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Kindergarten Kids Learning: Fun Educational Games
Educative Fun Games for toddlers & preschool children.Besteducational app for kids to teach alphabet, numbers,shapes,rhymes, counting, tracing, coloring, interactive charts,& bodyparts (vegetable/fruit/sports/profession/stars/animals)using kidsfun learning apps. The interactive learning is a greatmode ofeducation as toddlers enter kindergarten as kinestheticlearners(age 2-6 years). Another parameter in child pedagogy isthe"attention span of the child". After extensive feedbackfromvarious teachers and institutions that specialize in thesamedomain, we found that the children have a relativelyshorterconcentration span. Keeping this in mind our designers havecome upwith many innovative interactive activities and puzzles likearrowshooting, car making, playing basketball ,Dog hopping,dodgingElephant etc. These activities keep the child interestedinlearning subconsciously without loosing concentration.Activitybased learning, using basketball games and free car gamesfor kids,make this a perfect app for kids based on Fun learningpedagogy. Ifyou are a parent of a 2 year old baby or akindergartner andlooking for school games for kids, you will findmany coolactivities and applications to keep them amused whilelearningbasics from this all in one free educationalgames.========================================= KindergartenLearningApps for Kids TopFeatures:========================================= • Attractiveandcolourful designs and pictures for young kids. • Learnalphabetletters with charts and interactive fun quizzes. • Learn tocountand math for preschoolers • Learn about rhymes and poems. •Learnto write and trace ABC and numbers with our alphabet tracingforEnglish, Spanish, Hindi and numbers. • Color books withmanycolouring pages and pictures, and stickers. • Printablecoloringpages for kids covering Geometric shapes, Greeting cards,EnglishAlphabet Letters etc. • So many attractive and interactivechartsfor learning Vegetables, Fruits, Sports, Professions,Animals,Numbers, Solar System, Planet and stars. • Sing and dancewith yourpreschoolers. • Introduce and reinforce the concepts ofShapes andColors to the kids • Phonics for English Alphabets andactivitiesto teach and reinforce each Letter like Archery for Kids,Carbuilding games, Basketball games for Kids etc. • And manyotherFree kindergarten games and learning activities Whether youare aparent or teacher, you can use the activities for preschoolersandkindergarten kids at home or in class. Engage your toddlers infunkid’s activities to keep them from doing mischief because theyarebored. Let them learn basic early education topics such asshapes,math, ABC, rhymes, sports, vegetables, counting, and manymoreincluding many baby coloring games. So, download KindergartenKidsLearning for FREE now and discover all kids educational gamesforpreschoolers that will keep your kids happy and active. Youcanalso check out other educational apps for kids fromGreysprings"Play and Learn" series of kids early learning appsforhomeschooling. ** Privacy 1. Privacypolicy: 2. We do not collectanypersonal information about kids
Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games 5.0
RosiMosi LLC
21 interactive educational games for your preschool andkindergartenkids! These games and lessons are used by millions ofparents andteachers to help educate and entertain young kids. Asyour pre-kchild progresses through the lessons they earn stickersto add totheir board, rewarding them for learning and playing!This is aperfect collection of educational games for little kids.Helpfulvoice narrating, colorful graphics, and fun sound effectswill helpyour pre-k child learn letters, spelling, math, and more!Designedusing real world preschool and kindergarten curriculumsand usescommon core state standards. Kindergarten and preschoolkids lovethese games! Includes 2 free games, unlock all 21 gamesthrough asimple in-app purchase. Educational Games: - Shapes andColors:Identify shape and color differences - Letters: Learnletters withhelpful pictures and voices - Counting: Count withhelpful voicenarration to learn numbers - Memory: Flip and matchcards to helpimprove memory and attention - Alphabet: Pop bubbleswhile learningthe alphabet - Addition: Add fruit together to learnaddition -Puzzles: Fun and colorful puzzles, with cute animals -Spelling:Spell hundreds of words with helpful voice narration -Subtraction:Pop fruit to help learn subtraction, an importantkindergarden skill- Positions: Learn left, right, and center.Important for preschooland kindergarten - Nouns and Verbs:Identify the difference betweennouns and verbs, a building blockfor reading - Counting Down: Countdown from 10 and launch a rocket- Months: Sort the months and putthem in the correct order - Upperand Lower Case: Match upper andlower case letters by dragging themtogether, an important step forreading - Missing Numbers: Find themissing number in the sequence -Phonics: Match a picture to thephonic sound - Quantity: Learn whata number actually means -Measure: Compare short and tall objects,and heavier vs lightobjects - Patterns: Identify repeating patternsusing a fun animal- More, Less, Equal: Play with marbles and learnthe concept ofmore, less, and equal - Vowels and Consonants:Identify vowels andconsonants in words and the alphabet AdvancedFeatures in the FullVersion Include: - Detailed Progress Reports tohelp track yourchild's development - Lesson Builder to createspecific plans foryour toddler to follow and play - Multiple Usersupport so up to 6kids can play on the same app - Avatars,stickers, and backgroundsfor your toddler to unlock as they learnPerfect for pre-kchildren, toddlers, kids, and students inkindergarden who need afun and entertaining educational game toplay. Keep your preschooland kindergarten age child entertainedwhile they are learning,with cute animals, sounds, and music. Thesegames are loved bylittle kids all over the world! Ages: 2, 3, 4, 5,6, or 7 year oldkindergarden children. Ideally suited for 5 yearold or 4 year oldchildren. =====================================ALREADY PURCHASED?If you have purchased the games already and theyare now showinglocked you can tap the Parents icon in the upperright corner, andthen tap 'Restore Purchase' to unlock the gamesagain for free!PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME? If you are having issueswith the soundstopping, or any other problems with the game, pleaseemail us and we will get it fixed for you ASAP.LEAVE US AREVIEW! If you're enjoying the game then we'd love foryou to leaveus a review! Reviews help small developers like us keepimprovingthis game.
com.bimiboo.adventure 2.68
15 educational games for early development of kids. Ourtoddlergames will help your baby develop such skills as visualperception,fine motor, logic, coordination, attentiveness andmemory. Thegames will be entertaining for both girls and boys ofpre-k,kindergarten and preschool ages. Dress-up game: Put correctclotheson elephant and lizard. Pattern game: Match cars by colortodevelop visual perception. Logic game: Put bears, goats andfishinto correct places. Shapes game: Sort items while sleddingandimprove coordination. Color game: Put sea creatures, jungleanimalsand fruits into correct spots basing on their color. 123game:Count and learn numbers 1, 2 and 3 in a colorful toddleractivity.Puzzle game: Kids should sort objects into thecorrespondingsilhouettes. Building game: Build the space scene andenjoy greatanimations and sounds. Size game: Set up houses forpenguins anddress them up in a colorful game for kids. Sortinggame: Findcorrect vegetables and put them into a basket. Preschoolgames forlittle kids are great for pre-k, kindergarten andpreschoolchildren who want to learn by playing. Ages: 2, 3, 4 or 5years oldpre-k, kindergarten and preschool children. You will neverfindannoying ads inside our app. We are always glad to receiveyourfeedback and suggestions.
com.kidsappbox.kidslearninggame 1.8
Kids Learning Game is an all-in-one app for preschoolandkindergarten kids! There are 10 different carefullycreatedcategories. The categories of kids learning app includes preklearning games, nursery games and preshool educational gamesforkids. -Features of Learning Apps for Kids- - Numbers flashcardsandcounting game: Pre-K kids will learn numbers up to twelveandpractice them with the counting game. - Alphabet flashcards:Allletters in the alphabet is presented with itemshavingcorresponding initial letters. Toddlers or kindergartenerscanlearn English alphabet with alphabet teaching app. - Colorsandshapes flashcards: Toddlers will learn basic colors and shapeswiththese baby flash cards. This section is a part ofKindergartenLearning Apps. - Memory matching game: Preschool kidswill makebrain exercise by playing memory matching game withletters,numbers or shapes. Your child will love interactivelearning gamesfor kids. - Practice items game: Toddlers willpractice by tryingto find the correct letters, numbers, shapes orcolors. Thissection is a critical part of early childhoodeducation. - Monthsand days flashcards: 12 months and 7 days areincluded with cutethemes. This section is one part of nurserygames. - Coloring book:Kindergarten kids will draw on empty canvasor on carefully createdshapes. They can use various colors fordrawing and can save theirdrawings. This section is a doodle forkids. If your child loveskids games then will definetly love kidslearning box, one of thebest learning games for kids. Coloringpages arefrom:
Preschool All-In-One 6.6
Our children's little minds are like sponges that are thirstyforknowledge. Give them the tools they need togrow.PreschoolAll-In-One is great for kids 2 - 5 years old, whetherthey're justgetting started, or going into Kindergarten. Start themon theright path by making it FUN & EASY to learn thealphabet,numbers, colors, shapes, animals, days & months. Alsoincludedin this app are coloring pages, puzzles, the bubble game,and aquiz that is different every time.
Preschool Games For Kids - Toddler games for 2-5 7.7
Queleas LLC
How to Reinforce Your Child’s Learning Preschool Games for Kidswasdeveloped as a tool for parents eager to help their childrenlearnnew skills while playing in order to develop new skills forkinderincluding Math Games. Multiple studies show that the quickestandmost effective way to learn new abilities is through hands-onplay.Different educational games systems including MontessoriandWaldorf will agree that play and imagination are a fundamentalpartof the learning process. As a mother, I understand that ourkidsimitate our example. Even though we would like to sometimesisolatethem from technology, it's nearly impossible when we spendmanyhours a day in front of a computer or mobile devices. It isforthis reason that instead of avoiding the elephant in the room,myhusband and I developed games that will work as a learningtoolthat will stimulate our children's curiosity. PerfectforMontessori Preschool Educational Games and MontessoriEducationDevelop New Skills Preschool Games for Kids is a greatplace forkids to play while being constantly challenged to learnnew skillsfor kinder with educational games. Kids need varietywhile trainingtheir new skills. These Toddler games for 2-5 yearolds offerexactly that. We have tested all our kids games with ourson and heabsolutely loves them! This gives us confidence that yourkids willalso love these entertaining and mind challenging puzzles.◆ 13Preschool Educational Games that range from reading andspelling todrawing and shape recognition. ◆ Spelling: 30 Firstwords to learnreading and spelling. Kids Games for toddlers. ◆Shapes: A drawingtool to introduce children to basic shapes:Circle; rectangle;Square and triangle. ◆ Coloring / Tracing:Educational gamestemplates. From A to Z. ◆ An introduction toshapes recognition andsorting of the following shapes: rectangle,pentagon, circle; oval;diamond; hexagon and square. ◆ A shapessorting game to help handeye coordination while emphasizing thelearning of shapes:rectangle, pentagon, circle; oval; diamond;hexagon and square. ◆Preschool Learning Educational Games forToddler for 2-5 year oldsin order to develop new skills. ◆ Ages: 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 yearold. ◆ Preschool Games For Kids ◆ Educationfor Kindergarten Kids ◆1st Grade Learning Games ◆ 2nd GradeLearning Games ◆ 3rd GradeLearning Games ◆ Educational Games. ◆Toddler games for 2-5 yearolds We're always excited to hear fromyou so if you have anyfeedback on how we can make this the bestPreschool Game in townplease send us an email! We respect thatparents may make differentchoices about technology for theirfamilies. We strongly encourageparents to discuss technologyexpectations with other families.Familiarize yourself with thesafety and privacy settings of thisor any educational games fromour store. We encourage to use aparental control tool to help youmonitor and limit your child’sonline activity, on all devices.However, be cautious: no toolprovides perfect protection. Nothingcan replace your personalattention and monitoring.
Sight Words Pre-K to Grade-3 1.7.1
This is a free simple Dolch Sight Words for Preschool,Kindergarten,Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 and Nouns help childrenlearn how to spelland recognize words of frequently used wordscompiled by EdwardWilliam Dolch, PhD. The list was first preparedin 1936. Though Dr.Dolch compiled the list based on children'sbooks of his era. Thelist contains 220 "sight words" that have tobe easily recognized inorder to achieve reading fluency in theEnglish language. Theoriginal word list excludes nouns, whichcomprise a separate 95-wordnoun list. The game is designed to makechildren smart thinking andcan recognize sounds, putting letterstogether words into syllablesto make the children think logicallyto identify the structure ofdifferent English words. Many of theoriginal 220 Dolch words cannotbe learned by pictures or "soundedout" using common sound/letterphonics patterns and have to belearned by sight; hence the term,"sight words." The original Dolchwords which compromise of 220words and the additional 95 nouns isusually divided into grades,though for native English speakers,all the Dolch Sight Words shouldbe learned before elementaryeducation begins. The app now gives anoption to learn sight wordsfor Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1,Grade 2, Grade 3 and Nouns.Instructions: Drag and drop the lettersto create a word correctlydescribe the sound in each mode. EasyMode: Child needs to drag anddrop the letters to create a wordcorrectly describe the word.Normal Mode: Child needs to drag anddrop the letters to create aword correctly describe the sound.Features: * A simple and easy tounderstand game. * 2 differentmodes of spelling game. * The childcan also listen to sight wordsto improve his/her learning processwhile playing. The backgroundcan be muted to hear the soundsclearly. * The child can play ineither 'Play Mode'. * Supports allscreen sizes. And last but notleast ***All words are available forFREE*** Privacy Disclosure:  Asparents ourselves, EDUBUZZKIDStakes children's wellness and privacyvery seriously. Our app: •Does not contain links to social networks• Does not collectpersonal data But yes, it does containadvertising as that’s ourmeans of providing the app free of cost toyou – the ads arecarefully placed such that the kid is least likelyto click on itwhile playing. Feedback Please: If you have anyfeedback andsuggestions on how we could further improve the designandinteraction of our apps and games, please visitourwebsite or leave us amessageat We would be glad to hear from youas weare committed to update all of our apps and games on aregularbasis with new features and also want to get some ideas forfutureapp development.
