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Jesus Christian Theme 1.1.5
Cool Theme Love
We are very excited to present our latest release: JesusChristianlauncher love holy god theme! DOWNLOAD Jesus Christianlaunchertheme and enjoy your favorite love holy god style and Biblepraycolor.Jesus Christian (icon packs) (theme) have love holygodbackgrounds, Jesus Christian app icons, love holy godfashionwallpapers and Bible pray digital effect. This JesusChristianlauncher (icon packs) theme is specially designed for loveholy godpeople who love Bible pray theme.Download and apply JesusChristiantheme for free and stylize your Android phone. JesusChristian canbe used for different IM apps, like Instagram,Messenger, BeeTalk,Facebook Lite and so on. Jesus Christian themeruns fast with thoseapps on your phones.Jesus Christian is alsocompatible withdifferent brands of phones like Samsung (SamsungGalaxy S7 Edge,Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, SamsungGalaxy J7,Samsung Galaxy Note7), Huawei (Huawei P9, Huawei P8,Huawei Mate 9,Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8), Sony (Sony Xperia Z5,Sony XperiaZ4, Sony Xperia Z3, Sony Xperia XZ) and HTC (HTC 10, HTCOne A9,HTC One X9, HTC Desire 10 Pro). Jesus Christian launchertheme isdesigned to let you enjoy love holy god feeling, a fasterandsmoother mobile and Bible pray operating experience.★How toapplyJesus Christian launcher theme?Note: This theme supportsourlauncher (icon packs) only.1) Download Jesus Christian theme,tapthe INSTALL button.2) Download our launcher (icon packs)fromGoogle Play Store. If you already have it installed, please taptheAPPLY button directly.★Why our launcher?【Different launcher(iconpacks) themes】Cool and colorful themes are provided. Finddifferenttheme categories, including tech, skull, Jesus Christian,cool,crystal (krystal), Bible pray, golden, love holy god, pink,skull,neon, shiny and many more. 【Customized Wallpapers】 We offeryouwallpapers of Bible pray style, so you could enjoy afullexperience of your chosen love holy god theme. More Biblepray,skull, dark, puppy, pink, neon styles will be available inthefuture.【Personalized Locker】 We offer a smart locker toprotectyour phone and personalized love holy god Bible pray lockscreenper your preference, making your phone look amazing everytime youflip it on.【DIY Themes】 Create your own DIY themes! ShareBiblepray Jesus Christian themes, love holy god wallpapers and appiconswith your friends. Give them a surprise!【Animated Effect】Makeyourphone unique with all sorts of cool love holy god animatedeffects.
Sprinkle of Jesus 7.6.64
Sprinkle of Jesus Corp
Sprinkle of Jesus is a Christian publication that not only showsyouhow to have a closer relationship with Christ, but teaches youhowto live a life full of financial abundance. Through ouronlineministries we are committed to being agents of change. Webridgethe gap between innovation and biblical principles! ThroughChristwe want to inspire and motivate those seeking healing in allareasof their life. In Christ we are strong. Come step out onfaith,download Sprinkle of Jesus mobile app today.
Gospel Library 5.1.1 (50414.23)
Gospel Library is the gospel study app of The Church of JesusChristof Latter-day Saints. The library includes the scriptures,generalconference addresses, music, learning and teaching manuals,Churchmagazines, videos, audio recordings, gospel art, and more.Study,search, mark, and share this vast collection. Contentincluded: LDSScriptures, Bible, Old Testament, New Testament, Bookof Mormon,Doctrine and Covenants, Pearl of Great Price, Guide totheScriptures, Joseph Smith Translation, Articles of Faith,GeneralConference, Teachings of Presidents of the Church, Hymns,Liahona,Ensign, New Era, Friend, Gospel Principles, Preach MyGospel, ReliefSociety, Young Women, Primary, Sunday School,Seminary, Institute,and Come, Follow Me.
Universal Church 7.6.38
Unipro Editora
With the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God application,youapproach the words of the Lord and sacred writings of theBiblewith Jesus Christ always by your side. ★ Stay withineverythingthat happens in the Universal Church of the Kingdom ofGod andaccess interactive photos, videos and uplifting messages ★Inaddition, you can leave comments and share all content withyourfriends on your social networks. Here's what you'll have inhandwith the Universal Church Application: ► PASTOR ONLINE Areyousuffering? Chat with an online pastor now through theapplication.No matter the time or the day of the week. We are here24 hours tounderstand your problems and offer the word of God. TheEvangelicalChurch that has open doors and ears to listen to you.The IURD isthe Evangelical Church that, like Jesus Christ, neverleaves you! ►BIBLE Have all the Bible content to read whenever andwherever youwant right from your cell phone. Have the teachings andthe word ofGod in hand, and you will have Jesus Christ at your sideat alltimes. Have the Bible in the palm of your hand, and JesusChrist inyour heart. ► SONGBOOK Use our Hymnbook to sing the mostplayedsongs in the Universal Church. The hymnal works even withouttheinternet. Feel within our Evangelical Church without leavinghome.Sing the songs to praise God. ► IURD TV Watch in real timewhat isbeing broadcast worldwide by Universal TV. The EvangelicalChurchyou trust, online on your cell phone. Watch the UniversalChurch ofthe Kingdom of God programming on your cell phone. ►ONLINE RADIOListen to the radio network Aleluia live, by the appitself. Followthe songs suggested by the Universal Church. Listento the songsthat bring you closer to Jesus Christ! ► BISHOP MACEDOBLOG Followthe news and texts of Bishop Edir Macedo from his cellphone.Listen also to podcasts with audios from the country's mostadmiredbishop. Read and listen to the advice of Bishop Edir Macedowiththe word of God. ► PROMISSE BOX Use the app to get closer toourEvangelical Church, and also to get closer to the word ofGod.Receive inspirational messages of faith whenever you wish. Theyaremessages of the Bible and of faith. Read the messages of faithwithJesus Christ and God in your heart. All this and more inoneapplication so you have the Universal Church all the time onyoursmartphone and tablet.
The Book of Mormon 1.6.0 (16005.2)
Another Testament of Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is the wordofGod, like the Bible. Both books contain God's guidance asrevealedto prophets, as well as religious histories ofdifferentcivilizations. While the Bible is written by and about thepeoplein the land of Israel and surrounding areas and takes placefromthe creation of the world until shortly after the death ofJesusChrist, the Book of Mormon contains the history of God'sdealingswith the people who lived in the Americas betweenapproximately 600BC and 400 AD. The Book of Mormon is anothertestament of JesusChrist. • Includes translations for most majorworld languages •Includes audio recordings in English, Japanese,Korean, Portuguese,and Spanish • Includes search capability andsimple navigation,including swiping gestures to navigate betweenchapters • Includeslinks to learn more about the Book of Mormon
Jesus Life Together Journal 1.3
The Jesus of the Bible is wonderfully different than mostreligionsthat use His Name. Jesus had no ritual, no mind games,noattendance-based entertainment and speech shows, no dress-up,nohierarchy, no money-begging. The real Jesus, The Eternal Life,isamazing and life-altering. Jesus walks on water, raises thedead,and dazzles the heart and mind. Y'shua changes, empowersandenlivens all who cross His path. Jesus and His Life Togetheras"church" with "one another" is likely beyond anything you'veeverimagined. Embark on the limitless journey Father has Designedforyour Destiny!Features: • Prayer Journal: Set up email alertstoremind you throughout the day of specific or random entries inyourprayer list • Free Music • Free Books, Electronic and HardCopy(upon request) • Free Audio Teachings • View Videos andMusicVideos • View Artwork and Read Correspondence, TeachingsandEncouragements From Around the World • Thought of the Day •"WithYou Now" allows you to see where others around the world areusingthe app and what they are viewing Topics Include BiblicalTruthson: • Raising Children • Loving Families and Marriages •Evangelism• Worship • End Times • Love • Community • Church •Wisdom • DailyLife • Holiness • Leadership • Relationships • Plusmany othertopics and encouragements If you ponder and wonder atwhat Jesus"looks like" living TODAY as Head of His Church, and whatHe canlook like in your daily life and church, and are willing topay thePrice for the Pearl of Great Price in your life, family,andrelationships, enter in. Join the millions and thefiftygenerations of those throughout the world in every languageandnation who WILL have this Man Jesus to be their King. Ofcoursethere will be people who want to defend the religion ofgreed,hierarchy, control, entertainment, book, and musicmoney-machines.Some enjoy the make-believe world of emotional orsuperstitiousmental pacifiers. Some will hate truths that don'tconform to thecultural religion of self. If you elevate the Jesusof the Bibleand all of His life and church-transforming Words andexample, Hepromised you'd be called names. Bad names. :) But readabout thechurch that knew Him well, and see what even new babyChristianslived like (Acts 2:42-47). Certainly, anyone is free tojoin anyreligion in this world that they want to. But, to expectJesus'results while neglecting the clarity of what He taught andlivedhas never worked. Just sayin'. :) :)
yesHEis: Life On Mission 74.0.0
CV Digital Pty Ltd
Make a difference by reaching your friends for Jesus. Weknowsharing your faith can sometimes feel difficult, so we're heretohelp! Join 3 million other Christians today by following these3simple steps: 1. Get the app, 2. Think of a friend or familymemberyou'd like to reach for Jesus, 3. Allow us to inspire,stretch andchallenge you to take action and make a difference inthat person'slife! — App Features — Gain Confidence Our weeklyfaith sharingtips will help you go from scared & awkward tobrave &confident! Learn From Others Be inspired by stories ofhow others,like you, have helped their friends come to know Jesus.Share YourExperience Help other Christians in our community. Share,react, orcomment on blogs. Contribute your thoughts and experiencesto ourweekly conversation topics. Challenge Yourself Start apersonalchallenge. Choose a friend you'd like to reach andcustomise yourplan of action. Receive daily reminders to pray forthat friend andcheck off each day as you go. Search For A VideoShare a videoabout Jesus with a friend who doesn't know Him yet.Search videosby category and theme, and stay up to date withregular newreleases. Preview Our ‘Who Is Jesus?’ Bot If your friendwould liketo know more about Jesus after watching a video, ourfriendly chatbot can help. Share a video from the app to experiencethis bot foryourself! Chat With Our Team For help getting out of afaithsharing rut, or advice on how to reach a specific person inyourworld, chat with our team! Just send us a message throughourin-app chat feature and we'll get back to you as soon as wecan.Find And Follow Friends Inspire one another to live lifeonmission. See friends' app activities and encourage them intheirfaith sharing journeys. So what are you waiting for? It's timetomake a difference. Get the app today!
Jesus Wallpapers 5.0.1
If you want to set any of the pictures from this collectionaswallpaper, you have to be connected to the Internet to downloaditto your phone. Once you download the picture you like, it willbesaved on your SD card, and after that you don’t need theInternetconnection any more.


-Support forthe application on SD card
- Share wallpapers onFacebook, Twitter,...
- Share app on Facebook, Twitter, save toDropbox and more.
-Free and always will be free

In this wallpapercollection you willfind fantastic pictures of Jesus, then some welldesign images ofthe cross and the holy Bible and other imagesadapted to your phonescreen size.

If you believe in Jesus Christyou will absolutelyfind the background you like. From now on, youwill always have thefeeling that Jesus is protecting you.

