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xxxxxxxxxxx 8.0
This app is no longer available!Please download our other appwiththe same featuresApp: Bollywoodlove - NewsThis app is nolongeravailable!Please download our other app with the samefeaturesApp:Bollywood Love - News
Translator spanish 5.5.65
Traductor Inglés
+Translate spanish to english with this text translator pro+Whentranslating, share or copy the translation +Fast translationswithvoice to translate instantly +Listen the translations inyourlanguage english and spanish +Expand your vocabulary! Includeswordof the day with translation and instantly pronunciation+History ofthe last translations to consult later Download now!With thisenglish to spanish translator lite the world is morecommunicated!After all is the best spanish translator for android.On holiday,travel, business, studies or when moving, this languagetranslatoris for you. Perfect for translating texts into Spanish,documents,phrases, talking or for conversation starter. Say goodbyeto thedictionary QUALITIES: +quality translations +instanttranslations+voice translator +learn English +easy to use +speakand translateEnglish +low data consumption +translate to Spanish+education inforeign language +speech to text +interpreter forlanguage To dothe translations is necessary an internet connection,but thisapplication does not consume much data
Smart bike mode Auto Responder 33
Maliks Labs
Smart bike mode Auto Responder™ is a Android mobile app whichallowsyou to ensure minimum distraction while riding atwo-wheeler. Thisfeature once enabled automatically replies tocalls withpre-recorded text messages and doesn't notify the rideruntil it isan URGENT CALL request from the caller. This is a FREEapplicationdeveloped to support environment. Driving Bike is riskyand we aretrying to share the awareness for (no-mobile-driving).FollowTraffic Rules and Help Environment Serve You Better. DriveSafe.Previous Release Notes: v15 UI changes Feedback Bugfixes v14+ UIchanges v13 + Added Widget + Added Smart Response support foranyLanguage + Added Auto Translation for 6 Languages +AddedConfiguration Screen + Added Smart Response ON/OFF switch +UpdatedUI + Bugfixes v12 + Improved feedback + Added Ad's + Addedupdatechecker + UI improvements v11 + Major bugfixes v9 & v10 +AddedWhite List + Added reject call option + Improved Notifications+Major bugfixes v8 + Disclaimer shown once + Ringtone restoreswhenapp is closed in running mode. + Minor bug fixes v7 +Disclaimerimproved. + Notifications for Calls, Text and Urgentcalls arearranged in sequence. + Notifications for Phone calls willgeturgent symbol updated. + Notifications for Phone callscountincrements dynamically. + User Manual for How to use theappincluded in About section. + Other bug fixes v6 + Hidessoftnavigation buttons for phone's which do not have hardwarebuttons.v5 + Fixed App Permissions issue v4 + Major UI Updates forSmoothNavigation. + Urgent Phone Calls Facility Included. +AutomaticDual SIM Detection and Settings Recommendations. + SmoothandInteractive Notification for Phone Call's, SMS's and UrgentCallsAdded. + Help Made More Interactive. + FAQ Updated. +AddedApplication Version Information. + Feedback Facility Included.+Smart Response Navigation Improved. v3 + Bug Fixes v2 + Supportforsmaller size phones included. v1 + Core release Usesrealmopen-source library. License for which can be foundat
Fusion 360 2.3.4
Autodesk Inc.
Autodesk® Fusion 360™ for Android lets you collaborate on 3Ddesignswith anyone inside or outside your company. With the Fusion360 app,you have the flexibility to view and collaborate on yourFusion 360CAD models—anytime, anywhere. The app supports more than100 fileformats including DWG, SLDPRT, IPT, IAM, CATPART,IGES,STEP, STL,making it easy to share designs with your team, clients,partners,and friends. The free app works in conjunction with itscompanioncloud-based desktop product, Autodesk® Fusion 360™, a 3DCAD, CAM,and CAE tool for product design and development. FEATURESView •Upload and view more than 100 data formats including SLDPRT,SAT,IGES, STEP, STL, OBJ, DWG, F3D, SMT, and DFX • View andtrackproject activities and updates • Review large and small 3Ddesignsand assemblies • Access design properties and complete partslists• Isolate and hide components in the model for easy viewing•Navigate by touch with zoom, pan, and rotate Share • Sharewithstakeholders inside and outside your company • Sharescreenshots ofthe design with markups directly from the app Werespect yourprivacy, and would like permissions to access thefollowingcapabilities and information: + Accounts: Using theAndroid AccountManager helps us manage your Autodesk accounteasily, and allowother Autodesk applications to connect, using yourAutodeskaccount. + Storage: Store offline data if needed, so youcan viewyour data anywhere, anytime. + Photos: Access files or datastoredon your device to view, share and markup. SUPPORT ContacttheFusion 360 team or visit our forums.Email:[email protected]: Privacypolicy:
Periodic Table 2019. Chemistry in your pocket. 6.5.0
JQ Soft
Best periodic table of chemical elements. Chemistry in yourpocket.Features: 1) 118 elements 2) Atomic, thermodynamic,material,electromagnetic, nuclear properties and reactivity foreach element3) Electron shell diagram for each element 4)Solubility chart 5)Molar mass calculator PRO BUNDLE CONTAINS: 1)Solubility chart 2)4x zoom of table view 3) Molar mass calculator4) No ads 5) Isotopelist 6) Element photos Subscribe to our betaversion
Translator All Language 4
Translator all language can translations in over 80 languages.Voicetranslation. You can share translated texts with your friendsonyour social networks. Features: * Support for over 80 languages;*Pronunciation aid; * Voice recognition; * Share text resultoftranslation Support language: Afrikaans Albanian ArabicArmenianAzerbaijan Bashkir Basque Belarusian Bengali BosnianBulgarianCatalan Cebuano Chinese Croatian Czech Danish DutchEnglishEsperanto Estonian Finnish French Galician Georgian GermanGreekGujarati Haitian (Creole) Hebrew Hill Mari HindiHungarianIcelandic Indonesian Irish Italian Japanese JavaneseKannada KazakhKorean Kyrgyz Latin Latvian Lithuanian MacedonianMalagasy MalayMalayalam Maltese Maori Marathi Mari Mongolian NepaliNorwegianPapiamento Persian Polish Portuguese Punjabi RomanianRussianScottish Gaelic Serbian Sinhala Slovakian SlovenianSpanishSundanese Swahili Swedish Tagalog Tajik Tamil Tatar TeluguThaiTurkish Udmurt Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese WelshYiddishKeywords: Translator, Translator all laguage, Translate,Translatorfor Android. Online Translator
