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Truecaller: Caller ID, block robocalls & spam SMS 10.52.7
250 million people trust Truecaller for their communicationneeds,whether it’s for caller ID or for blocking spam calls andSMS. Itfilters out the unwanted, and lets you connect with peoplewhomatter. With a community-based spam list updated by millionsofusers worldwide, Truecaller is the only app you need to makeyourcommunication safe and efficient. Smart Messaging: - Free Chatwithyour friends and family on Truecaller - Automaticallyidentifyevery unknown SMS - Automatically block spam andtelemarketing SMS- Block by name and number series Powerful Dialer:- The world’sbest Caller ID will identify anyone calling you -Block spam andtelemarketers - See names of unknown numbers in thecall history -Call Recording - Record important phone calls andsave them to yourphone (not supported on Android Pie) - Flashmessaging - Sharelocation, emoji & status in a flash to yourfriends - Backupcall history, contacts, messages and settings toGoogle DriveTruecaller Premium - Upgrade and get access to: -Record phonecalls (not supported on Android Pie) - Know who viewedyour profile- Option to view profiles privately - Get the Premiumbadge on yourprofile - 30 contact requests a month - No adsTruecaller Gold –Stand out from the crowd: - Gold Caller ID - Highpriority supportTruecaller has full dual SIM support! *Truecallerdoes not uploadyour phonebook to make it public orsearchable*----------------------- Got feedback? or go to
com.callblocker.whocalledme 1.4.1
Caller ID - Who Called Me is the top true name caller id app.CallerID works like a phone number lookup, spam call blocker,phone dialerand call screen app. 30 million people trust! CallerID helpidentify unknown callers and show who’s calling you. Blockspamcalls, robocalls, telemarketing and unwanted calls. Displaytruecaller id name and region for you. Caller ID - Who CalledMehighlight: Instant Caller ID - Caller identification helpidentifyunknown and private callers. Shows the caller id and name.Find outtrue phone caller id and more number details. Not onlyidentifyunknown calls, Caller ID - Who Called Me can also help youidentifyspam, scam and telemarketing calls. Figure out the truecaller byinstalling Caller ID. Call Blocker - Block unwanted callssuch astelemarketing, spam callers, robocalls, fraud, by addingthem tocalls blacklist. Caller ID app will automatically blocknumber fromyour blacklist and help you say goodbye to all spamcalls. PhoneNumber Search - Caller ID lets you perform a phonenumber lookupany number to find out who it is and find out whocalled. You cancopy any number you see and put it into the searchbox. Caller ID -Who Called Me will identify the number and displaytrue phonecaller id and more details. Based on a huge data base, itis thebest phone number lookup and phone number search tool inAndroid!Smart Dialer - Make phone calls in the app directly. NowyourDialer is truly yours to block number. Use our smart dialertoquickly search in your call logs and contacts, and enjoythesmoothest dialing experience! Call Screen - Want to color yourcallscreen? Caller ID provides various beautiful, stylish andcolorfulcaller screen themes for customizing incoming calls.Continuouslyupdated caller screen themes. Now you can personalizethe way yousee your full screen Caller ID! Share the Color CallFlash withyour friends. Call Log Scan - Have you ever checked yourcallhistory and wondered: who called me? Caller ID app scanseveryunknown caller to protect your security. See all the callhistoryin the recent calls. Including the missed calls, completedincomingand outgoing calls, no answer calls. Show you all callregion andtrue phone caller id. No unknown numbers anymore. CallerID - WhoCalled Me is very easy and lightweight, yet powerful. Ifyou wantto find a number detail, you can also try phone numbersearch inCaller ID - Who Called Me. You will get the best resultsabout thisnumber. Caller ID - Who Called Me is a free caller ID appdedicatedto serving users. It has never been easier to identifynumbers fromunknown callers and block numbers and unwanted calls!DownloadCaller ID - Who Called Me today! Note: * Caller ID app doesnotupload your phonebook to make it searchable. We also do notsell,share data with any third party application and/ororganization. *All authorized permission will only be usedinternally for CallerID to provide better service. * Up to Android6.0 versions requestpermission on SMS, Phone, Contacts and Drawover other apps. *Caller ID app will not show the actual MobileNumber Locator / GPSlocation of the caller. All locationinformation is at State / Citylevel only.
Caller ID, Call Recorder & Blocker: Showcaller
📞Showcaller specialized in identifying true caller id nameandregion, unknown incoming calls and avoid spam, scam,telemarketingand robocalls. A powerful caller ID app, call blocker,callrecorder, quick number book, contacts and Phone Dialer. Morethan50 Million people trust! 🌟Only 4 MB; Fast, Safe and Smart🌟🌟CallerID working even offline🌟 It is the most accurate &easy-to-usecaller id app can help you instantly identify theincoming callsnot in your contact list. Showcaller identify most ofunknown callsand show detailed true caller id name and region onincoming calls,so you can see Caller ID and names of people who iscalling.Showcaller can help you identify spam calls, see who iscallingwith true caller id name and region, block number, stop spam&telemarketers. Simple and smart auto telephone voice recorder.Itis powered by a database of a billion phone numbers and millionsofhappy Showcaller users who depend on the app daily. Why shouldyouchoose Showcaller? 📞 Caller ID - Showcaller shows you truecallerid name and region. Once a result is found, you can add itdirectlyto your phone book, contacts and number book. Find out whocalled,true call region, name, carrier and more. Browsing numbertags anduser reviews can help you get more number details. 🚫 CallBlocker -Block number from known spammers or unwanted callers.Showcalleralso provides spam reports during incoming calls fromunknown andprivate numbers that could be used to block calls. TrueCallBlocker help you say goodbye to telemarketing, scam, fraud,sales,ads, harassment and more! ✨ Call Recorder / Call Recording -Autorecord any incoming & outgoing calls with clear HDqualityrecording on both sides. You just need to enableautomaticrecording mode and when you make an outgoing call or haveanincoming call from someone. You can also use true callrecordermanage your recording files, Listen to the recording, addnotes andshare it. (not supported on Android Pie) ✨ Smart Dialer -Fast T9search in your recent calls and contacts, replace your stocksystemdefault free calling app, bring your dialing experience tothe nextlevel! Make a phone call more smoothly and intelligently. 🔎PhoneNumber Lookup - All phone number searches within Smart Searcharestored. Perform a phone number search on an incoming call andcopya number anywhere to find out who it belongs to (true calleridname and region). The most powerful phone number lookupinShowcaller. 👤 Quick Contacts - Easily have access to yourrecentlyor frequently contacts, call or text them, this makesyourcommunication fast and simple. You can also add or modifyyourPhone number book easily as you like. 🔥 Offline Database(Lightningidentification) - Fast caller ID and offlineaccessibility.Identify and show true caller ID without network.Caller ID workingeven offline! ☀ Easy to Use - Quick to download(Only 4MB), easy tosetup, it needs very little space to run,extremely fast andreliable to Caller ID. ✨ Showcaller Premium - Noads Showcaller isabsolutely free caller id app to identify truecaller id name andregion. If you enjoy it, feel free to rate itaccordingly. Startprotecting your phone communication now and enjoya pleasantcalling experience. Showcaller works great across allcountriesespecially 🇮🇳INDIA, 🇮🇩INDONESIA, 🇺🇸USA, 🇬🇧UK, 🇸🇦SAUDIARABIA,🇧🇷BRAZIL, 🇮🇶IRAQ, 🇮🇱ISRAEL, 🇳🇬NIGERIA and others.Showcallercurrently supports: Android 4.0 - Android 9.0. PerfectlysupportAndroid 9.0 now! Don’t hesitate to join in Showcaller andenjoy themost accurate true caller id service, I bet Showcaller forAndroiddefinitely worth your time and effort. ‼Please don’t give usbadrate if you have encountered with any problem. Your feedbackalwayskeeps us improving with more and more cool features.COMMUNITYHello, users ! Please follow us:
Caller ID & Call Blocker Free 1.7.7
Caller ID & Call Blocker is the best app to identify andblocknumbers, unknown callers, Spam SMS/messages. Caller ID helpsyou tofind who is the true caller. You can also make fake calls tohavefun. As a contacts widget, Caller ID &CallBlocker works like a mobile phone number tracker,dialer,number locator and caller number identification tool. Wecanidentify calls, track phone number even identify unknowncallersand show who’s calling you - Including the callerlocation. Call Blocker function, which is also calledcall block, isbased on a huge data base, we block numbers orunwanted calls fromyour calls blacklist. The reserve phone numberlookup functionallows you search any number or name, trackphonenumber. Caller ID & Call Blocker also allows youtomake phone calls in the app, just like a dialer. The call logshowsyour recent calls, like who called you, the missed calls andnoanswer calls. What’s important is Caller ID &CallBlocker is the best free android phone app. From now on,youwill have the most delightful finding the caller. Caller ID&Call Blocker Features: ★ Caller ID ✔Calleridentification& number identification - Real time identifywho’s calling,regardless of the reserve phone numbers or fromunknown number. Theblock number function & Caller ID mobilenumber locatorfunction shows the real caller name and callerlocation and acts asMobile Number Tracker so as to help find thetrue caller. Figureout the true caller by installing Caller ID& Call Blocker.★  Call Blocker ✔Block numbers,unwanted calls andcontacts, by adding them to calls blacklist. Whenthe numbers fromthis calls blacklist calls you, we identify unknowncallers,unknown numbers, unwanted calls and block numbers foryouautomatically, that is called Call Block. ★ Full CallerID& Call Blocker info  ✔The Caller ID & CallBlockername, photo, birthday, SMS, social info etc through thismobilenumber tracker. ★ Caller ID & Call BlockerLocationTracker ✔Now free yourself from unknown Callers callingfromUnknown Locations, Caller ID & Call Blocker helps youtrackphone number with Location Tracker.★ SMS/MessageBlocker  ✔No worry about spam messagesconsume storage spacewith blocker. Block text messages via addingto SMS blocker andblock sms. ★ Fake Call  ✔Prank yourfriends. Save youfrom embarrassing occasions. ★ Themes ✔A lot of amazingthemes are available in Caller ID & CallBlocker. Now you canpersonalize the way you see your Caller ID& Call Blocker.★ Contacts widget  ✔Fast access tosave the unknownnumbers or call back from the missed calls,completed calls or noanswer calls from the call log. ★Caller ID& Call Blocker andLocation:   ✔You can now easily seeWho is calling andidentify unknown incoming calls, track phonenumber, block numberwith the Caller ID & Call Blocker App.★ Dialer ✔Makephone calls in the app directly. Now your Dialeris truly yours toblock number. ★ Reserve Phone NumberLookup  ✔Search forany number or name in an efficient way.Works like a true callertrace app.  ★ Call Log  ✔Seeall the call history inthe recent calls. Including the missedcalls, completed incomingand outgoing calls, no answer calls. As amobile number locator,shows in detail the true caller name andcaller location. Callblock function aka call blacklist - callblocker blocks unwantedcalls. These call logs will also be shown.No unknown numbersanymore. ★ Do not disturb  ✔Set a starttime and an endtime, calls will be blocked during this period.Under theprotection of Caller ID & Call Blocker. You can have acozynight from now on. Caller ID & Call Blocker does notuploadyour phonebook to make your contact names searchable. Wealsodo not sell, share data with any third party applicationand/ororganization.
