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Spring Nature Live Wallpaper 1.0.6
BlackBird Wallpapers
Spring nature live wallpaper – free animated desktopscreensaverwith beautiful HD spring backgrounds, live water effect,live raineffect and much more. Download this free wallpaper appnow, it willbe an excellent decoration for your phone or tablet forthe springtime. MAIN FEATURES: - 25 HD spring photos (springmountainlandscape, spring loan, spring macro photos, grass,flowers, …) -Live rain effect - Steamy window effect - This freespringwallpaper supports horizontal orientation and looks great onbothmobile phones and tablet devices and supports screen switchingandall screen resolutions (1920x1080, 1280x768, …) - This freehdwallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislivewallpaper will not drain your battery How to set thisfreewallpaper on the desktop of your phone: Home → Applications→Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper →Livewallpapers → Spring nature live wallpaper Check out our accountformore free beautiful live wallpapers Notice: this freespringwallpapers contains ads
Perfect Sunrise Live Wallpaper 20.0
If you enjoy watching sunrises and beautiful naturelandscapes,download these amazing HD wallpapers. Beautify yourphone screenwith fantasy pictures of the eastern sky flooded with agentle androsy color, and everything appears to be bright andgolden. Awesomepictures of sunrise will make you feel happywhenever you look atyour mobile devices. Download “Perfect SunriseLive Wallpaper”completely free. ☀Perfect Sunrise Live Wallpaper☀offers youbreathtaking background images of wonderful sunlight. Thesunriseis one of the most beautiful sights of nature. The risingsunillumines the mountain tops, the trees, the temples, thebuildingsof a big city. With this magical 3D wallpaper you willexperiencethe most beautiful pictures of “rising sun”. Thesebeautiful highresolution “sunrise pictures” will make youspeechless. Enjoy theperfect “sun rise” in nature, relax, and letthe fantasy images ofdifferent colors of the sky make you happy!Download ☀PerfectSunrise Live Wallpaper☀ now, share it with yourfriends and familyand enjoy the magnificent sunrise Sydney, sunriseLondon or sunriseSan Diego! HD pictures of inspiring nature,sensational mountainsunrise, tropical sunrise or sunrise beach willmake you happy likenever before. With this awesome free app youwill visit citiesaround the world. ☀Perfect Sunrise Live Wallpaper☀offers you manydifferent animated backgrounds so you can pick yourfavorite“sunrise wallpaper”. Download astonishing “live wallpaper”forAndroid™ and enjoy the best sunrise images. *Android™ isatrademark of Google Inc.
Flower Spring Live Wallpaper 7.5
Pro Live Wallpapers
Here is the new Flower Spring Live Wallpaper for all of younaturelovers who want to decorate your smartphone screen withbeautifulHD pictures of breathtaking springtime landscapes. Enjoythemarvelous view of flowery fields, valleys covered with freshgreengrass, clear waters of calm rivers and sun shining in the bluesky.These high resolution nature images will be the healing sightforsore eyes. You will become one with marvelous springtime natureandbeautiful green landscapes. This natural live wallpaper is newonthe market so don’t hesitate and download it right now,completelyfree of charge!- Amazing 3D live wallpaper for yourphone!-Animated spring landscapes decorating your screen;- Fullsupportfor landscape mode and home - screen switching! - AmazingHDgraphics;- Social share button and more- This beautiful, freeandenjoyable background is waiting for you!Follow theinstallationinstructions: Home - > Menu - > Wallpapers - >LiveWallpapers- Motion of flashes and lights keeps changing withtime.-You can choose from several different spring backgroundthemes.-Optimized Battery Usage- Compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices.-The Spring wallpaper app will sleep when your phone isinactive, sothis live wallpaper will not drain your battery. - LiveBackgroundfully supports horizontal orientation and looks amazingon bothmobile phones and tablet devices.Flower Spring LiveWallpaper willtake you for a walk through shady grove or valley ofcolorfulflowers. You can hike across breathtaking green hill andsail thecalm rivers anytime you want with these magical livewallpaperbackgrounds. Get marvelous animated images of awakened“springtimenature”, bright sunny landscapes and wonderfully coloredsceneries.The new Samsung “Flower Spring Live Wallpaper” willassure you thatheaven is a place on earth with amazing HD images offlourishingnature. Pictures of inspiring nature in amazingly vividcolors willbe the healing sight for sore eyes. Let these landscapesinspireyou and make you celebrate the awakening of nature with thebrandnew Springtime HD pictures! Let these landscapes inspire youandtake you over seven seas, to places you've never been before!Itwill be an unforgettable experience, so take everything thatthenew “Flower Spring Live Wallpaper” has to offer and youwon’tregret it! By downloading this amazing “live wallpaper”, youwillget the best of the best when it comes to HD landscapeimages!offers you many different options and it is up you tocustomizeyour Samsung Galaxy and Android™ device. Download it rightnow,completely free of charge and enjoy the wonderfulspringtimenature!* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.*This appis notaffiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.
Hd Nature Wallpaper 1.0
Experement Techs
A Collection of Hd Nature Wallpaper For Android Phones28 FreeHdNature Wallpaper of your phone!
Night City Live Wallpaper 1.0.5
Night city live wallpaper - beautiful free live wallpaper withnightsea, night city landscape, live water effect, sound ofwaves,animated clouds and much more. Install this free wallpaperandrelax listening to the soothing sound of summer oceanwavescrashing on the night city shore. Features: - Animated nightcitylandscape - Live water effect (live sea waves) - Waves soundeffect(sea sounds) - Animated clouds - This night city livebackgroundfully supports horizontal orientation and looks great onbothmobile phones and tablet devices and supports screen switching-This wallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, sothislive wallpaper will not drain your battery - Real smooth3Danimations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99%mobilephone devices) How to set night sea paradise wallpaper on thehomescreen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display→Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → NightCityLive Wallpaper Check out our account for more free beautifullivewallpapers Notice: this free live wallpaper contains ads
Garden Live Wallpaper 7.4
Live Wallpaper HD 3D
Garden Live Wallpaper HD is here to make your day! If youlovenature and beautiful landscapes then this is a perfect gardenLWPfor you! Experience the lovely scenery of luscious green natureinthe summer from "Garden Live Wallpaper"3D and you'll always be inagood mood. Enjoy every moment of your day with live wallpapersthatfeature animated pictures of flowers! Get this amazingserenenature and lily flower wallpaper, it's totally free – layback,relax and enjoy! Find awesome 3D live wallpapers with gardenplantsand flowers and floating objects like little sparkles andblossomscreensavers for free install! -Amazing nature garden houseHDwallpapers for your phone! - Interactive feature: Tap on thescreenand new images will move as fast or slow as you want! -Wonderfulgarden background images in wallpapers and backgroundswith floralthemes - Full support of animated backgrounds forlandscape modeand home-screen switching! - Beautiful flower gardenwallpapersdownload! Installation instructions: Home -> Menu->Wallpapers -> Garden Live Wallpaper - Motion of flashesandlights keeps changing with time in nature wallpaper GIF. - Youcanchoose from several different themes of wallpaper design. -HDgraphics and open GL with garden images HD, spring plantsandmoving flowers. - Optimized Battery Usage. - All garden picsarecompatible with 99% mobile phone devices. - Adorable gardenphotoHD in live wallpaper for Android™ phone - Beautifulflowerwallpaper animation looks amazing on tablet devices as wellas oncellphones Now let's imagine this animation photo with gardenshedsand animated flower images. You have had an awfully busyandstressful day in the city and you find it hard to unwind. Wandtorelax? Dynamic wallpaper HD flowers is here to help! Seeyourselfin beautiful nature with amazing trees and flowerswallpapers roseHD, lovely rose bushes and endless green lawns everyday. Did youknow that landscaping is actually a whole science?!Give your phonea touch of Japanese culture with stunning Easterngardens, or pickdry stone japanese zen gardens that can be foundthroughout Japan.You can find your peace of mind in the movingwallpaper garden ofthe Buddhist temples designed for meditation andrelaxation. Eventhe Chinese gardens are naturally organized andcreated to sootheanxiety can beautify your screen for free.Download oriental garden3D live wallpaper if you want to embellishyour phone! Pretty olivegardens rich in olives and other lusciousgreen plant found in theMediterranean countries, beautiful gardenwallpaper with roseflower will be ideal for you. After a hard day,we need a place wecan escape to and what's better than a peacefulgreen gardenpictures with curvy paths, lovely bushes with beautifulred roses,purple orchids or maybe a fountain in the center or afish pond? Ifyou love tea, you can have a tea garden shrubs to gazeat wheneveryou desire. Summer, spring, autumn or winter gardenwallpaper HD?You get to choose what kind of wallpaper natureflowers HD to puton your phone display. Just imagine thepossibilities! One day youare in Provence, France walking in thesummer sun and the next, youcan be in a Sky Garden apps or evenCeltic garden flowers - it'stotally up to you! What's a betterplace to relax but in beautifulnature with tons of green plants,trees, breathtaking landscapes,birds singing and amazing bouquet offlowers in red, pink, purpleor yellow colors! How about a lavendergarden HD wallpaperlandscape? Nature is amazing! Download this coolapplication forAndroid live screensavers with home garden imagesand enjoy yourprivate heaven with flower arrangements! Embellishyour smartphonedisplay with lovely pictures of sakura flowergardens in HD fullflower garden wallpapers and be at peace everymoment of yourotherwise stressful day! *Android is a trademark ofGoogle Inc.