Frog Weather Shortcut 1.0
* Sometimes, Mr.Frog take a vacation. In that case, let's waituntilhim come back :) (Google's server problem)When remap theBixbybutton of Galaxy S8 and calling this app, weather can bedisplayedby simply pressing the Bixby button.I needed thisfunction:)AboutBixbyremapping*bxActions**BixBye*
Android Updates, Tips & Best Apps - Drippler 3.0.1548
Discover tips, tricks and apps for your Android. Get the latestappreviews, secret hacks, tech news, and new updates for your phoneortablet. Upgrade Your Android ✓ Pro smartphone tips & tricks✓Breaking tech news and app reviews ✓ New apps & utilitiesforAndroid ✓ Nougat 7.0 tricks & shortcuts ✓ Useful hacksandsecret menus ✓ Software and firmware upgrades ✓ Phone guidesandmanuals ✓ Best widgets & launchers ✓ Device setup tipsandsettings Best Android Tools, Apps and Widgets Looking for thebestproductivity apps? want to discover new watch widgetsorrecommended launchers? Drippler will keep you updated withanythingfrom the newest productivity tools, workout apps andpersonalizedwidgets to utilities, camera apps, cool Nougat tricks& tips,and tech news for your Droid. Top Reviews ★ "TryDrippler. It’slike a Flipboard edition for your mobile device" -GigaOm ★Recommended App by Samsung, Amazon, Verizon and AT&TTopTechnology News Sources - Lifehacker, Digital Trends, Make UseOf -The Next Web, AppsZoom, Ubergizmo - The Smartphone App Review,Ting- Unlockr, Wonder How To, Let's talk tech For moreinformationabout Facebook Native Ads clickhere: ✓ Drippler’s reviews andtipshelp millions of users worldwide to become more productivewiththeir smartphones, gadgets, and mobile technology. We supportthelatest Android Nougat update as well as Marshmallow 6.0,Lollipop5.0, KitKat 4.4 and prior OS versions (2.3+).
Saudi Iqama Check 2.2.5
Top Buzz
check iqama detail now in 3 language urdu english and arabiccheckiqama expiry date check available funds ,iqamainsurance,applyfamily visa online,check visit visa online,checkmosasa color,company status, traffic violation , traffic fines ,and videosabout saudi nizam video tube , informational videos andmany moreyou cal also ask us if you need help
Friendship Day 1.5
Greetings App Creator
Friendship Day is a day for celebrating friendship.The firstWorldFriendship Day - International Friendship Day was proposed in30thJuly,1958. Friendship day is International celebrating day.OnFriendship day all people enjoy it by sharing friendshipdaygreetings (images,messages,quotes,gifts)for all close friendswhoseare important part of life.Friendship Day celebrations occurondifferent dates in different countries. Friendship dayenjoythrough friendship and fellowship among all humanbeings,regardless of race, color or religion.Everywhere, peopleexpresslove for their friends and cherish their presence inlife.Friendsare part of our life and we share everything withfriends.friends.In short friends know us very well.So friendshipday is special dayto express love for friends and cherish theirpresence in life.Thisapplication contains very good friendship dayImages as well asfriendship day quotes.In this application you canfind awesomefriendship day greetings with attractive quotes soshare friendshipday greetings to your best friends.This friendshipQuotesapplication Contains: - List of Great Friendship quotesandthoughts as well as Friendship Day images.- Very attractiveuserfriendly Interface for Friendship day quotes and image.- Copyandshare Friendship Day greetings.Friendship Photo FramesFeatures:1.Easily design your photos within our HD Friendship DayphotoEditor.2. Friendship app have rich collection of latestphotoframes.3. You can move photos with in Friendship Day frames tofitthem nicely. 4. Application also support pinch zoom photoswithFriendship Day frames.5. You can save the newly designed photosinyour collection, application will maintain an history ofyourdesigned your pictures.6. From with the application you cansharethe Friendship Day designed photos with your Family andFriendsusing popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google +7. Youcan setdifferent photo filters to make more attractivepicture.8.You canRotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out or drag the phototo fit the frameas you like!9. Also provide collection of beautifulfriendshipstickers to design attractive photo frame.
Parques Reunidos 2.1.2
Grupo Parques Reunidos
Enjoy the best Theme Parks of Spain with Parques Reunidos’app.Parque Warner, Parque de Atracciones, Zoo Madrid, Faunia,SelwoAventura and Aquopolis Villanueva. You’ll enjoy a uniqueexperiencewith these functionalities: - Map of each Park withourattractions, favorite animals and shows for all the family!Youwill also find restaurants, services and any info you need-Geo-location for you to find and get whatever you need whenyouneed it. Go to the map or search directly for the pointofinterest. Take the most from your visit! - It Works offline.Don’tspend your 3G cap or roaming, you’ll have all thefunctionalitiesand alerts already created - Set up your alerts!Know ourexhibitions timetable, subscribe to them and get anotification 15minutes before it starts - Receive personalizedalerts! We’ll offeryou special discounts and unique experiencesonly for installingour app! - Before or even after your visit, youcould surprise youwith a last-minute deal - Create your own routesand plan yourvisit. Add your must-visit attractions, the shows youcan’t missand where to have a break. Totally customizable! - Theapp comeswith a set of routes already crafted by us to help youduring yourvisit - Meet me. Chat, speak, comment or flirt with anyperson thatis in the Park (of course, we always requestauthorization) - Shareyour visit, comments and photos in yourfavorite social networks.Just, shake the phone! - Buy online andsync the tickets in theapp. Don’t print your tickets!
