Top 48 Apps Similar to IT-Enterprise.Mobility

BlackBerry Access
BlackBerry Ltd
BlackBerry Access™ enables enterprise mobile app users tosecurelyaccess intranet and popular web-based productivityapplicationsusing their device of choice.    WithBlackBerryAccess secure mobile browser, you get: • The nextgeneration ofBlackBerry’s secure mobile browser built on theBlackBerryDynamics® Secure Mobility Platform • Secure, intuitiveandcollaborative user experience – Interoperability withBlackBerryCollaboration Suite and other third party BlackBerry-securedapplications for complete business workflows • Flexibledeploymentoptions such as Direct Connect for point-to-pointcommunicationbypassing the BlackBerry Secure Cloud This app usesthe BlackBerryDynamics Secure Mobility Platform to safelysegregatecorporate data from personal data on Android devices,personallyowned or corporate liable, without compromising userprivacy.BlackBerry-secured apps protect business data on thedevice, overthe air and when shared between apps. Learn more aboutBlackBerryTechnology at If you likeBlackBerryAccess, please take the time to give us a review.
QuickEdit Text Editor - Writer, Code Editor 1.4.3
Rhythm Software
QuickEdit text editor is a fast, stable and full featurednotepadand code editor. It has been optimized for use on phonesandtablets. QuickEdit text editor can be used as standard texteditorfor plain text files, or as a code editor for programmingfiles. Itis suitable for both general and professional use.QuickEdit texteditor includes a number of performance optimizationsand userexperience tweaks. The speed and responsiveness of the appare muchbetter than other text editor apps commonly found on GooglePlay.Features: ✓ Enhanced notepad application withnumerousimprovements. ✓ Code editor and syntax highlight for 50+languages(C++, C#, Java, XML, Javascript, Markdown, PHP, Perl,Python, Ruby,Smali, Swift, etc). ✓ High performance with no lag,even on largetext files (more than 10,000 lines). ✓ Easily navigatebetweenmultiple open tabs. ✓ Show or hide line numbers. ✓ Undo andredochanges without limit. ✓ Display, increase, or decreaselineindentations. ✓ Fast selecting and editing abilities. ✓Physicalkeyboard support, including key combinations. ✓ Smoothscrollingboth vertically and horizontally. ✓ Directly target anyspecifiedline number. ✓ Quickly search and replace content. ✓Easily inputhex color values. ✓ Automatically detect charset andencoding. ✓Automatically indent new lines. ✓ Various fonts andsizes. ✓Preview HTML, CSS, and markdown files. ✓ Open files fromrecentlyopened or added file collections. ✓ Ability to edit systemfiles onrooted devices. ✓ Access files from FTP, Google Drive,Dropbox, andOneDrive. ✓ Supports both light and dark themes. ✓Optimized usagefor phones and tablets. If you can help to translatethisapplication to your native language, please contact ouremail:[email protected] If you run into any issues or haveanysuggestions, please feel free to contact us:[email protected] can also share your comments with theQuickEdit threadonxda-developers: using QuickEdit!
F5 Access 3.0.5
F5 Networks Inc.
The F5 Access for Android app (formerly known as the BIG-IPEdgeClient for Android) from F5 Networks secures and acceleratesmobiledevice access to enterprise networks and applications usingVPN andoptimization technologies. Secure VPN access is provided aspart ofan enterprise deployment of F5 BIG-IP® Access PolicyManager™(APM). Use of this application is subject to the End UserLicenseAgreement availableat: By downloadingandusing the application, you agree to its terms. F5 AccessforAndroid™, version 3.0.5, features: - Full Layer 3 network accesstoall enterprise applications and files - Google Android 5.0+per-appVPN support - Support for Android for Work, by securing apptrafficwith F5 BIG-IP APM - Support for Android on Chrome OS -Automaticnetwork roaming, to stay connected on the go - Use ofclientcertificates from Android Credential Storage forauthentication(for Android version 4.0, 4.2.x, 4.3.x, 4.4.x, 5.x,6.0 and higher;Android 4.1 cannot be supported) - SAMLauthentication forinitiating seamless VPN connections -Multi-factor authenticationsupport including SAML - Biometric andDevice Authentication forre-use of cached credentials - Detectionof rooted devices -Seamless user provisioning through MDM productsfrom Airwatch,MaaS360 and MobileIron Core - Managed configurationmode fordisabling of user edits to connection configurations afteruser’sIT admin has setup the initial configurations - SupportsAndroid4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x and 8.0 - Always On VPN Mode for AndroidforWork Requirements: (Contact your IT Administrator) - F5BIG-IP®Access Policy Manager NOTE: This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. Please refer to the F5 Access User Guideforinstructions on uninstalling the application. BEFORE YOU CONTACTF5SUPPORT, PLEASESEE:
Khmer Smart Keyboard 2.2.10
Smart Keyboard was originally developed by AlienDev, an ITcompany.Smart Keyboard has been well recognized as the most userfriendkeyboard app by smartphone users with more than 1milliondownloads. Smart Keyboard received 1st Runner Up of CambodiaICTAward 2015 and Best Performance in Start-up Company, CambodiaICTAward 2015. Due to some technical issues, this keyboard hasgoneoffline for a while. In 2017, INSTICT and AlienDev hascollaboratedwith each other to bring this app back to the GooglePlayStore andApple AppStore. We believe the collaboration shallbring many moreinnovative functionalities to smart keyboard and itsusers.Available Features: -Fast typing with flick gesture-Wordprediction -Delete by swiping left -Change mode by swipingright-Swipe Spacebar left/right to switch between English/Khmer-Supereasy switching between 4 and 5 rows by swiping two fingers upordown -Comes with themes and emoji
Content - Workspace ONE
VMware Workspace ONE
Workspace ONE Content brings you secure access to all of yourfilesanytime, anywhere, across your devices. Easily share files,markfiles as favorites, access documents offline, edit Officedocumentsand annotate PDF files with built-in editing tools.**QuicklySearch for Files** Use Content as your single access pointtosearch across the places your content is stored, regardlessofwhether the content is downloaded to your device or not.Onceyou’ve hit search, add filters to find exactly what you’relookingfor. **Instant Sharing and Collaboration** Share filesandcommunicate with colleagues in real-time within Content withfilesharing, adding a comment or @ tagging a colleague.**EasilyFavorite Content** Use a document often? Simply tap thestar by thefile you wish to favorite and find it even faster nexttime. **CreateNew Documents and Folders** Need something new?Easily add newdocuments, media, folders or connect to a newrepository by tappingthe plus in bottom right of the app.