CallApp: Caller ID, Call Blocker & Call Recorder
📱Caller ID, Spam Call Blocks, Video Ringtones, CallRecorder,Reverse Number Lookup & Detailed Contacts📱 A Caller ID&Free Calling app trusted by 50 Million users to block spamcalls& know the Caller ID. Identify calls & SMS using ourdialer& spam call blocker 📵 Block Caller ID – Know who’scalling youusing the best free call ID, call blocker, contacts& recorderapp! Personalize Video Ringtones - Customizeringtones with yourfavorite memories! Record Phone Calls -Automatically record yourphone calls CallApp Caller ID BlockerFeatures: ★ Who called me? –Reverse phone lookup, block caller IDapp that identifies unknowncalls & unknown numbers. A true callblocker that can blockspam calls and know the caller behind thenumber! ★ Caller ID App –Know the call ID from each phone call!Call-App caller App can showyou who called, see Facebook Pictureson the identity calls page.Automatically Block calls that are spamcalls or scam & unknownnumbers from sales & telemarketingcalls. ★Video Ringtones -Customize your ringtone with videos torelive the memories everytime an incoming call comes in. Yourringtone is no longer justaudio, but visual too. No more boringsolid color backgrounds. ★Dialer & Contacts app – CallApp is adialer & real callerID app that helps call your contacts phonenumbers from your phonebook with ease. Manage your incoming andoutgoing calls using ourfree caller ID, spam call blocker, truecall recording & dialerapp! ★ Automatic Call Recorder –Recording calls is easy! Recordingincoming & outgoing phonecalls ! Call App has qualityrecording calls! call recordings can beused on any android phone.★ Blacklist numbers – add spam calls,block numbers & contactsfrom your phone book or dialer to ourfree caller id & truecall recorder app. Blacklist a phonenumber & never get callsfrom unknown callers again! Use thephone number search to see “whocalled me” & blacklist the spamnumber you wish to block. ★Contacts – See the caller’s ID, name,photo, number lookup, numberlocator, birthday, social media, emailaddress book & phonebook. ★ Manage your Address Book –Automatically update your phonebook through our dialer & callblocker app to always know whoscalling! Manage your address book& contacts including theirimages, contact details and muchmore! ★ Contacts Info &Customize – Customize your address book,caller ID, dialer, callblocker, call recorder & all of CallApp. Choose betweendifferent themes to make your calling experienceeven better! ★CallApp+ - Identify calls from spam & unknownnumbers, blockcalls & callers from IM Social Media Apps &SMS. AllCallApp’s phone number identification (reverse phonelookup) in oneplace to show contacts caller id of your phone calls.No more spamcalls! ★ New! Incognito Mode - Ultimate Call Privacy.Whetheryou're doing business, rendezvous, fling, affair orcheating,incognito mode can help you! Privacy for all yourrendezvous,flings, affairs & cheating! CallApp dialer freecaller ID Apphas the most phone numbers compared to other caller IDapps! Thiscalling App can block spam calls, identify calls,blacklist unknownnumbers, record your phone calls and much more.CallApp’s automaticblocker caller will make sure you’ll always knowwho called you!Install now and know who is the caller ID behind thephone callnow! Blocking sales & spam calls is now easy thanever! CallApp is the best used for Call blocker, recording calls,robocalls,nuisance & spam calls, blacklist numbers, identifycalls withour caller ID. Use CallApp for contacts, address book,phone numbersearch, reverse phone lookup, block numbers, blockercaller, SMS,automatic call recorder, dialer & always know “whocalled me”with Call App’s caller id app! Upgrade CallApp caller ID& truecall recorder and enjoy premium features: - No ads -CallApp + forfree - Store items (themes, skins etc.)
com.simpler.dialer 9.0.3
Simpler Apps Inc
Simpler Dialer is the fastest dialer for your android phone,poweredwith: call block, smart contacts search, call log history,T9 andbeautiful themes. MAIN FEATURES ○ Block calls - easilyblockunwanted calls ○ T9 Dialer - quickly search by name &numbers ○Quickly call to your frequently used contacts ○ Clean&intuitive design ○ Over 40 beautiful themes available SMARTDIALER○ Beautiful dialer to call and add new contacts ○ T9 Dialer-quickly search by name & numbers ○ Quickly find thecontactsyou need FAVORITES + CALL LOG ○ One tap to call yourfavoritecontacts ○ Quickly call to your frequently used contactsAVAILABLEIN 15 DIFFERENT LANGUAGES English, Español, Français,Italiano,Deutsch, Português (Br.), 中文 (Simplified), 中文(Traditional), 日本語,한국어, Nederlands, Русский, Türkçe, العربية, עבריתCONTACT US ○ Wewould love to hear your feedback ○ Let us know whatdo you thinkabout Simpler Dialer: 1.4.9
Caller Name Talker is a wonderful caller name announcerthatdelivers great quality from a refined and professionalinterface.Caller Name Announcer speaks every thing while some oneis callingyou or send you a message, you will identify it with outlooking toyour smart phone. Usually you can’t identify who iscalling unlessyou get the phone out of your pocket, but with CallerName Talkeryou don’t have to worry about that any more. Caller nameAnnounceris highly applicable in a situation like if you aredriving and thephone is in your pocket or some one sends you an SMSwhile yoursmart phone is in other room. Caller Name Announcer usesthebuilt-in Android text-to-speech engine to speaks theincomingcaller name or SMS sender name and contents of the SMS. Thecallername speaker will immediately use the phone speakers toannouncethe name fast and with great convenience. Caller NameAnnouncerwill not work if your smart phone does not havetext-to-speechlibrary but this is not a problem you can easilydownload it fromGoogle play store. Being able to use Caller NameTalker to find thecaller name speaker is very helpful and it doesbring in frontgreat possibilities. Everyone that wants to see thecaller namespeaker will have to use this app. The caller name alertis fastand to the point since the app will announce very fast. Thisis theperfect phone caller name announcement if you are in need forsuchan app. Seeing the incoming caller name is very useful. Yes,youcan easily hear who sent the text message and understand thecallerID without any issue. With this caller name alert you caneasilyget precise, quality verbal announcements immediately sincethe appsays caller name fast and clearly. Caller Name Talker willtellyou: ✍ Name of the person that called if it is in your contacts✍It will state the SMS sender name and SMS contents KEY FEATURES♥Highly Customize your Caller Name Announcer. ♥ Enable orDisableCaller Name Announcer ♥ Enable or Disable SMS Sender NameAnnouncer♥ Enable or Disable SMS Contents Reading ♥ Enable orDisable CallerName Announcer in Silent or Vibratory mode ♥ Enableor Disable SMSSender Name Announcer in Silent or Vibratory mode ♥Select Numberof repetition for announcement ♥ Select delay timebetweenannouncements ♥ Select Speed for announcements ♥ Customizeyourring tones ( Ring tones, Alarm tone, Notification tone ) ♥Manageyour volume settings ( Ring volume, Music volume, AlarmVolume ) ♥Text to Speech settings ( Language, Volume, Speed ) ♥Selectdifferent languages for text to speech ( 40 + Languagessupported )♥ Internal strings are translated about eight ( 12+ )differentLanguages Caller name speaker features Multi languagesupport andit can be used in 40+ Languages Feedback If you likeourapplication, please rate us with 5 stars. If you found anyissue,please report to us via email.
Caller ID Name & Location Tracker 1.12
Bestie App Zone
Caller ID Name & Location Tracker allows you to searchandtrack any mobile number or fixed line phone number intheworld. True ID Caller Name Location is the only applicationthatdisplays Caller Location on your phone screen. True Id CallerNameLocation is the only app that displays Caller Location ofcallerand All callers on Call Log Screen with custom made calllogscreen. You can easily manage your white pages andblacklist.Caller Id Name & Location is the only applicationthat displaysCaller Location on your phone screen. Caller Id Name& Locationprovides complete information of any Indian mobilenumber with itsService provider. Caller Id Name & Locationapplication is thebest Mobile Number location application helps tofind STD codes andISD codes also. Caller Id Name & Locationtracks the name andlocation of the caller at the time of incomingcall. Caller Id Name& Location is a very simple and uniqueapplication that helpsyou to track your own live locations on GPSMap. Features: -Simple, Easy to use, anyone can easily find callerlocation usingthis application. - All your contacts location sortedby CallerName. - All Calls details by Locations in those locationsaredisplayed sorted by City or State.  - Call logs displayedbyCall Time including Call Location. - Searching can be moreeasilyand find the location of mobile phone by City or State. -EasilySearch ISD and STD Number Code for various countries. -Caller IdName & Location application is totally free and veryusefultoo. - Mobile Number Tracker service will enable you tosearch fornumber of any country, details of caller may vary fromcountry tocountry. - Best and helpful mobile address tracker foreveryone tomust have in android device. Legal Notices: This App isanunofficial, it is not authorized or created by the creator oftheApp. If you like our app then don’t forget to rate it, reviewitand share with your friends & Family. Thank you & Enjoy..
True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker 1.41
Star Play Creations
True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker will help youtoidentify true incoming caller details like Caller ID, Locationofthe Caller, Telecom Provider details like city and state etc.Itwill also help you to block unwanted spam callers usingCallBlocker feature. True Mobile Caller ID Locator & CallBlockeris a unique app which will help you to track where yourmobilephone is during the day and night using GPS Location History.Itwill track your mobile live GPS location time to time and showyouyour mobile location history on google maps so you can easilytrackyour list of visited places during the day and night. Locateyou onthe google maps will help you to identify your visits day today.True Mobile Caller ID Locator & Call Blocker will also helpyouto search and identify caller details offline using phonenumbersuch as location of the phone number like city and stateandtelecom circle and telecom provider of the number. TrueMobileCaller ID Locator & Call Blocker will work offline so noneedof having internet connection to search the Phone Number fromthemillions of phone numbers. Knowing mobile phone callerinformationis useful before attending their calls. When you usemobile to callto a contact from your phonebook its easy to knowtheir locationbefore you call them like their city and state andtelecom circleand telecomm provider. True Mobile Caller ID Locator& CallBlocker will not steal and upload or store user’ssensitive datalike Phone Book and Location anywhere in the serverso need not toworry of data theft. Caller ID: When you’re busy withthe work andwhen you receive a call from an unknown number, it'simportant toknow the caller details and decide whether you want toattend thecall or not. Caller ID will help you to know the callerdetailslike the location of the caller like city and state of thecalleretc. Call Blocker will help you to identify spamcallers/numbers,Telemarketers, Unwanted callers, Blocked Calls andadd them to callblocker or spam blocker so that you will neverreceive again a callfrom these numbers. Whenever you want you canun block number toreceive calls again. True Mobile Caller IDLocator & CallBlocker Features: Search for Caller Details usingPhone Numbers.Identify Caller ID. Block Unwanted calls using CallBlocker or SpamBlocker. Track your mobile location on Google Map.Track day to dayMobile Location History using its GPS on GoogleMaps. Works 100%offline. Disclaimer: True Mobile Caller ID Locator& CallBlocker app will not upload any of the User SensitiveData such asPhone Book and Location to the Server. It will work100% offline.
