Top 49 Games Similar to Kids Learning Maths – Preschool Math Learning Game

Math Games 2.3
Godline Studios
Improve your math skills with this application. Fun games thatwillbe a challenge and at the same time you will see how yourresultsimprove, you can also compare your scores with the rest oftheworld. You can also configure a game as you want to practicewhatyou like or have more difficulties (addition,subtraction,multiplication, division, exponents, square root ...)Practice fora few minutes a day to get better results. Play withanother friendin 2 player mode or compete online against peoplefrom all over theworld! Languages available: - Spanish - English -French - Italian- Portuguese - Chinese - Japanese - Korean
Cool math games: arithmetic & multiplication table
Standy Software
Math has never been so easy. More than 1 000 0000 of our usershavemastered quick mental math and multiplication table using ourcoolmath games. Now is your turn to be a math master!Uniquefunctionality: listen 🔈 🎧 math problems and solve mathexercises byvoice 🎙️in hands-free mode! Our math trainer app hascollected themost effective mental math tricks. It’s designed as aninteractivetutorial with cool math games for your brain, where yougetacquainted with each math method, and then practice ithavingdifferent types of brain math workouts and math test. Studyofmental arithmetic tricks will be an exciting brain trainingmathgames for you: solve tasks, get degrees, win stars andtrophies.The application "Cool math games: arithmetic &multiplicationtable" will be useful for all: ✓ kids - master thebasics ofarithmetic, learn multiplication table ✓ students - doeverydaymath practice, prepare for math test or examine ✓ adults -keeptheir mind and brain in good shape, improve results in iqtest,quickly solve logic games 🎓 Learning: More than 30 math tricksforall grades: ☆ 1st grade math: addition and subtraction ofsingledigits ☆ 2nd grade math: addition and subtraction of doubledigits,multiplication of single digits (multiplication table) ☆ 3rdgrademath: addition and subtraction of triple digits,multiplication anddivision of double digits ☆ 4th grade math:multiplication anddivision of triple digits, percentages, squareroot ☆ 5th, 6th,etc. we have cool math games for all grades andages! Math practiceis a key for success. 🏁 Training: ☆ trainquality by passing a mathtest to get bachelor's, master's orprofessor’s degree ☆ trainspeed by solving 10 math problems as fastas you can to get copper,silver or gold cup ☆ train complexity bysolving as much math tasksas you want with configurable complexity☆ train result by solvingas much math problems as you can in 60seconds (brainstorm) ☆ trainendurance by solving as much arithmetictasks as you want withouttime limits ☆ work on mistakes ❌Multiplication table: ☆ basicmultiplication games 2..9 x 2..9 ☆advanced multiplication games2..19 x 2..19 ☆ fully configurablemath test complexity 1..999 x1...999 🎮 Online multiplayer: ☆invite friends to play ☆ playcool math games with your friends andrandom players all over theworld Math can be cool and fun. What areyou waiting for? Downloadour free game "Cool math games: arithmetic& multiplicationtable" and discover math world today!
Best Math Games 5.1.1
Orkun2u Studios
Welcome to Best Math Games is the best math for students! This isagood brain test and you can improve your math calculationsspeedand It is a new educational app that focuses on numbers andmathlearning. This colorful game presents a collection ofmathexercises for kids from 6 to 16 years, divided intoseveralcategories based on difficulty. The app includes thefollowingtopics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division,numbersorting, counting and comparison. This way, children canexercisevarious areas and not get bored of doing the same tasksover andover again. ♥ Learn how to calculate number with: ★Solvingexponential equations ★ Solving square root equations ★Additiongame ★ Subtraction game ★ Multiplication game ★ Divisiongame ♥Learn how to sort number: ★ Sort number ascending ★ Sortnumberdescending Learning how to count the number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5tohundred and learn how to comparison largest and smallestnumber!All in all, Best Math Games stands out for its variety ofmathexercises that will help children practice their skillswhilehaving some fun. Best of all for your child - they are free!
Math Games - Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication 10.2
Orkun2u Studios
Free math games for everyone. Best math practice game to trainyourbrain & is designed for all ages including kids, girlsandboys, teenagers and especially for teachers who areteachingmathematics. Easiest multiplication and division gameswithAddition and Subtraction games all in one app. Features :-Addition games: Adding numbers with Quiz and Practice games-Subtraction games: Subtracting numbers to solve the equations-Multiplication games: Multiplication tables learning and duelplaymode - Division games: Practice and learn Division tables-Exponential games: To solve an exponential equation, take thelogof both sides, and solve for the variable. - Square Rootgames:Play this exciting square roots game to sharpen your skillsaboutadding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, simplifyingandestimating. Also included features for kids who like to playmathgames: ♥ Learn how to calculate number with: ★ Solvingmathexponential equation ★ Solving square root equation ★Additiongames ★ Subtraction games ★ Multiplication games ★ Divisiongames ♥Learn how to sort number: ★ Sort number ascending ★ Sortnumberdescending Download our math games now from Google Play andsharethis amazing game your friends.
Math Games 1.3.1
Knock Down Games
Do you think you are good in Math ? Test your Math Skills with'Kingof Math' . It has so many variety games which will test yourmathskills. Categories : ✔️Addition ✔️Subtraction✔️Multiplication✔️Division ✔️Exponentiation ✔️Square Root ✔️FREE toplay Have Fun!!!
First Grade Math Learning Game 6.1
Play to learn math in the most entertaining way,combiningoperations and activities with our funny pictures. Mathgames for1st graders free. Math challenge for kids. Math practicefor kids.Suitable for children from USA , Canada , UK , Australia ,NewZealand , India, Singapore , Hong Kong, ... It has 40differentgames to learn math in first grade, divided into : ★ Add.★Subtract. ★ Fractions (with building blocks and pizzas). ★Count(ordinals & cardinals). ★ Coin Math ( EUR / USD / GBP /JPY /KRW / MXN). ★ Geometry (polygons and polyhedra ). ★ Time (analogclock, days of week ). Learn math with BORIOL! Aligned toCommonCore math State Standards. Math brain for kids. Kids willlove thisgame because it shows numbers, operations , polygons ,watches, ...with a nice interface . You'll like it too because thisapp it isbased on the curriculum of first grade. Recommended forchildrenfrom kindergarten to advanced level. Kindergarten math.Easy toplay . You have the option of unlimited play . You can seeyourprogress step by step . Suitable for children 5, 6, 7, 8 years.Youcan play without internet connection. Users: ✔ Firstgraders(preschool kids, kindergarten or 2nd graders, too) ✔ Parentsfordaily homework ✔ Teachers in the classroom ✔ HomeschoolersGamesadapted for tablets of 10", 8" and 7 ". Also forsmartphones.Follow us on facebook: Followus on twitter : Available inEnglish, Spanish,Catalan, German, Japanese, Italian, French ,Portuguese, Korean
TiViTz – Math Game 4.4.2
SAS Games
Grades K-8. TiViTz combines board game strategywiththe math you’re learning in school. Have fun in single-playermodeor compete online against friends around the world! Unlocknewthemes and avatars as you play.    With immersivethemes,sounds, and 3-D graphics, use your avatar to jump, block,andoutsmart your opponent while moving game pieces toward goalstoachieve the highest score. Complete the math problems youcreatedand WIN!     Choose from 9 skilllevels tochallenge yourself and improve your mathabilities.    *Premium Version*  -Upgradeto TiViTz Premium to access new worldsandavatars, including Pirate Hideout, Medieval Castle, AtlantidaLostand Soccer Field!   - Challenge yourself withexpandedgame sheets featuring new equations to create andsolve.  -Use the 7-TiViT board, available only in Premium, toreally testyour strategy smarts. - Be the first to receive allunlockableworlds and avatars as they become available!   *ForParents & Teachers*  TiViTz isafun, interactive math and strategy game thatimprovescritical thinking and computational skills byincentivizinggameplay through equationsolving. Studiesshow TiViTz-playing students improve mathscores by two lettergrades. TiViTz combines the fun ofcheckers and thechallenge of chess with the need to correctlystrategize your movesand solve math problems to ensurevictory.Through TiViTz play, math concepts learned intheclassroom are positively reinforced and improved bytakingadvantage of leading-edge gaming technology.  *Awards*  - Microsoft Education Mobility Partner oftheYear  - National Parenting Center Seal of Approval  -Dr.Toy’s Best Products  - Creative Child Seal ofExcellence   *What’s Covered*  Basic addition andsubtraction topre-algebra    Addition, Subtraction,Multiplication,Division, Remainders, Decimals, Fractions, DivisionandMultiplication by Fractions, Percentages, NegativeNumbers,Exponents, Negative Exponents, Square Roots, DivisionandMultiplication by Square Root   *Curriculum* Common Core State Standards    **Friend&Follow TiViTz** Facebook: YouTube:  Instagram: Twitter: 
Math Master Educational Game and Brain Workout 1.0.21
Welcome to the official Math Mentoring app from Paridae fortheAndroid!Gone are the days when most people complainedaboutlearning mathematics. We have solved that problem!App combinesthepleasant with the useful – because we believe that playing,fun,and competition are additional motivators in learning. It isachallenging mathematical game that has been developed tohelpchildren learn math and help adults train their brain.Our appcanhelp you cultivate mastery in Math through FUN Learning -usingmath tricks, calculation, activities and brain teasers thatwillhelp you make the most of your mentoring hour.It coversprimary(all grades) and high school maths in a simple way. Italsocategorizes different aspects of math in such way that youcanchoose what you want to learn and start learning.Baby StepstoLearn MathYou take on the role of Baby at the beginning of thegameand start solving math problems. From simple basicaddition,subtraction, multiplication, etc. ... to more difficult:fractions,square roots, exponentiation ... and more difficult:solvingequations, logarithms, etc. Single game lasts until you givetwowrong answers in a row or if the time is up. After eachcorrectanswer you score points and get additional rewards likecoins andrandomly diamonds or powerups.Using collected coins anddiamondsyou can develop your character from baby to kid, pupil,student, upto professor.You can also develop special abilities ofthecharacter so that during the following game you can have moretimeto answer, give one wrong answer (shield powerup), collectmorecoins or points, etc.Your score can be submitted intoonlineleaderboards, so that you can compete with your friends.Thewholemath theory is divided into topics and each topic is describedindetails.There are exactly 97 topics, for example:1. AdditionI(Adding natural numbers to 5).9. Multiplication II(Multiplyingnatural numbers from 2 to 10).26. Division III(Dividing naturalnumbers up to 200 by numbers from 2 to 9).33.Subtraction IV(Subtracting integer numbers from -10 to 10).40.Adding FractionsIII (Adding two fractions with differentdenominators).56.Exponentiation III (Exponentiation offractions).59. Roots I(Calculating square root of numbers up to400).62. Operations VIII(Operations with parentheses and 3operators in correct order).67.Percents III (Converting fractionsto percents).70. Linearequations II (Solving two-step linearequations with oneunknown).94. Logarithms I (Calculating logarithmswith naturalnumbers as their base).96. Combinatorics I (Calculatingfactorialof numbers from 0 to 6).We plan to constantly update theapp andadd topics covering trigonometry, geometry andquadraticfunction.Math Master is designed for everyone, butespecially forkids and students. What are you waiting for? Try itout now, becomea superstar math solver and let others know yourskills!DownloadMath Master Now!
