Top 40 Games Similar to The Fight Within

Pewdifier 1.3
An app that helps you wonder... Aaaand also makes you morehandsome.
MyChart 5.0.1
Epic Systems Corporation
MyChart gives you access to your lab results,appointmentinformation, current medications, immunization history,and more onyour mobile device. With MyChart you can: • View yourhealthinformation • Stay in touch with your physician • Manageyourappointments • Access your family's health information Youmustfirst create an account through your healthcare provider inorderto access your information through MyChart. If yourhealthcareprovider is not listed, or if you require supportaccessing yourexisting account, contact them directly aboutaccessing youraccount through the MyChart app. If you are promptedto upgradeyour MyChart app but cannot find the latest version,please upgradeyour device to Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher toreceive updates.
Hesport - هسبورت
Official application of website - Tank Realtime Battle 5.5
Hot Games Team is an all new tank shooting and surviving game. The goalofthis game is to defeat all of your competitors on the map andfightto the last one. Then you’ll survive and win! Battle againstthecunning enemies now! If you are a tank lover and looking forthestress reliever, is waiting for you! Try and enjoytheunique tank battle game! How to play? - Control your tank tomovearound by virtual control lever when your finger touchesthescreen. - Fire and shoot your opponents when they show up andcomeclose. Your tank will aim at your competitors automatically.-Skillfully make the best use of the terrain and grass to attack-Survive longer with many props and supplies appeared on theground- The more opponents you kill, the higher your ranking! -Rememberto upgrade your tank and make it more powerful. GameFeatures: -Real-time tank battle gameplay with simple & easycontrol -Auto-targeting with just one click - Variety of propsassist you tofight! - Highly optimized graphics and sounds - 3Drole and scene,gorgeous combat visual effects - Cool skins andtanks for yourchoice. Make your own one! Download andenjoy the battlenow! Have fun!
Rabbitdom 1.5.0
Fire the balls, destroy the evil bricks! Work and study issoboring? Just play Rabbitdom, it's so much fun! The mostaddictivecasual game! You can save game at any time, and continueat anytime. Play on the road, play in the car, play whileeating!Challenge friends, challenge the world's players, comparewhoscored higher! You will control different bunnies in the game,aimat the evils bricks, using ejection skills, fire the strangeballs,destroy the evil bricks that invaded the Rabbit Kingdom!Rabbitsmay encounter the blessing of angels or the curse of thedevil. Butdo not be afraid, your strategy and your luck can get youout oftrouble. Come to join the Rabbit Kingdom, meet the dawn ofvictorywith the little bunnies! If you would like to interactwithfriends, or if you have any suggestions or questions, please gotoour fanpage↓
Wa Camera 1.0.8
a fun camera
Auto Words With Friends Cheats
Best Words With Friends cheat app! Need some help when it comestoplaying your favorite word game? Auto Words With Friends Cheatwasdesigned to help you get the best possible words while playingthegame. By using the actual dictionary from the game, thisappensures that all results returned will be valid words. In fact,weguarantee that this app will get you the highest score possibleforyour rack every single time. Impress all your friends withthegreat words you can come up with!Using this app couldn'tbeeasier!Step 1: Take a screenshot of an in-progress game ofWordsWith FriendsStep 2: Use this app to automatically readyourscreenshot to instantly import all letters and words from theboardand rack of your Words With Friends gameStep 3: Play the bestwordand dominate your opponents! They'll never know you'recheating,since the app also provides definitions forthewords!FEATURES-------------------- Uses the actual WordsWithFriends game dictionary- Uses OCR technology to scan yourentireboard and rack to guarantee the best possible words on everyplay-Blindingly fast searches- Unsure of what a word means? Clickon thedefine button to learn about it. Great for showing off toyourfriends and improving our vocabulary.- Clean andintuitiveinterface- Options to install to your internal memory orSD card-Supports phones and tablets- Awesome customer support!Inadditionto having the best dictionary of any Words With Friendshelper appin the Play Store, this app uses the most intuitive andefficientway to import your games. Simply take a screenshot of yourgame(instructions on how to do this for each phone can be foundwithinthe app), then Auto Words Cheat will analyze your board andoutputthe best possible words nearly instantaneously! This app willworkwith ANY phone or tablet, and doesn't require any extra workonyour end to set up. What other Words With Friends cheat app cansaythat? (Hint: none, because our board/grid solver withscreenshotimporting makes this the best WWF cheat app around!) Thisapp worksso fast that you can even discreetly use it while you'rehangingwith your friends.Clicking on the define button for any ofthewords generated by Auto Words With Friends Cheats will bringuptheir definition, so you never have to worry about being exposedasa cheater. Everyone knows it isn't cheating if you knowthedefinition!The intuitive "In-game mode" feature that allows youtogo back and forth between playing the game and gettinghelp.Whenever this button is clicked, Words With Friends islaunched anda notification that lets you quickly come back to gethelp withyour next rack goes into the status bar.Please note thatthis appincludes a completely optional in-app upgrade. If you wishto seeall of the top words, a one-time $0.99 purchase will unlockthemall forever. If you don't wish to upgrade, you can still easilywin99% of the games you play. Please rate us if you like thisWordsWith Friends cheat!As with all epEK.ware apps, commentsandfeedback on Auto Words With Friends Cheat are alwaysappreciated. Alink to my email address can be found within theapp.Note: This appis in no way associated with Zynga, Inc, makersof WWF.Additionally, it is only compatible with Words With Friendsfor nowand will not work with other similar games.