True Contact - Real Caller ID 4.9.196
Appsbuyout apps
True Contact is a smart Caller ID and spam blocker thatidentifiesincoming calls in real time. See the true callerinformation ofunknown callers and make informed choices about howto handle thecall. Answer it - if it is someone you trust, or dropthe call incase of phone spammers, telemarketing and fraud calls.TrueContact’s Smart Caller ID, Reverse Phone Service and SpamBlockeris the fast and reliable way to know who is callingbeforeanswering the call, so you can block unwanted & spamcalls intheir tracks. During an incoming call, Caller IDinformation willappear on the screen in real time to prepare youfor the call.Caller ID profiles may contain : ★ personal name orbusiness name ★address ★ personal photo or business logo ★ status,title Features:• Caller ID - the true smart Caller ID with name,address andpicture. • SPAM Blocker - block spam, fraudulent andjust unwantedcalls with a single click! • Contact Manager - Saveresolvedcontacts to your phone book with ease. • Update Phonebook -Keepyour phonebook up-to-date with your friends’ latest addressinfo,pictures, and more. • Caller location - worldwidegeo-locationservice. • Notifications for detected Caller ID orblocked calls.About True Contact: True Contact systematicallyimproves Contactand Caller ID data quality on an ongoing basis tomake sure youalways know who is calling! We respect and value datasecurity andprivacy & do not sell or share data with any thirdpartyapplication and/or organization. Please note : ★TrueContact’sCaller ID feature requires a network connection ★In caseofunavailable network connection during a call, True Contactwillfetch Caller ID details after the call is completed. If youenjoyusing True Contact - Smart Caller ID - feel free to rateitaccordingly.
Caller ID - Phone Dialer, Call Blocker 1.4.5
Ayamote Team
Caller ID is the best app for identifying and blocking unwantedandspam calls. It works like a caller id app, phone dialer andcallblocker app. Caller ID can display true caller id name whenyoureceive unknown calls. Caller ID has more than 10 milliondownloadsand over 20 billion numbers data from global community. Itis theonly app you need to make your communication safe and smart.KeyFeatures ★ Caller ID Using the most advanced Caller ID app tofindout who is calling you, it can identify most of unknownincomingcalls with caller name. You can get caller detailsimmediately aswell as decide whether to answer the call. ★ DefaultDialer appCaller ID has an easy-to-use T9 dialer that helps makephone callsin the app directly. Manage your calls & contactslist in theCall history using our free caller ID app easily. Setcaller id appas your default Phone Dialer. ★ Default SMS appAutomaticallyidentify most of the unknown messages. Block spam andtelemarketingSMS via adding to SMS blocker. Set caller id as yourdefault SMSapp. Enjoy sending & blocking text messages withfunny SMSmessages. ★ Call Blocker Block numbers and texts you wantto avoidlike telemarketers, scammers, bill collectors, robocalls,etc…Block calls to control who can call you, just add a number tothecall blacklist and we’ll do the rest. ★ Smart Call Log Showsindetail with the true caller name and phone number locationinrecent call history. Including the missed calls, completedincomingand outgoing calls. No unknown phone numbers anymore. ★PhoneNumber Search Search for any phone number with our smartsearchsystem. Use the phone number lookup app to see who calledme.Easily to see the true caller ID! ★ Offline databaseIdentifyunknown calls and messages without internet access.Offlinedatabase is available in India, Egypt, Brazil, USA &SaudiArabia…etc. Display true caller id without internet. WhychooseCaller ID? - Powerful numbers database to find call detailofunknown phone number. - Smart phone number Search help to knowwhois calling. - Best call blocker can auto block spam calls andaddin call blacklist. - Scan and identify your call history.Getcontact and display details about strange calls. - Identifytruecaller id with name and photo without internet. - Only 3 MBsizeand easy-to-use. - Support single and dual SIM phones. CallerID ismulti-lingual, and with the world’s largest phone numberdatabase,you can use it wherever you are! Try Caller ID Freeversion Now!Note: - Caller ID app will not upload your Phone bookto make itpublic or searchable. - Up to Android 6.0 versionsrequestpermissions on SMS, Phone, Contacts and Draw over otherapps.Caller ID is a smart & secure communication app helptoidentify phone calls with true caller ID name, so you can knowwhois calling me. It also works like a Spam Call Blocker app,blockunwanted and spam phone numbers. Join millions of people todaywhoare already block calls and seeing who’s calling every phonecall!
Fake Caller ID 3.4.5
Best Fake Call Apps
The only app that gives you 2 FREE calls a day. We're the onlyappthat gives you 100% FREE caller id faker calls. Why Fake CallerID?Fake Caller ID has been used by over 2 million people, whohaveused Fake Caller ID to make over 9 million calls. Fake CallerID iseasy to use, free to try and gives you crystal-clear calls.You canalso change your voice to sound like a man, or a woman. Eachcallcan be optionally recorded to listen later, or share withyourfriends for endless laughs. Use Fake Caller ID to find out ifyoursignificant other is cheating on you, call back random numbers,orprank your friends. Take back your anonymity by masking yourvoice,fake your friends into thinking your a man or a woman. FakeCallerID FEATURES • Change your voice to sound like a man or awoman •Record calls to listen later, or share with family andfriends • 2FREE calls per day • Call to almost any country in theworld •Customer support available Monday through Friday Call yourfriendsfor FREE today with a disguised voice.
True Location Caller ID - number tracker 9.0
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True Location Caller ID - number trackerallowsyou to search and track any mobile number in the worldincluding 250countries and 12995 cities areas with location onmap.Caller ID helps you to track the exact geographic true locationofthe phone number Locator and shows on the map.Features:• True Location Caller ID - Mobile number tracker: You can easyseewho is calling and identify unknownincoming calls via the caller id with name and locationinformationlike Area Pin code,Country, State and Service Provider.• Phone number Tracker: True Location Caller ID Tracker helps youtotrack any phonenumber from all countries in the world.• POP-UP : You can see true location of caller’s with detailedarealocation and serviceprovider information shows on pop-up view for incoming andoutgoingcalls.• Contacts & Call logs: You can view the detailed arealocationand service.Operatorname of your friends , family in the contacts and recentcalllogs.• Live Track: True Location Caller ID - number Locationtrackerintroduces new feature live track on map , selectcaller number from contacts and search location on map• True Number Locator Caller ID never uploads your phone booktomake it searchable orpublic.• 3G/4G or Wi-Fi is required to make True Location Caller IDworkfor better andsmooth.True Name - Dial Free Phone Calls gives caller id numberlocator,caller id location tracker, caller id changer and Caller ID&Number Location Tracker.Spammers or other unwanted callers. Say goodbye totelemarketing,scam, fraud, sales, ads, harassment, illegalgambling, loan,insurance, voice phishing, survey research, customercare!Phone number Tracker: True Location Caller ID Tracker helps youtotrack any phone number from all countries in the world.#True Location Caller -Mobile tracker#True Location Caller -number tracker.Phone Number search - Search for any name or number with oursmartsearch system.The truecall ID name, dialer photo, birthday, social info,numberlocation etc.• Share caller location on social network.Added Features:• Maps• Live Track• Share location on maps• Map Tracking• Call BlockingHow to use:• Install app from google play store with name of True IDCaller.There's options like Live Track , Track Caller ,Call-logs...etcLive Mobile Location Tracker : You can track caller continuouslyonmap by using mobile number.Track Caller : You can track caller using mobile number togetdetails of the location.Call-logs : You can see call-logs with location detailsIf you are trying to track any caller location, he/she shouldalsoinstallthis app then you are able to track the callers location.users permission we can provide callers location 37
BitWarp Developments
Fake Call Allows you to Contact Anyone without the possibilityofbeing over charged for the call. Call Anyone With Peace OfMindFake call operates by sending the call to our CallVerificationServer and validates whether the call is for a premiumrate number.Functionality description User calls number via ourapplication.-> Our server then scans the number to check if itspremium rate- if call is premium rate, the call is blocked and theoption toallow it to be added to your phones internal blacklist isprompted.- if call is legit, call is processed as usual user nevergets hitwith an exorbitant bill
True ID Name & Location - Caller ID Tracker 7.0
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True who caller ID : MobileNumberLocationTrace in The app allows you to trace mobile phonenumber ofanycountry like Americans, UK, Australia, Russia,... .This toolcantell you the registered location of a phone number.Sometimes,youget phone calls from unknown numbers and you wouldwant toknowwhich area that phone belongs to.True who caller ID : Phone Number TrackerThe app is really verfolger incaller app. it isinseguitore&true ID caller app. the app is also used fortelemarketingsales.incaller is the main feautures of the app.callsidentify,robocalls, robocall, robocall blocker,telefonbetrugblockieren& true who caller id are the mainkeywords for thephone numberlookup app.Android users have made Caller ID the #1 reverse phonelookuputilityapp Mobile Number Tracker/ Cell Trackers forMobileTracking Locationin the Play Store.True Spam Caller Detection, Caller-ID app to quickly doatrue”reverse lookup" and determine who called you andmanageyourwhitepages and blacklist,text, Canadianwithoutunlimitedhosting.Mobile Number Locator Reverse Lookup is a reverse phonelookupappworks for cell phone, landline, toll-free, and faxnumbers,CallBlocker.Phone location tracking Locate friends, Locate anotherAndroiduserfind of every incoming & outgoing callsfromwhichState/Telecom operator and Mobile number belongs to.Call Blocker & Caller ID also allows you to make phonecallsinthe app, just like a dialer. The call log shows yourrecentcalls,like who called you, the missed calls and noanswercalls.Number lookup and name identifies call blocker andtextmessageblocker, call blocker with switch off tone, callblockerwith notreachable option.Mobile number tracker free will display call id and location,callidnumber location, call id and number locator andcallidchanger.Find out who called you with the most advanced free Caller IDappinthe world! Block calls & blacklist numbers that youwanttoavoid like scams, telemarketers and spam calls in justatap!Phone lookup number is identify number tracker, numbertrackerandlocation and tracker map and location name and numbertrackerandlocation and address without gps tracker mobile number.It isgpsmobile number tracker and location and glympse – realtimemobilenumber location tracker app.Feature : True who caller ID- Caller identification & number identification-Realtimeidentify who’s calling, regardless of the reserve phonenumbersortrack phone number. The Block numbers function &CallerIDmobile number locator function shows the caller nameandcallerlocation and acts as Mobile Number Tracker. Figure outthebyinstalling Call Blocker & Caller ID. You will find itthebestfree Call blocker & phone number tracker.- Free unlimited incoming and outgoing calls toanyphonenumber- Send and receive unlimited free text messages with anyone- True Call Blocker & Caller ID and Location:You can now easily see Who is calling and identifyunknownincomingcalls, track phone number, block number with theCallBlocker &Caller ID App.- Call Log : See all the call history in the recentcalls.Includingthe missed calls, completed incoming and outgoingcalls,no answercalls. As a mobile number locator, shows in detailthecaller nameand caller location. Call block function akacallblacklist- call blocker blocks unwanted calls. These call logs willalsobeshown. No unknown numbers anymore.- Mobile number tracker gives caller id number locator,calleridlocation tracker, caller id changer and Caller ID&NumberLocator.- My wife mobile location tracker, my girlfriend locationtracker,Myfriend location tracker, Family locator, Find myfriends, GPSPhonetrackerKeywords : Mobile Number Tracker, Instant Track MobileNumber,Findout the owner, operator of the mobile phone numberinAustralia,True Phone Caller, Caller ID
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This Is An App By Which Notify You All Incoming Call, ReceivedSMS,Saved Events And Battery Alerts On Different Levels. ExtraFeatures:# Notify on all incoming calls. By speaking caller name.#Set yourMessage before and after caller name manually. # Speaksmessagesender name. With full SMS content reading.# You canmanuallyactivate and deactivate full SMS content reading for thespecificperson.# Battery Alarm : Notify you on different-differentbatterylevels.# If you want suddenly stop speaking. Than Shake it.#Youcan change volume, pitch and speech rate of audio.