Autumn Garden Live Wallpaper 1.0.5
BlackBird Wallpapers
Autumn pond live wallpaper - beautiful animated screensaverwithsunny autumn landscape, falling red, orange, yellow 3Dleaves,animated clouds ad much more. Install this free liveautumnwallpaper and enjoy all the beauty of the sunny autumn day.Keyfeatures: - Beautiful autumn garden landscape - Animatedfallingleaves (autumn leaf fall with 2D and 3D leaves) - This freeautumnwallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation and looksgreat onboth mobile phones and tablet devices and supports screenswitching- This free wallpaper app will sleep when your phone isinactive,so this live wallpaper will not drain your battery - Realsmooth 3Danimations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99%mobilephone devices) How to set free autumn live wallpaper on thescreenof your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display→Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers →AutumnGarden Live Wallpaper Check out our account for more freebeautifullive wallpapers Notice: this free live wallpaper containsads
Green Nature Live Wallpaper 1.1.2
Do you think your phone screen is not cool romantic enough touse?Feel like something's missing on your home screen? DownloadtheGreen Nature Live Wallpaper to give your phone some style.GreenNature Live Wallpaper is an Android mobile Live Wallpaper with3Deffects, well-designer gesture effects, HD backgrounds andvividsunshiny poetic wallpapers. Green Nature Live Wallpaperissupported on most Android devices, including Samsung GalaxyJ7,Samsung S7 Edge, Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor and many more.Installthe Green Nature Live Wallpaper for a HD home screen and tomakeyour phone look cool! Green Nature Live WallpaperFeatures:AmazingGreen Nature Live Wallpaper has vivid sunshinypoetic wallpapersand dynamic fanciful remarkable live effects. Wewish you couldenjoy this vivid sunshiny poetic Live Wallpaper onyour phone.Allthe gesture effects could provide you an dynamicfancifulremarkable screen that you will enjoy. Customize mobilephone withvivid sunshiny poetic high 3D technology. Get this coolromanticLive Wallpaper or Theme free to beautify your phone. EnableFREErefined nature live wallpaper to personalize android screenwithdynamic fanciful remarkable feelings. If you love Nature,pleaseget this vivid sunshiny poetic Live Wallpaper now.On theFREEelegant sparkling background, your Samsung or Huawei phone willbeshining and brilliant.3D dynamic and FREE elegant sparklingliveeffects to make your phone special.You can find more HDdynamicfanciful remarkable wallpapers as you wish.What you canenjoy inGreen Nature Live Wallpaper:Various categories of Livewallpapercould be found to fulfill your beautify needs. Moredynamicfanciful remarkable Live wallpaper are ready foryou.Supportsdifferent mobile phones of all kinds and brands tosatisfy yourneed for FREE elegant sparkling live wallpaper.Dailyupdates withnew live wallpapers for more news.Beautify androidphone with FREErefined nature effects for a fresh phone.Morefestival and holidaywith FREE refined nature effects such as LoveValentine. You canDIY more vivid sunshiny poetic live wallpaper andyou can change asyou wish. Green Nature Live Wallpaper is made forBackgrounds (HDWallpaper) to customize your phone with vividsunshiny poetic livewallpaper and cool romantic screen lock. Wantto have a specialdynamic fanciful remarkable Live keyboard withthis Green NatureLive Wallpaper. Just visit the app center tosearch whatever youneed in this HD Wallpaper!
Nature Wallpaper 2.2
* Simple to user Nature Wallpapers application. * Easy to usenocropping concept. * Excellent and Nice home screens foryourandroid mobile * Wonderful collection of wallpapers available.*Nature Wallpapers is a FREE app with the most adorable andstunningWallpapers. * Set the desired image on your home screen andmakeevery time you take a look at your smart phone in this app,NatureWallpapers. * Fun to watch the lovely wallpapers and arejustperfect to set your mood. * In this app, Nature Wallpapers youcanenjoy the amazing wallpapers for your smartphone.
Garden Live Wallpapers HD 1.12
Do you love nature and garden lanskapes? If you love natureandwonderfull flowers and roses landscapes then this is perfectgardenlive wallpapers HD is the best choose for you. Experiencethelovely scenery of green nature in the summer and spring andwatchthe most beautiful blossoms & bushes. You can decorateyourphone with outstanding flowers and trellises that bring you allthejoy of spring and summer of the sun and make you happy everytimewhen you look at this garden pictures and images. You willfinddifferent categories like roses photography, japanesegarden,flowers garden, waterfall images, trellises wallpapers,blossomswallpapers, pink wallpapers and more. This gardenwallpapers apphas a super collection of HD photos and images. Ouramazing gardenwallpapers and backgrounds will make your phonefantastic andbeautiful! Give your smartphone a touch of japaneseand chinesseculture with this wonderful natural blossoms gardens,And take alook at all of this gardens wallpapers and choose yourfavoritewallpaper. You'll never get bored with these purple andpinkglamorous blossoms wallpapers! Download garden wallpapers appandbeautify your homescreen with one of these luscious naturalbushesbackgrounds. Choose a your luscious rose, flowers imagesandpictures or a pink blossoms live wallpapers and be happy withthebeauty of these spring gardens wallpapers and backgrounds.Theseshining flowers wallpapers app will inspire you to feelthewonderful spring when you watch this magical waterfall and rosesinthe garden. Spring and summer plants trellises will coveryourhome-screen with elegance styles of amazing HD flowerswallpapers.With glamorous roses wallpapers you will find all bestwonderfulstunning japanese and chinesse flowers backgrounds ofdifferentkind of roses like the red roses,whiteroses,pinkroses,blossoms,purple,plants.. You’ll be amazed by thethesefantastic bright HD garden wallpapers. These flowers imagesandpictures will look awesome on your phone screen, it has ahighquality resolution flower wallpapers for people who love andadoregardens. This HD background is the perfect naturellandscapeswallpapers for girls and men. Choose your lovelywallpapers and setas wallpaper! Features: - Wonderful gardenwallpapers. - HighQuiality images. - Animated naturel landscapeswallpapers. -Decorate your home screen. - Wild waterfalls and lakeswallpapers.- Magical garden sights. - Magnificent views. - BestNatural Gardenwallpapers. Download garden live wallpapers HD andstart decorateyour phone. DISCLAIMER: These images is not involvedwith anycopyright. This app is not affiliated with any app.
