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Fireworks 4.5.2
Aqreadd Studios
Enjoy the whole year of fireworks on your device as livewallpaper!Set sound, choose color and amount and enjoy a greatcolorful showon night! Tap on the screen to change the backgroundcolor for thescene, also you can get more fireworks types bypurchasing anextension pack. Be ready for New Year 2020 with thislive wallpaperfull of fireworks. Happy New Year! Set this livewallpaper on yourfavorite Holidays like Independence day on 4th ofjuly, New Year'sEve - Holiday or Christmas! Optionally you can seta 4th of July,2018 of sparks to celebrate new year coming orcurrent. :::
Live 3D 2018 Sparkling Fireworks Keyboard Theme
Fashion Cute Emoji
This keyboard theme will make your device look amazing! Downloadthethis skin with This effect. This is a fantastic keyboard themewithThis background. This beautiful keyboard is designed forpeople wholike this. Free download and apply this keyboard theme.Yourkeyboard looks totally luxury with This. Download this themeand Tryit out! This will let a plain keyboard into a beautiful anduniqueone. Follow us: Follow us on Twitter: our Facebook:
Firecrackers, Bombs and Explosions Simulator 2 1.03
PalveSoft S.L.
Enjoy the best free simulation game of firecrackers,bombs,explosions, thunder and fireworks in its version 2.Now withmorecamera effects and more fun than ever.Place your firecrackerorexplosive wherever you want, light the wick and you will seehowthe objects fly off to all places.You will find objectsindifferent scenes such as Rubik's cube, Freddybear,Explosivebottles, cakes etc ...Feel the power of explosions offirecrackersor bombs with extraordinary sound effects and visualeffects.Get tolaunch objects against the screen with an explosionand you willsee howBreak the glass.In this free firecrackersimulator you candetonate from small firecrackers to powerfulexplosives, dynamite,bombs and grenades.Have fun with strips offirecrackers andfireworks.Ideal to play jokes or to enjoy the soundof firecrackerssafely at fairs, Christmas parties, birthdays or inthe courtyardwith friends.Share it with your friends.
FireWorks JPN LWP Trial
Rooty Pict of Japan go uptobacking in Fuji. There is a firefly, too. It is a felt airlivewallpaper of Japan.TrialFullVersion is chenge image[Setting]Home> Menu > Wallpaper > LiveWallpaper > FireWorksJPN--Setting and Update--Please try again when becoming anerror.(After setting other wallpapers. )
Fireworks Live Wallpaper 6.2
Fireworks Live Wallpaper captures one of the greatestvisualspectacles in the world. Become a globe-trotter in a matterofseconds - dazzling fireworks will make London, Paris, Sidney,NewYork and many other truly magical cities even more romanticandmajestic. Rest assured, all the magnificent colors burstingacrossyour tablet or phone screen will take your breath away.Spectacularnight sky lit by millions of colorful shooting stars canbeautifyyour screen and ignite the light in your life if youdownload thisfree and extraordinary “live wallpaper”. If you likeliving large,install fireworks app that is great for Diwali, aholiday and Hindifestival of lights. Diwali live wallpaper will bea perfect Diwalidecoration for your phone! Whether you are in inParis or you needChristmas Petards or crackers on screen, fireworkwallpapers willcome in handy! The best personalization app forcelebration andfestivities! - Amazing 3D live wallpaper for yourphone! - There isfull support for landscape mode and home – screenswitching! - Thisbeautiful, free and enjoyable background iswaiting for you!Installation instructions: Home -> Menu ->Wallpapers → LiveWallpapers Are you ready to beautify your screenwith green, blue,orange and yellow explosions in the sky? Capturethe New Year's Evespectacle and have the most fantastic “backgroundwallpaper” onyour screen – choose the “Fireworks Background” youfindexceptionally breathtaking. Are you ready to have some fun? Ifyouwere entertained by Shake! Fireworks Live Wallpaper, this willbeyour new favorite app - once you download the amusing“FireworkWallpaper”, you will not be able to leave your phone! Ifyou likedthe colorful New Year Live Wallpaper and its celebratoryspirit,decorate your screen with a festive new app and let all theamazingcolors burst across the screen – it will be just likecelebrationof the Fourth of July in America. Did you know thatKuwait holdsthe Guinness World Record for the largest and mostspectacularfireworks display? However, if you download this amazing“free livewallpaper”, the world record for the cutest screen willbe yours.If you loved Finger Fireworks Free, this spectacular appis theextraordinary firework wallpaper you have been looking for.Do youlike energetic and invigorating backgrounds that can makeyoubelieve in magic again? If so, see the fairy tale “in the sky”anddo not miss the opportunity to make you smartphonelookextraordinary and sparkly at the same time with this freemagicallive application for Android™. Also, in case you enjoyedChristmasLive Wallpaper and you want to feel like it's Christmasall thetime, you ought to see all these wonderful colorful rocketsandstars shoot across the sky, while they create a masterpiece ontheblue canvas. Just imagine how glamorous such high definitionwallpaper would look on your screen. You will be charmed byall“Fireworks Backgrounds” - all these bright hues of silver andgoldwill have you under their spell in no time. Embark on aworld-widejourney and see all the capitals illuminated by thesparks offirework. This incredible “free download” allows you tosee thefireworks at the London Eye, or any other romantic or exoticcityin the whole “wide world” – your tablet or phone screen can beyourpersonal guide. Love is in the air - much like romance -inspiringLove fireworks Live Wallpaper, this live app willdefinitely takeyour breath away. Marvelous stardust can light upyour screen asbright sparks shoot across it in all directions – donot waste anymore time and enter the world of incredible visualmagic with“Fireworks LWP”. *Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Diwali Crackers & Magic Touch Fireworks 1.7
Nithra Apps
** Celebrate the Diwali festival 2018 with all Types of Diwaligamesand Diwali Fireworks with Sound. ** Diwali Crackers app – Thebestentertaining app for blasting various crackers, as in realtime.Let's start celebration and enjoy the Diwali with Diwalicrackersgame. In this Diwali Games app you can blast variouscrackers likeSparklers, Chakra or Ground Spinner, Flower Pots,Colour Fountains,Rockets, Atom Bombs or Sounding Crackers,Flashlight Crackers, etc.Diwali Festival is a religious Hindufestival, celebrated asfestival of lights by lighting lamps on thehomes, streets, shops,temples, etc. and also bursting of crackerseverywhere. While usingthis Diwali Games app, it will be a mindblowing feel like blastingcracker in real time. As real timecrackers are hazardous to oursafety, especially when it comes ofkids, this Diwali Crackers appput back the place of originalcrackers. Features: You can blast alltypes of Virtual Crackers.Fantabulous Fireworks Simulator withsound effects. Diwali Crackers– Completely free app to download.Diwali Crackers - Very realisticDiwali crackers along with Sound.Created with realistic andbeautiful animated background CrackersBurst: In this Diwali Gamesapp you can burst all kinds of crackerssuch flower pot animation,rocket showers animation, buchakrasanimation with virtual crackersounds Happy Diwali. UnlimitedBackgrounds: In this category, youcan burst unlimited crackers bytouching anywhere on the screenwith colorful lighting backgrounds.*It's the great time to havefun and to spreading the joy withhappiness. Happy Diwali Wishes!!Light a lamp of love; Blast a chainof sorrow; Shoot a rocket ofprosperity; Fire a flowerpot ofhappiness; Wish u and your family;Sparkling Diwali Wishes Let's westart celebrate and enjoy theDiwali Festivals with Diwali crackerapp 2018. So start up yourfestival with Diwali games.