JesusChrist is the centralfigure of Christianity, and is also regardedas an importantprophet of God in Islam. Most Christiandenominations venerate himas God the Son incarnated and believethat he rose from the deadafter being crucified. The principalsources of informationregarding Jesus are the Bible's fourcanonical gospels, which mostbiblical scholars find useful forreconstructing Jesus' life andteachings. Scholars have correlatedthe New Testament accounts withnon-Christian historical records toarrive at an estimatedchronology of Jesus' life.

Photos in JesusWallpapers are licensedunder Creative Commons’ license. Authors arecredited inside theapp.


Jesus Wallpapers has beentested on thefollowing phones: Samsung Galaxy S6 (as well as S4 andS5), LG G4,Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Nexus 6P, Sony Xperia Z5, Moto X.
Jesus Telugu Songs Book 1.0.2
Charvika Technologies
Telugu Christian Song Book application is a collection ofChristianSong Lyrics. It has songs from all Christiandenominations.KeyFeatures:1. Songs can be viewed by in alphabeticalorder for easysearch.2. All the songs to your favourite list sothat you canaccess the song easily.2. Best Telugu Christian SongLyrics withconvenient index with very less application size.3. Youcan get thesong details on the details page.4.To Share Messagesacross theApp.5. Best fits for every android device. Kindlyrecommend andshare this app to your friends!If you have anyspecific songs to beadded or have songs in soft copy please [email protected] Bless you all...Share your commentsandsuggestions to improve this application.
Christian Songs: Music Holy Bible App of God 2018 1.0.1
Christian Songs: Music Holy Bible App of God 2018 is your apptolisten to Christian songs for free, evangelical and worshipsongs.Jesus loves us and also sings to us with the Sung Bible app!100%FREE! not to download mp3, but to listen to Christian musiconline(YouTube) like a gospel. There are no ringtones, for now!Amen,catholic God and Jesus Christ.The best Christian database ofsongsfor everyone; Catholic music to pray and have a good timewithfriends and family. Here you will find the best praises totheLord! Your Christian music app, AMEN the Bible for Kids! ListentoChristian Worship from Heaven.Psalm 98:4“Shout for joy to theLord,all the earth, burst into jubilant song with music”Sing withGodand Jesus Christ and the best Christian app!Features ofChristianSongs: Music Holy Bible App of God 2018- The best praisesforchildren, women and Christian men. Hallelujah for Catholic musiconradio!- The bible sung for kids in a musical way: WorshipJesusChrist, hymns, children's songs, spiritual songs andcatholicmelodies- Catholic music player (YouTube) so you are closerto theword of God our Lord. It is updated daily- If you are aChristianand you like music, here you will find a multitude ofmusicalgenres: bachata, ballads, contemporary, country,electronic,Christian funk, gospel, hip hop, children's, jazz,metal, pop,Christian punk, R&B , rap, reggae, reggaeton,Christian rockand Christian salsa. All times until 2018!- 100% freeApp withoutin-app purchases. Lord's words from the Bible appradio!- Easy touse app. You will love catholic music!- Share thebest Christiansongs with your friends and family on Facebook,WhatsApp, Snapchat,Twitter, Telegram, Google+, etc. and show thatyou are a faithfulbeliever- AMEN! Believe in God? Hallelujah!FeelGod inside of youwith this magnificent sung bible app for kids andenjoy yourdevotion to our Lord. Jesus Christ!Brothers and sisters,we findourselves before the app that will bring us closer to heavenandfurther away from hell. Praise its celestial songs andgospel!Whatare you waiting for to download Christian Songs - MusicBible Appfor God 2018? It's free! We want to share the biblicalmusic of themoment, so that we are all in harmony. Listen to JesusChrist!Wehave many Catholic songs and we add new melodies andreligiousballads from the Bible constantly! We're sure you'll loveit: songsand more gospel, for us, children of God.This is your appto pray,meditate and know more about our God! Live Christian andreligiousmusic! DOWNLOAD NOW!We really appreciate your comments,they helpus improve this app for you and foreveryone.IMPORTANT-ThisCatholic music song app does not allow youto download ringtones,just listen to music online on streaming,like a gospel radio.-Christian Songs and Evangelical Music 2018doesn’t own theintellectual property of the songs that appear inthe Bible app forkids (feat. Jesus Christ)-All the content includedin the app(songs, ballads, prayers, videos, etc.) is hosted onYouTube-Youcan’t download songs and music in MP3 format, this appworks like aradio.We thank all the people that download the app of"ChristianSongs and Evangelical Music 2018". We want to create agreatcommunity of Catholic music and it will be possible thanks toyou.Do you believe in Bible and Jesus Christ? Enjoy theGospel!Asbrothers and sisters, we should be united and Catholicmusic fillsus with peace and harmony. Feel Jesus inside of you withthisapp!Thank God, our Lord, help us to remember that it doesnotmatter how dark the night is.This app has been developedbybelievers in "God" and the passionate religion of "Christianmusic"and evangelical and worship songs in this "bible app". AMEN!JesusChrist came to save us with his gospel! This app is ideal forkidsand catholic radio lovers.
Bible Videos 1.8.1
The Life of Jesus Christ Bible Videos will strengthen your faithinthe Savior while you experience His ministry and understandHispurpose through sight, sound, and touch.A good internetconnectionis required for streaming the videos.
Bible Studies in Depth 1.1
- The most complete Bible Studies in depth Bible Studies in depthonthe basic Christian doctrine that every believer should know.Theseprinciples must be incorporated in us to know more and morethiswonderful God that we have. In Christianity, Bible study isthestudy of the Bible by ordinary people as a personal religiousorspiritual practice. ⋆ Enjoy all the content of this applicationandcomplete your learning about the Bible. In this tool you willfindthe following Bible studies: - God loves us - The good worksthatGod has prepared for us - Loving God with all our heart: whatdoesit mean? - Righteousness and the Bible - Chosen by God: a lookatthe doctrine of predestination - Does God condemn the sinner?-Tithing, giving and the New Testament - Decision making anditseffects: an example from Paul’s trip to Rome - Church(ecclesia)and her head - “Beloved, now we are children of God” -Somethoughts on material possessions - Honor your father and mother-Saul vs. David - The Father Himself loves you - The parable ofthewidow - Praise the Lord - In all points tempted as we are -Johnthe Baptist: A God's General - Temptation: does God test uswithevil? - The tempter - The means and forms of temptation - Theformsof temptation in the parable of the sower. - What is theproperresponse to temptation? - Prayer as weapon against temptation-Holy spirit: "another comforter" - The breastplate ofrighteousness- Obedience to God - The chastening of the Lord -Before, Now andAfter - "All things work together for good to thosewho love God"(Part I) - Patience - The enemy, the battle, and thewinners -Study: Resurrection or life immediately after death? -Martha, Maryand Jesus - The parable of the prodigal son -Examineyourselves.... - The mercy of the Lord - God of Abraham andIsaacand Jacob - Cares, Prayer and Believing - Born of God - TheWord ofGod is: - What did Jesus really say to the criminal at thecross? -Occurrences of the words "Sheol" and "Hades" in the Bible -TheParable of the Sower - Some of the things that Jesus Christ is-Jesus Christ: The Redeemer - Gideon and how God worked with him-Esther and the delivering power of God - The genealogies ofJesusChrist - The Church: Its definition, its head and its members-Spoken vs Written - Was Jesus born on the 25th of December? -Jesusthe Son of David - About the wise men - God Loves You -Jesus'Opinion About Prayer - Pentecost and New Birth Realities - Ontheperpetual virginity of Mary - The temptations of Jesus - IITimothy3:16-17: the usefulness of the Bible - On the interpretationof theBible - Who is the author of the Bible and who wrote it? -Thearmor of God Pastors as well as leaders or seminary studentscantake advantage of these resources that will be of blessing,whenpreparing sermons, teachings or the reason to enrich theirownknowledge. The app contains as extras : ✔ TheologyDictionary:Completely offline so that you can consult when you wantall thedefinitions about theology. ✔ Bible Online: A completeonline Bibleto read and learn more about Bible studies in depth.Download nowBible studies in depth and share with us yourexperience. * If youhave any question or wish to contributesomething, please let usknow. Thanks.
Psalms Bible Verses & Jesus wallpapers from Bible
Lastwoods Technologies
Daily Holy Bible verses free app will giveyouone Bible inspirational quotes daily in the morning. You willgetBible verse for encouragement and inspirational Bible quotesdaily.You can make daily Bible reading plans based in these HolyBiblequotes. Christian Bible verses and quotes can help you to makeyourBible reading schedule. Feel the presence of Jesus ChristthroughHoly Bible daily verses. Words of jesus daily can change youlife.NASB old testament stories from Holy Bible book can give youbasicteachings about christian life.Features of this Christian devotional Bible app- Holy Bible with daily reading from Psalms.- Jesus daily verses in the morning with Pentecostalpreaching- Holy Bible offline free app with Christian preaching- Catholic daily readings with Bible verse about loveandknowledge.We refer different Holy Bible in English to develop thisCatholicBible offline app. These Christian quotations are takenfrom BibleNKJV and Bible NIV. We also read Holy Bible New KingJames versionNKJV and Bible KJV. So this Bible hub is the perfectapp forCatholic Bible daily readings. You will love all Christianquotesand Bible reading plan. You can use this as offline NIVversion ora Holy Bible with no internet. Jesus daily words cantaught a lotof lessons in life. Holy Bible English standard versionESV canhelp you to get Jesus messages. Inspiring Bible verses dailycanbring positive energy to your life and people around you. Youcanuse this Bible study and preaching trivia to motivate others.HolyBible every day quotes can help you to do it. Roman Catholicchurchand the Pentecostal mission can use this Bible wisdomverses.Holy Bible good news version and Christian books will give a lotofJesus prayer. Bible verses about faith are taken from BibleKingJames Version. Inspirational Bible verses and saying aboutJesusquotes can give you a perfect start to your day. We read HolyBiblethe new international version and different Jesus book to makethisHoly Bible Catholic edition. You will love this new dailyscripturefrom Bible. We promises that. enjoy Jesus sayings and HolyBiblestandard version free book through these Christian prayers. Wealsorefer new revised standard version Holy Bible RSV andcatholiccommunity Bible. Jesus bible words and Jesus news arewaiting foryour in this POC Holy Bible for women free.Enjoy this app in this X Mas holiday season. Merry Christmas&Happy New Year. Enjoy your XMas.