Hex,Dec,Oct,Bin(Dev Calc) 2.2.1
The Calculator for Developer Developer Calc includes thefollowingfeatures: ■ Binary, octal, decimal, and hexadecimal in onescreen ■The maximum value : 0x0FFF FFFF FFFF FFFF ■ The minimumvalue :0xF000 0000 0000 0000 ■ The large 19-digit display ofdecimal ■Conversion reset ON/OFF
Acrobat Reader for Intune
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Microsoft Intune is for opening,viewingand working with PDFs in a Microsoft Intune managedenvironment. Ifyou are looking for the consumer version of AcrobatReader,download ithere: for Intune gives enterprise users all the featurestheyexpect from Acrobat Reader, while providing ITadministratorsexpanded mobile app management capabilities. This appallows PDFdata to reside in an encrypted container on the mobiledevice andwork with other apps in the Intune ecosystem. Additionalpoliciescan be applied to help prevent leakage of companyinformation. Andin the event of a lost or stolen device IT canremove AcrobatReader, along with any sensitive data associated withit.IMPORTANT: This software requires your company’s work accountandconnectivity to your company’s valid subscription toMicrosoftIntune. Some functionality may not be available in allcountries.If you have issues with this software or have questionsabout theuse of it (including questions about your company’sprivacypolicy), please contact your company’s IT Administrator.
BlackBerry Password Keeper
BlackBerry Limited
If you don't have a BlackBerry device: You can use this app onyourAndroid device absolutely free for 30 days. After that, youcancontinue using the app for free, with some ads. To remove adsandunlock access to more apps, subscribe to BlackBerry Hub+ fromtheapp. If you have a BlackBerry device: BlackBerrysmartphonespowered by Android get the app for free. RequiresBlackBerry Hub+Services You have a lot of passwords to keep trackof – email andsocial accounts, online banking, access to workapplications. Andthey all have different security requirements.BlackBerry PasswordKeeper stores all your passwords, logininformation and importantrecords safely in one secure location thatis protected with apassword of your choice. Password Keeper workswith the BlackBerryKeyboard to make it fast and easy to log in toweb pages and apps –just tap to insert your login info fromPassword Keeper. • Keepyour personal information safe with AES-256encryption • Accessyour secure vault of information with only onelogin password •Randomly generate secure, unique passwords toreplace weakpasswords • Check that your passwords are strong usingthe passwordstrength meter • Store new passwords, lists, and notes,editexisting items, and mark items as favorites for quick access •Openand log in to webpages using the built-in browser • ExportPasswordKeeper records to an encrypted file to store in a locationof yourchoice • Easily import records including from a previousBlackBerry10 device • Fully supports Android for Work deployment •Part ofBlackBerry Hub+ On BlackBerry devices only: • Autofillusernamesand passwords in web pages and apps with the BlackBerryKeyboard •Using the BlackBerry Keyboard, add new passwords quicklyby savinglogin info right from an app or web page’s login screen
Citrix Workspace
Citrix Systems, Inc
The new Citrix Workspace app (formerly known as CitrixReceiver)provides a great user experience - a secure, contextual,andunified workspace - on any device. It gives you instant accesstoall your SaaS and web apps, your mobile and virtual apps,files,and desktops from an easy-to-use, all-in-one interfacepowered byCitrix Workspace services. Using your mobile andvirtualizedapplications, files and desktops is faster and easierthan ever.Just ask your IT department how to get started. • Work onyourfavorite device from wherever you are • Access email orothercorporate applications • Access your files, apps, desktop fromyourphone, tablet, or all in one from a unified view • Providesinglesign on capabilities with Citrix SecureHub and CitrixFiles.Location and Sensor Virtual Channel: This virtual channelallowsWorkspace to redirect sensor information to applicationsrunning onserver. For example, applications can use accelerometerdata todrive 3D-modelling application, use ambient light level tocontrolthe brightness of the screen, use location data to alterbehaviorof application, and so on. Support for Citrix Readyworkspace hub:Built on the Raspberry Pi 3 platform, the CitrixReady workspacehub provides a secure connection to authorized appsand data.Citrix Workspace app for Android supports userauthentication toCitrix Ready workspace hubs as an experimentalfeature. This allowsauthenticated users to cast their sessions to ahub. The feature isdisabled by default. Note: Location permissionis required for theCitrix Ready workspace hub experimental feature.You can deny thispermission if there are no workspace hubs present.Problemsdownloading or installing the app?See Still needhelp?Please tell us more about theissue. company doesn’t use Citrix yet, you can installCitrxWorkspace app and request a demo account by “Try the demo”inCitrix Workspace app. For more information about CitrixWorkspaceapp, visit the productdocumentation
Sophos Mobile Control
Sophos Limited
Sophos Mobile Control is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)agentwhich allows companies to easily manage, control andsecureAndroid, iOS, macOS, Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile devicesfroma single web console. Sophos Mobile Control allows you toenrollyour device with the Sophos Mobile admin console. Yourorganizationcan then configure device policies, distribute apps andfurthersecure your device. IMPORTANT NOTE: Sophos Mobile Controlisconfigured and controlled via the Sophos Mobile adminconsole.Sophos Mobile Control will not function without theappropriatemanagement console in place. Please contact your IT teambeforeinstalling this app. This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. Key features of the app • Report thedevice compliancestatus. • Trigger device synchronization with theUEM server. •Install apps from an Enterprise App Store. • Displayall complianceviolations. • Receive messages from the UEM server. •Displayprivacy and support information. Instructions for enrollment1.Install this app on your mobile device and start it. 2. Scan theQRcode on the Self Service Portal or click the link in theenrollmentemail. 3. Allow the app to become a Device Administratoron yourdevice. 4. Optionally accept further Samsung licenses, appsto beinstalled or other settings. Sophos Mobile supports theextendedMDM management features of devices with Samsung Knox, LGGATE orSONY Enterprise API. For more information,visit
MaaS360 MDM for Android 6.50
Please contact us directly with any comments or questions. Wevalueyour input as we continue to improve your overall experiencewithMaaS360. Contact us: Mobile DeviceManagement for Android Devices is the firstcloud-based MDM solutionthat supports Android devices. Keyfeatures include: > Visibility— View hardware and softwareinventory, network details, andsecurity status > Control —Enforce passcode policies, restrictdevice features andapplications > Security — Lock, locate andwipe devices, andreset passcodes > Resilience — If a user optsout, MaaS360alerts the Administrator so that IT can takeappropriate action> Dashboards — Graphical reports highlight keyreal-timecompliance metrics as well as asset and network details> MyWatch List Alerts — Point out potential problems and otherkeydetails > Support for corporate and personal devices —Usersenroll themselves, and approved policies aredistributedautomatically For more details, visit Note: Toactivate Fiberlink's MaaS360 MobileDevice Management for AndroidDevices, you must have an enterpriseaccount with MaaS360. If youdo not, ask your IT department tocontact us at .
