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com.pavahainc.pipshapes 5.0
Pavaha Lab
PIP Shapes is the best of shape photo frames, It make blurimagebackground with focus photo and add fantastic geometry shapesphotoeditor. Easy to make blur photo background with point blurandfocus effect. Build awesome selfie blur camera for blurredphoto.Write on photos with font studio and awesome textgram, addcooltexts on pictures, make your pic more better. Create a betterPIPCamera for pic in pic photo collage maker, making creativeframeson photo. Picture in Picture effects very easy to use, justselectphoto from gallery or camera and edit them. PIP Collage havea lotof features for photo editor and PIP Magic, add stickers onphotos,add quotes, funny emojis and cute texts. Create wallpaperfor phonewith blur image combine with photo filter effects, addgeometricshapes and text on pictures. Shape photo collage addshapes tophotos, edit photo with shapegram, and overlay and mix twophotosinto a picture. You can post photo to Instagram with InstaShapefeature, make square photo with new style and share it. Thankyoufor downloading and enjoy PIP Shapes app.
Geometryx: Geometry - Calculator 2.5
Geometryx is an application that allows you to calculate quicklyandeasily the most important values and parameters of plane andsolidfigures and shapes. The application calculates an area,perimeter,circumference, diagonal length, volume, coordinates ofthe geometriccentroid, height, side lenght, angle (acute, right,obtuse,straight, reflex), radius (inner, outer), edges, arclength, linesegments, base area, lateral surface area and totalsurface area ofthree-dimensional geometric shapes. Geometryx is asimple calculatorusing trigonometric functions, Pythagoreantheorem and Thales'theorem. Geometryx also includes the mostsignificant geometricformulas and equations that help you solveany problems and tasks ingeometry. Thanks to this application, thegeometry will become verysimple. Geometryx will be helpful forstudents, teachers,scientists, engineers, technicians, and anyonewho has contact withgeometry. Geometryx = Great GeometryEXperience ! List of plane andsolid figures contained in theapplication: Planimetry ( 2D Geometry): - Square - Rectangle -Parallelogram - Trapezoid - Scalenetriangle - Isosceles triangle -Equilateral triangle - Righttriangle - Simple polygon - Regularconvex polygon - Circle / Disk -Annulus - Annular sector -Circular sector - Circular segment -Ellipse - Ellipse segment -Quadratic function - Cubic function -Intercept theorem - Kite -Angles and Trigonometry - Rhombus -Incircle and circumcircle of atriangle Stereometry ( 3D Geometry ):- Cube - Cuboid - Right prism- Oblique prism - Right circularcylinder - Oblique circularcylinder - Cylindrical segment -Cylindrical wedge - Pyramid -Frustum - Obelisk - Prismatoid - Rightcircular cone - Obliquecircular cone - Right truncated cone -Oblique truncated cone -Elliptic cone - Truncated elliptic cone -Sphere / Disk - Sphericalsector - Sphere cap - Spherical segment -Ellipsoid - Paraboloid ofrevolution - Toroid - Torus - Right hollowcylinder - Rectangularpipe - Prism with a regular base - Pyramidwith a regular base -Elliptical Cylinder - Spherical Wedge
com.pavahainc.shapepic 5.0
Pavaha Lab
Shape Pics collect tons of shapes: heart, circle, line,... tochangeordinary photo, sharing photo to social networks to makepopular andtrending. Art for Pictures combine photo with photoshapes withphoto effects art pro to change photo's colors: Black& White,Retro, Lomo... or enhance pictures with contrast,double exposure,highlights save, white balance... Pics Shape don'tlike other photoshapes, you can add effects, love stickers, lovetexts, font colorsor font size, blur background image and photofocus. Features ofShape Pics ★ Add shapes to photo to make amazingpictures. ★ Changephoto effects art pro with filters ★ Enhancephoto quality by imageadjustments ★ Decorate picture withstickers, texts, quotes, emojis,funny,... ★ Blur photo and focusphoto ★ Sharing to Instagram,Snapchat If you want to make a uniqueand impressive photo, tryShape Pics, Thank you.
Learn shapes and forms Games for kids 1.1.1
App Learn shapes and forms help you kid to learn shapes and formsindifferent languages and little tiger Sam will take fun with you.Ourgames improves memory, logic and motor skills "Learn shapesforkids" have seven types of educational games for kids andtoddlers -it is the most then all other apps have: - Learn shapes -showshape and say it name. Bright and funny pictures provide foreasyshape learning for kids. The name of each object ispronouncedclearly and distinctly. - Find it - you must find onetype offigures from table. This game help to consolidate knowledgefromfirst game. - Find pairs - collect pairs of shapes. Simplepairs tohelp learn shapes with one form. - Memory pairs - collectpairsfrom cards, simple memory cards game. This game is not onlyforlearning shapes, but best method for training memory skills. -Findshadow or shape match - find right shadow for shapes and learnitforms. Drag pictures of shapes to its shadows. It helps tolearnforms without reference to colors. - Draw shapes and figureswithyour finger connecting the dots. In this game babies will traintodraw shapes. At first tiger Sam will show you order of dotsandthen ask toddler to do it himself. This game is good methodtoimprove motor skills for babies and train mechanic memory. -Logicrow with shapes - your kid must check geometric figure fromlist tocomplete row. All games for kids have different dificultlevel. Ourapp contain simple, funny, but very attractive andaddicting games,so children can play without help of parents.Little tiger Sam willhelp to learn for all games. Do exercises ingames and Sam willpraise your kid. The main skill that gives theapplication isdifferentiating the shapes. Learn shapes it is smarteducationalgame will teach your baby circle, square, rectangle,triangle,parallelogram, semicircle, rhombus, star and heart.
Colors and Shapes for Toddlers 1.17
BBBBB Software
“Colors and Shapes for Toddlers” is a set of educationalanddevelopment games. Basic colors and geometric shapes.***Howtoplay?***The game features 4 main learning modes:- teachgeometricshapes ( rectangle, circle, etc)- teach the colors (allthe colorsof the rainbow)- teach the kids toys (cars, dolls, etc)-a maintest(check the knowledge of the child).Depending on the gameof thechild will be able to see and remember what are those, orotherobjects and forms. Kid may play with the shapes and see howtheyinteract interact with each other. For fixing of knowledge inthegame there is a global test. You will then need to specifytheissues at once on all the subjects in a random order.***Featuresofgame***- Your child become familiar with geometric shapes,learnhow to find objects in the complex.- A little will study thecolorsand try to affect in the subjects.- The child learns thewords,learns what are his toys.- The game will give you a fewminutes ofrest to mom and dad.- The opportunity to get acquaintedwith otherlanguages (If you change the language of the game)- Learnnames ofthe toys and how they sound- Game Improve abstractthinking,develop logic and memory- All the objects, shapes, andcolorsannounced- The original of the test for the fixation ofknowledge-A general review on each of the three themes- Training inthe formof the game- All levels are clear to the child, the game isidealfor self-learning- The game is suitable for children from 2yearsold.
