Top 34 Games Similar to RPG Spectral Souls スペクトラルソウルズ

Mystery of Fortune 2 1.055
Mystery of Fortune 2 is the eighth episode of FortuneChronicleEpisodes. This is the official sequel of SRPG MysteryofFortune(2014). Explore dungeons with your own army and try tomakethe most efficient corps. You must charge your phone whileplaying!★Features 1. 25 available units and over 35 monsters. 2.Battlemacro system that helps battles. 3. Changing class systemlets youacquire various skills and strategies. 4. More gears anditems toequip and collect. 5. Total 85 dungeons in 14 states toexplore.★Rules of the game 1. Every battle are conductedautomatically. ThePlayer gat set up strategies and level up unitsfor the battle,before the battles starts. 2. You need to set up afighting AIcalled battle macro to units before the battle starts.For example,you could set up the best strategy for battles byassemblingcondition and run sentence like - “Use skill whenencounters enemyin close range” and “Heal yourself when you lost50% HP”. 3. In thePub you visit before you enter the dungeon, youcan get some hintsfor your strategy, hire new units, purchase itemsand battle macroto prepare for the next battle. 4. Once the battlestarts, thePlayer spectates the battle. You can use items to healyour unitsor fill Ether when you need. 5. When your units clearenemies inthe current wave, they automatically proceed to the nextwave. Ifyou lost every unit in the battle, exploration ends. 6.When theexploration ends, you receive gold and items that you canuse toupgrade your units. ★ How to use Google cloud-saving ★Caution:Google cloud-saving overwrite data to your phone, so yourexistingdata might be deleted. Using when you transfer data afterchangingdevice only is recommended. ★ If your data is deletedduring usingcloud-saving, it cannot be recovered. Please pay closeattention. ★If you want to use Google cloud-saving, you should belogging inGoogle account first. 1. Click ‘Google Play’ button(green game padicon) on your existing cell phone (or tablet). 2.Sync saved databy clicking “Save Data” button. Don’t closeapplication or breakthe internet connection. Data might be lost.Provided that theprocess is stuck at 0% too much time, closeapplication andrestart. 3. Click ‘Google Play’ button on yourchanged cell phone(or tablet). 4. Click “Load Data” button and syncsaved data fromservers. Don’t close application or break theinternet connectionas same above. 5. When you start app, previoussaved data would beloaded. Now you can play the game. Please syncsaved data byclicking “Save Data” button to keep losing your data.Please use“Load Data” when you newly change your cell phone or losesaveddata only. ★This app support tablet mode.
The First Tactics(SRPG) 1.037
※ Don't judge this game only for design. Many users praisedhighlyabout completeness of this game.※ Tactics is love. I hopemoreTactics games(SRPG) is developed while I create this game.※Iexpect this game is ranked Top 10 among Tactics game you wanttoenjoy.※ I created this game by myself because I couldn't havefoundthis kind of game before.※ I hope it reminds you of oldTacticsgame you enjoyed when you were teens.※ I tried to createthis gameas same as old game.※ You need to think deeply andstrategically.※Let's try to clear a stage with strategies bypredicting enemymovement.※ Try to make relationship with manycharacters.※ Gainstrong characters through evolution system.※Create my owncharacters through enhancement system.※ Busy isokay... Useautomatic battle system.※ Make money through part timejob system.before you go to bed. the miracle of making money whileyou sleep.※TFT can save game data only in your mobile phone. Becautious notto remove your data according to deleting this game.※TFT can'tinterchange each other between free version and chargedversion.※Charged version give the VIP ticket which can provide 30crystalsfor one month. Guide to Obtaining App AuthorizationGoogleMailCollection for Membership(android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS).Writepermissions to store ads(android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEwhen running ads)Readaccess to store ad(android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE whenrunning ads)We donot use the permissions elsewhere for the abovepurposes.Email :[email protected]
Rebirth of Fortune 2
◆Rebirth of a legend Rebirth of Fortune 2, is the 4th story oftheFortune Chronicle Episode and the official sequel to the2009release of SRPG Rebirth of Fortune. Newly revived with amoreextensive volume, cool improved graphics, and utterlymoreunstoppable fun than the original. As the story continuesfromRebirth of Fortune, Sorcerer of Fortune, Defense ofFortune,experience a highly interesting storyline, full of Fortuneworld'sMagic and Ether. ◆Game Features 1. 25 classes of combatunitscapable of getting into battle formation and over 35 classesofvarious enemy monsters. 2. A more strategic and enjoyablebattlesystem. 3. The biggest. Over a thousand stages of vastvolumes andstories. 4. More beautiful and appealing. The ultimate2D graphics.◆Game Rules 1. The basic battles of SRPG(SimulationRole PlayingGame) is similar to the rules of chess. Players taketurnsselecting a single unit to move and attack the enemy. 2.Aftertaking turns, the first player to annihilate its opponent isthewinner. 3. Each unit has a variety of skills and abilities.Theseskills can be used by using up Ether which is collected duringthegame. Since more powerful skills consume more Ether, it has tobeused strategically at a critical moment. 4. With the warfundsobtained from battles, units can be upgraded. When unitsareupgraded, a new skill is unlocked or a profession from ahigherranking class can be used.This app support tablet mode.
Partia 2 1.1.2
Imago Software
Partia 2 is a SRPG (Strategy RPG) video game inspired by FireEmblemand Tear Ring Saga series. In a high fantasy setting, thegame willtake players through an adventure where magic and swordcollide andfriendship and betrayal intertwine. Partia 2 : ThePretenders War isa sequel to Partia: The Broken Lineage. The gamepacks 22 stagesthat could present challenges to any SRPG fan.Partia 2 introducesmany new features, including the choice of"Common turn" rule whereall factions make moves alternatively(like Chess) instead of takingturns to move all his/her units. Ibelieve this will bring a newnuance to gameplay if a player chooseto do so. It can be toggled inintermission, and you can alwaysplay the game in the traditional FEway. (Common turn idea is fromBerwick Saga) AI had improved a lot,and horse units now can moveafter attacking, if they have remainingmove distances.Regrettably, the game could not deliver largeanimation battle. Ifyou felt the game looked bad in Partia 1, thenyou'll find thisgame look much the same, except we have much biggerand nicercharacter portraits. It is because original Partia wasneverprofitable, making Partia 2 production running on fume. (Itsoldaround 6000 copies in two years) The stress of not gettingpaidalmost broke our team of two, but somehow sheer will allowedthisgame to be out here for you. So whether this game series issuccessor not, I am immensely proud of the results. How many fiveyearprojects can a person do in a life time? ;-) Many times Iwastempted to include some IAP stuff into the game and getcheapdollar or two, but I decided against it. More than anything,Irather have this game to be remembered as good, than have thatIAPdistaste. So you may refrain from purchasing this game ifyoudidn't like Partia 1. But I promise you it will be a muchbetterexperience (and much more challenging) if you did enjoytheoriginal Partia. Thank you all, and please let us know whatyouthink!