IBM Verse 201903012248
**** IBM Notes Traveler is now IBM Verse! You're ready forthefuture. IBM Verse replaces Notes Traveler and will continue toworkwith your existing Traveler servers. **** Get ready for mailthatunderstands you, for less clutter and more clarity, forconnectingyou to the people who matter to you most. Cloud-enabled,designedfor mobile devices, and powered by IBM's analytics andadvancedsearch, IBM Verse works for you, not the other way around.With IBMVerse for Android devices, you can: •See mail from peopleimportantto you •Set people you interact with often as Important•Mark mailas Needs Action •Manage items that need follow up •Trackwho owesyou a response and when •Work with your calendarseamlessly•Interact with all of your contacts This app iscompatible with IBMTraveler server version 9.0.1 and 10.x. To getstarted, contactyour administrator for your account and companyconfigurationinformation. If you're interested in using thisapplication withIBM SmartCloud, see thisURL forfurtherinformation. If you do not have IBM Traveler deployed inyourcompany, but want to try it out for free, register an accountonIBM Bluefizz, a free IBM product trialsite: If you are an end user andexperiencing aproblem, please contact your company IT help desk. Ifyou are anIBM Traveler administrator experiencing a problem, pleaseopen aPMR with your IBM customer number. In addition to rating theapp,you can tell us what we have done right or what we can dobetter byemailing IBM mobile software engineering [email protected] For more information about IBM Verse go totheofficial productwebsite: This appuses theDevice Administrator permission.
AirWatch Agent
The AirWatch® MDM Agent allows you to authenticate and enrollyourdevice in AirWatch. The intuitive enrollment process willpromptyou to authenticate, accept a Terms of Use agreement and toinstallthe applications, content and profiles set by yourITadministrator. From the AirWatch MDM Agent, you can viewdevicedetails, read messages from IT, verify your compliance statusandrequest support from your IT administrator. The AirWatch MDMAgentwill report device details and compliance status to theadminconsole. Note: AirWatch MDM Agent works in conjunction withand ismanaged through configurable system settings within theadminconsole. AirWatch MDM Agent will not operate without therequiredAirWatch infrastructure. Please contact your ITadministratorbefore installing AirWatch MDM Agent.AirWatch MDMAgent KeyFeaturesEnrollment• Easy user authentication • Intuitive,prompteddevice enrollment over-the-airAccess to CorporateResources•Automatic access to apps, content and resourcesconfigured by yourIT administrator• Single sign on for allAirWatchapplicationsSelf-Management• View device details, such asfreememory, current compliance status and telecom usage•Receivemessages when out of compliance• Contact support foradditionalassistance Instructions for ActivationStep 1: Downloadand installthe AirWatch MDM Agent on your device from Google PlayStoreStep 2:Enter your corporate email addressStep 3: Whenprompted, enter yourcredentials and accept the Terms of Use Step 4:The apps, contentand profiles configured by your IT administratorwill prompt you toinstall automaticallyTo optimize your securityand productivity,AirWatch will collect some device information,including:• PhoneNumber• Serial Number• UDID (Universal DeviceIdentifier)• IMEI(International Mobile Equipment Identifier)• SIMCard Identifier•Mac Address• Currently Connected SSID
[email protected]
MobileIron's [email protected] securely connects your Android devicetoyour company network so that you can easily access email andotherwork resources. Best Technology ☆ Purpose-built for Mobile ITwithmillions of users globally ☆ Complete separation of corporateandpersonal data ☆ 500+ of Global 2000 customers ☆ More than97%customer support satisfaction rate With just a few quicksteps,[email protected] makes getting access to corporate resources easyonyour Android device: ► PRIVACY: Visual Privacy capabilitiesprovidetransparency to employees by allowing them to view exactlywhichdata their company can see and which actions their company cantakeon the device. ► FAST ACCESS: Immediate access to corporateemail,calendar and contacts. ► AUTOMATED: Connect automaticallytocorporate Wi-Fi and VPN networks. ► EASY: Discover and installworkrelated applications on your device wherever you are. ►SECURE:Automated compliance with corporate security policies. ►FIND MYPHONE: Locate lost or stolen devices and remotely managethem.Note: [email protected] works in conjunction with MobileIronCoredeployed by your company’s IT organization. Please followtheinstructions from your IT organization to use this [email protected] required to access corporate resources and thereforeshould notbe removed without first consulting your IT organization.VisualPrivacy allows your organization to see device details suchasmodel name, OS version, roaming status, and company apps.However,IT cannot see personal information such as personal email,personalcontacts, photos, videos and voicemail. Learn about MobileDeviceManagement: MobileSecurity: aboutBYOD: LearnaboutVisual Privacy: us onFacebook: Followus on Twitter: Follow us onG+: Find more aboutMobileIron:
SAP Fiori Client 1.11.7
The SAP Fiori Client mobile app for Android is an enhancedmobileruntime for the more than 1100 SAP Fiori apps that canincreaseyour productivity by tackling your most common dailybusiness tasksanywhere and anytime. SAP Fiori Client provides thenext-levelmobile experience to the Web-based SAP Fiori apps,including deviceintegration, full-screen operation, and enhancedattachmenthandling. Key features of SAP Fiori Client for Android •Manageyour daily business functions based on your role throughanintuitive interface • Conduct transactions such asrequests,approvals, tracking, and reporting of data • Get insightinto keydata and take action • View fact sheets and contextualinformationNote: To use SAP Fiori Client with your business data,you must bea user of SAP Business Suite software and a registereduser of SAPFiori, with mobile services enabled by your ITdepartment. For alist of supported devices and operating systems,please refer to SAP FioriClient help page can be found at can also obtain support bysending an e-mail [email protected]
Learn IT & Cyber Security Free 1.0.16
Grow a successful Information Technology and Cyber Securitycareerwith Cybrary!Want to learn Information Technology (IT) andCyberSecurity for free, forever? Now on Cybrary, everyone can learnFREEforever. From beginners, to systems administrators, to coders/programmers, to pentesters, to CISO's, its all free onCybrary.CanI Have The Details?Cybrary provides completely free ITand CyberSecurity training courses on our app andwebsite( Our approach is to be both freeand opensource. The Android app features video training coursesincludingall of our over 3,000 IT, security, sys admin, networkadmin,penetration testing and forensics training topics. TheCybrarywebsite includes other learning features such as hands-onlabs,practice test software, capture the flag assessments andmore.WithCybrary, you can begin training for a new career in thefield,advance your current skill set or prepare forindustrycertification exams. Over 1,000,000 people are alreadyusing us toadvanced their skills. And yes, Cybrary is FREE,forever.What ElseIs On This App?Cybrary's app has thousands ofhours of free videotraining for beginners, all the way throughadvanced and leadershiplevel courses. We offer popular trainingcourses including CCNA,Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), CompTIA A+,Security+, CISSP, WebApplication Penetration Testing, MCSA, SecureCoding, NIST 800,Metasploit, and more. Companies (such as Tenable,Rapid 7, Fortinetand more) also produce product courses, so you canlearn how to usesome of the industry's most useful resources. Inaddition to ourlibrary of IT and cyber security courses, ourmembers generatehighly engaging technical and non-technicalcontent, makingCybrary's app an essential daily reading resource.If you are readyto get certified, this app offers innovative MicroCertificationsto validate your knowledge on in-demand job-readyskills.This