Top 49 Games Similar to Jump Rage

Jelly Jump 1.4
Little jellies need you more than ever before! They keepdrowningover and over again. Only you can keep them safe...Jumphigher,survive longer and never give up!Collect little jelly blobsandcraft new jellies out of them. Challenge your friends inthisambitious game!
NinJump 3.1.1
Backflip Studios
Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-paced ninja running game, yourgoalis to climb as high as you can while avoiding evilsquirrels,dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars,exploding bombs& more! Effortlessly scale the side of buildingswith ninjaagility. Tap to jump from one wall to the other, slashingenemiesin your way. Hit three matching enemies in a row for abonuspower-up boost. Grab shields for protection. Watch outforobstacles & ledges. Stay alive! With over 100milliondownloads, NinJump is one of the most popular mobile gamesof alltime. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You reallyneed togive NinJump a try" ~ TouchArcade"NinJump is a game that'swellworth playing" ~ Gamezebo"There’s no reason not to give NinJumpago" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● Amazing power-up boosts!●Ninjas,throwing stars & bombs● Various enemies &obstacles●Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja fun>> InstallNinJumptoday. It's FREE! ______________________________NinJump isbroughtto you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobilegameslike Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of DarknessDefense& more. Search the Google Play Store for "BackflipStudios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitterfor gameannouncements and other updates.
Real Rage - Realistic Stickers 6.82.RRG
Amazingly designed photorealistic and classic rage comic heroestouse in your photos. Brings a great fun when replacing real facesofpeople with the lifelike rage comic heroes. Spices up photosandmakes them hilarious. Dive into the marvelous content!Enjoyextraordinary photo realistic heroes designed exclusively fortheapp Get creative! Wether you'd like to play with colors ofyourcollage or just better adjust rage comic heroes to fit yourphoto,you can do it using our Filters More realism! Place heroesbehindthe objects in your photo with Eraser Tool Let them speak!Addwitty captions using Text Tool Go wild! Try changing yourfriend'sfaces in a photo to lifelike rage comic heroes. This willbring newmeanings, emotions and amusement to the image. Evenordinary photosproved to become lots of fun, if they are used toridicule innocentpeople We've created more than a hundred of ragecomic heroesfaces. Among them are female blond and brunetteappearancevariations. So when changing faces on the photo, the ragecomichero you choose can reflect basic features of the originalperson,like sex or hair color. Although the main feature istheprofessional photo realistic look of the stickers, still there'sanoption to use original rage comic heroes faces. They areavailableamong others in the stickers collection. This is a freeversionwith ads, you can buy the full application Really RealRage.Benefits of buying Really Real Rage. -- all stickers areavailablewithout watching ads -- no advertising banners in theeditor
Guide (for Metal Slug) 1.2.0
TF Games Inc.
"Metal Slug" is a 2D horizontal plate shooting game on April12,2010 on sale in mainland China, as "Metal Slug" series, thefirstgeneration works."Metal Slug" is a popular rage game, is alsothe"Metal Slug" series game origin version, after the sequel"MetalSlug 2", "Metal Slug 3" has become a classic arcade game.Hereyoucan memorable classic, there are detailed game cheats andcustomsclearance techniques for your reference.Classic style,excitingexperience, come with us fight together!* We follow-up willbringmore classic arcade Guide (including Game Cheats andclearancetechniques) to you, can not let the classic be forgotten,so staytuned!
Another Weird Platformer 2 1.3
Gabriel Limberger
--------- NEW FEATURES ---------* Fights!* New Puzzles!*NewMoviments!* Even More Boring!* Worse Graphics!* More RageFromPlayer!Run, Parkour, Fight, Die, Reborn, Run again, DieAgain,jump.... well, that's what you will do.
Rage Face Love Story 1.2.0
Italy Games
Have a bad mood? Want to make some fun? Express your rage andangerabout getting rejected in Rage Face Love Story now!For therageboy, life couldn’t be worse – until a sudden return of hisoldgirlfriend after a mysterious disappearance years ago. Helptherage boy win his troll girlfriend back and propose to her inthisRAGE FACE love story!Game Features:- Rage comic characterswithfunny cartoon faces like internet memes- Uncover secrets andsolvethe prank puzzles in 45+ manually designed levels- Easy butfunpoint and click gameplay with no time limit
Meme vs Rage 1.0.6
meme rage
A tower defense game - A meme and rage comic war.Superfunnygraphics. Excellent and Addictive gameplay.Features: *48 greatmapswith 4 campaigns and a big survival endless map *28 awesomememeweapons *14 Different Enemies: Serious Guy, Sad Guy, Mr.Okey, Yuno, Lol rage, Forever alone, Poker, Yao Ming, Oh God Why…Youshouldhave a wise strategy to survival !!!The perfect way toprepare forplants vs zombies and if you like games like towerdefense series,this game is for you.Enjoy it!
Street Fighting:City Fighter 3.0
Street Fighting:City Fighter, The latest sequel of “ ChaosStreetFighting “, is a classic free fighting arcade game.Itcombines thefeatures of Action Fighting and Role Playing, togetherhave thisexciting action fighting game! Ultimate City StreetFightingdelivers sweet arcade nostalgia to you. Challenge yourselfin thisaddictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game. Superbscenes,cool combos and gorgeous special skills,the most thrillingandexciting fighting game! Many props to help you achieveyourhonor!This super fighting game where you have to showyourendurance! Use super skill to that effect would win!StreetFighting - City Fighter, Recall your childhood memories ofarcadegame ! Free classic Fighting arcade games to enjoy withandroiddevice Now! We hope you once again to have a great time!!Features: - Cool special skills! - Wonderful story - Uniqueragecombo system! - Realistic fighting sound! - Easy slidingandtouching screen bring about continuously cool striking!-Experience fighting in a relaxing casual game!
Rage Fight of Streets - Beat Em Up Game
Rage Fight Of Streets - Beat Em Up Game is fast-pacedactionfighting in classic arcade games style! This nostalgia gamewithrealistic physics and bright 3D graphics wouldn't leaveyoudisappointed! GO TO STREETSThe modern and peaceful city changesitsface at night.In night time, Urban gangster is ruling thestreetswith their mafia and thugs.Take part in gang wars in darkcrimestreets as a retired police officer.This city in turmoil ofstreetbrawl.Clash rival gangster in hand to hand combat inthisfast-paced brawling action! UNLEASH YOUR FURY IN KUNG FUSTREETBRAWLGet rid of mobs using your street fighting skillsandabilities. Combine kung fu, boxing and karate skills in thisstreetfighting arcade game to stop crime in city! Become bestfighter ofstreet with use of proper combos and abilities.Usepunches andkicks with combination of devastating weapons to defeatevery enemyon your way!Rage Fight Of Streets - Beat Em Up GameFeatures:-Fast-paced brawling action Beat 'em up game!- Uniquebrutal ragecombo strikes!- Great visual and sound fightingeffects!-Devastating weapons: baseball bat, knife and pistol!-Trueatmosphere of crime city night streets and hardcoregameplay!GET AFLASHBACK TO CLASSIC GAMESFeel the atmosphere ofretro arcade gamesand plunge into your childhood memories playingas a fight masterpunishing every opponent in the city of gangsters!