Renault Radio Code Calculator 5.0
jmt products
This application can provide you with the originalmanufacturer'ssecurity code required to activate your Renault carradio or CDplayer following a loss of power. - Remove the radio orCD playerfrom the dashboard using the manufacturer's recommendedreleasekeys - Identify the serial number which can normally befound on alabel located on the casing - Enter this serial number togeneratethe corresponding unlock code for your radio or CD playerWe areable to supply codes for all serial numbers which areprefixed withletter and three numbers. this application will alsowork withother radios made by Phillips *Please note this app isnotofficially recognized by Renault *
Angel Energy Cards 3.2
Jayasri Nagrale
Note from the app creator: "Dear friends, thankyou for usingthisapp and for your reviews. Your comments are what inspire me tomakethis app better. As per your request, I would bechannelingin-depth messages from the Archangels very soon andupdate them onthe cards. Lots of love & gratitude. Feel free toemail meincase of any queries. - Jayasri Nagrale" The “Angel EnergyCards”will strengthen your connection with the Angels andArchangels.Your Angels are always with you all the time. They wantto help youwith anything and everything you ask for and make yourlifebeautiful. They offer unlimited guidance and wisdomwithunconditional love. Each time you perform an angel cardreadingwith this card deck, you tune into your Angels and come alittlecloser to the Angelic realm. Relax, breathe and let thetruemessages from your Angels flow to you. This is also a greatdeck toincrease your intuition and awareness to the subtle energiesaroundyou. The Universe/God is magnificent and sometimes we are theoneswho block abundance and love from entering our lives. Thiscarddeck will help you with releasing all the blocks and clearyourenergy field. Key Features: * A set of 47 beautiful cardswithinspiring messages in various categories * 5 types of readings(1,3, 5, cards, monthly reading & card of the day) * You canreadthe full meaning of each card * Read messages from yourAngelsanytime & anywhere from your device * Inspiring Card ofthe Dayreadings * Each of these cards invoke blessings from AngelsandArchangels into your life. Features in the Pro version(comingsoon): * Gorgeous illustrations for each of the cards *Moremessages will be added based on the guidance from Angels * Yougetall the future updates for free * Ability to store your readingsina beautiful journal * Ability to give readings to others andsharethe reading via email and social media About the Author:JayasriNagrale is a student of spirituality and is discoveringherconnection with the Angelic realm. She closely workswithArchangels to deliver messages of love and light to this world.Sheis the author of the popular book “Pregnancy Prayers - fromtheAngel Affirmations Series” which cover Angel affirmationsandprayers during pregnancy. Each of the cards in this deck andtheirmessages were created with guidance from Archangel UrielandArchangel Gabriel. These cards have a beautiful energy aroundthemand can be used anywhere and multiple number of times in aday.Contact email: [email protected] Use this card deck toreadAngelic messages and invoke their blessings & guidance.Thankyou
C Programming 3.0
Akshay Bhange
#1 Application for CProgramming.------------------------PLEASENOTE------------------------Insteadof giving us a lower rating,please mail us your queries, issues orsuggestions. I will be happyto solve them for you :)You cannot runor execute programs withthis app. The output is already tested anddisplayed for yourreference. Thank Youforunderstanding.-----------------------------------Features :★Chapter wise complete C Tutorials★ C programs with commentsforbetter understanding (100+ programs)★ Output for each program★Categorized Questions and answers ★ Important Exam Questions★Verysimple User Interface★ One click share (TutorialsandPrograms)-----------------------------------This C Programmingappenables you to carry basic C programming notes in your android.Itcontains about 90+ C Programs, and many FAQ's. This app has averysimple user interface and the contents can be easily understoodbythe users. This will definitely help u for preparingforinterviews, tests and in many more waysWherever and wheneveryourequire any information about C you are just a clickaway.....Allthe best.....
Let's App Maker & Creator : Prime App Builder 1.0.6
APP CREATOR, MAKER & BUILDER 2018 : CREATE YOUR OWN APP&MAKE EASY Mobile App Development with DIY APP BUILDER.AREYOULOOKING TO MAKE AN FREE APP FOR YOUR BUSINESS ? HOW TO MAKEFREEANDROID APP IN 3 MINUTES ? YOUR WISH IS OVER WITH “PRIMEAPPBUILDER”. APP Maker, Builder & Creator 2018 presents the#1android app development tool. It is the world's fastest growingDIYmobile app building platform for business. Create your ownandroidapplication for free in minutes! Design apps easily thatdoesn'tneeded any programming and is designed for the palm of hand.Nocoding skills or technical knowledge needed. Easy way to useappbuilder and create powerful app design that will look andfeelbeautifully like a native app.Create your own mobile app with3easy steps : (A) Scratch (B) Design (C) Build.##### APPFEATURES#####DIY App Maker 2018Attractive material userinterfaceCustomizeapp pages anytime anywhereEasy Android AppDevelopmentInstant apppublicationNo Coding skill neededGive instantupdates to yourcustomersPublishing to app store platforms (GooglePlay)Design appseasilyCreate app with 3 easy steps : Scratch,Design &BuildConnect your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to yourappSendpush notifications to your usersFlexible chat included#ENJOYFREEDIY APP MAKING SERVICE WITH PLAY STORE PUBLISHINGFEATURE=>############ HOW TO USE ################# STEP1#####*Download Prime App Builder from belowlink.*FollowourYoutube video for making an FREEapp. STEP 2#####*After creating an app, at the end of Build phase, you willget FREELIFETIME App building services added to your app. You've(i)Publisher-id (ii) App-link (which is nothing but Liet's AppTool).* Download your new created app & Login with appropriate(i)Publisher-id (generated by PRIME BUILDER) #####* Share your new created app with your friends andcustomersto improve customer satisfaction as well as enduserengagement.Thank you for your attention to application youcancomment and encouraged the developers With 5 star★★★★★rating.###### DON"T NEED ######Learn Android Development,Androidlearning for beginners , Learn Android Programming ,Tutorials forAndroid:Examples ,Android Studio, ProgrammingKnowledge,No CodingKnowledge, Android Development Tutorial ,Android Programming,Android Studio Tutorial , Android appdevelopment tutorial,Android programming tutorials , Learn androidprogramming step bystep , Android app development tutorial usingAndroid studio ,Android mobile app development tutorial , Learnandroid appdevelopment step by step , Android development online ,Androidprograming tutorial ###### DO NEED ######App BuilderAppMaker AppCreator App generator Create an app Make your own appAppdevelopment Android app maker Website builder Online appmakerIphone app builder Create my own app Best app creator Easyappmaker Artificial intelligence in AppDevelopmentArtificialintelligence programming Artificialintelligence projects
S.P. EMF meter 3.9
Spain Paranormal
This tool is a 3 in 1 the main EMF meter and secondaryproximityfrontal sensor activated with Prox. button plus quickaccess buttonto lantern. Calibrate button to reset (dont use itunless wrongredings occur because this app auto calibrates atstartup).IMPORTANT: Not all devices, including newest, havemagneticcompass sensor built in. If the app say no magneticcompassdetected at start up, its because the device dont have therequiredharware to work, not the app fault.NEW Skin button allow tochoosebetween 2 skins.NEW text inform you about realtimereadings.Privacypolicy: When you push Prox. button the app need toaccess yourdevice frontal camera to use the sensor for proximityalert featurenot to take any picture or video. You can see ourPrivacy policyclicking in the link below.Disclaimer: Nobody can toguaranteespirit communication with any ITC tool. This app is basedin ourown theories and research of the paranormal field.
