Top 5 Games Similar to Castle Clash: Escuadrón Audaz

Grow Empire: Rome 1.7.0
Games Station Studio
Grow Empire: Rome is a captivating game, mixing tower defense(TD)and strategy mechanics with role playing (RPG) elements. YouareCaesar, mighty leader of the Roman republic, your objective istodefeat other civilizations in ancient Europe with an armymade-upof roman soldiers, siege weapons, heroes and barbarianmercenaries.Be ready for War! Turn a small republic in the heart ofthe Italianpeninsula into the greatest civilization the world hasever seen.Lead a bunch of weak peasants into the fierceness ofbattle to turnthem into invincible warriors! Upgrade yourstronghold to defendyourself from the most fearful barbarian clansand armies fromItaly, Gallium, Carthage and Iberian peninsula.Conquer them toexpand your domains and see your national wealthgrow. The glory isawaiting for you, Caesar! Veni Vidi Vici!Features: • Tower Defense(TD), Strategy and Role Playing (RPG)elements. • +1500 waves tosurvive. • +120 cities to conquer inancient Europe. • New citydefense mode. • +1000 buildings upgrades.• +35 different Romantroops to discover and unlock. • 4 Europeanenemy factions, eachwith +12 different troops. • Siege weapons andwar elephants! • 7heroes with special skills. • +18 Skills tounlock. • +6 type ofCard boosts with 3 levels of power! • Craftcards into morepowerful versions!
Ottoman Wars 3.4.9
Ottoman Wars is an exciting action and strategy game thattransportsyou back into the age of the magnificent Ottoman Empire.Feel thethrill of expanding one of the world’s most historicempires as youbuild your base, strengthen your troops, and conqueryour enemies.Put your tactical mind to test against opponentsacross the globe inthis real time global MMO. Join players fromaround the world intheir quest to be the strongest army. Build& customize an elitemilitary force for defensive strength oroffensive might. Deployhistoric units such as Janissaries, Azabs,Miners, Akinjis, Tatars,Cannoneers to crush your enemies Enjoy theaction with stunning 3Dgraphics on your smartphone or tablet.Upgrade buildings & wallsto defend your bases. Supply yourarmies with cutting edge firepoweras you upgrade your arsenal.Invite your friends to createunbreakable alliances and wage war onyour enemies together! Yourstrategy will seal the fate of yourempire: Form a formidablefortress to defend your city from enemyattacks Construct anawe-inspiring city; command workers to gatherresources and usearchitects to engineer greatness Build and traina powerful,effective army; ready for battle Attack and conquer newandbountiful lands to strengthen your empire Create a clan toforgemighty alliances, but beware of the enemies you createRemember:Courage leads to victory, indecision leads to danger andcowardiceleads to death! GENERAL INFORMATION & GAME FEATURES -OttomanWars is a real-time, multi-player, online strategy gameSupported onboth tablets and smartphones Learn fun facts aboutOttoman Historyas you proceed into the battle against realhistorical charactersBattle with Janissaries, Azabs,Bashi-bazouks, Miners, Akinjis,Sipahis, Tatars, Cannoneers. Allare ready to fight for your empire.Immerse into the Ottoman worldvia realistic, Ottoman-themed 3D warand vessel graphics OttomanWars is free to play and supports in apppurchases. Facebook: Support ; You can always contactus aboutyour problems and suggestions :
Battle of Polytopia - A Civilization Strategy Game
Midjiwan AB
“Pocket Gamer - Mobile game of the year” The Battle of Polytopiaisan award winning unique turn based civilization strategy gameaboutcontrolling the map, fighting enemy tribes, discovering newlandsand mastering new technologies. You take on the role as therulerof a tribe and attempt to build a civilization in a turnbasedstrategy competition with the other tribes. It can beplayedoffline line. Perfect for traveling. With millions ofplayers, thisgame has quickly become one of the most popularcivilization stylestrategy games for mobile and has been acclaimedfor its sleek userinterface and great depth in game play. FEATURES:* Free turn basedcivilization strategy game. * Single &multiplayer strategy. *Multiplayer matchmaking (Find players allover the world) * MirrorMatches. (Meet opponents with the sametribe) * Multiplayer Realtime view. * 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit,and eXterminate) *Exploration, strategy, farming, building, warfareand technologyresearch. * Three game modes – Perfection, Dominationand Creative* Wide range of different tribes with unique nature,culture andgame experience. * Auto generated maps make each game anewexperience. * Allow offline game play. * Player Avatars. *Gameplay in portrait and landscape mode. * Strategy multiplayer&Pass & Play. * Leader board with top scores for thebestcivilization builders. * Really Cute low poly graphics.