Fireworks Arcade 1.1
Big Duck Games LLC
Fireworks Arcade is a fun-filled app for all ages, and ashowcaseapp for multi-touch and graphics. Tap or drag to createbrilliantdisplays of light and sound. Compete or relax in one ofseveralgame modes. Paint art with firework shapes. Or just watchagenerated show. How you play is up to you, so getcreative.Getready for the 4th of July, Guy Fawkes Day, and NewYears, or justcelebrate year round!*** Features **** Show Mode- Tapor drag tocreate dazzling firework displays- Dozens of colorfulfireworkshapes and effects- A whole new way to draw or doodle- Waittowatch an automatically generated display- Shake for afireworksfinale* Arcade Games- 3 completely different games withseveraladditional variants- Familiar and new gameplay with greatfireworkeffects- Local high scores* Physics Simulation- Everyfirework isunique- Fireworks are created randomly with physicsapplied to eachparticle- Tilt to control gravity- Dynamic, stereosoundeffectsEnjoy.
Firework Show 1.8.0
Juicy Software and Games
Create your own firework show by dragging fireworks into thegame.Once the fireworks are placed you can detonate them by tappingthemor by hitting the detonate button. Features: Tilt can beenabled ordisabled allowing fireworks to tip over Rocket fireworkSpinnerPopper Big rocket firework Fire crackers Fountain Wildcard:Tap thewildcard button to watch a 30 second ad and gain access toromancandle fireworks, willow launchers, rockets or finalefireworks.
Firecrackers, Bombs and Explosions Simulator 1.4201
PalveSoft S.L.
The best simulator of firecrackers, bombs, explosions,firecrackers,fireworks and pyrotechnics. Feel the power ofexplosions offirecrackers, pyrotechnics or bombs withextraordinary sound effectsand visual effects. In this freesimulator you can detonate fromsmall firecrackers, to powerfulexplosives, dynamite, bombs andgrenades. Have a great time withstrips of firecrackers andfirecrackers. Ideal to play jokes or toenjoy the sound of petardsafely at fairs, Christmas parties,birthdays, holidays or in theyard with friends. Share with yourfriends this fireworks simulatorwith incredible sound effects andvisuals. This game of throwingfirecrackers is completely safe anddoes not damage in any way.
🎆 Fireworks Live Wallpaper 🎆 1.38
Fireworks Live Wallpaper - Let us entertain you with thespectaclethat only a firework show can give. Here you'll find anamazinganimated set of backgrounds of beautiful fireworks on thenight skycombined with the sound emitted by each firework duringthe fly andthe explosion. You will be able to feel and see colorfulfireworksat any moment. With these fantastic images of fireworksthat bumpon the sky of different cities you will amaze all yourfriends.“Fireworks Live Wallpaper” will decorate your screen in thebestpossible way so just try these fireworks animations.What youwillfind in this app is: - 12 wonderful pictures of cities fromaroundthe world during firework spectacle; - Sound effect forthefireworks (during fly and explosion on the sky) - Amazingandcolorful graphics! - Total support on both landscape andportraitmode - The wallpaper app will sleep automatically when yourphoneis inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain yourbattery.This live wallpaper app will emphasize fireworksexplosions. It canbe your perfect solution for the new yearfestivity or forChristmas festivity. Choose your favorite fireworkswallpaper andlet these lovely and colorful live wallpapers do therest. WithFireworks Live Wallpaper you will get an all day longfestivityfeeling effect. With the new year and Christmas the“fireworksimages” and the festivity becomes the only choose. Makeyour screenthe best place to look with new year fireworks, 4th ofJulyfireworks or wedding fireworks. Start the show now, happy NewYearand Merry Christmas! Enjoy the fireworks backgrounds spectacle!