Landscape Nature Wallpaper HD 1.4.1
This application can be used without internet connection. ThesefreeWallpapers are designed to fit all your Android devices.Features: *Designed to fit all android devices. * All wallpapersare created inHD. * You can share these wallpapers with your lovedones. *Different and beautiful wallpapers are available. * Anybodywho hasanything to do with Nature and Landscapes will appreciateit. * Allof them are separate and selected beautiful wallpapers. *Flowers,Daisies, Roses wallpapers. * Four seasonal naturewallpapers. *Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter wallpapers. *Awareness-raisingwallpapers at hand. Download for more
Nature Wallpapers 1.3
Dabster Software
Collection of Awesome Nature Wallpapers and Home screensUseappwithout internet connection- Set Nature Wallpapers in yourdevicehome screen- Share Nature wallpapers with your friends andfamily-Save Nature wallpaper into your device locale storage(SDCard)-Pinch to zoom-in and zoom-out images- Supports allscreenresolutions and devices
Fire & Ice Live Wallpaper 1.0.7
BlackBird Wallpapers
Ice and fire live wallpaper - stylish abstract free livewallpaperwith live water effect that simulates water surface andwith a setof beautiful abstract backgrounds. Features: - Set ofbeautifulabstract backgrounds and the ability to set your owncustom photo -Smoke effect - Live water effect, which simulatesfalling waterdrops and waves on water - Animated glowworms andfireflies How toset this free animated screensaver on the screen ofyour phone:Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers →Home screenwallpaper → Live wallpapers → Fire & Ice LiveWallpaper Checkout our account for more free beautiful livewallpapers Notice:this free abstract wallpaper contains ads Thisfree live wallpaperapp has been tested and looks great on latestdevices such asSamsung Galaxy S4, S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus7, Sony XperiaZ
Spring Landscape Live Wallpaper 1.0.6
BlackBird Wallpapers
In this free spring live wallpaper you will find ananimatedbeautiful spring landscape with blooming garden, 3Dbutterflies,falling leaves and flowers that react on touch, andmuch more.Install this free spring live wallpaper now, and it willbe a greatdecoration for your Android phone or tablet, it willplease you fora long time, and it will give you the feeling of theapproachingspring. MAIN FEATURES AND EFFECTS: - Animated colorfulspringlandscape with flowering trees, flowers, garden, stream,bridge andmuch more - 3D butterflies with realistic flightanimation -Falling flowers and leaves that react on touch -Animated dandelionseeds - This free spring wallpaper supportshorizontal andlandscape orientation and looks great on both mobilephones andtablet devices and supports screen switching and allscreenresolutions - This free hd wallpaper app will sleep when yourphoneis inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drain yourbattery Howto set this free live wallpaper with spring landscape onthedesktop of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display→Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers →Springlandscape live wallpaper
Nature Wallpaper 1.2
Nature Wallpaper on your phone screen. You just select whichimageyou like and then you just turn it into wallpaper on yourmobilephone. Please check all screenshoots of "Nature Wallpaper"appgiven below to know how your device will look like. U’lldefinitelylove to have this app on your device. Share it with yourfriends.Enjoy the App and please rate us. Features of "NatureWallpaper"app: - Customize the wallpaper to fit your screen. - Allwallpapersin full HD quality. - You can preview the image on yourdevicefirst. - Easy to set wallpapers. - No need to downloadwallpapers.
Bubble Live Wallpaper 2.2.8
A fun bubble live wallpaper where you can tap bubbles to burst.Nowyou can customize bubble image from your gallery, choose yourluckycolor theme and poke your friends to improve affection:) Youcanalso change different themes, bubble colors and number ofbubblesfloating. If you like this wallpaper, please support usbypurchasing Pro version with more themes andfeatures. Custom bubble image - 7 background themes - 7 bubblecolors -Bubble droid - Ability to change number of bubblesfloating - Smooththe edge of bubble - Reverse bubble acceleration- Rotatingright/left to accelerate bubbles - Bubble counter - Use3D hardwareto render images, save battery - Support mostresolutions includingAndroid 3.0 tablet Instruction Home ->Menu -> Wallpapers-> Live Wallpapers Note: It is livewallpaper so you can't openthe app, you will need to follow theinstruction above in order toset the wallpaper. Also slower/olderdevices (shipped with AndroidOS below 2.1) can't run it too. Ifyou have put the app on SD cardand restarted the phone, thewallpaper will reset to default sincethe system couldn't find theapp first. FAQ: 1. Why is there"Internet access" permission? It isfor Google ads on setting screenonly, nothing else. Pro version isads free with more features. 2.Wallpaper resets to default afterreboot/restart the phone? Pleasemove the app to phone instead ofSD card. Follow us on Twitter:
Rain Live Wallpaper 1.1.0
BlackBird Wallpapers
Rain Live Wallpaper – beautiful free live wallpaper withrainyeffect that simulates raindrops falling over your screen,steamywindow effect (you can draw signs on the steamy window), setof 20HD backgrounds, animated rain drops on window, tons ofsettings andmuch more. FEATURES: - Animated rain - 20 HD backgroundphotos tochoose from or set your own custom photo - Smoky window(steamywindow) effect - This live rain wallpaper fully supportshorizontalorientation and looks great on both mobile phones andtabletdevices and supports screen switching - This wallpaper appwillsleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper willnotdrain your battery - Real smooth 3D animations (based on OpenGLES2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phone devices) How to set thisfreewallpaper on the home screen of your phone: Home → Applications→Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper →Livewallpapers → Rain Live Wallpaper Check out our account formorefree beautiful live wallpapers Notice: this free rainwallpapercontains ads This free rainy day live wallpaper 3d hasbeen testedand looks great on latest devices such as Samsung GalaxyS7,Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z, HTC M9
Nature Live Wallpaper HD 1.0.7
Tools Group
The amazing nature live wallpaper will make you fall in love withitand feel relaxed whenever you see them. Feeling the force ofnature,experience and enjoy the magic of nature!Our features: -More than10 Nature Live Wallpapers to select from.- Very easy touse just taponce to preview the background image and hold to setthebackground.- enjoy animated romantic and beautifulpicturesdecorating your screen.- LiveWallpaper optimised forportrait andlandscape mode.- App will sleep when phone is active tooptimisebattery life.- HD high-quality Beautiful Livewallpaper.-Completely free.- Perfect for your background.We arecommitted tomake the live wallpapers become more beautiful andamazing.Download“Nature Live Wallpaper HD” and set your favoritebackgroundimage!If you have any comments and suggestions, pleasesend emailto: [email protected]
Waterfall Sound Live Wallpaper 4.2
Live Wallpaper HD 3D
Prepare to be impressed! Breathtaking “Waterfall Live WallpaperWithSound” captures the largest sheet of falling water in theworld aswell as the realistic and soothing “waterfall sounds”.Chose fromthe natural desktop backgrounds inspired by the AngelFalls,“Niagara Falls” or “Victoria Falls”, try various “naturesounds” torelax and sleep! Watch the “water fall” with this “livewaterfallwallpaper with sound and motion” and admire the force ofnature inall its might and beauty. If you are looking for a “realwaterfalllive wallpaper” free in HD, one of the best coolwallpapers withhigh definition nature images will enchant you. Tryall “waterfallsounds for sleep”, to relieve stress or just tofeast your eyes onthe “live wallpaper” and your new animated phonebackgrounds. Try aromantic “pond waterfall” or flower gardenwaterfalls and impressyour friends with one of the best “free livewallpapers” on themarket. Find the loveliest “waterfallbackground” and you will bemesmerized by the realistic livewallpaper for mobile phones ortablets, completely free of charge?This nature wallpaper with soundeffects allows you to gaze atwater flowing rapidly and thenmajestically falling over a steepcliff or a mountain. ★ Thesweetest “waterfall live wallpaper withsound effects” will be idealfor your new smartphone! ★ Beautifyyour screen with the loveliest“waterfall backgrounds live”! ★“Waterfall wallpapers for free”offer all three free “waterfallsounds of nature”! ★ Choose thespeed and the density of cool waterdrops! ★ Full support forlandscape mode and home-screen switching!★ Enjoy this free and fun“waterfall wallpaper”! Follow theinstallation instructions: Home-> Menu -> Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers ★ This “Android™wallpaper” lets you choose fromseveral different themes. ★ HDgraphics and open GL. ★ Compatiblewith 99% mobile phone devices. ★The wallpaper app will sleep whenyour phone is inactive, so the “3dlive wallpaper” will not drainyour battery. ★ “Waterfall Sound LiveWallpaper” fully supportshorizontal orientation and looks amazingon tablet devices as wellas on mobile phones. If you always wantedto visit the NiagaraFalls ,”Angel Falls” or the Victoria Falls,butnever had thechance, our “free moving waterfall wallpapers withsound” come tothe rescue. See for yourself that the soothing soundof thewaterfall relaxes the soul - just give our “wall paper” a tryandwatch the “water fall” over the majestic mountain.Theawe-inspiring sight of the most beautiful falls lets you enjoythespectacular sight between the twin cities of NiagaraFalls,Ontario, and Niagara Falls, New York. Just immerse yourselfintothe crystal clear sparkling water - “waterfall live wallpaperprowith sound” allows you to feel like you are standing right nexttothe gigantic 3D waterfall. Images of nature, foamingwaterfallpictures or calm water surfaces, with one of the best“HDwallpapers”, there are no limits to natural beauty. Listen tothesoothing sound of water fall on the Blue Nile river, the BlueNileFalls, or the renowned and voluminous waterfall on theNiagaraRiver. Turn the cool images for waterfall into the moststunningscreensavers for free – this “live waterfall with soundwallpaper”is truly unique. Go ahead and get this waterfall 3D livewallpaperHD apk download and enjoy in the impressive falls in thesouthernAfrica, the incredible Victoria Falls, whenever you desire.Get our“wallpaper free download” and admire the beautifulwaterfallwallpaper, rivers nature and all that for free. Welcome totheworld of beautiful wallpapers - get waterfall live wallpaperapk,and pick from the most relaxing images for waterfallbackground. Ifyou are tired of your old aquarium live wallpaper,try thewaterfall wallpapers full HD wallpaper and be amazed by themightof the flowing water. Enjoy real water fall live wallpaper!*Android is a trademark of Google Inc. * This app is ad-supported.