Preschool learning games for kids: shapes & colors 5.25
Enjoy and learn the shapes, colors, counting games, andbasicskills. With “Dino Tim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6yearsold), primary school and kindergarten will learn with noeffortwhile having fun. ****Over three million children arealreadyplaying with Dino Tim!**** The educational games areentirelytranslated into English but, if you wish so, you can alsouse Timthe Dino to learn Spanish, French, Italian... You only needtoswitch languages! It suits perfectly to every age althoughit’sspecifically suggested for kindergarten, preschool andprimaryschool (3-8 years) and adults of all ages. The game hasvoiceoverto help children learning their first words. The game isperfectfor the entire family! Enjoy the adventure! Some funnywitches haveabducted Tim’s family. Become a superhero and help himrescuingthem! Thanks to the good witch, you will be able to fly andcollectfigures that will allow you to do magic and turn the witchesintoanimals!! Children and adults will experience anexcitingadventure, solving puzzle games with colors and geometricshapes,running, counting, flying, learning, jumping and doing magictounblock all the dino-characters and all game modes.EDUCATIONALTARGETS: - Learn to recognise geometric shapes: square,circle,rectangle, triangle, pentagon and diamond. - Learn to countnumbers(1-10) with counting games for kids - Enhance speed,attention andpsychomotoricity with the color recognizing game: red,green, blue,yellow, etc. - Learn first words, letters, consonantsand vowels(literacy -abc-) in a fun manner in his native language(English).- Start learning a foreign language (Spanish, French,Italian…) forkindergarten, preschool and primary school children(3-12 yearsold). - Resolve educational puzzles about differentgeometricshapes and numbers: squares, circles, rectangles,triangles,trapeziums and rhombuses. - Learn and enhancecoordination and finemotor skill in youngsters. - Develop visualperception of differentshapes, numbers and objects in motion. -Develop attention andconcentration in kids in preschool age andelementary school. Ourdevelopment studio, Didactoons, has wideexperience in developingeducational games and apps that combinelearning and fun. Are youlooking for free educational games foryour children to learn andenjoy at the same time? So don’t miss itand download the freeeducational games: Dino Tim! Parents can tryout the game for free.We recommend purchasing the full version forchildren. Web: GooglePlus:
Preschool Learning 1.2.1
This Free game helps your kids learn pre-school content anddevelopmatching, tactile and fine motor skills while playing. It isa funand educational learning game for preschool-kindergartenchildrenand toddlers. The educational train game for childrenbyEDUBUZZKIDS is an engaging educational preschool basic toolfortoddlers and pre-k kids teaching pre-school content. 5interactiveeducational games for your preschool and kindergartenkids! This isa perfect collection of educational games for littlekids. As areward after each round, children receive the opportunityto becomecreative artists and CHANGE THE DESIGN OF THE TRAIN.Colorfulgraphics and fun sound effects will help your pre-k childlearnletters, spelling, math, making pairs, pattern andmore!Kindergarten and preschool kids love these games! GameIncludes 1.Counting 2. Make Pairs 3. Match Shadow. 4. Pattern. 5.BegginingLetter. Features: Simple & intuitive child-friendlyinterfaceUniversal app for all phones and tablets Easy navigationbetweengames High-quality graphics Drag & drop animations Andlast butnot least ***All puzzles are available for FREE***PrivacyDisclosure: As parents ourselves, EDUBUZZKIDS takeschildren'swellness and privacy very seriously. Our app: • Does notcontainlinks to social networks • Does not collect personal dataBut yes,it does contain advertising as that’s our means ofproviding theapp free of cost to you – the ads are carefully placedsuch thatthe kid is least likely to click on it while playing.FeedbackPlease: If you have any feedback and suggestions on how wecouldfurther improve the design and interaction of our apps andgames,please visit our website or leaveus amessage at We would be glad to hear fromyouas we are committed to updating all of our apps and games onaregular basis with new features and also want to get some ideasforfuture app development.
Toddler Learning Games - Little Kids Games
Little kids learning games is a collection of games/puzzlesforpreschool children. To teach your pre-k kiddo color,shapes,fruits, vegetables, English Alphabet, abc phonics,countingnumbers, creatures (animals) , Musical notes, basic pianoandtracing. The interactive learning is a great mode of educationaschildren enter kindergarten as kinesthetic learners. Fourteenhighquality toddler games for 2-4 year old, keeps the kidenchantedwith the experience of the kids fun games. The learningbasedtoddlers educational activities are perfect for kids toinculcateinquisitiveness in their early childhood. The educationalgames forchildren encourage to learn at their own pace. No winningand nolosing keep the kid amused for hours. Rewards andappreciationearned at the end of each activity boost the kid’smorale.Each quizin itself act as baby toy for the little ones.Adorable stickerscan be collected in a box after scoring enoughpoints. ** BabyGames are designed to enhance following skills 1.Fourteen colorful& engaging activities for young minds. 2. Coreactivities forfoundation stage of primary school kids. 3. Helps todevelop skillsfor early learning while keeping kids busy andengaged. 4. Primarygames for cognitive skills for kids. 5. Hand-eyecoordination usingearly learning games. 6. Concentration and Memorydevelopment ininfants. 7. Visual perception 8. Digital Baby Toys9.Classification 10. Symmetry 11. Motor skills development ofyourbaby 12. Introducing child to basic musical notes using aPiano.13. Baby coloring games to introduce colors for**List of Kids Games for Toddlers - Hanging fruits - Floatingbubbles- Match the shadow - Fill the Colors - Color Fun - Hungryfrog -Scratch to reveal - Underwater catch - Balloon Pop - BalloonFun -Jigsaw puzzle - Sea Wonder - Learn to write - PianoToddlerseducational games is great mode of learning forpreschoolers. Ithelps to inculcate interest and positive attitudetowards learningsince a very early age. Learning by doing orExperiential learningis one of the most recommended way tointroducing basic concepts toinfants and babies. Quoting experts onkid's learning styles:"Children enter kindergarten as kinestheticand tactual learners,moving and touching everything as they learn.By second or thirdgrade, some students have become visual learners.During the lateelementary years some students, primarily females,become auditorylearners. Yet, many adults, especially males,maintain kinestheticand tactual strengths throughout their lives."(Teaching SecondaryStudents Through Their Individual LearningStyles, Rita Staffordand Kenneth J. Dunn; Allyn and Bacon, 1993).App features 1.Colourful games to teach kids learning basics 2.Frequentrepetition to help children learn 3. Easy games for kids.Kid’sfriendly interface 4. Beautiful stickers to earn 5.EnticingGraphics and amazing colors. 6. Quizzes to enhance handeyeco-ordination and motor skills of the child (Balloon FunandBalloon pop ). 7. Free learning games for toddlers and Freeplay8.Learn basic music/piano notes. ** Applications fromGreysprings1. Kindergarten Kids Learning 2. Kids Shapes &Colors 3. KidsPreschool Learn Letters 4. Kids games Learning math** Privacy 1.Privacy policy: 2.We do notcollect any personal information about kids
Math Games for Kids: Addition and Subtraction 5.60
Learn addition, subtraction and times tables for elementaryschoolchildren and basic skills, numbers and tallying for preschoolkids.Are you looking for free learning games so your child can havefunand learn math at the same time? Stop looking and download“BuddySchool: Learning Math Games” free! It’s perfect for all agesas ittotally adapts to each child’s age, so preschool kids (aged3-6),primary and secondary (aged 6-15) and adults of all ages canallplay. Also, the youngest kids can learn their first words intheirown language or in any other (English, French, Spanish,Italian,German, Russian, Portuguese, Finnish, Swedish, Danish,Norwegian,traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Korean). Allyou haveto do is change the language! Enjoy the adventure! Buddyand hisfriends will put you to the test with their fun and crazyantics.Have a great time at their school while you learn andimprove yourlogic and math ability. Children will have an excitingadventuresolving puzzle games, jigsaws, memory games, basic skillsgames,addition and subtraction activities, times tables worksheetsandmental math activities. And all of it perfectly adapted totheirage. EDUCATIONAL GOALS BY AGE: For preschool kids: aged from 3to 6years. - Learn to recognize numbers and learn therelationshipbetween quantity and number. - Improve speed,attention, andpsychomotor skills through play. - Learn basic skillsand firstwords, letters, consonants and vowels (reading and writing– abc)in a fun way in their native language: English. - Learn tocount(tallying). - Start learning English for kindergartentoddlers(preschool). - Learn and improve coordination and finemotor skillsin the youngest. - Develop visual awareness ofdifferent movingshapes and objects. - Develop attention andconcentration. Forprimary -between 6 and 12 years- and secondary-between 12 and 16years- - Revise counting skills (tallying for theyoungest). -Practice sums with appropriate numbers for their age. -Learn tosubtract with numbers suiting their level in logic andmath. - Mathlearning with logic sequences activities. - Learn andpracticesimple times tables (multiplication) and division. -Improve mentalmath. From ages 16 to 100 :)) the game will be agreat challengefor this age range as well, increasing thedifficulty of themathematical operations (mental math, addition,subtraction, timestables and division) and the rest of the levels.Preschool kids,elementary children and adults have no excuse not topractice andrevise math operations (counting numbers, sequences,tallying,addition, subtraction, division, simple times tablesandmultiplication, and basic math skills, as Buddy Schoolperfectlycombines fun with learning arithmetic and mental math. Andparentsdon’t have any excuse either as this app is free!! It’s arealeducational video game! So now you know: go practice mentalmathand enjoy learning!! What are you waiting for?!! It’sfree!!Company: Didactoons Educational video game: BuddySchoolRecommended age: 3-10 years Subject: Learn math throughplay.Contents: Basic skills, basic math, addition, subtraction,countingnumbers.
Kids Preschool Learning Games - 40 Toddler games 2.4
GunjanApps Studios
★★★★★ Kids Preschool and kindergarten Learning Games free-All-in-one ★★★★★ ★ Includes 40 mini kids games withinteractive,helpful voice narrating, colorful graphics, and greatsound effectsto help your kids learn Alphabets, Spelling, Numbers,Colors,Shapes, Vehicles, Body parts, Days and Months, Musicalinstruments,Coloring Pages, animals and fruits with HD flash cards★ Toddlerscan practice the basics of ABCs (letters) and the Numbers(1-10)using this app (games). Educational games increases childskills& interest in learning new things using the phone ortablet ina fun way ★ Preschool baby games are fun educational gamestoimprove child memory and offers free learning games for kids ★kidslearning games act as brain trainer & draw their attentiontopractice the spellings of Alphabets (letters), Numbers(123),Colors, Animal name, Fruits and Shapes and improve kidsmemoryskills ★ Identification of shapes and Colors in the gamepaintboxand the jungle Animals is made easy and fun as they aredisplayedin a more fun colorful & magic way. ★ Drawing Pagesfor littlekids to draw, color or doodle ★ Kids Musical Piano gamesandXylophone toddler games ★ Kids Dress Up game ★★★★★ Turn yoursmartphone or tablet into a fun toy phone for your kid ★★★★★ADVANTAGES:★ Kids Preschool Learning Games for little kids willimprove kidsmemory skills & a great mode of education fortoddlers enteringkindergarten, pre-k children (2,3,4 or 5 yearsage) ★ Educationalgames develop the concentration of kindergartenkids even beforethey complete their toilet training ★ Kids pre kbaby phone gamewill help to recognize digits, tracing and countingof numbers(123) 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ★ The balloon pop numbergame 123s issmart fun for the junior play ★ Baby phone game helpwith theVocabulary Builder of letters of alphabet & improvememory ★Coloring pages fun help identify the Colors before theyread booksor ride school bus. Best Coloring book app ★ Pre-Keducational (Allin one) app with transport vehicles and car games ★Connect dotswith balloon pop game is easy to use and perfect kidsgames ★ Babyeducational games that will keep your preschool andkindergartenage kids train while children (toddlers) are learning ★KidsPreschool Educational Memory puzzle brain trainer is designedas aneducational tool by experts for preschool toddlers ★ MemorypuzzleEnglish Game user interface is simple and fun with clearimages forAlphabet (letters), Numbers (123), Colors, Animals,Fruits andShapes ★ Baby phone game will help your kid's memorytraining andpuzzle solving FEATURES: ★ Balloon pop Game: This gameis designedto teach number counting ( 123.. ). It includes numbercounting0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10. Kids will love the balloon soundwhen theyclick to connect, count and want to play this cute &fun gamewith the number song! Great for toddlers, as baby games orgamesfor 3 year olds and games for 4 year olds ★ Learn thealphabetgame: colorful endless alphabets in the ABC Playground,enjoyalphabet song. Perfect games for 4 year olds ★ Learning colorsforkids. Your kid will be busy and entertained with identifysamecolor match puzzle game. Choose the correct paint color &learnto draw coloring book fun game ★ Shape builderkindergartenpreschool game: identify same shapes puzzle &improve theirmemory & skills in memory matching game (same tosame). Perfectplaykids games for 5 year olds ★ Baby home adventurekids game withjungle animals (flash cards). Perfect games for 3year old toddlers★ Learn fruits name in the peepa kids app: enjoybarnyardplayground kids learn educational games while matchingobjects.Perfect games for 3 year olds Present your boys and girls akidsgames kit as perfect gift for junior play to Learn Alphabet&Numbers and be a little Math genius and abcs master.Preschoolgames for little kids are great for pre-k, kindergartenandpreschool children who want to learn by playing. 2.1.4
Age of Learning, Inc.
