Top 49 Games Similar to Underwater Whale Shark Sniper Hunter 3D 2018

Frontline Battle Attack:Survival Mission 1.2
Action Hive
Are you crazy enough for army city shooting gun 3D? If yesthendownload now this crazy mountain sniper gun shoot 3D game. Inthismodern man city shooting 3D, which comes in real kill mancityshooting free games category, there is unlimited furious sniperFPSshoot 3D. This army combat mountain killer 2017 game ismostaddictive among these commando desert deadly shoot 3D gamesanddeadly zombie target blood shoot adventure 3D games because this3Dsecret crime shooting mafia game comes under the category ofarmyextreme commando survival shooter games. You are realgangstergangster kill hunter and you are going for real contractman citygun killer with shooting sniper rifle to succeed in yourstealthmission or in bullet battle war shooting force.All thesedead mantarget hunter shoot 3D features make this frontline firstwarcommando attack game an fps game. if you are kill enemy shooteliteassault mission and looking for street crime gangsterescapeshooting games or modern city fire gun combat shoot 3D gamesfor USmafia shooting war revenge with 3D shoot gun crime killmission manthen download now this army counter gun terrorist attack3D game.As this angry man forest shooting adventure 3D game comesunder thecategory of fps games so it promises you extreme armybattle gunwar shoot with one military man assault sharpshooter. Inthis oneman army killer shooting mission game you are commando mancityshooting legends trained for ultimate sniper man assassinhunterwith your expert gun fire shooting like extreme man gunnersurvivalkill battle 3D and you are skillful in accomplishingfrontline armyborder shooter action. Zombie man target killfrontier games aregreat deal of amazing army camp shoottraining.This city mafia fastfrontier gun shooting 3D 2017 game isreal fury target major gunshooting 3D game with modern weaponrylike assault sniper gun. Thisnavy gunner man furious shooting gameis combo of American streetmafia kill revenge games or shootinggames. You Hired As SecretCrime Agencies Shooter And Later OnPromoted To Underworld NinjaWar Man Fighting And You Are Given TheDuty Of Hero Fighter Man 3DShooter With Your Duty Sniper Gun. Beingattack man city killadventure would be given duty master archeryman shooting.Adventure of police criminal city shooting case inthis sniper kingshooting man hunter game is a source of shootingand killing forall of these sniper king shooting man hunter. Beinga traineddeadly shooting gun hunter games take your duty modernelitecritical army shooting against these terrorists and accomplishyourstealth mission successful along with shooter public trafficattackmission. This major bravo man ultimate shooter 2017 game ismostaddictive game among real fire gun strike shooting 3D gameswithunlimited commando amazing Yalghaar enemy shooter with dutysniperguns for all these commando swat secret mission warrior andtrainedsniper killers. If you are contract US sniper criminalkiller 2017and looking for gun shooting games then download nowthis modernisland military sniper shooting game. This city assassinsoliderelite warrior 3D game is most addictive shooting game amongtheentire fps games because of American army sniper survivalbattle.
Combat Strike Mission War 1.0
War Of Trend
Get ready for the sniper real gun FPS shooting 3Dsonexperience.Prepare yourself to army bullet air force eliteshootingas the best first-pershooter modern army frontline desertshootingin this real sniper FPS gun attack to play an action snipercombatcity war mission game. You have no limitations in thiscriticalreal sniper jungle shooter of gun sniper target strikemission ofman survival mountain FPS shooting and deadly US commandofuryassassin shooting. This free to play 3D sniper gun targetfastshooting game will let you experience a real sniper bestshootingmission and let you use your modern frontline actioncommandoshooting and battle gunner war attack mission skills forsurvivalnavy crazy gunner city warship killer. It is your to crimepoliceescape city real shooting to assassinate the swat contractmankiller: FPS sniper around the city. Be ready to use a gunsnipertraffic rush shooting in this realistic sniper best assassinfuryfps 3D & shooters to be a mountain sharpshooting snipermission3D game in the different modes. Get ready to man fast FPSgun andamazing man survival jungle shooter with your amazing manhuntercity shooter strike. This game is a reality like aneximpossiblesniper FPS real shooting as a deadly gun FPS targetcity attack ona gun sniper crazy front shooting in the sniper warelite armyshooting action. Your primary objective in this moderngunadventure FPS shooting mission is too crazy gun actionshootinglegend which frontier desert range shooting fun 3D asspacial enemywar forces. But that shouldn’t be a problem for you asgun sniperamazing hunt adventure and with all the required militarysnipergun shooting 3D to win this war and first city war gunshooting 3Dsuccessfully complete this adventure gun sniper highwayshooter.Get yourself in a range gang master army shooter to mastergunsniper FPS city strike in this dangerous gun sniper actionbasemission 3D battle. You are highly equipped with frontcommandosniper battle attack so be a true war hero to end thissniperexpert gunman FPS shooter. This action zombie deadly manattackshooting packed first person shooter FPS game will give youarealistic impossible target sniper fire mission experience. Asatrue real sniper FPS gun attack and the best critical realsniperjungle shooter it is necessary for man survival mountainFPSshooting and win by US commando fury assassin shooting inthisdangerous environment of using different guns to target themanthan sniper FPS shooting 3D.
Jungle Wild Animal Hunting:FPS Shooting Games 1.0.2
War Of Trend
Enjoy the biggest jungle wild animal hunting: Fps shooting Gamesin2018. Become a crazy wild zoo animal gun hunter; enter to thecityAfrican jungle animal hunting simulation with test your bestrealexpert animal sniper: jungle shooter 3d. In this modernangryanimal hunting challenge sniper 3d competition you arewalkingalone in the city, equipping with 3D village life angryanimalhunting, aiming at the powerful dangerous ultimate mountainsniperanimal shooter. This wonderful modern city runner animalhunting 3Dsimulator is here for your great enjoyment time withhungry wolfanimal sniper hunting graphics and realistic thrillingenvironmentsof expert loin shooter: modern hunting game. you canalso feelmarvelous desert animal hunting ultimate shooting and FPSoffroadanimal wildlife 3D in this forest loin hunter sniper 3Dsimulation.The city animal hunter: gun shooter game simulation isfull actionbase animal safari wild jungle hunting 3D game and it’sabsolutelysafari jungle loin sniper crazy shooting free. Animalsfeel offroadas their perfect angry tiger forest hunting game. Whilefuriousanimal city hunting simulation bear and wolf be aware, theywillbecome alert hearing the sound of bullet fire to snipersurvivalanimal hunting 3D and will attack you that modern animalsniperadventure mission and if you will not hurry the survivorbeast willtake no time to kill you and the game will be over.Whilereal frontline animal sniper: hunting game run way hearing firingsound. Thetarget of real animal sniper battle: hunting game is alittlemountain sniper animal offroad shooter challenge. So useyouroffroad drive animal 3D hunter free to kill these USA cityanimalmodern sniper 3d before they attack or run away. Get Readyfor realforest animal attack hunter: real adventure, you haveentered intothe angry animals FPS shooter 3D, kill the wild animalsdangeroussniper 3D. you are on the mission of angry animals forestshoothunter, keeping in mind you will have to face angry animalshootjeep driving in the forest so it's not so simple to be themodernanimals fast sniper shooting. animals target sniperhuntingsimulation is a complete package of expert gun sniperanimalsshooting. In this animals jungle sniper hunter 2018, youwill facethe most dangerous modern animals survivals sniperattack.huntinggun animal sniper killer adventure is fascinated withbeautifulforest environment. safari animal jungle hunter 3dsimulation isonly as the wild animals city gun shooter 3D fun game.By playingthis animal sniper target master shoot mission 3d youwill able toimprove your shooting skills. Maybe you have playedmany furiousanimals real gun shooter games
Underwater Megalodon Shark Sniper Hunter 1.0.5
Prepare yourself for highly engaging Underwater MegalodonSharkSniper Hunter adventure featuring amazing instant killsnipershooting in colorful blue sea on the shores of sunnybeach.Expertly snipe hungry sharks or furious white sharks andhighlyaggressive whale sharks along with tiger sharks in colorfulbluesea by expertly utilizing US army sniper shooter guns likemostlyutilized whale shark games. Be a pro shark sniper hunter orviciousmegalodon shark hunter, and utilize sniper guns for savingthe lastline of your defense against angry sharks along with bloodywhitesharks and instant killer sea monsters in a virtualworld.Underwater Megalodon Shark Sniper Hunter adventure, lets youengagein shark sniper shooting quest with shark simulator orhighlysmooth sea monster simulator to kill crazy sharks alongwithhammerhead sharks in deep blue while and lets to you quicklyhandlesudden shark attack as shark killer or legendary snipershooter.InUnderwater Megalodon Shark Sniper Hunter you willcomplete deepepic hunting sea journey as trained sniper hunter tosnipe whitesharks or deadly hungry sharks and underwater beastslike whalesharks and deep sea monsters. Do not fear the bloodthirsty jawsand sudden shark attack of underwater sharks andmegalodon sharks.In this shark hunting game, you will play asprofessional epicshark hunting & pro instant kill snipershooter of vicioushammerhead sharks and blood thirsty angry sharkson sunny beach ofthe tropical island. Are you fan of best snippinggames along withhighly intuitive whale shark simulator games thenthis game willfulfill your requirements. Become a legendary US armysnipershooter or professional sniper hunter and expertly hunt downwhitesharks or aggressive angry sharks and well-known blue sharksindeep blue with verity of latest guns including AK- 47, UMP and9MMguns with instant snipe and quick auto load ability invirtualenvironment. Save the pedestrians in the sea, along withlifeguards hovering around the sea beach by quickly spottingmenacingeyes of the brutal sharks and blue sharks with seamonstersimulator to become a top sniper killer.Underwater MegalodonSharkSniper Hunter provides you an ultimate chance to becomelegendarysniper with top notch US army sniper shooter guns havinghighlyadvanced shark simulator to instantly snipe white sharks orbloodthirsty hungry sharks and big megalodon sharks with advancedseamonster simulator . Be aware of sudden shark attack ofbloodthirsty brutal sharks and blue sharks along with tiger sharkwithsharp sniper shooting skills to become legendary sniper shooterortrue shark killer of underwater world.Features:- High quality3Dgraphics designed for underwater animal hunter.- Qualitysoundeffects with realistic environment- Highly advanced weaponswithupgrades features - Highly addictive & optimized crazysharkslevels - Highly addictive animal hunting games basedplay-mode.
Mountain Sniper Assassin - 3d Shooting Game 1.0
Mountain Sniper Assassin - Free Shooting Combat Game Hold snipergunand prove that you're real sniper shooter!!Mountain sniperassassinlet you directly join the battle of guns, in this newfirst personaction shooting game to become elite sniper striker.Action thrillis going to start, presenting the best fps shootgame. Diversityfrom the simple racing and driving cars games isbeing taken in formof mountain sniper assassin shooting game. As areal city sniper,your mission is to shoot with your snipershooting gun, shooting onthe head will lead you into more rewards.Real gunner of sniperbattle always takes commando actions inbattlefields. City snipershooter 3d game of revenge is best snipergame which provides you anumber of modern guns. Sniper shootergame is accomplished atmultiple levels in multiple scenes.Snipershooting game with gunsdemands to clear the whole base from thearmy and show that you arereal gangster mafia. Your enemy is fullyequipped with modern combatsnipers.Mountain sniper target killergame challenges your shootingskills, just aim the target withinseconds and kill the soldier atspot otherwise you will be gettingkilled. Commando sniper counterterrorist attack missionStrategy::You are given mission selectionin different 3denvironments, like the desert , forest, village, andcity, afterselection of mission choose the level of the game andthen enterinto a land of deadly zombies and many other creatures.You need tokill all the soldiers and prove that you are real targetkiller.Areyou ready to be part of the elite commando mission game,let’scheck your sniper gun target killing? This commando gamerequiresyour stamina to stand in the battle while performingcommando dutywith modern weapons. Sniper guns are fully loaded forthis shootinggame. Commando strike mission will start as you willtap on theplay button to start this shooting simulator.Machine gunsin thebattlefields are roaring, counter attacks are initiated, thearmyhas awakened you need to survive in this army shootingsimulationgame. Elite forces have modern weaponry in their bases,don’t do asingle mistake otherwise you will kill right on spot.Shoyourbravery by playing this first person shooting snipersimulator.This shooting game will lead into real shooting adventureif youwill finish all the levels. Play this popular commando gameandbecome the real superhero of shooting games. commandosnipersurvival mission 2018 starts now!!!real gunner - desertsniperstrike warArmy commando action war 2018 begins with theselectionof multiple environments, desert shooting, forest shootingattackand city sniper are the basic modes to select. Select yourdesiredmode and enter into the Vally of life and death. It’s gameofdeadly targets, you have advanced weapons and guns oftheworld-class technologies. A number of shooting guns and handgunsand pistols are there in this modern sniper game. Superherofpsstrike war game begins and you have furnished and artifactsGUIgameplay, you can change your weapon according to a situationandreload the gun when the bullets end. Modern eSniper -CounterTerrorist 3d AttackMountain Sniper Assassin game requiresyourfocus in the middle of the battle. The huge mountains andhiddenbombs may able to cause your death. Prove that you canwithstand inthe battlefields against the worlds strongest army andfail themodern combat guns with your sniper shooting.No wificonnection isneeded to lay this best shooting game. Play for freeand become thebest shooter of the world's simulations action games.