Suspension Master 3.0
“Suspension Master” is the app to adjust the vehicleheight.Withthis app you can process the photos of car like as if itwas reallymodified with some simple operations.In addition, it ispossible tochange the wheels by using the wheel synthesis function.
RG Rewards
Fast Cash Pro 1.6
Rs Developer
Daily earn paytm cash and freecharge
e-Animals 1.3
Bruno Piovan
Have virtual animals walking around your screen!
Thanthi TV Tamil News Live 2.3
The Daily Thanthi
Thanthi TV app is the best place to catch the news inTamil,wherever you are. You can watch Live TV, get instant newsupdatesand watch videos on demand. Our new design raises the barwithfeatures like reminders for your favorite shows, commentingandsharing options. From hot politics to cinema and global events–Thanthi TV app provides all the updates for the Tamil news viewer.
Aren't you tired of needing several apps to keep anup-to-datecommunication with your friends and family? You need oneapp tochat, one to do phone calls, one to do video calls and wantto keepyour messages private. That just takes too much time andweight tomuch space on your phone. Were just too busy for that.Would it begreat to have all your communication needs on there oneamazingapp? Then you’ll love ChatSauce! A new app that is goingtorevolutionize how we interact with our love ones Send andreceivedsecured and encrypted messages and call your friends withjust aclick, using our amazing HD voice and video service Better isherewith ChatSauce. The flavor of life !
Данное приложение позволяет смотреть аниме онлайн ссайтаAniLibriaThis application allows you to watch animeonlineAniLibria site
Video Downloader for Facebook 2.4
3 Tree Apps
How to download video from Facebook:1. Click on BrowseFacebookvideo or Facebook icon top bar.2. Login and browse yourwall forvideo.3. Play the video you want to download.4. Click ondownloadto download video.Video Downloader for Facebook is freeSave Videofrom FB is the best video downloader for androidPhones.Our appcontains below features:1. Download video fromFacebook2. Easydownload fbdownloader3. Fastest fb video downloaderfree4. Bestvideo downloader free for Facebook5. Ability to save thedownloadedvideos to the external SD card directly6. Ability tosend/share thedownloaded videos with your friends in your circlethroughWhatsapp, bluetooth, Instagram.* This app is not affiliatedwith orendorsed by the Facebook Inc.* Any issues related tocopyrightswith regard to unauthorized downloads or for any mattersrelated tointellectual property rights, please contact Facebookdirectly.This app merely acts as a platform for browsing Facebookthrough awell defined user friendly UI using android web viewcomponent.
