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Ocea Zooper 2.3
edwin macalopú
*NEEDS ZOOPER PRO INSTALLED TO USE*This is a collection ofzooperwidgets made by various talented people.This widget packcontainsfacts minimalist, with a great design, this packageincludeswatches, google search, typography, weather and more.Widgetauthorsinclude:Wesley M cerne SergioV M widgetwallpaper (ZanCerne)widgetpreviews in dashboardInstructions:- Download ZooperPro- InstallOcea Zooper Pack- Place a Zooper Widget on yourhomescreen andselect one of Ocea widgetsNo weather icons willappear?download andmove the following files on this route widgetzooper / iconset/iconset pack :--->>> more infoand support contact me viaemailgoogle+ community
RL Zooper collection 1.2.1
RL Designs
Must Have Zooper Widget pro To use these! I wanted to make aZooperset that would have something for just about any one. I tookmytime to make these widgets so that everything wood be as good asIcould make it! I really hope you all enjoy these ill be updatingasmuch as i can i have other projects also thanks for supportandplease rate and review. I wanna thank a few people First Iwannagive a huge thanks to Sean Miller for his help in making theappand with lots of other things with this app also I wannathankDavid Ratkovic, Sasi Kanth, Chad Droid, Bad Boy and SergioVenturaFrancesco Sicilia For the Wallpapers. I wanna thankZaibunAlexander and Kevin Aguilar for the awesome weather sets iusedwith the widgets. Thanks to Sky König and Florain Möhle forthewonderful Zooper Dashboard I used. Also wanna thank JediBurrellfor the awesome app icon. You may need to upscale some ofthem tofit your screen idk why they are smalli will try to fix.AgainPLEASE RATE AND REVIEW it really helps me alot thank yall fortheamazing support.If anyone would like to donate to help me myemailfor PayPal and Google wallet is [email protected] profile -
Unity Widgets 3 1.4.0
Welcome to Unity Widgets- Pack has almost 100 widgets- 7dedicateddesigners making beautiful widgets for your enjoyment, goto theabout page to read more about us.- Join the community forupdates,giveaways and beautiful setups made by the community foryourinspiration:""*Inorderto use this widget pack you need to install *Zooper WidgetsPRO*app.*Method 1:- Download Unity- Tap on "Assets"- Choose"ZooperPro"- Install Zooper Pro from Play StoreMethod 2:- Downloadandinstall Zooper Widget Pro 2.38 or above - Download andinstallUnity- Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen- When Zooperwidgetskins list pops up, choose Unity- Select the widget you wanttoaddIf the widget is not right sized use the scaling percentageinthe Zooper option to apply correctly the widget that you like.
huk kwgt 5.8
ppick CH.
Just enjoy my free widgets pack but you need to installKWGT key to use it! KWGTpro :)
N Launcher Pro - Nougat 7.0 1.5.1
CraftsApp Team
N Launcher is designed to be a Simple, Fast, LightLauncher,including native Android™ 7.0 Nougat launcher experience!NLauncheralso keeps latest Android™ 6.0 Marshmallow experience,andhas manyenhanced features.Features for Android™ N:Android™ 7.0Nougat styleAnimation and Design.Android™ 7.0 Nougat Style Drawer,Verticalstyle, A-Z fast scrollbar.Android™ 7.0 Nougat Style forWidgetsdisplay.Also, we added some new features inspired fromPixel™Launcher. We will add more cool features.Swipe up to accessappdrawer.Android™ 7.1 style for app drawer.Android™ 7.1 styleforhome indicators.Features for Android™ Oreo 8.0:Added Android™8.0style folder.Added Android™ 8.0 style search bar.We will bringmorefeatures for Android™ O.Features for Customization:Supportsettingfor desktop,icon layout,size and color of app name andsoon.Support setting for App drawer.Support settingforFolder.Support Hide Apps.Features forLauncherPersonalization:Support Edit Icon function. Support IconPackfunction.Support Wallpaper and Widget function.N Launcher isbasedon the latest Android™ 7.0 Nougat, support for Android™4.1+devices.Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.If you likeNLauncher, please RATE us and share N Launcher to yourfriends,andalso you can give us more suggests.Thanks!Note:The newversion addthe following permission to the gesture feature ofcontrolling wifiandbluetooth.(android.permission.BLUETOOTH,android.permission.BLUETOOTH_ADMIN,android.permission.CAMERA,android.permission.CHANGE_WIFI_STATE)
Keep Calm Wallpapers 1.6
MX Apps
Amazing collection of Keep Calm Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds to set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality. Show the world one wallpaper on your lock screen, andkeepone for yourself on your home screen. (Requires Android 7.0andabove.) Option to set the wallpaper: + "Scrollable " forscrollablehome screen. + "Fixed" for fixed home screen. Addwallpapers tofavorites. Share beautiful photos and backgrounds withfamily andfriends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,Tumblr andmore! Use the wallpapers for WhatsApp: Choose yourfavorite image,press "Download" and then you can configure it as awallpaper onWhatsApp. Our categories of wallpapers Hipster, Emoji,Teen,Psychedelic, Indie, Mustache, Aztec, Tiger, Cross, Lion,Wolf,Skulls, Animals, Flowers, Cars, Landscapes and more.
Phoenix for Zooper - Mega Pack 320.0
Introducing Phoenix for ZooperLooking for some matching widgetsforyour home screen and your current icons? You're in therightplace:Phoenix is the perfect companion for your home screen.It isa set of 100 WIDGETS for Zooper so it Requires Zooper WidgetPROinstalled to use.How To Use It-After having installed ZooperWidgetPro LATEST 2.50 Version in your device, add a Zooper widgetofwhatever size you want on your home screen long pressing onhomescreen or via app drawer-When the Skins list pops up,choosePhoenix-Select the skin you prefer among the ones included inthepack and remember that there are many alternatives for eachskin,for example you can choose between EU/US timeformatetc...-Probably the skin will not be right resized, that'sbecauseeach device screen and each launcher grid is different, nopanic,it's normal: USE THE SCALING PERCENTAGE at Zooper main pageinorder to perfectly fit your screen and your taste. You'realsoallowed to select single parts of the widget and makesomechanges-In order to fully enjoy the app and use itspotential,please Watch the video i provided in this page, you willunderstandeach step i described before and much more.-It is notnecessary,but if for any reason fonts are not correctly displayedwhen youselect the skin, please go into the dashboard and manuallyinstallthem.-If you have any question or doubt send me a mail orjoin thecommunity: widgets are supposed tobeworking in English, so please if you notice that there aremistakeswith your own language, select "Force English" fromSettings*Enjoythe awesome National Widgets that are included asbonus in thiscollection*There are also some Sense Clock and Weatherinspiredskins, Try them!*Thanks to La_Cò, Mauro Cassani, BillMiller andAndre Zimmermann for making some of the included skinsand to TimAustin for helping me with the dashboard
Themes for Android ™ v3.2.2
Wallpapers and Themes
Lion Themes for Android FREE Exclusive Themes app for NeoxLauncherUpdate Android version with our Beautiful Lion themes appThemesfor Android Free support to all new Neox Launcher & tolatestAndroid update Beautify your Android mobile in Cool StyleNowDownload free themes for Samsung Galaxy S8, J2, J5, J7,sony,motorola, lenovo, htc phones and perfectly works on allLatestAndroid update ▶ Features:- - HD Icon Pack for Neox launcher- BestThemes for Android phone - Material Design Dashboard - Applyiconpack in Single Click - Clock Widget Download themes for free&Beautify your Android in Style ▶ Note:- It's not an StandaloneAppIt's an Icon pack for Neox Launcher To Apply this icon packyouneed to install Neox Launcher ▶ How To Apply:- Please followthesetwo Simple Steps: 1. Install Neox Launcher from Play Store 2.OpenLion Theme - Click on Apply That's All Please let us Know ifYouhave any issues. ▶ Support Us Without your support we arenothing.Please Support us by Giving Ratings & Comments. It willalsoinspire us to Develop More Free Themes For You. Facebookadsprivacy policy isTrademark of Google Inc. ▶▶ Many Thanks for the Install.Enjoy:-)
Rad Pack - 80's Theme (Free Version) 3.1.0
Nate Wren Design