Prodigy Math Game 1.2.0
SMARTeacher Inc.
With over 900 crucial math skills for Grades 1 - 8, Prodigy istheperfect game for mastering mathematics both at home and atschool.All educational content in Prodigy is free, and will stayfreeforever! We only make money through a completely optionalgameupgrade, which only unlocks some extra content. Aside frombeingthe world's most engaging math game, Prodigy also has thesegreatfeatures, all of which are available for free: 1. Fullalignmentwith key curricula (e.g., Common Core, Ontario, TEKS,MAFS) 2.Automatic assessment in-game for all students to place themin thecorrect grade 3. 24/7 Real-time reporting 4. Embeddedin-gameformative, diagnostic, and summative assessments. Each gradecoverskey mathematics topics that all students must master. Foracomplete breakdown of all 900+ skills, pleasevisit:
123 Draw🎨 Toddler counting for kids Drawing games
Bini Bambini
Need counting games for kids & drawing for toddlers? Uniquemixof counting numbers for toddlers with writing numbers here!Toddlerdrawing apps free will become a great helper for parents whowantto revitalise child's natural curiosity! 🎨🤓 🎓 Your childrenwill beintroduced to the big world of different concepts such aslearningnumbers, draw animals for toddlers and kids etc.Unbelievableadventures and exciting kids number games for toddlersare waitingfor you! 👶 Your Child accompanied by the Little child'svoice,which will take their first steps in math. This kids drawingandcolouring app addresses various topics such as: counting numbers1to 10, writing numbers for kids. While playing these learninggamesfor kindergarten free your child will get acquainted withnumbersfor toddlers and early math for kindergarten. “123 Draw🎨Toddlercounting for kids Drawing games” includes: 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣COUNTINGNUMBERS 1 TO 10 Number games for kids which give littlechildren awonderful opportunity to create and explore the creativeprocess ofvisual art. Draw for toddlers and kids and learnmathematicalcounting for kids with cute characters in a fun andplayful mannerwith number learning for kids. 🎓👶 LEARN TO COUNT ANDWRITE NUMBERSFOR KIDS Kids number games for toddlers, which improvekids numberwriting practice. The unusual combination of fun drawingapps withFree kindergarten games makes this counting numbersenglish kidssimply unique. 🐸🐱 DRAWING FOR KIDS & OBJECTSCOUNTING FORTODDLERS In these games paint charming characters sucha butterflyand many other objects. In toddler coloring apps everycharactercomes to life after you finish drawing for children! Learnto writenumbers “123 Draw🎨 Toddler counting for kids Drawinggames”: 🎨Toddler drawing games for kids 🎨 Free kindergarten gameswithdrawing for toddlers 🎨 Learn to draw kids with numbers fortoddlers🎨 Learn to count in learning games for kindergarten 🎨Countinggames for kids with drawing for children. These toddlercoloringapps have been created by Bini Bambini, a software companywhichdevelops preschool games for kids and educational kids games.Oureducational games for kids kindergarten are distinguished byhighquality content with particular attention to design. Thepurpose ofall our free kindergarten games are aimed forall-rounddevelopment. Our kindergarten learning games free willhelp learnto draw kids, get to know counting for toddlers. Kidsdrawing gamesfor free help preschoolers to develop memory,attention span,vocabulary and speech, as well as logic and finemotor skills.Drawing for kids, writing and counting for childrenthrough playingour educational games for kids kindergarten. As acompany we striveto make our kindergarten learning games freepractical. Our toddlerdrawing games for kids are oriented onall-round development.
Math Games, Learn Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide 4.8
GunjanApps Studios
★★★ #1 Math App on Google Play ★★★ ★★★ More than 5 Milliondownloads★★★ Free Math Games for everyone from kids to adults.Best mathspractice game to train your brain & is designed forall agesincluding kids, girls and boys, adults including parentsandgrandparents. Smallest in size Maths App on Google Play !Easiestmultiplication and division games with Addition andSubtractiongames all in one app. Increase your brain power with anexcellenteducational game for learning mathematics for kids andadults of allages. An xtra math. Languages: English, Spanish,German, Italian,Portuguese, French, Russian Features : - Additiongames: Addingnumbers with Quiz and Practice games - Subtractiongames:Subtracting numbers to solve the equations - Multiplicationgames:Multiplication tables learning and duel play mode - Divisiongames:Practice and learn Division tables - Exponential and squareroot:counting math puzzles for kids and adults - Multiply numbergame -Math puzzle games - Maths Times Tables Each category hasdifferentplay modes to improve math skills - Play, Learn, Quiz,Practice,Duel and Test. Math games can be Educational Learning forkids orbrain training app for Adults. Basic and simple Math Gameofaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division withcolorfulworksheets. Each set of worksheet shows a score aftercompletion.Mathematical calculations to play and practice withsimpleaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Nowdownloadand play for free on android ! Improve your mathematicsskills orlearn counting numbers. The games are so simple and easyeven theyoungest kids can play it. You can name it xtra math aswell. Funaddition and subtraction games with multiplication tables,designedfor all smartphones and tablets, no internet connectionneeded.Including Times Tables Multiplications and Division. Withthiseducational app, parents, teachers and educators can helpchildrento learn faster. This Math Genius game is a fun gamedesignedmainly around the topics of addition, subtraction,multiplicationand division. xtra math Download our Quick BrainMathematics gamenow from Google Play and share this amazing game topractice maths& Exercises for the brain
Kids Math - Math Game for Kids 1.8
KIDS MATH - MATH GAME FOR KIDS – It is not only the unique,excitinggame for kids but also very educational, funny andchallenging.Children can easily learn the math addition andsubtraction so muchfun! Works perfectly for kids of 4 and up.After playing this freemath game, your children definitely willcalculate faster. Kids Mathprovides a first introduction to simpleaddition and subtractionequations! Your child will be rewardedwith cute and lovableballoons, sweet lollipops and gifts that willshow out and keep theminterested if they get the answers right!Simply drag the correctanswer to each equation and solve thepuzzle! This is a speciallybuilt educational game for toddlersthat will hold their attentionto learning math. Kids Math has 3modes: Addition Game, SubtractionGame and mixed Addition &Subtraction game. You will find thedifferent levels with # ofrange: 0 to 10; 0 to 20; 0 to 50; 0 to100. It easier to learn. Funeducational math game for trainingmental addition and subtractionskills. With KIDS MATH you and yourchild will learn to count fastand error free. You will certainlyfall in love withmath!-------------------------------------------------- ★★★ HOW TOPLAY- KIDS MATH GAME ★★★ ● Choose the cloud that has the rightanswernumber ● Drag-and-drop this cloud to the atop one of thequestioncloud. ● If you choose the right answer, press the Nextarrow keyon board to nextquestion.-------------------------------------------------- ★★★KIDS MATH -MATH GAME FOR KIDS FEATURES ★★★ ✔ Free educational gamefor kids ✔Designed as an educational games tool to practice andlearnaddition concept for kids of Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. ✔3games modes: Addition Game, Subtraction Game and mixedAddition& Subtraction game ✔ 4 different levels with # ofrange: 0 to10; 0 to 20; 0 to 50; 0 to 100. ✔ Nice attractive musicand soundeffects. ✔ Colorful graphics having clearly drawn imagesandpictures ✔ This educational games has creative graphics improvethebrain's observation skills, cognitive ability,concentration,memory, creativity and imagination for kids. ✔ Soundsand specialeffects to keep your kids engaged ✔ Drag-and-dropgameplay: Simplegameplay in this game forkids.-------------------------------------------------- A childlovesmathematics when it is taught to him in an engaging manner.Addingnumbers can be fun for preschoolers when math games followthisapproach. Your child will love playing Kids Math, and you'llbeable to relax, knowing your child is learning while havinggreatfun. Downloading KIDS MATH will certainly be a correct choiceforparents who are in search for fantastic kid's educational gamesforkindergarten. Learning is fun with this particular member offreeapps that aim for kid's learning right from a young age.Let'senjoy this simple and addictive math educational game! Try outthisfun educational games with your kids. If you like KIDS MATH -MATHGAME FOR KIDS, please review it. Your feedback will be useinfuture updates.
Math Games for Adults 1.0.30
Math Workout Games - improves your mental math capabilities with6in 1 unique and interesting mathematical games. Math WorkoutGameworks with various levels to enhance the player's skillsinaddition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers. 6in1 Math Workout Games ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1. Workout is the 1stinMath Games which helps to increase the mathematicalcalculationspeed, here the player can test how fast you can doaddition,subtraction, multiplication and division. The game startswith easylevels and gets challenging in higher levels. Unlock eachlevel byyour speedy calculations. 2. Mind Math stimulates there-accessingcapabilities of your brain. Do calculations of thegiven set ofoperations in your mind and answer at the end of thelast question.This method helps the player to develop his memoryretention skillsapart from learning the art of performing mathcalculations inmind. 3. Memory is one of the interesting mathgames. Thetraditional memory game is redesigned into a memory mathgame. Forn x m matrix, match n questions with its respective manswers.Train your brain by doing math calculation and finding itsanswer4. Equation - Enhance your problem solving skills byplayingequation game. Identify question to the given answer. Thefasteryou solve the problem the more is your score. 5. Pop Quest –It isa mathematical brain workout with more questions pops up atequalintervals. Answer more questions within the time and becomethefastest mathematician. This game requires attention,speed,accuracy with fine-tuned math calculations skills. 6. Fun andPlay– Train math skills in a fun way, showers of questions toanswer,save life by not dropping off any question or giving outwronganswers. Player can survive for 3 lives. This game helps toenhanceconcentration. Features in Math WorkoutGames~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + Improve your math skills forvariousmathematical operations like addition, subtraction,multiplicationand division. + Collection of math exercises forplayers of allages + Tests your mental math and keeps your mindhealthy with lotof brain exercise + Enjoy the brain training. +Helps you to keepyou sharp and attentive. + Improve IQ, memory andability toanalyse + Friendly Interface. Plain and simple design +Leaderboards to check your global ranking in all games + Freeapplicationwith some IAP for pro levels. Get Started.. Install now!!! SupportWe are happy to hear you valuable feedback and [email protected]
Toon Math: Endless Run and Math Games 1.7.0
Toon Math Endless Run is a monster math game and an endlessrunadventure where you practice math while playing! Prove that youarea math ninja and score higher than you friends! Do you want toplaya fun game full of unique mechanics and which will help yourchildboost his math learning fast and easy? Toon Math Endless Runishere to help your child enjoy a cool math experience thatwillcomplement the lessons he learns at school. In this monstermathgame, all your friends are kidnapped and they are taken totheHalloween Town. What you have to do now is to make sure thatyousave them before midnight. Otherwise, they will turn toscarecrows!Become the ultimate math ninja, try to eliminate all theenemies infront of you and take your gameplay experience to thenext level,only with Toon Math Endless Run! This cool math game isabouttesting your child’s skills and improving them. The playergets tobecome the ultimate math ninja and he will continually runandsolve various math challenges. This monster math game issuitablefor any grade, and it’s a wonderful educational game thatyou donot want to miss. The gameplay of this cool math game isveryimmersive and it provides you with an extraordinary setofchallenges. Moreover, the game tests you how fast you are,sinceeverything will end up before midnight and you have to avoidall ofthat. Thankfully, since this is a game for almost each grade,eachplayer can play at his own pace. As you play this monstermathgame, you will be able to unlock new characters and each one ofthecharacters and enemies are very cute. This is an educational,kidsfriendly experience and one that’s very enjoyable all thetime.Your team can level up its spells and take things to the nextlevelin no time. This makes the gameplay a lot more impressiveandeveryone can feel like a math ninja as he/she kills the monsterinfront of them. Since you have to run all the time, the gameplayisvery easy to get into and it’s just a whole lot of fun toexploreeverything in here. It’s just an incredible opportunity anda veryenticing experience that becomes better and more educationalas youplay to become a math ninja. This is a monster math gamethat’sgreat for parents and teachers which want to teach childrenhow tocount, divide, subtract or add numbers. The entire game isveryeducational and you will be very impressed with the qualityandvalue delivered here. Just give this cool math app a shotrightnow, download Toon Math Endless Run and help your child learntheright way! FEATURES • Endless run game with aneducationalcomponent • Compare scores on Google Play and Facebook •Suitablefor all ages • Unlock new characters • Outstanding graphics
Educational Games. Math 1.7
Kids Math Games is an educational and free app for children, with20different games that help children learn adding, subtracting,andmultiplication in a fun way. This math app is aimed at childrenupto 7 years old that have just started learning addition,subtractionand multiplication at school. The best way to learnnumbers whilethey play. Get rid of calculators! Each game isaccompanied byattractive designs and our friends, the animals,with which the kidswill have to interact to perform themathematical operations. It´s asimple way of developingmathematical skills and learning to countthe numbers from 1 to 10.MATH EXERCISES FOR KIDS This app willteach children to: - Writeand identify numbers - Count from 1 to 10- Complete series ofnumbers - Solve simple equations - Add,subtract, multiply -Introduce to mathematical calculationsINTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT ANDMOTOR SKILLS In addition, each game isdesigned to assist in thedevelopment of children. Thanks to KidsMath Games, kids will beable to: - Exercise logical mathematical,and numerical thought -Help solve problems - Strengthen reasondevelopment - Developmental agility EDUJOY EDUCATIONAL GAMES Thisapp is part of thecollection of educational games created by Edujoyfor children withthe aim to help develop new intellectualcapacities and motorskills. All our games are created by educatorsand psychologists,in order to offer pedagogic content that isnecessary for theintellectual development of babies and children.We love creatingeducational and entertaining games for kids. If youhave anysuggestion or question, do not hesitate to send feedback ortoleave a comment.
