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Baby Panda Dentist - Kids' Hospital
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►► to Dr. Jungle’s dentalclinic, theclinic of the jungle! All these amazing and wild animalshavesomething in common: Dental problems! Do you dare to help?Becomethe best animal dentist ever with this game for kids! Toothdecayor cavities, tooth erosion, unattractive smile...Monkeys,crocodiles, mouses and so much fun in this game forchildren!Youare the boss! You choose who is the dentist today!Maybe Dr. MantisJungle is good choice! Perhaps Dr. Spider Junglecould help! Ofcourse Dr. Hummingbird is a great option too! Youdecide! Yourule!Play Dr. Jungle, Animal Dentistry, and learn howimportant ahappy smile is! —————BabyBus offers games, videos and awidevariety of other educational content for 200 million fans aged0-6around the world! It has produced more than 150children'seduational games, 700 children's songs. and animations ofvariousthemes spanning the arts, health, and science. It isdedicated tocultivating creativity, imagination and curiosity inchildren,helping them explore the world on their own.—————ContactInformation Email: ser@babybus.comWebsite:
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure
Crazy Children's Dentist Simulation Fun Adventure Free App!Heykidswe all love when people around us like our friends andfamilysmile. But for beautiful smile you need strong and cleanteeth. Didyou ever dreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctorinchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of patients teeth.In this crazy dentistclinichospital entertaining app, you need to take the role of bestcrazydentist. Use all your dental skills to perform the funtreatment ofdecayed teeth. Your duty is help those poor patientsand tobringing them back from shock and distress.Features:★ Selectfrom 4adorable patients! ★ Tons of different levels and activitiestoplay.★ Includes dozens of awesome mini-games.★ Fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dental tools commonly seen inaclinic.★ Select ingredients to make your own toothpaste! ★Superbgameplay with kid friendly interface.★ Enjoyable kidssounds,animations, expressions and beautiful high quality HDgraphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements of this game,please feelfree to send us your feedbacks and suggestions.
Crazy dentist games with surgery and braces
Ever dreamed of becoming a super kids dentist? Make your dreamscometrue with Crazy dentist! Where you can experience being asupercrazy kid dentist in hospital full of crazy doctors, curepatient oruse all your skills to perform the craziest surgeryever! Enjoy thethrill of being a superhero kid dentist to cure allkids coming toyour clinic and bringing them back from trauma. Theinjured patientssuffer from kinds of teeth problems like badteeth, tooth cavity,dental calculus, dental treatment, dentistmania & they mightneed an emergency surgery & treatment.Sterilize your tools andkeep your dental chair prepared fortreatment. Be careful, don’t getthe bones and face skin damaged.Make use of injection, magicpotion, droppers and all the medicaltools you need & performcrazy fun dentist routines surgeryfill cavities, remove plaques,whiten teeth, squirt water, brush,and much more. Going to thedentist is something that not manypeople like to do, although tohave a nice clean smile it has to bedone. In Crazy dentist you cankill all the germs away, remove anyholes that may be cracked, suckall the gum from the teeth, as wellas remove and pull any rotten orcracked teeth in the dentalsurgery game. Treat patients withprofessional doctor tools likesyringes, dental tweezers &more.Play Crazy dentist games withsurgery braces for kids – freefun kids game! This kid’s clinic ispainted with superheroes anddolls so that the little patients doesnot get worried with theirsickness. Help these poor patient feelbetter again with an amazingdentistry treatment. Kids get hurt allthe time while playing athome or in their schools and parks.Curing those little kids is agreat fun in Crazy dentist games .Brush dirty teeth to kill thosegerms, pull out the painful teeth(tooth extraction), fight bacteriato prevent tooth decay, applycolorful braces and apply dentalbraces to straighten themisaligned teeth. Some kid patients have afear of visiting thedentist’s office. Be good to them. Become anultimate professionalCrazy dentist to gain dental learningexperience in this surgerysimulator game. Be the best bracessurgeon; enjoy tooth cleaningand teeth alignment at dental clinic.Ask your patients to brushtheir teeth daily otherwise they will geta cavity in their teeth.Enjoy and play fun-filled dentist surgerymini games for girls andboys. Do not poke the dental equipment inyour patient’s eye, nose,ear or face. Check every patient’s dentalhealth condition beforecarrying out the dental surgery simulation.Apply stitches afteryou are done with the oral surgery.Crazydentist games with surgerybraces for kids features:√ Select yourpatient with bad teeth fordental treatment√ Scan the teeth todetermine the condition √ Cleanit and remove cavities and funguswith medical equipment √ Brushthe teeth, clean it with water thensuck out the extra water√ Usestain removal to remove stains √Perform dental surgery andapplication of oral braces√ Pull out therotten broken teethDo youhave unaligned or unbalanced teeth? Do youneed dental braces toalign your teeth, but you have a dentist fear?If yes then forgetyour fear and be an ultimate professional bracessurgery dentistwith an amazing dental learning experience. Its Topof the lineSurgery Simulator game! With innovative medical andsurgicalinstruments; treat your little patient at the dental clinicto givethe perfect and desired look to their teeth. Perform thedentalsurgery simulation and application of braces likeprofessionaldentist in Crazy dentist games with surgery braces forkids.
Dentist Hospital Adventure
Ever dreamed of becoming a super kids dentist? Make your dreamscometrue with Dentist Hospital Adventure! Where you can experiencebeinga super crazy kid dentist in hospital full of crazy doctors,curepatient or use all your skills to perform the craziest surgeryever!Enjoy the thrill of being a superhero kid dentist to cure allkidscoming to your clinic and bringing them back from trauma.Theinjured patients suffer from kinds of teeth problems likebadteeth, tooth cavity, dental calculus, dental treatment,dentistmania & they might need an emergency surgery &treatment.Sterilize your tools and keep your dental chair preparedfortreatment. Be careful, don’t get the bones and face skindamaged.Make use of injection, magic potion, droppers and all themedicaltools you need & perform crazy fun dentist routinessurgeryfill cavities, remove plaques, whiten teeth, squirt water,brush,and much more. Going to the dentist is something that notmanypeople like to do, although to have a nice clean smile it hasto bedone. In Dentist hospital Adventure you can kill all thegermsaway, remove any holes that may be cracked, suck all the gumfromthe teeth, as well as remove and pull any rotten or crackedteethin the dental surgery game. Treat patients with professionaldoctortools like syringes, dental tweezers & more.Welcome toDentistHospital Adventure, you have a chance to help your patients,toprove that you are a super kids dentist! Gain experience tobecomethe expert dentist and kids doctor. Help these poor patient,sothey can feel better again with an amazing dentist treatment.Kidsget hurt all the time while playing at home or in their schoolsorin parks. Curing those little kids is a great crazy fun.Brushdirty teeth to kill those germs, pull out the painful teeth,fightbacteria to prevent tooth decay, apply colorful braces andapplydental surgery braces to straighten the misaligned teeth. Somekidpatients have a fear of visiting the dentist’s office. Be goodtothem. Become an ultimate professional crazy fun dentist togaindental treatment learning experience in this surgerysimulatorgame. Be the best braces surgeon; enjoy tooth cleaning andteethalignment at dental surgery clinic. Ask your patients tobrushdaily otherwise they will get a cavity. Enjoy and playfun-filledkid dentist surgery mini games for girls and boys. Do notpoke thedental equipment in your patient’s eye, nose, ear or face.Checkevery patient’s dental health condition before carrying outthedental surgery simulation. Apply stitches after you are donewiththe oral surgery.Dentist Hospital Adventure features:√ Selectyourpatient with bad teeth for dental treatment.√ Scan the teethtodetermine the condition .√ Clean it and remove cavities andfunguswith medical equipment .√ Brush the teeth, clean it withwater thensuck out the extra water.√ Use stain removal to removestains.√Perform dental surgery and application of oral braces.√Pull outthe rotten broken teeth in this surgery simulator game.
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2
Virtual Dentist Hospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 Free App!Wealllove when people around us like our friends and family smile.Butfor beautiful smile you need strong and clean teeth. Did youeverdreamed of becoming a super crazy dentist doctor in virtualdentistchildren's hospital? Make your dreams come true and you needtotake good care of your mad patients teeth.In this VirtualDentistHospital Doctor Office Adventure 2 entertaining app, youneed totake the role of best crazy mad dentist. Use all your dentalskillsto perform the fun virtual treatment of decayed teeth. Yourduty ishelp those poor patients and to bringing them back fromshock anddistress at your virtual dentist officehospital.Features:★ Selectfrom 5 adorable patients! ★ Tons ofdifferent levels and activitiesto play.★ Includes dozens of awesomemini-games.★ Fight bacteria toprevent tooth decay! ★ lots of Dentaltools commonly seen in aclinic.★ Select ingredients to make yourown toothpaste! ★ Superbgameplay with friendly interface.★Enjoyable kids sounds,animations, expressions and beautiful highquality HD graphics.Teamis continuously working for improvements ofthis game, please feelfree to send us your feedbacks andsuggestions.
Santa Dentist - Dental Hospital Adventure
Ever dreamed of becoming Santa Dentist? Make your dreams cometruewith Santa Dentist : Dental Hospital Adventure! Where youcanexperience being a super crazy dentist in hospital full ofcrazydoctors, cure Father Christmas & use all your doctor'sskillsto perform the craziest surgery ever! In Santa Dentist :DentalHospital Adventure you have been appointed as an EREmergencyDoctor, now it’s your duty to carry out necessary actionto performER dentist Surgery on Father Christmas in Hospital. Enjoythethrill of being a superhero dentist to cure Santa coming toyourhospital and bringing them back from trauma. This ChristmasSantais suffering from kinds of teeth problems like bad teeth,toothcavity, dental calculus, dentist treatment, dentist mania&they might need an emergency surgery & treatment.Sterilizeyour doctor tools and keep your dentist chair prepared forsurgerysimulator. Be careful, don’t get the bones and face skindamaged.Make use of injection, magic potion, droppers and all themedicaltools you need & perform crazy fun dentist routinessurgeryfill cavities, remove plaques, whiten teeth, squirt water,brush,and much more. Going to the dentist is something that notmanypeople like to do, although to have a nice clean smile it hasto bedone. In Santa Dentist : Dental Hospital Adventure you cankill allthe germs away, remove any holes that may be cracked, suckall thegum from the teeth, as well as remove and pull any rottenorcracked teeth in the dental surgery game. Treat patientswithprofessional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezers &morein adventure dentist office.Welcome to Santa Dentist :DentalHospital Adventure, you have a chance to help Santa, to provethatyou are a super fun dentist! Gain experience to become theexpertdentist and santa doctor. Help poor Santa, so they can feelbetteragain with an amazing dentist treatment. Brush dirty teeth tokillthose germs, pull out the painful teeth, fight bacteria topreventtooth decay, apply colorful braces and apply dental surgerybracesto straighten the misaligned teeth. Father Christmas have afear ofvisiting the dentist’s office. Be good to Kris Kringle.Become anultimate professional crazy fun dentist to gain dentaltreatmentlearning experience in this surgery simulator game. Be thebestbraces surgeon; enjoy tooth cleaning and teeth alignment atdentalsurgery Hospital. Ask Santa to brush daily otherwise he willget acavity. Enjoy and play fun-filled Santa dentist surgery minigamesfor girls and boys. Do not poke the dental equipment inyourpatient’s eye, nose, ear or face. Check every patient’sdentalhealth condition before carrying out the dental surgerysimulation.Apply stitches after you are done with the oralsurgery.SantaDentist : Dental Hospital Adventure features:- Selectyour patientwith bad teeth for dental surgery.- Scan the teeth todeterminecondition of Santa teeths .- Clean teeths, remove cavitiesandfungus with doctor tools .- Brush the teeth, clean it withwaterthen suck out the extra water.- Use stain removal to removestainsfrom father christmas teeths.- Perform dental surgeryandapplication of oral braces.- Pull out father christmasrottenbroken teeth in this surgery simulator game.