C++ Programming 2.0
Akshay Bhange
#1 Application for C++Programming.------------------------PLEASENOTE------------------------Insteadof giving a lower rating,please mail me your queries, issues orsuggestions. I will be happyto solve them for you :)You cannot runor execute programs withthis app. The output is already tested anddisplayed for yourreference. Thank Youforunderstanding.-----------------------------------Features :★Chapter wise complete C++ Tutorials★ Programs with commentsforbetter understanding (140 programs)★ Output for each program★Categorized Questions and Answers★ Important Exam Questions★Verysimple User Interface★ One click share (TutorialsandPrograms)-----------------------------------This C++Programmingapp enables you to carry C++ programming Tutorials inyour androidphone. It contains about 140 Programs, many FAQ's &ImportantExam Questions. This app has a very simple user interfaceand thecontents can be easily understood by the users. Thiswilldefinitely help u for preparing for interviews, tests and inmanymore waysWherever and whenever you require any informationaboutC++, you are just a click away.....All the best.....
Amino Creator and Manager: ACM 1.10.22701
Amino Apps
Amino Creator & Manager enables anyone to create theirownmobile social network. Build and manage an immersive communitywithease. Become part of the Amino network of communities andgainaccess to a huge audience of potential members. - CUSTOMIZEyourcommunity's icon, theme, and categories - CURATE and moderateyourcommunity's content and chats - GROW your community onAmino'snetwork and off Amino is the leading mobile-firstcommunityplatform offering community leaders more customization,curation,and moderation tools than anywhere else.
Good Night 1.6
Greetings App Creator
Night time is the best time for all of us.It is the rest timeforthe person who consumed their energy for the whole day’s workOrthe time to visit the wonder land for the kids who spenttheirenergy during the day.good knight , sweet night , good nightimages, good night messages , good knight quotes , good nightwishes ,good night greetings , love greetings , night photos ,night cards, lovable and beautiful night sms , best images , goodnightpictures. Sweet Night is also the time for lovers to enjoytheirtime together or for the parents to have their own time afterawhole day of caring for the family.There are many sources tosayGood night before going to sleep to your closet person whicharevery far from you.We developed this Sweet Night applicationforthose who are very busy and want to share ready made goodnightimages and Quotes/SMS.Here this application covered top Goodnightwishes images and best quotes forFriends,Love,familymembers,relative etc.A Good Collection of GoodNight Image Quotes,Good Night Quotes and Sayings, Good Night Quotesand Wishes, GoodNight Quotes and Greetings, Good Night QuotesPictures for whatsapp,Facebook,Tumblr etc all socialmedia.Goodnight quotes are sweetlittle notes that can be sharedwith children, parents, friends orlovers to make their sleep timesmore pleasant or to inspire themto enjoy their sleep tonight sothey can face the day strongertomorrow.Good night wishes contains:-Good Night Images- BabyFace/Smiley- Sweet Night for Love- NightMoon Greetings- Good Nightgreetings for Friends - Good Night Quotes/ SMs - Sweet NightNotification settingNow use this application toshare good nightpictures/image/quotes its free for you.
20 second Fun Tap It Fast Reflex Reaction Game 1.3.6
You have 20 seconds to tap as many of the correctly coloredcirclesas you can. You gain 0.5 seconds for each board cleared.Statsreported are Score, High Score, Total Taps, Games Played,number ofMistaps for that game, and Accuracy percent for that game.You mayadjust the volume from 0% (mute) to 100% in 25% increments.Testyour motor skills and reaction time with this fun to playgamesuitable for all ages. Can you score over 200 with more than90%accuracy? Free Android game app with no ads or in-app purchases.Ifyou like this game, please check out my free Tap the ShapesFastgame:,please check out my other apps and games including 10-30 WPMKoch CWMorse code trainers for ham amateur radio here on GooglePlay:
NSDL 2.0.0
Share your experience with us [email protected]Viewyour investment holdings in NSDLD-mat account.For onlineregistration, follow simple steps afterdownloading App. If you arealready a User of IDeAS or SPEEDe systemof NSDL, the samecredentials (i.e. User ID and Password) willwork.Requirement :Android OS version 4.0 or higher.
Green Light Toucher Pro Theme 1.0
Here comes an alternative choice of the sector theme‘GreenLight’Green Light Light Toucher Theme, designed by GO DevTeam, whobrings you GO Launcher Super theme. Combine thepracticability ofColorbar theme with fascinating sector looking.Green Light,specially designed for Toucher!#Features-Time-Calender/Events-Contacts / Recent calls-New message /Recentmessage-Favorite App Lists-Weather-System SwitchesAnd wesincerelyhope you join Toucher translation project, helping ustranslateToucher into your language.Check Touchertranslationproject: LightToucher Theme in this way:1. Check System settings -Security -Device administrators, make sure 'Green Light' is NOTenabled2.Uninstall in 'System settings - Apps - Green Light,clickuninstall'Any further questions please let me know.Lookingforwardto your feedback!