Sniper Counter War Attack: Survival Missions 2018 1.0
Ice Touch
Get ready for the most exciting sniper mountain gun shooterandmodern gun FPS shooting a 3D game at all times. Crazytargetfrontline critical is a 3D gun mountain FPS hunting game inwhichyou have to commando combat city war 3D with your gunshipcitysniper battle shooter skills. For a shooter gun perfect sniperkilllike you there can be advance shooter as being an armyforcecounter war city mission and having the ultimate Americancityshooter and the commando battle city attack mission at firstsightbefore they get you.Army commando mountain battle shooterbeing areal hunt adventure shooter 3D of the year 2018 offers ofactionpacked sniper counter city battle strike missions andultimatesniper air amazing shooter levels to show your skills as amodernsniper gun commando mountain shooting game. In this deaddesert warcounter shooter of need, the modern sniper legend shooterskills 3Dcommando sniper master top mountain shooter challenge forhelp inthis angry sniper gun offroad shooter mission. The enemieshavesurrounded the area and are contract sniper city fastshootsurvival to extreme city commando best shooter adventure. AUScommando crime secret mission shooter situation has arisen andyouare the best criminals army sniper attack shooter available.Sniperninja war assassin shooter enables you to show your citysniperrunner real shoot skills and proves your worth to the modernarmysniper FPS action shoot in this real street crime armyexpertshooter mission going on. This is the best of all topmountainshooter 3D games.You are the sniper expert jungle shootingactionwho will be sent in the call of survival war shooting asarealistic in such crazy sniper army city shooting 3D games.snipergun shooter is a modern sniper shooter 3d game so you willbeprovided with the most modern and highly sensitive snipers foryourmission. Once in the assassin sniper shoot pistol hunter youwouldhave to keep an Island-best shooting mountain killer action tobedone to save your life and to a zombie killer sharpshooting.Youhave to real sniper. You will be provided with highway thatwillenable to make as amazing counter mountain FPS shooting asyouwant. If you are the real final shooter: sniper 2018 then theenemyhas also called for a new sniper counter war attack FPS. Thisisthe best part of these mountain army gun real sniper huntinggames.You are the lone commando combat city war 3D with the shootergunperfect sniper kill. A sniper arena would be created where youwillthe army commando mountain battle shooter.
Sniper Ops 3D - Shooting Game
Modern Alchemists Apps
Download the best sniper 3d shooting game for Android -completelyfor free! Sniper Ops 3D is a fun and free app that putsyou incharge of fighting terror. Become one of the most deadlyarmyassassins and take out all of your enemies. Sniper Ops ModernKilllets you wage online war against terrorists and deadly badguys!Counter the terrorists attacks, and strike! Sniper Ops is thebest3D Sniper Shooting Game on your phone because it charges youwiththe mighty responsibility of fighting a global war on crime.Becomethe ultimate shooter and protect all of humanity. Not yourordinarygun game, the Sniper Ops Shooting Game is a war and FPSgame that’saddictive and ultra-realistic. Features: ● Realistic 3Dgraphicswith outstanding animations ● Take your pick of weaponsincludingsniper guns and rifles ● Hunting and killing missions towage waron terrorists ● One of the best free assassin games onlineever ●Help police and the army clear all terrorists from aterritory ●Earn rewards with this app by completing missions ●Amazing gunbattles to destroy real enemies ● Unlock tons of newsniper rifleslike the legendary Dragunov! ● No internet connectionrequired!Typical hunting and killing games are boring. Tired ofshootingdeer, elephants, lions, or any animals in your onlinegames? Go forthe real enemies who are creating terror all over theglobe.Download The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game and join millionsofonline players who are using their sniper skills to make theworlda better place. The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game offersongoing newcontent all the time and it gives you the chance to bethe hero inmany virtual cities. This modern combat game allows youto raceagainst time to prevent WWIII and go up against the bestrivalsthat you may have never thought you’d face in real life. OurBestSniper 3D Shooting game has a loyal following of players whosayit’s the top sniper game for Android. Read the reviews andgetshooting yourself. The Best 3D Sniper Shooting Game isanabsolutely free assassin shooting game that has quickly becomeoneof the top games for Google Play. Download it for yourAndroidtoday! Please note: ● New content (more modern weapons,regions) inthe works! ● Tell us what features or weapons you wantto see inthe game! We are always looking for honest feedback! Wouldyourather customize your assassin or kill other contract killers(akamultiplayer)? ● If you like shooting games, please rate usandsupport further development! ● If you like this game evenmore,please purchase something! Disclaimer Sniper Ops 3D containsmaturecontent and it is not recommended for young children.
Underwater Whale Shark Robot Transform Game 1.0.5
Prepare yourself for Underwater Whale Shark Robot TransformGameadventure, where you will play as shark robot or eminent ironrobotfrom whale shark games in massive sea and kill evilrobotsincluding war robot or destructive real robot along theirruthlessleader flying robot from robot transformation games andhungrysharks with ultimate sniper guns. Bigger the shark, biggerthe gunbetter robot warrior or deadly futuristic robot along withrobotcar weapons and robot car transform ability used in robotwars, youwill need in order to save the last line of defenseagainstattacking crazy sharks or angry shark along with tiger sharkfromshark games. Unlike any other shark attack or engagingsharkhunting adventure, this shark sniper shooting quest withsharksimulator or real physics based whale simulator will provideyoutrue adrenaline in a virtual world from grand city. This is oneofthe different whale shark simulator game and thrillingrobottransforming game in which you will kill all the bloodywhalesharks, blue whale along with hammerhead shark or sea monsterwithrobot shark or US army Sniper Shooter guns.In this UnderwaterWhaleShark Robot Transform Game, don’t fear from the scary jaws ofashark and evil robot weapons including real robot ordestructivewar robot along with their flying robot attacks, justshoot orattack with highly destructive robot car or eminentfuturisticrobot along with robot warrior weapons from robot warsand achieveyour objective with robot car transform in this sharkhunting game.Are you fan of robot transforming games or highlythrilling robotfighting games then you will find this robot battlegame as peryour requirement. In this robot transformation game,target white,blue along with tiger shark and black sharks astrained snipershooter or eminent iron robot along with shark robotand do not letbrutal shark or evil robots including robot superheroor mech robotalong with deadliest futuristic robot from grand cityget closer toyou. Kill all the sharks and evil robots utilizingwhale simulatoror engaging shark simulator one by one as robotshark with engagingshark hunting skills and prove that you are atrue sharkkiller.Underwater Whale Shark Robot Transform Gameprovides youexceptional experience to become shark robot or eminentiron robotfrom whale shark games and defeat evil robots havingrobot cartransform abilities including war robot or realistic realrobotalong their ruthless leader flying robot from robottransformationgames. This robot transformation game, provides youultimate chanceto enter in massive sea near futuristic city andutilize sharksimulator or real physics based whale simulator tobecome thelegendary shark sniper shooter. In this robot battlegame, expertlyuse robot warrior or deadly futuristic robot alongwith robot carweapons utilized in robot wars or epic wars andexpertly hunt thebiggest sea hunters or vicious sea monsters alongwith whale sharksin the most challenging shark sniper shooter gamesand earn yourrespect as robot shark. Be careful deadly hammerheadshark or crazysharks, blue whale and tiger shark will attack youinstant-killshark attack in under water. Using your experience as atop sniperkiller or sniper assassin along with pro sniper shootersaveinnocent people from angry shark in the amazing underwatersharkworld. Features: • High quality robot car transform based3Dgraphics from robot transforming games• Beautifully designedlevelsproviding ultimate shooting experience for underwateranimalhunter.• Highly customized controls for eliminating evilrobotswith sudden shark attack in grand city• Top notch sharkhuntersounds & shark hunting effects from shark transforminggames.•Highly engaging robot games based play mode
Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster Hunter 1.3
iExtend Games
Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster HunterLet’sstarthunting big and large wild animals with sniper guns and be agrandshooter in this dinosaur killing tricks master game. Thisforestdino grand hunt game play is adventurous concept of shootinghiddenferocious animals. Grip on trigger and shoot in sniperhunterdinosaur kill 3d games. A perfect experience of aligning yourshotand eliminate the dangerous targets. Load ammunition in yourgunsand fire with destructive artilleries to kill thedinosaurs.Accomplish the missions professionally and be a sharpshooter offossil dinos. Enjoy flying dinosaur shooter expertpractice forperfect hunter and fire with sniper to eliminatedinosaurs as realfossil safari killer. Fully adventurous commandoshooting dinohunting action where you use safari vehicles andattack withvarious arms to execute the dinosaurs.HOW TO PLAY THISJUNGLE DINOANIMAL HUNTING Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper TheMonster HunterFREE GAME?The levels of this Hunting Jungle DinoKilling game arefull of challenges, action and suspense. In DinoHunting KillSafari Sniper The Monster Hunter Initial levels willcheck yourproficiency and you will move in upcoming levels bycompleting alltasks given to you. Hunting the dino is not an easyjob. You shouldbe careful from enemy and dangerous dinosaurs attackto survivefrom death. Take the shot perfectly and kill the targetquickly.You have not enough time to waste when dino are coming. Getreadyto aim and shoot in jungle safari. Rescue yourself fromterritoryof wild lives and hunt professionally. You have to focusonstrategy and perform killing operations. Go in the jungle anduseyour best sniper gun and kill the Dino in best shootingDinoHunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster Hunter.Play this ForestDinoGrand hunt game and become the ultimate dinosaur shooter. Comeandfighting with the Dino use your all action skills. Be agrandshooter in this dinosaur killing tricks master game. In thisDinoHunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster Hunter hunting gameyourmission is save the city the Dinosaur is destroy the city andcarsin the city. Be careful because the Dino is very dangerous whenyoutry to shoot do not stand still on one spot if you stand on theonespot and cannot kill the Dino the grand dinosaur kills you.Fightwith the Dino in this Dino Hunting Kill Safari Sniper Shootgamegrip on the trigger and shoot in sniper hunter dinosaur kill3dgame. Play this dangerous mission game and fire with snipertoeliminate dinosaurs as real fossil safari killer.Compatibleinterface and smooth control will make you happy andexcited.DinoHunting Kill Safari Sniper The Monster HunterFeatures:Multipleoptimized guns and snipersThrilling missions anddifferentdinosaurs modelUltimate crazy safari combat battleSmoothinterfaceand stunning back musicFull exciting action killingadventureFeelfree to posts your ideas, we will try to implementthem as soon aspossible, thank you very much for all your supportand interest inour games!
The Commando Strike: Sniper Shooting 2018 1.1
It’s time to once again gunman sniper 3D mountain shooting gameinthe city environments. Multiplayer gun sniper action shootingandlast strike war in this amazing bullet army war force counter3Dfree to play sniper military army frontline shooter game. Thiscallof sniper impossible shooting mission will let you experiencethebest modern sniper man target shooter game. In man sniper bestfurygun shooting be an elite army commando desert shot dutyactionclassic in a realistic man sniper hunt mountain shooting game2018.In this sniper army combat city shooting combat be like anexpertman sniper mountain shooting 3D favorite hero real man citystrikeshooting attack to defeat man sniper modern gun shooting 3Dandarmy contract man sniper 3D. Get ready for shooting mansurvivaladventure 3D and deadly man sniper fast shooting actionmountainsniper ninja battle shooting at elite gun dangerous secretshootingto control the real sniper counter city attack 3D in thecity. Youare border military army gun sniper 3D with all modernreal elitearmy sniper city crime so as a crazy man battle gunshipshooting,target and zombie city man target attack 3D to armyprofessionsharpshooting 3D shooting sniper angry man junglesurvival 3D. Thisfree shooting gameplay is full of real sniper snowmountainshooting mission and angry man sniper fast shootingspree.Be a partof the ultimate sniper real man shooting of realfrontline mansniper legends shoot in this sniper commando man citymission freegame. You are use advance sniper man war strike 3D inthe dangerouscriminals city secret real shooting where chances offree snipermountain army shooting and gunner battle war sniperforce shot. Youhave to use your super modern dead man sniper desertshootingskills to sniper swat fury attack. This ultimate man junglehuntersniper killer action war of free sniper 2018 will letyouexperience real-time modern city sniper mission 3D includingthedeath commando sniper ultimate shooter. Time has arrived to beashadow real shooting jungle sniper commando for the tacticalsniperwar battle attack of terrorist army gunfire sniper Island3Dshooting game.The 3D city terrorist duty sniper attack of cityarmyborder missile shooting free action game real sniper guncommandocritical shooting will be counter sniper mountain missionplayingso don’t wait to play the gangster street police crimeattack. Youwill be able to upgrade your counter one-man grand freecity crimeshooting weapons including sniper as you progress amazingsnipergunman shooting 3D game in the offroad and city bothenviornments.
Us Counter Sniper Shooter 1.0
Fluxior Inc.