Preschool learning games for kids: shapes & colors 5.25
Enjoy and learn the shapes, colors, counting games, andbasicskills. With “Dino Tim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6yearsold), primary school and kindergarten will learn with noeffortwhile having fun. ****Over three million children arealreadyplaying with Dino Tim!**** The educational games areentirelytranslated into English but, if you wish so, you can alsouse Timthe Dino to learn Spanish, French, Italian... You only needtoswitch languages! It suits perfectly to every age althoughit’sspecifically suggested for kindergarten, preschool andprimaryschool (3-8 years) and adults of all ages. The game hasvoiceoverto help children learning their first words. The game isperfectfor the entire family! Enjoy the adventure! Some funnywitches haveabducted Tim’s family. Become a superhero and help himrescuingthem! Thanks to the good witch, you will be able to fly andcollectfigures that will allow you to do magic and turn the witchesintoanimals!! Children and adults will experience anexcitingadventure, solving puzzle games with colors and geometricshapes,running, counting, flying, learning, jumping and doing magictounblock all the dino-characters and all game modes.EDUCATIONALTARGETS: - Learn to recognise geometric shapes: square,circle,rectangle, triangle, pentagon and diamond. - Learn to countnumbers(1-10) with counting games for kids - Enhance speed,attention andpsychomotoricity with the color recognizing game: red,green, blue,yellow, etc. - Learn first words, letters, consonantsand vowels(literacy -abc-) in a fun manner in his native language(English).- Start learning a foreign language (Spanish, French,Italian…) forkindergarten, preschool and primary school children(3-12 yearsold). - Resolve educational puzzles about differentgeometricshapes and numbers: squares, circles, rectangles,triangles,trapeziums and rhombuses. - Learn and enhancecoordination and finemotor skill in youngsters. - Develop visualperception of differentshapes, numbers and objects in motion. -Develop attention andconcentration in kids in preschool age andelementary school. Ourdevelopment studio, Didactoons, has wideexperience in developingeducational games and apps that combinelearning and fun. Are youlooking for free educational games foryour children to learn andenjoy at the same time? So don’t miss itand download the freeeducational games: Dino Tim! Parents can tryout the game for free.We recommend purchasing the full version forchildren. Web: GooglePlus:
Shape Camera 1.2
Fun Photo Apps
Geometry Camera is an amazing photo editor created to transformyourphotos into elegant designs with sharp geometric shapes. It isverysimple to use: you can turn your shots into artworks in just afewtaps. Intuitive interface and clean design make the editingprocessincredible fun. Circle, square, triangle, rhombus andothergeometric shapes will help you to transform your photo andmake itunique. Geometry Camera is great for both portraits andlandscapes.Share fashion and hipster photos with your friends onsocialnetworks! Also you can adjust every photo aspect usingGeometryCamera (form) tool • Lot of customized magic mirroreffects. •Brightness • Contrast • Saturation • Blur • Temperature•Shadows/Highlights • Crop • Focus
BabyBus Kids Games
Search for "BabyBus" for even more free panda games for you totry!Start your children on a journey to learn four commonshapes:triangle, rectangle, crescent and circle. Let themunderstand andclassify their toys by their shapes. It is more funthan you think!Fun features: - Identifying common shapes; - Sortresembling itemsand toys; - Animated feedback and effects! Makelearning shapessimple for children with fun exercises. See theresult withBabyBus! About BabyBus ————— At BabyBus, we dedicateourselves tosparking kids' creativity, imagination andcuriosity,and designingour products through the kids' perspectiveto help them explore theworld on their own. Now BabyBus offers awide variety of products,videos and other educational content forover 250 million fans fromages 0-8 around the world! We haveproduced more than 150children's educational games, 700 children'ssongs, and animationsof various themes spanning the arts, health,and science. —————Contact us: Visit us:
com.pavahainc.shapepicturesart 5.0
Pavaha Lab
Shape Pictures Art lets you create best Photos with awesomeshapes.Select a Photo from Photo Gallery or Take a new Photo withCameraand create any of the awesome looking shapes.  ShapePhotoEditor app you will get lots of shapes, option to add color toyourshapes and in built photo editor to make your image evenmoreappealing. Overlay Shape Camera is an amazing photo editorcreatedto transform your photos into elegant designs with doodleshapes.It is very simple to use: you can turn your shots intoartworks injust a few taps. Intuitive interface and clean designmake theediting process incredible fun. Overlay Photo Editor Applets youset a photo in another photo with the creative frame.Easily makingyour photo more stunning than other photo frames!Shape Art Appgive an artistic look to all your images using OverlayforPictures. Add custom typography, beautiful layout masks,elegantstickers and shapes. Circle, square, triangle, rhombus andothergeometric shapes will help you to transform your photo andmake itunique. Overlay Shapes is very simple to use, you can turnyourshots into artworks in just a few taps. Intuitive interfaceandclean design make the editing process incredible fun. Shape Picishere for you to embrace it, so start decorating your photostoday!If you're looking for a picture editing app which is unique&extravagant, download Shape Pictures and edit pics! KeyFeatures: -50+ creative shapes for Overlay photo app. - Changeopacity ofshape frames. - Custom color apply on shape. - Enhancethe beautyof your edit with auto tune, contrast, shadow, exposure,hue,saturation and many more. - Create your own story with widerangeof stickers. - 20+ magnetic effects giving your shotsbreathtakinglook. - Add your ideas with a tap and style them withdifferentfonts and colors. - Crop / frame your images into customforInstagram. Now try creative overlays with Shape Pictures Artonyour pictures and share them on your favorite social networks.
30 Basic shapes names for kids 5
Learn 30 most important and useful basic shapes with names whichyousee in your daily life and mathematics geometry. LearningorTeaching all basic shapes to toddlers, preschoolersandkindergarten-aged children is made simple and easy now. Now youoryour kids can learn shapes fast using this beautifully designedtopeducational game. Wonderful right ? We tried our best to keepthisapp interface interactive, creative and as easy as possible. ★WhatShapes are included ? ✔ The shapes currently included arecircle,square, rectangle, triangle, Star, Arrow, Heart, Oval,Hexagon,Pentagon and 20 more shapes. ★ What more Educational gamesareincluded ? ✔ We make only kids educational games. So othergamelinks provided in this app are Educational and kids friendlygames.They are Numbers for kids, Colors for kids, Times Tables forKids,Alphabets for kids. ★ Can we practice shapes after learning ?✔Absolutely, After learning all shapes in this game, rerecommendyou to install Practice shapes game from here[[]]★ What if we want to learn Only must learn basic shapes ?✔Actually, we divided the learn shapes concept into 2categories.Basic shapes and pro shapes. This game has all 25+ basicshapesIncluding maths and geometry which are must learn shapesforstudents. Both are available for free. If you want simplebasicshapes game, we recommend to install[[]]★ What activities are included ? ✔ Learning shapes usingbeautifullydesigned images. ✔ Sounds for each shape name andimage. ★ What willmy children learn ? ✔ You or your kids will beable to recognize allshapes in your real life. That's amazingright ?. You or your kidswill be able to practice shapes and learnmore pro geometry shapes.Learning shapes is very important inlife. We use shape namesatleast once in a day while doing maths,cutting fruits etc. Wetried our best to teach shapes to studentsin a simple and easymanner. You can gain good skill and knowledgeon shapes. Hope youenjoy this app and have fun!.
Learning Numbers and Shapes - Game for Toddlers 0.4.6
“Learning Numbers and Shapes” is one of new learning gamesforkindergarteners developed by GoKids. The game is aimed atlearningnumbers for kindergarten interactive with the help ofshapes forchildren. Thanks to juicy colors and merry animationslearningnumbers for preschoolers will be fun, easy and effective.Mainfeatures of the numbers game: 1) 123 learning numbers from 1 to9.2) Learning shapes - a square, a circle, a triangle, a pentagon,arectangle. All the geometrical shapes are used fordemonstrationwhich will help learn to count for toddlers in theplayful manner.3) Maths for toddlers is available in severallanguages - your babycan learn numbers for toddlers in English,Spanish, Russian andothers. The numbers learning app for kids isvoiced by nativespeakers with perfect pronunciation and cleardiction. Multilingualnumbers games for kids will help prepare yourchild for the studyof foreign languages in the future. 4) Our 123games for childrendevelop attention and memory span, logics,curiosity, perseverance,as well as train fine motor skills. 5)There are 4 educationalgames for toddlers in our mathematics fortoddlers aimed to fix thereceived knowledge. 6) The baby numbergames were developed in theclose cooperation of children teachersand illustrators. That’s whymaths games for baby have such asimple, clear and intuitiveinterface. 7) You can download ournumber learning games for kidsfor free. Number games for toddlersfor free are a greatopportunity for families with small budget toget educational appsfor toddlers of high quality. How to playcounting games for kidsfor free: When you download our math fortoddlers, we recommend toselect the language of the 123 games forkids free. To startlearning numbers for toddlers free, you shouldclick the icon withan academic hat. The study of toddler numbersand counting will beas follows. On the screen there is one of thenumerals for kids,for example, 1, and one square. Then the kidhears the name of thebaby numbers - “one” and repeats it. Afterthat, to continuegetting acquainted with kids numbers and math, thebaby shouldpress the “forward” button. There will be the “2” numberand twoshapes for babies to illustrate the meaning. In this wayyour childgets introduced to all the toddler shapes and countingfor babies.The children educational games were developed in such away thatyour kid will also meet the rest of the geometric figures.So, thefirst acquaintance with numbers and forms for kids is over,andit’s time to consolidate the knowledge playing someeducationalgames for kids kindergarten. Here are these mini numberand shapegames for kids free: The 1st game among learning games fortoddlersage 2 is for checking, how well your baby has learnttoddlercounting 123 kids free. A certain quantity of kids shapespreschoolare demonstrated to the baby and the voice behind thescreen asks,“how many shapes?”. The child clicks every shape andhears countingnumbers for nursery kids learn. The 2nd game of thelearning gamesfor toddlers age 3 is a real geometry for kids inwhich we continueto learn shapes and numbers. There is a greensquare in the middleof the screen and there is a certain number onit. Beyond thesquare there are several animated shapes. The babyshould drag asmany shapes in the green square as the numberindicates. Itcontributes greatly to a better learning how to countnumbers. The3d game of the educational games for 4 to 5 year kid wecan see atwig with a leaf with a certain number. In the free spacenear thetwig there are 3 groups consisting of different quantity ofshapes.The baby is to decide which group of figures matches thenumber onthe leaf. In the 4th mini-game there is a certain numberof chairs.Above the chairs there are 3 balloons with differentnumbers oneach. Some shapes are moving around. The toddler has tofind theballoon with the number corresponding with the quantity