IsCrazy, Who Else Uses Cybrary?Over 1 million peoplehave usedCybrary for training, and thousands of new people joinevery day.Cybrary is most useful for anyone looking to begin oradvance in anIT or cyber security career. Entirely free learning,for beginners,ethical hackers, IT & systems administrators,informationsecurity management, network admins, governance andcompliance,risk managers, and coders / programmers. There is alsotrainingfrom beginner to leadership.What Topics Do YouCover?Computerrepair, systems administration, networking, networksecurity,Microsoft, Cisco, Linux, CompTIA, ISACA, ISC2,cloud,virtualization, cryptography, ethical hacking, HIPAA, PCI /DSS,forensics, Office 365, penetration testing, webapplicationpenetration testing, information systems auditing,projectmanagement, secure coding, secure software development,malwareanalysis, forensics, social engineering, python forsecurity,Metasploit, cloud security, information securitymanagement, riskmanagement, incident response and many more. Alsolearn how to useindustry products such as Nessus, Office 365,Coverity, WebInspect, Fortify, Dagah, Arcsight, Kali Linux and manyothers.But,Why Are You Doing This?Cybrary's Mission: To providetheopportunity to learn Information Technology and Cyber Securitytoanyone, anywhere.Here is more about us. Cybrary launchedinJanuary, 2015 to be a free and open source initiative to ITandcyber security learning. Anyone can contribute and teach.Wecreated a free and open source approach because we wanted adynamiclandscape of learning that could move fast enough to keep upwiththe rapid evolution of the technologies, and we need morepeoplewith more skills in the industry.Can I Contribute toCybrary?Thanksfor asking! Yes you can! You can teach classes orpost articles.Here is where you can find out aboutthose:Teach: SubmitArticles: Cybrary, learn FREE,forever!
Dev Tools(Android Developer Tools) 4.1.0
Android Dev Tools is a automation Android DevelopmentAssistant,It's a powerful, productive, essential AndroidDevelopmentAssistant, It can improve your development productivity.It can beused to decompile other App, view layout and view of otherapp,view the activities history, view manifest of any apps,,viewrecently used or installed apps, pull any app's apk or so,debugapplications, view phone hardware and software-relatedinformationand so on, the more features will be added later.including: ►Decompile other apps View app's java file, resource andother fileeasily. ► Add Layout Inspector Tool View layout and viewinfo ofother app, can show view id, width height, parent and childview,coordinate of view. ► View the latest open source projectsdaily Awell-selected daily Android open source project. ► Viewtheactivity history View the appName, packageName, title, icon,starttime of the activity opened, also include current activity,topactivity. support open in small window mode. ► View manifest ofanyapps View manifest of any apps, search any content ofmanifest,save manifest to sdcard in text or html. ► AppManagement——Viewinfo of apps You can manage your app easily. Viewapps installed,recently used apps, recently installed apps in gridmode. View apppackage name, version, uid, apk dir, so dir, datadir, firstinstall and last upgrade time, component info and so on.► Pull apkor so of apps Pull any app's source apk or so file. ►Quickly openor close the options in the developer options Theoriginal tens ofseconds to shorten the operation of a click.Including show screenlayout, debug gpu overdraw, show layoutupdates, forced GPUrendering, show GPU view updates, show GPURendering, show pointerposition, strict mode, don't keepactivities, stay awake, RunningService. Note: This part of thefunction is to solve the cumbersomeoperation of the developeroption through the automated way, if youare tired of the cumbersomeoperation of the developer option also,then this tool is for you.If you need a tool different from thesystem developer option, thisis not what you want, don't installit, thanks. ► Quickly view thesystem info include system versioninformation, hardwareinformation, screen information, CPUinformation, virtual machineinformation, network-relatedinformation, ID-related information. ►Quickly open other commonfunctions include settings, System UITuner, language switching,developer options, my applications.Shortcut: (1) You can add toolshortcuts to the desktop by longpressing the tool icon; (2) Youcan add tool widgets to the desktop;(3) You can start the toolthrough the shortcut quickly on Android7.1, long pressing theapplication icon in the desktop; (4) You canadd the tool to thenotification bar by Quick Settings Tile onAndroid 7.0. By theseshortcuts. You even don't need to open theapp. Permissions:Accessibility Service:We use this feature to turnon or off somedeveloper options automatically, get classname ofcurrent activityto save your time. We can use this feature onlyafter yourauthorization, We promise not to collect any of yourinformation.It is available for Android 4.0 and above, includeAndroid Pie,Android Oreo, Android Nougat, Android Marshmallow,Android LollipopMR1, Android Lollipop, Android KitKat, AndroidJelly Bean MR2,Android Jelly Bean MR1, Android Jelly Bean, AndroidIce CreamSandwich MR1, Android Ice Cream Sandwich.
Future Maker 1.0
Future Marketing
Company OverviewFuture Maker Life Care Pvt. Ltd. offers youaholistic approach towards business by bringing to itsdistributorshealth care products and great business opportunitythrough asimple and very powerful binary and Rewards.. AlthoughtraditionalIndian ayurvedic form of herbal medicines has been usedfor morethan thousands of years, the traditional form of usehaschanged.VisionFuture Maker Life Care Pvt. Ltd. is a one of akind,life changing company. And behind this company has someamazingleaders pressing forward. Drawing on years of experienceandinnovative new ideas, they are leading this companytowardsunimagined success.MissionFuture Maker Life Care Pvt. Ltd.Ourmission is to help millions of people become Free Entrepreneurssothat they can become financially secure, fulfill their dreamsanddesires, and live a happier, joyous, and meaningful life.Toinspire people to help others making a positive change intheirlives.Outstanding!Future Maker way of Success. We Provide YouBestHealth care, Agriculture and Home care Products. All ProductveryHelpful for life. We are providing superior quality productstomeet real market needs. Future Maker Provide You BestHealthProduct Range.Something AboutFuture Maker Life Care Pvt.Limited isone of the largest direct selling companies founded in2015 atHisar in Haryana. Future Maker deals in Health care,Personal care,Home care products. Company offers a high qualitylife changingproducts and unparalleled business opportunity thatempowers peopleto achieve their dreams financial freedom andrewards by helpingothers.Our SpeclizationstWithin a short frame oftime we haveestablished a name for our products that are incognizance to allauthorized slandered of quality .Our premiumproducts have won us awide clientele across the globe .We have acustomer centricapproach that helps us achieve total customersatisfaction.
enAlytics 1.31
enAlytics is a fully integrated end-to-end solution thatisdeveloped in-house. It slices and dices the raw data collectedfromon-field entrac satellite devices and transforms it intovisuallysimple means that helps any logistics company analyse theirpastperformance and help with strategising for optimisingfutureexecution. entrac™ enAlytics is a comprehensive analyticssolutionthat focuses on both on-field and management activities.-Intuitive reporting of asset utilization - Seamless resolutionoflogistics concerns Data customized to target audience.enAlyticsrepresents data the way your sales and strategic managerswant tosee it. - Convert complex data into insightful information -Createactionable reports and alerts
iMaster 1.7.0
iMaster is an application for revision and checking ABB MasterData.Initially it allows ABB employees and external contractors torevisetheir own information in ABB HR system. In addition, user isable tocheck data of the employees reporting to him/her andrequest desiredchanges (available for already onboardedcountries).