Rage Racing 3D 1.8.133
Rage Racing is a extreme 3D car chasing game, which is theperfectintegration of parkour and racing!Drift on the roads, rollin theair, rush out from the surrounded by cops! Enjoy theexcitingmoments of real speed racing!Features:☆ Real 3D graphics☆Onlyrequires 30MB of storage☆ Easy to control with one finger☆Allkinds of luxury cars☆ Customize the paint and upgrades☆ Threekindsof camera perspective☆ Endless mode and career mode☆ 100+levels tochallenge☆ Highway traffic: Super Car, Truck, Van, Bus,SUV, PoliceCar, Copter, etc.☆ Exciting sounds of engine andbackground music☆Online leaderboards and achievementsControls:*Slip right/left tochange lanes* Slip up/down to use the NOs* Tiltyour device todrive car slantwiseMore Super Cars are On The Way!
Lunatic Rage - Shooting Game 1.2.6
L  Lunatic RageisCrazyU             LunaticRageisAWSOMEN                    LunaticRageis simple to playA    Lunatic Rage isinsanelyhardtomasterT                    LunaticRageis differentI    Lunatic RageissarcasticC          LunaticRagedoesn'tmakesense        LunaticRageis a game you cannot winR    Lunatic RageiscompletlyfreeA                      LunaticRageis fastG    Lunatic Rage combines retroand newvectorgraphicsE        LunaticRagewill be downloaded by you NOW!Lunatic Rage is a fast pacedspaceshooting game similar to the classic Arcade GameAsteroids.Thisindie game combines aspects of Space Invaders,Asteroids and manymore classic Shooter games to create the perfectactionexperience.Keywords:vector graphics, fast, classic, space,aliens,invaders, asteroids, retro, galaxian, xenon, shooter,highscore,luatic range, indie
PopStar! FIFA World Cup 1.3
Rage casual puzzle game popstar, now launched lovely andbeautifulfootball version! Gameplay remains the same. Find the samecolorbubbles together, click to eliminate. The more bubblestoeliminate, the higher the score. At the end of the game, iftheresidual bubble is less than 10, there will be extra goldreward!Also added amazing features such as resurrection anddirectpromotion. More exciting and fun waiting for you! Quicklybegin!
Roid Rage 2.0.59
Butterscotch Shenanigans
Collect precious Juice as you attempt to stay alive in aninfiniteasteroid field of ever-increasing density. Don’t worryabout thehordes of interns you kill in the process, those internsareunpaid! Plus, the Bureau of Science has all the super-fragileshipsyou could ever want! Get started for FREE! ✔ Dead-simplecontrols,DEATHLY DIFFICULT to play ✔ A super-fragile starter shipwith atight turning radius ✔ BscotchID integration: make friends,earncross-game rewards, and join the community Get even morebyButtering Up! ✔ A single purchase is all it takes! ✔ Never seeadsEVER AGAIN! ✔ Access to 3 unlockable ships (you still have toproveyourself to get them), each with its own powerup ✔ AccesspremiumBscotchID services: Cloud saving, cross-game Perks,andfriends-only leaderboards About the StudioButterscotchShenanigans™ is an independent studio composed of threebrothers.We make high-quality, often goofy, and punchy gamesdesigned toprovide the most entertaining experience possible, whilebeing fairto our players and to ourselves. Stay up to date with ourstudio at Support We're justthree peopletrying to get by in a competitive market, and sometimeswe makemistakes. We aren't out to get you. If your game suddenlystopsworking, a purchase doesn't go through, all your save dataissuddenly lost, or you encounter a bug, our FAQ will get you totheright place:
Rage Faces for Messenger 1.7
Help you send troll/rage faces via Messenger
Rage War: Time Battles 1.66
Fury Studio
You know you are! And we need you in the ultimate strategy gamethattranscends through time – Rage War! What makes Rage War auniquestrategy game is not just the stunning graphics, real-timebattlesor PvP strategy wars, it’s much more than that!In theincredibleworld of Rage War you will be able to explore ancientkingdoms,discover lost civilizations and rewrite history underyourconditions.Your mission is to go back in time, establish apowerfularmy, evolve a mighty kingdom and discover the lost partsof theTime Machine.In your epic journey, you will be facingbarbarousenemies and savage armies that will put to the test evena skilledwarrior such as yourself, but it all doesn't end here!Beware of allother players that will try to conquer your kingdomin uniquereal-time PvP battles.But don’t worry because you won’tbe on yourown. You can always count on the help of your friends!Join forceswith your friends and fellow warriors into mightyalliances andkingdoms to defeat all enemy forces and theirarmies!Rage WarFEATURES:Master your style and earn rewards bycompleting missionsand quests. Get on your airship and start acampaign to conquerdistant lands inhabited by ferociousbarbarians.Build strong economyand gather valuable resources byoptimizing the buildings in yourkingdom. Discover new sciences ina vast science tree which willgive you better buildings, units andupgrades. Expand your kingdomfrom a tiny village into mightyempire through real-time battles.Gather all pieces of the TimeMachine by engaging in epic strategybattles.Play with friends andunite forces in mighty alliances andkingdoms. Craft the bestpossible strategy to defeat players fromall around the world.There's not much time left! You must activatethe Time Machine NOW!Join us into this epic journey - DOWNLOAD RAGEWAR NOW!!!
Golem Rage Demo 1.1
OutBox Games
Discover a new indie & free adventure ! One Golem. Manyenemies.Who will survive ? 'Cause you're a wooden Golem, halfstupid, halfwarmachine, but fully lovable. Why are you here ? Whyis everyoneattacking you in this castle ? Meh, it doesn't matter.All thatmatters is crossing through them, to escape ! Use yourGolem punch,escape the castle, throw enemies away, or burn them tothe groundwith lava : all the arcade gameplay & hardcore funyou love,packed in this free indie Golemic adventure ! Learn tocontrol yourGolem, how to bash crowds of coward castle Knightswith your punch,avoid poorly targeted arrows, grab & punchcrazy bombers, rollaway from meteor rains or gigantic shieldsdashing at you, use yourlava explosion on hardcore tornadoes, morebombs, bigger castleKnights ... Even lasers. Explosions. Hardcore.And a Time Wizard.Yeah. - Enjoy the indie adventure : discover 7beautifulenvironments to burn with your Golem ! - Discover thearcadegameplay : unleash new wild attacks & punch, to smashyourenemies to the moon ! - Indie & hardcore challenge : Learnthe11 enemies' pattern to survive, or your Golem will die. Anddie. Anddie again. For sure. - Enjoy the dynamic and alwayschangingsoundtrack : the closer to the level's end, the moreintense themusic ! Your challenge : improvise & use all yourGolem'stricks, survive to all hardcore levels & find your home! Readyfor some free die & retry ? That's gonna be an hardcore&arcade adventure.
