Top 49 Games Similar to Hobby Farm Show 2 (Full)

Farm Harvest 3- Match 3 Game 3.5.9
Tony planted a farm at the foot of Alps,he want to be a toprotecthis farm. all the crops in this beautiful farm is used toprovidedaily needs to the people in the village. Tony’s hardworkingbrought rich fruit and joy to Dearfully Village, and hisfarmbusiness also managed well increasing the family income.However,it didn’t last too long, the bad rabbit Nick came to robtheresults of Tony’s Farm every few days. In order to ensuredailydemand for the people in the village's, please come and helpHeidikeeping the farm away from Nick’s tournament. How to Play:1.collect fruit features to make the fruits a good harvest. 2.cleanthe dirty place of the farm. 3. collect rice straw whichareprovided for cows. 4. find the chicks and bunnies hiding undertheboard. 5. collect fruit and make fruit orders 6. change money byarare gold beans hiding under the mud floor. 7. Nick! Stop!!!Thebad rabbit tournament the vegetables again! Hurry up and stophim!8. become a farm to finish all levels. If you want to getmoreinformation about this game, please follow our home page andlikeus on Facebook:
Harvest Mania - Match 3 Puzzle 1.0.4
Play Infinity Games
Switch and match three or more adorable Crops to make a remove!Alot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the harvest seasonarewaiting for you!. Pass all the levels with strategic matchingandyou will become the Super Farmer!Harvest Mania is completelyfreeto play but some in-game items such as extra moves or liveswillrequire payment.Join the millions who adore the magic ofMatch-3Puzzle. Aim for greatness!Features:● Gather all kinds ofcrop,fruit in the farm or collect soils to win the level before yourunout of moves.● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge tofullymaster.● Take on your friends to compete for the best scoreand seewho can switch their way to the fattest onions ever!●Rechargeableboosters, extra moves and special power-ups to helpwith thosechallenging levels.Harvest Mania How to Play● Switch andmatch 3 ormore super adorable crop/fruit to reach the target.●Unlockpower-ups, collect, run your farm for the preparation oftoughlevels.● Less moves you pass a level, higher score you'll get.Canyou score high enough to earn 3 stars on every level?Follow ustoget news and updatesonfacebook:
Dream Farm : Harvest Moon 1.6
JoyMeng GAME
Let’s build the best town, create the fantastic harvest story!!!Youneed to learn how to plant crops, raise cows, and producevariouskinds of agricultural products. And there are someunexplored areasoutside the town; you can expand your land,discovery the newresource and invent new productions. There aresome animals couldget into your town, you can capture them and getspecial rewards.The social communication system can let you shareyour town to yourfriends and do some trade with them. This is thegame will becomepopular very soon among you and your friends.Features: Create yourown farm life on mobile Great diversity ofdecoration Various kindsof crops, trees and livestock Can do theadventure outside the townContinuous unlock new buildings and newproductions Can let yourfriends visit your town and do some tradewith you.
Hobby Farm Show 2 (Free) 2019.1.100
Hobby Farm Show 2 takes casual games to new heights as playerstendto crops 30 stories above busy city streets! Help Lisa tackletheunique challenges of running a rooftop farm as you grow crops,milkcows, and produce goods in 50 exciting episodes! • 50 levels •3game modes • 38 trophies • Tackle the uniquechallenges!______________________________ Find us us - Watchus Visit us -
Hobby Farm Show Free 2019.1.117
One minute Lisa is signing a contract to be the star of a newshow,and the next she's knee-deep in chores as she starts tapingthefirst episode of Hobby Farm Show! Plant and harvest crops,milkcows and shear sheep, and purchase equipment to produce thegoodsLisa's customers want, all while smiling for the cameras. Withthehelp of a local merchant and three super-powered assistants,Lisashould have no trouble meeting her goals in this funTimeManagement game! - 100 levels to keep you playing for a longtimeto come! - Two game modes, full of excitement! - Extremelyfunlasso-the-animals mini-game! - 35 achievements that are fittingfora superstar! ----------------------------------- Find Watch us - -
Hobby Farm HD Free 2019.1.130
Jill’s dream has finally come true! She has her very own farm onhervery own island. Harvest exotic fruits, manage free-roaminganimals,and operate handmade machines in Hobby Farm! Work yourfarm underthe gorgeous sun and help Jill with your Time Managementtalents.Purchase new equipment for your farm and keep thedelicious cropscoming. - 100 levels to play - Relaxed game modefor easy playing -Dozens of machines and farm staff - 35achievements----------------------------------- Find Watch us - -
Farm Cute Animals 1.0.7
Create your own farm and play the role of a dynamic farmer inabeautiful universe.Farm Cute Animals is a beautiful and funfarmsimulation. There is so much to do on the farm, growcrops,harvest, produce, and more! Design your own paradise withyour townfarm and show it to your friends. Create an enjoyableenvironmentfor your animals, prepare your farm by day, gatherresources andopen production to bring your farm to prosperity.Plant beautifulflowers and collected them. You can grow all kindsof crops, turnyour crop into profitable products for the stock, andrevive yourbeautiful farm empire with fun decorations.- Grow andharvest themost delicious crops,- Harvest your favorite freshfruits andvegetables on your family farm,- Design a rich and livelyworld andorganize your beautiful farm to make it a charmingrurallandscape,- Discover the quiet charm of rural life and feellike areal businessman!★ ★ Best farm game! Get out of the city andbecomea farmer. Farm Cute Animals, Live the life of agricultureandrelax. ★ ★Challenge your neighbors to be the best farmer! Provetoall that you have the prettiest farm with Farm Cut Animals andthewonderful farm of the world! Farm Cute Animals, a gameofagriculture full of surprises, adventure and satisfaction thatyouwill never be bored,Immerse yourself today in the heart ofthismagic farm simulation Farm Cute Animals, a village farm,theexciting game about a heroes farmer's life. Start the adventure,goto the countryside and go farming!Play for free as long asyouwant.
Welcome to one of the most attractive farm game over the world,it'sFeedy FARM In feedy farm game you can easy to plants and cropthetree, wheel, apple trees,..and livestock and poultry. You caneasilygrow the most interesting crops, raise the most beautifulanimalsYou can also expand the farm so that you can plant treesand feedanimals easier so that you can receive a lot of gold sothat you canbuy diffenrent items to decor and develop your farm.Game features:- Beautiful graphics - Rich items - Easy to play -Easy to expand -A lot of levels Good happy and good lucky to you.
Farm Line 1.8
Coool Game
Farm Line is a very wildly addictive heroes casual game!Connecttwoor more adjacent farm crops on the line to make them crush, andtryto scoring as many points as possible!Take on thisdeliciouslysweet saga alone or play with heroes to see who can getthe highestscore! How to play:# Connect two or more same farm cropsto scorepoints.# Archive the target points to level up.# Eliminatethe morefarm crops on the line can get more extra scores.Gamefeatures:#More than 200 challenging levels & many game props.#The Fireprops can eliminate farm crops in one row.# The Water propscaneliminate the farm crops around.# The Ice props can unfreezethefrozen farm crops.# The Color-changing farm crops can eliminatetoany same farm crops.# Sweet and delicious UI & coolanimationeffects.# Very small size but super fantastic graphics#Play thegame and Have Fun!!
Happy Farm Daily 3.0
Coming to our farm, you can choose from a variety of crops,animalsand structures. You need to cultivate crops and animals,harvestproducts and exchange for money and experience. You haveenoughmoney and level, you will upgrade the buildings so that thefields,cages and animals will open.As a result of cultivatingandupgrading your homes, you will have a large and beautiful farmwithlively and fun plants.Have fun relaxing with our farm!
