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How to Write a Report gives you lots of help when you need towritea report. Chapters include: This Apps will guide you step bystepfor creating a Very Good and excellent Report. This Appsinclude:How To Write a Report Report Writing Format Report WritingSampleReport Writing in English Top Tips on Report Writing HelpfulTipsfor Writing Student Reports How to Properly Write a ReportUltimateTips for Successful Report Writing Successful ReportWriting ReportWriting Advice How to Write a Business Report How toWrite BusinessLetters Writing a Winning Business Proposal Writingan InstructionManual or Handbook A Guide For College Students, Howto Write aBusiness Report, How to Write a Conference Report, How toWrite aSeminar Report, How to Write an Event Report, How to WriteaMonthly Report, How to Write a Comprehensive Report, How to WriteaBuilding Report, How to Write a Daily Report, How to WriteaFeedback Report, How to Write a Report Summary, How to WriteaComplaint Report, How to Write a Website Report, How to WriteaProject Report, How to Write a Closing Report, How to WriteaQuarterly Report, How to Write a Sales Report, How to Write aNewsReport, How to Write a Media Report, How to Write aPostmortemReport, How to Write a Training Report, How to Write aPerformanceReport, How to Write a Committee Report, How to Write aServiceReport, How to Write a Factual Report, How to Write aLetterReport, How to Write a Post-Event Report, How to Write anOfficialReport, How to Write a Mini Report, How to Write a CallReport, Howto Write a Progress Report, How to Write a QualityImprovementReport, How to Write a Contact Report, How to Write anExpenseReport, How to Write an Inception Report, How to WriteActivityReports, How to Write Good Data Analysis Report, How toWrite anExecutive Report, How to Write a Visit Report, How to WriteaJustification Report, How to Write a Situation Report, How toWritea Good Security Report, How to Write a Safety Report, How toWritean Accounting Report, How to Write a Business Analysis Report,Howto Write a Customer Feedback Reports, How to Write aProjectManagement Report, How to Write a Bound Report, How to WriteaProduct Summary Report, Download How to Write a Report now!
How To Write CV 7.0
How To Write a CV - If you are looking for a job and want to makeabio-data so you are in a right place. This CV writing appwillprovide you basic Curriculum Vitae or Resume writings tutorialstepby step. You will know how to write a cv and will getmostimportant and standard CV formats or samples. How to Write a CVAppFeatures: How To Write A CV (Example Included) How To Explain aGapin Your CV How To Overcome Common CV Issues How to Keep YourCVShort and Sweet How To Prepare For an Interview CV Layout: DosandDon’ts Six Ways To Make Your CV Stand Out Five Lines ThatAreKilling Your CV Eight Myths About CVs How to Write a CV ThatWorksHow to Write a CV for a JOB Top 7 CV Mistakes CoverLettersDifference Between a Resume and a CV? Curriculum Vitae (CV)SamplesCurriculum Vitae (CV) Writing Tips Curriculum Vitae (CV)FormatInternational CV Example 10 Steps To a Successful CV 10 CVMistakesto Avoid What A Resume Is, resume writing IncludingReferences OnYour CV Resume How To Format Resume HeadingsInformation To ProvideWhen Lacking Work Experience Resume Samples,sample of resume HowTo Write A Professional Summary For Your ResumeHow To Design YourResume To Get Employers Attention Action Words ToGive Your ResumePower Three Effective Ways To Customize Your ResumeHow To AvoidThe Top Five Common Resume Mistakes How To Format YourResume ToImpress Employers Avoiding Major Mistakes When AddressingThe CoverLetter 5 Common Cover Letter Mistakes How To Justify GapsIn YourWork History How To Make Your Resume Unique. It's FREE -sodownload now.
com.crazyapps.howtogetanythingyouwant 8.0
Smart Goal Trainings
Do you ever wonder why some people have all the luck andotherscan’t seem to catch a break? Our How to Get What You Wantguidewill show you that it’s the energy that you put out into theworldand the positive mindset that you hold that makes thebiggestdifference. The majority of our conscious and subconsciousthoughtsare negative. If we are able to change even 20% of thisnegativethought pattern into positive ones we will be able to seethedifferent it brings to the people and world around us. Itwillchange our outlook on life and make us aware of thedifferentopportunities that are available to us. We will be able tobetterfocus and see a clearer path to success. Included in thisamazingapp is: * What is the law of attraction? *IncorporatingVisualization * Work to overcoming Challenges *Positive ThinkingStrategies * Creating a plan * and much much more.There is so muchto learn in this amazing ebook you will not want toput it down.This book goes beyond the just thinking about what youwant in lifeto actually creating a plan and setting it in motion toachieve thehappiness and success you want in life. Be thatfinancial freedom,success, wealth, happiness, you name it. Learneverything you needto know about How to Get What You Want in ourfree guide. Don’tstop here, download your free guide today.
Telugu Daily 3.2
Telugu Daily
Get Fastest News updates and information up to date withTeluguDaily
com.prevo.soln.cnzmcq 2.7
Conferenza brings to you an App that will enable you toaccessMCQ based questions from courses around the world. ThecleanInterface of the App will divide your usability into 5 Parts –Home– A dynamic experience of ever changing names of people whohaverecently given a test is what this screen will display beforeyoureyes. A sneak peak at their marks and ranking along withthefeature that will help you jump to exactly the next test that isonthe list. Tests – The test tab will display all the Tests thattheapp holds for you with level wise segregation that keeps theMCQ’ssorted. Choose a level – Select a Test – Solve the paper –Viewyour results – Share with friends. Statistics – A simpleyetdetailed analysis that will help you compare your performance&progress with anyone. Leaderboard – Now you know who’s on theTOP.Let's! Beat them. Your friends and the entire clan oflearnersusing the app for their preparations are gathered at oneplacehere. You see their standing and can prepare to take overtheirrank. Profile – Not just a profile containing your personalinfobut side by side comparison and analysis of your performancewithfriends and the average of all the students on the app.
com.sololearn 2.5.5
SoloLearn has the largest collection of FREE code learningcontent,from beginner to pro! Choose from thousands of programmingtopicsto learn coding concepts, brush up your programmingknowledge, orstay aligned with the latest coding trends. You willbe greeted bythe friendliest community of coders, where peersupport is anessential part of learning and development. Freshlearning contentis created by the community daily, facilitatingefficient andeffective coder skill improvement. Join millions ofother codersfor anytime anywhere access to countless coding topicsandassignments. Write and run real code in our mobile code editor,getinspired through real-life code samples, and engage ininteractivecommunity conversations along the way. • FacebookFbStart’s App ofthe Year 2017 • Featured on TechCrunch, Forbes,ProductHunt,Lifehacker, and more. FRESH, FREE CONTENT DAILY: • WebDevelopment,including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery • Python •Java • Kotlin• C++ • C • C# • PHP • SQL • Algorithms & DataStructures •Ruby • Machine Learning • Design Patterns • Swift • Git• And manyother topics you will not find anywhere else.PERSONALIZED. Contentis delivered based on your progress,preference, and hottest markettrends. FREE 24/7 PEER SUPPORT.Ongoing community support andreal-time alerts make learning to codeas easy and enjoyable as itcan possibly get. FREE KNOWLEDGESHARING. Create lessons in yourarea of expertise and become acommunity influencer that millionswill look up to. Improve yourprofile and invest in your futureusing what you already know. FREEMOBILE CODE EDITOR. Write, run,and share real code right from yourmobile, without any additionalinstallations and setups. We lovefeedback. Tell us what you thinkat Facebook: Use SoloLearn on the Webat
Sora, by OverDrive 1.7.0
OverDrive, Inc.
Borrow eBooks and audiobooks from your school's library withSora.Setup is simple - just find your school and sign in. Thendownloador stream your assignments and favorite books to yourdevice. Soraincludes: • A ground-breaking built-in eBook reader • Abeautifulaudiobook player • Easy access to assigned titles • Arunning tallyof time spent reading and numbers of books completedWith Sora youcan: • Borrow a book and start reading with a singletap • Createand export notes and highlights • Define words - andreview a listof all the words that you've looked up • Earnachievements forreading, and for completing certain tasks in Sora •Love readingeBooks and audiobooks! And, coming soon: • You'll beable to accessyour public library's OverDrive collection in Sora!