Kingturn Underworld RPG 3.2
Kingturn Underworld is an addictive turn-based fantasy strategyRPGwhich takes both wits and patience to be mastered. 'Kingturn -ABrilliant Tactical Battle Game' [TouchArcade review]KingturnUnderworld marks the 1st chapter of our Kingturn trilogy,andcomprises 74 scenarios where you can take over control ofundeadand monsters. Kingturn Underworld supports new characterclasseslike Thieves, Lizards, Demons, or Heretics, as well as newweaponsand armor, new environments and new sound tracks. Story--------Juliet, necromancer and daughter of Overlord Xanthus, findsherselfforced to flee the Underworld after a rebellion of herfather'sminions. Struggling to survive on Andaria's hostilesurface, shehas to take unusual measures to get things undercontrol ...Concept ----------- The game combines outpost conqueringwithtactical combat and a complex unit skill system. Embedded inacompelling medieval fantasy story with quirky characters,theplayer can delve into this old school tactics game for manyhours.Tutorial ----------- If you are new to our SRPG series, youmightwant to watch the video tutorialfirst: --------------- - Many hours of addictive and challenginggameplay in a 68 scenarios main campaign ('Nights in Andaria') -Anultimately challenging mini-campaign comprising 6 scenarios('Twelveyears later') - More than 40 character classes likeSkeleton, DeathKnight, Undead Mage, Heretic, Fury, Murderer,Vampire, Necromancer,Skeleton Champion, Bat Rider, Giant ... -More than 60 class skillslike 'War Cry', 'Chaos Storm', 'Stealth','Lightning Bolt', 'LivingBomb', 'Inferno', 'Whirlwind', 'RaiseUndead', 'Drain Life', 'BloodBolt', 'Firestorm', 'Spin Attack','Arrow Hail', ... - More than 700items (weapons, armor, amulets,rings) - Battle drops, treasurechests, and scenario rewards -Conquer outposts and face achallenging enemy AI (ArtificialIntelligence) - Level up an armywhich is carried over fromscenario to scenario
RPG Record of Agarest War
To celebrate the opening of the holidayseasonHyperDevbox is announcing a special price on all titlesavailablefor Android (GooglePlay) and iOS. Right now, and until May9th ,you can capture all your favorite titles for 45% off ormore.Promotional Price is available on all titles from the listbelow:ExZeus ArcadeExZeus 2LoveCatchINDY 500 Arcade RacingSpectral SoulsBlazing SoulsGeneration of ChaosRecord of Agarest WarRecord of Agarest War Zero** NexusPlayer & AndroidTV supported ! Play this awesome gameona big screen TV ^^HyperDevbox is proud to announce that the massively populartacticalrole-playing game (J-RPG) for home video game consolesSony (PS3)and Microsoft (XBOX360), Record of Agarest War (Englishversion), isnow available for Android.Story:It was the end of the age of gods... An age that ended when thedoorto oblivion was opened.There were five continents in the world of Agarest, each onepiercedby a great pillar that towered toward the sky. Thesesoaringmonuments were the gods themselves.The beginning of our story and the end of the age of myth findtheirstart on the continent of Lucrellia when a young man namedLeonhardtsacrifices everything, even his future and his children,to protectan elven girl. At death's door, he pledges himself toacontract...This is the final tale of the gods; a story woven in soulsacrossgenerations...Game features :* 3D Battle Scenes.* Witness the Soul Breed system! Choose a bride at the end ofyouradventure and give birth to the hero of the nextgeneration!* Position your forces on the battlefield and wait for therightmoment to string together massive combo attacks usingmultipleparty members both in melee and at range!* Over 100 hours of gameplay packed into 1.8 GB of data* 59 outstanding soundtracks* Full 720p HD graphic assets* 40 cut scene videos* Fully voice acted with 16,000 character voices* Over 400 different Magic spells and Battle skills* Over 400 Enemies and Characters* Capture monsters to join your army* Story stretching 5 Generations of heroes* Enhanced battle system including combo system, breakandoverkill* Support for full touch interface, keyboard with key mappingandexternal controllers* Xperia Play optimized* Compatible with MOGA controllers .* Automatic save backup to Google Cloud through Google PlayGameServices.* Support for Leaderboards and Achievements through Google PlayGameServices.* Language: English text with Japanese voices.* Support for x86 android devices.* Android TV compatible (GamePad)** IMPORTANT NOTICE PLEASE READ **- 5 x Additional Dungeons DLC are available at no charge fromthestore, all the other DLC are not necessary to completethegame.- You need a with at least 1.8GB of free space.- There is a 1.8GB OBB additional data download to completetheinstallation so WIFI is "ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY" and a good doseofpatience too, the installation may take from 15mn to 30mntocomplete based on your Internet network configuration and/orourservers congestion, everybody will be served but pleasebepatient.- There is an "in-game" FAQ in case you have some trouble duringtheinstallation so please take the time to read it should youhaveproblems.- Game is set, by default, to use the HIGHEST resolution andgraphicsettings available so please adjust in the option screenshould yourdevice be a little "just" to support the full hiresdata.- A High-End device is highly recommended for the bestgamingexperience.- Visit our website and forum at formoreFAQ and information.©2013-2015 IDEA FACTORY/COMPILE HEART/RED, developed forAndroid,licensed and published by HYPERDEVBOX.Hyperdevbox website:
Partia 1.0.5
Imago Software
Partia is a SRPG (Strategy RPG) video game inspired by FireEmblemand Tear Ring Saga series. In a high fantasy setting, thegame willtake players through an adventure where magic and swordcollide andfriendship and betrayal intertwine. *Build 8 recoversbuild 6 savefiles. But suspended game data should not be loaded!
Mystery of Fortune
Re-imagination of SRPG in real-time action Mystery of fortune isthe6th episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. You can choosecharactersfrom the SRPG, Rebirth of Fortune 2 in this newreal-time actiongame. You can enjoy exciting stories and exploredungeons to findmonsters gone underworld after Rebirth of Fortune,Sorcerer ofFortune, Defense of Fortune, Rebirth of Fortune 2 andSorceress ofFortune. Features 1. 25 available fighting units and35+ kinds ofvarious enemy monsters. 2. A real-time battle actionthat allowsmore strategies. 3. Tons of equipments withcollectables. 4. Eternalstages and competitive system. 5.Beautiful and charming 2Dgraphics. Rules 1. Every battle in thisgame happens automatically.Players can set up a strategy, upgradeunits or equip items beforethe battle starts. 2. Before you startbattle, you need to assignAIs named battle macro to your units.You can mix and use conditionsand actions like ‘Use skill 1 whenyou encounter an enemy’ or ‘Healyourself when HP is below 50%’.Then you can set up strategies thatare optimized to each dungeon.3. In the Pub, you can get hintsabout a dungeon from the master,hire new units, drink beer or enjoymini games like monster race.4. Once a battle starts, players watchit. If needed, you can useitems to recover HP or ether. 5. Once youdefeat every enemy incurrent floor, you can advance to the nextfloor. If you lost everyunit, the exploring ends there. 6. Afterthe exploring ends, youcan get gold and items which you can use toupgrade your corps.Thisapp support tablet mode.
RPG アガレスト戦記
Android TV搭載端末 「NexusPlayer」対応ゲーム!テレビの大画面でも遊べます!!コンシューマゲームコンソールで人気のタクティカルシミュレ-ションRPG「アガレスト戦記」(日本語版)がAndroidに登場!!★ストーリー★ それはまだ神話の時代。忘却の彼方へと続く扉が開かれていたときの物語。「アガレスト」と呼ばれるの世界には五つの大陸が存在した。全ての大陸には、大地を貫き天を支える長大な柱がそびえ立ちその威容はまさに神そのものであった。 五つの大陸の一つ「ルクレリア」。物語と、神話の終焉は、そこから始まる。レオンハルトは守るべきもののために全てを捧げる-未来さえも。彼の死の間際に交わした契約、それは-魂の器となり、神の血を受け継ぎし乙女と共に 世界を支える柱となること。約束された破滅・・・ 受け継ぎがれる宿命・・・それは魂により紡がれた 最後の神話として語り継がれることになる物語・・・・。【ゲームの特徴】 ■ 3Dバトルシーン■ プレイ時間:約100時間 ■ 容量:1.9GB ■ 400以上の敵とキャラクター■ 400以上の魔法スペルと戦闘スキル■ 5つの大陸を5世代にわたって冒険■ 各世代に3人のヒロインが存在し、誰を選択するかにより、生まれてくる子供(=次世代の主人公)能力や容姿が変化する「ソウルブリード」システムを搭載(組み合わせは1000通り以上で、プレイヤーオリジナルの能力の主人公が誕生)■ 手軽で爽快な奥深い戦闘システム「エクステンドターンバトル」を搭載■ バトルのフィールドをプレイヤー自身が設定可能な「フィールドアジャストシステム」を搭載■ 全世代を通じて選択肢やシナリオの進行とその結果により変化する「リンクゲージ」が存在 キャラクター毎に設定されたスペシャル攻撃「エクストラスキル」(コンボキ ル・ブレイクアーツ・オーバーキル等)が400種類以上■ モンスター合成等のやりこみ要素が満載 ■ サウンドトラック:55曲 ■ ムービー数:39 ■ フル 720p HDコンテンツ■ 豪華声優陣によるフルボイス仕様 ■ ゲーム操作:タッチパネル/ゲーム用外付けコントローラーの選択が可能■ XperiaPlay/MOGAコントローラー/NVIDIAプロジェクトシールドに対応■ リーダーボード/アチーブメント対応■ ゲームデーターをクラウドに保存可能 ■ 言語:日本語(キャラクターボイス:日本語)■ AndroidTV対応【お知らせと注意点】① 追加ダンジョン1~5は、ストアから無料でアンロックすることが可能です。② ゲームクリアするために全てのパックをダウンロードする必要はありません。③ ダウンロードには、ストレージの空き容量1.9GB以上とWi-Fi接続(フリーWi-Fiスポットを除く)が必要です。④ Androidmarketよりゲームをダウンロード後は、「アガレスト戦記」インストールオプションの選択画面より『ゲームデータをインストールする』を選択してください。その後ダウンロードが開始し、ピンポンゲームのスクリーンセーバーと画面の右上にカウントダウンが表示されます。0になるまでしばらくお待ち下さい。ダウンロード時間の目安は約15~30分となりますが、インターネットの接続状況により異なります。また、容量が1.9GBのためダウンロード少々お時間がかかりますことご了承願います。カウントが0になりましたら、ゲームが起動します。【サポートにお問い合わせいただく際のメールアドレスについて】メールアドレスのドメインがdocomo、softbank、ezweb(携帯電話)の場合、弊社サポートからお送りしたメールが送信できず戻ってくるケースが度々発生しているため、必ずgmailアドレスにてお問い合わせいただきますようお願いいたします。暫くサポートからの返信がご確認できない場合には、大変お手数ですが、gmail等のPCアドレスにて再度ご連絡をくださいますようお願いいたします。 ©2014-2015 COMPILE HEART/RED,developed and published byHYPERDEVBOX. Hyperdevbox website: us on Facebook : TV-powereddevices "Nexus Player" corresponding game! Youcan play even in alarge-screen TV! Consumer game console in thepopularity of TakuTikal simulators - Deployment RPG "Agarest Senki"(Japaneseversion) appeared! To Android ★ Story ★ It is still theera ofmyth. Story of when the door that leads to oblivion wasopened.Five continents were present in the world of being referredto as a"Agarest". All of the continent, soaring long and largepillars ofheaven penetrate the earth Its grandeur was just Goditself. One ofthe five continents "Rukureria". And the story, thedemise of themyth begins from there. Leonhard dedicate all for whatto protect -the future even. Contract was signed on the verge ofhis death, itis - Become the soul of the vessel, together with Shiinherited theblood of God maiden To become a pillar of the world.Promised ruin... inherited fate is ... It was spun by the soulStory ... thatwill be handed down as the last of the myth. Featuresof the game]■ 3D battle scene ■ Play time: about 100 hours ■Capacity: 1.9GB ■400 or more enemies and characters ■ 400 or moreof the magic spelland combat skills ■ adventure five continentsover five generations■ There are three heroines in each generation,by whom orselection, unborn children (= the next generation ofhero) abilityand appearance changes mounting tower the "Seoulbleed" system(combination of ways 1000 or more, the birth is themain characterof the players original capacity) ■ equipped with aquick andexhilarating deep combat system "Extend turn Battle" ■mountingbattle of field players own the "field adjustment system"that canbe set ■ there is a "link gauge" that changes with theprogress andresults of choices and scenarios through allgenerations Setspecial attacks for each character "Extra skills"(Konboki Le BreakArts overkill, etc.) is more than 400 ■ crowdedelements of themonster synthesis and the like is packed ■soundtrack: 55 songs ■Number of movies: 39 ■ Full 720p HD contentFull voicespecification by gorgeous actors ■ ■ Game Operation:Touch panel /Games for external controller can be selected ■corresponding tothe Xperia Play / MOGA controller / NVIDIA projectshield ■leaderboards / achievements corresponding ■ can be savedgame datato the cloud ■ Language: Japanese (character voice:Japanese) ■AndroidTV corresponding [News and Notes] ① add Dungeon1-5, it ispossible to unlock for free from the store. ② game you donot needto download all of the pack in order to clear. ③ todownload,(except for the free Wi- Fi spot) storage of free space1.9GB ormore and a Wi-Fi connection is required. ④ Android marketafter thedownload from the game, "Agarest Senki," "to install thegame data"from the selection screen of the installation options theSai thatTeku selected. Then the download is started, ping-pong gameof thescreen saver and the countdown to the upper right corner ofthescreen will be displayed. Please Chi you wait for a while untilthe0. Estimated download time will be about 15 to 30 minutes, butitdepends on the connection status of the Internet. Inaddition,capacity is please understand that it takes time downloadyourlittle for 1.9GB. Count Narimashitara to 0, the game willstart.About e-mail address when you contact support] If the domainof thee-mail address is docomo, softbank, ezweb of (mobile phone),forcases where the mail was sent from our company support iscomingback can not be sent are often occurs, as we will contact usalwaysat gmail address please. While if the reply from the supportcannot be sure is, very sorry to trouble you, we ask that youpleasecontact us again in the PC address such as gmail. ©2014-2015COMPILE HEART / RED, developed and published byHYPERDEVBOX.Hyperdevbox website: us onFacebook:
War of Crown 1.0.69
Your Epic Journey BeginsWhere there is light, there is darkness. The Great War hasravagedthe world of Middeland.Only the sacrifice of the Hero-King brought peace and light tothisonce majestic land that had been ruled by the Darkness.But peace never lasts...War has broken out once more over the Crown of thefallenHero-King.Amidst the chaos, a new hero must rise to purge Middeland oftheDarkness once and for all.Become the hero. The fate of the Crown is in your hands.■ Tactical RPG!-A classic turn-based battle system at your fingertips!-Your every move will turn the tides of battle!-Analyze the enemy and terrain within the battlefield!■ Battle Legendary Bosses-Challenge Epic Bosses for luxurious rewards!-Compete with other players to earn your rank!■ Real-Time PvP: Calling All Master Strategists!-Prove your strength in Real-Time PVP Arena!-Form a Plan, Change the Game, Crush Your Opponents!■ Exclusive Hero Collection-With over 100 heroes & monsters to choose from, mix andmatchto make the best team!-Select from 5 different elements: Water, Wind, Fire, Light,andShadow. Each element has strengths and weaknesses, sochoosewisely!■ Customize your Heroes with the Strongest Gear-Discovery your Hero's true powers with Awaken, UltimateEnhance,and Skill Enhance!-Strengthen your Hero with powerful Gears and Rune Sets!War of Crown Facebook Page Facebook Page of Crown Official Forum Official Forum* This game requires the following permissions foroptimalgameplay.- Permission to sync your Address Book and access device statusforFriend Invites[READ_CONTACTS, READ_PHONE_STATE]- Permission to sync your Google account[GET_ACCOUNTS]- Permission to save necessary game data externally[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]** This game is available in English.** There may be additional costs when trying to obtaincertainitems.* GAMEVIL Official Website :* GAMEVIL Customer Support: ofService:
SRPG Pocket Lord 2.7.0
The full-scale simulation RPG "Pocket Load", which you can playforfree,The retro dot picture characters move around in acomicabletempo.Once upon a time is a nostalgic mind game to betickled.#What is Simulation RPG (SRPG / SLG)It is a role playinggame thatmakes full use of strategy and tactics.# game how toproceed- Let'scomplete the quest with the strategy- Units got inreward andsummons Let's organize a party to remember- Compensationand itemsthat were placed in a hand summons Let's use and equipmentto theunit- In the quest ask them to support the unit of otherusers-Feel free to other users Let's friend request- The unitsynthesizedand you can increase the level- Unit skill you can takeover-Yourself you can develop a high degree of freedom unit ofonly-When the user-level will be 5 There is also a mini-game toraisethe castleLet's acquire items with mini games that nurturecastlesand towns and nurture units.Ideal for those who want to playSRPGgames with a little free time.It is a strategy and tacticsgamethat you can play for a long time.Human beings, monsters,dragons,swords and magical fantasy overlooking the world.RetroSimulationRPG pixel art.
Lionheart Tactics 1.5.3
Rally your Heroes! Plan every move in this FREE tactical RPGwithstunning 3D graphics. Adventure across the realm or take yourfightonline to challenge the world. FANTASY TACTICS Set in a landon thebrink of war, Lionheart Tactics pits your Heroes againsthordes ofenemies in turn-based combat. Unlock their Skills, unleashtheirLimit Breaks, and upgrade them from Recruit to Legendary.HUNDREDSOF BATTLES Forge your own story as you travel from the wildhillsof Midland to the frozen Splinterpeaks, uncovering new alliesandepic weapons along your quest. CHALLENGE THE WORLD Competeonlineagainst other players to earn Shields, and rise up theLeagues asyou go from lowly bronze to first place! GATHER AN ARMYRallyHeroes from 16 classes and 3 races, from the wolf-likeBarghestWarrior to the noble Rose Elf Archer. Each class has theirownskills and strategies to master. In Lionheart your greatestweaponsare your Heroes... and yourtactics.----------------------------------------------------- KEYFEATURES° Tactics in full 3D, with over 50 battlefields to conquer.° Tonsof Hero classes to collect, upgrade and equip. ° Competeonline toraise your league and leaderboard ranking. ° Challenge acampaignof over 200 battles. ° Take down 30+ types of enemy, frombestialUrsoc to skeletalUndead.----------------------------------------------------- PLEASENOTE:Lionheart Tactics is free to play, but some extra game itemscan bepurchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases inyourdevice's settings. NOTE: A network connection is required toplay.
Fantasy War Tactics R 0.562
WHAT'S NEW [Patch Notes] BIG UPDATE 2018 ▶ Level 90 Max Cap ◀[NEW]Increase Level Cap from 80 to 90 ▶ + 20 Equipment Enhancement◀[NEW] Max the Enhancement Equipment to + 20 ▶ Hard andHellDifficulty ◀ [NEW] Add New System Difficulty "Hard and Hell"▶Calendar for New Users ◀ [NEW] Add New Calendar System GiveawayforNew Users ▶ Calendar for Returnee ◀ [NEW] Add New CalendarSystemGiveaway for Returnees ▣▣▣▣▣ Game Introduction ▣▣▣▣▣ VarietyofGame modes, with variety of strategy! Hero-collecting RPG!FantasyWar Tactics R! ▶ Scenario Mode ◀ Become a Lord who dares toconquerthe world! Recruit heroes and take over the world! ▶ HeroGrowthMode◀ Essential dungeon for your Heroes’ growth, Pit ofNephthysThe island where ancient time travelers appear, Lost IslandIndexof every knowledge on universe, Skybrary ▶ Challenge Mode ◀Unveilthe mystical voice that echoes from top of the tower, Towerof Dawn▶ VS Mode ◀ Battle with other Lords and raise your honor,Battle ofHonor Virtual enemies waiting at virtual dimensions,DimensionalBreakthrough Raid with your Guildsmen, Fortress ofDarkness ▶Convenience Mode ◀ Analyze the unknown Genes into Heroes’Genes,Laboratory Lords, send heroes on expeditions to areas youhaveconquered, Expedition ▣▣▣▣▣ SUPPORT ▣▣▣▣▣ Are you havingproblems?Send ([email protected]) or contact ourin-gamecustomer service by going to Settings > Other >CustomerService > Customer Center ▣▣▣▣▣ COMMUNITY ▣▣▣▣▣ Checkthe latestnews and participate in Events with tremendous rewards! ※OfficialFacebook : ※ Official Forum: ※OfficialPage : Thanks for playing!※ TermsofService:※PrivacyPolicy:*OnAndroid, Fantasy War Tactics requires Android 4 or higher and1GBRAM or higher for optimal gameplay.* *Fantasy War Tactics doesnotsupport Motorola devices.* *Google App Permissions Thisgamerequires the following permissions in order to provide abettergame environment and proper gameplay. - Dial permission:necessaryfor the game play analysis tools to identify the type ofdevices. -Pictures/Multimedia/Files access permission: necessaryforadditional contents download. Permissions will NOT be usedforpurposes other than the installation/play of the game.