Superbook Kids Bible, Videos & Games (Free App) v1.7.7
This FREE Kids Bible App brings the Bible to life for theentirefamily with an easy to understand Bible, videos and funengagingBible games. Featuring 26 full-length, free episodes fromthe Emmynominated Superbook animation series that includes DavidandGoliath, Daniel in the Lions’ Den, the Miracles of Jesus, TheFirstChristmas, He Is Risen and more! The Kids Bible app isavailablefor FREE and features include: FULL KIDS BIBLE WITH AUDIO• Easy tounderstand Bible • Multiple versions and audio Bible FUNBIBLEGAMES • Play more than 20 fun games • Trivia Games, Word GamesandAction Games FREE SUPERBOOK EPISODES • Watch 26 full-length,freeepisodes from the Emmy-nominated animation series - Superbook •Nowdownloadable so you can watch full episodes offline DAILY VERSEFORKIDS • Encouraging daily verse • Learn while playing fungamesANSWERS TO QUESTIONS • Answers to common questions that kidsaskabout God, Jesus, Heaven and many other topics • What does Godlooklike? How do you get Jesus in your heart? What is heaven like?•And hundreds more questions and answers DISCOVER HOW TO KNOW GOD•Experience a life-changing, kid-friendly Gospel messageanddiscover how to begin a friendship with God PEOPLE, PLACESANDARTIFACTS • Hundreds of profiles of people, places andartifactswith engaging images and detailed biographies DYNAMICCONTENT •Verses have related questions and answers, profiles,games, videoclips, images and more PERSONALIZED KIDS BIBLE •Favorite/bookmarkverses that you like • Highlight passages withmultiple colorchoices • Take notes and attach them to verses • Addyour ownphotos so that you can make a personal connection with averse •Your notes, favorite verses and personal photos can beaccessedfrom the My Stuff area of the app FULL SUPERBOOK EPISODES /BIBLESTORIES INCLUDE: • Creation and Adam and Eve • Noah's Ark •Abrahamand Isaac • Jacob and Esau • Joseph and Pharaoh's Dream •Moses,the burning bush and the plagues of Egypt • The TenCommandments •Rahab and the Walls of Jericho • Gideon • David andGoliath •Elijah and the prophets of Baal • Daniel and the fieryfurnace •Daniel in the lions' den • Esther • Job • Jonah and thebig fish •John the Baptist • The First Christmas and the birth ofJesus •Miracles of Jesus - Jesus heals a paralyzed man • Miraclesof Jesus- Jesus calms the storm • The parable of the sower • Theprodigalson • The Last Supper • The resurrection of Jesus • Pauland theroad to Damascus • Paul and the shipwreck • RevelationDAILYINTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENT • Take Daily Quests – game challengesthatfeature an encouraging verse of the day • Find Biblical answerstoquestions that are important to kids – questions about God,Jesus,life and heaven • Choose the right answer in an engagingtriviagame – important questions with Biblical answers • Try tofind allof the hidden words in a challenging Word Search game •Decodeverses before time runs out in the exciting Verse ScramblegameOTHER FEATURES OF THE KIDS BIBLE APP • Search the verses ortheinteractive content • Email your friends your favoriteverses,notes, or personal photos with related verses • The KidsBible appis available in English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic. TheKidsBible App is a wonderful Bible experience for the wholefamily.Download the Superbook Kids Bible App today and begin theadventureof a lifetime!
God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle 5.3
God is among us! If you are searching for “religious games forkids”that are easy to play, download “God and Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle”andteach your children the story of Christianity and theimportance ofour Lord and Savior through these interactive “JesusChristpuzzles”! Inspired by your favorite religious wallpapers,these “Godgames for kids” are suitable for toddlers and kids,preschoolers andelementary school children, even adults who knowhow important it isto praise the Lord all the time! Teach yourkids to love God byoccupying them with these religious andeducational jigsaw puzzlegames! There is no better way to learnabout “Jesus Christ” than bysolving these Christian games forchildren and adults free of charge– get these “God games for kidsfree” and enjoy your favoritepictures of our Lord and Savior! ThisChristian game app forAndroid™ allows you to save the images youlike, after you completethe puzzles, and set them as "Jesus Christwallpapers". Download Godand Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle, play a game thatmakes you smarter,improves your memory and stimulates logicalthinking! ✞✞✞ God isalmighty! ✞✞✞ ❃ Twenty "free pictures of JesusChrist" divided intotwo packs – more puzzles coming soon! ❃ Ineach pack, you'll getfive images, at first - unlock a new "Jesuspuzzle" picture everyday. ❃ You can save these images of Jesus anduse these "Christianthemes" as "God wallpapers and backgrounds"! ❃Puzzle dimensions – 9to 100 puzzle pieces. ❃ Choose the level ofdifficulty. ❃ Up to 200different combination of puzzles. ❃ Everyjigsaw game is different:various piece shapes every time. ❃ Movepieces in groups! ❃ Savesall puzzles in progress – work on severalof them at the same time.❃ Use pause button if you want to see thewhole picture or to saveyour progress. ❃ No in app purchases – allof the beautiful jigsawsare completely free! ❃ You can play thesepuzzles without Internet!❃ Only the best “Bible puzzle games free”are featured in thisreligious game for children and adults! If Godis everything to you,and you know how important it is to instillsome positive values inyour kids, there is no better way to teachthem about the Christianreligion and the Holy Bible than byoffering them God and JesusJigsaw Puzzle to solve! Kids canpractice Christianity and have funat the same time! With appealinggraphics and easy tap controls,this free Jesus Christ game app isideal even for very youngchildren! Combining the puzzle pieces ofthis Lord Jesus puzzle willentertain you and your family for along time! By solving thejigsaws, toddlers will develop theirobservation skills, learn aboutreligion and “God and Jesus andMary”, while adults can sit back,relax and enjoy their favorite“God wallpaper”! Are you looking forsome apps about God that arefun memory games to play and brainteasers? God and Jesus JigsawPuzzle offers you a collection oftwenty religious puzzles withphotos of Jesus Christ – combine thepieces and watch how Godmiraculously appears in front of your eyes!Despite being fantasticjigsaw puzzles and everybody's favoritepastime, these religiouspuzzles for kids are great learning gamesas well. Have fun withthese 2015 educational jigsaw puzzle games!Find love, hope andbelief in these Jesus pictures! Remember thatGod is alwayswatching you – praise Him! These bible jigsaw puzzlegames are thebest way to provoke kids and toddlers' interest abouttheChristianity, Christian religion, Moses, Jesus, Virgin Mary,HolyGhost, Bible etc. By solving these “God and Jesus games”,childrendevelop their consciousness about Jesus Christ, the HolyBible andthe four fathers of Christianity. Try this entertainingand“learning religious game” and get a little jigty today bysolvingthe most beautiful God wallpapers with these God and JesusJigsawPuzzle games!
Live with Christ - Easter App 1.5.0
Reach Beyond Sverige
Read the bible in a new way. The app presents Bible textsduringEaster week, from all four gospels, and lets you follow Jesusinreal time. More than one hundred texts are used during theweek.These are God's words; nothing more - nothing less!Theappautomatically presents the Bible texts based on the actual dateofEaster. It is also possible to manually select the dateofResurrection Sunday, so any week can be EasterWeek.Thisapplication is created by Reach Beyond Sweden, and isintended tohelp you fully understand God's love for you, and thesacrifice onthe cross.It happens a lot during the night to GoodFriday in Jesuslife. If you rather sleep than follow the text inreal time, youshould better set the phone to silent.Hint: To changethenotification sound, use the menu from the start page, andselectSettings.Keywords: Easter, Passion, Holy Week, Jesus, Christ,God,Chruch, Christian, Bible
Prayers, Bible & Rosary 3.03
Collection of the best catholic prayers and songs. Usethisapplication as your prayers book or your songsbook.Thisapplication contains these sections :- The Bible- AudioBible- TheStations of the Cross- Documents of the Vatican- Catholicwebsitesdirectory- The Prayers * Basic Prayers * Blessing prayers *Prayersto Jesus * Marian prayers * Prayers of the Saints- The Songs*Christmas Songs * Marian Songs - The Rosory- The Saints of theday-Readings of the day- Access prayers shared by othres- Shareyourown prayers to the community- Catholic online Radio station(60Radio Maria stations) * Radio Maria Uganda * Radio Maria Burundi*Radio Maria Canada (English) * Radio Maria India * RadioMariaMalawi * Radio Maria Malta * Radio Maria Papua New Guinea *RadioMaria Uganda * Radio Maria Burundi * Radio Maria Canada(English) *Radio Maria India * Radio Maria Malawi * Radio MariaMalta * RadioMaria Papua New Guinea
Encouraging Bible Verses & Motivation Jesus images
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This Holy Bible app free will give you one encouraging andinspiringBible Verses daily in the morning. Tomorrow morning youwill getanother Bible quote of the day. Motivational quotes aretaken fromOld Testament and New Testament chapters. This BibleBook have anease and simple to use design for easy navigationcapabilities. Thisapp provides daily Bible reading notificationwith encouraging Bibleverses of the day. This is a free serviceapp to spread Jesus wordsand messages. Start your day with Bibleoffline book app with yourfavorite Bible verses. Our aim is tokeep you motivated andnourished everyday with God words. ThisBible app book will keep youinspired and will help you to achieveyour life goals. Holy Biblereading are taken from NKJV Bible andNIV Bible. This daily Biblereading app will help you to enlightenbefore confession and willhelp you in preparing for daily saintprayers with family. ThisBible study app can also use in Holy Massbook and in liturgy.Simple design and clean font will be veryhelpful during dailyChristian prayers and evening prayer likeNovena and Holy Rosary. Weput special interest in the UI designfor easily using this OfflineBible app. Read and study the NewInternational Version and EnglishStandard Version when you havetime. These are Bible for couples andfor all Roman CatholicChristians governed by Pope Francis acrossglobe. This pocket Biblewill helps you to start your day thankingGod for this wonderfullife with prayers. The Holy Bible will alwaysgive answers to yourlife problems. Download Bible and dailyChristian prayers into yourmobile and to your tablet. Free Biblewith international standardsis waiting for you in this OfflineBible free app. The Bible onlinefacility in this this app will giveyou Jesus wallpapers and BibleVerse pictures. You can set Biblequotes and Jesus pictures as yourmobile wallpapers and as your lockscreen pic. You can set theJesus words of the day to your dailyBible reading schedule. ThisBible Divine app with Jesus images andHoly Cross pictures alongwith Bible chapter is the best devotionalsBible app for women.Daily Bible verse with images are taken fromKJV Bible, ASV Bibleand ESV Bible. Features on daily Holy Bibleoffline devotion app -This Bible trivia app is compatible with allscreen sizes oftablets and smart phones from Android 2.3 onward -Notificationwith daily Bible reading plans. - Share daily quotes towith yourfriends and family. - Multi – Language support withEnglish Bible,French Bible, Spanish Bible, German and otherlanguage BibleVerses. - Jesus gallery with Mother Mary pictures andChristmasWallpapers - Quote are taken from Bible King James versionfreedownload and Amplified Bible. - Read Bible words evenwithoutnetwork access. The Daily devotional Bible app can help youtounderstand the right meaning of your life and act wisely tobringhappiness to your life. The enlighten faith in this app can beusedfor youthful praise and can be used as a youth ministryresources.Bible poems in this Bible gateway for youth are takenfrom popularBible versions like NASB Bible and MST Bible. Add thisrosaries appto the favorite Bible verse list. You can use this asyour CatholicBible with Jesus words from RSV Bible and NLT Bible.Make ourprayer book Bible as your best companion. Wising you allthe bestand Jesus grace in your life.
