Top 49 Apps Similar to 10 Alimentos contra la Diabetes

Optimizador control diabetes 1.1.1
Optimizador control diabetico es una app que recomienda unadietaindicada según si nivel de glicemia en sangre. Conocer elvalor deIndice Glicemico (IG) de los alimentos y seguir una dietacon IGbajo. Es útil para combatir la obesidad y reducir el riesgodediabetes o mantener los niveles de glucosa en sangrebajo.Optimizerdiabetic control is an app that recommends a dietindicated bywhether blood glucose level. Knowing the value ofglycemic index(GI) of foods and follow a low GI diet.It is usefulto combatobesity and reduce the risk of diabetes or maintain lowlevels ofblood glucose.
Fundación para la Diabetes 2.1
Con esta aplicación de la Fundación para la Diabetes podrás estaraldía de las últimas noticias y novedades relacionadas conladiabetes, descubrirás recetas de cocina con informaciónnutricionalde interés para ti, tendrás la oportunidad de hacer eltestFindrisk también a tus amigos o familiares para que conozcansuriesgo de desarrollar diabetes, y además estar informados delasactividades que organiza la Fundación para la Diabetes.Withthisapplication from the Diabetes Foundation can keep abreast ofthelatest news related to diabetes, find recipes withnutritionalinformation of interest to you, you will have theopportunity totake the test Findrisk also to your friends or familyto know theirrisk of developing diabetes, and also be informed ofthe activitiesorganized by the Foundation for Diabetes.
One Drop - Diabetes Management 1.9.44
One Drop
Welcome to One Drop for Android. We’ve brought together ourawardwinning diabetes data visualization and design into a cohesiveandseamless One Drop user experience for Android. Trackwhat'simportant in diabetes — Glucose, Food, Meds, and Activity —all inone place. One Drop makes managing diabetes an integratedpart ofyour lifestyle — something that empowers, keeps you mindful,andhelps to motivate. FEATURES: Simple, Intuitive Logging - Onetouchlogging for glucose, food, meds, and activity - Save &sharepictures, notes, tags, and tips with every moment - Seeeverythingdisplayed beautifully in your timeline Automatic CarbCounting -The largest built-in database of verified food andnutrition data -Find your foods & One Drop automaticallytallies up the carbsAutomatic Scheduled Daily Meds & Reminders- Set up your basalinsulin doses, oral medications, etc. forautomatic logging -Receive reminders to take your scheduled meds ontime, every timeCommunity - One Drop is a sharing platform thatenables us all tolearn from each other - Community tab showseveryone’s stuff - Showyour appreciation with a “like” - Leave a“pro-tip” for others tolearn from - Share everything anonymously -Privacy is guaranteed;your data is secure Powerful Analytics -Daily, weekly, and monthlystats - Average blood glucose, totalinsulin, total carbs, andtotal activity displayed right above yourtimeline. - Know whereyou are today, how far you’ve come, and whereyou want to goAutomatic Insulin Pump Data - Set up insulin pumpbasal rates &basal insulin will flow seamlessly into yourtimeline 24/7 - Logtemp basals right from the home screen
Dieta Para Diabéticos 1.0
Doctor Apps
Conozca más sobre nuestra App Dieta Para Diabéticos y los pasosquepuede seguir para controlar la diabetes y disfrutar de unabuenacalidad de vida, larga y activa.Intala la App AHORA ysientetesaludable con la mejor dieta para diabetes!Detalles de laDietapara Diabetes :1. Como Normalizar tu Glucosa2. Alimentosbuenospara la diabetes: Deliciosas Frutas Para Diabéticos Que DebesComera Diario (escuchar el audio)3. Dieta para diabéticosehipertensos4. Dietas Para Diabéticos Tipo 1: ¿QuéAlimentosConsumir?5. Dieta Para Diabéticos Tipo 2 Consejos(escuchar elaudio)6. Dieta de adelgazamiento para diabéticos7. Los3 Menús ParaToda La Semana: TIPS PARA DIABETICOS AL COMER FUERA DECASA(escuchar el audio)8. Crea un plan alimenticio saludable9.Galeríade fotos con el antes y después de personas que siguieron ladietay encontraron en ella la solución a sus problemasNo dejesqueavance tu diabetes, aplica esta Dieta Para Diabetes y aprendequéalimentos para diabetes te curarán para siempre!Learn moreaboutour App Diabetic Diet and steps you can take to controlyourdiabetes and enjoy a good quality of life, long andactive.Intalathe App NOW and feel healthy with the best dietfordiabetes!Details Diet for Diabetes:1. As Normalize yourbloodglucose2. Food good for diabetes: Diabetic delicious fruitsyoushould eat daily (listen to audio)3. Diet for diabeticsandhypertensive4. Type 1 Diabetic Diets: What Eat Foods?5. Type2Diabetic Diet Tips (listen to audio)6. slimming dietfordiabetics7. The 3 Menus for the week: TIPS FOR DIABETIC TO EATAWAYFROM HOME (listen to audio)8. Create a healthy eatingplan9.Gallery with before and after people who followed the dietandfound in it the solution to your problemsDo not let yourdiabetesprogresses, apply this Diet For Diabetes and learn whatfoods fordiabetes cure you forever!
Diabetes:M 8.0.1
Sirma Medical Systems
Designed for both smart phones and tablets, this applicationwillhelp you manage your diabetes better and keep it undercontrol.Whether you are Type 1 or Type 2, have Gestational Diabetesor justwant to help and monitor a family member, this is thelogbook appfor you. The application tracks almost all aspects ofthe diabetestreatment and provides you and with detailed reports,charts andstatistics. You can send the reports to your supervisingphysicianvia email. Diabetes:M also gives you various tools, so youcan findthe trends in blood glucose levels and allows you tocalculatenormal and prolonged insulin boluses using its highlyeffective,top-notch bolus calculator. It also has a vast nutritiondatabase,to help you keep track of your food intake andnutritioninformation, as well as exercise time. Never forgetanother checkwith our simple but powerful reminders system.Diabetes:M cananalyze the values from the imported data fromvarious glucometersand insulin pumps via the exported files fromtheir respectivediabetes management software systems. Supports WearOS smartwatches. IMPORTANT: DIABETES:M DOES NOT SUPPORT 14 DAYS USLIBRESENSORS! PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION FEATURES If you’re reallyseriousabout your health, our subscription plan includes: + No Ads–Subscribing removes all advertising from the app, so youcanconcentrate on what is important. + Smart Assistant – Utilizethepower of artificial intelligence to help you with your diabetes.+Bluetooth Integration – connects to some of the mostpopularbluetooth glucose meters. + 2 Additional Profiles – You canset upto two additional, fully featured profiles. This allows youto keeptrack of your loved ones (or even pets). + Additional labresultrecords - Add a comprehensive metabolic panel, kidneyfunctiontests and much more... + Expanded Food Database – This willallowgreater access to server food database, as well as an optiontosave selected food as Meals and Dishes + Pattern Analysis–Advanced glucose analysis of logbook data with explanations forthemost probable problem causes. + Synchronization –Automaticallysync multiple devices on data change. Allows you touse any of youravailable mobile devices to keep track effortlessly.+ Reports -Get your reports in PDF or XLS format
Diabetic Diet & Symptoms of diabetes - Diabetes Go 1.1
LazerApps Inc.
Diabetic Diets, symptoms/ signs of diabetes, Exercise &More.Say Goodbye to Diabetes!Diabetes is one of the Most CommonDiseasesAll around the world.The Risk Diabetes Increasing Day ByDayBecause Of Our Unhealthy Modern diets.The signs/ SymptomsOfDiabetes must be known to all for awareness ofDiabetes.Informationabout diabetes and it's types like Prediabetes,Type 1 diabetes,Type 2 diabetes etc is need of ours. Diabetes GoApp Provide YouWith Important Information about diabetes and it'stypes, A set OfDiabetic Diets and Foods you should Avoid If You area DiabeticPatient. Apart from Healthy Diabetic Diets Exercises isalso veryhelpful for Diabetics.Features:✔ What is a healthy,balanced dietfor diabetes? ✔ A Healthy Diet for Prediabetes✔Healthy EatingGuide: Healthy eating is important for everyone,including peoplewith diabetes✔ Your 5-Week Meal Plan To OutsmartDiabetes✔ TheBasics of a Healthy Diabetes Diet✔ Treatments forDiabetes✔Exercise and Tips if You Have Diabetes✔ What to Eat toLose Weight✔The Truth About the So-Called "Diabetes Diet"✔ PowerFoods forDiabetes✔ Salted Caramel Blondies Diabetic FriendlyRecipe✔Delicious Diabetes-Friendly Dessert RecipesTheAppropriateInformation About Symptoms of Diabetes is very Importantbecauseanyone can be Diabetic and Sooner you find out the diseasebetterthe chances of Cure. Identifying the signs of diabetes can beBigAdvantage in the early stage of diabetes.Our Helps You get alltheImportant Knowledge about Diabetes, From Symptoms of DiabetestoDiabetic Diets, Our App is here to help.This Free DiabeticDietsand Signs/ Symptoms App Gives You all the Information you'lleverneed for Diabetes and Provide set Of Exercises ForDiabeticPatients.For a diabetic patient, a healthy Diabetic dietshouldcontain more fruits and vegetables. Mainly green vegetablesarevery much preferable to them.Along with that whole grains,Low-fatdairy products, fish, and poultry products are also goodforthem.Even for a Normal Person, Information about SymptomsofDiabetes is Must. According to a Survey, 60% Of diabeticpatientsDon't know about there disease for Couple of Years whichlead poorif not worse conditions.Just by having knowledge of theSymptoms ofDiabetes you can take actions as soon as you findout.Apart fromthese Features, our App Enables You to Ask Questionsin Our"Diabetic Community" and get answers ASAP. There are newHelpfulPosts Uploading Every Day.Our Goal is to Spread Awarenessaboutdiabetes and Develop a Healthy Society.A Healthy Life is justaClick Away, Install Now!Regards,LazerApps Inc.
Take full control of your diabetes with a quick tap usingthiscompanion app. The simplest and easiest app to use inmanagingdiabetes. Awarded as Top 5 diabetes app by many sources!BENEFITS:✔ Simplest blood glucose monitoring to see if your readingis innormal range with helpful feedback ✔ Estimated HbA1C levelssothere are no surprises ✔ Easily share your reports withyourphysician, certified diabetes educator, or family/friends✔Automatically see how many steps you walk daily ✔ Quick andeasylogging (meals, meds, weight, and more) ✔ Ready daily tips tostayahead ✔ A beautiful interface, making it easy along thewayFEATURES ✔ See your average glucose and blood sugar readingsforthe past 7 Days, 30 Days, and 90 Days ✔ Log all yourhealthsymptoms, treatments, weight, and logbook ✔ Trackcarbohydrateswith our carb counter for carbs counting. ✔ Log alltypes ofinsulin: rapid acting, short acting, intermediate acting,longacting ✔ Enter and track glucose and insulin levels ✔Integrationwith our app My Diet Diary for diet, carbs counting,nutrition,calories counter, and fitness ✔ Supports both mmol/L andMg/dL formeasuring glucose ✔ Additional features for pre diabetes,Type 1and Type 2 Diabetes ✔ Carbs calculator ✔ Track your calories,carbcounter, and carbohydrates with the easiest carbs countingtrackerand calculator ✔ Weight tracker,calculator, log and logbooktoalways stay on target ✔ Simplest insulin tracker and log allyourmedicines INTEGRATION WITH MY DIET DIARY: ✔ Track your dietandnutrition through our award-winning app: My Diet Diary -simplycreate a free and private account to use both apps together ✔Useour calories calculator for tracking the food you are eating✔Enter and track your fitness, exercises, carb counter,diet,nutrition, and calories intake calculator with My Diet Diary✔Check your insulin level compared to the food you ate inourlogbook CALENDAR: ✔ Monitor and record for tracking allsymptoms,treatments, and events relating to your diabetes whetheryou havetype 1 or type 2 ✔ Use our calendar as your buddy orcompanion forweight tracking, recording your blood pressure,hemoglobin a1c(hba1c) results and any other events In summary,track your bloodsugar level, hemoglobin a1c (hba1c), insulin, bloodpressure,carbs, weight, and more. We believe in the mission ofAmericanDiabetes Association (ADA) to prevent and cure diabetes andimprovethe lives of people affected by diabetes. Log informationyoureceive from the American Diabetes Association (ADA) orCDC.Whether you have Type 2 Diabetes, Type 1, gestational diabetes,orpre-diabetes, we can help you better manage your lifestyle.Theeasiest and simplest way to track Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes.