Kuppi 6
LEO Softwares
Statutory Warning: Alcohol is injurious to health.This is app isinMalayalam Language. So non Malayalees, please don't install.Anappto know the price of foreign liquors in Kerala StateBeveragesCorporation outlets (BEVCO). Another interesting featureof the appis the option called ‘What u get?“. In this option, theuser willhave to enter the available money in hand and select theliquortype. By pressing the ‘Get List’, the app will show the listsofliquors which can be bought using the money user currentlyhave.Kuppi also shows the number of “Dry Days” in the state. A usercansearch for the nearest Beverages Corporation outlets bychoosingthe Beverages outlet menu. Kuppi shows the entire BEVCOoutlets inKerala. A hilarious feature of Kuppi is the‘Pazhamchollukal’ whichis a collection of various funny sayingsabout drinking.We createdthis app only for fun and we do notpromote drinking anyway. :)Alldata, photos, ‘Pazhamchollukal’ &code we used in this app istaken from internet. All credits goes totheir respective creators.We created nothing, just assembled allthe things we get from thenet.We got pricelist and BEVCO outletslist from Kerala BeveragesCorporation officialwebsite.( -------------*BeverageOutlets List* Search by Brand* Beer Pricelist* BrandyPricelist*Gin Pricelist* Scotch Pricelist* Rum Pricelist* VodkaPricelist*Whisky Pricelist* Wine Pricelist * Drydays*Pazhamchollukal* What uget?Made in Kozhikode (Calicut).
NL Task 3.2.5
NL Task provides you:- working with your contactswithoutremembering emails;- separate chats for each task;- a smartsystemof reminders;- sharing your calendar with other users.
Expert Betting Tips 3.0
Expert Tipster
Now you win with the most used betting tips application all overtheworld. You can earn money every day with the odds that aremostlikely to win. Bets will be refreshed on a daily basis and hasahigh percentage of success of the bet. In this way it is easiertowin bet. And every day, you win more bets on the previousday.Ifyou want to win, download this application now ! Good luck !
Three Bead 2.1
The aim is to align all the three beads in a straight line.Thefirst to this, will be the winner. 3X3 board will be given.Eachplayer will have three beads.Player can drag his beads tochangeits position. When a player succeeds to align all his beadsin astraight-line will get a point and will reach the next level.Thereare two options of playing this game. One is versuscomputeranother one is player versus player. The higher theleveldifficulty will be increased.**Game Features:**- UniqueAIopponents with increasing difficulty- Single player andMultiplayergame- Intelligent Computer Opponent- AttractiveBackground andBeads- Classic Look- Fun playing- Easy to play-Different playerswill have different colors of breads- Differentsound system indifferent levels- Multiplayer mode can be included.Can be throughBluetooth, Wi-Fi or online
PlayMemories Online
Sony Corporation
[Notice]We have confirmed cases which PlayMemories Online'ssign-inscreen is not displayed in the followingenvironments.Android OSversion 5 or 6 : [Android System WebView]version 53 or 54 AndroidOS version 7 or later : [Chrome Browser -Google] version 53 or54If you are facing the issue, please confirmand update theversion of [Android System WebView] or [ChromeBrowser - Google]via Google Play.PlayMemories Online is acloud-based photo andvideo service by Sony that allows you toorganize your photoscaptured by a camera or smartphone. [MainFeatures] ・UnlimitedUpload By simply enabling the "All Sync"function, photos stored onyour smartphone and computer areautomatically uploaded to thecloud. The service is free, and thereis no limit to the number ofphotos you can upload. ・All in oneplaceAll your photos areorganized in one place and can be displayedin the same manner onany device. If the same photo exists inseveral devices, theduplicated photos will not be displayed.・OrganizeYour bigcollection of photos are automatically arranged inan easy-to-viewlayout. Not only can you sort photos by date, butyou can alsodisplay your photos in a larger size.(Notice) If anuploaded photois greater than 1920 pixels on either of its sides,it willautomatically be resized so that the corresponding side is1920pixels with using the All Sync feature.(Notice) 5 GB ofcloudstorage is available for your videos and originalsizephotos.---PlayMemoriesOnlinehomepagehttp://playmemoriesonline.comPlayMemories OnlinePrivacyPolicy
Free Rokda - Earn free paypal, paytm cash online