**Free with your membership** IntroducingMasteringMath, a set of fun learning games that give your child afullypersonalized learning experience. This adaptive game-basedapphelps children in preschool through 2nd grade build astrongunderstanding fundamental math concepts and skills:counting,comparing quantities, the base ten system, andaddition/subtractionoperations. This foundation is essential forsuccess in mathematicsin elementary school and beyond. Withengaging characters andscenarios, individualized learning pathways,and continuousassessment built into every level of every game,Mastering Mathhelps children achieve proficiency through practicethatincorporates repetition and variation—both of which areeducationalmethods important to successful learning. CurrentABCmouse memberscan use this app completely free just by loggingin. If you are notyet a member, you can subscribe through this appto begin yourfamily’s ABCmouse learning adventure. The MasteringMath appoffers: • Fun characters and engaging scenarios • Gamesthatautomatically adjust their level of difficulty based onyourchild’s abilities • Game-based instruction for number senseandoperations topics including counting, comparing, numbersentences,place value, and addition and subtraction operations.This appcontains NO third-party advertising and DOES NOT shareanypersonally identifiable information about you or your childwiththird parties. See our full Terms and Conditionsat: View our Privacy Policyat:
Kids Education (Preschool) 2.0.4
forqan smart tech
Kids education (Preschool) is an educational yet funny filledappintended for 3-6 year old children and covers wide range ofmentalskills. Kids education (Preschool) will help your childdevelophis\her oral skills and widen his\her vocabulary incolors,vegetables and fruits, animals, body parts, emotion, andrelations.It also focuses on math skills like counting andnumberrecognition. The game is divided into 4 sections: ✔ Animalworld:in this section your kid learns the names of the animals andbirds,their sounds, and their dwellings ✔ Basic skills: the childisrequired to learn colors' names, shapes, body partsandcategorization. ✔ High skills: a whole section dedicated tohighoral and sematic skills, matching between objects and theirrawmaterials, and completing the puzzle shape. ✔ ABC math: dealswithnumber recognition, counting and matching between the numberandthe quantity that represents it, matching between lettersandanimals' images, blending colors and more. Key features: ✔ Safeappthat contains no 3rd party ads ✔ Your child can navigate iteasilyby himself. ✔ Available in 11 languages including:English,Spanish, French, Arabic Portuguese, German and more. ✔Contains 96puzzles ✔ Colorful graphic ✔ Education preschool quotes✔ Solarsystem for kids (planets, sun, space, universe) ✔Educational gamesfor preschool ✔ Logical apps for toddlers ✔ Namesof letters ✔Sound of animal for toddlers ✔ Colors for toddlers appfree ✔Entertain game and apps for preschoolers ✔ Shapes for babiesapps ✔Numbers for kids games ✔ Talking alphabet ✔ Educational babygamesfree ✔ Education puzzles for preschool ✔ Human body partsforeducation ✔ Real cute animals for preschool ✔ Shapes and colors✔Baby learn ABC and numbers ✔ Letters and numbers ✔ LearningABCwith fun ✔ Math puzzle games for kids ✔ Educational games forkidsage 4-6 and activities free preschool ✔ Learning games for kids✔Children recognize letters ✔ Phonics education ✔ Preschoolerslearnreal English words ✔ Help parents teach their kids ✔ Trainmemory ✔Improve pronunciation About Forqan Smart Tech. Forqan a developer of educational and entertaining apps intendedtochild's benefit. All our apps are made by a group ofchildspecialists and literacy specialists so that all the skills weworkon are scientifically proven as good predictors of readingandwriting in elementary school. For more information about uspleasevisit our Facebook page or contact us on
Kids Education - Free 1.3.1
forqan smart tech
Educational app for kids as well as adults who want to learnbasicsof foreign languages. A wonderful application for 3-6 yearskids,This game proves to be the best kids game to help your childgrow,learn, have fun, and even give parents some time off. Withfourfun, colorful and educational sections, "Kids Education" has96puzzles specifically designed to contribute to, exerciseanddevelop your child's cognitive skills and generalinformation."Kids Education - Free" Developed by a kids’ father anda child'smental development specialist, "Kids Education" aims to beaseducational and beneficial as possible; and beingfathersthemselves, these developers know how important -and tricky-it canbe to keep children interested while learning. Thishighlyeducational app is also suit children with special needs,teachersand other professionals working in the field of childdevelopment.With "Kids Education - Free" your kids will learn: ✔Letters andsome basic words, e.g. numbers, colors and animals. ✔Number andcounting. ✔ Colors. ✔ Vegetables and fruits (with sounds)✔ Namesand sounds of animals. ✔ To detect objects with relationssuch as:belongs of, related to, opposite, similarity, shadow. Someof thepuzzles are coming with sounds to make it more educationaland morefun for kids to learn while they play. The application isdividedinto 4 sections: 1. Basic Skills: Learn about colors, knowthesizes, detect the shapes, occupations & professions, learnthefruits, learn work tools, devices & more. 2. ABC Math: Havefunby matching, counting & listening numbers, meet the numbersandmatch the letters, improve your kid constructional abilitiesbybuilding cubes and finding similarities. 3. Animal World:learnabout animals names, their foods & house, matching animaltoface, marine animals, know insects and birds. 4. High Skills:Enjoylearning about colors mixing, know the emotions, know thebasicbody parts, and detect relations between objects,such asopposites.Know the directions and spatial relations and extractionsofmaterials, all & parts and more. Features: ✔ 96 Puzzles ✔800High quality pictures ✔ 30 Funny & dynamic feedback ✔ 200Highquality sounds Reveal your child's brilliance and help theirbraingrow- download "Kids Education - Free" today. Enjoy!
Preschool Adventures-2 1.8.3
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Let's teach your preschooler kid numbers, counting, letters,colors,shapes, animals, logic and more. " Preschool Adventures-2 "contains36 puzzles in 4 fun, colorful, and educationalsections,specifically designed to contribute to your child'scognitiveskills, exercise abstract thinking abilities, and developgeneralknowledge. Developing these abilities and skills can helpprepareyour children for school and give them extra advantage inlife.Preschool Adventures-2 is a wonderful game with educationalpuzzlesfor 4-5-year old kids. The game is available in 12languages:English, Germany, Spanish, Russian, French, Italy,Portuguese andmore.. This is the best game for your preschoolchildren to learnwith a lot of fun .The game is suitable for littlegirls and littleboys alike. While playing the game your child willlearn: ✔Counting from 1 to 10 ✔ Completing a missing part of animage ✔Matching objects according to "depends on", "is oppositeto", and"is a kind of" logical relations ✔ Bilateral and spatialawareness(above, below, left-to, right-to, behind, in front of)✔Recognizing an object by its silhouette (shadow) ✔ Lettersandtheir pronunciations ✔ Animal foods and habitats names Thegameincludes the appropriate sounds of animals, birds,instruments,etc. These (and other) sound effects are played on eachcorrectanswer. ♥ All the puzzles were prepared by a specialist inthefield of child mental development. ♥ The game was tested ondozensof children in the appropriate age range prior to itsrelease.Install "Preschool Adventures-2" today and let your kidhave funand free learning !
MAGE Studio Kid Games
Learn colors and shapes in educational games for toddlers 3yearwith kids logic games! Funny Food for develop fine motorskills!Toddler games free for 2 year olds has endless possibilitiestokeep your children busy with very useful and engaging gamesWelcometo the world of 17 various children's games free 3 yearsold. Thisgeometric shapes app addresses various topics such as:logic,sizes, colors etc. It also has puzzle for toddlers!”FunnyFoodKindergarten learning games for toddlers” INCLUDED kidslogicgames: 🚛SORTING. Sort all of the food into different trucks.🍓🚰SILHOUETTES. Wash all the fruits and vegetables and put ontheplatter. (Fruit learning for creative thinking andimagination)🍪SHAPES. Bake geometrical cookies and feed them tolittle animals(Introduces to geometric shapes app) 🍉UNITS as PARTSand as aWHOLE. Cut the fruits and veggies into smaller parts bytracing thelines and feed the animals. (Learning game, that teachesa conceptof fractions.) 🌽MATCHING games kids. Funny food are hidingin thedark refrigerator. Find the pairs in matching games kids.(memorygames for toddlers 3 years ol) 🚢SIZES. Sort the goods intomatchingboats. (Learn colors and shapes) 🍎🍐🍊COLORS. Catch all thefood inthe kitchen and sort it into pots. (kindergarten learningfree appsintroduces to learn colors toddler free) 🍏 PUZZLES fortoddlers.Put a puzzle together. (Toddler games free for 2 year oldsforcreative thinking and imagination) FIND and TAP. Find and tapthefood which you may put into jars. (Fun game, thatdevelopsattention) 👀👉CONTOURS. Wash the food and sort it intoplaces.(Smart kids games for creativity and cognitive thinking)🚂LOGIC.Select a "passenger" and put him on the train. (Logic game,thatintroduces to a concept of consistency and continuity) 🍩SHAPESandSIZES. Bake cookies of different shapes for toddlers and sizesandfeed them to the animals. (Fun educational game, that introducestolearning colors for toddlers free) FEATURES OF”FunnyFoodKindergarten learning games for toddlers” - EDUCATION FORKIDS: 🍒17educational games for kids kindergarten(fruit learning,etc) 🍏10educational concepts of education for kids and geometricshapes andcolor games for kids 🍋50 sorts of food and learn colorstoddlerfree (2 year old games free boys) 🍇Amusing characters withlots ofanimation and interaction 🍊Comfortable and simple interfaceforpreschoolers from 3 and up 🍎Fine motor skills & basicskills:logic, attention, memory games for toddlers and thinking,puzzlesfor toddlers free, learn color and shapes 🍐 Fun soundeffects andamazing graphics for children from 2 to 5 years old 🍓NoInternetneeded in free learning games for toddlers and 2 year oldgamesfree boys 🍎🍊🌽Funny Food will become a great helper for parentsandkids. Playing these fun games for children free will help yourkidsto become independent and creative thinkers! Baby learningcolorsfor toddlers free in children's games free 3 years old withkidslogic games to develop fine motor skills in toddler games freefor2 year olds. 🌟About MAGE:🌟 😉We develop educational appsfortoddlers, interactive books and nursery rhymes for youngchildrenand toddlers . 📚Our educational apps for toddlers withsmart gamesfor kids are distinguished by high quality content withparticularattention to design. The simple and user-friendlyinterfaces of ourfree learning games for toddlers 3 years ol havebeen especiallycreated for little ones. With our apps kids learnthe alphabet,letters, numbers and phonics. ☝Our apps contain nothird partyadvertising and comply with the standards of “DesignedFor Family”.👉There is only a part of the content available in thefree versionof the application. To gain access to the full version,you willneed to make a built-in purchase.