Christian Images of Jesus Christ 1.08
Christian Images of Jesus Christ. Gallery of 240 free cardswithbible verses to share with friends and family on socialnetworks.Full color designs with beautiful Bible texts to share onFacebook,Twitter, Instagram and other social networks. Morning isalways agreat time to send wishes and greeting to friends. Makethismorning a wonderful day when you send one of good morningChristianimages to your loved one. Start your day with the bestmotivationthat only The Best Christian Images for Sharing can giveyou. Thebest Pictures to download the app completely FREE, and youcanshare the Images on your favorite social networks. Are youlookingfor beautiful Christian images to share with your friendsand / orfeed your spirit every day? Christian Images of Love Do youwant tofall in love with beautiful messages every day? This app isforyou! This application of Christian images of love brings to you,wehave images where you can express to others your mostsincerefeelings, in a beautiful image every day. The Bible iscomfort tomillions of people around the world. Download this App onyourdevice and you can share the Bible with friends and peoplearoundyou. These good morning pictures not only have morninggreeting butalso include sacred images of Jesus Christ to start upyour day.This is the best good morning wishes for Christian appsbecause ita feeling of a blessed day when you received such ablessed morninggreeting. Christian images to share have Christianimages for eachday of the month, so you can share 1 a day. Includesimages ofJesus Christ and beautiful images of God. You can sharethem toyourself and use them as Christian wallpapers. In additionwe addedChristian radios with preaching and praises so that youlistenwhile you look at the images with that spiritual food thatyou needevery day Enjoy Christian Images of Jesus Christ. EnjoybeautifulChristian images, Christian phrases of love, Christianimages withmessages, evangelical Christian images, and the bestlove phrasesfor your lover or in love. It is great in a singleimage how youcan transmit messages of love, messages of reflection,shortsentences of love, beautiful phrases of love, words of lovewithimages. Each day you can share with your family and friendsthehappiness of God's love in your life and be able to reflectothersand bless your day each time you send Christian images oflove,love verses. In this application of beautiful images of love,youcan encourage a friend or brother who is going throughdifficulttimes in his life, with a single verse of love you canremind himof the beautiful love of God for each of their lives.Christiansall over the world find hope in the Bible every day!BlessedMorning images and wishes is designed with high qualitygraphicimages and it is able to became you phone wallpaper. Otherfeaturesthat included in this application is that there is a gamefor youto play. I must say that, this bonus feature will surelymake youaddicted to play. Enjoy playing game and cheering someonewith thisGood morning Inspiring Images. They are free Christianimages.Download the free Christian images app to share with yourlovedones. christian inspirational app. We hope you like ourChristianapp. God bless you. Download Christian Images of JesusChrist now,it's free! If you like, please rate our app! Also withChristianimages of love, you can conquer that person who has becomespecialand important in your life and reach your heart with theword ofGod and the beautiful verses of the Bible that will make aperfectlove and with the blessing of God , you can share cutelovephrases, love phrases to fall in love with. This app will helpyouif perhaps you are very short in your words and do not know howtoexpress your feelings with love dedications, who will make ofyouevery day a poet with the best love phrases, Christian imagesoflove is here to help you.
A Journey Towards Jesus 2.4.0
Play for free to 'A Journey Towards Jesus' and enjoy learningmoreabout the Bible with this new Christian game for young allages!STORY Eliab's sister, Sara, is sick and after spending alltheirsavings on medicines and doctors, their only hope is to findapreacher named Jesus. Some believe he is the expectedMessiah.Others think he is only a fake. For Eliab, the maincharacter ofthis game, the clock is ticking. Will he overcome hisfears and beable to find HIM before is too late? Does Jesus knowabout Eliab?Discover and chills with the story behind this excitingChristiangame for smartphones and tablets. FEATURES ‘A JourneytowardsJesus’ has 5 worlds full of surprises, characters tointeract andspeak with and challenges that the main character willhave tocomplete with your help to find Jesus. • Travel the pathswhereJesus was (Galilee, Samaria, etc.). • More than 2.000questions andexciting challenges that will test your knowledge ofthe Bible. •Mini-games with hundreds of categories will put you tothe test. •Don't forget to grab the items needed for this journey,as theywill help you when you need them the most. • Obtain Starswith eachlevel completed according to your skills and exchange themforvaluable items in the market. A wise choice of your items canmakea big difference. #AJTJ: Prove everyone that you are the masterofthe Bible in this new and free Christian game for smartphonesandtablets in which you will learn more about Jesus while youwalkthrough different levels in this great adventure in ajourneytowards Jesus. Download it for free! Many thanks to thosewho play'A Journey Towards Jesus' (a.k.a 'En Busca de Jesús').Thanks toyour comments we will keep creating new Christians gamelike thisone. We would love to read your opinion about this game.Please,contact us through our website: Join nowourcommunity on Facebook!► This project hasbeencreated with the support of
Bible Stories for Children 1.0.1
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Bible Stories for Children is a Bible stories applicationforchildren that is taken from Biblical story, ranging from theOldTestament to the New Testament.Available in 2 languages​​:Englishand Bahasa Indonesia.Available stories are: - When GodMadeEverything - The Start of Man's Sadness - Noah and the GreatFlood- God's Promise to Abraham - God Tests Abraham's Love - JacobTheDeceiver - A favorite son becomes a slave - God honors Josephtheslave - The Prince From The River - The Prince Becomes A Sheperd-Goodbye Pharaoh! - Forty Years - Joshua Takes Charge -Gideon'sLittle Army - Samson, God's Strong Man - Ruth: A Love Story-Samuel, God's Boy - Servant - The Handsome Foolish King - DavidTheSheperd Boy - David The King (Part 1) - David The King (Part 2)-Wise King Solomon - Good Kings, Bad Kings - The Man of Fire-Elisha, Man of Miracles - Jonah and The Big Fish - Isaiah SeesTheFuture - Jeremiah, Man of Tears - Ezekiel: Man of Visions-Beautiful Queen Esther - Daniel the Captive - Daniel andtheMystery Dream - The Men Who Would Not Bend - Daniel and TheLions'Den - The Great Wall of Nehemiah - The Birth of Jesus English- ATerrible Time for Jesus - A Man Sent From God - Jesus Chooses12Helpers - The Miracles of Jesus - A Temple Leader Visits Jesus-Jesus the Great Teacher - The Farmer and the Seed - Rich ManPoorMan - The Prodigal Son - The Good Samaritan - The Woman at theWell- Jesus Stills the Stormy Sea - The Girl Who Lived Twice -JesusHeals the Blind - Jesus Feeds 5000 People - Jesus and Lazarus-Jesus and Zaccheus - The First EasterGod bless you
The Holy Spirit 1.1
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Get answers to questions about The Holy Spirit, like who is He,whyis He here and why you absolutely need him. See how youcanexperience God's Love for you through the Gift of His HolySpirit.Watch as He makes Jesus more than just a character in theBible,but someone real and personal to you. Myths surroundingtopics likespeaking in tongues and operating in the gifts aredebunked withscriptural proof. The information here is both freeand priceless.You are encouraged to study through this app inchunks over aperiod of time as opposed to reading through it as abunch ofinteresting stories. This app covers topics like ☞  Who isthe HolySpirit☞  Why do you need the Holy Spirit☞  Myths about theHolySpirit☞  How to receive the Holy Spirit☞  How to hear fromandspeak back to God ☞  How to build a relationship with Him overtime☞  How to how to identify and operate in your spiritualgifts☞ What is good fruit ? How to bear good fruits☞  Why are youNOTreceiving the Holy SpiritIf taken seriously, your life willneverbe the same again and you will become a blessing toyoursurroundings and over time become a vessel through whichheavenflows into the earth. The Holy Bible is used as the absolutesourceof truth and several illustrations and stories from the Biblearepresent throughout the content to show you how the HolySpiritoperates. Real Life stories from many people fromdiversebackgrounds and situations are shared to encourage andmotivateyou. Every topic covered in this App has a Life Applicationthatyou should be able to take and apply in your own life. Acarefullycurated list of videos explaining the various topicscovered in theapp are shared for those who prefer learningvisually. These videossupplement the content and offer insightsfrom men and women of Godwho have fellowshipped with the HolySpirit for years. This tinyapp has more than 50 hours of contentthat can keep you engaged andgets updates both in terms of newfeatures and content. It isdesigned to operate with minimalpermissions and all data exceptvideos are cached so you can use itoffline. It is optimized to useminimum memory and space whilegiving you an experience you cannotforget. Freely have youreceived; freely give.-- Matthew 10:8Theabove verse is the essenceof the efforts that went into buildingthis app. The app itself isand always will be fully Free and OpenSource, it is licensed underthe MIT License so you can view, editand contribute back to thecodebase if you are interested.
Jesus Prayers and Songs - Audio + Lyrics 1.4
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Say these miracle prayer daily and it will bring peace inyourlife!. You will experience Jesus, and HE will change yourwholelife in a very special way. "Break Every Chain", "HolySpirit", "ISurrender" "My Jesus My Saviour", "Open the Eyes of MyHeart" "SetA Fire" "We Are The Reason" "What a beautiful name""10000 reasons""Still" "At the cross" "Here I am to Worship""Oceans (Where FeetMay Fail)" "God Will Make A Way" "You are My Allin All" "SINACH |WAY MAKER" When I am down Give thanks My Jesus, mySaviour Our Godis an awesome God Thank You Lord Jesus Prayer audio: Free OfflineAudio Prayer. Free Jesus Prayer for Children withAudio AvailableOffline Only for You. Christian Devotional Songs:Free offlineaudio. Christian Devotional songs app has a lovelycollection ofChristian songs in Praise of Jesus Christ Praise andWorship SongsJesus prayer Features: Completely offline app. Jesusprayer lyricsJesus prayer audio app Jesus prayer Different imagesAuto replaySong and wallpaper Gives you a very peaceful experience.jesusprayer daily bread We offer you the best Christian musicgenres:Christian ballad, Christian salsa, Christian wagons,Christianbachata, instrumental Christian, contemporary Christian,Christianelectronics, Christian funk, Christian reggaeton,Christianchildren, Christian jazz, Christian pop, Christian reggae,andChristian rock. The Divine Mercy, The Divine MercyPrayer,TheChaplet of The Divine Mercy,Catholic prayers,Dailyprayers,Basiccatholic Prayers,Prayer to Jesus,Prayer Book,stationsof thecross,Catholic Prayer Cards,Catholic Prayerbook,Jesus,JesusChrist. Angel Prayers, Daily Prayers,Holy SpiritPrayers,MaryPrayers. Here is a Collection of inspirational songs inthis appJesus Video Songs And Story. Divine songs in praise ofJesus andMother Mary. Jesus Loves Me Song Miracles Of Jesus ChristCaught OnTape Jesus Mary Joseph Video Jesus Of Suburbia Green DayLyricsJesus Power Superpower Song Yesu Worship songs.
Jesus Prayer Audio In Hindi 1.1
Jesus Prayer Audio In Hindi is a Completely Offline Free Appwithbeautiful audio prayers to immerse yourself in the praiseandworship of the Lord.Jesus Prayer in Hindi this Appincludesbeautiful Bible songs for kids in Hindi Audio free forChristianworship.You can use this app anywhere, even in Church,withoutrequirement of Internet Connection.Get a collection ofChristianhymn and prayer common in many books. These songs areinHindi.Spend time with your family singing praise and worshipsongsof Jesus together and have a great time singing alongwiththem!Features:- NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED.- FREE ofCost.-Jesus Prayer Audio In Hindi- Pause and Play the Audio.
Steps to Christ 1.0
Steps to Christ a great reading Thousands have becomeacquaintedwith Jesus through this utility, Steps to Christ. And ithas helpedmany more, including those who have walked with Him foryears, toknow Him better. You’ll discover the steps to finding aforeverfriendship with Jesus. You’ll read about His love foryou,repentance, faith and acceptance, growing like Him, theprivilegeof prayer, what to do with doubt, and how to spend yourdaysrejoicing in your best Friend, Jesus. Do you know Jesus, or doyouonly know about Him? Learn the meaning of the words: "This islifeeternal, that they might know thee the only true God, andJesusChrist, whom thou has sent." John 17:3. John 1:12, "As manyasreceived him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God,evento them that believe on his name." As you read this tool youmaywell be drawn into Christ's presence, as have countless others.Youmay find Jesus standing before you with hands outstretched,saying:"I can answer your deepest personal and spiritual needs." Inthistool you will find this chapters: - God’s Love for Man -TheSinner’s Need of Christ - Repentance - Confession - Consecration-Faith and Acceptance - The Test of Discipleship - Growing UpIntoChrist - The Work and the Life - A Knowledge of God - ThePrivilegeof Prayer - What to Do with Doubt - Rejoicing in the LordThe appinclude the following extras: + Seventh-Day Adventist28Fundamental Beliefs + An online Bible to consult at any timeandsituation ✔ If you liked this tool, Rate me, please help ustoimprove and to offer a better product. Thank you. If you wanttoincrease your confidence in God, your faith and growspiritually,download Steps to Christ, you will love it.