Earn Real Money Online by watching videos andads.Features:->Easyto use->Easy and quick cash out usingPAYTM, PAYPAL.->Get 7$on 1000 points and 20$ on 2000 points.All International usersshould redeem via paypal only.->Get 300Rs on 1000 points, 700 Rson 2000 points, 1500 Rs on 3500 points.All Indian users shouldredeem via paytm only.->Explore newexciting apps andgames->Watch videos, ads and earn free paytm,paypal cash. EarnReal Money Online!->Refer friends and earn 250points when yourfriends reach 1000 pointsThis is the first genuineapp where you canwatch videos, ads and earn free paytm cash.Allyou have to do is usethe app daily, watch a few videos, ads andVOILA!!You can earn freepaytm, paypal cash daily.We work on aprofit sharing model, we share80 percent of our earnings with theusers.Referrals earn you themaximum money. When you refer afriend, you get 250 points when theyreach 1000 points.Lets say youreferred 20 friends and every one ofthem reaches 1000 points, thenyou will get a massive 5000 points inyour account which isequivalent to 1500-2000 Rs or 20-30$. All thismoney will betransferred to your paytm or paypal account.StartReferringToday!!Happy Earning!!Free Rokda Team
StickIt! - Photo Sticker Maker
With StickIt!, you can cut background out of photo in thefastest,easiest and the most innovative way. The cutout photo canbeapplied with the various effects, merged with other backgroundandsaved in the library for future use. 1. Easy and smart cutEnjoycutting parts out of your photo! Simply draw some lines thentheparts will be recognized magically. Finally, the parts willbeprocessed with edge-refining algorithm and generatedasanti-aliased hi-quality photo cutouts. 2. Realistic StickerEffectApply a stroke or shadow effect to the cutout photo! Thecutoutwill become very realistic sticker image. The stickers willlookmore realistic if you apply professional peeling effectorscissors-cut effect. Various filters are also ready to use. 3.BeCreative! You can change the background only or fill thecutoutswith color or pattern. Also, type some text or drawsomething, theywill be created as another stickers. Save currentwork-in-progressfor later editing.
Glitter Live Wallpaper Free 1.3.0d
Keynan Software
The glittering live wallpaper. Free version function -Backgroundcolor is black, pink, blue, the cake can be selected. -Choice ofthe type of sparkle or sharp. Full version function -Number ofglitter, size, speed, direction setting - Add a glittertype -Glitter colors can be set - Glitter generated by flip or tap- freeto set the background color of the gradient - Image files canbeset to the background - Smooth operation(high-performancemodelsonly) - Parameters can be daily (daily pattern that alltheparameters will be 8000 billion over the street) The freeversionyou can use all the features of full version for up to 24hoursafter installation. The free version is displayed on the upperto”free” for 24 hours after installation. Internet access isallowedfor advertising. To use: HOME > MENU > Wallpaper >LiveWallpapers NOTE: Android 2.1 version returns the default screenorblack screen when the live wallpaper is updated. Pleasereconfiguremanually the live wallpaper.
HS Team 4.103.0-150
Check schedules and send text or email alerts to notify staffaboutthe schedule or other important messages. Team members canswap,pick-up or release shifts with one click. Schedules and therosterautomatically update with any manager-approved changes. NOTE:TheHS Team application REQUIRES a valid HS Team user accountthroughyour EMPLOYER
My Metro
Metro Inc.
Grocery shopping made easy with your grocery list at yourfingertipswherever you are. The application haspersonalized toolsthat will save you time and money. - Shoppinglist: Create yourshopping list by: - adding products directly fromyour usuals, theflyer, the available coupons, or the recipes; -entering the itemmanually or use the proposed suggestions thatappear as you type; -scanning the barcode of an item; Your list isconvenientlycategorized to simplify shopping. When in-store,check-off the itemsyou put in your basket one by one and don’tforget an item again.-Synchronize your shopping list: If you havea account,login directly in the application and the liston the web site willautomatically synchronize with the one you didon your computer.Create a list anywhere and access it anywhere andmore convenientlyin the store. To synchronize on multiple devices,each device mustuse the same account. -Flyer: Consult theflyer and addproducts to your grocery list. Personalized flyerdeals make iteasier than ever to find deals on item you love!-Coupons: There’sno need to print your coupons anymore. Show yoursmartphone atcheckout to redeem the coupons added to your grocerylist. If youare a loyalty program member, simply provide yourloyalty cardnumber and get access to personalized coupons on theproducts youlike. -My usuals: Easily create your shopping list bystarting withthe items you usually buy. -Weekly Menu: Get inspiredwith recipesselected just for you based on the flyer deals. -StoreLocator: Youare looking for the Metro store closest to you, usethe storelocator. You will have access to the store’s informationandservices. -My Healthy Plate Program: Find the smiles todiscover ourregistered dieticians’ choices. We’ve added smiles tothe evaluatedproducts you add to the list so you can easily findthe good optionswithin different product categories. -Language ofthe application isautomatically detected based on the devicelanguage settings.