Animal Math Preschool Math Games for Kids Free App 1.11.0
Eggroll Games
Explore the farm with a counting sheep named Sherman, Petethemischievous matching frog and all the barn animals you love asyoujoin Lily the farmer through 100 fun learning games on a questtohelp her barnyard buddies find a way home! Playable by kids ofallages with lots of positive encouragement, professionalnarrationand catchy music. Cute farm animals include cow, chicken,goat,pig, sheep, duck and frog! Designed by parents and teachersforpre-k kindergarten preparation, this app adheres to CommonCoreStandards for kindergarten math. COUNTING & NUMBERRECOGNITION• Count forward from 1 to 10 • Connect counting tonumbers • Answer“How many?” questions • Compare numbers to groupsof items ADDITION& SUBTRACTION • Addition with objects •Subtraction withobjects • Add and subtract within 5 CATEGORIES,COLORS AND GEOMETRY• Classify objects into given categories •Correctly name shapesand colors • Analyze and compare shapes andcolors ADDITIONALFEATURES: • Items, numbers and instructions areprofessionallynarrated • Players are rewarded with positiveencouragement •Parental controls: Turn off sounds, music, purchasesand links toour other apps • We do not collect personal informationfrom ourusers. COMMON CORE STANDARDS • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.A.1 -Countto 100 by ones and by tens• CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.A.2 -Countforward beginning from a given number•CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4 -Understand the relationship betweennumbers and quantities•CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.5 - Count to answer"how many?" questionsabout as many as 20 things•CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.C.7 - Comparetwo numbers between 1 and 10 •CCSS.Math.Content.K.OA.A.1 -Represent addition and subtraction withobjects•CCSS.Math.Content.K.MD.B.3 - Classify objects intogivencategories• CCSS.Math.Content.K.G.A.2 - Correctly nameshapesregardless of their orientations or overall size
Math games 1.20-free
Pavel Olegovich
An efficient educational game for kids. It allows to improvementalcalculation skills easily and quickly. Learn and train: -addition- subtraction - multiplication - division The app comprisesof 10+exciting games. Everyone will find interesting and funnythings todo here. Math games help to develop mental skills, improvememory,focus, and mental speed. Keep your brain fit through regularmathexcercises. Our games are ideal for kids making their firststepsin learning math, as well as for adults who like tosolveinteresting puzzles and problems. Daily exercises are greatfor indeveloping math skills. Your brain will work faster andmoreefficient!
Math Games for Kids – Count Numbers, Add, Subtract 1.7
"Math Game for Kids – Count Numbers, Add, Subtract" isfunandexciting way to start your kids journey in the worldofmath.Kindergartners, Preschoolers and toddlers are always eagertolearnnumbers, counting & more. The app is a completemathlearningprogram with fun math games where kids can learnnumbers,counting,addition, subtraction and more!It featuresmini-games withcuteanimated cartoons like dinos & monsters thattoddlers andkidswill love to play. It will develop and improvetheir mathskills!It will help the preschoolers and toddlers toidentifynumbers andsolve puzzles with addition & subtractiongames. Inaddition tothis, they will learn shapes such as square,circle,triangle withpopping, tracing and matching games. Kids willhave agreat timelearning numbers from 1-100 with a variety ofmathgames.Basic MathConcepts for Pre K & Kindergarten Kids:👉NumberSense: Learnnumbers by playing fun games such as shooting,popping,join thedots, coloring and more.👉 Geometry: Learn aboutbasicshapes withpuzzle games, matching games, and otheractivities.👉Sorting &Categorizing: Learn to sort and categorizeby colors,shapes,animals, birds, vehicles, fruits.👉 Counting:Countcandies,balloons, eggs, fruits! Includes a fun Santa gametoo.👉Comparison:Compare objects based on their properties such aslong,short, big,small, heavy, light.👉 Patterns: Learn toidentifydifferentpatterns with fun games and activities.👉Addition&Subtraction: Learn to add & subtract with fungames &cutecartoons. Subscription Details:- Subscribe to getaccess tofullcontent. - Cancel subscription renewal anytime viaGooglePlay.-The account will be charged for renewal within 24-hourspriortothe end of the current period.- Use the subscription onanyAndroidPhone/Tablet registered with your Google account.If youneedhelpor have any feedback, email us at [email protected]ctway tolearn math and develop your kid's skills throughmathgames!Download the app now!
Kids Preschool Learning Numbers & Maths Games
Learning Numbers games for kids in Nursery and Montessori.Teachyour kids about Numbers, Number Line, Counting,Addition,Subtraction, Sorting and Matching using preschoolactivities.Learning numbers for preschool can be fun and easy forkids.Features of Preschool math games for kids: • Twenty colorful&engaging fun math activities games designed to provide basicnumberconcepts. • Core activities for foundation stage of primaryschoolkids. • Also covers maths games topics in categories suchassorting, addition and subtraction. • A common playgroundforrandomly playing all the games. • Easy and intuitiveinstructionsfor the kids. • Reward at the end of each game.Description: Kidspreschool app designed especially for kids (2-5age group) to laythe groundwork for learning preschool numbers andbasic mathlearning for kids without losing interest. 20 highqualityactivities at a single place, with enticing rewards, keepsyour kidamused for hours. Educational games are perfect for kidstoinculcate inquisitiveness for in their early childhood.Differentsections such of preschoolers app as counting,before/after,ascending /descending, addition and subtraction etc.touch on theelementary arithmetic skills. The activities encouragekids tolearn at their own pace. No winning and no losing keep thekidenchanted with the experience of the game. Rewards andappreciationearned at the end of each activity boost the kid’smorale and makeit really cool math. Adorable stickers can becollected in a boxafter scoring enough points. ** List of somegames in the KidsLearning Maths app: 1. Hanging Fruits 2. NumberFun 3. Shoot theBall 4. Scratching Fun 5. Bubbly Numbers 6. HoppingFrog 7. PuzzleMania 8. Dots to Dots 9. Same to Same 10. Fish Crunch11. Beforeand After 12. Sort it out So, if you are looking formathhomeschooling or preschool math lessons for yourkindergartener,download this kindergarten kids app for FREE now.Discover allother educational apps from Greysprings "Play andLearn" series,that will keep your child happy and
Math Games - Maths Tricks 1.10
Vasundhara Game Studios
Math Games - Maths Tricks for everyone from kids toadults.Mathematical calculations to play and practice with simpleadditionsubtraction multiplication and division. The mathe gamedivisioncalculator is division app for kids as the maths divisionapp asthe math division game also call math divide app as mathdividegame math division app as math divition at the matematica.This isbest math game brain maths as excercise math free mathsgames veryhard math games for kids math brain math game apps. Themath gamefor adults as the addition games as the math testplusminus assimple mathematics apps. Features of Math Games - MathsTricks. #Addition game adding numbers with quiz and practice games.#Subtraction games subtracting numbers to solve the equations.#Multiplication games multiplication tables learning and duelplaymode. # Division games practice and learn division tables. #Mathstimes tables and hard games on maths. Math Games - MathsTricks incategory has different play modes to improve math skillsplay learnquiz practice duel. Free math games can be educationallearning forkids or brain training app for adults. This is mathssolutions forany question and maths tricks is maths questionssolving app aswell as maths app as maths quiz. The maths games atthe maths quizgames as the maths question solver app. The mathsquestions withanswers as mathematics apps as mathematics books freeatmathematics formula as well mathematics games mathematics gamesatthe maths tables book free as the maths tables learn easy 1 to30as the maths tables games. The math games for adults offlineasmath master exercises. The mathematics addition math game asthemultiplication and division games for 4th graders as themathpractice set in hindi as the math practice set in hindioffline. Inthis app simple maths tricks in the simple maths forkids as thesimple maths arithmetic tricks as the simple maths gamearithmaticapp or math apps math for kids. The simple addition forkids as thesimple addition subtraction or simple multiplication organitsikhne ka tarika also ganit sikhne wala app at the ganitsikhne keliye as math games for free subracting apps as simplemathematicsgames for kids all maths formula app as how to learntables easilymathematics. Math Games - Maths Tricks is mathspractice game totrain your brain & is designed for all agesincluding kidsgirls and boys adults including parents andgrandparents. Smallestin size maths apps on google play easiestmultiplication anddivision games with addition and subtractiongames all in one appand maths tricks books free. The mathematicsapps learn mathematicsadd subtract multiply & divide this iskides game and kidesmath as the math table math year 1. This ismath year 1 as the mathin hindi with solution at the brain gamesalso mathmatics app inhindi at the mathmatics solution app forbrain puzzle games forchildren as subtraction games for kids inthis subtraction games1st grade as the subtracting and adding ataddition and subtractiongames for kids as the hard math games foradults as hardmathematics game and mathematics hard games and mathpuzzle gamesas math practice app. This addition subtractionmultiplication anddivision games as addition subtraction andmultiplication additionsubtraction multiplication division. In thisapp additionsubtraction app as the two digit addition andsubtraction. This iseasy math games for kids free easy mathslearning app at the easymaths games easy maths quiz at the easymaths tricks. This is mathanswer app with solution multiplicationtable learning for kids atthe multiplication table kids math asdivides game. Download andgive us a review of Math Games - MathsTricks.