Gather Health Family Diabetes 1.6.3 (brood-of-jellyfish)
Gather Health
Gather Health’s family diabetes app helps you care for yourfamilymembers with diabetes. You get your very own health coach whowillanswer all your questions about diabetes. She will giveyoupersonalized advice on how to help your loved ones withmotivation,food, sleep, exercise, stress, medication and more… Forfurthersupport 24/7, you get an interactive guru who will share herwisdomabout diabetes and play fun games with you!Help yourdiabeticfamily members reduce their blood sugar and HbA1c levelsbyactively managing their diabetes with Gather Health!☆☆☆February2016 Leap Year Offer ☆☆☆ SEND UNLIMITED QUESTIONS FOR FREEto yourhealth coach if you install the app before Feb 29th 2016.Help yourfamily keep their new year’s resolutions and beatdiabetes! (seeterms below)GATHER HEALTH GIVES YOU MORE✓ Answers -Ask questionsto a team of qualified health coaches andnutritionists, anytime,anywhere✓ Knowledge - Get the mostup-to-date diabetes informationby talking with our 24/7 interactiveguru.✓ Reminders - Help yourfamily remember to take theirmedications and measure their bloodsugar✓ Log Sugars - Record bloodglucose readings from theirglucometer, and track on charts andgraphs✓ Log More - Log theirblood pressure, weight and medications,and share their recordswith your health coachYOUR REAL HEALTHCOACH✚ Answers yourquestions to help you and your family live ahealthy lifestyle fordiabetes.✚ Gives you advice on preventativemedicine, commondiabetes complications and related diseases such asheart disease.✚Provides help and information about lab tests, footexams and eyetests.✚ Helps your family eat a healthy diet.Ideal fordiabeticfamily members of all types: pre-diabetes, newly diagnosed,type 1diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, andjuvenilediabetes.BUILT BY MEDICAL EXPERTSGather Health’s familydiabetesapp has been built by an experienced team of biotech,healthcareand pharmaceutical veterans, with expert medical guidancefromepidemiologists, endocrinologists, and internists.Visit to read our researchandwhitepapers.SPECIAL FEATURES☆ Low cost - Free app, freecoachingwith a real diabetes health coach (see terms below)☆ Lowsize -Only 12 MB in size so it doesn’t take up much space on yourphone☆Low data usage - Needs very little 2g/3g/4g mobile data, soitwon’t use up your data plan☆ Low power - Uses very little power,soit won’t drain your phone battery☆ High quality - Beautifulappwith great visuals, fun animations and helpful features☆Highratings - Patients love our app, giving us 4.5 stars on theGooglePlay StoreGive your family the gift of free diabetescoaching, andstart reducing their blood sugar levels today! Goahead and installthe app now.For help and support, contact us atany time athelp@gatherhealth.comImportant information:Gather Healthcoachescannot give you medical advice. The Gather Health app is notforuse in medical emergencies. Consult a qualified doctorbeforechanging your medications or lifestyle. Any data you providewillbe kept confidential and not shared with third parties. SeeourTerms for more information. The unlimited free coachingofferallows for unlimited messages to be sent to and receivedfromcoaches for a limited time only. Gather Health reserves therightto terminate free coaching services at any time.
Chron - Overcome Diabetes v1.1
Chron is a diabetes management platform that can integratehealthinformation from everyday routine - blood glucosemeasurements,vitals, dietary habits, physical activity andmedication - to get asingle picture of your well-being. Ourdata-driven approach letsyou understand the long-term relationshipsbetween lifestyle andrisk factors, and navigate diabetescollaboratively with yourphysician. Chron lets you set long-termhealth objectives and worktowards attaining them via a measurabledaily care plan, which isguided by our certifieddiabeteseducators.FEATURES:------------------1) Chron allows you tologhealth events via a single tap, or by connecting to thesedigitalsources easily via the App: - Fitness trackers andmHealthapplications like Fitbit, Misfit, Jawbone, Google Fit,Samsung,Runkeeper, Strava and others - Medical devices likeWithings,iHealth, Medisana, Omron and others2) Chron allows you tochoosefrom flexible health packages and include - A smart healthkitwhich includes - a Bluetooth glucometer, test strips andanoptional Bluetooth weight scale - Clinical tests -Doctorconsultations * This feature is available in select cities inIndiacurrently3) Chron provides real-time access to CertifiedDiabetesEducators to clarify your health objectives, build andsustainlifestyles and attitudes that bring about lasting change.Askquestions about blood glucose measurements, diet or lifestyle.*This feature is available in select cities in Indiacurrently4)Chron can create a personalized care plan guided by theDiabetesEducator, to improve daily adherence by tracking: -Vitalmeasurements (blood glucose, blood pressure, weight) -Medicationand insulin - Physical activity6) Chron allows trackingyour healthprogress via visually intuitive and intelligent analysis- Viewcorrelations between various lifestyle and vital metrics-Understand intra-day triggers - Analyze daily, weekly and3-monthtrendsCOMING SOON:--------------------------Chron will soonadd aset of smart features, which will help you to: - Understandyourdiet and develop healthy eating habits - Generate healthreports toshare with your physician - Tell your health data storyto yourfamily and friends - Receive personalized recommendationsandhealth insightsPlease send us your feedback and suggestions onhowwe can make Chron work better for you,!
Dottli : Diabetes Made Simple 1.40
Dottli is a diabetes management app which helps you monitorandmanage your health better. Dottli has innovative featurestoimprove life with diabetes. Do you feel alone with yourdiabetes?With Dottli you can keep track of your health and getsupport inmany ways. Just knowing how you’re progressing isrewarding. Themost fun bit is that your friends can support you andyou can payback by supporting them. Together we’re stronger! Trackand manageyour health better Follow many aspects of your health:meals,glucose, exercise and mood. Your progress is visualized in aneasyto understand manner. Emoticons make Dottli addictive like agame.*NEW* Now you can share and track your meals with a click orsharefrom your photo gallery You are no longer alone in dealingwithdiabetes Staying healthy can be fun when you have friendstosupport you. You can chat about your health goals and progress.Youcan share your health parameters with those who care (and kickyourbutt if needed). Get insights about your health anddiabetesUnderstand your treatment balance with our dashboard. Knowhow yourmeals impact your blood glucose. Sync your Fitbit activityandtrack with your Diabetes measurements Scan your Libre SensorwithDottli Be in control You know immediately how you areprogressingand you can act accordingly. You have total control overwhat yourshare and with whom. Your data is fully secure. StrictFinnish andEU laws protect you. You’re anonymous except when youdecide toshare with your name. The scientific bit dressed to servedyou -HbA1c estimation - Blood glucose readings visualized in aneasy tounderstand manner - Blood glucose readings with meal tag -Bloodglucose readings with exercise tag - Suitable for alldiabetics(type I and II) - Supports both mmol/L and mg/dL units -Any datacan be entered manually, works with any blood glucose meter- Shareyour progress, also with healthcare professionals - Messagepeoplein groups, just like in messaging apps - Complete control ofwhathealth details you share and with whom - Use any wearable orsensormeter, we provide a continuous data hub for all your data-Compatible with Modz BGM and Fitbit wearables, FreeStyleLibre,others will follow soon We continuously work to improveDottli andalways for feedback from you! If you have anysuggestions, words ofpraise, questions or concerns, please reachout to us. •• • •
melstudio.msugar 3.1
mEL Studio
Diabetes diary - will become an indispensable glucose buddyforanyone with gestational diabetes, type 1 or type 2. Theglucosediary will allow you to track regular hemoglobin, sugarlevels,pressure, insulin reminder, and also add tags,medications,condition, and weight to each record. With the help ofregularsugar log, observe trends in blood sugar log and decide onthatinformation how can you treat it and also provide your doctorwithall the necessary information for effective diabetestreatment.There is a strong and smart insulin tracker which helpyou to setyour daily value and to monitor every medication taken.  ★Diary of diabetes tracker takes into account the specificsof eachperson and allows you to flexibly set the normal bloodsugartracker levels – sugar diary app will automatically analyzeeachrecord and meter the dynamics of changes in charts, so in fact,youwill take full diabetic control.   Functionality of theapp: ✓Add in one touch blood glucose monitoring, hemoglobinlevels,weight, as well as taken drugs; ✓ Make glucose trackermoreinformational - log insulin calculator data, BU taken, moodleveland attach comments; ✓ Add tags to each record – so with thehelpof diabetes buddy you will find out dynamics, for example,Beforemeals, After meals, In the Morning, In the Evening, etc.; ✓Use andset different blood glucose level units - mg/dl or mmol/l;✓Calculate the insulin index; ✓ Track weight sugar dynamic; ✓Aflexible and well-thought-out notification system - now it willbevery difficult not to enter glucose meter data and bloodsugarreadings into the diabetes diary or take measurements. Setinsulinreminder and no one will never forget to enter all thenecessarydata; ✓ Manage diabetes logbook and know all everythingaboutyourself - more than 7 different charts that analyze theinputdata, show trends, dynamics and dependencies of changes inglucosemonitoring, hemoglobin, well-being, monitor insulin calcprogress;✓ Export all records entered into blood sugar diarytracker andsend it to email, .txt file or export blood glucosetrackerreadings into .XLS and .PDF format files.   ★ Thisapplicationwill be an excellent assistant as a diabetic log bookand all thosewho suffer from glycemia, and a diary of sugar willnot only allowyou to regularly record log sugar levels but alsoanalyze them tounderstand your body. 😃What is TAG system? This is alot ofpossibilities in the pocket - glucose tracker can set tagsbeforeentering each blood sugar log readings - before dinner, afterasports activity, alcohol, driving and etc. So, later, it willbevery easy and effective to analyze your glucose log and to findoutwhat factors and things make sugar levels high or low. 💊Inaddition, you can log each medication taken, log insulintrackerand also find out which medicine fits your best and makeyour bloodglucose log normal or not - by this approach you canmanagediabetes logbook more effectively. 👍 By the way, for manypeople,this app will be an excellent helper for health care/doctor,and ifyou are diabetic, with the help of glucose buddy you can noweasilyprovide detailed reports of condition for any specialist. Foreveryperson, who has D1 or D2, it is very important to pedanticallyandregularly monitor and record your progress. In this way, youcannot only stabilize your condition but also improve yourwell-beingand lead a full-fledged lifestyle. What could be easier?Just takemeasurements every day. The insulin calculator will tellyoueverything you need (but it’s worth remembering that youalwaysneed to check the calculated doses manually).   Foranyquestions, ideas, and suggestions of the improvement ofthediabetic log book - please write to our contact mail.
mySugr - Diabetes App & Blood Sugar Tracker 3.62.5
mySugr GmbH
Have your diabetes under control today, it's quick and easy!Rankedthe Top Diabetes App by Healthline 3 times. Featured inForbes,TechCrunch, and The Washington Post. The mySugr Diabetes Appisyour loyal and free diabetes logbook, which keeps yourdiabetesdata under control. With one app you'll have: • Blood sugartracker• Carb logger • Insulin calculator (EU only) • EstimatedHbA1cmySugr: make diabetes suck less ❤️ Adding the mySugr DiabetesAppto your daily routine with diabetes (Type 1, Type 2, orGestationaldiabetes) will make your life easier. It auto-logs yourdata plusyou can collect your daily therapy info such as: • Meals •Diet •Meds • Blood glucose levels • Insulin levels • Carb intake ☆WHATOUR USERS SAY • “In less than 3 months my A1C dropped from 7.7to6.7! Using this app helps me keep track of my glucose readings.Iand my doctor can easily spot trends.” • “Great app fortrackingblood glucose levels as well as food and exercise whichreallyhelps me see how my blood sugar is affected by them.” • “Thisisthe most complete diabetes app there is!” ☆ APP FEATURES • Easyandpersonalized dashboard (diet, meds, carb intake, meals,bloodglucose levels and more). • Clear blood sugar level graphs.•Estimated HbA1c at a glance, no more surprises. •Motivatingchallenges and feedback. • Daily, weekly and monthlymedicalanalysis. • Detailed reports to your doctor. • Secure databackup(built with regulatory compliance, quality, and safety).☆INTEGRATIONS • Steps, activity, blood pressure, CGM data,weight,and more. + USA: Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect; Accu-Chek®PerformaConnect; Accu-Chek® Guide (activate mySugr Pro for nocharge!Please see our FAQ on the website for the latestinformation). +Australia: Accu-Chek® Aviva Connect, Accu-Chek®Guide, Accu-Chek®Instant & Accu-Chek® Mobile + Ireland:Accu-Chek® Mobile ☆ PROFEATURES Take your diabetes therapy to thenext level! mySugr Procan be activated at no charge with someAccu-Chek®; devices or witha monthly ($2.99) or yearly ($27.99)subscription. • Smart search:build your own searchable database ofplaces, meals, activity,tags, etc. • Insulin Calculator (EU only):calculate your insulindose, corrections, and meal shots. • PDF& Excel reports: saveor print all your data for you or yourdoctor. • Blood glucosereminders: you won't forget to check andlog. • Meal photos: snapyour meals to improve your carb counting. •Basal rates: for pumpusers. Get it now! The best logbook tomonitor, control and manageyour diabetes: all your medicalinformation right on yoursmartphone and ready to be used! Stay ontop of your health,monitor your diet, manage your medicine intake,avoid hypers /hypos, and be in control of your health every day!SUPPORT: We arealways working to make the mySugr Diabetes Appbetter, and we needyour feedback! Have a problem, criticism,question, suggestion, orpraise? Get in touch at: • • • • ###The mySugr App: freemySugr Pro: $2.99/month or $27.99/yearUpgrading to mySugr Pro willcharge your Play Store account. Yoursubscription automaticallyrenews unless canceled at least 24 hoursprior to the end of thecurrent period. Cancellation of the currentactive subscriptionperiod is not allowed. Your subscription andauto-renewal optionscan be managed in Account Settings in the PlayStore settings afterpurchase.