Crazy Fun Kid Dentist
Little John was coming from supermarket with his mother, suddenlyhefell down and broke his tooth. Mommy called the crazy Dentistatkids dental clinic to prepare for an ER emergency dentaltreatmenttill John reaches superhero hospital in an ambulance.Since youhave been appointed as dental surgery doctor, use all yourcrazysurgeon skills and prepare for dentist doctor surgery. Enjoythethrill & adventure of being a superhero dentist to cureallchildren coming to your dental clinic and bringing them backfromtrauma. The injured patients might need an emergency surgeryinsuperhero hospital full of crazy doctors. Sterilize your toolsandkeep your dental chair prepared. Be careful, don’t get thebonesand face skin damaged. Make use of professional dentistdoctortools like injection, magic potion, droppers and all themedicaltools you need in this funny game for kids. Play Crazy FunKidDentist Game – free fun dentist game for kids! This kidsdentistoffice is painted with superhero and dolls so that thelittlepatients does not get worried with their sickness. Help thesepoorpatient feel better again with an amazing dentistry treatmentindental games for kids. Kids get hurt all the time while playingathome or in their schools and parks. Curing those little kids isagreat fun in Crazy Fun Kid Dentist game. Brush dirty teeth tokillthose germs, pull out the painful teeth ( dental toothextraction),fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay, apply colorfulbraces andapply dental braces to straighten the misaligned teeth.Some kidpatients have a fear of visiting the virtual dentistoffice. Begood to them. Become an ultimate professional crazy funkid dentistin dental games to gain dental learning experience inthis surgerysimulator game. Be the best braces surgeon; enjoydental toothcleaning and teeth alignment at dental clinic hospitalgames. Askyour patients to brush their teeth daily otherwise theywill get acavity in their teeth. Enjoy and play fun-filled crazydentistsurgery mini games for girls and boys. Do not poke thedentalequipment in your patient eye, nose, ear or face. Checkeverypatient dental health condition before carrying out thedentalsurgery simulation in hospital games. Apply stitches in toothgamesafter you are done with the oral surgery. Crazy Fun KidDentistGame features:√ Select your patient with bad teeth fordentaltreatment.√ Scan the teeth to determine the condition indentalgames.√ Treat kids patient by being a dentist from fromhome.√Clean tooht and remove cavities and fungus with medicalequipment.√Brush the teeth, clean it with water then suck out theextrawater.√ Use stain removal to remove stains.√ Perform dentalsurgeryand application of oral braces.√ Pull out the rottenbrokenteeth.Do you have unaligned or unbalanced teeth? Do you needdentalbraces to align your teeth, but you have a dentist fear? Ifyesthen forget your fear and be an ultimate professionalbracessurgery dentist with an amazing dental learning experience.Thisdentist game for kids is top of the line Surgery Simulatorgame!With innovative medical and surgical instruments; treat yourlittlepatient at the dental clinic to give the perfect and desiredlookto their teeth. Perform the dental surgery simulationandapplication of braces like professional dentist in Crazy FunKidDentist game.
Kids Dentist Hospital Duty- Emergency Doctor Games
Naughty Kids were playing in the backyard a super kid fell fromhisBMX while playing & his teeth broke, it started bleeding andanemergency hospital situation occurred. His Mom called KidsDentalHospital to call kids ambulance. Injured naughty kid wasrushed tokids hospital and dentist was called for his emergencyhospitalduty to look at his broken teeth.In this Kids Hospital DutyDentalER Surgery Game you are little kid surgeon and teeth ofnaughtyinjured kid needs to be fixed before it too late. Start aslittledentist for kids in emergency ER Surgery room and starttreatingyour patients. Cover your hands with gloves, grab yourcrazysurgery kit and fulfill your childhood dream of becomingsuperkid’s dentist doctor at crazy hospital and perform dentalERsurgery.Kids Hospital Duty - Dental ER Surgery Games givesfundoctor a chance to become kids dental surgeon and performdentistdoctor hospital kids dental surgery. Cute Kids Nurse willassistdentist in dental surgery and will Monitor BP, respiratorysystem,fever and scan teeth before crazy fun ER Surgery. CrazyDentist!Treat children suffering from teeth problems like toothcavity,tooth damage, bad teeth and perform crazy fun ER Surgery tomakepatients happy and healthy. Doctor! Advise children not to eattoomany chocolates and candies during Xmas holidays to avoidanyfurther teeth problem. Carefully use injection,thermometer,medicines and tooth surgery kit while performing crazyfun surgerybecause little mistake can damage children face. PlayKids HospitalDuty - Dental ER Surgery Games and start fun doctordental surgerylike root canaling, filling cavities, removingplaque, teethwhitening, shining and tooth brushing.Naughty childrenare scaredto go to dentist office clinic for crazy dental surgery.You asdentist will treat super kids like their family dentist sotheyforget their dental sickness and pain. Patients include girlsandboys whose teeth are full of mouth cavity, and germs. It’s timetotreat super duper kids! Pull out painful teeth, brush dirtyteeth,apply fun braces and remove mouth cavity. Give crazyPatientsmedicine to prevent pain from crazy dental surgery. Inthiseducational fun dentist surgery game you will enjoy alldentistsurgeries and will learn the job of your dream dentistdoctor. Youwill also understand how dental surgery is performed inkid’shospital in an emergency ER Room. This is virtual dentistsurgeryhospital game. Kids should not try to perform any treatmentsonthemselves, siblings or friends in real life.Features:• BestKidsHospital Duty - Dental ER Surgery Games!• HD graphics andstunning2D animations of best dentist games!• Best crazy dentistkidshospital games 2018!• Best dentist ER surgery kids educationalapp2018!• Different super kids for fun crazy dentist surgery!
Libii Dentist
Boys and girls, welcome to Libii Dentist, the funnest teethanddentist game ever!!! Here you can not only turn yourself intoaprofessional dentist, diagnose and cure different patients,butalso can operate and decorate your own dental clinic, make ityourdreaming one! In the game, patients are not models who justopentheir mouths with a poker face, they are so vivid with laughersandtears! Therefore, if you want to see patients’ differentreactionsduring the teeth treatment, if you want to see patients’variousexpressions after their problem teeth are healed, if youwant toexperience the whole process in a dental clinic, come here,joinLibii Dentist, and you’ll see a distinctive dentist game!HowToPlay:Open the game, click Play to start. Patients will walk tothedoor one by one, click the door to open it then the patientwillcome to the seat. Tap the patient who sits in the lobby,he/shewill lie on the dentistry chair automatically, after that,you canstart to cure the patient. In Libii Dentist, every patientmay havedifferent teeth sickness, and every dental tool is usedonly forthe specified sickness, the instruction board beside willgive youtips about how to use the tool. After you heal onesicknesssuccessfully, a tick will appear on the board to remindyou, thenyou can start to treat another one. When you finishedcuring allteeth sickness of one patient, you can take a photo forhim/her,also your patient can change various expressions by tapinghis/herface. What’s more, after curing every 3 patients, you’ll getapiece of puzzle, when you collect all the 64 pieces, andfinishedscraping together 4 photos of the patients correctly, youcan get abig award ----- unlock all patients for free!!! Besides,we alsoprovide you multiple treating rooms, dentistry chairs, seatswithdifferent styles, you can choose your favorite decorations inyourown dental clinic!!! Features:· 8 kinds of patients to choose,suchas human beings, vampire, dinosaur, zombie, primitive man,monster,werewolf· Unlock additional patients for free by collectingandcompleting the puzzle( Special Launch! Strongly Recommend tohave atry !!!) · Multiple themes of the treatment room to choose·Variousdentistry chairs to choose· Seats of different styles tochoose inthe lobby · A series of facial expressions to choose forthepatients · A huge variety of dental tools to choose· Take aphotoof your patient· Share the patient via Facebook or E-mail withjustone click · Screenshots of the patient can be saved in yourphotoalbum· Continued improvements of this game, please feel freetosend us your feedbacks and suggestionsNeed You Know:This appistotally free to download and play, some basic items are alsofreeto use, but some additional items need you to purchase and paytounlock. Therefore, if you do not want to use these items,pleaseturn off the in-app purchase in your settings. Thanks.
Virtual Dentist Office - Dental Surgery Game
Our virtual dentist game is one of the best dental games forkidsoffering a real-time dentist hospital environment. Theneweducational dental surgery hospital game for kids lets youbecome atalented dentist doctor for treating misaligned teethandperforming the best tooth surgery ever. Start thefun-filledvirtual dentist game for kids by visiting the dentalhospital asdoctor surgery. From tooth cavity to dental calculus,treatdifferent tooth diseases in the popular dental game for kids.Thetooth surgery doctor in new dentist hospital dental game willdealall oral cavities and teeth problems.Doctor Hospital Game:TeethOperation & SurgeryTake patient to surgery room to treattoothcavity Do oral scanning in dentist games to check teeth Cleanbadteeth by removing germs & cavity Pick stain removal tooltoerase teeth stainsPerform dental surgery to repair brokenteethPutbraces on teeth to fix incorrect jaw position Pull outloose &damaged teeth in dental gamePick the most critical caseof toothdecay in dentist hospital simulator to provide emergencycure andteeth surgery treatments. Make sure you sterilize all themedicaltools before doing kids surgery in doctor hospital game.Adjustyour dental chair while patient is lying down to carefullystarttreatment in the dental game for kids.Experience thrill ofvirtualdental surgery and medical aid in exciting virtual dentistgamesfor kids. Learn using injection, dropper, gauze and scissorwhilefixing patient’s teeth in surgery hospital game. Perform everystepone by one consciously in dental game, beware not to damagethebone and skin. Pulling out painful, rotten and cracked teeth isallyou do in kids dentist game.Being a parent you want your kidsplaythe best dentist games and hospital games to learn how to be agooddoctor in future. You might have played many hospitalemergencysurgery simulators but dental games are the perfect starttoeducate your kids about teeth treatment in dentistdoctorhospitals.Have fun cleaning teeth, filling cavities, andfixing badteeth in the best hospital dental game. Duty of aprofessionalhospital dentist is not easy as he’s supposed to dealwith lots ofcomplications in dentist hospital simulator. As askilled dentistdoctor, show care for kid patients, encourage themto brush dailywhich can be the best doctor's advice in dentist gamefor kids.It’s time to prove yourself an expert dentist in topdental gamesfor kids. Download now for free this amazing dentistgames.GoodLuck!
Kids Doctor: Dentist
Everybody likes when people smile to each other. Smiles makeushappy. Person need to take care of teeth regularly, to makeoursmiles beautiful. You need to brush teeth few times a day.Whenyour teeth get ill, you need to visit a special doctor.Dentisttakes care of teeth. Today our beloved Hippy will get toknow withyou what tasks has dentist every day. Kids Hippo hospitalis opento everybody! Let’s meet adventures. Our kids hospital iswaitingfor its dentist. It waits for you!Every person knows thatdentistworks with problems connected with teeth. How many toothproblemsdo you know? Today we will learn about it. Kids HippoHospitalexplains to you, what dentist has to do. Today we willlearn how todrill teeth, remove unhealthy caries, set filling,fight a badbreath, give a shot, fight bad microbes and just how tobrushteeth. Don’t think that setting a filling is such an easytask.There are a lot of preparatory and exciting tasks before. OurkidsHippo Hospital will tell you about it and about manyotherinteresting facts. Help Hippo to become a dentist. Have funandlearn a bit, playing our kids educational games.This new game,likeall our games for boys and girls is absolutely for free!Staytuned, follow Hippo and make your children happy playing withthemour kids educational games!