Rad Pack (free version) is a theme that turns your phone ortabletinto a gnarly retro 80's device with rad chrome looking iconsandseriously choice 80's themed wallpapers. Each retro-lookingchromeand hot pink icon and was hand crafted with a simpler time inmind;the 1980's.The chrome and neon pink icons are xxxhdpi whichmeansthey're super rad. It also means they're HD. Basically, theres isgnarly and super high qual. QUICK TIPS You can manually editiconsin most launchers by long-pressing the icon you'd like toedit.Widgets: If your widget stops updating, check your systemorbattery settings to make sure the app is exempt frombatteryoptimization. DISCLAIMER You may need a 3rd party launcherto applythe icon pack. If your stock launcher doesn't support iconpacks,you can use apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon to change youriconswithout using a 3rd party launcher. FREE VERSION This is thefreeversion of the app. Get the pro versionhere: FEATURES • 2,500+Hand-craftedchrome and neon HD icons. (4,000 icons in the ProVersion) • 20+ HDwallpapers - Hosted on the cloud. Choose and savethe ones you want.All wallpapers shown are included • XXXHDPI highdefinition retro,chrome and neon icons included for super large HDscreens. All Iconsare 192x192. • Analog Clock Widget • 20+futuristic, retro, space,80's themed wallpapers that show off the80's icons nicely. • Someparts of the 80's theme icons aretransparent letting each show theprovided futuristic/retrobackgrounds or your own backgrounds. •Contains over 2,500different retro, neon, chrome and neon iconswith many variationsof default 80's icons such as phone, contacts,camera, etc. •Wallpaper chooser comes installed • Chrome, retro andneon iconswork best with dark futuristic 80's wallpapers. • Muzeisupport forrotating wallpapers • New icons added regularlyCOMPATIBLELAUNCHERS • Nova Launcher (Recommended) • ADW Launcher •YandexLauncher • Action Launcher • Apex Launcher • Atom Launcher •AviateLauncher • Evie Launcher • Go Launcher • Holo Launcher •InspireLauncher • KK Launcher • LG Home • Lucid Launcher • NextLauncher •Nine Launcher • Solo Launcher • Smart Launcher • Themer •TSF HOWTO APPLY ICONS VIA ICON PACK 1. Open the app afterinstalling 2.Navigate to "Apply" tab 3. Select your Launcher HOW TOAPPLY ICONSVIA LAUNCHER 1. Open Launcher settings by tapping +holding on anempty area of home screen 2. Select personalizationoptions 3.Select icon pack HEX CODE Pink Hex: FF009F FOLLOW MEGoogle+: QUESTIONS/[email protected]://
Flight Lite - Minimalist Icons (Free Version) 3.1.0
Nate Wren Design
Flight (free version) is a simple and minimalist white iconpackwith clean flat white icons, matching wallpapers and amatchinganalog clock widget. Flight features transparency in theicons toblend in well with your backgrounds. Hand-picked wallpapersofskies, clouds & landscapes are included. QUICK TIPS Youcanmanually edit icons in most launchers by long-pressing theiconyou'd like to edit. Widgets: If your widget stops updating,checkyour system or battery settings to make sure the app is exemptfrombattery optimization. DISCLAIMER You may need a 3rd partylauncherto apply the icon pack. If your stock launcher doesn'tsupport iconpacks, you can use apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon tochange youricons without using a 3rd party launcher. FREE VERSIONThis is thefree version of the app. Get the pro versionhere: FEATURES • 2,500+ handcrafted flat,clean & simple white flat HD Icons. Full versionhas 4,000 icons• 200+ wallpapers included. Downloadable from thecloud. Browse andsave the ones you want. All wallpapers shown areincluded! • XXXHDPIhigh definition icons included for super largeHD screens. All iconsare 192x192 • Analog Clock Widget •Customized cloud/sky/landscapewallpapers. Wallpapers have beenedited to show off the white iconsnicely • Some parts of the flaticons are transparent letting eachshow the provided sky/landscapebackgrounds or to your ownbackgrounds • Contains over 2,500different clean, flat and simplewhite icons with many variationsof default icons such as phone,contacts, camera, etc. • Wallpaperchooser comes installed • Clean,white icons work best with darkwallpapers • Muzei support forrotating wallpapers • New iconsadded regularly COMPATIBLE LAUNCHERS• Nova Launcher (Recommended)• ADW Launcher • Yandex Launcher •Action Launcher • Apex Launcher• Atom Launcher • Aviate Launcher •Evie Launcher • Go Launcher •Holo Launcher • Inspire Launcher • KKLauncher • LG Home • LucidLauncher • Next Launcher • Nine Launcher• Solo Launcher • SmartLauncher • Themer • TSF HOW TO APPLY ICONSVIA ICON PACK 1. Openthe app after installing 2. Navigate to"Apply" tab 3. Select yourLauncher HOW TO APPLY ICONS VIA LAUNCHER1. Open Launcher settingsby tapping + holding on an empty area ofhome screen 2. Selectpersonalization options 3. Select icon packFOLLOW ME Google+: QUESTIONS/[email protected]://
Themes App v3.1.6
Wallpapers and Themes
Fantasy Themes for Android phone latest Fantasy icon pack NewThemesfor Neox Launcher users This theme app have beautiful HDIcons foryour new Neox Launcher Update Android version toBeautiful themewith Fantasy Icon Pack for free Download freethemes for Androidphones and perfectly works on all Latest Androidupdate FantasyThemes app for android phone support to all new NeoxLauncher &to latest Android update Download themes for free& Beautifyyour Android in Style Fantasy Theme will beautifyyour Androidmobile in Cool Style ▶ Features:- - Best Themes forAndroid phone -Free theme Support to Neox Launcher - Icon Packcontains HD ThemeIcons - Material Design Dashboard - Apply freethemes in SingleClick - Clock Widget ▶ Note:- It's not anStandalone App It's anIcon pack for Neox Launcher To Apply thisicon pack you need toinstall Neox Launcher ▶ How To Apply:- It'san Theme so you need aNeox launcher to apply 1. Install NeoxLauncher from Play Store 2.Open Fantasy Theme - Click on ApplyThat's All Please let us Know ifYou have any issues. ▶ Support UsWithout your support we arenothing. Please Support us by GivingRatings & Comments. It willalso inspire us to Develop MoreFree Themes For You. Facebook adsprivacy policy isTrademark of Google Inc. ▶▶ Many Thanks for the Install.Enjoy:-)
Aspire UX S9 - Icon Pack (SALE!) 2.7.0
Design Quant
Aspire UX is an icon pack based on official UX ofSamsungGalaxyS8/S9and Note 8. This pack comes up with tonsofalternativeicons. You cansend icon request for missing icons,Wewill coverthem in next weeklyupdate. Did You Know?A mobilephoneconsumerspends an average of 4-5hours on his/her mobile phoneandcheckshis/her device 40+ times aday. Make each time arealpleasure byusing Aspire UX S8 Icon pack.Unlock the real beautyofyourdevice, Get the Aspire UX S9 Icon Packright now!HOW TOUSE?Howtouse this Icon pack?Step 1 : InstallsupportedthemeLauncher(Recommended NOVA LAUNCHER). Step 2 : OpenAspire UXS9Icon Packand clickonApply.ComprehensiveGuide:•Asupportedlauncheris required to use this icon pack! • FAQsectioninsidethe app whichanswers a lot of questions you mayhave.Pleasereadit before youemailing your question. IMPORTANT• Touse thisiconpack you need alauncher with support for themes likeNova,Apex,ADW that allowsapplying icons themes• If you haveanyissues,simply email us and wewill try to respond as soonaspossible.•Are you on social media?Feel free to contact meonGoogle Plus orTwitter! Links are in the'About' section ofthedashboard.'•Missing an icon? Instead of ratingpoorly, feel freetosend us anicon request and we will try to updatethis packwithyourrequests.(Bear in mind, there is already a hugequeueoficonrequest emails, so I cannot guarantee your request willmakeitinthe next update, but I will try my best!)This Iconpackisnotcompatible with TouchWiz Launcher,GoogleNowLauncherFEATURES-2000+ Extremely high-quality icons (moretocome)-High DPI Icons.-Trusted & loved by 4,00,000+Users.-Samsung S8and S9 Stockwallpaper collection (more wallpaperswill beadded)-Icon Packwith Highest Numbers of Icons in playstore.- Workson anyandroiddevice.- Perfect Masking system for S8and S9 styledMaskforunthemed icon- Dynamic Calendar support.- Lotsofalternativeiconsto make customization to the next level.-Iconrequesttool.-Frequent Updates with new iconsandUpdatedactivities.-Eye-Pleasing Color with lightcolours.OtherFeatures•Icon previewand search.• Dynamic Calendarsupport.• SlickMaterialDashboard.•Custom folder icons.•Category-based IconsGrid.• Customapp drawericons.• Easy IconRequest.• FAQ section witha searchoption.•Support Muzei LiveWallpaper.Confused? Which S9Icon Packis bestin the market?No Doubt,Aspire UX S9 Icon Pack isbest inthemarket, best rated and mostperfect S9 inspired IconPack. Wealsooffer 100% money back, in caseyou didn't like it.Howto makeyourdevice look like S9 or Note 8?Itsvery simple,InstallNovaLauncher and Aspire UX S9 Icon Pack. OpenAspire UX S9IconPackand Click Apply! If you need steps in details,followtheAspire UXS9 Icon Pack User Guide.Why to choose Aspire UXS9Iconpack overother?• Most Perfect S9 style Icon Pack inthemarket.•100% Moneyback, in case you didn't like the IconPack.•RegularlyUpdated.•Listen to constructive criticism.• WorksonSamsung aswell asNon-Samsung Devices.• Highest Rated S8 IconPackin theMarket.•Personal Support, Just [email protected]•100+High-Quality S8/ S9/ Note 8 Wallpapersforyourbeloveddevice.NOTEWallpaper loading might takesometime.Bepatient.CONTACTME,2018CREDITSDani Mahardika - Dashboard.