How to Study For Exams 1.4
Simple Easy
How to Study for Exams Tips, The time before exams is the timewhereyou should be the most focused on what you should do and whatyoushouldn't do, so that you make the best use of the timebeforeexams. Include in this app: study tips for college effectivestudytips final exam study tips how to study for exams in one daybestway to study and memorize Features of the app: Can Use ForOfflineApp Updated regularly You can ask questions from our expertsSimpleapp book Knowledge like pocket on your phone You can alsosend usyour suggestions and we will add them inside the app Formoreupdates. Short Explaining about How to Study for Exams: Thiscanhelp you have the best grades after your exams, that's why youneedto know how to study for exams, and in this post I will showyousome of the most practical tips. Organize your time for exams:youhave to spend enough time to organize your time for eachsubjectthrough the two weeks before exams. You should put more timeforlong subject and less time for short subjects, by doing soandstudying in the exact time you put for your subject, youwillmanage to study each subject and gather the most informationbeforeexams. Revise what you studied while relaxing: for merelaxingtimes were before I sleep, after I wake up and while I wasbathing.I used to practice revision through those times whichhelped mymind to be so flexible through the exam time because Ialreadypracticed fetching information while there are nostudyingmaterials in front of my eyes. Write the questions ofpreviousyears exams: get previous years' exams and write theirquestionswithout answering them. By doing so you can help yourselfknow themost important parts in the subject and the parts that arelessimportant to focus your study efforts more on these partswhilestudying. Mix between what you know more and what you knowless:sure there are parts that you know better than others,focusing onwhat you know will make you assured that you will solvethemthrough the exam. Study what you know less too by mixing whatyouknow better with what you know less, for example: study thefirsthour what you know and then study what you know less the nexthour,by doing this you will decrease being bored before exams whichcanaffect your study time. Solve the questions of each partyoustudied: now you have studied a good part of the subject,returnback to the exams you studied in step 3 and solve thequestionsrelated to what you studied. Mark the questions that youthink theyare related to what you studied so that you can returnback to themwhen you know their answers. The time before exams issensitive forall students and managing the time before exam isessential to havethe best utilized effort to study for your exams.Download How toStudy for Exams now for learn tips study smart
com.apkzube.learnpython 1.9
If you are searching for an application to learn Python basictoadvance without any programming knowledge.You are at rightplace.Whether you are an experienced programmer or not, thisApplicationis intended for everyone who wishes to learn the PythonProgramminglanguage. There is no need to Internet anything - Justclick on theINSTALL you wish to begin from, and follow theinstructions. Goodluck! Features : >Login with google. >GreatUser Interface.>Topics divide into proper way. >All topicsare offline : noneeds internet >Content with easy examples.>Easy toUnderstand. >Practice Programs >Copy and ShareTopic withyour friends. >Online Python Compiler : Run yourPython programwithin application. >Python Interview Questionsand Answer.>> Basic Tutorial: Start from basic python basiclearning.basic tutorial consists following topics. # PythonIntroduction #How to set path in Python # Data Types in Python #Python If-elseStatement # Python Switch Statement # Loops in Python# PythonComments more... >> Advance Tutorial: basic toadvance pythontopics likes, # Python String # Python List # PythonTuple # PythonDictionary # Python Functions # Python Input andOutput # PythonModule # Python Exception Handling # Python OOPs #PythonInheritance more... >> Practice Programs No battle canwon inthe study and theory without practice is dead. in this topicwe add60+ practical programs with output and provide run,share andcopy.# Array,String,User Inputs programs # sorting algorithms.#searching algorithms. # recursion programs. more.. >>PythonInterview Questions and Answar. Python Interview Questionshavebeen designed especially to get you acquainted with the natureofquestions you may encounter during your interview for thesubjectof Python Programming Language.
How To Be Confident 1.1
How to Be Confident? Confidence is a state of mind. Whenyouexperience a sense of power and in full control of yourselfandyour situation, you feel a sense of confidence. It is importanttohave a positive frame of mind in order to feel a stateofconfidence. When you feel self-assured, you can be surer aboutyourday ahead and face every challenge with a more positivemindset. Itcan improve your professional as well as personal life.Here aresome easy tips on how to be confident. Take care of yourbody Aconfident state is impossible without a healthy body, andthismeans you should invest enough time and effort into yourdiet,workout regimen and overall lifestyle. Add foods into yourdailydiet that can provide you with energy, and benefit yourhealth.Avoid having hacks such as coffee and other beveragesthroughoutthe day, which can ultimately weaken your body. Haveenough sleepto recuperate your mind and body. Practice meditationevery day, inorder to reduce mental stress and anxiety. Mix withpositive peopleForm an inner circle comprising of people who arepositive in theirapproach and thinking process, and are confidentas well. If youconstantly mix with people who suffer from pessimismand constantlycrib or complain and suffer from low confidencelevels, theirattitude will pull you down as well. However, if yousurroundyourself only with happy people, you can gift yourself apositiveatmosphere that will increase your enthusiasm andconfidencelevels. Look good It is well-known that people who aresure abouttheir physical appearances are more confident aboutthemselves – tothe point they are often supremely confident. It isimportant togroom and touch up yourself. Invest at least 15 minutesevery dayin the morning to improve or maintain your physicalappearance.Trim your mustache / beard, go for regular hair-cuts,apply powderand other minimalist make-up, wear matching clothes andaccessoriesetc to look as neat and good as possible. Going out andbeing ableto impress people with a pleasant personality is a greatway of howto be confident . Know yourself Put yourself in varioussituationsand try to know your abilities as well as you can. Thiswill giveyou a proper idea about your own strengths and weaknesses.Takesome risks and try to ensure successful results for youractions.The more successful you are, the more you will feelconfident aboutyourself and reduce doubts about your own abilities.Accept yourshortcomings Do not be unnecessarily hard on yourself.You need togive up on criticizing yourself and be your own bestfriend. Themore you are accepting about your flaws and frailties,the moreeasily you can overcome self-doubts and fear of failures.As it issaid, when you are down in the dumps you can only go up. Apositiveacceptance of your own shortcomings is one way of how tobeconfident. You can improve your confidence levels and do notcausean unnecessary drain on your emotions. Here is a preview ofwhatyou will get with the how to be confident: • How to BeConfidentAround Girls if You're Shy • 25 Killer Actions to BoostYourSelf-Confidence • Gaining Confidence with Women • Powerful WaystoBoost Your Confidence • Much more tips on how to beconfident!Download your how to be confident copy today!
Free Mock Test , SSC, Railway, Bank - Mockers 3.8
Mukesh Kaushik
Mockers App provides the latest pattern & syllabus basedFreeTest Series & Exam alerts in Hindi and English for 60+GovtJobs. App also contains Daily Current Affairs Article,DailyCurrent Affairs Quiz, Govt Jobs & Result and ImportantUpdates.One and Only app which provides you 100% Free Mock Test inEnglish& Hindi with detailed solutions & powerfulperformanceanalysis. Most exams for Bank, SSC, Teaching, Railwayetc nowonline. Mock Test App provides a perfect platform to prepareallthese exams. Full length, short online practice tests helpsyouimprove performance in exams. Why download Online test seriesapp?★ All Mock Test are Free ★ Tests available in Hindi and English★Based on latest pattern ★ All India Rank among lakhs ofexamaspirants ★ Detailed explanation to questions ★ Result analysistofind strong and weak areas ★ Complimentary free tests forBank,SSC, Railway, Teaching, GATE exams ★ Best quality mock testpapers★★★ Get Free Mock Test of Following Exam ★★★ All SSC Exam 1.SSCCGL 2. SSC GD Constable 3. SSC CPO 4. SSC JE 5. SSC Stenographer6.SSC CHSL 7. SSC MTS 8. SSC Scientist Assistant 9. SSC JHT Exam2019All Banking Exam 1. SBI Clerk 2. SBI PO 3. RBI Grade B 4.RBIOffice Assistant 5. RBI Office Attendant 6. Bank of Baroda PO7.IDBI Bank Executive 8. Dena Bank PO 9. South Indian Bank PO 10.BOBSO 11. SBI SO 12. BOM PO 13. BOM Clerk 14. Canara Bank PO15.Indian Bank PO 16. IPPB Officer Scale I 17. Karur Vysya BankClerk18. Karur Vysya Bank PO 19. MP Apex Bank 20. Lakshmi VilasBank 21.Karnataka Bank Clerk 22. NABARD Grade A 23. NABARAD Grade B24.Syndicate Bank PO IBPS 25. IBPS RRB Assistant 26. IBPS RRBOfficer27. IBPS PO 28. IBPS Clerk 29. IBPS SO Railways 30. RailwayGroup D31. RRB ALP 32. Railway RPF 33. RRB NTPC 34. RRB JE 35. RRBSE Law35. CLAT 36. AILET Teaching 37. CTET Insurance 38. NIACLAssistant39. LIC AAO 40. NIACL AO 41. UIIC Assistant 42. NICLAssistant 43.NICL AO 44. OICL AO 45. LIC HFL Assistant Defence 46.NDA 47. CDS48. Delhi Police Constable 49. Bihar Police SI 50. UPPSCRO ARO 51.UP Police Constable 52. AFCAT 53. PSPCL 54. UP SI 55. IBACIO 56.DMRC JE 57. CIL MT 58. DMRC SC/TO 59. DMRC CRA 60. DMRC JE61.DFCCIL 62. UP Police 63. Bihar Police 64. Rajasthan Police 65.TSPolice 66. CG Police 67. MP Vyapam 68. Odisha Police 69. UKForestGuard 70. UP VDO 71. IGCAR 72. UPSSC Exam 73. DSSSB Exam 74.StatePCS 75. BPSC Exam 76. Bihar SSC +2 level Exam 77. Bihar SIExam 78.Bihar Police Constable Exam
Learn Android With Source Code 1.1
Chandni Sindhav
This application provides a complete guide for learningAndroidApplication development. This application contains examplesof allthe components of Android with demo and source code. It isone stopapplication for learning as well as developing application.Inaddition, there is a collection of assorted Androidinterviewquestions which helps developers to understand internalsas wellworking of android application. It is useful for beginner aswellas experienced developer. It is very light application anduserfriendly. There is no ads in the application. Interviewquestionswill come handy while preparing for interview.