Policy Tracker 10.3
Policy App
PT is a very useful and handy application forInsuranceProfessionals. It comprises a set of most commonly usedtools byInsurance professionals. Main Features are as follows: *PremiumStatement * Branch Locator * Doctors List * Other Services(BankIFSC Code, Current NAV etc)
Nepali Lok Dohori 2.0.7
Hamro Apps
Listen and watch new Nepali Lok Dohori songs in yourmobile.Features:-1. Nepali Lok Dohori Songs2. Artists Information3.NepaliInstruments4. Photo Gallery6. Nepali Movies and TV Shows7.NepaliFMsYou can request song too, if you cannot findthesong.Disclaimer:-All the logos, trademarks and other symbolsarethe properties of their respective owners. We do not endorseorsupport any channel or any company. This app is distributed "asis"without warranty of any kind and the user may use it on his/herownrisk. This app's users and third parties, agree to indemnifyandhold harmless this app's creators and it's agents, from anydamagesclaimed as a result of information, resources, productsorservices, or third party links obtained from this app.Ifanybodystill finds this app harmful in any way, they must sendarequest/notice to the creators first to remove the discrepancy.
Boost 411 1.2.53
The Boost411 Local Search app helps you find businesses andpeoplefor FREE. Search using business names and/or categories(i.e.Restaurant) and your current location or you can specifyalocation. Easy to read results - business name, address andphonenumbers, which can be displayed on a map with directions fromyourlocation. Boost411 also lets you search for people using aname,address or only a phone number. Settings include Spanishlanguageinterface support.
Styel Texts Pro - Floating 2.5.2
Application for Decoration texts professionalism in allapplicationsto communicate in both Arabic and English in a new anddifferentmode with the advantage of floating Application features:- Developa floating window: You can now easily decoration andwithout theneed to return to the application with the new feature(put floatingwindow) With this feature, you can put a windowdecoration on thesame conversation and Decoration texts and alsoyou can control thesize and location of the window as you like. -Develop a normalwindow: You can decoration from within theapplication and copy andpaste the decoration in the conversationin the usual way. - Writingwith 15 Decoration shaped Decorationtexts. - The Decoration of bothEnglish and Arabic. -add Symbolsand Smiles during the decoration. -The possibility of removing thedecoration (configuration) of wordsthrough the Remove buttonconfiguration. - Name Decoration with morethan 20 Decoration. -The ability to write to English languageparser. - The possibilityof adding decor your manually throughbutton (Decoration Manual) -Ascii art shapes
StudentVUE 5.2.3
The StudentVUE Mobile application helps students stay informedandconnected by providing day-to-day insight into their ownacademicexperience. StudentVUE Mobile for the Android phones workswith theSynergy™ student information system in much the same way astheStudentVUE web portal, allowing students to stay on top ofupcomingschool events, classroom happenings, assignments, tests,andacademic performance. Students can view their classroomassignmentsand scores, attendance, transcripts, graduation statusand more.NOTE: StudentVUE Mobile for the Android phones is afreeapplication for students using the StudentVUE web portal. Howtofind District URL:   The StudentVUE Mobile app uses thesameuser login as the web-based StudentVUE portal.  If youneedhelp please contact your School District’s Administrationofficefor access URL and StudentVUE login information. Requirements: • Only school districts using the Synergy™studentinformation system version 6.5 and higher can supporttheStudentVUE for the Android phone application. • Requireswirelessor 3G Internet connection. • The StudentVUE Mobile for theAndroidphones app uses same user login as the web-based StudentVUEportal.Please contact your School District’s Administration officetoverify Synergy™ version and StudentVUE login information.
FreeAppsNow 1.3.6
Every day developers make their paid apps available for free foralimited time only. This app helps you discover paid apps thatarefree for a limited time only.