Nova Empire: Space Commander Battles in Galaxy War 2.2.5
Tilting Point
Build up a Space Empire and establish control of the GalaxyandtheUniverse! Nova Empire is a multiplayer space game in whichtheaimis to build your empire and conquer the galaxy inepicspacebattles against your rivals with other allies worldwide!Toachievedomination of the galaxy, you will immerseyourselfinaction-packed space battles, define your spacestrategy,forgealliances among other players, and use a space base&spaceshipbuilder to develop your space station and dominatetheuniverse.Find out why this is one of the most thrillingandexciting sci fispaceship games! Features Challenge otherplayersworldwide in epicInterstellar Battles Develop your strategytoestablish spacedomination! Command space and conquerothercommanders in one ofthe most engaging strategy games. Fightinintense universe PvPbattles against hostile commander’sspaceships.Your skills as acommander will be tested vigorously in abattle forcontrol of thegalaxy! Customize your fleets and buildyour SpaceEmpire Using aspaceship builder, you will customize yourfleets andprepare themfor space domination! Customize your fleet byunlockinguniqueweapons and armor and become the most powerfulcommander inthegalaxy! Send your spaceships out to scan for enemyfleets ortobattle and conquer your rivals. Unlock spacefrigates,drones,cruisers, and more spaceships! Decide your strategyandconquer thegalaxy Design a space strategy capable ofdominatingenemyalliances and controlling the galaxy! Decide earlyon how tomanageyour resources in this universe (energy, minerals,crystalsandalloy). Create a fleet strategy with your allies,whether youwantto prepare for an all-out attack with dreadnoughtsor anagileattack fleet of light cruisers, the decision isyours.Recruitadmirals from your academy and guide your fleetstovictory!Develop your space station using a space base builderAsaCommander, you oversee building up a space basefromscratch!Construct your space station by building energyplants,tradingposts, and defense modules to protect your spacestationfrom enemyattacks! Strengthen your space empire bybuildingresearch labs,naval academies and a ship design center!Upgrade andunlock newversions of your building to create the mostpowerfulempire in thegalaxy and defeat your rivals! CreateAlliances - Teamup withother commanders In this sci fi multiplayerspace game youcanforge alliances from across the galaxy. Controlentiregalaxysectors in the universe and fight alongside alliesversusyourrivals with a planned space strategy! Join legions andhelpyourfellow commanders acquire weaponry, construct a spacestation,andacquire resources faster. Help your allies! Count onyourfellowcommanders to defend from outside attacks and to planraidsinother space battles, join forces with your allies todefeatyourrivals! Stunning HD Graphics Enjoy perfectlydetailedmultiplayerstrategy and stunning HD space battles!Incrediblyvisualized scifi spaceships and fleets provide acinematic in-gameview of thegalaxy! 3D visualization ofinterstellar battles neverbefore seenon mobile! Watch your empireevolve in the universe froma smallspace station to a powerful forcewith incredible detail!NewFeatures & Special Events! Your userexperience isveryimportant to us. Regular updates and new elementsare waitingforyou to take command of a star fleet in this universe!NovaEmpire:Space Commander’s story evolves week by week fillingyourdesirefor new content! New events held regularly for youtodominate thegalaxy solo or in an alliance. SUPPORT Follow us on Facebook to getnewsandupdates:
Mafia City 1.5.805
▲Compete to become the Godfather in an awesome strategy gamethatrequires wit and time management! ▲Steal from Banks, formallianceswith other players, and fight together to take over theCity andthe Mafia World! ▲Date Cute Babes who cheer you on dailyand heroicCrew Members who support you with undying loyalty! ▲It’sareal-time interactive Turf War with daily skirmishes throughouttheyear! ▲Collect Luxury Cars to impress both enemies andfriends!Race cars in the street as you take down police cars tryingtoprevent your latest heist! ●●GAME FEATURES●● ● A screen that isHDwhere you can zoom-in to manage your own Mafia Turf withitsawesome graphics. It’s a virtual reality you CAN’T miss out on!● AReal-Time Strategy game that requires you to make allianceswithother players and constantly improve yourself to take onstrongerfoes!  ● Magnificent Technology Trees that you’ll needtomanage well in order to acquire the strongest Crew Members.Thereare guns, armored vehicles, bikers, knives, and men who arewillingto fight with their bare fists! ● Extensive Maps that areloadedwith different enemies and special buildings that areupdatedweekly. You’ll need to explore everyday in order to becometoGodfather! ● Weekly events that celebrate every culture &pushplayers to think on their feet constantly! ● Customize yourCrewLeader so that he or she becomes the most feared Boss! ●●THEFOURTYPES OF CREW MEMBERS YOU CAN RECRUIT!●● ▲ BULKERS: HumanWeaponsthat can defend your other men and devour your foes! ▲SHOOTERS:Gallant Gunners who have the ability to wield all sortsoflong-ranged weapons! ▲BIKERS: Get on your Bikes & Ride tothetune of lightning fast speeds and ruthless robberies as thestreetsthese Crew Members zoom through are left in flames! ▲MODIFIEDVEHICLES: Vehicles that have been altered to terrorizethealleyways and transport stolen goods! Mafia CityStudio Official Customer Service Email: mafia@yottagames.comOfficialFacebook Fan page: Customer Service -Secretary (The Secretary Is Always At YourSide!)