Fireworks Spinner Simulator 1.0
Laboratory Apps And Games
Fireworks Spinner SimulatorFireworks Spinner SimulatorIn theNewYear's holiday and the most popular toys - anti-stress inyourphone!Spinner charged with powerful fireworks, firing attherotation.Incredibly colorful show on the screen ofyoursmartphone!Bright explosions of firecrackers, flying indifferentdirections with a fast rotation, will create anunforgettableeffect!Give yourself a holiday by downloadingFireworks SpinnerSimulator right now!  Rotating anunusual anti-stress,get experience points.Discover new spinnerswith new, even morepowerful firework charges!For real madness,collect a completecollection of anti-stress.Share the app with yourfriends, have funtogether!Give a good mood to everyone around!Afascinatingperformance will not leave indifferent!Be in thespotlight!Getcharged with positive emotions and give joy topeople!It's time fortruly bright sensations!  Share youropinion about thegame in the comments.Leave the evaluation.Create agreat holidayaround you!
Underwater Fireworks 3D Simulator 1.0
Laboratory Apps And Games
Underwater Fireworks 3D SimulatorArrange a real holiday on theoceanfloor New Year 2018!You will have a fantastic adventure thatwill beremembered for a long time.Dive into the sea and launchunderwaterfireworks explode firecrackers and Petard on ChristmasDay!Dilutethe silence of the abyss with bright explosions offirecrackers.Getexperience points and discover new, more powerfulcharges for themost grandiose show!Collect the entire collection,please the seainhabitants.Fantastic attraction of powerfulexplosions and vividperformances.Dilute your leisure is not anordinary game full offun!Share the app with your friends, have funtogether.  *Beautiful graphics will give a lot of vividimpressions.* Excellentstudy locations will allow you to transferto the underwater world.*Qualitative musical accompaniment willemphasize all the details ofthe gameplay.* A large selection offirework charges will not allowthe player to get bored.* Themechanics of explosions are as closeto real as possible.You arewaiting for a truly spectacularsight!  Leave theassessment and share the opinion in thecomments.Have fun with us!
Real Fireworks 1.0.6
Mustafa Demir
Kids, are you ready for the firework show?Now the colorfulfireworksthat explode and fly like crazy have come.Are you readyto throwfireworks and have good time?Colors get in themselves andtheyalmost make a harmony.Kids throw fireworks as much as youwantbecause its unlimited!Parents; if your kids get bored orcrying,open the fireworks game and entertain them!This applicationrunssmoothly and optimized for your phones andtablets.CautionPlayingthe application too much amount of time orleaving the childrenalone with the tablet pc is not encouraged
Fireworks Bang Halloween Joke 1.7
iApps And iGames
Fireworks Bang Halloween JokeFireworks Blast Halloween joke - ajokesimulation game where you can play as a phone with fireworksonHalloween.The game uses animation and sound for a morerealisticeffect! Use on Halloween or other holidays of ourfireworks andsafety day will be great!Meet the holiday withfirecrackers fun!Thegame has various firecrackers and fireworks,you'll find somethingyou'll like!Make fun and play your friends andlovedones!ATTENTION! This simulation game designed forentertainment andjokes, as well as fun, it is completely safe andwill not harm oranyone!Thank you for playing our applications!Leave us feedbackand we try to make our games better!
Firework Weapons Simulator 1.0
Firework Weapons SimulatorFireworks Weapon SimulatorMeet theNewYear fully armed!Get a Christmas arsenal, consisting ofweaponsthat shoot festive fireworks!Arrange this shootout withbrightlights of the festive fireworks!Move around the city atnight,setting up a grand Christmas show!Shoot from differentweapons,whether they are submachine guns, shotguns orgrenadelaunchers.Earn experience points and gain access to anadditionalarsenal.Unlock the entire collection of holiday weapons,shootingvarious ammunition with unique effects.Ozari night skybrightflashes of the holiday!Enjoy an unforgettable sight!Share thegamewith your friends, have fun together! The bright design of thegamewill give a lot of positive emotions!Colorful explosionswithdifferent pyrotechnic effects will giveunforgettableimpressions.Superb 3D graphics will take you to theepicenter ofevents.Loud explosions of incredible power for a longtime willremain in your memory with colorful memories.Flickeringlightsflying over huge distances will lift the mood for a longtime.Be inthe spotlight!Bring a holiday in the gray metropolis!Leavecomments and rate the game.Celebrate with us!
VR Bang Fireworks 3D New Year 2018 1.0
Laboratory Apps And Games
VR Bang Fireworks 3D New Year 2018VR Explosion 3D Fireworks 3DNewYear 2018Enjoy an incredibly colorful and vivid spectacle withVRtechnology!Become a witness of a grandiose fireworks show!Watchforthe multicolored tears in the sky.Launch missiles and watchwhat'shappening!Get experience points and open new fireworks, evenmorepowerful and colorful.Collect the entire New Year's collectionforthe most incredible performances!  Colorful design ofthegame and excellent 3D graphics will give you a lot ofpositiveemotions.Share a holiday with friends, have funtogether.The roarof explosions and spectacularly flaring lights inall directionswill leave an indelible impression ofcelebration!Watch what ishappening on the smartphone screen turningit in differentdirections.The effect of presence will allow you tocompletely andcompletely immerse yourself in the world of virtualreality.Becomea witness of a grand show with VR Bang Fireworks 3DNew Year2018!  Evaluate the game and share your opinionin thecomments.Have fun with us!
Open Case Petard and Fireworks Simulator 1.0
Laboratory Apps And Games
Open Case Petard and Fireworks SimulatorOpen Fireard's CaseandFireworks SimulatorA lot of cases with New Year fireworksandfireworks are waiting for you!Create a festive mood and shareitwith others!  Try your luck, opening one byone!Collectall the pyrotechnics in your phone!Exchange duplicateitems andpurchase new cases.Refill your inventory and get a goodmood.Solvethe fallout algorithm!Share the app with your friends,have funtogether!  Bright and colorful design will give alot ofpositive emotions!Experienced animation will please withvisualeffects!Play in any convenient place and at any time.Do notbebored in a long journey or in a long queue.Take care of yourselfinthe break between studying or doing housework.Meet theholidayswith a full collection of New Yearfireworks!  Leaveratings and share opinions in thecomments.