com.gramgames.farmest 2.8.1
Gram Games Limited
Welcome to the world of Merge Farm! the newest farming andmergegame from Gram Games. Merge Farm! isn’t your average farminggame.Use merging mechanics to achieve your task to grow your farm,andharvest delicious fruits and veggies. Plant tons of cropsacrossyour farm and merge those crops to grow bigger plants thatproducemore fruit and veggies! Take your massive harvest and sellthem togrow your farm even further! What are you waiting for, let’sstartmerging your farm! Merge Farm! Features: Plant & MergeCrops: •Plant crops of varying types on your field, as theybecomeavailable. • Merge similar crops, and they will grow orupgrade,providing a larger harvest. • The bigger your plants, themorefruit and vegetables they will produce. Manage Your Farm •Farmingis endless, which means you’ll need to manage your farmdaily. •Choose where to plant crops, place animals, and more. •Decorate byplacing garden gnomes, tractors and more around thefarm. HarvestLike a Farmer • As all good farmers know, it takestime for cropsto produce delicious fruit. • You can harvest cropswhenever, butkeep an eye out for the orders from your travelingmerchant at thetop of the screen. • Fill those orders to makemoney, buy morecrops and grow your farm. Think you can merge andharvest crops tobuild up your farm? Keep merging your crops todiscover new formsand upgrades, and see how great your farm cangrow. Download MergeFarm! today and start farming! Use of thisapplication is governedby Zynga’s Terms of Service,
Farm On! 1.2.4
Cheetah Games
Farm On! is a unique combination of agriculture and decorating.It’sthe #1 vertical farm simulation game where you expand yourfarm andprepare meals - with just one hand.Grow your crops, expandyourresources and help your land live long and prosper - all withjustone hand! Feed the dog and get rewards every day! Take care ofcutechicken, pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and be rewarded for youranimalcare. Manage your estate and enjoy the beautiful countrylife!Livingorganic has never been this convenient! Simplifiedfarming mechanicsin this charming game ensure that every action isat the tip of yourthumb. Grow your own food, craft recipes, feedyour cute animals andtrade with neighbors!Grow your own virtualvillage with crops andcute animals and make it the best ranch ofyour dreams. It is alwaysa good day to make hay!Farm On! is theperfect game for themulti-tasking, modern-day casual farmer on thego! You can play iton a bus, train, or airplane while cooking orcleaning - with justone hand!Expand your land so you can raise newbuildings and clearfields, plant interesting fruit trees and getmore happy animals,and deliver all the orders from your customersfrom a nearby town.Make the animals and crops happy and prove thatyou are a realfarmer!The game features:Grow, manage and decorateyour ownranchCare for cute cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and moreAcute pet:feed a fluffy dog and get a treasure chest with agiftHarvestorganic crops and cook recipesCraft food in animatedproductionbuildingsMake breakfast, juices, milkshakes, salads,cakes,desserts, dairy products and moreTrade goods with friends orsellthem in the marketThrow bait into the lake to catchrarefishComplete train orders and claim rewardAdorn the landwithclassic and seasonal decorationsInvite your Facebook friendstohelp you create your own cozy ranchFarm On! is a free-to-playgame,however, some items can be purchased for real money. If youdon'twant to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases inyourdevice'ssettings.PrivacyPolicy:
🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops 1.65
Game Mavericks
Farming is nothing like in garden! Buy a plantation, cultivateandharvest crops with tractor, harvester and other farming machinesina full-scale farm simulator! Do all that a farmer does -buyresources, drive awesome farming machines, harvest and sellcrops.Running a farming business is fun and interesting in ournewagriculture farm simulator - American Farming Simulator!Featuresof Farm Simulator: VARIETY OF CULTURES Cultivate andharvestvarious crops on your plantation AGRICULTURE ECONOMY Sellcrops tobuy more resources and better farming machines for yourfarmFARMING MACHINES Use and maintain specialized farm machines inthesimulator, from tractor to harvester CULTIVATION ANDHARVESTPerform all kind of field works on your plantation - plow,seed,water and harvest OPEN FARMING REGION Freely explore vastfarmingregion, find land for plantation, farming machines dealersand moreWORKERS FOR HIRE Hire workers to do farm works on yourplantation.All out farming! Realistic farming is your s toexperience in ornew farm simulator! Complete full agriculture cyclein yourplantation - cultivate soil, seed crops and harvest. And doit withcool farming machines from tractor to harvester. Ready forfieldwork? Then try American Farming Simulator - a new farmingsimulatorand run a prosperous farm! Trading the goods! Agricultureandfarming demand a lot of resources - fertilizers,seeds,watervarious machines like tractor or harvester the spread themandcultivate plantation soil. The more crops you grow at yourfarm,the more you can harvest and sell to buy better farm machinesandgrow even more crops in farming simulator! Mind your business!Runand expand your agriculture business the way you want inthefarming simulator! Each new plantation or machines in signofsuccessful farming, so figure our which crops to grow andharvest,what farm resources to buy, which machines to maintain. Allyouhave from a seed bag to tractor and harvester can be usedforprosperous farming on your plantation! Work on your farm - usecoolfarming machines, cultivate and harvest crops on yourplantation inAmerican Farming Simulator!
Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM 1.5
Fun Blocky Games
Blocky Farm: Field Worker SIM is the blocky farming simulatorwhereyou can manage your own farm and harvest your freshly growncrops!Do your dare to make your hands dirty in this real fieldworkerSIM?! Show us that you have what it takes to manage your veryownfarm!In this game you will start to make the ground ready andwiththe cultivator, you can achieve this. But you need to do itbeforeyou run out of fuel otherwise you have to pay for a refill ofyourgas and that will give you less revenue of your barn! This gameisthe ultimate tractor parker simulator and will let you enjoyallthe aspects of having your own farm. In this fantastic blockyfarmSIM you have to do everything a farmer needs to do for hisharvestso use the cultivator, plant seeds, water the plant, harvestyourcrops and sell it. When you have sold your harvest you unlocksomenew ground what needs your real tractor parker farmingskills.Invest your well-earned money in epic new tractors! Everystage offarming is a mission, so you can do a lot of majestic fieldworkingsim stages. Not only will you drive in your tractor you willusefor the harvest a combine. Key Features:✔ Play afantasticcultivator farmer simulator!✔ Enjoy all stages of havingyour veryown barn! ✔ Get out in the field and manage your crops! ✔Realistictractor farming simulator!✔ Manage everything at your ownfantasticbarn! ✔ More angry dinosaur games and US army securitydrone gamescoming soon!Become a real tractor farmer and manage yourfields inthis real freshly grown crops harvester simulator. Can yousellyour crops for the top prize or will you get nothing?
Bull Farming 1.4
Creative Games Studios
Bull farming or Farming Bull is one the best and latestfarminggames of 2017. This bull farming game has an updatesandtraditional bull farming simulator. We know that bull is usedforfarming, but today we used tractor or latest farming machineryforfarming or harvest. So we develop bull farming for old tasteortraditional taste. It has the strength of a machine and canworktwenty times more than an average farmer. Discover the artoffarming with a Bull. Enjoy farming on the land and bullsimulatorin this farming game. Download bull farming today growcrops onyour land!The sun is up and the clock is ticking. The rawfarm landwaits for you to farm it up with the help of your bull.First youneed to dig the surface with an earth claw so you canbreak hardrocks and make space for farming crops. Then you need touse thissurface smoother and smooth the surface of the land. Onceyousmooth the surface, the crops can grow easily. Then you needtowater the surface and use water sprayer attached to the bull.Runthe bull along every corner of the field to water the wholefield.The crops should grow now.Once the crops have grown enough,drivethe harvester in the field and harvest the crops. Collectthegrains from the harvester and drop them into the cart.Nowcarefully drive the cart to its destination. Farming is a veryhardline of work. It needs immense amount of hard work and ahugeamount of tolerance. You need to carefully plow the field anddonot rush on the land. If you do not complete your missions ontimeyour level will fail. Take notice of the time clock andcarefullygo through the process of farming. You must be experiencerealisticbull farming simulator game. 2.1.3953
Farm Garden Mania is a deliciously fresh new farm match-3game.Collect fresh vegetables and harvest deliciouswatermelon,mushroom, banana, pea, eggplant and radish in FarmGarden Mania.Farm Garden Mania Features · Fascinating new farmgarden scenes:Harvest Field, Astral Loom and Moonlit Bay ·Addictive andinteresting match-3 gameplay · Over 140 awesome levels· Easy toplay, challenging but rewarding to fully master · Perfectsyncbetween mobile phone and tablet · Super small game size (LESSthan15MB) that guarantees smooth gaming experience · Join and sharethefun with friends via online leaderboard · Amazingandmouth-watering obstacles(cake, cookie, jam, ice, etc.) that soarupyour fun How to Play Farm Garden Mania · Swap and swipefreshvegetables and fruits · Switch and match 3 or more tasty crops·Collect vegetables and fruits strategically by using fewer movestowin tough levels Download Farm Garden Mania for FREE now!