Really Real Rage -- Stickers 5.965.RPG
Amazingly designed photorealistic and classic rage comic heroestouse in your photos. Brings a great fun when replacing real facesofpeople with the lifelike rage comic heroes. Spices up photosandmakes them hilarious.Dive into the marvelouscontent!Enjoyextraordinary photo realistic heroes designedexclusively for theappGet creative!Wether you'd like to play withcolors of yourcollage or just better adjust rage comic heroes tofit your photo,you can do it using our FiltersMore realism!Placeheroes behind theobjects in your photo with Eraser ToolLet themspeak!Add wittycaptions using Text ToolGo wild!Try changing yourfriend's faces ina photo to lifelike rage comic heroes. This willbring newmeanings, emotions and amusement to the image. Evenordinary photosproved to become lots of fun, if they are used toridicule innocentpeopleWe've created more than a hundred of ragecomic heroesfaces.Among them are female blond and brunetteappearancevariations. So when changing faces on the photo, the ragecomichero you choose can reflect basic features of the originalperson,like sex or hair color.Although the main feature istheprofessional photo realistic look of the stickers, still there'sanoption to use original rage comic heroes faces. They areavailableamong others in the stickers collection.This is a fullversion ofthe app. -- all stickers are available without watchingads -- noadvertising banners are shown in the editorYou can alsotry a freeversion -- Real Rage
Bird Crush - gun shooting game 1.5s.1
Marathon Games
Game Features - 30 bird enemies in total - 3 skill birds (timebird,bomb bird, rage bird) - 18 costumes, 8 weapons and 3accessories forcat named ‘Bucky' - RAGE MODE (Infinite birdsappeared. tap screencrazy!) - DEATH MODE - ROULETTE SYSTEM
com.rachio.iro 3.15.4
The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller changes the way you water.Itmakes running your sprinklers easy and convenient while savingyouwater and money. Rachio automatically creates a wateringschedulethat lowers your water bill and ensures the beautiful yardyouwant, while the mobile app gives you access to yoursprinklersystem from anywhere. Plus, Rachio is compatible withnearly anysized yard and smart home platform. This is the companionapp tothe industry leading Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller.
SHEBA PLATFORM LIMITED is the first and the largest local service marketplaceinBangladesh for all urban lifestyle services. We help you tohirelocal service provider and to get things done without anyhassle.Download the app and book your service by just followingsomesimple steps. gives you the opportunity to selectyourrequired service from 2000+ services where you can selectyourservice provider based on their rating and pricing. When youaredone with the service booking a verified service provider willbesent to your premises at your scheduled time. After theservice,pay securely and easily through the app. providesalmostall the services which you may need on daily basis.Servicesyou canbook from Appliances Repair ● Refrigerator Repair●Washing Machine Repair ● Microwave Oven Repair ● TV Repair&Installation ● AC Service & Repair ● IPS Service &Repair ●Water Purifier Repair ● Electric Geyser Repair ● GasStove/BurnerRepair ● Plumbing Services/Sanitary Works ● ElectricalServices ●Generator Services ● Lift Repair & Maintenance ●CarpentryServices ● Trade Mill Repair & Installation Shifting&Renovation ● Cabinet, Furniture & Door ● Furniture Paint ●WallPasting & Paint Job ● Steel Works ● Printing & Sticker●False Ceiling ● Home Shifting ● Office Shifting Vehicle Rent&Repair ● Rent A Car Within Dhaka ● Day Long Tour Near Dhaka ●RentA Car Outside Dhaka ● Rent A Car Within Dhaka forOccasion/Event ●Driver ● Car Mechanical Works ● Car ElectricalWorks ● CarDecoration Works ● Essential Car Care ● Vehicle TrackingServiceGadgets Repair ● Desktop Services ● Laptop Services●Monitor/Display Services ● UPS Services ● Apple Product Repair●CCTV Camera Services ● Access Control Services ●InternetNetworking Services Business Support ● Company SecretarialServicesBook My Look ● Salon Services Pick My Laundry ● LaundryServicesTake EAT Easy ● Home Made Daily Meal ● Home Made Snacks&Desserts ● Office Meal Catering ● Restora Food Clean My Home ●HomeDeep Cleaning ● Home Light Cleaning ● Office/IndustrialCleaning ●Kitchen Hood Services ● Pest Control Service ● TankCleaningService App Features: ● Powerful Service FindingFilter ●Browsing Service by Category ● Area Based Service ●FilteringService Based on Price ● Filtering Service Based onRatings ●Personalized Service Schedule ● Cash on Delivery Payment ●OnlinePayment through VISA, MasterCard, Amex, bKash and Rocket ●Easy toSign up and more
ALLOU YOBA ETO TI?A new serving of butthurt right in your phone!Thenew Perekat game will make the rear part of your body boil!Masterthe yellow butthurt circles, overcome the madness, buy newpotatoeswith special abilities, earn achievements and produce tonsof pureRAGE while losing all the time and being distracted by theads (thegame has thousands of those) - and become the king of thePerekat:Rage world!Also available for iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch: Perekat Classic on Androiddevices: Perekat Classic oniPhone, iPadand iPod Touch: us onFacebook: us onTwitter: us onVK:
com.galwaykart 9.8.1
The Shopping App brings to the Distributors ofGLAZETRADING INDIA PVT. LTD, a brand new platform, to shoptheirfavorite products, at great costs. Galwaykart is an e-commercesite wherein, a distributor and anyone can place an orderdirectlywhich are of premium quality and at a reasonable price. Itsmainobjective is to reach out almost all parts of India. Hence,itprovides delivery at door step across all over India.Preferredcustomer can place orders. Offers will be valid till 25thdate ofevery month. You can place order by last date of every monthtill11.30 PM. Online ordering facility is unavailable on the 1stdateof every month. Payment Methods- Internet Banking,Debit/CreditCard, UPI, Wallet. Online Tracking - Information aboutthe statusof your order is constantly Return - Free and easyreturns if thefault is from our end (Damaged product, Packagingissue etc).Galwaykart deals with wide range of products like: 1)GalwaySrigunam- This is a section for men’s grooming from shavingcream,fairness cream to hair styling gel. Groom your beard withourshaving cream and then use our after shave splash topreventinfections from cuts that may occur on the skin whileshaving.Also, get a fair skin by using our fairness cream. 2)GalwayRupabham- Under this section we have everything from haircareproducts to body and skin care products. The hair careproductslike Bhringraj Hair Oil and Herbal Panchtatva Shampoo aremade upof pure herbs. Apart from these, Rupabham includes rosetoner,haldi chandan face cream, bath soap, body lotion, body wash,facewash etc. 3) Galway Kalkim- This category is specificallydesignedto enhance your beauty with its lavender night cream androse daycream. It’s fairness cream gives you a fair and glowingskin. 4)Galway Nutriflow- This section includes protein powder mixandSpirulina. These products give you the necessary protein whichwelack behind. If your purchased amount is more than 4000 thenyouare entitled for free home delivery. However, if the order isbelowRs 4000 the courier charge of Rs 75 is levied. The courierchargeis for the amount of the order and not for the number ofproductsplaced. We provide delivery in 16000 pin codes which comeunderserviceable area of Galwaykart. In case we do not miss outanyarea, we have extended our delivery to 1500 more pin codesrecently(serviceable area). We keep updating our pin code list onregularbasis so that we cover up all parts of India. For a smoothandtimely home delivery we have tie up with reputed couriercompanieslike- Fedex, Bluedart, Shipyari and DTDC. SatisfactionGuaranteedEnjoy Safe and Secure Shopping