Love Locket Frames 1.0
Love makes us crazy, it’s the endless passion. Well, showyourpassion and love for your lover. This is the best and uniqueway topresent your love with your lover. Get your lover’s photo andgetyour own picture from your android gallery and set it onlocketframe. This is not enough to show your love because we addfacebooksharing option. Love locket frame facilitates you to postyourlover’s picture on facebook, Google plus and other socialmedia.This is first and unique way to express your love with yourlover,girl friend and boy friend. Make a pleasurable impression onthemind of your beloved one with this exciting opportunity. Enjoythiswinter and merry Christmas of 2017 and happy new year 2018withlovely and heart touching Love Locket FramesFramesapplication.Enjoy best photo editing and be an artist withbest andstylish Love Locket Frames app. Love Locket Frames app isbestphoto editor and stylish selfie editing app.FEATURESNicelycollection of love lockets with unique styles Enrichgraphics withnice color scheme Easy to use and understand Withbest control tomove the pictures (for rotating) FREE loveexpressing featureapplication\\\\DISCLAIMER ////This applicationcomplies with USCopyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feelthere is adirect copyright or trademark violation that doesn'tfollow withinthe "fair use" guidelines, please contact us [email protected]
Cartrack 5.5.0
Cartrack Development Team
Cartrack Fleet, Cartrack’s mobile fleet managementapplication,provides Cartrack’s existing fleet customers with themeans tomonitor fleet vehicles from any location in the world, atany time.The application forms part of Cartrack’s comprehensivefleetmanagement offering. Cartrack clients now have the means toaccessinformation about the location, speed and trip reports of allfleetvehicles in real time. It makes informed decision-makingandplanning a reality at the touch of a button on any mobileorAndroid device. Existing Cartrack fleet customers cansimplydownload the application and log in with their fleet username andpassword.
FlexiPlan 2.5
Grameenphone Limited
Introducing Grameenphone FlexiPlan app. Now, make your ownplanaccording to your own needs of Internet, Talk-Time, SMS,Validityand also get great savings! Whether you have a Prepaid orPostpaidconnection, this app will simplify your life. Otherfeatures: -Gift FlexiPlan pack - Purchase History of last threemonths - Shareoption with friends FlexiPlan Validity/Volume istotally separatefrom Regular pack Validity/Volume. Volume ofFlexiPlan validity (1,7, 15, 30 days) will not be added with othervalidity packs. Useyour own GP SIM & GP internet for GIFT. Giftis allowed inlatest version (2.1) only available in Play Store. Fordetails,visit
DiaEarn - Make Money
DiaEarn is a app where you can earn money for completesimpletask.You can earn daily 500Rs. for break diamonds.You willgetpayment instant.
Дурак .net 18.08.01
BluePrint Ltd
Play Durak online with your friends and colleagues. Дурак онлайнisfun!
Online Policy Status 1.7.3
Online Policy Status
This App is very useful for Life Insurance Professionals. Thisappincludes following features POLICY SERVICES - Latest PolicyStatusof any Policy from all over India Disclaimer : * Shown Resultisfor indicative purpose only. * A Result from this appisapproximate(as per current rates). * Result Shown in appisapproximate. it may vary as per rules. * This application isonlyfor support, Life Insurance will be the final authorities. *Thisapplication is only mediator between Life Insurance Agent andTheirPortal Service with their own user id & passwords. *Resultsfrom this app are presently based on specific data feeding&are liable to revision / alterations according to Govt.policies*T&C Apply *This is FreeWare Software MobileApplication
Yee - Material Button 3.0
FSnG Productions
The Yee dinosaur meme has an interesting history and origin.Dingopictures creates low budget knock off animation films, one ofwhichwas dinosaur adventure, a knock off of the popular land beforetimefilms. Yee is a line of dialogue from the film that has becomeapopular meme online. The dinosaur and the word have been seenallacross the internet since it's creation.
Holy Quran with Tafsir 3.4.1
Hakem Zaied
Besm ALLAH AL-RAHMAN AL-RAHEEMThe Holy Quran application isareading and listening application for different QuranReciters.Application Features:- You can choose between Qurantajweed orQuran tarteel- After downloading the audio files once youcan enjoyrecitation offline without the need to be connected totheinternet- Search functionality- Bookmarking currentreadinglocation in the Holy Quran- Sharing Holy Quran Ayahs withothers-Doaa Khatm Quran.- Contains a variety of Quran readers:mahermoagely, el husary, el minshawy, sodes, mshari el afasy, elhuzaifyand more- You can choose the Tafsir for a single ayah or thefullpage.- You can listen to reciter gapless or ayah after ayah-Youcan choose between mushaf HQ pages or normal pages.