Funny Food 123! Kids Number Games for Toddlers
MAGE Studio Kid Games
Thanks to the many hints, your child can play number gamesforpreschoolers with our cute characters by themselves! Toddlersgamesfor 3 year old will help to learn numbers for kids. 😍 Byplayingwith fun fruits and vegetables, your child will train theirmemoryand develop their attention span and logic! Thanks to themanyhints scattered throughout the game, play without askingparentsfor help. 🍰 NUMBER CAKE - decorate the birthday cake withbeautifulfrosting characters! 👛 SHOP - Buy groceries at the shop:count thefood and the coins! (Counting for kids) 🎈 FUN SHOOTINGGALLERY -shoot at the balloons and learn count to 10! (Developsattentionspan, reflexes and fine motors skills.) 🏡 MAGIC GARDEN -grow realvegetables in a miracle-garden and count them! (Countinggames forkids.) 🍪 MAKE COOKIES - Bake and share math cookies withcutelittle animals! Toddler games free for 2 year olds 🏪 CAFE -takeorders and feed the animals! Educational games forkidskindergarten 🌌 SPACEPORT - counting games for toddlers free:get ateam together for a trip into space! 📦 FACTORY - help theanimalscount to 10 and pack their food! (Comparison: more or less.)🏢FUNNY ELEVATOR - help the funny foods get up to their floor!🍕PIZZA - divide the delicious pizza to share with yourfriends!(Builds familiarity with fractions.) 🚃 ROLLER COASTER - putthefunny fruits and vegetables in the right order for the ride!📱TELEPHONE - help your friends talk on the telephone!Educationalgames for kids kindergarten 🚀 SPACE TRIP - steer yourship intoopen space and help the funny foods travel to far-offplanets!(Relative amounts) 🚨 LIFEGUARDS - save the funny foods fromadesert island! 👩‍🍳 FUN KITCHEN - cook a delicious dish bytherecipe! (Builds familiarity with the concept of a whole anditsparts.) Number Cake, Fun Shooting Gallery and Roller Coaster.Toaccess all nine games, you need to obtain the full version.Wefocus on gaining and developing skills that everypreschoolerneeds. 2 year old games free for girls. Learning tocount,familiarizing children with numbers for toddlers and givingthemtheir first steps towards math and writing numbers.Children'sgames for 3 to 5 yrs old is an irreplaceable aid formindfulparents. With its help, children will happily learn anddevelopbasic math with ease as they play. “Funny Food 3! Kidsnumber gamesfor toddlers for free” includes: 🍪 Educational gamesfor kids 1stgrade free 🍪 Cheerful and colorful pictures 🍪 Basicskills: logic,memory, speech, imagination, fine motor skill 🍪 Greatfor bothgirls and boys 🍪 Learn to write numbers! 🍪 A unique methodofcounting for kids and number writing practice 🍪 Parental control🍪Does not require internet access 🌟About MAGE:🌟 Thesechildren'sgames for 3 to 5 yrs old have been created by MAGE, whodevelopsinteractive children learning games for toddlers age 3 to6. Ourkids games comply with the standards of “Designed ForFamily”.👪youtube:
Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)🧠💪 2.5.5
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This game has is fun for adults as well as kids. It introduces asetof brain exercises for adults as well as kids! Let yourchild'sbrilliance soar through "Kids Brain Trainer". With "KidsBrainTrainer" your kid will be able to: ✔ Match an image to itsshadow.✔ Find the odd image in a collection of images. ✔ Matchimages toits families. ✔ Memory game; match cards. Completely safeanddesigned for kids, this game proves to be the best kids gametohelp your child grow, learn, have fun, and even give parentssometime off. With four fun, colorful and educational sections,"KidsBrain Trainer (Preschool)" has 144 games specifically designedtocontribute to, exercise and develop your child's motorandcognitive skills (such as visual attention,visual-spatialrelations, short term memory, visual-motorcoordination, bi-lateralcoordination, tactile skills and muchmore). Developed by apreschoolers father and a child's mentaldevelopment specialist,"Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)" aims to beas educational andbeneficial as possible; and being fathersthemselves, thesedevelopers know how important -and tricky- it canbe to keepchildren interested while learning. "Kids BrainTrainer(Preschool)" is updated at least twice a month with fun,new,graphics, puzzles and more to keep your little ones havingfun!This highly educational app is not only designed for children3+(including special needs children), but also for anyparents,teachers, or other professionals working in the field ofchilddevelopment. "Kids Brain Trainer (Preschool)" includesfourfun-packed parts with a number of colorfully themed andleveledgames: 1. Shadow: 48 mind-exercising levels of matching afigure toits shadow 2. Differences: 48 fun levels of identifyingthe imagethat does not belong 3. Match It!: 24 exciting games ofmatching apicture to the figure provided. 4. Memory: 24 colorfulgames ofmatching memory cards; each game of three difficultylevels: Easy,Medium and Hard. This educational game is trulydeveloped withevery child's best interest at heart and serves as anaccurate wayto access you child’s basic skills, as well as developthem. ForqanSmart Technology believes that by doing, playing andexploring,children learn best. Have your child develop essentialmotor andcognitive skills doing just that- doing, playing,exploring, andhaving endless fun with a safe game. Reveal yourchild's brillianceand help their brain grow- download "Kids BrainTrainer(Preschool)" today.
Just For Kids Preschool 2.8
Indus Game Studio
Just For Kids is a free teaching app that makes learning funforchildren. It has got versatile categories like alphabets,numbers,colors, professions etc. Toddlers and Pre-schoolers canpracticebasics like Alphabets and numbers. This app is completelykidoriented. There are no complicated menus. Full with brightcolorsand kid friendly artwork. **FEATURES** - simple touchinterface -colorful educational app - kid friendly artwork - 14differentcategories - perfect for toddlers and preschoolers - no inapppurches There are 14 different categories 1. ALPHABETS - Capitalaswell as small alphabets 2. ANIMALS - fun cartoon clip artofanimals 3. BODY PARTS - Kids gotta learn about their own bodynwhat to call what. 4. CALLENDER - Names of months with funky art5.COLORS - Shades of rainbow!!! 6. DAYS - Week days with cartoonart7. FRUITS - Helps your kid to learn and distinguish betweenfruits8. NUMBERS - COUNTING!!! 9. PROFESSIONS - Help your kidunderstandwhat people do for living. 10. SHAPES - teach himdifferent shapes11. VEHICLES - How do people travel 12. SOLARSYSTEM - WHERE DO YOULIVE?!?!?! 13. INSECTS - theres nothing to beafraid of!!! 14.VEGETABLES - I'm afraid this wont make them eatthose :(.
Bini Super ABC! Preschool Learning Games for Kids!
Bini Bambini Academy
Baby ABC for kids who want to learn letters and sounds of thewholealphabet! Kindergarten education with free learning gamesfortoddlers age 3 - 5! ✍️👆📚 Learning to read is extremelyinterestingand very exciting with Super-fun game. Playing withamusing Superletters for kids, your children will get familiar withthe babyalphabet for toddlers. Your children will learn how towrite andpronounce letters, as well as develop beginning readingskills. 👶There are many educational and fun games: 📌 GETTINGACQUAINTED WITHLETTERS AND SOUNDS: "Pop up Bubbles with Letters!"Collect thecorrect letters in a bucket of paint. 📌 LEARNING TOWRITE LETTERS:"Write a Super Letter!" - write your animated letterswith the helpof the magic paint. Educational games for children. 📌LEARNING TOREAD WORDS: "Letters in Boxes!" - catch running lettersand makewords out of them. Assemble a cute character fromconstructionpieces and watch it come to life! 📌 REMEMBER THELETTERS: "Smartjumps"- tap on the correct steps to help the letterreach the goal!📌 REINFORCING LEARNED MATERIAL: "Puzzle-hide andseek with SuperAlphabet!" - find characters that start with thegiven letter andput them onto their correct places. "FriendlyChase!" - catch allthe right letters for the character. Super ABC!Free Learning gamesfor kids! Preschool apps: 🔵 An entertaining formof tracing abc! 🔵Funny animations & amazing music! 🔵 Hilarioussound effects! 🔵A large variety of free learning games for toddlersage 3! 🔵Parental control 🔵 No outside ads There is only a part ofthecontent available in the free version of the application. Togainaccess to the full version, you will need to make abuilt-inpurchase. Educational games for children whose parentsareinterested in developing attention span, fine motorskills,creativity and imagination. Learning letters and sounds. Weare inabsolute confidence that alphabet will help your kids learnto readkindergarten, learn letters and sounds for kindergarten,andestablish a solid foundation for good reading skills! Baby ABCforkids Learn alphabet for toddlers! This tracing ABC kids apphasbeen created by Bini Bambini, a software company whichdevelopseducational games for preschoolers Our app is distinguishedby highquality content with particular attention to design. Thepurpose ofall our games are aimed for all-round development. Kidsgames fortoddlers help preschoolers to develop memory, attentionspan,vocabulary and speech, as well as logic and fine motor skills.As acompany we strive to make our games for kids 3 yearsfreepractical. Our apps are oriented on all-round development.
Preschool Adventures-1 FREE 1.3.6
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Education puzzles for 3-4 years old children as well as adultswhowant to learn basics of different 11 languages! Awonderfulapplication for 3-4 years kids, Completely safe and havingNO ads,this game proves to be the best kids game to help your childgrow,learn, have fun, and even give parents some time off. Withfourfun, colorful and educational sections, Preschool Adventures-1has36 puzzles specifically designed to contribute to, exerciseanddevelop your child's cognitive skills and general information.Withthis game your kid learns: ✔ Numbers: 1-10 (with sounds) ✔Shapes:square, circle and triangle (with sounds) ✔ Sounds and namesofanimals. ✔ Colors (with sounds). ✔ Names of vegetables andfruits.✔ Similarities of: transport, animal, fruits, clothes,insects,fish, dolls, kitchenware, work tools. ✔ Sizes: big, mediumandsmall (with sounds) ✔ Bilateral awareness ✔ Shadow of objects✔Transport: different vehicles. ✔ Electric appliances ✔Seacreatures. The puzzles are coming with sounds of animals,birds,musical-instruments, cars, tools, dolls and other objects. ♥Likeour other applications, this game has NO ads at all! ♥ Thepuzzlesare prepared by a child's mental development specialist. ♥Theapplication was tested on tens of 3-4 children prior itsrelease. ♥The game is available at Apple and Amazon stores as well!Thepuzzles contain pictures of numbers, flowers,cartoons,transportation, fruits, vegetables, dolls, fishes,cloths,electrical equipment, kids' faces, sport, shapes, animals,insects,cars, colors and tools. The puzzles also contain sounds:sounds ofmusical instruments, sounds of animals and birds, numbersby soundand other sounds effects. We, at Forqan Smart Tech havealwayssought to provide the best for your children throughapplicationsdesigned, and directed each age group separately, ourbelief in thefeature each evolutionary stage passes by your son,but in order tolend life skills and the mentality to learn and growand playcorrectly and properly, and to communicate with his peersand theenvironment surrounding it. Let's your kid enjoy and learnwith ourwonderful game Preschool adventures!
Preschool Learning Games : Fun Games for Kids
An educational app for toddlers and Pre-k kids. Children cantouch,hear, and experience counting, ABC, piano, music, sizes,shapes andcolors playing Kidz games. Apart from basic learning andPreschoolactivities, the Games4kids also focuses on the motorskills andhand-eye coordination enhancements for kids by multiplefunlearning activities and preschool games, based on thekinestheticlearning process. HappyHalloween.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TOPFEATURES OF PRESCHOOL EDUCATIONAL GAMES FORCHILDREN:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------➢20 interactive KIDS SAFE games for toddlers and preschoolersforearly childhood education. ➢ Beautifully designed interactiveKidsGames with colorful and interesting cartoon characters. ➢Greatsound effects and awesome animation. ➢ Help your kidslearningABCs, Colors, Numbers etc using educational activitiesforchildren. ➢ Engaging and fun educational games for kids from age2to 6. ➢ Intuitive touch control specially designed for Pre-kandkindergarten kids. ➢ Stickers at the end of each game. Manyexpertshave explained the importance of fun and interactivelearningactivities for young children. A child must play and learnat herown speed. The activities for learning for kids shouldbeinteresting to keep them occupied, with rewards and appreciationtoboost their spirit. This is how we design each of preschoolkidsgame in this collection. With colorful pictures,captivatinganimation, and enchanting sound effects, young childrenwill loveevery activity this kids learning app has to offer. Theywill learnand play at the same time using fun Learning. So, if youareparents or teachers looking for interactive learning games foryourkids or students age 2 – 6, Kids Preschool Learning Games forkidsis the perfect app for children, which enables many freelearninggames for toddlers. Your kids won’t get bored trying outdifferentgames and activities and they will learn a lot from thesegames.List of Preschool Learning Activities for Kids: • Match theshadow- Matching games for kids • Count 123 - Identify and LearnNumbers• Scratch to reveal - Hand eye coordination • Cow Mania -Identifyand Learn Alphabets • Hungry Lizzy - Color games for kids •Trickymaze - Analytical skills and Learn Letters • Jigsaw puzzle-Hand-eye coordination • Odd one out - Color games for kids•Missing objects - Learn about common household items • Fillthecolors - Coloring fun for kids • Spot the difference - MemoryGames• Sort it out - Shape and Size games • Learn to trace - LearntoWrite • Bingo fun - Know different fruits • Music Time-Introduction to Piano • Cursive Tracing - Learn to write • DottoDot - Learn Letters and Numbers • Make your car - Assemble yourcarand have fun Kid's learning styles: "Children enter kindergartenaskinesthetic and tactual learners, moving and touching everythingasthey learn. By second or third grade, some students havebecomevisual learners. During the late elementary years somestudents,primarily females, become auditory learners. Yet, manyadults,especially males, maintain kinesthetic and tactualstrengthsthroughout their lives." (Teaching Secondary StudentsThrough TheirIndividual Learning Styles, Rita Stafford and KennethJ. Dunn;Allyn and Bacon, 1993). Privacy Policy: You can feel safeusing ourapp because we don’t collect your kids’ personalinformation.