Royal Farm 14.0
Welcome to Royal Farm : Build your own Farm where you can havefunwhile building big farm, growing cute animals, sow seeds&harvest crops and selling your product to develop build yourownFarm. Royal Farm is a place where you have to work in villageasfarmer who work on little farm and farm land. Do everythingfromharvest, farming in your lush big farm green land familydreamfarm, cultivate and harvest the fresh crops like wheat,corn,coffee, tomato, kiwi & strawberry in village. Enjoy theworldof cultivation, farming, raise cute frenzy animals likechickens,goats and cows, do farming, harvest diverse fresh crops invillage.Enjoy country life, become a happy farmer, work day &night toharvest, cultivate & do farming in your own farm. Areyou readyto play and build their own farm in this game? Royal Farmis aplace where you can build your own style. Let's design anddecorateyour own farm, makes it really unique and distinct. And youwant tobuild your own farm to be the big farm in the world. It's soeasywith Royal Farm. ********Features +Grow and harvest the:Corn,Wheat, Carot, Sugarcane, Flowers..... +Build, decorateandexpand your farm + Upgrade the warehouse, processing plants,farmland .... + Build the farm of your dreams with a plentyofbuildings and decorations + Take care of your lovely animalsandraise chickens, cows, sheeps, rabbits, cats, dogs and pigs.....+Enjoy garden Farm life +Daily Gift +Free all
Farm Dream - Village Farming Sim 1.7.0
Farm Games. Farm. Farmer. Farming. Village. City. Town. Build.FarmDream is a unique blend of farming and building a village toacity. Harvest hay and crops at the farms, milk the cows, shavethesheep and sell your produced goods to develop your town.Nointernet required. Play offline with no wifi needed Farming Farm-Village Harvest Frenzy Are your ready to become a farmerandcity-mayor to build your village in a family farm dreamsimulation?Join the frenzy and connect with other farmers worldwideand sellyour harvested crops, eggs, fresh milk, wool, and othergoods fromyour seaside farm village and trading port. ♥ Decorateandcustomize your farming game with lots of beautiful decorations♥Construct hundreds of community buildings, houses,productionfacilities, farm fields and decorations in your familyfarm dreamvillage ♥ One of most popular farm games town simulator ♥Lovelyand cute farm animals to take good care of: cows, sheep,chicken,pigs ♥ Collect fresh milk, wool, eggs and more ♥ Variouscrops togrow and harvest on your farms: tomatos, potatoes,oranges,raisins, lemons, apples, nuts, hay and more. ♥ Grow yourbig farmgames village with friends ♥ Develop your town by farming,trading,crafting, building and managing ♥ Lots of farms in yourcuttlelittle ville to manage ♥ Start with a farming town, expandandbuild a city / town on your island seaside ♥ Visit, trade orsellgoods to neighbors and sharing with friends ♥ Exoticgoodscollected from other islands in your trading port withsteamboats ♥Farm games like this are easy to play ♥ No blocky, butbeautifulrealistic graphics with a cartoon blend ♥ Hey, just escapefrom thecity, become a farmer and build your farms ♥ Help your funandsweet town people with orders ♥ Farming games, farm,farming,family, friends, fun, farming simulator ♥ Ville, village,city,town ♥ Craft, collect, explore, visit and escape ♥ Fill yourbarnwith animal food ♥ One of most popular farming simulation gamesandit is free to play ♥ Complete challenging daily missions andqueststo earn achievements ♥ Build big farms and expand the villagetocover your entire cartoon island ♥ No internet required.Playoffline with no wifi needed, one of best family games withoutwifi
Farm Blast Mania -Garden Pop 6.3.14
Stratakhen Studio
Fruit Blast Mania - Garden pop a luscious fun adventure of amatch-3swap game with lot of juicy and green veggies and dairyfarm. Blastthe garden cropsies with the help of easter bunnies,racoons ,rabbits, and cows to defend against the evil scarecrowsand theenemy garden witch.Harvest the farm for juicy the ripecropsies inthe fruit farm by swapping the same fruit in the evergrowing gardenparadise in the merry islands. Be a farm hero insaving the farmranch from the scarecrows, evil green monsters andgarden gnomes.Enjoy the fun filled juicy garden harvests playingthis fruit frenzygame across the levels.Connect with Facebookaccount to play againstyour best friends and challenge them inthis amazing fruit blastjourney. Google Play Leaderboards to findamazing opponents aroundthe world and showcase your skills againstthem. Each level hasfruits to blast and crops to swipe and harvestto collect for thetarget. Blast the evil pests like the witch andthe scarecrow. Blastthe blocker vegetables in the farm frenzygarden jam game.The gamefun swap match-3 puzzle casual game.Travelacross the garden islandsto find all the harvested cropsies andfruit jam treasures in thefarm to be crowned as ultimate gardenmaster.★ GAME FEATURES ★●Exciting Garden frenzy pop game with lotof fruit jams.● Farm fruitsand vegetables to harvest across eachgame level● Amazing fruitblast game with beautiful graphics andaddictive gameplay● GooglePlay Leaderboards to find new opponentsaround the world● 200+ juicyfruity levels to beat and blast thegarden gnomes in garden islands●Cross every juicy level bycollecting the fruits needed in thatlevel● Get hidden specialcombo fruits and rainbow fruits hiddenwaiting to be unlocked●Blockers of ice layer, mud, barrel, stonesand dumbbells to blockyour heroes quest.● Super fruity and juicypowerups like gardenblast and fruit splash mania● Facebook lets youinvite yourFacebook friends to challenge and beat your score●Beautifulblossoms and flowers in the garden● Exciting swipe match3experience with free bonus coins won passing each level● Farmshopto purchase powerups to attack the enemies in fields and getthecrops in the harvest.● Additional levels added every month tokeepyou hooked throughout the garden adventure● Heap of fruitytreatsto be collected in the ranch passing each level.● Crazypowers andblast effects like: fruit blast, farm blast, garden jam,Farm Jam,Rainbow crop★MISSIONS ★● Collect the cropsies to passevery juicylevel in the game● Smash all garden gnome obstacles likemud block,slimes, ice blocks and dumbbells● Collect the specialitems hiddenin the game to get a farm surprise bonus● Starchallenges, levelchallenges and daily challenges to keep you happy●Leaderboard ingoogle play to beat and compare with people aroundthe world★GAMEDIRECTIONS ★● Match 3 fruits to blast them out●Limited number ofmoves to collect the crops needed by the gardengnome.● Blast 4garden fruits in horizontally direction to createjuice crushingblast● Smash 4 garden fruits in vertical direction tocreate juicemania● Smash 5 garden fruits to get a rainbow fruit●Crush 5 gardenfruits in L or T direction to get a Super fruitjuice● Combine any2 special garden fruits to get a Ultimate GardenBlast● Combinejuice crushing blast and juice mania to get aUltimate Garden SmashBlast● Combine juice mania crusher and Superfruit juice to getanother Ultimate garden Smash Blast● Crush thosefruits gardenharvest items and pop out the points★Thank you fordownloading thegame :). We are happy to support you★● Send us yourqueries orfeedback and we will quickly respond●Follow us on Facebook to get exclusivegifts/updates:
Farmer Sim 2018 1.8.0
Ovidiu Pop
Farmer Sim 2018 will let you become a real farmer! Take yourselfinan awesome open world and start enjoying this greatfarmingsimulator. Harvest different types of crops, manage yourlivestock- cows, sheeps, turkeys, pigs. Experience the farminglife,transport woods, hays, etc...This Farmer Simulator will allowyouto play with many machines, tractors, combines, trucks,trailers,plows, seeders, etc...The next-gen graphics willcompletely immerseyou in the real farming world.Features:-Realistic Vehicles andMachineries (tractors, combines, plows,harvesters, seeders,trailers, trucks,)- Easy Tutorial- Many Type ofplants to harvest-Visually manage your livestock (pigs, sheeps,cows, turkeys...)-Next Generation Graphics- Open-World Career-Incredible WeatherSystem- Day-Night Cycle- Steering Wheel, Buttonsor Tiltingcontrols- Challenge your friends by sharing online yourstatisticsand achievements!