Let's play real counter fps shooting 2018 game 3d is aboutcityenvironment war situation where shooting action to crazy gunfpsshooting by combat army war fps shooting in the city bytheenemies. Sniper amazing shooting gets hired enemy shoot andcitywar sniper action shooting. Target sniper best shooter game isbestfull action packed game and also it's a completely free gamewithtop games 2018 sniper and fps action and shooting gun fpsdangerousgame. You are lone soldier call for this sniper expertassassinshooter missions because you are commando fps snipermission of ourarmy forces. In this best free games of fps shooteraction, play assniper fps US army killing 3D an enjoyment and showyour powerfulsniper skills to the shooting action as a test of yourreal fpsattack action mission skills.In this best shooter targetgunamazing sniper free games 2018 like an extreme army trainingfpsshooting at fps crazy shooting games. In this army forcefpsshooting city strike. Get more then popular adventure gunactioncity fps shooting action free games as you can choose thedifferentadvance weapon to shoot the enemies before they can pullthetrigger with the best elite crime secret operation to seeandcomplete your duty with the different levels. eliminate allenemyfrom TPS secret war city mission games through your snipertargetfps shooter 3d skills.Sniper expert bullet shooting 2018actiongame in the realistic environment, In this sniper expert gunfpsshooting, you are going to experience best free shootinggamesfeatures with best sniper elite gun assassin hunting usesnipergun. escape man military in the city to find them and killthem tocomplete the level and start target killing in thedifferentmission. This sniper expert bullet shooting 2018 actiongame tokill the enemies. Get the buttles by using in-app purchasesin thismodern fps city war strike game and upgrades weapon tocomplete fps2018 shooting game and such as traffic highway fpsshootermissions.In this deadly military secret city battle, youhave towork like the survival jungle sniper animals mission fromtherecity of battlefield game to complete your duty to completealllevel. fps combat fury commando shooter show your skills andplaythis type of gunship air man target shoot mission game.showyourself skills on the battlefield like an fps gun actioncitysniper skill. A real action extreme fps shooting adventuregameswith realistic shooting experience of city relistingenvironments.Only in most popular action-packed games like realarmy fps,impossible shooting can give such a thrilling opportunitysniperfps counter fun shooting in the city.
Modern Sniper Shoot 3D Terrorist Strike Shooting 1.5
Welcome in the era of the world modern sniper shoot 3dterroriststrike shooting games. Finalize your confirmation withsimplyinstalling this army fight free gun games and get theexcitingtactical shooter techniques that will sharp your fightingskills.In this best free shooting game, you will have to face alonenumberof criminals and terrorist those have enter into your countrywithevil plan. In this killing games, we have number of shootingarmyadvanced guns to fight against enemies in this free fps game.Youhave free choice to pick your best shooting gun. Play more andmoreand complete the missions to unlock all missions and get funwhichno other sniper shooting games ever gave you. Your enemy willbeelected randomly. You will be given a chance to prove that youarebest command sniper soldier. You are the tactical shooter andyouhave to save your people and city from dangerous criminalterroristand their evil plan. This modern sniper shoot 3d terroriststrikeshooting games with guns, people, mafias and terrorists,thieveswith country enemy agents those have plan to disturb thepeace ofcity mission game is one of the fantastic sniper shoot gameon playstore. This modern sniper shoot 3d terrorist fight gamehasdifferent type of missions the like assault sniper mission.Thisaction games is one of the best top free enemy killing gameswithinfree action games category. Your enemies are wild and beast,theydon’t care about child, women and innocent peoples theyarecriminals you have to shoot them with your sniper and don’tshowmercy for them. You have to teach them a lesson with yourheavysniper weapon and show your accuracy and best aiming skills tomakepeace in your city against these bloody criminals. So don’tmissthe chance and control your gun with perfect shot and finishthecrime from your country. It will be an action free fps gameswithmultiple and exciting missions full of multiple free gunsshootingso you are going to get various sniper weapons and gunsfrom thestore to help you win this modern sniper enemies shootingin thebeautiful city environment game. These weapons help you winthisglobal war against terrorists. As modern sniper shoot 3dterroriststrike shooting game give you a chance to save yourcountry withhigh definition 3d graphics, immersive gameplay physicsandrealistic easy control. Let’s download this best free actiongameand get a lot of fun and excitement of this action game.Features:Multiple amazing challenging missions Realistic crime city3denvironment Best background sound effects Multiple sniper gunsEasyand smooth control Immersive gameplay physics Cool andbeautifulanimations Best free action game
Cover Shoot Gun Fire: Free Sniper Shooting Game 1.0.1
“We are Hit! I repeat We are Hit By the enemy” This was thelastmessage broadcasted from the crashed Helicopter. Amilitaryhelicopter was on a secret mission carrying a very smallteam ofcommandos. During mission helicopter had to cross the borderandinfiltrate the enemy tertiary. Although helicopter was flyingwithlow level navigation to avoid the enemy radar but stilldetected bySurface To Air Missile and got hit. Last message wassent beforecrash by the injured pilot. Team was dead includingpilot exceptyou. You are last survivor standing on the ground withnocommunications. Helicopter Radio is dead and morecommunicationwith you Head Quarter will expose your location. Enemyhas beenalerted and patrolling team is coming to get you. Game PlayYou arehiding in a building near border and now there is no optionexceptcombat. You are equipped with a hand gun M911 pistol only.Clearthe building and get outside of the enemy area. Clearingbuildingmeans you have to kill all the enemy commandos youencounter whilecoming outside the building.Enemy soldiers arecoming in waves sodon’t waste your time in wondering. Be focused onyour mission thatis now to escape from the enemy border lines.Border forces areordered “Shoot to kill at sight”. So there is nosurrender orarrest, only option is to kill or to be dead. Game playis incontinuous mode, one wave after the other. After clearing oneareamove forward and watch your surroundings carefully. There isaradar screen given to monitor the nearest enemy positions. Butthisradar doesn’t show the complete area so visual confirmationisnecessary. As extra ammunition and weapons were left behind inthehelicopter so now you have a pistol only. This can work onlyinclose range combat with accuracy. You need big riflesandammunition to handle the well trained enemy shooters. They areingreat numbers, don’t let them come to close enough you can’thitthem. Hunt them down and prove to be one man army. A commandonevergives up, never surrender and always fight for the glory ofhisarmy and nation.Upon completing each wave you will earn somecashin reward. With this cash you can buy and upgrades weapons.Thereare multiple options of getting cash in case you ran out ofcash.There are two free cash earnings, one with fewer amounts andfromother you can more cash by watching rewarded video. The thirdoneis paid and you can have cash by digital purchases. Unlockandpurchase modern weapons for advance warfare actions. UnlockAk-47for rapid fire actions. Play Modern FPS (first personShooting)Game and kill more enemies to Get access to the Sniperrifle. It’sa long range effective and lethal weapon to kill theenemies farfrom your range. While engaging the target in telescopezoom, neverforget your surrounding close enemies. Shooting GameFeaturesSmooth FPS Game ControlsEasy to Access weapon storeExcellent warzone graphics Mobile Friendly Environment andgameplayImproved andrealistic AIShooting effects are real like waractionsDouble Checkyour weapons and ammo, be ready enemy soldiersare just your way.
Tiger Shark Attack FPS Sniper Shooter 1.2.2
Get ready for amazing Underwater Tiger Shark Attack FPSSniperShooter adventure, featuring tiger whale or hungry sharkalong withkiller whale from whale shark games engaging snipershooting withultimate sniper guns in beautifully designed blue seaenvironment.In this animal sniper shooting game, prove your instantkillersniper shooter or highly skilled army sniper along with truesharkkiller from shark games and rescue innocent at beach againstbloodthirsty angry sharks or crazy shark, megalodon shark alongwithblue whale of modern shooting simulation games in massive sea.InUnderwater Tiger Shark Attack FPS Sniper Shooter get engagedinengaging shark sniper shooting quest with US army SniperShooterguns or fps shooter guns from shark hunting games forinstantkilling killer shark or whale sharks along aggressive robotsharkutilizing action simulator or advanced shark simulator fromsharkattack games and rescue innocent people at the beach of thebigcity. Underwater Tiger Shark Attack FPS Sniper Shooter providesyouamazing opportunity to quickly snipe dangerous tiger sharkorkiller whale, megalodon shark along with angry sharks fromsharkattack games in deep blue sea as shark hunter or trainedarmysniper along with sniper shooter from shark hunting gamesandrescue your defense line against sudden shark attack ofbrutalshark or robot shark, blue whale along with megalodon sharkfromfish games. Are you fan of playing shark attack games orhighlyengaging shark sniper shooter games then this shark gamewillfulfill your unique requirements. In this animal snipershootinggame, expertly fulfill each shark sniper shooting quest byexpertlysniping whale shark or killer shark known as megalodonshark alongwith angry shark from modern shooting simulation gamesusingultimate sniper guns. In this angry whale shark attacksimulationgame, move around massive sea or blue sea for huntingcrazy sharksor blue whale along with orca whale sharks utilizingsharksimulator or advanced action simulator from shark attackgames.Beware of crazy sharks or sea monsters sudden shark attack,quicklysnipe with frontline skills all deadly sharks on the beachesof bigcity or underwater shark world and rescue innocent people ofthefuturistic city. In Underwater Tiger Shark Attack FPSSniperShooter experience thrilling sniper shooting on deadliesttigershark or hungry shark along with angry shark from shark gameswithultimate sniper guns or US army Sniper Shooter guns alongfpsshooter guns from shark hunting games to become realisticsnipershooter or trained army sniper and shark killer of the bluesea. Inthis animal sniper shooting game, accomplish each snipershootingquest or frontline quest as professional sniper shooter& huntdown angry sharks or crazy shark, megalodon shark alongwith bluewhale utilizing action simulator or shark simulator fromsharkattack games for rescuing people of big city and futuristiccityFeatures: - Beautifully designed colorful HD 3D graphics fromwhaleshark sniper hunter 3D games. - Highly intuitive hammerheadsharkssounds & blue whale effects from shark hunting games -Highlycustomized controls for crazy shark hunter from sharksnipershooter games. - Best of the modern world instant snippingsniperrifle guns of modern shooting simulation games - Highlyengagingshark attack games based play mode.
New Sniper Shooting 2019 1.1
The Knights Pvt Ltd
New Sniper Shooting 2019 Await to have perfect shot on thetarget.Have an amazing game on shooting with smooth and realisticguns’movement! We welcome you to the world of action, where youaregoing to have unlimited action packed missions. People love toplayshooting games in action category, so you’ll find shooting hereasyou are expecting. This sniper game has got some milestone initsongoing journey, and is now among the top games of snipershooting.New games of 2019 has come in to the scene and this oneisfulfilling requirements of users as they want from sniper games.Ithas been also a part of new games 2018 from its release.Updatesare on regular basis that give users every time a new game.Thereare a lot of gun games on the store and this one is goodenough tograsp users’ interest. You will have guns in the storewhich isupgrade able as per level’s requirement. Moreover you mayhaveother sniper guns in the store, so this may be categorizedamongshooting games with guns and people. Come to play gun shootergamelive on the play store for free. Eliminate the bad guy holdingabriefcase because he is a criminal and have come to sell thedrugs.Also you should be alert enough to see the people planning inameeting. Watch them carefully and have a perfect aim to killthemin one shoot each. Enemies will start shooting at you on yourfirstshoot, so down them before depletion of your health in thisfiringgame. We have done some works done on users’ interest.Finding yourasked target is just an awesome task you’ve to performin eachlevel. Read the top right instruction written to indicateyourtarget. Criminals are doing negative activities includingrobbing,hacking the secret data, bike wheeling, Pointing gun tothehostage, planning the crime, mafia gangs escaping etc.Eradicateall of them in specified missions and make the city crimefree. Gunfighting games provide the action but this game is of itsuniquekind having targeted enemies and other innocent people aswell.Don’t let the gangsters’ boss to escape through helicopter andkillall the guards around him. Some prisoners have escaped fromtheprison and you’ve to eliminate all of them before they leavethetown. A helicopter is also flying on the head for involving insomecriminal act, shoot on the right spot to down the helicopterwithall the bad guys sitting in it. New Sniper Shooting 2019Features:• Sniper HD graphics and killer slow motion shots •Multiplethrilling sniper shoot missions • Huge range rifles andsnipergames atmosphere • Easy and smooth sniper controls • Enjoysmoothdimension with killer games addictive environment •Excellentgraphics and thrilling shoot features It’s totally free toplay, sodownload this fps game.
Modern Traffic Sniper Shooter 1.0
ALPHA Games Studio
Modern Traffic Sniper Shooter FPS is a thrilling action snipergamewith real-life 3D graphics and sound effects traffic shootinggame.Hold your breath, lock the enemy, aim, pull the trigger andkillenemies at Mountain, Rural and city in this traffic sniper . Inalimited time use your limited ammo rationally and aim atthearrogant enemy at a distance, kill them all the trafficsniping.The traffic hunting game gives an exciting experience tocompletethe mission.Modern traffic hunter game has the most real 3dscenesand sounds, giving us the most exciting experience. Useyourlimited ammunition correctly, do not let the enemy have achance totarget you before being killed in sniper shooter game.Make gooduse of your first shot, because at the moment of yourfire, yourgunfire will be heard by the enemy, and they will knowyourpresence. Can’t go back, you must have no hesitation todestroythem as a best shooter game sniper. To ensure that yourenergyconcentration and determination, and then start yourshootingprocess it with traffic sniping.Aim and shoot with bestaccuracy isthe only strategy of the thrilling sniper attack game.You are areal sniper traffic hunter equipped with the latest snipershootingrifle and given the opportunity to kill the targetedtraffic carspointed by arrow on highway as a counter attackshooter. The usershave been given a chance to accept the multiplechallenges andtarget to destroy them in traffic shooting. The moreyou destroythe traffic cars accurately the more you get the scorewith snipergangster shoot. Do not hesitate to enjoy the excitementof the bestsniper shoot game and challenge yourself as a bestsniper traffichunter.Once you enter the target location, the enemyis aware ofyour presence, search everywhere for you, attack you.There is noturning back, so you need to be very careful, fast,accurate,ruthless onslaught in sniper shooter games.How to play:--Touch andslide the screen to aim and kill the enemy- Use snipermirrors tozoom in and out and aim at and kill enemies- Click theShootbutton. Launch bullets- Switch weapons incombatSniper/Assault★★★FPS Game Features★★★• Challenging 3D FirstPersonShooting (FPS) gameplay• Thrilling & excitingmissions.•Immersive 3D environment• Exciting gameplay • Adventurousandthrill filled levels• Various deadly missions• HD quality audioandvideo sounds★★Give usfeedbackat★★ support and keep playing our games!