Rose Gold Wallpapers 1.0
Holotype Inc.
Best free collection of rose gold wallpapers.▪ 69 HDwallpapers▪Quick set, easy to use▪ Clean, minimal UI▪ Work offline▪Update2017Follow the installation instructions: Open App - >SelectWallpaper - > Long Press or Menu Button > Set asWallpaperIfyou have any questions feel free to askme:[email protected]! :)
Another Widget 1.3
Tommaso Berlose
Another Widget intelligently summarizes the information youneedmost.Watch the next events, the weather or the information youwantin an intuitive and elegant way. (Nope, reminders cannotbedisplayed because it's not allowed.)While respecting the designofthe application, there is a great opportunity to customizetheinformation displayed and widget components.Also, as muchaspossible, there are always updates and new features in theshortrun.Stay up to date and become a Beta Tester.Help me indevelopingwith feedback and support me how you can.WallpaperApp:Cornie Oldie
Suma Launcher 4.1.0
Suma Launcher is back and has been completely renewed! SumaLauncherreplaces your home screen with one you control and cancustomize.Change icons, layouts, animations and more. SumtLauncher is theinnovative launcher that makes your smartphone ortablet faster andeasier to use. Suma Launcher is back and has beencompletelyrenewed! Suma Launcher replaces your home screen withone youcontrol and can customize. Change icons, layouts,animations andmore. Sumt Launcher is the innovative launcher thatmakes yoursmartphone or tablet faster and easier to use. SumaLauncher keepslatest Android™ 8.0 OREO experience After Updatingfrom Android 6.0Marshmallow and has many enhanced features.Features for Android™:Android 8.0 OREO style Animation and Design.Android 8.0 OREO StyleDrawer, Vertical style, A-Z fast scrollbar.Android 8.0 OREO Stylefor Widgets display. 1.App Drawer Style ·Suma Launcher has Android8.0 oreo Style Drawer: Vertical stylefind and locate app quickly. ·Suma Launcher has A-Z List Drawer:Classify apps by letters on theleft vertically, find app moreconvenient, easier to find at aglance. 2.Icon Pack Theme - To makeyour phone more beautiful andpersonalized, Suma launcher supportIcon pack, find and downloadyour favorite icon packs on GooglePlay and Apply them in thelauncher. Icon Themes - Find thousandsof icon themes for SumaLauncher on the Play Store. 3.Hide Apps -Suma Launcher Hide appsthat you never use or do not want to showin your phone, SumaLauncher make the app drawer cleaner and fresh,and protect yourprivacy. 4.Customize Desktop and App Drawer - SumaLauncher hasDesktop and drawer grids, icon layout, size and colorof app nameand so on , these all can be customized. 5.SimpleOperation - SumaLauncher Remove shortcuts, view app informationand uninstall appquickly, management apps easily 6.Smooth andLight - Suma launcherwas highly optimized, save power and memory,Animation are verysmooth 7.Setting Dock - You can set the dockstyle, such as theshape, color, transparency, page number and soon, to make your dockmore personalized in Suma Launcher . 8.Smartsearch -The SumtLauncher search bar allows to quickly findcontacts and apps or toperform actions like searching on the web,adding a contact orperforming a calculation.
Moonrise Icon Pack 3.0
MSite Studio
Moonrise Icons have been designed from the ground up using auniquecolor choice to portray the mix between moon and night,creating adistinct icon style.PLEASE NOTEFree support/Updates haveended,please purchase Pro version for continuedsupport/updates. supportedlauncher is requiredto use this icon pack! Widgets & Wallpapersused in thescreenshot previews are property of their respectiveowners and arenot included with Moonrise Icon Pack.OUR OTHER ICONPACKSEclipseIcon Pack - Icon Pack- Icon Pack Pro- Icon Pack Pro-• Over 1050+ PremiumIcons•Support Ended / Purchase Pro version for Updates/Support•60Premium Wallpapers and Growing• Cloud-based WallpaperPicker•Support for 24 Launchers• Dynamic Calendar Support (GoogleCalendarComing Soon)• Smart Icon Request Tool• Manually Designed inVectorGraphics• Beautiful Material Dashboard• Help/FAQSectionSupportedLaunchersAction, ADW, ADW EX, Apex, Atom, Aviate,CM, GO, Holo,Holo ICS, KK, L, LG Home, Lucid, Mini, Next, Nova, S,Smart, SmartPro, Solo, TSF, Unicon, Xperia Home and more.XperiaHome Version 10or later is required to use custom icon packs.Help&SupportPlease note that a supported launcher is required toapplyMoonrise Icons. I recommend Nova Launcher for the bestexperience.For further assistance check out the FAQ section withinthe app,join the community or feel free to send me anemail.ConnectSociallyGoogle+Community ThanksToall my amazingBeta testers, Jahir for the dashboard, coccco28 andCustomworx forthe support and help.
KWGT Kustom Widget Maker 3.38b903018
Kustom Industries
Make your Android Launcher or Lockscreen look unique with Kustomthemost powerful Widget creator ever! Use its awesome WYSIWYG(What YouSee Is What You Get) editor to create you own designs anddisplayany data you need, at once and without draining yourbattery as manyothers tools do! You want animations too? Thencheck out KWGT littlebrother Kustom Live Wallpaper! With KustomWidget you can createcustomized watches like Digital and AnalogClocks, Live Map Widget,Weather Widget, Text Widget, sophisticatedBattery or Memory meters,randomly changing images, Music Players,World clocks, Astronomywidgets and much much more. Imagination isthe limit. PLEASE do notuse reviews for support/refund questions,use email or G+/Redditlinked below You get: - Some skin to startwith and some Komponent(a Widget in Kustom) - Text with customfonts, colors, sizes andeffects - Shapes like Ovals, Rects, Arcs,Triangles, Exagons andmore - 3D flip transformations, curved andskewed text - Gradients,shadows, tiling and color filters - Zooperlike progress bars andseries - Layers with overlay effects likepro image / photo editors(blur, clear, xor, difference,saturation) - Touch actions /hotspots on any object you create -Status Bar Notifications (text,images package name and so on) -PNG / JPG / WEBp Image and SVG(scalable vector graphics) supportwith builtin picture scaler -Google Fitness support (segments,calories, steps, distance, sleep)- Complex programming languagewith functions, conditionals andglobal variables - Arbitrarychange Widget Background or aspectbased on touch, time, location,weather, anything! - Dynamicdownload of content via HTTP (livemaps, weather and so on) - Nativemusic utilities (current playingsong title, album, cover) - Weatherwith wind chill, feels liketemperature and more - Multiple weatherproviders like Open WeatherMap, Yr.No, Weather Underground(plugin), Darksky (plugin) and more- RSS and free XML / XPATH /Text download - Tasker support (loadpreset via Tasker, changevariable via Tasker and so on) - A hugeamount of data to displaysuch as: date, time, battery (withduration estimation), calendar,astronomy (sunrise, sunset,illumination, stardate), CPU speed,memory, countdowns, WiFi andcellular status, traffic info, nextalarm, location, moving speed,rom/device, ip, network data and muchmore) Pro will: - Remove theADS - Support the dev! - Unlock importfrom SD and all externalskins - Recover preset - Buzz Launchersupport - Save the worldfrom alien invasion More? - FAQ: - G+Community: -G+ Gallery: Feature Requests: - Tutorials: Translations: - Videos: -Permissions: APK Skin Howto: Similar apps (go check themout, KWGT isbetter, full comparison here -HD Widgets - Zooper Widgets -UCCW Ultimate Custom Widget - Makeyour own widget - Buzz widget
The Bears' School Sticky Note
This is a memo pad widget of "The Bears' School". Please tap onthewidget, and you can write memo on it. This application is awidgetfor your home screen and you can enjoy personalization of it.Keeppressing the home screen till an additional menu ofwidgetsappears. Pick out “Sticky Notes The Bears' School” from alist ofwidgets. Let's play GACHA [Capsule Toys]. You'll get cutestickynote widgets. This is an official "The Bears' School"app. ARTSPLANET
NEVER SETTLE Wallpapers 11
Wilfred Parmar
NEVER SETTLE Wallpaper App Brings You An Extensive CollectionofNEVER SETTLE Wallpapers.Over Hundreds Of Cloud BasedWallpapersWith Faster Loading and Smooth Experience.🔥Features ofthis App:🔥➡️ Tons Of Cloud Based NEVER SETTLE Wallpapers WithFasterLoading➡️ Wallpapers Without "NEVER SETTLE" slogan for LockScreen(select 'WITHOUT NEVER SETTLE' in Filters)➡️ EasyUI➡️Data-Friendly➡️ Preview Wallpaper➡️ Apply Wallpaper➡️ SwitchToDark Theme➡️ Easy To Explore➡️ Favorite Wallpapers➡️ManyCategories➡️ Download And Save➡️ Muzei Support➡️ SupportsManyLanguages➡️ Constantly Updated➡️ Supports Tablet➡️ NoAds➡️Absolutely Free➡️ All Wallpapers Are In FullHDResolution(1080*1920)How This Wallpaper App is DifferentfromOthers?App that Motivates You Every Single Moment Whenever YouLookAt Wallpapers with NEVER SETTLE Written.Don't Trust Me?TRYYOURSELF.ALWAYS PUSH, ALWAYS GO FOR MORE, STRIVE FOR THE BEST.-NEVER SETTLEInApp Updates (Server Side Changes)(7 MAY,2017)➡️Pack26 Added. (7 May,2018)➡️ Pack 24-25 Added.(Jan,2018)➡️ Pack23Added. (16 Nov,2017)➡️ Pack 22 Added. (6 Oct,2017)➡️MultipleFolders Bug Fixed.(Please clear App Cache and Data) (11Aug,2017)📲Follow NEVER SETTLE on Instagram forExclusiveUpdates.📲Also JoinTelegram Channel For Instant Download and for SomeExclusiveWallpapers Only forSubscribers. also downloadWallpapers without NEVER SETTLEfromwebsite.⚠️DISCLAIMER:Wallpapers are for Personal Use only!You're Not AllowedTo Use AnyWallpaper From This App for Your Project WithoutAuthor'sPermission.📝🙏 Thank you for all your support! Lookingforward foryour feedback and suggestions and if you like this app,please rateit!