24SevenOffice 1.0.42
24SevenOffice AS
24SevenOffice gives your business a complete ERP system withCRM,Financials, Project Management, Time Tracking and more in onefullyintegrated solution. As a 100% cloud-based businesssoftwaredelivered as a service over the Internet (Software as aService). Abusy life, has more than one mode. Therefore it isimportant withflexible tools, which are easy to use for enteringdata and keep upto date - whether it should be from a laptop orsmartphone. As itwould be challenging to put a full ERP system ontoa smart phone,our mobile solution is developed with the goal andintent to be auseful tool in those situations it is natural to usethe mobilephone to keep up to date, look into financial highlights- or toupdate tasks, while on the move.
my Installed Base 2.2
myIB (my Installed Base) allows to report problems with ABBproduct,register it and get many useful information related toproduct likedocumentation, contact people, contact centres etc.For logged-inusers application provides additional functionalityto previewalready registered products with service history andpossibility torequest recommended services and creatingsubstructures.
CACHATTO SecureBrowser
e-Jan Networks Co.
What is CACHATTO? CACHATTO is a remote access solutionforenterprises, with the highest number of shares in Japan.Sinceusing smart devices for business holds the risk ofinformationleakage due to theft or loss of device, and virusinfection,CACHATTO provides high-level security for remote accessandprotects confidential corporate information. [Features]-Safeaccess from mobile devices to corporate email, groupware andfileservers -No data remains in user's device. -A varietyofauthentication methods such as One Time Password and DeviceIDAuthentication -Copy/paste prevention to other applications-Easyinstallation, no-VPN, and no need of extensive modificationstocorporate gateway systems Notes -To use CACHATTOSecureBrowser,purchase and installation of CACHATTO to corporationsaremandatory. -To view email attachment and file server files,aspecific secure application "CACHATTO Ducument Viewer"and"CACHATTO PDF Reader" is prepared at the store. Please installtheapplication. -"CACHATTO Monitor" needs to be installed on thesamedevice. This application supervises SecureBrowser'ssecuritycondition. New features on CACHATTO Ver. 5.0 andCACHATTOSecureBrowser Ver. 3.5.0 -New user interface forsmartphones,tablets and PC’s -Improved usability. Faster emailviewing bypreloading data to memory cache -Mobile Device Management-Openingzip files (including encrypted zip files) AboutDeviceAdministrator permissions This app uses DeviceAdministratorpermissions if company administrators require thefollowingpolicies to be applied on devices. -Screen lock isrequired.Password rules must be set. -The time until screen lockoccurs isdetermined. Access to screen lock needed. -If login toscreen lockis failed after the set number of attempts, all data onthe devicewill be erased. Access to screen lock login attempts anddevicedata needed. For more information, please visit CACHATTO WebPortal( ).
Blink Home Monitor 3.4.5
Immedia Semiconductor
Blink is a one-of-a-kind, battery-powered home monitoringsystemthat’s simple to set up and equally perfect for rentersandhomeowners. Through this app you will receive motion alerts,beable to watch live HD video for instant home insight, andcustomizevarious camera and alert settings to make the system justright foryour apartment, home, or business. Blink systemsareultra-affordable with no monthly fees required, and theirwire-freedesign makes it simple to create and expand a system tofit yourspecific needs at just a fraction of the cost of otherhomemonitoring systems. Blink helps you enjoy peace of mind bykeepingyour entire home close, no matter where you are. Don’t haveBlink ?Find out more at
Emplx 1.1.6
MYwave Sdn Bhd
EmplX is a real-time internet-based human resource (HR)managementsystem that focuses on cost-effective workforcemanagement workflows. It aims to empower your HR department toactively supportyour organisation's objectives by automating andimproving HRefficiency. With EmplX handling the technicalcomplexities andoperational hassles, it frees up your HRprofessionals to focus onstrategic decisions, productivity, anddelivering value to yourcore business.
Rainbow 1.53.1
Make a Difference Together Be Spontaneous Easily chat andsharefiles, get the best messaging for your business BeEngagedInstantly make audio or video calls and share you screenwith justa click Be in Control Lead your business withenterprise-gradecontrol LicenseAgreement:
Spiceworks - IT Community 3.4.6
Spiceworks, Inc.
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SAP Cloud for Customer 1902.2.0
With the SAP Cloud for Customer for Android, you can gainreal-timeinsights into your company’s ever-changing customer dataanywhereand anytime. This app accesses the SAP Cloud for Customersolutionand allows sales people to collaborate with their team,communicatebetter with their business network, and make informeddecisionsright from their Android Tablet. Key features of SAP CloudforCustomer for Android: • Find and follow people in yoursalesorganization • View feed updates of the people and recordsyoufollow and add comments and private messages • Maintainaccount,contact, lead, opportunity, competitor, appointment, andtaskinformation • Convert a lead to an opportunity andrequestenterprise resource planning (ERP) pricing • Accessreal-timeanalytics • Receive offline support Note: To use SAP CloudforCustomer for Android with your business data, you must be a userofthe SAP Cloud for Customer solution with a valid license andlogoncredentials, as well as mobile services enabled by yourITdepartment. The data and business processes available on theappdepend on your role in the back-end system. Contactyouradministrator for more information.
GreatDay HR - SunFish Go 4.5.0
DataOn Corporation
Register at --- #1 HR System ProviderinIndonesia ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certified --- Use GreatDayHRto: - Easily manage staff requests and HR tasks anywhereandanytime. - Keep your business running effectively throughaccurate:payroll, tax and BPJS calculation. - View reports and getrelevantalerts so you stay in full control of your business. -Saveadditional costs for attendance machines or pay consultantstocalculate tax, BPJS, PPh 21, etc. --- Great Day's main features:-Claims and Reimbursement - Leave and Attendance - PayrollandSalary - Shift and Schedules --- GreatDay HR’s additionalfeatures:- Approval - Notification - Secure File Sharing -Attendance Report- Personal Information - Organization Structure -Social Media ---Founded in 1999, and now trusted by over 2,000companies, winningTELCO TOP IT Award in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.--- GreatDay HRis a product that focuses on Human ResourcesManagement on the go.--- *We recommend using a data plan orconnecting to Wi-Fi as youmay incur data usage fees otherwise.