Letter & Application Writing 2.2
BD Fresh Apps
Students can easily learn how to write Letter and Application.Iteasy and huge collection for students. Letter and Application isamost important and common topic to learn english orenglishstudies. So if you are seeking for a letters andapplications app,you are in a right place. Letter and ApplicationCollection AppFeatures: Letter Writings Application Writings EasyGrammar UsedUser Friendly App Works Offline Easy EnglishApplication Writingfor Students. 1) An Application for Leave ofAbsence 2) Leave inAdvance 3) Leave for the Remaining Periods 4) AnApplication for aHoliday 5) Application for Leave in Advance 6)Permission to Play aFriendly Football Match 7) Transfer Certificate8) An Applicationfor Readmission 9) Application for a Testimonial10) Applicationfor a Hostel Seat 11) Application for Arranging on aPicnic 12) AnApplication for Morning School 13) For IncreasingCommon RoomFacilities 14) Full Free Studentship 15) Adequate SportsFacilities16) An application for Setting up a Charitable Dispensaryin ourLocality 17) Write an application for Arranging a Picnic18)Opening a Computer Club 19) An application to the Headmasterprayerfor organizing a literary club. 20) An application totheHeadmaster seeking permission to arrange a cultural function.21)An application to the Headmaster praying for permission to usetheground of your school for Baishakhi Mela. 22) An application totheDC for some relief’s for the flood hit people. 23) For Settingup aTube-Well 24) For Repairing a Bridge Over the Canal Letter&Application Writing for Students. Easy way towriteLetter/Application.Letter and application part. Please give us5star.
com.sololearn.csharp 1.9
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support. TheSoloLearn C#course makes the 10th programming language available toourcommunity for FREE! At SoloLearn, we are building a communityofcoders where learning is FREE, FUN, and EFFECTIVE! Withcodingbecoming a "must have" skill, we aim to help you improveyourcareer and life choices by mastering this skill in your sparetime,on any device, wherever you are. Join our growing communityofSoloLearners where you can enjoy individual andpeer-to-peerlearning and learn the basics of implementing codingprojects onyour mobile. And finally, improve your standing withinthecommunity by collecting XP points and advancing your rank ontheLeaderboard! Learn: Gain an understanding of C# concepts bygoingthrough short interactive texts and follow-up fun quizzes.Topicsinclude: variables, conditional statements and loops,methods,classes, arrays, strings, encapsulation, inheritance,polymorphism,interfaces, exceptions, generics, and more! CodePlayground: Thebest way to learn to code is to CODE! Ourbeautifully designed codeeditor lets you make changes to existingcode or write and run yourown custom code and see the output onyour mobile device! You cancode while going through the corelessons or as a stand-alonelearning activity. The more you play,the better you get! Use ourDiscussion Forums: Whether you needadditional help inunderstanding a topic or want to contribute toenhance the learningof peer SoloLearners, go to our DiscussionForums. Learn, shareyour knowledge, and improve your career andlife choices!
All C Programs 2.5.2
Mahidhar Guggilam
Learn C while learning programs. All Basic and Advanced CProgramsincluding Ciphers for developing logical skills. Build yourCareerby learning C programming Language. A total of 400+ CPrograms withexplanations for few of them ,given considering a nonProgrammerwho feels difficulty in programming(Remainingexplanations will beadded ASAP). What can you Expect? Basic CPrograms on numbers,Mathematics, Conversions, sum series etcStrings Bitwise OperationsArrays Matrices Search and Sort Pointersand Structures Files GamesCiphers including Encryption andDecryption. Applications whichincludes Mini projects. Patternsincluding Symbol, Alphabetical,Numeric Pyramid Patterns includingSymbol, Alphabetical, NumericAnd 30 Practice Questions Features1.Change Font Size of theProgram 2.Night Mode which can be switchedON or OFF for theprogram and available for entire app but has torelaunch app toapply for entire app 3.Zoom In and Out which can beswitched ON orOFF for the program 4.Wrapping Code to adjust thecode withinscreen size without scrolling horizontally which can beswitched ONor OFF for the program 5.Copy the Program to Clipboard6.Share theProgram 7 .Download Program 8.Syntax Highlighted9.InterviewQuestions 10.Chat with others 11.Search Programs 12.AddPrograms toBookmark 13.30 Practice Questions All the features areavailablefor programs. If app is crashed or any problem please And tell me the condition when itishappening Thanks And Regards, cprograms4future.
com.amazingapps.howtobuildselfesteem 4.0
White Apps Dev
Are you somebody who struggles with self-confidence? Our HowtoBuild Self Esteem Course will help you to overcome your fearsandincrease your self love. There are so many reasons why it issoimportant to have and maintain high self-esteem. Here are someofthe reasons below. * Confidence helps you to be able toinfluencinganother's opinions or behaviors in a positive way. * Beable tocommunicate feelings and emotions in a variety ofsituations. *Approach new situations in a positive and confidentmanner. *Exhibit a high level of frustration tolerance. *Acceptresponsibility. * Keep situations (positive and negative) inproperperspective. * Communicate positive feelings aboutthemselves. *Possess an internal locus of control (belief thatwhatever happensto them is the result of their own behavior andactions). * Beingassertive lets people know that you cannot bepushed around. Butthe most important question to ask is: How do youimprove your SelfEsteem? Our How to Build Self Esteem coursecontains amazinginformation that will help you increase your SelfEsteem in apositive and influential way. We will help youunderstand theimportance of self love and self worth. Our guideworks onovercoming low self esteem through positive thinkingstrategies andself awareness techniques. Here are some of thewonderful thingsyou can expect to read about. * Where Does ourSelf-Esteem ComeFrom? * What is Self-Esteem? * Do I Have Low SelfEsteem? * TheInner Voice * Positive Affirmations * Self-Nurturing *and muchmuch more It can be a struggle for many people who sufferfrom lowself esteem. If you think you have low self esteem, and itisimpacting your life, you can quickly and easily download thisgreatbook and get the tips today. Get this awesome guide of How toBuildSelf Esteem. A great book with many powerful tip and habitstoimplement in your own life. The How to Build Self Esteem courseisabsolutely free, so be sure to download this app and startworkingon your self improvement, self confidence and selfmotivation.Positive thinking and self worth are so important inbeingemotionally stable and confident. 3.8
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support.SoloLearn's LearnJava is a comprehensive guide to one of the mostpopularprogramming languages in the world. And here's a bonus:Learn Javais FREE! The lessons in Learn Java lessons are fast,easy, andeffective; the app is set up to be completed in less thanthreehours. No prior programming experience is needed. With LearnJava,you’ll learn object-oriented Java programming and have theabilityto write clear and valid code in almost no time at all. Sodon'thesitate. Begin our step-by-step tutorial today, and learn anewskill! The app's 64 lessons cover the following topics: •JavaBasics: Variables, Operators, etc. • Conditional StatementsandLoops • Arrays • Classes and Objects • Encapsulation,Polymorphism,and Inheritance • Abstract Classes and Interfaces •Anonymous andInner Classes • Exception Handling • Lists • HashMaps• Sets •Threads • Working with Files • And Much More! Become aJavadeveloper – start SoloLearn's FREE tutorial today!! Unlocklevels,collect points, and compete with your peers around theworld. Learnand have fun with SoloLearn!
libMQ 8.2.1
Macquarie University
libMQ provides a mobile platform to locate MacquarieUniversityLibrary resources, book facilities and access otherMacquarieUniversity information. Through the app, you can: • searchlibraryresources via MultiSearch; • access to MyLibrary to checkloans,requests and fines/fees information; • book Librarycomputers,3D-Printing Station, Virtual Reality space (VRoom) andPresentationPractice Pods; • view new titles added to the Library’scollectioneach week; • view Library opening hours; • navigatecampus maps andbuilding locations, and Library floorplans; • followthe Librarynews and social media feed; • access the Library staffdirectory; •view Macquarie University alumni library resources (forAlumnionly); and • view Macquarie University Hospital libraryresources(for Hospital staff only) • receive Library alerts
Principles of Management 31.0.0
Plan B Systems
This is a free app for the subject, Principles of Managementwhichcovers important topics on the course. Download the App asareference material & digital book. The app providesquickrevision and reference to the important topics for PrinciplesofManagement & useful for the student or a professional tocoverthe course syllabus quickly before an exams. PS: We constantlyworkon this app to give you the best possible experience. Anyfeedbackor issue in this app, please send us an, we will solve them immediately.
How to Write Research Paper 1.0.0
How to Write Research Paper, offline guidanceforUniversitystudents. A research paper is a piece of academicwritingbased onits author's original research on a particulartopic, andtheanalysis and interpretation of the research findings.It canbeeither a term paper, a master's thesis or adoctoraldissertation.This app is offline guidance for university,collegesstudents.This app almost cover all important topics andmethods ofResearchmethodology. Key Topics of App: Advance ResearchMethodsResearchDesign Literature Search & Review ResearchModelScaledefinition and construction Population and SamplingHypothesisTheseven-step process in the Hypothetical-DeductivemethodGUIDELINESFOR WRITING RESEARCH PROPOSAL How to write aresearchpaperEmpirical Research Methodology FINAL COMMENTS ONSTRUCTUREANDSTYLE DO: Terms are related to the app: researchpaperessaywriting research paper topics term paper writing aresearchpaperresearch articles research project research essayresearchworkgood research topics term paper topics researchprojecttopicswriting paper research papers sites research projectideaswritinga paper research report apa research paper researchpaperoutlineresearch paper writing help do my research paperresearchreportwriting a research paper research papers onlineresearchessaytopics scientific research paper essay paper scienceresearchpaperpsychology research paper research paper websiteenglishresearchpaper research papers for sale good research papertopicsapa styleresearch paper academic research paper researchdocumentresearchpaper about business term paper writing researchpaper ongoodresearch paper the research paper research paperessayresearchpaper proposal research study topics argumentativeresearchpaperresearch paper ideas paper writing help persuasiveessayreacherpaper making a research paper Download this app andmakeresearchpaper with us :)
Learn Android App Development: Tutorials 4.0
Hussain Labs Inc.