Live Virtual Dentist Hospital- Dental Surgery Game
Hey guys!! How many of you want to be a Dentist? Then here'sthechance to be a real-time dentist. There is a famous DentalHospitalin the city of America. This dental hospital is so popularfortheir dental services that every day so many patients come tothishospital with their dental problems. So become aprofessionaldoctor in this Live Virtual Dentist Hospital game andtreat yourpatients, so they can feel better again. Every day youneed toperform several unexpected dental therapy and treatments tosolvethe dental complications of the patients. Here in thisdentistadventure Patients will have different complications likegumbleeding, high teeth sensitivity, wisdom toothcomplications,stabbing pain in chewing, tooth-decaying ordecomposition, dirtyteeth, crooked teeth, broken tooth and manymore. You need todiagnose the dental problem and solve theirproblems by giving themdifferent dental therapies like antibioticprophylaxis, toothfilling, teeth whitening, dental braces, wisdomtooth extraction,root canal therapy and dental crown therapy.Inthis Dental Hospitalgame, you will be familiar with lots of dentisttools like toothextracting forceps, dental scissor, elevator,retractors, fillinginstruments, explorers, dental cartridge syringeand much morewhich are used to perform various dental therapies.KeyFeatures ofDentist Hospital Game:- Be the real-time dentist in thishospitalgame- Perform crazy fun dentist routines surgery- Learnvariousdental therapies by playing this dentist game- Use latestdentisttools in the therapies- Diagnose the patient's problem-Attend therevisit of the patients after treatment- Get aware ofdifferentdental problems- Know the preventions for your teeth -DentistSurgery simulator game- Fun and educational doctor gameSofriendsplay this fantastic "Live Virtual Dentist Hospital" game andeveryday perform some unexpected dental therapies at the hospital.Helpyour patients by giving them the best dentisttreatments.AboutGameiCreateGameiCreate brings you the latestcreations of mostloved categories of games and apps which are allhugely loved byfamily. We are entirely devoted to build userfriendly gamesrelated to fun and learning for better educationalfamiliaritiesand enjoyment for family. Stay with us for the latestupdates ofGameiCreate.Follow us on Googleplus: our gamevideos: beglad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions andsuggestions at
Children's doctor : dentist.
Children's doctor - we all love when people around us smile.Webecome well and happy when someone on the street gives us asmile.But for a smile to be beautiful, you need to take good careof yourteeth. This applies to your pets, because in childhood theywerefor every kid. Like people, they also sometimes need to treattheirteeth. This can be done by a special doctor -dentist. Wepresent to your attention an exciting game forchildren - a dentist(vet clinic). In this entertaining game,your child is a realdentist, under the guidance of which there is ahospital foranimals. The kid is entrusted with a very important andresponsibletask - the treatment of teeth of his four-footed pups,whose teethbegan to ache heavily because of their love forsweets. Youhave to treat them in a real dental office, usevarious medicalinstruments, such as tongs, scalpels, Burmashin andmany others, toclean your four-legged friends of teeth from plaque,align them, dooperations, remove cavities and fill them. After all,they all justneed your help. For her, the animals will be gratefulto you andvery grateful. Developing games for children, suchas aveterinarian, contribute to the overall development of yourchild.They help to develop fine motor skills, coordination ofmovements,visual perception, attentiveness and observation, willshow thebaby how to treat animals, take care of them. Ourgames forkids, such as a dentist, will teach them not only to treattheirpets with love and care, but also to protect their own teeth,donot forget to clean them several times a day, because going tothedentist is not the most pleasant pastime. For the purposeofcomprehensive development of the child, we create applicationsandeducational games for children that are aimed to help boysandgirls develop basic motor and other skills, and also have fun,funand useful to spend their free time. All you need istodownload games, install and start playing, and in the futureyourchild can choose one of the most needed professions in theworld -the dentist Be sure to visit our http://yovogames.comand alsowe areat:Youtube:
My Dentist: Teeth Doctor Games
** Fear of the dentist, be gone! The crazy dentist salon is heretohelp you learn about dental tools, fixing teeth, brushing teethandmany more fun stuff that goes on in a dentist office!Bydownloading our free “teeth games”, you'll enter a world ofdentistgames with many levels and exciting mini games! ** MyDentist:Teeth Doctor Games ** is a dentist mania game with vividgraphics,adorable characters and realistic dental instruments tomake youfeel like real dentists! Being a dental surgeon is excitingandeducational – have fun and fix teeth of your patients quicklyandpainlessly! Just like brushing teeth games, our emergencydoctorgames teach important lessons about dental hygiene. **FEATURES **√The best “dentist office” where you can begin yourmedical careeras a clumsy dentist!√ 4 patients, boys and girls withdentalproblems that only the best dentist in town can fix!√ Fixteethusing realistic dental instruments!√ Fill the cavities√Killbacteria in the throat, remove redness and treat wounds√ Pulloutrotten teeth and replace them with healthy ones√ Brush theteethuntil they're all nice and clean√ Put on braces to getperfectlyaligned teeth√ Polish the teeth to remove plaque andtartar√ Applybad breath spray√ Do an X-ray and check whether allteeth arehealthy now √ Remove food stuck between the teeth usingtweezers√Apply oxygen mask to make patients relax√ Use dentalsuction tosuck out the saliva from the patient's mouth – use itregularly oryou'll get a nasty surprise√ Decorate teeth withstickers or colorthem crazy colors√ Take a photo of your finishedwork and save itto your phone√ Download ** My Dentist: Teeth DoctorGames **FREE!** New patients come to your emergency clinic all thetime,because they can't control their sweet tooth and now theyneedvirtual dental surgery! Some of them also need braces, ortoothextraction, and you're the best celebrity dentist for thejob!Crazy dentist salon is always full, so be quick and do acompleteteeth makeover on all the patients in your hospital!** Fungameswith crazy dentist provide hours of entertainment to boys andgirlsalike. A trip to the teeth doctor is necessary from time totime,and our dentist games with braces will help you not to beafraid ofgoing to the dentist office!** If you love hospital gameswithlevels and doctor games with real surgery, you'll surely enjoyour“dentistry games” where you can feel like a celebritydentistfixing teeth and doing braces surgery! Let your patients sitbackand relax while you, as a pro dentist and throat doctor, fixalltheir medical problems – this amusing pretend play guaranteesagreat time!** We know people love role playing and pretendplaygames, so we designed a collection of emergency doctor gamesforall whose dream job is to become an eye doctor, ear doctor orcrazysurgeon! ** My Dentist: Teeth Doctor Games ** is our newestdoctorgame with many levels which include teeth cleaning, bracessurgery,throat surgery and much more!** There's no reason tohesitate anylonger – be the dentist in your dental clinic and putbright andhealthy smiles on patients' faces! Download ** MyDentist: TeethDoctor Games ** and see how fun “fixing people'steeth” is!
Superhero Dentist
Be the best dentist at this Superhero clinic!All our patient istheSuperhero, who is dedicated to fighting crime, protectingthepublic, and usually battling supervillains, so theirwhereaboutsare to be kept secret.Treat our patients with crazytools likemouth spray, dental tweezers, and braces!Brush dirtyteeth, pullteeth, fight bacteria, straighten teeth with braces andso muchmore!Help them fix all their problems! Treat Dozens ofmedicalproblems!You've never been to a dentist's office like thisin yourlife!How crazy is the dentist, you can come to tryit!Features:>Tap to select from 6 adorable Superheropatients!> Treat ourpatients with professional tools like mouthspray, dental tweezersand more!> Fight bacteria to prevent toothdecay!> Selectingredients to make your own toothpaste! Wannahave more fun withour games? For more information about DoctorGames, please visit
Virtual Dentist Hospital
Amy & John were playing in virtual garden, they were havingfunplaying with friends, when suddenly Amy fell down & brokehersweet tooth. Thank God Mommy was watching them playing invirtualgarden. Mommy called the Virtual Dentist Hospital at kid’sclinicto prepare for an ER dental treatment till Amy reachesVirtualDentist Hospital in virtual ambulance simulator games. InVirtualDentist Hospital you have been appointed as an ER EmergencyDoctor,now it’s your duty in operation room to perform ER dentalSurgerysimulator on Amy. As an ER Emergency Doctor you canexperiencebeing a super crazy kid virtual dentist in hospital fullof crazydoctors, cure patient & use all your skills to performthecrazy surgery in hospital as Virtual Dentist! Enjoy the thrillofbeing a superhero virtual dentist office to cure all kids comingtoyour Virtual Hospital simulator games. The injured patientssufferfrom kinds of teeth problems like bad teeth, sweet toothcavity,remove food traces, kill mouth germs, mouth infection, soregums,dental treatment, dentist mania & they might need anemergencyoral surgery & treatment in Virtual Dentist Hospitaloperationroom. Sterilize virtual doctor tools and keep your dentalchairprepared for ER Emergency Surgery in hospital. Be careful,don’tget the bones and face skin damaged. Make use of injectiontoprevent sweet tooth decay and all crazy doctor tools you need&perform crazy fun virtual dentist surgery simulator inhospital.Fill dental cavities, remove plaques, filling of infectedsweettooth, mouth infection, sore gums, whiten teeth & brush.InVirtual Dentist Hospital simulator games you can kill allthegerms, remove any holes or remove crackss from rottenteeths,filling of infected tooth or gum, as well as remove and pullanyrotten or cracked teeth in the dental surgery game & gainoralhealth. Treat patients with professional doctor toolslikeinjection, dental tweezers & more in hospital.Going tothevirtual dentist hospital is something that many people don'tliketo do, although to have a nice clean smile it has to be done.ThisVirtual Dentist Hospital is painted with superhero so thatthelittle patients does not get worried with their sickness.Helpthese poor patient feel better again with an amazingvirtualdentist office treatment in hospital operation room. Kidsget hurtall the time while playing at home or in their schools andparks.Curing those little Crazy Fun kids is a great fun &adventurein Virtual Dentist Hospital. Brush dirty teeth to killthose germs,remove food traces, filling of infected tooth, pull outthe painfulteeth, fight bacteria to prevent tooth decay, applycolorful bracesand apply dental surgery braces to straightenmisaligned teeth ofCrazy Fun Kids. Some Crazy fun kid patients havea fear of visitingthe virtual dentist’s office. Be good to kids.Become an ultimateprofessional crazy fun virtual dentist to gaindental treatmentlearning experience in this surgery simulator game.Be the bestbraces surgeon, remove food traces, enjoy sweet toothcleaning andteeth alignment at dental surgery virtual hospitalgame. Ask yourpatients to brush daily otherwise they will get acavity. Enjoy andplay fun-filled kid virtual dentist surgery minigames for girlsand boys. Do not poke the dental instruments in yourpatient’s eye,nose, ear or face. Diagnose every patient’s oralhealth conditionfor perfect smile before carrying out the dentalsurgery simulationgame.Features:√ Pull out the rotten broken teeth√Scan the teeth todiagnose oral health√ Perform dental surgery andapplication oforal braces√ Select your patient, treat mouthinfection & soregums mouth treatment√ Brush the teeth, clean itwith water thensuck out the extra water from mouth√ Clean it andremove cavitiesand treat fungus with medical instruments likeinjection inoperation room
Dentist games for kids
Become a dentist and help our friends to have a healthymouth.Brian, Katie, Frank and Peter have come to the dental clinicforyou to help them clean their teeth, put fillings or fixbrokenteeth. Your children may perform dental treatments and playasexperts dentists. Help your kid become a dentist, it'seducationaland fun. Enjoy our amazing dentists game.Choose one ofthecharacters and invite them to sit in the dental chair.Aneducational game where children will have a lot of toolsandaccessories to be the best dentists and learn that oral healthisvery important.Have your child ever wanted to be adentist?"Dentist Games " is a fantastic game that entertains andeducateschildren teaching the dentist profession, to removebacteria andgerms from the mouth.FEATURES :- Different number ofpatients withlots of dental problems - Remove all traces of caries-Extractdecayed teeth- Dental bleaching- Remove halitosis- Putbraces on -Brush teeth- More and more dentist tools to playwith.-Kid-friendly interface! - No in-app purchases!FIND OUTMOREEDUCATIONAL GAMESEdujoy has more than 50 games for children ofallages; from kindergarten to the elderly. THANK YOU FORSUPPORTINGUS!Thank you very much for playing Edujoy games. We lovecreatingeducational and fun games for you. If you have anysuggestions orquestions, feel free to send us your feedback orleave yourcomments.