Collaboration with Katy Perry currently underway! Play as 2Dpixelart versions of Katy and listen to her new song "ImmortalFlame"exclusively on FFBE! Get it now! ================= So beginsa newtale of crystals.... A tried-and-true, yet brand new RPG!SQUAREENIX’s first title aimed at a worldwide audience; a brand newFINALFANTASY game available for smartphones! Play an entirely newRPGmade in classic FINAL FANTASY style! Includes characters frompastFINAL FANTASY titles! Enjoy this expansive storyline right onyourphone! ========================================= Features-Simplebattle feature with strategy! Easy and interactive battles!Tap thescreen to attack, but combine magic abilities withtacticalknow-how to overpower your opponents in strategicmaneuvers!Plus!High quality CG animations of your favorite FINALFANTASY summons!-Search in the field and complete dungeons! Movecharacters throughfields and dungeons to search for items, hiddenpaths, and newroutes to your destinations! Talk to people in townsto receivequests. Complete them to get items, gil, and even rareitems! It'sgot all the many features of an RPG in an easy portableform! -Arena PVP battles! Fight other players and get to the top!Takeyour favorite party to war against your rivals and fight forgreatprizes! ========================================= StoryVisions――The hopes and dreams of legendary warriors given life. Lapis―― A world of crystals and the visions that slumberwithin.Harnessing the power of the crystals, mankind prospered,nationsflourished. But just as day gives way to night, that era ofpeaceproved but a fleeting illusion.   Now, as their worldstandson the precipice of ruin, two young knights summon visions totheirside as they strike out on a journey to chase the shadows. So begins a new tale of crystals, and the heroes who wouldsavethem...
Phantom of the Kill 2.5.4
gumi Inc.
THE DEFINITIVE STRATEGY RPGIntroducing Phantom of the Kill,thetactical role-playing game that combines strategy with drama!Joinwarriors named after legendary weapons in their epic battleagainstevil, and turn the tides of war with a swipe of your finger.FIGHTYOUR WAY TO GLORY WITH WILD UNITS AND WEAPONSWith over fiftyunitclasses and six weapon types, the possibilities truly areendless.Add dragoons, swordmasters, mages, gunners, and other unitsto yourteam, form the perfect party with insanely cool weapons,then leadthem to victory!Try your hand with axes, lances, swordsand otherweapons at your disposal. How will you defeatyourenemies?NOTESPhantom of the Kill is free to download andplay,however, some game items can also be purchased for real money.Anetwork connection is required to play thisgame.COMPATIBILITYAsmartphone or tablet with Android 4.1 or later,2GB RAM or more,and 1.5 GB disk space or more is recommended. *Some devices withthese specifications may still not be able to runthisapplication.DEVELOPERFuji&gumi Games,Inc.PROVIDERgumiInc.HOMEPAGE is a trademark of CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.
RPG Machine Knight
For the world, and for its sin, a young man meets betrayalandfriendship beyond the “gate”! An authentic free-to-play RPG! *Thisgame features some IAP content, such as powerful items andextradungeons. While they require additional fees, you can play totheend of the game without it. Story Through the excesses ofscience,a “black sun” was created, leading to energy shortages. Theworldfaced a certain doom. After tremendous effort,scientistsdiscovered a chance to save their world by acquiring anunknownenergy source in another world beyond the “gate." Themission toresearch the new world fell to a young scientist namedFrain, inSchutzheim. He threw his body into the “gate” alone. Theotherworld was filled with nature and mystery, things he had neverseen.But what really awaited him was treachery and betrayal, by hisownworld. People were trampled by machine soldiers, chaserswereeverywhere, and monsters stood in every avenue of escape…Despitethese hardships, though, he found new companions who trustedandsupported him. Another-world adventure fantasy RPG onanoverwhelming scale! Adventure and deception, stretchingintoanother world! For the sake of his world, a young man namedFraintraveled to another. However he was betrayed by his ownpeople.Threatened by his own world, oppressed in the new worldwhere hewas trapped, lonely and hurt. But two heroines reached outtheirhands to this young man, and the story went on. What is thetruthbehind the betrayal? Can Frain return to his world? Whatwillhappen between Frain and the two heroines? The adventureofbetrayal and friendship will start, with great feelingsanddeception. Dot art work in a warm atmosphere Expressivecharactersand monsters stylized in dot artwork create warm andpleasant tothe eye atmosphere in the game. Another world beyond the“gate” iscolored with dot art work. A challenging game system Thisgamesystem is filled with challenging elements, including the“MachinaBoard” system through which you can learn various jobs andskills,creating weapons by collecting materials, playing varioussubquests, and challenging extra dungeons, as well as the mainstory!Who will you choose between the two heroines? Bell and Aulinarethe two heroines who reach out their hands to the young manFrain.The generous sister Bell and the cheerful, spirited Aulin.Duringthe adventure, these two heroines show theirdifferentpersonalities. Who will you choose? [Supported OSVersions] - 2.1and up [SD Card Storage] - Enabled [SupportedLanguages] -Japanese, English (This app has generally been testedto work onalmost all mobile device distributed in Japan. Otherdevices arenot guaranteed to be compatible.) [IMPORTANT NOTICE]Your use ofthe application requires your agreement to the followingEULA and'Privacy Policy and Notice'. If you do not agree, please donotdownload our application. End User LicenseAgreement: Privacy Policy andNotice: Get the latestinformation![Newsletter] [Facebookpage] (C)2011-2012KEMCO/Hit-Point
RPG Spectral Souls
"Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires"(EnglishVersion), the first Full Size Tactical RPG for Androidplatformavailable for your favorite Smartphone : * 3D BattleScenes. * Thefirst full scale Japanese Tactical RPG for Android. *52outstanding soundtracks. * 84 characters. * High resolutiongraphicassets. * 100's of hours of GamePlay packed in 1GB data.*Cut-Scene videos. * Support for Touch & Keyboard withkeymapping. * Compatible with MOGA controllers. * Play it onNVIDIASHIELD. Simply "a must have" for all fan of "SpectralSoulsuniverse" and for all fan of Tactical RPG in general. **IMPORTANTNOTICE PLEASE READ ** -Game is set, by default, to use theHIGHESTresolution available so please adjust in the option screenshouldyour device be a little "just" to support the full hiresdata. -AHigh-End device is highly recommended for the bestgamingexperience however the game is fully enjoyable from Nexus1orsimilar type of device. There is a pre-hardware check in thegamebefore allowing the 1GB download so those with hardware notyetsupported should be able to refund within the actual refundwindow.STORY : Neverland is a world apart from our own, home tostrangeand dangerous creatures. Two of these creatures, humans anddemons,have been struggling against each other for many years. Asthecenturies passed, control shifted from demons to humans andbackagain. The humans finally earned a clear victory after theFirstNeverland War. But this left the country in ruins and leddirectlyto the Second Neverland War, which saw the decisive victoryof thedemons once again. Magic Age 1053— Tragedy strikes thesmallwoodland village of Petun—the town is attacked and burned totheground by vicious Neverland troops. But Petun is only the firstofmany massacres; the Demon Army tears through every human villageitcan find, slaughtering the people as it goes. Humiliatedandinfuriated by these abuses, the humans begin to resist andfightback. It starts as a rash of disorganized, sporadic riots. Butitsoon grows into something more, something meaningful.Theseuprisings become a beacon of hope to all humans, spurring themonto unite and form a new empire. They choose a name to reflecttheirmost noble traditions, to reflect a time when they ruled overthedemon horde. They call it the Reformed Simba Empire.Petun—littlemore than a bump in the road, a mark on a map. But thisis where itall started, where the undercurrent of disdain andhatredoverflowed into a bloody torrent of death and destruction,drowningNeverland in war for years to come. This is where ourstorybegins—the story of the Seven Year War. - Visit our websiteandforum at for more FAQ andinformation.©2011-2015 IDEA FACTORY, developed for Android,licensed andpublished by HYPERDEVBOX .