Bulb Smash - Best Game Of 2017 3.19
Bulb Smash! One of the most addictive game of 2017.Do youlikeshooting and broken light bulb sound? Bulb Smash is a reallightbulb shooting game. Broke the light bulb within timer byusingslingshot. They're not as easy as they look. Care to give oneatry.Users can earn Paytm and PayPal money via refer friends.BulbSmash is completely free to play.***** Accepted to theBootstraptrack of FbStart 2016! ********** Proud recipient ofFacebookAudience Network grand prize winner! *****►Smash the lightbulbusing slingshot withing timer and earn coins.►Compete withyourfriends and other players to win and collectcoins(WeeklyLeagues).►Send and receive gifts with your facebookfriend►Earnratings to achieve pride badges.►Bet coins on everylevel and earnupto double by winning the level.►Play super level toearnunlimited coins►Leaderboards to watch your friendsandcompetitors!►It's easy to sync the game between deviceswhenconnected to the InternetIf you like this game, please rate itandleave a comment. If you don't like something in the game,pleaseemail us at [email protected] . We want to hear yourfeedback andcomments so We can continue to make this game better.!!Trying ourbest to build the best game!!Website:http://www.bulbsmash.comFacebook:
Dosti Friendship Shayari Hindi - दोस्ती शायरी 2019 7.0
Lithium Development
Friends are most precious and important part of our lives.intoday'svirtual world,we are forgetting our friends.this app canhelp you todescribe your friendship to your friend in form ofwords. This Appcontains new shayaris in the market.also ourdevelopers works hardto update database so that you can have newshayaris and quotes inthe is totally offline so thatusers can use it withoutinternet.users are provided share and copyfacility.hope you likeour work. Some Features of This App *Offline App so does notrequire internet connection. * ShareShayari SMS with all socialmedia apps * 100% free application *Beautiful user friendlyinterface Various Categories - dard bharishayari in hindi hearttouching shayari hindi shayari sms shayarion friendship love hindishayari hindi shayari on love hindishayari funny romantic shayariin hindi sad shayari hindi urdu loveshayari comedy shayariGreetings Brand New barish hindi shayarilove shayari shayari inhindi urdu shayari romantic shayari shayarihindi sms hindi funnyshayari hindi love shayari shayari on lovesms jokes friendshipshayari sad shayari in hindi shayari lovestatus for friends dayenglish shayari love shayari in english shershayari allama iqbalshayari attitude shayari shayari funny punjabilove shayari dostishayari in hindi sad hindi shayari friendshipshayari in hindi sheroshayari in hindi hindi shayari on life happybirthday shayari pyarbhari shayari mirza ghalib shayari in hindishayari images shayarisislamic shayari shayari on love in hindishayari in hindi loveshayari hindi love hindi funny shayari funnyhindi shayari shayariin punjabi shayari for friends urdu sadshayari best love shayaribest shayari in hindi birthday shayari inhindi rahat indori shayarishayari on eyes shayari on zindagi hindisms shayari hindi loveshayari for girlfriend shayari on friendssad shayari in urdushayari sad love sad shayari romantic urdushayari urdu shayari lovebest hindi shayari hindi shayaricollection broken heart shayarimiss u shayari hindi shayariwallpaper bewafa shayari in hindi deshbhakti shayari sorry shayarishayari download shayari in hindi funnyfriend shayari friendsshayari hindi dosti shayari sad urdu shayariurdu shayari in hindishayari dosti shayari romantic hindi sheroshayari love shayari smsdil shayari heart broken shayari urdushayari images hindi shayariimages love shayaris rahat indorimunnawar rana alok shrivastavguljar javed akhtar nida fajali sadpunjabi shayari sad shayari inpunjabi shayari for friend urdushayari mohabbat sad shayari loveromantic love shayari sheroshayari in urdu love shayari urdu goodmorning shayari in hindigujarati love shayari iqbal shayari galibki shayari dard shayari inhindi dard shayari hindi pyar ki shayarighalib shayari in hindilovely shayari hindi shayari shayari lovein hindi punjabi romanticshayari urdu romantic shayari romanticshayari for girlfriendshayari in hindi language love shayari inurdu best urdu shayarigood night shayari in hindi dard bharishayari hindi Aazadi ShayariDesh Bhakti shayari देशभक्ति शायरीमेरा भारत महान शायरी Desh bhaktiKavita Hindi Hindi Shayari SangrahDesh Bhakti Quotes jay hindShayari vande mataram Shayari DostiShayari Hindi 2019 Friendshipdosti shayari hindi dosti statusFriendship Status Hindi 2019 Hindidosti status dard bhari shayaridard bhari shayari with images hindidard shayari All Dard Shayari2019 Hindi Dhokha Shayari DhokhaShayari Hindi dhokha shayari inhindi dhoka shayari image HindiBewafa Shayari 2019 Hindi DardBhari Shayari Love Shayari Hindi 2019Pyar Shayari Hindi IshqShayari Hindi Mohabbat Shayari Hindi hindiPyar Shayari hindi IshqShayari hindi Mohabbat Shayari love shyariimage Pyar Shayariimages Ishq Shayari images Mohabbat Shayariimages Hindi LoveShayari Images hindi Romantic Shayari images IshqPyar MohabbatShayari Pyar Mohabbat Shayari Pyar Mohabbat ShayariHindi hindiIshq Pyar Mohabbat Shayari
PDF Creator
DBD Soft
Create PDF files on your device, offline, no internet connectionorserver uploads required. - Write rich text, or copy and pastetextfrom anywhere and paste it into the app. - Scan text straightintoyour document. - Select between different fonts, text color,styleand size. - Change the document margin as needed. - Addimages,position, resize and rotate them. - Create and addsignatures. -Add pages as needed, change page number style and pagecolor. -Save your work and continue later. All documents are savedand canbe edited and used to create new PDF files at a later stage.-Open, share, print or delete the PDF files from the app. -Shareand send images and text from other applications to PDFCreator toadd it to the current or a new document. - Convert imagesto PDFdocuments
Splitvid - Split Video Camera
Niltava Labs
The first split video app for Androiddevices.Split video and camera allows you to create more than oneclips andimages on the same scene. Clone yourself on a video orpicture,create illusion videos and images, create funny moments andmanymore. Split video and camera is straight forward, very simpleandeasy to use. Explore your creativity, capture your moment andshareit with your friends.Features#Video- 10 seconds free recording (get unlimited recording and noadsthrough the in-app purchase)- 1 frame (get more frames through the in-app purchase)#Photo- 6 free frames (get more frames through the in-app purchase)#General- Self Timer (5s,10s)- Basic Filters- Get the no ads version through the in-app purchaseTag: split video, split photo, split picture, split movie,clonevideo, clone movie, twin video, twin picture, twinmovie.Legal:- This application uses openCV library licensed under theBSDLicense and its source can be downloadedhere: This application uses libraries from the FFmpeg project undertheLGPLv2.1 ( The sounds in this app use*This app might not be compatible with tegra devices.*If you have any suggestions or problems, please contact usthroughour email below. Thank you.