Jesus Prayer Audio In Hindi 1.0.3
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Jesus Prayer Audio In Hindi is a Completely Offline Free Appwithbeautiful audio prayers to immerse yourself in the praiseandworship of the Lord.This App includes beautiful Bible songsforkids in Hindi Audio free for Christian worship.You can use thisappanywhere, even in Church, without requirement ofInternetConnection.Get a collection of Christian hymn and prayercommon inmany books. These songs are in Hindi.Spend time with yourfamilysinging praise and worship songs of Jesus together and have agreattime singing along with them!Features:- NO INTERNETCONNECTIONREQUIRED.- FREE of Cost.- Jesus Prayer Audio In Hindi-Hassle freeStreaming.- Pause and Play the Audio.- App is supportedby in-AppAdvertisements. Thank you for downloading this app.Hopeyou enjoythis app. Don't forget to rate us.
Seguidores de Jesus 3.8.0
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Bienvenidos a la aplicación oficial SDJ donde Perseveramos enlaSantidad por medio de la exposición de las Escrituras, conunaenseñanza Cristo Céntrica, dando honra y reverencia a Diosmediantela obediencia a su palabra escrita en la BibliaWelcome toSDJ, formor information visit theofficial application SDJ where persevere in holiness throughtheexposition of Scripture, with a Christ-centered teaching,givinghonor and reverence for God by obeying his word written intheBibleWelcome to SDJ, for mor informationvisit Seguidores de Jesus App wascreatedwith the Subsplash App Platform.
Christ Community 14.10.0
Download the CCCLife app for relevant Bible teaching videos,eventannouncements, and more. The official Christ Community Churchappfeatures relevant and practical teaching from the Bible byseniorPastor Jim Nicodem and other speakers from Christ Communityin thewestern suburbs of Chicago. Watch/listen to sermons ondemand, takenotes on messages, keep up on announcements andupcoming events,and learn about our campuses and service times. Ourapp allows youto choose your campus and designate whatnotifications andinformation is of interest. Christ CommunityChurch, with campusesin Aurora, Bartlett, DeKalb, and St. Charles,is passionate aboutloving God and loving people. Our mission is tomake passionatedisciples who are belonging, growing, serving, andreaching. Formore information about Christ Community Church,
Daily Prayer & Bible Quotes: Inspiring Word of God 0.0.15
Read or listen to daily Bible verse anytime and anywhere withourFREE Biblical app: Daily Prayer & Bible Quotes. Access thebestmeditation quotes and inspirational sayings from Jesus. Listentoverses and prayers, and watch inspirational videos. Ourappincludes OFFLINE mode so you can still read verse of the dayeventhough you aren’t connected to the internet. Daily Prayer&Bible Quotes are very simple and intuitive to use. It’sperfect forkids, adults, elderly, or anyone who needs Bible everyday in theirlives. “And Jesus answered him, saying, It is written,That manshall not live by bread alone, but by every word of God.”We prayevery day and ask God to give us our “daily bread”. But howmanytimes do we remember to meditate and pray to receive blessingsandinspirations from God? That’s why we decide to create aBiblicalapp that will help you fulfill your hunger for thespiritual dailybread from God. Our Bible devotion app also includesAudio Bibleversion to make it easier for you to listen to ourdailyinspirational quotes every day. [[FEATURES OF DAILY PRAYER&BIBLE QUOTES: ]]† Daily Bible Verse On the homepage, you canreadthe verse of the day for your Daily Scripture. You can ALSOreadthe daily scripture even though you’re offline so you won’tmissany daily inspirational quote when you are not connected totheinternet. You can also change verse if you want to readotherChristian quotes or verse from the Bible.† Audio Bible &DailyPrayerListen to Biblical meditation quotes and prayer from ourapp.You can listen to them when you are on your way, when youareworking, or before bedtime. It’s a perfect way to bring peaceandinspiration at any time of the day, even when you are busy.†VideosAside from Biblical inspirational sayings and AudioBiblequotes, you can also watch the videos from our app to helpyougetting closer to God and inspire you every day. † FavoriteBibleVerse of the DayBookmark your favorite daily Bible verse,Christianquotes & inspirational sayings so you can access themlater.You can also bookmark your Bible devotion prayers that youreallyinspire you. † Change SettingsYou can change the languageused inthis app or change the font for easier reading from theSettingMenu. If you encounter any issue or bug when using ourBibledevotion app, you can also report it from the Setting so wecanquickly fix it. SECTIONS:- Inspirational Sayings- JesusQuotes-God’s promises- Psalms- ProverbsThere are many quotes &dailyinspirational quotes out there. But as follower of Christourinspirations should be mainly from the Bible. Don’t let anydaypass without reading and contemplating the word of God. It istimeto enjoy your spiritual daily bread. Download our app and useitevery day to get meditation quotes you need to satisfyyourspiritual hunger. ---If you enjoy our daily inspirationalquoteapp, please support us! Take a moment to leave a rating andreviewon our Google Playstore page. We also encourage you to shareourapp to your friends and family so they can also benefit fromthisChristian quotes & devotional app.
Jesus Christ quotes 1.0
This app contains hundreds of quotes of Jesus Christ takendirectlyfrom the Catholic Bible. It will help you devote your faithin ourLord so you can feel even closer the love of God.You'll findallkinds of related phrases Jesus Christ. Biblical psalms, prayersandinteresting quotes on the Bible.It has a function to easilysharethem using WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter, so you can cheer onyourfriends and family with daily verses.It includes a function toaddquickly and easily the quotes that you like more to favoritessoyou can find them very quickly when you want to read them.Ifyouare a believer in Jesus Christ true faith, you will lovethisapplication will!
Christ The King - Jesus Christ 1.9
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Christ The King - Jesus Christ is for community who loves jesussomuch . We are providing such wallpapers , church wallpapers ,jesusstatue wallpapers etc .. Story : It has been over twothousandyears since Jesus Christ walked among men but His words andimagesare still everywhere we go. This free app contains thecompletegospel of Christ showing the events, timeline, miracles,parablesand travels of Jesus Christ while He was on this earth. Alleventsare referenced with the correct Bible passages with Christ'swordsin red letter and a easy reading story commentary included.Thisstory of Jesus app is suitable for kids and adults alike. Youcanhave the story of Jesus everywhere you travel right on yourandroidphone or tablet. This app after installation is selfcontained,does not need a data connection to operate and can beplaced on theext. SD card of your Android device. This app deliversshortscriptures containing the words of Jesus from the bible,deliveredto you every day. You can choose between differentversions of thetext, and even have it read-aloud to you! The appalso allows youto share the scripture with friends via email, textmessage andpopular social media sites. Here are Christ The King -Jesus Christwill play major role in anyone's life . OfficialWebsite Email:[email protected]
Christian Marriage 1.0
*** app in portuguese *** Christian wedding brings lots of itemstoenhance your wedding or restore it if necessary. Find answerstotopics such as relationships, love, priorities or children.Forminga Christian marriage is not an exact science, but there arethingsa couple can be tailored to lay a solid foundation foryourrelationship. In this application you will find anindispensablehelp. The tool consists of: Christian marriage +Wedding Keys +Blessed Marriage + Christian Wedding Bases +Abecedario boda Knownaspects of marriage and married life based onthe Bible and ourLord Jesus Christ. Christian marriage is, amongothers, thefollowing topics: - "How to Build a Better Marriage" -Enjoy YourChristian Marriage - 50 Promises for Christian Marriage -"You thatGod will do something for your marriage?" - Love is kind -Marriageis Union and symbol of Christ and the Church - Love is theTotalKey in Life - Selfishness is a destructive marriages attitude-Face-to-face troubleshooting - "How to Restore a WoundedMarriage"- What does the Bible teach about marriage? - WeddingSaving Tips -Love at Christian Weddings - Marriage and Sexuality -The Biblicaldefinition of Marriage - Goals and Priorities inMarriage -Principles for raising our children - Questions that eachcoupleshould answer - 10 Things Husbands Want Their Wives To KnowAboutThem - Marital Duties of Spouse - Respect for our husbands-Anxiety in Marriage - 7 Tips for Mature Marriage - "How toManageMoney as a Couple" - How can I strengthen my marriage? - Aman fora woman life - Retrieve the romance in marriage -Understanding mypartner Marriage and family life are part of God'sgreat plan forcreation. From the beginning of the foundation of theworld, fromthe beginning of life, God intended that man and womanto marry andhave children as a result of their love. * If you haveanyquestions or concerns or want to contribute something, pleaseletus know. Thank you. Download Christian marriage and shareyourexperience with us
Telugu Bible Answers 4.6.1
“Telugu Christian Apologetics Church” (TCAC) is aNon-profitChristian church dedicated to the glory of the Lord JesusChrist.This Church is a sister group of “Sakshi ApologeticsNetwork“,started especially to teach & preach the Apologeticsin TeluguLanguage. “TCAC” is running 24 hours Live Internet RadioStation“Telugu Christian Apologetics Radio” & it also hasmobile appsboth for Android & Iphone for Watching VideosMessages,Listening Sermons & for better connect. The purpose ofthisMinistry is to proclaim and defend the gospel of Jesus Christandprovide information to educate and equip Christians toreasonably,confidently, and accurately proclaim the gospel of JesusChrist.Telugu Christian Apologetics Church provides literature,seminars,and other material in order to better educate Christianstoaccurately communicate essential Christian doctrine to theunsavedand effectively evangelize those involved in non-Christiancults.God commanded us in 1 peter 3: 15 "Always be prepared to giveananswer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for thehopethat you have". The Bible has answers that no book on thisentireplanet, we will help you to find them.
Jesus Quotes 1.3
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Jesus Christ's collection of the most iconic quotationsandthoughts.But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for thosewhopersecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who isinheaven; for he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good,andsends rain on the just and on the unjust.Do not let your heartsbetroubled. Trust in God; trust also in me.A new command I giveyou:Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must loveoneanother.So I say to you, Ask and it will be given to you;search,and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened foryou.ForGod so loved the World that he gave his only Son, thatwhoeverbelieves in him should not perish but have eternal life.Ifyou wantto be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to thepoor, andyou will have treasure in heaven.All the commandments: Youshallnot commit adultery, you shall not kill, you shall not steal,youshall not covet, and so on, are summed up in this singlecommand:You must love your neighbor as yourself.I am the Way, theTruth,and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me.Ifyoulove those who love you, what credit is that to you? Forevensinners love those who love them. And if you do good to thosewhodo good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners dothesame.It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. Ihavenot come to call the righteous, but sinners torepentance.AboutJesus Christ:also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth,is the centralfigure of Christianity, whom the teachings of mostChristiandenominations hold to be the Son of God. Christianityregards Jesusas the awaited Messiah (or "Christ") of the OldTestament andrefers to him as Jesus Christ, a name that is alsoused innon-Christian contexts.Virtually all modern scholars ofantiquityagree that Jesus existed historically, and historiansconsider theSynoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke) to be thebest sourcesfor investigating the historical Jesus. Most scholarsagree thatJesus was a Galilean, Jewish rabbi who preached hismessage orally,was baptized by John the Baptist, and was crucifiedin Jerusalem onthe orders of the Roman prefect, Pontius Pilate. Inthe currentmainstream view, Jesus was an apocalyptic preacher andthe founderof a restoration movement within Judaism, although someprominentscholars argue that he was not apocalyptic. The widelyacceptedcalendar era (abbreviated as "AD", sometimes alternativelyreferredto as "CE") honors the birth of Jesus.