Learn Shapes for Kids, Toddlers - Educational Game 1.2.47
Shapes is one of our educational games for toddlers in whichyourchild can learn shapes and play shape games. Invite your babyto afabulous world of shapes for kids to acquire new knowledgeandskills. The game teaches to distinguish different geometricshapesand compare shapes for babies with the surrounding objects inreallife. Features of shapes games: - Shape games for toddlerspresent7 shapes for toddlers: a circle, a rhombus, a square, arectangle,an oval, a polygon, a triangle, a heart, a humanfootprint and aflower. - Study geometry for kids with fun - thereare 3 catchy andfunny pictures of objects of corresponding formsattached to eachgeometrical shape. The name of each object ineducational games forkids kindergarten is pronounced clearly anddistinctly by nativespeakers. - Kids learn shapes playing 3 shapegames for kids: 1)learning toddler shapes of everyday life objects;2) shapesmatching games for toddlers to consolidate theirknowledge; 3)awesome shape puzzles games that will show your childthat objectsof complex forms for kids often consist of simpletoddler shapeslite. - Educational games for kids nursery are verycolorful andbright so this is not only learning shapes for toddlersfree butalso learning colors and shapes as well. - The names of allkidsshapes and items can be learned in 6 languages: English,Spanish,French, Russian, Portuguese, German. Such a game teachingkidsshapes and colors preschool is useful for future study offoreignlanguages. - All our educational games for kids haveintuitiveinterfaces which makes it easy to play even for toddlerage 2, fortoddler age 3 and for 4 to 5 year kid, of course. - Youcandownload our shapes games for kids for free. Kids shapes gamesfreeallow to save family budget and get an educational app ofhighquality. How to play shape sorting games for kids free: -Learnsmart baby shapes. The 1st icon of the shapes and color gamesforkids leads the young explorer to a deserted land. Press thearrowsin the top of the screen to switch between kids shapespreschooland the 3 objects from everyday life representing each. -Practiceknowledge of kids shapes and colors preschool. The 2nd gateof thetoddler shape games free brings the adventurer to a tropicallakeshore. Here learning shapes and colours is improved by shiftingtheshape cards into matching cutouts. In educational gamesforchildren a toddler won't be able to muff a stroke. When thechildmanages to fit the shape of the kids shape puzzle, thedevicevibrates. Word of appraise is heard to encourage furtherpracticeof shapes and colors for toddlers. - Play puzzles tostrengthen theknowledge of geometric figures. Upon going throughthe 3d portal oflearning games for kids, the young player learnshapes and colorsfinding himself on a sandy beach, to play anentertaining shapepuzzle game. Five riddles are represented here tolearn colours andshapes for kids. Fir tree, frogling, house, locotrain andhelicopter will help your baby learn colors and shapes.Whilelearning shapes and colors the kid should drag variouslyshapedelements to their places within the picture. Only after thebabycopes with the first block puzzle of the learning apps forkids,the next one is available, which propels interest to playshapesand colors games for kids further on. The childreneducational appsfor free can be recommended as: - learning gamesfor toddlers age2; - learning games for toddlers age 3; - learninggames fortoddlers age 4; - learning games for toddlers age 5. Shapegamesfor kids free like shape builder and shape puzzles canendowimmensely. Our game which is a colors and shapes for kids appfreepreschool is full of adventures and fun. Playing shapes andcolorgames for kids will enable to understand the shape designconceptand teach to differentiate between basic shapes forchildren, whichis also essential for remembering letters andnumbers.
com.bimiboo.colors 2.24
Shapes and Colors is an educational game for kindergartenandpreschool kids ages 2 to 5. Our app contains 15 learningactivitiesfor toddlers that allow them to learn by playing. Thesebaby gameswill allow boys and girls to develop logic, memory,attention,visual perception, fine motor skills and creativity inanentertaining way. Children will face different learningactivitiesin form of entertaining puzzles and challenges. Shapesand colorshas kids games in English for boys and girls of differentagegroups. Games for 2 year olds: Colors. Place items on correctbedsby color. Educational games for kids that develop attentionandfine motor skills. Sizes. Put food into correct bowls by size.Free2 year old game to teach pre-kindergarten kids understandsizes.Develops visual perception and attention. Shapes. Fix thesofa byplacing patches into correct places by shape. Toddler puzzlegamesfor pre-kindergarten kids. A game for 2 year olds to learnbasicgeometric shapes. Attention. Feed animals by giving them foodtheyask for. Baby game with cute animals and animations. Toddlergamesfree for 2 year olds. Memory. Clear the room by putting itemsintocorrect places. Memory games for kids 2 years. Games for 3yearolds: Counting game – Serve sweets on correct tables bynumber.Numbers learning app for kids. Allows to learn numbersfortoddlers. 123 kids games for 3 year olds. Building game –Decoratethe room by putting items into correct places. Shapes andcolorsfor toddlers. Shapes game – Sort items into correct boxes bybasicshapes: square, circle and triangle. Perfect preschool gametolearn shapes for kids. Logic game – Divide items intotwocategories – for bath and for kitchen. Logic games for childrenage3. Classification game – Sort birds and fish into correcthabitat.Free educational game for toddlers that develops logic andmemory.Games for 4 year olds: Puzzle game – Fill the refrigeratorwithfood by moving the items into correct silhouette. Kids puzzles3and 4 years old. Crafts game – Make paper crafts by puttingpaperpieces into correct spots. Fun games for girls and boys -craftsfor kids step by step. Colors game – Put clothes intocorrectwardrobes by color. Colors for babies. Preschool games for 4yearolds. Sorting game – Arrange items in the correct order bytheirsize. Learning apps for kids age 4 to 5 free. Matching game –Findand connect two items that work together. Matching gamesfortoddlers and kindergarten kids. Shapes and colors features:-Educational games for 1 to 5 year olds. - Kids puzzle games for3year olds - Learn shapes and colors for toddlers - Helpsindevelopment of basic skills - Counting for kids – learningnumbers1, 2 and 3 - Optimized for tablets and phones - Cute animalsforkids: dog, cat, rabbit and fox. - Fully supports EnglishlanguageShapes and colors is a perfect kids game designed to helpkidsdevelop in a fun way. The game is also valid for kids withspecialneeds such as autism. Ages: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 yearsoldpre-kindergarten and preschool kids. You will never findannoyingads in our apps. We are happy to receive your feedbackandsuggestions.
Smart shapes: toddler games for learning shapes. 0.5.7
Smart shapes are learning games for toddlers, where childrenlearngeometric shapes playing several shape games. Our kids gamesfortoddlers will teach children to call, draw, match shapes. Also,ourgames for kids will develop fine motor skills, logic, memory.Ourtoddler educational games are the most popular way to studyforbabies nowadays because they will help children in theirpreschooleducation. Smart shapes are one of the perfect kids gamesfortoddlers for learning shapes. Out toddler games for kids havefivefunny characters: circle, square, rectangle, pentagon,triangle.Each figure utters phrases in its own ridiculous and nicelanguage,so kids will definitely like the way the triangle sendshim anair-kiss and the moment when the circle enthusiasticallyexclaimslike a theater actor! Fun, fabulous music immerses kidsinto themagical world of animated figures and baby educationalgames. Anexciting, useful way to spend leisure time or time duringa trip.There are seven cool tasks in our shape games, which willhelplearning shapes. Each of them is available for playing inanyorder. Let’s start the baby learning games for toddlers withafunny monster. His name is Nya-yum, he is hungry more than ever,hewaiting for your dishes. Well, the tasty dishes arefigures:circle, pentagon, triangle, square, rectangle. When you putthem inthe mouth of a cute monster, you will hear how it chomps. Doyoulike swinging? So do friendly figures. Put geometric friends ontheswings and catch their air-kisses! Visible outlines help toguesswhere shapes should be placed in. Kids quickly memorizegeometricobjects and learn to distinguish geometric forms as wellas bymoving characters on the swing they develop motility, logicaswell. The next task involves toddlers into theentertainingbuilding process. Practical toddler games with formswhere babiesshould build an object. Each object that surrounds usconsists ofone or more geometric forms. Let's recognize simpleshapes infamiliar objects! Kids memorize geometrical shapes muchbetter whenthey distinguish them in their fun toys. Moreover, whenthe littleones remember which forms the objects consist of, theirdrawingprocess is becoming better and makes more pleasure. Becomeamagician and animate shapes with the next task. One has onlytodraw an outline of the figure, after that, you will see howitwakes up, yawns winks at you! This entertaining taskdevelopscoordination, visual memory, fine motor skills. Believe itor notbut in our baby educational games for toddlers livegeometricshapes love fruits. The apple is high, even you cannotreach one,but if you build a pyramid out of friendly figures, ateam offriends will win! The farther in, more interesting tasks youget!Let’s land geometric figures with parachutes on the ground.Properplaces are highlighted by the contour of a similar figure, sothebaby will not be mistaken and gently land all the figures. Alargeplayroom is a site to the seventh cool task. The figureswaddlehere trolling merry songs while one figure is longing for itspairat the door. Find the same geometric shape, after that sendthemfor a walk together! Features of our baby learning gamesfortoddlers - shapes for kids: There is a parents’ corner in theshapegames for kids where you can get by solving a math riddle.Changesound settings and vibration mode inside section. Kids cancompleteinteresting tasks in any order. There is no limited timeforcompleting all cool tasks. Play our toddler learning gamesbysimply selecting one of the seven tasks and startexploringgeometric shapes for kids. Move on to smart shapes withtoddlereducational games for kids! We are happy to hear from We are onFb: Enjoy learning shapeswithour toddler games.