I am Dentist - Save my Teeth
Welcome to I am dentist, the best dentist games for kids for FREE.Afull version of fun dentist app you can play offline without wifiorwithout internet.Help dentist clean teeth, help dentist braces,getfamiliar with the dentist appointment, no more dentist fearwhen youvisit a real dentist office.With this virtual dentist anddoctorgames, be the best little dentist or be the crazy dentist atthedentist simulator.Game Features:- Full version up front, nopurchasenecessary to play the free dentist games full version.- 6cutepatients are waiting for the little dentist and doctor-Versatileprofessional dentist tools for dentist surgery- Colorfulbraces andpretty decorations- Simple to operate and cure patientseasily- Realdentist games with braces surgery with levels-Princess dentist modeand halloween dentist- 8 mini games to wingems and free trail oflocked dental tools! (8 mini games are:candy crush, hit it, flybird, cute jump, special one, fishing,brick breaker, darts)Wow,such a fantastic fun kids dentist gamefor boys and girls! Enjoythis lovely little dentist game now! Noone escape the dentist, elsagoes to the dentist, baby hazel goesto the dentist, here goes petdentist, there goes the monsterdentist, even the zombie dentist.Iam Dentist - Save my Teeth is adentist mania game, cute dentistgame with braces, and dentist gamejust for kids!Here you can be acute little dentist, face withkinds of tooth problems, and cureyour lovely little patients. Be anice kids dentist, little doctor!Please save my little teeth.Judyate too much candy, and can notsleep because of toothache. Littledentist!Doctor! Have you everseen a dragon chilly dwarf? His teethhave been frozen out! --- Takecare of your adorable roblox anna,vampire patients, don’t be a evildentist, be a crazy littledentist! ---Let's play the fun gamestogether now, my littledentist!Free free to download our dress upgames I Love Bath - KidsDress Up games for girls free.
Mad Dentist
Mad Dentist is the best dentist game ever made. In this dentistgameyour mission is to solve patient's teeth problem.You are adentist.Strap your patients in dental chair, grab your drill andstart. Howmad is the dentist, you can come to try it!Being adentist isn'teasy job!
Mad Dentist 2 - Kids Hospital Simulation Game
Dentist, special patients came to your clinic. They aretwoprincesses, two princes, a witch and a draft. They allhaveproblems on their teeth. Your missions are to give themrighttreatments and help them feel better. Time to show yourexpertskills and cure your patients. Features:⊙ All kinds ofmagicaldental tools to choose from⊙ Use spray to clean their teethfirst ⊙Kill germs hided in their oral cavities⊙ Start your battleto fightagainst teeth decay ⊙ Whiten their teeth with specialtoolHelp yourspecial patients get rid of teeth problems. Experiencethe thrillbeing a great dentist!
My Dentist Game
Transform yourself into a dental expert: orthodontist,oralhygienist or dentist. Practice your skills in the newdoctor’soffice and give your patients a brand new smile!•Orthodontist:Misaligned bite and crooked teeth can be fixed!Takean x-ray picture to find irregularities, then apply glueandbrackets, connect the wires and attach colorful rubber bands togeta perfect brace.• Oral hygienist:Improve patient’s oral healthwitha dental floss, toothbrush, tongue scraper and mouthwash.Don’tforget to make the toothpaste using only healthy ingredients,likecarrots, mint, aloe vera and many others.• Dentist:Eatingsweetsdamages the teeth! Heal toothaches and use a dental drill,tongs,tooth whitener and other medical tools. Pull rotten teethout, fillthe cavities, whiten the teeth and remove the tartar.Patients willbe grateful for your help! • Mini-games: Have funplaying 3 popularmini-games: bowl with apples, make fruity bubblesin the company ofbees and find all the forbidden sweets in thecandy shop. Thehealthier your teeth, the happier youlook!Features:• educationaldoctor game• over 20 dental instrumentsto use• earn stars andenjoy fun mini-games • beautiful HD graphicsand sounds
Dentist Pony Doctor Care
Welcome to Dentist Pony Doctor Care Specifically designed forGirls,Boys & Families . Do you have what it takes to becomethe bestHorse and Pony dentist doctor? It’s time to find out withDentistPony Doctor Care! Use a variety of real dentist and doctortoolssuch as syringes, drills and even stickers to help the cutehorsesleave the surgery with their teeth repaired. Dental surgeryhasnever been so much fun!Learn how to be a dentist today! DentistPonyDoctor Care has 8 patients that all need your help, and onlybyhelping all of them can you become the best dental doctor.Usingyour tools you will have to brush teeth, treat bacteria andwashout the mouths of the Ponies. Doing all of these things willletthe ponies leave with shiny clean teeth. Once the teeth havebeenrepaired it is time to play the washing up minigame to makesurethat the tools are clean for the next patient. You don’t wanttospread an infection! Put each tool into the sink before washingitwith a sponge ready for the next operation.In Dentist PonyDoctorCare, defeating bacteria in the mouth is not as easy as itsounds.Play the bug splat minigame so that you can be sure that allofyour patients have healthy, white teeth when they leave. It isalsoimportant to fill any holes in your patient's teeth topreventinfection. Will you be able to move the filling tool intothe holein the tooth without hurting the patient? Precision isimportant inDentist Pony Doctor Care.Dentist Pony Doctor Care hassome patientswho want more stylish teeth, so go ahead and give thecute littleponies some cool stickers to put on their newlyrepairedteeth!Gameplay Features- 8 Pony patients to help- Performdifferenttypes of surgery with different tools- Become the bestdentist withthis fun and free dentist simulator- Wash up toolsready for thenext patient- Defeat bugs to remove infection- Fillholes in teeth-Give your patients cool stickers to make them lookmorestylishDentist Pony Doctor Care has been carefully designedforboys, girls and families to have ultimate fun! Please rate usforfuture improvements and updates!Invite your friends to playthecute, magical and addictive games designed for Girls & Boysofall ages developed by Green Tea Games and challenge them to seewhois the best dentist doctor!Visit our official siteatwww.GreenTeaGames.comFollow us on or like us on to get more info about all ourupcomingtitles.
My Crazy Kids Dentist - Free Dentist Games
Can you give all your patients their smile back?Become a dentistandtake care of your patients teeth! Use different tools totreatcaries, bad breath and extract teeth. Play fun mini games andusethe stethoscope hints in case you are stuck on your to-do list.Thegame should not affect a child in a bad way, but it is supposedtoentertain and teach something useful at the same time. Thisvirtualdentist games are not only for Naughty kids, but also forourgrown-up crazy dentist game lovers as well! The story continuesofhow a big doctor you become for your patients and how youfightdifferent kind of little monsters in your patient’s mouth.Easy tolearn and to control:a lot of patients need your helpopenthe citymap and choose the levelchoose the treatmentchoose fromdifferentdental instruments to treat the patientremove bacteriafrom themouth, brush teeth, treat decayed teethtreat patientswithprofessional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezerscrazycooldoctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliers !Brush dirtyteeth,pull teeth, fight bacteria and so much more !fight bacteriatoprevent tooth decay !Shine up their teeth with a toothbrush!applydental treatment, remove cavities and horrible germsNaughtyKidsDentistMad DentistDentist Games For KidsCrazy KidsDentistGamesTeeth DoctorKids Doctor GamesLittle Kids DentistEnjoyWithFANTASTIC FUN.....
Dentist for Kids Free Fun Game
Discover the world of Dentist for Kids !A wonderful game forkidsand toddlers that want to be dentists !Does your kid lovedentistgames and pretend to be the best dentist ? Does he lovepretendplay games ? This is the app for you!Crazy Dentist for Kidsis aneducational and entertaining game.It is a nice, simple, fun,andcolorful game for girls, kids and adults too!Easy to learn andtocontrol:a lot of patients need your helpopen the city mapandchoose the levelchoose the treatmentchoose from differentdentalinstruments to treat the patientremove bacteria from themouth,brush teeth, treat decayed teethtreat patients withprofessionaldoctor tools like syringes, dental tweezerscrazy cooldoctor toolslike mouth spray, dental pliers !Brush dirty teeth,pull teeth,fight bacteria and so much more !fight bacteria toprevent toothdecay !Shine up their teeth with a toothbrush !applydentaltreatment, remove cavities and horrible germsAvailable forallscreen resolutions and devices, including tablet device asKindleand Samsung !Simple and intuitive, your little girl and boywillhave lots of fun for hours with this beautiful game!Thiseducational game will help your toddler to improve skillsinproblem solving, logical and cognitive skills, concentrationandmemory.Features:- high quality game for toddlers , preschoolkidsand adults- Easy to use and control- fun for children of allages,babies, preschoolers, school children and pre-teens, designedforpreschool boys and girls- Toddlers develop their fine motorskillsby dragging the dentist and surgery tools- Play with yourchild orlet them play alone- use it to keep your baby or toddleroccupied-Destroy bacteria with lasers and microscope- crazy toolsto get ridof cavities- Tooth removal to remove bad teeth- Germkiller to killhorrible germs- solve teeth problem- drill the teethand pluckteeth- paint your teeth and do magic..This is the FREEversion (Adssupported),If your kid likes this app, then you can buytheFULLversion to learn and to play, this is a must have app!A lotofeducational dentist games for toddlers and young kids!!Yourchildwill admire every kind of crazy dentist activity !If your kidlovesdentist games then you will just love this dr game !Dentistfor Kidsis a great game for kids and girls.Ideal for children butalso funfor adults who want to play with their kids!What are youwaiting for? Start playing and be the best dentist clinic in theworld !Thisapp is a funny game which also helps your toddlerimproving hisabilities.A lot of game for children, the best gamesfor kids, appsfor babies, games for girls, match game, puzzle for3 year old,educational games, all from romeLab !