Sample Letters Applications 4.6
SemiOffice.Com is offering more than 5000 business lettersanddocuments formats available for our mobile users.Semiofficedeliver free samples of official letters, applications,forms,certificates, planers and resumesThis AppIncludes:-AcknowledgementLetters Samples-Appointment LettersSamples-Appreciation LettersSamples-Business Letters Samples-CoverLetters Samples-ContractLetters Samples-Experience LettersSamples-Interview LettersSamples-Invitation Letters Samples-ResignLetters Samples-SalaryLetters Samples-Sponsorship LettersSamples-Thanks LettersSamples-Free Letter TemplatesSamples-Business letter sampleSamples-Write business letterSamples-Job ApplicationsSamples-Leave Applications Samples-OfficeApplicationsSamples-Salary Applications Samples-SampleSpeechesTemplates-Sample Resumes-Sample Certificates-SamplePlanners-SampleBill Formats-Sample Invoices-Sample SlipsYou canpost andcontribute by sending your created formats of documents,letters,applications or anything else that you want to makeavailable for free.Feedback:Share your ideas We will transform it into reality
Diction 3.8
exercises on diction
Family Pledge 3
Aju App Productions
It is tradition in the unification church to recite theFamilyPledge.Languages provided in this app sofarinclude:AlbanianBrazilianPortugueseCzechEnglishFinnishFrenchGermanHungarianJapaneseKoreanKorean(Romanised)PolishPortugueseRussianSpanishSwedishUkrainianAnaudiofile has been added for the Korean version which can belistenedto.Please send an email to [email protected] if you wantmorelanguages to be included in future releases.
Gold Fever - Make Money 1.8.4
Welcome to your Gold Mine! In Gold Fever you can easily MAKEMONEYonline for free! Hire hardworking miners for coins. Boosttheirspeed by watching exciting video ads. Check in daily and getextracoins. Harvest sparkling gold and exchange it for real money.HOWDOES IT WORK? 1. Earn Coins to hire miners 2. Harvest goldnuggetsin your mines 3. Exchange gold for REAL MONEY 4. Redeemmoney viaPaypal, Amazon HOW TO MAKE MONEY? ★ Choose offers fromplentypartners ★ Download free apps & games ★ Invite friendsand getextra coins ★ Watch exciting video ads ★ Complete surveys&contests HIGHLIGHTS ✔ Daily Reward - Get free Coins ✔ Makemoneyeven while you’re offline ✔ Daily new valuable offers ✔ Easyandfun way to make money ✔ Completely FREE cash app SUPPORTMissingCoins? Turn directly to the support of the specific partner.Youhave another problem? Contact us at [email protected] Makemoneyonline on the road or from home super easy fast and by theway. Ithas never been so easy! You’ve got the Gold Fever?
Automower Connect
Husqvarna Group
The official Husqvarna Automower® Connect app allows you totakefull control of your Husqvarna robotic lawnmower. The appprovidestwo modes of connectivity depending on model; Automower®Connectfor long-range connectivity using cellular communication,andAutomower® [email protected] for short-range connectivityusingBluetooth. Husqvarna Automower® Connect app provides thefollowingmain capabilities: Status and control • Receive thecurrent statusof the mower. • Receive push notifications if themower is stoppedor is brought outside the installation. • SendStart, Pause andPark commands to the mower. Configure and install •Have themower’s complete menu system on your mobile device. • Viewandchange the mower settings, e.g. timers and cutting height. •Takeadvantage of the high resolution and color display on yourmobiledevice to enhance the interaction with the mower.Security(applicable for Husqvarna Automower® Connectlong-rangeconnectivity) • Track your mower’s GPS position in realtime. •Receive push notification alarm in the event of theft.
Hany Shaker 1.1
Hany Shaker's official app keeps you closer with "The PrinceOfArabic Singing".After Installing this app, you will be ableto:-Watch all the Exclusive Music Videos and Concerts.- PlayallReleases (Albums, Music Videos and Singles).- Check alltheExclusive News and Photos.- Listen to a daily song updated every24hours.- Be notified with the upcoming events and concerts.-Followall official social media accounts.
Friendship Dosti Shayari 1.0.2
Dosti shayari in Hindi and friendship shayari for Friends istrendynowadays. Most of friends are finding the Best Dosti ShayariinHindi for their best friends. We have latest friendship ShayariinHindi. we also have Cute Shayari on Best Friends andtheirfriendship. if you have a friend then you must send someDostishayari in Hindi or Friendship Shayari in English fromourcollection. Send the Best Dosti Shayari to your closefriendspickup two line or 4 line shayari on friendship in hindilanguagefrom our unique collection of Dosti Shayari in Hindi. BestDostiand friendship Shayari on friends will support you while youareprepared to give up so they can give for us while bestDostiShayari for friendship. Dosti shayari and Friendship Shayariisvery required on friendship day when you are proving yourbestfriendship. Read more Dosti Shayari for friends on next page.Weregularly udpates latest dosti and frienship shayari for ourdailyreaders.Latest Dosti Shayari दोस्ती शायरी, Hindi FriendshipStatusSms & Quotes, Best Dosti Shayari for Whatsapp Facebook,Bestever written Friendship or Dosti Shayari Collection, YaariShayari,Best Dosti Shayari, Hindi Friendship Poetry, DostiShayariImage-Wallpaper, Dosti Shayari Hindi, DostiSher-O-Shayari,LoveDosti Shayari SMS Collection, shayari forfriends,Write-up: Dostipoetry is best way to prove yaari to youryaar. Best ever writtenFriendship or Dosti Shayari, here you willfind the best Shayariscollection funny, sad and lots of morecategories in Hindi forWhatsApp messages and SMS. Dosti Shayari andFriendship Shayarisection of this site is a very beautiful conceptto share thebeauty of thought about the Friendship. So, what areyou waitingfor? Just browsing and share our Shayaris toyourfriends.Friendship Shayari in Hindi Font, Hindi FriendshipShayari,New Friendship Shayari, Shayari on Friendship, ShayariforFriendship, Best Friendship Shayari for Whatsapp Facebook,LatestFriendship Shayri, Funny Friendship Shayari, Yaar Shayari,FrndshipShayari.Legal:- Images may copyright to their respectiveowners.-Any legal owner person found any violence of your rights,pleasewrite us to [email protected] with image forwithdrawingimage immediately.
Paschal Canon 4.0
Kostas Skamagas
Contains the Orthodox Paschal Canon in text and sound.InancientGreek, modern Greek and English language.
Motivator 7.8
With a new look , the Motivator, useful tool to always keep onhandthe mission data. Usable by anyone traveling on missionandperceives more allowance . Calculates the real-time gain andallowsyou to share with friends the remaining days to return.