Landscape Live Wallpaper 20.0
If you enjoy watching sunsets and beautiful naturelandscapes,download these amazing HD wallpapers. Awesome picturesoflandscapes will make you feel happy whenever you look atyourmobile devices. If you like beach landscape, desertlandscape,forest landscape, mountain landscape or city landscape,these freewallpapers will suit to you. Beautify your screen withawesome freeapp “Landscape Live Wallpaper”. Let these dreamylandscape imagestake you away on a relaxing trip through mistylakes, cottoncandy-colored skies and sparkling beaches. ✸LandscapeLiveWallpaper✸ offers you breathtaking background images ofwonderfulnature landscape. Amazing landscape photos and untouchednaturewill make you speechless. Magnificent “landscape wallpaper”of thesun covering the beautiful green meadow now can be yourbackgroundimage. If you want to experience sunny meadows downloadthe bestlandscape pics for your phone. With this magical 3Dwallpaper youwill experience the most “beautiful landscapes”. Thesebeautifulhigh resolution “landscape pictures” will take you for awalkthrough high mountains. Enjoy perfect natural landscape andwinterlandscape! Download ✸ Landscape Live Wallpaper ✸and feelhappinesswhenever you look at your astonishing landscapewallpapers. Thescene of a beautiful sunset that you had always readabout in booksor you could see on the famous paintings now can bebackgroundwallpaper. This cool app for your Android™ device is newon themarket! Pick your favorite landscape photo and be surroundedbymountains where the air is always clear and generally there isalovely breeze. See breathtaking views sunrise, sunset,rainbows,beautiful landscape pictures give you pretty amazingviews. An areaof land filled with grass and grassland plants willbeautify yourphone screen. If you like walking through sunnymeadows downloadthese amazing HD wallpapers and set your favoritelandscapebackgrounds. ✸Landscape Live Wallpaper✸ will allow you toset yourfavorite photos of nature so hurry up and download thisamazingfree “live wallpaper”. If you enjoy watching sunset andbeautifulbeach landscape, download amazing HD wallpapers. *Android™is atrademark of Google Inc.
Waterfall Live Wallpaper With Sound 2.0
Live Wallpaper HD 3D
As long as humanity has walked the planet we have beenfascinatedand intimidated by water. What can be more awe-inspiringthanstanding next to a gigantic waterfall? Imagine the amazingsight offlowing water! These free relaxing HD wallpapers havebeencarefully chosen for you. This awesome animation wallpaperswilltake you to the Niagara Falls, Angel Falls or VictoriaFalls.Waterfalls seem timeless and incredibly attractive. Whocanseriously resist? If you love beautiful waterfallsdownload“Waterfall Live Wallpaper” and enjoy waterfall pictures onyourphone. Follow the installation instructions:  Home ➤Menu➤Wallpapers ➤ Live Wallpapers • Includes differentanimatedwallpapers. • Very easy to use just tap once to previewthebackground image and hold to set the background. • Set aswallpaper- horizontal orientation is fully supported. • HDwallpaperscompatible with 99% mobile devices. • Optimized batteryusage,supported sleep mode. • Completely free wallpaper foryourscreen.  • Wonderful 3D wallpaper is just a click awayfromyou. This fabulous high resolution wallpaper will leaveyoubreathless every time you look at it! The numerous rainbowsthatflash in and out of sight as water droplets momentarily capturetherays of the sun will be your free wallpaper. You will feellikestanding in front of one of the most awe-inspiring features ofthenatural world, lost in wonder at the power and beauty of thegiantwaterfall. No words to describe this wonderful place.DownloadWaterfall Live Wallpaper and experience water falls aroundtheworld. Famous waterfalls are Niagara Falls, Victoria FallsandAngel Falls. Niagara Falls, probably the best known waterfallsinthe world. You don’t need to visit Niagara Falls to experiencethemost amazing “water fall”, you will have your indoor waterfallwiththese ❤Waterfall Live Wallpaper❤. Awesome pictures ofwaterfallswill make you feel happy whenever you look at your mobiledevices.These backgrounds are for everyone’s taste. Beautifulpictures area click away from you. Awesome images of waterfalls nowcan bebackground wallpaper for your phone screen. Try new“livewallpaper” and enjoy the best waterfall images. From thecascadingbeauty of Niagara Falls to the icy waters of the GulfossinIceland, we bring you some of the most spectacular waterfallsinthe world. It’s a breathtaking sight to see one of themanybeautiful things of nature. Imagine jumping into at the topandflying with the water off a cliff and making a big splash atthebottom sort like a natural water slide. ❤Waterfall LiveWallpaper❤offers you many different background wallpapers so youcan pickyour favorite “waterfall wallpaper”. With this magical 3Dwallpaperyou will experience the most beautiful waterfalls in theworld. Seemillions of gallons of water tumble down in gargantuanmotion onyour screen and experience the magical power of thetumblingwaters.  From the thundering roar of Niagara Falls inthe the elegant veil of Angel Falls in Venezuela, we foundtheworld's most photogenic waterfalls especially for you!Visitmagnificent waterfalls with these stunning “waterfallpictures”.Gorgeous cascades and fantastic HD wallpapers will makeyouspeechless. Download awesome waterfalls images and setyourfavorite waterfall background.
Nature Wallpapers 1.3.0
Download beautiful and colourful wallpapers from a collectionofmore than 12,000 wallpapers. Save them to your phone, set themaswallpapers or share with your friends and family. Newwallpapersare added on daily basis. Contact us for more suggestionson how toimprove the app. Thanks, Hassaan. E-mail:[email protected]
Landscape Wallpaper 1.0.8
BlackBird Wallpapers
Landscape Wallpaper – beautiful free live wallpaper with livewatereffect (water drops effect), rainy effect that simulatesraindropsfalling over your screen, steamy window effect (you candraw signson the steamy window), with set of 15 HD landscapephotos, tons ofsettings and much more. FEATURES: - Animated rain -Live watereffect that simulates water ripple effect - 15 HDbackground photos(nature, mountains, lake, seashore, night city,field of lavender,lawn with poppies, ...) to choose from or setyour own custom photo- Smoky window (steamy window) effect - Thislive landscapewallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks great onboth mobile phones and tablet devices and supportsscreen switching- This wallpaper app will sleep when your phone isinactive, sothis live wallpaper will not drain your battery - Realsmooth 3Danimations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99%mobilephone devices) How to set this free landscape live wallpaperon thehome screen of your phone: Home → Applications → Settings →Display→ Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Live wallpapers →BeautifulLandscape Live Wallpaper Check out our account for morefreebeautiful live wallpapers Notice: this free applicationcontainsads This free landscapes wallpaper has been tested andlooks greaton latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, SamsungGalaxy Note 3,Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z
Nature Live Wallpapers 1.7
Fantastic Live Wallpapers
The breathtaking and stunning landscapes are available to youthanksto the latest Nature Live Wallpapers. Now, you can turnyoursmartphone or tablet into something completely new that andyourfriends will be surprised. Enter the world of bright colorsandfascinating photos that will give you the impression that youareoutside enjoying the warm sunlight. Download free NatureLiveWallpapers app and get the incredible experience. Walk aroundtheemerald grasslands and breathe the fresh air. Or you can sitnextto the lake and gaze at the colorful wildflowers. There are alotof different moving effects for your device. You can setflowersand bees to slide across your screen. Or you can go for aride in ahot air balloon and enjoy the view overlooking themeadows. Thefluffy clouds that go by will keep you company. Theperfect summerday awaits you. Lie down on the field filled withdandelions andlet their yellow color cheer you up. With the topNature LiveWallpapers you can have a piece of heaven on yourdevice. The magicof green pastures will take your breath away. Theastonishing photoof the rainbow that has come out after the rainover the glade canmake your device the most popular. This is yourbest chance to havethe cool backgrounds on your smartphone ortablet. In the NatureLive Wallpapers app, you can:- use slide showoption- choose among10 fantastic live wallpapers- select favoritemoving object anddetermine their number- adjust the speed of themovementsThebeautiful backgrounds will amaze you. Go down the riverin a boatand have tons of fun during the sunny spring day. With thepopularNature Live Wallpapers you can go for a walk in the park andrestunder the willow. By unlocking your device you will escape intotheworld of green hills and fascinating countryside. Rest your eyesbylooking at the wonderful landscapes and forget about allyourproblems while you are dozing. You can set them very easily.Justtap once to preview the picture and then hold to set yourfavoritephoto. Set the picture of a lonely cottage in thecountryside asyour background. Feel how it is to be alone in aquiet house,isolated from the rest of the world and listening tothe song ofthe birds. The top Nature Live Wallpapers are best forall of youwho like to spend time outdoors and who want to run awayfrom thebusy city life. Don’t hesitate anymore and go to themagical littlevillage where you will get a heartwarming welcome. Toreflect aboutyour life and find your inner peace you can lie downon a softgreen grass. The feeling of calmness will come right away.Thelatest Nature Live Wallpapers can give you marvelousbackgroundsthat will inspire you to do incredible things.Experience thefeeling of serenity just by looking these sublimeimages. Don’tmiss this chance to have the coolest photos on yourdevice. Do notwait anymore and download Nature Live Wallpapers thismoment forfree! Relax yourself and enjoy the view of thefascinatinglandscapes that are all around us.