Fireworks Creator 1.1.0
RedBor Games
In this app you can create your own fireworks and runit!Differentcolors!A huge number of different combinations!Abilityto save yourfireworks.This application does not contain detailedinstructionsfor the manufacture of pyrotechnics.
Frankie's Baby Fireworks! 1.2.0
🎆 Colorful fireworks for your baby! (without ads, yay!)I madethisfun fireworks game for my one year-old daughter, Frankie, sothatshe can enjoy fireworks where ever we go. And I wanted a safegamefor her to enjoy when grabbing daddy's phone. A simple and safewayfor your baby to enjoy fireworks for the 4th of July(ourfavorite), New Year's Eve, Guy Fawkes Day, or when everyoulike!Features🎆 NO ADS. I hate it when ads pop up, trying totrickmy daughter to click them! I made this game so she couldplaywithout interruption.🎆 Fireworks appear in many differentcolorsand sizes.🎆 Fun firework sounds.🎆 Fireworks vibrate whentheyexplode! This can also be disabled in the settings.🎆Fireworksshow! Fireworks will go off on their own if the screen hasnot betouched for 3 seconds. This can be disabled in thesettings.🎆Gravity affects where the fireworks fall (based on whatdirectionyour child is currently holding your device).🎆 Multitouch!Supportsas many fingers as your device allows.🎆 Home and Backbuttons arehidden, if your device supports it (just swipe from theedge of thescreen to show them again).🎆 No extra buttons for yourchild toaccidentally tap.Enjoy!Privacy Policy for Children'sGamesNopersonal data is ever collected from my children's games.I'm aparent too, and I understand the importance of protectingyourchild's safety and privacy. This app does not have internetaccessand will never collect any data of your child. To learn more,clickthe privacy policy link in the app or on the storepage.Frankie'sBaby Games: Frankie loves daddy's phone, and daddywants her togrow up comfortable with today's modern technology. Sodaddy wentand searched for some games that would be appropriate forhis oneyear-old daughter, and what he found was disappointing. Sodaddydecided to make games for his daughter instead. With the helpofmommy's passion for children's education (certified k-8teacher),daddy's passion for designing engaging video games, andFrankie'skeen tastes in entertainment, Frankie's Baby Games wereborn!Wehope that these games help you show your little one what anamazingworld we live in!
Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 2 1.1.1
RedBor Games
Fireworks, firecrackers, rockets! This is a completelynewapplication , compared with the previous part! Newbeautifulgraphics! Improved effects! It is a new experience offireworks!Use this app at the holidays! Activate your friends!Theapplication is completely safe and will not harm you in any way.
VR Bang Fireworks 3D Christmas 1.0
VR Bang Fireworks 3D ChristmasVR explosion Fireworks Christmas 3D-This is a unique 3D game with fireworks at Christmas!The game3Dlocation of the city, in which you can arrange andFirecrackersFireworks and Poto blast them yourself!VR game, whichmeans youwill feel the effect of presence!If you are afraid to blowup thereal fireworks, try to secure our simulator!The compositionof aunique pattern of Fireworks and see what a beautifulfireworkswill!Create an atmosphere of Christmas and New Year!Surprise yourfriends with 3D Fireworks and firecrackers!Scatteredall over thecity Fireworks and see how beautifully they explode inthe sky!Thegame uses beautiful animation and sound ofexplosions!The more youLet missiles, the more points earned!Kopicoins and unlock newfireworks!Discover the complete collectionbefore yourfriends!Without Salute celebration seemsincomplete!Thank you forplaying our games and applications! Leaveus feedback and we willtry to make our games better!
3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper 2018 1.0.5
live wallpaper HongKong
3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper Free Pro:In this app, you can findthebeautiful 3D fireworks display in the beautiful romantic nightsky.3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper is the new shiny live wallpaperwaitingjust for you! And if you touch the phone screen, you wouldfeelamazing. And it is so true for our live wallpaper. I like this3Dfireworks live wallpaper. It is so beautiful. 3D FireworksLiveWallpaper is here and it's free, come and get it! LiveWallpaper:You will find the beautiful fireworks display in thenight sky!-There is full support for landscape mode andhome-screenswitching!- This beautiful, free and enjoyablebackground iswaiting for you!All my Live Wallpaper are Free foryouThis free appis ad supported: Admob. In order to keep this appfree and allow meto keep working on improvements you willperiodically receive asponsored ad. I appreciate your understandingand support. I hopeyou enjoy it. Thanks.Rate and comment, weappreciate youropinion.Installation instructions:• Home -> Menu->Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers• Scroll down the list, findoutthe wallpaper and setup it.
Hue Fireworks for Philips Hue 1.9
**** NEW: Experience the iconic Times Square Ball Drop live athome!**** Have firecrackers burst in your room and let colourfulrocketslight up the ceiling or have your party crowd go wild witha NewYear’s Eve countdown that blasts your room with colour.HueFireworks lets you create explosive celebrations with abeautifuldynamic interface and exploding fireworks. All you need isthePhilips hue connected lights and this app. Darken your roomandconnect the audio to your speakers. It’s never been easier togetthe party going. Hue Fireworks is the safest firework in theworldwith realistic sound and light effects. It’s a great tool fordogand cat owners or pet trainers who want to train andconditiontheir pets to associate Fireworks with fun instead offear. 新年快樂Rosh Hashanah. Shanah Tovah! Hue Fireworks is brought toyou incooperation with: IJsdesign, MediaVibe & iMakeStuff.*HueFireworks works best connected to a stereo by cable ordockingstation.