Caller Location Tracker 2.0
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Caller Location Tracker Is A Mobile Number LocationTracker.MobileTracker helps you to Search and Track Mobile Numberwithoutinternet connection, -- Key FEATURES -- ✔ Caller NameAnnouncerAdded. ✔ Find Your Current Location on Map. ✔ Find LiveMap CallerLocation. ✔ Find Mobile Caller Location Tracker. ✔internetconnection required for show location on Google map. ✔Locate phonenumber,operator details ,area and state.
True Number Caller ID & Location 4.0
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True Number caller ID - Fastest dialerforyourandroid phone.Caller ID App Name Phone Calls is the best caller IDapp.CallBlocker Free - Dial Free Phone Calls helps youidentifyunknownnumber and block the numbers and texts you want toavoidliketelemarketers, scammers, bill collectors, robocalls,etc.True Number caller ID - Real time identify who’scalling,regardlessof the reserve phone numbers or from unknownnumber.easy to see Whois calling and identify unknownincomingcalls.Phone number Tracker: True Location Caller ID Tracker helpsyoutotrack any phone number from all countries in the world.#True Location Caller -Mobile tracker#True Location Caller -number tracker.Phone Number search - Search for any name or number withoursmartsearch system.True Name - The caller ID name, dialer photo, birthday,socialinfo,number location etcCall Blocker - block numbers or unwanted calls fromyourcallsblacklist with settings and call history.True Number caller ID Name & Location that canidentifyunknowncallers, block caller ID, spam block, call block,callblocker,caller identification etc.Search any mobile number details use this mobilenumberLocatorapplication,just enter the mobile or phone number youwishtosearch details and view the details.Features :* Display Caller Location on your phone screen.* Complete information of any Indian mobile number withitsServiceprovider.* Best Mobile Number location application helps to find STDcodesandISD codes also.* Tracks the name and location of the caller at the timeofincomingcall.* Very simple and unique application that helps you to trackyourownlive locations on GPS Map.* Anyone can easily find caller locationusingthisapplication.* Contacts location sorted by Caller Name.* Easy Call Logs.* Find the location of mobile phone by City or State.* Search ISD and STD Number Code for various countries.* True ID Caller Name & Location application is totallyfreeandvery useful too.* Mobile Number Locating service will enable you to searchfornumberof any country, details of caller may vary fromcountrytocountry.* Block Unwanted Calls with History and Call Settings. 37
Having an annoying conversation? schedule a fake incoming callandexcuse your self! profiles include: -Incoming call with clownphotoand customizable pre-recorded voice - more to come Use a fakecallto get yourself out of sticky situations Features: -schedulefakecall -quick fake call -show history of faked calls -invitefriendsvia facebook to join fake call -pre record Male voice forincomingfake call with select fake caller id -pre record Femalevoice forincoming fake call with select fake caller id Updateincludeslatest bug fixes and compliance updates
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A new application you can easily detect the name and number ofanyanonymous callerThis application you can easily detect the nameandnumber of any anonymous caller only Tetbit applicationHelpsyoudiscover the identity of the caller as well as the discoveryofphone numbers connected to the caller and locationunknownUsingspokesman caller's nameFeatures :* Identify thecaller's name andlocation, and uncover the unknown calls* Talkingcaller's name inArabic without Internet* Find out mobile numberunknownAnddetecting unknown number Caller ID feature, show off yourfigure.✔revealed caller and caller ID✔ operates in all Arabcountries✔ Youcan Acav of the unknown figures relate to your dad✔from here onout will not suffer from unknown numbers AپپalMagwi✔khv caller ID✔detect unknown number✔ revealed his contactnumber unknown
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Want to make a real call and fake your voice? Phone I.D Faker istheapp for you How does it function ? -Simply open theapplicationselect your voice and number then make a call Have anyquestions?Contact us any time ! :) *All calls are routed via ourservers,your phone bill will never be charged *Galaxy s8+ dialoutissuewill be fixed in the next release, please contact support ifyouhave any queries
True Mobile Caller ID: Mobile Number Tracker 1.2
True Caller ID : Mobile Number Tracker isoneofthe world’s best free caller ID apps. Get Best truecaller&caller id and True Mobile Number Tracker, find outwho'scallingyou Now!, Also you can instantly distinguish thedifferenceof theunknown calls. The app true caller shows detailedcaller IDinfo onincoming call, so you can know who'scalling-blacklistnumbers,block robocalls or spam calls. enjoy Witha pleasantcallingexperience with true caller. With acommunity-based spamlist ofover 200 million users, true callernumber search is theonlycaller ID app you’ll ever need. True callername searchneveruploads your contacts to make it public orsearchable. 3G orWi-Fiis required for true caller dialer towork.Mobile number tracker helps you to Search Quick CallerLocationphonetracker on Map Mobile number tracker and Track AllMobileNumber ,STDcode and ISD code with internet connection withMobilenumbertracker.You are protected by any spoof calls by Mobile NumberTracker.Mobile Number Tracker provides complete information of anyanyphonetracker,it's Service provider.amazing Mobile number tracker !!Find out who's calling you with true caller name search,themostadvanced caller ID & call blocker app. Copy anunknownnumberand true caller number search will tell you who itbelongsto.You’ll also be able to block calls and blacklist numbersthatyouwant to avoid from scammers, Blocking calls fromrobocallsthatwill never bother you anymore. That’s why you shouldselecttruecaller!True Caller ID : Mobile Number Tracker includes Truecaller&caller id and dialer app.See Names And Photos Of People Who Call, Even If They AreNotSavedIn Your Phone book. Download True id Caller &CallDetailsDetails AppCaller Location Tracker - Mobile Caller Location Tracker-truecaller AppCaller Name Announcer - Caller Name Speaks Every ThingWhileSomeCalls You Or Sends You A Message, You Will IdentifyWithLooking AtYour Smartphone. true caller- Caller Id &BlockCaller Name Uses The Built Engine Into Speech To Speak ToTheCallerOr Sms Name And Content Of Incoming Sms Sender. truecaller-CallerId & BlockLive Mobile Number Tracker can identify your Current location/CellLocation of callers and will show it on the MAP only.Mobile Number Tracker and mobile tracking number app isthebestMobile number tracker app helps to find STD codes andISDcodesalso phone tracker.Using Live Mobile Number Tracker youcantrackany Mobile number from overall.Mobile Number Trackercannotcollect user's private datatrue caller, Trace Caller Is A Mobile Caller Locator WheretoFindMobile Caller LocatorTrue caller- Caller Id & Block Will Help You To FindAndBlockSpam Callers Using Call Block Feature.Trace call name Locator Will Let You Search For Any NumberToVerifyUsers Caller Id Using Offline Feature Of The App So ItWorkOnlineAnd Offline Mode.Copy A Number Anywhere and Tracecaller Will Tell You WhoIt*BelongsTo True Caller ID : Mobile Number TrackerTrue caller- Caller Id & Block Number Locatortrue caller Id Locator: Using true caller Id Locator, YouCanSearchFor Any Number While You Are Connected To The InternetOrOfflineAnd Find Out Mobile Number Caller Id, TelecomCircle,TelecomOperator And State Of The Mobile Caller.True caller- Caller Id & Block 26
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Caller Id Sec allows you to safely validate calls without anyriskto your phone bill from premium rate numbers to jane andjohndoe's. Why Caller id Sec? Every time you call back a missedcallthat is unknown you are at risk of calling a premium ratenumerwhich will incur large costs on your phone bill. How does itworkQuite simply just enter the number in the caller id sectionandselect check. We have also added the feature where you canselectthe number from the missed call logs directly. You will bealertedwith the status of that number as 'Premium - unsafe' or'Premium -safe'. You may add that number to your phones block listbyselecting block. Have any questions? Send support an email andwewill be glad to assist Whats new? *Near instant validationofnumbers *Call log number import *We have removed some featuresincompliance with google play Coming soon * Realtimenumbervalidation - our application will run in thebackgroundautomatically checking all incoming calls and notifyingyou oftheir validity
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DU Caller is the best caller ID app. It helps you identifyunknownnumber and block unwanted calls. With the world’s largestphonenumber database, DU Caller provides an easy and free way tosaygoodbye to harassing calls. DU Caller is totally FREE, withoutanyin-app purchases. DU Caller is multi-lingual, and with theworld’slargest phone number database, you can use it wherever youare! KeyFeatures: ★ Caller ID DU Caller shows true caller IDsinstead ofunknown numbers, so you can always know who is callingbefore youpick up. - Shows full Contact ID info, including names,types,numbers, addresses, and operators. - A red-coloredautomaticwarning appears to indicate harassing calls. - Speedyphone numberrecognition: the app provides a one-second phone numberrecognitionfunction. ★ Call Recorder DU Caller provides highquality sound foreasy call recording. This lets you record anyphone call you wantand choose which recordings to save, you can setwhich calls arerecorded and which are ignored. - Provides automaticcallrecording, and allows you to delete recordings conveniently. -Usethe manual recording functions to start recording in the middleofa conversation. - Set password protection to keep yourrecordingssecure. - Manage your recordings easily. Viewrecordings bycontacts and dates. ★ Call Blocker – Blacklist DUCaller is aperfect call blocker, which can instantly hang up onnumbers on theblacklist. Just add a number to the blacklist andwe’ll do therest. - No more voicemai: Prevent spam callers fromleavingvoicemail. - Automatic spam blocker: Block calls fromcommonnumbers, hidden numbers, overseas numbers, and numbers thatare notin your contacts. - Block calls easily: It takes only oneclick toblock spam calls, or you can create a personal blacklist.-Customizable blacklist: You can add any numbers to theblacklist,including your ex, debt collectors, and salespeople. -You will benotified of the call after we block it. ★ SMS blocker -Junk SMSFolder - Automatically identify unknown SMS and block spamSMS -Quick view and reply the latest SMS. - Keep all your junk spamSMSaway from your Inbox ★ Call History Scan – Have youeverchecked your call history and wondered: who called me? DUCallerscans every unknown caller to protect your security.★FriendsSearch – Not only can you search unknown callers by number,but youcan also search names to find people you want to contact.With DUCaller’s vast database of phone numbers, you can easilyperform areverse phone number search on any caller. ★ SecretCallProtection - Hide your secret calls to protect yourprivacy.Add secret contacts to the protected list, and all the calllogsbetween you will automatically disappear.★ SmartDialer – Use our smart dialer to quickly search inyour calllogs and contacts, and enjoy the smoothest dialingexperience! DUCaller does not replace, change or interfere withyour phone’sdialing application. Why should you choose DU Caller -Caller ID& Recorder - What app will immediately give you adetailedcaller ID for an unknown number? It’s DU Caller. - When youdon’tknow where to find your old friends, what app will help yousearchfor their numbers? It’s DU Caller. - When you need to recordaphone call save as evidence, what app will record the call foryou?It’s DU Caller. Download DU Caller – Caller ID, makes it quickandeasy to record and block calls!