Servicetrac 18.2.324
Servicetrac is an enterprise application which requires acompanyregistration code and a valid user account to access it. Ifyouwould like to use Servicetrac please contact InnoviseSoftwareusing one of the following methods:[email protected] +44 (0)370 6260400 Servicetrac is aservice delivery application designed toprovide today’s diverseand international Facilities Managementprofessional, Securityprovider or Cleaning services operator with acomprehensive suiteof tools. Focused on productivity and compliancethe full suiteincludes Auditing, Service management, a Helpdesk andCRM. HoldingMicrosoft Dynamics CRM at the heart of the solution,Servicetracprovides enterprise class features including security,scalabilityand reporting. Besides the huge potential for futuredevelopmentand extreme flexibility that has been injected viathecollaboration with Microsoft, the new Servicetrac neatlycombinesan exciting set of powerful and future-proof functions intothefamiliar, and widely-used Servicetrac interface.FacilitiesManagement, Security and Cleaning organisations can lookforward toworking with an ‘easy to use’ solution that willsignificantlyincrease efficiency; no matter how large orinternationallydispersed a business is, whilst saving time andmoney. Features •Auditing & compliance • Service Delivery •Helpdesk • CRM •Dashboards
AUON 3.0.7
The AUON Mobile Solutions app helps you stay connected to thetoolsand information you need for a peak performance inthisincreasingly competitive mobile world. Now you will haveeasyaccess to your pay data, leave application, personalinformation,post your travel expenses on-go and more — all in afamiliar,easy-to-use format. Average employees often find itverychallenging to connect to their HR systems through adesktopsolution, either it is not their primary business tool, orthey areusually travelling and offsite for work related issues orthey areusually overwhelmed by all the options available and theyoftenforget how the system works. However, using AUON, we canbridgethis critical engagement gap and, as a result, enjoysignificantcompetitive advantage. If you want to stay connected toyour HRservices using your mobile device, the AUON Mobile Solutionsapp isjust the innovation for you!
Stock by Parlevel 1.1.6
Parlevel Systems
Parlevel Systems delivers innovative solutions that helpoperatorsrevolutionize their vending machines, micro markets,office coffeeservices and warehouse operations. Parlevel isdedicated todelivering powerful yet easy to use technology thatprovidesoperators with complete control and accountability oftheirbusiness anywhere, anytime.The Parlevel Mobile applicationprovidesvending and micro market operators, drivers andtechnicians, thetools they need to perform their day-to-dayoperation in thefield.The application also replaces the need forpaper or handheldswith many easy-to-use and intuitive featureslike: - Prekitting-Inventory adjustments- Route tracking- Productchanges- Cashconsolidation management- Barcode scanning for moneybags- Refunds-Note management- Alerts- Notifications - Offlinemachinestocks/pulls- Auditing- InvoicingThe mobile application ispart ofParlevel's robust suite of products created to increasevalue andhelp you manage your business more efficiently.
Service Pro Mobile 3 3.24.13
Mobile Field Service Software Improve CustomerSatisfaction,Increase Technician Utilization and Boost ServicePerformance withService Pro® Mobile Your customers have highexpectations. Helpyour field service technicians exceed them. Fieldserviceorganizations that empower their service technicians withreal timecustomer, asset, inventory, warranty and other callresolutioninformation consistently outperform their peers becausetheirtechnicians can complete their work more quickly, and at ahigherfirst time response success rate. Why Service Pro Mobile? Amoreinformed technician is more productive! Empower your fieldservicetechs with immediate information to get the job done right,on thefirst call. • Service Pro Mobile works anywhere - Technicianscanrecord work in areas with or without wireless networkconnectivity.• Service Pro Mobile is easy to use – Features areintuitively laidout and use the device's native navigation. It’scross platform andconsistent between iOS and Android menu options.• Service ProMobile is a seamless extension of Service Pro - Stopwastingeffort! Integration with Service Pro® extends world classfieldservice productivity to the field. • Service Pro Mobiledeploymentoptions - On-premise or cloud • Service Pro Mobile doeswork ordersand inspections – Data is saved to permanent tablesmatching thestructure of the Service Pro back-end feature. •Service Pro Mobilecan integrate to your ‘home office’ system –Enjoy company-widefield service automation by using Service ProMobile with your homeoffice system. What can Service Pro Mobile do?Service Pro Mobileincludes many paperless service managementcapabilities for fieldservice technicians: • Service TechnicianStatus • Work OrderManagement: • Technician Time Tracking •Inventory Tracking • AssetInspections • Photo Capture • SignatureCapture
Smart Collaboration 4.2.24
Gulliver S.r.l.
Smart Collaboration è la “piazza” delle soluzioni collaborativeinmobilità proposte da TESISQUARE e dedicate alle aziendechedesiderano sfruttare le potenzialità del mobile per i processidibusiness.L’accesso è protetto da un sistema di autenticazione,chegarantisce la sicurezza delle informazioni personali.SmartCollaboration alimenta in automatico i sistemiinformativisviluppati e venduti da TESISQUARE consentendo unoscambio datiimmediato con i dispositivi mobili.Smart Collaborationconsente disemplificare l’operatività quotidiana, di ottimizzare itempi eridurre i costi delle operazioni, visualizzando econdividendo leinformazioni in tempo reale.Può essere installata inseguitoall’attivazione delle credenziali di accesso da parte dellapropriaazienda.Smart Collaboration is the "square" ofcollaborativesolutions for mobility proposals from TESISQUARE anddedicated tocompanies that want to exploit the potential of mobilebusinessprocesses.Access is protected by an authentication system,whichguarantees the security of personal information.SmartCollaboration automatically feeds information systemsdeveloped andsold by TESISQUARE allowing immediate exchange datawith mobiledevices.Smart Collaboration helps simplify dailyoperations,optimize time and reduce costs of operations, viewingand sharinginformation in real time.It can be installed after theactivationof the login credentials from their company.