Kindergarten Learning Games 3.5
Kindergarten Learning Games is educational game to make learningfun. Suitable for children of preschool, Pre-k andKindergarten.Preschool Kids Game Free.Suitable for children fromUSA , Canada ,UK , Australia , New Zealand , India, Singapore ,Hong Kong,...Learn languages: English, French, German andSpanish.Help anarrator to learn the alphabet , spelling ,vocabulary andelementary mathematics for little boy.Children willlearn counting,number recognition , sequencing, addition andsubtraction ofnumbers from 1 to 10 through fun exercises.Aligned toCommon Coremath State Standards.Kindergarten Learning Games iseducationalgame for preschool kids. ABC Alphabet Phonics.Soundeffects.Available many funny drawings . Suitable for americankids.Designsuitable for children preschool age and kindergarten .Learninggames for kindergarteners.Kindergarten Math for littleboy.Over 30interactive games , divided into three sections:Kindergarten GamesABC alphabet:★ Learn the alphabet.★ Learn theuppercase andlowercase .★ Pronunciation of each letter ( phonics).★Drag lettersto form words (with the help of the narrator and adrawing ) .★Learn Spanish for kids free★ Learn French for kidsfree★ LearnGerman for kids freeKindergarten Games Math:★ Learn thenames ofdifferents shapes and figures.★ Addition 1 to 10★Subtraction 1 to10★ Sort numbers from 1 to 10★ Counting from 1 to10★ NumberSequences★ Associating objects with polygonsKindergartenGamesBasic:★ High / Low★ Light / Heavy★ Left / Center / Right★ Gameofthe hours★ Colors★ Long / Short★ In / Out★ Below / Above★ CoinMath( $, € , £ )★ Pattern, sequence gameUsers:✔ PreschoolersansKindergarten Kids (1st graders too)✔ Parents for dailyhomework✔Teachers in the classroom✔ HomeschoolersGames adapted fortabletsof 10", 8" and 7 ". Also for smartphones. MultiuserAge: 3, 4, 5, 6or 7.Also valid for special needs such as autism.Follow usonfacebook: us ontwitter: in English,Spanish,German, French
Kids Counting 123 Preschool 2.2
Math Games for Kindergarten to make learning fun . Suitableforchildren of preschool, Pre-k and Kindergarten.Suitable forchildrenfrom USA , Canada , UK , Australia , New Zealand , India,Singapore, Hong Kong, ...Play to learn math in the mostentertaining way,combining operations and activities with our funnypictures.Mathchallenge for kids. Math practice for kids. Math brainfor kids.Kindergarten Learning Games. Toddler Counting 123Free[Help anarrator to learn the numbers and elementary mathematicsfor littleboy.Children will learn counting, number recognition ,sequencing,addition and subtraction of numbers from 1 to 10 throughfunexercises.Aligned to Common Core math StateStandards.Soundeffects. Available many funny drawings .Kindergarten gamessuitable for american kids.Design suitable forchildren preschoolage and kindergarten . Learning gamesforkindergarteners.Kindergarten Math for little boy.Over20interactive games , divided into two levels :Level 1:★ Learnthenumbers.★ Counting from 1 to 10★ Patterns★ Puzzles★Shadows★MatchLevel 2:★ Addition 1 to 10★ Subtraction 1 to 10★ Sortnumbersfrom 1 to 10★ Number Sequences★ Memory★ Ordinals★ Coin Math( EUR /USD / GBP / JPY / KRW).★ Set time★ Numbers from 11 to 20(*** NEW***)Users:✔ Preschoolers ans Kindergarten Kids (1st graderstoo)✔Parents for daily homework✔ Teachers in theclassroom✔HomeschoolersKids will love this game because it showsnumbers,operations , polygons , watches, ... with a nice interface. You'lllike it too because this app it is based on the curriculumofkindergarten.Recommended for children fromkindergarten.Kindergarten math.Easy to play . You have the optionof unlimitedplay . You can see your progress step by step .Suitableforchildren 3, 4, 5, 6 years. You can play withoutinternetconnection.Games adapted for tablets of 10", 8" and 7 ".Also forsmartphones.Also valid for special needs such asautism.Follow uson facebook: us ontwitter : in English,Spanish, German,French
Learning numbers for kids - kids number games! 👶 2.0.59
Educational games for kids kindergarten are the most popular waytostudy for kids nowadays and our memory games will help themintheir preschool education. "Learning numbers for kids" is oneofour toddler educational games (juegos infantiles) that standsoutfrom numerous kindergarten learning games. Our free offlinemathgames for kids will teach the child to count 1 2 3 etc andalsooffer some mini numbers for toddlers games to fix thereceivedknowledge. Our kids apps being a part of our kindergartenmathgames are one of the best games for learning numbers. Kidsnumbergames are great way to play and learn preschool math.Mainadvantages of our learning kids games: Number games fortoddlersfor free will give the baby not only the initial knowledgeof 123numbers and math but also train fine motor skills,attentiveness,memory, intelligence, perseverance and persistence inachievinggoals. All these things will help the kid study better atschool inthe near future. Very bright and at the same time clearandintuitive interface, great graphics and realistic sounds. Soevenlittle kids will deal with the games for kids numbers easilyandplay it with a lot of fun and interest. Little students canlearnnumbers in 7 languages - in English, Russian, Italian,French,German, Spanish (niños), Portuguese. The game is voices bynativespeakers with perfect pronunciation and clear diction. If achildknows names of numbers in other languages it will help him orherstudy foreign languages better as well as it will be usefulduringtrips abroad. Learning numbers for toddlers was designed asfreeeducational games for kids bundle which includes babycounting,learn to count, toddler games free for 2 year olds. Yourchildeducation will be very fun with our kids games for boys andgirls.You can download preschool games for kids for free. Our freegamessave family budget and provide early toddler education ofhighquality. How to play and begin to study kindergarten math: Ourappwith letters offers children to learn to count numbers 0 to 9.Thishappens as follows: one of the numbers will appear in thecenter ofthe screen, followed by its proper pronunciation. The kidshouldcarefully look at the number and repeat its name afterthevoice-over. It may be necessary to say the name of thenumberseveral times to pronounce it right. To re-listen to thenumber’sname it's enough to tap on this number. Then the child willsee 3contours, of which only one corresponds with the number shown.Thechild is to find the correct variant and drag the number tothechosen contour. If the choice is right, the number will flushwitha bright color and the puzzle will go to the next step. Nowlet’stest the received knowledge playing fun mini learning games.In the1st game the baby is to recognize and find the given numeralamong8 different variants. For every task fulfilled correctly, thechildwill be rewarded. The 2nd mini-game offers kids to catchthewriting numbers flying across the screen. The player needstoselect only the numbers that correspond to the example shown ontheright. Playing the 3d kind of puzzles, the baby should burstthebubble with the same number as shown in the center of the screeninthe “sun”. The game has been created in such a way that a childcanlearn numbers in the most comfortable game form. Forthis,children's teachers, psychologists and methodologists wereinvolvedin the development of the game. Skills and knowledge gainedduringthe game will help children to master the material morequickly infurther education. Games for kids 3 years free arewaiting to beplayed.
Kindergarten and Preschool Montessori Kids Games 1.38
Queleas LLC
Preschool and Kindergarten Games For Kids was developed as akidseducational gaming tool for parents to help their childrenlearnnew skills while playing. Through spelling, phonics, abclearning,recognition and learn color games, kids will develop newskills forkindergarten or preschool. Eight cool unique Kids Gamesareawaiting your little ones to enjoy and learn at the sametime!Preschool Game made from parents, for parents! 👶 🔤ABC LEARNINGThegame features great variety of alphabet learning gamesforpreschool and kindergarten kids. From managing a crane to putallthe letters in the alphabet in the right order, to simple tapgameswith cool animal characters pronouncing the letters. One ofthemost versatile and fun kids games friendly abc learninggames.🗣️SPELLING AND PHONICS With unique artwork and HDprofessionalvoice cover, the preschool games also support spellingand phonicsexercises with the professional voice over actorspronouncing theletters in multiple instances. This increasesunderstanding, andsignificantly improves the understanding of thealphabet andability to speak the letters. 🎨 learning colors gamesPreschool andKindergarten Games For Kids is also one of the bestlearning colorsgames for toddlers and little kids. They can learnboth by coloringand listening to the voice over artist pronouncingthe colors indifferent situation and after certain taps/actions inthe colorlearning games for kids. This is one of the easiest waysoflearning colors for toddlers! 
💡Develop New Skills

PreschoolandKindergarten Games For Kids is a safe place for kids to playwhilebeing constantly challenged to learn new skills for kinder.Kidsneed variety while training their new skills and thesechildrengames offer exactly that. We have tested all our games withour sonand he absolutely loves them! This gives us confidence thatyourkids will also love these entertaining and mindchallengingpuzzles.  👦 Preschool and Kindergarten Games ForKids FEATURES✅ 9 Educational Learning Games that range from readingand spellingto drawing and color learning and recognition. ✅Thoroughly testededucational kids games, including our own ✅Spelling: 20 Firstwords to learn reading and spelling. Game fortoddlers. ✅ Coloring:Educational Games templates. From A to Z. ✅ Anintroduction tocolors recognition and sorting. ✅ A Letters sortinggame to helphand eye coordination while emphasizing the learning ofletters. ✅Learning Kids Games for toddlers in order to develop newskills. ✅Ages: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 year old. ✅ Preschool andKindergartenGames For Kids ✅ Education for Kindergarten Kids ✅ 1stGradeLearning Games ✅ 2nd Grade Learning Games ✅ 3rd GradeLearningGames----------------------------------------------------------One ofthe most fun alphabet learning games with colorrecognition,learning spelling and phonics. Try it once, and see theresponsefrom your kids. We are sure they will love learning everyday! WHYKIDS EDUCATIONAL GAMES? Multiple studies show that thequickest andmost effective way to learn new abilities is throughhands-on play.Different educational systems including Montessoriand Waldorf willagree that play and imagination are a fundamentalpart of thelearning process. As a mother, I understand that ourkids imitateour example. We respect that parents may make differentchoicesabout technology for their families. We strongly encourageparentsto discuss technology expectations with other families.Familiarizeyourself with the safety and privacy settings of this orany gamesfrom our store. We encourage to use a parental controltool to helpyou monitor and limit your child’s online activity, onall devices.However, be cautious: no tool provides perfectprotection. Nothingcan replace your personal attention andmonitoring.
Learning numbers for kids! Writing Counting Games!
Bini Bambini
Need baby counting games for kids with number writing practice?Tryour number games for toddlers! Here learn to write numbersfortoddlers and counting for kids in a playful manner! 🎓🤓🤗🍭Therenever was such a SuperInteresting and SuperIntriguing way tolearnnumbers!!! "Learning numbers for kids! Writing Counting Games!-happy kindergarten games, which will help to learn to count fromto10. While playing with little number-characters your child learntowrite numbers. They will learn a correlation between numbersandquantities in early math games for kids. 👍 Number gamesfortoddlers includes many amazing educational games for kids 1stgradefree: 👋FIRST EXPOSURE TO NUMBERS AND THEIR NAMES "CatchtheNumBlot!" Collect the needed NumBlot in the bucket with paint&counting for kids! ✍️DRAW NUMBERS "Draw Super Numbers!" Drawyourown Super Numbers with help from the magical paint (countingforkids, that improve their number writing practice). 🔟COUNT FROM 1TO10 "Feed the Super Number!" Catch and count the food for thehungrySuper Number. 👨‍🎓CORRELATION BETWEEN NUMBERS ANDQUANTITIES"Puzzle-hide and seek with Super Numbers!" - numbersgame, catchall the rogue Super Numbers and put them onto theircorrect place.What does “Learning numbers for kids! WritingCounting Games!” -kids number games for preschoolers free offer: •Super Amusingcharacters! • Super Entertaining education! • SuperFunny soundeffects and animation! • Number games for kids &learn countinggames for toddlers free! • Super counting numbers fortoddlers free(count to 10) • Super Comfortable interface! • NoInternetconnection required! 💎 FEATURES OF COUNTING APPS FOR KIDS:• Funnyand entertaining kindergarten learning free apps! • Funlearncounting for toddlers and writing numbers for kids! • Babyapps for2 year olds to 6 years old! • Dynamic and diversekindergartenlearning free apps! • Amazing graphics in write numbersapp! •Comfortable and simple interface for preschoolers ages 2 to5! •Parental control! • No third-party ads in kindergarten games! •Nowifi needed! We are sure that kids number games forpreschoolerswill help your children take their first steps into thebig worldof mathematics, awaken their curiosity of the new andbring joyoustimes into their lives and improve number writingpractice. Youwill get 4 levels of counting games for kids for free!You shoulddownload the full version to enjoy all levels unlocked.Early mathgames for kids! About BINI BAMBINI: These kid numbergames forkindergarten have been created by Bini Bambini, a softwarecompanywhich develops educational games for kids kindergarten. Ourfreelearning games for toddlers age 3 are distinguished by highqualitycontent with particular attention to design. The simpleanduser-friendly interfaces of our fine motor skill games havebeenespecially created for little ones. The purpose of all ourchildrengames for 5 years free is aimed for your child'sall-rounddevelopment. With our kindergarten learning games kidslearn thealphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. The kindergartengames freefor 5 year old help preschoolers to develop memory,attention span,vocabulary and speech, as well as other basicskills. Children areexposed to writing numbers for kids throughbuilding puzzles anddoing simple math. As a company we strive tomake our learninggames for toddlers age 2 practical, instilling adesire forknowledge, interest in reading and studying. Our countingapps forkids contain no third party advertising and comply withthestandards of “Designed For Family”. There is only a part ofthecontent available in the free version of the application. Togainaccess to the full version, you will need to make abuilt-inpurchase.
com.sqsapps.kindergartenlearningschool 1.2
Kindergarten Learning School app has many kids learningactivitieswith quizzes. Educational and Fun App for toddlers &preschoolchildren. Best app for kids to learn alphabet, numbers,shapes,rhymes, counting, tracing, coloring with interactiveactivities.Kids will learn the following: ** Alphabets ** Numbers** Animals** Fruits ** Vegetables ** Flowers ** Colors ** Shapes **NurseryRhyme Video Songs #### Features of the kindergarten learningschoolapp are #### • Attractive and colorful designs and picturesforyoung kids. • Learn alphabet letters with interactive funquizzes.• Learn to count for preschoolers • Learn about rhymes andpoems. •So many attractive and interactive activities forlearningVegetables, Fruits, Sports, Professions, Animals, Numbers,SolarSystem, Shapes and Vehicle. • Phonics for English Alphabets •Andmany other kindergarten games and learning activities AndNurseryRhymes: 00:06 The Wheels On the Bus 04:19 Five LittleMonkeys 22:14Incy, Wincy Spider 31:02 The Alphabet Song Whether youare parentsor kindergarten teachers, you can use the activitiesforpreschoolers and kindergarten kids at home or in class. Engageyourtoddlers in fun kid’s activities to keep them from doingmischiefbecause they are bored. Let them learn basic earlyeducation topicssuch as shapes, math, ABC, rhymes, sports,vegetables, counting,and many more including many baby coloringgames. Download this App:)
Kids Educational Game 3 Free 3.1
This fun application contains 12 games designed for children.Withthese games children will learn:- More than 100 words- Theanimalsname and sound- The numbers and letters- Languages:English,Spanish and Portuguese- Distinguish shapes- Paint &colors-Join the dots- Improve their memory, logicandconcentrationMoreover, they will enjoy fun games that willimprovetheir motor skills and spatial vision.Perfect forpreschoolers!