huk zooper 1.9
ppick CH.
This is not stand alone app, it's a widgets design for zooperwidgetpro app. Need Zooper widgetpro;)
Rabbit Wallpapers 4.0
Amazing collection of 🐰 Bunnies Wallpapers, Home ScreenandBackgrounds 🐰 to set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality. *Quick interface with high resolution images(HD).*Application works offline. No internet connectivity isrequired.*Ability to share the image and the app with your friends.*Set aswallpaper option. *Easy to use... and always FREE! NOTE: Ifyoulike the app, do not forget to press +1 button, leave a commentandqualify ★★★★★ us positively, thanks.
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition 39.0
Action Launcher
Action Launcher brings the best features of Pixel LauncherandAndroid Pie to your device, then adds a wealth ofcolor,customizations and unique features so you can quickly andeasilymake your home screen shine! Standout features include: • AllPixelLauncher features: swipe up from your dock to reveal the newfullscreen All Apps mode, tint the dock, use the new circularfolderstyle, place the Google Pill and Date widgets and more.Enabled bydefault, and available for free! • Full customizable docksearchbox: Complete control to color and customize the search boxand itsicons to your heart's content! • At a Glance widget: Quicklyviewthe weather, date and your next calendar appointment!• AppShortcuts: Use Android 8's App Shortcuts, on devicesrunningAndroid 5.1 or later! • Adaptive Icon support: Devicesrunning Oreocan use native Adaptive Icon support. Devices not yeton Oreo canalso use Adaptive Icons by installing Action Launcher'sofficialcompanion app, AdaptivePack! • An inbuilt weather widget!• GoogleNow integration for all! • Full Notification Dotssupport.• Quicktheme: marvel as your home screen is customized withthecolors from your wallpaper. • Shutters: swipe a shortcut torevealan app's widget. Useful for previewing your inbox or Facebookfeedwithout opening the app. • Quickbar: customize the Googlesearchbar with shortcuts and apps of your choosing. • Quickedit:havealternative icon suggestions instantly presented to you,withouthaving to dig through icon packs. • Smartsize icons: iconsareautomatically resized to match Material Design's recommendediconsize. • Covers: an innovative take on traditional folders.Tappinga Cover loads an app, swiping a Cover opens a hidden folderwhichyou have customized. • Use icon packs, scale icons, hide andrenameapps and much more. • Full phone, phablet and tablet support.🏆 #1on Android Central's "Best Android launchers of 2016" list! 👏🏆Awarded Google Play's best apps of 2015! 👏 Action Launcherallowsyou to import from your existing layout from other launcherssuchas Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense,Samsung/GalaxyTouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you'llinstantly feelright at home. Note: Some features require the Plusin-app upgrade.
Pix UI Icon Pack 2 - Free Pixel Icon Pack 3.3.4
[email protected]
6910+ clean beautiful round Icons inspired by Flat Icondesign.Please Note :- This is an icon pack and it requires acustomandroid launcher like apex, nova etc. to work. It won't workwithGoogle Now Launcher, Pixel Launcher or any launcher thatcamefactory installed (except Lg , Xperia Home , Asus Launcher,OnePlus Launcher & Blackberry Launcher). Before leaving areviewthat it does not work, kindly install one of thecompatiblelaunchers and try applying it. How to get the Pixel 2Look Download& Install Nova Launcher and make sure you are aBeta user Nowmake the following changes to Nova Launcher SettingsDesktop ★Desktop Grid -> 7x5 ★ Icon Layout -> Icon Size ->110% ★Icon Layout -> Label -> Off ★ Width & HeightPadding-> Medium ★ Persistent Search Bar Off ★ Search Bar ->Style-> The first with rounded corners ★ Search Bar -> Color->White with 10 % transparency ★ Search Bar -> Logo ->Thecolored G with Voice Search icon disabled ★ Page Indicator->None App & Widget Drawers ★ Drawer app grid -> 5x5 ★IconLayout -> Icon Size -> 110% ★ Frequently used apps ->Yes★ App Drawer style -> Vertical ★ Card Background -> Off★Swipe to Open -> On ★ Swipe Indicator -> On ★ Allotheroptions to default Dock (Enabled) ★ Icon Layout -> IconSize-> 110% ★ Icon Layout -> Label -> Off ★ Searchbar inDock-> Below Icons ★ Width & Height Padding -> MediumLook& Feel ★ Icon Theme -> Pixel Icon Pack ★ Normalize IconSize-> Off In order to get the weather & calendarwidget,download & install Another widget app ★ Long press onHomescreen, select Widgets. select Another Widget. Touch & holdtoplace it on home screen. ★ Another Widget app window willopen.Scroll down and enable the weather widget ★ Resize the widgetsothat it looks like in the pixel 2. FEATURES ★ Includes 6910+iconsand counting ★ Icon resolution 192x192px ★ Cloud Based QuadHDWallpapers ★ Material Design Theme Dashboard ★ SupportsDynamicCalendars ★ Icons masking to theme your unthemed icons ★Manyalternate icons to choose from. ★ MUZEI live wallpaper support★Icons sorted in various categories with search andpreviewfunction. SUPPORTED LAUNCHERS Apply From Icon Pack Dashboard★ ABCLauncher ★ Action Launcher ★ Adw Launcher ★ Apex Launcher ★AtomLauncher ★ Aviate Launcher ★ Cyanogenmod Theme Engine ★HoloLauncher ★ iTop Launcher ★ KK Launcher ★ LG Home (exceptLGLauncher Android 7.0) ★ Lucid Launcher ★ M Launcher ★ MiniLauncher★ MN Launcher ★ New Launcher ★ Next Launcher ★ NougatLauncher ★Nova Launcher ★ S Launcher ★ Smart Launcher ★ SoloLauncher ★ VLauncher ★ ZenUI Launcher ★ Zero Launcher Apply FromLauncherSettings ★ Arrow Launcher ★ Asus Launcher ★ Awesome Icons★Blackberry Launcher ★ Epic Launcher ★ Inspire Launcher ★LensLauncher ★ L Launcher ★ Nemus Launcher ★ Nine Launcher ★ OnePlusLauncher ★ Themer ★ TSF Launcher ★ Unicon ( Icon themer )&XGELS ★ Xperia Home ★ Doodol Launcher ★ and probably more=> Youshould have a custom launcher installed like apex or novato usethis theme / icon pack => You can also apply this theme /iconpack from the respective launcher's theme / icon settings =>Doconsider rating my themes / icon packs if you like them. MYOTHERTHEMES / ICON PACKS Check them out here :- ME Google Plus:- GOTANYISSUES!! Feel free to mail me at [email protected] App for giving permission to list theirwallpapers & forroyaltyfree designs Dani Mahardhika for Candybar Icon PackDashboard
Splendid - Icon Pack (Beta) 1.1
Sajid Shaik
Splendid is an icon pack which completely follows MaterialDesignprinciples from Google. This icon pack is still in Beta sodon'texpect too much of icons right now. Is any icon missing inyour appdrawer? Simply send an icon request for the missing iconsand we'lltry to cover it in the next update. NOTES -To use thisicon packyou need a launcher with support for custom icon packslike Nova,Apex, ADW that allows applying icons themes. -To usewidgets youmust need to download and install zooper widget pro. -If you haveany issues, simply email me and I will try to respond assoon aspossible. - Are you on social media? Feel free to contact meonGoogle Plus or Twitter! Links are in the 'About' section ofthedashboard.' - Missing an icon? Instead of rating poorly, feelfreeto send me an icon request and I will try to update this packwithyour requests. -Wallpapers may take some time to load up, takeacup of coffee till then. (Bear in mind, there is already ahugequeue of icon request emails, so I cannot guarantee yourrequestwill make it in the next update, but I will try my best!)FEATURES- Icons at 192x192 - Cloud-based HD wallpapers. - Dashboardforeasy use. - Dynamic Calendar support. - Alternative Icons. -Iconrequest tool. - Regular Updates. ContactMe CREDITSSpecialthanks to Dani Mahardhika for providing the Icon PackDashboard.