DivTech 2.5.2
DivTech app integrates with Diversified Ticketing Software. Theappgives "authenticated" technicians access to work orderdetails,scope of work document and tickets. You can upload photosto aticket from your photo library as well as update the statusofassigned tasks. You can view the list of parts and toolsrequiredand access Knowledgebase articles relevant to the servicevisit. Inorder to access these features, you must be working with acompanythat utilizes Diversified TicketingSoftware.For"non-authenticated" users, the app provides thefunctionality toscan one or more barcodes and copy them to an emailor anotherapplication on the mobile device. The following barcodetypes arecurrently supported:- QR_CODE- DATA_MATRIX- UPC_E- UPC_A-EAN_8-EAN_13- CODE_128- CODE_39- ITF
Trio Referral 2.0.4
For over 25 years Enghouse Interactive has developedtelephonysystems that enable our customers to handle any type ofexternal orinternal interaction in the most efficient andprofessional way -independent of the communication channel. In theproduct suite TrioEnterprise 4.x, Trio Enterprise Mobile Referralfor Android 4.0+makes it easy to handle your availability status.It has never beensimpler, just choose one of the shortcuts and youroperators,colleagues and external callers will be informed aboutyouravailability. As a user you can create shortcuts and set,change ordelete statuses. You will receive login information andmanualsfrom your company.
This software is used to make Time Stamp by Selfie viaSmartphoneand checks Longitude and Latitude, then stores in thesystem. It isavailable both iOS and Android. The softwareautomatically comparesan image chosen by the face capture withimages stored in a usersmartphone. Guarantee high probability ofcorrect recognition andquick search of databases containinghundreds or thousands ofimages.
VehicHaul 1.9.19
VehicHaul is a mobile interface designed to allow drivers toeasilytrack and manage their loads digitally to maximizeefficientpickup, transport and delivery of vehicles. VehicHaul willallowyour company to seamlessly transition to a paperless systemwherebydispatchers and drivers know instantly what needs to becompletedin order to deliver vehicles on time and to the rightdestination.VehicHaul will save users money by making every step ofthe processeffortless. Features: - Track locations of en routeloads. - Pushnew loads to a driver. - Track loads with multiplepickup anddestination locations. - Digitally sign for and deliverloads(interfaces with Chrysler EPod). - Wirelessly print and emailBOLsdirectly from the device. - Track damages with specific codesandimages for detailed record keeping. - Track vehicles unfitforpickup. - Designed from the ground up for Android. TryVehicHaultoday to see how your business can benefit from the powerof thebest digital Transportation Management Application.
SIM Arca (Sistema Integrado de Monitoreo) 14.0
Aplicación para productividad de unidades de repartoarcacontinental lindleyDesarrollado por OrbitecSAC.Productivityapplication delivery units ark continentallindleyPowered byOrbitec SAC.
N-central MDM Agent
N-able Technologies Inc.
The N-able MDM Agent enables you to connect your Android devicetoyour company's network and is used to: - Connect your devicetocorporate wireless network - Apply security settings -Resetpasswords/PINs - Lock, track, and/or erase your device in theeventof loss or theft - Install recommended applications - Sendyounotifications This app uses the Device Administrator permission.
Enterprise Mobile Security 9.8.2131
Trend Micro
Trend Micro Mobile Security is the client app for TrendMicro’senterprise mobility platform. Trend Micro Mobile Securityforenterprises lets IT administrators enroll, manage andsecureemployee mobile devices. With built in Mobile devicemanagement,app management, app reputation and device AV, MobileSecurity is apowerful tool for enterprises that want to enabletheir mobileemployees securely. For this app to work, your ITadministratormust have a Trend Micro Mobile Security serverdeployed. Your ITadministrator should provide instructions on howto enroll thisTMMS for Enterprise Agent to the TMMS for Enterpriseserver system.This app is only compatible with Trend Micro MobileSecurity forEnterprise 9.0 or above.
MobileSitter 1.1
MobileSitter protects passwords, PINs and TAN lists usinganinnovative technique that offers higher security thanconventionalpassword managers. At the same time, MobileSitter is aseasy to useas conventional products. Hackers get nuts due toMobileSitter'sresistance against typical attacks (e.g., dictionaryandbrute-force attacks). Such attacks use trial and error to findthecorrect master password. Technologies like cloud computing allowtotremendously speed-up these attacks. Hackers do not evenhaveexpert knowledge to run the attacks. Many of these supposedsecurepassword managers are actually easy prey for hackers, even iftheyuse strong encryption algorithms such as AES, sinceimportantsecurity assumptions for using these algorithms have beenneglectedby conventional products. MobileSitter is different. Here,strongcryptographic algorithms are applied in such way that hackersdonot get any usable feedback. Thus, when using MobileSitterthestored passwords are secure.Besides a higher securitylevel,MobileSitter provides additional features such as securerandompassword generation and a backup and restore function toprovideadditional reliability of the stored secrets in case ofdefect,loss, or theft. MobileSitter combines higher securitywithconvenience functions and easy to use interface.MobileSitterwasdeveloped by the Fraunhofer Institute for SecureInformationTechnology SIT in Germany.SECURITYMobileSitter providesresistanceagainst dictionary and brute force attacks. Nowadays,hackersusually test huge amounts of possible master passwords inorder toget to the stored secrets. When using conventionalpasswordmanagers to encrypt data, a hacker can detect if theattemptedattack was successful even without the necessity oftesting thedecryption result as a password at therespectiveservice.MobileSitter is different. Here, an attackercannot decideif the attempt was successful when looking at thedecryptionresults. MobileSitter accepts all master passwords. Itdecrypts thestored information on the basis of the given masterpassword,irrespective of whether or not it is correct. However, thesoftwaremisguides attackers by displaying wrong passwords.Everydecryptionresult looks as if it could be correct. For example, if ahackerdecrypts a PIN assigned to a debit card using a masterpassword,the decryption result that is returned will always be afour-digitnumber combination. From an attacker’s point of view - nomatterwhether hacker or hacking software - it is indistinguishableif thecorrect master password is found or not. For hacker orhackingsoftware every decryption attempt seems to besuccessful.Todetermine whether a decryption result is correct, thehacker has nochoice but try to login with result at the respectiveservice.There, however, additional security mechanisms of theservice takeeffect after a defined amount of failed logins, e.g.,three in thecase of a debit card.Further information can be foundonhttp://www.mobilesitter.deFEATURES- Use ofestablishedcryptographic standards: AES, PBKDF2, ISO/IEC9797-1-Group yoursecrets into folders- Alphabetic and user definedsorting- Searchfunction- Easy data backup (Email, USB mass storagemode)-Encrypted backups- Auto Log-Off- Auto deletion of clipboard-Easymaster password change- Easy device replacementIf youlikeMobileSitter, we would be happy if you write a review.Yourfeedback is always welcome. Please contact us to reportanyquestions, comments or suggestions. Within the MobileSitter appuse"Options" > "Send email" for contact.