Dolphins Live Wallpaper 1.3
Get free 3D dolphins live wallpaper!Dolphins are the most lovelyseaanimals!This is a real 3D animation wallpaper applicationaboutdolphins!This app is safely and it will not consumeyourbattery!Please rate for this app and share it withyourfriends!Thank you!Features:- Amazing 3D Dolphins Live Wallpaperforyour Android phone!- Full support for landscape mode and home-screen switching!- Amazing Full HD graphics;- Motion of flashesandlights keeps changing with time.- Optimized BatteryUsage-Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.- The app will sleepwhenyour phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will not drainyourbattery.How to use:Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper ->LiveWallpaper - Dolphins Live WallpaperInstructions foruse:OpenDolphins Live Wallpaper app , click on the " Continue "button,select "Dolphins Live Wallpaper" from the list, and set thephonewallpaper . This is the best free live wallpaper for yourAndroidcell phone.Note:To develop more free great live wallpapers,we haveimplemented some ads in settings.Advertisement can supportus todevelop more free great live wallpapers.This live wallpaperhasbeen tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 /S5 /S6 Edge /S7, Nexus 7, HTC One M8, LG G3 G4 G5 and Sony XperiaZseries and some Android Tablets. Please contact us if yourdeviceis not supported.If your wallpaper resets to default afterreboot,you will need put the app on phone instead of SD card.Thisis afree app about Android live wallpaper. It makes yourandroidphone's screen more beautiful.It's not a screen locker (LockScreen ) or a launcher. Wish you love it and support us! Let'sgoand download it!You can share this free app to your friends byuseTwitter, Facebook, LINE, Google+, QQ, Wechat and so on!You canalsogive us some suggestions by Email to us or rate this app andleavecomments on Play Store.We need your support to help us todevelopmore amazing free live wallpapers for you! Thank you verymuch!
Water Ripple Live Wallpaper 1.4
Get free water ripple live wallpaper!Water pool backgroundsnowcomes with "water ripple" effects!Plenty of clear waterpoolbackgrounds! Cool 3D particle effects!This app is safely anditwill not consume your battery!Please rate for this app and shareitwith your friends!Thank you!Features:- Amazing 3D Water RippleLiveWallpaper for your Android phone!- Full support for landscapemodeand home - screen switching!- Amazing Full HD graphics;- Motionofflashes and lights keeps changing with time.- OptimizedBatteryUsage- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.- The appwillsleep when your phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper willnotdrain your battery.How to use:Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper->Live Wallpaper - Water Ripple Live WallpaperInstructionsforuse:Open Water Ripple Live Wallpaper app , click on the "Continue" button, select "Water Ripple Live Wallpaper" from thelist, andset the phone wallpaper . This is the best free livewallpaper foryour Android cell phone.Note:To develop more freegreat livewallpapers, we have implemented some ads insettings.Advertisementcan support us to develop more free greatlive wallpapers.This livewallpaper has been tested on latestdevices such as Samsung GalaxyS3 / S4 / S5 / S6 Edge /S7 Edge,Nexus 7, HTC One M8, LG G3 G4 G5and Sony Xperia Z series and someAndroid Tablets. Please contactus if your device is notsupported.If your wallpaper resets todefault after reboot, you willneed put the app on phone instead ofSD card.This is a free appabout Android live wallpaper. It makesyour android phone's screenmore beautiful.It's not a screen locker( Lock Screen ) or alauncher. Wish you love it and support us!Let's go and downloadit!You can share this free app to yourfriends by use Twitter,Facebook, LINE, Google+, QQ, Wechat and soon!You can also give ussome suggestions by Email to us or ratethis app and leave commentson Play Store.We need your support tohelp us to develop moreamazing free live wallpapers for you! Thankyou very much!
Nature Wallpaper 1.2.1
Nature can continually be a part of our lives. It’s up to U.S.tocreate the setting clean and safe for future generations. areyouable to imagine a life while not birds, plants, trees,rocks,mountains? it'll build our lives miserable. therefore allowus tofacilitate save the world by keeping the environment clean andecofriendly. during this app we've got lovely Nature Wallpapersforyour inspiration. relish the sweetness of nature throughthesenature wallpapers. Use these free nature wallpapers tobrightenyour background and be transfixed by the sheer great thingaboutnature.Features:* Huge base of nature pictures HQ,HD,1080p *Quickand intuitive interface* best nature pictures for background*saveimage to SD Card (memory card)* Universal app, install onanyAndroid device with Super nature Wallpaper .* Amazing collectionofnature Wallpaper .* One-click Wallpaper hd setup*One-clickWallpaper hd save * One-click Share wallpaper hd * Makeyour ownFavorite nature images wallpapers* Shuffle Option toshufflewallpapers and get surprised.* Swipe to change : You caneasilyswipe to changenature images wallpapers .* App is 100% Freeto use-You can save or Share nature Wallpaper HD to Facebook,Twitter,Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble,Instagram,Wechat OrLine with your Good Friends or whole family.Newcategories, newfree HD nature wallpaper will be added to wallpaperapp for you.Please, review, rate, share this beautiful natureiamges wallpaperapp for accessing much more people...**You can sendyour allreivews and thoughts for using the better of your naturewallpaperHD app. All opinions are used for new developments andnewversions.
Landscape Live Wallpaper 4.0
Explore amazing places in the wilderness with LandscapeLiveWallpaper! Download this mobile application for FREE and enjoy10background images depicting marvellous green nature!Escapeannoying city life and concrete jungle and relax just for asecondwhile gazing at the ‘’beautiful scenery’’ on your Android ™mobile!Natural HD wallpapers will be a true delight for your galaxyphone!Rest your eyes on the greenery on your screen! Take a walk intheforest and smell the wild air! Set landscape photos asyourbackground and celebrate Mother Nature! The best live wallpaperishere! Get it for free and experience the charms of thenaturalworld!Check out our Facebook page for more freelivewallpapers:♠Fantasticlandscape HD pictures - ideal for your new smartphone!♠Cool 3Dparallax effect!♠ These high definition nature images willenchantyou! ♠ Refresh your screen with one of many greendesktopbackgrounds!♠ Both landscape mode and home-screen switchingarefully supported!♠ Our free and cool wallpaper awaits you!Followtheinstallation instructions: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers♠ Choose from lots of different backgroundpictures.♠HD graphics and open GL. ♠ The full control over thespeed anddensity of glittering particles - fireflies.♠ Compatiblewith 99%mobile phone devices.♠ When you do not use your phone,this livewallpaper will sleep and it will not wear your batteryout.♠‘’Landscape wallpaper'' fully supports horizontal orientationandlooks fantastic on both mobile phones and tablet devices.Canyouhear the call of the wilderness and nature sounds? That’s ourforestHD pictures inviting you to join the nature adventure andfind outthe habitat of wild animals and spring flowers! Capturethe beautyof huge colourful meadows and pick the flowers that youlike –orchids, tulips, daisies… it’s all there! You don’t need agardenlive wallpaper or fountain images because with thislandscape themeyou can have it all – a huge waterfall with waterdrops showeringyour screen, a field covered with white and redroses and thecrystal-clear blue sky with a rainbow spreadingacross its surface!No more rainy days and summertime sadness! Thegreen color on yourAndroid phone signifies renewal and rebirth!Start your day freshand renew your energy with the first rays ofthe Sun in the morning!Get ‘’nature wallpaper’’ right now andnever again will you missanother sunny day!‘’Landscape LiveWallpaper’’ on your phone screenbrings you long-needed peace andtranquillity! One look at ‘’greenbackgrounds’’ will take you to aplace far away from your dailyproblems! Your personal Zen gardenawaits you! Feel the softness ofgreen grass and admireperfectly-shaped leaves on the tree! Discoverstunning cherryblossom flowers and feast your eyes on the beautifulpictures ofbeaches and palm trees! The ideal Galaxy S4 livewallpaper hasarrived on the market and we offer you a completelyfree download!Use this chance to embellish your phone screen withoutstanding‘’landscape design’’!Make your mobile device radiantwith perfectsunset images and fascinating sunrise pictures! Watchhuge oceans,seas and rivers sleeping beneath the blue skies! Feelthe fragranceof lavender and admire the extraordinary beauty ofwhite and redroses! Whenever you are nervous and anxious, dive intoyour ownJapanese garden and find inner peace!Get the ‘’freeimages’’ ofSakura trees, huge mountains lit by the moonlight beamsand fieldscovered with springtime flowers! Download Landscape LiveWallpaperand enjoy your piece of Heaven on Earth!* Android™ is atrademarkof Google Inc. * This app is ad-supported.