LastWoods : Bible Verses, Christian and Xmas blogs
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100’s of Jesus wallpapers and backgrounds are here in ourChristianthemes app. Images of Jesus Christ wallpaper can adddivine to you.Christian images and words can bring grace to yourlife. Liveeveryday with Jesus through our Christian mobile themes.This Jesusgo launcher themes have Jesus photo frame and Angelwallpaper hdalong with Bible words images and Holy Cross wallpaper.Get themesof Christian god photos through this Jesus launcher. LordJesus andMother Mary live wallpapers can add beauty to your mobilescreen.If you are looking for photos of Christian God like photosof JesusChrist themes or Queen Mary Matha wallpaper then this Biblelockscreen app is what you are looking for. Bible quotes withpicturesand Jesus Mary Joseph images are good Christian wallpapersandbackgrounds. FEATURE OF CHRISTIAN JESUS WALLPAPERS HD - SetJesusthemes as mobile wallpapers - Christian hd wallpapers ofAngelpictures and Bible stories - Share Jesus quotes photos viasocialmedia, email & SMS - High Quality Jesus Images with Biblewords- Share Bible verse wallpaper with friends & Family -Smallsize app with Jesus images and quotes You will love Jesuslivewallpaper hd with different Jesus gallery like Jesus crossimagesand Mother Mary themes. Angels picture and Christianchurchwallpaper will make this a perfect Bible lock screensapp.Christmas themes like Xmas card frame and Christmas greetingcardmake this a wonderful Xmas picture app. Enjoy words of Jesusdailythrough our Catholic Christian devotional app. You will likeInfantJesus and Mother Mary pictures in this Jesus apps.InspiringChristian quotes wallpaper and Easter live wallpaper arealso addedinto this Bible themes app. In Holy Mass the HolyEucharist is asacrament and a sacrifice. Mother Mary prayers andChristianprayers are a source of power. Jesus is alive and feel itthroughChristian wallpapers and quotes. Christmas background forpictureslike Christmas photo editor and Xmas icon are added in thisapplock Xmas theme BIBLE IMAGES IN THIS CHURCH WALLPAPERS APP - LotofBible verses wallpapers and backgrounds like journey of Jesus-Angels photo frames and Angel zipper lock screen along withAveMaria Rosary - Wallpapers and backgrounds of Jesus Mary and god-Live wallpaper of Jesus cross themes and St Mary live wallpaper-Live wallpaper of Mother Mary photos & Jesus Christ 3dlivewallpaper - Christian launcher and Christian lock screenlikeChristmas images - St Joseph and vergin Mary wallpapers Biblestudywith pics of King David and Solomon. Church Christmasdecorationscan be done with Rome and Vatican Christmas wallpaper orwithJerusalem Christmas frames free. Jehovah prince ImmanuelJesusBible messages are our life. Holy spirit wallpapers andJesusprayer will lead us to the stream of living water. Virgin Maryliveand angels wallpaper are added into this Jesus pictures app.Thisis a good go launcher themes Jesus with angel girl wallpaperandHoly Cross live wallpaper. Enjoy Jesus wallpaper free downloadwithbackgrounds Jesus and Angel wallpapers free. Also try Jesusnewwallpaper like Angel cards and Christmas photo frames. Youwilllove this Jesus culture app with Mother Mary hd wallpaper andJesusverse wallpaper. Pastors love this Jesus hd wallpaper andimages ofMother Mary. Rose Mary and Bible words wallpaper are thebest picsin this Jesus frame app. We have added pic of Christianlivewallpaper and Angel wings for pictures. Send your feedbackaboutAngel frame and Bible verses with pictures. We love to hearyourfeedback about Jesus wallpaper live and Christmas launcher. Wewillmake modification in Christmas live wallpaper and Mary Godframesbased on your feedback. Give comment about Jesus crosswallpapershd and Christmas picture frames. Enjoy all Christmas hdwallpapers2016 and Christian wallpapers free. Set your Jesus photoeditor andfree live Xmas wallpapers on you mobile phone screen.
God Live Wallpaper 6.2
God Live Wallpaper is the perfect “live wallpaper” full ofamazingpictures of Heaven, fluffy clouds and starry sky in themidst ofwhich the Son of God will appear. Jesus frames photo Jesuson thecross live wallpaper for you! Keep your faith and rememberthatJesus Christ is always by your side to guide and look afteryouwith amazing “God Wallpaper”. If you are a true believer whoislooking for a religious wallpaper, this amazing desktopwallpaperwould be perfect for you. Decorate your phone or tabletscreen withthe divine images of our Lord and Savior, ”Jesus Christ”andexperience bliss. God Bless! 👼 Perfect live wallpaper forAndroid™!👼 Powerful Jesus songs prove that God among us prays forus andsaves us! 👼 Interactive background - Tap anywhere on thescreen andJesus images will appear! 👼 Full support for landscapemode andhome-screen switching! Enjoy free and useful livewallpaper!Installation instructions: Home -> Menu ->Wallpapers ->Live Wallpapers Motion of flashes and lights keepschanging withtime. ✞ You can choose from several different themes.✞ HD graphicsand open GL. ✞ Optimized Battery Usage. ✞ Compatiblewith 99%mobile phone devices. ✞ God Live Wallpaper fullysupportshorizontal orientation and looks amazing on tablet devicesas wellas on phones. Get praying hands emoji in lord god Jesusphotoframes! The Kingdom of God is opening its gates to you – theLordcan appear and disappear before your eyes in the midst oftheclouds. Admire high resolution “God Backgrounds”and feel yourfaithgrow stronger whenever you glance at tablet or phone screen.Everytrue Christian would be proud to show the pious natureanddevotion. This divine background wallpaper embodiesreligioussymbols that bear some significance in Christian religion.HaveJesus on phone at all times, immersed into the heavenly bluesky,with a divine halo above his holy head to remind you thatChristloves you. Follow God's “ten commandments” and the salvationofyour eternal soul will be in your hands – just choose the pathoflove, humility and redemption. This live application forAndroid™can be your inspiration to be merciful grateful at alltimes. ✙ ✚ ✛✜ ✝ ✞ Some of the most influential religions areChristianity,Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. Regardless of yourreligion,religious nature implores you to and love God and fellowman. Someof the most influential religions are Christianity,Buddhism,Islam, and Hinduism. Christians believe in only one God,however,this entity exists in three forms - holy trinity, God theFather,God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ isthought tohave been conceived by the Holy Spirit, and given birthby theVirgin Mary. All his endeavors and his miracles were recordedinthe “Holy Bible”, the Holy Book of Christianity, consisting oftheOld Testament, and the New Testament. The greatest miracle ofallis the resurrection of Christ after being crucified on across.Thus, the two holidays that hold the greatest importancetoChristians are Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ,andEaster, celebrating the resurrection of Christ. The crucifixionona cross, which took place in Jerusalem after the Last Supperwiththe Twelve Apostles can be an inspirational scene on yourtablet orphone right now. The Almighty Shepherd will be lookingover hisflock from your phone as soon as you get this HD wallpaper.Let Himbestow his blessing upon you and decorate your smartphonewithdivine images. Jesus pictures that this high definition livewallpaper offers are truly heavenly. “God Live Wallpaper” capturesthebeauty of the Garden of Eden for you for free. Enjoy thisamazing“free download”! *Android is a trademark of Google Inc. FindusonFacebook:
BttB Daily 3.0.16
Back to the Bible
Features:•Customize your experience with a short SpiritualGrowthAssessment.•Schedule and receive up to 12 messages each dayin avariety of forms--text, audio and video.•Push notificationsensureyou don't miss a single message.•Save your favorites andshare viasocial media.•Write down your thoughts on the contentusing thenotes feature.Back to the Bible is a 79-year-strongministryfounded by Theodore Epp. His passion was to use moderntechnologyto bring people back to the Bible. The radio program helaunchedcarries on to this day. But technology has changed. And,armed witha desire to be true to our founder, Dr. Arnie Cole hasled Back tothe Bible into digital media. The BttB Daily app willcontinue ourmission to help bring people back to the Bible bysendingpersonalized Bible content each day as many times a day asyouwish, at times selected by you. The content is personalizedbasedon your answers to an assessment taken after downloading theapp.Beyond these features, the BttB Daily app delivers messages toyouwith great gems from our rich history. Hear our iconic dailyradioprogram, listen to short encouragements from other Bibleteachersincluding Warren Wiersbe, and receive biblical content ontopicsthat meet your spiritual needs right where you are each day.Byusing the BttB Daily app, we hope you will grow closer to Jesus.
Joyce Meyer's Sermons 1.8
Joyce Meyer is one of the world's leading practical Bibleteachers.A New York Times bestselling author, her books have helpedmillionsof people find hope and restoration through Jesus Christ.ThroughJoyce Meyer Ministries, she teaches on a number of topicswith aparticular focus on the mind, mouth, moods and attitudes.Hercandid communication style allows her to share openlyandpractically about her experiences so others can apply what shehaslearned to their lives. The app is fresh every day: Newmessages,new daily devotional, new sermons, new EEL broadcast, andnew EELradio.Sometimes, the broadcast is available here before itevenairs on TV!NOTE: Internet or WiFi connection is required inorderfor the app to access the audio messages, video and audiopodcastsand sermons.DISCLAIMER:The developer of this app (MTSOFT)is not arepresentative, affiliate or subsidiary of the JoyceMeyerMinistries, but believes in what God is doing through herministry(which is transforming lives with the gospel of JesusChrist thatis being preached and taught). Therefore any enquiry orrequest asregards the Bible teachings accessible through this appshould besent to the Joyce Meyer Ministries.