Eyecon: Caller ID, Call Recorder & Phone Contacts 2.0.275
Use our true caller ID to identify calls and see photos and namesofunknown caller and contacts in your phone book by only clickingoneicon. Automatically record calls. Save important one to yourphoneor share them with your cloud backup (not supported onAndroid Pie).Sync with Facebook to automatically add photos toyour phone dialer,contacts & address book with Eyecon. Checknumbers of unknowncalls with our simpler caller ID and smart dialcontacts.Automatically link messaging and calling apps to connectquickly.FEATURES ✓ Visual – We sync with Facebook and other socialmediachannels to identify your contact’s true photos to create aphotobased address book and dialer. See names and photos insteadofnumbers for unknown callers and your contacts when you aredialingor receiving calls. ✓ Safe – Protect yourself from spamandanonymous phone calls with our caller ID. Our caller ID is basedonFacebook and other social media identifiers, so the photos areallhigh quality and the information is completely accurate.Blockcalls to control who can call you. ✓ Connective – Sync yourdialer,Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, messaging, email, Skype, Linkedinandmore with a single click for all in one communication throughyourfavorite app icons. ✓ ACR Call recorder - record phonecallsautomatically. Save the ones that are important by pinningthem toyour favorites list. Back them up by sharing your recordingstoDropbox, Google Drive, WhatsApp, Email and more (not supportedonAndroid Pie). ✓ Ultimate personalization- Control how yourimageand contact information appear in your friend’s address bookand intheir phones when you call them. Choose from one of our 30+themesto customize your address book with your favorite of ourskinoptions! Change your settings to determine your dual or singleSIMsettings, caller ID notifications and more. ✓ Availabilitychecker– Find out if your friends are free before you dial withournon-intrusive "can you talk" feature to allow people toeitheranswer the phone, call you back immediately or respond thattheyare busy. ✓ Intuitive – Our technology learns your preferencesasyou interact with Eyecon and use our phone dialer. Weorganizecontacts by those most dialed and display communicationiconsaccording to those you use the most often. ✓ Set photos –Enjoyparticipating in our one-of-a-kind game to review the photosweautomatically synced with your contacts and find new picturesofyour friends. ✓ Add contacts - After a conversation withsomeonewho isn’t already in your phonebook, use our built in callerID toeasily add them as a new contact with a suggested name andphotowithout typing anything additional. ✓ Private – login bysimplyadding your phone number without syncing with third partysocialmedia or a lengthy registration process. CONNECT WITH US ♥Learnmore at ♥ Email if you need assistance or have asuggestion.♥ Follow us on Facebook at
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FEATURES★ It will track unknown Caller info★ Notificationaboutgeographic location(at Country/State/City level) .★User-friendlyand robust User Interface for app navigation.★ ViewOperatordetails for all Phone numbers.Note** Developer is notresponsiblefor any incorrect USSD . please recheck.Map is based onGoogle only
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To have a safe and trustworthy telecommunicationenvironment,Whoscall is your one and only option! With having morethan 70million downloads globally, Whoscall is a highly-regardedphone appwith Caller ID & Block function. Besides calls andtextmessages service, we're well known for our identificationofincoming calls & SMS, the blocking of malicious spamcalls& SMS, and powered by our massive database with over 1billionnumbers. ★Recognized as one of Google Play the most popularAPP inTaiwan for five years★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013, 2015 &2016the best app★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013 InnovationAward★★Recognized as the Top 10 Innovated App in Taiwan byTechinAsia★★Official partner with Taiwan National PoliceAdministration★Whoscall provides a fully functional phone feature.Calls, SMS,Anti-Spam, all in one app to manage your calls &messages! 【Trustworthy phone app 】 ▶Identify unknown calls Onlypick upimportant calls by knowing who’s calling! ▶Block spam callsAvoiddisturbing quality time by blocking spam calls. *PleasesetWhoscall as your default phone app to activate this service.▶Built-in dialer Search & confirm unknown numbers beforeyoudial out. ▶All-in-one Whoscall Call Interface In addition toAnswer/ Hang up / Speaker, Whoscall still provide Whoscall CallInterfaceto identify incoming and outgoing calls. *Please setWhoscall asyour default phone app to activate this service. 【Safeand secureSMS】 ▶SMS conversation page Chat with anyone onWhoscallconversation page. *Please set Whoscall as your default SMSapp toactivate Whoscall conversation page. ▶Identify unknownmessagesCatch important messages and avoid disturbed one. ▶Blockallannoying messages Block spam numbers and no longer receiveannoyingmessages! *Please set Whoscall as your default SMS app toactivateblocking messages function. Community-based data updatedbymillions of users worldwide, 【 Rich Caller Data 】 ▶More than1billion number of data from our global community. ▶Identifycallerswithout internet access by downloading the offline database.【Whoscall Premium】 ▶ Offline Database Extension Get premiumofflinedatabase, totally control your callers. ▶ Auto-updateAuto-updateoffline database. ▶ Ad-free Remove all ads and enjoy thepurestexperience. Note: *According to Google Policy, please setWhoscallas your default phone app to activate Block and WhoscallCallInterface function. *All authorized permission will only beusedinternally for Whoscall to provide better service. *WhoscallCallInterface is available on Asus, Google, Lenovo, LG,Motorola,Samsung, Sony. *Offline database is available in Taiwan,Korea,Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, USA,India&Indonesia...etc. *Up to Android 6.0 versions requestpermission on SMS,Phone, Contacts and Draw over other apps.*Whoscall is alwayslooking forward to hearing from you! Should youhave any inquiry orsuggestion, please reach us
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Hiya Call Block Security identifies the calls you want to takeandblocks the numbers and texts you want to avoid. Hiya is free(noads!), and is incredibly easy to use. Block calls,blacklistunwanted phone numbers, identify incoming calls andreceive spamalerts. Don't know the phone number? Find thebusinesses you wantto call with Hiya Business Search. Hiya ispowered by a database ofhundreds of millions of phone numbers andmillions of happy Hiyausers who depend on the app daily. KEYFEATURES • Enhanced Dialer(NEW): The fastest way to find and callfrequent contacts, recentlyidentified callers, and your favoritebusinesses. • Caller ID: Takecalls from people you want to talk toand from friends not in yourphone book. • Call Block / SpamBlocker: Blacklist robocalls andspam, and block telemarketers orscammers by sending them straightto voicemail. • Security:Automatic alerts warn you if an incomingcall is spam. Easily reportfraudulent numbers to help warn others.COMMUNITY Facebook: Twitter: https://instagram/hiyainc HiyaCaller ID & Call Blockis brought to you by Hiya Inc. Utilizingthe power of the Hiyadatabase that has hundreds of millions ofphone numbers, you’ll knowthe true caller behind more calls. Hiyais a Google Play TopDeveloper that is committed to delivering bestin class freesecurity, caller ID, call block, spam & virusprotection.