Cute Baby Fireworks 2.2.3
MOD Games
It is time to lightening fireworks! Babies and toddlers willlovethis eye catching Fireworks game. Simplicity is the key toasuccessful app for babies. "Baby Fireworks" brings the beauty ofofthe fireworks to the Android. Fireworks will pop like abubble.Whenfirst played, your toddlers and babies may not be ableto correctlytouch the fireworks with his/her little hand. Play theBabyFireworks game with your baby continuously for a few hours ordays,and you will be surprised at the mobile development of yourbaby'shands.Baby Fireworks game must be played in the presence ofamother or father, and it is encouraged for you to guide yourbabythrough the game for a few days at first.When to play!Whenyourlittle talent is hungry or will not stop crying, playing thisgamecan hold your baby's attention. (The various sounds,animatedshapes stimulate your baby's curiosity.)This game isexceptionallyhandy for mothers and fathers who spend time withtheir babies butcannot figure out how to spend that time usefully.Designed forimproving timing and focusing abilities.This game maybe tooadvanced for infants under 6 months old.Caution:Playingtheapplication too much amount of time or leaving the childrenalonewith the mobile phone or tablet pc is not encouraged.
Fireworks Halloween Simulator 1.0
Fireworks Halloween SimulatorHalloween Fireworks Simulator - agamesimulator joke, where you can play on your phone like afireworksdisplay for Halloween!The game uses beautiful animationand soundfor a more realistic effect!And what will you at thiscelebrationof Halloween? Witch zombie or a ghost? However, with ourapp youwill definitely noticeable!The same application can be usedon anyother holiday eg Christmas, New Year, Victory Day, orabirthday!Use our secure on holiday fireworks and Halloweenheldgreat!Celebrate the holiday with firecrackers fun!Make fun andplayyour friends and loved ones!NOTE it is only asimulatorFireworks!This simulation game designed for entertainmentandjokes, as well as fun, it is completely safe and will not harmoranyone!Thank you for playing our games and apps and games! Leaveusfeedback and evaluation, and we try to make our games better!
My baby firework 2.07.2814
Cution! This app is for parents. This app is not for kids. Donotleave the baby alone when using the app. Parents havefullresponsibility for using this app. It is illegal to extractorchange the content of this app. A fun fireworks festival foryouand your baby. Experience fantastic fireworks with your baby.Whentouched, amazing fireworks with authentic sounds will unfold.Thefun music and effects will entertain your baby's eyes andears.★The sound of explosion may be loud. Please be cautious sothatyour baby is not startled. Remove advertisements: ♥You are so good mom, dad. :)
Phantom Fireworks 1.0
Dave Rasul
Phantom Fireworks is America's premier consumerfireworks!WiththeBRAND NEW official Phantom Fireworks App you cannow viewourentire product inventory, and get directions toyourclosestshowroom! Demo videos of many products.
Fireworks Live Wallpaper 1.0.5
BlackBird Wallpapers
Fireworks live wallpapers - amazing free live wallpaper withdynamic3D fireworks effect, set of HD backgrounds with nightcities andsights. Install this free screensaver now and it will bea greatdecoration for your Android phone or tablet. Features: *Real 3Dfireworks * Set of HD backgrounds: Eiffel Tower Paris,Tower BridgeLondon, St. Peter's Basilica Vatican / Rome, SydneyOpera House,Brooklyn Bridge New York, Petro Towers, views of nightLas Vegas,Manhattan and others. * Dynamic fireflies and lights
Fireworks Wallpaper Happy New Year 2018Theme 1.0.0
+HOME by Ateam
A 2018 Ver. of a popular theme! Time to celebrate theNewYear!Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,theFREECustomization App!To use this theme you first mustinstall+HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, iconsandwidgets has never been easier with +HOME, the FREEcustomizationlauncher app!With more than 1,000 different themes tochose from,you're sure to find a design to suit your everywhim!■Inquiries andRequests:[email protected] used are simplyrepresentations and may differ from the finalproduct.
New Year Firework 2018 Keyboard Theme 1.0
We know how much you like New Year Firework 2018 Keyboard Themetobeautify your mobile gadget and that is why we created NewYearFirework 2018 Keyboard Theme designs that will blow yourmind! 

New Year Firework 2018 Keyboard Theme will bring yourphonea new look. You’ll fall in love with this New Year Firework2018Keyboard Theme for sure. New Year Firework 2018 Keyboard Themewilllet a plain keyboard into a beautiful and uniqueone. Decorateyour phone with New Year Firework 2018 KeyboardTheme now!

 If youneed a special keyboard style for your newmobile device then youmust try this amazing New Year Firework 2018Keyboard Theme. Youwill not regret a minute spent on this New YearFirework 2018Keyboard Theme design because you'll draw everyone'sattention. Bethe new trendsetter among your friends, download NewYear Firework2018 Keyboard Theme for free!

 New Year Firework 2018KeyboardTheme is compatible with most Android phones, including butnotlimited to:Samsung Galaxy Note7, Note 6, Note 5, Samsung GalaxyS7and S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung GalaxyS5,Samsung Galaxy J7,Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge;Sony XperiaZ5,Sony Xperia Z4;Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei P9, HuaweiP8,Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8;HTC 10, HTC OneA9,HTC Desire 10 Pro;OPPO Find 9;Xiaomi Mix, Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi5;Nokia8 

✨How to Use the New Year Firework 2018 KeyboardThemeKeyboard: 

* Note: Please install our keyboard first. 
*Downloadthe New Year Firework 2018 Keyboard Theme from play store.
* OpenNew Year Firework 2018 Keyboard Theme and click the ACTIVATETHEMEbutton. 
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Happy New Year Fireworks 2018 Keyboard Theme v1.0
The New Year is around the corner! May there be joy andhappinesssurround you today and everyday. Are you ready for the NewYears?Make sure to bring some light to your new year with this NewYearFireworks 2018 keyboard. 2017 is coming to an end and the bellforthe New Year is going to ring. Ring in the new year withfireworksthat light up and with people wishing each other a happynew year.Share this New Years 2018 Fireworks keyboard theme andbest wishesto your friends. ❗️ NoticeThis Happy New Year FireworksKeyboardTheme is a plugin app, please download the main appFacemojiKeyboard + GIFS for Happy New Year Fireworks 2018 KeyboardTheme torun. ❓How to apply the Happy New Year FireworksKeyboardTheme?1.Download and apply the Happy New Year FireworksKeyboardTheme2.If you don't have our cool keyboard, the keyboardwillredirect and guide you through the installation process. Ifyoualready have Facemoji Keyboard + GIFS installed, you can skipthisstep.3. Open the gilt Happy New Year Fireworks KeyboardThemeapp.4. Click "Activate" button, and the posh Happy NewYearFireworks Keyboard Theme will be applied. 5. Congratulations,youhave installed and activated the modish Happy New YearFireworksKeyboard Theme.★ About Facemoji KeyboardOver 20 millionpeoplearound the world choose FACEMOJI KEYBOARD + GIFS. It supportsover103 languages, and provides 3500+ emojis, emotions, GIFs,stickers,wallpapers and themes. QWERTY Keyboard Layoutsincluded.💌ContactUs: Instagram: Feedback:[email protected]❤️️If you love this HappyNew YearFireworks 2018 Keyboard Theme application, please rate 5stars toencourage developers.
3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper 1.6P
3D Fireworks Live Wallpaper - from the creators of 'ChristmasLiveWallpaper'. Enjoy the wonder and magic of your own fireworksshow!Celebrate the holidays with the most amazingly realisticfireworkslive wallpaper available anywhere! Perfect for New Year,4th ofJuly Independence Day, Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night or any timeyoufeel like a fireworks celebration! Real time smoke/cloudlightingcreates the most beautifully intense glows as colors mixand blendtogether. Feel the power and intensity as the brightestfireworksexplode with color and light up the night sky. Engineeredfor thesmoothest most fluidly animating fireworks possible,withoutdraining your battery. Distant city lights and skylinesilhouettescomplete the scene for an amazing spectacle. Perfect foranycelebration or just the sheer wow factor! If you enjoy thefreeversion, please check out the full version here on GooglePlaywhich contains lots of extra colorful firework types andfeaturesincluding: * Over 20 stunningly realistic 3D fireworks(Sphericalshells, blooms, ground launcher trails, glitteringsparkles hangingin the air, intense strobing shimmer bursts, spiderblooms, launchfountains, rings, hearts, stars, and many more!) *Real time smoke& cloud lighting for intense color and power. *Multiple cameraanimation modes for the best cinematic show. * 5famous cityskyline silhouettes to add tasteful foreground contrastto thedisplay. The Palace of Westminster (Big Ben), Eiffel Tower,Statueof Liberty, The Moscow Kremlin and the Sydney Opera House.*Fireworks completely live and unique each time, nocannedanimations or movie clips. * Adjustable detail levels to suiteveryphone/tablet, old or new. * Sound effects on/off. * Runs aseithera background live wallpaper, or as a full app. * 32-Bit colormodefor best possible quality.
Animated New Year Fireworks Theme&Emoji Keyboard 4.5
This Animated New Year Fireworks keyboard has a Animated NewYearFireworks wallpaper that will really make your phone looksAnimatedNew Year Fireworks and convey a Animated New Year Fireworkssense.Detailed Animated New Year Fireworks keys let you go intoaAnimated New Year Fireworks and have a Animated New YearFireworksfelling. If you like Animated New Year Fireworks themes orNew YearFireworks color, you're going to want this Animated NewYearFireworks on your smart phone. The Animated New YearFireworkskeyboard theme is specially designed for Animated NewYearFireworks Keyboard users. Click here to download Animated NewYearFireworks Keyboard for your smart phone. All is FREE! Hundredsoffree and beautiful themes like Animated New Year Fireworks,PinkGlitter, Brown Cat, Pikachu, Black Wolf, Cute Panda, CartoonGames,Sparkling Love Keyboard, etc. are waiting for you. Rate us★★★★★ toshow your support to this Animated New YearFireworks♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ).If youinstall this Animated New Year Fireworkstheme, you can change yourtypewriter style, it makes Animated NewYear Fireworks and looklike there is a Animated New Year Fireworksinside your smartphone. When you press any key, its pop up keyeffects are verycool/sweet. The Animated New Year Fireworks themeis reallyamazing. Come on and get this Animated New YearFireworksnow.Animated New Year Fireworks is a Keyboard theme whichhasbeautiful Animated New Year Fireworks wallpapers and AnimatedNewYear Fireworks app icons. This beautiful Animated NewYearFireworks theme is specially designed for people who lovesAnimatedNew Year Fireworks. You can find many Animated New YearFireworksinside. Download and apply Animated New Year Fireworks forfree andstylize your Android phone. Whether your phone is a SamsungorHuawei, We have been compatible with Samsung \ Sony \ Huawei\galaxy j7 \ OPPO \Lenovo \ motorola \ LG , like Note 4, GalaxyS8,MI, Nokia, LG, Moto G4 and so the vast majority of Androidmobilephone, come join us!Animated New Year Fireworks keyboardTheme canalso be used for different IM applications such asInstagram,Messenger, Line, BeeTalk, Facebook Lite, ES File ExplorerFileManager, Facebook Lite and so on, which means Animated NewYearFireworks can help you chat easier and happier. Animated NewYearFireworks keyboard Theme is designed to create a Animated NewYearFireworks online chatting atmosphere.★ How to apply theAnimatedNew Year Fireworks theme? ★-Install the Animated New YearFireworksKeyboard theme ---> Press its icon and activate Typanykeyboard---> It would be enabled by Typany EmojiKeyboardautomatically!-The Animated New Year Fireworks keyboardtheme willlead you to Google Play of Typany Keyboard if you stilldon't haveit in phone. Install and activate the hot app to applythe AnimatedNew Year Fireworks theme!★ Want more Themes likeAnimated New YearFireworks? ★ Press Typany keyboardicon------->tap“theme”------->choose and download the fancyhot themes likeAnimated New Year Fireworks, which will make yourevery tap fun,cute and fast 🎨, get it now and see our Massivestylish themes andemojis 😂 in Typany keyboard. Update weekly, Mostlightweight,totally FREE! Once you download this Animated New YearFireworksEmoji Keyboard, you could tweet your friends. Moreover,you can useDIY to design your own keyboard like Animated New YearFireworks.Insert your own photo and select your preferred button,font color,etc. Finally, share it on facebook or other socialmedia. Write areview and tell us what do you think about AnimatedNew YearFireworks Theme.★ Contact Us ★Theme request is nowavailable forTypany fans. Just contact us via↓↓↓Facebook:[email protected]omGoogle+:
Skyrocket & Fireworks Live Wallpaper Free 1.76
Light and fast live wallpaper with super fireworks. Features:*Beautiful images of four cities: NewYork, London, Paris,Singapore.* Custom photo: Choose a background photo from yourgallery. * TextCustomization: Add a text to your background. * Moreand differentFireworks. * Clouds effect. * Effects Customization.ToOpen:Home->Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers.Fireworkslive wallpaper is perfect for holidays, for holy night,Christmas,new year and other events. Enjoy this cool wallpaper anddon´t missour other live wallpapers for mobile!
Fireworks drawing 1.3
draw picture will be fireworks. Drawing app + Fireworksapp!*Drawing Nib of 10 types, crayons of 26 colors, Please drawafavorite picture. -Please press the "Let's play" button intheupper right-hand corner When you have finished Drawing. -Whenyouupload a drawing, everyone can see and download to play.*PlayLaunches the various colors of the fireworks at the tap. Ifyouwere drawing, it will also be fireworks that picture You canbeviewing the fireworks from the sky. Press the helicopterbutton.*Management Deletion of the picture in the "Delete" buttonYou candrawing an additional based on the picture in the "Todrawing"button. *Everyone's drawing Everyone's drew picture List.You candrawing after download in the "To drawing" button. Please donotupload a picture contrary to public order and morals.Prohibition :Sexual things, Slander, Personal things that canidentify. In theother, Delete the picture thought inappropriate. Weused the song"flash party" (dear Kazuchi) from "Free BGMDOVA-SYNDROME"
Tower Bridge Fireworks Live Wallpaper Free 1.50
Light and fast live wallpaper with super fireworkseffects.Includes: * Clouds Background and Tower Bridge ForegroundinLondon. * Sounds effects. * Text Customization: Add a text toyourbackground. * Many and different Fireworks.ToOpen:Home->Menu->Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers. Enjoythiscool wallpaper and customize your home screen with thisbeautifulimage of Tower Bridge. It is free and only show ads onsettigns.Don´t miss our other hd wallpapers for mobile!
Fireworks Festival Premium key 1.0.0
Glamorize your home screen with authentic fireworksfestival!Lightsoverflowing from fireworks, such as spectacular starmine, willembellish your screen.Summer in Japan, beautifulfireworks arelaunched into the sky. End of the year, fireworks stirup theexcitement of New Years.Clouds reflect the overflowing lightsoffirework light and give off moony shine.Each and everyfireworklaunched into sky and the light of fireworks reflected onclouds isso beautiful that you will forget that it’s yourhomescreen.**************************************************************Bypurchasingpremium key, you can customize the following:・ Customizetheintensity of the fireworks (settings on fireworks)・ Customizetheunique fireworks (settings on group of fireworks)・ Customizethespectacular star mine・ Customize the overall mood, background,anddisplay quality・ Removal of advertisements, etc. to fully enjoythelivewallpaper!********************************************************************DONOT DELETE THIS APP *****This app is a premium key that isrequiredto change the various settings for Fireworks FestivalLiveWallpaper.Various settings can only be changed when openingthesetting screen of Fireworks Festival Live Wallpaper app whilethepremium key is installed.*Please make sure not to uninstallthisapp after the purchase.In order to use Fireworks FestivalLiveWallpaper, Fireworks Festival Live Wallpaper app mustbeinstalled.Fireworks FestivalLiveWallpaper******
Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 3 1.0.4
RedBor Games
New realistic graphics!Realistic sounds!A wide range ofdifferentfirecrackers, rockets, fireworks!Each fireworks has itsown uniquesound!Use this app on holidays!The app is completely safeand willnot harm you in any way.
KF Fireworks Live Wallpaper 1.21
Kittehface Software
Host a celebration right on your home screen! A beautifullivewallpaper featuring OpenGL rendered fireworks. Watch themlaunchfrom the bottom of your screen and explode into bursts ofcolor,and keep an eye out for the occasional big finale! Works onbothphones and tablets, and fully supports both portrait andlandscapemode. Use it as a DayDream on 4.2+ devices!If you enjoythis,upgrade for a complete settings screen! Choose which typesoffireworks are launched, whether they appear upon touch, howoftenthey should launch, which background image you prefer, andmore.Unlock these features and more via a one-time in-app purchase,orcheck out our other listing if you'd prefer to payupfront.PERMISSIONS: Record audio used for music responsefeature.IAP used to allow unlocking of all features.