Hear the pleasure, Audio clips. ​ There are variouschannelcontents, such as lectures, language studies, web novels,fairytales, etc., and audio books read by voice actors, authors,andcelebrities. ASMR gives you relaxing breaks as well. Enjoyspecialaudio contents for you. ​ * Enjoy your spare time. Audiodramasduring commute time, knowledge lectures in preparing dinner,andforeign language conversations for 10 minutes on the subway!Meetcontents on audio clips that fill your day with pleasure. ​*Listen with your whole family. Language studies, fairy tales,andforeign language fairy tales contents for children.Parenting,health, and current affairs contents for parents. Enjoyaudio clipswith the whole family. ​ * Audio Books, get muchexperience beyondthe books. If you don't have enough time to read,listen to audiobooks. A new experience begins to read books morevividly,including long-loved literary works, best-selling novels,andsuspenseful mystery novels. ​ * Enjoy your break with thespecialASMR on audio clips. The ASMR sounds of audio clips areaccompaniedwhen you need stability and healing at sleepless night.Audio clipsprovide all the relaxing and pleasant sounds of theworld,including the sound of nature that gives healing in theurbancenter, and white noise that helps to concentrate. ​ ​ *AudioClipOfficial Blog * AudioClipOfficialWebsite ​ Thank you. ​ ---- ​In caseof a problem or an error occurs while using this app, Pleasevisitour customer servicecenter.​---- ​ Developer contact +82-1588-3820 6, Buljeong-ro,Bundang-gu,Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Ghoulboy - Dark sword of Goblin-Action platform 1.03
Serkan Bakar
Ghoulboy is a retro-inspired halloween style actionplatforminspired nes,snes consoles.Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-rpg genre with adventure gameplay. 2D action,heroiccharacters, gloomy environments, demonic bosses, these allseem toexcite players a lot.Pixels will be combined with other coolretroelements and the result will certainly be something that willmeetthe needs of mobile gamers. Once in-game, users will get tocontrola heroic character who will often be seen throwing a speartocreate additional platforms. To boot, puzzle and combatelementswill further enhance the experience. You wouldn’t want tomiss outon it!With the gold that you collect, you can increase yourhealthlevel, your arsenal of weapons to be thrown away.Slay asmanymonsters as you can, collect loot, avoid dangerous traps anddefeatmenacing bosses.Ghoulboy brings back the look and feel of theverybest classic retro adventure free platform fun game from the90'snes,snes, introducing refreshed and engaging gameplaymechanics. Ifyou miss platformers from the 16-bit era, and thinkgames nowadaysaren't that good anymore, think twice! Ghoulboy isfor you.GhoulboyFeatures:-4 bosses-Chiptune retro musics-Puzzles-3weapons (smallsword,big sword, mace)-3 throwableweapons-Controllersupport-LeaderboardsLanguages:EspanolGermanEnglishTurkce,TürkçeAGREATADVENTURE• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, towns,treasures anddevious monsters.MAGIC AND SWORDS• Find powerfulweapons, items andspells to defeat your enemies.
Indian Train Status Companion : Seat Availability 3.0
Indian Train Status Companion is designed to work with andextendthe Indian Train Status app and offers thefollowingfeatures:-Indian Railways Seat Availability -You cansearch trainsby its name / number OR between two stations andchoose the classto know seat availability - Fare Enquiry -YouSearch trains by itsname / number OR between two stations andchoose the class to knowthe fare- Current Booking - Check Indiantrains seat availabilityafter chart preparation - Special Trains-Indian Railways usuallystarts some special trains for festivalseasons and vacations.Youcan easily search by station names-Platform Locator- CancelledTrains- Diverted Trains- RescheduledTrains and- Latest News.
Give It Up! 2 - free music jump game 1.6.5
Invictus Games Ltd.
Download Give It Up! 2 the free music blob game. It is funandchallenging at the same time. The Give It Up! 2 is the successorofthe cute Give It Up!. New adorable black blobs and slimes,crazymulti level tracks and new music. By downloading this gameyouagree to our terms of service; NewGiveIt Up! 2 features: One-tap gameplay, numerous challenges•Difficulty varies: practice a lot and level up in this funnygame!• 27 crazy and challenging stages: proceed in an order ofyourchoice with your sweet blobs. • Tap to the rhythm of the musicandjump across the black platforms! • Watch out for spikes, stepsandother crazy obstacles! • Discover challenging hidden stages! •Jumplike a pro: accomplish 3 stars on every stage! • Collectadorableblobs and slimes. • New graphics effects, the adorable GiveIt Up!never looked so cool. Interactive music • New originalsoundtrack,electro-, rave music and the classic one from Give ItUp! • Themulti-layered music changes dynamically during the game. •You canrecord your own sounds and put it in the game. Are you a fanof theadorable Give It Up! games? If so then visit our website,like uson Facebook or follow us on Twitter for the latestnews:
RS Game Official App 2.5
Romi Games
RS Game provides an online platform for playing Game
Latest Video song status 2018 3.0.0
Stories are everywhere! In childhood, we have heard manystoriesfrom our grandmothers and now we get to hear stories fromsocialnetworks. Many popular social networking platforms haveadoptedstories and Whatsapp has also introduced them as WhatsAppStatus.WhatsApp has made it very easy to express your mood bysharingphotos/videos on WhatsApp Status. Sharing photos is easy butmakinga video of your feelings or the song you’re crooning isdifficultas hell. To solve this, we have developed market’s firstWhatsappVideo Status App. Here you will find best song status foryourWhatsApp in small size and best quality.WhatsApp has made itveryeasy to express your mood by sharing photos/videos onWhatsAppStatus. Sharing photos is easy but making a video of yourfeelingsor the song you’re crooning is difficult as hell. To solvethis, wehave developed market’s first Whatsapp Video Status App.Here youwill find best song status for yourWhatsApp in small sizeand bestquality.What’s Inside?Latest Video songs status 2018: Alargecollection of best video songs to share on yourWhatsAppstatus.Trending Songs: Here you get access to the songswhich arebeing loved by everyone.Packed in Small Size: Whatsappvideos areavailable in short size with the best quality. Ourservers aresuper fast to give you fastest downloading speed and thesmall sizeof the video also helps you to upload them quicklyonWhatsApp.Something New Everyday: We’re updating our platformdaily,you will get a perfect dose of latest WhatsApp video statustoshare with your friends.Quick Share: Quickly share shortWhatsAppvideos on popular social networks.Send us Video: If youhave gotsome nice video status for WhatsApp than you can send usright fromthe app.So, what are you waiting for? Just install theapp andbecome a Whatsapp Status King/Queen!Video Songs Status(LyricalVideos)Video Songs story (Lyrical Videos)Video status appforwhatsappVideo story app for whatsappVideo status 2018Videostory2018 Video status Latest video status appLatest Video songsstatus2018Video Status 2018 (Lyrical Videos)Video status 2019Videosongstatus 2019Latest video status 2019Latest video songstatus2019Video status for WhatsApp 2019Video song status forWhatsApp2019Latest Video status for WhatsApp 2019Latest Video songstatusfor WhatsApp 2019VideostatusVideostory Disclaimer:1.Re-uploadingimage/video stories and is NOT encouraged, please seekownerapproval.2. This app is not affiliated with WHATSAPP.3.Anyunauthorized downloading or re-uploading of contentsand/orviolations of Intellectual property rights is thesoleresponsibility of the user.
