Top 2 Games Similar to Death Calculator

Touch of Death 2.3
To avenge your mentor's death you have to defeat thecountlessminions of the killer.Use precise timing and deadlygestures toburst the hearts of your foes in this frantic yet simpleactiongame.**********************************************Yourfriend andmentor is dying in your arms! Dastardly attacked and leftto die.Tradition commands that you avenge this senseless death.It's astory as old as time and so you set out to face the manymembers ofthe killer's clan. Luckily you have mastered the secretTouch ofDeath: Dim Mak, the five-touch-heart-explosion-technqiue.Touseyour Touch of Death you have to time your movements just right.Hitthe markers at the right moment. Or follow the shown movementasclosely as possible. If you're successful the hearts ofyourenemies will burst in their chests!• See how many enemies youcandefeat• Turn your friends into rivals with the onlineleaderboards•Play flawlessly to collect even more points withthecombo-multiplier• Fight against six different enemies, insevendifferent colors!
Death Board 2.2
Do you have enough fast and an eagle-eyed to overcome yourfriends?Let’s challenge your friends and yourself.Number will bewritten onthe board. Watch out! The board will become the DEATHBOARD.How farcan you go? How fast you can do?How to play:1 - Thereare a mainnumber and several number around it.2- You need to findmatchednumber with main number3- Tap on matched number4- Get yourscore5-Challenge your friendVersion 1.2:- Fix gameover layout errorinsome device.- Improve game performanceVersion 1.3: - Highscorenotification.Version 1.4:- Add start screen menu- Add new gamemode"TIMER MODE"- Optimal game difficulty- Change game ICON