com.tapatalk.diabetescoukdiabetesforum 8.0.74
Diabetes Digital Media
Get the FREE Diabetes Forum app. The most popular Diabetes Forumison your phone - join 295,639 people (and counting). Findsupport,ask questions and share your experiences with people whorange fromdiabetes experts to those who are newly diagnosed.Diabetes canseem daunting, but you're not alone. Find support andchat topeople who have: - Type 1 diabetes - Type 2 diabetes -Newlydiagnosed - Prediabetes - Gestational diabetes - Parentsofchildren with diabetes - Low carbers - Non-low carbers -Insulinpumpers - and more! With access to 1,874,700 posts by over295,639people with diabetes, you'll find the Diabetes Forum aninvaluableapp for when you're on the go. Most questions get ananswer in 4minutes! If you have any questions or comments regardingthefunctionality or operation of this app pleasevisit and we will be happy to answeranyquestions. This is our first ever app and we're very excitedaboutit so all feedback is appreciated. Reach us at following: - Facebook: -YouTube: ***** DID YOU KNOW***** AnOctober 2017 study by Dr Bernardi and Dr Wu of RoyalHolloway,University of London looked at the responses of 1,500members ofthe Diabetes Forum. The objective of the study wastwo-fold: toanalyse the impact of participating in the DiabetesForum onmembers’ wellbeing, and to understand how communityknowledgeinfluenced interactions between members and their doctorsand howthis affected their subsequent treatment. In a presentationoftheir preliminary findings, Dr Bernardi and Dr Wu reportedfoursignificant conclusions: #1 The Diabetes Forum is empowering #2TheDiabetes Forum has had a positive impact on participants’wellbeing#3 The Diabetes Forum can influence patient-doctorrelationships #4The Diabetes Forum can be a catalyst of innovationDr Bernardi andDr Wu discovered that engaged Diabetes Forum memberswere moreconfident in discussing their health with their doctor ornurse,and this made them feel more comfortable in managingtheirdiabetes. We ran a survey in November 2018, and it showed: * Ahuge73% of forum members said that they had improvedtheirunderstanding of diabetes because of information on thediabetesforum * 44% of forum members said they had improved theirbloodglucose control * 35% of forum members said the forum hadhelpedthem to reduce their HbA1c * 55% of forum members said theyhadimproved their diet choices * And almost half of the forummemberswho completed the survey said they had more confidence inmanagingtheir diabetes! Find support, ask questions and shareyourexperiences - come and meet the diabetes community.
Diabetes 4.1.5
Klimaszewski Szymon
"Diabetes" tracks and analyzes key diabetes data like glucoselevel,description, tags, which you can edit, view on interactivegraphs orsend them directly to your doctor! The simplest diabetesbuddy fordiabetics! Key features:  Outstanding and easy to useUserInterface  Tracking data: o Innovative TAGS feature fordescribingany type of an action o Date and Time o Blood glucoselevel -(mg/dl) or (mmo/l) o Comment / description  Support formany users Innovative, interactive and scalable graph  Send yourdata toyour doctor of anyone you want in 5 seconds!  Export datato: o CSVo XML Define with TAGS any action you like, forinstance:before/after breakfast, lunch, dinner, medication,exercises,jogging or any other things that matters in glucoselevel.Countless possibilities in your hand! Glucose leveltrackingapplication has never been so helpful for diabetics. Justdownloadfor FREE and take control of your diabetes with the bestglucosetracker in a market! Automatic translation by LinguistSDK:
Life in Control Diabetes Coach
Life in Control
Diabetes can attack your health from all directions. Meet theoneapp carefully designed to provide personalised yetcomprehensiveDiabetes Management at your fingertips! Here is a listof featuresavailable in Life in Control: 1) Your Personal DiabetesCoach: Yourcoaches assess your health and create a diet andexercise plan thatadapts with your health condition. They are alsoconstantlyavailable to answer questions and give advice andsupport. 2) DailyTasks and Health Goals: We create long-term healthgoals formanaging Diabetes. We then hand-hold you towards thesegoals bygiving small and manageable daily tasks every day withgentlereminders! 3) Diabetes Lifestyle Management: Find diabeticfriendlydiet and exercises, count calories burned and consumed, andget anestimated impact of each meal on your blood sugar level. 4)Log andVisualise Health Data: Monitor Diabetes and track HbA1C andBloodSugar Levels, medicines, insulin and other health vitals. Getacomplete picture of your health using our beautifulvisualisations.Variation in Blood Glucose Level: An overall as wellascategory-wise view of your blood sugar levels on yourpreferredtime scale. For the health nerds, we've alsoincludedpercentile-based graph for your blood glucose ranges.Timeline:Understand how your food, activity and medicine impactyour bloodsugar level with an interactive Timeline! 5) Alerts,Warnings, andReminders: Our dynamic system warns of your anypossible healthrisks including hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, andothercomplications. You can also set reminders for taking insulinandother medicines! 6) Remain Connected to your Doctor: If yourdoctoris a part of the Life in Control network, he can see yourhealthdata, monitor your progress and adapt your treatmentplan(including insulin and other medicines) using our webapplication.
Habits Diabetes Coach 1.7.32
Jana Care
Habits Diabetes Coach is a diabetes app that provides coachingalongwith a tracking program. It is a diabetes management appdesignedfor those who are: <> Prediabetes, Starting insulintreatment,and Diagnosed with type 2 diabetes Habits Diabetes Coachis morethan just a diabetes logbook. It is a diabetes managementapp thathelps you achieve moderate weight loss and lifestylechanges toprevent and delay diabetes development. It comes with:<>Blood sugar or blood glucose tracker with hyperglycemiaandhypoglycemia feedback <> Food tracker with USandInternational food database, South Asian/India, andSingapore.<> Food recommendations, meal plans and recipes<>16-week of diabetes lessons <> Automated CoachingandUpgraded 1:1 Personal Coach service <> Automaticactivitytracker <> Medication reminders, Insulin Tracker, andothervital signs trackers ***IT IS EFFECTIVE*** Habits is designedbasedon the landmark study Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP),whichproves that a 7% weight loss with moderate exercise regime cangetyour diabetes symptoms under control. Thousands ofdiabetespatients had successfully taken control of their diabetesthroughweight loss and lifestyle changes. Designed by a teamofscientists, nutritionists, and engineers from MIT andHarvard.***IT IS SIMPLE *** Get personalised diabetes coaching. Useasimple tracker to keep a track of your progress. Receive dailytipsand messages, tutorials, quizzes and gentle nudges. Chat withyourcoach at anytime and receive answers (usually within hours).Shareyour medical reports with your doctor. ***PERSONALCERTIFIEDDIABETES COACH*** Ask questions and receive answers fromacertified diabetes coach and nutritionist. It's never too latetostart taking control of your diabetes. Track your bloodsugar,HbA1C, weight, food with a diabetes tracker and getpersonalizeddiabetes coaching from a certified coach. Diabetestreatment hasnever been easier!! So time to get started!!
Diabetes & Diet Tracker 7.1.2
MyNetDiary’s Diabetes & Diet Tracker app is the easiest andmostcomprehensive diabetes tracker app for Android. MyNetDiary canhelpyou better understand and control diabetes and pre-diabetes -alongwith improving your diet, losing weight and providingfeedback,support and motivation. MyNetDiary was featured in the2017 ConsumerGuide of Diabetes Forecast magazine, published by theAmericanDiabetes Association, the world’s most trusted source ofdiabetesinformation. Designed for diabetes type 1, type 2,pre-diabetes andgestational diabetes. This app helps youunderstand and control allaspects of diabetes. It shows you the“big picture” of your bloodglucose factors by counting carbs inthe food you eat, recordingmedication intake, exercise andeverything else you want to captureabout your condition. The appcoaches you on losing weight andstaying fit. You will learn to eatbetter and become more activewith app tips. The app reveals whatreally affects your bloodglucose when you start changing yourlifestyle. We hope yourdiabetes management story will be a successempowered by ourtracker. Our efficacy study based on self-reportedMyNetDiary userdata has shown that an active user loses 12% ofbody weight. AverageA1C reduction is 1.4%. MyNetDiary followsevidence-based guidelinesand was ranked #1 diet app by anindependent study published in theAmerican Journal of PreventiveMedicine. MyNetDiary was featured onNBC, NPR, Lifetime's TheBalancing Act, USA Today, Wall StreetJournal and Health Magazine.▌ ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR YOUR DIABETES& DIET MANAGEMENT ✓Comprehensive blood glucose tracking withflexible pre-andpost-meal target ranges. The app highlightsout-of-range readings.Label your readings and understand rootcauses of BG excursions. ✓Quick food logging takes only a fewminutes a day. Meal remindershelp you track consistently. Barcodescanner and instant foodsearch make it fun. ✓ Optional insulin andmedication tracking. ✓Track lab results including A1C, cholesterol,blood pressure andheart rate. ✓ Diet planning for weight loss andmaintenance. Theapp helps you set a realistic weight goal and loseweight in asteady, comfortable fashion. It keeps analyzing yourdiary andprovides personalized diet tips, it’s like having avirtual coachin your pocket. ✓ Carb counting and nutrition trackinguses acatalog of 390,000 verified foods, updated daily. If a foodis notin the catalog, send us its photos from the app and we willadd thefood for you, we call it “PhotoFood service”. ✓ The appstartsshowing matching foods as you type food name or brand. FoodScorehelps you understand food labels at a glance. ✓ Net carbsordiabetes carb count for every meal and day ✓ Exercise tracking:logmanually or link your diary with Fitbit, Withings and JawboneUP. ✓Track your water intake and all body measurements ✓ Customtrackers- track anything you want, such as quality of sleep,symptoms, andmore. ✓ Detailed daily and weekly analysis, acomprehensive set ofcharts and reports helping you understand bloodglucose, food,nutrition, weight loss, carb counting and dietmanagement. ✓Automatic sync to for backup and accessfrom all ofyour devices. ✓ App screens are custom-tailored fortablets andphones. ▌DISCLAIMER This app is an educational tool, itis not amedical device, it is not a substitute for a medical deviceormedical care, and it does not provide diagnosis, cure,mitigation,treatment, or prevention of any disease. If you havequestions orconcerns about individual health matters or managementof yourconditions, please consult your healthcare team.