Learning shapes and colors for toddlers! 0.3.2
Learn colors and shapes for toddlers with live colorful shapes!Fivetasks where a 🔵 circle, a square, a 🔻 triangle, a pentagon,and arectangle play and amuse the little ones. About the game:Learningshapes and colors for toddlers consists of five excitingtasks whichare full of joy, fun and useful knowledge of geometricshapes andcolors for kids. The game where a baby should drawshapes and colormatching develops visual and auditory memory,trains fine motorsskills, attentiveness, patience! No reason to bebored, let’s playand teach useful things. 20 minutes of learningcolors and shapesfor toddlers is quite enough to fuel the jar ofchildren'scuriosity! Tasks: Kids start this shape games withloading the cooltruck with the smart shapes which must be the samecolours as thetruck, it won’t go otherwise. Put the figures intothe cute cargobed until it’s full. The second exercise is aimed onmemorizing theshapes and colors for toddlers. Pleasant narrator’svoice names thecolours - the picturesque spot of it you see in thecenter of thescreen - and the figures of the same color: a circle,a square, arectangle, a pentagon, a triangle. To switch to thenext colors forbabies, follow the arrow. Putting geometric shapesin boxes is whatwe do following the third task. The figures sit ona moving tape andwave to the kids with their paws. Take funnysmart shapes with thecolor which coincides with the color of thebox and place them init. After the box is filled a new one willappear. We are in a cozyroom where the figures are waddling to andfro. Here’s the fourthtask for kids: the voice names the colours,after that pick a busyshape with this color. Pick all the figuresnamed! And the fifthtask! Geometric shapes adore juice. Especiallywhen busy shapes areable to choose among all its various colorsand tastes! The easiestway to please figures is to color matchingwith a delicious juice ofthe colours they want to become. As manyas eleven colors here -that’ll be enough juice for everyone!Features: All tasks areavailable for playing in any order, ⌚ thetime duration isn’tlimited. Each shape games of five help tosolidify knowledge, learncolors and shapes for kids. Also, ittrains fine motors skills,attentiveness, patience! Expressingempathy to the charactersfosters EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE of kidsfrom 1 - 5 ages. Pleasantly,high-quality voiced phonics in severallanguages ​​- you can chooseEnglish, Russian, Arabic, Portuguese,Spanish and Chinese. It helpsto learn the languages, enrich thevocabulary connects with kidsshapes and colors for babies. Nurserymusic calms and creates totalimmersion into the fairy tale. We aresure it is important for a kidto keep the focus during thelearning shapes and colors for kids. Atender voice accompanies thekid’s actions, reports the task andencourages. We createeducational games for toddlers 1 - 5 year oldswhich burst ofknowledge, joy, giggles! Learn colors and shapes fortoddlers isthe most popular way to study nowadays and will helpchildren intheir preschool education. 📧 Email us at:support@gokidsmobile.comWe are on Fb:
lernin: Play to Learn - Educational games for kids 4.27.0
• The best learning tools for preschoolers • 5 subjects: Math&numbers, ABC & Words, science, music, art • Hundredsoflearning games, new games every week • For kids and toddlers from2to 6 years old • Lands: games organised in a way that makesitsuper easy to acquire & develop new learning skills •ParentsArea: track your child's performance at any moment • Weeklyemailreports: receive an email every week summarizing yourchild'sprogress Learn while having fun with lernin: Play to Learn,thebest learning tools for preschool and school. WHAT WILL KIDSANDTODDLERS LEARN? 🔢 Numbers & Math: numbers games and mathgames,basic problem solving (addition and subtraction games),logic,patterns and sequences, tracing numbers games… 👨‍🎨 Art: artgamesdesigned for kids to learn and boost their creativity:drawinggames, puzzles, memory games, shapes and colors… 🔬 Science:thesegames will help kids and toddlers discover the world and howitworks: animals, nature, biology, parts of the body... 🖌 ABC&Words: with our ABC games, your kid will become avocabularymaster. Learn the alphabet, syllables, words, tracing,basicreading and writing with our ABC & Words games! 🎶Music:discover different musical instruments, how they sound, themusicalnotes... Music makes us happy, so let’s make your child fallinlove with it! PARENTS AREA Track your child’s progressandperformance at all times from the Parents Area. There, you’llfindstats & info about how your child is doing, whateducationalgames they are playing most, how long they play for… THELERNINUNIVERSE When kids and toddlers play our preschooleducationalgames, they enter a world where learning is fun. This ispartiallythanks to our design, into which we put a lot of love.Ourcharacters are our favorite part of the lernin universe, theyfillit with love of learning, life and joy; and they'll guideyourchild’s learning process. • Nikola: the science master,innovative,crazy, super fun and a bit of a nerd, what can we say,he'selectric! He always thinks out of the box and will guideyourchild’s science learning. • Alan: the math master.Superintelligent, logical: a total pioneer. He always looksveryfocused, which can be often confused with grumpiness. However,he’sjust lovely! • Wolfie: music is his life. Crazy soul, creativeandtruly rock & roll! He will make sure your child tellsthedifferent between a violin and a cello! • Jane: dreamy,creative,sensitive and a true romantic, Jane lives in her own worldofbooks, reading & writing. She’s incredibly intelligent andcanmake any kid or toddler love language. • Frida: the artsmaster!She’s always thinking of new ways to surprise people,alwayscreating! We’d love to get in her brain for 5 minutes, butwewouldn’t be able to handle her colorful mind! Learningmath,numbers, animals, the shapes and the colors, vocabulary,thealphabet and more will be more fun than ever with our hundredsofeducational games, designed for kids and toddlers from 2 to 6yearsold to learn while having fun. ABOUT LERNIN GAMES We are,first andforemost, parents. And just like you, we grew up in a timewhenthere were no tablets or smartphones, so we understand dealingwiththese new platforms can be a bit messy. We want to turn screentimeinto quality time, so you can let your child play and learnwith atablet or a smartphone without worrying about what they mightbedoing. Let’s embrace technology, because it’s a great ally intheroad of learning. *LERNIN UNLIMITED* Lernin Unlimited isanauto-renewable monthly or yearly subscription that lets yourchildplay and learn with the hundreds of educational games withinlerninwithout limits. Privacy policy:
SWIRLY: Color Wheel Mind Training Game 1.8.0
Swirly is the addictive arcade game where you match color ofthedropping ball with the rotating color wheel. There are a lotofbeautiful colors, shapes, music and geometry backgrounds thatwillhelp you to relax your mind from a stressful day. How toplaySwirly? Just tap on the screen and play - timing is everything!Useyour power of observation! Main features: ✔ Easy to play,simplerules - challenge your reflexes! ✔ No violence - Addictivearcadegameplay without any violence. ✔ Long hours of entertainment- Killboredom! ✔ Get relaxed and do mind training at the same time.Leavethe stress behind you! ✔ Stay focused and fill the zen moment!✔Beautiful colors, shapes, geometry backgrounds and relaxingmusic.✔ Unlock the new shapes of the color wheel (lollipop,square,triangle, pizza, hearts, animals, Halloween, Christmas, etc)✔Compare your skills with other players on our leaderboard andsharethem with your friends. ✔ Available in 16 languages(English,Polish, Chinese, Japan, Dutch, German, French, Spanish,Portuguese,Russian, Greek, Ukrainian, Croatian, Italian, Korean andFinish) ✔FREE game to play! Tap your screen, start playing and havefun withSwirly! Dive into the color infinity! More about us:E-mail:android@creamsoft.comWebsite:
Colored Shapes 4.1.0
It is an entertaining and challenging game which improves mentalandmanual skills based on hand-eye coordination for both childrenandadults.Choose the right color and shape combination offallinggeometric figures which is the closest one to the line. Makethebest score and challenge your friends.Beat your friends withyourdexterity!Specifications• Improve your hand-eyecoordination.•Children can learn figures and colors enjoyably.•Compete with yourfriends.• Compete with global players.• Prove yourdexterityagainst challenging velocity.• Become adapted tovariablevelocities.
CORE 1.18
Core - this is a small lightning"ball" that will pull you init’sworld forever, will open for you cool, exciting offline gamesof astylish interface! Download this offline game right now, pressthestart button, and the lightening ball’s "adventures" in theworldof geometric shapes begin!MISSIONThis no Internet game isendless.The goal of the arcade Core is to put a personal record,and evento become # 1 among friends. And to complete a mission andto beatthe record you need to fly as fast as possible, bend allobstacleson the way as quickly as you only can and to collect ALLthebonuses (glowing balls) that you only meet on your adventure.HOWTOPLAY?To bring a Core into a motion, it's enough just to tap onthescreen. The more you press on the screen, the faster itflies.Youneed to make this luminous ball fly into the fallingfigure thatrotates and fly of it out. Each figure has one free edge- theentrance to it, in the same time it’s exit, which will changeit’slocation with the figure rotations . Therefore, get close tothefalling figure, when it is turned by the free edge down, andflyout of it when it turns the free edge up. All thesemanipulationsshould be done until the figure falls. And this willtake just asecond and even a half of a second, so you need to bereally quick!You can not touch the figures!First you will face withsimpletriangles and squares, but the further you go, the hardertheconstruction of figures of this no Internet game are, andtheharder it will be to overcome them. Sometimes neither one, nortwo,but many figures will move towards you. For example, acombinationof stars, or circles, or any other figures that not onlyrotateabout their axis, but they also can move along acompletelyincomprehensible trajectory, may come upon you. In thiscase, youhave nothing to do but look for the passages between themand asquickly as possible slip across. Just do not forget tocollectbonuses - small lightening balls!Download the arcade CORERIGHTNOW, but be careful, because you can become addictive to thisgame!