Learning colors for toddlers 1.3.0
2bros - games for kids
*** Learning colors for kids and little babies by 2bros gamesforkids ***Colors learning for babies, kids and toddlers is asimpleand funny educational game for the children and also for thesmallchildren. It learns your baby the basic colors and englishwords ofthem in the same time. Learning was never so fun andexciting.Toddlers will learn to name and recognize colors. In thislearninggame for kids are shown and named different objects likefruits,vegetables and animals and so on.
- The game easily teachesyourchild, whether boy or girls ten different colors: red,orange,blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, black, pink and grey. -Eachcolor comes with three very nice pictures mostly fruit(strawberry,apple, cherry..), vegetables and animals (elephant,panda, penguin,monkey, fish …) but also with objects like cloud,piano.- Interfaceis clear so even the youngest babies and toddlerswill have noproblem to interact with this educational game forkids.How to Playeducational game for toddlers:- In this educationalgame for babiesyou can find 3 buttons in the main menu learncolors, game one,game two - Learning colours button of thislearning game fortoddlers is of course for learning colors. Whenyou enter a certaincolor, along with its name will be shown andpronounced nicepicture. Below the color three objects will appearto match thecolor. For example bear, deer, monkey matches browncolor. Thismakes this family game funny and entertaining. When youclick onany object it will be pronounced in nice girls voice inenglishlanguage so your kid or toddler will learn english languageas welland that is why this colors learning is also englishlearninggame.- Game one is for matching colors. Children (boy orgirl) haveto match the circle to the same colored circle. When yourkid orbaby will match the color correctly the color will bepronounced inenglish.- Game two matches the colors as well but withthe objects.This improves memory, brain and creativity of yourchild.Thecolours learning game for babies allows the preschooler toidentifyand name objects colors. Your kids are gonna be betterinrecognizing color as well as in english language compared totheirclassmates in kindergarten or school. This colors learningforpreschoolers is determined for kids in a kindergarten,preschooland school. It is very nice family game. Colors learningbelong tothe basic knowledge of every child who wants to go tokindergarten,preschool or school. This kids game is more then justto learncolors but it has been created as a nice family game.Because morekids games for your preschoolers, boys or girls arecoming soon.And do not forget to learn colors and to learn english.
FUNNY FOOD 2! Educational Games for Kids Toddlers!
MAGE Studio Kid Games
Educational games for kids Kindergarten learning free apps&Fine motor skills games became fun! A world of 15 learningkidsgames! Learning games for toddlers age 3 5 with smart babyshapesaddress various topics such as: geometric shapes, colors,logic,sizes, etc! 🤗 🎓 Welcome to the world of 15 various childrengamesin Funny Food 2! 🍒 Funny Food 2: 🍐 🍏 PUZZLES - sort out thejumbledfunny foods (Fun learning games for kids 5 years free); 🍕ANGLES,PARTS & WHOLES - cook and slice pizza and then feedcutecharacters; 🛒 FIND & TAP - sort foods into theirappropriateplastic bags (Children’s games for 3 to 5 yrs old, thatdevelopsattention); 🤔 HIDE & SEEK - find the rascals and countthem(Games for children free that develop attention; learn tocountfrom 1 to 5); 🍋🚿 SHAPES - water the magical garden,growvegetables, then harvest and count them; 🚁SIZES - sort food bysizeand load them to the helicopter (Introduces a concept ofsorting bysize for smart kids free); 🍐🤓 LOGIC - find a pattern andarrangefoods correctly in the tractor's trailer (Kindergarten gamesfreefor 5 year old, that introduces to a concept of consistencyandcontinuity); 🚛 SORTING - sort all foods from the conveyor beltintodifferent pickup trucks (develop attention and logicalthinking); 🍒MATCHING - find all the matching pairs (matching gamesfree forkids, attention); 🍉🍴 UNITS & PARTS - slice the foods bytracingthe lines and cook various dishes (Memory matching games forkidsfree); 👠👒👓 CREATIVITY - dress foods in fancy clothing (2 yearoldgames free boys develop creativity and imagination); 🍋 LEARNSHAPESAND COLORS - prepare cookies that differ in color andshape(Introduces to sizes); 🍏🐼 COUNTING from 1 to 5 - feed animalswiththe right amount of food (A kind of puzzle games for kids 5yearsfree that help learn counting and think through math);⚖️COMPARISON - use the scale to weigh the right amount of food;🍓🚰COLORS FOR TODDLERS - kindergarten games free for 5 year old:washfruits and vegetables under the shower and sort them by color.💥FEATURES: 💥 🍒 15 baby learning games for kindergarten and aboveinEnglish; 🍏 Fun sound effects and amazing graphics, free gamesfortoddlers; 🍇 Amusing characters with lots of animationandinteraction; 🍊 Simple interface like in learning gamesforkindergarten; 🍓 Basic skills in learning kids games for children34 yrs free: logic, attention and thinking for kids to thinkthroughmath; 🍐 Parental control; 🤓Explore smart kids games: thinkthroughmath, fine motor skills games! Totally kindergarten learningfreeapps! Keep your child busy with educational games for kids!🌟AboutMAGE:🌟 😍These educational apps for toddlers have been createdbyMAGE, who develops interactive children learning games fortoddlersage 3 to 6. 🤗 With our educational games child will learnthealphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. Our games forpreschoolerscomply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.youtube:
Educational Games 4 Kids 2.4
New pescAPPs game! This fun application contains 12 gamesdesignedfor kids. In English, Spanish and Portuguese. With thisgame kidswill learn:- The animals name and sound- Distinguishshapes- Learnto paint and colors- Time: Hours and minutes- Theemotions: angry,surprised, happy…- Piano: Musical notes and 12songs- Improve theirmemory, logic and concentration - Play 3 in arow - Play 4 in aline- Solve mazes- Pinball: Motor skills andspatial vision.Perfectfor preschoolers!Thank you for downloadpescAPPs games, with ourgames children can learn while having fun.If you have anyquestions or suggestions please contact us.
Preschool Learning Fun (School Edition) 2.5
RosiMosi LLC
This is the School Edition (SE) of the super popularPreschoolLearning Fun. This version allows schools and teachers topurchaseall the games at full price without using in-app purchases.Thecontent is the same as if the normal free version wasfullyunlocked. 8 fun and original games to help your preschoolstudentlearn basic skills! Keep your preschool child entertainedwhilethey learn sorting, shapes, colors, differences, numbers,memory,and more! They will love playing the racing and balloonsgames, andyou will love the fact that they're learning andentertained at thesame time. Helpful voice narration guides yourlittle kids throughevery preschool game, and as they beat moregames they earnstickers. Keep your pre-school kids playing untilthey fill uptheir sticker board! Games: Telling Differences - Yourpre-k childwill study images to find the differences in themSorting -Pre-school sorting of objects into left, right, and middleShapeJumble - Identify important pre-k shapes and colors Racing -Funcar racing game Balloons - Keep the balloons in the air Puzzles-Fun pre-school geared puzzles Number Tracing - Your little kidcantrade numbers to learn how to write Memory - Remember a patternandrepeat it Perfect for preschool aged kids and students who needafun and entertaining educational game to play. This bundle ofgameshelps your child learn important math, number, counting,letter,alphabet, and problem solving skills while having fun!Preschoolteachers around the country use this app in theirclassroom to helpreinforce pre-school subjects. Ages: 2, 3, 4, 5year old pre-kchildren. ===================================== Ifyou havepurchased the games already and they are now showing lockedyou cantap Parents icon in the upper right corner, and then tap'RestorePurchase' to unlock the games again for free! And if youlove thegames, then please leave us a review!
com.bimiboo.playandlearn 1.97
Educational toddler games for pre-kindergarten kids. Our app has15pre-k activities for toddlers that will help your babydevelopbasic skills like hand eye coordination, fine motor,logicalthinking and visual perception. These games will suit bothgirlsand boys and can be a part of pre-kindergarten &preschooleducation for kids. Size game: Understand differences insizes bysorting inventory into correct boxes. 123 game: Countingfortoddlers to learn numbers 1, 2 and 3. Puzzle game: A simplepuzzlefor kids to improve hand eye coordination. Logic game:Developmemory and logic with cute animals. Shape games: Sort itemsbyshape to develop visual perception and hand eye coordination.Colorgames: Sort items by color while riding on a train orequipping aboat. Logic game: Understand the purpose of the itemsshown.Pattern game: Develop visual perception by sorting itemswithdifferent patterns. Memory game: Choose correct object thatwasshown earlier and fits others by its type. Attention game:Developattention and fine motor skills in a simple but veryentertaininggame. Toddler games are perfect for pre-k andkindergarten childrenwho want to learn by playing. Ages: 2, 3, 4 or5 years oldpre-kindergarten and kindergarten children. You willnever findannoying ads inside our app. We are always glad toreceive yourfeedback and suggestions.
Preschool Adventures-2 FULL 1.1.9
forqan smart tech
Education puzzles for 4-5 years old children! Awonderfulapplication for 4-5 years kids. This game proves to be thebestkids game to help your child grow, learn, have fun, and evengiveparents some time off. With four fun, colorful andeducationalsections, Preschool Adventures-2 has 36 puzzlesspecificallydesigned to contribute to, exercise and develop yourchild'scognitive skills and general information. Your kid willlearn bythis application: ✔ Numbers and counting: 1-10 (withsounds) ✔ Themissing part: complete the missing ✔ Bilateral andspatialawareness: above, below, left-to, right-to, behind, in frontof. ✔Shadow of objects ✔ Letters ✔ Match objects according to"dependsto", "opposite to" and "kind of"relations. ✔ Animals:animal foodand animal place of live. The puzzles are coming withsounds ofanimals, birds, musical-instruments, cars, tools, dollsand otherobjects. ♥ The puzzles are prepared by a child's mentaldevelopmentspecialist. ♥ The application was tested on tens of 4-5childrenprior its release. The puzzles also contain sounds: soundsofmusical instruments, sounds of animals and birds, numbers bysoundand other sounds effects. Let's your kid enjoy and learn withourwonderful game "Preschool Adventures-2 FULL"!