The First Tactics Free (SRPG) 1.036
※ Don't judge this game only for design. Many users praisedhighlyabout completeness of this game.※ Tactics is love. I hopemoreTactics games(SRPG) is developed while I create this game.※Iexpect this game is ranked Top 10 among Tactics game you wanttoenjoy.※ I created this game by myself because I couldn't havefoundthis kind of game before.※ I hope it reminds you of oldTacticsgame you enjoyed when you were teens.※ I tried to createthis gameas same as old game.※ You need to think deeply andstrategically.※Let's try to clear a stage with strategies bypredicting enemymovement.※ Try to make relationship with manycharacters.※ Gainstrong characters through evolution system.※Create my owncharacters through enhancement system.※ Busy isokay... Useautomatic battle system.※ Make money through part timejob system.before you go to bed. the miracle of making money whileyou sleep.※TFT can save game data only in your mobile phone. Becautious notto remove your data according to deleting this game.※TFT can'tinterchange each other between free version and chargedversion.※Charged version give the VIP ticket which can provide 30crystalsfor one month. Guide to Obtaining App AuthorizationGoogleMailCollection for Membership(android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS).Writepermissions to store ads(android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEwhen running ads)Readaccess to store ad(android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE whenrunning ads)We donot use the permissions elsewhere for the abovepurposes.Email :[email protected]
Battle Odyssey
Raise the sail and set course for a fresh and freepuzzle-RPGadventure!Welcome to Pondera, a fantasy world far beyondthe ocean,lush with magic, but being corrupted by evil. Yourelemental powerscan save this land, but you’ll need to collectbrave Allies to takeaction by your side!FORM A HEROIC CREW• Recruitand collect over500 Allies belonging to different factions.• EachAlly has anElemental Affinity, and some have a unique skill andbattleability.• Enhance and evolve your Allies to set free theirfullpower.BATTLE IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!• Drag your finger tolinklike-colored Orbs or spend Action Points to linkdifferent-coloredOrbs for powerful combos.• Special Patterns addstrategy byallowing you to heal Allies, delay enemy attacks andmore.• Unleasheach Ally’s ability, from poisoning your enemies tosummoning downa rain of fire.EXPLORE A GORGEOUS WORLD• Everycharacter is broughtto life in stunning 2D anime art.• Discover anRPG adventurethrough fantasy lands, from a sunny ocean paradise toa magic cityin the sky.DUEL IN REAL TIME!• Real-time Versus Battleswithadvanced matchmaking for the ultimate test of puzzle skillandstrategy.• Rise to the top of the Leagues to collectgreatrewards.BEYOND THE HORIZON• Regular limited-time events withgreatrewards.For fans of free puzzle games, PvP, ocean adventures,cardgames, strategy, fantasy RPGs, andactionheroes._____________________________________________Visitourofficial site at http://www.gameloft.comFollow us on Twitterat or like us on Facebookat to get more info about allourupcoming titles.Check out our videos and game trailerson our blogat for the inside scooponeverythingGameloft._____________________________________________Thisappallows you to purchase virtual items within the app.PrivacyPolicy: of Use: User License Agreement:
FLERO Games Co., LTD
*New Transcendence System implemented: make your Pilotsevenstronger! ■ Attention, Officer On Deck! Welcome to Goddess KissHQ,Commander! We've been waiting for your orders! The GoddessKissteam has gathered from all over the world to follow yourcampaignagainst the dark empire, that lurks among the darkness todestroyand reign with terror! Download Goddess Kiss now to betheircommanding officer and defend the rightful peace and bringjustice!Progressively recruit more members for your team withAnime-CuteGirls, raise their affection levels to become more closeto them!Seasonal costumes from various backgrounds, dresses /bikini andmany more fascinating looks! A kiss will changeeverything! Curebrainwashed pilots with the touch of your lips!Experience athrilling excitement of battling the front lines,strategicallyplace Mecha units into battle as you stoll forvictory! ■ MainFeatures - Talented voice-over actors for GoddessKiss Pilots willgive maximum game-play experience. - PvP Arena:Battle againstother players and show who's best! - Daily Battle:Battle againstthe enemies in different battlefields each day! -Death Match:Eliminate all the enemies that are blocking your way. -Boss Raid:Attack a colossal enemy command ship! Objective? Inflictas muchdamage as possible! - Mecha Skills: Upgrade each skills andusethem strategically to gain victory! ■ Requirements / Notes-Requires device with 2G or more RAM for smoothgame-playexperience. - Additional charges may apply due to VAT /currencyexchange rates for In-app purchases - Under our Terms ofServicesand Privacy Policy, Parental consent is required forpersons 13years or below to download and play GODDESS KISS. - Gamerequiresinternet connection at all times. ■ Mandatory PermissionNotice Thefollowing permission is required to play the game. -Access todevice photos, media, and files : This permission is usedto saveand retrieve game play data. - Access to contact information: Thisaccess is required for Facebook and Google Playfeatures(Achievement & Leader Board). - Access to device status: Thisaccess is required to check the Country Code (MCC) to setoptimumserver for corresponding country. ※PrivacyPolicy: our customer support for all game related inquiries.*Game:Settings> Customer Support Copyright ⓒ FLERO GAMESCo.,Ltd. AllRights Reserved. Developer Information: - Address:Wemade Tower,3F49, Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu,Seongnam-si,Gyenggi-do, Korea - Phone: 1670-1437 - BusinessRegistration Number:220-87-48481 - Communications vendorregistration number:2015-Gyenggiseongnam-1372
Rune Rebirth 1.84
“We do believe that some journeys can be remembered!!!” UniqueQuickTime Event combat strategy RPG. Collect runes, choosetactics,explore the unknown, and defeat powerful enemy. ◆ Excitingand fastpaced real-time combat. ◆ Different combat style for eachmonsters.Adapt your strategy to survive! ◆ Visit unchartedregions, explorethe unknown and encounter the unexpected. ◆Complete missions andearn rewards. ◆ Find fortune and honor in theArena. ◆Single-Player. No Internet Connection Required to Play.Let'sadventure in Rune Clash: Rebirth's world!
Mystery of Fortune AD 1.111
Dotomchi Games Inc.
★Re-imagination of SRPG in real-time action Mystery of fortuneisthe 6th episode of Fortune Chronicle Episodes. You canchoosecharacters from the SRPG, Rebirth of Fortune 2 in thisnewreal-time action game. You can enjoy exciting stories andexploredungeons to find monsters gone underworld after Rebirth ofFortune,Sorcerer of Fortune, Defense of Fortune, Rebirth of Fortune2 andSorceress of Fortune. ★Features 1. 25 available fighting unitsand35+ kinds of various enemy monsters. 2. A real-time battleactionthat allows more strategies. 3. Tons of equipmentswithcollectables. 4. Eternal stages and competitive system.5.Beautiful and charming 2D graphics. ★Rules 1. Every battle inthisgame happens automatically. Players can set up a strategy,upgradeunits or equip items before the battle starts. 2. Before youstartbattle, you need to assign AIs named battle macro to yourunits.You can mix and use conditions and actions like ‘Use skill 1whenyou encounter an enemy’ or ‘Heal yourself when HP is below50%’.Then you can set up strategies that are optimized to eachdungeon.3. In the Pub, you can get hints about a dungeon from themaster,hire new units, drink beer or enjoy mini games like monsterrace.4. Once a battle starts, players watch it. If needed, you canuseitems to recover HP or ether. 5. Once you defeat every enemyincurrent floor, you can advance to the next floor. If you losteveryunit, the exploring ends there. 6. After the exploring ends,youcan get gold and items which you can use to upgrade your corps.★How to use Google cloud-saving ★ Caution: Googlecloud-savingoverwrite data to your phone, so your existing datamight bedeleted. Using when you transfer data after changing deviceonly isrecommended. ★ If your data is deleted during usingcloud-saving,it cannot be recovered. Please pay close attention. ★If you wantto use Google cloud-saving, you should be logging inGoogle accountfirst. 1. Click ‘Google Play’ button (green game padicon) on yourexisting cell phone (or tablet). 2. Sync saved data byclicking“Save Data” button. Don’t close application or break theinternetconnection. Data might be lost. Provided that the processis stuckat 0% too much time, close application and restart. 3.Click‘Google Play’ button on your changed cell phone (or tablet).4.Click “Load Data” button and sync saved data from servers.Don’tclose application or break the internet connection as sameabove.5. When you start app, previous saved data would be loaded.Now youcan play the game. Please sync saved data by clicking “SaveData”button to keep losing your data. Please use “Load Data” whenyounewly change your cell phone or lose saved data only. ★Thisappsupport tablet mode.
RPG Record of Agarest War Zero
** NexusPlayer & AndroidTV supported ! Play this awesome gameona big screen TV HyperDevbox is proud to announce that themassivelypopular tactical role-playing game (J-RPG) for home videogameconsoles, Record of Agarest War Zero (English version), isnowavailable for Android. In this new episode, Prequel of RecordofAgarest War, discover how everything began... Story: LongbeforeSummerill and the gods of darkness were defeated in RecordofAgarest War, another battle was fought across generations tosavethe world from evil. Record of Agarest War Zero takes you backtothat ancient time. The war between the forces of darkness andtheforces of light, a conflict already many years old, has beenfoughtto a stalemate. In the nation of Kraltarla, the forces oflighthold back the evil hordes of darkness spilling from Findesteat theScarred Mountains, but only just. In a desperate attempt togain anadvantage that could change the course of the war, thegenerals ofthe armies of light dispatch their loyal servantSieghart, whomfate has seen fit to grant a strange and awesomepower. Sieghart’smission takes him across Kraltarla to gather thecomponents for amagical tool that can free the imprisonedblacksmith of the gods,so that he might forge magical artifacts ofgreat and terriblepower for the forces of light. * 3D BattleScenes. * Over 100 hoursof gameplay packed into 1.9 GB of data *Full 720p HD graphicassets * Fully voice acted (in Japanese only) *Position yourforces on the battlefield and wait for the rightmoment to stringtogether massive combo attacks using multiple partymembers both inmelee and at range! * Enhanced battle systemincluding combosystem, break and overkill * Experience "LivingPortraits" animatedcharacters breathe, move, and move their lips insync with thevoice acting. * Soul-Breeding System - Once again, thechoice ofbride at the end of the first generation furtherdetermines theskill sets and weapon of the offspring. * Card SkillSystem -Customize your main character's weapon choice and skillsthroughthis unique character generation system. * Feel Link -unlock andchange character costumes based on your relationshiplevel withother heroines. Maid, Shinto Priestess, Nurse and Schooluniformare available depending on each character. * Over 400differentMagic spells and Battle skills * Over 100 Enemies andCharacters *Capture monsters to join your army * Support for fulltouchinterface, keyboard with key mapping and external controllers*Xperia Play optimized * Compatible with MOGA controllers. *Abilityto automatically backup your save data to Google CloudthroughGoogle Play Game Services. * Support for LeaderboardsandAchievements through Google Play Game Services. * Language:Englishtext with Japanese voices. * Extra mode, unlock the originalRecordof Agarest War maps and characters for you to play with. *Supportfor Android TV with Game Controller. ** IMPORTANT PLEASEREAD ** -DLC content purchase not required to complete the game. -You needat least 1.9GB of free space. - Game is set by default touse theHIGHEST resolution and graphic settings available by yourdevice.Please adjust these settings in the option screen shouldyourdevice be a little underpowered to support the full hiresdata.©2014-2015 IDEA FACTORY/COMPILE HEART/RED, developed andpublishedby HYPERDEVBOX JAPAN. Hyperdevboxwebsite:
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation , thefinalinstalmentintheZenithian trilogy, is now availableonmobiledevices!Experienceanepic adventure spanningtwoparallelworlds!Recover theheroes’long-lost memories, and bringthetwoworldstogether!Download itonce, and there’s nothing elsetobuy,andnothing else todownload!********************◆PrologueAyoungladfrom thesecluded village ofWeaver’s Peak lives apeacefullifewith hislittle sister. But allthat is to change whenthemountainspiritappears before him,prophesying that only he cansavetheworldfrom being swallowed bydarkness. And so he sets outonagrandadventure to learn the truth ofhis world, andthatofthemysterious phantom realmthatliesbeneath...Thisworld-spanningsaga can now be enjoyed in thepalmofyourhand!◆GameFeatures・Join forces with abandofindividualadventurers!Amass afollowing of faithful friendsasyoutravelaround the rivenrealms. From wandering warriorstoamnesiacteens,a rich cast ofcharacters will join you inyouradventures,and helpyou to unlockthe mysteries ofyourcloudedworld!・VocationalEducationAs youprogress in the game,thehero andhis party willgain access toAlltrades Abbey, wheretheycanspecialise in any ofover sixteenvocations. Train yourskillsinyour chosen vocation,and learn amultitude of spellsandspecialabilities. After youhave masteredan ability, you canstilluse iteven if youchangevocation!・Converse Freely with yourFellowPartyMembers!Thepartychat function allows you to conversefreelywiththe castofcolourful characters who will accompany youonyouradventure.Sodon’t hesitate to turn to them foradviceandidlechit-chatwhenever the urge assailsyou!・360-DegreeViewsRotateyourviewpoint in towns and villagesthrough afull 360degrees tomakesure you don’t miss a thing! ・AIBattlesTired ofgivingorders?Your faithful companions can beinstructedtofightautomatically!Use the various tactics at yourdisposal toseeoffeven thetoughest enemies with ease!・TheSlimopolisUnlikeprevioustitles,where monsters could onlyberecruited duringbattle, DragonQuestVI lets you recruit an armyoflovely littleslimes as youtravelaround the world! Onceyou’verecruited a slimyfriend ortwo, headto the Slimopolis to testtheirmettle in aseries ofarenabattles, with fabulous prizes onoffer forany slimetoughenoughto emerge victorious! Train up yourslimes, andaimforthechampionship!・Slippin’SlimeTheslime-slidingminigameintroducedin the Nintendo DS versionmakes itswelcomereturn!Brush the icein front of your sliding slimeto guideitpastperilous pitfallsand obstinate obstacles.Perfectyourpolishingaction to hit thetarget, and sendyourscorethroughtheroof!--------------------[SupportedOperatingSystems]DevicesrunningAndroid4.0 and above.* This gameis notguaranteed to runonalldevices.[Warning]If ART is enabledondevices runningAndroid 4.4,theapplication may experienceissueswhen initiated(ART is disabledbydefault).