Geometry Calculator 2.8
Geometric Calculator Calculates plane and solid figures:Triangle,square, rectangle, parallelogram, rhombus, trapezoid,rectangle,polygon, circle, circle, ellipse. Sphere, cube, box,cylinder,cone, truncated cone, prism, pyramid, truncated pyramid,theoctahedron. For every geometry shape there is step by stepmathsolve solution provided! If you either a schoolkid oranundergraduate this math solver toolkit will be helpful foryou!Planimetrics: ~~~~~~~~~~ Triangle - Parties - angles - Area-Perimeter square - Parties - diagonal - Area - Perimeterrectangle- diagonal - Area - Perimeter parallelogram - Diagonals -Area -Perimeter rhombus - Diagonals - Area - Perimeter trapeze -Area -Perimeter quadrangle - Area - Perimeter polygon - angles -Areacircle - Area - The length of the arc - Size of the sector -Thelength of the arc segment - The area of the segment ring - Area-Size of the sector ellipse - Area - Perimeter Solidgeometry:~~~~~~~~~~~~ ball - Area - Volume cube - Area -Volumeparallelepiped - Area - Volume cylinder - Area - Volume - Theareaof the lateral surface cone - Area - Volume - The area ofthelateral surface frustum - Area - Volume - The area of thelateralsurface prism - Area - Volume pyramid - Area - Volume - Thearea ofthe lateral surface truncated pyramid - Volume octahedron -Area -Volume
com.YOZHStudio.shapesandcolors 1.1.3
Geometric shapes and colors for children. Educational kids gamesfortoddlers from 2 to 6 are very popular among children andtheirparents. Computer learning games for kids are a very importantpartof the modern development of the child. This free educationalgamefor the kids in a playful way show geometric shapes and colorsin 4mini games: 1 - Teach geometric shapes 2 - Teach colors 3 -Getextra 4 - Bonus Game! Dubbed professional speaker in Englishaswell as Russian, German, Spanish, Romanian and French. Inthiseducational game, your child will look like and extra piecesofdifferent colors and objects that look like variousgeometricshapes. That will allow your child to consolidate theirknowledge,as well as a great opportunity to have fun spend time.The gamewill be interesting for both boys and girls. Thisapplication isapproved by leading child psychologists.
Area Volume Calculator 2.1
Select a shape, input some measurements and see its area,perimeter,volume and weight. This is an easy to use, completelyfree, shapecalculator. Features at a Glance: - 170+ geometricshapes available.- Swipe through categories and shapes to selector type to searchdirectly. - Have the radius, but not thediameter? No problem, theArea Volume Calculator (AVC) has variouscalculation methods to meetthe requirement. - Choose from metals,wood, liquids and more. Fillyour shape with Almonds, Aluminium orany one of 1500 materials tocalculate the weight. - Information onthe definition of the shapeand the formula used for calculation isalso provided. - Calculatethe volume directly or start with thearea of a 2D shape and thenselect an associated 3D shape to getthe volume. - The calculationscan be carried out in a range ofMetric, Inch(UK) and Inch(US)units, from millimetres to miles. -Shapes are well illustrated andlabelled making the app easy to useand understand. - Add preferredmaterials to favourites to quicklycalculate weight. - The app iscurrently available in English andGerman. - 100% free, no in-apppurchases or ads! Suitable foranyone from kids to mechanicalengineers.
The area of geometric figures 1.5
This geometric calculator will help You calculate area ofthegeometric shapes such as a triangle, circle, square, rhombsector,the segment etc.
Matching Game:Object & Shapes 2.2
Matching game for kids is a application for learn alphabetsandalphabets with picture. It also helps kids to learn shapes.Thisapp contains : Matching game for toddlers Match Small andcapitalalphabet Matching shape / also helps in Learn shape/matchingshapes for toddlers Matching Alphabets with picturesCounting orcount the similar image/ Learn Identified similar imagesFind Oddpicture / odd one out Learn Picture name like Cat startwith "C"this is learning game for kids Learn shape Thanks
Dancing Shapes Full 1.8
3D Live wallpaper with colorful dancing geometric shapes. Theeffectof the wave when you touch the screen. Harmony of movementandcolor. Control the camera with the help of sensors, the effectofparallax. You can choose from 30 built-in presets. Preset is agroupof settings that contain geometric shapes, dance, spectr, andotherparameters. You can create many custom presets. You can alsousecustom images as a spectrum or background. If on surface ofshapesyou look white area try in app-settings "Select modeofquality"-"Detail".
Geometry colors 1.57.03
Upware Studios
Test your skills and memory speed with geometries and colors inthisawesome game for all ages. Just tap using your fingers quicklytofollow the sequence. Geometry colors is extremely addictive andsureit will be one of our favourite games. How far can you get?HowtoplayTap on the button that is equal to the color or shapethatappears on the screen.Prevent the figures from reaching thedeathline.Remember! You need to follow the pattern of the sequenceinthe correct order.Features- Infinite Mode- Bonus levels togetbombs and extra points- Complex sequences of colors andgeometryshapes- Full Game Services integrationFollow us to improve thegame!Youropinion counts, please help us to improve the game
Shape Swap LWP 1.61
*** IF YOU THE LATEST UPDATE LOCKED YOUR PREMIUM FEATURES, EMAILME***Shape Swap Live generates geometric shapes that animateusinghigh quality and speedy graphics! You can customize justaboutanything, so it can range from 'fancy' to just simple shapes.Thiswallpaper is enhanced by animations, shapes fade in and out,andfloat around. They swap places and the whole wallpapersparallaxscrolls with your home screen.FEATURES- NEW! Theme editor-NEW!Toggle outlines- Choose between Circles, Triangles,Squares,Pentagons, Hexagons, and Octagons- Find your favorite size- lotsof little shapes or a few big ones?- Pick between interestingcolorthemes (more coming soon!)- Toggle certain displays, suchasbackground shapes or the line grids- Pick and choosewhichanimations you want and how often!- Toggle vignette effect.
Kids Mosaic Art Shape and Color Picture Puzzles 1.0
Espace Publishing
Kids Mosaic Art Puzzles is a fun and educational game foryoungchildren aged 2 to 8 years old. It features a large collectionofpre designed pictures which teach color and shape recognitionaswell as hand eye coordination. For the artistic, the appalsoprovides the ability to create your own masterpieces usingseveraldifferent board types and sizes.The puzzles vary indifficultystarting with puzzles that use only a few differentshapes andcolors up to games that require many different colorsandshapes.Kids Mosaic Art Puzzles features:• a variety ofcolourfulpuzzle themes and difficulty levels as well as the abilitytocreate you own designs. • high quality images set againstcolourfulscenes that look great on High Definition (HD) and retinadisplays•authentic sounds and fun effects for every completedchallenge•recreate a variety of beautifully designed mosaics themedaroundanimals, transportation, plants, food and toys •increasingdifficulty as your child progresses through theactivities• teachesvarious shapes including triangle, square,circle, hexagon and 12colors and tones• supports multiplelanguages: English, German,French, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Greek,Italian, Japanese, Korean,Norwegen, Thai, Polish, Portuguese,Romanian, Russian, Turkish,Viet and others• no advertising and 100%kid safe. Fun for thewhole family.Kids Mosaic Art Puzzles comeswith a selection of freepuzzles that can be easily upgraded througha single low costin-app purchase to enable all puzzles. Byupgrading from the FreeApp to the full version you’ll also beentitled to all additionalpuzzles and features added in futurereleases.Mosaic puzzle gameshave traditionally been a fun and earlyeducation learning tool fortots, toddlers, preschoolers,kindergarten, and early school agechildren and are a stimulatinggame for girls and an exciting gamefor boys.• 2 to 4 year oldchildren can practice their hand eyecoordination, matching skills,shape and colour recognition as theyprogress through the puzzlesand enjoy the sounds on completion ofeach puzzle• 5 to 8 year oldkids can try to race against the clockto complete puzzles asquickly as possible and design their ownmasterpiecesWe hope you andyour children enjoy playing what webelieve is one of our best earlyeducation games for toddlers,preschoolers as school agedchildren.Please also check out ourother puzzle games and acclaimedkids educational apps at or follow us onFacebook for the scoopon new app releases and free giveawaysat
Geometric Calculator 1.9
FB Apps
With Geometric Calculator you can compute volumes, surfaces,areasand perimeters of 35 DIFFERENT GEOMETRIC FIGURES.For eachshapethere are formulas and definitions that you can consult atanytime, even during the calculation operations.There is alsoafunction that will allow you to save calculations performed inaninternal archive with all the initial data and theformulasused.Intuitive, easy to use, you will receive all resultsin a fewclicks.Ideal for all students.Available for smartphonesandoptimised also for Tablet.Available functions:- Volumes,surfaces,areas and perimeters computation - Formulas anddefinitionsconsultation- Possibility to save calculations-Possibility tochange languageSolid figures:- CONE- SPHERE- PRISM-CYLINDER-PYRAMID- CUBE- TOROID- PARALLELEPIPED- ELLIPSOID-CYLINDER-TRUNCATED CONE- TRUNCATED PYRAMID- SPHERICAL CAP (v 1.1)-SPHERICALSECTOR (v 1.1)- HOLLOW PARALLELEPIPED (v 1.3)- REGULAROCTAHEDRON(v 1.3)- REGULAR DODECAHEDRON (v 1.3)- REGULARICOSAHEDRON (v 1.3)-TRUNCATED CYLINDER (v 1.7)Flat figures:-SQUARE- TRIANGLE- CIRCLE-TRAPEZOID- RHOMBUS- ELLIPSE- RECTANGLE-PENTAGON- HEXAGON-HEPTAGON- OCTAGON- DECAGON- CIRCULAR SEGMENT (v1.1)- CIRCULARSECTOR (v 1.1)- RHOMBOID (v 1.3)- ANNULUS (v 1.3)
Geometry Calculation 1.0
Will Maze
Application "Geometry" - calculations of geometricshapes.Allcalculations have the formula.Application have asimplecalculator.Calculations for plane figures:1. Calculate thearea andperimeter of a square2. Calculate the area and perimeter ofarectangle3. Calculation of the area, the perimeter and theanglesof a triangle4. Calculate the area and perimeter ofaparallelogram5. Calculation of the area and perimeter ofthetrapezoid6. Calculation of the quadrangle area7. Calculate theareaand perimeter of a polygon8. Calculation of the area andperimeterof a rhombus9. Calculating circle10. Calculation of thering11.Calculation of the circle sector12. The calculation of thesectorof the ring13. The calculation of the ellipseThe calculationsforthe three-dimensional shapes:1. The volume and surface area of​​acube2. The volume and surface area of ​​the parallelepiped3.Thevolume and surface area of ​​the cylinder4. The volume ofthehollow cylinder5. The volume of the pyramid of various types6.Thevolume of a truncated pyramid7. The volume of the cone8. Thevolumeof a truncated cone9. The volume and surface area of ​​asphere10.The volume of a sphere sector11. The volume of a spheresegment
Letters numbers and vocals 1.0
Robert Smart co.