Agile 5.0.33c
AGILE is a cloud-based, smart mobile app that acts like a wingmantoevery enterprise worker - white collared or otherwise! Builttomaximize productivity, the tool makes field staff, salesguys,knowledge workers and everyone equally efficient! We aredesignedto suit the needs of any domain irrespective of the sizeandcomplexity of operation. Whether it is 50, 500 or 50,000people,our smart app can be deployed in less than 30 minutesgettingeveryone into a productive zone in a jiffy! We callitEnterpriseDIY! A self-service platform for new ageenterprisesseeking to lower costs, improve productivity and havepositiverevenue impacts. Built with years of technology andmarketexperience, the app is powered by dynamic forms, smartallocationof tasks, tracking and monitoring and of course anamazing set ofreporting functions. Powered by Google Maps, oursolution can alsoprovide absolute transparency to organizations inknowing the exactposition of an employee and if he/she would needassistance on thefield. Our SmartWorkFlow module allows fordynamically allocatingworks to field staff based on their locationand schedules. Howsmart is that? *** Features **** Dynamic formsthat can be pushedto devices in minutes Smart Work Flow ManagementScheduling andDispatching Rich media capabilities tagged with Geoand Time stampsfor authenticity Field Tracking and MonitoringOffline Capabilitiesreduces Data consumption Integrated approvalmechanisms for works,leaves, etc *** Disclaimer *** Continued useof GPS running in thebackground can dramatically decrease batterylife. This app usesthe Device Administrator permission. Agile usesfollowingpermissions Calendar, Camera, Contacts,Locations,Microphone,Phone, SMS, Storage. Calendar: To manage the employeetasks stickto calendar such that employee will can plan his workingdayaccordingly. Camera: To capture the signatures and Imagesasrequired on the business needs. Contacts: This allows userstocreate the customers from the contacts existing in thedevice.Locations: We capture location data to geo stamp theeventscaptured by the mobile app and to ensure the safety ofemployees byreporting the location to their respectiveorganisation.Microphone: To capture the meeting summary with apotentialbusiness user. SMS: We use this to onboard the businessusers bysending SMS. Storage: This is a default required permissiontostore the captured data in the device. Phone: To monitorthenetwork and date time fluctuations we are using this We sweartokeep the data captured safe and secure.
Bosch Connected Control 1.1.6
Bosch Thermotechnik GmbH
Bosch Connected Control (BCC100)– Wi-Fi Connected Control forAllYour Heating and Cooling Needs The Bosch Connected Control isaninternet-connected programmable thermostat for all heatingandcooling system, which can be operated using this app. ThisNote:Bosch Connected Control (BCC100) works with most 24VACHVACequipment in US and Candada. It is compatible with BoschandNon-Bosch products however, it will require the C-Wire forproperoperation Simple to Use Bosch Connected Control’sintuitiveoperation and large user interface ensures it is verysimple toallow for maximum comfort with minimal effort. • Suppliedwith apre-set schedule that can then be easily modified to fityourneeds. • Features a ‘vacation’ mode, to reduce energyconsumptionwhile being away from home.
ReadSoft Mobile 2.4.94
ReadSoft Mobile from Kofax (Lexmark Enterprise Software)allowsusers of ReadSoft applications to connect with theiron-premises,hybrid and cloud solutions from mobile devices. Usersbecomeenabled to manage accounts payable and other financialprocessesand make informed decisions from anywhere, anytime. Forbusyexecutives and approvers, this mobility and flexibility candeliversignificant efficiency gains. Users can access worklistsandprocess financial documents and requests such as invoices,purchaserequisitions, sales orders, etc. directly from theirsmartphonesusing ReadSoft Mobile. You can review the live document,imagedata, attachments, and workflow status, as well as approve,rejector add a note to it - all from a mobile device. Suitable foryouif: You are using ReadSoft business applications for SAP andwantto go wireless. Key benefits of using ReadSoft Mobile:Reducebottlenecks: ReadSoft Mobile allows you to approve andprocessfinancial documents from anywhere, anytime, thus reducingdelays inthe process due to travels or you being out of the office.Speed upprocessing: Expediting your financial processes with mobileaccesshelps you to avoid late payment penalties and get earlypaymentdiscounts. Secure connection to the back end: ReadSoftMobileutilizes existing network infrastructure to establish asecureconnection to your back-end system. Data is encrypted whenitleaves the internal network and is decrypted on the smartphone.Nodata is stored on the smartphone. Real-time data processing:Theapplication shows live data/image and workflow status throughasecure connection to your back-end system. Capturereal-timeinsights to make data-driven decisions.
Watertight 1.5.20
KDS Moses Inc.
Manage Work Orders, Sales Leads, and Route Deliveriestrackedthrough the Watertight™ ERP Software system.
ACSMobile 1.10
Ingá Digital Ltda.
Gestão de Saúde MobileHealth Management Mobile
Formitize Forms
Used by individuals and industry leading companies, Formitizedoesyour paperwork for you and lets you reclaim your eveningsagain!Using Formitize, you can add images, scan bar codes, get yourGPSlocation, record voice, draw diagrams, and add signatures, allinthe form, all on the go, all instant. Coupled withautomaticallygenerated customised reports, your paperwork days areover.Encrypted and stored in the cloud for instant access fromwhereveryou are in the world, a smart phone or tablet will be allyou needto complete your forms, generate your reports, and reclaimyourtime again. Here are some of the great features Formitizeoffers: ■Reveal different parts of the form based on previousanswers,saving time, and keeping your forms clean and simple. ■Enforcefields as mandatory to ensure that every form is accurateandcompliant with your needs. No more fixing mistakes. ■ Withthegreat accordion feature, you can access any part of the form inanyorder. No need for long scrolling and searching for theappropriatefield. ■ Use checklists, drop-down items, number,currency, andtext fields to ensure your forms are filled in theright formatevery time. ■ Draw diagrams, notes, or plans straighton thedevice. ■ Sign your forms on the spot with signature capturebuiltin. ■ Set up in-form calculations, no more calculators, nomoremistakes. Formitize is more than just an app! With the appcomes aWeb Management Portal that comes with even more fantasticfeatures:■ A built-in Job Dispatcher - Are you a business withstaff out inthe field? Create a job; assign them a form, a time,and pre-fillany details you like. The app drops the data straightinto thefield agents’ device, ready for them to complete. ■ Editand createyour forms online - Not out and about but still want tofill insome forms? No problems! Just use the Web Management Portaltocreate the forms on your computer. ■ An extensivedashboardcomplete with report summaries, charting and social feeds,all fedlive as the paperwork is completed in the field. We canevencustomise what is reported for you. ■ Being web based, youcanmanage your forms, reports and business from anywhere in theworldwith an internet connection. No need to be in the office! Noneedto be out of bed! ■ Create a catalogue of products that canbedrawn straight into your forms on the device. There is so muchmoreto come, but Formitize is already making business moreefficient,giving time back to employees and changing livesaccording to ourclients. Download the app or call us on +61 1300552 008 and let ushelp you be rid of your paperwork forever!