RPG ブレイジング ソウルズ アクセレイト 2.12
「ブレイジングソウルズアクセレイト」は、RPG「スペクトラル ソウルズ」の続編です。「スペクトラル ソウルズ」の世界から十数年後のネバーランド大陸にて繰り広げられる物語となっております。プレーヤーの進め方次第でストーリーが変化する、自由度の高い本格タクティカルシミュレーションRPGです。『ファンタジー世界ネバーランドに新たな冒険が待っている!』【ストーリー】七年戦争と呼ばれるネバーランド戦役から十数年の月日が経ち、世界は戦乱の時代から安定の時代へと移り変わり始めていた。しかし、大地に刻まれた傷跡は深く、いまだに癒されずにいた。特に、【異界の魂】と呼ばれる者を召喚するために失われた魔力は計り知れず、そのために世界のバランスは崩れ、モンスターが凶悪化し、大きな問題となっていた。そんな中、コントラクター(請負人)を生業とするゼロスは、とある事件をきっかけに強大な魔力を秘めた素(エネルギー結晶体)である玉石、【コア・エレメンタル】を手に入れる。コントラクターとして仕事を請けながら、各地を巡るゼロス。その行く先々で目にする数々の【エレメンタル】。それを追うようにして現れるヒトゲノム(神が人に代わる新たな種として作り出したもの)たち。ある者は種の抹殺を、ある者は力を欲しコア・エレメンタルを手に入れるために、ある者はただ破壊を楽しむために、ある者は奪われたものを取り戻すために、ゼロスの前に現れる。ゼロスに引かれるように集まるエレメンタルと、ヒトゲノムとの戦いを通じ、自らの出生の秘密に迫っていくゼロス。その果てに行き着いた先はゼロスが生まれた場所であった。そして、戦いの果てにゼロスは自分の存在理由を知ることになる……。・3Dバトルシーン・プレイ時間 約100時間・プレーヤー次第でストーリーが変化する、自由度の高いシミュレーションRPG・登場キャラクター :84・コンシューマー機並みの映像・サウンド・高解像度3Dグラフィック・奥深い戦闘システム・200以上の多種多様なスーパーアイテムやスキルの作成・900以上のスーパーアタックやスキルのアニメーション・アイテム収集やモンスター捕獲・育成・多数のモンスターとの戦い(バトル数1000以上)・豪華声優陣によるフルボイス仕様・魅力的なキャラクターデザインと世界観・Nvidia Shield対応・ゲームコントローラー(MOGAコントローラー含む)対応・TVでプレイ可能(HDMI接続)©2012-2015IDEAFACTORY, developed for Android, licensed and publishedbyHYPERDEVBOX."Blazing Souls access rate" is the sequel to theRPG"Spectral Souls".This has become a story that unfolds atNeverlandcontinent world from after ten years of "SpectralSouls".Story willchange depending on how to proceed with players,it is a highdegree of freedom full-scale tactical simulation RPG.Anewadventure is waiting in the "fantasy worldNeverland!"【story】Passed since the date of ten years from Neverlandcampaigncalled the Seven Years' War, the world was beginning totransitionfrom the era of war and to the stability of theera.However, thescars carved into the ground deeply, was in not yethealed.Inparticular, the magic that was lost in order to summon thepersonwho called [the soul of the alien world] is not immense,brokenworld of balance in order that,Monster is atrocious, has beenamajor problem.Meanwhile, Zelos to the livelihood of thecontractors(contractor) is, in the wake of the phraseincidentCobblestone isthe elementary with hidden mighty magic(energy crystals), to getthe [core] Elemental.While it redeems thework as a contractor,over the local Zelos.Many of [Elemental] wesee everywhere that yougo.The human genome (what God has created asa new species toreplace the people) who appear as follow it.Acertain person who iskind of kill, in order to get a certain personwants core elementalforces, in order to enjoy a certain person justdestruction,Aperson in order to get back what was taken away,appear in front ofZelos.And Elemental gather to be pulled to Zelos,through a fightwith the human genome, we closing in on the secretof his birthZelos.Earlier that ended up in the result was the placewhere Zeloswas born.Then, Zelos the ends of the fight will knowtheir reasonfor existence ....· 3D battle scenePlay time about 100hoursStorychanges players depending on, a high degree of freedomsimulationRPG- Characters: 84Consumer machine par of video andsoundAndhigh-resolution 3D graphics- deep combat system- more than200 ofthe creation of a wide variety of super items and skills-more than900 of the super attack and skills of animationItemcollection andmonsters capture and nurture- a number of battle withthe monster(the number more than 1000 battle)- full voicespecification bygorgeous voice actors- charming character designand view of theworld· Nvidia Shield supportGame controller(including MOGAcontroller) corresponding· TV can be played in (HDMIconnection)©2012-2015 IDEA FACTORY, developed for Android, licensedandpublished by HYPERDEVBOX.