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Sync.ME is the world’s #1 caller ID and spam blocker app. Seewhoscall you received and sync contacts photos with theirsocialnetwork profile picture. Identify spammers and blockrobocalls withthe world’s best reverse phone lookup and spamblocker app. ★Trusted by more than 20 million users worldwide! ★TechCrunch -“The App That Turns You into a God”. It has never beeneasier tosync contacts and reveal the true caller. Search phonenumbers andget the caller ID. Make a reverse phone lookup, detectrobocallsand report blacklist. Block spammers, block telemarketers,blockcallers, block robocalls, block SMS and block text messages.MainKey Features: ✓ Sync Contacts Photos – See who's call youreceivedand sync your contacts photos with their social networkprofilepicture. Add full screen photos to your contacts in youraddressbook contact list. ✓ Caller ID – See who's the caller whenyoureceive incoming calls. See the true caller ID, sync unknownCallerID. ✓ Call Blocker - Block callers, telemarketers andblockrobocalls. Block unknown calls with our best call blocker.Blockspam calls and add spammers to your blacklist. ✓ ReversePhoneLookup - View the true caller ID with our best reversephonelookup. Now you can identify and block callers, block spammersandunknown numbers by adding them to your blacklist. ✓IdentifyRobocalls – Sync.ME lets you identify spam calls,telemarketers,robocalls and see whos call it is. Show thetruecaller ID and makea reverse phone lookup to block callers. Youcan block spam callsand robocalls with the best call blocker with atap of a button.✓Block Spammers - Block callers and make your ownblacklist ofrobocalls, spammers and telemarketers. Make a reversephone lookupwith the best caller ID app. See whos call on the topspammers listand add them to your blacklist. ✓Call Recorder –Record any phonecall you want to save. ✓ Text ID – Identify SMS andtext messagesof spam, telemarketers and unknown caller ID. See thetrue CallerID and blacklist phone numbers. You can make a reversephone numberlookup for any spam text message. ✓ Find Out Who Called- Copy anyphone number and Sync.ME will make a reverse phone lookupso youcan search phone numbers and identify unknown calls with atruecaller ID. Received a spam call? Quickly block spammers,blocktelemarketers and block robocalls with just one tap. ✓ CallerIDThemes - Choose your color call theme for your caller ID withtheSync.ME color call app. View color call themes with fullscreenphotos of your address book contacts from Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, LinkedIn and VK. ✓ Merge Contacts - Findduplicatecontacts and merge contacts in your address book bycombining theminto one. Cleanup your address book and quickly mergecontactdetails of duplicate contacts in your address book contactlist. ✓Backup Contacts - Export contacts and backup contacts fileof allof your contacts in your address book. Sync your contactsbackup toyour Google Drive and automatically backup contacts withtheSync.ME Pro. ✓ Background Contact Sync - Always keep yourcontactsup-to-date 24/7 with latest contact profile pictures fromsocialnetworks. Keep your address book contacts synced withpictures soyou can know who call. Sync.ME is best used for it’scaller ID andspam call blocker. You can identify calls with ourtrue caller ID.Block annoying spam calls and robocalls with our topspam blockerapp. You can always know “who called me” with Sync.ME’sshow callerreverse phone lookup features. → Website: →Facebook: → →Support:
Caller Locator Full Screen ID 1.4
Track Caller Location is a Mobile Call Tracker App.By using thisappyou can Search and Track Indian Mobile Number,STD code and ISDcode.No need of internet connection for this app. You can use thisappwithout internet connection( works offline).Now CallerLocationDetail With Operator logo. 42.0
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* Real Caller : Caller id Helps you identify the caller . *RealCaller : Caller id also block spam and helps you block phonecalls. * Real Caller : Caller id is Number lookup it helps youfindcaller id and the caller identification by displaying thecallername on screen during a call while your device connected totheinternet and the caller id service is active in the app . *RealCaller : Caller id has different types of phone numbers orcellnumbers . * Real Caller : Caller id list for you the callername orthe caller info if available . * Real Caller : Caller idhelps youknow who is calling you * Real Caller : Caller id isuseful phonedirectory for doing a reverse lookup or reverse phonenumber lookup. * Real Caller : Caller id search function works asfollow ,phonenumber lookup or reverse lookup by enter the phonenumbers to getthe caller name or enter the caller name to get thephone numbers *Real Caller : Caller id also helps you for businesslookup or namelookup or even places lookup . # All users must grantneededpermissions in order for caller id and call blocking toworkproperly . ———————————————————————————————————— subscriptions :youcan manage the subscriptions in one of the following ways: 1-OnAndroid, open the Google Play Store, then tap Menu>Subscriptions. 2-On a computer, go to, then intheleft menu click My subscriptions. On either Android or acomputer,use the URL toopen theuser's list of subscriptions. Please Note: In comply withGooglePlay developer policy, below is an explanation ofneededpermissions. Block call feature: The caller ID or Block callwillnot work if you don't grant the belowpermission:android.permission.CALL_PHONEandroid.permission.READ_CALL_LOG(Android 9.0+) - Caller ID: We willaccess calls information toperform search in our server and get thecaller name - CallBlocker: We will access calls information toperform block Searchfeature: -To be able to use the search feature,you need to grandthe below permission:android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE - theDevice ID: In order toproperly provide you the search feature, weidentify your device byaccessing the device id and generating aunique id. - Belowpermission is needed to be able to keep callerid feature functionaleven after the mobile device -Belowpermission isneeded to be able to keep caller id and call blockerfeaturesfunctional even if the app was in background for -Below permission is needed to beableto display the Caller Name info on your device screen whenyoureceive a call canDrawOverlays
Numler: Caller ID, Spam Detection & Call Blocker 3.3.1
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Caller ID & Call Blocker that gives you all thecallerinformation before you pick up the call, without having thecallerinformation in your contacts, having this Caller ID will saveyoubig time of having to answer spam, unknown and unwanted calls,youcan also search mobile, fixed line or short numbers from ourhugedatabase of hundreds of millions of phone numbers, you cannowidentify the true caller and save time. We are being chosen bymanyusers all over the world as the best Caller ID and CallBlocker,our users depend on us on an everyday basis. You can nowfind thetrue caller behind every phone call, answer the calls youreallywant and stop taking calls that will waste your time, easilyfindyour friends who have Numler and start chatting with them forfreeand get rid of SMS messages charges. Identify callers instantlyandget rid of spam calls, reverse phone numbers lookup and searchourhuge database of mobile and fixed line numbers, and viewcallerinformation. We provide you with the best tool that helpsyoumanage callers in a better way, from chatting with them,addingthem to your favorites, block specific callers or postingreviewsto help other people find the truth. You can update yourphonebookwith the latest information from our huge database byaddingmissing pictures, new phone numbers, new emails and muchmore,always keep your phonebook up to date. Mark people asfavorites orblock them from calling or chatting with you, stayconnected withyour beloved ones and let everyone know who the greatpeople areand stay away from unwanted calls. We bring youeverything you needabout callers in one place, it's not just acaller ID, it's muchmore. Main Features: • Caller ID: identifycallers instantly beforeyou answer the call and avoid scams,spammers or any annoying calland answer only the calls you want. •Call Blocker: add any phonenumbers to the block list and you willnever hear of them again(you can unblock them later at any time) •Search phonenumbers/Reverse phone lookup: search our large databaseby phonenumbers, fixed lines, short numbers, names or email. •Update yourcontacts and get recent numbers, emails, and photos. •Chat: youcan easily chat with your callers or your contacts. •Mutualcontacts: find contacts in common between you and yourcallers andfriends. • Call logs: in-app call logs with theincludedinformation from your database. Our community feel free toget intouch with us at any time. Support email:support@numler.comTwitter: Googleplus: Website:
Contacts, Phone Dialer & Caller ID: drupe 3.046.00023-Rel
Want to see Caller ID, spam indications and block spammers,directlyfrom your call screen? drupe is your app. Trusted by over20 Millionusers worldwide. drupe replaces the boring call screenwith a freshlook, built and configured exactly for you! Forgetabout traditionalPhone Book apps! We bring your contacts &apps together to oneplace, accessible from all your screens. Wishto contact a friend?Dial or text anyone? record calls? Swipe thecontact to the app& get in touch! Simple. drupe app supports:Deutsch, English,Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands,Português, Português(Brasil), Pусский, Türkçe, norsk, український,עברית , العربية,हिन्दी, 日本語, 한국어. Dial, text, record calls orreach anyone on yourcontact list, using any app! ★ Smart dialer -Cross app dialing madefast & easy ★ A built-in call recorder -NEW ACR! Recordincoming or outgoing calls! ★ A smart caller IDtracker &blocker to find out unknown numbers - drupe IDidentifier will helpyou with the search & the tracking of callspammers + withadding them to your blacklist: Show the details oftelemarketers orunknown & private mobile numbers who calledyou. Stop theblindness- Know "who is calling me" at any giventime, see thedetails of missed unknown calls. Uncover the names ofpeople orbusinesses who call you, and avoid unwanted calls. ★ AddanimatedGIFs to your outgoing calls!- Make animated calls based onthecontext of your calls. ★ Organize your address book / Phonebook-solve the duplicate Google contacts issues. No more phonebookmess... ★ All from one place -Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, walkietalkie,Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Allo, telephone… are all in,andthere are more. ★ Unified “recent” feed –Track yourrecentcommunication log - call log, SMS, Walkie -talkie audiomessages,WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. Reverse lookupthose unknownnumbers in your call history ★ Contact based reminders– Setreminders, time or context related. ★ Missed calls manager –Getback to your missed calls via call, SMS, whatsapp or else.Snoozefor later or set reminders ★ An integrated call blocker –Trace,discover and block any caller or number whether unknown,spam,scams, robocalls or telemarketers, expose their name anddetails& immediately move on to blocking them! ★ A built incallrecorder – Record both sides of the voice conversation (callerandreceiver), Choose if to record all calls, or turn on thecallrecorder only when needed. ________ ❄ A true cross app dialerwithT9 & dual SIM ❄ A Caller ID ( identification ) finder&anti-spam add on, to always identify the traces and identityofeach true caller name behind unknown or private calls. Alwaysknowwho's calling and control your callers! ❄ Contact basedreminders ❄A built-in auto call recorder for incoming &outgoing calls inyour cell (ACR) ❄ Missed calls manager - Answermissed calls or setreminders. + a caller-ID locator. ❄ A unifiedrecent communicationslog – calls, SMS, messaging and more ❄ Anautomatic favorites view❄ A semi-transparent trigger icon is alwayswith you – activatedwith one swipe to access your dialer orcontacts ❄ Works Seamlesslywith your native Android functions:Call, SMS, Calendar, Email& More. ❄ Integrated with: WhatsApp,Facebook, Tango, GoogleDuo, Allo & many more ❄ Choose from abunch of amazing freethemes and customize your drupe and cell phonelook ❄ Easy search -Reach all your contacts from the main screen.Search also throughtyping numbers in the dialer. ❄ Customize yourfavorites andcommunication apps by preference ❄ Get help withupdating relevantcontact info – smart search for your friends onFacebook and moreFollow us for updates and news: Facebook- Twitter -
Mr. Number - Caller ID & Spam Protection 9.5.5-6851
Mr. Number makes is a dialer that makes it easy to blockunwantedcalls as well as identify & stop spam, scam and fraud.- Putnames to numbers when dialing out - Block calls from oneperson,area code or an entire country - Stop telemarketers anddebtcollectors before they waste your time - Intercept callsfromprivate/unknown numbers and send to voicemail - Report spamcallsto warn other users - Automatic caller lookup for recent callsinyour phone's history so you'll know who to block *** PCMag 100BestAndroid Apps *** *** New York Times: “Mr. Number is one of themostpopular” *** *** Appy Award - Best Communications App ***Mr.Number is the most powerful call blocker on the market. Blockcallsfrom people, businesses, and hidden numbers. Browse commentsfromother users when you get a spam call. Automatically blockpotentialfraud and suspected spam calls.