Beauteous Nature Livewallpaper 1.1.4
If you love the scenic picturesque of the springs, thenthisadmirable nature livewallpaper is just for you. Beautifulnature hdwallpaper is a trendy and amazing wallpaper with allcolorfulforest wallpaper and alluring pictures with glitter anddazzleeffects. Features of Beauteous Nature Livewallpaper :You canmakeyour phone look brand new with the help of free beautifulsceneryhd wallpaper you will get fully HD pictures and amazinggraphicsAccessibility- Glittering bkgrunder live wallpaper can beaccessedon all social media apps. New Look- Try BeauteousNatureLivewallpaper to give new intellectual look to your androidphoneand replace default theme with exciting theme. More Space-Download Magnificient hd nature wallpaper which only covers2Mspace of your phone and keep your android mobile safe fromvirus.Compatibility - cheerful spring nature live wallpaper iscompatiblewith all android mobile phones and do not hang yourphone. BatteryFriendly - Stunning scenic nature Live wallpapers isbatteryfriendly Theme. Replace Icons - Nature's forest wallpaperThemereplaces your default icons with exciting bright trendy andglittericons and keyboard with emoji keyboard. Good News - And theamazingnews is you can also share Beauteous Nature Livewallpaperon.Background and High Definition Theme- This animatedalluringresimler nature wallpaper hd has sparkling wallpaper inbackgroundso change background picture if you wish to have Classicand trendyTheme. Beauteous Nature Livewallpaper is a Highdefinitionwallpaper and when it is used, it makes your Mobilescreens dazzle3D Effects -If you are fed up of all old and boringwallpapers thendownload Beauteous Nature Livewallpaper for 3DeffectsAvailability- You can simply download colorful naturepictureslivewallpaper from anywhere as it is available on googleplay andall other Mobile apps store. Customized Theme- Superbscenic naturewallpaper hd is a customized wallpaper Theme and youcan apply andremove trendy and exclusive glittering wallpaperwhenever you wantto.To download Customized bright and cheerfulbeautiful scenerywallpaper (FREE).Download Beauteous NatureLivewallpaper.Applythemes for Enticing beautiful nature wallpaperhd.Keep cheerful andmagnificient live wallpaper Theme for 24 hoursto unlock 3Deffects.Share review and ratings, as reviews matter themost.
3D Butterfly Live Wallpaper 1.0.5
BlackBird Wallpapers
Animated 3D butterflies, amazing spring landscape with myriadsofflowers, live stream that flows under a sprawling tree,animatedclouds and dandelion seeds. All this and even more can befound inthese amazing free 3D live wallpaper. Install it, and itwill giveyou the feeling of a sunny summer day, the coolness andfreshnessin the shade near a rapid stream. Enjoy the beauty of theflowermeadow. See how gracefully fly real 3D animated butterflies.Thislive wallpaper will be a perfect decoration for your phoneortablet and will please you for a long time. MAIN FEATURES: -HDspring landscape - Colorful 3D animated butterfly - Wateranimation- Animated dandelions, falling leaves and clouds - Thisfree spring3d butterfly live wallpaper supports horizontalorientation andlooks great on both mobile phones and tablet devicesand supportsscreen switching and all screen resolutions - This freeHDwallpaper app sleeps while your phone is inactive, so it willnotdrain your battery (low power consumption) How to set thisfreewallpaper on the desktop of your phone: Home → Applications→Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper →Livewallpapers → 3D Butterfly Live Wallpaper Check out our accountformore beautiful live wallpapers
3D My Name Live Wallpaper 2.30
My Name Cube Apps
3D My Name in Live Wallpaper is a free customizable applicationthatyou can use to create animated wallpaper on the home andlockscreens and is compatible with any device or mobile phone.My3DName Live Wallpaper is a free customizable application that youcanuse as an animated wallpaper on the home and lock screens andthatis compatible with any device or mobile phone. All thiswhileallowing you to choose different fonts to show your name inanoriginal way, with an incredible, wonderful effect on-screen.Youcan use your name, your partner's name, your boyfriend’s nameoryour girlfriend’s name, your husband or wife name, yourchildren'snames, your baby's name, important notes, your favoriteteam'sname, reminders or any other message you want to havedisplayed onyour screen. All this for free, and with very lowbattery use.Instructions for use: -Change the name or names to bedisplayed byclicking on the main screen (using the pencil icon attop) or byselecting "Edit the text to be displayed” in thepreferences menu.-Choose the preferred type of font quickly andeasily by doubleclicking on the main screen or on the preferencesmenu in the"Select font" option. -You can select the live wallpaperfrom thepreferences menu, having it displayed either on the homescreen orboth the home screen and the lock screen. You cancustomize theapplication even more through the preferences menu: ✅You can savescreen content in video format and add voice or soundmessages. Youcan share the videos with anyone you want usingapplications likeWhatsApp. ✅ Edit your name, text or the message tobe displayed. ✅Modify the 3D effect speed ✅ Select the LWP ✅ Selectthe Font. *Allthe images in the app were produced by ourselves oracquired that are under the license of Web Usage(W-EL) thatallow us using them in our app.
Nature HD Pictures 9.7
JW Wallpapers
JW Wallpapers brings you the best original quality HDwallpapersthat’s make you happy. Nature HD Pictures is a free appwithstunning features like:Share an image with friends. Save phototogallery. Set an image as your desktop or screen wallbackground.The color of the pictures can be changed with theamazing imagecolor button. Play an image with both forward andbackwarddirections. Jump to the desire page by selecting the pagenumber.All wallpapers are downloaded once and stored in the SDCard, itmeans you can access all images with out internetconnection onceit is downloaded. Image can be zoom in and out usingdouble tap.Auto Device rotation support. permissions: Internet andSD card tosave images.Nature HD Pictures is supported with the adssoconsider it gently for further development support.Forfurtherimprovement or suggestion or for any complaint please emailus [email protected]
Shadow Galaxy 2.3
After impact of galaxies remained lonely planet's shadow. Hereitis: Shadow Galaxy. Please see: + MOSAIC 3D Wallpapers, 115+3DLiveWallpapers Library and growing! + GALAXY PACK , 3D GalaxiesandNebulas Library. This is the fourth of the four Galaxies.MaxelusGalaxy Tetralogy (4/4) ;) Please comment ! Thanks !
Teen Wallpapers MX 10000+ 1.7
MX Apps
Amazing collection of Teen Wallpapers, Home Screen andBackgroundsto set the picture as wallpaper on your phone ingoodquality.Option to set the wallpaper:+ "Scrollable " forscrollablehome screen.+ "Fixed" for fixed home screen.Show theworld onewallpaper on your lock screen, and keep one for yourselfon yourhome screen. (Requires Android 7.0 and above.)Add wallpaperstofavorites.Share beautiful photos and backgrounds with familyandfriends on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter,Google+,Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram and more!Usethewallpapers for WhatsApp: Choose your favorite image,press"Download" and then you can configure it as a wallpaperonWhatsApp.Extra categories of wallpapers Hipster,Psychedelic,Indie, Mustache, Aztec, Tiger, Cross, Lion, Wolf,Skulls, Animals,Flowers, Cars, Landscapes and more.More than 10,000Wallpapers now.