RPG Tears Revolude 1.1.1g
SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF (USD 7.99 -> USD 3.99)!!!Aclassiccommand-based RPG with a 3D map interface!Play on-the-gowithouthaving to worry about an internetconnection!ImportantNoticeDepending on the model and nature of thedevice used,unexpected app behavior including the game failing toread datawhen starting or restarting may occur.StoryA century ago,there wasa unique artist named Orwiel. Sion and Michelle set off onajourney to discover his final works. The two meet a girl withnomemories named Liara. What the girl carries will shake boththepath they travel and their fate!A mainstream command RPG with a3Dmap interface!Begin a new adventure in this game's 3Ddungeons!This game uses old-school command-based battles to bringyou aneasily understood and played mainstream commandRPG.Impressivebattle animation!Finely-drawn enemies, smooth motion,andscreen-filling effects let you experience impressive scenesofbattle!Enhance your weapon and learn new skillsKeep usingyourskills to make them more powerful! Go to the blacksmith in towntoenhance your characters' weapons and learn new skills.Eachcharacter can learn up to five skills. As you use these skills,thenature of their attacks and power will change. Keep using theminorder to deal massive damage!Store SP in order to unleashyourspecial abilities!Build your SP gauge in battle and use ittounleash special abilities! The gauge has a maximum of fourlevels,and by using it all at once, your allies can join in tocreate aneven more powerful attack.Basic GameplayInformationDifficulty:Easy, Normal, Hard, ChaoticCustomizableCharacter Names:AvailablePartially-voiced Battles: YesNumber ofSave Slots: 3In-appPurchase: Available*Additional data must bedownloaded when thisgame is first run.*While in-app-purchasecontent requiresadditional fees, it is not necessary for finishingthe game.*Theactual price might differ depending on theregion.[Supported OS]-2.3 and up[Game Controller]- Optimized[SDCard Storage]-Enabled[Languages]- English, Japanese[Non-SupportedDevices]Thisapp has generally been tested to work on any mobiledevice releasedin Japan. We cannot guarantee support on otherdevices.[IMPORTANTNOTICE]Your use of the application requires youragreement to thefollowing EULA and 'Privacy Policy and Notice'. Ifyou do notagree, please do not download our application.End UserLicenseAgreement: PolicyandNotice: thelatestinformation![Newsletter][Facebookpage]
Dungeon Rushers 1.3.29
Mi-Clos Studio
*About IAPs: All of the IAPs in Dungeon Rushers are characterskins-- cosmetic and optional.Dungeon Rushers is a 2D tacticalRPGcombining dungeon crawler’s gameplay and turn based fights.Manageyour team, loot dusty dungeons, crush armies of monsters andcraftmighty equipment. Be part of an epic adventure with a colorfulcastof characters in an off-beat universe. Build your own dungeonandchallenge other players!The Game:Over the course of an epicquest,explore many dungeons and loot their guarded treasures. Buildyourown team by choosing the best hero combination to overcometrapsand monsters lurking in the shadows.Upgrade the skills ofyourheroes to make them even more fearsome and place themstrategicallyto achieve victory.Craft your equipment on your ownwith componentsgathered during your journey thanks to an advancedsystemconsisting of six different craftsmen.Complete dungeons andtheirbonus challenges to unlock the Heroic difficulty, where onlythebest can make their way to the treasure!Build your own dungeoninwhich you can spread traps and monsters to preventotheradventurers from looting your chest! Hire your « dream team »byexploring a world where dungeons and manors have been abandonedbymen in favor of the worst creatures, then attack otherplayers'dungeons to plunder their treasure!Features:• Campaign modefull ofhumor with various sound and graphic environments•Interactiveexploration system• Revised turn based fights with ahint ofnostalgia• Advanced team management (equipment, skillsupgrade,in-fight position, ...)• Wide range of skills to use(scout, heals,dodge, trap deactivation, monsters stalking) •Crafting systemfeaturing many recipes to unlock• High replay valuewith a Heroicdifficulty for each dungeon • Online arena system withmatchmakingand ranking • Battles among friends, to die againstpeople youlove• Epic custom-made soundtrack
Chaos Chronicle 2.0.3
NEXON Company
★ Season II Now Open★■ New Content- Retrieve gear craftingmaterialsfrom the new special dungeon!- Use the gear craftingsystem tocreate extra strong gear!■ New Characters- A bravewarrior as strongas the 12 heroes themselves: Juliana of theBlademasters hasappeared!- A special dungeon expert: Elto hasappeared!■ ServerIntegration Guild Battle Event- Compete againstthe best guilds fromeach server!★★★ Chaos Chronicle ★★★■ StrategicGameplay- Master theSkill Cancel system and restore honor to yourHouse!- Deal doubledamage with a Perfect Cancel!- Create your ownstrategic team withcountless hero combinations!- Strengthen heroeswith the exclusivegear system!- The most exciting and strategicRPG in your pocket!■Various Battle Modes- Adventure Mode: Leadyour heroes on an epiccampaign for Gorde Jyle’s Chest!- PvP: Bringhonor to your House bychallenging other Houses in brutal PvPbattles!- Raids: Join forceswith your allies to defeat mighty raidbosses!- Manatech Tower:Climb to the top of the tower and claimthe hidden treasure!- DailyDungeons: Acquire rank up materials andrare items every day!-Gloran Palace Coliseum: 13 heroes, eachrepresenting their House,battle for glory!- Guild Battle : Conquerterritories to bring honorto your guild and claim special rewards!- Proof of Gorde Jyle:Participate in a PvP brawl that puts you infull control!■ Gear Up,Rank Up, Power Up- Collect 129 uniqueheroes and countless legendaryitems!- Develop your heroes and gearthrough rank up, trade,strengthen (heroes and items), transcend,and limit breakthrough!-Complete quests to strengthen your House!-Collect hero-exclusivegear and equip runes to transform yourheroes!- Enjoy guild systemswith your friends!■ A new characterhas appeared: BlademasterJuliana!- Immerse yourself in a rivetingstoryline- Battle alongsideheroes from all corners of theworldBecome the ultimate hero andsave the world of ChaosChronicle!Support Are you having a problem?Contact our 1:1 Supportin-game or send us an inquiry through thislink. - Official Facebook: - Official Forum: ofService: PrivacyPolicy:[Recommendations: ChaosChronicleis optimized for devices running OS 4.0/Samsung Galaxy S3ornewer.The game may crash on older devices. An internetconnectionis required to play.We request the permissions listedbelow foroptimal gameplay and/or play environment.-Picture/Media/FillAccess: Authorization needed in order to downloadadditionalcontent for Android OS 4.3 or older devices. Thispermission is notused for any purpose other than the stated use ofinstalling andplaying the game. Thanks for playing!!
東方異想穴 4.7.4
◆ゲーム概要◆ ファンタジーRPGが幻想入り!? 突如として迷宮だらけとなった幻想郷を、いつもの少女達と一緒に冒険しよう!旧作から天空璋までほぼ全キャラが出演。 200を超える膨大なユニットを集めつつ育てつつ愛でながら、1000を超えるクエストに挑み続ける 東方Project二次創作ゲームアプリです。本編だけでも最大130人まで仲間にすることができますが、 本編クリア後には特別衣装を着た 着せ替えユニットも入手可能に。個人制作の拙い内容ですが、楽しんで頂けたら幸いです。 あと「いそうけつ」と読みます。 ◆ゲーム内容紹介◆「戦闘」と「育成」をとことん繰り返す、いわゆるハック&スラッシュ風ゲーム。 4段階の難易度設定により、ゲームにあまり慣れていない人から とことん挑みたい方まで色々な方にお楽しみ頂けると思います。 たくさんの東方キャラ達をがっつりと集めてはしっかりと育てて、 ゲーム玄人も唸らせるルナティック制覇を目指してみてください。◆不具合等に関する報告・相談について◆ 必ずメールまたはTwitterでご連絡ください。レビューに書きこんで頂いても、詳細な個別対応や確認ができません。 ◆アプリ内の画像/BGM等の制作者様について◆下記ページにて紹介させて頂いております。この度は誠にありがとうございました。◆免責事項◆・本アプリは個人制作の東方二次創作ゲームアプリです。 サポート対応は製作者の余力次第となりますのでご注意ください。・androidの性質上、端末やOSによっては一部機能が利用できない場合があります。・アップデートによりゲームの仕様や難易度等が変更される場合があります。・東方Project及びその他の東方二次創作作品を製作されている方々とは 一切関係がありませんのでご注意ください。◆東方Projectについて◆ 上海アリス幻樂団様によって制作された、弾幕系STGや格闘ゲームに代表される作品群の総称です。これらの作品に登場する キャラクター、世界観、BGM等の著作権は、全て制作元である上海アリス幻樂団様およびZUN様に帰属します。
Chroisen2 - Classic styled RPG 1.0.6
Kingkong Games Inc.