Beyond Type 1 Diabetes 6.0.5
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A community for those impacted by Type 1 Diabetes. Together,we’recreating the largest collection of practical ideas, storiesandresources for not only living with Type 1, but thriving withit.Use the Beyond Type 1 app to: + Chat, message andbuildrelationships with others impacted by Type 1 Diabetes + Shareyourstory and find inspiration from members like you + Navigatetopicssurrounding Type 1 that don’t have easy or obvious answersMembersof Beyond Type 1 are connecting around topics like: + BeingNewlyDiagnosed + Troubleshooting Together + Burnout + Devices andT1DTech + Managing Stress & Support + Being Parents of YoungKidswith Type 1 Learn more at
Gadge Diabetes Care 1.1.3
Pradeep Gadge
Gadge Diabetes Care ranks as one of the top clinics in Mumbaifortreating Diabetes. The center is dedicated in ensuringthatpatients suffering from diabetes are treated with utmost careandlive long, healthy life in future. Along with it, theclinicattempts in exploring new methods for prevention andcuringDiabetes. The clinics are headed by Dr. Pradeep Gagde andDr.Roshni Gadge.The app is designed for booking online appointmentandfor virtual consultation with the DoctorFeatures of the App-Easybook appointment online- SMS notification for bookedappointment-Virtual consultation with the doctor- Upload photo-Upload reports-Get doctors reports on e-mail- Get hard copy of theconsultedreport through speed post- Doctors profile area
Diabetes Control Tips 8.0
Dudly World
Diabetes means a disorder of the metabolism causing excessivethirstand the production of large amounts of urine. Know whatcausesdiabetes actually. It is not a deadly disease but it mayresult incausing other dangerous diseases if proper treatment isnot taken.Get a brief information regarding the side effects ofDiabetes.hisapp is compiled by a team of Medical Doctorsspecifically forDiabetic individuals.Everybody wants to look smartand healthy.However, diabetes is a common health problem in theworld. So, whatis the best way to control your blood sugar level?We bring you acollection of over 100 tips, which offerstime-tested techniques tohelp you control your sugar level fasternaturally.
gluQUO: Control your Diabetes v2.8.0
QUO Health SL
Control your diabetes forgetting about the notebook: we want allourusers to forget their diabetes without neglecting their healthAvoidhypos and hypers, control your blood sugar levels, integrateall youexcercise data, note your carbohydrate rations and letgluQUOrecommend your insulin doses with our bolus calculator! Inaddition,integrations with bluetooth glucometers 4.0 such asAmbrosia Contouror Aviva Accu-Check, as well as Freestyle Libre(Flash Meter) Butexactly, what´s gluQUO? gluQUO is not anotherdiabetes app, is asmart one, which learns from you to give yourecommendations andhelp you with a perfect control of yourdiabetes with very littletime invested of your behalf. Perfectlytailored for Type 1 Diabetes1 and Type 2 Diabetes, or any otherform of diabetes such asGestational Diabetes, 1.5 Diabetes. - Youcan generate reports totake them to your doctor the day of theappointment. Checking howyour HbA1c rate evolves. gluQUO wants tohelp you, and your doctors,better control your diabetes! - On topof all this, you will alsohave the opportunity to add photos ofyour meal, track your diabeteswith our glucose dashboards, note ifyou have felt the hyper andhypo, set up your insulin reminders,manage your diary, keep trackof your exercise and your food intakewith graphics and many morethings. - As an extra, we have recentlylaunched gluQUO Places, the“tripadvisor” for the diabeticcommunity: search for restaurants andrate them based on yourglycemic experience, and help us create anutritionally informedcommunity around the world. Now we can go outto have lunch ordinner, without panicking! - And as we areconstantly thinkingabout you, and those you love, we have added thepossibility ofhaving an account on several mobile devices, so youcan always keeptrack special someone in your life, alwaysconnected! We have afree version WITHOUT ADS, FOR YOU AND FOR ALLTHE COMMUNITYDiabetes is hard, but you are tougher! Don’t thinkabout it, letgluQUO help you, and you will be taken one of the bestdecisionsever! NOTES -gluQUO integrates with Google Fit to get alltherelevant data of your excercise to integrate it automaticallywithgluQUO App -We know the relevance of data privacy and thereforewestrive every day to create security and protectionsystemsaccording to the latest standards of encryption -The use ofgluQUOwill not replace the doctor-patient relationship at any time.Onlya health care professional can diagnose and treat a medicaldisease- All subscriptions can be managed within you GoogleAcoount, youwill be able to cancel or change your subscriptionsettings there.- Payment will be charged to Google Pay atconfirmation of purchase- Subscription automatically renews unlessauto-renew is turned offat least 24-hours before the end of thecurrent period - Accountwill be charged for renewal within 24-hoursprior to the end of thecurrent period, at the cost of the chosenpackage - Subscriptionsmay be managed by the user and auto-renewalmay be turned off bygoing to the user's Account Settings afterpurchase - Any unusedportion of a free trial period, if offered,will be forfeited whenthe user purchases a subscription to thatpublication, whereapplicable Connect, Diabetes, Abbot, Aviva,Insulin, Hypoglycemia,Ambrosia, Onetouch, a1c, Healthy, Spike,Xdrip, Dose, BolusCalculator, COntrol, Logbook, Freestyle,Health,
Smart e-SMBG -Diabetes lifelog, Blood Glucose 1.1.44
ARKRAY Marketing, Inc.
[Smart e-SMBG] offer many useful function to support dailydiabetescare. You can easily record and visualize your data like“BloodGlucose Level”, ”Diet record”, ”Insulin”, "Medication" and”VitalRecord ”. 【Main feature】 ◆Blood Glucose Level visualization.It iseasy to know the swing of Blood Glucose Levels, or BloodGlucoseLevel related data like Meal (photos), Steps (Activity) atfirstsight. You can examine your daily life intuitively. * SupportsbothUS (mg/dL) and international (mmol/L) glucose units." ◆A wealthofdiabetes support contents unique to Smartphone app [Smarte-SMBG]will help your lifestyle with varieties of function likeWeight,Blood Pressure, Meal (photos), Pedometer, Medication etc.Andmedication reminder ,Carbohydrate table and Cloud cooperationofcarbohydrate table also help your self-managingdiabetes."◆Automatic recording By connecting with devices which haswirelesscommunication function such as Bluetooth, Data (BloodGlucoseLevel, Blood Pressure, Weight, Steps (Activity), etc) canbeautomatically sent to App after measurement automatically.Usersdoesn't need to record data manually. This frees you fromdailytrouble like manually recording Blood Glucose Level etc." ◆PDFoutput function / Excel format file output function Bloodglucoseand other records can be converted to a PDF format likeaself-administered note, and data can be easily created, printedoremailed to the medical practitioner when visiting the hospital.Inaddition, you can output PDF which added the blood sugarlevelgraph to the blood pressure notebook. Blood glucose level datacanbe output in Excel format (CSV) file, too." ◆ Collaborationwithe-SMBG Cloud You can manage and save the data on the e-SMBGcloud,by synchronizing the input data with the e-SMBG cloud (free).Bymanaging data on the cloud You can prevent the loss ofvaluabledata due to smartphone failure or model exchange andrestore datasmoothly. And You can also share data with familymembers, closepeople, and medical staff."◆Special functionsfor Diabetes We offer many special functions forDiabetes. Theseare effective not only for diabetic patient who useInsulin pump,but also for anyone who care about Blood GlucoseLevel." ◆Bluetooth connection with Blood Glucose Meter BloodGlucose Leveldata is automatically recorded in Smart e-SMBG appwithout anyawareness after measurement with Bluetooth communicationfunction.Smart e-SMBG can connect with the following Blood GlucoseMetersvia Bluetooth . -Glucocard G Black (GT-1830) :ARKRAY, Inc.-GlutestNeo Alpha (GT-1830) SANWA KAGAKU KENKYUSHO CO., LTD.""*Notes onBluetooth auto connection 1. The wireless connection withtheAndroid device is supported only by devices whose first digitofserial No. (S / N :) listed on the back of GT-1830 starts withanumber of 6 or more. Devices where the first digit of theserialnumber (S / N :) starts with a digit of 5 or less doesn'tsupport.※ Example of serial number (S / N :) of GT-1830 which canbeconnected via Bluetooth Ex1 [S / N: 6123456A] (First digitstartswith 6) Ex2 [S / N: 7123456B] (the first digit starts with 7)◆ NFCconnection with Blood Glucose Meter You can connect withthefollowing Blood Glucose Meter vis NFC.. -Glucocard PlusCare(GT-1840):ARKRAY, Inc. -Glutest eye (GT-1840): SANWAKAGAKUKENKYUSHO CO., LTD. ◆ Other connectable devices [BodyCompositionMeter] UC-411 PBT-C (A & D) Data acquisition method:Bluetooth[Blood Pressure Monitor] UA-851 PBT-C (A & D) Dataacquisitionmethod: Bluetooth [Activity Monitor] How to get Fitbitdata: viae-SMBG Cloud MT-KT02DZ (TERMO) Data acquisition method:NFCcommunication [Thermometer] ET-C215S (TERMO) Dataacquisitionmethod: NFC communication [Omron Connect] You can obtainOmron'sBlood pressure monitor, body composition monitor, andActivitymonitor data via ""OMRON connect""App."
BeatO SMART Diabetes Management 3.00.30
BeatO is India’s leading healthcare App to help you monitorandmanage diabetes the smart way. It is the only diabetes app youneedto check your sugar levels easily on the go for betterhealth.Trusted by over 1 Lac diabetic users, here’s why BeatO isthe mostpopular Diabetes Management app: BeatO SMART Blood Sugartracker -Use BeatO’s affordable and unique one touch glucometer(ISO and CEcertified) with BeatO App for accurate and easy bloodsugar levelreadings. It is extremely small in size and simply plugsinto theaudio port of your smartphone for instant accurateresults.Alternatively, you can also manually log blood glucosereadingsfrom other Glucometers in BeatO App logbook. FREE DoctorandDietician Consultations - FREE BeatO care round the clock!Consulttop doctors and our team of medical experts (dieticians) whohelpyou to constantly monitor your sugar levels and can be reachedout24/7 on call or chat . No more waiting for appointments.Record,Analyze and Share your Blood Glucose readings - BeatO Appusescolor coding to depict high, low and normal blood sugar levels.Allblood glucose test results are compiled in the app logbook, canbeanalyzed with simple graphs and shared with your family, doctorandtrusted contacts through automatic SMS alerts. Lifetime WarrantyonBeatO Glucometer - We at BeatO stand by our products andwillreplace your glucometer in case there is a problem so you canbecompletely worry free. 20% off on medicines - With BeatO’sonlinepharmacy you can easily place order for diabetes meds andother labtests on discounts via the app. Get Free doorstep deliveryon NoMinimum Order Value and Cash on Delivery option. Diet andexerciseplan - Based on patient medical history (whether you havetype 1 ortype 2 diabetes), our dieticians and nutritionists willsend you aneasy to follow personalized diet plan and exerciseroutine to reachyour goals. On BeatO App, you can view tastydiabetes friendlyrecipes, Yoga Asanas for diabetes, Pranayamexercises, Oral CareTips, Skin Care Tips that are highly effectivein diabetesmanagement. Food indicator tool - The food indicatorprovidesnutrition and calorie count for 1000's of food itemsincludinglocal Indian dishes, based on specified portion size. Ittells youif the selected food item can be safely consumed by adiabetic oris better avoided. Ayurveda for Diabetes - To treatdiabetes thenatural way, we offer Ayurvedic medicines and healthsupplementsfor your wellbeing, digestion support and overall painrelief. Syncyour fitness tracker - Find out the calories you burnby syncingyour fitness tracker to track your steps. BeatO fitnesstracker iscompatible with Google Fit to show a unified view of yourhealthand activity data. BeatO healthy and tasty, diabetes friendlyrange- Shop our specialty range of offerings: ● High-fiberMueslicereals, Masala Oats and Poha ● Healthy Quinoa, Jowar,BajraKhakhra, Baked Chips & Puffs ● Range of Karela,Wheatgrass,Amla Juices & Apple Cider Vinegars ● Organic Red& BrownRice Our products are Dietician approved, contain noadded sugar,are baked or roasted and are perfect to beat thosehunger cravingsin between meals. No more sugar level spikes.Explore specialoffers on the app and discover 'the taste of goodhealth'worryfree. BeatO Diabetes App in Hindi - अब आप की सुविधा केलिएBeatO मधुमेह एप्लिकेशन हिंदी में भी उपलब्ध है| जानिए डायबिटीज़केलक्षण और कीजिये इलाज हमारे ग्लूकोज़ नापने वाले यन्त्र और एप केसाथ|
Diabetes PA (Diabetes Manager) 1.2.4
Diabetes Digital Media