Dentist Surgery Teeth Doctor Er Emergency Hospital
Welcome to the dental surgery treatment clinic of the dentistdoctorhospital and get a whole new makeover of your teeth whichincludesalignment of teeth, tooth extraction, getting rid ofcavity andfungus to get best and proper mouth surgery!! Get rid ofall thegerms in your mouth and get teeth cleaning done before theyareunder danger of decay!!! In this fun dentist game, become adentistfor day and be children’s favorite dentist doctor by givingthe bestand most sweet surgery treatment that they always and onlycome toyou for treatment!! Since you have all the equipment to fixteeth,you can fix the affected and germ ridden teeth of allpatient bygiving them the best treatment that they need!! As soonas you getyour patient, start by their dental surgery checkup,which includeschecking their oxygen and giving them thermometer tocheck theirtemperature. In the dentist hospital clinic, it is alsoimportant tocheck their ecg and blood pressure to ensure if theycan go for aproper dental surgery or not!! Patients security ismost important!!Next with your equipment begin the cleaning of thenasty teeth bysucking out dirty water and germs from them and thenfinallybrushing teeth of the patient’s teeth. After that begin theofficialfirst treatment of teeth by using a scaling machine at thedentalsurgery dentist hospital, and then inject tube in mouth tosuck outany obvious germs!! Spray mouth for cleaning thedisgusting areaslike dentists really do!!Then for next dentalsurgery treatment,give mouth injection to release excess germs andfill any cracksleft by cavity or extraction germs!! And lastlyclean the teeth andmake them look fresh and new by picking a badtooth and replacing itwith a new one and giving a finishing shine.You can also takepicture of the new teeth after dentist hospitaldental surgery!! ***HOW TO PLAY ***• Start game • Select patientcharacter • Selectscene • Begin level by level game • In firstlevel do mouth andteeth checkup • In second level do teethcleaning as advised by thegame on screen • In third level beginthe first treatment • Infourth level begin the second treatment •In the fifth level do thefinal decorating of teeth • All game playoptions are on screen Thegame play is very easy, simply follow theinstructions given on thescreen!! *** FEATURES OF GAME ***•Multiple characters • Multiplehospital dental equipment’s• Dentalsurgery simulation • Screenshotfeature • Detailed gameplay Onscreens icons and playing features
Little Lovely Dentist
All kids want to be a nice dentist, it's your dream, yes? Nowyouget a chance to treat those poor patients at the clinic inthisdentist game!Director of the crazy dentist office is lookingfor asmart kids doctor who can clean, color and beautify teeth. Areyouthe best kids doctor? Are you the best animal doctor? Welcometokids dentist office, you have a chance to help your patients,toprove that you are a nice kids dentist! Gain experience tobecomethe expert dentist and kids doctor. The dentist office isopening!Patients are lining up outside the little dentist office tocheckkids teeth/tooth problems... They suffer from kinds ofteethproblems like bad teeth, tooth cavity, dental calculus,dentistmania...Become the best kids doctor, and the best dentist intown!Perform different treatments on your patients. Extract theirteethcarefully without hurting them and see a tooth fairy swirlhermagic wand. Treat patients at the office in this dentist gameswithpretty cool doctor tools like mouth spray, dental pliersandbraces, dentist mania! It's a good kids doctor game for kidstopractice, for kids creation, a sense of accomplishment! Features:*More than 12 lovely characters in the dentist office,includingcelebrity, they have crazy teeth problems and are waitingfor thelittle dentist* Provide abundant teeth cleaning tools,colorpainting brush and kinds of lovely teeth stickers, and makeyou alittle but crazy dentist * Featuring picture capturing andratingto let you see your work at the first moment. Dear littledentist,don't forget to take a picture after finishing your work *Not onlya dentist mania game but also full of sense of education,makecelebrities and develop habit of protecting teeth. It teachesyouhow to be a little dentist! Welcome to dentist mania, enjoythelovely dentist games! Here you can help your patients, becomeanice kids dentist! You can not only turn yourself intoaprofessional dentist, diagnose and cure different patients,butalso can operate and decorate your own dental clinic, make ityourdreaming one. Hope you like this little dentist games for kids,bethe best dentist at this crazy fun office! Treat patientswithprofessional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezers, andmore!This dentist’s office is so much fun! You’ve never been toadentist’s office like this! This kids dentist games willbeimproved continuously!
Super Dentist
You are the super dentist. Adults, kids, animals like dogs&goats and even vampires & zombies are the patients! Doyourworst!Perform dental surgery on hundreds of zany patients indireof help! It’s hard to diagnose and treat all kinds of oraldiseaseswith a pizza cutter or other crazy stuffs, but finishinganimprovised dental operation makes us feel like topdentists.GameFeatures:- A huge variety of dental tools to choosefrom- Thepatient can’t tell you how he/she feels, so use your fivesenses!-Diagnose and treat the patients with unique and weirdspecialabilities
Super Mad Dentist
These poor people have really bad problems with their teeth.Normaldentist can’t do anything to help them. Only the super maddentistcan treat their teeth with special tools. Do you want to bea superdentist and cure those people’s teeth? It’s a pretty coolthing tobe a super dentist. Let’s start the treatment now.Features:►Apopular dentist simulation game for kids ►Check teethproblems andcure the patients ►Use spray to kill gems in themouth►Fill decayedteeth and replace bad teeth►All kinds of crazytools to playExperience the fun of being an awesome dentist. Thisgame will helpall kids learn the importance to protect the teeth.
🚑 Hospital Lobby - Doctor Games
One of the most complex doctor games free, Hospital Lobby,invitesyou to join it's specialist doctor team and take care ofpatientsthat suffer from a simple flu to more important caseslikeaccidents or even play a dentist game to take care of thepatient'steeth.In these doctor game, Hospital Lobby for free yousimulatebeing a hospital doctor and you can unlock all emergencystationsexcepting the dentist game which is unlocked by default.Youhave avariety of patients and you must be all kinds of doctorsfromdentist game to eye doctor or heart doctor depending onthedisease.The first station that it's unlocked for you is thedentistgame in which you have to treat the teeth for tartrum ,toothbrushing or even replacing some of the teeth.In this dentistgameyou have to move as fast as you can and try to buy upgradesforyour dentist tools to make people happier and also earn asmuchcoins as possible.With the money earned in our dentist gameyouwill unlock the doctor games stations and also surgerysimulatorwhere we will treat bones , fractures and more.Inside thefludoctor games we have to check the temperature , use ice to loweritand give some pills to the patient and try to beat thataggresivecold.Everyone is delighted by the doctor games stationbecause thecolds are very frequent and we have lots of customersthat we needto treat so those stations are very important in ahospital.Anotherinteresting level is the eye doctor care where wemust treat theeye problems.Try to found what dioptries people haveand find theright eye glasses with the perfect lens for them.Thebones doctorgames will also come in help when some people have handfracturesthat you need to heal using surgery simulator games.Allpeople thatcame to our clinic will benefit from the highest qualityofhospital services going to x-ray for surgery simulator ,puttingthe bones in place , bandage them and also use the gypsum attheend to stabilize their fractures.We need to move fast onsurgerydoctor game and dentist so that the hospital reputationbecomes aprestigious one.We really hope that you will love ourdoctor gamesfree , dentist and surgery simulator games but alsospend time inour hospital by receiving patients and emergencies butalso solveall the cases in the quickest time and become the bestdoctor inour hospital.You must apply bandage to any injury for yourpatientsand heal them as fast as possible to save theirlives.Removesplinters or any other foreign objects from their arms, legs oreven their face.Use disinfectant for the wounds to be thebest inthese cool doctor games !
Dentist fear
Going to the dentist is something that not many people like todo,although to have a nice clean smile it has to be done. WiththeDentist Fear dentist game you can have fun with cleaningyourpatient's teeth and show them how much fun it can be when goingtothe dentist. Here you can blast all the germs away, removeanyholes that may be cracked, suck all the gum from the teeth, aswellas remove and pull any rotten or cracked teeth. After you havedonethis you can then begin the cleaning process ready to decoratewithplenty of colors. Going to the dentist doesn't have to bescarywith the dentist fear game.FEATURES • BLAST the germs thatarehiding out in your mouth!• REMOVE any cracked holes using thehorsedrill!• CLEAN the teeth by using the different toolsavailable!•REMOVE all the gum from the teeth with the smallvacuum!• PULL outany broken or rotten teeth and replace them usingnew ones!• COLORthe teeth any color you like by using the paintpalette!
Baby Hazel Dental Care
Now you can play Baby Hazel Dental Care game on your favoritesmartphone for free. Baby Hazel is fond of candies. She eats toomany.Because of this our little angel has got toothache. DarlingHazelneeds urgent treatment for her dental problem. As Mom is outforshopping, can you help her to get rid of the ache by taking hertodentist? Go along with Hazel to the dentist. Let the dentisttreather for the toothache. Oh yes, don't forget to note downdentist'sadvice on oral hygiene. It is very important to live ahealthylife.Play this game to learn more about how to care for yourteeth.Be with Hazel and help her understand how to care for herteeth,tongue and gums.You can also play this game on yourfavoritebrowser on
Crazy Dentist Salon: Girl Game
Dentist Salon-it's a Dentist Doctor game! But i know you want togeta crazy dentist salon game! Every kid want to be a nice doctor,andit's your dream. Yes? When we are children, we always buy a lotofcartoon medical equipments and treat our dolls at home. So funnyandinteresting, now you get a chance to treat the real patients,youwant more enjoy this! Two girls and two boys are your patients,theygot pains with their teeth. That's so bad, they should not eatsomany candies and sweets! Choose your patient first and do acrazydentist salon carefully. Don't hurt them and you will helpthem andrecover their healty teeth. You can do Oral Spray andbreath sprayby yourself. Clean the dirty teeth, pull out teeth.That's really asalon game!Play our new dentist salon game now andyou will get fun!
Dentist Mania: Doctor X Clinic 1.0.5
Be the best dentist at this crazy fun office! Treat patientswithprofessional doctor tools like syringes, dental tweezers,laughinggas and more! Play fun-filled mini games to earn coins andbuyawesome toys at the gift shop!This dentist’s office is so muchfun!Doctor X, these patients need your help! Treat patients withstyle!Choose from 4 adorable patients and let the doctor fun begin!Treatpatients at the office with crazy cool doctor tools likemouthspray, dental pliers and braces! Brush dirty teeth, pullteeth,fight bacteria, style & straighten teeth with braces andsomuch more! Show off your style with colorful braces! You canevenuse laughing gas and watch the patients’ crazy hilariousreactions!You’ve never been to a dentist’s office like this in yourlife!Check out awesome mini games like the X-ray Machine Puzzle andMakeYour Own Toothpaste! Use the coins you earned while playing tobuyprizes at the gift shop! Who knew being a dentist was suchablast?! Features:> Tap to select from 4 adorable patients!>Treat patients with crazy dentist tools like syringes,tweezers,laughing gas & more! > Fight bacteria to preventtoothdecay! > Style your teeth with colorful braces! >Selectingredients to make your own toothpaste! > Earn coins asyoutreat patients and complete dentist activities at the office!>Use coins to buy toys, candy and crazy coloring pages at theGiftShop! ABOUT TabTale A Google Play Top Developer, recognized foritscommitment to launching high-quality and innovative appsonAndroid, TabTale lovingly produces games, interactive e-books,andeducational experiences. With over 1 billion downloads andgrowing,TabTale has established itself as the creator of pioneeringvirtualadventures that kids and parents love. TabTale’s appssparkchildren’s imaginations and inspire them to think creatively,whilehaving fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Play and discovermoreincredible apps. Visit us: GooglePlus: Likeus: us:@TabTaleWatchus: CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: * ThisApp isfree to play, but certain in-game items may require payment.Youmay restrict in-app purchases by disabling them on your device.*Bydownloading this App you agree to TabTale’s Privacy PolicyandTerms of Use at: andat: consider that this Appmayinclude third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
Little Buddies Hospital 2
Animal Hospital has 10 little patients who need your love andcare!Treat baby animals and help them get well. Some animalsneeddoctor, pet vet and dentist help, and some needs a relaxingspaprocedures and fun makeover. Fix teeth, test eyes, cleaninfectedears, fight germs, cure fever and tummy ache, wash andshower messypets, play animal spa, and more. Nurse and look afterLittleBuddies, your new pocket pals!LITTLE BUDDIES ANIMAL HOSPITALgamesfor children, toddlers & preschool kids:- Take careofdifferent animals: bunnies, piggy, cow, sheep, hedgehogs, horseandowl.- Fill the medical chart for your little patients.- Playeardoctor and clean up little bunny‘s infected ear.- Learn to usetheultrasound machine and treat piggy‘s tummy ache.- Nurse littlecowto cure her runny nose, sore throat and fever.- Decoratecow‘shospital room with balloons and flowers to help her get wellsoon!-Shave, wash, shower and makeover baby sheep from black towhite!-Clean up baby hedgehog's spines from tree leaves andsticks!- Playhorse dentist and fix his teeth.- Help little rabbitrelax in asoothing bath and.- Pull out cactus spines from tinyhedgehog‘spaw.- Little sheep has chickenpox - cure her, make afruit smoothiewith vitamins and dress up!- Test owl‘s eyes and pickher theperfect glasses or colorful contact lenses.If your kids areafraidof going to the doctor, let them play pet vet in LittleBuddiesAnimal Hospital and see that there's nothing scary inthehospital!- - -ABOUT TutoTOONS Games for KidsCrafted andplay-testedwith kids and toddlers, TutoTOONS games cherish thechildhood andhelp children learn the basic life skills throughgames they reallylove.Dress up games can develop creativity and artskills, cleanupgames build good every day habits, cooking gamesshow how to helpparents at home, pet games teach to share and care.These are justa few examples how TutoTOONS games let childrenexplore the worldaround them and develop on their screentime.Discover more fun withTutoTOONS!Play our games: us onTwitter: us onFacebook: us onInstagram: us onGoogle+: ournewsletter:
Dentist Slacking Game
Working can be tedious and boring sometimes, and when you'reboredyou may want something fun to do. With this dentist slackinggameyou can have fun while trying to keep it secret withoutanyonecatching you out. Here you can find hidden candies, findhiddendentures, eat cupcakes, clean your teeth, add bling to yourteeth,do a puzzle, match cards, tidy your hair, create a textmessage, aswell as clip your fingernails, put teeth back into amouth,reconstruct tools, pull teeth out, find a candy under cups,and addperfume! With so much slacking fun to be had, why not tryyourskills at slacking off at the dentist surgery withoutgettingcaught today! FeaturesPick out all the candies fromthetoothbrushes. Eat all the cupcakes until they are gone. Matchthecircles and hearts on the teeth to add some bling. Put thetoothpuzzle back together so it is whole again. Brush and tidy yourhairto make you look more presentable. Match the letters with thetextsto create a message.Clip your finger nails so they are shortandneat. Put the tools back together ready for any dentalsurgery.Find the candy under the cups 3 times. Many more funnytricks awaityou to play!