SUPREME CLASSIC STYLED RPG!We assure that you would feel allaboutthe ACTION RPG via the CHROISEN2!(The CHROISEN Series areNo.1Single Mobile RPG Series in Korea since 2009)== WHY DO MANYRPGMANIA LOVE CHROISEN SERIES ==1. ADVANCED RETRO RPG!: Greatscalewith ‘Class change and Awakening’, ‘Strengthen, EnchantingandFusion’, ‘Network Dungeon’, ‘Dungeon Load’, with TexSystem’,‘Prefix, Title’, ‘P2P Market’, ‘Rebirth Mode’, ‘Village’,etc. 2.MULTIPLE CLASSES FOR UNLIMITED ACTION! : Bring up youruniquechracter from 28 classes(Slasher, Templar, Fighter,Magician,Warrior, Berserker, Chrasher, Silver Knight, ShadowKnight, SoulSlayer, Rogue, Grappler, Shooter, Wizard, Summoner,Heretic,Assassin, Undertaker, Overlord, Hell Bringer, etc.)3. 12UNIQUEWEAPONS TYPE & COLLECT 1200EA WEAPONS!: Collect andmaster yourweapons from 1200ea(Great Sword, Dual Ax, Blunt, Onehand Sword,Spear, Blade, Dual Short Sword, Gauntlet, Knuckle,Staff, Wand,Scythe). And each weapon has 5 level(Normal, Magic,Rare, Unique,Legend) 4. NETWORK DUNGEON & TAX COLLECTION:Collect TAX fromthe other challenger according to 16 networkdungeons ranking.5.P2P MARKET FOR DEAL: Make the legendaryequipment, and deal withother player in the P2P market6. ENDLESSJOURNEY: Cleared the wholestory? Get ready to start a new adventurein the rebirth mode andthe extreme mode(250Lv.) with new item!==SUPPORT == Having anyproblems? Any suggestions? we would love tohear from you!Support:[email protected]:
[Indie]TnT Online(삼국지턴 온라인) 1.2.1
■ 쿠폰이 안될 시 기다렸다가 나중에 다시 시도해봐주세요.■ Turn and Threekingdoms Online■삼국지인디게임■ 진정한 턴베이스의 전략 대전게임!9개 병종: 기병, 보병, 궁수, 군사, 대장, 기마궁수, 창병,중장보병,발석차날씨에 따른 데미지의 증가와 감소(맑은날, 비오는 날, 바람부는 날, 눈오는 날)병종별 상성 : 보병< 군사< 대장 < 보병 < 기병 < 창병 < 궁수 병종별다양한스킬(돌격,난전,함정,강행,목책,연노,난사,강노,낙뢰,화룡,수룡,자보급,다보급,강화) 병종,위치,날씨,스킬에 의한다양한전략을 통해 승패를 결정한다!■ 미니게임 4개새사냥.황건적 디텐스,사자성어 맞추기,재야장수 잡기■ 타이밍 게이지를활용한짜릿한 승부!게이지바를 활용한 유저의 땀과 노력으로 승부를 가져온다!■ 삼국지 캐릭터 300명!눈,피부색,수염각300개를 변형하여 자신만의 주인공을 갖는다!300 x 300 x 300의 다양한 조합 가능!■ 게임에서 자신의명성을알린다!위,촉,오 각나라의 황제와 순위 3명이 메인화면에서 전 유저에게 보여진다!도시의 성주, 한나라의 황제가되어명성을 떨치고 천하를 호령하라!네이버카페:초보자 가이드:스킬사용법:개발자연락처:[email protected]+827041353671■ Please seethecoupon should not wait and when to try again later.■ TurnandThreekingdoms Online■ Three Kingdoms Indie Game■strategicturn-based war game of true!9 branch of the army:cavalry,infantry, archers, military, captain, cavalry archers,spearmen,heavy infantry, balseokchaIncrease and reduction of thedamage ofthe weather (sunny day, a rainy day, a windy day, snowyday)Diseaseresistance, type: Infantry Bottle type variety ofskills(Assault,melee, traps, River, fences, repeating crossbow,shootings, gangno,lightning, Helong, suryong, well spread, andspread,strengthening)Determine the outcome through a thirdclass,location, weather, different strategies according to skill!■4mini-games moreMeet new hunted. Hwanggeonjeok de Martens,lionacronyms, catching weigh Cooper■ A thrilling advantage ofthetiming gauge game!The sweat and effort of utilizing gauge whattheuser brings the game!■ 300 people Three Kingdomscharacter!Eyes,skin color, beard transform each 300 to have a heroof theirown!Various combinations available in 300 x 300 x 300!■informtheir reputation in the game!Top, tip, O Emperor and rankingsofeach country three are visible to all users on the mainscreen!Thelord of the emperor, Han city renowned reputation Lethoryeong thewhole world!Naver Cafe:'sGuide:
RPG Asdivine Dios 1.1.5g
Play a grand RPG through to the end for free!Welcome to thenewAsdivine and get ready as a tale about divine encounterswithmankind and mankind's encounters with the divine is abouttounfold...An Adventure of Divine Proportions!Among the manyworldsthe deities have created, there is one world that aboundswith lifeknown as Asdivine. But when a spate of disturbances eruptsacrossthe globe and an ever spreading murk threatens to destroyit,Izayoi, the deity of Asdivine himself, takes up his cause tosavethe world he created with his own hands. Unfortunately,sufferingfrom a loss of his own divine powers, is there any hope hecan hesucceed? Find out as the curtain raises on this adventure ofdivineproportions! A New Benchmark in QualityFollowing in thefootstepsof the critically acclaimed Asdivine Hearts, Asdivine Diosfurtherenhances its palette of visual expressions. While stillmaintainingthe beauty of the original 2D artwork, some of the mostfluidcharacter motion and bold effects ever seen in a handheld RPGhavebeen realized with amazing results! Bigger and Better thanEverBefore!Boasting a voluminous story, an expansive world,treasurefilled dungeons, exciting battles, weapon creation, andmore… theall-inclusive RPG experience is finally here! Not onlydoesquality, but content also goes hand in hand as players are nowableto customize weapons and even combine magic and skills to rackupdamage to new heights! Plus, with more options than everbefore,battling it out with hordes of foes has never been sofulfilling!But wait, that's not all! In Asdivine Dios, limitlessenemies andloot, a multitude of subquests, and even bosses thatwill blow yourmind await!*Asdivine Dios can also be enjoyed in itsentiretywithout the need for additional purchases. Whilein-app-purchasecontent requires additional fees, it is notnecessary for finishingthe game.* A "Premium" Edition that includes1000 bonus in-gamepoints is also available for download! For moreinformation, checkout "Asdivine Dios" on the web!*The actual pricemight differdepending on the region.* Please contact us through theContactbutton on the title screen if you discover any bugs orproblemswith the application. Note that we do not respond to bugreportsleft in application reviews.[Supported OS]- 4.0 andup[GameController]- Optimized[SD Card Storage]-Enabled[Languages]-English, Japanese[Non-Supported Devices]This apphas generally beentested to work on any mobile device released inJapan. We cannotguarantee full support on other devices.[IMPORTANTNOTICE]Your useof the application requires your agreement to thefollowing EULAand 'Privacy Policy and Notice'. If you do not agree,please do notdownload our application.End User LicenseAgreement: Policy andNotice: thelatestinformation![Newsletter][Facebookpage]
超獣王ジャスティス正伝【神機SRPG第5弾】 1.0.8
「彼女との出会いは戦場だった」 衝撃のロボットSRPGが超パワーアップして登場!吹雪が主役の物語「白龍伝」を追加!シナリオは二倍!熱さは三倍!面白さは測定不能!! ===ストーリー===超獣王ジャスティス世界統一戦争(炎帝セイバー)から三年……。 人々の力へ対する欲求は留まる事を知らず、戦いは広がる一方であった。ブルー連邦共和国の中の一国、 ライト国が独立を求め本国へ宣戦布告。「青の独立戦争」と呼ばれる史上最大の内戦が行われる。主人公のジャスはブルー共和国で最強と言われる神機部隊「白龍隊」に入隊した新米兵士。 初めての戦闘、その激しい戦いの中、ジャスは敵国の「魔導兵」と呼ばれる記憶を失った少女ティアと出会う……。 白龍伝 吹雪がジャスと出会う一年前、吹雪が初めて神機に乗り、戦った新人時代の物語。教官バーストンの裏切り、 吹雪が白龍と言われるまでの戦いを描く! ===システム===・隣接したユニットと組んでのパーティーバトル!一機では倒せない敵でも、 仲間の力を合わせれば倒せるハズだ!・行動はターン制ではなく、神機の機動力で決まる。アクティブターン制の熱い戦い! 機動力の高い神機は、遅い神機が一回行動取る間に二回、三回と動けるぞ!・そしてパーティーバトルに超有利なコンボシステム搭載!!連続で攻撃を与え続ければダメージがアップ!仲間達の協力で、絶大ダメージを叩きだせ!!・究極のコンボを目指せッ!!連携ゲージシステム!連携ゲージシステムが加わり更に強力になった大迫力のバトルシーン!「コンボ」を重ね、「連携ゲージがMAXになると追加攻撃」が可能になる!コンボ数によって攻撃力が上がるので連携ゲージと必殺技を組み合わせればとんでもないダメージを叩き出す事が出来る!超強力な敵でも仲間と協力して粉砕せよ!・必殺技もゲージを一つ使う通常必殺技だけでなく必殺ゲージ全てを使って放たれる超必殺技を使えるキャラも登場!超必殺技の威力は戦況を一撃で逆転させる威力があるぞ!!・機体の強化で自分だけのカスタマイズ!神機はストックの中にメモリを埋め込む事で強化される!攻撃力重視、スピード重視、好きな改造が出来る。パーティーの戦力を見極めて自分だけの部隊を作ろう! ・パイロットの育成戦闘を重ね、レベルアップしたパイロットも育成可能!長所を伸ばすか、弱点を補うか!? 便利なスキルを取得することも可能!スキルの振り分けは何回でも出来るので納得行くまで作り込もう!・この作品は完全無料ゲームとなっています。課金も待ち時間もガチャも一切ありません。 純粋に神機の世界とストーリーを楽しんでください!
RPG Blazing Souls Accelate 2.11
En route for a new exciting Tactical RPG in the worldofNeverland!Story:Several decades have passed since the end oftheSeven years' war, and peace has finally begun to takeholdthroughout the war-weary world.It is in this time ofrelativetranquility that Zelos, who makes his living as anindependentcontractor, comes into possession of a crystal infusedwithincredible levels of magical energy called a "Core Elemental"afterbeing involved in a freak accident.Almost as soon as it fellintohis hands, Zelos was besieged by a number of mysteriousbeingsintent on taking the power of the elemental for their own.AsZelosis forced to fight for his life, the mistery surrounding hisbirth,as well as his past, slowly emerges into the light. Whatsecretsstill wait to be discovered as he comes to the end of hisstrugglefor survival?- 3D Battle Scenes.- A new full 100-hourJapaneseTactical RPG for Android- Enhanced battle system includingspecialchain skills, break and overkill- High level of freedom:explorethe world to progress through the story in any order youwish- Usevarious actions to modify the battle field duringexplorationphases- Create over 200 different items and skills-Capturemonsters and have them fight in your party- High resolutiongraphicassets- Support for touch & keyboard with key mapping-XperiaPlay optimized- Compatible with MOGA controllers.**IMPORTANTNOTICE PLEASE READ **- You need a SDCARD with at least1.2GB offree space. - There is a 1.2GB additional data download tocompletethe installation so WIFI is "ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY" and agood doseof patience too, the installation may take from 15mn to30mn tocomplete based on your Internet network configuration and/orourservers congestion, everybody will be served but please bepatient.- There is an "in-game" FAQ in case you have some troubleduringthe installation so please take the time to read it shouldyou haveproblems. - Game is set, by default, to use the HIGHESTresolutionavailable so please adjust in the option screen shouldyour devicebe a little "just" to support the full hires data. - AHigh-Enddevice is highly recommended for the best gaming experiencehoweverthe game is fully enjoyable from Nexus1 or similar type ofdevice.-Visit our website and forum at http://www.hyperdevbox.comfor moreFAQ and information.©2012 IDEA FACTORY, developed forAndroid,licensed and published by HYPERDEVBOX.