DiabetesPA is your personal diabetes assistant - and it'sabsolutelyfree.Monitor your blood glucose, insulin, mood, HbA1cand lots morewith the only diabetes app recommended by Europe'slargest diabetescommunity is the app tohelp you monitor,and more importantly, see the interactionsbetween:- Blood glucoselevels- Insulin- Mood and emotions- HbA1c-Ketones- Medication-Blood pressure- Cholesterol- Carb and calorieintake- Alcoholconsumption- Exercise- Weight and BMITrack yourhighs and lows, setmedication reminders and see how each aspect ofyour healthinteracts with the Progress chart.WHY DIABETESPA?- Easyand quickentry for whatever you want to track- Export graphs andreadings foryour doctor or healthcare team- See how each aspect ofyour healthinteracts with the Progress graph- See how manyhypers/hypos you'veexperienced- Syncs with the web so you can toaccess your stats (launching October 1, 2015)-Share your glucoselevels, weight loss, HbA1c and insulin to letother people know howyou're getting on- Customise your dashboardwith your profile-Access to Europe's largest diabetes forum( the appLet us know what youthink us on Facebook
Diabetes a la carta 2.1
Diabetes a la carta es una aplicación móvil que te permitegestionarla alimentación cotidiana de manera sencilla, atractivayequilibrada, rompiendo el tópico de que la diabetes impideseguirdisfrutando de la buena cocina y del placer de comer.ElCentro deInvestigación IDIBAPS, y la Fundació Alícia (Alimentaciónyciencia) lideran este proyecto, con la colaboración de ESTEVE.Enlaaplicación encontrarás las siguientes herramientas:1.Calculadorade hidratos de carbono: Te permite calcular según lasvariablesintroducidas la cantidad de hidratos de carbonorecomendada segúnlas necesidades de cada persona.2. Método delplato: permite crearmenús variados y sanos adaptados a lasnecesidades de la personacon diabetes y de sus familias de unamanera fácil y sin grandescomplicaciones. Con este sistema sepromueve hacer menúsequivalentes sin que se altere la cantidad dehidratos de carbonoque va a ingerir, obteniendo así un mejorcontrol de sudiabetes.También permite poder conocer la cantidad dehidratos quevas a consumir cuando estás en un restaurante,incorporando losalimentos y cantidades a la aplicación… “La idea esque en un platode tamaño normal se construya el menú principal,comida o cena,dividiéndolo en cuatro partes. Dos cuartas partespara ensalada overdura, ya que su contenido en hidratos de carbonoes muy bajo.Una cuarta parte del plato será para la proteína:carne, pescado ohuevos. Y en la otra cuarta parte pondremos lasharinas, comoarroz, pasta, patata, legumbres. Además se incluiráuna pieza defruta de tamaño mediano y el pan si fueranecesario”.3.Equivalencias: Los alimentos aparecen expuestos en lacantidad queaportan 20 gramos de hidratos de carbono (equivalente a2 sobres deazúcar).4. Recetas: Muy sencillas y fáciles de preparar,incluyetanto la adaptación de platos de la cocina tradicional comoplatosmás creativos o de otras culturas. En todas las recetasaparece lacantidad de hidratos de carbono que contiene el plato,especificadotambién como equivalentes de sobres de azúcar.Diabetesla carte isa mobile application that lets you manage the daily dietof simple,attractive and balanced manner, breaking the stereotypethatprevents diabetes continue to enjoy good food and the pleasureofeating.IDIBAPS Research Center and the Alicia Foundation (FoodandScience) lead this project, in collaboration with ESTEVE.Intheapplication are the following tools:1. CarbohydrateCalculator:Allows you to calculate the variables introduced as theamount ofcarbon hydrates recommended to the needs of each person.2.PlateMethod: create varied and healthy menus tailored to the needsofpeople with diabetes and their families in an easy and fuss.Thissystem promotes menus without making equivalent amountofcarbohydrates you will ingest, thus obtaining better controloftheir diabetes is altered.It also allows to know the amountofcarbohydrates that you are eating when you're in arestaurant,incorporating the foods and amounts to theapplication... "The idea is that in a normal size dish themain menu,lunch or dinner is built, dividing it into four parts.Two quarterssalad or vegetables, as their carbohydrate content isvery low. Aquarter of the plate is for protein: meat, fish or eggs.And in theother quarter will flours such as rice, pasta,potatoes,vegetables. Also a piece of medium fruit and bread will beincludedif necessary ".3. Equivalence: Foods appear exposed on theamountthat provide 20 grams of carbohydrates (equivalent to 2 packsofsugar).4. Recipes: Very simple and easy to prepare, includesboththe adaptation of traditional cuisine dishes as morecreativedishes or other cultures.The amount of carbohydrate thatcontainsthe plate, also specified as equivalent sugar packetsappears inall recipes.
Diabetes Prevent 2.4.1
Diabetes Prevent helps you to prevent obesity and type 2diabetes.It is proved that following moderate physical activityguidelinesand looking after your diet, can prevent, or delay theonset oftype 2 diabetes. Diabetes Prevent motivates you towards ahealthylifestyle. Synchronize either your Patia pedometer oryourpreferred activity bracelet (the app is compatible withAppleHealthKit, Fitbit, Jawbone, Withings and Google Fit), measureyourdaily walking, burned calories. You can save your running,walkingor cycling activity and share it with your Facebookfriends.Furthermore, Diabetes Prevent data synchronizes with a fullwebversion at Use Diabetes Prevent’s calendartoschedule your medical treatments, gather your clinical reportsandwatch the evolution of your relevant measurements. Then,easilyshare it with your doctor. The app is included inPatia´sDIABETESprevent prevention program. Check your geneticriskassessment, get customized dishes and nutrition tips. Youcanprevent obesity and type 2 diabetes. Discover yourgeneticpredisposition to type 2 diabetes at
Diabetes Studio 2.2018
Diabetes Consultant LTD
Diabetes Studio App is a free and smart diabetes diary, whichhelpspeople around the world to manage their diabetesefficiently.Diabetes Studio App allows to manage daily activities,such asmeals, insulin injections, sports, glucose measurements andothers.Diabetes Studio App continuously analyses your diary andpresentsyou with a summary of such important indicators as glucoseaverageand deviation, amount of active insulin in the body, insulinactionprofiles and more. Diabetes Studio App allows topersonaliseapplication for your needs, by setting up high and lowglucoselevels, preferred measurement units, insulin types,reminders aboutinjections and more. Diabetes Studio App introducesSmart Rate -the algorithm which scores from 1 to 5 on howefficiently yourdiabetes is managed. The App includes highlycustomisable insulincalculator, which allows to calculate requiredamount of bolusinsulin for a meal. Diabetes Studio App securelysynchronises yourdata with the cloud and allows to manage yourdiary from multipledevices. Features: * Absolutely free diabeticsdiary; * Insulincalculator; * Cloud sync; * Active insulinindicator; * Uniquedesign; * Intelligent analytic mechanism: SmartRate ; * Search by#tag feature; * Reminders; * Interactive scaledcharts; * Reportfor a doctor; * Measure blood glucose level inmgr/dc or mmol/L; *Extensive analytics tools; * Track of moods andemotions usinguniquely designed smiles.
Diabetes Remedies - अलविदा शुगर 1.0.0
Are you desperate enough to try anything to lower bloodsugarlevels, but not sure how to do that in a natural and healthyway?If so, look no further and try this app! क्या आप डायबिटीज सेपरेशानहै? हम लेकर आये है बहुत ही उपयोगी 100+ टिप्स जिनको अपनाकर आपनैचरलतरीके से घर बैठे अपनी शुगर को नार्मल सकते है। क्या आपको पता हैआपकेकिचन में ऐसी बहुत ही उपयोगी सामग्री पड़ी है जो आपको शुगर को कमकरनेमें हेल्प कर सकती है। नहीं?, तो ऍप को डाउनलोड कीजिये और जानिएऐसीअन्य उपयोगी टिप्स।Everybody wants to look smart andhealthy.However, diabetes is a common health problem in the world.So, whatis the best way to control your blood sugar level? We bringyou acollection of over 100 tips, which offers time-testedtechniques tohelp you control your sugar level faster naturally.Don’t justbelieve the word! Download the app now and try a few tipsforyourself, and you are all set to make your way to a betterandhealthier life. Diabetes Remedies helps you to:★ Improve yourdailyhabits.★ Control your blood sugar level.★ Improve your BMI(BodyMass Index).★ Live a healthier life.★ Pure, ayurvedic, herbal,desigharelu nushkhe to manage and control diabetes akasugar.SalientFeatures of Diabetes Remedies app -★ Quick intelligentsearch:Search diabetes tips by Hindi or English keyword (by nameofavailable kitchen item at your home).★ Hundreds of ways tocontrolyour sugar in one App. ★ Share any tip with your friends(Whatsapp,SMS, EMAIL etc.)★ 100% free app.★ Professionally designeduserfriendly and intuitive interface.Bye-bye Diabetes app hasthefollowing categories of contents:Sugar Ke GhareluUpcharhindi,Sugar ka ayurvedic upchar,DiabetesRecipe,DiabetesTips,Diabetes diet,Diabetes Treatment,diabeticdiet,diet fordiabetes,treatment of diabetes,sugar diabetes,hightblood sugar,howto treat diabetes ,diabetes treatment guidelines,diabeticfood,diabetes facts,diabetes information,diabeticlivingindia,health tips,Fat loss by home remedies,vajan kamkare,vajankam kaise karen tips,indian calorie chart,4 weektips,health tipsin hindi,loss weight tips,30 day diet plan,fat losstips inhindi,yogasana in hindi,diet plan in hindi, ghar baithereducesugar,ghar ka vaidh in hindi,diet chart inhindi.Disclaimer:1. Theinfo contained in the app is not asubstitute for professionalmedical or health advice, examination,diagnosis, or treatment.This app disclaims any liability for anydecisions you make basedon the information provided.2. This app isa self-contained offlineapp with a part of the contents from publicdomain.3. The purposeof app is to provide entertainment/generalinformation to user. Allthe images and text contained in the appare collected fromdifferent internet sources. All the images arereadily available invarious places on the internet and are believedto be in the publicdomain. However, we do not claimownership/copyright ofmaterial/media used in the app. Weacknowledge that the respectivecopyright owners of the contents ownthe rights. If you own theright to any content in the app, pleasewrite to us with the copyright details ofthe originalsource, and the stated content will be removedimmediately. Noinfringement intended.We are adding more Tips to thecollection, sostay tuned!
Glycemic Index Load – net carbs keto diet tracker 3.2.2
Glycemic Index & Load Diet Assistant is an app that letsyoueasily browse, search for, and display the Glycemic Indexfordifferent foods. The application also helps in keeping abodyweight and blood glucose levels measurement logs. Additionallyyoucan access Glycemic Load and carbohydrates contents infoods.There's also a calculator of the Glycemic Load in a givenserving.Knowing these values and following a low-carb diet likeMontignac,Paleo, Atkins, low-GI and similar, helps avoid weightgain orobesity and lower the risk of diabetes, coronary heartandage-related health diseases. Do you want to eat smart? + knowgoodfood + eat smart + follow low-carb diets or keto diets +controlyour weight + prevent diseases like diabetes + fight weightgain,overweight and obesity + have the Glycemic Load, Index andcarbsdata always at hand + backup or sync with other devices Thefreefeatures of the app are: + Glycemic Index foods tables +Favoriteand recent food + search feature + Weight tracking withstatisticsand beautiful charts + Glucose tracking with statisticsandbeautiful charts + BMI calculator We keep this app free byshowingads. If you want to remove ads or utilize the otherexcitingfeatures like below, you can have them for a small fee. +GlycemicLoad list + Carbohydrates content list + Fiber content infoods andnet carbs calculator + Fiber content in foods and netcarbscalculator + Meal content calculator + Food diary to keeptrack ofyour food, glycemic load and carbs consumption + Statisticswithaverages for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods +Beautifulcharts of the GL and carbs consumption over time + Weighttrackingwith statistics and beautiful charts + Future additions tothe foodtracker, charting and stats + Import/export all your datato/fromcloud storage + No more ads! So, do you know what you eat?Find outnow! Install the app and use it to take control of yourhealth. GImeans Glycemic Index. It is a number associated with aparticulartype of food to indicate the food's effect on a person'sbloodglucose (blood sugar) level. The number typically rangesbetween 50and 100, where 100 represents pure glucose, an equivalentamount ofpure glucose. The Glycemic Load (GL) of food is a numberthatestimates how much the food will raise a person's bloodglucoselevel after eating it. It can be used to apply the GlycemicIndexto dieting by connecting the GI number with carbohydratescontentin a given serving. It gives an estimation on how much aservingsize of food is likely to increase blood-sugar levels. Netcarbsare total carbs minus fiber which is indigestible thus itisconsidered not to raise blood sugar levels. BMI is used toassesshealth risks and body structure but does not take inconsiderationmuscular mass so it can sometimes be inaccurate, forinstance inthe case of athletes or pregnant women. Diabetesmellitus (DM),commonly known as diabetes, is a group of metabolicdisorderscharacterized by high blood sugar levels over a prolongedperiod.Hyperglycemia (also spelled hyperglycaemia orhyperglycæmia), is acondition in which an excessive amount ofglucose circulates in theblood plasma.