New Year FireWorks 3.4.0
4 types of music fireworks1 kind of Christmas version ofmusicfireworksFree mode of fireworks
1st Fireworks 1.7.1
Live Wallpaper immersive beautiful fireworks rises out atrandom.Onetype of fireworks will be when you tap the top right ofthescreen.This is not a video.In the "Mix", a variety of fireworkswillincrease out atrandom.Other"Blue""Red""Gold""Kiku""botan""B_Blue""B_Red""B_Green"Fireworkswillchange each time you tap.(It changes, after the fireworks havebeenset up and out.)When you tap the top left of the screen if youcheckthe Sound in the settings de fireworks sound.Volume isdetermined bythe "volume of the media".To stop the sound to launchagain from offthe screen once.Then it does not sound until you tapthe top left.※AndroidOS2.1 or more [How to set up]Tap the homescreen icon andchoose Set as Wallpaper.Choose the 1st fireworksfrom the list thatappears.or Wallpaper> Live Wallpaper(Menu)>1st JapaneseFireworks※ may be in error by the balancebetween the app memory. Inthat case, restart your terminal, thankyou to reconfigure. ※ If bythe update, not working properly, willbe improved by after theuninstall is recommended to re-install. ※If there is a case ofOS2.1, in the state have set the wallpaper,when the update, thescreen becomes black. After setting thewallpaper other live, canget re-set, will be improved. Here is thespecification of the OS,has been improved in OS2.2
FireWorks JPN LiveWallpaper 1.0.7
Rooty Pict of Japan go uptobacking in Fuji. There is a firefly, too. It is a felt airlivewallpaper of Japan. [Setting]Home > Menu > Wallpaper>LiveWallpaper > Fire Works JPN--Setting and Update--Pleasetryagain when becoming an error. (After setting other wallpapers. )
Color Fireworks Launcher
GO T-Me Launchers
NEW 2018 version! Try Color Fireworks Launcher FREE!✱What do yougetwhen you download Color Fireworks Launcher ✱If you want todownloadthis Launcher for Android, you can:• Change the phonetheme thisthis amazing design and fantastic colors as you can seein the HDscreenshots; • Customize app icons and change them all onyour phoneto match you preferred style;• Have great visual effectsthat youcan choose from and apply to this HD Launcher;• Change thefont andcolor to match the look of this free theme launcher.★Howto installthis amazing Launcher theme free★• Download ColorFireworksLauncher;• Open the Launcher theme app and swipe to begintheactivation;• You will get a notification if you do not haveacompatible Launcher app.• After you install the compatible app,youcan set up the amazing Launcher theme!◆ Notice ◆SinceColorFireworks Launcher is an amazing Launcher for Android, wehaveworked on creating compatibility apps for them to workperfectly.This is a great theme for Launcher that it works with thebestcompatible Launcher apps. If you do not have a compatibleappinstalled on your device, don't worry! You will get instructionsonhow to download it! Now you can set up one of the newLaunchertheme!★ More awesome Launchers for Android! ★✱ If you wanttoinstall other amazing Launchers, you can visit our developerpage!We have hundreds of amazing Launcher themes for Android! ✱Don’tforget, if you like this app Launcher for Android, please rateandreview us!✱ We've created Color Fireworks Launcher to give youaunique personalization option for your phone! Withnewcustomization features, Color Fireworks Launcher will becomeyourfavorite Android phone or tablet new amazing Launcher.EndUserLicence AgreementRead to find out the conditions fordownloading,installing, using and accessing features of this app- PolicyWe do not storepersonalinformation. See what data we analyze and how it is used-
Toddler Fireworks Pro 2.2
A simple and fun fireworks game for your baby, toddler orchild.Amazing vividly colored fireworks! Your child will love this!Verycaptivating, and helps with hand/eye coordination. Touch thescreento start off the fireworks, then touch again to change thecolorand location of the fireworks.This version allows fivefireworks onthe screen at the same time. Note: this game has beenprimarilydesigned for toddlers, but it's equally great for yourbaby orinfant and even for older kids.
Simple fireworks 1.6
A screen, Tap, when, fireworks strike it and are here. Offireworks,automatic, there is a mode. It'll be the cure when beingtired.
Toddlers Funny Fireworks Elite 1.0.0
You will love this fireworks game. When first played, yourtoddlersand babies may not be able to correctly touch the movingfireworkswith his/her little sweet hands. Play the this game withyour babycontinuously for a few minutes or hours, and you will besurprisedat the mobile development of your hands.This game may betooadvanced for infants under 6 months old.CautionPlayingtheapplication too much or leaving the children alone with themobilephone or tablet pc is not encouraged.
Fireworks Live Wallpaper PRO 1.1.8
live wallpaper HongKong
New Year Fireworks Live Wallpaper FREE (PRO): In this app, youcanfind the beautiful fireworks display in the beautifulromanticnight sky. Fireworks Live Wallpaper is the new shiny livewallpaperwaiting just for you! And if you touch the phone screen,you wouldfeel amazing. Because the phone screen would be displaythebeautiful fireworks which follow your touch. All these are goingtocelebrate the arrival of the NEw Year 2018. At last, Happy Newyear2018. Thank you. Fireworks Live Wallpaper is here and it'sfree,come and get it! - Amazing live wallpaper for your phone, andyoucan choose 8 HD pictures which all about the beautiful citywithFireworks! - Interactive feature: Tap on the screen andfireworkswill appear immediately! - Live Wallpaper: You will findthebeautiful fireworks display in the night sky! - There isfullsupport for landscape mode and home-screen switching! -Thisbeautiful, free and enjoyable background is waiting for you!All myLive Wallpaper are Free for you This free app is adsupported:Admob. In order to keep this app free and allow me tokeep workingon improvements you will periodically receive asponsored ad. Iappreciate your understanding and support. I hopeyou enjoy it.Thanks. Rate and comment, we appreciate your opinion.Installationinstructions: • Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers ->LiveWallpapers • Scroll down the list, find out the wallpaper andsetupit.
Simulator Of Pyrotechnics 1.2.1
RedBor Games
With this application you can enjoy fireworks is absolutelysecure.Activate your friends! Use this app for the holidays! Theapp iscompletely safe and will not harm you in any way!
Fireworks Tap 1.3
Jesse S Potter
This app was created for my infant son. Tap the screen and watchthefireworks explode!NO ADS! This app is TOTALLY FREE!To make thisappbaby proof all menus and options have been removed. No extrabuttonsand no ads to tap on makes this perfect for toddlers!Tapand drag toset off a string of fireworks! Handles multi-touch soyou can setoff fireworks by tapping all your fingers at once!Thesefireworksare easy enough for babies to use and fun for adults too.Enjoythese amazing and totally free fireworks!If you like thisfireworksapp (and are feeling generous) please rate the app.