URL Shortener 3.0.5
Thomas Devaux
The fastest and prettiest way to shorten URLs and get theirclickanalytics.Shorten long URLs and squeeze them into fewercharactersto make links easier to share, tweet, or email tofriends. Using ashortened URL leaves more room to say what'son your mind.For example, is a convenientshorthandrepresentation for the longlink analytics of anyshortURL, including the raw click counts and their distributionacrossreferrers, browsers, platforms, and geographicallocations.The appalso lets you• Shorten URLs and share themquickly• Access yourhistory - always synced with• Getcolorful analytics reportsof any short URL, not just yours -without leaving the app youclicked from• Android Beam - push ashort URL onto another deviceby tapping the devices together•Shorten links through "share" inany app and get rich notifications•Star your favorites• Generateand share QR codesHave a bug report orfeature request? Pleasecontact me by email or on Google+.You canhelp translating thisapp! Contact for moreinformation. Thanksinfinitely to all who already contributed:extendwings, BrunoMioto,fedec96, siveZ, johan98, Bigomby,HeinrichReimer, SHURman, keem1,Yari27, echelonx, Froony,aniquewetzels and many others.This appis in no way affiliated norendorsed by Google Inc.
Swing 1.2
Swing from platform to platform. Simply tap the screen when theropeis long enough to reach the next platform. How long canyousurvive?Collect gems and unlock cool new characters.
Joyz 4.58
Joyz Filantropia
Joyz is your chance to trully do something good! Here yourlikeworth: A social network with real impact, wherethroughphilanthropic campaigns, you can make or receivefinancialdonations. An easy and fun way to support noble causes asmany asyou wish. Our philosophy is to do good for its own sake,therefore,every action counts. Are welcome to raise their campaignsincethose who believe that also can make a difference bythemselvesfrom NGO’s and big institutions. With our symbolic coin“Joyz”,that worth R$ 0,10 (=~ US$ 0,03), users can make donationsand helpthose who most need. Joyz is a practical crowdfundingplatform,that with the strength of engagement, gives a new andpositive wayto social network. Joyz #SpreadTheGood
Baaz Social Media Channel 2.2.2
Baaz Inc
Baaz is the only social media channel that gives youunfilteredaccess to trending content from around the world. Zero inon thetopics that matter to you most, post them to your Baazlineandshare them with your followers. Want to get theconversationstarted? Discussions gives you a place to communicatewith yourfriends privately so you can share your favorite storiesor justtalk about your plans for later! Baaz also lets you poststories,photos, anything that interests you, to your other socialmediachannels. With Baaz, you can share your passions with theworld!Key Features: - Baaz is a stand-alone social media channelthatdelivers content that is currently trending. -Createandpersonalize your own profile and build your community! -Connectmore than 150 social media networks to your Baaz account. -Publishposts to your social media channels from one place. -Broadcastyour favorite trending news stories to friends andfollowers onBaaz and other social media channels. - Host Baazdiscussions withyour network and share the day’s most importantstories.
net.chordify.chordify v3.0.5
Chordify B.V.
Chordify is your #1 platform for chords for guitar, pianoandukulele. We help musicians of all levels to learn and playthemusic they love. Chordify gives you the chords for any songandaligns them to the music in a simple to use player. FEATURESGetstarted with Chordify right now and get immediate access tothefollowing free features: - Accurate chords for any song -Curatedcontent & personal library - Animated views for guitar,piano,and ukulele - Seamless integration with YouTube - Searchour8,000,000 song catalog, and any other song in the world-Cross-platform library integration (desktop, mobile) SubscribetoChordify Premium and get access to the following extra features:-Easily transpose the chords if you want to play in a differentkey- Try the capo feature and play your chordified songs the easyway- Slow down songs to keep up - Loop tricky parts to jam like apro- Download the chords from your favorite songs as MIDI fileforeasy audio editing - Take the calculated chords with you as aPDFprintout, wherever you go. You can subscribe to ChordifyPremiumannually or monthly. If you choose to subscribe, you willbecharged the access price according to your local storecurrency.The price will be shown in the App before you complete thepayment.Annual and Monthly subscriptions auto-renew unlessexplicitlyturned off at least 24 hours before the end of thecurrentsubscription period. Your Google Play account willautomatically becharged within 24 hours prior to the end of thecurrent period andyou will be charged accordingly. You can turn offauto-renew at anytime from your Google Play account settings.Everyone is amusician. Start playing. ABOUT ChordifyWebsite: Twitter: PrivacyPolicy: Terms &Conditions: Readyto playalong with your favorite song? Download the Chordify app andgetaccess to chords for guitar, piano and ukulele for everysong.Become a rock star with accurate chords, animated views forguitar,piano, and ukulele; and Premium features like transpose,capo,speed adjustment, and others. Everyone is a musician.Startplaying.