This Novel game, help them identify their tots to the basics,suchas vowels, Numbers, Letters, Geometric Figures, Pets &Wild.The games contain very beautiful scenery, iterative sounds foreachobject, background music and awards medals per level. Allconsistof a finger pressing the required indication, while theobjects arekept in motion. Each game contains several levelsidentified formedals and as it progresses and as many new items areadded tofinally get a trophy. Children will be entertained andacquirememory skills. While parents help them mark the request.Gamescontain the first steps Children need for their education.Childrenolder than three (3) years. 1. Members 2. Letters(Alphabet). 3.Numbers. 4. Figures geometries. 5. And Animals. Thegame can evenhelp adults starting with a new language, Spanish orEnglish.Example of use .. The game animals: By identifying theAnimal thatwill be presented in a dialogue, its image willmovements andsounds of the animal, helping the child to familiarizeimage andsound of the Animal ... The set of letters and vowelscontainsseveral types of letters (uppercase, lowercase and italics)you canselect a button Have a nice experience with this iterativegame.Remember that your opinion is important to us, so we can shapethegame to your liking.
Small Square Free 1.0.0
Alessandro Aquila
A very simple and minimalist game where you are a small squarethatmoves along a straight line and crosses many other shapes alongitsway.** Notice: the maximum score is 90 pts **You have tosurviveamong geometric shapes and objects. A journey in an abstractworldwith scenarios that change over time according to theobjectsyou'll meet in your way.
Volume Calculator 1.1
Swartland Apps
This App calculates the the volume of 3D shapes. The unitisirrelevant, as long as all measurements are entered in thesameunit.The user interface was designed in such a way tominimizeinteraction with the app. For instance, the result iscalculated asyou are typing values into the availablefields.Calculates thevolumes of the following 3Dshapes.BarrelConeCubeCylinderFrustumConeFrustum PyramidHexagonalPrismHollowCylinderParallelepipedPyramidSectionedCylinderSphereSphericalCapSpherical SectorSpherical ZoneTorus
Shapes 2.2.1
In a universe of uncertainty, chaos and confusion, ▲SHAPESemergesas the perfect way to bring harmony and congruence to ourworld.Through an immersive environment of countless challenginglevels,▲SHAPES will test your skills to establish order into afragmentedreality. Are you ready to fight disorder? Then you needthis shapesgame! This brainteaser game will challenge your logicalskills,encouraging your creativity while you assemble thefragmentedshards into a holistic image. This shapes game mixes, infact, yourability to use both sides of your brain: the creativehemisphereand the logical one. In ▲SHAPES, you will experiment arelaxing andspatial environment, enjoying a soothing soundtrack andexcitingpuzzles. In this game we merge figures within classicaltraits andfuturistic neon lights with the purpose to play with yoursenses,imagination and logic. Once all the pieces are connected, asenseof clarity will arise and you will build shapes that appeal toyoureyes and mind. If you feel proud of your achievements, sharetheconcluded levels with your friends or simply save them onyoursmartphone. Your mission is quite clear in ▲SHAPES: fight chaosandbring life to fragmented shards. The game concept works almostlikea metaphor of a stressful day or a troubled period. Theempathybetween music and the visual features will deliver you arelaxingand pleasurable sensation of order being restored. Like intraffic,subway rush hours or busy workdays, it will be you againstchaosround after round, level after level… Considered by players asoneof the best efforts ever released by Infinity Games, Shapes istheperfect game for fans of beautiful brainteaser games. Acceptourchallenge and bring some order to this topsy-turvy world! Howtoplay Loop Energy? Shapes is a very intuitive and easy game toplay;the goal is simple: make shapes. In the first levels, youwillinstantly get the game’s dynamic and soon you will feelcompletelysubmerged by this soothing and interstellar ambience. Asthedifficulty increases, you will feel more and more challengedtocomplete de enigma and achieve clairvoyance. To complete alevel,you have to rotate the shards and build shapes. Once theneonlights are on, you won another battle and the level iscompleted.Can I save my game progress? On the bottom of the screen,make sureyou connect to the game center. Then, the game progressisinstantly saved on your game app, so you can resume in thelevelwhere you stopped in the previous game session. This allowsyou tomaintain your progress, always discovering new levels anddifferentfigures. Do I need to pay anything to play? Loop Energyiscompletely free and you don’t need to pay for playing thegame.However, you can remove the ads for the price of a coffee andenjoya more fluid version of the game. Ads were an option we neededtotake in order to assure the development of Shapes and futuregames.If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach usviae-mail or on Facebook. Do you like our work? Connect below: •Like: •Follow: •Visit: Concept, development, designandcopyrights: Badly Interrogated & Infinity Games.
Shapes and colors Educational Games for Kids 1.8
Elka games
Shapes and colors for kids is a free learning logic gamefortoddlers.Together with Bunny, we make a trip to see his friend.Onthe trip, we learn to recognize colors and shapes, solvelogicproblems, sort out things, and improve memory.There are 6joyfulgames in the application:- Find an object to its color-Recognizeshape of an object- Logic game with figures of differentcolors-Game to improve memory and build brain- Find identicalobjects-Find figuresThe application is designed to improvespatialthinking, fine motor skills, and memory.The game is intendedfortoddlers of 2-3-4 years old.* Free ** No ads ** NoIn-Apppurchase*We are opened for all your suggestions! Please emailusyour wishes to support@catdonut.comIf you like our applicationandyou would like it to be continued, rate it, please.
Shapes and Colors for Toddlers & Kids - Edu game 1.0.8
Help your toddler develop fine motor skills with this great app!Anamazing puzzle with with a stunning collection of shapesandcolors! The funniest game for your toddler !A wonderful,cutecollection of puzzles and colorful shapes for toddlersandkids.Your child will discover colors, shapes and in themeanwhilewill develop fine motor skills!Your toddler will lovethisapp!Shapes and colors for toddlers is an educationalandentertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun, and colorful gamefortoddlers and kids! Play with colors and shapes !A lot ofdifferentpuzzles and many shapes to keep your kid busy.Easy tolearn and tocontrol:-touch the screen and drag the shape on therightplace-interact with all the elements on the screen when apuzzle issolved-when a puzzle is completed tap the arrow to changeto thenext levelAvailable for all screen resolutions anddevices,including tablet device as Kindle and Samsung !Simpleandintuitive, your baby will have lots of fun for hours withthiswonderful game!This educational game will help your toddlertoimprove skills in problem solving, logical and cognitiveskills,concentration and memory.Features:- high quality puzzle gamefortoddlers and preschool kids from ages 0 to 6 years old withcoloredshapes- Easy to use and control- fun for children of allages,babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens, designedforpreschool boys and girls- learn to recognize shapes withfunnysounds- Simple for toddlers and babies with increasingdifficulty-Toddlers develop their fine motor skills by dragging anddroppingpuzzle pieces- Play with your child or let them play alone-use itto keep your baby or toddler occupied- A lot of color puzzles! 33in the FULL version- more than 100 shapes in the FULLversion:triangles, rectangles, ellipses, circles, stars, squares,hexagonsand many other colorful shapes- randomly generated puzzles!thiseducational game will never get old!This is the FREE version(Adssupported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buy theFULLversionwith more shapes puzzles andnoads to learn and play with great colorful puzzles, thisis amust have app!A lot of educational colors and shapes puzzlesfortoddlers and young kids!!Your child will admire every kind ofshapeand will hear funny sound effects!Shapes and colors fortoddlers isa funny game which also helps your toddler improvinghis abilities.Alot of game for children, the best games for kids,apps for babies,games for girls, match game, puzzle for 3 yearold, educationalgames, all from romeLab !