HealthPlix app for patients - you can ask follow-up questionstoyour doctor subsequent to the in-person consultation intheirclinic or hospital. It also lets you instantly access allyourprescriptions and lab reports from the clinic/hospital.UsingHealthPlix app, you get the convenience of receiving responsesfromthe doctor you already trusted and visited for your healthissue.
Carb Manager: Keto Diet Tracker & Macros Counter 6.3.4
Wombat Apps LLC
Join the Keto and low carb revolution with Carb Manager! It'sFREEto use - we don't limit the number of foods you can log. Andwetrack TRUE net carbs, subtracting sugar alcohols &fiber.Whether you’re brand new to the Ketogenic diet and justgettingstarted… ...Or you’re a seasoned Keto pro who’s tired ofusinggeneric diet apps and calorie counters that don’t fit the waythatyou eat… ....we’re excited to welcome you to the CarbManagerfamily! Carb Manager is so much more than just a macrocalculatoror carb tracker. It’s a movement. A community. Alifestyle. Ourfood tracker is the most advanced in the industry,making it easyto log each meal in seconds. You can even log mealsby taking apicture of what you ate, with our state of the artimagerecognition technology. You’ll have no trouble staying inketosiswith our macro calculator and carbohydrate counter,whichautomatically tracks your carbs, fat, and protein,with“over-limit” alerts. But even more than a carb calculator,CarbManager is your one-stop destination for living a healthy lowcarbhigh fat diet (LCHF) lifestyle. We've bundled low carbdietarticles, forums, recipes, a meal planner, intermittentfastingtracker, “lazy keto” features, premium e-book, a communitywithweekly challenges to help members lose weight together, andmuchmore. Whether you are on a Keto or Ketogenic, Paleo,Atkins,Whole30, or other low carb (LCHF) diet, Carb Manager canhelp youstay motivated and aware of your health. Following Ketofordiabetes management? You’ll love our diabetic carb counter,trustedby thousands of diabetic users to control carbs. Track bloodsugar,ketones, and net carbs. Ready to try intermittent fasting orOMAD?Try our built-in fasting app that lets you track fasting timesandeating windows & visualize the impact of fasting on yourweightgoals with our intuitive graphs. Carb Manager is trulyTHEall-in-one Keto diet app built specifically for the lowcarblifestyle. CORE FEATURES • Easy to use food diary •Ketocalculator: Track net carbs, macros, and more •Macronutrientcalculator: Track carbs, fats, & protein. •Calorie counter:Use our calorie tracker to set a calorie goal basedon your weightloss goals. • Food diary: Search 1M+ foods withmacros and carbcounts, including net carbs and sugar alcohols •Water tracker:stay hydrated! • Exercise tracker: log exercises andworkouts,including cardio and weight training • Weight tracker:measure andchart weight loss and BMI • Nutrition details: Totalcarbs, netcarbs, fat, calories, protein, glycemic load, & moreGETMOTIVATED & EDUCATED • Connect with friends to shareprogress •Join our community • Learn about Keto: Exclusive articleson Ketodiet topics. Learn about the Keto flu, drinking alcohol onKeto,intermittent fasting, OMAD, and “lazy keto”, and stay up todate onthe latest news and research. "WOW" — EXTRA FEATURES!* •Automagicfood logging: Snap a pic of your food to log itwithimage-recognition AI • Fasting app: If you’reexploringintermittent fasting or OMAD, our fasting tracker makes iteasy! •Sleep tracker: import device sleep data • Voice logging: sayit tolog it • Premium recipes • See which foods contribute the mosttoyour daily carb count * Requires Premium for unlimited accessTAKEIT TO THE NEXT LEVEL WITH PREMIUM For the ultimate carbmanagementand Keto lifestyle solution, check out Carb ManagerPremium! • KetoRecipes all access pass • Unlimited voice loggingand naturallanguage input • Diabetes tracker: Track blood glucose(bloodsugar), ketones, and insulin for each meal. Diabetic carbcounterincluded! • Carb cycling features • Recipe imports •Advancedreports: streaks, meals analysis, correlations,benchmarks,projections, and macros analysis • Keto meal planner •KetoGeniusDiet Plan • Comprehensive health tracker: Chart and setgoals for30+ nutrients and health vitals • Connect fitness devicesto tracksteps and activity.
Keto Diet app : Best Low Carb & Keto Recipes 1.5
ketogenic diet : top recipes for weight loss : Enjoy preparingthebest keto diet recipes and low carb diet dishes easily withtopketo Diet Recipes app ! ketogenic diet : top recipes forweightloss app is a result of hard work, choosing the best andbudgetfriendly keto / low carb recipes is not easy.Our goal is makeyourketo diet journey easier and more funny. WHAT IS THE KETO DIET?Aketo diet is well known for being a low carb diet, where thebodyproduces ketones in the liver to be used as energy. It’sreferredto as many different names – ketogenic diet, low carb diet,lowcarb high fat (LCHF), etc. The Keto diet is a low carbdiet,high-fat diet also known as a ketogenic diet , low carb highfat(LCHF), etc.In this diet our body produces ketones in the livertobe used as energy which makes it great for weightloss.besides,according to lot of studies, it helps control bloodsugar, increasemental focus, improve triglyceride levels andcholesterol levelsand reduce risk factors for diabetes, heartdiseases, stroke,Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, and more! WHY A KETO DIET /LOW CARB DIET?WHY REDUCE CARBS? We’re starting to understand thatcarbs in largequantities are much more harmful than previouslythought, whilemost fats are healthy and essential (the basis of alow carb diet).Low-carb diets have been controversial for decades.But times arechanging, nowadays it is proven that not only does lowcarb causeweight loss, it also leads to major improvements in mostriskfactors (cancer , cholesterol, ….) The keto diet (low-carbdiet) isbecoming very known and getting accepted and it is onlythebeginning. Excess sugar and carbs relationship detrimentaleffectsare no longer a secret. Not to mention that eating lot ofcarbscauses increase of sugar level in blood and, as a result soininsulin. Insulin is known to cause heart diseases, highbloodpressure and diabetes. WHAT TO EXCPECT FROM A KETO DIETTRACKER? •Weight loss (fat is consumed) • Stable energy levelsduring the day• Mental focus • Stay satiated after meals longer,with lesssnacking and overeating TOP LOW CARB & KETO RECIPES!We choosedthe best low carb recipes, easy to prepare and deliciousmeals thatyou will love and share .We hope that our keto recipesmake youfell better live a better lifestyle . Our app contains tensof lowcarb recipes for. The main goal of these low carb recipes isto: •Keep carbs low • Increase your protein intake • Keep you fullandsatiated from delicious meals. TOP KETO DIET RECIPES APPFEATURES:• Top keto diet recipes - more added every week. • OfflineReading- recipes are available without internet connection. •SearchSection - so you can search the keto recipes you need. •ShareRecipes - sharing with friends is caring . • More features ontheway (like a highly requested keto tracker , Low Carb Counter,ketogenic diet calculator)! When you request a keto dietrecipedetails you may notice 4 small icons bellow recipe name: the1st:keto recipes preparation time the 2nd :keto recipes cookingtimethe 3rd : keto recipes numbr of servings the 4th :ketorecipescarbs quantity per 1 serving WE ARE WORKING ON THE “ KETODIETGUIDE “: In the next update we will add a keto guide forbeginnersto our app • What is the Keto Diet? • What to eat on aketogenicdiet • Types of Keto Diets • Side Effects on a Keto Diet•Long-term Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet • DiabetesandKetoacidosis • Keto Flu • And more to get you on the path toweightloss and optimal health with the keto diet! • keto snacks •ketodesserts • ketogenic diet recipes • keto diet plan • ketogenicdietfoods. • keto meal plan • keto diet menu The Top Keto DietRecipesapp is in its early stages and will see many improvementsweekly.Please feel free to send ideas, kito recipes or Top Keto Diet Recipes app wishes youthebest with your low carb journey.
Mazboot-Diabetes Management & Online Consultation 2.7
Mazboot LLC
Benefits of Mazboot for Patients: * Tools to help youmanage:Mazboot helps you manage your diabetes by deliveringmessages asyou enter your blood glucose levels, including notingsigns of highblood glucose. You can also track medications byalarm, diet, andexercise all in one place. * Guidance when you needit most: Learnmore about your diabetes by getting answers to yourquestions fromdoctors, and learn how to control glucose levels. *Understand yourdiabetes: Mazboot diabetes management app uses theinformation youenter, such as blood glucose levels, to deliverhelpful guidance,messages, educational tips, and motivation. UniqueFeatures: *Clean Logbook A logbook for glucose, insulin,medications, checkupsand others. * Reminders System A powerful andreminders system soyou never miss your medications or checkups *Data Export WithMazboot you can export the collected data and shareit * VariousReports Generate and share reports, log entries andcharts todiabetes specialists for review. * Analytical ChartsSummarize allyour collected data in a visual way using easy to readcharts anddiagrams. * Detailed Graph Detailed timeline graph ofblood glucosetests including, activity chart and other useful data.
My Sugar Diary-Diabetes App 1.7.9
This diabetes app has been designed and developed for quick andeasytracking of daily blood glucose levels to help in easydiabetesmanagement. This app supports following features: - Add,modify ordelete daily blood sugar levels, time when test was done,meals andinsulin dosage with remarks - View history for specificdate rangeand analyze them using pie charts, tables and statistics-Statistics provide min, max and average blood sugar, averageinsulindosage and estimated HbA1c value - Supports mmol/L andmg/dL format- Allows user to set their own blood glucose targetvalues - Usescolor coding to depict high, low and normal values -Creates reportin MS Excel format that can be shared with othersWe'd love to hearyour feedback to grow this diabetes app further:)
Health-PIE Digital Nurse 4.5.3
★ Complete health app free for family from award-winning startup!★Featured on Zee TV, The Hindu, Times of India, Dainik Jagran...★>12 million medicine reminders given! Recover fast withyourhealth app: - Set up medicine reminders. Track missed dose!-Decipher medical records by Doctor. Just take pic of healthrecord!- Monitor health of loved-ones remotely - Disease symptomchecker,diet and yoga for cellulitis, vertigo, meningitis,anemia,pneumonia, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure,menopauseand 1000s of others Secure health records (bankingstandards): -256-bit AES encryption & SSL - Authentication withOTP - Datais not shared with anyone Stay Fit & Healthy: - Learnaboutdiseases as physician may not have time. Also get healthtipsregularly - Track blood pressure, blood sugar & health&share with Doctor - Secure all medical records centrally.Downloadon any device any time Complete Health App for India: -Trackparents' health remotely. Check vitals & missed dose -Vaccinecharts, immunization reminders & growth charts forchildren -Read on disease symptoms for heart attack, flu,vertigo,meningitis, pneumonia, diabetes, anemia, high bloodpressure,menopause, cellulitis etc. - Your family Doctor in pocketDiseaseManagement (for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attacketc.):- Health app gives health reminder for high blood pressure,heartand diabetes treatment. - Know what is blood pressure,diabetes& heart attack. Signs, causes, home treatment, ghareluilajnukse, food, exercise & yoga for diseases - Knowdiabetessymptoms or high blood pressure symptoms or heart attacksymptoms -Blood pressure monitoring for high BP - Blood sugarmonitor fordiabetes Comprehensive medical information includingabout disease,symptoms:treatment, causes, signs, diagnosis,recovery time, food(diet) for India, exercise, yoga, gharelu ilajnukse, preventionand complications. Covers 1000s of medicaldiseases: - DiabetesMalitis type2 or type1 - High blood pressure(hypertension) - Heartattack (heart disease) - Pneumonia in kids -Cellulitis on foot,leg, eye or skin - Meningitis - Anemia - Typhoidfever - Malaria -Jaundice or Hepatitis A, B, C, D - Diarrhea -Influenza -Tuberculosis (TB) - Common cold (Viral Fever) - PCOS(womendiseases) - AIDS - Zika Virus - Swine Flu - Migraine - STD&other sexual diseases - Stress & other mental diseasesHealthApp Features: - Medical Records ○ Organize health-recordsperfamily member, per episode & share with Doctor ○ Uploadmedicalrecord, bills, investigation-reports etc. in groups -MedicineReminders ○ See medication & treatment schedule ○ Addyour ownhealth reminders ○ Track missed dosages - HealthInformation ○ Getalerts for news, health articles & health tipsrelevant topatient ○ Search for disease symptoms acrossourinformation-content curated by our Doctors ○ Comprehensivediseasesymptoms-diagnosis-prevention for menopause, high bloodpressure,diabetes, heart attack, pneumonia, anemia, meningitis,vertigo,cellulitis, flu etc. - Vitals ○ Track health by chartingweight,blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol... ○ Track child'sgrowthchart by height chart & weight chart - Vaccine Schedule&Vaccine Charts - enter DOB & create vaccine chart &getvaccine reminders ★Our Philosophy We aim to empowerindividuals& patients to take control of their health. Knowing&Understanding is half the battle. With our app patient cantrackthe history of their illness, medication,vitals,medical-condition, vaccine & other parameters importanttopatient. The big-picture gives you perspective on how you canlivebetter. Our information-content, articles & health tipshelpyou stay updated, informed & be your own doctor.Medicinereminders, vaccine charts, health records, health tips,diseasesymptoms, treatment, health alerts & track bloodpressure,blood sugar, vitals, Health app in hindi
Kyorr 1.6
Kyorr Healthcare
Kyorr provides online and offline Services to Diabetic patient,tomanage Diabetes in Effective, Interactive and pocket friendlyway.Core focus of our services is to spread awareness forImportance ofBlood-Glucose tracking, Diet and Calorie tracking, andMedicationSchedule Management. We focus on each pillar ofDiabetesmanagement, which are Blood Glucose tracking, Dietcalculation andPhysical Activity, which helps patient to understandthe importanceof Diabetes Management. We provide a platform via ourapplication,by which patients can log their daily Blood Glucosedata andDietary items into the app. Patients can track the dataregularly.Also we provide home visits to our Patients for DiabetesEducation,and to help them overcome any barrier in managingDiabetes.