Super Boy World Adventure 2018 1.0.0
GameStar Studio
Super Boy World Adventure 2018 - Jungle Adventures is aclassicplatform game. You can get exciting experience of jumping&running . It combines the old school play and new arcadeelements.This is the most challenging adventure! Take you back toyourchildhood!Jabber’s golds was robbed by evil Monster. For takingthegold coins back, Jabber start his adventure. Jump to beattheMonster. Collect coins, gold, acceleration props! This gametellshis super jungle adventure, which is a fantastic 2dside-scrollingplatform game with the best sense of control, 20+kinds of enemies,5 big bosses, 70 well-designed levels, and a lotof classiccharacters, such as Pac Bear, Zombie Bunny, VampireHunter and soon.Now, it's time to install the game and enjoy FunRun and Jump,Crouch, Power-Up., You are a real hero...Super BoyWorld Adventure2018 -Jungle Adventures Features- Over 70+challenging levels, morelevels are coming soon- Stunning graphics,run better- Differentmonster has different skills,jump to crashthem- Tons of props,boost your adventure- Collect a large amount ofgold coinsRelax,and let’s take an adventure in Super Boy WorldAdventure 2018-Jungle Adventures !
Adventure Doreamon Running 2.0.1
Adventure Doreamon Running is the best platform adventure foryourkids Everything has been carefully designed for you to have alotof fun.Doraemon game goals are to crush all the difficultiesanddefeat all the enemies on his way to save the princess andhisfriends Noby and Shizuka from the evil black doramonmonsterhand.Download the application AND BECOME A PART OF THEFAMILLYThereare many obstacles that must Dorae through, likeFellows, Eagle andMonster stones etc. Finish the mission andcollect as many pointsas its fate.The anime favored by differentage categories, and wehope that this game is also a favorite game.Download AdventureDoreamon Running Shop fast.Great Features ofDoreamon RunningAdventure:- Great graphics and music:- 100 freelevels with 5worlds and 9 bosses to fight and more soon.- More than20 enemies,monsters and obstacles.- Underground and aquatic world,swimming,super jump and super race.- Doremon Running can transformits sizeand become super blue cat agent by taking themushroom.-Displaceable bricks, blocks and platforms.For moreinformation,contact us .
TibiaME MMO 2.28
CipSoft GmbH
Discover TibiaME, a free-to-play cross-platform fantasy MMORPG!Jointhousands of players in TibiaME and help your friends fightagainstdangerous monsters in the colourful world of TibiaME.Become alegend of your own and prove your skills against otherplayers inPvP! FEATURES - It’s online - since 2003 (Guiness WorldRecord) -Persistent gameworld. Your actions make a difference! -Classic 2DRPG experience - Collect & trade thousands of items-Challenging team quests and boss fights - Hundreds ofdifferentmonsters - Hundreds hand crafted unique quests - Fullcharactercustomization PLAY ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE Slay your enemywhilewaiting for the bus or save the princess in your lunch break.PlayTibiaME online - anytime and anywhere! REGULAR UPDATES The gameisupdated on a regular basis. In addition you can look forwardtosome great events across the year, like finding dragon eggsandfighting the evil Dragons across all islands. PREMIUM ITEMSItemspurchased in the application can be used on all platformswhereTibiaME is available: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web,Symbian,J2ME, Blackberry. FOLLOW US: OfficialWebsite: Facebook:
Sub4Sub Pro For Youtube 4.7
Sub4Sub Pro is best platform to promote Youtube channel andvideo.Sub4Sub Pro creates a community for people to introduce theirownchannels and videos to everyone all over the world. Users canwatchthe videos they like, subscribes the impressive channelseasily, sothe channels and videos are spread quickly. ★★★★How tomake yourYouTube video and channel grow up ? To reach to potentialuser andget views/subscriber follow these steps: ★Search yourYouTube videoor channel from search box and share it to otherpeople. ★Otherpeople in the world will watch your videos, subscribeyour channeland make them viral. ★You have to watch other's videofor at least60 sec to earn points. ★You have to subscribe other'schannel toearn points. ★★★★Features: ★Only real sub, no bots ★Onlyreal viewswith comment, no bots ★Randomized timer ★You watch othersvideo& people will watch yours ★You subscribe other channel&people will subscribe yours ★Earn and win bonus points bywatchingvideos and subscribe channel ★See all people who subscribeyourchannel or view your video ★Easy to use interface ★★★★PleaseNote:★Sub4Sub Pro is a 3rd party app. It only a platform to bringnicechannels and video to other people in the world. ★It showsonlyYouTube videos and channel hosted on YouTube servers. ★Sub4SubProdoes NOT offer the ability to buy views or exchangesubscriptionsor likes, as these are all against YouTube policy.People subscribechannels which they like and watch videos whichthey feelinterested in. Sub4Sub Pro, the perfect supportapplication forYoutube. Follow us onGoogle+ Follow usto getlatest news Pleasefeelfree to contact us by email at
Word Crack Free 2.4
★★★★★ App Store’s New Game of 2012 ★★★★★If you like Aworded,you'lllove Word Crack, a fast and fun word game to challengeyourfriends. Who will find the most words in two minutes?Word Crackisasynchronous and cross-platform. Play against your Facebookfriendsor against random users of any platform. Besides, thereareunlimited simultaneous games!Form as many words as you canbydragging your fingers across the letters on the boardupwards,downwards, backwards, diagonally, etc. Every game has threerounds,and every round, two turns of two minutes each, so you haveto bereally fast! The winner will be the player who gets ahigherscore.You can use the special tile spaces on the board to getmorepoints. And remember to use the Power-Ups to find more wordsandwin more easily!Word Crack is available in 12 languages:Spanish,American English, British English, Catalan, French,German,Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portugueseand now,also Basque!Play Word Crack on Facebook!Already a fan ofthegame?Like us on Facebook: usonTwitter: @wordcrack 2.14.3
PhonePay Co
A platform for mobile-based payment and cash transfer. The appcouldbe considered as a proper substitute for traditionalmicro-paymentmethods. As the first use-case you can pay your dailytaxi fareinstantly with just a QR-code scan. SAFE TO USE Protectpaymentswith Touch ID or a passcode INSTANT ACCOUNT CHARGINGOptionally useyour debit card to charge your credit GET STARTEDFAST Just registerwith your mobile number and use the app simplyto transfer moneyKeep in touch with us via! Note:Any payment on theplatform does NOT include any furthercommissions in any kind andyou just pay the merchant's price, sofill free to use the app. :)
Eight: Visiting card scanner & digital card holder 8.41.0
Sansan, Inc.