Clever Dialer - caller ID - block calls 1.23.0 GmbH & Co. KG
Clever Dialer caller ID is the easiest way to identify andblockunknown callers. Actively protect yourself from spam andunwantedcalls. We are sorry, but we cannot resolve suppressedphonenumbers! We care about your privacy and that of yourfriends.Unlike some other apps, we DO NOT upload your address bookcontactsto our servers! Features: ★ handy caller ID with lots offunctions★ automatic identification of unknown phone numbers ★real-timeidentification of unknown callers ★ caller ID / phonenumberidentification via internet search and telephone directory★automatically adds all calls to call history ★ identifyspamcallers: warns against cost traps and other annoying spam calls★Identify spam caller even if you have no internet connection(offline spam identification ) ★ block spam callers: simplyaddannoying callers to your Blocked list ( call blocker ) ★blocksnumber ranges ★ Clever Dialer’s basic functions are free andalwayswill be ★ secure information: we protect your privacy WithCleverDialer spam callers don't stand a chance. Incoming calls arebeingchecked against our extensive spam caller database. TheCleverDialer community helps us staying on top of things. Everyuser canreport spam calls, so even numbers that spam only veryrecently areincluded. Want to block your boss or ex spouse? WithClever Dialeryou can block any number you want and get your privacyback.Unknown numbers can mean trouble. That’s why spam recognitionisClever Dialer’s most important feature. Because if anunknowncaller wants to annoy you, we’ll find out who it is. Byworkingwith various partners, Clever Dialer can identify telephonenumbersas spam and block them – making it the ideal ad blocker.Someoneringing from a call center can be identified for example,and theapp can block the associated phone numbers. This works, evenif youhave no internet connection because all spam numbers arestored inyour app and updated as soon as you are online. This wayyou areprotected even if you are offline. With the call blocker,you don’thave to bother with unknown numbers from call centers –identifyspam and simply block the numbers – it makes life so mucheasier :)It’s also possible to review the caller straight after thecall. Ifyou feel harassed, you can give the caller a bad review andalsoleave a comment directly. Everybody else benefits too becausethismeans that the app warns even more effectively againstannoyingspam callers. Naturally, you can give a positive reviewandcomments after a call, too. Number recognition not only showsyouunknown spam numbers but also allows you to block unknowncallers.Identify calls and add the numbers to the Blocked list –thenthere’s no chance that those numbers can ever reach you again.Yourtelephone won’t ring if you receive a call from someone ontheBlocked list – because the app recognizes the caller andinstantlyblocks the call. Your telephone won’t ring if you receivea callfrom someone on the Blocked list – because the app recognizesthecaller and instantly blocks the call. We guarantee you thatwetreat your contact details responsibly. We will never uploadyourdata or disclose them in any other way. If you havequestions,problems or ideas, please visit ourwebsite or contact
Reverse Lookup Pro 2.4.35
This app allows you to perform a 100% free reverse phonelookupsearch of U.S. numbers. No logins or subscriptions required!Note:- There is no public cell phone directory and/or prepaidphonedirectory, so information on these types of numbers arelimited. -Intended to be used for numbers in the U.S. - This appreturns*publicly available data as published by phone companies*
Call Blocker 1.1.7
Vlad Lee
“Call Blocker” helps you avoid annoying calls. Forget aboutunwantedpeople, telemarketers and robocalls. Nobody will be ableto disturbyou when you don't want to talk. Many Android phonesprovide callblocking capabilities. Why is “Call Blocker” better?It has severalcore features that together provide strongprotection againstannoying calls. BLACKLIST: You can add anyunwanted numbers to the“Blacklist” from the calls log, contactslist or input the numbermanually. Also, by using “Begins with”option, you can block a rangeof numbers with certain first digits.BLOCKING: Using the options ofthis tab, you can block calls fromprivate, unknown or all numbers.Also, you can turn on/off blockingwith one simple tap. WHITELIST:If you don't want to block callsfrom a certain number, adding it tothe “Whitelist” is sufficient.Callers from this list will never berejected by the blocker. LOG:“Call Blocker” saves all blocked callsin the “Log”, where you canalways see who has been blocked.Moreover, the app containsfeatures such as notifications aboutblocking and a status baricon, both of which can be turned off inthe app settings. You canobviously use your phone's built-incapabilities or even ignoresuch problem. However, if you are reallytired of annoying calls,just try this blocker. FAQ: - How can Iremove icon in the top ofscreen? Open the app's “Settings”. Nextselect the “Notifications”section and turn off the “Status baricon” option. If you have anyquestions about the program, pleaselet us know by 24
Call any number with peace of mind. Have you ever received amissedcall from an unknown number or been a victim of missed callfraud?This application can be used to call that number back withoutanyrisk to you. Missed call fraud is a growing concern. Why useourapp? With over 1 million downloads and 200k fraudulent missedcallsidentified we have saved our users a combined fortune. 24 /7support - if you have any queries we are here to answer themFreedaily calls, our service is free to use with the optionofpurchasing extra calls How missed call fraud works: Thefraudstercalls a mass amount of numbers with the caller id of apremiumnumber. The unsuspecting victim calls that number back andischarged a premium. The fraudster cashes in on that premium Howthisapp protects you: This application routes all calls viaourverification servers and not your gsm provider. Our serversverifythat number via cli and notify you if its fraud or connectyou ifit isnt ( not via your gsm ). You will never receive a chargetoyour phone bill when using this app as everything is routed viaourservers.. Features: Protect your GSM bill from premium ratenumbersPeace of mind when calling back unknown numbers Updated:Removal ofability to set caller Id
Phone Number Tracker
Key points :-> People search, find people by name, anywho->Reverse Phone Lookup - USA, Canada, Australia All CountryAreaCodes-> Trace Mobile Number, Cell Phone Tracing, ReverseLookUp, ReverseAustrlia- New high quality true caller id andlocationwith name and address photo sim card name. mobile trackerto findout where unknown number and know the address where he is inthemap now. The best free reverse phone number lookup.- MobileNumberLocation Trace : The app allows you to trace mobile phonenumber ofany country like Americans, UK, Australia, Russia,... .This toolcan tell you the registered location of a phonenumber.Phone NumberTrackerThe app is really verfolger incaller is inseguitore& true caller app. the app is also used fortelemarketingsales. incaller is the main feautures of the app.calls identify,robocalls, robocall, robocall blocker, telefonbetrugblockieren& truecallers are the main keywords for the phonenumber lookupapp.Android users have made Caller ID the #1 reversephone lookuputility app Mobile Number Tracker/ Cell Trackers forMobileTracking Location in the Play Store.True Spam CallerDetection,Caller-ID app to quickly do a true ”reverse lookup" anddeterminewho called you and manage your whitepages andblacklist,text,Canadian without unlimited hosting.Mobile NumberLocator ReverseLookup is a reverse phone lookup app works for cellphone,landline, toll-free, and fax numbers, Call Blocker.Phonelocationtracking Locate friends, Locate another Android user findof everyincoming & outgoing calls from which State/Telecomoperator andMobile number belongs to.Call Blocker & CallerID alsoallows you to make phone calls in the app, just like adialer. Thecall log shows your recent calls, like who called you,the missedcalls and no answer calls.Number lookup and nameidentifies callblocker and text message blocker, call blocker withswitch offtone, call blocker with not reachable option.Find out whocalledyou with the most advanced free Caller ID app in the world!Blockcalls & blacklist numbers that you want to avoid likescams,telemarketers and spam calls in just a tap!Phone lookupnumber isidentify number tracker, number tracker and location andtrackermap and location name and number tracker and location andaddresswithout gps tracker mobile number. It is gps mobile numbertrackerand location and glympse – real time mobile number locationtrackerapp.Feature : - Caller identification &numberidentification- Real time identify who’s calling, regardlessof thereserve phone numbers or track phone number. The Blocknumbersfunction & Caller ID mobile number locator functionshows thecaller name and caller location and acts as Mobile NumberTracker.Figure out the True Caller by installing Call Blocker &CallerID. You will find it the best free Call blocker & phonenumbertracker.- True Call Blocker & Caller ID andLocation: Youcan now easily see Who is calling and identifyunknown incomingcalls, track phone number, block number with theCall Blocker &Caller ID App. - Call Log : See all thecall history inthe recent calls. Including the missed calls,completed incomingand outgoing calls, no answer calls. Call blockfunction aka callblacklist - call blocker blocks unwanted calls.These call logswill also be shown. No unknown numbers anymore.-Mobile numbertracker gives caller id number locator, caller idlocation tracker,caller id changer and Caller ID & NumberLocator.- My wifemobile location tracker, my girlfriend locationtracker, My friendlocation tracker, Family locator, Find myfriends, GPS Phonetracker Keywords : Mobile Number Tracker, Phonenumber lookup,exact location, true location caller id & gpsmaps, Secretmobile number tracker 3.1
Crazy Softech
Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker helps you to Search &TrackMobile Number Location ,STD code and ISD code withoutinternetconnection Perfect App for Caller location, Mobile NumberTracker& Caller ID : Identify Calls & Block True Caller ID&Location: See who is calling & identify unknown incomingcallsvia Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker with caller id, name&location. Block Calls from unwanted mobile phone numbers&Caller(spam, unknown, telemarketing..etc) Mobile Caller IDLocationTracker allows you to Search & Track Mobile NumberLocation,STD code and ISD code without internet connection BlockCalls fromunwanted mobile phone numbers & Caller(spam,unknown,telemarketing,..etc) No.1 app for GPS Route Finder - GPSLocationTracker, Maps, Navigation & Compass Mobile Caller IDLocationTracker helps you to identify unknown caller, block spamcalls.Displays Caller True Location of every incoming call &outgoingcalls over call screen. Mobile Caller Number locator is theonlyapp that displays Caller Location of every caller. Best appforTrack Mobile Number True Location, Caller ID : Identify Calls&Block, Caller location. Mobile Caller ID Location Tracker :You cantrack the mobile phone number location, show caller id,search STDcode, ISD code without internet connection. GPS RouteFinder: GPSRoute Finder - Maps & Navigation is a free app tofindlocation, live traffic, magnetic compass & GPS directionsforbest route on map. Call Blocker: Mobile Caller ID LocationTrackerallows you to block unwanted calls such as unknowncaller,telemarketing, spam callers, etc. Caller ID: See who iscalling& identify unknown incoming calls via the caller id withname& true location(country, State, city area &operator).Features: ✔ World’s best Caller ID will identify anyunknowncaller. ✔ Locate mobile phone number location, operatordetails,area & state. ✔ Shows Caller location Informationduringincoming and outgoing calls. ✔ Mobile Caller ID LocationTrackerapp is completely offline. ✔ Caller ID - Helps you identifywho’scalling before answering. ✔ Find STD Code, ISD Code. ✔ Bestapp forGPS Route Finder - GPS Tracker, Maps & Navigation. ✔FreeMobile Caller Number Locator app for your android mobile phone.✔Shows Caller Information during incoming call / outgoing calls.✔No.1 app for Track Mobile Number True Location, Caller ID:Identify Calls & Block. Download Mobile Caller IDLocationTracker app now. Note: Mobile Caller ID Location Trackerwill notshow the actual physical / True location/ GPS location ofthecaller. All location information is at State / City / Arealevelonly.