Metal Calculator:Weight/area 5.1
Hassan Ramadan Hassan
This app is a great app for checking the density of around400materials , these materials are listed and categorized , besidethematerial density you have many geometrical shapes and can getthevolume , weight and area , generally you can find in thematerialcalculator app the following features :-1.This appcalculate volume, weight and area for a lot of geometricsolids.2.The app is apocket information bank for students ,engineers and technicalpeople also it can be for kids. 3. Thiscalculator has 40geometrical solids.4. You can calculate its volume, weight andcost.5. A lot of materials can be selected like metals, plastics ,wood , food , solvents and stone.6. It has a reportinclude a lotof information such as surface area , volume , weight, cost ,shape and dimensions .
Shapes Puzzles 1.1
Best Kid Games
Everybody loves puzzles and want to play with toys likeshapes.Shapes Puzzles is an educational and entertaining game. Itis asimple, fun game for everyone! Easy to learn and to control:-Touchthe screen and drag the shapes on the right place- Interactwithall the balloons on the screen when a puzzle is solved- Whenapuzzle is completed, tap the next level buttonFeatures:-Highquality puzzle game for everybody with shapes- Easy to useandcontrol- Learn to recognize shapes- Simple for everyone- Youwilldevelop your fine motor skills by dragging and droppingpuzzlepieces- More than 35 shapes in the game: square, heart,triangle,circle, hexa and more.- It is %100 free appSimple andintuitive,you will have lots of fun for hours! This educationalgame willhelp you to improve skills in problem solving, logicalandcognitive skills, concentration and memory.Fun and enjoyabletolearn and play with great puzzles. Enjoy it!
Shapeout 1.05
Connect the blocks, form huge shapes and send them flying!Blocksarecrashing down and it's your job to make shapes out of them. Taptheblocks to rotate them and make a closed shape to send it flyingoutof the board! The bigger the shape, the more pointsyouget.Featuring several different game modes to keep you onyourtoes, Shapeout is fun, addictive, and FREE!
FUNNY FOOD 2! Educational Games for Kids Toddlers!
MAGE Studio Kid Games
Educational games for kids Kindergarten learning free apps&Fine motor skills games became fun! A world of 15 learningkidsgames! Learning games for toddlers age 3 5 with smart babyshapesaddress various topics such as: geometric shapes, colors,logic,sizes, etc! 🤗 🎓 Welcome to the world of 15 various childrengamesin Funny Food 2! 🍒 Funny Food 2: 🍐 🍏 PUZZLES - sort out thejumbledfunny foods (Fun learning games for kids 5 years free); 🍕ANGLES,PARTS & WHOLES - cook and slice pizza and then feedcutecharacters; 🛒 FIND & TAP - sort foods into theirappropriateplastic bags (Children’s games for 3 to 5 yrs old, thatdevelopsattention); 🤔 HIDE & SEEK - find the rascals and countthem(Games for children free that develop attention; learn tocountfrom 1 to 5); 🍋🚿 SHAPES - water the magical garden,growvegetables, then harvest and count them; 🚁SIZES - sort food bysizeand load them to the helicopter (Introduces a concept ofsorting bysize for smart kids free); 🍐🤓 LOGIC - find a pattern andarrangefoods correctly in the tractor's trailer (Kindergarten gamesfreefor 5 year old, that introduces to a concept of consistencyandcontinuity); 🚛 SORTING - sort all foods from the conveyor beltintodifferent pickup trucks (develop attention and logicalthinking); 🍒MATCHING - find all the matching pairs (matching gamesfree forkids, attention); 🍉🍴 UNITS & PARTS - slice the foods bytracingthe lines and cook various dishes (Memory matching games forkidsfree); 👠👒👓 CREATIVITY - dress foods in fancy clothing (2 yearoldgames free boys develop creativity and imagination); 🍋 LEARNSHAPESAND COLORS - prepare cookies that differ in color andshape(Introduces to sizes); 🍏🐼 COUNTING from 1 to 5 - feed animalswiththe right amount of food (A kind of puzzle games for kids 5yearsfree that help learn counting and think through math);⚖️COMPARISON - use the scale to weigh the right amount of food;🍓🚰COLORS FOR TODDLERS - kindergarten games free for 5 year old:washfruits and vegetables under the shower and sort them by color.💥FEATURES: 💥 🍒 15 baby learning games for kindergarten and aboveinEnglish; 🍏 Fun sound effects and amazing graphics, free gamesfortoddlers; 🍇 Amusing characters with lots of animationandinteraction; 🍊 Simple interface like in learning gamesforkindergarten; 🍓 Basic skills in learning kids games for children34 yrs free: logic, attention and thinking for kids to thinkthroughmath; 🍐 Parental control; 🤓Explore smart kids games: thinkthroughmath, fine motor skills games! Totally kindergarten learningfreeapps! Keep your child busy with educational games for kids!🌟AboutMAGE:🌟 😍These educational apps for toddlers have been createdbyMAGE, who develops interactive children learning games fortoddlersage 3 to 6. 🤗 With our educational games child will learnthealphabet, letters, numbers and phonics. Our games forpreschoolerscomply with the standards of “Designed For Family”.youtube:
Brain Rush Shapes Puzzler
Brain Rush - match the same shapes togetherinthe all time favorite game!Keep matching the same shapes together in order to keep the skydarkduring the night and preventing it from turning into a daywithBrain Rush Shape Matcher!Fast paced Moons and Sun shapes will appear on your screen asyoutap and hold your finger to change the shape or release yourfingerto change the shape again. Keep matching the same shapestogetherand the sky will remain dark. Combine different shapestogether andthe sky will become progressively lighter in color,finally turninginto a day and ending your spectacular adventure inthe nightsky!The speed of incoming planet shapes will keep onincreasingprogressively to challenge your concentration andfocusingpowers.Brain Rush serves as a great tool for improvinghand-eyecoordination, brain training, enhancing your mind's focus,mentalconcentration and visual perception abilities all in a funandaddictive way.
lernin: Shapes and Colors – kids educational games 1.5.0
The best way for kids to learn while having fun!"Lernin: ShapesandColors kids educational games" is a collection of 16educationalmini games thought and designed for kids and toddlersfrom 2 to 4years old to learn basic geometrical shapes and colorswhile havingfun. Memory games, coloring games, drawing games,puzzles…Someshapes and colors kids educational games for kids andtoddlersincluded in "lernin: Shapes and Colorseducationgalgames":SHAPESLearn the names of all the differentshapes by theirname and their appearance. Triangles, squares,rectangles, ovals...many shapes to learn!WHICH SHAPE?You kid has toselect the rightshape and the right color from a group of shapes.The name andcolor of the shape will be heard as well aswritten.SHAPESDRAGThere is one shape and three different holes.Your kid willhave to drag the shape to its matching hole. The nameof the shapewill also be heard to help your kid learn it.RAININGSHAPESYour kidwill be shown a shape. Straight after, many differentshapes willappear on the screen, your kid will have to tap on theshape theywere shown at the beginning.SHAPES CARDSThe classicmemoryflashcard game where you have to match every card with itspair,this time taking into account the shape shown onthecard.COLORINGColor the shapes to create original andpersonaldrawings.EMPTY BOARDThe kid will be shown a specific shapeand aboard with many shapes. In order to empty the board, they willhaveto tap on the shape that's been indicated. Shapes will changeoncenot on the board anymore.COLORSBalloons of different colorswillappear on the screen, and the name of the color will beheard.COLORCANDYYour kid will see a lot of sweets of threedifferent colors,as well as three holes of different colors. Theywill just have toarrange the candy by color by dragging it to thecorrespondinghole!COLOR CARDSThe classic flashcard game where youhave to matchevery card with its pair.EMPTY BALLOONSThe screen isfull ofballoons of different colors! Empty it by tapping on theballoonsof the right color following the indications!POPBALLOONSPop theballoons before they disappear! Every time your kidpops a balloon,its color will be heard!HALF SHAPESComplete theshapes by pairingthem with their corresponding "other half".WHICHSIZEA shape, intwo different sizes, will appear; select the rightsize followingthe indications.SIZE ORDERArrange the shapes fromsmall tobig.TANGRAMForm animals by putting different shapestogether!Neweducational mini games are added regularly to help yourkid ortoddler learn more and more about shapes and colors, so staytunedfor updates!Learning shapes and colors will be more fun thaneverthanks to the kids educational mini games available inlernin:Shapes and Colors educational games for kids!Havefunlernin!==================================lernin: Shapes andColorseducational games for kids is ad-free and completely free, soyoudon't have to worry about your kid or toddler tapping on adsbymistake.We update lernin: Shapes and Colors educational gamesforkids frequently, adding new educational games for kids, newsounds,better graphics so kids and toddlers can keep learning whilehavingfun.=============================ABOUT LERNIN GAMES:Alltheeducational games within lernin: Shapes and Colorseducationalgames for kids have been designed by Lernin Games, teamspecialisedon designing and developing educational apps and gamesfor kidsfrom 2 to 4 years old.lernin games was born with theobjective ofmaking screen time quality time. With our educationalgames, kidsand toddlers will learn shapes and colors while havingfun, andparents will relax knowing what their kids are doing.Win-win!