Tractor Farming Simulator 2017 1.0
Tractor Farming Simulator 2017(tfs) is the sequel of the hugehittractor farm simulator where you can manage your own farmandharvest your crops. In this game you will start to make thegroundready and with the cultivator you can achieve this. But youneed todo it before you run out of gas otherwise you have to payfor arefill of your gas. This game is the ultimate TractorFarmerSimulator and will let you enjoy all the aspects of havingyour owntop farm.In Tractor Farming Simulator 2017(tfs) you have todoeverything a real farmer needs to do for his harvest so usethecultivator, plant seeds, water the plants, harvest your cropsandsell it. When you have sold your harvest you unlock some newgroundwhat needs your real tractor farming skills Every stage oftractorfarming is a mission in this tractor farm simulator, so youcan doa lot of real farm tractor simulator stages. Not only willyoudrive in your tractor you will use for the harvestacombine.Features of this Real Tractor Farming Simulator (tfs):*Play a real tractor farmer simulator (fs) * Enjoy all stagesofhaving a farm like cultivator, plant seeds, water theplants,harvest your crops and become a real farmer* Get out in thefieldand harvest your crops * Real tractor farming simulator *Manageeverything at your own top farm * Drive tractors and acombine inthis top farm farming simulatorBecome a real tractorfarmer andmanage your fields in this real farm tractor simulator.Can yousell your harvest for the top prize or will you getnothing?We hopeyou will like tractor farmer simulator 2017 and rateit on the playstore. Don’t forget to enjoy also our other freemobile games
Dairy Farm 2
Dairy Farm is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who work onabig farm. With Dairy farm, Players are transformed into farmersdoeverything from planting and tending crops untilharvest,hand-picking and buy breeding animals and care untilmaturity;experienced simultaneously, manually what makes thefoodmanufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested intheanimal feed crops. This brings the extremely interestingandattractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build theirownfarm in this game?Dairy Farm game has nice graphicsinterfaceglitter, photos close affinity with the countryside andruralsaturated soft sounds that makes up a great farm atmosphere.Thesehas really curious, excited, excited with every player in thegame.Download and play now please.Here are a little guidance onhowlittle dairy farm:- When new people to play hard to play inthegame instructions before operation is discretion.- Gameplayconsists of the following steps:o Growing food crops such asrice,maize ... to serve for the following parts:Apparel accessoriesforthe players to buy livestock feed production plant itself inshopsand stalls machinery selected then choose the food factory atthebeginning of the booth. When finished buying the machinewilldisplay the main screen players select that machineplacementsuccess will be deducted from the amount. Then just feedinto themachine and select the type of food being produced tofeedchickens, cows ... wait a certain period of time there willbeharvested product and bring food for livestock.Accessoriespartsfor making cakes, honey producers ... into the store to buythenecessary machinery for bakeries for your production andprocessingof these cakes, the food necessary to the marketalso.ApparelAccessories to order in front of the table: there areordersavailable players click on the panel will order out of order,theitems are marked complete players can give orders andreceivedelivery First, experience points when completed deliveryorders.oReclamationCutting down trees to plant only to pull the sawon thetree will be lower and you are one sticks to upgradewarehouses andsimilar small sentence but tight and user guidance tosmall andbattens 1 experience point for each lane and sawingsettlers cuttrees.Sawn used to clean the water pit and dry treeSheusedexplosives to bomb out to small boulders.- With each leveltheplayer is rewarded diamonds, gold and other types ofseeds,different breeds, all kinds of screws, glue bang ...- Upgradethewarehouse when all kinds of supplies needed when theplayercollected through the level-up, chop wood reclaimed ...- Buythedecorative objects in the store to make her gardenbeautifulupward, decorated in the style preferences of people.
Blocky Farm 1.2.77
Jet Toast
👨‍🌾👩‍🌾 VILLAGE LIFE, FARM TYCOON, HARVEST & HAY! 🐶🐱 Enterthecharming world of Blocky Farm where you can manage your lands,takecare of animals, harvest fields, deliver goods to the townandcreate friendship with citizens. Create a big farm of yourdreams!Start your village life today! Blocky Farm isvege-friendly,perfect pocket offline game to play day and night. Noanimals areharmed during gameplay! ===================== ❤️FEATURES ❤️===================== * MANAGE YOUR FARM and upgradeyour buildings* TOWN AND RELATIONS create real friendships withneighboring towncitizens * LOVE ANIMALS - unique system of animalslove andinteractions * HARVEST FIELDS WITH THE TRACTOR withphysics-baseddrive system * GO FISHING, SWIM BY BOAT and catch 16unique species* COMPETITIONS compete with other farmers & takea part inglobal events * WEATHER - changing weather system *BEAUTIFUL 3DGRAPHICS - immersive, interactive, living world * PLAYOFFLINEanytime & anywhere you want - no wifi needed, nointernetconnection needed * 60 FPS smooth gameplay This is an INDIEGAME -it has been made by team of 3 devs what makes this is arealindependent title. First time in the mobile farm manager:tractordriving (including interactive fields harvest), townsupplying,advanced village interactions and changing weathersystem! Justgive a try to the best farming tycoon ever! This is a:* Top ratedgame - 4.8/5 * Animal simulator * Your next obsession *Playoffline - no wi-fi needed * Become a tycoonnow!===================== ❤️ AWARDS ❤️ =====================BlockyFarm was considered the best tycoon game and rewarded withtheCommunity Award during Digital Dragons 2017 (Krakow,Poland)conference. ===================== ❤️ MEDIA MENTIONS❤️===================== “Aside from the usual farming malarky,youcan style your teeny creatures with cool gadgets, drivetractor,(...) - and all at a smooth, smooth 60FPS.“~❤️ SUPPORT ❤️ ===================== Friend,are you having problems?Contact our Tech Support or in game by goingto Settings.
Tiny Farmer Family : Building Tycoon & Farming Sim 1.1
Sablo Games
Farm sim the most unique game which is FREE to download. Enjoytodrive and build with full of fun. Fulfill the driving maniawithfarming simulator. Take your cap and sit behind thegiganticmachinery to build the builder story. If you love farmvillage thisis perfect for you. Enjoy the ultimate pig farminggames where youare given the chance to prove your strategy of mylittle farmer youare on the mission to reach the title of my biglittle farmer. Doit in the best possible way and enjoy this tinysimulation createdby Sablo GamesBeing the player of this games yourrole is like afarmer who has to build his house, growcrops/vegetables to survivein a jungle. The story of this littlefarm revolves around thestone age where a person is stuck in thejungle with his family.Here in this tropical island games he needsto get survival of hisand his family. For this purpose he has towork hard. If he doesnot work the beast of the jungle will eat hisfamily. Now the firststep of this tiny simulator is to need shelterfor his and hisanimals. Being the player of this town tycoon youhave to constructherd for animals. You have to pick wood fences andplace them onthe marked area. The next step of this virtual petgame is to makeroof of your herd. You have to pick wood pieces andplace them onthe marked place to make roof of the house in thisfarm Expert. Youneed to drive animal van from city to village inthis farm harvestspring season. Now the second step is to dosomething for hunger inthis city construction game 2017. You haveto plow the field. Thefirst step of ploughing is seeding thenwatering in this farminggames. Before you did watering, you have toconstruct a tube wellin this building tycoon games. You have digmarked area 2 timeswith the help of excavator. You need to justpick bricks with thehelp of mobile crane and make the walls fortube well in thisexploration games. The next level is to dowatering in your fieldin this construction world. In this citybuilder vehicles nextlevel is harvesting. Then you need to pick haybales with the helpmobile crane and put them into thrasher. Youhave to drive thrasherwhich automatically take out seeds from haybales and fill theminto the 3 boxes. The next work which isassigned to you is toconstruct barn to store your food. Then thenext task is to makethe house for yourself here you need to followall the constructionsteps which you followed previously in thisconstruction simulatorgames. Plow another food for your animals andyourself and so on.Be the active member of this town building gamesand have a lot offun. Tiny Farmer Family : Building Tycoon &Farming SimFeatures★ Challenging Mission of game★ Enjoy Farm simfun★Realistic environment of construction builder story★Smoothcontrols of construction vehicles★ Many hours of free fun★Amazing3D Graphics What you are waiting for? Download Tiny FarmerFamily :Building Tycoon & Farming Sim and enjoy the FREE thrillofbuilding sit. It is more interesting and more colorful whichisholding building construction games for you. Easy gameoperationwill enable you to calmly face the challenges and completelevelsof building simulator. Everything will show you a perfectmegagamer in this digging machine. Download this virtual petgamecreated by Sablo Games Do not forget to rate us or giveusfeedback!
Farming Simulator 2018 - Farm Games
Zippy Games
Farming Simulator 2018 - Farm Games is one of the best farminggamesof 2018 in which you play as farmer whose job is to growcrop,drivetractors and harvest animals to earn cash. Become thereal farmerexplore the awesome open world where you can grow manykinds ofcrops to upgrade your farm games. You have different kindsoflivestock too like hens.sheep and cow which you can sell to earnaprofit for your farm. This amzing farming simulator will allowyouto drive vehicles like tractor,harvester,plow,seeder,trailerandtrucks for the process to smoothly run in farm games. Sorestartyour agriculture career in this awesome free to playfarmingsimulator and take control of your harvesting abilities andfulfillyour dreams. Produce pure and whole natural foods andcontribute toeconomy of your country. Grow new kinds of hybridcrop on you farmand become the best farmer in the world. GameFeatures: 1) 3DGraphics. 2) Smooth Controls. 3) ChallengingLevels. If you have anyproblems in installation or playing thisgame please email us theissue an we will try to solve it as soonas possible. Thank you!Download Farming Simulator 2018 - FarmGames on Google Play StoreNow.