com.hiblock.caller 2.7.3
Caller ID is a caller screen app that makes your incomingcallscreen stunning. The ad-free version is available now, turn offallads and enjoy the premium experience.  ● Continuouslyupdatedcaller screen themes. ● Calling screen theme with dynamiccallerscreen effect. ● A timely reminder for missed calls. ● Setuptheblacklist and block unwanted calls. Caller screen is an HDcallscreen for customizing incoming calls with stylish callingscreenthemes. Caller screen changes phone screen to a richanduser-friendly interface as well as offers full caller screenwithamazing caller themes. Caller ID will timely remind you ofmissedmessages. Download Caller ID to decorate your phone withtheamazing call screen display, block spam calls, identify realcallsand have fun with fake calls. Caller ID is committed tofightingagainst misleading ads, if you see any deceptive ads in ourApp,please contact our customer service centerbyemailing
CIA - Caller ID will help you identify unknown numbers onincomingcalls. CIA also helps you block unwanted calls and warnsyou aboutspam/scam calls based on numbers reported by millions ofusersworldwide. With CIA you can immediately see who an anonymouscalleris, whether it is a business or a personal number. Ourdatabaseidentifies contact data for more than 1.5 billionnumbersworldwide. Block phone numbers and add them to your ownpersonalblacklist. Features • Real-time Caller ID: Always knowwho’scalling • Slide, tap, swipe: Slide the Caller ID up or downthescreen, tap to minimize or swipe to dismiss during calls •Smartcall actions: Mute or block calls, reject calls withpredefinedtext messages or set a call back reminder • Call blocker:Blockcalls from telemarketers and other scam/spam callers •Spamwarning: Get warnings for more than 1 million spamnumbersworldwide • Search numbers: Identify name, address orbusinessinformation of who’s behind a strange telephone number•Alternative businesses: If you call a company and the phonenumberis busy, CIA will suggest similar alternatives • Backupcontacts:Never lose a contact’s phone number again • Contactshortcuts:Multiple ways to handle contacts on after call screens •Myprofile: Manage the information other users see about you•Integration with multiple data sources e.g. Yelp!,facebook,Tripadvisor, Google Places, White Pages and Yellow Pagesacross theworld to provide faster, more precise results.
Who calls Caller name id, Safe calls SMS Blacklist 5.5.10
Free and effective SAFE CALL management APP. Caller name id appforincoming calls from unfamiliar phone numbers that are not inyourcontacts or phonebook! Fake or unwanted robocalls will notbotheryou anymore now! ⚠ PERMISSIONS NEEDED BY THIS APP: Caller ID,SpamDetection and Blocking, Default SMS, and Default Caller.Thispermissions will let you to: - check calls for their ratingsandtags and block them - right in call log inside NumBuster app!-check SMS text senders and block sms texts - right in smsloginside the app! - use NumBuster as default SMS app and feelsafeabout texts from unknown senders! - use NumBuster as defaultcallerapp and find out who calls you right on the call screen!Become apart of NumBuster Community with more than 2 million Users!★ Checkunfamiliar numbers for SPAM or FRAUD. ★ Mark them or tagthem - soyou will help another people to avoid unsafe calls and SMSWhat youwill get for free : ★ Automatic phone number lookup withbuilt-inCaller ID feature before you answer the call ★ Definitionofservice provider, carrier and possible location of the caller-you'll see region, country and area, where actual phone numberwasregistered ★ Block incoming calls, free social blacklist forSPAMcalls ★ Automatic Protection against fraud, advertising(spam),calls from the debt collectors, car dealers, salesmen andcriminals★ Social Blacklist is constantly updated with newfeatures, guidedby the opinion of real people about various phonenumbers ★Built-in incoming calls history log, as well as contactslists witheasy caller verification directly in the app - just entercaller'sProfile and see his rating, tags, possible names, etc. Inadditionto our struggle against telephone scammers,advertising,telemarketers, surveys, resellers and financialSCAMMERS, NumBusterconstantly learns and verifies the numbers,which used by: ✪ banks✪ stores ✪ auto dealers ✪ insurance companies✪ debt collectorsWith our free social caller ID in calls and SMS,you can find outwhose phone number calls and whom it belongs to.This helps tounderstand who is calling, using an unfamiliar phonenumber. Youcan always block unwanted calls ☢ blacklist - protectyourself fromdebt collectors, you will always see the collector,who hidesbehind a strangers' phone number in calls or SMS texts.  ❶Identification service operates during an incoming callanddisplays the on-screen information about incoming calls andnumbersin the built-in call history and sms log ❷ This program usesanexperience of more than 2 million of users and allows you toblock100% of unwanted calls with ads and fraud, robocalls PCMagazine /RE: "NumBuster - application of the year 2015!"⚠IMPORTANT ✪ Yourphone number will still be available only to theperson to whom youcall yourself - we carefully guard your data,contact lists andcall logs from intruders ✪ No one can get yourphone number fromNumBuster, using search by name ✪ Internetconnection is requiredfor Caller ID
com.vladlee.easyblacklist 3.2.51
Vlad Lee
"Calls Blacklist" is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. Itcaneasily block calls and messages from unwanted, private(hidden,anonymous) or unknown numbers. SPAM BLOCKING: If you aretired ofannoying calls or messages: telemarketing, spam androbocalls, then"Calls Blacklist" is your solution. It is very easyandlightweight, yet powerful call blocker. The only you need is toaddunwanted numbers to the blacklist. SMS MESSENGER: This appalsoprovides fully functional built-in SMS messenger. You caneasilysend, receive and manage SMS. Also you can manageconversations andblock SMS spam using only one app. Once youenabled SMS blocking,the app's built-in SMS messenger becomeavailable. BLACKLIST: Youcan manage all unwanted numbers, and evenmore - using this app youcan block spammers by text of messages.And of course, it is easyto save blacklisted numbers to the fileand import them on anotherdevice. FEATURES: ✔️ Block calls and SMSusing blacklist. ✔️ Blockunknown numbers. ✔️ Block private/hiddennumbers. ✔️ Block a rangeof numbers using the "Begins with" option.✔️ Block SMS fromalphanumeric numbers. ✔️ Block SMS by text. ✔️Block all numbers.✔️ Block all calls while audio chat or VoIP callis established. ✔️Use "Whitelist" to prevent block of certainpeople. ✔️ Icon in thestatus bar can be turned off. ✔️ Getnotifications of blocking orturn them off. ✔️ "Schedule": specifytime to block calls ormessages. ✔️ "Log" of blocking. ✔️ Save/loadblacklist. ✔️ Turnon/off blacklist. ✔️ Robust call blocker and SMSblocker. If youhave any questions about the app, please let us knowby
Reverse Lookup - Caller ID and Spam Block 3.5.3
Nomadic Ratio
Reverse Lookup helps you easily identify unknown callers,detectspam calls, and block spammers and scammers from calling inthefuture. Additional Features: ★ Strength in numbers -Commentssection allows you to gain insight on calls from otherusers ★Easily save as a contact ★ Map the caller's location(whenavailable) ★ Expand the search to popular search engineslikeGoogle with one tap ★ And more! 100% free and anonymous, withnologin , no subscription, and no in-app purchases required. Ifyouenjoy this app but would prefer it without ads, please checkoutour paid version - Reverse Lookup Plus. It contains thesamefunctionality, without advertising, for a one-time fee thathelpssupport development of future updates. The choice is yours!NeedHelp? If you have any trouble, please read the Notes andFAQsections below and if they don't answer your question, pleasesendus an email so we can help you. We read and respond to everysingleemail we receive, usually within a few hours. Reviewsdoubling assupport requests are difficult to follow up on properlyandsometimes we may miss them altogether. Frequently AskedQuestions• There are NO fees associated with this app whatsoever. •There isno public directory for cellphones, so we cannot get muchdata onthem, sorry. • This app returns *publicly available dataaspublished by phone companies*. • If information returnedisoutdated, it's because it's outdated in the phonecompany'sdirectory. • The location being returned is typically thebillingaddress or carrier's office for that number. It is notpossible toreturn GPS data. PERMISSIONS Because we value privacyand respectyours, we'd like you to know what permissions are usedfor in thisapp. If you'd like a more detailed explanation, pleasevisit •INTERNET-required to reach lookup databases •READ CONTACTS / WRITECONTACTS- read is used to filter out known numbers from beinglisted aswell as determining which numbers to show a notificationfor. writeis used to create "send to voicemail" contacts •CALLPHONE - forone click calling after a lookup is complete •READ PHONESTATE -used to create notifications when an unknown number calls(ifset inpreferences) •NETWORK STATE - to ensure you have a dataconnectionwhen using the app •GET ACCOUNTS - used to attach "sendtovoicemail" contacts to your primary Google account(required forthesetting to work). old method of creating these contacts didnotrequire this permission but that did not work on somedevices.•READ CALL LOG - to list your unknown calls on the mainscreen
Call Flash - Color Your Phone,Caller Screen Themes 1.19
Blue Group
With Amusing screen themes and Striking phone light, it's one ofthemost popular phone call app in Google Play! Rating beyond 99%users!Color your call now! Call Flash focuses on cool flash phonecallerscreen themes. It provides you all kinds of awesome phonecallscreen themes, which will make your phone caller screenunique!Coloryour call now! Call Flash is simple and fast, and alsoeasy to use!You just need a click, and you will never miss a callwith agorgeous caller id! Perfect Support Performance : -Perfectlysupport Samsung Galaxy S8, S8 edge, S7, S7 edge, HUAWEIP10, LGNexus 5X Google Pixel 2 XL etc. - Perfectly support Android7.1,Android 8.0 . Powerful Features of Call Flash: 🌟 Beautiful,cool andstylish call screen themes, Full HD for all size 🌟 LEDflash alertfor incoming call 🌟 Simple and easy-to-use, fast andsmall 🌟 Powersaving, battery friendly 🌟 Update new themes everyweek Why you needa Call Flash: 🌟 Get flash alerts for incomingcalls 🌟 Customize yourflash theme, get personalized and beautifulflash alerts on call 🌟Feel the perfect combination of themes andringtones 🌟 Easy to findyour phone in night time and silent mode 🌟Never miss any importantcalls anymore when you can't hear yourphone ring This is such apowerful Call Flash, a personalized callscreen, call reminder andphone call flashlight app for you. Freeto get the amazing incomingcall reminder now! 🎉 🎉