Balloon Pop Kids Learning Game Free for babies 🎈 9
GunjanApps Studios
Best Kids Balloon Pop game for Preschool & KindergartenLearningTurn your smart phone or tablet into a fun toy phone foryour kid 25fun & learning activities for babies, toddlers& pre-k kidsage 2-5 years old. Toddler games are perfect forpre-k andkindergarten children who want to learn by playing.Educationaltoddler games for pre-kindergarten kids help your babydevelop basicskills like hand eye coordination, fine motor,logical thinking andvisual perception. If your child is inkindergarten, or going toattend preschool, this is a free learningapp for your childrenBalloon popping Games free (All-in-one)features : - Learn Alphabets& Numbers in 5 different languages- English, Spanish,Portuguese, French, German - 25 Mini Learninggames for toddlers age3-5 years old - Adjust the size of theballoons according to yourtoddler's skill level - Learning theNumbers & counting turninginto fun! Mini Educational games forboys & girls with balloonpopping games for your children! -Bubble popping games for Babieslearn animal sounds & vehiclesounds & learning games fortoddlers age 3 - Balloon Pop KidsBaby Game provide free ABCAlphabet for kids. Fun educational gamefor your toddler - LittleChildren will enjoy this colorful balloonpopping with musical notes& learn the different instrumentsounds & musical piano withdifferent colors & shapes -Best Educational game for toddlerswith Puzzles & Memory game.Kids puzzle games for 3 & 4years old with bubble popping fun -Early Learning Games with FunnyPeekaboo kids free animals to playwith - Pre-k activities fortoddlers like Matching Alphabets andNumbers in awesome train gamesfor early learning - Popping gameswith 123 number Counting fortoddlers to learn numbers - Balloonpopping preschool learning gamesfor boys and girls. Great fortoddlers, as a baby game - Funny &Colorful Kids monster game.Tap the hidden monsters and pop thebubbles - kids memory matchgame are simple educational games forkids aged 2-5 years old -Toddlers can learn the basics of ABCsAlphabet (letters) & theNumbers (1-20) , Zoo Animals &Piano Musical sounds using thisapp (games) with different colors& shapes - This KidsPreschool Learning Games will improve kidsmemory skills & agreat mode of education for toddlers enteringkindergarten gamesfor 2 years old & games for 4 year olds -Balloon Pop Kidsgames help your toddler learn the alphabet,Numbers, Vehicles &animal Sounds with no effort! - Balloonpopping just for fun gamesfor 3 year olds - Pop the balloon forkids is an educational babygame that keep your pre-k, preschool& kindergarten agechildren entertain for hours - Coloring pageswith animatedcharacters - Fun Scratch the Farm animals to play withanimatedanimals - Fireworks game - Babies can tap or drag to createadazzling show of lights, complete with authentic sound effectstoset off fireworks - Learn Colors and shapes with Coloring pagesandcolor bounce popping game - Play with Piano, Trumpet,Bongo,Xylophone and more musical instruments and enjoy the musicpartywith animals Suitable for kindergarten, toddlers, earlylearners,preschool and 1st grade kids, Ballon pop Learning games isanaward-winning android app used in schools. Kids PreschoolLearningGames for little kids will improve kids memory skills &a greatmode of education for toddlers entering kindergarten,pre-kchildren (2,3,4 or 5 years age). Kids pre k baby phone game isaneducational game to develop the concentration of kindergartenkidseven before they complete their toilet training RECOMMENDEDAGE:Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Kindergartner LANGUAGES -English,Spanish, Portuguese, French, German
Educational Games for Kids 18
Educational Games for Kids offers eight educational gamestogetherwhich is very useful for toddlers, kindergarten kids andpreschoolkids. This game is a lovely and fun way of teaching theshapes,numbers, letters, colors and sounds to the kids. It hasbeencarefully designed and developed for the preschool kids at theagesof 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. Educational Games for Kids consists ofthemost liked games for the boys and girls. Kids will lovetheseeducational games and will play with fun for a long time. Itiseasy to play. The children can play with this game wheneverandwherever they want on their own. The entertaining sounds andvisualeffects emerging once the game is ended reward the successofchildren and motivate them. Now download and play for free! Ithasbeen designed suitable for both the smartphones and thetablets.Languages: English, Czech, French, German, Italian,Polish,Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish. We developeducational gamesdesigned for toddlers, preschoolers and kids. 8educational gamesincluded in the app are as follows: Connect theDots Game Connectthe Dots Game is a fun application teaching thecorrect sequence ofnumbers and letters to children. The points canbe connected withthe numbers in sequence of 1-2-3 or with theletters in sequence ofABC. When the points are connected in acorrect manner thensometimes a cute animal and sometimes a snowmanappears. The oceananimals, farm animals, astronauts, rockets andclowns are some ofthe surprising objects in the game. Animal SoundsAnimal Sounds isa fun and educational application that teaches thesounds ofanimals to children. Kids will have fun by listening tothe soundsof their favorite animals. The farm animals, wild natureanimals,pets, birds, mammals and marine animals are waiting tobediscovered by your children. The game includes the sounds oflovelyanimals such as cat, dog, cow, horse, sheep, rooster,chicken,goat, turkey, bird, donkey, duck, dolphin, chick, camel,bee,monkey and elephant. High quality and natural animal soundsareused. Coloring Book Coloring Book consists of coloring pagestodevelop children's creativity and enrich their imagination.Kidscan easily select the colors they want and they can easilymakecoloring. The variety of colors and beautiful graphicsprovidecreative and inspiring coloring activity. Airplane, doll,car, bee,helicopter, cow, ship, crab, train, fish, race car,dolphin, duck,goat, shark, sea turtle, turkey and donkey are thepictures to becolored. Matching Game In Matching Game, the childrencomplete thegame by matching the same objects among those in mixedsorted ones.The animals, shapes, fruits and toys are the objectswhich theirvisuals are to be matched. Memory Game In Memory Game,kids try tofind the same objects by reversing the memory cards. Thememorycards consist of images for animals, shapes, fruits andtoys.Puzzle Game The children complete the picture leavingscatteredpuzzle pieces to their right places. The puzzle themeswith highvisual quality such as farm animals, ocean animals,vehicles,circuses and spaces are present in the game. The car, racecar,motorcycle, ship, airplane and train are present in thevehiclespuzzle theme. The horse, cow, rooster, chicken, turkey,chick andsheep are present in the farm animals puzzle theme. ShapePuzzle InShape Puzzle, the children bring together the pieces ofpuzzlepicture and reveal the whole picture. Shadow Puzzle InShadowPuzzle, the children complete the game by matching the realimageof an object with its shadow image. There are manypuzzlesconsisting of the vehicles, farm animals, ocean animals,fruits andshapes in the game. 7.25.0
Age of Learning, Inc.
Math and Reading for Kids 2–8 ABCmouse is the award-winninglearningprogram that covers reading, math, art, music, and morefor kidsages 2 to 8. Created by teachers and education experts, ithas10,000+ exciting Learning Activities for children at allacademiclevels. Key Features The ABCmouse Early Learning Academyis theresearch-validated program that kids 2–8 love to play withas theylearn: • Full standards-based curriculum for learning onmobiledevices • Trusted by teachers and designed by earlylearningeducation experts • Used in more than 70,000 classrooms andinnearly half of all U.S. public libraries • 10 levels, over850lessons, and 10,000+ individual Learning Activities • Allacademicsubjects for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade,and 2ndgrade • Accelerates children’s development of early literacyandmath skills • Helps ensure kindergarten readiness and 3rdgradereadiness • Covers math, reading, science, social studies,art, andmusic across all levels • Thousands of books, videos,puzzles,printable activities, songs, games, and animations • 900+books andactivities in Spanish • Customizable Avatar, My Room, MyHamster,and Pet Park features • Step-by-Step Learning Path andindependentlearning • Great for homeschoolers and learning on thego • Easy totrack and monitor progress • Winner of prestigiousMom’s ChoiceGOLD, Teachers’ Choice, and Parents’ Choice GOLD Awards• 100% safeand kid-friendly environment! Subscription Options •Subscriptionautomatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off atleast24-hours before the end of the current period • Account willbecharged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod, and identify the cost of the renewal • Subscriptionsmay bemanaged by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off bygoing tothe user's Account Settings after purchase See our fullTerms andConditions at: View ourPrivacyPolicy at:
Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games (SE) 5.0
RosiMosi LLC
21 interactive educational games for your preschool andkindergartenkids! These games and lessons are used by millions ofparents andteachers to help educate and entertain young kids. Asyour pre-kchild progresses through the lessons they earn stickersto add totheir board, rewarding them for learning and playing!This is aperfect collection of educational games for little kids.Helpfulvoice narrating, colorful graphics, and fun sound effectswill helpyour pre-k child learn letters, spelling, math, and more!Designedusing real world preschool and kindergarten curriculumsand usescommon core state standards. Kindergarten and preschoolkids lovethese games! Educational Games: - Shapes and Colors:Identify shapeand color differences - Letters: Learn letters withhelpful picturesand voices - Counting: Count with helpful voicenarration to learnnumbers - Memory: Flip and match cards to helpimprove memory andattention - Alphabet: Pop bubbles while learningthe alphabet -Addition: Add fruit together to learn addition -Puzzles: Fun andcolorful puzzles, with cute animals - Spelling:Spell hundreds ofwords with helpful voice narration - Subtraction:Pop fruit to helplearn subtraction, an important kindergardenskill - Positions:Learn left, right, and center. Important forpreschool andkindergarten - Nouns and Verbs: Identify thedifference betweennouns and verbs, a building block for reading -Counting Down: Countdown from 10 and launch a rocket - Months:Sort the months and putthem in the correct order - Upper and LowerCase: Match upper andlower case letters by dragging them together,an important step forreading - Missing Numbers: Find the missingnumber in the sequence -Phonics: Match a picture to the phonicsound - Quantity: Learn whata number actually means - Measure:Compare short and tall objects,and heavier vs light objects -Patterns: Identify repeating patternsusing a fun animal - More,Less, Equal: Play with marbles and learnthe concept of more, less,and equal - Vowels and Consonants:Identify vowels and consonantsin words and the alphabet AdvancedFeatures in the Full VersionInclude: - Detailed Progress Reports tohelp track your child'sdevelopment - Lesson Builder to createspecific plans for yourtoddler to follow and play - Multiple Usersupport so up to 6 kidscan play on the same app - Avatars,stickers, and backgrounds foryour toddler to unlock as they learnPerfect for pre-k children,toddlers, kids, and students inkindergarden who need a fun andentertaining educational game toplay. Keep your preschool andkindergarten age child entertainedwhile they are learning, withcute animals, sounds, and music. Thesegames are loved by littlekids all over the world! Ages: 2, 3, 4, 5,6, or 7 year oldkindergarden children. Ideally suited for 5 yearold or 4 year oldchildren. =====================================ALREADY PURCHASED?If you have purchased the games already and theyare now showinglocked you can tap the Parents icon in the upperright corner, andthen tap 'Restore Purchase' to unlock the gamesagain for free!PROBLEMS WITH THE GAME? If you are having issueswith the soundstopping, or any other problems with the game, pleaseemail us and we will get it fixed for you ASAP.LEAVE US AREVIEW! If you're enjoying the game then we'd love foryou to leaveus a review! Reviews help small developers like us keepimprovingthis game.
Learning Numbers and Shapes - Game for Toddlers 0.4.6
“Learning Numbers and Shapes” is one of new learning gamesforkindergarteners developed by GoKids. The game is aimed atlearningnumbers for kindergarten interactive with the help ofshapes forchildren. Thanks to juicy colors and merry animationslearningnumbers for preschoolers will be fun, easy and effective.Mainfeatures of the numbers game: 1) 123 learning numbers from 1 to9.2) Learning shapes - a square, a circle, a triangle, a pentagon,arectangle. All the geometrical shapes are used fordemonstrationwhich will help learn to count for toddlers in theplayful manner.3) Maths for toddlers is available in severallanguages - your babycan learn numbers for toddlers in English,Spanish, Russian andothers. The numbers learning app for kids isvoiced by nativespeakers with perfect pronunciation and cleardiction. Multilingualnumbers games for kids will help prepare yourchild for the studyof foreign languages in the future. 4) Our 123games for childrendevelop attention and memory span, logics,curiosity, perseverance,as well as train fine motor skills. 5)There are 4 educationalgames for toddlers in our mathematics fortoddlers aimed to fix thereceived knowledge. 6) The baby numbergames were developed in theclose cooperation of children teachersand illustrators. That’s whymaths games for baby have such asimple, clear and intuitiveinterface. 7) You can download ournumber learning games for kidsfor free. Number games for toddlersfor free are a greatopportunity for families with small budget toget educational appsfor toddlers of high quality. How to playcounting games for kidsfor free: When you download our math fortoddlers, we recommend toselect the language of the 123 games forkids free. To startlearning numbers for toddlers free, you shouldclick the icon withan academic hat. The study of toddler numbersand counting will beas follows. On the screen there is one of thenumerals for kids,for example, 1, and one square. Then the kidhears the name of thebaby numbers - “one” and repeats it. Afterthat, to continuegetting acquainted with kids numbers and math, thebaby shouldpress the “forward” button. There will be the “2” numberand twoshapes for babies to illustrate the meaning. In this wayyour childgets introduced to all the toddler shapes and countingfor babies.The children educational games were developed in such away thatyour kid will also meet the rest of the geometric figures.So, thefirst acquaintance with numbers and forms for kids is over,andit’s time to consolidate the knowledge playing someeducationalgames for kids kindergarten. Here are these mini numberand shapegames for kids free: The 1st game among learning games fortoddlersage 2 is for checking, how well your baby has learnttoddlercounting 123 kids free. A certain quantity of kids shapespreschoolare demonstrated to the baby and the voice behind thescreen asks,“how many shapes?”. The child clicks every shape andhears countingnumbers for nursery kids learn. The 2nd game of thelearning gamesfor toddlers age 3 is a real geometry for kids inwhich we continueto learn shapes and numbers. There is a greensquare in the middleof the screen and there is a certain number onit. Beyond thesquare there are several animated shapes. The babyshould drag asmany shapes in the green square as the numberindicates. Itcontributes greatly to a better learning how to countnumbers. The3d game of the educational games for 4 to 5 year kid wecan see atwig with a leaf with a certain number. In the free spacenear thetwig there are 3 groups consisting of different quantity ofshapes.The baby is to decide which group of figures matches thenumber onthe leaf. In the 4th mini-game there is a certain numberof chairs.Above the chairs there are 3 balloons with differentnumbers oneach. Some shapes are moving around. The toddler has tofind theballoon with the number corresponding with the quantity
Kids Learn Color and Shapes 2.9.86
Oriplay Games
Play shapes on wooden desk Fun and intuitive matching game foryourbaby or toddler! It helps to learn shapes in game. Learningshapesis easy and entertaining now. Your child will be happy andwilllove it. We INDIE team created this game with love for yourbaby togrow up faster and smarter! 3 in 1 game: - match shapes withrightone - choose right figure - catch all shapes! The main skillthatgives the application is differentiating the shapes. Itincludesboth simple shapes, such as squares, triangles and circlesandother shapes such as a polygon, rhombuses. With your support,wecan add more shapes to the game and make new updates! Funnymusicand a lot of pleasure for your baby. The game is a smalladventurefor your baby ) Let him shows to his parents how he learnsshapes.The game is suitable for Preschool and Kindergarten level.Thankyou for your support!