If you want to become a Professional Android Developer 👨‍💻 orYouwant to enhance your skills and knowledge of AndroidApplicationDevelopment further. You are not finding the requiredandroidtutorials, material, resources, links, guide and you arestuck timeafter time what to do next to get forward? Here is a FullPackedAndroid Development Course 👍 with tutorials for you to take astepforward in your career. The App is designed in a way that evenalayman who have no prior knowledge of Android but hassomebackground knowledge of Java can Learn Android AppDevelopment.With these Android Tutorials you get to know the Level0 basics todeveloping Professional Apps with us providing you therequiredbasic theories, codes, examples, and most important Tipsand Trickswith guidance So, that you can get to know where to putthe nextstep in order to go forward. The Application is veryuser-friendly📱offering a lot to learn android for the users. TheApp is dividedinto different sections: 1) Basic Learning: Thiscontains thebasics to Learn Android Development in theory. You canunderstandthings theoretically here. • Introduction to Android •Architecture& Software Stack • Android Studio • Android ProjectStructure •Android Application Fundamentals • Android Intent •Android Views,Layouts & Resources • Android Fragments • AndroidUI Widgets •Android Containers • Android Menu • Android DataStorage • AndroidJSON Parsing • Firebase 2) Beginner: This is theLevel 1 of AndroidApp Development Course where you can learn themost basic codes andsee their demo. • UI Widgets • Menu • Differenttypes of Intent •Fragments 3) Advance: Learn some advance codes andthings inAndroid. This section helps you learn some of the mostimportantpractices you will need in your Android Apps. • Advance UI•Containers • Material Design • Notifications • Storage • SQLite4)Professional: In the Professional Section you will learn howtocreate some professional Android Apps. We will keep adding newappsto this section time to time. • Flashlight Torch ApplicationUsingCamera2 API • QR Code Scanner Application • Speech toTextApplication • Text to Speech Application • Bitcoin PriceIndexApplication using JSON • Firebase User AuthenticationApplication •Convert Website to Application • Youtube PlayerApplication • PDFCreator Application and much more. 5) Tips andTricks: In thissection we will provide you useful advise, tips,resources andother important knowledge to let you know how you canenhance yourskills further to become a better professional inAndroid AppDevelopment. • General Tips • Helpful Resources • UsefulPlugins •Important Libraries • Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts •PlayStore Optimisation (ASO) • App Monetization • Boost Youcareer(Open-Source App Codes) We also have the feedback portion inthemain page menu of the app where you can reach us todiscussproblems occurring in your way and we will provide you theproperguidance. So, let's start a journey towards a betterskillenhancement and learning path with this Android AppDevelopmentCourse & Tutorials for some great people out thereseeking aproper path for becoming A Professional Android Developer.MayAllah bless you with everything you want (amen)
Tel Aviv University - TAU 1.7
The application of Tel Aviv University is for you, studentsandacademic staff. Here you will find personal academicinformationeasily and without wasting precious time. All yourcourses, grades,announcements, test schedule, your library carddata in yourlibraries and your tuition summary are here. What more?Informationabout the Student Union, scholarships, a map of campusorientationand even the availability of rides to the university,which willupgrade your study period, leaving you more time to askquestionsand explore the unknown. TAU, University Tel Aviv
Common Mistakes in English 1.10
Old Gate
This app is specially designed to meet the requirements ofstudentswhose mother tongue is not English. The method adoptedthroughoutthis app is uniform. All the errors dealt with aresingled out andfinally simple explanations are given. Topicscovered in this app :# Misused forms of preposition, infinitive #Use of the wrong tense# Incorrect omissions of preposition #Unnecessary prepositions,articles and infinitive # Wrong positionof adverb # Prepositions,verbs, adverbs, adjectives, nouns oftenconfused # Confusion ofnumber and parts of speech # Exercises
Bernoulli Play 3.6
O Bernoulli Play é um aplicativo que disponibiliza videoaulas comaresolução de exercícios de diversas disciplinas. Osexercíciosresolvidos nos vídeos fazem parte dos livros do EnsinoMédio e doPré-Vestibular da coleção didática do Bernoulli Sistemade Ensino.1º - Para assistir às videoaulas, acesse o aplicativoBernoulliPlay em um dispositivo móvel. 2º - Insira, no campo“Código dovídeo”, o código alfanumérico de quatro caracterescorrespondente àvideoaula a que você deseja assistir. Esse códigoestá impresso nolivro, ao lado de cada exercício que possuivideoaula disponível.Pronto! É simples e rápido. © 2018 BernoulliSistema de Ensino.Bernoulli Play is an application that offersvideoaulas with theresolution of exercises of several disciplines.The exercisessolved in the videos are part of the High School andPre-Vestibularbooks of the didactic collection of the BernoulliTeaching System.1º - To watch videotapes, access the Bernoulli Playapplication ona mobile device. 2º - In the field "Code of thevideo", enter thefour-character alphanumeric code corresponding tothe videotape youwant to watch. This code is printed in the booknext to eachexercise that has videotape available. Ready! It'ssimple and fast.© 2018 Bernoulli Teaching System.
eMedQue - MBBS University Questions Bank 11
Mega Medi Appz
eMedQue app is developed in especial favour of medical studentstoaid them in their university theory exam preparation. This isthefirst app of this kind for assisting students who undergoanextremely tense situation during exam preparation. It isinvariablya tradition of every medical college student to cumulatetheprevious years’ questions for a better and an organisedstudyschedule. How do these questions help? Medical science isvast,extensive and boundless. Every student should have adetailedreading of the suggested book for a genuine understandingof thespecific subject. However, when the qualifying exams arenearing,these questions help them to carefully revise the mostcrucialtopics often repeated. In this app, one can undoubtedly findlast30 years collection of university questions from 1990 to2019(Feb).All subject questions are properly sorted intochapter-wise andalso one can know how many times each question wasrepeated. Theusers enjoy the freedom to sort and filter thequestions as pertheir need. There is, in addition, a speciallyplanned performancedesk for the students to assess their progressindividually bygraphical representation. This specific app is nowlaunched forTamilnadu Dr.M.G.R.Medical University MBBS Questions(First Year,Second Year, Prefinal Year & Final Year). We aremeticulouslyworking to revise the app in the upcoming months withquestionsfrom other Universities. Please share this app with yourfriendsand fellow colleagues so that everyone can attain itsmaximumbenefit. Kindly encourage us in ameliorating our work bygivingyour valuable feedback and appropriate suggestions. .
com.everythingforpeople.twinefor30days 2.5
everything for people
Application How to do the splits in 30 days is designed forthosewho want to achieve results. How to do the splits in 30 dayswillhelp you to understand the method of fast and effectivestretching.How to do the splits for beginners in 30 days for menwill help tomaster a unique technique for men. Stretches for middlesplits for30 days is not difficult now. In section How to do splitsfor kidsyou will read a unique technique. Will delight the sectionSplitsstretches for beginners. Especially suitable for those wholike tostretching at home. Cross splits we will learn differenttechniquesof splits for 30 days. An important section of Do thesplits stepby step will reveal the secrets of productivestretching. Do thesplits fast effective formula for achieving quickresults. Learnthe splits at home are no longer a secret. Variousexercises andmethods of their implementation in the section How toget thesplits.
com.makewonder.wonder 1.16.0
PLEASE NOTE: This app requires a Wonder Workshop robot - Dash orDot- and a Bluetooth Smart/LE-enabled device to play. Thefollowingdevices are supported: Galaxy Note 10.1 Galaxy Note Pro12.2 GalaxyTab 3 8.0, 10.1 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0, 8.0, 10.1 Galaxy TabPro 8.4Galaxy Tab S 8.4, 10.5 Nexus 7 (2013) Nabi 2 Nabi DreamTabGalaxyS4, S5 All Android devices with Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) andabove andBluetooth Smart/LE can download this app, but we cannotguaranteethat it will work on devices not in the list. To find outmore,please visit us at: is FREE to play.-------------------------------------------Wonder makes roboticsas delightful as finger painting. With apicture-based language andguided challenges, Wonder is the firstcoding tool that lets kidsages 8 and up have fun with robotics allon their own. This appcomes packed with over 300 challenges thatwill teach you how tocode with Wonder, and you’ll be coding up astorm in no time.Travel through the African Grasslands, the ArcticWilderness, andeven Outer Space in your coding adventures touncover new ideas foryour robots. Turn Dot into a trumpet, a Pongarcade, or a desertrace drifter. Dash is a real robot that comeswith you on all youradventures! Transform Dash into a ferociouslion, dodge asteroidstogether in outer space, play a game of MarcoPolo together, andmuch more. When you and your robot are ready,start creating yourown inventions. Once you’re done coding, putyour phone or tabletaway and your robot will remember your code.Wonder is the codingcanvas that gives you the joy of creativity asyou bring Dash andDot to life. Roll up your sleeves, and push theboundaries of whatis possible. For ages 8 and up. HOW TO PLAY -Connect Dash or Dotto the Wonder app using Bluetooth Smart/LE -Update your robots!This app brings new sounds, personalities, andabilities to yourrobots. There’s a lot for your robots to learn, sothe update maytake up to 20 minutes. Next time you turn your roboton, it willhave a whole new personality! - Use the controller tomake Dash& Dot light up, move, and make sounds. - Venture onthe ScrollQuest to complete challenges that will guide you on howto play andgive you fun ideas for your robots. Start with Dash orDot - thereis a set of challenges for every kind of bot. - CollectBQ points.As you play the challenges with Dash and Dot, your robotsgain BotIQ. The more BQ points your robot has, the smarter andmorepowerful your robot is! - Try the Free Play mode to create yourowninventions for Dash and Dot. - Transform Dash and Dot. Onceyou’redone coding, you can transfer your code to Dash or Dot. Nexttimeyou turn on your robot, it will run your code withoutbeingconnected to a phone or tablet. If you have any questionsorsuggestions, we would love to hear from you! Contact us at anytimeat ABOUT WONDER WORKSHOPWonderWorkshop, an award-winning creator of educational toysandapplications for children, was founded in 2012 by three parentsona mission to make learning to code meaningful and fun forchildren.Through open-ended play and learning experiences, we hopetoinstill a sense of wonder while helping kids develop theircreativeproblem solving skills. We play test with childrenthroughout ourproduct and app development process to make sure ourexperiencesare frustration free and fun.