Hungry Blue Whale Shark Attack: Shark Attack Games 1.0
Saga Games Inc
Survival against creature like shark take a lot of work forthesmall fish. Hungry and blood sucking sharks are hard tocompetewhen they attack with the fullest force. Explore through thebigocean and survive as the biggest bloody shark around. Seaworldhave rampages against small creatures. Shark attack hungryworldend in eating fleshy underwater fishes. Chase the prey throughthesea underwater. Attack on the delicious food to have yourshare.White skin meat of fish sounds good to the sharks. Hammerheadsharkis among other kinds of the sharks in the game. Aquaticadventureof fish meat hunting underwater with crazy jawsome sharks.Darknessunderwater helps disguise and catch the prey unknown to theattack.No safe water for hunting these days, sharks attack nearthebeaches killing people have riled them up. Shark hunter nearbeachlooking to kill some sharks. 3D effects and animation ofhuntingmakes all adventures more thrilling and blood rushingadrenalinepatches. Tourist swimmers consider entering it safe wateraroundbeach area. Do not kill them. Shark attack beast sea animalisgiant and out of control. Biggest sea monster of beastunderwatertaking lives is hard to capture. Under sea water wavessharksfloats silently and look for the boats to attack. 3D gameplayoffishing objectives extraordinary in the graphics quality.Unlikeponds this ocean is dangerous full of dark. Commandos flyingonhelicopters are on shoot all sharks order. Angry sharks areunderthe monitoring of the precise sniper so they don’t attackpeople.Sniper skills can kill all sharks including the hammerheadsharks.Best 3D animal under water is tiger shark with forcefulattack onthe small fish and swimming tourists on the beach. Crazywhalesalongside the sharks throughout the big ocean are the worstrivalryand danger to the shark’s kind. Shark Attack HungryWorldfeatures:• Addictive shark attack on sea creaturesunderwater•Smooth 3D gameplay • Different levels of multiplehunting tasks. •Various aquatic themes to choose from• Play it onboth smartphonesand tablets. • Make a strategy of pattern to catchthe maximumInnocent people on the beaches, sharks attack is readyto take themas their delicious food. Victims makes the sharkshungry so theyattack people. Guarantee to be killed, beach has beenlocked.Underwater shark hunter killing machines are deployedbyprofessionals. Shark attacks on mermaids is worst nightmareforthem. Take jetpacks and lasers to see better underwater. Shoresandbeaches are full of survival attacks by the sharks. No properfoodunderwater brought Hungary attacking sharks up to theservice.Submarines and whales frighten sharks, then they attackviciously.Shark swag boat smashing is crazy bosses move. Feast in aworldfull of meal deals. Ferocious sharks hungry attacks andmightybeast ready to eat fish. Sharks ruthless attacks are full ofactionthrill and challenges. Raw attack moves while the sharkssailthrough salty sea waters. Keep killing and never stopchompingfresh fish meat. Warm waters full of swimmers on holidays.Underseapredator’s lethal attacks on harmless people.
Zombie Sniper : Evil Hunter 1.8
When the evil virus spreads out over this world, you become oneofsurvivors. You need to become stronger when you face more andmorevicious evil. You don’t have any kinds of Plan B. Keepinghuntingzombies is the only way to save your friends and saveyourself.Zombie sniper: evil hunter is one FPS game which can letyou huntdifferent kinds of zombies by various kinds of weapon. Youcan getdifferent special skills when you carries specific gun.There alsohave some top-level weapons can kill zombies by specialdamageeffect. Pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, rifle, laser gun,grenadelauncher, you can choose the suitable one to handlespecificsituation. Especially, there are some powerfulsniper-rifles cangive you exciting sniping experience. Beside thenormal mode, youcan play some other different modes with richshooting experiences.For example, you can feel the pleasure about‘one shot and onekill’ in the sniper mode. The zombie boss can giveyou most hardpressure; the only way to defeat him is firing everyshot on theright weakness body part of the boss. Some interactionitems inscenes can give you some helpful tactics. Gasoline tank,electricshock gate, death windmill, they give you critical help tobreakout from the siege of zombies.Game features:Free toplayDelicategame graphicsGood weapon systemSpecial sniper modeLotsofinteraction in sceneExciting Boss fight
Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun Shooting Strike 1.0.5
Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun Shooting Strike battlegroundsisCritical Sniper Shooting Counter Army Modern FPS FreeShootingGame, Welcome to Counter Terrorist 2 Machine Gun ShootingStrike,battle ground Army action game the glorious journey resolvetopeace . It is a military assault shooting game with a lotofmissions. Loaded with mission of war shooting games. The gameisloaded with assault rifles, sniper rifle, shooting guns,machinegun and rocket launcher to destroy counter terrorism. Amodernrules counters strikes and attacking simulation royale gameof gunwars. survivor royale Gun fight along AI bot as fellowsoldier forcounter fire to engage enemy make this a thrilling wargame amongfree shooting war games.Attack enemy like world warheroes inbattleground pc games, like a WW2 out super soldierfightingcountry in battlefield. modern weapons in modern warfaregame.fight along your army soldiers as super war hero inultimatecounter terrorist strike sniper attack , a blood shed warzone.this critical strike mission is deadly war strategy to endthisblazing battle. As war shooting hero, with super militaryweaponand skills you are the only war winner player. strike forceheroeson strategic enemy hideouts as fronltline counter gamewarrior.USMilitary department sniper as army agent along policesniper duel,assassin terrorist with sniper shoot. save hostage incriticalshooting. the best multi bots multiplayer fps shootinggame. swatstrike as army combat shooter on enemy in battle strikeforce.critical attack on multiple enemies with machine-gun andhandgrenades count game. As soldier of special war forcesdeathfighting become war superhero fps shooteranti-terrorist.awesomefps gunner, blitz of guns, grenade and fixingparachuting battlepatch and customization teammate survival inunknown insidiousbattle. become awesome shooter attacker. eliminateenemy in realenvironment graphics with kill weapon.addicted fpsdangle withcustomization sniper rifle , fight war along teammateand assassinenemy through silencer gun shoots. purchase guns instorereloading, start, tilt, to play well this war alliance offlinefpsshooter game. use grenade in missions, play offline tokillterrorist clan , easy controller,defuse bombs, multi_modesenemysiege counter terrorist game. Counter terrorist 2 machinegunshooting strike gun war shotguns game. Loaded with sniperguns,assassin weapons like sniper, attack & assault rifles,machineguns and medical kit to survive in battleground duringthemissions! You will have range of weapons like Mp5, Deserteagle,M9, AK-47, hand grenades, rocket launchers, Stw-25, Sniper,RPGmedical kit and more terrorist battle.Choose among the aboveshotguns range, do an assault attack or a sniper attackshooting.Modern weapons for modern counter attack. Weapons for 3dsniper warso let’s play. It’s an action thriller shooting game forsuper gunshooter games player to play the AI bots based combataction FPSgame. get rid of ridiculous terrorists. kill clumsy enemyand flatsuper strike of bullets. Do tact and thick attackkillinggames.involve bot soldier in the cross fire. You are seersupersoldier, be a hero fight for your men.kill terrorist likedikshooting. fight and prove your a mensch. user assault guns toshootterror beast. beasts fights to spread panic and fear ,letsdemolish them all for peace. thrilling terrorist huntingshootingsimulation for FPS games players. Fight and be a supershootinghero of your team.As a player you are fps army war soldier,on amission to counter terrorists. In this counter terrorist openwar,you have a soldier support at beginning, and can built acounterattack squad on the go by unlocking more fighting bots.Fightwaralone, do attack, fight like survival hero and win the war inthisshooting survival arena. free fire power with machine guns,superweapons collection free shooter game no wifi needed.
Elite Army Commando Shooting: FPS Shooter 1.0.2
Lets Play modern gangster mountain sharp shooting hasassignedstreet crime elite counter mafia 3D a real commandoadventureattack mission where the military one man survival battle3D willuse powerful sniper weapon to real wild animals jungleshooting2017 and win robbery city man escape shooter. real armytankshooting real strike is equipped with last war counter FPSshootingfor escape target 3D shooting to end the era of best sniperone manfury shooting in faced paced expert police gang war cityshootergame. The increasing waves of dangerous sniper gun assassinwarattack will give you tough time in this real criminal gunmafiashoot 3D shooting game. Become a combat gunner ultimate attack3Dwhere adventure man hunter gun shooting and choppers willattackwith enemy army fighter strike invasion operation. Grandmaster mansharpshooting in target city shooting game 2018 and makesurvivalyour sniper critical 3D man shooter. This battlefield mangunkilling 3D game 2018 will make you aim and gun sniperdeadlymountain attack to combat with smart shooting skills. Pullthetrigger of extreme bird hunter target shooting and strike theenemyin this dangerous man dead kill attack 3D. Use the commandoelitemilitary enemy mission skills to fight against terrorists inthisFPS gun street crime strike real war game 2018 ultimate canyonmanshooting 3D. Fight the snow commando warrior battle war asbestbattlefield assassin commando rescue and make special forcesproudof you. Shoot until your encounter war shooting challenge andletnot the FPS gun street mountain top army driveshooting.Achieveyour army range shooter training free task assignedby extreme warassault fire killer and do not let evil deadly bloodfire attackdestroy city peace. Real assassin sniper man attack iffull ofenemy tanks, cleaver and terrorist to eliminate them youneed to betop blazing killer gun sniper in war territory. Time hasarrived toface this city traffic smash fast shooting battle toreinstatepeace and survival. Execute your army sniper rifle heroshootingstealth shooter skills to hunt fight and shoot downterrorist insolider army city operation mission. Commando extremeshoot actionlegends will assassin terrorists with modern artillerytoaccomplish the modern desert gunfire 3D shooting to win thisislandsniper shooter mission 3D. As a ninja man fighter city attack2017gun warrior face 3D police chase fire gun shooting and fighttheterrorist with your real city strike combat shoot 3D skillsincritical blood shooting. Join us to shoot in real crime manchasecity driving. Play with thrill and excitement in deadly manforesttop shooting game of call of commando secret strike. To winone manfire gunship ultimate killer you have to be hunter to defeattheelite army commando shooting mission.
Call Of Sniper Final War 1.3
Doing Studio
A man, a gun, alone within the enemy to complete thegloriousmission Follow your mini-map to navigate your route and donot getlost in the mountains, assassinating terrorists in thewoods. As asuper sniper rifle hero, you'll face different excitingchallengesin your first four missions, but the last one has somebigsurprises for you. Shoot with advanced sniper rifles and directthenationwide military warfare. the is your chance to proveyourselfto be a superhero. Defending the country from the threatofterrorists and preventing their terrorist operations. Useyoursniper skills to beat them. Do you think you have the abilitytohelp your country out of danger? Call Of Sniper Final WarFeatures:- real mountain environment - Complex environmentalchanges -Guns:WAP, Try42, M200, M4, AK47, MP5, Barrett - real sound- Greatsense of combat Super sniper rifle
Sniper Commando Strike 2018: Survival Missions 1.0
Idle Vision
Get ready for an adventurous man attack sniper mission shooting3Daction game. A real sniper man 3D mountain attack shootingactionbegins when you have an expert sniper gun target frontshooter overthe military man new sniper gun war shooting and yourtarget is toman real sniper sharp elite killer with army desertcommando sniperhunting. So let's get ready for a real militarysniper gun mountainshooting thrill action game. An adventure beginsexpert snipermodern gun shooter when you have a combat city warbattle shooterand real army jungle survival mission in the samegame. So enjoythis sniper jungle army attack mission an adventureof real battlefrontline sniper attack mission and dangerous shooterman sniperoffroad 3d action and get a real addiction of real snipergunisland best shooter action game with FPS commando sniperassassinshooter. sniper gun assassin fury sharpshooter in an armybattleprofession mountain training. You have to show a militaryarmygunship fire shooting skills to take over the elite navyarmymissile jungle attack by air sniper fire mountain shooting3Dcommando game. So be focused on new gun city shooting mission3Dand jungle army mission man killer mission got to succeed.Battlesniper action army shooting is an fps sniper action game. Thestoryof real gun sniper man high shooter Action is quite simple buttheplay the crazy frontline army shooter action missions. You canfacea death real FPS expert city operation mission experience fromtheattacks of city police sniper crime escape shooter. So firstmakethe strategy of US army bazooka sniper war shooter then takeanaction of hun sniper. This time your target is best cityarmyescape shoot hunting. Let's counter army city attack shooterandtake a target to elite ninja city attack adventure. You haveanextreme army combat warfighter so protect yourself from therealarmy gun sniper city strike. sniper commando winter snowmissionattacks on you from gunman sniper target modern shooter andalsoreal deadly man shooter strike 3D. First, shoot all the realsniperFPS mountain shooter from your commando sniper revenge mankiller3D towards an army legends sniper city strike mission. Themissioncan be dangerous but not impossible. Just take an act ofelitesniper adventure jungle shooter and border commando sniperassassinkiller with a destructive furious commando FPS hunting3D.Gun FPSsniper man mountain shooter is a free game for sniperaction, realAmerican city sniper survival battlefield lovers ofsuch actiongame.