Garden Harvest 1.3.4
A lot of fresh fruits and vegetables in the harvest seasonarewaiting for you!Switch and match three or more adorable Cropstomake a harvest!Features:1. Easy and fun to play, but a challengetofully master.2. Gather all kinds of crop, fruit in the farmorcollect soils to win the level before you run out ofmoves.3.Amazing 240 levels of fruit match and mouthwateringpuzzles4.Unlock more levels and adventures with yourachievements.Pass allthe levels with strategic matching and youwill become the gardenhero!
Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs 1.01
Game Mavericks
Take care of a pigs’ livestock in a brand new farm game!Farm,animals and tractor games come together in Euro FarmSimulator:Pigs. Become a proficient farmer - raise herds, harvestcrops,trade livestock, do whatever a farmer does. Heavy machinerywillhelp to take care of your animals herds. Livestock is akeystone ofyour farm.

Features of Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs:

-Unique pigsbreeding
- Livestock management
- Career and tutorialmodes
-Realistic farmer machinery
- And it’s all free!
- Marketandeconomy
- Crops harvest

Use machinery to harvest crops feedyourpigs livestock. Fuel and repair will keep machinery working.Goodfarmer always has both harvest machinery andlivestockintact. Like in tractor games, in our farmer simulator youcandrive various machinery. Pigs farm with all fun stuff!

Feedyourpigs livestock well, sell extra harvest - that’s how afarmerworks. Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs offers activities of arealfarmer. Herd needs food - harvest it! Livestock needs water -bringit! Farm needs cash - earn it! Trading pigs is your mainbusinessin Euro Farm Simulator: Pigs.

Tutorial will teach the waysof afarmer in machinery, harvest and breeding in simulator. Careermodewill allow to work as farmer on your pigs farm asyoulike. Running a farm with huge livestock and machineryisa fun challenge. The simulator will test your skills inmachinerydriving and pigs breeding. Farm means work! Combininganimals’ andtractor games in one farmer simulator doubles work andfun.

Do youwant to have your own pig farm? Euro Farm Simulator:pigs is yourchance!
Become a true farmer with Euro Farm Simulator:pigs!
Farm Town: Happy farming Day & food farm game City 2.48
Hey! Tending a garden on the farm is surely the best way tospendyour free time this day. Try farm game simulator and make thisdayin the village happy day! Experience the quiet charm of rurallife:a beautiful farm with a view to a river awaits you. Move to ahappyvillage, become a farmer! Grow a variety of crops on your farmneartownship: hay, corn, vegetables, flowers, fruits andberries.Harvest delicious crops every day! Use your harvest tocraft dozensof different treats. We've got all the recipes youneed: lollipop,cookie, birthday cake and much more. Kids love it!Then sell yourgoods to the townsfolk and friendly neighbors. It's agreatopportunity for business! Pick harvest, fruits, vegetablesandanimals every day. Hey, do not forget to sell youragriculturalproducts in the town. Have you ever wanted to own apony or a babysheep as a pet? Build a zoo and Invite lovely pets toyour farm.Plant beautiful flowers and collect them into brightbouquets.Repair a circus and invite tourists to the nearbytownship, makethem happy and enjoy the gifts from them. Try the2019 release fromForanj games, a new farming simulator coming tothe USA. Enlist thesupport of your family and friends, and createyour owndistribution network, help the development of the city andprovidesresidents with supplies. Create your own farm story and,who knows,maybe it is you who will one day become the mayor of FarmTown oneday! - Build and upgrade farm buildings; - Grow fruit treesandplants in fields and gardens; - Trade crops and fresh goodswithneighbors and friends through your very own roadside shop; -Buildyour own town and welcome visitors; - Produce and trade allsortsof goods: from dairy to jewelry; - Customize your farm! Choosefromtons of furniture, decor and flower items to make it looktrendy; -Spend your day on the farm and make this day happy! Joinour groupon Facebook to share your funnystories:
Real Farming Simulator Game 1.5
Novatech Inc.
Real Farming is not an easy task its great job if you performthisjob with sincerity than you will enjoy and it will be a greatfun.Peoples living in rural areas mostly perform farming asprofessionthey produced natural food like contribute in the economyof theircountry. They usually grow different type of crops likecorn crop,sugarcane, wheat. Now its best time for you learnt realplowfarming by farming simulator game: real tractor farming inthisseason and start harvest your crops. Be careful about allthemachinery and driving because rural areas roads are alwaysveryrough and bumpy. This real tractor farming simulation 3Dgameprovides you a great chance to become harvester and cultivatecropscell them into different markets for money. Before cell thoseintothe market you will have to run through complete processgrowingyour crops cultivate the grass land, plant seeds, wateringtheplants, spraying the pesticides and threashuring the crops andallthe remaining works required before cell them into the marketandearn revenue. You are also necessary to transfer themtomarketplace. Every stage of farming simulator havedifferentmission, so you will have to complete all the missions tocultivateand grow the crops. Become a real farmer and control yourgrowingfield in this off road sim farming game. In this tractorfarmingsimulator not only drive tractor you will use for theharvester aswell combined. Now it’s time to become actual farmerthrough thisoff road tractor farming sim 2017 experience craneshugeconstruction material, heavy tractors and harvesters. Butbecareful about your all assets these are very costly. Off roadSimFarming Game 2017 adventure is a new concept where you willfeelreal farmer and tractor driver Features of the RealFarmingSimulator Game New high quality 3D graphics and realisticusercontrol Get an amazing experience of real farmer Drivetractorcombined with the harvester Take cares of your machinery,crops andcell them into market for profit Enjoy all the stages ofhavingreal farming and complete the mission Control everything atyourown farm and cultivate the crops Become the real farmer andfarmingtractor driver manage everything at your own field and growthefield for high yield and cell those into the market forhighprofit. We hope will like this farming simulator game: realtractorfarming and rate it high on the Google play store. Don’tforget tovisit our more games.
Farmer Village Country Life 🏡 1.4
Sablo Games
Enjoy playing farming simulation on the go! Farmer VillageCountryLife is a great agriculture game for everyone, kids andadults. Youcan experience what it feels like to live a farm life.You can growcrops and grow vegetables. You can own and take caresome barnanimals in this farm village. Sell your produce for money.Don’tforget to expand your field and your fruit and vegetablestorage.So, install Farmer Village Life for FREE and enjoy farminglife tothe fullest. Have you ever dreamed of living in a farmingvillage?This farming simulation is your chance to make your dreamto be afarmer come true. First, we will guide and teach you how togrowcrops and grow vegetables. Then you will need to harvestyourproduce and store them in fruit and vegetable storage. Therearealso hens and cows you have to take care of. As thegameprogresses, you can expand your land, your field, your barn,andbuy extra equipment like Bakery Oven and Stovetop. In thisfarmvillage, you can then cook some great food and bake somepastries.Fun right? Who says that agriculture farming village isboring?FARMER VILLAGE COUNTRY LIVING HIGHLIGHTED FEATURES: ◆ Playourfarming simulation for FREE anywhere and anytime on yourAndroiddevice. ◆ Enjoy awesome game design, created by a team oftop gamedesigner. ◆ Addictive game for everyone who loves dreamingaboutliving in a farm village life. ◆ Learn step by step how tothriveliving a farming life through our tutorial.◆ So manyactivitieswith endless fun! Living in a farming village is alwaysfull ofexcitement, ◆ Grow vegetables & crops in realistic wayandharvest your produce. ◆ Take care of barn animals living inyourbarn and they will give eggs and milk for you.◆ Get moneyfromselling your goods to expand your fruit and vegetablestorage,field, and many more. ◆ Buy a lot of new equipment to cookgreatcooking and pastries. ◆ Buy decorations to make your farm lookevenmore beautiful. Once you play Farmer Village Country Life, youwillrealize that farming life is anything but boring. There are somanychallenges and fun awaits you in this agriculture game. Youcanlearn about all the things you can do inside this game with ahandson tutorial to show you how it’s done. You will learn toplow,seed, water, and harvest fruits and vegetables. You willlearnabout making the goods to sell to make even more money thanyou canuse to expand your farming village.There are so many thingsyou canproduce and sell here. You can grow vegetables likecarrots,potatoes, and tomatoes. You can also grow crops like wheat,corn,and sugarcane. Don’t forget to grow and harvest fruits suchasmangoes and peaches. Farm life is not just about growing cropsandtaking care of barn animals though. Like cooking and baking?Whynot try making juices, cooking soups, and baking pastries?Thevillagers in this farming village will be happy to gobble upyourdelicious baked goods. So you see why our farming simulation issoaddictive. Why not