BG Monitor Diabetes Pro 8.0.1
Gordon Wong
Upgrade to BG Monitor Pro to unlock additional features andsupportdevelopment.PRO FEATURES• Complete insight details.•Fooddatabase.• Unlimited insulin types.• Filter entries andstatisticswith tags.• Automatic backups of data and settings.•Automaticreminders to check BG after meals and out of range BG.BGMonitor isa new diabetes tool, made for how you want to manage yourdiabetes.Blood glucose trends are identified to notify you ofneededadjustments - saving you from staring at your logbook.Insulin isautomatically calculated when you enter your bloodglucose and foodso that you can quickly get back to what mattersmost.Finally, adiabetes app that's as smart as you.TRACKEVERYTHINGRecord yourblood glucose, food, insulin, exercise, andmore. Tag your entriesto find them faster or take a picture of yourmeal to rememberexactly what you ate.SMART ANALYSISGain insightinto your numbers,without the work. Automatically identifies trendsand notifies youif adjustments are needed.DETAILED STATISTICSTrackyour progresswith comprehensive statistics and graphs. Filter yourdata andsearch by date to find exactly what you're looking for.SENDREPORTSIN SECONDSDon't waste time creating a spreadsheet. Instantlysharereports of how you're doing with your doctor and lovedones.BUILTFOR YOUDial in your targets and ratios to automaticallycalculateinsulin for each meal. Supports both U.S. andinternational unitsof measurement (mg/dL and mmol/L).GET THINGSDONEDesigned for speedso you can get back to what matters most.Create entries right fromyour home screen or record blood glucosedirectly fromreminders.Need help?Visit anotherlanguage?Help translateat
Recetas Para Diabéticos 4.0
Para aquellas personas las cuales tenemos que llevar una dietadealimentación diferente debido a la diabetes, llega ésterecetarioen donde encontrarás ricas ideas. La elevada glucosa ensangre nosobliga a ingerir ciertos alimentos que a continuaciónencontrarásen deliciosos platillos. For those which have to carry adifferentfood diet because of diabetes, comes this recipe where youwillfind rich ideas. The high blood glucose forces us to eatcertainfoods then find delicious dishes.
myDiabby - Diabète gestationnel
MyDiabby est une plateforme de télémédecine dédiée audiabètegestationnel qui vous permet d'entrer vos données deglycémie,insuline, repas et de les comprendre grâce au codecouleurs. Vosrésultats peuvent être partagés avec votre équipemédicalehabituelle. Retrouvez également la messagerie avec votremédecinhabituel, des vidéos tutorielles sur le diabètegestationnel, desconseils, des fiches alimentation et des recettes.Paramétrez desrappels de glycémie pour ne pas oublier de vouscontrôler. MyDiabbyis a telemedicine platform dedicated togestational diabetes whichallows you to enter your blood glucosedata, insulin, meals andunderstand thanks to the color code. Yourresults can be sharedwith your usual medical team. Also find emailwith your regulardoctor, the video tutorials on gestationaldiabetes, advice, supplysheets and recipes. Set blood glucosereminders not to forget tocontrol you.
SiDiary Diabetes Management 1.45
To work with a diabetes logbook on your Android device isverysimple with SiDiary. You can track all relevant data foryourtherapy like blood glucose, carbohydrates, medication likeinsulinand so on quick in a simple data mask to make it visible onyourAndroid device. You can analyze it with the statistic functionorwith our trend analysis. If you already use the PC versionofSiDiary to read out your meters, insulin pump, etc. - you canaddthis data also to your Android device by simply synchronizingitwith SiDiary Online. The features of this app so far: •easiestentry of all data with the numeric keypad • all data can betrackedwith a scrollable input mask • clearly arranged display ofyourdaily data in SiDiary's typical style • lots ofstatistic-graphics(pie chart, line graph, modal day and detailedstatistic) • trendanalysis (how was the progress of your therapy inthe lastdays/weeks/months?) • fast synchronization of your datawith'SDiary Online', from where you are able to print yourdatastand-alone from your operating system or synchronize the datawithyour desktop computer version of SiDiary • option forautomaticallysynchronization (after shut down the app and/or atmidnight) • userdefined data types, which you have defined in yourpc-version canalso be used on the Android after a synchronizationwith 'SiDiaryOnline' • blood glucose values can be entered in mg/dlor mmol/l •body weight can be entered in kg or lbs • carbohydratescan beentered in gram or any other exchange unit (such as BE/KE,etc.) •date format or mm-dd • time format 24h or 12h am/pm •datarows that you don't want to use can be hidden Compatiblemeters: -AktivMed GlucoChek Gold - Ascensia Contour Next One -Beurer AS81 -Beurer AS87 - Beurer AS97 - Beurer BC57 - Beurer BF700- BeurerBF710 - Beurer BF800 - Beurer BF850 - Beurer BM57 - BeurerBM85 -Beurer GL50 Evo BLE - Beurer GL50 Evo NFC - Beurer GS485 -CignusProfi Line - Cignus Profi Line BLE - Fora Diamond Mini -ForaDiamond Mini BLE - Menarini Glucomen Areo You can use'SiDiaryAndroid' stand-alone, but this version can also enhancethepc-version - e.g. you can download readings from your bloodglucosemeter, insulin pump, blood pressure meter or pedometer withyourpc-version and enter additional data on the way in yourAndroidversion. After synchronizing your desktop computer and yourAndroidboth with 'SiDiary Online' all of your data will be mergedinto onelogbook. Since synchronization with 'SiDiary Online' willbestarted manually - you always have the full control ofpossiblecosts for your online connection. You can use the app inthe adwaremode (with commercial ads) as long as you wish. Pleasenote that inthis mode only the last 7 calendar days can besynchronized withSiDiary Online. The app claims for the followingrights (legend inbrackets): • read phone state and identity (tobuild the appsserial number) • your roughly estimated(network-based) location(for commercial ads in your language) •full internet access(download ads and transfer data on demand toSiDiary Online) •storage (to store data locally on your device) •paid services(send short messages: optional, must be turned onfirst: when theblood glucose is exceeding or falling below thelimit values a SMScan be send to a predetermined number (eg, to theparents or thediabetes team) • system tools (to establish Bluetoothconnection toFora Diamond Mini BT glucose meter by request)
Health Monitor UG 3.13
Mantén un control constante de tus afecciones producto del Asma ydela diabetes con nuestra aplicación HEALTH MONITOR; la cualnospermitirá tener un control constante con el médico tratante,pormedio de esta App el paciente podrá tener control del ASMA y delaDIABETES, podrá ver: Tratamientos a seguir, registro deflujomáximo respiratorio, registro de glucosa, medicación,alergias,rutinas de ejercicios y dieta, la cual le permitirámantener unvínculo directo con el médico tratante el cual le podrádar susrecomendaciones por medio de alertas.Esta aplicación fuecreadapensando en el bienestar de la gente con estasenfermedades,permitir que el paciente lleve un control directo conel médico ysus enfermedades.1.- RESTAURA TU INFORMACION Al cambiardedispositivo móvil tendrás la opción de recuperar todatuinformación ingresada a esta App.2.- REGISTRO DEMEDICAMENTOConesta aplicación móvil tendrás la opción de ingresarla medicaciónya sea por diabetes, asma o medicamentos generales quetu médicotratante te va a recetar y el medico a su vez podrá verotro tipode medicación que estas tomando por alguna otraafección.3.-ALARMASPor medio de las alarmas de esta App podrástener una ayudaextra en el control del horario para tomar lamedicación.4.-ENFERMEDADESEn la aplicación tendremos esta opciónque nospermitirá registrar que tipo de enfermedades tenemos y queeldoctor tenga presente al momento de comenzar algún tratamientoparael asma o diabetes.5.-RECOMENDACIONESLa App te darárecomendacionescomo dietas y ejercicios a seguir para tener unamejor evolución dela enfermedad a tratar.6.-MIS DOCTORESTendrás laposibilidad devincular o desvincular al médico tratante y este a suvez podrá vertu historial para ver tu enfermedad cómo haevolucionado.7.- CREATU CUENTAPara poder acceder a esta aplicacióndeberás deregistrarte y este paso es muy sencillo, puedes registrarentre quétipo de diabetes tiene, o si padeces de asma.Keep aconstant checkon your product conditions Asthma and Diabetes withour HealthMonitor application; which allow us to have a constantcheck withthe treating physician, through this App the patient mayhavecontrol of asthma and diabetes will see: Treatments tofollow,recording respiratory peak flow, glucose record,medication,allergies , exercise routines and diet, which will allowyou tomaintain a direct link with the attending physician who maygiveits recommendations through alerts.This application wascreatedthinking of the welfare of people with these diseases,allowing thepatient to take direct control with medical anddisease.1. RESTOREYOUR INFORMATION When changing mobile havethe option torecover all your data entered into this app.2.REGISTRATION OFMEDICATIONWith this mobile application you will havethe option toenter either medication diabetes, asthma or generalmedicationsthat your physician will prescribe and the doctor inturn may seeanother type of medication you are taking some othercondition.3.ALARMSThrough this App alarms you can have extra helpincontrolling the schedule for taking medication.4. DISEASESIntheapplication we will have this option that will allow us torecordwhat kind of diseases and have the doctor keep in mindwhenstarting a treatment for asthma or diabetes.5.RECOMMENDATIONSTheApp will give recommendations as diet andexercise to follow forbetter progression of the disease to betreated.6. MY DOCTORESYouhave the ability to link or unlink thetreating physician and thisin turn will see your history to seeyour disease how it hasevolved.7. CREATE YOUR ACCOUNTTo access thisapplication must haveregistered and this step is very simple, youcan register betweenwhat type of diabetes you have, or if yousuffer from asthma.