Lord Jesus Christ Launcher Theme 1.1.4
Cheetah Themes Designer
The Jesus Christ Launcher Theme will be one of thesupremeimpressive Lord Jesus will bring your phone screen a brandposh newlook.The God Jesus Christ with Lovely Blessing wallpaper&moving Golden glow neon icons will make your phone screen lookmorefantastic, hope you can enjoy the impressive tempo from theEmojiGolden Jesus Christ.★To use this Good Friday launcher Theme,youcan follow these following steps:1. Download and installCatholicGod launcher theme;2. Install Our Launcher;3. Start OurLauncher,go to “Theme-Mine” to open the God bless you theme andapply it toyour phone.God Blessing Theme gives you Golden Crosslivewallpapers with Jesus Christ Sky background and Lord Jesuslockscreen. God Jesus Christ Theme provides hd Golden iconpack.Download and apply Good Friday launcher Theme for FREE andstylizeyour Android phone. This beautiful Good Friday launcherTheme isspecially made for guys who love Lord, God, Blessing,Faith, Mothermerry, Jesus. Catholic God launcher theme is a perfecttheme withHD God bless you live wallpaper and brings you a dreamyGodBlessing Theme experience. Make your device Golden CrossLaunchertheme with customized app icon pack, Jesus Christ lockscreenthemes, beautiful design organized folders, 3D slidingscreeneffects, HD 4K wallpapers and widgets. You will love thisLordJesus Launcher Theme to customize your android home screen.Nomatter you like Lord Blessing HD live wallpaper or GoodFridaywallpaper mobile phone, you will definitely love this GodJesusChrist Theme with Catholic God Blessing decoration. Beautifyyourandroid home screen with this God bless you theme now! GoldenCrossLauncher theme is available FREE for most android phones.JesusChrist Launcher Theme is also compatible with different brandsofphones like Samsung (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung GalaxyS6Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung GalaxyNote7),Huawei (Huawei P9, Huawei P8, Huawei Mate 9, Huawei Mate 8,HuaweiHonor 8), Sony (Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z4, Sony XperiaZ3,Sony Xperia XZ) and HTC (HTC 10, HTC One A9, HTC One X9, HTCDesire10 Pro). God Jesus Christ Launcher Theme is designed to letyouenjoy galaxy space feeling, a faster and smoother mobileandshining operating experience.Download Catholic God launcherthemeand more surprises are waiting for you! What more can you getbydownloading the God bless you theme? God Blessing Theme lockscreenwith Cool Pink color: Golden Cross Launcher wallpaper will bethereonce you swipe up the lock screen. This offers full protectionoveryour privacy. Stunning interface: 3D Motion weather forecastEmojiJesus Christ Launcher Theme and WWW app icons can bring yourphoneto life. Theme Center: You can find all kinds of free themes,suchas the popular golden theme that gives your phone a luxuriouslook.Additionally, you can also choose from a list of cool 3D,BeautifulGolden Cross Launcher theme.
Jesus God Lord Theme 1.1.9
Launcher Fantasy
jesus god lord theme is ready for your android phone! Applychristreligion jesus god lord theme, and enjoy thousands of freethemesand wallpapers! jesus god lord theme gives you jesus god lordlivewallpapers with blue angle background and sky jesus god lordhomescreen. jesus god lord provides blue angle sky icon pack.Thisbeautiful jesus god lord theme is specially made for guys wholoveblue angle and christ religion. jesus god lord theme is aperfecttheme with HD live wallpaper and brings you a skyexperience. Makeyour device sky and christ religion with customizedapp icon pack,lock screen themes, organized folders, sliding screeneffects, HDwallpapers and widgets. You will love this christreligion jesusgod lord theme to customize your android home screen.No matter youlike blue angle HD live wallpaper or christ religionmobile phone,you will love this blue angle theme with skydecoration. Beautifyyour android home screen with this jesus godlord theme now! jesusgod lord theme is available on most androidphones. Features1、jesus god lord theme lock screen with blue anglechrist religionHD live wallpaper. 2、blue angle christ religion iconpacks decorateyour home screen. 3、jesus god lord theme HD livewallpaper withblue angle style gives you a visual experience you'venever seenbefore. 4、jesus god lord theme provides advanced securitysystemand lock screen themes. Your android system will beprotected,safe, secure, fast and convenient, with less powerconsumption.5、blue angle skin with christ religion icon makes youfeel sky.6、3D dynamic launcher makes your android phone christreligionstyle. 7、DIY HD wallpaper in the best theme center andturns yourcreative ideas into unique themes right on your phone!jesus godlord theme - How to apply? jesus god lord theme isspeciallydesigned for Launcher. Install our launcher first andapply itsuccessfully. jesus god lord theme does not support anyotherLauncher app. jesus god lord theme with blue angle sky HDlivewallpaper is free now! jesus god lord theme will let you enjoyafaster and smoother mobile operating experience. jesus godlordtheme has blue angle balloon and wallpaper, with thechristreligion icon pack style. After apply jesus god lordthemesuccessfully, you can also only change the backgroundwallpaper andlock screen wallpaper while keeping the blue anglechrist religionicon the same. If you do not like this jesus godlord theme, youcan also uninstall it anytime, you can always findyour favoritethemes on 3D Launcher. There are pink, red, yellow,lovely andromantic themes for cute girls; Blue, gray and blacktheme forbusiness, tech and auto & vehicle fans; Colorfulthemes forcartoon and movie addicts; Abstract themes and livewallpapers forart fans; Cute pets & animals for animal lovers;Football andbasketball celebrities for sports fans; Greenery themesfor thosewho love nature; And the starry night theme for those wholovestars. During holidays, you can find our beautiful festivethemeswhen it's time to celebrate. There are also 3D themes,livewallpapers and other fashion elements to redefine yourvision.jesus god lord theme is made for launcher to customize yourmobilephone with jesus god lord theme live wallpaper and christreligionlock menu. Anything you like can be put into your homescreen!
Jesus Christ Quotes 1.6
The Best Quotes
Jesus Christ's collection of the most iconic quotationsandthoughts.Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God;trustalso in me.A new command I give you: Love one another. As Ihaveloved you, so you must love one another.So I say to you, Askand itwill be given to you; search, and you will find; knock, andthedoor will be opened for you.For God so loved the World that hegavehis only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perishbuthave eternal life.If you want to be perfect, go, sellyourpossessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasureinheaven.All the commandments: You shall not commit adultery,youshall not kill, you shall not steal, you shall not covet, andsoon, are summed up in this single command: You must loveyourneighbor as yourself.I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Noonecomes to the Father except through me.If you love those wholoveyou, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love thosewholove them. And if you do good to those who do good to you,whatcredit is that to you? For even sinners do the same.It is notthehealthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come tocallthe righteous, but sinners to repentance.For what shall itprofit aman, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss ofhissoul?About Jesus Christ:also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth,isthe central figure of Christianity, whom the teachings ofmostChristian denominations hold to be the Son of God.Christianityregards Jesus as the awaited Messiah (or "Christ") ofthe OldTestament and refers to him as Jesus Christ, a name that isalsoused in non-Christian contexts.Virtually all modern scholarsofantiquity agree that Jesus existed historically, andhistoriansconsider the Synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke) tobe thebest sources for investigating the historical Jesus. Mostscholarsagree that Jesus was a Galilean, Jewish rabbi who preachedhismessage orally, was baptized by John the Baptist, and wascrucifiedin Jerusalem on the orders of the Roman prefect, PontiusPilate. Inthe current mainstream view, Jesus was an apocalypticpreacher andthe founder of a restoration movement within Judaism,although someprominent scholars argue that he was not apocalyptic.The widelyaccepted calendar era (abbreviated as "AD", sometimesalternativelyreferred to as "CE") honors the birth of Jesus.
God Christ Theme 1.1.7
Launcher Fantasy
god christ jesus theme is ready for your android phone! Applybiblegod christ jesus theme, and enjoy thousands of free themesandwallpapers! god christ jesus theme gives you god christ jesuslivewallpapers with artificial taco background and interim godchristjesus home screen. god christ jesus provides artificialtacointerim icon pack .This beautiful god christ jesus themeisspecially made for guys who love artificial taco and bible.godchrist jesus theme is a perfect theme with HD live wallpaperandbrings you a interim experience. Make your device interim andbiblewith customized app icon pack, lock screen themes,organizedfolders, sliding screen effects, HD wallpapers andwidgets. Youwill love this bible god christ jesus theme tocustomize yourandroid home screen. No matter you like artificialtaco HD livewallpaper or bible mobile phone, you will love thisartificial tacotheme with interim decoration. Beautify your androidhome screenwith this god christ jesus theme now! god christ jesustheme isavailable on most android phones.Features1、god christ jesusthemelock screen with artificial taco bible HDlivewallpaper.2、artificial taco bible icon packs decorate yourhomescreen.3、god christ jesus theme HD live wallpaper withartificialtaco style gives you a visual experience you've neverseenbefore.4、god christ jesus theme provides advanced securitysystemand lock screen themes. Your android system will beprotected,safe, secure, fast and convenient, with lesspowerconsumption.5、artificial taco skin with bible icon makes youfeelinterim.6、3D dynamic launcher makes your android phonebiblestyle.7、DIY HD wallpaper in the best theme center and turnsyourcreative ideas into unique themes right on your phone! godchristjesus theme - How to apply?god christ jesus theme isspeciallydesigned for Launcher. Install our launcher first andapply itsuccessfully. god christ jesus theme does not support anyotherLauncher app. god christ jesus theme with artificial tacointerimHD live wallpaper is free now! god christ jesus theme willlet youenjoy a faster and smoother mobile operating experience. godchristjesus theme has artificial taco balloon and wallpaper, withthebible icon pack style. After apply god christ jesusthemesuccessfully, you can also only change the backgroundwallpaper andlock screen wallpaper while keeping the artificialtaco bible iconthe same. If you do not like this god christ jesustheme, you canalso uninstall it anytime, you can always find yourfavorite themeson 3D Launcher.There are pink, red, yellow, lovelyand romanticthemes for cute girls; Blue, gray and black theme forbusiness,tech and auto & vehicle fans; Colorful themes forcartoon andmovie addicts; Abstract themes and live wallpapers forart fans;Cute pets & animals for animal lovers; Football andbasketballcelebrities for sports fans; Greenery themes for thosewho lovenature; And the starry night theme for those who lovestars. Duringholidays, you can find our beautiful festive themeswhen it's timeto celebrate. There are also 3D themes, livewallpapers and otherfashion elements to redefine your vision. godchrist jesus theme ismade for launcher to customize your mobilephone with god christjesus theme live wallpaper and bible lockmenu. Anything you likecan be put into your home screen!
Bible Wallpapers 1.3.0
Krohling Studio
If you are Christian, loves Jesus, God or believe in the HolyBible,will you love this application.Bible Wallpapers bringsbeautifulimages of Jesus and the most Epic Scenes in the Bible,like:✓ Jesuswalking on the water✓ The Crossing of the Red Sea✓David andGoliathAnd many more...Features:★ Change your wallpaperin 2 clicks★Modern Material design and simple interface★ Crop theimages to fityour screen however you want★ Download thebackgrounds to yourGallery★ Add your most-liked backgrounds tofavorites★ MoreWallpapers added regularlyNote:All credits for theimages are giveninside the app. If you find that we forgot tocredit you and want toclaim credit for a picture, or want us toremove it, please don'thesitate to contact us [email protected] to solve theissue.