Learning Math :Add , Subtract , Multiply & Divide 2.9
boukapps pro
Free Math learn Games for everyone Best maths practice game in2018to train your brain & is designed for all ages maths quizisone of the greatest math gams in education math gamscategorySmallest in size Maths App learn quiz on Google Play !Easiestaddition and multiplication and division games with AdditionandSubtraction games all in one app.-FREE practice mode toLearnMathematics all essentials of arithmetic operations math gamsandsolve unlimited number of Maths problems comprising oftwo-digitnumbers with/without carry-overs for addition, borrowsforsubtraction and divise Plus, FREE starter worksheets totestaddition problems. - you can have fun with this math gams"funmaths gams" with infinity math operations all this for free-Withthis app you'll just pick a number from 1 to 12 int beginnerleveland 1 to 100 in professional level and you'll get itscorrespondingtable so that you can memorize Addition , Subtraction,Multiplication , Division.all this in one math gams"learnmaths"Languages support: English, French,arabicFeatures :-mathstimes tables- math multiplication- mathematics table- MathsTimesTables-math gams- maths app quiz for free- mathflashcards-professional level- addition-math easy and speed tolearn-addition-math-math quiz- multiplication- subtraction-division-mathgams-math problem solver- Math Quiz-free math appslearnmathematics operations for kids- math for kids- mathforkindergarten- plain and nice design- Division games: Practiceandlearn Division tables- best multiplying games-infinitymathematical operations- friendly interface-multiplication-subtraction- Subtraction games: Subtracting numbersto solve theequations- division-math problem solver- Math Quiz-freemath apps-plain and nice design- Multiplication games:Multiplication tableslearning and duel play mode- best multiplyinggames- infinitymathematical operations- friendly interface- mathsonline fun pro-Addition games: Adding numbers with Quiz andPractice games-educational mathematical quiz game.- a completelyfree math apps
Preschool Kids Maths Learning & Educational Games 1.2
Little Play Studio
Kids Math Learning - Welcome to Best Maths Application ForKids!KidsMath Learning application is designed for your kids tolearn manymath items. It is not only the unique, exciting game forkids butalso very educational, funny and challenging. Children caneasilylearn the math addition and subtraction so much fun!Afterplayingthis free math game, your children definitely willcalculate faster.This free Kids Numbers and Math Game forPreschoolers,kindergartners, toddlers and children helps learning;how to count,compare, add, subtract the numbers. Kids will loveplaying the gamewith great fun. Learning how to count the number 1to hundred andlearn how to comparison largest and smallestnumber!Kids MathLearning is the perfect introduction to the basicsof counting,addition, and subtraction. It will teach yourtoddler,kindergartener, 1st grader sorting, and logical skillsalong withearly mathematics, giving them the perfect foundation foralifetime of learning.Kids Math Learning application dividedintoseveral categories based on difficulty.Kids Math Learning gameshasfollowing features:★ Counting : Count the number of objectsandclick the correct answer from the given numbers★ Counting withDrag& Drop : Count & drop the number of objects in givenbox★Addition : Find the sum of the numbers as well objects andclickthe correct answer★ Addition with Items : Click on the itemsas pergiven numbers and find correct answer★ Subtraction : Findthedifference of the numbers as well objects and click thecorrectanswer★ Subtraction with Items : Find the difference ofgiven itemsand click the correct answer★ Comparison : Determinewhether givennumber is grater than, less than or equals to anotherand click thecorrect answer★ Comparison with Items : Children canbuild theircounting and comparing skills to see which group ofitems is biggeror smaller.When kids can play while they'relearning, they're muchmore likely to recall information. It alsomakes them want to learnmore frequently, which will give them ahuge boost when they startkindergarten.A child loves mathematicswhen it is taught to him inan engaging manner. Adding numbers canbe fun for preschoolers whenmath games follow this approach. Yourchild will love playing KidsMath, and you'll be able to relax,knowing your child is learningwhile having great fun.Applicable Agegroup: 12 months +, 1+, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, and 7 year old.Support:[email protected]
Numbers and Math for Kids 1.4.1
This free Kids Numbers and Math Game for Preschool andKindergartenchildren helps learning; how to count, compare,arrange, add,subtract the numbers. Kids will love playing the gamewith greatfun. Kids will learn:✔ Counting NumbersCount the numberof objectsand click the correct answer from the given numbers.✔ComparingnumbersCheck the numbers value and drag the correctsuitable sign(<, =, >) to the empty box to match equality.✔ArrangingnumbersCheck the object sizes and arrange the numbers inascendingorder or in descending order.✔ Adding NumbersFind the sumof thenumbers in the wooden box and pop the balloon with correctanswer.✔Subtracting NumbersFind the difference of the numbers inthe woodenbox and pop the balloon with correct answer. ✔ObjectsPatternsObserve the Pattern and drag the correct object fromtheavailable objects to complete the pattern.* A simple and easytounderstand game.* Supports all screen sizes.And last but notleast***All sight words are available for FREE***PrivacyDisclosure: Asparents ourselves, EDUBUZZKIDS takes children'swellness andprivacy very seriously. Our app:• Does not containlinks to socialnetworks• Does not collect personal dataBut yes, itdoes containadvertising as that’s our means of providing the appfree of costto you – the ads are carefully placed such that the kidis leastlikely to click on it while playing.Feedback Please:If youhave anyfeedback and suggestions on how we could further improvethe designand interaction of our apps and games, please visit ourwebsite or leave us a [email protected] We would be glad to hear from you as wearecommitted to update all of our apps and games on a regularbasiswith new features and also want to get some ideas for futureappdevelopment.
Multiplication Table Kids Math 3.9.0
Learn Multiplication Table from 1 to 12, easy and fun. Math gameforyour kids. Practice multiplication and guess all math puzzles!Solvemultiply test and pass school exam. It's a cool math gamewhichhelps learning multiplication tables. Improve your grades atschooland master that kids math test! Test your brain andsolvemathematics quiz. ✔ With this math app your maths homeworkwon’t bea problem anymore! Kids learn multiplication table awayfromschool. Multiply your grades! ♥ 4 Times Tables modes:adventure,study, math challenge and duel. Play a cool kids mathquiz duelwith your friend (split screen) ★ Easy and hard mathpuzzles. Easychildren school multiplication tables and hard mathequations(addition, subtraction) It's a cool educational math gamewhichhelps kids in learning multiplication tables. Test yourbrain,raise your IQ and solve mathematics quiz. This app will helpyou tograduate! In story mode you have limited time foreachmultiplication table, try to pass a mathematics quiz withnomistakes and you’ll get a 3 star score! Don’t worry, along thetestyou’ll find many helpful boosts. In challenge mode you cantestyour skills! Try to get the highest possible score and thenimproveyour grade! Compete with friends who’s the best math kid inclass!Times tables can be easy and cool. Take your best guessandmultiply. Learn maths tables while playing! Help your childmakeprogress in school math. Your life will be a lot easier whenyoucan simply remember the math multiplication tables! We give youanapp about math kids will love! You won’t be able to stopplayingtimes tables. In kids school mathematics, a multiplicationtable (atimes table) is a mathematical table used to defineamultiplication operation for an algebraic system. Math quiz isaneducational game for everyone!
Basic Math 2.9
Educational math game. Math workout and Math Practice.Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Percentage, SquareRootCounting Mix calculation, Quick and logical thinking, RaiseyourIQ, sharpen memory, Increase your attention andconcentration,Simple and complex mathematical tasks, Train yourbrain. 100+levels, Random numbers, Each level display differentnumbers onevery restart level. Make mathematics fun and improveyour brainperformance, Spend 5 minutes a day, take the challengeand see theimprovement.
Animal Math Preschool Math Games for Kids Math App 1.9.0
Eggroll Games
Explore the farm with a counting sheep named Sherman, Petethemischievous matching frog and all the barn animals you love asyoujoin Lily the farmer through 100 fun learning games on a questtohelp her barnyard buddies find a way home! Playable by kids ofallages with lots of positive encouragement, professionalnarrationand catchy music. Cute farm animals include cow, chicken,goat,pig, sheep, duck and frog! Designed by parents and teachersforpre-k kindergarten preparation, this app adheres to CommonCoreStandards for kindergarten math. COUNTING & NUMBERRECOGNITION• Count forward from 1 to 10 • Connect counting tonumbers • Answer“How many?” questions • Compare numbers to groupsof items ADDITION& SUBTRACTION • Addition with objects •Subtraction withobjects • Add and subtract within 5 CATEGORIES,COLORS AND GEOMETRY• Classify objects into given categories •Correctly name shapesand colors • Analyze and compare shapes andcolors ADDITIONALFEATURES: • Items, numbers and instructions areprofessionallynarrated • Players are rewarded with positiveencouragement •Parental controls: Turn off sounds, music, purchasesand links toour other apps • We do not collect personal informationfrom ourusers. COMMON CORE STANDARDS • CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.A.1 -Countto 100 by ones and by tens• CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.A.2 -Countforward beginning from a given number•CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.4 -Understand the relationship betweennumbers and quantities•CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.B.5 - Count to answer"how many?" questionsabout as many as 20 things•CCSS.Math.Content.K.CC.C.7 - Comparetwo numbers between 1 and 10 •CCSS.Math.Content.K.OA.A.1 -Represent addition and subtraction withobjects•CCSS.Math.Content.K.MD.B.3 - Classify objects intogivencategories• CCSS.Math.Content.K.G.A.2 - Correctly nameshapesregardless of their orientations or overall size
Math Challenge 1.2
With Math Challenge, you can practice math for fun! Fast mathgamesare brain teasers that test your focus, quickness and mathskills.When you solve 5 math equations, you advance to a higherlevel.With each level, you have less time to solve the problem,whichmeans that you have to think and react faster. Each time youmake amistake, you lose a chunk of time on your clock. Make sureyou haveyour numbers straight, because Math Challenge is all aboutskillsand quickness!NOTE: A math duel in this game is completelylegal.The only thing hurt after the duel will be the loser’sfeelingsbecause you rock in mathematics and they don’t. Take turnstodiscover who’s better in this game of mathematics.MATHCHALLENGEFEATURES:- Endless number of levels- Math operations:addition,subtraction, multiplication, division- Equations with onevariable-Fast pace (demands quick thinking)- Easy to play- Globalhigh-scorelist – check how your skills rank in the worldTest yourskills now!Accept the ultimate Math Challenge and solve as manymath problemsas you can before the time runs out! Fast math gameslike this oneuncover who the quickest thinker in the room is, sohurry up tofind out who is the best math problem solver among yourfamily andfriends!This mathematics game for kids helps you practiceyour mathoperations and solve equations in a competitiveatmosphere. Solvingmath problems in your head has become more of aparty trick than arequired skill. How many kids do you know whosemath skills aregood enough to solve math problems in their head ina second? Nottoo many, right? This easy, fast math game will helpyou train yourbrain to be able to do just that. This mathematicsgame for kids isnot just an easy game, it is a fun tool forimproving your mentalarithmetic skills!EXAMPLES FOR MATH EQUATIONSYOU'LL FIND IN MATHCHALLENGE:12 ? 4 = 315 : ? = 513 x 5 = ?5 ? 8 =13Test yourself orchallenge a friend to a math duel – play fastmath games for kidsto check what kind of a math problem solver youare.It feels goodto dust off your brain every now and then –download Math Challengenow, schedule a math duel with a friend orfamily member anddiscover how good your skills are.