Spring Landscapes Wallpaper 1.0.5
BlackBird Wallpapers
Spring landscapes live wallpaper – free beautifulanimatedscreensaver with spring nature HD backgrounds, live watereffect,live rain effect and much more. Download this free wallpaperappnow, it will be an excellent decoration for your phone ortabletfor the springtime. Decorate your phone screen with sunnyfields,spring mountain landscapes, woodlands, meadows coveredwithflowers, pussy-willow. MAIN FEATURES: - 20+ HD springphotos(spring loans, spring mountain landscapes, storks, springnature,…) - Live rain effect - Steamy window effect - Live watereffectthat simulates water drops falling on the water surface,waves onwater and water ripples (water drops effect / water waveseffect) -This free spring wallpaper supports horizontal orientationandlooks great on both mobile phones and tablet devices andsupportsscreen switching and all screen resolutions - This freeHDwallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislivewallpaper will not drain your battery How to set thisfreewallpaper on the desktop of your phone: Home → Applications→Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper →Livewallpapers → Spring landscapes live wallpaper Check out ouraccountfor more free beautiful live wallpaper
Aquarium Live Wallpaper HD 1.3
Galaxy Inc
Colorful tropical fish swimming in your aquarium!They willswimfaster when you tap them! So funny!We think you and yourchildrenmust love this app!Free to install this application to makeyourAndroid phone screen more personalized!This app is safely andfreeto use!Enjoy it now!Features:- Amazing 3D live wallpaper foryourphone!- Full support for landscape mode and home -screenswitching! - Amazing HD graphics;- Motion of flashes andlightskeeps changing with time.- Optimized Battery Usage-Compatible with99% mobile phone devices.- The wallpaper app willsleep when yourphone is inactive, so this live wallpaper will notdrain yourbattery.How to use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper ->LiveWallpaper - Aquarium HDInstructions for use:Open Aquarium HDapp ,click on the " Continue " button, select "Aquarium HD" fromthelist, and set the phone wallpaper . Note:To develop more freegreatlive wallpapers, we have implemented some adsinsettings.Advertisement can support us to develop more freegreatlive wallpapers.This live wallpaper has been tested onlatestdevices such as Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5/S6 Edge, Nexus 7, HTCOneM8 and Sony Xperia Z series and some Android Tablets.Pleasecontact us if your device is not supported.If your wallpaperresetsto default after reboot, you will need put the app on phoneinsteadof SD card.This is an app about wallpaper. It makes yourandroidphone's screen more beautiful.It's not a screen locker oralauncher. Wish you love it and support us! Let's go anddownloadit!
Electric Glow Clock 1.309.1.105
Launcher 2018
The new Electric Glow Clock is a beautiful Live Wallpaperwithlightning theme,which will definitely amaze you. Download itnowand enjoy. Electric Glow Clock is great for smartphone usersthatwant new personalization apps! Give your Android device a newlookwith this amazing free live wallpaper. Look at the HDscreenshotsto see how this amazing design will look on your phone!★How toinstall★ •Download Electric Glow Clock and wait for the apptoinstall on your Android device; •Open the app andbeginpersonalizing your free live wallpaper; • When you are done,select"Set Active Theme" and the installation is complete! •Startusingyour new live wallpaper! ★More free live wallpapers!★ Visitourdeveloper page for more amazing wallpapers to personalizeyourAndroid phone or tablet! Do you like this free live wallpaper?Thenplease rate and review! We love reading your reviews! Alivewallpaper can completely change the way you use and interactwithyour phone! You can do more than just decorate your device!TheElectric Glow Clock lets you customize your wallpaper withtheamazing personalization features! ✱ Change wallpapers! You canpicka different free live wallpaper from the app's menu! You needtodownload a wallpaper once. After that you can change it any time!✱Customize the different elements and colors! ✱ Choosetheinteractive effects! Pick the way in which your livewallpaperreacts when you touch the screen for a unique experience!✱ HDgraphics and amazing design! Our team of designers havecreatedapps to customize your phone or tablet. Try the amazingElectricGlow Clock today! It is amazing free live wallpapertoday!Personalize your phone with a unique design that works onanyAndroid version. Download Electric Glow Clock now and starttestingout all these amazing features on your Android phone ortablet!
Orchids Live Wallpaper 1.0.6
BlackBird Wallpapers
Orchids live wallpaper – beautiful free android live wallpaperwithset of beautiful orchids photos, live water effect thatsimulateswater ripple effect (water drops effect), live rain effectand muchmore. Touch or tap the screen and enjoy live water drops onyourhome screen. FEATURES: - Set of HD orchids flowers photos -Livewater effect (water drops, live waves) - Falling 3D orchidflowers- Animated rain - Steamy window effect - Animated twinklinglightsand glowworms - This orchids live wallpaper fullysupportshorizontal orientation and looks great on both mobilephones andtablet devices and supports screen switching - Thiswallpaper appwill sleep when your phone is inactive, so this livewallpaper willnot drain your battery - Real smooth 3D animations(based on OpenGLES 2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phone devices)How to set thisfree wallpaper with flowers on the home screen ofyour phone: Home→ Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers →Home screenwallpaper → Live wallpapers → Orchids Live WallpaperCheck out ouraccount for more free beautiful live wallpapersNotice: this freeanimated screensaver contains ads
Waterdrops - Real Rain Live Wallpaper
🌧Love the feeling of rainy day? Try this live wallpapernow,Waterdrop live wallpaper is ready for you !☺️ 🌧 Your phonelookslike rain drop down screen. You’ll feel cool to use thislivewallpaper. Try this 3D Waterdrop live wallpaper,decorateyourscreen with beautiful running raindrops. The Waterdrop stylelivewallpaper has a huge theme store. We provide you more than1000stylish live wallpaper themes! With various styles, you canchooseyour favorite one anytime and anywhere. Don’t hesitate todownloadthis live wallpaper. ※ More personalized -1000+ animatedwallpapers& themes. ※ Various styles - Cute animal, naturalscenery, jokestyle…... ※ Realistic effect - 1080 full HD realisticwallpapersprovide. ※ Weekly update - Weekly update more 3Dwallpapers withdifferent styles. ——————Main Features—————— 🎨Plentyof livewallpapers We have a live wallpaper theme store for phone.Morethan 1000+ HD free live wallpaper provided. Just enter themainpage of theme store, you’ll see plenty of live wallpapersarewaiting for you. Choose your favorite one! ✨Different stylesDon’tlike the live wallpaper you just downloaded? Don’t worry. Wehavemore styles for you. If you are a love nature, we havewaterfall,rain, aquarium and ocean theme backgrounds. If you are ascienceand technology lover, you'll love our galaxy night andanalog clockstyle wallpapers and backgrounds,with magic effect,you’ll likethem. If you like animals, you can find cute animal livewallpapersuch as cat,snake and dog or cool lion and wolf wallpaperthemeshere. If you love sea animals, we have cute fish 3D livewallpaperswith vivid water simulation moving effect. If you preferliveweather function, we have free awesome 3D real-time liveweathertheme wallpapers. 📷Realistic 3D effects Our live wallpaperscomefrom high quality pictures or videos, with realistic 3Danimatedtouch moving effects or magic parallax effects, that'sveryadaptive for your device.Also with different themes like 3Drobot,joker, vampire, 4K gun shooting and so on. Your screen willbe moreattractive in a minute with all these cool backgrounds.🍭Updatewallpapers every week Our professional designer team updatesnewlive wallpaper themes every week!Better to satisfy your needsforhome screen. ★Note: If your wallpaper resets to defaultafterreboot, you will need put the app on your phone instead of SDcard.★ 👍Contact us Feel free to contact us if you have anyquestions orsuggestions: [email protected]
Spring Wallpapers HD 2.3.2
-Features--HD quality photos can be easily madewallpaper.Optimizedfor all instruments.-The flower scenery thatglows in thespringGreat nature views in the spring- You can tastethisinsatiable taste by choosing one of the many beautiful anduniqueHD scenes from the spring colors, vibrant colors, andmore.-Freediscount and very easy to use.-It's a compatible creep toanyphone.-You can download this application on your tabletsmartphoneand lots of devices and use these great and beautifulHDwallpapers.With this easy-to-use application, you can freelysharethe coolest HD wallpapers with your loved ones.- Supportsalldevices including tablets with fractal resolution.-I hope youwillenjoy it after you finish it and I wish you good joy.