Dentist Surgery ER Emergency Doctor Hospital Games 4
Behold The Very FIRST 3D DENTIST GAMES on Play Store!DentistSurgery ER Emergency Doctor Hospital Games is aneducationalhospital simulation for boys, girls & kids alike, inwhich youdo Emergency Dentist Surgery in Hospital ER EmergencyRoom. In thisFirst 3D Dentist games you will treat dental patientssufferingfrom bad tooth diseases. You are an experienced DentalSurgeon inthis hospital Simulation working in City HospitalEmergency Room.In Dentist Surgery ER Emergency Doctor HospitalGames, patientskeep coming in to dental clinic of ER DoctorHospital & you’rethe only emergency dentist doctor surgeon whocan treat patient oftooth ache by doing dental surgery. Hey ToothDoctor sterilize yourdental surgeon tools, fix dental chair &be prepared inemergency room to give dental care in 3D DentistGames. Fix teethproblems like tooth cavity, sore gums & carryout emergencydental surgery with injection, filling cavities &pulling teethplaques. Provide dental care to your patients in thebest surgerygames & ER doctor simulatorDentist Surgery EREmergency DoctorHospital Games is new concept dental games that youwould surelylove, especially if you love dentist hospitalsimulation &dental surgeon games. Every city hospital dentistgames patientrequires different dental treatment & you willhave to dodental surgery to heal them in ER surgery games, unlikeotheroperation games. Lot of patient come to dental clinicemergencyroom without dentist appointment to get dental surgeryfrom toothdoctor. You are the best dental surgeon in thishospitalsimulation. Our Emergency dentist doctor games have bestteethdoctor & Emergency Dental Care with advanced dentistsurgerytools e.g. Dentist Chair, surgery braces, tooth brushes&emergency dentist office to give best emergency room dentalcare in3D Dentist gamesIt’s a new day in Dentist Surgery EREmergencyDoctor Hospital Games & here comes a new patient toget teethcleaning from an ER doctor Dental surgeon in tooth games.Take himto the dentist office in emergency room of dental clinic.Aftermaking dentist appointment & check-up, dental surgeonwillbrush dirty teeth, pull infected teeth to preventbacterialinfection & do X-ray scan in dental games operationroom. Teethdoctor has done his tooth games diagnosis & will doERemergency operation in dental surgery simulation. DentistDoctorPatients need proper dental care in ER surgery games.Emergencydentist has advised dental care & regular surgeryclinic visitsto become healthy in new dental games. Hey ER DoctorDental Surgeonexplore jaw disease & Dentist doctor simulatortools used indentist surgery games. Be careful in doing dentalsurgery inoperation games. Dentist Surgeon do not poke theemergency dentistgames tools in patient’s face. You are expertemergency dentist inhospital simulation. Our 3D Doctor games is thebest dentist Games& kid’s surgery simulator games. You willperform dentistsurgeon duty as the city hospital’s dental clinicsurgeon &take the patients to emergency room of doctor hospitalclinic intimeIn this 3D Dental games, some dentist doctor patientsarewaiting to get their dental surgery simulation in hospitalgames.Call the dental surgeon & anesthetist while you carry outtheDentist surgery in best ER doctor simulator. One of thepatientshad met with a bad accident in Hospital doctor games &need ERemergency doctor attention in City hospital games. HeyEmergencyDental Surgeon don’t forget to clean to avoid infection.This ERsurgery games patient has a history of operation roomsurgery indentist doctor surgeon gamesER Emergency Doctor HospitalGamesFeatures:• Realistic Role Play of Emergency Dentist Doctor in1st3D Tooth Games• HD Hospital Emergency Room in DentistSurgeryGames• Treat Sick Patient as Dentist Hospital Manager inDoctorGamesDownload 3D Dentist Surgery Simulator Game, the bestToothGames Hospital Simulation Now!
Superhero Hospital Doctor - Crazy Kids Care Clinic
It's not just a simple kids hospital, it's a superherokidshospital! Play exciting doctor games for girls and boys, becomeasuper doctor and treat super kids! Mermaid Emma, princessKatie,vampire Justin, superhero Kevin and alien Andy are sick andneeddoctor and dentist help!Have fun playing crazy kidshospital,doctor and dentist games for girls and boys. Did you knowthatmermaids can catch a cold swimming in a freezing water? Orthatprincesses can suffer from curses? Even vampires need kidsdentisthelp, superheroes can hurt their back and aliens may needeyedoctor care! Run your own superhero kids hospital, choose therighttools to treat kids with super powers and help themgetwell!Superhero Hospital Doctor games for girls and boys:· Runasuper hospital and take care of 5 kids with magical powers!·Choosewho to treat first: mermaid, princess, vampire, superherooralien!· Take care of mermaid Emma who got frozen in the ice andhasa flu!· Help princess Katie get rid of the evil witch's curseandmake her look beautiful!· Become a super kids dentist andtreatvampire Justin's bad breath and teeth!· Help superheroKevinrecover from a terrible back pain and be strong again!· Playeyedoctor and fix alien Andy's eyes so he could see well!· Styleacute nurse outfit for your hospital assistant Chloe!· Play inthekids hospital every day, level up and collect all kidsdoctorawards!· Watch videos for kids and toddlers and getbonuscoins!Free & Paid Game ContentThis app is free to playbutthere are certain in-game items that may be purchased forrealmoney.You can play Alien Andy, Doctor Chloe’s Dress Up andMedicalAwards mini games for free.You can purchase separatemini-games(Princess Katie, Mermaid Emma, Vampire Justin andSuperhero Kevin)or the full game version with no ads.- - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - - - - - -ABOUT TutoTOONS Games forKidsCrafted andplay-tested with kids and toddlers, TutoTOONS gamescherish thechildhood and help children learn the basic life skillsthroughgames they love.Dress up games can develop creativity andartskills, cleanup games build good every day habits, cookinggamesshow how to help parents at home, pet games teach to shareandcare. These are just a few examples how TutoTOONS gamesletchildren explore the world around them and develop on theirscreentime.PRIVACYThis app is free to play but there are certainin-gameitems that may be purchased for real money. By downloadingthis appyou agree to TutoTOONS Privacy Policy and Terms ofUse.Discovermore fun with TutoTOONS!Play our games:
Delta Dental
Delta Dental’s App gives you access to our most popularsubscribertools on your mobile device.Key features of the DeltaDental appinclude:- Show your ID card at the dental office withoutgettingout your wallet. The app provides access to your ID card assoon asyou log in to the app, and the ability to save your ID cardto theapp home screen or your Passbook/Wallet so you don’t have tologinat all. Even email your ID card to your dentist or adependentright from our app. (Login required)- Find out what toexpect withour Dental Care Cost Estimator. Our easy to use toolprovidesestimated cost ranges for common dental care needs fordentists inyour area. See what dentists charge both in and out ofnetwork forthe most common dental treatments. (Login required, notavailablein all geographic areas)- NEW: An enhanced version of ourDentalCare Cost Estimator provides an estimate for you and yourfamily’sout of pocket costs for common dental care needs, for aselecteddentist. (Login required, only available for NJ, CT, KSmembers)-Adentist search tool that makes it easy to search for adentist inyour area. Search using your current location or inputyour home orwork address. Your results can be filtered or sorted tohelp youfind a dentist that suits your specific needs. Then, saveyourdentist to your contacts, call to schedule an appointmentornavigate directly to their office with the touch of yourfinger.You can also now save your preferred dentist, with easyaccess totheir information right from the home page.-View andselect openappointment times with participating dentist, makingschedulingdental appointments more convenient than ever. (Loginrequired, notavailable in all geographic areas)-Claims and coverageinformationon the go. See your plan type, benefit levels,deductibles andmaximums and find contact information for your DeltaDentalcompany. Check the status of your most recent dental claims,forboth you and your dependents, and save time by addingyourdependents directly to the app for easy access.(Loginrequired)-Find out how your smile scores. Our LifeSmile Scoreis acomprehensive oral wellness risk assessment tool. You are afewquestions away from knowing your personalized risk profilefortooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. (Login required,notavailable in all geographic areas)-Toothbrush timer makesbrushingfun and helps you stick with it for the recommended twominutes.Listen to music as you brush and watch as the timer countsdownyour brushing time with a visual reminder to brush each sectionofyour mouth.Security The Delta Dental App uses the latestsecuritytechnology to protect your personal health information. Youmustenter your user name and password each time you access thesecureportion of the app. No personal health information is everstoredon your device. For more details on security, our PrivacyPolicycan be viewed via a link on the Login page of the app. Forsecurityreasons this app is not supported on rooteddevices.TRICAREsubscribers currently cannot access benefits andeligibilityinformation on the Delta Dental app.At this time, we donot supportdual login for our member company sites located in IN,KY, MI, MN,MO, NC, NE, NM, OH, OR and TN. If you are a subscriberwith one ofthese member companies, you will need to register for anew accountin order to use the secure portion of the app.AboutDeltaDentalSince 1954, Delta Dental has been working to improveoralhealth by emphasizing preventative care, because we believethateveryone deserves to enjoy a healthy smile. As America'slargestand most trusted dental benefits carrier, we cover moreAmericansthan any other dental benefits provider—and strive dailyto makedental coverage more accessible and affordable to a widevariety ofemployers, groups and individuals.