math game for kid 1.3
aprender jugando
"Math for Kids" We're inviting you to download this funeducationalgame for preschool and primary education, the game iscompletelyfree and helps to children to solve mathematicalproblems.The goalof this game is to teach basic maths like sums ,subtraction andmultiplication.The game has different levels ofdifficulty fordifferent mathematical operations, the theme of thegame is thatchildren in a fun and interactive way can learn thisincrediblegame of basic maths, practicing and putting knowledgeproof againstfunny zombies.The game will help the child to improvelogical andcognitive skills, concentration and memory.Features•Mathematicaloperations: addition, subtraction and multiplication.•Sounds•Different levels of difficulty of numbers• Funny scenesandzombies• Math RunDownload this game, you will not regret it...yourchild will fun learning maths!cool math multiplicationkidskindergarten addition subtract game run sums free game toplaytoddler educationalmath dash
Math Game 3rd, 4th,5th Graders 2.1.4
Tap Palm
Math is a essential part of analytical skills so math isveryimportant for every kid and student. Every student should begoodin maths and better extra ordinary, as "maths" is veryimportant ineveryday life so that player should problem solver ofmath. what ifLearning math become funny and easy so to help youbecome ninja inbasics of math or fundamental math. Math game 3rd,4th, 5th Gradeis a game specially for kids, the basic graders, andadults, theadvance graders, who want a math exercise or love math.Math game3rd, 4th, 5th Grade is best kind of math games. Its bestin MathGames. Fun should be essential part of every math game sothatplayers can enjoy while playing game as well as learn meanstheyare having brain training of math and practice while playingthisgame. The students and kids of 5th 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10thand11th grade and all onward graders can also have their"braintraining" and "IQ boost" and test it by playing it. Its aUniquegame for 1st, 2nd, 3d, 4th and 5th graders. Game play is veryeasyand addictive, One Mathematical puzzle question is asked andthereare four options are given to player and player need to guesstheright option from the give options. A formula is presented informof equation and player have to select the correct one fromtheoptions. The questions are in form of quiz of MCQ (MultipleChoiceQuestion) and test. Mathematical features of Game are.. -MathExercise like +,-,x, / - Subtraction - Addition/Summation-Multiplication - Division - Tables - And Many more Features ontheway - Logical Questions like Greater than, equal to, less then,notequal to etc - Sounds of different numberslike1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and so on
Matific Galaxy - Maths Games for Kindergarten 1.6.2
Matific ( Slate Science )
Welcome to the wonderful world that is Matific Galaxy, wheremathsis fun and engaging! Matific is an award-winning maths programthathas proven to help improve students maths test scores by 34%.Theprogram is designed to teach children core math skills in afun,educational and interactive way. Matific’s activitiesarecurriculum aligned and promote self-discovery. There arehundredsof adaptive and intuitive maths activities that focus oncore mathsskills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication andmuch more.Matific’s activities are currently being used by millionsof kidsin classrooms around the world. Splash out on our specialdiscountoffer and give your child the opportunity to increase theirtestscores and boost their maths confidence today! Features:*Activities designed to develop core maths skills *Promotesself-discovery * Inbuilt support to assist studentslearning *Curriculum aligned * Rewards children with a fun andinteractivegame component * Teaches maths in a progressive, spirallearningsystem Maths topics your child will encounter while playingMatificGalaxy: * Basic counting * Addition * Subtraction * 2DShapes *Measurement and so much more! Matific Galaxy is theperfecteducational experience, combining fun and learning. So puton yourspacesuit and join your child on an extraordinary adventurethatwill delight and leave them more excited about mathematics thanyouever thought possible! Matific offers specific maths games forkidsK-6. Looking for a different grade? Check our other apps!MatificGalaxy - Maths Games for 1st Graders Matific Galaxy - MathsGamesfor 2nd Graders Matific Galaxy - Maths Games for 3rdGradersMatific Galaxy - Maths Games for 4th Graders Matific Galaxy- MathsGames for 5th Graders Matific Galaxy - Maths Games for 6thGraders
Funny Food 123! Kids Number Games for Toddlers
MAGE Studio Kid Games
Thanks to the many hints, your child can play number gamesforpreschoolers with our cute characters by themselves! Toddlersgamesfor 3 year old will help to learn numbers for kids. 😍 Byplayingwith fun fruits and vegetables, your child will train theirmemoryand develop their attention span and logic! Thanks to themanyhints scattered throughout the game, play without askingparentsfor help. 🍰 NUMBER CAKE - decorate the birthday cake withbeautifulfrosting characters! 👛 SHOP - Buy groceries at the shop:count thefood and the coins! (Counting for kids) 🎈 FUN SHOOTINGGALLERY -shoot at the balloons and learn count to 10! (Developsattentionspan, reflexes and fine motors skills.) 🏡 MAGIC GARDEN -grow realvegetables in a miracle-garden and count them! (Countinggames forkids.) 🍪 MAKE COOKIES - Bake and share math cookies withcutelittle animals! Toddler games free for 2 year olds 🏪 CAFE -takeorders and feed the animals! Educational games forkidskindergarten 🌌 SPACEPORT - counting games for toddlers free:get ateam together for a trip into space! 📦 FACTORY - help theanimalscount to 10 and pack their food! (Comparison: more or less.)🏢FUNNY ELEVATOR - help the funny foods get up to their floor!🍕PIZZA - divide the delicious pizza to share with yourfriends!(Builds familiarity with fractions.) 🚃 ROLLER COASTER - putthefunny fruits and vegetables in the right order for the ride!📱TELEPHONE - help your friends talk on the telephone!Educationalgames for kids kindergarten 🚀 SPACE TRIP - steer yourship intoopen space and help the funny foods travel to far-offplanets!(Relative amounts) 🚨 LIFEGUARDS - save the funny foods fromadesert island! 👩‍🍳 FUN KITCHEN - cook a delicious dish bytherecipe! (Builds familiarity with the concept of a whole anditsparts.) Number Cake, Fun Shooting Gallery and Roller Coaster.Toaccess all nine games, you need to obtain the full version.Wefocus on gaining and developing skills that everypreschoolerneeds. 2 year old games free for girls. Learning tocount,familiarizing children with numbers for toddlers and givingthemtheir first steps towards math and writing numbers.Children'sgames for 3 to 5 yrs old is an irreplaceable aid formindfulparents. With its help, children will happily learn anddevelopbasic math with ease as they play. “Funny Food 3! Kidsnumber gamesfor toddlers for free” includes: 🍪 Educational gamesfor kids 1stgrade free 🍪 Cheerful and colorful pictures 🍪 Basicskills: logic,memory, speech, imagination, fine motor skill 🍪 Greatfor bothgirls and boys 🍪 Learn to write numbers! 🍪 A unique methodofcounting for kids and number writing practice 🍪 Parentalcontroland No outside advertising 🍪 Does not require internetaccess🌟About MAGE:🌟 These children's games for 3 to 5 yrs old havebeencreated by MAGE, who develops interactive children learninggamesfor toddlers age 3 to 6. Our kids games comply with thestandardsof “Designed For Family”.👪
Pinoy Learns Preschool Math 3.00
Family Play ltd
For ages 3 to 6.Pinoy Math for Preschool is a game aboutnumbers,counting challenge, basic addition, subtraction for kids,matchingand number sequences that allows your little one, boys andgirls,to build important math skills while they arecontinuallyentertained. Your child can practice to count, add,subtract, andmatch their way through engaging and fun games withnonstop play ofsuper math adventures a fun preschool learning.ThePinoy Math forPreschool features interactive, engaging, fun andcool math gamesthat teach children about counting, matching,missing number,sizes, adding and subtracting. Young Pinoy boys andgirls learnwhile they play:BASIC ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION FORKIDSDevelop youraddition and subtraction math genius skills tosolve math problems.Help add and subtract the fruits andvegetables.SIZE – KID MATHDRILLSIs it big or small? Help theprincess ponies figure itout.MATCHING THE SHAPESIs it a circle?Perhaps a pentagon? Help bymatching the object to theshadow.MISSING NUMBERWhat is the missingnumber? A good activity andexercise for kids to recall numbers andnumber sequenceseasily.COUNTINGHelp find the horses, and countthem all. For theparents:1. Does not contain unprotected links tosocial networkingsites or to the Internet.2. Contains a limitedamount of freecontent with an in-app purchase to unlock allgames.Kids numbers andmath, a math adventure that kids will love.It has addition for kidsand subtraction for kids. A math trainerfor your kids and the kidin you, learn basic math now and playmath drills.Please join ourcommunity and tell us what you think.We truly appreciate yourcomments and feedback.Like our FacebookPage,, to get the latestupdates,contests and some freebies like app codes.You can alsofollow us onTwitter, @FamilyPlayApps, to get the latest news andnew apps fromFamily Play.No Sound?If the sound is not working,make sure the muteis turned off, then turn up the volume and thesound will work.NeedHelp?Contact us with any questions orcomments:[email protected] Value Your FeedbackWe alwayswelcome yourfeedback, comments and suggestions. You can contact [email protected] you do like our app, please take aminute torate and write a great review, it truly does help us. Ifyou find aproblem, let us know so we can fix it for you..