Garden Maker Farming Simulator: Farmer Gardening 1.0.1
Funtoosh Studio
Little gardener! Welcome to my dream hanging orchard gamespeciallymade for your interest in garden maker farming simulator.Plants& tree gardening games to train new gardener & fieldfarmerto build their own little ripe fruit & vegetable skygarden andflower house in their family yards garden. As a farmmanager,prepare your house backyard by plowing, seeding, sowing&planting quality fruits seeds and water them regularly untilyougot tasty & delicious fruits from it for selling tonearestflower shop. Its Halloween day & harvest season solet'splough\ plow the farmland & plant pumpkin for theupcomingfestival in garden maker farming simulator game. Make yourhome afarm in paradise by decorating a happy orchard with youroutdoordecor skills in adventure farming sim. Expert decorator!Yourdesigning task is to plant maximum seeds on limited farmlandareawith free landscape design along with eastern garden in thiscropfarmer simulation game. Your rose & tulips flower quest istomake use of big garden harvest land by giving it a housemakeoverfor modern farmer spring games. Your tasty & juicyfruits likeapple, banana, mango & oranges and fresh vegetableslikepotato, cucumber & eggplants can attract many customersfromthe town for the success of garden maker farming simulator.Manyoutdoor sunflowers & rose flowers are giving your dreamhome afairy kingdom & virtual garden view. Prepare farmsteadland foranimals eating hay & seeds plantation with the helpofgardening tools & lawn mower in free casual and farmergames.As a crazy orchard designer& ranch builder of urban city,giveyour space a much needed home makeover by flowering sky gardenforthis farm field simulation game full of adventure&entertainment. Be a plant queen, a skillful decorer, decoratedyarnbuilder in best girl games. Apply the green thumb rule intheveggie garden center of your lawn in the harvesterplantsimulation. Complete the gardening decor & restorationprocessin limited amount of time so that seed sowing can be done atthestart of plantation season. Prepare the lawn for cropseedsplanting and water them properly until sunflower & roseflowersfrom plants bloom. Use fertilizers & insects and bugscontrolmedicine to make the plant grown completely & take outfresh,juicy fruits from the trees in garden maker farmingsimulator. GamePlay Features:- Prepare backyard for seeds byplowing, sowing,planting, watering & harvesting- Take care ofplants and waterthem after land plowing - Fun horticulturalactivities for boys& girls playing farm sim- Pluck fruits &vegetables inbaskets to super store- Earn cash by selling fruits&vegetables in super market shopsDownload garden makerfarmingsimulator game today & be the best field gardener of theruralvillage & big city.
Harvest Country Side Village Farm: Offline Farming 1.5
Enjoy the world of cultivation, farming and cattle raising,inHarvest Country Side Village Farm - Farmer Game. It is anOfflinegame where you have to work as farmer in village game whowork onlittle farm & farmland. Do everything from harvest,farming inyour lush big farmland family farm, cultivate and harvestthe freshcrops like wheat, corn, coffee, tomato, kiwi &strawberry invillage. Raise cute frenzy animals like chickens,goats and cows,do farming, harvest diverse fresh crops in villagebig farm game tomake your Harvest Country Side Village Farm game asuccess! Unleashyour green side in Harvest Country Side VillageFarm game where funnever ends, work as a farmer in village, doharvest, farming, raisepoultry animals, manage dairy farms animalsor livestock likegoats, chickens, and cows in offline game. HarvestCountry SideVillage Farm game is a virtual farming simulator game,in which youwill be experienced from a farmer, a chef moreover abusinessman.Take care of your little big farmland, do farming,harvest crops inhappy farmer game to produce the healthiest &fresh foodingredients decorate your own farmland in Harvest CountrySideVillage Farm game. Raise cute adorable frenzy animals likegoats,chickens and cows in happy village & farm games. Sellyourproduce via delivery truck, fulfill orders and expand yourfarmingland in this farming game. Enjoy country life, become ahappyfarmer, work day & night to harvest, cultivate & dofarmingin your little farm games. Raise frenzy adorable animalslikechickens, goats and cows. Pick your favorite fruits andvegetablesfrom the list, plant & harvest their seeds infarmland, carefor them with water, fertilizer, reap your harvest& managedairy farms. You can use your crops harvest in barn byfarmer tomake butter, bake a fresh cake, and learn all kinds ofotherrecipes. Share the fresh food with your customers and theywillgive you money and stars. Earn enough money and you'll be abletobuild processing plants that can turn your raw goods intoexcitingnew products. As you proceed through different levels inthis freefarm game you can upgrade various parts of your big farm,from thewarehouse where you can store goods, to the processingplants thatproduce the goods in free farm games. Soon you’ll beproducing vastquantities of products and turning over a huge profitfromprocessing plants. There is also your delivery system, atransporttruck which will help you sell your fresh produce fromfarming andvillage game land to the customers in big city and alsotoneighboring towns and other village. Not to mention that therearehundreds of shiny new items to decorate your farming game.Ifyou’re tired of other top farm games that require being onlinetoplay, we are the perfect option for you since it is anofflinegame! Play offline farm game without internet connection!Neverlose your farmer game progress opportunities because of nothavingWi-Fi nearby!Features:- Offline Farm Game.- Enjoy garden Farmlife,grow your big farm and harvest your produce in farmer game.-Takecare of your garden farm to produce the most healthyfoodingredients.- Upgrade the warehouse, processing plants,farmlandetc.- Raise adorable animals and manage dairy farms oranimal farmvillage in offline game.- Buy the decorative objects inthe storeto make your farmland beautiful & attractive.
Jolly Days Farm: Time Management Game 1.0.56
HeroCraft Ltd.
Do you know the secret to happiness? They do on Jolly Day Farm!Allthe animals have fun, every day! The pigs love the mud, thecowschew the cude, and the chickens cluck as they warm their eggs.Eventhe cat and dog manage to be the best of friends. Withsuchharmony, the farmer looks at his farm every day and smiles,smiles,smiles. As the days pass, he'll change from a simple farmerto acheese tycoon - but the farm's friendliness will never change.Thisis farm frenzy time management casual farming game withcuteanimals. This is also arcade farming simulator game. • You'lllovethe cute animals! • This game seems to last forever! • Strainyourbrain with the farmyard puzzles! • There's a bunch ofkookycontraptions to play with • It sounds better than a singingcow! •Work out your own way to win!_____________________________________FOLLOW US: @Herocraft WATCHUS: LIKE
com.foranj.farmtown3 2.49
Tending a garden is surely the best way to spend your freetime.Experience the quiet charm of rural life: a beautiful farmwith aview to a river awaits you. Move to a happy village, becomeafarmer! Grow a variety of crops on your farm near township:hay,corn, vegetables, flowers, fruits and berries. Harvestdeliciouscrops every day! Use your harvest to craft dozens ofdifferenttreats. We've got all the recipes you need: lollipop,cookie,birthday cake and much more. Kids love it! Then sell yourgoods tothe townsfolk and friendly neighbors. It's a greatopportunity forbusiness! Have you ever wanted to own a pony or ababy sheep as apet? Build a zoo and Invite lovely pets to yourfarm. Plantbeautiful flowers and collect them into bright bouquets.Repair acircus and invite tourists to the nearby township, makethem happyand enjoy the gifts from them. Try the 2019 release fromForanjgames, a new farming simulator coming to the USA. Enlistthesupport of your family and friends, and create yourowndistribution network, help the development of the city andprovidesresidents with supplies. Create your own farm story and,who knows,maybe it is you who will one day become the mayor of FarmTown!Join our group on Facebook to share your funnystories:
Farmers 2050 1.0.20
Nutrien Ltd.
Droughts occur, mortgage payments come due, and pigs don’tjustsweat their bacon. Discover what it really takes to help feedtheworld. Now you can create and manage a sustainable farm ofyourvery own. Tend to crops; raise animals; and craft goods totrade,sell and donate in your local community all the whilemanaging thethree pillars of sustainability -- environment,economic andsocial. Features: Plant, grow and harvest fresh crops,fruits andvegetables Nurture and raise a variety of animals Craftand sellgoods with local partners Source ingredients from aroundthe worldGet help from local experts -- an agronomist, veterinarianormechanic Customize and decorate your farm to make itone-of-a-kindFarmers is FREE to play. No advertisements or in-apppurchases.Please note: Farmers is an online game. Your device musthave anactive internet connection to play.