Farm Animals Hospital Doctor 3
Farm Animals Hospital needs a new doctor! Do you have what ittakesto become the best pet vet? Get your doctor tools and playsuperfun animal games for girls and boys. Treat seven farm animals:acat, dog, pig, cow, donkey, rooster and new patientbunny!Playeducational games for kids with children favorite farmanimals inyour own pet vet clinic! Become a doctor with excitinganimal caregames for kids. Treat the flu, sunburn, tummy ache andred eyes.Fix the teeth in the dentist office and try to find a curefor abroken heart. Enjoy the best pet doctor games for children,helpthe animals get well and learn how to stay healthy!FarmAnimalHospital Doctor games for girls and boys:· Treat and learnabout 7farm animals: a cat, dog, pig, cow, donkey, rooster andbunny!·Become the best animal doctor with new animal hospital gamesforkids!· Carlo the cat ate too much fish, X-ray his stomach andmakethe tummy pain go away!· Miss Judy the dachshund has terribleflu,help her get well and dress up with warm clothes!· Mrs.Pigsleysuffers from sunburn, give her skin spa treatments and teachaboutsunscreen!· Be the best eye doctor, treat red eyes for MissVioletthe cow and pick beautiful glasses!· Rush to the dentistofficewhere Billy the donkey is waiting and fix the teeth!· HealGary therooster, take care of broken feathers and make him strongagain!·Examine Benny's heart, diagnose love and get him ready forthe datewith bunny Daisy!· Help bunny Daisy feed the farm animalsand learnabout healthy snacks!· Collect all flowers and design yourownflower garden!· Check the coin tree every day and collectbonuscoins!· Watch super fun videos for kids and earn evenmorecoins!Free & Paid Game ContentThis app is free to playbutthere are certain in-game items that may be purchased forrealmoney.You can play Skin Care, Eye Clinic, Dental Office, DressUp,Coin Tree and Flower Garden mini games for free.You canpurchaseseparate mini games (Healthy Snacks, Broken Heart, FluTreatment,Tummy Clinic, Fighter’s Clinic) or the full game versionwith noads.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -ABOUTTutoTOONSGames for KidsCrafted and play-tested with kids andtoddlers,TutoTOONS games cherish the childhood and help childrenlearn thebasic life skills through games they love.Dress up gamescandevelop creativity and art skills, cleanup games build goodeveryday habits, cooking games show how to help parents at home,petgames teach to share and care. These are just a few exampleshowTutoTOONS games let children explore the world around themanddevelop on their screen time.PRIVACYThis app is free to playbutthere are certain in-game items that may be purchased forrealmoney. By downloading this app you agree to TutoTOONSPrivacyPolicy and Terms of Use.Discover more fun withTutoTOONS!Play ourgames: us onFacebook: ourYouTubechannel: Subscribe Kids News, ournewsletterfor families:
Super Dentist Kids Fun Surgery
Get ready to become a crazy, fun & super dentist doctorsurgeonin your very own dentist office dental clinic where youwillperform various operations, procedures, apply braces &surgeryon teeth of different kids patients in this free to playdentistdoctor simulation education kids fun game. Use differentmedicalinstruments, physician tools & serve kids patientsbyperforming different treatments & surgery in thiseducationalgame. Choose different kids patients to help them maketheir teethlook & smile better & have fun performingmedicaltreatments on them using physician tools & teaching themhow tobrush their teeth & take proper care of them in thefreedentist doctor simulation kids fun game.You are a dentalspecialist& children’s favorite dentist doctor pediatrician& theylove to visit your dental specialist clinic because youteach themabout oral health & hygiene. You fix their teeth in afun way.You teach children how to use the toothpaste to brush theirteethproperly so they can stay healthy and have a bright smile.Youcheck teeth of kids & fix their teeth, clean dirtyteeth,remove teeth that hurt, straighten misaligned teeth & fixtheoral cavity. You have studied children’s dentistry & areknownas the best child dentist. Kids & their parents preferyourdental specialist clinic over dental hospitals of the city. Alotof children patients suffering with oral diseases &toothachecome to their favorite dentist on his dental clinic daily.You dealwith a lot of emergency cases daily & perform variousdifferenttypes of surgery. Just like every day you will beperforming thesame duties today. Taking care of the teeth ofchildren. Making thetreatment & surgery fun for them. Teachingthem how to usetoothpaste & tooth brush to brush their teeth.Educating themabout oral health & hygiene. Download this funkids pretendgame now to help you children learn about oral health&hygiene. It’s not just a game it’ll educate your kids abouthow tobrush & keep their teeth clean, also increase theirinterest indental profession. A perfect educational game for yourkids!
Master Surgery Simulator
Ever dream to be a doctor and do the surgery simulator games?Makeyour dreams come true with Master Surgery Simulator insurgeryclinic! Where you experience being a super crazy fun doctorin erhospital full of crazy doctors, cure patient & performthesurgery simulation in operation games! It’s the best surgerydoctorgame, open your own surgery clinic treat patients waiting foryouin surgery clinic! Master Surgery Simulator is er hospitalgamewhere you experience being a master surgeon simulator, thepatientskeep coming & you’re the only one who can save theirlife inoperation games. Be prepared for er emergency operationgame! Makecrucial decisions check the blood circulation, carry outsurgeries& all kinds of other medical treatment on patients asyou arethe only master surgery doctor game in er hospital operationgames.Every patient has a different injury & you will have totreatthem. Many patients are coming to your er hospital in anambulanceto get treatment in operation games. You have beenappointed ascrazy surgeon in Master Surgery Simulator games &now it’s yourduty to check blood circulation & treat injuredpatients. Bethe master crazy surgeon simulator to perform crazyoperationgame.Here comes a new patient to get treatment from mastereremergency doctor surgeon in Master Surgery Simulator Games.Openthe doors & take him to the er emergency treatment room.TheAmbulance doctor has noted down the injuries on his way to theerhospital. This patient is suffering from leg twist that canaffecthis ankle & leg movements. Ankle twist or sole stressandinjuries can turn your life into a disaster. To avoid anyotherdamage from leg twist, prepare for the er emergency treatmentofleg surgery simulator now. The forefoot, midfoot and hindfootbonesneed different treatment in the matter of severe injury i.eankletwist, various tools are required to handle the surgerysimulation.Call the knee surgeon simulator & anesthetist andall othersurgeon simulator on duty to keep a check on the patientwhile youcarry out ankle twist treatment. One of the patient issufferingfrom heart disease that can affect his arms, finger andlegmovements if the heart does not pump blood properly. His veinsandartery might have been blocked. Check the blood circulation ofthepatient heart in ER emergency. Take the patient to the ERemergencycheck-up, check the patients angina pain in the cardiologyerhospital. Repair the vein & artery of the patient, checktheblood circulation of the artery and veins. To avoid anyotherdamage, prepare for the open heart surgery now. You are goingto bethe master Cardiologist doctor surgeon simulator to performthetreatment. Move the artery and veins aside and bones in thesurgerysimulation. Here you need very clever wrist so you don’thurt yourpatient. Carefully cut through the ribs and reach for thefrozenheart. Cut the chest & be very careful not to damagelungs,kidneys or stomach as these organs are aside of heart. One ofthepatient was coming back from supermarket when suddenly he felldown& broke his tooth. The injured patients suffer from kindsofteeth problems like bad teeth, tooth cavity, dentalcalculus,dental treatment they might need an emergency surgery. Becareful,don’t get the bones and face skin damaged. Fill cavities,removeplaques, whiten teeth, squirt water, brush, kill all thegerms,remove any holes that may be cracked as well as remove andpull anyrotten or cracked teeth in the dental surgery game.MasterSurgerySimulator Game Features:* Fun treatments & realsurgeries.*Realistic open heart Surgery Simulation in cardicsurgery clinic.*Save patient's lives from realistic chest painproblems, performopen heart operation.* Perform dental surgery.*Clean the teeth andremove cavities with doctor equipment .* Brushthe teeth, clean itwith water then suck out the extra water.* Pullout the rottenbroken teeth in this surgery simulation game.
Pet Crazy Dentist
Owning a pet takes great responsibility, and sometimes thatmeanstaking them to the dentist. With this dentist game you get toknowwhat it's like to become a pet dentist and help yourfavoriteanimals get their smiles back. Here you can brush theirteeth, pickoff any plaque, remove the pus with a syringe, as wellas usepliers to pull out rotten teeth before flossing any extrafood outthat may be caught. Once you have cleaned your caninefriend'steeth you can then show the world just how good of a petdentistyou really are with this fun online dentist game!Features•Use thetoothbrush to clean off the dirt from your pets teeth!• Usea pickto remove any extra plaque from the teeth!• Take the syringeandsuck out any infected areas!• Use the pliers to remove therottenteeth and replace them with new ones!• Use the floss toremove anyextra food that is stuck in the teeth!• Show off yourpets smileand see how clean it is!
Animal Dentist Office
*** 100% FREE APP -NO LOCKED ITEMS OR IN-APP PURCHASES! A dentistisdoctor for your teeth kids! So lets visit the special animalDENTISToffice & treat animal patients going crazy with pain,and learnhow to be a Good Dentist in the best fun way. Experienceevery scenein the Animal Dental Clinic like teeth drilling, teethcleaning,Dental filling, tooth extracting etc.You dont need to befearfulbecause of visiting a our little dentist. Get ready toenter thereal dentist office in this amazing dental story ofbacteriakilling, tar removing, teeth plucking, shinning &whitening.Pick your toolkit and start treating your six differentpatients inthis doctor’s office. With a set of all new treatmentsand best userexperience comes the best virtual dentist app: ANIMALDENTISTOFFICE. Lets fight those cavities, bacteria and germs. Pickthe besttools to treat your little patients in the dentist world.Become theexpert dentist -your patients need the best doctor fortheir dentaltreatment.Fight against those dental problems andinfections to makethe crying animals happy again. Animals arecrazy for candy andother sweets. Candy craving animals will need adentist because allthat Candy isnt that good. Alex, Rico and theirfriends need yourhelp so be a super cool dentist to treat themwell.*** Features ***•All animal patient cast• Choose from dog,lion, cat ,tiger• Performdental treatment with vaious tools•Tattoo your teeth with colorfulstickers• Dental thrills,skills andfun experience for boys &girls• Kids friendly contentDevelopedby Happy Bonbon Studios, HappyLittle Dentist, Ice Candy Maker,Cupcake Maker and Donut Maker.
Heart Surgery ER Emergency
Heart Surgery ER Emergency Doctor gives you the real doctorandcrazy surgeon you have been searching for. With amazinggraphicsand crazy game play, stupendous reality like operations andthereal heart transplant waking it up from its frozen state.Littlekids be a Professional real Cardiologist Emergency Doctor andgivepatients proper treatment and therapy in hospital or in clinic.Hemight need a pacemaker fixed inside him. Open the patient’schest,avoid damaging the rib cage. Track your progress; keepchecking theinstant heart rate monitor. Gain health & fitnesswith a simpleHeart Surgery ER Emergency simulation.The ambulance ishere. Herecomes a new patient to get his open heart operation donefromCardiologist surgeon. The Ambulance doctor has noted downthesymptoms and diseases that he already has, on his way tothehospital. This patient is suffering from a chest disease thatcanaffect his arms, finger and leg movements if the heart doesnotpump blood properly. His veins and arteries might havebeenblocked. Keep checking his brain, eye, ear, nose, tongue,kidney,liver, lungs, stomach and all parts of the body. Prevent himintogetting to a frozen state. To avoid any other damage, prepareforthe open chest surgery now. You are going to be theCardiologistdoctor surgeon to perform the operation. Call the Braindoctor,kidney doctor, lung doctor, anesthetist and all othersurgeons onduty to keep a check on the patient’s organs while youcarry outthe surgery simulation. But this is no easy operation tobeperformed, you will need a lot of tools to open the chest upandit’s not even easy using them. Mark the area where you want tocutand use sharp cutting tool to open the chest and abs up. Hereyouneed very clever wrist work so that you don’t hurt yourpatient.Carefully cut through the ribs and reach for the frozenheart. Youhave to wear the gloves and sanitize your hands andwrists. Cut thechest & abs and be very careful not to damagelungs, kidneys orstomach as these organs are aside of heart.HeartSurgery EREmergency features:* Fun treatments & realsurgeries.* Amazinggraphics and crazy game play.* Realistic openchest SurgerySimulation.* Use medical tools like scalpel,injection, tweezers,cream,antiseptic lotion, band-aid.* Savepatient's lives fromrealistic chest pain problems, performoperations, make tests andlet your patient a chance to survive.*Crazy nurses and doctorsteam to assist you in your cardic surgeryclinic.Heart Surgery EREmergency has so much fun options to trycrazy surgery simulator atyour clinic. There is a biggest rush ofpatients waiting outsideyour clinic to get treated. Test yourskills, become a professionalsurgeon, treat patients with painfulexpressions and make themhealthy and happy again.