Fox for Zooper 1.4.0
Description:A zooper package to match yourstyle.ImportantPleaseread before installFor the correct work of thewidgets you musthave these app installed:* Zooper WidgetPro( on PlayStore.Welcome to thefoxzooper.This zooper package initially contains 27 widgets, tobringa new look to your home screen. New widgets will be addedovertime.Some wallpapers were also added.Here I wish first tothankSean Miller, who was willing to make real this project, I alsowantto thank my friends Nick Nice, Abdul Azim by amazingwallpapersalso want to thank Naman Rastogi and Rick Masters byincredibleicon sets.MyGooglePlus
Pixel Pill Widget (Pro) [Release]
Hasscore Studios
IN STUDY MODE: APP DEVELOPMENT HALTED The first and only PixelPillWidget with all features free and without ads! "Without a doubtthebest application that perfectly simulates the original widgetofthe Google Pixel, or even I would say for itstremendousconfiguration options, that this application even goesfar tosurpass the much sought after and desired by all new searchwidgetof Google and weather forecast." - Android Sis"The PixelPillWidget is far more customizable and can be adapted to yourtastesin terms of both its looks and its functions. -UptodownFeatured astop app of January 2017 - Android GhostFeaturedas top weekly appin February - TechViewThe Pixel Pill Widget appgives you theGoogle Pill widget in the same style as seen inGoogle's PixelLauncher. The pro version is free as of version 2.0.0Works withall launchers which support widgets. This widget workswith alllaunchers that support widgets, meaning you can use it onyoureveryday launcher.No need to download additionallaunchers!Integrated system time The widget integrates the currentsystemtime in the same format and style as seen in the PixelLauncher.Receive weather info using your preferred weatherprovider. Enablethe weather feature to receive weather info foryour locationautomatically directly from your chosen weatherprovider. Currentlysupported: Google Awareness (not GoogleWeather), Open Weather Mapand Weather Underground.Note: You needyour own api keys to use theweather providers (excluding GoogleAwareness). A built in api keyis included for open weather map.Enter "#" as the api key for openweather map.Note: Google Awarenessroughly refreshes its data every3 hours. Use another weatherprovider if you need more regularweather updates. Customise coloursCustomise the pill background,logo and text colours withtransparency support to better matchyour home screen. With atransparent shade of a colour, make thepill see-through, makingyour wallpaper visible!Google AppIntegrationWith one touch on thePill, you can either access GoogleNow, Google Search or GoogleVoice Search. Check the weather withGoogle Weather One touch on theweather info takes you to GoogleWeather. View your tasks and eventswith Google Calendar A touch onthe date opens Google Calendar. BetaTesting Beta Testing iscurrently closed. If there are significantnew features or changes,then a link will be posted to joinagain.Notes1) If you have anXiaomi device with MIUI, you must allowthe app to run in thebackground and download data in the backgroundvia the Xiaomisecurity app. Xiaomi MIUI disables all backgroundprocesses forbattery saving by default.2) If you use mobile data,you will haveto enable background data or allow the app toexplicitly downloaddata in the background when background data isdisabled.
Whicons - White Icon Pack 9.15.3
*You need a custom launcher to apply this icon pack* ▶ Features•5354 icons • Cloud wallpapers • Dashboard app with iconrequesttool • Frequent updates • More than 22750 apps covered •DynamicCalendar Icon support • Multi launcher support • Muzeisupport ▶Supported launchers Aviate, ADW, Action, CM Theme Engine,Epic, Go,Holo, KK, Lucid, Mini, Nova, S, Smart, Solo, TSF Applythroughlauncher settings: Apex, Themer, Hola, Inspire, Lens,Lollipop, M,Miui, Niagara, Lightning, SquareHome 2, Microsoft,Evie, Xperia,Yandex, Zen UI Icon pack may also work with otherlaunchers, butthat's not guaranteed. ▶ Contact Feel free to contactme withrequests, questions or suggestions: Google+: Thanks to Jahir FiquitivaforIconShowcase! * You need a custom launcher to apply this iconpack* ▶ Features • 5354 icons • Cloud wallpapers • Dashboard appwithicon request tool • Frequent updates • More than 22750 appscovered• Dynamic Calendar Icon support • Multi launcher support •Muzeisupport ▶ Supported launchers Aviate, ADW, Action, CM ThemeEngine,Epic, Go, Holo, KK, Lucid, Mini, Nova, S, Smart, Solo, TSFApplythrough launcher settings: Apex, Themer, Hola, Inspire,Lens,Lollipop, M, Miui, Niagara, Lightning, SquareHome 2,Microsoft,Evie, Xperia, Yandex, Zen UI Icon pack may also work withotherlaunchers, but that's not guaranteed. ▶ Contact Feel freetocontact me with requests, questions or suggestions:Google+: Thanks to Jahir FiquitivaforIconShowcase!
The Grid - Icon Pack (Free Version) 3.1.0
Nate Wren Design
The Grid (Free Version) is a neon blue/teal theme with a focusonSci-Fi aesthetics with digital 3D renderings offuturisticbackgrounds. Glowing neon blue futuristic sci-fi Iconshavetransparency to blend in well with your backgrounds. Iconsalsofeature a 3D looks and handmade designs. Custom wallpapershavevariations in darkness for you to experiment with, or use yourownbackgrounds to create your own futuristic theme. QUICK TIPS Youcanmanually edit icons in most launchers by long-pressing theiconyou'd like to edit. Widgets: If your widget stops updating,checkyour system or battery settings to make sure the app is exemptfrombattery optimization. DISCLAIMER You may need a 3rd partylauncherto apply the icon pack. If your stock launcher doesn'tsupport iconpacks, you can use apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon tochange youricons without using a 3rd party launcher. FREE VERSIONThis is thefree version of the app. Get the pro versionhere: Link: FEATURES • 2,500+ handcraftedflat, 3D neon blue/teal futuristic glowing sci-fi icons(4,000+Icons in the pro version) • 30+ wallpapers included.Downloadablefrom the cloud. Browse and save the ones you want. Allwallpapersshown are included! • XXXHDPI high definition iconsincluded forsuper large HD screens. All neon blue glowing Iconsare 192x192. •Analog Clock Widget • Customized digital futuristicworldwallpapers. Wallpapers have been edited to show off iconsnicely. •Most of the neon blue/teal 3D icns are transparentletting each showthe provided futuristic neon sci-fi backgroundsor to show off yourown backgrounds. • Contains over 2,500 glowingneon blue/teal sci-fifuturistic icons with many variations ofdefault icons such asphone, contacts, camera, etc. • Wallpaperchooser comes installed •Chrome, retro and neon icons work bestwith dark futuristic 80'swallpapers. • Muzei support for rotatingwallpapers • New iconsadded regularly Hex used in flat colors:47eafd COMPATIBLE LAUNCHERS• Nova Launcher (Recommended) • ADWLauncher • Yandex Launcher •Action Launcher • Apex Launcher • AtomLauncher • Aviate Launcher •Evie Launcher • Go Launcher • HoloLauncher • Inspire Launcher • KKLauncher • LG Home • LucidLauncher • Next Launcher • Nine Launcher• Solo Launcher • SmartLauncher • Themer • TSF HOW TO APPLY ICONSVIA ICON PACK 1. Openthe app after installing 2. Navigate to"Apply" tab 3. Select yourLauncher HOW TO APPLY ICONS VIA LAUNCHER1. Open Launcher settingsby tapping + holding on an empty area ofhome screen 2. Selectpersonalization options 3. Select icon packFOLLOW ME Google+: QUESTIONS/[email protected]://
Naxos Taz - Icon Pack 3.5
FEATURES•2200 IconeS in HD •20 Wallpapers in QHD(serverExternal)•Wallpapers compatible with Muzei LiveWallpapers•AnalogClock widget•Tool to request missing icons•Supportfor DynamicCalendars •Search function and Icon Preview•RegularupdatesLAUNCHERSUPPORTED•ADW•ADW EX•Action•Apex•Atom•Aviate•CMThemeEngine•GO•HOLO•HOLOICS•KK•L•LGHome•Lucid•Mini•Next•Nova•S•Smart•SmartPro•Solo•SONYStock•TSF•Unicon ProPERMITS REQUIREDThe applicationrequires accessto the internet cause wallpapers are uploaded toExternalServer•ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE•ACCESS_WIFI_STATE•INTERNETTheapplicationrequires a read / write memory to savethewallpaper•READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE•SET_WALLPAPER•SET_WALLPAPER_HINTS•WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGETheapplicationgives the opportunity to receive notifications fromthedeveloper•VIBRATE•WAKE_LOCKCONTACTS TO STAYUPDATED•GOOGLEPLUS•TWITTER SUPPORT!!!
Parrot for Zooper 1.2.0
UNIQUE DESIGN AND BEAUTIFUL WIDGETS introducing Parrot for Zooper-Beautiful thoughtful widgets for your homescreen!-100+WidgetsTHISIS NOT A STAND-ALONE APP. You must have Zooper WidgetProInstalle7d in order to use these widgetsHow to Install :-Downloadand Install Zooper Widget Pro- Download and Install ParrotforZooper. - Add a Zooper Widget on your homescreen by long pressandtap on the widget. - Select Parrot for Zooper from the list.-Choose your widget and fun! Support Me If you appreciate theworkI've done on my design you can support me with a cup ofcoffee:)PayPal / [email protected] Contact me If you have anytroubleor questions feel free to shoot me an email I'll be glad tohelpyou out. • Follow me onGoogle+ Thanks to : Mr.Bedefined,Sean Miller! • Follow him onGoogle+
Minimalist Clock Widget
Features:• Choose from 20 different beautiful clock widgetstyles(digital or analog).• Customise the widget (text, background,etc.)with your own colour themes.• Show weather forecast(usingOpenWeatherMap) or your current battery level in the widget.•Setthe widget as a shortcut to another app.• Widgets only updatewhenscreen is on, so it uses battery power efficiently.Notice:• Ifthewidget doesn't work properly (crashes) after update, trytouninstall and re-install the app.• To enable weatherinformation,make sure that you've turned on your locationservice.Permissions:•ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION, required for acquiringweatherinformation.• INTERNET, required for acquiringweatherinformation.• ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, required for acquiringweatherinformation.Thank you for all the suggestions andbugs/crashreports !
Analog Clock Live Wallpaper & Widget 1.3
Analog Clock Live Wallpaper & Widget , you can customizeClocklike your style with multipal features. Features: * Set DeviceLiveWallpaper * Customize Size of Clock as youlike(Small,Normal,Large) * Color of Clock & Widget (Text,Second,Minute ,Hours, Number and Background) * Show (second arrow,Date,Day, Month) * Change(Font,Color) * Set Analog Clock * SetLabel onClock * Show Clock In Multipal Language (English,Arabic,Bangla,Punjabi,Hindi,Gujarati) Tags: Analog Clock, Watch ,LiveWallpaper , Analog Clock ,Arabic Clock,PunjabiClock,HindiClock,Gujarati Clock
Delta - Icon Pack 1.3.1
Leif Niemczik
Delta includes more than 1400 hand-designed Icons and supports20+launchers thanks to the awesome CandyBar Dashboard.FeaturedonGoogles #MyAndroidFeatured in XDA's Top 5 Icon Packs ofMarch2017Featured in Sam Beckman's Top Android AppsFebruary2017Featured in Zachary Anderson's What's on my Android:Early2017"You won’t have to re-learn your icons should you applyDelta,but they’ll still give you a fresh look with an updatedstyling."–DroidLife"If you care about minimalism the way we do,you'd likelygo ahead and download Delta as soon as possible."–phoneArenaAllscreenshots were submitted by users with theirpermission.Widget insecond image can be found in huk KWGT pack(free).
Pasty - White Icon Pack (Free Version) 3.1.0
Nate Wren Design
Pasty Icon Pack (free version) offers simple, clean, flatandminimalist white icons that work with the most popularlaunchers.All icons are high definition featuring a transparentcenter thatshows whichever background you're using creating a cleanand simplelook for your android phone or tablet. Use thebackgrounds includedor try out your own to make your home screenbasic and clean.Designed with the "keep it simple" mentality, theseicons areoptimized for easy recognition, while keeping your screenfree ofconflicting colors that don't work together.Everything hasaminimal and flat look, making your background really shinethroughthe transparent centers of the icons. Each icon was designedwithsimple vector shapes in order to keep the overall look ofyourscreen clean, flat and visually appealing from adesignperspective. QUICK TIPS You can manually edit icons inmostlaunchers by long-pressing the icon you'd like to edit.Widgets: Ifyour widget stops updating, check your system or batterysettingsto make sure the app is exempt from batteryoptimization.DISCLAIMER You may need a 3rd party launcher to applythe iconpack. If your stock launcher doesn't support icon packs,you canuse apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon to change your iconswithoutusing a 3rd party launcher. FREE VERSION This is the freeversionof the app. Get the pro versionhere: FEATURES • 2,500+ handcrafted flat,clean & simple white flat HD Icons. Full versionhas 3,700 icons• 200+ wallpapers included. Downloadable from thecloud. Browse andsave the ones you want. All wallpapers shown areincluded! • XXXHDPIhigh definition icons included for super largeHD screens. All iconsare 192x192 • Analog Clock Widget •Customized cloud/sky/landscapewallpapers. Wallpapers have beenedited to show off the white iconsnicely • The middle sections ofthe flat white icons are transparentletting each show off yourwallpaper • Contains over 2,500 differentclean, flat and simplewhite icons with many variations of defaulticons such as phone,contacts, camera, etc. • Wallpaper choosercomes installed • Clean,white icons work best with dark wallpapers• Muzei support forrotating wallpapers • New icons added regularlyCOMPATIBLELAUNCHERS • Nova Launcher (Recommended) • ADW Launcher •YandexLauncher • Action Launcher • Apex Launcher • Atom Launcher •AviateLauncher • Evie Launcher • Go Launcher • Holo Launcher •InspireLauncher • KK Launcher • LG Home • Lucid Launcher • NextLauncher •Nine Launcher • Solo Launcher • Smart Launcher • Themer •TSF HOWTO APPLY ICONS VIA ICON PACK 1. Open the app afterinstalling 2.Navigate to "Apply" tab 3. Select your Launcher HOW TOAPPLY ICONSVIA LAUNCHER 1. Open Launcher settings by tapping +holding on anempty area of home screen 2. Select personalizationoptions 3.Select icon pack FOLLOW MEGoogle+: QUESTIONS/[email protected]://
Telugu Old Songs Collection 1.5.1
MM Creations
Telugu old songs app provides best collection of melody old songsintelugu. There are thousands of telugu melody songs fromtelugumovies, you go back to reminded of old days where music issobeautiful and melodious from old telugu movies. Enjoy melodyteluguold songs anywhere without difficulty. Enjoy the music hitsofYesteryear with our all old Telugu Hits. So here is bestcollectionof telugu old songs that are also superhit telugu songsfromevergreen telugu movies. Celebrate life with melodious teluguoldsongs with this app. Download this app for free to enjoy Teluguoldevergreen hits which is available on all devices. Disclaimer:Thecontent provided in this app is hosted by external websites andisavailable in public domain. We do not upload any audio toanywebsites or modify content. We are just providing the waytostream. We don't claim right on any file in this application.Allthe content provided in this application has the copyrightsoftheir respective owners. This app also does not provide optiontodownload any of the songs. Note: Please email us if any songswelinked is unauthorized or violating copyrights. This app hasbeenmade with love for true fans of Telugu music. The appoffersbiggest collection of old Telugu songs.
Glass Pack - Transparent Theme (Free Version) 3.0.8
Nate Wren Design
Glass Pack (Free Version) is an icon pack with shiny, glossyandglass-ified shapes of the most popular apps. Included withthehand-crafted glass icons are matching wallpapers, and amatchinganalog clock widget. Over 200 dark themed wallpapers areincluded.The icons are also transparent, letting you show off yourwallpaperbeneath the icons. The glossy glass icons are xxxhdpiwhich meansthey're HD or high enough resolution to get cool lookingglassicons on any device out there. QUICK TIPS You can manuallyediticons in most launchers by long-pressing the icon you'd liketoedit. Widgets: If your widget stops updating, check your systemorbattery settings to make sure the app is exempt frombatteryoptimization. DISCLAIMER You may need a 3rd party launcherto applythe icon pack. If your stock launcher doesn't support iconpacks,you can use apps like Awesome Icons or Unicon to change youriconswithout using a 3rd party launcher. FREE VERSION This is thefreeversion of the app. Get the pro versionhere: FEATURES • 2,500+ handcraftedglossy, clean & simple glass flat HD Icons. Fullversion has3,800 icons • 100+ modern dark glass themed wallpapersthat show offthe glass icons nicely. All wallpapers shown areincluded! • XXXHDPIhigh definition shiny glass icons included forsuper large HDscreens. All Icons are 192x192. • Analog ClockWidget • Customizedshiny glass themed wallpapers created andincluded to go along withthe pack. Wallpapers have been edited toshow off the glossy iconsnicely • Some parts of the flat glassicons are transparent lettingeach show the providedscenic/landscape backgrounds or to your ownbackgrounds. • Containsover 2,500 different clean, flat and simpleglossy icons with manyvariations of default glass icons such asphone, contacts, camera,etc. • Wallpaper chooser comes installed •Clean, glossy icons workbest with dark wallpapers. • Muzei supportfor rotating wallpapers• New glass icons added regularly COMPATIBLELAUNCHERS • NovaLauncher (Recommended) • ADW Launcher • YandexLauncher • ActionLauncher • Apex Launcher • Atom Launcher • AviateLauncher • EvieLauncher • Go Launcher • Holo Launcher • InspireLauncher • KKLauncher • LG Home • Lucid Launcher • Next Launcher •Nine Launcher• Solo Launcher • Smart Launcher • Themer • TSF HOW TOAPPLY ICONSVIA ICON PACK 1. Open the app after installing 2.Navigate to"Apply" tab 3. Select your Launcher HOW TO APPLY ICONSVIA LAUNCHER1. Open Launcher settings by tapping + holding on anempty area ofhome screen 2. Select personalization options 3.Select icon packFOLLOW ME Google+: QUESTIONS/COMMENTS ABOUT [email protected]
Nice Simple Photo Widget 1.5.1
 A photo widget that supports semi-transparency and optionalframeof any color  Features:- Minimalistic style-Framelesssemi-transparent photo display on home screen (supportsAndroid 2.2or higher)- Retaining of the photo's aspect ratio (neverimproperlystretches or cuts off any part of it)- Customizable photoframe ofany color you like- Slideshow of all photos in adirectory(customizable photo update interval: every 10 seconds,everyminute, every hour, every day, etc.)- Built-in photo croppingandrotating- Free zooming mode for viewing photos withintuitivegestures (e.g. pinch to zoom for Android 2.0 or higher)-Fourdifferent widget sizes: 2x2, 2x4, 4x2, 4x4   How to use:This isawidget for your homescreen (desktop). To use it, pleasefollowthese simple steps.For newer versions of Android (e.g. 4.0),youmay drag and drop a Nice Simple Photo item from the Widgets tabofyour app list to the home screen. You may refer tothisdemonstration video: older versions (e.g.2.3.3) you can long press (i.e. tap andhold) on any empty space onyour home screen, then select Widgetsand choose a Nice Simple Photoitem. Different items correspond todifferent widget sizes. Tappingthe widget will open theconfiguration screen. You can configure thewidget and browse thephotos which are in the same directory of thecurrently selectedphoto there. You can add more than one "NiceSimple Photo Widget"to your home screen and each of them can haveits own uniqueappearance settings. *NOTE* If the photo does notupdate properly,please exclude this widget from any task killer appthat you mightbe using. You can also try to remove this widget fromyourhomescreen and add it back again, and see if it solves theproblem.
Trident 3 for KWGT 3.3
Milan Dragovic
For use this widget pack you need to install KWGT PRO app.Trident3contains:- 70 widgets (more will be added in future updates)-63wallpapers- 7 inspirational quotesYou can find Pixel 2widgetscaledar and search bar, Android P widgets .A lot of niceandminimal music player widgets Also two widgets to match Let It BeOicon pack! In the last update now also Christmas widgetsareavailableYou can download also TRIDENT 1 for ZooperTrident1contain:- 82 widgets- more than 150 wallpapersOf course youcanalso try TRIDENT 2 for ZooperTrident 2 contain:- 77 widgets-morethan 150 wallpapersIf the widget is not right sized use thescalingpercentage in the KWGT option to apply correctly the widgetthatyou like.Don't forget to install a custom launcher as NovaLauncherso you can apply correctly and edit the size of thewidgets!Allwidgets are supposed to be working in English, so pleaseif younotice that there are mistakes with your own language, applytheEnglish Language from the KWGT settings.If you have any questionordoubt send me a mail or contact me via Hangout.
XWidget V1.94
SuperDesk Software
Using the free version you can download more than 100 freewidgets.If you need more cool widgets you will need to upgrade tothe PROversion. XWIDGET PROVERSION us to continue the development of our applicationandprovide more cool widgets for you! XWIDGET FREE VERSIONFEATURES: -Online Download free widgets - Import external widgets(.xwp format)from other sources like XWidget forum, DeviantArt -Use the XWidgetDesigner and design your own widgets XWIDGET PROVERSION EXTRAFEATURES: - Access to the whole online gallery (morethan 1800widgets and counting..) - More CORES supported like cpu,ram,calendar, photo album etc ported from the XWidget pc version(futureupdates) - Extra Weather detailed information screen - Noany AdsBanner -----------------------------------------------XWidget isthe Android version of the famous Free desktopcustomizationplatform "XWidget" for Windows. A very lightweightand highlycustomizable widget engine with powerful visual widgeteditor.[Feature] 1. Provides a new way to DIY widgets for Android.2.Cross-platform widget: the widget you create on PC can run bothonWindows and Android platform. More than 1800 widgets created forPCcan be used on your Android device or Tablet! You can search ontheofficial XWidget or on DeviantART. 3. All the widgetscanbe resized on Android 4.0+,otherwise you need custom launchersthatsupport this function like ADW, Apex, GO Launcher, Nova etc.4.Visualization widget designer for Windows PC: you can createyourown widgets with XWidgetDesigner for Windows,and One-key tosend thewidget to your Android Device to preview or run. 5.Supportshotspots. 6. Runs on devices with old OS, Android 2.1+ 7.Fewresources taken: running the widget only needs 6-12M RAM, notusingthe CPU in peacetime. 8. Very lightweight and BatteryFriendly: Donot run any code or action after lock screen , has noeffect to thelifetime of the battery. 9. Online widget gallery:One-touch todownload and install widgets from online gallery.Large number ofwidgets in online gallery, updated daily. Longpress to delete thewidget. 10. weather service forthe weather widgetswith up to 15 days forecast. 11. All thewidgets use the originalfile extension ".xwp" of XWidget. NO EXTRA".apk" files areinstalled in your phone. 12. Requires only a fewPermissions : onlyneeds to write in external storage and accessnetwork Permissions.Without any residual background services andprocesses: When closingthe widget it will completely exit withoutany permanent backstageto slow down the system. [Available sizes]1x1, 1x2, 1x4, 1x5, 2x1,2x2, 2x4, 3x1, 3x2, 3x3, 3x4, 4x1, 4x2,4x3, 4x4, 5x1, 5x2.[Permissions explained] write external storage- to save and loadwidgets. accsess network state - for weatherdata and downloadwidget from gallery. device id and callinformation - Google's Admobneed this permission,,but you candisable all banners by upgrade toPro version [Tutorials] Howinstall widgets on Androidphones:'ssettings,modes,menus:[Translator] Geman byDagedee Hungarian by Szabo Istvan If you canhelp totranslate,Please contact me. [SpecialThanks]Jimking,Slavoo,QianCang,Digigamer,Yereverluvinuncleber.[Note] Donot use any "Kill processes" or "Release memory" app tokill theXWidget's process , Doing this will cause the clock widgetsstopupdate. Or You can add XWidget to the ignore list . Ifyourclock/weather widget stop update, please allow XWidgetAuto-Startin Android Settings>Permissions
Belle UI Icon Pack 2.1.0
BELLE UIIcons in Belle UI made manually based on Vectorgraphic.Every icons drawn carefully to give a unique look. BelleUIdesigned for XXHDPI Screen, result may vary depends on yourscreenresolution.WHY BELLE UI?• Downloaded more than 940,000 times•BelleUI (Both Free and Donate) get frequent updates• Compatiblewithmany Launcher• Mentioned on Yahoo Aviate Blog• Mentioned onmanywebsite as one of the best Icon Pack, "10 of the best Androidiconyou can find today (Volume 7)" by AndroidGuys, "15 Best FreeIconPacks for Android" by The Android Soul• Reviewed byMYCOLORSCREENas "Icon Packs of the Week" on December 2013 FEATURES•1440+ CustomIcons• Compatible with Multi Launcher• XXHDPI Icon144x144 px (Old)& XXXHDPI Icon 192x192 px (Newest)• VectorGraphics, EveryIcons made Manually based on Vector• Android L AppDrawer Style•Android L Wallpaper Style• Frequent UpdatesDASHBOARDAPP FEATURES•Apply, 24 Launcher Cards, 17 Direct Apply, 7 Manual•See &Search All Icons Included with Icon Name• Smart IconRequest(Donate Version)• Cloud Based Wallpaper Picker• ImagePicker,Attach Icon from Dashboard App as an Image to Email,Hangouts, etcor Even Use it to Create Zooper Widget• Help,ContainsFAQsCOMPATIBLE WITH• Action Launcher• ADW Launcher• ApexLauncher•Arrow Launcher• ASUS Launcher• Atom Launcher• AviateLauncher•dodol Launcher• Epic Launcher• GO Launcher EX• HoloLauncher• HoloLauncher HD• Inspire Launcher• Kcin Launcher• KKLauncher• LLauncher• LG Home• Lucid Launcher• Mini Launcher• NemusLauncher•Next Launcher• Nine Launcher• Nova Launcher• S Launcher•SmartLauncher• Solo Launcher• Themer• CM Theme Engine• LaunchyWidget•Trebuchet• UniconCONTENT USED ON SCREENSHOT• ApexLauncher•Screener
Joker Wallpapers 1.0
Holotype Inc.