udenity.draw.weapons 1.1.15
Step by step drawing of your favorite weapon. Do you wanttosurprise your friends or just learn how to draw? Then this appisfor you. Lessons of varying difficulty will help you workthroughthe key aspects of drawing. You will easily imagine what andhowyou will draw. Get new skills and develop. Drawing is fun! ✏ Ahugenumber of people in our time wants to learn how to draw, buttheyhave great difficulties with this. This application allows youtoeasily and as soon as possible learn to draw weapons. ✏ If youwantto learn how to draw cool and realistic weapons so that othersenvyyou, then this application is for you. The application containsahuge collection of step by step instructions for drawing. ✏ Evenifyou can't draw at all, it's not a problem. Our lessons arecreatedsolely for accelerated learning from the very foundationsofdrawing. All weapons drawing lessons are created byprofessionalillustrators and adapted not only for adults but alsofor children.Take a pencil, choose the weapon you like, and youwill learn howto draw today. ✏ All lessons on drawing weapons arepresented inthe form of step-by-step instructions. Step by step,follow theinstructions, and you will see for yourself how easy itis to learnhow to draw. ✏ Your child asked you how to draw a gun,open thisapp and draw with it. You will see how your child willlike it,that you spend time with him for his favorite activity. ✏Allweapons drawing lessons are completely free. Just installtheapplication, select any weapon you like and learn to draw.Theapplication contains a huge collection of instructions fordrawing:- how to draw knives - how to draw guns - how to drawrifles - howto draw automata - how to draw shotguns - how to drawmachine gunsDraw great weapons with the best step-by-step lessonson GooglePlay! Good luck to you! Features of the application: - ahugenumber of drawings - the constant addition of new pictures -fastlearning - simple and intuitive interface - interface istranslatedinto many languages
com.dawateislami.hajiabdulhabib 1.3
Hazrat Maulana Abu Madani Abdul Habib Attari is a member oftheCentral Executive Committee of Dawat-e-Islami and arenownedIslamic scholar who travels across the globe to spread themessageof love, brotherhood, harmony and the teachings of HolyQuran andSunnah. Almighty has blessed him so much and he is doinghisuntiring efforts to spend it in the path of Islam which hasbecomea source of religious and ethical reforms. The I.T departmentofDawat-e-Islami has developed an app named as “Maulana HabibAttari”which contains the introduction, speeches, programs and alltheaudio and video lectures of Maulana Abdul Habib Attari.Theapplication has been designed beautifully with a marvelousUI.Prominent Features • Media: You can find all the mediafilesrelated to Maulana Abdul Habib Attari with audio and videooptions.• Downloaded Items: All the downloads will be shown in theDownloadsection of the App. • Favorites: You can mark any mediafile asfavorite and it will be shown in the Favorites section ofthe app.• Introduction: The app contains a brief introduction ofMaulanaAbdul Habib Attari which elaborates his religious services.•Radio: User can listen the live streaming of Madani ChannelthroughMadani Radio. • Share: Share any media file or linkthroughFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social mediaplatforms. It’sa user-friendly app so download it yourself and letother Islamicbrothers know about it. Do send your valuablesuggestions andfeedback at
99 Names of Allah: AsmaUlHusna 2.0.5
Thank You For Helping Us Reach 1 Million Downloads! > VotedBestIslamic App > Memorize 99 Names Of Allah With Meanings>Islamic Radio > Memorizing Asma-ul-husna tests included >99Names Of Allah - Asma-ul-Husna Audio/MP3 >Multi-LanguageCapability Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “There are 99names ofAllah, and that anyone who memorizes all the names will beawardedparadise.” Finally an app that helps you to learn andmemorize the99 names of Allah. The amazement does not stop therethis app alsohelps you remember the meanings of each name of Allah.The 99 namesof Allah are called 'Asma Ul Husna' (Pronounce Asma AlHusna) whichin Arabic means ‘The Most Beautiful Names’. Theseislamic names areattributes of Allah SWT by which Muslims regardGod in Islam. InArabic, the word Allah means ‘The God’. It isderived from theunion of the word ‘Al’ meaning ‘The’ and ‘Ilah’Meaning ‘God’. Theword Allah is the supreme and all comprehensivedivine name. InIslam, the name Allah is unique and unmatched andindicates theexistence of one creator of the universe. ProphetMuhammad’s (PBUH)life, traditions and his Islamic lectures (Sunnahof prophetMuhammad) are of great significance & Muslims followhistraditions all over the world. 99 names of Allah are writteninEnglish and Arabic along with the meanings of each name inArabic,English and Urdu. Install this android app today to get Asmaulhusna, the beautiful names and attributes of Almighty AllahinEnglish and Arabic along with the meanings of the names. Reciteormemorize the 99 names of Allah any time any where from yourphone.* Features of AsmaUl Husna (99 names of Allah) - 99AllahNames(Asma Ul Husna) in English. - 99 Allah Names(Asma UlHusna) inUrdu/Arabic. - For each name of Allah, a short Englishtranslationof Quranic-meaning is provided. Detailed meaning of eachname isalso provide within the app. - Did you know? Islamic factssection- Asmaul Husna with synchronized audio for most names. -CompletelyOffline Islamic God names and meaning App! No internetconnectionrequired to use this Islamic app after its firstdownload.-Quiz/Test – Test yourself to see how well your doingmemorizingAllah’s names. - FREE app. No cost or purchases required.Justdownload for FREE today, for use during Islamic prayer times-Adhan / Salaah. We have tried our best to provide the mostaccurateinformation within the smallest possible size for androidphones.This pro app is completely Offline and FREE!! We arededicatingthis to all Muslims and non-Muslims alike to understand& learnabout Islam, in hope to spread the knowledge of Islam.This is anAd-supported version. Support the developer of this appwith yourpositive feedback & good ratings, so that we can bringto youmore quality Islamic apps for FREE on demand! Thank you foryoursupport. New Feature Added: CallerID feature for unknownnumberidentification. This feature will show Callinformationduring/after calls and you can fully adjust it to yourpreferences.Enable / disable or configure the CallerID at any timein thesettings menu. Updated c04eab4a47
cxs.cscollege.learn 1.2.1
“SkillsFuture@PublicService” This application is a service oftheGovernment of Singapore. LEARN is a one-stop digitallearningplatform that lets you learn wherever you go. It also givesyou allthat you need to upskill and reskill in a digitalworkplace.Discover a world of learning resources with CSC’sproprietarycontent and curated learning pathways from renownedthird-partycontent providers. Sharpen your skills with personalisedcontentaccording to Public Service Competency Frameworks and yourlearningneeds. Activate your account and LEARN today! Note: LEARNis bestviewed on Apple phones: iOS version 11 and above, andAndroidphones: Android version 6 and above. If your phone isnotcompatible, you can also access LEARN@Desktop you are downloading the app for the first timeor a newSingapore public officer, please check with yourHR/Training teamon how to obtain a LEARN account. For feedback ortechnicalsupport, please contact
Mininterno Concorsi 1.0.15
Edena Software
L'app ufficiale di, il portale di riferimento perlapreparazione a tutti i concorsi pubblici italiani. Dimenticatuttele altre app, ed esercitati gratuitamente con milioni di quizarisposta multipla, con la stessa affidabilità che ormai da piùdi10 anni contraddistingue Mininterno! Caratteristiche principali:-Completamente GRATIS - Utilizzabile off-line senza limitazioni -NObanner pubblicitari - Tutte le banche dati deiconcorsitempestivamente disponibili - Esercitazioni in tantemodalitàdiverse - Tieni traccia dei quesiti più ostici e quellipiùsemplici - Rivedi i tuoi errori al termine di ogni questionario-Simulazione d'esame a tempo - Modalità lettura per memorizzareconpiù tranquillità i quiz - Elenco di tutti i quizsempreconsultabile - Statistiche aggiornate man mano che tieserciti - Laconsueta affidabilità di Mininterno - Funziona sututti i telefoniAndroid 4.4+ - Sincronizza i tuoi progressi con ilsoftware diMininterno per Windows Tutte le banche dati dei concorsipresentisulla piattaforma web di Mininterno verrannotempestivamente resedisponibili anche nell'app. L'app contiene, tragli altri, quiz ebanche dati dei seguenti enti: - Arma deiCarabinieri - Polizia diStato - Polizia Penitenziaria - Guardia diFinanza - EsercitoItaliano - Marina Militare - Aeronautica Militare- Vigili delFuoco - INAIL - INPS - ISTAT - Agenzia delle Entrate -Ministerodella Difesa - Ministero dell'Interno - Ministero dellaGiustizia -Ministero della Salute - Ministero dell'Economia e delleFinanze(MEF) - Ministero degli Esteri (MAECI) - Ministerodell'Istruzione,dell'Università e della Ricerca (MIUR) - MinisterodelleInfrastrutture e dei Trasporti (MIT) - Ministero dei Beniculturali(MIBACT) - Camera dei Deputati - Senato della Repubblica -Cortedei Conti - Regione Campania - Regione Sardegna - RegionePuglia -Regione Lazio - Regione Molise - Comune di Roma - Comune diNapoli- Comune di Catania - Altri comuni, regioni e province -Ospedali eASL (Cardarelli, San Carlo, ecc...) - AIFA - ACI - AGES -AGENAS -ANAC - ASPAL - CONSOB - IACP - SSPA - SSEF - ARST - RIPAM /FORMEZCon Mininterno puoi esercitarti con i quiz di tutti iconcorsipubblici più importanti: - Allievi agenti della Polizia diStato -Allievi agenti della Polizia Penitenziaria - AllieviCarabinieri -Allievi Marescialli dei Carabinieri - AllieviFinanzieri - Concorsiper VFP4 - Concorsi per militari - Concorsiper amministrativi -Concorsi per contabili - Concorsi perassistenti sociali - Concorsiper OSS (operatori socio-sanitari) -Concorsi per assistentiamministrativi e giuridici - Concorsisanitari - Esami di Stato permedici - Scuole di specializzazione inmedicina - Concorsi pertecnici - Concorsi per vigili urbani Theofficial app, the reference portal for thepreparation for allItalian public competitions. Forget all theother apps, andpractice for free with millions of multiple choicequizzes, withthe same reliability that for more than 10 years hasdistinguishedMininterno! Main features: - Completely FREE - Can beused offlinewithout restrictions - NO banner ads - All databasesofcompetitions available in a timely manner - Exercises inmanydifferent ways - Keep track of the most difficult andsimplequestions - Review your mistakes at the end of eachquestionnaire -Timed exam simulation - Reading mode to storequizzes with moreconfidence - List of all quizzes always availablefor consultation- Updated statistics as you practice - The usualreliability ofMininterno - Works on all Android 4.4+ phones -Synchronize yourprogress with the Mininterno for Windows softwareAll the databasesof the competitions on the Mininterno web platformwill be promptlymade available in the app as well. The appcontains, among others,quizzes and databases of the followinginstitutions: - Arma deiCarabinieri - State Police - PenitentiaryPolice - Guardia diFinanza - Italian army - Navy - Air Force - Firefighters - INAIL -INPS - ISTAT - Revenue Agency - Ministry ofDefence - Ministry ofthe Interior - Ministry of Justice - Ministryof Health - Ministryof Economy and Finance (MEF) - Ministry ofForeign Affairs (MAECI)- Ministry of Education, University andResearch (MIUR) - Ministryof Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) -Ministry of CulturalHeritage (MIBACT) - House of Representatives -Senate of theRepublic - Court of Auditors - Campania Region -Sardinia Region -Puglia region - Lazio region - Molise Region -Municipality of Rome- The municipality of Naples - Municipality ofCatania - Othermunicipalities, regions and provinces - Hospitalsand ASL(Cardarelli, San Carlo, etc ...) - AIFA - ACI - AGES -AGENAS -ANAC - ASPAL - CONSOB - IACP - SSPA - SSEF - ARST - RIPAM /FORMEZWith Mininterno you can practice with the quizzes of all themostimportant public competitions: - Students of the State Police-Pupils of the Penitentiary Police - Carabinieri students -Marshalsof the Carabinieri - Financial Pupils - Competitions forVFP4 -Military competitions - Competitions for administrativeoffices -Contests for accounting - Competitions for social workers-Competitions for OSS (social and health workers) - Competitionsforadministrative and legal assistants - Health contests -Stateexaminations for doctors - Schools of specialization inmedicine -Competitions for technicians - Competitions for trafficwardens
lu.gian.uniwhere 7.0.9
Uniwhere is an app that brings all your university life toyoursmartphone, and it does that automatically. Remember thoseappswhere you put your grades manually, every time you got one? Wedothat too, but we don't ask for anything. Just log in usingyouruniversity account and boom: you're in. • Your study plan,withyour grades and exams still to be passed? We got it.•Administrative fees, still to be paid or already done? Yep.Testsdates? Sure. Finals? You got it. • And then: average grade,thepossibility to simulate a grade to understand how it willaffectyour GPA, and much more stuff regarding statistics. And'snot over yet! We even got your institutional email, alreadyloggedin and ready to use, a calendar, various internshipopportunities,awards, etc... In a nutshell: if you need anythingregarding theuniversity, you bet it's in Uniwhere! Whichuniversities do wesupport? We're currently running in Italy andGermany. Among thosewe support: GERMANY: • Humboldt-Universität zuBerlin • FreieUniversität Berlin ITALY: • Università di Roma 1(SAPIENZA) •Università Bocconi (UNIBOCCONI) • Università Luiss(LUISS) •Università di Bologna (UNIBO) • Università di NapoliFederico II(UNINA) • Università di Torino (UNITO) • Università diMilanoStatale (UNIMI) • Università di Padova (UNIPD) • UniversitàdiFirenze (UNIFI) • Università di Pisa (UNIPI) • Università diBari(UNIBA) • Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) • Università diCatania(UNICT) • Università di Palermo (UNIPA) • UniversitàCattolica(UNICATT) • Università di Salerno (UNISA) • Università diMilanoBicocca (UNIMIB) • Università di Roma 3 (UNIROMA3) •Politecnico diTorino (POLITO) • Università di Genova (UNIGE) •Università diPerugia (UNIPG) • Università di Trento (UNITN) •Università diCagliari (UNICA) • Università di Parma (UNIPR) •Università diUrbino (UNIURB) ... and many more :) -- We care tounderline thatwe're not always an official all of the universitieswe support (wehave in place a partnership with some of them). Weoperateautonomously, and we care about that. We would like to askyou toread our Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Service beforeusing theapp. You can find these documents on our website, in thisapp storepage, and inside the app too.
Halo Ustadz 1.1.3
Yayasan Baitut Tholabah
Halo Ustadz adalah sebuah aplikasi layanan telewicarayangdilengkapi dengan fitur-fitur tuntunan ibadah dan jugacontent"harian yg selalu update. Asal mula diluncurkan program iniadalahadanya keinginan dari kami tentang bagaimana caranyaagarmasyarakat di Indonesia khususnya dan di negara-negara lainpadaumumnya mendapatkan akses secara mudah untuk memperolehpengetahuanmengenai tuntunan cara beribadah, cara bermuamalah,caraberkeluarga, dan mejawab berbagai permasalahan kehidupan yangbenarsesuai syariat Islam. Alhamdulillah dengan semangat dan tekadyangkuat kami menghimpun ide ide kami dan kami utarakan kepadaparaasatidz yang memiliki keilmuan yang kuat dibidangnyamasing-masingbaik itu akidah, muamalah, fiqh, adab & akhlak,hadist danlain-lainnya. Alhamudilallah kami mendapatkan dukunganyang luarbiasa karena semangat untuk membagi ilmu para asatidzdapatterakomodasi di aplikasi halo ustadz ini.
Toca Life: Neighborhood 1.0.1-play
Toca Boca
Welcome to your new neighborhood, filled with friendly faces tohangout with. Explore your new block, where you can explore cafésandshops, and meet a new set of characters. And guess what? A TocaLifeapp has never had this many homes! MOVE INTO YOUR NEWAPARTMENTWhat’s your interior style? Minimalistic, cute, bohemianorindustrial? Pick one of four apartments, or move into all ofthem!Move in, get settled, visit your neighbors and invite them tohelpdecorate your home! DECORATE YOUR PLACE Visit the interiordesignstore were you can find loads of items to decorate your newplace.Plants, clocks, pillows and mailboxes! Paintings, stools andmanyother things. Don’t leave before spending some time in thephotobooth. Choose a filter and get your friends ready! Saycheese! HANGOUT IN THE ROB-O CAFÉ Spend some time with yourfriends chilling inthe Rob-o Café. Grab a bite from the conveyorbelt or order asmoothie from the giant robot. Choose between fourtasty flavors.Which one will you pick? GET NEIGHBORHOOD NOW –CONNECT ALL TOCALIFE APPS SOON Very soon we will introduce TocaLife: World, our newmega app that brings all of the Toca Lifelocations together. TocaLife: World will be the place for all newthemes and updates, andeven some surprise gifts! We’re almostready to introduce it to you.If you download Toca Life:Neighborhood today, soon you will be ableto connect it with therest of your Toca Life apps. FEATURES Meet 23new characters 4 newapartments with different themes to live andhang out in! Shop atthe design store to get new furniture andobjects for your home -make it your style! Bring your best friendsto the Rob-o Café andpick out food from the conveyor belt. Get asmoothie from the giantsmoothie robot. Choose between four tastyflavors! Bring family andfriends to take a photo in the photobooth! Which filter will youuse? Get a Sloth toy in the Slothtatotoy machine! Find the secretRob-o Disco Club! Visit the tinycreatures that have a hideout inthe elevator! ABOUT US: At TocaBoca, we believe in the power ofplay to spark kids’ imaginationsand help them learn about theworld. We design our products from thekids' perspective to empowerkids to be playful, to be creative andto be who they want to be.Our products include award-winning appsthat have been downloadedmore than 200 million times in 215countries and offer fun, safe,open-ended play experiences. Learnmore about Toca Boca and ourproducts at PRIVACYPOLICY: Privacy is an issue thatwe take very seriously. To learnmore about how we work with thesematters, please read our privacypolicy:
Maths Cash - Free Rewards, Prizes and Coupons 2.16
Mayank Bhatnagar
Download this amazing app to not only enhance yourmathematicalskills but also win exciting cash rewards instantly.This fun appmakes you competitive with your calculations and winsFree Rewardsor Cash Prizes as well. Do you find difficulties insolving Mathexpressions? Do you want to improve your Math skillsand aim tobecome the fastest Math solver? Do you want to earn moneywhilesolving Math? We've made Math Cash for you! Find your passioninsolving different arithmetic expressions: addition,subtraction,multiplication, and division. Challenge differentplayers allaround the world and see who are the best. Beat theclock andbecome the highest and the fastest solver. There are lotsofplayers who can solve faster because they find Math Cashanopportunity to enhance their Math skills and they are using itveryoften. If you are not yet ready to battle with them, youcanpractice your skills first in Solve and Win and solve asmanyproblems as you can. All your collected points can be convertedtoPaypal cash. Always 100% free to play! No need to purchasegems,tokens, diamonds, etc. Fast payout on all rewards.
Biologia Total - Videoaulas 1.2.2
Biologia Total
Qual seu objetivo? Gabaritar a prova de Ciências da NaturezadoENEM? Se sim, nós temos as ferramentas e a didática ideal paravocêalcançar esta meta! O Biologia Total é especializado nasmatérias:• Biologia • Física • Química Reunimos os professores dosmelhorescursinhos do Brasil, com uma metodologia de ensino própriaeinterdisciplinar. Tudo adaptado ao novo modelo do ENEM,paragarantir a melhor preparação aos nossos alunos! Com este app,vocêpoderá fazer o download das videoaulas de seu interesse paradepoisassisti-las offline, na hora que quiser, sem gastar o seupacote deinternet! Quer mais? Acesse a nossa plataforma online egaranta umapreparação completa em 2019: is yourgoal? To answer the ENEM Nature Science Test? If so, wehave thetools and didactics ideal for you to reach this goal! TotalBiologyspecializes in the following subjects: • Biology • Physics•Chemistry We bring together the teachers of the best coursesinBrazil, with a methodology of their own andinterdisciplinaryteaching. All adapted to the new ENEM model, toensure the bestpreparation for our students! With this app, you candownload videoclips of your interest so you can watch them offlineat any timewithout spending your internet package! Want more?Access ouronline platform and guarantee a complete preparation
learn tajweed 2.7
Group 0403
Before you is a unique method of teaching the Quran. Know howtoread by all the rules (Tajweed) is now easy and exciting.Theprogram is inherently universal and yet does not guarantee thatyouwill correctly pronounce mahraj every letter. Also Istronglyrecommend checking your reading, after training, with localreadersor with the imam. Not yet adapted for tablets. It is thematter oftime.
com.chegg.ereader 4.7.2
Chegg, Inc.