AACE 2016 Diabetes Algorithm 1.0.0
The Algorithm for the comprehensive management of persons withType2 diabetes (T2D) was developed to provide clinicians withapractical guide that considers the whole patient, their spectrumofrisks and complications, and evidence-based approachestotreatment.
com.foracare.ifora 4.3.5
iFORA - Diabetes Manager app designed to make busy lives easiertomanage. iFORA comes with advanced mobile technology,sleekinterface design, detailed and yet careful data managementtools toassist you in better diabetes management. The easy-to-usetools canhelp you better understand how your blood glucose levelinterlinkswith a positive self-monitoring process throughrecording,tracking, seeing your diabetes information in statistictrendgraphs, target pie charts and exporting data to ForaTeleHealthsolution to share with your doctor. See your glucosevariationsover the period of 7-14-30 days. With a target goal youcandetermine how well you have managed over the period of timeandseek advises from your doctor. With an extensive FAQ database,youcan learn more about the medication that you are taking and howagood diabetes management can be achieve by healthy eating,regularexercise routine and through lifestyle choices. Post yourscreenimages on Facebook and by email or share your informationwith yourdoctor instantly through ForaCare's advanced TeleHealthsolutionsoftware. The app works smoothly with the Diamond Mini andDiamondVoice via Bluetooth connection and iDiamond BloodGlucoseMonitoring System to directly connect to an iPhone® or iPodtouch®.Features of the software include: DATA RECORD Note downyouractivities with each measurement. Blood glucose results arecolorcoded, with Red for too high, Green for Normal and Yellow fortoolow. RECORD LIST See your results sorted by time. LOGBOOKBloodglucose management at a glance! Data is displayed in aweeklyformat, for AC, PC, night and sleep, with the color codingsystemmaking it much easier to see the usual ups and downs ofbloodglucose level during the week. TREND GRAPH Data is organizedintoan interactive trend chart, where you will be able to connectthedots of 4 different measurement modes to see how the bloodglucoselevel have gone up and down at different times of the day.STANDARDDAY Understand your weekly lifestyle! See the glucosereadingsoverlaying on one single graph, in past 7, 14 and 30days.Identifyactivities that lead to extreme glucose levels. DIARY Seeinstantlyhow insulin dosage, medication, activities and food intakeimpactyour blood glucose levels. The graphs are displayed in ascale of24-hour period, from midnight to midnight. Please note:Thisapplication is information recording and self-monitoring toolonlyand is not intended to diagnose, prevent or recommend treatmentforany disease or illness. Consult your doctor for informedmedicaladvice about your health and more.
Glucosio: Diabetes Tracker 1.4.0
Glucosio is a modern diabetes app forbloodglucose, HB1AC, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Ketones, BodyWeightand more. Glucosio diabetes tracker makes it quick and easytotrack all aspects of your diabetes! Glucosio is the onlyopensource diabetes app for both type 1 & type 2 diabetesandentirely free!- Winner of Black Duck Software's Top Open Source Projectsof2015- Featured in June Edition of Diabetes Forecast MagazineFEATURES:• Quick and easy logging (blood glucose, HB1AC, Cholesterol,BloodPressure, Ketones, Body Weight etc.)• Designed for both type 1 & type 2 diabetes• Estimated HbA1c & HbA1c conversion calculator• Choose Glucose Target (ADA, NICE, AACE, Custom)• Reminders;• Daily, weekly and monthly graphs and analysis• Assistant gives tips and more• Backup to Google Drive and export data to CSV• Import from CSV• Free support (average response time under 24 hours!)• Accesibility features• Opt-in to support diabetes research anonymously throughtheapp• Support for Android 7.1 shortcuts;COMING SOON:• Reminders• Dexcom CGM support• Additional export formats• New backup providers• Bolus and Basal trackingPlease file any bugs, issues, or feature requests at: our website to learn more about the Glucosio ProjectandGlucosio Foundation:
com.medm.medmbg.diary 2.8.125
MedM Inc
Blood sugars can be a pain, especially when they are spikingandfalling. Establish better diabetic control with MedM Diabetes,adiabetes diary you can keep with just your smartphone.Diabetesdiaries are great for observing trends in your blood sugarsanddeciding how to best treat your diabetes with your doctor’shelp.MedM lets you manually enter your blood sugars, or it canuploadthe data straight from your BG meter using Bluetooth. You canalsoback up your data to the MedM Health Cloud so you can accessitanywhere. This app is fully functional without registrationonlineand it works on any smartphone or tablet. It has analyticaltoolsfor observing blood sugar trends. Record your bloodsugarsanywhere, and share them with your doctor anytime. You willnoticea huge difference in your blood sugar control. And the bestpartis, no more dealing with annoying paper records that can belost!MedM Diabetes syncs with the following meters: - RocheAccu-CheckPerforma Connect - Contec SXT - BeeLee BL-XT02 - ForaD15b - ForaD30f - Fora D40d - Fora G31b - Fora GD40b - Fora Diamondmini -Fora MD - Fora Test'N'Go Voice - MyGlucoHealth - TaiDocTD-4279 -SyberCare Magic Mirror - Polytel PWR-08-03/06/09 -SmartLAb GlobalWnG So what are you waiting for? Try MedM Diabetestoday for betterdiabetic control. MedM – enabling connected health!
Ketogenic Diet for Beginners : Low Carb Keto Diet 1.0
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Ketogenic Diet for Beginners: Low Carb for The Keto DietAreYouTired of Feeling Out Of Shape? And looking for healthy ketodiet,low carb, or atkins diet?The ketogenic builds on thetraditionallow carb diet, and that’s what makes it one of the mosteffectivefat burning diets to come out in a long time. It helps youloseweight by killing your appetite in a good way, cutting downcarbs,shedding away a greater proportion of fat from theabdominalcavity, reduced blood sugar, and much more. It can alsohelp withreversing diabetes, reducing heart disease risks, andpreventingsome cancers.Keto diet is also well known for eating planand forlosing weight, prevent diabetes, or even maintaininghealth.Thisapp contains many keto diet recipes that will help youachieve thebody and the state of health that you want. The secretto anyreducing diet is your ability to keep doing iteveryday/consistency. Because of that we provide the ketogenicrecipesranging from snacks to meals. One of the reasons why manydietsfailed is because they are failed to fit into their ifestyleandthe guides were not simply enough to follow. If you areinterestedin the Atkins Diet recipes or Paleo diet recipes as well,then thisketo might be suitable for you as well.This Ketogenic DietforBeginners: Low Carb for The Keto Diet can help you topreparelosing weight and get slim over the small period of time,but youhave to do it consistently. This will help you to havedeliciousrecipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner (and even snacks)that arequick, easy, varied, and delicious.Features of this KetoDietprogram:- Introduction of ketogenic diet- How to start ketodietfor beginners- Weekly plan to start keto diet- Keto recipestosupport your ketogenic diet: + Ketogenic diet recipes: Forthebreakfast + Ketogenic diet recipes: For the lunch time +Ketogenicdiet recipes: For dinner + Ketogenic diet recipes: Forsnack +Ketogenic diet recipes: For desertThis is truly one amazingdietand it’s our pleasure to provide you about keto diet anexcitingand informative way. Not to mention, we also provide a tonofawesome ketogenic diet recipes to get your mouth watering andthefat burning!The ketogenic recipes that have been prepared inthisapp are pure coming from ketogenic diet ingredients. Theserecipesare not only easy to cook but taste well as well. You'll beguidedto find the ingredients and keep them on hand. If you planaheadand pre-decide your meals, following the keto diet won’tbedifficult. You have to be able to resist temptation. Be patientandyou will definitely notice positive results in no time. Also,thisdiet helps you in losing fat from the abdominal region. Insidewecollected only best of the best Ketogenic recipes for:BreakfastMain dishes, Lunch Side dishes, Desserts, Snacks,andappetizers.Why do you need keto food? Because basically it's ahighfat low carb recipes that will be applied when you're runningaKeto Diet program to burn body fat and lose weight. So thisrecipesare suitable for busy lifestyles. This recipes also useeasy-foundingredients and fewer steps (imagine you can make quickketomeals). Mostly, the recipes will only take a short amount oftimeto prepare and can be made in large batches or used to buildoutother recipes, and pre-prepped vegetables and sides.This ketodietwill help you to achieve weight loss and improve the health,thisis perfect for beginner since this provides the knowledge ofketodiet cooking basics. If you are interested in the low carbs,atkinsdiet recipes or paleo diet recipes, then this app might beperfectfor you as well since it's food is kind of similar. Theresearchshows that if you follow this diet, you will achieve weightloss,improve your blood pressure, reducing the risk for heartdisease,improve your mood, cancer, stroke, improving skin anddentalhealth, diabetes, and increasing your willpower. Download forfreetoday!
Gluci-Chek: diabetes and carbs 3.0.0
Calculate the carbohydrates content of your meals and save yourdatain a logbook! New! Share your blood glucose measurements :-Automatically transfer your data from your Accu-Chek® GuideorAccu-Chek® Mobile meter to the Gluci-Chek app via Bluetooth.-Share your blood glucose measurements with yourhealthcareprofessional through your internet connection. Designedincollaboration with patients with diabetes andhealthcareprofessionals, the Gluci-Chek application offers threekey featuresfor comprehensive management of your diabetes: 1.Compose your mealand evaluate its carbohydrates content 2. In alogbook, record yourmeals, your blood glucose tests and insulindoses 3. Visualize yourchanging blood glucose results in graph formWith insulin-treateddiabetes, it is necessary to evaluate thecarbohydrates content ofthe meal -- sometimes a difficult exercise!Gluci-Chek calculatescarbohydrates found in more than 500 single-or multicompound-fooddishes. The food database is enriched withpictures of differentportions to accurately assess theircarbohydrate intake.Personalize the food base by adding your owndata, view recipesfilmed online, learn about various foodsnutritional compositions;these are so many features that will makeGluci-Chek your dailynutrition assistant. The application will alsoenable you to recordyour meals, blood glucose tests and insulindoses in a logbook.Customize the data recorded by filling thenote-space. Visualizeyour blood glucose results graphically toquickly and easilyunderstand the evolution of your blood glucose.Compatible devices:• Huawei P20 Lite • Huawei P Smart • SamsungGalaxy S7 • SamsungA50 • Redmi Note 6 Pro
Helparound - Manage Life Changing Diagnosis 2.7.1
Helparound is on a mission to transform the experience offamiliesfacing life-changing diagnoses. Check-in with us whereveryou go.See who else is around you in case you need anythingmedicalrelated or are stuck without supplies, ask questions, shareyourknowledge, join a public discussion and chat privately withotherhelpers. FEATURES * Info and resources about your condition *Findhelp from people nearby * Community - get support from others*Private messages: chat one-on-one SUPPORTED CONDITIONS Type1Diabetes (t1d), Type 2 Diabetes (t2d), Gestational Diabetes,LADAKidney Disease: in clinic Dialysis, home dialysis,hemodialysisCONTACT Email: Website:
SocialDiabetes. Take control of your diabetes 4.16.5
SocialDiabetes helps you to control better your diabetestreatmentwith the convenience of carrying your logs directly onyoursmartphone. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes care requires a lotoftracking. With SocialDiabetes, register all therelevantinformation to your treatment such as blood glucoselevels,insulin, carbs, medicaments or physical activity. 🤳🏼FEATURESViewyour glycemic and insulin on board. Take a look at yourdiabetesprogress and all the factors that might affect yourglycemic.Combine the information, have a better comprehension ofyourdiabetes. From New Log register: -Glycemic -Food-Medication-Activity -A1c -Weight -Heart Pressure -Ketones 👉IMPORTANT: With aminimum of 3 blood glucose logs daily for 3months, we will be ableto calculate your estimated A1c. ⚙️TOOLS Itwill help you with yourdaily diabetes calculations: -Boluscalculator: with yourinsulin-to-carb ratio, insulin sensitivityfactor, and glycemictargets. receive insulin dose recommendations.-Carb Calculator:from the nutritional database, select each foodand calculate thenumber of carbs that you are going to eat, bygrams or rations.-Food. Consult the number of carbs from differentfood and add newones. -Connect with your device. Your glycemic logswill go fromautomatically your Smartphone. Check our compatibledevices.-Reports generation. On screen or download them. -Connectwith yourhealth care provider (HCP). Your healthcare team canfollowremotely your diabetes. -Share information with your lovedones.-View from your computer. Access to your account fromourweb-platform. 📲INTEGRATIONS Glucose Meters: GlucoMen Areo 2K(solocon Android), GlucoCard SM. Accu-chek Aviva Connect,Accu-ChekGuide. Contour Next ONE. CareSens Dua AgaMatrix JazzWearables:Google Fit Fitbit 🏅AWARDS -Award to most innovatorproduct by 2017 - Recognized as the best health app byUNESCO - WSA -International Mobile Premier Awards winner at theMobile WorldCongress in Barcelona 👓PERMISSION - SocialDiabetes is aCE sanitaryproduct es un producto sanitario, Directive 93/42/EEC,meet allmaximum requirements for security and quality. -SocialDiabetes Appis licensed by Menarini Diagnostics to useGlucoCard SM andGlucomen Areo 2K glucose measurements. 🙋🏻CONTACTHave any problemsor want to contact us? Email us atsupport@socialdiabetes.comRemember that to get better results werecommend you to follow upwith your health care team.SocialDiabetes is created by peoplewith diabetes for people withdiabetes. It helps you with Type 1and Type 2 diabetes management tohave a lifestyle that improvesyour health.