Silage Transporter Farmer Sim 1.0
You are on your farm, get a chance to buy its farm and fulfillyourdream of becoming a successful farmer. The world needseducatedfarmer like you who knows the importance ofnutritious,cultivation, crops growth, pesticides and harvesting.This SilageTransporter Tractor Farm Simulator is the best farmingsimulationof 2017 in which you have to maintain and build your ownfarm withthe help of farm tractors and seedling harvesters andcultivating.Buy his farm and also make your own farm in that areato full enjoythe farm life adventures. Cultivate land, grow maizecrops and cutyour crops for further processing. Farm truck givesyou bestfarming experience and you will be working like a realfarmer ofthis technological era. You will be driving long anddifferenttruck like harvesting cargo tractor; hill farm trucktractor andparking those tractors in like a pro farm tractor driver3Dparking. Tractor parking is skillful task and in this farmtractorsimulator you will be mastering this parking skill. In thisfarmquest grow farm fresh foods for your country. Silage is thebestfeed for animals. Shortage of feed is covered with silage andithelps to increase production especially milk giving animals.Cutyour field crops and load in trolley to transport forsilageprocessing. Silage processing machine will crush plants. Nowit canbe fed fresh to animals or maybe stored by making silagebales.Transport silage to feed your own farm animals. There aremanycattle farms around you, transport silage to these cattle farmstoearn money. Download FREE and enjoy farming simulator, farmtractorparking & live like a Farm truck driver.
Farm Life 9.0
Farm Life is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who work on abigfarm. With farm Life, Players are transformed into farmersdoeverything from planting and tending crops untilharvest,hand-picking and buy breeding animals and care untilmaturity;experienced simultaneously, manually what makes thefoodmanufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested intheanimal feed crops. This brings the extremely interestingandattractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build theirownfarm in this game? Farm Life game has wonderful graphicsinterfaceglitter, nice photos of the countryside and rural softsounds thatmakes up a great farm atmosphere. *****Features + Thiskind of gamehas been playing by over 100 million people all aroundthe world! +Build the farm of your dreams with a plenty ofbuildings anddecorations + Plant, harvest and produce over 100+unique products!+ Produce fresh foods and farm fresh goods + Takecare of yourlovely animals and raise chickens, cows, and pigs.....Download andplay now please.
Farm Clan®: Farm Life Adventure 1.12.34
G5 Entertainment
Bring prosperity – and hilarity – to your village in thisutterlyenthralling farming game!Ready to hoe your way to happiness?Plantfruit trees and herbs, care for crops and perfect yourfishingskills so that your villagers are never hungry. Create avillagelayout that’s suitable for agriculture, with new barns,workshopsand other buildings. Cooperate with your friends so thatyou allthrive and succeed in this funny world of farms, craftsandtrade!While this game is absolutely free to play, you havetheability to unlock optional bonuses via in-app purchases fromwithinthe game. You may disable in-app purchases in yourdevicesettings.● FARM! – 17 crops to cultivate on your farms●CRAFT! –Produce goods and tools to grow the economy● BUILD! – 55+specialbuildings to construct● DECORATE! – 220+ decorations tospruce upyour village● DEFEND! – 14 enemies to fight with all yourmight●VISIT! – Catch up with friends and help each other out●Google Playgame services supportPlunge into the fastest growingfarmingsimulation game on the GooglePlaytoday!______________________________ COMPATIBILITY NOTES: Thisgameperforms best on high-end smartphonesandtablets.______________________________ VISITUS:http://www.g5e.comWATCH US: ofService: End User LicenseSupplementalTerms:
Farm School 7.0.1
Farm School
Farm School is a place where you can express your style.Let'sdesignand decorate your own farm,makes it really unique anddistinct.Let'sdo farming and ranching your own land.Then, withgood harvest ofplants and animals, you can get more gold to expandand upgrade thefarm.Don't wait to experience joyful farm life atFarm School.
Farm Harvest 2 3.8.12
Farm Harvest 2- match 3 games, it's a new free match3 puzzlegamecreated by LET'S FUN GAME, and you can keep playing forFREE.FarmHarvest 2 - match 3 games is a farm juice jam heroes stylegames,it's not easy, but very funny, if you like play match 3games, Youcan try it.Hardworking Squirrel owns a beautiful farm andshe hasmanaged it hard in each passing day. As time goes by,she'sstarting to feel anxious about her grown-up vegetables,becauseRabbit Slacker nearby often come to her farm tostealvegetables.Let's help her to protect the farm and drive thethiefaway.CharacteristicsFine images and game effects offarminggame;New upgrade. The playing way of matching andeliminatingyou've never seen before.5 targets, never get bored!800levels andmore, updates will meet your expectation.If you like thisgame,please don't hesitate to follow us and thumbs-up us inFacebook.You'll learn the latest contents, new levels, excitingcompetitionsand other concerning newson
Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming 1.1.3
Freeze Games
In this village farmer's Tractor Driving game edition ofvintageFarming pro you will learn how to play the bull carts, andhow tobuy crops to grow in a farm from a 'salesman of the bank ofthetown. you have to do vintage farming this time for this purposeyouhave bull carts, horse carts, Use them as your personalassistantto traditional style farming. First you have to walk toyourtractor, or bulls, or horse carts after that you need to attachtherealistic traditional trailer. After successfully attachedthetraditional trailer, you have to drive your farm tractormachinesinto the village farm, sow seeds in the garden of yourvillage,then Take bull carts with you and start harvesting of yourowngarden, then plough to grow green fields then continuevintagevillage farming until it turns green. When the classicloadingfarming place is lush green, you as a builder and craftperson youhave to cut the green crops as village farmer's duty isto do allalone cultivation is the best part of production, the eraoffarming machines like tractor, Puller,Trailer,Loader Trucks isnew,we are taking you to to old times farming you areperforminghunting, fishing and also was the hand harvester,Nowleave yourtractor behind do hand harvesting then go to the salesmanof thevillage bank to negotiate for your crops price! After thatyou haveto park your bulls and horses! In this game you are as avillagefarmer responsible for crops, seeds buying & goodTraditionalEquipments. This Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farmingis a gameto let you experienced the things of farming you neverexperiencebefore with lots of vintage fun. In Super VillageFarmer's VintageFarming game you have to work as super farmer ingreen fields. Youhave to grow green fields like wheat ,rice, crops& Gram Etc.You as a super farmer have to look after Villagegreen fields bysow Seeds in limited time Otherwise you will loseyour farmingexperience. Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming gameFeatures: -Play our super farm simulation anywhere and anytime . -Growvegetables & crops in realistic way -Ride on Animals LikeHorseBull carts as a superhero farmer. - Super Awesome 3Ddesign,environment of village. - Easy understanding of game. -Addictivegameplay of village farmer's vintage life. - Endless fun!Living ina super village is always full of excitement,
Big Machines Simulator: Farming - run a huge farm! 1.0
Game Mavericks
Leave your little garden and start farming big. Cultivateandharvest crops on your plantation with cool machines in ourfarmingsimulator. Try huge truck fleet - each vehicle has uniquefunctionsin our farming simulator. From plow tractor to variousharvestmachines - drive it all on your plantation and run aprosperousfarm!Big Machines Simulator: Farmingfeatures:FARMINGECONOMYHarvest and sell crops at your plantation tobuy trucks,fertilizers and land MULTIPLE CULTURESCarefully choosewhich cropsto grow on your plantation to run farm wellBIG TRUCKFLEETDrivevarious machinery - from tractor and fertilizer tocombine andharvester REALISTIC CULTIVATIONDo all the field works onyourplantation, from plowing to harvestFull scaledfarm!Vastplantation, huge trucks and lots of work - experiencefarming onbigger scale in our farm simulator! Plow miles of farmland,harvest tons of crops, earn lots of money and buy hugemachines.Play Big Machines Simulator: Farming and think big - hugefarm andmachines are waiting!Realistic economy!Start with asingleplantation, buy and deliver fertilizers, water and machinesto growand harvest crops. The more harvest you sell, the moremachines andfarm land you can buy. Each new flourishing plantationand farmmachine is a step to success in our farmingsimulator!Farming yourway!Operate in a big open-world farmingregion. Drive around andfind machines markets, fertilizer shops,farm land to buy. Completesimulator tutorial, play with combine,tractor and other vehiclesin our farming simulator and run yourplantation as you please!Trydriving powerful farm machines and workon huge plantation in BigMachines Simulator: Farming!