Omae wa mou shindeiru 1.3.2
Frase famosa de anime Fist of The North Star especialmenteparahacer bromas a tus amigos sobre la frase omae wa mou shindeiruquetraduce Ya estas muerto.famous phrase anime Fist of The NorthStarespecially to make jokes to your friends on Omae wa moushindeiruphrase that translates already dead.
Friendship Status 1.2.1
Numtooplum Seraamonet
Friendship Status
WB Development Team
SCAN, DECODE, CREATE, SHARE with QR BARCODE SCANNER! . More than40millions users downloaded this premium app that SCANSmultiplebarcode formats and QR codes to automatic decode theircontents. QRBarcode Scanner is very fast and easy to use. You canDECODE text,urls, ISBN, email, contacts information, calendarevents and muchmore with a single click using your smartphonecamera, image files,online codes. After decoding you will beredirected to webpagelinks, books review, multimedia and calendaronline informations.You can CREATE YOUR OWN QR Codes and Barcodesvery fast! SHARE themwith your friends through apps, socialnetworks, email, textmessages, save them for later use or print.Take a look at our appscreenshots and feel free to share this appwith your friends.Download this app and transform your Androidsmartphone or tabletin a powerful QR Code scanning station. Visitour catalog on . FEATURES: - SCAN QR CODES ANDBARCODES from> CAMERA > IMAGE FILES > URLS - CREATE yourown QR CODESencoding: > EMAIL ADDRESSES > PHONE NUMBERS >CONTACTSINFORMATIONS > CALENDAR EVENTS > GEOGRAPHICINFORMATION >SIMPLE TEXT > BOOKMARKS - CREATE your own "oldy"BARCODES (EAN8,EAN13, CODE39, CODE 128) - SHARE your QR CODESthrough: > EMAIL> TEXT MESSAGES > SOCIAL NETWORKS(Facebook, Twitter,Flipboard, Google Plus) > WIFI > BLUETOOTH- AUTO-ARCHIVEevery QR CODE decoded in a simple history list - JUMPDIRECTLY toWEB ADDRESSES decoded. - CONTINUOUS SCAN - FLASH LIGHTUSE -HISTORY DOWNLOAD in .csv format file - START IN SCAN MODEOPTION________________________ User interface languages:English,Espanol, Italiano. ________________________ CHANGELOGVersion 2.5 :1) Added possibility to use the Led light whilescanning; 2)Download Full History; 3) Improved "Search" function inHistorySection; 4) Added "Continuous Scan" function; 5) Added"Starting inScan Mode" way; 6) Improved user experience, webviewremoved; 7)Bug fixes. ______________________________ Version 1.4.2: 1) majorbug fix for android 2.1 devices on result scan activity;2)resolved random crash on history; 3) minor bugfixing.______________________________ Old version 1.4.1 :1)Improved userinterface and user experience; 2)CompleteIntegration with ICS 4.x;3)Added possibility to save contact tophonebook; 4)Added option tosave result to clipboard; 5)Addedpossibility to search through thehistory; 6)Added possibility toenable/disable vibration; 7)Addedpossibility to enable/disablesound on scan completed; 8) addedpossibility to save calendarevents directly into your calendars;9) added possibility to changecolor of the encoded qr.______________________________ Old version1.4 : 1) Revolution ofthe user interface (swipe, etc.); 2) Addedthe function fordecoding images; 3) Added the function for decodingfrom URL.______________________________ Old version 1.3 :1)complete supportfor the english, spanish and italian language;2)new UI style;3)added the auto recognition of the type of theqr/barcode scanned;4)added the auto redirection to the content ofthe qr/barcode wherepossible; 5)minor bug fixed______________________________ Oldversion 1.2.1 : 1)Standalone scanfunction 2)more option to refineyour search 3)possibility to encodemany informations like contactaddress, phone number, emails, url,location,currentposition,bookmarks,calendar events. you can shareall thisinformation through sms, mail, social networks, dlna,picasa andother services. ______________________________
Live Darshan of Shantikunj 4.7.1
Brijesh Verma
Live Darshan of Shantikunj. शान्तिकुञ्ज दिग्दर्शन लाइव You mayhavea live visit of Samadhi Sthal, Gayatri Mandir & AkhandDeepdaily in morning. Also you may now listen Hindi pravachanofP.Gurusatta. Copy Hindi text from Amrit Vachan app. and pasteintotext box to listen.
Slamber City 3.2
Slamber City M9 locatorWant to find your closest M9 or justseewhere all the M9's are?Premium version has no ads and chatenabled
myCEC 1.7
This is an interactive application of CEC-AMU.Launched inDecember2017 , this would be a first of its kind smart mobile appof AMUCultural Education Center.It has the following helpfulfeatures :1)Event Tracking & Management2) GEO based LiveVoting3) VirtualTour4) QR Code tour5) Gallery6) Subscriptionrequest7) PushNotifications8) Top5 rating9) Notice BoardHave fun !