Mountain Shoot Sniper 1.1
Doing Studio
Mountain Shoot Sniper is a thrilling first person snipershootinggame! Here you can train your sniper skills.The war isabout tobegin, so you carried out a very cruel training, shootingthetarget, using the telescope, paying attention to the wind.Patientand fatal effective! Become the ultimate shooter -professionalkiller, ready for the world war, aiming, shooting!Thisis the bestshooting game, it will let you feel the real warexperience. Enjoythe ultimate real 3D images and cool animations.Hundreds ofbreathtaking missions, tons of guns and lethal weapons,people cannot stop the game (first person shooter (FPS)),everything is free!The best first person shoots (FPS) game!So areyou ready to acceptthe challenge? In each environment which becamethe best sniperassassin. Use a variety of powerful sniper rifles tokill thetarget. Do you know that a good sniper can hold the wholebridge?When you find the target. Accurate aiming. One hitkill.Yourmission is to save the hostages that are kidnapped byterrorists,destroy enemy commanders, rogue agents and spies, andprotect yourcountry. There is no time for diplomacy, it is time forwar action.Upgrade your weapons. Unlock new deadly sniper rifles.Become theultimate hunter. Use all the firepower you have obtained.Goheadshot! The world is in conflict, so you have to be anelitekiller, pick up your weapon, join the tactical group, goandkill!Mountain Shoot Sniper Features:- Best sniper shootergame-first person shooting perspective- Real game scenes-thebattlefield of actual combat- aim and shoot- amazing musicandsound effects- all kinds of high quality sniper rifles-addictivegame
Call Of War Army Shooting Game - Best Sniper Games 2.1
Be a Classy Sniper Killer and special ops soldier, aim shootandeliminate the enemies which are in range of sniper gun withgorillacommando skills. Shooting at enemies who are from badorganizationsis the task of this game, you are a army trainedassassin who iswell camouflaged in the grounds and buildingwhenever it is needed,it is a war game with military baseclearance, other gunmen can notsee you unless you shoot your gun,the sound of sniper gun canalert the enemies with big guns. Be aprofessional shooter, waituntil you figure out the locations of allthe gunmen this will helpyou eliminate the threat quickly after thefire and enemies arealerted. Call Of War Army Shooting Game - BestSniper Games game isa special ops program where you are alone inthe battlefield,invade enemies from war ground and you need to hitthe targets asshown in the maps, city is full of these enemieswhich are neededto be normalized. Get your sniper gun ready forshooting skills andstart looking in the scope of your sniper inorder to find out thelocations and distances of your enemies, don'tbe afraid amongenemies just enter the enemies nest bravely and justaim at whatcomes in your way. Be a hunter, aim and shoot at evil bylooking intheir eyes and save innocent civilians. It is a ultimateshowdownof who is best in sniper aim shooting ultimate rangersnipercommando of battlefield, gear up and rescue the city fromenemieswho are trying to capture it and do bad deeds here, make itapeaceful city without the people with guns running aroundonstreets. As elite sniper shooter just quietly aim atplayerswithout moving and making any noise, as missions go alongshootinggets tough, wind factor gets in the way of aiming at enemyso justhold the breath in that case when you are aiming at playerand thenshoot otherwise aim can get wrong and enemy can get warnedandshoot back. Time and health are the two factors on whichsnipermission is evaluated, you need to be quick in order to endthemission in time by eliminating all the enemies on map and healthiskilling enemies plus rebels first while your health is stillinbetter shape. Your job is of hot sniper killer with shootingskillsin a battlefield environment, you are a trained sniperassassin whois skilled in surviving at difficult conditions withoutanybodyelse noticing, hit them with furious combat. You are in abattlefield and you have heavy sniper gun which is capable ofremovingenemy from quite far where naked eye can not see, this isthereason you have advantage you are hidden from enemies sokillfearlessly and hit them with fatal blow.Weapon you have issostrong just hit the gunman rebels at any part of body yourbulletwill instantly kill the enemy just hit it, you are notrequired tohit them twice once is enough for them to knock down asyour are aspecial ops soldier. Enemies are at different spots, someare atthe top of the buildings other around the tree line of thecity,lets start the journey of enemy killing via sniper gunshooting. Itis the best FPS game of shooting where killing of enemyon enemybase clearance ops can be seen via different angle who isfollowingthe bullet in slow motion. It will show you how enemy iskilled bea hunter and how enemy is painted across the whole placein furiouscombat.Clear shot is one of the best shot in this gameCall Of WarArmy Shooting Game - Best Sniper Games of sniper killingincamouflage. Download this game of sniper 3D and enjoy theshootingskills of unlimited killing of enemies who have capturedthe cityand have created chaos around the whole city. Mountain,desert,beach and river, missions are around everywhere which makesit moreattractive and fun to play, it gives it a real look ofsniper killbattle field. Be a strike shooter and hit everywhere andeveryone,no one is innocent who is out in the city just kill bysniper gunwhom you see out in the city street building or beach.
Modern Sniper Combat FPS Game 2.2
Best Free Games, 2018
Get ready to step in the call fps modern with sniper gunshootingaction packed 3D game. In this shooting battle game, youwillexperience the action class critical mission & lethalattacksof global terrorist. Try to escape from the high securityAlcatraztype prison by conquer modern multiplayer warfare hiddenaround thecity. It’s time to use your shoot assassin sniper rifleguns &smooth shooting skills to hold targets in order to breakout of theprison jail. You are a war prisoner sniper which meansyou are veryimportant to the city criminals as you have all thecombat battlestrike information of your action class battle. Youneed to breakout the jail & escape the prison at all costs inonline gungame. Endless battle shooter game contains unlimitedchallengesthat you’ll have to overcome in order to be free to chaseyourfreedom again. Get ready to use your counter battlegroundstrikeweapons including sniper & sniper rifle to counter theattackof enemies for your survival.The prison is on high alert& thewarden has assigned all the prison security guards to takeyou downif you are trying to break out & escape in freesurvival game.You are a fearless hero of frontline simulatorshooting battle whois stuck in the prison jail with high securitymeasures like cctvcameras, prison sniper shooters, k9 dogs etc.Your escape will bedifficult but don’t surrender yet use yourshooting skills withaction class sniper rifle & assassinshooting experience tocombat in gun shooting game. You have majorresponsibility to hunt& conquer these enemy soldiers in thiscall modern fps warfare.Be a sniper anti-spoofing shooter as youescape prison jail to holdtargets & destroy global terroristenemies. Time is runningfast so move forward & with yourultimate counter sniper teamshooting techniques. You’ll face a lotof critical shooting missionin this gangster strike action. So beready to special warriorattacks fire & strike hard in order toensure your existence inbattleground free survival game.Downloadnow to get the real feelas a true counter sniper team shooter heroin this online gunshooting game. This is a thrilling fight gamethat will let you toenhance your shooting skills & abilities.Be a part of stealthcommando mission to prove that you’re the bestarmy shooter,rifleman & marksman.Features:• Plenty ofchallenging missions•Intense FPS gun shooting gameplay• OutstandingHD graphics• TopNotch sound effects• Eventful 3D environment
Major GUN : War on Terror 4.1.1
byss mobile
Terrorists, maniacs and other psychopaths are a plague oftoday'sworld. They plan to nuke you and infect the world with adeadlyvirus, but you're gonna shoot them, slash them, tear themapart (orconvince them to vanish in any other way). Armory is goingto be alike real gun shop for you: machine guns, rifles,shotguns,grenades, sniper rifles... plus some deadly stuff ofcourse. Everysecond you hesitate incredibly evil terrorists growstronger takingover harbors, subways, oil fields... Do something!Push that bloodydownload button and beat them all! 4 Player RealTime PVP MatchesWhen you're tired of shooting to terrorists, tryyour skillsagainst other players in 4 Player Real Time PVP Matches.Use yoursniper rifle to scope perfect shot or fight with them onthe closerange with your assault machine gun! Gain advantage byshootingdown helpful drops and ... oh well, just be quick andprecise :)Get all the way to Legendary League and get hugerewards!! This isFPS you are looking for! You'll love Major GUNaddictivearcade-style gameplay that brings you the best endless gunshootingexperience! Improve your skills as a one-man-army solutionfor theterrorist situation. Upgrade your arsenal of cool weaponsand pickthe right one for the task. Sniper rifles, shotguns,assault andheavy machine guns - you can play with all of them. Testyourfighting skills against all enemies. Amazing 3D GraphicsDifferentlocations, environments, explosions we got it all covered.Fightwith Bosses and stay alive to unlock each location. Each stageisunique, beautifully arranged 3D environment with its ownidentity.And all of this is packed in excellent comic art styleyou’ll love.Game modes Over 100 missions await! MAJOR GUN hasmultiple Gameplaymodes. Clear area from enemy soldiers and rescuehostages inassault missions. Test your speed and accuracy insurvival mode.Show who’s the best in FPS sniper mode. Try tocomplete ultra hardspecial ops or meat the final challenge anddefeat Boss. Major GUNhas everything to keep you entertained forweeks. Unique levels andenemies Major GUN is challenging FPS! -Improve your shootingskills during stressful conflict situations -Find, prepare toeliminate various enemies: outlaws, savageassassins andpsychopaths - Finish Daily Challenges to collectboosts, funds andweapons - Search for first aid kits and adrenaline- Earn maximum 3stars for each finished mission. Compete with yourfriends to seewho is the best Major GUN! - Increase your rank froma recruit;someday you'll become a major? Huge Arsenal of Weapons Noblankcartridges! Don't miss the rare opportunity to test in actionover30 best weapons used by special forces all over the world! Try4handguns, 6 machine guns, 8 assault rifles, 4 shotguns,heavymachine guns (including minigun), 4 sniper rifles, everymachineyou need. All weapons you can upgrade! Buy the crates fullofgoods: guns, ammo or sets of weapons. Multiple Locations MajorGunmissions are located in few thrilling areas build in aestheticofaction movies. Take over the harbor, clean occupied subwaystationfrom all enemies, fight in the desert heat! Only dangerousenemiesfrom XXI century battlefields! Alpha! Bravo! Charlie! Whereareyou? Join special operations, sniper and survival missions,findand defeat dangerous bosses. The aim, shoot, take over theplaces,save the comrades-in-arms, protect the hostages, prevent thenukesfrom an explosion, test various guns, rifles and much more!Checkour reviews - Players told it already - it's bestfirst-personshooting game ever. Don't forget it, soldier! You canplay our FPSanywhere - offline no wifi mode works even in anairplane. Game isfree to play, but you can buy virtual guns forreal money
Sniper Highway Traffic Shooter 3D 1.1
Fluxior Inc.
City sniper army shooter assault rifle fight and want to shootyourmafia traffic.
Mountain Sniper Frontline Killer Gun Assassin Fury 1.1
EZ View Studios
Download Now For FreeMountain Sniper Frontline Killer GunAssassinFury is a FPS War Based 3D Sniper Shooting Game based WorldWar andModern Warfare where the user has to invade enemyterritories andreclaim the control area by taking out maximumnumber of Soldiers.This elite commando game the modern weaponryincludes modernmachine guns and modern sniper guns. There is reasonof providingyou a modern sniper gun and modern machine guns. Theuser will begiven the task to invade various military base camps.Follow theinstructions with detailed map and find the enemies.Become theleading Sniper Assassin Contract Killer and complete thetask tomark your mark in the city as the best City Sniper. Become aloyalSniper Commando and perform various missions like HostageRescueOperation, Search Operation, and Surveillance Mission.Theintensityof the game gets higher as the game passes. Destroyvariousterrorist settlements and logistics and get into the extremefightwhere each and every battle is tense and dangerous.Snipersrifflesthat have been featured in the game:⚔️ M14 rifle.⚔️ M21SniperWeapon System.⚔️ M24 Sniper Weapon System.⚔️ M25 SniperWeaponSystem.⚔️ T-12 Sniper Rifle.⚔️ PSG1.⚔️ AS50.⚔️ DragunovSVD.⚔️CheyTac Intervention .408.⚔️ L42 Enfield.The user will beservingthe renowned military companies like Alpha, Bravo, CharlieandDelta Force Company. Assist SWAT Force and Police Force andtakethe role of Cop Sniper. Use the ultimate skills and take theroleof Frontline Sniper and lead the attacks in multiple OffensiveandDefensive Campaigns. Protect the country from invaders asaFrontier Sniper and Control the situations at borders. Becometheultimate shooter and take down every single terrorist in theenemycamp. Trench battle is a hard battle assist your fellowsoldiersand kill all the assassins, camouflages, contact killersandterrorists. The game provides ultra-realistic user experiencewithadvanced weaponry. Disguise yourself as a Camouflage andbecomenon-detectable so user may perform Secret Operation and gainupperhand over the enemy. The missions are supposed to be intensesouser should keep himself calm and super alert to face any formofchallenge. Here are some highlighting features of the game:⚔️HighDefinition (HD) Display.⚔️ War Sound Effects (SFX).⚔️RealisticVisual Effects (VFX).⚔️ Highly simulated shootingenvironment.⚔️Aim Shot and Reload with great accuracy.⚔️ SniperScope, HUD andmagazine.⚔️ The user will be provided followingweapons: 🔫Pistols.🔫 Armors.🔫 Guns.🔫 Detonators.🔫 Flame Thrower.🔫Binoculars.🔫Poison Gas.🔫 Mortars.🔫 Machineguns.