Farming Simulator 18
GIANTS Software
Become a modern farmer in Farming Simulator 18! Immerse yourselfina huge open world and harvest many types of crops, take careofyour livestock - cows, sheep, and pigs - take part in forestry,andsell your products on a dynamic market to expand your farm!Youhave access to a huge selection of over 50 farming vehiclesandmachines, faithfully recreated from over 30 of the biggest namesinthe industry, including AGCO’s most respected brands:Challenger,Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra. Drive and use brandnewequipment and harvest sugar beet, potatoes, wheat, canola,corn,and for the first time sunflowers. With a deep andpowerfulsimulation experience, a vast open world and a wide fleetofvehicles including brand new machines, Farming Simulator 18invitesyou aboard the most complete handheld farming simulationevercreated! Features of Farming Simulator 18 include: • Userealistictractors and trucks from some of the biggest agriculturemachinemakers • Plant and harvest six different crops: Wheat,canola,corn, sugar beet, potatoes and sunflower • Breed pigs andsell themfor profit • Feed your cows and sheep to produce and sellmilk andwool • New front loader attachments expand your optionswhentransporting bales or wood • Manage AI helpers for betterresultsor let them drive your vehicles to a destination of yourchoice •New 3D graphics show even more detail on your machinery andthesouthern US environment • Harvest wood with dedicated machineryandsell the timber • Play with friends in local multiplayer modeforWiFi and Bluetooth
Primitive Farming Machine - Harvesting Rice 1
Ashal Games
Download village modern farm and get ready for theharvestingfarmland challenge! In this your goal is to do plouging,seedingand watering for the rice crop. As you move towards thechallenginglevels of farm construct simulator it will increase withmore funand addiction. Be an active member of fun farming game andtake thefeel of super farming. The fun of tractor driving willnever be thesame when you play this additive harvest crops createdby AshalGames. Here in this cropping farm you will enjoy therealisticgraphics that will give you the feel that you are workinglike areal farmer. Great environment of design and craft will giveyou abeautiful feel while working in the village modern farm.Smoothsteering controls, and heavy machinery handling are theawesomefeatures of primitive harvesting that make it perfect foryou. Justdownload this super farming and enjoy planting, thresherandplowing on green farms. In this 3d farm you have to harvestricethrough different machinery and perform farming activities.Allprocesses of farming in harvesting farmland are dividedintodifferent levels. The first task which is assigned to youintractor cargo transport is to plow the area for the rice crop.Thefield is ready for seeding in fun farming game. Now you have todoseeding with the help of sack in countryside farming. In thislevelyou have to do watering in the field as you have to sow seeds.Youhave to do watering the area by walking around the fieldincropping farm. At the moment you have to plow the area withhorsein village farming. There is a large field and you have tomove inthe field with the help of bull cart. Once you are done withtheploughing now you have to do watering in that field with thehelpof cattle pump in super farming. This task all about thepicking ofthe plants from the small field in farms frenzy. You haveto walkin the field and pick the crop and put them in the smallsack inprimitive harvesting. There is a tractor you have to drivethattractor towards the shop in old harvester in primitivesurvivor.Here in this level you have to drive the harvester throughthefields and cutting up the plants into little bundles andleavingthem behind in big farm. Use thresher to excavate the ricearoundthe field in sowing. Take the trolley to the city which isfilledwith the rice and sell their and earn money with cropproduction.This game is all about the threshing and planting in oldfarmingand has fun! Primitive Farming Machine: Harvesting RiceFeatures:★Play our farm games free for FREE on any Android device★Buckle upyour seat belt and take control of awesome combineharvester★High-quality 3D graphics★ Many hours of free fun of oldfarming★Awesome environments of primitive plowing★ Enjoy awesomegamedesign, created by a team of top game designer.★ Enjoysuperimmersive environment and realistic sound effects.★ Finishalllevels, with different objectives and challengesDownloadvillagemodern farm and enjoy the FREE thrill everything will showyou aperfect mega gamer of this forage plow farming.Do not forgettorate us or give us feedback!
Farmer Sim 2015 1.8.1
Ovidiu Pop
Farmer Sim 2015 is the latest farming simulator that will allowyouto become a real farmer! Start your agricultural careerbycultivating crops in your lands! You can plow, sow andharvestusing lots of different machineries! Sell your harvest formoney totake control of new tractors and combines! Enjoy the newfarmingsimulator playing in an open-world career mode! Have funusingfarming vehicles and become a professional farmer! DownloadnowFarmer Sim 2015!Features:- Realistic Vehicles andMachineries(tractors, combines, plows, harvesters, seeders,trailers...)- EasyTutorial- Grow different plants- Buy animals andmanage them-Purchase new fields- Open-World career mode- Sell cropsfor money-USA and European maps- Auto driving feature- Day-NightCycle-Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controls- Challenge yourfriendsby sharing online your statistics and achievements!Become arealfarmer by playing this amazing farming simulator!
Professional World Farmer 1.6
Fun Blocky Games
EXPERIENCE THE REAL FARMER LIFE!Ever dreamt about having yourownprofessional farm? Harvesting your own crops which you alsoplantedyourself? Driving in your countryside tractor? Now it is thetimeto live that dream! Become a real farming expert in thisamazingfarming simulation game. No virtual farming simulator hasever beenso realistic!RUN YOUR VERY OWN FARM!Use your cultivator toplow theground before you plant any seeds. Complete thechallengingcountryside tractor driving levels to earn money. Investthat moneyin a better countryside tractor to keep up with thecompetition.CRUISE THROUGH THE 3D COUNTRYSIDE!This amazing farmingsimulationgame has an open 3D countryside map. You have to drive asa realfarming expert across the 3D countryside to your land whereyouhave to plow the ground. Don’t wait any longer with playingouramazing farming simulation game!✔ Real world and realcountrysidetractor driving simulation sounds✔ Ground breakingfarming tractorsimulation physics✔ Adrenaline-filled virtualfarming simulatorexcitement✔ Detailed and unique challenges for areal farmingexpert like you✔ Experience cutting edge 3D open worldgraphics✔Stunning countryside tractor driving dynamics ✔ Realtractorsimulator game features✔ More virtual farming simulatorgames willfollow shortly We hope you will enjoy our farmingsimulation gameand don’t forget to rate us on Google Play!
Idle Farming Empire 1.35.2
Grow and automate the most profitable farming empire of alltime!Make smart investments into a wide variety of whacky cropsandanimals and you'll earn millions in no time. Can you build themostprofitable farming business in the universe? 💰 🐷 🐔 🍒 💰 FEATURES✓AUTOMATE your farm and earn continuously while you’re away togetrich ✓ COLLECT hundreds of cool crops and animals, each withtheirown style ✓ WEATHER CONTROL – Increase production by poweringupthe sun and making it rain on your farm ✓ PRESTIGE by takingyourcrops to market in return for magical seeds ✓ INVEST WISELYwithsmart decisions on when to upgrade, harvest or earn idleprofits ✓PLAY ANYWHERE! - Free to play online or offline, noconnectionrequired. 💸 💸 Become the greatest, richest and mosthumble farmerin the universe! 💸 💸 Got questions? Check out ourcommunity: Got feedback?We're alwayshappy to hear it: PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: 🐣 😻 Lovefromthe Idle Farming Empire Team, Helsinki 😻 🐣
Happy Farm Life 9.0
Happy Farm Life is a game that simulate tasks of farmers who workona big farm. With Happy farm Life, Players are transformedintofarmers do everything from planting and tending cropsuntilharvest, hand-picking and buy breeding animals and careuntilmaturity; experienced simultaneously, manually what makes thefoodmanufacturing and food from agricultural products harvested intheanimal feed crops. This brings the extremely interestingandattractive experiences. Are you ready to play and build theirownfarm in this game? Happy Farm Life game has nice graphicsinterfaceglitter, photos close affinity with the countryside andruralsaturated soft sounds that makes up a great farm atmosphere.Thesehas really curious, excited, excited with every player in thegame.Download and play for enjoy
Dinosaur Farm Free - Tractor 1.1.2
Help your friends on the farm! Choose your tractor, add therightattachment and head to the field to plow. Kids can choosefromdifferent seeds, plant their crops and watch them grow. Nomoretime to rest by the pond, go get the plane, it’s time tofertilizeand apply safe and environmentally friendly products soour plantsdon’t have pesky bugs. See the farm animals run and playas youdrive farm equipment to the fields to tend your crops untiltheyare ready to harvest! Check out 4 different scenes throughvariousweather changes, and choose from and build farm equipmentand smallaircraft for crop dusting, sight-seeing, and more. Over30interactive animations will interest your preschool children,ages2-5. No third party ads to interrupt play. Parents, use thisgameas a teaching tool to discuss where our food, plants andflowerscome from. Features: • Play 4 farm machines • Filledwithinteresting animations and surprises • Recommended foryoungchildren, 2-5 years old • No third-party ads Children love itandparents trust this Yateland designer's vision!