North Broward Prep School 2.0
(NBPS) is an accredited, college-preparatory,independent,non-sectarian school serving families of thepre-kindergartenthrough high school age groups in the Palm Beachand Browardcounties of Southern Florida. Originally located inLighthousePoint, FL, the school was founded in 1957 by Dr. JamesMontgomeryand became a member of the Meritas International Familyof Schoolsin 2005. In the summer of 2004, over forty years later,NBPSrelocated its Lighthouse Point campus to its current campusinCoconut Creek, FL. The Coconut Creek college-style campus ofnearly80 acres consists of an upper, middle and lower school. InJune,2015 North Broward became a part of Nord Anglia Education, oneofthe world's leading premium schools organizations. Thereareapproximately 1,446 students presently enrolled at NBPS asofAugust 2016.Key features of the app include: - Informationaboutour Board of Directors, Staff, and Members - Upcoming events-Lunch Menus - Athletics - Arts - Social Media - Pushnotifications-Skyward integration- Recent News Keywords: NBPS,Education,Boarding School, Private Schools, Crescerance, Florida,Embr
Helena Valley Primary School 5.0.7
Touchline Connect
Welcome to the Helena Valley Primary School AppbyiSchoolApps.Helena Valley Primary School caters for studentsinKindergarten to Year 6. We are situated in the foothills oftheDarling Range. The school gained Independent Public Schoolstatusin 2015.The school is committed to establising a positiveandconsistant culture through the core values ofExcellence,Responsibility and Citizenship.FeaturesThe app willallow usereto:Email enquiries, absentees and change of information-School map- Upcoming events- Canteen menu- Newsletters-Instantnotifications- Term Planner - Uniform order form
Numbers Puzzles For Toddlers 1.4.1
This free Numbers Puzzles for Toddlers is an educationalandentertaining game that helps your kids develop matching,tactileand fine motor skills while playing different puzzles. It isanice, simple, fun, and colorful game for toddlersandpreschool-kindergarten kids! A lot of puzzles with NumbersandNumbers objects to keep your kid busy. Easy to learn andtocontrol: - Touch and drag the number and drop onto its shadow-Interact with all the elements bubbles, rockets and fruits onthescreen when a puzzle is solved This educational game will helpyourtoddler to improve skills in problem solving, logical andcognitiveskills, concentration and memory. Simple and intuitive,your babywill have lots of fun for hours! Features: High qualitypuzzle gamefor toddlers and preschool kids from ages 1 to 7 withcolorfulletters! Easy to use and control Fun for children Learntorecognize numbers, and their sounds High quality graphicsSweetbackground music Universal app for all phones and tabletsSimplefor toddlers and babies Toddlers develop their fine motorskills bydragging and dropping puzzle pieces Play with your childor letthem play alone Use it to keep your baby or toddler occupiedAll 10numbers puzzles include in this the FULL version Randomlygeneratedpuzzles! And last but not least ***All puzzles areavailable forFREE*** Privacy Disclosure: As parents ourselves,EDUBUZZKIDS takeschildren's wellness and privacy very seriously.Our app: • Does notcontain links to social networks • Does notcollect personal dataBut yes, it does contain advertising as that’sour means ofproviding the app free of cost to you – the ads arecarefullyplaced such that the kid is least likely to click on itwhileplaying. Feedback Please: If you have any feedback andsuggestionson how we could further improve the design andinteraction of ourapps and games, please visit our websitehttp://www.edubuzzkids.comor leave us a message We would be glad tohear from you as we arecommitted to update all of our apps andgames on a regular basiswith new features and also want to getsome ideas for future appdevelopment.
EduGuru English Kids 3–5 1.0.07
✔Developed and built to fully support the UK NationalCurriculum✔Designed to help children learn outside of the classroom✔Helpsstimulate children’s imagination and make learning anopen-endedfun activity ✔No third party links or advertising ✔Allowschildrento learn and explore in a safe and secure environment✔Produced incollaboration with UK teachers and schools EduGuruEnglish is aimedperfectly at 3-5 year olds and gives them a balanceof teaching andinstruction, with cute animations, to help developtheir basicEnglish and grammar skills including: ✔Spelling ✔WordAssociation✔Basic Grammar ✔Nouns, verbs and adjectives EduGuruEnglish giveschildren a fun-learning jump-start on the formalEnglish teachingthat starts in school and compliments the simpleEnglish skillsthat parents can introduce through their dailyroutines. Theanimations are fun and the variety of quick activitiesensurechildren will be entertained while learning! 8 SEPARATE GAMES-EACH SUPPORTING A KEY LEVEL CURRICULUM TOPIC: ✔Matchingcolours,sounds & words (Farm Friends, Alpha Antics, CreepyCrab, Wordsin Space) ✔Identify and add missing letters (Spell &Tell)✔Construct simple sentences (Toy Shop) ✔A-Z in order (AlphaAntics)✔Sorting short words into alphabetical order (Toy Shop)✔Nouns,verbs and adjectives (Seaside Story) ✔Completing middleletters inwords (Spell & Tell) ✔Odd one out (Spell & Tell)✔Rhymingwords (Spell & Tell) ✔Spelling (Letter loader, Spell&Tell, Creepy Crab, Words in Space) ✔Matching letterswithwords/pictures (Farm Friends, Letter Loader, Creepy Crab)✔Matchingwords with pictures (Farm Friends, Alpha Antics, LetterLoader,Creepy Crab, Seaside Story) Importantly, as childrenprogressthrough the games, they are rewarded and motivated tocontinuelearning with EduGuru trophies and medals. EduGuru Englishcontainsno third party links or advertising, allowing children tolearn andexplore (either with or without their parents, dependingon theirage) in a safe and secure environment. EduGuru English isthesecond in a series of educational apps, developed and builttofully support the UK National Curriculum. EduGuru Maths isalreadyavailable and Apps for Science & Technology and Art& Musicwill be available shortly. They are all designed to helpchildrenlearn outside of the classroom, stimulate their imaginationandmake learning an open-ended fun activity. EduGuru has beendesignedin close collaboration with teachers and schools, andfollows andfully supports the UK National Curriculum. This meansthat parentscan be sure that children playing EduGuru Apps areexperiencing andpractising learning skills in accordance with therecommendationsof early childhood experts. Cute and basicanimations guidechildren through the key topics in the Early YearsFoundationStage, which sets the standards for the learning,development andcare of pre-school children in England; theFoundation Phase inWales; and the Early Years Foundation inScotland.
Alphabet for Kids ABC Learning - English 1.4
GunjanApps Studios
Here comes an app with Music and colorful letters to helpyourtoddler learn Alphabets in English ! Best educational gamesforkids to Learn English letters and help Writing thealphabet.Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app tohelp yourtoddler learn phonics and flashcard letters of thealphabet? Lookno further than Alphabet for Kids Abc Alphabet forKids Abc is afree phonics and alphabet teaching app that makeslearning fun forchildren, from toddlers all the way to preschoolersandkindergartners. It features a series of tracing games to helpkidsrecognize letter shapes, associate them with phonic sounds, andputtheir alphabet knowledge to use in fun matching exercises.Anytoddler, kindergartener or preschool age child can learnEnglishand the English alphabet simply by following the arrows withtheirfinger. Toddlers are focused on alphabet reading andwriting,tucking menu commands away from moving fingers.Kid-friendlyeducational app • A colorful early education app thathelpschildren learn the English alphabet • Includes mini games,phonicspairing, letter matching, puzzle, quiz and more • Uppercaseandlowercase letters to trace, listen to, and match • Learnthealphabet game: Your kid will be busy and entertained withthesecolorful endless alphabets in the ABC Playground, enjoyalphabetsong. Preschool Memory Game is designed to learnsequencealphabetical letters with HD Flash cards. Perfect games for4 yearolds ( learning kids ) • Alphabet for Kids Abc Fun Free -AnEducational preschool Abc Game application which makeslearningAlphabet fun and easy for kids, children, toddler toenhance memoryskills • All Alphabets includes letters A to Z andisfully-featured free game (with puzzles and memory games) •Kidsalphabet games - Preschool English learning app(Basics) game,forkids, children of age group 2-4 years • Alphabet flashcards-Learning and identification of the alphabets & lettersthroughABC flashcards for kids game made easy and fun with gameshavinglarge flash cards • Alphabet sounds learning app - will helpwiththe recognition of letters of alphabet for preschool kids,toddlerswith simple and interactive user friendly interface andhelps buildmemory • Includes alphabet song, which is great forhelping kid's,toddler's brain grow to learn quick • Alphabet soundslearning appis made to learn things in different way as compared tothe nativeway of practicing using a pencil and a paper, reallyinterestingfor kids, children, toddlers • Kids learning game -includeseducational learning games for kids, free games and puzzlesforpreschool kids and children, which helps writing and kids learntoread • Alphabet for kids is an ABC kids tracing and phonicsgame& is very easy educational Memory puzzle game to helpdeveloptheir concentration and cognition skills • Kids alphabetlearningapp with sound will keep your toddlers, kids entertained,educatedand quiet in a car, in a restaurant, on a plane oreverywhere •Read, Play, learn, and also practice alphabets (Educational ).Extremely easy to learn for children. Human voice forAlphabets •First Grade Learning Games with Simple, large and cuteABCalphabets for children, kids, to be remembered easily • ABCforkids, learn Alphabets & Letters : A to Z letterswithpronunciation and cute fun graphics. It's Educational and funforkids ( games for kids play ) • Kids learn very quicklythroughplay. Kids learn Alphabets for fun Free is aninteractiveeducational game through which your child can develophand-eyecoordination and observation skills • Baby phone game helpwith theVocabulary Builder of letters of alphabet & improvememory (memory games for kids play ) Best Kids alphabet games ABCfor kidswith ABC flashcards for kids game ★★★★★ Turn your smartphone ortablet into a fun toy phone for your kid ★★★★★
Matching Object Educational 1.1
Preschoolers must exercise their thinking skills to findthematching pair for each object. We evaluated teachingobject-picturematching to improve concordance between preferenceassessmentsusing objects and pictures of the same objects. Choosean item fromone of the groups and to find its match in the othergroup. Look atthese amazing features this free game provides foryou: - Match theshadow with its correct objects - Identify the nameof body partsand connect with its picture - All in one preschool&kindergarten learning game - Animal Matching with their voice-Small picture vs Big picture - Connect baby to their child-Preschool-Kindergarten matching pair activities game - Connecttolearn the shapes with their names - Small Alphabet vs bigalphabet- Alphabet Letter with objects - Vehicle Matching withtheir voice- Music instrument Matching with their sound - Match thecolorswith its name - Random matching - Montessori learning - AllLevelsare Free - Prepare children for reading and writing—with lotsofpractice in problem-solving! - Development Milestone emergesfromage 3 to 6 year - Counting score on each level free Matching isavery important basic early math skill for preschoolers.Throughmatching, children learn to identify simple relationships astheylearn to recognize similarities of things or objects intheenvironment. It also helps children to develop theirlogicalthinking abilities. the child learns in this area is tocoordinatevisual skills with motor skills. In its simplest form,this is theability to look at an object, reach for it, and grab it.Test yourmemory and see how quickly you can clear the board bymatching upthe pairs. simple and interactive pair matching game forpreschoolkids and kindergarten. Enjoy all level
Preschool and Kindergarten 2: Extra Lessons (SE) 2.1
RosiMosi LLC
9 brand-new educational games for preschool and kindergartenagedkids! Featuring helpful voice narration, colorful animations,andfun sound effects these games will help your kids in 9differentsubjects including counting, sorting, letters, phonics,adding andsubtracting, spelling, and more. Your kindergarten agedchild willstay entertained while learning and with the helpfulvoicenarration they can play by themselves or with your help.Thesegames are perfect for preschool kids ages 2-7! This is theschooledition of Preschool and Kindergarten 2 and comes with allgamesunlocked. No in-app purchase required.Games and Lessons: -Shapes -Make colorful pictures by using shapes and learning theirnames,perfect for toddlers- Sorting - Sort the butterflies into allkindsof arrangements - Patterns - Complete patterns and identifycorepatterns, a critical skill for preschool- Alphabet - Arrangethealphabet by placing letters onto the train - Phonics -Learnphonics using helpful voices and pictures - Spelling -Spellhundreds of words picked for preschool and kindergarten-Counting -Tap on fish in the ocean to count them, fun forkindergarden- Add& Subtract - Use marbles to help with addingand subtractingnumbers - Skip Counting - Counting by 2, 3, 4, 5,etc. Importantskill for kindergartenPerfect for pre-k children,toddlers, kids,and students who need a fun and entertainingeducational game toplay. Keep your preschool and kindergarten agechild entertainedwhile they are learning, with cute animals,sounds, and music.Ages:2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 year old kindergardenchildren.