Tangram HD 3.6.5
Pocket Storm
The tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flatshapes,called tans, which together can form various shapes. Theobjectiveis to form a specific shape using all seven pieces, whichmay notoverlap. FEATURES:+ More than 550 designs: people,animals,buildings, numbers, boats, stuff, geometry and so on.+ 2playmodes: regular & masters. + Hints system for masters mode.+HDgraphics.+ Timer.+ Support app2SD (Android2.2+)+ Somuchmore..Note: later categories are more challenging. Note 2:Shapescan be flipped. Select any shape, then click the button onthe topof the screen to flip it.
Can You Draw It?
Yura Imashev
Since ancient times, scientists have wondered whether it ispossibleto draw one or another shape with only lines and circles.Over time,geometry appeared in a section called"compass-and-straightedgeconstructions".«Can You Draw It?» is amathematical puzzle of thenew format, which will bring you a lotof various tasks, some ofwhom are well known and some of whom arenew, created especially forthe game.Simple and intuitive controlsallow you to quickly diveinto the fascinating world ofmathematical tasks. Pleasantsoundtrack will make the process ofsolving a calm andmeditative.There is only one criterion forevaluating your solutions- the number of made constructions.Willyou be able to pass thelevel and make it optimal?«Can You DrawIt?» – geometry tasks in anew format!Game features:• 120extraordinary tasks!Each task is afigure that should beconstructed using only a compass andstraightedge.Initially youhave only a few points. With a simpletouch, you can build linesand circles between them, getting newintersection points.Meet thechallenge to discover: can you drawit?• 3 difficulty levels!Startwith simple tasks, where basics ofgeometry will be useful, advanceto the medium, where the schoolprogram is necessary, and try tosolve hard tasks that require morein-depth knowledge andextraordinary thinking!• Passing score!Lovedifficulty? For eachlevel you can earn three stars. The first isgiven for passing, andthe remaining two, for optimality of yoursolution. Find the bestone!• Achievements!Your efforts will benoticed! Earn variousachievements, passing the new levels!•LeaderboardsThe fewer movesyou make to solve the problem, the morepoints you get! Find thebest solutions, and become a score leaderbetween your friends andall players around the world!• Also:-Pleasant graphics and sound-Serene and meditative gameplay- Simplecontrols- Play Games support
Toddler Shapes 1.12
Bruce Lowe
Toddler Shapes is a shape sorting game aimed at 18 month to 3yearold children.It presents them with shapes and a matching holetoput the shapes into. The toddler then drags the shapes downintothe correct location. It attempts to teach them to understand *theconcept of different shapes * problem solving logic to puttheshapes together * how to use touchscreens * coordination fortheyounger toddlers * shape names * colors (full version)*numbers,alphabets for older toddlers (full version)It containsshapes likesquares, triangles, circles and stars (more in thefullversion).For older toddlers it contains number and alphabetmodesto give them a head start in learning those (full version).Itis Adfree with no special permissions and works on mobiles/tablets,soif you like it please upgrade
Kids Shapes and Colors 1.0.9
Learning can be fun - especially when your teachers are toys!MeetTeddy, Doll and Horse and learn about colors and shapes.Yourchildren will match shapes, do puzzles and color drawings.Teddywill reward them with a star each time they do well. Let'splay andlearn!Kids Shapes and Colors features six activities thatgraduallyget more challenging so that the child could learn shapesandcolors step by step.Match ShapesMatch geometric shapes withTeddy’sdrawings to learn colors and names of differentshapes.CatchShapesCatch the flying geometric shapes and match themwith theirdrawings.ColoringSelect the correct crayon and colorthepicture.Toy PuzzlesDrag toy parts onto the shape of the toy andputthe toys back together.Match ColorsSort out pencils and crayonsbyputting them in correct places – drawers or pencil cases ofthesame color and learn the the color and name of theobject.ToyShelfPut the missing parts onto the correct toys bymatching shapesand colors.
Euclidea 4.38
Euclidea is a FUN & CHALLENGING Way to CreateEuclidianConstructions! > 127 Levels: from very easy to reallyhard >11 Tutorials > 10 Innovative Tools > "Explore" Modeand Hints> Easily Drag, Zoom & Pan > No Advertising! Newlevelsare unlocked as you solve the previous ones. You can completethewhole game only if you earn all the stars. But you can buy anIAPthat removes this restriction. “Euclidea has been shown tohelpwith imagination, intuition, and logic, all wonderful skillstodevelop.” – appPicker “Euclidea is an absolute joy to play…it’sagame that every math student should have and, in an idealworld,every adult should like.” – Non-Trivial Games ***AboutEuclidea***Euclidea is a brilliantly original way to learn about,explore andhave fun with Euclidian Constructions! Your task is tosolveinteresting challenges by building geometric constructionswith astraightedge and compass. If you design the most elegantlysimplesolutions in the least number of moves, you’ll earn thehighestscores. Solutions are scored in lines (L) and elementaryEuclideanconstructions (E). ***Start Simple and Get Smarter!***Don’t worryif you aren’t a math wizard. Euclidea starts out withsimplechallenges that guide you through the basics. Once you masterthefundamentals, you’ll move on to tougher, moremind-bendingchallenges such as inner/outer tangents, regularpolygons, andmore. There are 120 unique challenges in total, whichare organizedin packs for simpler navigation. ***Add Constructionsto YourInterface*** When you learn certain significantconstructions –such as angle bisectors, non-collapsing compass, andso on – theyare automatically added to the Euclidea interface’sshortcut, whichhelps you save time and allows you to create clean,uncluttereddrawings. ***Easily Drag, Pan & Zoom***Euclidea-createdconstructions are completely dynamic. As such, youcan drag toadjust angles, lines, radii and so on. You can alsoeasily zoom andpan. This not only makes the experience moreinteractive, but itallows you to more deeply grasp therelationships between geometricelements, explore variouspossibilities, and analyze errors.***Instant, AutomaticPrecision*** Don’t worry about spending timeor effort trying toachieve perfect precision, because Euclideaautomatically handlesthat task by pinning points, lines andcircles to the app’s cleaninterface. ***Additional SpecialFeatures*** > A helpful“Explore” mode that allows you to seethe figure you need toconstruct > An inventory of tools thatyou create as you progress– you’ll need these to solve futurechallenges > Some challengescan be solved in more than one way,which means you can try adifferent approach and have even more fun***Questions? Comments?Send in your inquiries and stay up-to-dateon the latest Euclideanews at
Kids learn numbers and preschool math 1.6.1
forqan smart tech
Kids learn numbers and preschool math is a great math andnumberslearning game for preschoolers. With Kids learn numbersandpreschool math your child will have lots of fun and, at thesametime, develop the following capabilities: ✔ Countingandidentifying the numbers from 1 to 20. ✔ Phonological awarenessofthe numbers from 1 to 10. ✔ Adding numbers up to the sum of 20(100exercises). ✔ Counting specific objects within a group ofotherobjects (20 exercises). ✔ Pattern matching withnumbers,directions, sizes, distances, quantities, and counting(40exercises). ✔ Learning geometric shapes, e.g. circle,square,triangle, and more (24 exercises). ✔ Building new shapesbycombining/intersecting the given shapes in a specific order onaboard (thousands of automatically generated exercises). ✔Countingdifferent shapes on the board and finding a card with thecorrectanswers (thousands of automatically generated exercises).Webelieve that math thinking is very important from early ages andalot of thinking was invested to come up with these sections oftheapplication. Teachers of preschoolers prepared the content andweare sure your kid will enjoy learning with us. Our goal atForqanSmart Tech is to provide the best value for your children,allowingthem to develop visual and cognitive abilities, to learntocommunicate with their peers and the environment around them,andto acquire important life skills. Each game is designed byaprofessional for the specific age group. Reveal yourchildren'sbrilliance and help their brain grow – install "Kidslearn numbersand preschool math" now.
Kids Draw with Shapes 1.7.5
The classic pattern blocks games which we've all loved as kidshavemorphed into a fun touch screen app. With the “Kids DrawwithShapes” app, children can make creative images using only tenbasicshapes, which come in seven different colors.  There aretwo modes in this game - children can either choose todesignfree-style, or using a template. There are 5 templates ineach ofthe following 10 categories: - Aircraft - Animals - Birds -Dessert- Food - Kitchen - Plants - Ships - Transportation -UnderwaterThis full version of the game contains all 10 categoriesof images.Children can save and view their artwork in the app’sGallery.