore

• 30beautiful designed slopes from "Easy" to "Bonebreaking"• Directlycompare yourself against all other players oryour friends•Customizable characters• Full animated physic ragdoll
• Ghostsupport. Race against your previous ride
• Spectacularcrashes andjumps
• Various obstacles like Avalanches, Bridges, SnowCannons,Ice or deadly Rocks
• Amazing Retina Graphics
• Completephysicsenabled
• Day/Night mode with realistic lighting
•VariousAchievements to unlock
• and many more...

Feel free topost yourideas, we will try to implement them as soon aspossible
Thank youvery much for all your support and interest inour games! We wouldlove to hear your suggestions!PERFORMANCEHINT:If you haveperformance problems or the game is running slow onyour devicemake sure you disable display power saving
Snowboard Party
Maple Media LLC.
Snowboard Party brings the thrill of snowboarding to yourmobiledevice! Get ready to ride the downhill slopes at extremespeed andcatch some big air to perform the craziest tricks in 21completelyunique adrenaline-filled mountains. Jump on your board,learn newmoves and improve your snowboarding skills to land sickfreestyletrick combos and rack high scores! Experience snowboardinglikenever before!Play with your friends using the newonlinemultiplayer mode or challenge riders from all over the worldusingthe online leaderboards. Complete over 105 level objectives,32achievements, gain experience and upgrade your favoritesnowboarderattributes to perform better and achieve higher scores.Customizeyour snow gear and upgrade your board to give you an extraedgeover the competition. HIGH DEFINITION Snowboard Party includesnextgeneration 3D sport game graphics specially optimized foryourmobile hardware to provide you with the bestsnowboardingexperience.FREESTYLE Freestyle is all about the tricks!Perform thesickest tricks using natural and man-made park featuressuch asrails, ski jumps, boxes, logs, rocks and innumerable otherobjects!Create new freestyle trick combos to hit higher scoreswhile in thetrick parks. BIG AIR Go big or go home! Big aircompetitions arecontests where riders perform extreme tricks onmassive ski jumpswhile going down the slope at high speed. HALFPIPEPerform a widerange of tricks while going down some of the world’sbiggesthalfpipes. Chain multiple tricks in a row to gain morepoints andachieve a better score. MULTIPLAYER Challenge yourfriends to asnowboard battle and see who can land the baddesttricks! Share andbrag your results with your friends on Twitter.MASSIVE SELECTIONSelect between 15 snowboarders and customize eachof them to yourpreference, choosing your favorite gear. A massivecollection ofboards ranging from different sizes and designs areavailable,allowing you to complement your rider’s extreme skillsandabilities. LEARN TO SNOWBOARDOver 50 unique tricks to masterandhundreds of combinations. Follow the tutorial to get startedandprogress as you go. Execute the craziest combos and extremetricksequences to rack up some impressive high scores, gainexperienceand make a name for yourself. GAME CONTROLLERCompatiblewith mostgame controllers available. CUSTOMIZABLE CONTROLS Newfullycustomizable control system to configure your own buttonlayout.Use the right or left handed control mode, select a controlpresetor create your own. Use the analog stick or accelerometeroption asyou wish. LOADED WITH FEATURES • Supports all the latestgenerationdevices and optimized for high resolution displays.•Onlinemultiplayer mode to play against your friends or otherridersonline.• New fully customizable control system. You canadjusteverything! • Learn over 50 unique tricks and create hundredsofcombinations. • Massive mountains to ride including 21trailslocated in the Rockies, Alps and Japan. Choose from bigair,freestyle, and halfpipe events. • Customize your outfit instyle!•Upgrade your board to improve your rider’s stats.• Playoften togain experience and upgrade your favorite snowboarder’sattributes.• Share your results with your friends on Twitter. •Compatiblewith Android-based phones and tablets.• Optimized forIntel x86mobile devices.• Extended soundtrack featuring songs fromCloser,Jack Counteract, Minds Without Purpose, Mr. TaBoo Timmons,NoBlitz, Paul Spencer and the Maxines, Pear, The Pinz andWeOutspoken. Courtesy of Pulse Records/White Knight MusicGroup,Inc.• Ability to purchase experience points or special itemsusingin-app purchases. • Available in the following languages:English,French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese,Korean,Portuguese and Chinese. SUPPORT:
Krashlander- Ski, Jump, Crash! 1.4
Farseer Games
Krashlander - Ski, Jump, Crash is a physics game that will haveyouskiing down large snow covered mountains, back-flipping andjumpingover gaping crevices to crash into and destroy the evilrobots thatdestroyed your world.Why Krashlander - Ski, Jump, Crash?• Uniquephysics driven touch controls • Very skill based gaming fun•Simple minimalist design • Crazy stickman style ragdoll crashes•Lots of Skiing, Jumping, and Crashing! • Get started as anovicethen punish yourself as an elite skier • Based on a greatoldabandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator • Was a top 20 gameoniOS • Perfect for all the winter skiers and snowboardersoutthere!What Others Are Saying "Love it! Awesome physics!Awesomekung-fu, robot destroying, skiing skills!" "The controlsfeelgreat, responsive and the physics all feel good." "10 out of10.Would highly recommend. I hope they come out withanother.""Absolutely brilliant. Only thing like it on the AppStore. Posturecontrols are unique and incredible, ragdoll physicsare great!Deserves more than 5 stars!"Have fun!