Eight is the ultimate business card organizer andprofessionalnetworking platform. Used by over 2 million people,Eight is aneasy, convenient & completely free-to-use app.Simply scan inany visiting cards you receive, and see theminstantly become adigital business cards holder. Eight uses aproprietary combinationof OCR technology & human input toaccurately digitize eachcard into a unique Eight profile, givingusers a convenientdatabase of their professional network with 99.9%accuracy! Eightis also a powerful professional network &enables you tonetwork with scanned business cards on the app. Froma contact’sprofile, you can call, email, or view their address on amap. Eightusers can share news & updates with their Eightnetwork or eveninteract with each other through instant messages.They caninteract with contacts from the app, thereby creatingstrongreal-world connections. Why Eight? - It scans business cardswith99.9% accuracy using both OCR & human transcriptionthushelping users to manage contacts and stay linked inconvenientlyand easily. - The standard version is free &includes scanning,organizing features. - Users can purchase EightPremium for quickerdigitization & more benefits. - Users cansync their networkson their devices. Data is also automaticallyupdated if connectedcontacts change the details on their businesscard. What Eight hasin store for you: - Organize business cards& professionalnetworks: Users often have a large stack ofdisorganized visitingcards & biz cards making them difficult touse and refer to.Eight is a free digital card holder that solvesthis problem byremoving the need for manual entry. Now using yourmobile cam,cards will be instantly digitized & you will be ableto seefull contact of the card on your app. Additionally, oncedigitized,Eight lets users add notes & tags on profiles so theycanmanage contacts & organize their business &professionalnetwork efficiently. It’s a digital card scanner,holder, reader& organizer consolidated in a single app. -Manual input toensure superior accuracy: Eight uses a combinationof OCRtechnology & human resources to digitize business cardsfrom ascanned image into a digital Eight profile. After users scantheirbiz cards, Eight uses OCR technology to instantly read thedata onthe visiting cards, which is then manually checked &correctedby our team, ensuring 99.9% accuracy even for the mosthard-to-readcards. User effectively have an easy to refer versionof e digitalbiz cards. - Easy search feature to find & reachcontacts fromwithin the app: This is not your regular visitingcards scanner ordigital business card holder. It allows users tomanage contacts& contact them via email or phone, helping themunlock newbusiness & career opportunities. It is especiallyhelpful forsales people to manage & convert leads. - Free touse basic appwith an option to buy premium features: The standardversion of theapp is free to use & has all the essentialfunctions that makeEight a powerful business solution. Users canpurchase EightPremium for additional benefits including an abilityto exporttheir data (e.g. phonebook sync). It not only helps userstoconvert their visiting cards & biz cards into e businesscardsusing OCR but also lets them export their e business card datatotheir devices. - Networking: Eight stands out among others asitnot only scans your business cards but also lets you stay linkedinwith your contacts who are themselves Eight users, byprovidingoptions such as private instant chat messaging and anactivity feedthus providing you with ample business opportunities& timelyupdates from your network. In summation, Eight is muchmore than anaverage visiting card scanner app. It is a modern, OCR& AItechnology driven app designed to manage contacts, bizcards, yourprofessional & business network helping you staylinked in withcontacts.
InstaForex 1.5.6
You can trade forex wherever you are – on a business trip,atholiday, while meeting with friends. Now InstaForextradingplatform is available for your Android smartphone at anytimeanywhere in the world. All you need for trading forex on yoursmartphone is Internet connection. Thanks to InstaForexMobileTrader,you can seamlessly manage your trading account andtrade forexfreely. By downloading our app, you get: - quotes oftradinginstruments online; - all types of orders, including pendingones;- all types of execution; - access to trading history;-user-friendly interface; - 9 time frames: M1, M5, M15, M30, H1,H4,D1, W1, MN; - access to demo accounts; - access to MT4 accounts;-low traffic consumption; - access to news, analytics andcompanynews; - sell-to-buy ratio for every trading instrument.InstaForexMobileTrader – Forex available anywhere anytime.
Rico World 1.0.1
Rico begins his adventure and he needs your help. He cannotfinishand save princess without your help.In Rico World you willpass alllevels and try to avoid enemies, traps, kill boss enemiesandothers.In every world you have to fight to boos enemies. Theycanbeat you but you must use your skills to win with them and getyourprize.In Rico World You will fight with lots of enemies asbird,golem, hedgehog, scorpion, ghost and more...Story starts inJungleWorld where you have to fight with jungle monsters likemonkeys,snakes, lep and more. Also you can find other worlds likelava caveworld, castle world.You must avoid all traps. Also thereis tons ofhidden bonus items and coins.You can find great bonusitems: stone,bumerang.Game can bring your memories from childhoodwhen you wereplaying platform games on your retro console.You mustfinish youradventure in Rico World and never give up when youloseall yourlives.This game has great features:- Great HD graphics-Nice musicand effects- Store where you can buy additional items-Many levels-Hidden items- Game can bring back your memories whenyou wereplaying old platform games.How to play:- Left and Rightarrows tomove left or right- Down arrow to go inside the pipe tobonus levelwhere you canfind lots of coins- A button to run fasteror shot- Bbutton to jump Rico character
Rage of Kings - King's Landing 2.2.1
Gekko Game
My lord, enemies are closing in! They want your land, your goldandyour crown! We need you to lead us, raise a massive fantasyarmy,and crush our enemies once and for all!!! ★★★★ CITY ★★★★-Construct and upgrade your castle, farms, army barracks,hospital,and more, all to ensure you can survive severe PvP &PvEattacks. - Research and forge FAST for cutting-edge tacticsandarmor. - Craft new equipment sets, and equip magical items suchasSilver Knight Armor to increase attributes. - Increase yourstatswith the college, and research technologies. ★★★★ CONQUEST★★★★ -Sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PvP matches! -Vanquishroaming monsters for their treasures, from horrific WhiteWalkersto massive Giants. - Attack other player’s castles toplunder theirresources and climb the power rankings! ★★★★ RESOURCES★★★★ -Wisely deploy resources to ensure you always have enough tosustainyour city and army. - Break up the Fog wisely in order tofind andgather more precious resources than other lords. - Acunningemperor will not depend solely on his own production, butwillventure through his castle gates to raid and lay siege torivalcastles to supplement his needs.  ★★★★ ALLIANCE ★★★★ -Forgediplomatic and strategic alliances with global players all inrealtime. - Befriend, duel and chat with players from globeinreal-time. - Talk & strategize with your alliance membersinGlobal Chats - Alliance Chat, 1 on 1 Chat, or Chat with theentireworld. - Rally together to take down enemies you could neverfacealone! - Assist one another to speed up the progress ofbuildingsand research. - Share and expand the Field of View (FOV)withallies and get an even wider FOV by joining an alliance.★★★★THRONE BATTLES ★★★★ - Attack and occupy the Throne to becometheKing. - Become the King and rule the kingdom. Repay your alliesanddestroy your enemies. - Give buffs and special titles to playersinyour kingdom, as well as kingdom buffs. - Grow your city,protectit from the threat of evil lords, and mark your rightfulplace inthe history books as a true King! ★★★★ VISUAL FEAST OFMIDDLE EARTH★★★★ - Immerse yourself in the dark world of fantasyand myth. -Amazing environment with Day/Night Mode on local time.-Spectacularly animated RTS battles. - A medieval fantasyworldshrouded in Fog awaits you to discover it. - Knights, Elves,DragonWarriors, Toxic Manticores and more incredible creaturesawait youon the battlefield! ★★★★ MMO REAL TIME STRATEGY WAR GAME★★★★ -THIS is a game you won’t be able to put down as your screenwillconstantly be lit up with new battles, chats, campaigns,upgradesand new kingdoms which are opening all the time.  - Ifyoulike multiplayer strategy games, you’ll love this game whereyoumust fight to survive! Enemies or Friends? Repay or exactRevenge?My lord, download Rage of Kings and start building yourrealm now!Rule the lands in the action packed world of Rage ofKings. Connect with Rage of Kings!Facebook: NOTE: We takecheating andhacking very seriously! If a player is indeed found toHACK in anyway, his/her game account will face the possibility ofbeing bannedpermanently. 