Student life is extremely busy and you are always short ontime.Finding ways to study faster and smarter is the key toproductivityand better grades. Whether you need to quickly scan areadingbefore heading to class or want to study in short-burststhroughoutthe day, the Chegg eReader can help you study moreefficiently.With the Chegg eReader you can study anytime andanywhere byaccessing eBooks purchased on across all yourdevices(mobile and tablet). All the eBooks you've purchased willbeavailable in one convenient location. You can use the livefilterto search for the particular book you are looking for. Youcan alsodownload your eTextbooks directly to your phone or tabletto avoidstreaming. Features: In you ebook you can easily access thetableof contents and skip to various chapters, specific textbookfiguresand diagrams and notes you've made. Take notes directly ontoyoureBooks. Whenever you have free time to study, simply open theCheggeReader and review your notes. Highlight directly on toyoureBooks. Whenever you have free time to study, simply open theCheggeReader and review key concepts.
DBMCI eGurukul 1.0.2
Welcome to India's Biggest Platform for best content forPGMedicalEntrance Examination. India's Premiere Facultiesarecomingtogether to - 1. Make you understand the pattern ofExamsbetter.2. Help in creating an action plan specific todifferentexams. 3.Clear your basics & make your fundamentalsstrong. 4.Providethe best questions, a perfect amalgamation ofprevious&expected questions. Why is E Gurukul your best bet toachieveyourDream PG Specialization? - Video Lectures By India'sBestFaculties- Performance analysis using Artificial Intelligence-ElaborateImage & Video-Based Questions Discussion -Doubtsresolving byIndia's Best Faculties - Handwritten notes byrecenttoppers
Vachanamrut Study App 1.0.1
BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha
The Vachanamrut Study App by BAPS Swaminarayan SansthaTheVachanamrut is the principle scripture of theSwaminarayanSampraday. It is a compilation of 273 spiritualdiscoursesdelivered by Bhagwan Swaminarayan from 1819 to 1829. Itis a Hinduscripture filled with illuminating analogies andmetaphors, anddivine revelations that provide philosophical andpractical answersto the deepest mysteries and questions oflife.Througheasy-to-understand notes and explanations, this‘Vachanamarut StudyApp’ sheds new light on eternal concepts. Usingthe latesttechnology, this application gives users a convenientmedium forreading and studying the Vachanamrut. Allowing users toengage inthe Vachanamrut in new and exciting ways, this app is anattempt tomake it easier for curious minds to delve into the depthsof theVachanamrut.Inspired by Brahmswarup Pramukh Swami MaharajandPragat Brahmswarup Mahant Swami Maharaj, a team of scholarlysadhusand dedicated youths have strived to help make theVachanamruteasier and more practical.Features Information on: •Difficultwords: Regional, scriptural and philosophical words whichmay needfurther clarification are explained in simple terms.•ComplexConcepts: Some concepts are difficult to comprehend and maycauseconfusion. Such concepts are explained in a simplestructuredmanner with scriptural references and the words of theGunatitGuruparampara. • People: Brief descriptions of peoplementioned inthe Vachanamrut are also provided. These includepeoplecontemporary to Bhagwan Swaminarayan as well as historicalpeoplesuch as those in the Purans. Pauranik kathas (stories) thatBhagwanSwaminarayan has mentioned to exemplify certain concepts arealsodescribed in detail to give the reader the fullcontext.•Scriptures and Places: Short introductions to thescriptures andplaces are also provided. The exact locations, wheretheVachanamruts were narrated, are also depicted through mapsandimages. • Shlokas-Kirtans: References and meanings of the shloksaswell as the kirtans mentioned in the Vachanamrut. • History:Thehistorical events associated with Vachanamruts are mentionedindetail to make the context of the Vachanamrut clearer.•Explanations: Discourses relating to sadhana (spiritualendeavours)have been explained with supportive material fromPurushottam BolyaPrite, Swami ni Vato, and the teachings of theGunatitGuruparampara. This additional information helps to unfoldthe deepmeaning of the Vachanamrut. • Glory: The significance andgreatnessof the Vachanamruts in the words of the GunatitGuruparampara.•Prasangs: Inspiring prasangs, relating to theVachanamruts, asmentioned by the Gunatit Guruparampara and othersanto-bhakto.
Daff Moon Phase 2.93
Evgeny Fedorischenko
This application displays current Moon phase, Moon phases foranymonth and other real-time information about the Moon, the Sunandall other major planets. Main features: ★ Current phase and ageofthe Moon; ★ Moon phases calendar and Rise/Set calendar foranymonth; ★ Full Information about Lunar Eclipses & SolarEclipseswith visualization; ★ Day-length, Rise and Set times,Zodiac signs,Transit times, Altitude and Azimuth of the Moon, theSun, Mercury,Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto;★ Moon, Sunand all major planets positions on the interactive skysphere; ★Solstices and Equinoxes; ★ Supermoon calendar for anyyear; ★Orbits of the planets; ★ Information about golden and bluehoursfor each day; ★ 7 Homescreen widgets; ★ Possibility to setupnotifications about certain upcoming events (sunrise,Fullmoon,etc); In addition to static data you can see positions ofMoon, Sunand eight major planets on the simple sky sphere! The Moonphaseimage is drawn with high accuracy for any date and time. Alldatais calculated based on user's location (geographic coordinates)anda specified point in time. This App is absolutely free andcontainsno ads. If you like it, please, don't forget to rate it!Donationsare always welcome and appreciated! Brief explanationofpermissions used in this App: Permissions: ★ In-apppurchases(Google Play billing service): used if you choose tosupport thisproject by making a donation; ★ Location (precise GPSandnetwork-based location): needed for precise calculations ofplanetspositions; ★ Photos / Media / Files (read the contents ofyour USBstorage): needed for possibility to set custom soundsfornotifications; ★ Run at startup: used to activatenotificationsafter a reboot; ★ Control vibration: used if you wantto getnotified of certain astronomical events by vibration; ★Preventdevice from sleeping: used when you set up notificationsaboutcertain astronomical events (rise, set, moon phase, etc);★Internet: used to download additional solar eclipse maps.Spanishtranslation: Gustavo Martínez Rodrigo Italian translation:MarcoSgarzoni Portuguese translation: António MadeiraPolishtranslation: Tomasz Lewicki If you find bugs or have anyideas andsuggestions how to improve this application, please, senda messageto and I'll do my best to make itbetter!Keywords: astronomy, moon, sun, planets, solstice, equinox
com.a10minuteschool.tenminuteschool 2.4.1
10 Minute School
10 Minute School (, the largestonlineeducational platform of Bangladesh, is introducing the firsteverlearning app for Bangladeshi students, covering everythingstartingfrom chapter-wise videos, quizzes, SmartBooks and furtherlearningmaterials from grades 1 through 12. Now, it is easier thanever toprepare for any exam, using our video bank of over12,000+tutorials. And as always, all of it can be done completelyfree ofcost, from anywhere in the world. Current Features: ✔ Withover12,000+ videos, our app has the largest collection ofNCTB-specificeducational content ✔ All of our content is organizedchapter-wiseaccording to the NCTB curriculum ✔ Free download optionfor thevideos on the app ✔ Courses on Graphic Design, MicrosoftWord,PowerPoint, Excel and additional skill development andprofessionalcourses ✔ 10 Minute School Blog, the largesteducational platformof the country ✔ Chapter-wise SmartBookscovering all topics ofgrades 1 through 12 ✔ Option to take quizzesand get real-timefeedback ✔ A performance dashboard to monitor andtrack one’sprogress Upcoming features: ✔ Videos by experts onuniversityadmission tests ✔ Option to interact with teachers inreal-timeduring the live classes ✔ Access to participate in allonlineolympiads of 10 Minute School, with the opportunity to winexcitingprizes
Japanese Kanji Study 2.0.5
Poro Japanese Kanji for all is one apps of our ongoing projectforKanji learner with purpose of giving helful, free and easy toolforJapanese learner to learn Kanji . Poro Japanese Kanjiapplication'scontent included 2500 Kanji of all levels from KanjiN5, Kanji N4to Kanji N3, Kanji N2 and Kanji N1 which are dividedinto 231topics, covering almost kanji of all levels, to helppractice andreinforce your Japanese Kanji. Each kanji has detailedinformationof meanings, kunyomi, onyomi and many examples. Bygiving learnermany tools to study from flashcards, customizablequizzes to kanjichallenges and also marking remembered words. Thisapps also offers1300s of questions, with 100 quizzes test, imitatestype of test inthe JLPT Test. Main Features ★ Detailed kanji info •View kanji,its meaning, learn kunyomi and onyomi of each kanji •Check outexample words, kanji relations and its meanings to buildup yourword power. ★ Flashcard study • The visibility of readings,onyomi,kunyomi and associated meanings. • Swipe to quickly to testyourremembering of that kanji and also to move to another kanjitolearn • Assign favorite mark to filter kanji that you love★Practice test • Customize questions to test your rememberingandunderstanding of kanji, meanings, kunyomi, onyomi and alsoitsrelation. • Spread out your vocabulary by doing test withrelationwords • Customized repeat wrong answers to help youremember it. •Review in the end of test showed you which words haveyouremembered. ★ Kanji challenges • Improve your kanji recognitionbychallenging yourself recognize right kanji with given meaninginlimited time ★ JLPT test • Each level contains over 400grammaractivities, split into about 20 tests, are made to mimic arealJLPT exam, to prepare you to JLPT test • Review in the end oftestshowed you how many questions did you correct • Viewresults,explanation of the test answers to let you know what didyou wrong★ General view all over 2500 words of kanji from levelbeginner toadvance • By seeing all over 2500 words of Kanji inoverviewscreen, you can look and compare the differences from eachother •Tracking your learning progress by seeing which kanji youalreadyremembered by mark • 5 levels, from beginner to advance,forchoosing to learn. Suitable for beginner to advance *** Poro-Japanese Kanji for ALL** suitable for: - Japanese learnerfrombasic to intermedite - Is preparing to practice JapaneseJLPTN1,N2,N3,N4,N5 - Love Japanese culture. - Anyone interestedinJapanese letters - Like to challenge your level Poro - StudyKanjifor ALL is in developing process; we hope to receiveyourcontribution comment to make it better. We are just a teamthatlove Japanese and try to share our love to community, so ifyoulike this app then please take a moment to rate it. You canalsoget in touch with comments or suggestions via the feedbackbuttonon the Options Screen. Please kindly contact: -Fanpage: Thank you very muchandGood luck! Kanji N5, Kanji N4, Kanji N3, Kanji N2, KanjiN1,Japanese, Kanji, kanji by picture, learning kanji, practicekanji,learn kanji, kanji study, JLPT, basic kanji, poro