Best free collection of joker wallpapers.▪ 69 HD wallpapers▪Quickset, easy to use▪ Clean, minimal UI▪ Work offline▪Update2017Follow the installation instructions: Open App - >SelectWallpaper - > Long Press or Menu Button > Set asWallpaperIfyou have any questions feel free to askme:[email protected]! :)
All Wishes GIF Collection 1.9
💗 All Wishes GIF Collection 💖 💗Wishes All Days with GIFAnimatedImages. 💖All Wishes GIF Collection has large collection ofGIF toshare with your Friends, Family & Love. 💞All Wishes GIFhasFollowing Category GIF. 💘 Good Morning GIF. 💖 Good Night GIF.💘Birthday GIF. 💖 Love GIF. 💘 Kiss GIF. 💖 Rose GIF. 💘CongratulationGIF. 💖 Sorry GIF. 💘 Thank You GIF. 💖 Christmas GIF. 💘Miss You GIF.💖 Hi-Hello GIF. 💌 All Wishes GIF Easy to Share onSocial Media. ✔This App Help to Make your chat more Beautiful. 💞Don't forget toSend GIF to your Friends,Family and Love.💞
MONOO Icon Pack Black & White 3D HD 4.0
This app contains only the MONOO Icon Pack Black & White 3DHDApps and widgets are used in the preview screenshots are not apartof this Icon Pack. More Apps, Widgets or Themes/Skins fromtheMONOO Collection available on Google Play Store. Note This isanicon pack and it requires a custom android launcher likeNovaLauncher, Apex Launcher, etc. to work. Compatible stocklaunchers:LG Home (Marshmallow and earlier), Sony Xperia, Asus ZenUI, morecompatible launchers please read below. Not supportedstocklaunchers: Samsung Touchwiz, LG Home Nougat, HTC, Google Now,andmost of Chinese/Mediatek. Before leaving a review that it doesnotwork, kindly install one of the compatible launchers andtryapplying it. Features - 2200+ HQ icons - 13+ HD 2560x1440pxcloud-based wallpaper - XXXHDPI Icon 256x256 px - Regular updates-Support 32++ launchers - See & Search icons - SmartIconRequest - Many folder category icons to sort your apps -Maskingfor unthemed ones - Alternative icons to choose - ManysystemIcons: Samsung, HTC, Nexus, LG, ASUS and more - Supportmaindynamic calendar (eg. Google, Today, Touch, Sunrise, Biz,BusinessCalendar, pre-installed calendar and many more) - Helpsection,contains FAQs - Report bugs via email - etc. Direct ApplyL, Lucid,GO, Next, Apex, Action, Nova, ADW, ADW EX, Holo, Aviate,Smart,Smart Pro, Mini, KK, Solo, Atom, S, LG Home (read issue forthislauncher below), CM Theme Engine, Google NOW, Unicorn Pro,TSFApply via launcher/theme setting Sony Xperia, EverythingMe,ArrowLauncher, Themer, Hola, Launchy Widget, Trebuchet, Unicon, andmaybe more that have icon pack support Important - NextLaunchersupports icon upon but only system apps but manual applywillchange the rest - LG Home may working unstable for some device.Ifyou're not sure DON'T PURCHASE! Contacts If you have anyproblemsor any suggestions for our Icon Packs, please do nothesitate totell us. We will help you! E-mail:[email protected] memscapemonoo Made in GermanyBerlin - copyright©all rights reserved Memscape
HD Amoled Wallpapers 1.0.1
Junaid Maknojiya
Looking for the best app to download AMOLED Wallpapers?? Thenyouare at right place :) We are excited to bring you anamazingcollection of AMOLED wallpapers with breathtaking HDquality. TheseHD AMOLED wallpapers are specially designed forbattery savingpurpose. By using this application you not only get apremiumcollection of high-resolution dark wallpapers. but it alsohelps inbattery saving because of less power consumption. So.. Whatyou arethinking about. Go for this app. and Enjoy the greatcollection ofHD AMOLED WALLPAPERSThis application has 1000+wonderful HD Amoledwallpapers and backgrounds. And New wallpapersadded to the listevery day. so you'll get New wallpapers every dayfor your mobile.And each Wallpaper is designed to fit with anyscreen and widgets.Some Features : ✦ Awesome selection of Dark,Amoled Wallpapers✦Everyday New High-Quality amoled Wallpapersarrival.✦ Well arrangedcategories and adding new categories over atime.✦ Uniqueeye-pleasing layout✦ And Much more options like Share,Save, Crop,Setting as a wallpaper, random, Setting as a lockscreen, download✦Beautiful layout with a material dark theme.✦ ManyExclusive Amoledwallpapers that can't found anywhere else.✦ Widerange of HighQuality with separate categories✦ Save HD Wallpaper toyour mobileor SD Card✦ FREE and always will be. • All Wallpaperscredit goesto their respected owners :)
God Photo Frame 1.0.5
Winner Solution
Are you moving into a new house? Are you confused about what togiftyour friend ? Then, you're at the right place! Pick fromanextensive range of religious Photo frame from flipkart foralloccasions, be it a Wedding, Birthday,New Baby, House warming,Graduation , corporate Gift, or for friends and family. All inavariety of vibrant colors and designs.The Elegant and classy,thisGold colored religious photo frame from GoldArt will makeyourdivine memories an integral part of your home decor.Constructed ofpremium quality wood, this photograph frame islong-lasting. It isbuilt of synthetic wood featuring a lovely woodfinish. It isequipped with a stand and wall hanging that add to itssimplicityof usage. The beautiful structure and the glitteringappeal make ita must induce positive energy for any household. Godphoto frameshas unique features: ** Easy and free to use gods photoframes withHD resolution.. ** Select a photo from the gallery anddecorateyour photo with god photo frames. ** Rotate, scale, zoomin, zoomout or drag the photo to fit the frame as you like. **Addtext,text style, text color on photo or picture. ** Givedifferenteffects & filters to your photo. ** Apply stickers& quoteson picture to make your own poster. ** Save your imageto SD cardwith Hd resolution... ** This application supports allscreenresolutions of mobile and tablet devices. ** Share yourimages viaWhatsApp,Instagram, Telegram, Line, Facebook, Twitter andothersocial networks. ** No internet connection is required. **Totallyfree to download. Features: Take images from gallery or takenewwith camera Select your favorite Krishna frames or suitZoom,rotate and scale option to decorate your photos Directly sharewithyour friends and family
Aura Zooper 1.1
Not Just Another Designer
This is a collection of zooper widgets made by varioustalentedpeople. The app features over 70 widgets to start with, andwillhave frequent updates by these very talented artists,andmore!!Widget authors include:Matt FidoeRickyLaughlinMarioSaltalamacchiaNate HeiseZaibun AlexanderStevenBrayDavidHedayatiJorge TenizaJoseph SuainJasonWehrweinandmore!!!!!Featuring original weather icon sets by ZaibunAlexanderand Loraine PhuketHow to install:- Download and installZooperWidget Pro 2.40 or above- Download and install Aura Zooper-Add aZooper widget to your homescreen (via long press on homescreenifyou are using a launcher or via appdrawer if you're on stockROM)-When Zooper widget skins list pops up, choose Aura Zooper-Selectthe widget you want to add-you can resize the widget bylongpressing on the widget and selecting resize.You can adjustthescale and size within zooper as well as manyotherthings.Additional Credits to Sasi Kanth for his dashboard.Contacthim for information on how to download this open sourcetemplate.
Unity Widgets 2 1.5.0
Welcome to Unity Widgets- Pack has almost 100 widgets- 7dedicateddesigners making beautiful widgets for your enjoyment, goto theabout page to read more about us.- Join the community forupdates,giveaways and beautiful setups made by the community foryourinspiration:""*Inorderto use this widget pack you need to install *Zooper WidgetsPRO*app.- Download and install Zooper Widget Pro 2.38 or above-Download and install Unity- Add a Zooper widget to yourhomescreen-When Zooper widget skins list pops up, choose Unity-Select thewidget you want to addIf the widget is not right sizeduse thescaling percentage in the Zooper option to apply correctlythewidget that you like.
Unity Widgets 2.0.0
Welcome to Unity Widgets- Pack has almost 300 widgets- 4dedicateddesigners making beautiful widgets for your enjoyment, goto theabout page to read more about us.- Join the community forupdates,giveaways and beautiful setups made by the community foryourinspiration:""*Inorderto use this widget pack you need to install *Zooper WidgetsPRO* -Download and install Zooper Widget Pro 2.38 or above -Download andinstall Unity- Add a Zooper widget to your homescreen-When Zooperwidget skins list pops up, choose Unity- Select thewidget you wantto addIf the widget is not right sized use thescaling percentage inthe Zooper option to apply correctly thewidget that you like.
2018 Killer Attitude Status 3.6.28
Indian AppTech
This app contains big collection of Killer Attitude Status inHindiand English. This app is totally free and offline available.Usercan share this Status on Social Site so Share option availableandCopy option is there. Very user-friendly interface and allnewStatus available. So enjoy this app and Give the best review.