Proverbs Bible Verses & Jesus Quotes with images
Lastwoods Technologies
Daily Holy Bible verses free app haveBiblewisdom verses from the book of Proverb. Holy Bible app willgiveone Proverb verses daily in the morning. Words of Jesus dailyfromHoly Bible book can help you to achive your goals in life.Bibleverse for encouragement and motivation are added along withBibleverse about love. If you are looking for a ChristiandevotionalBible app, then this Holy Bible offline free app withinspirationalBible verses is what you are looking for. Jesusmessages fromdifferent Christian books and Pentecostal preachingare added inthis Holy Bible good news version app. You will loveall Catholicdaily readings and daily Bible reading plans in thisapp. Christianquotations and Bible lessons daily in the morning canchange yourlife. A lot of Proverbs which are inspiring are addedalong withBible verses about faith and Bible inspirational quotesin thisapp. Enjoy Jesus daily verses in the morning.Features of this Jesus Christ Bible gateway app.* Wise proverbs which are inspiring for your daily life.* Notification in the morning with Holy Bible daily verses.* Set your Catholic Bible daily readings.* Share Christian Bible verses and quotes with your friendsandfamily.* Holy Bible every day quotes can share via Social Media, SMS&Email.* Low size offline NIV version app.* Jesus daily words and Holy Bible with no internetInspiring Bible verses daily can change your life and canaddpositive energy to your life. Inspirational Bible quotes dailyis agreat source of motivation for your life. Set your ownBiblereading plan with our Christian quotes. This Bible study apphavethe Holy Bible containing The Old Testaments in English.RomanCatholic church can use this Holy Bible in English forBiblepreaching. The Pentecostal mission can use this Holy biblequotesfor Christian prayers. This Catholic community Bible app haveBibleNIV and Holy Bible new king James version NKJV quotes. Makeyourown Bible diary with Holy Bible standard version free book. Tomakethis Catholic Bible offline app we read Bible KJV and newrevisedstandard version Holy Bible RSV. We also refer Holy BibleEnglishstandard version ESV and Jesus book to make this app. Newdailyscripture from Bible and Jesus sayings can help you tobringsuccess to your life. You can enjoy Jesus prayer from BiblekingJames version and NASB old testament stories. Saying aboutJesusquotes and Holy Bible basic teachings are also added in thisBibletrivia. Read all types of Holy Bible Catholic edition andJesusnews. Listen to different Bible knowledge commentary andChristianpreaching. Live a successful life with Jesus Bible wordsand Bibleconcordance. You will love all promises given by Godthrough Biblereading schedule. You can also use this app as HolyBible withdaily reading and HolyBbible for women free. We alsorefer BibleNKJV and Holy Bible POC. Send your feedback about thisBible huband Holy Bible the new international version.Enjoy this X Mas holiday season with this app. This is ourXMasgift. Merry Christmas & Happy New year.
God Live Wallpapers 3D 1.9
Live Wallpaper HD 3D
✝ Capture a glimpse of the Heavenly kingdom of the Son of Godwith“Jesus live wallpaper”.✝ “Jesus wallpapers andbackgrounds”depicting the fluffy clouds and our Lord appearing anddisappearingon our screen will make you feel like “Jesus Christ” islookingafter you at all times, even at your time of need. Hold onto theGod hand and let Jesus into your heart. Images of our Saviorin themidst of the clear blue sky illuminated by the brightest rayoflight will enchant you. Each true believer should be able tofindsoothing imagery with our religious christian wallpapersandbackgrounds. If you are eager to show your pious nature, picksomeof “Jesus pictures” and admire Christ with a holy halo abovehishead. “God live wallpaper” can be your inspiration to bemerciful,humble and pious at all times. ✝ Interactive wallpaperwith acollection of divine “God images wallpaper” for you! ✝Wonderful 3DChristian wallpaper and moving backgrounds that willleave you inawe! ✝ Turn on or off the Christian songs in thebackground! ✝ Trynew screensavers free of charge with our HolyBible app! ✝ Idealreligious application for your smartphone ! ✝“Jesus Christ wallpaper” will illuminate your screen with thedivine images of ourLord and Savior! ✝ How to install movingwallpapers free:✝ Home-> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Godwallpaper hd live 3d ✝Customize your smartphone with Jesus themes& moving wallpapersfor Android™! ✝ Battery friendly – “Godwallpaper HD” will notdrain your battery! ✝ “God Live Wallpapers3D” is compatible with99% mobile phones. ✝ Match 3d live wallpaperwith holy Christianmusic free of charge! ✝ Awe-inspiring movingwallpapers andbackgrounds ideal for Christmas! ✝ Admire cool movingwallpapersdepicting pictures of Jesus appearing in the clear bluesky with ahalo and a Holy Bible. ✝ Each day should start with yousaying toyourself Jesus loves me. With our religious movingbackgrounds,you'll never forget that Jesus Christ, the AlmightyShepherd isalways by your side. His watchful eye will never forgetabout you.If you need some reassurance, especially if you are goingthroughsome hardships 3d wallpapers and backgrounds depictingourChristian God of light with the “Holy Bible”, the Holy BookofChristianity could provide some comfort for you. ✝God Bless,fellowChristians!✝ Feel your faith grow stronger each time youglance atthe Christian Bible wallpapers or any of the “GodBackgrounds”.Capture some of your favorite Jesus Christ quotes aswell as thebeauty of the Garden of Eden, the vast blue skies,completely freeof charge. Celebrate the birth of the Son of God onChristmas orhis resurrection on Easter with meaningful religiousmovingwallpapers that can take you breath away. Decorate your phoneortablet with screensavers and wallpapers that capture somereligioussymbols. The holy Cross, or the scene of Crucifixion willbeawe-inspiring. Love God in all three forms – the holy trinity,Godthe Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God Live Wallpapers3Dwill be the free download that you will cherish forever! *Androidis a trademark of Google Inc.
God Christ Jesus Cross Graffiti Theme 1.1.4
Beauty Theme Studio
God Christ Cross Jesus Graffiti theme ready for you! This GodChristCross Jesus Graffiti theme lets you always remember oursaviour ishere, to protect us all. This God Christ Cross JesusGraffiti themegives you Cross Jesus Graffiti backgrounds withartificial tacowallpapers and interim God Christ Cross JesusGraffiti home screen.God Christ Cross Jesus Graffiti provides holybible icon pack. Abeautifully depicted Cross Jesus Graffiti Christon your Androidsmartphone or tablet. Admire high resolution “GodChrist Cross JesusGraffiti and feel your faith grow strongerwhenever you glance atyour tablet or phone screen. Every trueChristian would be proud toshow the pious nature and devotion.This divine God Christ CrossJesus Graffiti background wallpaperembodies all the religioussymbols that bear some significance inChristian religion. Downloadthis God Christ Cross Jesus GraffitiTheme and remember our Lord'skindness each time you are using yourAndroid smartphone.HighlightFeatures for God Christ Cross JesusGraffiti Theme:- God ChristCross Jesus Graffiti theme lock screenwith holy bible HD livewallpaper.- Holy bible icon packs decorateyour home screen.- GodChrist Cross Jesus Graffiti theme HD livewallpaper with artificialtaco style gives you a visual experienceyou've never seen before.-God Lord christ Cross Jesus Graffititheme provides advancedsecurity system and lock screen themes.-Artificial taco skin withholy bible icon makes you feel so cool-3D dynamic launcher makesyour android phone holy bible style.- DIYHD wallpaper in the besttheme center and turns your creative ideasinto unique themes righton your phone! This God Christ Cross JesusGraffiti theme HD qualityfor Android helps you have a great dayand keep your phone safe, atthe same time. Install this CrossJesus Graffiti theme for free andbless everyone around you withkindness and happiness.Please readbefore install God Christ CrossJesus Graffiti theme: - Require CMLauncher to apply this theme. -Install one launcher first. It doesnot support other launcher . -You need to tap the “apply “ buttonto apply successfully . Allskins have been tested extensively andare compatible for Samsunggalaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge,galaxy S7,lenovo, vivo,OPPO, nexusand xiaomi more huawei theme!Cross JesusGraffiti Christ is thecentral figure of Christianity, whom theteachings of mostChristian denominations hold to be the Son of Godincarnated andbelieve that he rose from the dead after beingcrucified.Christians believe that Cross Jesus Graffiti wasconceived by theHoly Spirit, born of a virgin, performed miracles,founded theChurch, died by crucifixion as a sacrifice to achieveatonement,rose from the dead, and ascended into heaven, from whichhe willreturn. Some of the most influential religions areChristianity,Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. Regardless of yourreligion, yourreligious nature implores you to and love God andyour fellow man.Some of the most influential religions areChristianity, Buddhism,Islam, and Hinduism. Regardless of yourreligion, your religiousnature implores you to love God and yourfellow man. Christiansbelieve in only one God, however, this entityexists in three forms- holy trinity, God the Father, God the Son,and God the HolySpirit. Cross Jesus Graffiti Christ is thought tohave beenconceived by the Holy Spirit, and given birth by theVirgin Mary.All his endeavors and his miracles were recorded in the“HolyBible”, the Holy Book of Christianity, consisting of theOldTestament, and the New Testament. The greatest miracle of allisthe resurrection of Christ after being crucified on a cross. Ifyoubelieve in Cross Jesus Graffiti God Christ you will be happy toseesuch a nice collection of Cross Jesus Graffiti Christ Wallpapersinone single wallpaper application!
Holy Bible Verses Jesus Quotes for God Wallpapers
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Bible quotes daily will give you oneJesusquotes daily in the morning. You will get your Biblescriptures forthe day through this New Testament study apps. Biblemotivationwords are a great source to start your day. Dailyfaithful quotesfrom Bible books can give you positive energy. Wordsof Jesus dailyverses can give you the perfect start for your daythrough biblethoughts. Everyday with Bible messages is what weoffer throughthis Bible app in English.About Bible daily verse- One Bible msg daily in the morning.- You will get new Bible verses by topic daily- One of the best Bible apps with Jesus messages.- Bible New Testament quotes from Jesus books.- You can use as Bible NIV offline tools.- Send Jesus images with Bible words via SMS, Email &SocialMedia.- Make my Bible hub with references and explanationaboutverses.- Low size app with simple bible prayers foryourunderstanding.You can feel the living God through these Bible dailypromises.Jesus is alive and feel that promises for you throughBibletheology. These Bible famous quotes are taken from Bible bookinEnglish. We read Holy Bible ESV and NLT along with RVS andBibleNIV version free. We also read Jesus Christ stories from BibleKJVEnglish and NWT along with new American Bible revised editionandPOC. All people belong to RC CSI and Orthodox can use thisESVstudy Bible lessons. Pray for our daily bread and God will giveushis blessings. You memory and knowledge are blessings ofJesus.Jesus teaches his mission and explain it under olivetree.We can see this in Bible topics and Christian books. Make yourownlock screens wallpaper and commentary journal with theseBiblereading plan. Make your own notes and diary with this Bibleforyouth. Any one belong to CBN and KCBC can this Holy Bibleamplifiedversion.Some people use this Bible gateway app for Bible word searchandsend Bible verses with pictures. You can also make Biblewordsimages with this Bible trivia app and there by making your ownHolyBible NKJV themes. Make your own Bible daily readings fromERVChristian Bible in English and Bible new international version.Allpeople will love this Bible concordance app if you are lookingforany NRSV or children Bible free apps. Because for making thisRomanCatholic Bible in English we read different Bible Englishstandardversion like CPDV and Bible king James version. You willalso loveone Bible reading schedule once you started using this ESVBibleoffline app. You can also use this app as devotions for womenfreewith a lot of verses from RSV bible Catholic edition. We referalot of book like Bible English NIV and bible new king Jamesversionfree for making this app. We also collect good news BibleCatholicedition like CEV Bible verses daily and Easy to read Bibleofflinefree app. These experiments with free Bible download help ustomake the perfect Bible KJV offline app for HCSB people.Enjoy using this app and send your valuable feedback&suggestions.
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Biblia Diaria Reina Valera 1.5
Con esta app podrás recibir todos los días los masinspiracionesversículos bíblicos para empezar tu jornada. Quemejores palabrasde amor y aliento que del Señor Jesus?Todos losversículosseleccionados provienen de la version de la Biblia ReinaValera1960With this app you can receive daily the most Bibleversesinspirations to start your day. What better words of loveandencouragement that the Lord Jesus?All selected verses come fromtheversion of the King James Bible 1960