Celebrity Doctor - Salon Games
***ATTENTION!!! NEW POP STARS ADDED***Pop Stars come to theDentistHospital! There are so many fans that want pictures ofyourfavorite stars... You would act as crazy dentist andsurgerydoctor, help them ALL get shiny sparkling teeth and takecare ofthe flu, so they can show off their famous smile for alltheirfans!Take care of the COOLEST hollywood Pop Stars! Use thetools inyour hospital office to take care for celebs problems andcurethem! These fashion pop stars are so sick, but luckily they'vegotan awesome doctor like you to save the day!PrivatePracticeIt’syour own VIP Practice, doctor! “Celebrities” will lovethe privacyas you use real tools like the thermometer, cough syrup,burncream, and more!Emergency RoomIt’s a race to save the VIP“celebs”in the practice ER! Beat the clock when you tend to theirinjuries!Use special tools like the vacuum, tweezers and more tosave theday and this VIP “celebrity”!Celebrity babies need specialcare! Bethe coolest babysitter and take care of Hollywood's coolkids!TONSof rock and pop stars you must be familiar with. See howcute theyare when they were babies! But they have talent and needyourfashion style expertise!Download Celebrity Doctor SalonGamesTODAY!Features:> World-famous “celebrity” come toyourhospital!> Take care of your star patients and diagnosethemwith the help of tools like a thermometer!> Cool Drag toolslikecough syrup to treat and care for these VIP patients!> Beattheclock and finish your treatments in time to savethe“celebrity”!> Earn coins as you complete yourtreatments!>Easy to use controls for kids to play.What'sinside:> 5 famousfashion superstar “celebrities”.> 2 fashiondoctor game modes tochoose from Flu Care and Teeth Surgery!>Tooth Decay! Yank thoseugly teeth!> Private Practice: 8 freetools 6 pro tools for VIPpatients!> ER - 8 tools to save theday!> CRAZY Tools to getrid of cavities!> TONS of fun miniGAMES inside!Celebrity DoctorSalon is the perfect game for kids, nomatter boys and girls.
 Andthe Game is FREE to play for All Kids!Ifyou like Foot doctor anddentist salon games, you should also likethis Celebrity DoctorSalon Game!Be like a hollywood super star,rock star and celebrity,bling bling! Celebrity Doctor Salon gamewill take you to acelebrity doctor care and surgery world.
Oral-B App
The Oral-B App is your personal brushing assistant to helpyouachieve great oral health!The Oral-B app is designed to workwithOral-B Bluetooth® - enabled electric toothbrushes, to helpyouperfect your teeth brushing, and achieve a beautiful smile.ORAL-BTECHNOLOGY✓ Position Detection Sophisticated sensors in theOral-BGenius electric toothbrush together with the Oral-B appdetect yourbrushing position and record the brushing time you spendin eachzone of your mouth! ✓ Bluetooth Connectivity The Oral-Bappconnects to our Bluetooth Genius and Smart SeriesPowertoothbrushes with Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices. Oncepaired,the Bluetooth connectivity provides features that strengthenyourteeth brushing performance, control, and compliance,includingpersonalized routines tailored to your oral care needs!✓Compatible With All Oral-B Electric Toothbrushes In addition,theOral-B app uses the microphone in your smartphone to detectthesound of any Oral-B electric toothbrushes*, allowing you to usetheapp without a Bluetooth connection. *except Oral-BPulsonicelectric toothbrushBENEFITS & FEATURES✓ Fun Zone Playaroundwith different themes, characters, and more. For brushing thefulltwo minutes, you’ll earn points and unlock NEW surprises foryourdedication. Part of your session will be recorded and at theendyou’ll be able to share your GIF selfie with your friendsandfamily.Brush like your dentist recommends and perfect yourOralCare: ✓ Position Detection Guidance and Insights*Spend enoughtimein every area of your mouth during the dentist recommended 2:00ofbrushing, and see which areas you do well in, as well as theareasthat need a little extra attention. ✓ Brushing TimingChoose atimervisualization, and we’ll help pace you to brush your wholemouthevenly for the dentist recommended 2 minutes. ✓BrushingChallenge*Take the Brushing Challenge and find out if youbrushequally and evenly in every area! Then, come back and raiseyourscore while you perfect your brushing routine. Personalizeyourbrushing experience: ✓ Dental Professional GuidanceWork withyourdentist to create customized brushing routine that highlightsareaswhere you can improve. View your dentist’s personalized oralcareguidance while you brush. ✓ Dental Care JourneysChallengeyourselfto a personalized Dental Care Journey focused on one ofseveralcommon oral care goals, including plaque removal, whitening,or gumhealth. ✓ Dental Professional Product RecommendationsSeerecommended oral care products from your dental professional.Trackand share your progress: ✓ Brushing Activity andAchievementsKeeptrack of your daily brushing achievements andreview your routinewith a weekly or monthly summary. ✓ ActivitySharingShare your oralcare activity with your dental professionalto track your progressand improve your oral care routine together.*Available for allGenius Powerbrush users. the release of Android7, some of our users have experiencedBluetooth connectivity issues.We recommend that you update toAndroid 7.1.1 or 7.1.2 as it tendsto fix the issue. If after doingthis you are still having troubles,please contact the Oral-Bsupport team on for furtherassistance. +++
Doctor Kids
With the help of this educational game you can be a doctor andtreatkids in a children's hospital. You can make them healthyagain andput a smile back on their faces. Kids are counting onyou! Childrenare coming to the clinic, injured or suffering fromvariousdiseases, and they need your help to get better. Once youappointthe little patients to the right doctor’s office, you canhave funplaying interactive minigames and treat kids in no time.Gamepresents various injuries and different kinds of doctorsandtreatments, with many colorful objects to matchpatients’characteristics. Every doctor’s office includes a uniqueminigameto make treatment even more fun. And don’t forget abouttheambulance car that is always in a hurry.Within this game, youcando the following:Appoint your patients to the dentist to brushandfix their broken teeth. Diagnose and vaccinate patients tohealthem from strange diseases.Make an eye examination test toimprovekids’ eyesight.Use a microscope to make some lab testsandeliminate viruses. Use the X-ray machine to locate fracturesandheal broken bones.Drive an ambulance car and give first aidtopatients.Treat an ear infection and take a hearing test intheXylophone minigame.Features:• beautiful high quality HDgraphics•intuitive, easy to use user interface• infinite gameplaywithnumerous combinations• many different patients in variousclothes•offers 7 unique doctor’s offices: dental care, eyecheck,vaccination, lab test and X-ray, ambulance car with emergencyroom(ER doctor), ear doctor• includes 7 thematic minigames• tonsofcolorful plasters, bandages, braces, glasses and syrup flavours
Dentist Doctor Surgery Free Game
Life is small so smile if you don't have to go to dentist fordentalsurgery.Dental surgery simulator game designed for yourteethhealth.Doctor provides you an opportunity to become a realdentisthelping his patients with modern time simulated surgery.The modernera of simulated surgery has started with different realtimeoperations and surgeries which can be performed just for thesake offun like other professional dentist games and bonesoperation gamesas well. You can consider yourself a real surgeondoctor.Select acharacter to start playing with. Spin the wheel ofdental problemsto select one from. You can spin it again to findthe desired one tocure. There are different patient and may sharedifferent toothproblems. So master all of them to become the bestdoctor in thecity hospital. Each level of this dentist surgerygame is difficultfrom previous simulated dentist game.You have apatient who wasplaying outside and knocked his tooth and now it ishalf broken andcrying in severe pain. Grab the dental chair forhim, lay the sickdown gently and grab your dentist tools to have aquick dentalexamination. The patient has bad tooth ache and acouple of otherteeth have cracks and cavity holes in them. Firstgently applynumbing potion and clean the teeth. Moreover, look fortooth plaguein teeth, find it and extract with tissue pliers. Takethe electricfiller drill to fill up the teeth cavities and cracksin the teeth.Now it’s time to extract the effected tooth withanother dentistequipment, grab the tooth extractor forceps toextract the losetooth and replace it with an artificial tooth.Thisis anorthodontist game of real time fun as being a professionalphysiciansurgeon doctor. Do fun things with professional dentistinstrumentsin your own operation theater.It is a very goodeducational game hasthe best dentist surgery simulation on playstore to make you a goodorthodontic doctor.This dental game is asimple dental procedureundergoes by following dental operationsteps like a realorthodontist. At the end of procedure, look forinfections byexamining tooth gums. Kill the germs withantibacterial solution.Apply dentist cream where necessary torelief pain. In addition to,there are also some other toothproblems require your expertise as adental surgeon expert. Dentistproblems can be caused by consumingjunk food like ice cream andcandies. Operate patient with modernday surgery techniques and usedental tools like a real surgeon. Bea real life savior physiciandoctor in your own dentist hospital andtreat your patient withcare. Features:Knock off the germs wanderingin the mouthFill upthe teeth cracks using filling drillClean up theteeth with variouscleaning toolsSuck out the remains of foodparticles with tinyvacuumExtract rotten tooth and replace with newonesPut dentalbraces to align DE shaped teeth.
Halloween Game Dentist Braces
Halloween Game Dentist Braces Surgery Monsters, Welcome Boysandgirls, to Dentist Game Braces Surgery, the funniest andenjoyabledentist teeth game ever seen!!! You can become more aprofessionalfunny dentist who is able diagnose and cure differentlittle cutemonsters. In the dentist game, patients or four littlemonsters arenot only characters who only open their mouths with apoker face,they are beautiful and funny four little monsters whosmile andmake strange but awesome voices. Meet FaZes, the fourmonsters YoloParadise, Boba, Bri and Yawn with real laughers andtears! If youwould like to see patients or four monsters’ differentreactionswhile teeth treatment, toothpaste application, mouthwashaction,plaque surgery or braces mounting as in any real dentalclinic anddentist office, JOIN the game by playing TOOTHPASTELAUGHERS BRACESPATIENTS. How To Play:
In Yolo Laughers Dentistoffice, everypatient and crazy monster can have different teethsickness whichcan be cured with specific dental tool. Once you healthe patientssuccessfully, the little monsters will thank you abouttaking careof them/her. Then, the little laugher monsters can eatand enjoymore chocolate and sweetness. When you finished curing allteethsickness of little patients monsters.Enjoy Halloween GameDentistBraces Surgery Monsters Features of the game:
· 4 kinds ofpatientsmonsters to choose: YOLO Paradise, Boba, Bro and Yawn thelaughers.
· Multiple themes of the treatment room to choose
· Aseries offacial expressions to choose for the patients 
· A hugevariety ofdental tools to choose
· Take a photo of yourpatient
> >NEXT UPDATES <<> May be a dress up gameswhere you candress up your little monsters. So you will havedentist games withbraces and dress up games for your pleasure>Including moredresses for dressup games> More monsters andcharacter such askids and girts to clean teeth games, dentistoffice and dress upgames** IMPORTANT NOTICE**This game is purelyeducative one. Itgives the kids and children basic knowledge howteeth are cured bythe doctor in an enjoyable and loved way. Ithelps encouraging kidsand children to see their dentist officevisit more comfortable andenjoyable. Thus it helps at reducing thefear and stress thatinfants my have when asked to visit thedentist.The games does notask neither post any content in anysocial network such asFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, orGoogle.The does not useany social networks such as Instagram,Youtube, Facebook, Google,Twitter to communicate and/or reach itsusers.