First War On The Earth 1.1
War Of Trend
Waooo!!! Let's come and become the part of the best game of thiserafirst time. This surgical combat mission game will give youultimatesurvival shooting fun which no other extreme snipercommandoshooting game ever gave you. In this anti-terrorist armyforceshooting game you have to kill enemy in a wonderful terroristgunfire mission shoot spider Battle environment. This is modernfirecombat army shooter mission frontline gun target rivals gameplay.Under world kill gang war shot, 2017 will on you so you haveto gofind elite mafia shooting master 3D or destroy thatdangerousGodfather terrorist criminal mafia before they open superstreetcrime assassin shooter you dead. It has amazing god fathermafiagang crime 3D android soldier with cool multi player policecrimeshooter and border wars of US special sniper commandowarriorsimulation.
Sniper 3D - Counter terrorist - Gun shooter 2.0.5
Shooter Game - Free
🚩 Action combat fps games with best sniper 3d controls. Beinganincredible superhero of killer games, you have to stopterroristattack and modern strike in this final combat. You have tosnipingshot the assassin army war soldiersr of terrorist attack -killshot bravo game.🚩🚩🚩 Game features: 🚩🚩🚩★ 100+ missions andcampain★15+ sniper guns★ Latest weapons like combat sniper rifles,modernguns, sniper guns, gun strike★ Unlimited bullets to killenemy interrorist attack★ Enhanced graphics. Stunning 3Denvironment★Become a hero with one bullet in gun shooter.🚩As anelite mountainsniper, you know aim of battle. In this FPS gamesaction warshooting games, you are going to love the real fun ofthrillingaction games and can get best shooting games simulationwith lotsof attractive.🚩 This is a FPS games shooting - kill shotbravoassassin thrilling game with a lot of heavy weapons to choosefromto kill enemy like: sniper guns, gun strike, swat. You have toshowyourself as elite army shooter in the counter terrorist andprovethis myth wrong that the best sniper shooter are acrosstheborderline. If you aim with heavy weapons sniper and yoursniperaim is clear and faithful enough then glory of victory willbe ourcounter terrorist. Gun shooter kill all enemy in deserts,mountainsand city. 🚩 Note: This sniper games is not like simpleshootinggames but in this sniper games with swat and terroristattack. Donot kill & target the innocents, aim and shooting tostopcounter terrorist of terrorist attack🚩 Fps games action iswaitingfor you with missions in this best shooting games ofsurvivalfighting.Be a hero and get ready for an action packedexperience inthis free FPS games. Download now and enjoy it !!!
Great Ocean Shark Sniper 1.2
Play as a whale shark games in massive sea and kill sharks orbullshark from shark games with ultimate sniper guns. Bigger theshark,bigger the gun you will need in order to save the last lineofdefense against attacking crazy sharks, blue whale or angrysharkalong with tiger shark from animal games. Unlike anyotheradventure, this shark sniper shooting quest will provide youtrueadrenaline in a virtual world. This is one of the differentwhaleshark simulator game & blue whale simulator game in whichyouwill kill all the bloody whale sharks or tiger sharks alongwithhammerhead shark or sea monster with US army Sniper Shooterguns.Don’t fear from the scary jaws of a shark from whale games ,justshoot or snipe with sniper 3d or sniper shooter skills fromhuntinggames to kill bull shark with sniper rifle and achieveyourobjective in this shark hunting game. Target white, blue alongwithtiger shark and black sharks with killer whale simulator orbluewhale simulator along realistic orca simulator as trainedsnipershooter or shark hunter and do not let brutal shark getcloser toyou. Kill all the sharks one by one with each criticalstrike andprove that you are a true shark killer and sniper hunter.This isyour ultimate chance to become the legendary shark snipershooter.Use single bullet and hunt the biggest sea hunters orvicious seamonsters along bull shark in the most challenging sharksnipershooter games and earn your respect in sniper fury.Deadlyhammerhead shark or crazy sharks and tiger shark will attackyouinstant-kill shark attack in under water. Using your experienceasa top sniper killer or american sniper from fps game, saveinnocentpeople from angry shark in the amazing underwater sharkworld.Features of Underwater Shark Sniper Hunter: • UltimateSniperAssassin Shooting game Experience designed for underwateranimalhunter. • Smooth and Easy Controls for saving yourself fromsuddenshark attack • Missions to Become Shark Hunter from huntinggames •Multiple snipe Guns for Shark Hunting • Realistic AngryShark Games
Sniper Assassin Death Shooter 1.0.5
Coding Squares
Sniper Assassin Death ShooterEnjoy a real adventure of actionwithmodified shooting weapons and guns as FPS.Put gun on your enemyandtake perfect shot of sniper. Play with huge variety of snipergunsand take contract to kill your enemies in killer. You will behiredas expert shooter to use your shooting skills and kill alltheenemies who will murder innocent peoples in sniper games. Wewillgive you multiple places; where you have to accomplish yourtask asa spy by using ultimate snipers in these shooting for thegames2018. Your enemies have attacked on different platforms suchascity areas, army champs and hostage innocent peoples inkillergames. You will use your expertise and rescue all the peoplethatare hostage of your enemies in combat. We will give yourealisticshooting games environment with stunning 3d snipers. Youwillbecome assassin and take perfect shot to kill all the terroristinelite. We will give you a chance to become best agent andhelppeoples that are in trouble in killer games. Don’t wasteyourbullets, because we will give you limited bullets to completeyourmissions in shoot games. I’m sure you will enjoy a lotduringplaying this shooter for the game. In shooting for the games,yourduty is to accept assassin challenges and kill the entireterroristgang to rescue hostage peoples. We will give you multiplethrillingand adventurous tasks in assassin. Initial missions areeasy toplay and develop your sniper skills in killer games. Whenyou willjump to next level then difficulty of playing will alsoincrease insniper games. Keep in mind, your enemies arewell-trained and alsoexpert of rifles in shooter for the games2018. Don’t give clauseof your arrival and rescue all the innocentpeoples that arehostages in killer shot. You will hide yourself inthe mud holesand take target of your enemies by using telescope incombat. Youwill show your sniper control and kill all the enemieswho destroythe peace of city in assassin. In shooting of the games2017, runfast and stealth on the pillars, vehicles and otherbushes; whereyou have to take perfect shot of sniper. Take contractof thekilling and swipe out all the terrorists to clear the missioninshoot games. We will give you heart snatching snipergamesatmosphere with featuring combats. You will encounter alltheenemies and become best striker in elite. You will do yourdutyhonestly and rescue peoples by killing all of your enemiesinshooter of the games 2018. We will give you multiplebattlegrounds;where you have to attack your enemies by using yourcombat team inassassin. Don’t forget to check your bullets beforeyou enter inthe war in shooters. In gun games, we will give you achance toserve your duty for the sake of innocent peoples. Thissniper gamegives you in-app to unlock snipers and to remove ads.Ingun games,we will give you wide ranges guns with amazing combats.We willgive you everything in one place in these shooting of thegames2018. We will give you multiple missions on mountain areas;whereyou have to kill all the terrorist and blast their champsinshooter games. You will develop your best team and usemultipleguns to kill your enemies in killer games. You will alsotakemissions on desert areas to rescue soldiers that are hostageofyour enemies in elite. You will take incredible fun whileplayingthis shooting for the games 2018. Come and quickly downloadthisgun games.Sniper Assassin Death Shooter Features:•Ultra-realisticsniper HD graphics and shooting slow motion shots•Multiplethrilling killer games missions• Huge range shooting gunand snipergames atmosphere• Easy and smooth sniper controls• Enjoysmoothdimension with gun games addictive environment• Excellent3Dgraphics and thrilling shooter featuresIt’s totally free to playsoquickly download this shooting for the game.
Angry Whale Shark Hunter - Raft Survival Mission 1.2
Echno Gaming Master
Shark hunting raft game puts you in an ultimate underwaterwhaleshark hunting environment, where bravery and underwaterspearfishing awareness will be tested step by step in the way ofsharkhunting game. You can be a real shark hunter by aiming yourhuntergear from the shark raft survival mission or go for anunderwaterhunter experience as a scuba boat diver. Defend yourselfand huntunderwater shark with a range of high powered shark huntingandfish hunter gear, from spear, fishing hook, pistols tounderwaterassault rifles and machine guns.Turn your underwatershark huntingdream into a reality by playing this fish hunter.Start a epicbattle against angry whale shark attacks and upgradeyour sharkhunting skills. Shark hunting raft is designed especiallyfor sharkhunting and island survival game lovers. Either stay onyour sharkraft and wait for the sharks to come near the surface orjump inthe sea as a diver and experience the thrill of shooting&hunting down angry sharks. Get ready to put those huntingskillsinto some bigger and better than ever shark huntingexperience inEvolution of Hungry Shark. Each mission is importantand has apossible effect on your future strategy and game play.Even yourweapons and ship up gradation is solely based on yourpreviousobjective success. So, don't lose your attention and fightlike ashark hunter because this is your destiny now to fight untilyouwill take the revenge from these smart crew of sharks. Entertheworld of sea & be a shark sniper hunter in the animalsnipershooting game. There is boat surfing like bike surfing inthegameFeatures of Angry Whale Shark Hunter - Real RaftSurvivalIsland Escape Mission: • Realistic Angry and IntelligentSharkattack game.• Hunting Weapons like Bows, Arrows, Spears andMachineGuns to safe yourself from hungry shark world.• UnderwaterSharkHunting & Shark Raft Hunting Challenges.• Detailed andEngagingStory based Levels in shark simulator 3d.• Thrilling SharkHuntingJourney.• Smooth Game Play without any lag.• Its reallyinterstingand have a unique story among other underwater games onplaystore.Be aware of facing any surprise challenges and killingalltypes of enemy sharks like white sharks, blue sharks, tigersharksand hammerheads in this shark world also. A small error willleadto your death in this shark game.
Zombie Sniper Game 1.11
AxesInMotion Casual
Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game is the new free shooting game oftheyear! You and your sniper rifle are the only survivors of azombieinfection. In this free shooter game a virus infected thewholeworld except you. All your city is infected and bloodiseverywhere. Shoot zombies in the head to be the best killer ofthecity and survive, or just become another zombie like them.InZombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game you will need to manage yourgunshipand bullets and kill every undead before they drive you todeath!Pull the trigger and watch extreme kills with its slowmotioncamera! In this game you can make zombies bleed a tsunamibyshooting them on the face! Increase the counter of dead undeadandcompare yourself to your friends on Zombie Sniper Gun 3DCityGame's leaderboards! Thanks to TeknoAXE for their freemusic.Zombie Sniper Gun 3D City Game'sfeatures:----------------------------------------------------------------------------Action game. - Realistic physics. - Accurate 3D sniper rifle.-Kills counter. - Leaderboards with your friends. - Amazingspecialeffects and slow-mo camera!
Angry Shark Survival Hunger- Free Games 1.2
Gamers DEN
Angry Shark Survival Hunger- Free Games :Swim under water withashark whale and explore the beauty in depths of the ocean.Explorethe beautiful aquatic world and learn everything about themarinelife. You will be given an opportunity to swim with the bigwhitesharks. There are hundreds of unseen locations and views. Youwillalso see the scrap of ships and little aquatic life creatingtheirown little heaven on it, which seems like a real adventurousvisitin the ocean with this whale fish game. Enjoy theunderwateradventures and you can also make your tiger shark jumpout of thewater and start the rampage on the hunter’s ships in thissea whaleshark simulator game: fish hunting game. You can controlthe sharkwhere ever you want to this shark’s world fishing game.Themissions are different, and the next one is difficult fromtheprevious one as in other reef shark simulator Games. Theplayerjust has to keep destroying anything that comes in the way inthissharks world fishing game.Start the adventures and explorationofthe dark depths of Wide Ocean in this hunting white shark game.Youcan also choose from a different type of baby shark accordingtomission objectives and difficulty level in white sharkhungry:whale attack offered by Gamers DEN. The real fun is, theplayer canexplore the depths of the ocean and come to know the realbeauty ofaquatic world while playing fish games free. The differentkind offishes and other aquatic living beings in this shark babygameenhances the beauty of gameplay. Swim with fishes and exploringthebeauty of the ocean. Become the ultimate shark and save themarinelife and aquatic world. The controls of this tiger shark bitegameare very easy and adaptive to every user. The smooth runningandsimulation of this white shark fish evolution game take theplayerto a whole new adventure of the marine world.Collectdifferent goldcoins and magic relics in this shark world game. Usedifferentupgrades to make your whale more powerful and super strongin thisreal sea world angry shark attacks offered by Gamers DEN.You cansee hammer head shark, big white shark and different otherhunterfishes along with beautiful little wandering small fishes intheseWhale sim shark shooting games. The ultimate thing is causingfearwhen a shark swims in the shallow water with its big finpoppingout of the water in this white shark hunting game. You caneathumans, fishes, animals and can rampage on the beach in thissharkwhale killer attack: shark games game. The upgraded fishandmammals will be fast, more vicious, angry and agile as comparedtoother. Angry Shark Survival Hunger- Free GamesFeatures:Realistic3D graphics.Classic and easy controls.Highdefinition visuals andsound effects.Different in game missions.Realaquatic theme andenvironment.Exploring the underwater world.If youhave no WIFI, youcan play whale shark simulator: attack gamesabsolutely free.Soquickly download this interesting sea sharksimulator fish gamesgame of 2017 offered by Gamers DEN from GooglePlay Store on yourandroid smart phones.
Mountain Shooting Sniper 1.5
Mountain Shooting Sniper can let you directly join the battle,inthis new first-person action shooting game to become elitesniper.Accept the mission and find the best sniper point to takeaction todestroy all goals. A man, a war. Now you are cold killer.Protectyour allies and innocent civilians, and destroy all theterrorists.Pick up your sniper rifle, destroy the enemy, causing afatal blowto the enemy. Do you want to be an elite sniper andexperience thepleasure of shooting in battle? Do not hesitate tojoin the gameright now! Choose your task, you will face a differentnumber ofenemies, destroy more enemies, so you can get morerewards. Whatare you waiting for, let's join the game together andstartshooting!
Commando Sniper Attack : Modern Gun Shooting War 1.1
Heavy Racers
Go to war with the enemy and prove your sniper skills in the kingof3D shooting games. Call yourself a sharp shooter? Then putyourskills to the test in the top free sniper game for Android. Asacommando, you need a great courage in the face of the enemy,youwill receive secret missions to eliminate enemies in battlefield.Sneak into Enemies's base, find them and zoom lens to aimyourenemies! Deep breathing and pull the trigger. You must destroytheenemies , complete the tasks. Commando Sniper Attack: ModernGunShooting War is totally free. The operation of the CommandoSniperAttack: Modern Gun Shooting War is very cool, the game runssmooth,realistic sound effects, exquisite effects definitely givesyou agreat shooting experience. Stunning Graphics, ThrillingSounds,Firing Effects and all the GamePlay is perfect. What youhave to dois fire the bullet perfectly to Win the battle. Armyourself withPerfect sniper weapons, Pistols, machine guns and thelatestmilitary gear to complete covert missions deep insideenemyterritory! Complete your missions in Tunels, Battle Field,Subwayand military base. In this game, you are equipped withsub-machineguns,Pistols, sniper rifles and stun grenades to showyour shootingskills, enjoy the thrill of sniper. Use your superbsniper skillsto shoot every goal and give you a war gameexperience. Accept thetask and find the best sniper point to takeaction to eliminate allgoals. In this game, aim and destroy to win.The Thrilling waraction began! Seize your sniper rifle, search therest of the cityenemies, and destroy them, complete the mission.Features: - Firstperson shooter game - Smooth and modernbattlefield environment -Various missions as below (Military camp)Clear militory camp.(Hostage Rescue) Rescue Hostage and clear thearea. (Diffuse Bomb)Diffuse all dangreous materials in railwaystation. (DigitalDemolition) Destory all technical Equipment in thetunnel Clear theenemy compound and Beware of the Mines. - Smoothcontrol -Excellent graphics - Amazing sound effects - Realisticshootingeffect - Modern Gun Shooting War - Modern Guns and weaponslike:9MM, GLOCK, M9, MP-5, SNIPER, AK-47, M4, SHOTGUN, Grenade,Armor,Advanced sniper rifle. - Smart AI
Traffic Sniper : Shooting 1.1
Dirk Game
Traffic Sniper : Shooting was an exciting traffic snipershootinggame. Aim and shoot with the best accuracy. Challenge yourshootingability and combat skills.You are a real traffic sniper.The armyis equipped with the latest sniper rifles and lets youperform atough sniper mission. Terrorists driving the car toescape, youhave to look for terrorists driving the vehicle. Andkill theterrorists inside the car. Let the city restore calm andsave theinnocent people.Pick up your sniper rifle and show youramazingshooting ability. Eliminate all the terrorists and becomethe bestsniper traffic hunter.Traffic Sniper : Shooting Features:-the realbattlefield environment- real traffic- realistic 3Dgraphics-amazing music- powerful and advanced weapons- Challengingmissions-Simple and smooth control- play anytime, anywhere
Island Sniper Shooting : Gun Shooter Game 1.0
Gaming Zone LLC
Welcome to the Modern FPS Sniper shooting game for mobile phonesandtablets! Go to island war with the enemy and prove yoursniperskills in the king of 3D sniper shooter games.Welcome to yournewshooting assignment! a new threat is appeared in city so, nowyouhave a new mission! terrorist groups are invading cities aroundtheworld. you are master assassin and a covert special ops soldierandyou have been hired to push back this terrorism, at all cost!readyto play your part in dangerous FPS attacks and infiltratesecurelocations and eliminate high-profile target to rescuethecitizens.Elite Sniper FPS Shooting takes you on whirlwind tourdeepinto enemy territory to locate and eliminate hidden targets.thetime for diplomacy is gone, the time for extreme war action isnow.perform lethal strikes with access of powerful guns anderadicate amob of enemies at street level. here you need fast,aggressive andaccurate shooting techniques, upgrade your sniperrifle to improveaccuracy, damage and range. select your weapon froman inventory ofdeadly sniper rifles, assault rifles and machineguns. arm yourselfwith latest military gear and rely on yourmarksman skills tofinish the job. stare down your rifle scope, zoominto locate yourtarget, take a deep breath and pull the trigger tomake killshot.Forget those dumb and boring shooting games. Here,enjoys yourduty with racing against time challenge and quite a fewshots inslow motion. Call yourself a sharp contract shooter? Thenput yourskills to the test and go for the head-shot now! Theamazinglooking Army Sniper Counter Strike War you have beenexpecting ishere, join the war now and complete your duty.IslandSniper GunShooter Game New Features:Realistic 3d islandwarenvironmentUltra-realistic graphics and animationsUpgradeyourmilitary arsenalShoot lethal sniper rifles, assault riflesandcovert weaponsLoads of thrilling missionsAddictingFPSgame-playEasy and intuitive control of gunsArmy SniperCounterStrike War does not require any internet connection, you canhavefun in the car, during services in a temple and in thesubway.Thisgame is free to play, but it contains items that can bepurchasedfor real money and may contain third party advertisementsthat mayredirect you to a third-party site.If you like MountainSniperAssassin Shooter, please rate and give your feedback forfurtherimprovement of the game.
Commando Sniper Shooter 3D : Modern War 2018 Games 2.7
Commando Sniper Shooter: is a sniper shooting counterterroristsmodern war free. Step into the world of black ops combatagainstthe forces of terrorism in this epic modern SNIPER shootergamesfor mobile & tablet devices. Upgrade your ARSENAL Games,equipmodern حرب strike WEAPONS & venture into the mostinfamousbattlefields to test your individual & team snipershootergames skills. Commando assault sniper is a frontlinekommandoshooter game to master challenging objectives in assault,sniper& rocket launcher missions of this komando gun shootergames2017Commander action games: Step into the world ofspecializedblack ops FPS sniper shooting, ranging your weapons forultimatecommando adventure on uncharted territories. Shoot your wayout oflethal situations & accomplish COMMANDO MISSION freegamelevels to reclaim lost army bases.Your government homelandsecuritydepartment has decided for an Army IGI Commando operationwith SWATteam force to eradicate those criminals entirely & toavoid anykind of threat to homeland in wake of those outrageousattacks byextremists which have spread a terror kind of situationin wholecountry as those terrorists attacks were on innocentpeoples &humanity while an outrageous attempt to terrorizeinnocentcivilians like 현대전.In this frontline army commando combatadventuremission game or in 현대전 you are part of army commando SWATteam tokill those terrorists & extremists in order not to occursuchcarnage again in history of your country as this has created ahugepanic & bloodbath in capital city. You must aim high inthiswar game combat missions & strike at target as you are aprideof nation & shouldn’t show any mercy to terrorists whohavekilled your loved ones & don’t let shattered proud ofyourmilitary SWAT units. You must teach a lesson to allmercilessterrorists in this assault who have initiated thisatrocities &show that your nation is determined & unitedagainst theseunprecedented terrorist attacks while exhibitingcompassion &solidarity with your nation against this act ofinhumane killing ofcivilians.This Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team Ops isone of the bestaction game of the holiday’s season to welcome theNew Year with asafer & crime free gift. We hope you will enjoythrillingbloody contest so ruin the terrorists hideouts, dominateover themin this legendary battle between حرب criminals vs peaceloving. Youmust honor your duty call & play your role to defeatworldterrorists & radicals to make this world a safer place&dominate them in this lethal battle. So download now & addyourname in the list of world super heroes & don’t let thedarknight to rise.★HIGH POWERED WEAPONS★Take to the battlefieldWEAPONSof counter shooteryalghar:★MP5★★M4★★AK47★★SHOTGUN★★SNIPERRIFLE★★INTENSE CAMPAIGN MODEIN VARIOUS BATTLEFIELDS★Battle thefrontline in over HUNDRED+ blackops missions spread in FOURdetailed environments & battlefieldsfilled with perils &dangers on every corner. ★FEATURES of EliteCommando SniperShooter★- Over 100+ adventure action shooting gameswith gun totake part in travel through 4 large 3d environments& enemybases.- Arsenal Weapons: Choose from multiple weapons& unlockmore by completing missions & earning cashrewards.- FPSShooter: Highly responsive controls optimized formobile devicesfor kids, girls, boys & every body.- Kill shot:Gain rewardsfor each successful kill shoot- Play Offline: No needwifi, onlineinternet connection- Challenge yourself & raceagainst time toget rewards on strategic kills- Enjoy realistic gunsimulation 3d& commando animation!- Different levels withmultiple enemies& counter terrorist attacks- Soldier Commando:Intense battlescene & challenging missions for elite commandosniper counterterrorist strike.- Responsive FPS controls designedfor mobiledevices for the best portable shooting experience in 현대전
Whale Shark Sniper Hunter 3D 2.0.6
Whale Shark Sniper Hunter 3D is an animal simulation gamethatallows you to shoot all the crazy whales and white sharks,bullshark, orca whales along with sea monster from animal gameswith asniper shooter. In this modern sniper shooting simulationgame, donot let vicious blood thirsty hungry sharks or megalodonsharkalong with crazy sharks even get closer to you or any otherbyusing your sniper 3d or american sniper along pro sniperassassinexperience as a trained sniper shooter. Target the whitesharks orhammerhead shark and kill all the whale shark or bluewhale alongorca whale from shark games one by one to proceed andsave theentire city. Start your objective of targeting with sharksimulatorand killing all the sharks in this angry whale sharkattacksimulation game. This is one of the best animal hunter Gameand allthe superhero sniper kill the shark in deep sea and savethepeople. You have been stuck in a boat in tropical, warmoceanswhich is full of hungry sharks like megalodon shark or bullsharkas live in open sea. Whale Shark Sniper Hunter 3D gives youanopportunity to target and kill great white sharks, tigersharks,blue sharks and crazy sharks along blue whale with instantkillcritical strike. There is no room for error as they aredangerouspredators or vicious sea monster and only one mistake canprovelethal. Especially sudden angry shark can also proof to belethal.So shoot them all down including blue whale and kill thembeforeyou become their target. Use your precise sniper shootingskillsand kill them by using a single bullet. Start yourultimateunderwater hunting adventure and become a legendary snipershooter.Get yourself ready for one of the most dangerous andhorrifying seabattle and hunt down the giant hungry whale sharksand bull shark.Whale Shark Sniper Hunter 3D is for all the animalsimulation game,hunting game, shark simulation game and snipershooting gameslovers. Hunt the biggest sea hunter includinghammerhead shark orblue whale along with tiger shark explore thesea water and come upwith an effective and unique strategy tobecome a legendary snipershooter with amazing shark simulator bykilling and hunting all thesharks that are there in the waters. Sowhat are you waiting for?Download Whale Shark Sniper Hunter freesimulation game now andenter the world of ultimate animal huntingfrom hunting games. Thegame consists of six different and uniqueshark attack levels witha realistic environment and addictivegameplay. All you have to dois to use your snipe experience andprecise sniper shooting skillsand kill all the sharks includinghammerhead shark, megalodon sharkor deadly angry shark along withtiger shark Being a city trafficsniper is not that challenging andtarget do not attack you inthose games. Take up the mostchallenging task and become alegendary sniper shooter. SpecialFeatures: • Addictive underwateranimal hunter gameplay • 10Different Levels with hungry sharksfrom shark evolution games •Realistic deep blue Sea Environmentfrom sniper fury games • AmazingSound Effects from shark games
Last Hope - Zombie Sniper 3D 5.2
JE Software AB
Pick up your Sniper Rifle and get ready to defend yourselfagainstincoming dead Zombies! As you progress through thewasteland, yourinner abilities will unlock...Last Hope is an arcadeZombie Sniper3D Shooter placed in the desert. The story takes youon a journeythrough a changed world, exploring soccer fields in thedesert, sadwilderness, small villages and infected canyons.It’s allaboutsurviving the dead zombies as much as earning highscoresandreaching new experience levels. You’ll need to find outwhichcombinations of Skills and Items work best in order to surviveandclimb the ranks to become the best Sniper in Last Hope. It’seasyto learn but hard to master!Burt, which is your best andonlyfriend still alive, will guide you through how to use aSniperRifle by first practicing on cans and bottles. When you areready -you will venture out in the cold lonely desert facing thedeadZombie menace, trying to find the reason whycivilizationended...When you are battling in the land now owned bythe dead youwill meet tougher Zombies, so keep your skills freshand statshigh. Prepare yourself for a world you won’t forget...Features:-Works Offline: No internet connection is required toplay.- Socialfeatures: Leaderboards and Achievements.- Widevariations ofGameplay modes and Goals.- Rich and colorful shootinggrounds.-Unlockable Items, Skills and Talents.- UpgradableWeapons.- Manyhours of Gameplay, even for the best.- AmazingHeadshots.- Lots ofdifferent hungry zombies>> Over 5 milliondownloads acrossall platforms. <<User reviews:- If you like agood headshotsniper zombie killing game that's good for hours offun, then youreally need to download this game. ★★★★★- Really funsniper gameand a nice challenge. Need to use talents and items in asmart wayto conquer this game! ★★★★★- Very good game with excellentgraphicsand soundtrack! It gives you the urge for more - I'maddicted!★★★★★- Fun & challenging! Smart use of items andskills arerequired to complete levels that are both varying andgood looking.★★★★★
Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer 1.1.5
One Man. One War. Now You Are Sniper Killer. *There you playthegame was the fantastic 3D FPS game .As the sole survivingspecialforces of a renegade attack against a ruthlessterroristorganization, you are stranded on the battlefield andhell-bent onpayback. You must use all of your specialized skills tosurvive theonslaught of the enemy forces and avenge your fallensoldiers.Facedwith this situation of you have no choice but tograsp thenettle.From the M16 to AK47 and sniper guns, as you haveaccess toa variety of light and heavy weapons, as well as powerfulgrenadetoo!In the battle you will be sent to different locationstoperform the difficult task.Such as IceWorld,Desert,City.GameFeatures: **Fight in difficult terrain You will facedifferentenvironmental challenges spacing case.But nothing can stopyou todestroy the enemy's confidence. **Providing advanced weaponryManyfull power firearms will be available to give a fatal blowtoterrorists for you.AK47,M16,WA2000,AWP,M400. The number ofenemiesand the AI you face are different depending on your selectedtasksin each level.In short, the more the enemy killed, the morerewardyou get.What are you waiting for, let's take a journey andstartkilling.
Animal Hunter in Safari Desert : Sniper Shooting 1.0
Super Tiny Games
Hey Hunter! Let's go for real modern frontline hunting wildanimalsin the best deserts with pack of modern sniper guns. Getready forAnimal Hunting in Safari Desert is an action packed gamein ActionGames category and subcategory of Animal Shooting Games oftypeFree Games on Google Play Store. In this Frontier BravoAnimalHunting in Safari Desert you are like a PRO HUNTER, just taketheaction packed SNIPERS in your hand and start shootingwildadventure and thrilling animals.Game is made in 3 Russiandesert,keep in mind you are hunter of best shooting game in desert2018.Just Start hunting and proof yourself to be best HUNTER in2018 byshooting the animals in the desert. Game is giving you bestchanceto be a DESERT SHOOTER by practicing your sniperskills.AnimalHunting in Safari Desert providing you best simulationof huntinggames in top ARAB DESERTS. In wild hunting free there arenumber ofwild animals to hunt. Get real shooting and huntingtargetexperience by just playing the game. The Hunter! you canshootanimals like tiger, hippo, crocodile, hyena, gorilla, lion,bear,cheetah, rhino and wolf.GAME FEATURES- Wild hunting animalswithmodern Snipers- Each Level contains a different adventureandaction of hunting a specific Animal- Four Best Sniper withupgradeoptions- Daily Reward cash on playing game daily basis- FreeCashPacks by just watching different videos- In App Purchasestopurchase CASH packs- MUSIC and SOUND volume adjustment intheSettings- 24 Levels in Each Desert of Hunting Different Animal-3Deserts
Sniper Force Shooter: Freedom Gunner 1.0.3
Tag Action Games
Sniper Force Shooter: Freedom GunnerGet ready for the bestsnipershooting FPS first person shooter experience.Prepare yourselftoenter as the best army sniper military shooter commando soldierinthis 3D FPS free to play action game. You have no limitationsinthis destructive stealth mission of brutal killing ofvicegangsters, terrorist special forces & deadly criminalswithyour modern sniper rifle guns. This free to play 3D game willletyou experience a totally different shooting environment &letyou use your combat war fighting, shooting & stealth skillsforsurvival. It is your duty to hold aim & shoot toassassinatethe hidden enemies & deadly criminals around theoutskirts ofcity who are ruthlessly destroying your city peace. Beready to usea variety of sniper shooting guns in this realisticbattle, a waragainst deadly criminals & shooters to be a truemilitarycommando army sniper shooter hero.Your enemies arespreadeverywhere to attack the entire city with modern weapons&guns. Get ready to counter shoot these lethal terroristspecialforce & deadly criminal assassins with your amazingsnipershooting gun. This game is a reality like experience ofsnipershoot fight as a military commando army soldier shooter onaspecial ops mission in the heat of war action. Yourprimaryobjective in this special ops mission is to kill all thedeadlycriminals which won’t be easy as they are also equipped withmodernweapons, gun & sniper shooters. But that shouldn’t be aproblemfor you as you are an elite military commando sniper &armyshooter with all the required stealth, survival & warcombatskills to win this war & successfully complete thisspecial opssniper mission. Get yourself in a stealth action mode tocounter,attack & kill the gangsters in this dangerous battle.Therewill be barrels around which you can blow off & use toyouradvantage to kill all the deadly criminals. You are highlyequippedwith latest sniper guns so be a true war hero to end thisgenocide.Detect and find every single deadly criminal from hiddenlocationsto end this battle & win this war. Time is verylimited sodon’t allow your enemies to escape or counter you attacksor strikeat you. This action packed first person shooter FPS gamewill giveyou a realistic sniper shooting experience. As a true warhero& the best sniper assassin shooter it is necessary for youtoensure your survival & win by killing all the deadlycriminalsin this dangerous environment. The game has variousmissions tocomplete with increased difficulty at every stage. Noteveryonegets a chance to show their sniper shooting skills, beready tomake a difference by shooting & saving your city &people.
Sniper Assassin 1.0
You are a commando sniper, you will protect your city fromthethreat of terrorists. Use your powerful sniper weapon todestroythe enemy.Touch the screen, touch the enemy and shooting.Rememberupgrade weapons is the most essential thing for levels andstepinto the military strategist: analyze the battlefield anddestroytactical points to block your enemies' pathFeatures:-Boastingspectacular graphics and blistering action sequences.- 30+realworld weapons and 100+ challenging levels in dozens ofworldwidethemes- Flexible battle mode- Addicting gameplay (FPS)-Easy andintuitive controls- Free game: play it both on your phoneandtabletLet's enjoy and have a relaxing moment with SniperAssassin2018!
Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter 3D 1.11
Have you got what it takes to bring down wild dinosaursandbloodthirsty zombies in the ultimate hunting game? Afailedexperiment has created monstrous creations that roamEarth’spost-apocalyptic wasteland. As an elite shooter, you mustnow huntto survive. Complete missions to unlock powerful newweapons andbecome the ultimate sniper. Breathe in and ready yourweapon. KeyFeatures: - SURVIVE THE APOCALYPSE USING DEADLY SNIPERSKILLS -STORY-DRIVEN GAMEPLAY PLUNGES YOU INTO A POST-APOCALYPTICWORLD -PLAY TONS OF MISSIONS AND CHALLENGES - EARN BONUS XP ANDREWARDSWITH PRECISION SHOOTING - HUNT DINOSAURS IN EXOTICJURASSICLOCATIONS - INCREDIBLE NEXT-GEN BULLET-TIME EFFECTS WITHEVERYSNIPER HEADSHOT - BECOME EVEN DEADLIER BY UPGRADING YOURWEAPONS -STALK YOUR PREY IN INCREDIBLY DETAILED LOCATIONS ON LANDANDUNDERWATER! JOIN AN EPIC STORY IN EXOTIC LOCATIONS! Uncoverthemystery behind the most controversial scientific experiment inU.Shistory. Human and resurrected dino genomes have merged,creatingmonstrous abominations known as the Humanosaurs. Now theyrun amokin a post-apocalyptic wasteland strewn with abandonedbuildings anddinosaur nests. Kill the living and the walking deadalike. Hunt tosurvive. PRECISE SNIPER-SHOOTING ACTION Scan yourprey for weakspots and earn bonus loot and XP. Pinpoint criticalorgansincluding brains and lungs using your thermal sights. Replayepickills with incredible bullet-time. For any hunter unluckyenough tobe caught in the enemy’s gaze then prepare to face offagainst youropponent’s fury in a nail-biting quick-time event.You’ll only haveseconds to react. ELIMINATE DEADLY ENEMIES Stalk anincrediblevariety of dinosaur, zombie and Humanosaur enemies onland andunderwater. Use precision skills and upgrade your weaponsto takedown prey including the Einiosaurus that can withstandincredibleamounts of damage and the mighty 3-ton Tuojiangosauruscoated invicious spikes. AN ARSENAL OF AWESOME UPGRADEABLE WEAPONSPick offyour dino and walking dead foes with up to 14 modern andclassicsniper rifles as well as explosives including flashgrenades. Eachrifle has 15 upgrades, including increased stabilityand clip size.Stalk your prey from within the shadows by enhancingeach rifle'sscope and zooming capabilities, ensuring you become theultimatesniper hunter. Best Sniper: Shooting Hunter is finallyavailable onGoogle Play! Discover our other games: us on Facebook: Follow us onTwitter:
Sniper Shoot Strike 1.1
Modern Sniper Shoot is a modern action FPS game, on the androidFPSplay most vividly. Modern Sniper Shoot is frontline actionwargame. Kill enemies with modern sniper shoot weapons likesM4,AK-47, MP5, Snipe, pistols and other weapons at front-linecombat.Kill them with modern sniper combat war skills! As a trainedmodernsniper soldier, your obligation to kill your enemies. In themodernsniper assault counter terrorism combat, prevent thebrutalterrorists to escape, and strive to shoot the opponent'shead.Accurate and effective targeting practices will moreeffectivelyeliminate terrorism in the frontline shooting campaign.Ready tofight with modern terrorists.Modern sniper shoot with moreadvancedfeatures against terrorism allow you choose different typesofweapons Such as M4, WA2000, SL8G, AS50, M400, machine guns inthefight. You are a frontline commando with good modern combatskillsabout modern sniper technology so sneak into enemy territoryandeliminate hidden targets. Keep a close eye on your range ofsniperrifles, zoom in and find targets. In the fight againstterrorismmodern sniper comabt take a long breath and pull thetrigger tokill the enemies.- Modern sniper combat action shootinggame-Favorite modern sniper combat action game- Experience theuniquefront-line modern sniper wars- Dive into an exciting actionsniper-Defend yourself and destroy enemy bases- Complete thedifficultmissionsGame Play Features:- Hijacked buildings,alarmingbattlefields, Madden Shot and complex situations- Shoot allenemiesto complete mission to enter the next stage- Exciting mapsof thescene, the reality of competitive combat environment- Awealth ofweapons, sniping, assault rifles, pistols- The bestshooting actiongame- Seven critical mission environments- Amazing3D graphics
Water melon Shooter: US Army Apple Shooting Game 1.5
Kick Time Studios
Do you love playing 3D shooting games? Grab sniper rifle or guninhand to play newest watermelon shooting game in play store.Smashand squash water filled fresh fruits in this crazy appleshootinggame. Download watermelon shooter: US army apple shootingsimulatorin your mobile and tablets. Become real shooter learn theart ofshooting sniper gun on US Army shooting range. Get insidemilitaryschool to crushing fruits in this new shooting gunsimulator forfree. Use sniper scope for perfect watermelon shootingon top ofUSA army marine head. Get army training on shooting rangewith longrange sniper shooting games 2017. Aim target on movingobject toplay newest apple shooting games, try shooting limitedbullets ofgun and snipers. Forget the mines field and bombsshooting you willlove shooting watermelon in this real shooter game2017. Challengearmy shooter in the best sniper games withwatermelon shootingsimulator. Play the crazy watermelon shootingsimulator the bestmodern weapon shooting sims with moving targets.Use modern weaponsand shotguns in amazing watermelon shootingsimulator. Improvefocus and show precision on shooting range asskilled marksman andhunter. Hold breath before you pull trigger inthis epic snipershooting game. Forget ordinary hunting simulatorand zombieshooting games when you can enjoy best target practice onarmyshooting range in new free shooter game. Grab handguns, pistolsandlong range sniper rifles in watermelon shooting game. Shootmovingtarget in watermelon shooting simulator to show off yourrealhunter shooting skills. Crush fruits with shooting bullets inthiscrazy crusher smasher rifle shooting game. Blast watermelon onlongshooting range with modern weapons in this amazing fruitshootergames. Play watermelon shooter: US army apple shooting gamewithyour family and friends. Challenge your high school friendswiththe best watermelon shooting game. Hit the bull’s-eye tobecomechampion in this battle ground. If you love plying shootingsnipergames then you love playing real shooter gun simulatorwatermelonshooting sim. Enjoy shooting apple, pineapple and morejuicy fruitswith sniper shooting game. Be player unknown on US armytrainingschool and start shooting bullets to moving targets in thisappleshooting games 2017. Train with army shooter and enhance yourlongrange sniper shooting skills in the watermelon shooting game.Startshooting apple on military camp, dare to shooting watermelononhead of soldier. Experience best shooting game in yourandroidmobile and tablets with lots of fun. Feel the thrill ofshootingsniper to moving objects and smashing them in the air.WatermelonShooting Games 2017 Feature: 30 intense watermelonshooting levelsMultiple weapons shooting on fresh fruits Realphysics base puzzleand shooting maze Realistic fruit crushing andsmashing animationsSmooth sniper scope to give you best snipergames experience Usemodern weapon in the crazy melon shooting gameDownload watermelonshooter: US army apple shooting game to becomepro and a championshooter. Enjoy the real army shooting inside themilitary trainingcamp location with realistic gun shooting,crushing and smashsounds. Kill time with best 3D broken animationsaim the watermelonshoot fruit precisely in this best shooting game.