Bubble Bust! 2 - Pop Bubble Shooter 1.4.5
Bubble Bust! 2 is the long awaited sequel to the highlypopularbubble shooter game Bubble Bust! - loved by over 25millionplayers! With 6 amazing islands featuring hundreds of levelsandmore than 30 unique bubbles you will have tons of fun inthistotally addictive bubble shooter game. Flying bombs, fireballsandother powerful new boosters will help you defeat the bossesandother great challenges in four exciting gaming modes. Play thegamealone or connect to Facebook and challenge friends to see whocanget the highest score! KEY FEATURES: * Compete and winamazingprizes in weekly tournaments * 6 islands with hundreds oflevels ofbubble popping fun * Four exciting gaming modes withaddictivegameplay * Tons of unique bubbles and obstacles todiscover * Manychallenging bosses with unique skills * Collectenergy orbs andunleash powerful boosters * Breathtaking graphicsand visualeffects * Easy to learn, challenging to master GET EVENMORE FUN: *Free updates with new levels and challenges * Globalleaderboards *30+ achievements to unlock * Complete daily missionsand earn heftyrewards Easy and fun gameplay - tap where you want toshootbubbles, make clever matches and defeat the obstacles andbosses tofinish the level! Do you like to play classic bubbleshooter games?Then you will love this popular sequel to BubbleBust! - theoriginal arcade bubble shooter game which has inspiredthe creationof a whole new sub-genre of bubble shooters. BubbleBust! 2 is acompletely free game to play, but there are optionalin-apppurchases available. Game On! Follow us onFacebook: Developed andpublished byGameOn
Act It Out 2.1.1
Act It Out !
Why can’t you give an audition online?!! In today’s world ofhightech devices and internet if one can apply for a job online.Whyisthe location a hindrance between you and your dreams?Wooshhh!!!Welcome to AIO an Actors delight and a blessing indisguise forProduction houses to unearth the sea of talent spreadall overIndia and abroad. AIO is a web platform, to bridge the gapbetweenAspiring actors and the Production houses in the MediaandEntertainment Industry. Production houses from all backgroundslikeFilm Production houses, Advertising Agencies, EventOrganisers,Corporate, Theaters, Documentaries, Web-Series etc canupload theirrequirements on AIO. Aspirants look into therequirements and ifthey think they fit the role they can record andupload their bestshot! To know how AIO works, kindly follow us onFB or mail us
Soyo is Cambodia’s first online VOD platform, offering a varietyoffilms and TV shows specifically curated, dubbed, and subtitledforKhmer entertainment lovers. With three different subscriptionplanson offer, you can get access to thousands of hours ofentertainmentfrom Cambodia, Thailand, Korea and other countriesanywhere, anytime, and on any device! Sign up is quick and easy todo, all youneed is your phone number! Download the Soyo app forfree today! •Stream from your phone, tablet, browser • Chromecastand AirPlaysupport • Available in Full HD resolution • New contentis addedregularly • Including fresh content produced exclusivelyfor Soyo •Free content available as well • Available in Khmer Dub •WithEnglish and Khmer subtitles
Scholly Search 1.17.0
Scholly takes the hassle out of the scholarship search processsoyou can focus on what’s important—getting free money for school.Wehave helped students win over $100 million in scholarships sofar,making college affordable and dreams a reality. Scholly wascreatedby Christopher Gray, who won $1.3 million in collegescholarshipsthrough grit, sweat, and hustle. In realizing howbroken andtime-consuming the scholarship search process was, hecreatedScholly Search to make things much easier. How does Schollymake iteasy? * Customized Scholarship Search: Get matchedwithscholarships for college and graduate school tailored just toyou.* Scholly Scores: Review and choose the best scholarships toapplyfor based on their Scholly Score. The higher the SchollyScore, thestronger the match—which means better chances at moremoney! * EasyScholarship Tracking: Keep track of scholarshipdeadlines and trackyour application statuses, all in one place. *Mobile & DesktopAccess: Access scholarship opportunitiesanywhere, on the go, onall of your devices. The best part is thatwith a Schollymembership, you’ll receive access to ALL of theamazing tools weoffer to help students, including Scholly Editor,an AI-poweredwriting assistant, and Scholly Math, an AI-poweredmath solver thatinstantly interprets and provides step-by-stepsolutions to anymath problem.
Mekami - Your gaming life
Mekami is a new app for gamers where you can add the video gamesyouplay. Doing that, you will be able to view your "diary" whereyoucan go to see all the games you have played. Mekami also letsyoufind new games based on your preferences, add games to the list"Mylist", follow gamers to see what they play and much more! Checkoutthe feed where you can see what the community is playing. Innextupdates you will be able to follow your favouritesyoutubers,influencers, journalists and also your friends! Browsebetween morethan 40k games from all the platforms you can imagineincludingretro consoles. PC, PS4, Xbox one, Switch, PS3, Xbox 360,Wii U,Wii, Nintendo 64, Super Nintendo, Dreamcast, Game Gear...Mekamilearns what you like so we can show you the bestgamingrecommendations. Search and like or dislike all the games youhaveplayed. Install Mekami now and help us create your nextfavoritegaming app. NOTE: The app is currently on BETA so wearecontinuously improving it and adding new features. To be abletocreate an app about video games you really love, we would lovetoreceive feedback from you so do not hesitate to send us any kindofcomment that can improve the app. Thanks!
Game Studio Tycoon 2
Ashley Sherwin
Welcome to the next generation ofgamedevelopment! Game Studio Tycoon 2 puts you in the place ofanindependent game developer during the early days of thegamingindustry. Play through 50 years of gaming history and developonover 40 different platforms! Expand your studio along the wayandhire up to 16 employees!Features:- Play 50 years of gaming history.- Manage every detail of your studio! Hire employees, create up to3separate teams, raise money by getting investors and creategames,consoles, and more!- 4 unique locations with room for up to 16 employees!- Amazing 3d graphics with motion captured animations!- Two game modes – Play the game as it was intended in normalmode,or test your skills with the unforgiving hard mode.- Create your own gaming platforms.- Create and manage Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) games! Youcandetermine the level of support to give the game and evencreateupdates to boost sales!- Research new technology that you can use to create betterconsolesand game engines.- Manage up to 3 teams! Each team can work on their ownprojectallowing you to release games and consoles quickly!- A clean, minimalistic user interface allows you to play thegamewith ease.- Appropriate for all ages