Autumn Landscape Wallpaper 1.0.5
BlackBird Wallpapers
Free autumn landscape live wallpaper - Install it now and feelallthe beauty of autumn: falling leaves of red, yellow, orangecolors,animated rain, effect of live water and much more. Lots ofautumnbackgrounds, effects and settings will help you to craft yourownspecial autumn live wallpaper =) Key features: - 10 HDautumnphotos (autumn leaves, autumn forest, lake, mountainlandscape,...) - Animated falling leaves (autumn leaf fall) -Animated rain +misted window effect - Live water effect thatsimulates waterripples and live water waves - This free autumnwallpaper fullysupports horizontal orientation and looks great onboth mobilephones and tablet devices and supports screen switching- This freewallpaper app will sleep when your phone is inactive, sothis livewallpaper will not drain your battery - Real smooth 3Danimations(based on OpenGL ES 2.0, compatible with 99% mobile phonedevices)How to set free autumn live wallpaper on the screen of yourphone:Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Homescreenwallpaper → Live wallpapers → Autumn Landscape Live WallpaperCheckout our account for more free beautiful live wallpapersNotice:this free live wallpaper contains ads This live wallpaperwithanimated rain and leaf fall has been tested and looks greatonlatest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note3,Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z
Summer Wallpaper 1.0.7
BlackBird Wallpapers
Summer Wallpaper – high-quality free live wallpaper withbeautifulsummer landscape, falling leaves, iterative flyingdandelion seeds,animated clouds, animated flying birds and lots ofsettings andcustomizations. Summer live wallpaper is the bestchoice for summertime. Download it for free now and enjoy all thebeauty of calmsunny summer day on the flower meadow. FEATURES: -Photo-realisticsummer landscape background - Falling leaves -Flying dandelionseeds - Animated clouds - Animated birds -Compatible with 99%mobile phone devices - Real smooth 3D animationsbased on OpengGLES 2.0 - Summer live background fully supportshorizontalorientation and looks great on both mobile phones andtabletdevices How to set dynamic desktop wallpaper “SummerWallpaper” onthe home screen of your phone: Home → Applications →Settings →Display → Wallpapers → Home screen wallpaper → Livewallpapers →Summer Landscape Live Wallpaper Check out our accountfor more freebeautiful live wallpapers Notice: this free summerlive wallpapercontains ads This live wallpaper has been tested andlooks great onlatest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, SamsungGalaxy Note 3,Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z
Fire Live Wallpaper 2.0
Pawel Gazdik
Our live wallpaper is really fascinating.You will be amazed bythequality and smoothness working of our live wallpaper.You cansharethese live wallpaper with their friends and acquaintances.Youwillget stunning “ Fire Live Wallpaper ” with highresolution.Enjoyhigh quality animated wallpaper.Our wallpapers takefull advantageof OpenGL with minimal battery drain, and supportboth home screenscrolling and landscape/portrait modes!Check outour account formore beautiful free 3D backgrounds !We wouldappreciate if you rateour wallpaper.
Emo Wallpapers 1.3
Dabster Software
Collection of Awesome Emo Wallpapers and Backgrounds NiceCollectionof Emo Wallpapers and home screens Use app offlinewithout internetconnection - Set your personalize Emo wallpapers -Share EmoWallpapers with your friends and family - Save EmoWallpapers inyour device locale storage(SD Card) - Pinch tozoom-in and zoom-outimages - One tap to change your home screen -All device and screenresolution supported
Winter Nature Live Wallpaper 9.0
Jango LWP Studio
Winter is the most beautiful season. Download “Winter NatureLiveWallpaper” and have magnificent animated wallpapers formobile.Discover the phenomenal photography of quiet winter seasonwhenwildlife is plentiful. Awe-inspiring illuminated winterlandscapesfrom around the world will decorate your screen in thebestpossible way. Every snowflake is unique and beautiful. Letlovelylittle snowflakes appear on your screen. Follow theinstallationinstructions: Home ➤ Menu ➤ Wallpapers ➤ LiveWallpapers Tap onceto preview the background image and hold to setthe live wallpaper.Set as wallpaper or as screen saver. Horizontalorientation isfully supported for all HD wallpapers. Freewallpapers compatiblewith 99% mobile devices. Optimized batteryusage, supported sleepmode. Winter is a part of our life, thesewinter landscapes areextremely beautiful. Winter is a mystery tomany of us. We all tryto stay inside and keep warm. With ❆WinterNature Live Wallpaper❆you can enjoy in winter even if you are athome. “Winter nature”pictures are great representations of winterseason that createspecial mood and they are excellent backgroundwallpapers.Fascinating collection of winter photos will provide youuniquewallpapers and screen savers. Serene scenes of snowylandscapeswill look amazing on your phone. There is nothing aspretty as thelook of a frozen river. Mother Nature casts asparkling spell,turning the landscape into a winter wonderland.❆Winter Nature LiveWallpaper❆ include both colorful wallpapersespecially the colorsof sunrise and sunset which bring out thebeauty of the winterlandscape and black-and-white photos whichbring out the contrastin tones between snow and the landscape.Astonishing livewallpapers shows the beauty of the winter season.Set your favorite“winter wallpaper” on your home screen Winter isthe most magicaltime of the year when Santa comes and the sledgingbegins. Thefalling snow, frozen icicles, and white-washed roadshave a certainallurement that continually delights and fascinatesthe human mind.Download “winter wallpapers” and decorate your phonescreen withbeautiful winter wonderland pictures. This is acollection of thebest winter nature photos you can find. ❆WinterNature LiveWallpaper❆ is providing you a window to nature’s winterwonderlandwithout forcing you to go outside. Cover your phone ortabletdevice with beautiful wallpapers for Android™ inspired withwinter.Set charming ” live wallpaper” for mobile phone and yourscreenwill look like a fairy tale. *Android™ is a trademark ofGoogleInc.
Balaji Wallpapers 2.4
RA Creations
> Balaji Wallpapers is a FREE app with the mostlovelyWallpapers.> Set the Desired image on your homescreen andmakeevery time you take a look at your smart phone into thisapp,Balaji Wallpapers.> Relax to watch the lovely wallpapers andarejust perfect to set your mood.> In this app, BalajiWallpapersyou can enjoy the amazing wallpapers for yoursmartphone.> Thesedevotional wallpapers will make you feelrelaxed.
Superheroes Wallpapers HD 1.8
ZeroCell brings you an Amazing Best collection ofSuperheroesWallpapers HD for your smartphones. -Setting wallpapersfrom theseapplication is very easy. -All the wallpapers are can beshare withyour friends. -Wallpapers are free. -One-click WallpaperSet.-One-click Wallpaper Share. -You can share wallpapers easilybythese application. -All wallpapers are attractive so thatyourscreen looks attractive. -It is very easy to set wallpapersonhomescreen of your devices. -No need to downloadwallpapers.Disclaimer :- All images/Logos are copyrights of theirperspectiveowners.These images are not endrosed by any of theperspectiveowners & the images are used simply for theaesthetic purposeonly.No copyright infringement is intended.Anyrequest to removeone of the Images/Logos will be honored. *Downloadthis applicationand enjoy the superheroes wallpapers!!*
Landscape Live Wallpaper Lite 1.0.7
BlackBird Wallpapers
Mountain Landscape Live Wallpaper – high-quality beautifuldynamicdesktop wallpaper with mountain lake landscape, live watereffect,falling leaves, iterative flying dandelion seeds and lotsofsettings and customizations. FEATURES: - Mountainphoto-realisticlandscape background in HD quality - Live watereffect - Fallingleaves - Flying dandelion seeds - Fast and smoothreal 3Danimations (based on OpenGL ES 2.0) - Low battery use - Allscreensizes support - Tablet support How to set dynamic desktopwallpaper“Mountain Landscape Live Wallpaper” on the home screen ofyourphone: Home → Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers →Homescreen wallpaper → Live wallpapers → Mountain LandscapeLiveWallpaper This live wallpaper has been tested and looks greatonlatest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Note3,Nexus 7, Sony Xperia Z
Neon Fish Live Wallpaper 1.0.8
Live Wallpapers 3D
Neon fish live wallpaper - free animated screensaver with neonfish,HD background with underwater effect, underwater noise,animatedbubbles, reaction on touch and much more. Install thisfree 3Dwallpaper with animated fish, it will be a great decorationfor yourAndroid phone or tablet. FEATURES: - 7 types of animatedtropicalneon fish - Live water effect - Underwater sound effect -This freelive wallpaper fully supports horizontal orientation andlooks greaton both mobile phones and tablet devices and supportsscreenswitching - Real smooth 3D animations Check out our accountfor morefree beautiful live wallpapers Notice: This free aquariumlivewallpaper contains ads