Number Counting games for toddler preschool kids
Fun and intuitive matching game for your baby ortoddler!Childrenwill enjoy learning numbers with the words spelledout through funeducational game. Learning numbers and theirpronunciation is easyand entertaining and your child will love ittoo!*** Your childwill:***✔ Learn the numbers ✔ Learn to count✔Develop math skills✔Improve memory✔ Develop logical thinking✔Develop associativethinking✔ Remember the order of numbersA childshould start tolearn what numbers are, what order they belong inand how to writethem before he begins kindergarten. Start exposingthe child tonumbers from when he is a year old so that he will befamiliar withthem by the time he reaches preschool. Integratenumbers into thechild's everyday activities and make learning themas fun aspossible. If parents and preschool teachers focus onteachingnumbers, the child should be comfortable recognizing andwritingnumbers zero through nine by the time he startskindergarten.At 2to 3 years of age, typically developing childrenbegin to usenumber words to 'count' as they play, showing that arebeginning toexplore and understand counting. By 4 years of age,many childrencan answer questions such as 'How many?' and 'Giveme…..' questionsfor numbers up to 10. They understand 'more' or'less' for smallnumbers, but they do not yet understand the ordinalnature of thenumber system, i.e., that each 'next' numberrepresents 'onemore'.Parents should be encouraged to draw theirchild's attentionto the uses of number in everyday life and engagethem in gamesthat teach counting and quantity. Starting from thechildhood yourchildren will fast learn addition and substractionand othermathematical actions. Show your children that mathematicsisfunny!Developing basic math skills through games makeslearningmath fun right from the beginning.Our application usescolorfulimages that are fun for the child to look at. Discoveryeducationwith the help of pictures shows numbers as glossy volumenumeralsthat will catch a child's attention. If a child exposed towhatnumbers look like, it will be easier for him to understandtheconcept of numbers later onColorful high resolution images,funnymusic and a lot of pleasure for your baby! This game is asmalladventure for your baby. Let him shows to his parents how helearnsnumbers.Game is suitable for Preschool and Kindergartenlevel.Ifyou want your child to learn math – and enjoy it – youcan't find abetter choice than Kids Numbers and Math.
Multiplication Tables for Kids - Free Math Game 1.9.79
Multiplication Tables
Now doing multiplication is fun! Learn the tables while youplay.For children and adults. This free game is the best way tolearnyour multiplication tables (from 1 to 10) and improve yourgradesin elementary school while you play and have fun. It's a coolmathapp for children, school kids or adults that will help you tolearnyour times tables at home in an easy, step-by-step way.Thismultiplications game has: 1. A quiz game with 3 modes: normal(witha timer and lives), relaxed (without a timer) and learningmode(easy) 2. Head-to-head Mode: have fun with your friends inasplit-screen mode 3. Exam Simulator 4. Times tables referenceInthis math game, there are quizzes and tests to improve yourskills,measure your progress and stay on track to achieve yourgoals. Takeon the challenge and put your brain and your math skillsto thetest. Using this application will enable you tosignificantlyimprove your knowledge of the times tables. You'lllove doing yourmath homework! Multiplying won't be a problem!You'll ace yourexams. This app will help you get excellent gradesin math. Raiseyour child's IQ by helping them to understand theirmultiplicationtables and commit them to memory by getting thehighest possiblescore! It's perfect for primary school kids or foradults who needto refresh their basic math skils. Multiplicationtables are apractical educational game for everyone. Things will bea loteasier when you can solve and master multiplicationoperationswithout making mistakes. Train your brain, have funcompeting withfriends playing math quiz games, and enjoy math andtimes tables!With the app's new split-screen play mode, you cancompete againstyour classmates: who is the best math kid? Doingmultiplaction iseasy now!
Preschool Math 1.30
4Brains Studio
Are you finding math game for kids? That right you find is the end!Educational games for kids which we create preschool math gamesletkids have enjoyed while getting practice with initial mathconceptssuch as count number, addition, subtraction or compare.Our applearning program design for kindergarten, preschool,toddlers orupper such as 1st,2nd,3rd grade math. This app will bethe base formultiplication and division games which release soon.Moreover, ourmath apps recommend for baby too. Your baby, kids oreven toddlerswill learn all basic math from games step by step.Many lessonscompose cool math game which totally free. The levelof math gamesdesign start from easy math to hard, besides alllessons fun andcolorful. App good for the first beginner learningaddition andsubtraction. Our game free educational games for kidsfor ages 7thru 13 or upper for free time. Free kids game advisefor severalage such ad age3,4,5,6 or even age7, our game no needwifi for play.Our app free kids game design for boys and girls. Inorder to yourkindergarten will get success should play sequencelevel start fromthe count, addition, subtraction, mixed andcompare for bestefficiency. Free math facts games addition andsubtraction for1st,2nd grade, by the way, preschool educationalgames good forlearning activities for kids. When finishing thegame your childrenwill know how to addition, subtraction andcompare each numbergreater or lower. Our kids math game designwith the beautifulinterface which nice and clear, besides kidsnumber games free to 2years old,4 years old or 6 years old boy andgirl. For kindergartenlearning for ages 5 and up, your child willlearn how to do mathgrade 1 and 2 or upper. Our math practice alllevel design withmodern interface your kids not boring. For mathteacher can use forreference too due to our math teaching app easyto understand. Theteacher can teach and train or test your kidsskill. Math workoutcomposes more than 5 practices which wait tosolve the solution. Inmathematics game for kids will help kidsmemory number via natural.Preschools games it good for toddler andlittle kids 3 years or 4years. By the toddler, adding games willfun and help them todevelop brain for prepare to upper class.Topten math free game nowifi needed, all is free. At last hope yourkids will enjoy outproduct.**Feature**- Beautiful artwork and cooleffect sound.- Morethan 30+ lesson for preschool kids or upper.-Design lesson fromreal lesson step by step fun and functional.- Noin app purchase allis free and no need wifi to play.And we plan tocreate the new gamefor 1st,2nd until 6th please follow us 4BrainsStudio team. Thankyou very much for download, If you have anyquestion or recommendplease email to us.
Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters 1.12
➕ ➖ ✖️ ➗Become mathematics and Greek mythology expert with oneofthe best educational games: Math Games - Zeus vs.Monsters.Download this cool math game now!➕ ➖ ✖️ ➗You know how yourparentsalways fuss because you play games too much? Get the freedownloadof Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters, the latest of math gamesforschool, and your parents will even encourage you to play,becausethis coolmath game is one of those brain teasers for smartkids!This is one of those cool math games for kids which notonlybecomes your professional brain trainer and helps you tothinkfaster, but also improves your mental arithmetic and providestonsof fun.MATH GAMES - ZEUS VS. MONSTERS - FEATURES➕ Game playisfast-paced and very dynamic. If you want to stay alive, you mustbequick with multiplication, division, subtraction andadditionprocesses in your head.➖ Controls are simple, easy to useandhighly responsive. Monster math flash cards with numbers popoutfrom the bottom of the screen and leave you very little timetothink and click on the correct answer to solve your mathproblem.✖️Thanks to the vivid graphic design and stunning visuals,thepleasure of enjoying this cool math game gets even greaterthroughthe levels.➗ Like most free educational games on GooglePlay, thisis a coolmath game for all of you, who wants to havetheir braintraining with two different heroes: Zeus or Athena, thegreatest ofGreek gods and goddesses.➕ At every fifth level of thisbrainteaser there are mythical monsters you must defeat togothrough.BECOME A GOD OF MATHYou have a unique opportunity to beagod! And you will be, as long as you play fun, cool math gamessuchas this one. Defend Mount Olympus from Hades and hisevilcreatures, such as the ugly Medusa or fearless Titans. Useyourmath defense system and Spartan fighting skills to kill themonsterarmy.Hades wants to play games of thrones with you – the onetosurvive the challenge gets to be the supreme god. Show him thatthethrone belongs to you! Turn your superior addition,subtraction,multiplication and division skills into raging thunderand let himknow that you’re still the boss! Hades will be sendinghis troopsled by Giants, Typhon and Minotaur to conquer you. Don’tlose focusbecause he will get stronger. He’ll go on with monsterattacks andhave his mercenaries Cerberus, Chimera and Satyr droolover yourhead! Once you play this cool math game, Spartan wars willbe apiece of cake!NOTE TO PARENTS:This cool math game is one ofthoseeducational games that have multiple goals:➖ To increasemathpractice time, provide math help, sharpen perceptive skillsandstrengthen abilities to stay focused for longer periods oftime.✖️To change a perception of mathematics – math is not thatboring andhard. Math is fun!➗ Since it introduces characters fromGreekmythology and provides basic knowledge about them, it canbeclassified for 4th graders, but is meant for all those whowouldlike to refresh their knowledge about Greek gods andmythicalcreatures, as well.Choose your favorite math drill–multiplication, division, addition or subtraction… or all ofthem,and improve your maths skills while having fun.Before youstartplaying, go over the multiplication table a few times andpreparementally, because this is one of those brain games where youneedto think fast. Download Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters foryourAndroid phones and tablets and search the Google Play for moreofour free games.LEGAL INFO:Math Games - Zeus vs. Monsters isanintellectual property of PeakselGames.
Kids numbers and math Plus 1.0
KBM Mobile
Kids Learning Numbers app is that the 1st of the KBMMobileyoungsters maths Series.The simple and clean computer programisintended to be kid friendly, that permits to play whilenotfacilitate from associate adult. associate animatedmonsterprovides verbal directions and feedback to the kid thatmakeslearning fun.Preschool And preschool youngsters Learning maths- Afun thanks to learn writing numbers for your kids!Educationalgameswhich will keep your educational institution and preschoolageyoungsters pleased whereas they're learning!Helpfulvoicenarrating, colourful graphics, and nice sound effectscanfacilitate your youngsters learn letters, spelling, math, andmore!Designed mistreatment world educational institution andpreschoolcurriculum's and uses common core statestandards.Preschool Andpreschool youngsters Learning maths could bea set fortyinteractive exercises that teach arithmetic to youngyoungsters.youngsters learn enumeration, variety recognition,sequences,addition and subtraction for numbers one to twenty inlittle funexercises. it's helpful for youths ages four to seven.Full versionhas four hundred exercises of bit by bitincreasingproblem.Learning games/puzzle activities for preschool&educational institution kids.To teach your kiddofundamentalprinciple,rhymes,counting,colors,shapes,vegetable/fruit/sportscharts.The interactive learning could be a nice mode of educationastoddlers enter preschool as kinaesthetic learners(age 2-5yrs).Ourchildren's very little minds square measure like spongesthat squaremeasure thirsty for information. offer them the toolsthey have togrow.Preschool And preschool youngsters Learning mathsis nice foryouths two - five years previous, whether or not theyare simplyobtaining started, or going into preschool. ApplicationFeatures:*COUNT: This activity teaches enumeration by showingcolourfulobjects and interactive voices.* TRACE: This activityteaches a wayto write numbers step by step guide.* GROUP: clusteractivityexercises enumeration objects in teams.* PATTERN : Thisactivityhelps youngsters learn the sequence of numbers.* MATCH:Thisactivity helps youngsters determine numbers, count the objectsandassociate numbers with the objects.* COMPARE: This activityteachesthe amount ideas like fewer, more, the foremost or thesmallestamount.- giant Numbers for straightforward tracing -Numbersbackground music - Complete Scenes- Counting: Count withusefulvoice narration to find out numbers- Addition: Add fruitalong tofind out addition- Spelling: Spell many words with usefulvoicenarration- Subtraction: Pop fruit to assist learnsubtraction-Positions: Learn left, right, and center- enumerationDown: countfrom ten and launch a rocket* half-dozen games to showmaths basics*Learn to acknowledge and order numbers* perceive thewhich means ofand and minus* Hear explanations and hints inEnglish* Earn rewardsfor taking part in gamesLite version has fiveto ten exercises ofevery game -* Counting Kids use their finger tomaneuver the propervariety of objects into the box. This teachesyoungsters a way tocount.* SequencesKids move numbers to finishthe sequence.* AdditionKids add objects to the box matching theprimary variety. Then, addthe second variety of objects. Count theoverall variety of objectsto induce the solution. This teaches theconstruct of addition.*SubtractionKids add objects to the boxmatching the primary variety.Then, take away the second variety ofobjects. Count the objectsleft to induce the solution. Thisteaches the construct ofsubtraction.Your kid can love taking partin educational institutionAnd preschool youngsters Learning maths,and you will be ready torelax, knowing your kid is learningwhereas having nice fun.If youwould like your kid to maths – youcannot find an improved selectionthan educational institution Andpreschool youngsters Learningmaths.