Abouzaid El Idrissi 1.1
Application reprenant les Conférences du Professeur AbouzaidMoukriEl idrissi classé selon les catégories citéesApplicationcontainingthe Teacher Conferences Abouzaid Moukri El Idrissiclassifiedaccording to the categories listed
Custom Skin Creator for Minecraft PE 2.2.0
Want to enhance your gaming experience while playing theMinecraftPocket Edition? Looking for a unique tool to create andedit yourown Custom Minecraft skins? Start using this custom skincreatorapp for Minecraft PE - Custom Skin Creator Minecraft. Thisis not agame, it is just a skin creator for Minecraft PocketEdition. Usingthe free “Custom Skin Creator for Minecraft” app, youcan makeskins. On the Custom Skin Creator for Minecraft PE, youcandirectly dressing to your skin and create just the look you'vebeensearching for! Create skin using custom skin parts and makecustomskins never seen anywhere before. Still looking for reasonsthatmake “Custom Skin Creator Minecraft” the most unique amongallminecraft skin apps? Here are features that make theappincredible- - Create your own custom skins with Minecraftskincreator - Minecraft 1.8+ Compatible - Skin creator forminecraftpocket edition ( also you can use in computer version ofminecraftby using export to minecraft) - Support for both 64x32(oldversion) and 64x64 (new version) skins. - Export skins inboth64x32 old minecraft skin format for 1.8 below and 64x64 new1.8+minecraft skin - You can just pick any one and start dressing.-Create your skin from Steve, Alex, Blank skin. - for Computer editon. - For minecraft PE, savecustomskins to your device - Colorful, creative, funny and coolskinparts for boys, girls and special characters - Large collectionofdressing and accessories to apply directly to your skin. -Randomskin you can create and enjoy thousand of skins. - Resettoolsuseful for editing the skin also. - View Skin Editor 360Degree 3Dafter editing the skin. - Load custom pre-made skin forMinecraft -Minecraft skin stealer - Allows stealing skins from anyotherplayers using their username. - Import minecraft skins fromyourgallery - Save Minecraft skin characters - Export to MinecraftPE(Minecraft pocket edition) - Export custom miskins to yourgallery.- Download external minecraft skins - Use pre-made skinparts likehat,hair,crown,jacket,pant,mob etc. to create custom skinveryeasily We are constantly working hard on making the “CustomSkinCreator Minecraft” app better and more useful for you. We needyourconstant support to get going. Please feel free to email [email protected] for anyqueries/suggestions/problemsor if you just want to say hello. Wewould love to hear from you.If you have enjoyed any feature of the“Custom Skin CreatorMinecraft” app, do not forget to rate us onplay store. Custom SkinCreator Minecraft is not developed byMojang. Minecraft is atrademark of Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name,the Minecraft Brand andthe Minecraft Assets are all property ofMojang AB or theirrespectful owner. Please note that we are notaffiliated withMojang AB but we adhere to the terms set out byMojang AB at
Lab Pe Aati Dua Kids Urdu Poem 1.6
Urdu Kids Learning Poem for Pakistan India region for UrduHindispeaking Kids. Urdu Children Poem of The Great Allama Iqbal.KidsLearning a Prayer Rhyme in Urdu. We have developed it withawesomeTouchable Graphics and rich Animations Kids Learning. It hasmadein an interesting way, that the kids can sing along whilewatchingit, and learning Urdu words by touching them. We hope tobring moreand more Animated Poems in the future. We have addedinteractivityin this poem, kids will enjoy it.
Cantos do Curió 1.4
Givix app
Canto Curió Praia GrandeCanto Curió ParacambiCanto CurióAvinhadoParacambiCanto Curió Paracambi Rompe nuvemCanto Curió ViTeuTeuCanto Curió Vo-vo Yi-viuCanto Curió FlorianópolisCantoCurióParanaguáCanto Curió Timbira ViradoCorner Curio PraiaGrandeCornerCurio ParacambiCorner Curio Winey ParacambiCorner CurioParacambicloud BreaksCorner Curio Vi Thy ThyCorner Curio Vo-voYi-sawCornerCurio FlorianópolisCorner Curio ParanaguáCorner CurioTimbira Face
Diablo Rádió Magyarország 1.0.2
Hallgasd kedvenceidet a Diablo Rádióban ahol a nap 24órájábaninteraktív szórakozásban lehet részed.Tarts velünk egy újvilágba azene hullámhosszán.Hear your favorites Diablo Radio with a24-hourinteractive entertainment experience.Join us in a new worldofmusic wavelengths.
Al Muqtatofat Li Ahlil Bidayat 2.0
El Masum E2A Group
Book works K.H. Marzuqi Mustamar contains a rebuttal to somegroups,especially the Wahhabi Salafi tradition of blaming thenahdhiyyin,cited the arguments of Al-Qur`an, Sunnah and the ruleof Usul Fiqh.Through this book he wanted to open the eyes of thepeople that theypractice no legal basis, as well as answeringcharges of those whodisagree with the majority amaliyah nahdhiyincitizens. He Hope thisbook can be passed on to others, whenalready recited and givenpermission by him directly. And nowalready available translation inIndonesian. Hopefully this simpleapplication can be useful for allof us.Features:-Search text-Copy& share text-add bookmarks andnotes-edit note-change fonttypeface and font size-etc.
Good Morning Images and Morning Quotes 1.8
Greetings App Creator
Good Morning Images is an Application of Collection ofbeautiful"Good Morning images", "morning quotes","Good MorningFlowers","good morning pic","good morning love","morning cards" andso onspecial wishes .Good Morning Messages 2018 app has thefollowingcategories of contents: good morning Photo, good morningMessages,good morning Frames, good morning Photo Stickers, goodmorningSongs & Sounds, good morning Cards, good morningSpecialPhotos, good morning SMS, good morning Images, good morningHindiMessages, good morning Hindi SMS, good morning Wishes, goodmorningsweet Messages, good morning SMS collection, good morningLove SMS,good morning Friends, good morning Pictures, Wedding goodmorningGIF Images And SMS Messages, Special day of husband andwife. ShareHindi good morning SMS, Hindi good morning Messages,Hindi goodmorning Greetings, Hindi good morning Quotes, SalgirahMubarak SMS,such prabhat Greetings, subh prabhat Messages.There area lot offamous beautiful good morning quotes, good morning poem,goodmorning saying, good morning message, good morning image card,goodmorning new images, good morning everyday images, goodmorningsticker, good morning sms, good morning 7 day and goodmorningpicture to make them special everyday or start the day withourinspiration quotes that is another good way to motivate themtostart a new sweet day!!This good morning application containsverynice morning wishes images with attractive quotes oflove,inspirational, friendship etc. So, you don’t need to goanywhere tofind Good wishes and quotes at morning to wishsomeone.Just pickupthe best greeting from rich list of the wishesand share it onsocial media.Using this application you can shareyour morninggreetings to your best friends, relatives, familymembers and loverone at anytime.This sweet morning applicationcontains:- Collectionof attractive Good morning Images and sweetmorning quotes .-Morning Images for Love- Morning Wishes forfriends- Sweet Morningfor family Members- Morning Sun Images-Morning beautiful flowersimages- Morning natural images with sweetmessages- Morningmessages for Friends- sweet messages for Girlfriend- sweetmessages for Boy friend- Morning quotes for Husband-Morning Quotesfor Wife- Inspirational or motivational Morningwishes quotesStartyour day with this App & share heartfeelings, Peace &Happiness together with your family andfriends by sharing GoodMorning Wishes.
Roberto Cavada 2.0.3
Altice Dominicana
Roberto Cavada: El Hombre Noticia.Orange and Roberto Cavadabringyou the first reporting interactive application in theDominicanRepublic. Through this application you can create your ownnews ofa fact of which have been involved in and be the first toreportit! Add a photo and press the "send report" and your newscould bechosen to be shown in any media handled by Roberto Cavada(Twitter,Facebook, TV / Radio).