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Learn how to solve math problems, check homework assignmentsandstudy for upcoming exams and ACTs/SATs with the world’s mostusedmath learning resource. Over 100+ million downloads, andbillionsof problems solved every month! Photomath is FREE and workswithoutwi-fi. HOW IT WORKS Instantly scan printed text ANDhandwrittenmath problems using your device’s camera or type andedit equationswith our scientific calculator. Photomath breaks downevery mathproblem into simple, easy-to-understand steps so you canreallyunderstand core concepts and can answer things confidently.KEYFEATURES Scan textbook (print) AND handwritten problems Scientific calculator Step-by-step explanations for everysolutionMultiple solving methods   No internet connectionrequired touse 30+ languages supported Interactive graphs MATHTOPICS BasicMath/Pre-Algebra: arithmetic, integers, fractions,decimal numbers,powers, roots, factors Algebra: linearequations/inequalities,quadratic equations, systems of equations,logarithms, functions,matrices, graphing, polynomialsTrigonometry/Precalculus:identities, conic sections, vectors,matrices, complex numbers,sequences and series, logarithmicfunctions Calculus: limits,derivatives, integrals, curve sketchingStatistics: combinations,factorials Our in-house team of veteranmath educators also partnerwith teachers worldwide to ensure we’reutilizing the mosteffective, contemporary teacher methodologies inour math engines.Featured in Huffington Post, Forbes, TIME, CNN,EdSurge, GuidingTech, The Verge, TechCrunch and more. Suggestions,comments orquestions? Email us at Follow us! Twitter: @Photomath Photomath isand willalways be free to use, but you can boost your learning byupgradingto Photomath Plus. Photomath Plus provides solutions tofulltextbooks and problem sets with word problems! Currentlyrestrictedto the US and specific textbooks only. Payment will becharged toyour Google Play account at the confirmation ofpurchase.Subscription automatically renews unless it is canceled atleast 24hours before the end of the current period. Your accountwill becharged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of thecurrentperiod. You can manage and cancel your subscriptions bygoing toyour account settings on the Google Play after purchase.Offers andpricing subject to change without notice. For moreinformation:Terms of Use: Policy:
ru.yburlan.agrikhno 1.27
Актуальная и результативная психология в твоем смартфоне! Легкоеиудобное приложение - Системно-векторная психология ЮрияБурлана!Раскрытие сложнейших вопросов – в чем смысл жизни? Какпреодолетьапатию, как преодолеть лень, как преодолеть страхи? Какналадитьвзаимоотношения? Как решить проблемы с детьми? Развенчиваеммифы:насколько правдивы психологические тесты, верить ли гороскопамидр. Самопознание, самосовершенствование и развитие – тысячиответовна интересующие вопросы. Информативные статьи итематическиевидеоролики, рассказы людей, прошедших тренинг иполучивших своиконкретные, устойчивые результаты. Кто-то обрелсмысл жизни, кто-тоизбавился от наркозависимости, кто-то сложилотношения и др. Вприложении – все о психике человека и как ееизучить. Никакиепсихологические тесты не дадут такой точной ичеткой информации онаборе психических свойств и характеристик. Выможете статьнастоящим экспертом в области психологии, научитьсявидеть полныйпсихологический портрет с первых двух минут общения,научитесьнаходить общий язык с любым человеком. Используяприложение,самопознание становится простым и понятным, определяетсясмыслжизни, налаживаются отношения с семьей.Системно-векторнаяпсихология применима в любой отрасли жизни и неимеет ограничений.Понятная и удобная навигация приложения позволитв считанные минутынаходить нужный и интересный материал. В окошкепоиска нужнонабрать интересующий запрос, к примеру «психологическиетесты» или«в чем смысл жизни?». Специальная опция позволит статьучастникомживого и одного из самых крупных, по числу участников,тренингов.Участвуя в трансляции, можно напрямую задавать вопросы вчате. Есливас интересует самопознание исамосовершенствование,системно-векторная психология Юрия Бурланаименно то, что вамнужно! Установите себе приложение и пользуйтесь!Actual andproductive psychology in your smartphone! Easy andconvenientapplication - Yuri Burlan's System Vector Psychology!Disclosure ofthe most difficult questions - what is the meaning oflife? How toovercome apathy, how to overcome laziness, how toovercome fears?How to build relationships? How to solve problemswith children?Debunk the myths: how true are psychological tests,whether tobelieve in horoscopes, etc. Self-knowledge,self-improvement anddevelopment - thousands of answers to yourquestions. Informativearticles and thematic videos, stories ofpeople trained andreceived their specific, sustainable results.Someone found themeaning of life, someone got rid of drugaddiction, someone foldedrelationships, etc. In the application -all about the human psycheand how to study it. No psychologicaltests will give such accurateand clear information about the set ofmental properties andcharacteristics. You can become a true expertin the field ofpsychology, learn to see a complete psychologicalportrait from thefirst two minutes of communication, learn to finda common languagewith any person. Using the application,self-knowledge becomessimple and clear, the meaning of life isdetermined, relationshipswith the family are improved.System-vector psychology isapplicable in any branch of life and hasno limitations.Easy-to-use and convenient navigation of theapplication will allowyou to find the necessary and interestingmaterial in a fewminutes. In the search box you need to type aninteresting query,for example, "psychological tests" or "what isthe meaning oflife?". A special option will allow you to become aparticipant inthe living and one of the largest, in terms of thenumber ofparticipants, trainings. By participating in thebroadcast, you candirectly ask questions in the chat. If you areinterested inself-knowledge and self-improvement, the system-vectorpsychologyof Yuri Burlan is exactly what you need! Install yourselfanapplication and use!
PlantNet Plant Identification 3.0.1
Pl@ntNet is an application that allows you to identify plantssimplyby photographing them with your smartphone. Very useful whenyoudon't have a botanist on hand! Pl@ntNet is also a greatcitizenscience project: all the plants you photograph are collectedandanalysed by scientists around the world to better understandtheevolution of plant biodiversity and to better preserve it.Pl@ntNetallows you to identify and better understand all kinds ofplantsliving in nature: flowering plants, trees, grasses,conifers,ferns, vines, wild salads or cacti. Pl@ntNet can alsoidentify alarge number of cultivated plants (in parks and gardens)but thisis not its primary purpose. We especially need Pl@ntNet’susers toinventory the wild plants, those that you can observe innature ofcourse but also those that grow on the sidewalks of ourcities orin the middle of your vegetable garden! The more visualinformationyou give to Pl@ntNet about the plant you are observing,the moreaccurate the identification will be. There are indeed manyplantsthat look alike from afar and it is sometimes small detailsthatdistinguish two species of the same genus. Flowers, fruitsandleaves are the most characteristic organs of a species and itisthem that should be photographed first. But any other detail canbeuseful, such as thorns, buds or hair on the stem. A photographofthe whole plant (or the tree if it is one!) is also veryusefulinformation, but it is often not sufficient to allow areliableidentification. At present Pl@ntNet makes it possible torecognizeabout 20,000 species. We are still a long way from the360,000species living on earth, but Pl@ntNet is getting richerevery daythanks to the contributions of the most experienced usersamongyou. Don't be afraid to contribute yourself! Your observationwillbe reviewed by the community and may one day join the photogalleryillustrating the species in the application. The new versionofPl@ntNet released in January 2019 includes many improvementsandnew features: - The ability to filter recognized species bygenusor family. - The differentiated data revision that givesmoreweight to users who have demonstrated the most skills(inparticular the number of species observed, validated bythecommunity). - The re-identification of shared observations,whetheryours or those of other users of the application. - Themulti-floraidentification that allows you to search for thephotographed plantin all the flora of the application and not onlyin the one youhave selected. Very useful when you are not sure whatflora to lookfor. - The selection of your favorite floras to accessthem morequickly. - The navigation at different taxonomic levels inimagegalleries. - The mapping of your observations. - Links tomanyfactsheets. The web version of the application is alsoavailable atthe following address:
Combine this app with one of many Jimu Robot kits to createandprogram smart robots. The app uses 3D, 360° instructions toguideusers step-by-step through the building process. Blocklycodingmakes programming simple and fun. Drag-and-drop interlockingblocksof customizable sequences to make your JIMU robots react oruse thePRP (Pose, Record, Play) system for even more fun. If you'renew tocoding, the app contains fun lessons for you to become aBlocklycoding master. For true innovators, the app also allowsusers todesign customized JIMU robot creations and share them withthecommunity. Download today and start creating!