First grade: Math 1.0.17
This game with simple mathematical examples, will teach childrentoadd, subtract, multiply and divide, improve grades inschool."First grade: Math" is available not only for students, butforelementary school students, children 5, 6, 7 years. Learningmathwill be easy and interesting for correct answers kidsreceivebonuses in the form of pearls, at the same time notdistractingfrom the main learning objectives. Download "Math 1stgrade" forfree on Google Play online.
Preschool Math Games 3.00
Family Play ltd
Preschool Math App for Numbers, Counting, Addition,Subtraction,Matching allows your little angel to build importantmath skillswhile they are continually entertained. Your child willcount, add,subtract, and match their way through engaging, fun, andcool gameswith nonstop play. For ages 2 to 6. PRESCHOOL MATH APPFEATURES 1.An interactive, engaging, fun and cool math games thatteach kidsabout counting, matching, size, adding and subtracting.2. Yourchild presses one button to immediately launch into nonstopplay.3. Uses Family Play enabled technology 4. The child isguidedthrough game play. 5. Uses animation for correct answers andgentleredirection for incorrect ones. 6. Continuous and infiniteplayKIDS LEARN WHILE THEY ARE HAVING FUN PLAYING: ADDITIONANDSUBTRACTION Use your addition and subtraction skills to solvemathproblems. Help add and subtract farm fruits and vegetables SIZEIsit big or small? Help our character figure it out. MATCHINGTHESHAPES Is it a circle? Perhaps a pentagon? Help by matchingtheobject to the shadow. BIGGER/SMALLER Which object is bigger?Whichobject is the smaller one? COUNTING Help find the farm animalsandcount them all. A great app for learning how to count. It'sanawesome learning games for toddlers.For the parents, do joinourcommunity and tell us what you think or your comments andfeedback.We truly appreciate anything you can give us. Like ourFacebookPage,, and get thelatestupdates, contests and some freebies. You can also follow usonTwitter, @FamilyPlayApps, to get the latest news and new appsfromFamily Play. No Sound? If the sound is not working, make surethemute is turned off, then turn up the volume and the soundwillwork. Need Help? Contact us with any questions orcomments:[email protected] We Value Your Feedback We alwayswelcome yourfeedback, comments and suggestions. You can contact [email protected] If you do like our app, please take aminuteto rate and write a great review.
Preschool Math Games Free 3.00
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For ages 3 to 6. Mermaid Princess Adventure: Kids Numbers andMathis a preschool math games for free about numbers,countingchallenge, basic addition, subtraction for kids, matchingandnumber sequences that allows your little one, little princessandprincess mermaid, to build important math skills while theyarecontinually entertained. Your child can practice to count,add,subtract, and match their way through engaging and fun gameswithnonstop play of super math adventures a fun preschoollearning.This is a free app that features interactive, engaging,fun andcool math games that teach children about counting,matching,missing number, sizes, adding and subtracting. The appuses FamilyPlay enabled technology to adjust the difficulty as theyplay or tohone in on one area and drill that. Kids love the littlemermaid,under the sea, math adventure. You can enjoy all gamesbypurchasing in-app. Young little mermaids learn while theyplay:BASIC ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION FOR KIDS Develop your additionandsubtraction math genius skills to solve math problems. Help addandsubtract the mermaid princess’ fruits and vegetables. SIZE –KIDMATH DRILLS Is it big or small? Help the mermaid figure itout.MATCHING THE SHAPES Is it a circle? Perhaps a pentagon? Helpbymatching the object to the shadow. MISSING NUMBER What isthemissing number? A good activity and exercise for kids torecallnumbers and number sequences easily. COUNTING Help findthemermaid’s turtle, and count them all. For the parents: 1.Doesnotcontain unprotected links to social networking sites or totheInternet. 2.Contains a limited amount of free content withanin-app purchase to unlock all games. Kids numbers and math,aneducational adventure that kids will love. It has addition forkidsand subtraction for kids. A math trainer for your kids and thekidin you, learn basic math now and play math drills. Please joinourcommunity and tell us what you think. We truly appreciateyourcomments and feedback. Like our FacebookPage,, to get the latestupdates,contests and some freebies like app codes. You can alsofollow uson Twitter, @FamilyPlayApps, to get the latest news andnew appsfrom Family Play. No Sound? If the sound is not working,make surethe mute is turned off, then turn up the volume and thesound willwork. Need Help? Contact us with any questions orcomments:[email protected] We Value Your Feedback We alwayswelcome yourfeedback, comments and suggestions. You can contact [email protected] If you do like our app, please take aminuteto rate and write a great review, it truly does help us. Ifyoufind a problem, let us know so we can fix it for you.
Math Puzzle (Calculation, Brain Training Apps) 1.1.4
Hiza Games
Steadily growing in popularity!   ■ Brain Training Apps Buildvalidequations with the numbers at your disposal, training yourbrainwhile playing. With over 1000 problems, there’s no end to thefun.Use a hint if you get stuck.   ■ Application FeaturesBecomeskilled at arithmetic, useful for your mathematicalstudies.Increase your ability to concentrate through brainactivation.Enjoyable for all ages. Compete for the best score inthe worldrankings. Even playing for a short amount of time can be alot offun! You can also play offline.
Preschool Math 3.00
Family Play ltd
For ages 3 to 6.Ballerina Preschool Math Games of addingandsubtraction games is a game about numbers, countingchallenge,basic addition for kids, subtraction for kids, matchgames for kidsand number sequences that allows your little one,bailarinas deballet, to build important math skills while they arecontinuallyentertained. It’s a children math games free edition andif youwish to get more math training for kids you simply buy thein-apppurchase. Your child can practice to count, add, subtract,andmatch their way through engaging and fun games with nonstop playofsuper math adventures a fun preschool learning.A fun learningmathfor kids experience. It offers simple math for kids. An easykidsgames, elementary math games that are just like a basic mathtestbut learning through tablet or smartphones. This is a free appthatfeatures interactive, engaging, fun and cool math games thatteachchildren about counting, matching, missing number, sizes,addingand subtracting. Help our ballerina at the ballet salonanswer allthe math problems. The app uses Family Play enabledtechnology toadjust the difficulty as they play or to hone in onone area anddrill that.Young ballerinas learn while they play:BASICADDITIONAND SUBTRACTION GAMESDevelop your addition and subtractionmathgenius skills, kids numbers and math to solve math problems.Helpadd and subtract the ballet dancer’s fruits and vegetables.SIZE–KID MATH DRILLSIs it big or small? Help the ballerina figureitout.MATCHING THE OBJECTS or FRIENDLY SHAPESIs it a circle?Perhapsa pentagon? Help by matching the object to the shadow.FINDTHEMISSING NUMBERWhat is the missing number? A good activityandexercise for kids to recall numbers and numbersequenceseasily.COUNTINGHelp find the ballerina’s cat and countthem all.For the parents:1. Does not contain unprotected links tosocialnetworking sites or to the Internet.2. Contains a limitedamount offree content with an in-app purchase to unlock allgames.Kidsnumbers and math, a math adventure that kids will love.It hasaddition for kids and subtraction for kids. A math trainerfor yourkids and the kid in you, learn basic math now and play mathdrills.Your little kids learning games anytime and anywhere.Pleasejoinour community and tell us what you think. We truly appreciateyourcomments and feedback.Like our FacebookPage,, to get the latestupdates,contests and some freebies like app codes.You can alsofollow us onTwitter, @FamilyPlayApps, to get the latest news andnew apps fromFamily Play.No Sound?If the sound is not working, makesure themute is turned off, then turn up the volume and the soundwillwork.Need Help?Contact us with any questions orcomments:[email protected] Value Your FeedbackWe alwayswelcome yourfeedback, comments and suggestions. You can contact [email protected] you do like our app, please take aminuteto rate and write a great review, it truly does help us. Ifyoufind a problem, let us know so we can fix it for you.
Math Games 30
Choloepus Apps
Free math games for everyone. Best math practice. Improveyourmathematics. Categories: Addition SubtractionMultiplicationDivision Exponentiation Square Root Now download andplay for free!It has been designed suitable for both thesmartphones and thetablets. Languages: English, Czech, French,German, Italian,Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish.
Preschool learning games for kids: shapes & colors 5.11
Enjoy and learn the shapes, colors, counting games, andbasicskills. With “Dino Tim” kids in preschool age (3, 4, 5 and 6yearsold), primary school and kindergarten will learn with noeffortwhile having fun. ****Over three million children arealreadyplaying with Dino Tim!**** The educational games areentirelytranslated into English but, if you wish so, you can alsouse Timthe Dino to learn Spanish, French, Italian... You only needtoswitch languages! It suits perfectly to every age althoughit’sspecifically suggested for kindergarten, preschool andprimaryschool (3-8 years) and adults of all ages. The game hasvoiceoverto help children learning their first words. The game isperfectfor the entire family! Enjoy the adventure! Some funnywitches haveabducted Tim’s family. Become a superhero and help himrescuingthem! Thanks to the good witch, you will be able to fly andcollectfigures that will allow you to do magic and turn the witchesintoanimals!! Children and adults will experience anexcitingadventure, solving puzzle games with colors and geometricshapes,running, counting, flying, learning, jumping and doing magictounblock all the dino-characters and all game modes.EDUCATIONALTARGETS: - Learn to recognise geometric shapes: square,circle,rectangle, triangle, pentagon and diamond. - Learn to countnumbers(1-10) with counting games for kids - Enhance speed,attention andpsychomotoricity with the color recognizing game: red,green, blue,yellow, etc. - Learn first words, letters, consonantsand vowels(literacy -abc-) in a fun manner in his native language(English).- Start learning a foreign language (Spanish, French,Italian…) forkindergarten, preschool and primary school children(3-12 yearsold). - Resolve educational puzzles about differentgeometricshapes and numbers: squares, circles, rectangles,triangles,trapeziums and rhombuses. - Learn and enhancecoordination and finemotor skill in youngsters. - Develop visualperception of differentshapes, numbers and objects in motion. -Develop attention andconcentration in kids in preschool age andelementary school. Ourdevelopment studio, Didactoons, has wideexperience in developingeducational games and apps that combinelearning and fun. Are youlooking for free educational games foryour children to learn andenjoy at the same time? So don’t miss itand download the freeeducational games: Dino Tim! Parents can tryout the game for free.We recommend purchasing the full version forchildren. Web: GooglePlus:
123 Kids Fun: Math Games 1.04
Awesome number activities for preschool education to help kidslearnbasic math skills - how to count, compare, add, subtract andmatchnumbers. Addition or subtraction, times tables, countingnumbers,sequence, multiplication and division! Learn and Play -Develop yourchild basic math skills through fun and intuitivegames. Math Gamesfor Kids Features:✔ Practice: Write the numbersfrom 0 to 10. ✔Count to tell the number of objects.✔ Compare twonumbers between 1and 10 presented as written numerals.✔ Preschooleducation:Understand addition as putting together and adding to,andunderstand subtraction as taking apart and taking from.✔Solveaddition and subtraction problems and add and subtract within10.✔Your preschooler will understand the relationship betweennumbersand quantities; connect counting to cardinality.✔ Knownumber namesand the count sequence.✔ After playing our games yourkids willfluently add and subtract within 5.✔ Count forwardbeginning from agiven number within the known sequence.✔ Identifywhether thenumber of objects in one group is greater than, lessthan, or equalto the number of objects in another group.Wouldn't itbe justwonderful if there were a simple activities for preschoolersthatmade learning numbers and practice basic math skillsenjoyable?Games:✔ Trace numbers from 0 to 10.✔ Place the puzzles inthe rightorder, from the smallest to the biggest. ✔ Compare groupsandnumbers. ✔ Learn addition with apples.✔ Subtraction withmeerkats.✔Make a juice from the right number of fruits for thirstyTashi. ✔Choose car, win the race and improve your subtraction andadditionskills. Games! - The reward systemStars are rewarded foreach mathgame which is completed. For each star that is earned, asnail,castle or plant is placed into a digital glass tank were thesnailslive and sleep. They can be cleaned, fed, cared for, andevendressed in cute little hats. This encourages children tokeeppracticing and learning in order to fill their tanks;yourpreschooler have fun while learning mathematics to careforanimals. Our simple math games were designed by experts inearlyeducation and based on the proven Montessori approach, thisappturns kids into little math wizards!*****If you’reexperiencingdifficulties with audio, please check the audiosettings with yourdevice to see if your device is muted. Don’thesitate to contactcustomer care at [email protected]
The Math Game - Multiple Choice Speed Questions 1.0
A Game for everyone to play anytime which will test your mathandincrease your decision making power as well as IQ. DownloadNow:Math Game - Multiple Choice Speed Questions Help yourkidunderstand math in the best and easiest way possible and makethempro in math from the start. For all the mothers out there whoareworried about their child’s Math skills and are basicallylookingfor any solution. This one's for you! Solving Math problemshasnever been this fun before. We bring “Elementary Math Game”foryour ease. This game includes activities to strengthen theconceptof four basic operations: addition, multiplication,subtraction,and division. “The Math Game” brings you multiplechoice Mathquestions displayed in a funky environment that won’tlet your mindget bored. Multiple choice questions will appear oneby one; themind will solve the questions and select the correctanswer. At theend, the score will be shown. The games supports theplay featurefor kids to grade 6 student. Download Now Math Game -MultipleChoice Speed Questions • Math Games For Kids • Math GamesFor Grade1 • Math Games For Grade 2 • Math Games For Grade 3 • MathGamesFor Grade 4 • Math Games For Grade 5 • Math Games For Grade6Learning should be interactive and fun and we have made agenuineeffort to provide your mind with a learning environmentthat’sfilled with fun whilst also making sure that they learn basicMathconcepts. 1. “The Math Game” aims at building your ElementaryMathskills 2. Test your brain and help raise their IQ by solvingmathquizzes. 3. “Elementary Math Game” is designed as guesspuzzles. 4.Time-based levels. A limited amount of time is given tosolve eachlevel with the aim of preparing your mind for fast tasks.FourMathematics operations in Math Game - Multiple ChoiceSpeedQuestions: - Additions - Subtraction - Multiplications -DivisionsDifficulty increases with each level. There are threelevels ofvarying difficulty: • Easy • Medium • Hard Math Table inMath Game- Multiple Choice Speed Questions • Learn tables whileplaying! •Easily solve multiplication problems • Take your bestguess andsolve puzzles Math Game is a fun mind teaser game which isaimed toprovide entertainment with a goal to enhance thinking powerofbrain, Suitable for all ages kids, teen, old/young... play&enjoy.
Preschool Math Games Fun Pro
Preschool Math Games forKidsis all in one solution for kids math learning. It iscrafted afterproper research done on kids, how they can easilylearnmathematics. Different math practices, lessons are consideredwhilecreating this educational math game.  It also covers1stgrade, 2nd grade and 3rd grade math exercises.Preschool Math Games for Kids Features:Read 123/Count numbersKids can read numbers by counting objects displayed onthescreen.Trace 123 with PhonicsKids can write 123 numbers by tracing on designed patternsmentionedon the screen. When they complete the pattern, phonics ofthe letterwill be played for improving pronunciations.Counting ExercisesChildren can count the objects and then choose the correctanswerfrom three options while playAddition and Subtraction LessonsIn this part of preschool kids math games, toddlers have tosolvesmall math equations. There will be three option mentionedundereach equation, kids have to choose the correct answer.Dots and Sequence Pattern ExercisesBest part of this math game is toddlers have toconnect thedots and make sequences to solve mathpuzzles.Minimum and Maximum Numbers ExercisesIn this part of kindergarten math games, kids need torecognizeminimum and maximum numbers. It is the easiest and coolestkidsmath learning technique.Why must you have this amazing 123 Preschool Math GamesforKids?Research proved that this math game increase kids capabilitiestosolve math problems. Its Interactive design withmelodiousbackground music gains kids interest to learn math andhave fun.Phonics, reading, writing of numbers and different mathexercisesadd more versatility in preschoolmathgames.Preschool Math Games for Kids suitable for:- 2 years old kids- 3 years old kids- 4 years old kids- 5 years old kids- 6 years old kids- 7 years old kids- 8 years old kidsGreat math games for preschoolers and kindergarten as well asgreatmath games 1st graders, 2nd graders and 3rd graders!You can share it with your friends and family usingtwitter,facebook etc. Please share your valued feedback aboutthegame.  It will help us in improving masterpiece123Preschool Math Games for Kids.ARPAplus social links (more games):💎 Facebook:💎 VK:💎 Twitter:
Preschool Games for Girls 3.00
Family Play ltd
Princess Learns Preschool Math: Learning Activity for Kids isapreschool games for girls about numbers, counting,addition,subtraction, matching and number sequences that allowsyour littleone to build important math skills while they arecontinuallyentertained. Your child can practice to count, add,subtract, andmatch their way through engaging, fun, and cool gameswith nonstopplay. For ages 3 to 6. The app features interactive,engaging, funand cool math games that teach children aboutcounting, matching,missing number, sizes, adding and subtracting.The app uses FamilyPlay enabled technology to adjust the difficultyas they play or tohone in on one area and drill that. Kids learnwhile they play:ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION Use your addition andsubtraction skillsto solve math problems. Help add and subtract thecastle’s fruitsand vegetables. SIZE Is it big or small? Help theprincess figureit out. MATCHING THE SHAPES Is it a circle? Perhapsa pentagon?Help by matching the object to the shadow. MISSINGNUMBER What isthe missing number? A good activity and exercise forkids to recallnumbers and number sequences easily. COUNTING Helpfind theprincess’s pet cats, and count them all. For the parents:1.Doesnot contain links to social networking sites or to theinternet,that are not protected by a parent lock. 2.Contains alimitedamount of free content with an in-app purchase to unlock allgames.For the parents, do join our community and tell us what youthinkor your comments and feedback. We truly appreciate anythingyou cangive us. Like our FacebookPage,, and get the latestupdates,contests and some freebies. You can also follow us onTwitter,@FamilyPlayApps, to get the latest news and new apps fromFamilyPlay. No Sound? If the sound is not working, make sure themute isturned off, then turn up the volume and the sound will work.NeedHelp? Contact us with any questions orcomments:[email protected] We Value Your Feedback We alwayswelcome yourfeedback, comments and suggestions. You can contact [email protected] If you do like our app, please take aminuteto rate and write a great review.
Child Learn Math 1st 2nd grade 1.6.0
Kids will learn: 1. Counting 2. Addition 3. Subtraction4.Multiplication ( times tables) 5. Division 6. Comparison7.Fraction 8. Math memory- This game teaching kids counting,compare,addition, subtraction, multiplication tables, divisiontables,fraction by using pictures to make it VERY EASY AND VISUALfor kidsunderstand.- 1st grade math kids learn counting, compare,additionand subtraction with # of range: 0 to 10; 0 to 20; 0 to 50;0 to100. It easier to learn.- Advantage of game is add newmodematching game (memory game) make it easy for kids to improvetheirshort-term memory and speed recognition skills whilelearningmath.- It is GREAT, VERY NATURALLY WAY to learn mathcounting,compare, addition, subtraction, times tables and divisiontables.-Suggest will show after 2 seconds if kids don'tanswer.NumbersAchild should start to learn what numbers are, whatorder theybelong in and how to write them before he beginskindergarten.Start exposing the child to numbers from when he is ayear old sothat he will be familiar with them by the time hereachespreschool. Integrate numbers into the child's everydayactivitiesand make learning them as fun as possible. If parents andpreschoolteachers focus on teaching numbers, the child should becomfortablerecognizing and writing numbers zero through nine by thetime hestarts kindergarten.At 2 to 3 years of age, typicallydevelopingchildren begin to use number words to 'count' as theyplay, showingthat are beginning to explore and understand counting.By 4 yearsof age, many children can answer questions such as 'Howmany?' and'Give me…..' questions for numbers up to 10. Theyunderstand 'more'or 'less' for small numbers, but they do not yetunderstand theordinal nature of the number system, i.e., that each'next' numberrepresents 'one more'.Parents should be encouraged todraw theirchild's attention to the uses of number in everyday lifeand engagethem in games that teach counting and quantity. Startingfrom thechildhood your children will fast learn addition andsubstractionand other mathematical actions. Show your children thatmathematicsis funny!Developing basic math skills through gamesmakes learningmath fun right from the beginning.Our applicationuses colorfulimages that are fun for the child to look at.Discovery educationwith the help of pictures shows numbers asglossy volume numeralsthat will catch a child's attention. If achild exposed to whatnumbers look like, it will be easier for himto understand theconcept of numbers later on.Addition andsubtractionFun educationalmath game for training mental additionand subtraction skills. Withour app you and your child will learnto count fast and error free.You will certainly fall in love withmath!“Mental Math” is reallyHELPFUL: it develops the mental mathskills and promotes braintraining. In the game you should solveaddition and subtractionproblems which look like the cubes fallingfrom above the playingfield. With each level the problems becomemore complex andprogress in the game depends on how fast and errorfree you can addand subtract!Solving math problems through the playwill be bothuseful and very interesting. MultiplicationTableLearnMultiplication Table from 1 to 10, easy and fun. TimesTable MathGames for your kids. Practice multiplication and guessall mathpuzzles! Solve multiply test and pass school exam. It's acool mathgame which helps learning multiplication tables. Test yourbrainand solve mathematics quiz. Help your kid to make progressinschool math. Your life will be a lot easier when you cansimplyremember the multiplication tables! In mathematics,amultiplication table (a times table) is a mathematical tableusedto define a multiplication operation for analgebraicsystem.-Support: