Top 49 Apps Similar to PIXPRO Remote Update Service

Amazon Mobile LLC
The free Amazon Fire TV mobile app for iOS/Android/Fire OSenhancesyour Fire TV experience with simple navigation, a keyboardfor easytext entry (no more hunting and pecking), and quick accessto yourfavorite apps and games. It features: Voice search (notavailablein all countries) Simple navigation Playback controlsKeyboard forsimple text entry Quick access to your apps andgamesCompatibility: • Multicast-enabled router required • Designedforsimple navigation and playback control of Fire TV streamingmediaplayers • For gameplay, use the remote included with your FireTVor the optional Amazon Fire TV Game Controller
Livebox Remote 2.2.1
This is not an official Orange app. Seems not to be compatiblewithOrange in Poland. Pilot your Livebox TV from your watch orphone.This Livebox remote control is simple, complete andergonomic. Theapp finds your Livebox TV on your Wi-Fi network. Thiscan be doneautomatically at app start or manually from the settingsscreen. Iffor any reason, the scan does not work, you can enteryour LiveboxTV ip address. Your phone must be connected to yourLivebox's Wi-Finetwork. Your watch must be connected to your phonevia Bluetoothif you want to use the wear app. You can now controlyour LiveboxTV from anywhere in your home. Tips: if automaticsearch does notwork, go to the settings screen, click on "SCAN"then select yourLivebox TV device. If it does not appear in thelist, try to rebootyour Livebox and try again. If it still does notwork, you canenter the ip address manually in the settings of theapp. You willfind it in your administrator interface, "my network"page,"connected devices" TV box icon. Tips 2: if commands areworkingbut the app shows you a connection issue pop-up, pleasedisable"Connection help" feature in the app's settings.
com.eshare.clientv2 4.6.24
EShare is a multiscreen interaction application which makes theuserexperience natural and enjoyable for home entertainment,businesspresentation, and educational training. To use this app onyourAndroid phone or tablet, you need a TV/Projector/IFPDwithEShareServer pre-installed. With EShare you can: 1. Streamanyaudio or video file to your TV. 2. Use your smartphone asRemoteControl for your TV. 3. Mirror the screen of Android deviceto yourTV. 4. Mirror TV screen to smartphone and touch the screendirectlyto control TV, just like you are touching your TV. SinceAndroid OSdoesn't allow third-party apps to capture audio output,the audiocan only be played from the phone temporarily when you usetheMirroring function on your Android phone. Once Google hasopenedthe audio capture permission to third-party apps, we willupdatethis app as soon as possible to add the audio support inMirroringfeature. This app is the client, the server app is ONLYfound onthe TV/Projector/IFPD that built in with EShareServer.
UNMS 2.14.5
Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.
UNMS™ Mobile is a convenient client application forinstallingUbiquiti Networks® airMAX®, airCube™, EdgePoint®, andEdgeRouter™devices from your smartphone or tablet – it’s easy andquick. UNMSMobile adds these devices to UNMS (Ubiquiti® NetworkManagementSystem) for centralized control of Ubiquiti devicesacross multiplesites worldwide. UNMS offers mass configurationchanges,monitoring, firmware upgrades, and config backups via anintuitivegraphical interface. Learn more or try out the UNMS Mobile can also be used *in standalonemodewithout UNMS servers* for device discovery on the localnetwork,site survey, airMAX® device installation using theU-Installer orairGateway® Pro Installer, provisioning withconfigurationtemplates, antenna alignment, configuration backup andsharing, andoffline firmware upgrades. The UNMS Mobile communicateswithdevices over HTTP(S), so the app requires access to the devicesonthese ports.
Remote for Roku TV - RoByte - Control 2.3.16
TinyByte Apps
RoByte turns your phone or tablet into a Roku Remote! With RoBytewewanted everyone to have the best Roku remote app so we madetheremote control functionality free! Features: • No Setuprequired,RoByte automatically scans for your device • Easy channelswitcher• Use your keyboard for super fast text & voice entryonchannels like Netflix or Hulu. • View all your TV channels andjumpdirectly to the one you like. • Adjust your Roku TV's volumeandtoggle the input. • Tablet support • Android Wear support,quickaccess to play/pause from your wrist • Navigate using D-padorSwipe-Pad • Pair with multiple Roku devices • CustomizableWidgetsturn your Android homescreen into a Roku remote • Option tokeepthe wifi from sleeping RoByte Free features: • Roku remotecontrol• Play/pause, fast forward, rewind • Pair with multipleRokudevices RoByte Premium features: • Channel switcher • TVChannels& Volume • Keyboard & Voice Search • Homescreenwidgets •Android Wear support Language Support (Android 4.4 andlower): •English • Español (Spanish) • 한국의(Korean) • Deutsch(German) •Français (French) • Bahasa Indonesia Quick tips: • Mostproblemsconnecting to your Roku can be resolved by simplyreinstallingRoByte. • RoByte can only connect if you are on thesame wifinetwork as your Roku device. Support:tinybyteapps@gmail.comTwitter: This Roku remote isnotdesigned to control Roku SoundBridge Handcrafted by two brothersinSan Francisco & Illinois. We call ourselves TinyByte Apps.
Remote Control For Astro 8.2.00
FREE edition for a limited time **DISCLAIMER This app is nottheofficial Astro app. It was designed with care to try andbringAstro users an overall better experience **** IMPORTANT ****Thisapp needs your phone to have Infrared sensor Not sure whatthismeans? you can try downloading the app and see if it worksYourremote is missing? Just ask us for it from the app Features: *SAVEyour favorite remotes for easy access * NO installation, justclickand play * AMAZING design with cool & easy interfaceHavequestions? remote isn't working? Please feel free to contact
Duosat Control (Prodigy Nano) 1.0
Wigo Creative
Features- Control made ??exclusively for Duosat Prodigy Nano- Ithasall the functionality of a physical and normal remotecontrol.-Enter text faster and efficiently with FullQWERTYkeyboardRecommendations to useMake sure that both yourandroiddevice and your STB device is connected to the same network.
Smart TV Remote for LG SmartTV 2.2.2
Universal WiFi Remotes
Turn your phone into the best remote control for your NetcastorWebOS LG Smart TV, and get a set of features that no other apphas,even the official LG remotes. Control multiple TVs over WiFiandstop searching for the plastic remotes. Use keyboard foreasiertext input, touchpad for navigation, etc.Some of the featuresthatmake this a better remote than your plastic remotes:-CONTROLMULTIPLE TVS from a single app- VERY LIMITED ADS nobodyhatesfull-screen ads more than us- NOTIFICATION REMOTE to controlyourTV from any app or even lockscreen- JUMP TO ANY CHANNELstraightfrom the app, without having to scroll through channels onthe TV-JUMP TO ANY TV APP straight from the app- CREATE CHANNELSHORTCUTSon your homescreen. Do you want an ESPN shortcut on yourphone'shomescreen ? Now you can do that!- CREATE APP SHORTCUTS onyourhome screen. Have a "Netflix" button straight on yourphone'shomescreen that launches it on your TV!- MUTE ON CALL muteyour TVwhen the phone ringsPlease note that this application cannotturnon your TV. Your TV is not connected to WiFi when it is OFF, soitcan't accept commands
Remote Control For TATA Sky 9.0.5
FREE edition for a limited time **DISCLAIMER This app is nottheofficial TATA Sky app. It was designed with care to try andbringTATA Sky users an overall better experience **** IMPORTANT****This app needs your phone to have Infrared sensor Not surewhatthis means? you can try downloading the app and see if itworksYour remote is missing? Just ask us for it from the appFeatures: *SAVE your favorite remotes for easy access * NOinstallation, justclick and play * AMAZING design with cool &easy interface Havequestions? remote isn't working? Please feelfree to contact us
Unified Remote
Unified Intents
The one-and-only remote control app for your computer. Turnsyourdevice into a WiFi or Bluetooth universal remote controlforWindows PC, Mac and Linux. Be lazy, you deserve it! Preloadedwithsupport for 90+ programs including mouse & keyboard,mediaplayers, presentations, screen mirroring, power control,filemanager, terminal, and much more.Server: “Fantastic tool for those ofyou whowant to have a remote control for their computer forwatching TV,or maybe for listening to music.” – Gizmodo KeyFeatures • Easyserver and app setup, that just works. • Automaticserver detectionto easily find servers on your network. • Serverpasswordprotection and encryption for added security. • Supportssingle andmulti-touch mouse control. • Wake On LAN to easily startyourserver. • Includes light and dark color themes. • Serverisavailable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. • Control otherdevicesincluding Raspberry Pi and Arduino Yún. • 18 free remotesFullVersion Features • 90+ remotes • Floating Remotes (use remotesoverother apps) • Custom Remotes • Widgets & Quick Actions •Voicecommands • Custom remotes • IR actions • NFC actions • AndroidWear(Quick Actions, Voice & Mouse) • No upgrade hintsEssentialsMouse, Keyboard, Screen, Volume, and more. Music Spotify,iTunes,Google Music, Winamp, etc. Video VLC, BSPlayer, WindowsMediaPlayer, PotPlayer, etc. Media Center Kodi (XBMC), Plex,WindowsMedia Center, Boxee, etc. Streaming YouTube, Netflix,HuluPresentations PowerPoint, Keynote, Google PresentationBrowsersChrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera Other Power,Monitor,Files, Task Manager, Commands, etc. AllRemotes Note that some remotesarenot available for all operating systems. Permissions • systemalertwindow: for floating remotes. • read phone status: forauto-pausewhen receiving calls. • control NFC: for NFC actions. •fullnetwork access: for server connection. • view networkconnections:for server connection. • view Wi-Fi connections: forserverconnection. • pair with Bluetooth devices: for serverconnection. •control vibration: for optional haptic feedback. •prevent phonefrom sleeping: for optional wake-lock. • transmitinfrared: for IRremote control. • install shortcuts: for launchershortcuts.
Mixing Station XM32 1.0.6
Control your Behringer X32 / Midas M32 mixer with your smartphoneortablet. WARNING: THIS APP DOES NOT PLAY ANY SOUND! IT'S FORREMOTECONTROLLING ONLY! Features: - RTA overlay in PEQ view -RTAaveraging - Level timeline for gate and dynamics (pro version)-Peak hold for all meters with changeable hold time (pro version)-Peq preview in channel strip (pro version) - High contrast modeforoutdoor usage (pro version) - Popgroups (pro version) -RoutingMatrix - Limit access to only one monitor mix (withpasswordprotection) - Supports all firmwares starting from version1.15! -Create unlimited DCA groups (IDCAs) - Customizeable layer,channelorder and mutegroup labels - Up to 32 channels visiblechannels perlayer - Channel move and batch copy - Access topresets, scenes,cues and snippets - Runs on smartphones and tablets- Direct emailsupport - Much more :-) Compatible mixer: - X32, X32Producer, X32Compact, X32 Rack, X32 Core, M32
com.osapps.hotremote 9.0.5
Disclaimer: this app, nor osApps, the company which made thisapp,are not associated with the company "HOT" in any way. It isafreeware app, which provide better support to the companyproductsto the HOT users specifically or any other user in general****IMPORTANT **** This app needs your phone to have InfraredsensorNot sure what this means? you can try downloading the app andseeif it works Features: * Control your hot device from your phone*VOLUME control your TV (up/down/mute/av) * SAVE yourfavoriteremotes for easy access * NO installation, just click andplay *AMAZING design with cool & easy interface Your remoteismissing? Just ask us for it from the app Have questions?remoteisn't working? Please feel free to contact TV remote control for your click play settopcase israel
[root] FlashFire 0.73
FlashFire is the most advanced on-device firmware flasheravailablefor rooted Android devices. It can flash full firmwarepackagesfrom various manufacturers, as well as apply over-the-air(OTA) andZIP updates - all while maintaining root, and withoutusing acustom recovery. It also offers full device backup andrestorefunctionalities in several formats. Relevant files can bestored oninternal storage, SD cards, USB connected storage, or caneven bestreamed directly to and from your computer using USBorWi-Fi.FlashFire is the spiritual successor to the Mobile ODINapp,which was a similar solution (using completely differentmethodsunder the hood) exclusively for Samsung devices on olderAndroidversions.FlashFire is an extremely powerful application, itshouldbe used with caution. Data loss, soft-bricks, and evenhard-bricksare possible if used incorrectly. Unless you are anexpert user,consult FlashFire's website and the XDA discussionthread beforedoing anything potentially destructive.Note: currentlyallfunctionality is unlocked without purchasing Pro. This maychangein the future!Website:
Remote for Roku 1.1.2
"Remote for Roku" is an application that lets you control yourRokubox. It's a virtual remote but this app have all the featuresofthe real remote. To use the remote control, you must haveyourmobile / tablet on the same wifi network as your box. Becausetheapplication runs through the wireless network, it is notnecessaryto be near the box. The app will detect your Rokuautomatically.Here is the list of features : - Use the navigationpad - Use themedia player functions - Launch an application - Andmore ... Ifyou have any problem with the detection, you can try toreboot yourroku. For any comments or questions write us. DISCLAIMERThis appis neither an official Roku product, nor are we affiliatedwith theRoku company.
MEO Remote
With the MEO Remote you can control your TV through thesmartphonein a simple and intuitive way. Install and pair theapplicationwith the set-top box through your MEO WiFi network.MEO'straditional physical remote features are available in thisnewversion, such as channel zapping, increase or decreasesound,play/pause, with improved usability. The biggest evolution isthechange from a physical to a digital remote with the eliminationofseveral barriers that currently exist: • No need to be in lineofsight with the set-top box; • The "fight for remote" does notmakesense anymore; • Easier to find the remote; • Removingandreplacing batteries is no longer required; • Using theremotekeyboard without 10 mistakes. MEO Remote is an evolution ofMEO’sphysical remote and brings features that would never bepossible inthe current remote: • Access additional informationabout what isbeing broadcasted on TV without losing the broadcast;• Zapping bythematic and TV shows; • Discover new content whilewatching a showon TV, exploring using filters (e.g. IMDb onVideoClub) or quicklyaccessing live matches. Main features: • On TV- learn more aboutwhat is on the TV at any time; • Zapping - zap onthe grid ofchannels without losing what is on TV; • Control - yournew digitalremote; • Explore - browse and discover AutomaticRecordings andVideoClub; • Search - use your smartphone's keyboardto search forTV shows. MEO Remote is available to MEO customerswith ADSL orFiber offers.
Remote For LG webOS Smart TV 8.2.00
Has InfraRed mode and smart webOS mode. simply the best remoteoutthere for LG TVs
com.teammt.gmanrainy.huaweifirmwarefinder 9.9.2
gmanrainy by Team MT
💥About programm That program can find latest Huawei firmwareforyour device, download and unpack, for manually install. Inmainbase located more then 10000 firmwares for many devices.💥FeaturesFind firmware for your huawei phone Download firmwareInstall viaproxy Small tweaker with useful tweaks Q&A inprogramm💥Supported versions of EMUI for installing via proxy✅Fullysupported EMUI 4 and below ✅EMUI 5 and EMUI 8 supported onlyiffirmware was passed the availability check ❌EMUI 8.1 notsuppored.You can download and install via TWRP. 💥Supported versionsof EMUIfor installing via eRecovery ✅Fully supported EMUI 4 andbelow.✅Fully supported EMUI 5, EMUI 8 and below update from EMUI 8toEMUI 9. ❌EMUI 9 not suppored at this moment. ❗️Important Beforedoanything with your phone i request you, read XDA or 4PDAthreadsabout your phone and how install firmwares or go to telegramchatand give your question.
com.kraftwerk9.rokie 1.0.14
Kraftwerk 9 Inc.
Rokie is the best free remote control unit for Roku StreamingPlayerand Roku TV. Magnificent design, intuitive interface, nopileup ofbuttons or complex settings. Thanks to this application,access tomovies, music and games will become simpler and easier,and you willlove your Roku even more. All you need is connect yourAndroiddevice and Roku to the same Wi-Fi network. Do you need afree Rokuremote? Rokie app will help you easily control yourmediaplayer. You will be able to control the playback ofyourcontent, run applications on Roku and enter text. A largetouchpadwill make navigation through the menu and contentincredibly handy.Rokie is also a remote for Roku TV. You will beable to adjust thevolume of your Roku TV and switch channels. Theapp supportsautomatic connection to your media player. Now yourRoku remote isready to work right after launching. Why you shouldchoose Rokie: -Compatible with all Roku TVs including TCL, Sharp,Insignia; - Rokuremote controls;  - Automatic connection toRoku;  -Handy list of apps with large icons;  - Adjustingthe volumeand switching TV channels on Roku TV;  - Use thekeypad toquickly enter text;  - Navigation using the buttonsortouchpad;  - Content playback control; - Simpleanduser-friendly interface; Compatibility: - Rokie is compatiblewithall Roku models including Streaming Stick, Express,Express+,Premiere, Premiere+, Ultra, Roku TV (TCL, Sharp, Insignia,Hisense,RCA, Hitachi); - Some applications like YouTube and Hulu+havetheir own screen keyboards and do not take input from theAndroidkeyboard; Disclaimer: Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not an affiliatedentityof Roku, Inc, and Rokie application is not an officialproduct ofRoku, Inc.
SamMobile Device Info 1.0.8
Share the information with your friends or copy it totheclipboard.Find out the following about your device.General:*Model*Device type* Product name* Manufacturing date* Mobileoperator*KNOX warranty bitFirmware (Samsung Specific):* ProductCode* PDA*CSC* Baseband* BootloaderAndroid:* Changelist*Buildnumber* Builddate* Build fingerprint* Build description*Android version* KernelversionHardware:* Manufacturer* Internalstorage* Board* Chip name*Platform* Modem* Total RAM* Screen* DPI*PPI* CPU ABI* Sound Chip*GPU* Rear and Front CameraPersonal:*Android serial number* Samsungserial number* IMEI for dual SIM-carddevices* Bluetooth nameTheapp will also work with othermanufacturers but some informationwill not be available.Migrated toFirebase which added 3 newpermissions including WAKE_LOCK andpermissions to receive pushmessages (not used atm). Also addsBLUETOOTH permission to find outthe bluetooth name.The app needsthe READ_PHONE_STATE permission tobe able to fetch the IMEI number
SmartTv Service Remote Control 1.11
SmartTv Service Remote ControlThe program will help- Change theTVregion;- Change location;- Make the necessary settingsThisversionis suitable for your Samsung TV and completely replaces theserviceremote control.Current version requires IR "blaster".Jobsavailableon phones with android 4.2 and above.Be careful whenworking withthe settings, illiterate use of may damage the TV!Description ofthe program can be found on the project website.Theprogramcompletely replaces and complements the service remotecontrol ,you have to use it correctly.By downloading, you savemoney on thepurchase of the Service Remote ControlYou can write tome for 2days and I will refund your paymentOn "rooted" and deviceswithcustom firmware works are not guaranteed.Ready application foripadand iphone. You can to read it on the project website.
PC Remote
Simulate mouse, keyboard and gamepad, play games, remotedesktop,powerpoint presentation, project the phone screen to PC,fileaccess, camera stream to phone, simulate microphone input,systemmonitor, customize layout, create shortcut, etc. Pleaseinstall PCRemote Receiver on your computer before using PC remote.Downloadthe PC Remote Receiver at our official site forfree: Here are detailed features: •Devicessimulation - Turn your device into a keyboard, touchpad,gamepadand more. • Game play - Play all kinds of PC games withspecifiedbutton layouts (race,fly,GTA...). • Customization - Buildand shareyour own defined layout. • Multimedia controller - Adjustcomputervolume, play pause video. Pan tilt zoom UAC cameras. •Remotedesktop - Touch windows on your phone. • Powerpointpresentation-You can see the ppt pictures and notes directly onyour phone evenplay select & mark. • Projector - Projectphone’s screen,pictures, videos onto PC monitor. • File access -Explore downloadand edit files between phone and PC. • PC Camerastream to phone. •Simulate microphone input of PC. • Createshortcut - Launch PCprogram with on click. • And many more... Note: If cannot connect,please make sure the phone and the pc are inthe same network andcheck the firewall setting on PC.
nRF Connect for Mobile 4.22.3
Nordic Semiconductor ASA
nRF Connect for Mobile is a powerful generic tool that allows youtoscan, advertise and explore your Bluetooth low energy (BLE)devicesand communicate with them. nRF Connect supports number ofBluetoothSIG adopted profiles together with Device Firmware Updateprofile(DFU) from Nordic Semiconductors and Mcu Manager on ZephyrandMynewt. Features: - Scans for Bluetooth low energy (BLE)devices -Parses advertisement data - Shows RSSI graph, allowsexport to CSVand Excel formats - Connects to a connectible theBluetooth LEdevice - Discoveries and parses services andcharacteristics -Allows to read and write characteristics - Allowsto enable anddisable notifications and indications - SupportsReliable Write -Parses number of characteristics adopted byBluetooth SIG - BTLEadvertising (Android 5+ required) - Read andupdate PHY (Android 8+required) - GATT Server configuration -Supports Device FirmwareUpdate profile which let the user toupload a new application,SoftDevice or a bootloader over-the-air(OTA) from a HEX file -Supports the Nordic UART Service - Allow torecord and replay commonoperations using Macros - Allows toperform automated tests definedin XML file on Bluetooth Smartdevices. Visit the GitHubpage: formoreinformation about automated tests and creating init packets fortheDFU. Note: - Supported on Android version 4.3 or later. - nRF51ornRF52 Development kits can be orderedfrom . - The nRF51 andnRF52SDKs and SoftDevices are available on-lineat Works well with nRFLoggerapplication, that will store your logs in case somethingbadhappens with nRF Connect. Download nRF Loggerfrom:
DroidMote Client 5.5.7
TO CONTROL THE OTHER DEVICE, YOU MUST INSTALL THE SERVER APP ONIT.DROIDMOTE SERVER IS AVAILABLE FOR ANDROID, WINDOWS, LINUXANDCHROME OS. DROIDMOTE SERVERDOWNLOAD Control your Android,Windows,Linux or Chrome OS device from the comfort of your couch.This isthe client part and can be installed on your Android devicetocontrol another device. Moreover, with DroidMote, you can useallmulti touch applications and games , even on devices that donothave the touch screen ( e.g. when connected to a TV ! ).QUICKSTART GUIDE HOW TO USE DROIDMOTE -VIDEOS MULTI TOUCH GAMES ON TV WITH ANHARDWARECONTROLLER OR WITH YOUR PHONE AS CONTROLLER ARE NOT APROBLEM ! INTHIS YOUTUBE PLAYLIST, FOR EACH MULTI TOUCH GAMECONTROLLED WITHDROIDMOTE, YOU CAN FIND A TOUCH PROFILE IN THE VIDEODESCRIPTION. FOR SUPPORT AND INSTRUCTIONSTelegram: Forum: emulates hardware inputdevices in the Android, Windowsand Linux OSes. Mouse, keyboard,multi touch trackpad, touch screenand a gamepad with 16 buttons and6 axis. You can use the softgamepad, an hardware gamepad or mouseand keyboard to play with allgames installed on the server device,also those without thebuilt-in gamepad support in virtue of theGamepad2Touchfunctionality and the help of the touch profiles.Games thatsupport hardware gamepads recognize DroidMote as anhardwaregamepad. If you don't have a router, no problem. You canestablisha connection point to point between the two devices withthefunction Tethering / portable hotspot of your device. (you donotneed bluetooth, the bluetooth is slow and cover smalldistances)YOU CAN PLAY MULTI TOUCH GAMES WITH YOUR PREFERREDHARDWAREGAMEPAD, ALSO WITHOUT A PHONE. YOU CAN CONTROL THE MOUSEWITH RIGHTSTICK OF THE HARDWARE GAMEPAD. ✔Mouse ✔ Air Mouse ✔ Multi touch trackpad ✔ Two fingersscrollrotate zoom ✔ Keyboard ✔ Media controls ✔ Dpad ✔ Controllerforgames ✔ Supports multiple phones simultaneously ✔ Twovirtualanalog stick ✔ Touch emulation allows you to map buttons andanalogsticks to the screen. Play all your favourite games withfullanalog support, even those without built-in controller support!✔Touch Mouse for games that not support an hardware mouse ✔Voicedictation ✔ Copy and paste from one device to the other ✔ Youcanconnect an hardware gamepad to your phone via bluetooth andplaywith multi touch games or games that require mouse andkeyboard.The game can run on Android, Windows, Linux or Chrome OS.✔ AndroidTV compatible If your Android TV box have a poor wifi, youcanconnect the box via ethernet cable. YOU DON'T HAVE A ROOTEDANDROIDDEVICE TO PLAY GAMES ? TRY THIS: FORANY PROBLEMS, CONTACT ME BY EMAIL.I'M AT YOUR DISPOSAL 24 / 7
AT Remote for Youtube 1.93
AT Group
AT Remote: Share video in Lan network beween 2 androiddevices(TVBox, smartphone, tablets). To use you must install app in2devices, - TV Box(Android box, tablet, phone): you onlyclick"Television" button. - Remote(phone or tablet): you click"Remote"Now you can share Youtube Video to TV Also you can useYoutube appto share by click share button then click "Add toYoutube TV"button. Or you can use web browser in Computer by openin Browser(Chrome or Firefox): TAG: YoutubeRemote, ATRemote, tv box remote, youtube on tv, youtube computer05e8c7b4db
Remot Control 4 Smart Tvs 1.1
Universal TV remote, easily converts your Android phone ortabletinto a remote control for your TV. Do you want to control TVwithyour phone? You can now do it with universal tvremote!Configurethe application- Easy to use with typical commoncommand buttons,you can change channels, volume up and down, adjustthe menu ...etc- If your TV is smart tv 3d tv or devicecompatibility is notassured.- If your model is not supported yet,write a review and wewill review the case for integration in futureupdates, universaltv remote is in continuous process improvement.
Fire TV Universal Remote Android TV KODI CetusPlay
CetusPlay Global
Universal Remote Control for Android TV, TV box, Chromecast,FireTV, Fire TV Stick, KODI, Smart TV and many more.CetusPlayuniversal TV remote brings the flawless experience asanalternative to a TV remote with much moreunbelievablefunctionalities. Unique TV remote to support all thepossible TVsin the world providing much more than a remote.[IMPORTANT]: • Weneed more help in language localization for moreusers! • Make sureboth your TV and phone have been updated to thelatest version. •Mouse Mode works on Fire TV/Stick(turn on the ADBdebugging),Android TV(rooted) and Android media box. • Scrollfeature onlyworks on the Android box with CetusPlay Plugin. What'sCetusPlay? •As a multi-function remote control app for Android TVbox/FireTV/Android TV Features: • Multiple navigation modes,includingDirection-Pad, Touch Pad, Keyboard mode and Mouse mode •Cast yourlocal files(photo, videos, DOC, XLS, PPT, TXT, etc.) fromyourphone to TV • Live Channels features (add local M3U file andcastto TV/Box/Stick) • Quick launch TV apps through one click onyourphone • Clean cache and trash to speed up your TV just oneclick onthe accelerating ball; • Share screen capture when youwatch tosocial media • Help to install KODI remotely on FireTV/StickRequirements: • Streaming media player, including AndroidTV, suchas Google Nexus Player, NVIDIA Shield TV, Fire TV/ StickandAndroid TV Box like MXQ, MX Pro, H96 Pro, M8S Box. (If youhaveunsupported devices, please contact us with model info.) •Androiddevices Notes: For Fire TV/Stick New Users: • Turn on theADBdebugging and restart the Fire TV/Stick • Install theCetusPlayphone version and connect to the Fire TV and let theCetusPlay TVversion installed on the TV device. For Fire TV/StickUpdatedUsers: • Installed the latest version to your phone and TVversionto your streaming media player. • Make sure the devices onthe sameWi-Fi. • For the mouse click, apps sideload and otherpremiumfunction, the ADB debugging must be enabled on yourstreaming mediaplayers. The Help Center in the app will guide youthrough thesetup. For Android TV: • In order to enjoy it, pleasemake sure youhave done the following steps on your Android TV. -Search andinstall “CetusPlay- TV version” on your TV. - Make sureall thedevices on the same Wi-Fi. Help & Support: • Officialwebsite: • Facebookpage: (Search CetusPlay by pagesonFacebook) • Or email us: • CetusPlayGoogle+Community: wantto hear from you, always. Supported Devices: ▶LeEco AndroidTV▶Amazon Fire TV/Fire TV Stick ▶Nvidia Shield TV ▶GoogleNexusPlayer ▶Globalsat GS500 ▶XiaoMi Mi Box ▶ZIDOOX5/X9S/X6PRO/X1/X9/X1 ▶HiMedia Android TV box Q10 PRO/Q5 PRO/H8▶PHILIPSSmart TV Box HMP8100 ▶MELE PCG03/PCG01 ▶PROBOX2 ▶RIKOMAGICMK902 II▶MINIX NEO X7/X6/X8/Z64 ▶Matricom G-Box ▶SkyStreamXStreaming MediaPlayer ▶SkyStream ONE Box ▶RQN Android TV Box MXQ▶Bros Unite M8STV Box ▶KAT-TV "Elite" ▶PigflyTech Android TV Box▶COOLEAD M8S TVBox ▶Mifanstech MXQ ▶MX III TV Box ▶DigiXstream DX4▶Febite M8S TVBox ▶VENSMILE MXV Plus ▶Telmu MXIII-G ▶Monba M8S SetTop TV Box▶Kudo TV KD1 Plus Android TV Box S812 ▶Zenoplige MXQ▶MXQ/MXQ PRO▶Pigflytech MX3+ plus ▶Mansy Genuine KODI(XBMC) MX Pro▶JetstreamBox ▶The Dragon Box ▶Tonbux SK-002 ▶UBox Gen.2 ▶GeekBox▶Tronsmart▶New NEXBOX ▶SONY Android TV ▶SHARP Android TV ▶MEMOBOX▶NEXBOX▶VONTAR Box ▶Tronsmart Vega Box ▶JoinWe Box ▶Andoer Box▶Inphic Box▶Transpeed Box ▶LeelBox ▶Vontar Box ▶Beelink Box▶Docooler Box▶NewBox ▶Kii Pro DVB ▶DigiXstream Box ▶Monba Box▶Tictid Box▶WELLWIN Nettech Box ▶Idroidnation Box ▶YFeel Box▶Greatever Box▶Mansy Box ▶AKASO Box ▶Globmall Box ▶DOLAMEE Box▶Blvk Box
TV Remote Control for All TV 1.2
Download the new "Remote Control For All TV" and use yourAndroidsmartphone as if it were a real Remote Control to controlyourTV.If you are watching your favorite movie, or your childiswatching that cartoon series and the universal TV remote runsoutof batteries, this application will help you control your SmartTVtemporarily until you make a replacement. You may have triedotherTV Remote For All TV on the market, but none have beencompatiblewith your TV. This is because the new TVs use an infraredsystemthat only makes it compatible with the most updatedapplications.Weare working daily so that all TVs can be compatible,and if youhave a Samsung TV, Sony TV, LG TV or other model theconfigurationand connection is much faster. If you can not findyour model, donot worry, you can send us an email and we will workto bring youthe TV Remote Control compatible as soon as possible.Sorry for theinconvenience!Remote Control For All TV is a very easyto configureapplication:1. Check the TV list and make your TVcompatible.2.Activate the IR Port connection of your TV and yourmobile phone toestablish the connection.3. About the receiver tothe Smart TV incase of problems, the signal must be aligned.RemoteControl For AllTV it's compatible with:- Remote control for TVThomson- Remotecontrol for LG TV- Remote control for Samsung TV-Remote controlfor Sony TV- Remote control for Philips TV- Remotecontrol forSanyo TV- Remote control for Vizio TV- Remote controlfor Sharp TV-Remote control for Panasonic TV - LG TV remotecontrol- UniversalRemote Control TV LG- TV remote Samsung- TVremote Sanyo- TV remoteSony- TV remote Sharp
Universal TV Remote 1.7.01
Twinone TV Remote™ is a free and easy to use remote foryoursmartphone. Control your TV, Cable box, and much more usingyoursmartphone's built in IR transmitter.Controlling your deviceshasnever been easier. Just open the app. Select the remote you wanttouse and start controlling your devices.Are you on vacationandthere's no remote control in the hotel? Good you have TwinoneTVRemote™Lost a remote? No problem! Just use your phoneinstead.Whatto do if the app doesn't workSome manufacturers havesome errors,please toggle "Fix Buttons" in the Settings of the app(If it'senabled, disable it, if it's disabled, enable it). Toggling"FixButtons" should make it work. ONLY change this setting ifNOTHINGworks for youWe need the storage permission to changethebackground of your remotes.
ELM327 Identifier 1.7.17
Daaren Fonloil
Use this app to identify the real ELM327 version you have, becausealot of China clone adapters often declare a wrongELM327compatibility. ELM327 Identifier sends almost all ATcommandsavailable and shows what are supported in accordance withtheELM327 official datasheet (up to firmware v2.2), so you canquicklycheck if the adapter declaration is correct or if it's afakeadapter. Some AT command requires a car connection withspecificprotocol to work; to obtain comparable results, thesecommandsaren't checked by the app. The number of AT commandschecked are103. HOW TO USE THE APP 1 - power on the ELM327 adapter(by the cardiagnostic interface or simply by a power supply) 2 - ifnotalready done, pair the ELM327 adapter from the androiddevicebluetooth settings or connect ELM327 wifi with the androiddevice 3- start the app and press CONNECT button, select theconnectiontype and eventually select the paired ELM327 adapter 4 -after thecorrect connection, the scan automatically starts 5 - waitfor theend of the scan and check the results on screen, a white barshowsyou what commands (above) should be supported 6 - pressRESULTS toshow scanning details and optionally save results intothe internalSD card. 7 - optionally press RESCAN button if you wantto verifyagain the adapter IMPORTANT: a fake adapter doesn't meanthat itwill not work with your applications. If you are interestedintranslating the strings of the app in your language, send meanemail and I'll give you the strings set to translate. Thankstotranslators: french: jmranger russian:obd24.rubrazilian-portuguese: João Calby czech: Algy turkish:m.eren damardutch and german: Danny Gloudemans polish: AdrianFeliks arabic:MaiThamDobais serbian: SkyShop Team persian: Bobaklithuanian:Shapras portuguese: Daniel Nunes romanian: eudin77ukrainian:Oleksa danish: Payne, Denmark spanish: Pablo Discussion forum:
Perfect Cast IPTV 1.1.18
Niklabs Tools
Perfect Cast is IPTV playlist manager with TV guide (EPG)support.It allows to watch IPTV on your devices or use it as aremotecontrol for Perfect Player IPTV (v1.4.4+). Instructions towatchIPTV on your device: Configure M3U IPTV playlist URLand(optionally) EPG URL in the app settings. WhenselectingTV/playlist select configured playlist. When the playlistisdownloaded you can watch IPTV on your device. You'll also needtoinstall video player app (if it isn't installed yet onyourdevice). Instructions to work with Perfect Player IPTV: InthePerfect Player IPTV app: go to Settings -> GUI ->EnablePerfect Cast. Also make sure that your phone and TV box arein thesame WiFi/home network. NOTE: Only Perfect Player for Androidiscurrently supported. * Perfect Cast was previously known asPerfectRemote. Features: - Watch IPTV on your device - Remotecontrol formedia box with Perfect Player IPTV installed - List offavoritechannels with editing - TV channel search in playlist - TVprogramguide (EPG) - IPTV archive/catchup support (requiresconfiguration)- Playlist groups support - Playlist sorting modes -Volumecontrols - Supported IPTV playlist and EPG file formats: M3U,XMLTV
Do Multiple - Unlimited app cloner & dual space
River Stone Tech
Do Multiple helps clone unlimited multiple parallel accountforsocial & game accounts and keep online simultaneously ononephone to separate work and life Login multiple accounts socialappsand chat with friends on one device! Play games with twoaccounts,and keep them online simultaneously to get dual functionandexperiences! Enjoy multiple fun! Easy to manage multiplesocialaccount, separate work and personal life. DoMultiple poweredby"River Stone Tech", with the most light-weighed and powerfulcloneengine, can help you clone your app into another separatedparallelspace. What's more, Do Multiple can help you managenotificationsof the cloned app, and provide Privacy Locker functionto protectthe cloned app. It also provided the Lite Mode to reachbest memoryand battery usage for cloned app. Do Multiple iscompatible withmost instant message apps, game apps and socialnetworking apps.Google Play Service are supported, and you canconnect with yourGoogle Play Games or other services in yourclones. ★Log in to yourmultiple messaging, game and social apps •Balance between yourlife and work easily with multiple account. •Double game accountsand double fun. • Data of clones and originalapps are separated★Switch fast between dual accounts with justone-tap • Run multipleaccounts simultaneously, and will createicons with clone tags. •Enable Quick Switch to switch to clones innotification bar★Privacy Locker to protect your cloned account★Lite Mode for bestpower and memory efficiency ★Support tocustomize app icons andname ★Notification setting to managenotification of clones Notes:• Permissions: Do Multiple app itselfrequires few permissions butDo Multiple needs to apply manypermissions in advance for theclone apps. Please grant thosepermissions to Do Multiple to avoidmis-function or crash whenrunning clones • Consumptions: DoMultiple itself doesn't take uptoo much memory, battery and databy which are actually consumed bythe apps running inside. •Notifications: Please add Do Multiple towhitelist in your systemnotification settings. • Privacy Locker:Sometimes you may not seePrivacy Locker not show up even if youenabled for the clone.Please check whether you granted Do Multiplethe permission to showwindow on top of other applications in yoursystem permissioncontrol. For any problems, please feel free tocontact us via the'Feedback' feature inside Do Multiple or send usan email Join us on Google+Group:
LG Pocket Photo
LG Electronics, Inc.
Print and share your magical moment instantly Taking the momentandphotographing with LG Pocket Photo, The memories you saved onyoursmartphone can be printed in classic black and white mode. Ifyouwant special prints, Decorate with various accessories and iconstocreate interesting situations - App function updated – In caseofBluetooth connection failure on PD221, PD233 model, youshoulddownload the update tool for PC from "" and updatethefirmware. App is fully reformed for easier use of pocketphoto.Picture decoration functions are reinforced. Functions areadded todecorate picture with various methods such as brush,sticker, etc.Depending on App support policy, the OS versionsupported by PocketPhoto app may change.
Peel Mi Remote
Xiaomi Inc.
Peel Mi Remote is a TV guide extension for Xiaomi Mi Remote by"PeelSmart Remote". Please make sure you have Xiaomi Mi Remotev.5.3.5installed on your phone. This Remote Changes Everything!Peel MiRemote revolutionizes your home entertainment experiencebycombining universal remote control and live or streamed TVlistingsinto one simple-to-use app. This is the only remote and TVguideyou need. Universal Remote Control Reliably control your TVandset-top box, using the built-in infrared IR blaster on yourXiaomismartphone. Hands down, the best Universal Remote app ishere. FindSomething Good to Watch Peel Mi Remote provides smartshowrecommendations and TV guide listings based on your preferencesandpast viewing behavior, all organized in an easy tonavigateinterface. Best of all, the more you “Peel-in”, the smarteritgets. Easy to Set Up. Easy to Use. Peel Mi Remote is supersimple.No matter where you live, what brand of TV or set-top boxyou own,or who provides your service, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Confirmyourlocation from 110 different countries, choose your TV provider,andthen pair Peel Mi Remote with all your home electronics. Itcanreplace your Samsung TV remote, LG TV remote, Sony TV remote,VizioTV remote, Dish remote, DirectTV remote and more. This is theonlyuniversal remote control app will ever need. Never MissYourFavorite Shows With the Peel Mi Remote you can easily setacalendar reminder so you never again miss a favorite show, movieorsports event. Simply tap on the reminder notification to“Peel-in.”Peel-in to Your Favorites Customize your Peel Mi Remotebyselecting your favorite channels and shows. Finding out whenandwhere your favorite programs and movies are available to watchonTV has never been easier. Personalize Your TV Program Guide&Listings Peel Mi Remote allows you to easily personalize yourTVchannel listing to match your local over-the-air, dish orcableprovider or streaming service. The best TV guide you can getishere!! Easily Discover Streamed Content Peel Mi Remote allowsyouto discover your favorite shows and movies on your streamingvideoservices. Whether you prefer Netflix, Hulu, Roku, Apple TVordozens of other digital content providers, Peel will help youfindsomething good to watch.
Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote 4.3.4
Tiqiaa Co., Ltd
Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote can be used on built-ininfraredmobile phone such as Samsung, Xiaomi, HUAWEI, OPPO, Lenovo,HTC,TCL. Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote can remote control TV,airconditioning, set-top box, projector, DVD, Fan, SLR, lamp etc.Ifyour cell phone doesn't have built-in infrared, you need aremotecontrol accessory, we will provide you one remote accessoryforfree. Universal TV Remote-ZaZa Remote: 70 Millions of peopleusingnow. We have local IR database, crowdsourcing IRdatabaseCharacteristic function: 1, search remote control by model: useelectrical brand + model and search, find remote controlquickly.2, huge remote control code library: database contains morethan300,000+ appliance remote controller, covering the global8000+appliance brand, supporting remote control air conditioning,TV,set-top box, projector, DVD, power amplifier, fan, SLR, switch/light bulb and dozens of household appliances. Softwarebuilt-in8W+ remote controller code library, and can control withoutthenetwork. 3, DIY remote control: Remote control(Universal)supportsDIY remote control function, using Remotecontrol(Universal)accessory, you can learn the original remotecontrol signal to thephone. DIY perfect remote codes so that peoplewill pay for it.Application rights: the app will request the userpermission in theprocess of use, and the main permission items aredescribed asfollows. Get your location: so that we can allocate thecorrectlocal infrared database for you. Access to SD card: used tostoreremote controllers to mobile phone. Read IMEI: verify theIMEIaddress, so that one user can only exchange eachintelligentproduct for one times. Recording: used for voice remotecontrolappliances. Photograph: scan QR code to add intelligenceproducts.Tim home remote elf official website:http://www.tiqiaa.comTelecontrol official forum:
New Endian LLC
Remote control application for Lectrosonics® SM Transmitters.Nowsupports Lectrosonics new L Series transmitters! ChangeAudioLevel, Frequency, Sleep mode, and Lock mode by playing atonethrough an attached microphone. Control transmit Power onSMtransmitters with firmware version 4.0 or higher. Features Safe-"Hold Button To Activate" prevents accidental changing ofsettingsPresets - save presets to quickly reference the settings onall ofyour transmitters Volume Control - hear the loudness of thetonebefore activating it *SM Transmitters must be configured toacceptremote control. Hold the down button while turning thetransmitteron and select "rc on". The original SM requires firmwareversion1.5 (released 12/05) to respond to the remote. The firmwareversionnumber appears upon turning on the unit. SMa, SMQV and SMVmodelsall support remote control. Lectrosonics® is a registeredtrademarkof Lectrosonics Inc.
GOM Remote - Remote Controller 2.1.9
GOM & Company
Control the PC GOM Player and GOM Audio with the mobile phone!Itisobviously possible to use Wi-Fi under 3G/LTE environmentstablyalso. Watch movies and listen to music more convenientlythroughthe GOM Remote. * In order to use GOM Remote, You mustinstallboth the PC GOM Remote and the Mobile APP. * Please installPC GOMPlayer version 2.3.5 / PC GOM Audio 2.2.0 and up. [UsefulFeatures]1. GOM Remote and GOM Tray are completely free for anyonetodownload and use. 2. You can view files in the PC andexecutesearches through your mobile phone. When you click the 'Addto theplaylist' button, it will be added to the playlist. 3. Itoffersnot only the basic player function but also Snap shot, Screensize,Subtitle settings and even playback speed. 4. You can see thefilecurrently being played at a glance. You can change the orderofplay by dragging the file upwards/downwards, and delete bypushingit sideways. ■ Please contact GOM customer center anytime ifyouare experiencing any problems. (
IR Remote Tester - Check IR Remote Control 1.0
WonderTech Studio
Do you know you replaced cell in your remote and its stillnotworking? Are you confused about whether the problem is in remoteortv? You can now test your Remote control by using your phoneandour app.Our app detects infrared light which is emitted bytvremote. Our IR Remote tester feature shows you bright whitelightwhich is not visible with naked eye thanks to our special IRCameraDetector Filter.This IR Remote Tester can also enable you tofindIR hidden cameras. Like remotes many hidden spy camera devicesalsohave infrared feature in them so our app can detectiteasily.Usage:- Just open IR Remote Tester and see throughourfilter. when you face the remote towards phone's camera youwillsee a light. This light means your remote is working. - Youcanalso use it as Hidden IR Camera Detector.Privacy Policy:We donotcollect any personal information from users.Features:- IRRemoteTester- Remote Tester- IR Hidden Camera Detector- CheckRemoteControl- Remote Control Tester- irRemote Test- Hidden IRCameraDetector.- TV remote tester- IR Blaster test.- InfraredRemotetester- Infrared Transmitter TestNote:The normal camera appcanalso be used, but our app provides a special filter so youcaneasily see the IR light.Feel free to give any suggestions. Wearealways working to improve.
TV Remote Control for Samsung (IR - infrared) 1.0.14-release
This is complete IR remote control for Samsung televisionmodelsmanufactured from ~2007 until present day. The differencebetweenthis and other applications found on store is that thisremoteworks exactly like the original infrared remote. Theremote'slayout (image) is exactly the same as the latest models(2014+,J-Series). Most older series use almost the same layout (FandH-series). So no need to learn how to use this app, just installitand start using it like your original remote. How to use: ★Youmust point your phone’s IR blaster directly at the televisionlikewith the original infrared remote. Usual working range is 3 -15ft(line of sight). ★ With some phones in power saving mode orwithalmost empty battery the IR signal is very weak and range islessthen 5ft. Features: All functions should work with thelatestK(2017), J (2015), H (2014) and F (2013) series models. Ifyou have10 year old model which does note have internet connection,then ofcourse some internet related buttons like e-manual (onlinehelp)does not work, but all common functions will still work.Supporteddevices: Devices with IR blaster running on Android KitKatandnewer e.g Galaxy series S4, S5, S6, S6 Edge, Note3, Note 4,Tab4,Mega, HTC One series (M7/M8/M9) running on original ROM, LGG3Stylus, G5, Xiami Redmi Mi and Note series, many Honor phones,TCT/ Alcatel I221 and some Lonovo tablets with IR interface.Thanksfor downloading this app. If this app doesn't work with yourphoneor TV then feel free to e-mail me. Disclaimer/Trademarks: Thisappis made by me and is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Samsungorany other developers.
com.hungrybolo.remotemouseandroid 3204
Remote Mouse
Remote Mouse™ turns your mobile phone or tablet into auser-friendlyremote control for your computer. It simulates thefunction ofwireless mouse, keyboard and touchpad, also provides avariety ofspecialty control panels, such as Media Remote,Application Switcherand Web Browsing Remote, which helps youperform specific operationsmore quickly. The small featuresdesigned for one-handed use orintuitive operations will alsodelight you. Introduced on CNET,Mashable and Product Hunt,considered to be one of the most elegantand easy to use computerremote apps, Remote Mouse has been used byover 20 million usersall over the world. Watching an online movie?Giving apresentation? Or shutting down computer with one click?Nothing canbe more convenient than a mobile phone remote that isright at yourfingertips. Mouse • Fully simulated mouse function •Gyro mousethat enables moving mouse cursor with gyro sensor •Left-handedmode Keyboard • Integrated with system and third-partykeyboards,supports typing in various languages • Remotely typing byvoice ifthe soft keyboard supports voice recognition • Supports forsendingvarious shortcuts (in-app purchase) • Displays differentkeypadsfor Mac or PC Touchpad Simulates the Apple Magic Trackpadandsupports multi-touch gestures Specialty Control Panels •MediaRemote (in-app purchase): Supports iTunes, VLC, WindowsMediaPlayer, Keynote, PowerPoint and Windows Photo Viewer, andwillsupport more • Web Remote (in-app purchase): SupportsChrome,Firefox, and Opera • Application Switcher: quickly launchandswitch between programs • Power Options: Supportsremotelyshutdown, sleep, restart and logoff Other Features • Usethephysical volume buttons on the mobile device for remote control•Set password for connection • Customizable wallpaperConnectionMethod • Auto connect • Connect via IP address or QR code• Connectvia history Operating Environment • Compatible withWindows 10, 8,7, Vista, Mac OSX 10.6+, and Linux • Works underWi-Fi or 3G / 4Gnetwork To Get Started 1. Visit on yourcomputer and download the RemoteMouse computer server 2. Installand run the computer server 3.Connect your mobile device to thesame Wi-Fi or hotspot as yourcomputer * * * * * If you are a macOSMojave user, able to connectto your Mac but cannot use thefeatures, please refer to this video( grant access to Remote Mouse,otherwise the software will notwork properly. * * * * * Help UsTranslate If you are interested intranslating Remote Mouse intoyour native language, join ourcollaborative translation projectat
Multiple Space - Multiple Account & Parallel APP 1.0.9
Velo Mobi
Super app clone & multiple account for parallelspaceOnephone,two accounts,online at the same timeMultiple spacehelpsclone unlimited multiple parallel account for WhatsApp andFacebookor other social & game accounts and keep onlinesimultaneouslyon one phone to separate work and life.You can getdouble whatsappand double facebook easily.Feature:😊 Parallel socialaccounts,including facebook, whats app, line, messenger etc. , helpyou tomanage work and life😊 Data of clones and original appsareseparated,such as double whatsapp😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourcloned account😊 Notification setting to manage notificationofclones😊 Two game accounts, help you upgrade level quickly😊Supportmost of android applications😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourprivate whatsapp clones😊 Support to customize icon and labelofclonesAdvantage:❤️ Easy to use and simple UI❤️ Switch fastbetweendual accounts with just one-tap❤️ Enable Quick Switch toswitch toclones in notification bar❤️ Provider options toenable/disableGoogle Play Service, which can save memory &power for clonedapp. Note:☆ In order to make your applicationrunning well, weapplied most of the android application. But wewon't collect anyuser information.☆ The memory of SuperClone usedis the total sizeof the cloned application
Remote Control For DirecTV RC66 8.2.00
FREE edition for a limited time **DISCLAIMER This app is nottheofficial DirecTV RC66 app. It was designed with care to tryandbring DirecTV RC66 users an overall better experience****IMPORTANT **** This app needs your phone to have InfraredsensorNot sure what this means? you can try downloading the app andseeif it works Your remote is missing? Just ask us for it from theappFeatures: * SAVE your favorite remotes for easy access *NOinstallation, just click and play * AMAZING design with cool&easy interface Have questions? remote isn't working? Pleasefeelfree to contact us on
DTH Set-Top Box Connection 5.5
DTH Set-Top Box Will provide 432 Channels in DTH Dish Set TopBox,that is 350+ Normal channels and remaining 50+ HD Channels itcanwatch in 4K Resolution also. This will be benefit for thosehavingLED, LCD TVS. Features available in this is :- All DTHCustomercare number Nearest service centre of DTH Operator AllOperatorswebsite adress DTH My Plans (Customize Channels accordingto you)DTH Welcome Offer DTH Set top Box Pack Contains Set TOP Box,OneRemote Control, One DISH, Wire, and User Manual. Thank youforchoosing us.
All Mobile Secret Codes 1.0.1
Mobile secret code application include the android secret codeofall mobile device like Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola,XIAOMI/MI,BlackBerry, China, HTC, Karbonn, LG, MicroSoft/WindowsandOPPO.Check all common android secret codes include Network,GPS,Bluetooth, WLAN test, Firmware version information, factorytests,and PDA. Top new working secret codes for samsung, lg,Lenovo,OPPO, htc and so on. Best android secret codes a most widelysearchterm in the internet. We are here sharing the new workingcodes forandroid device on the special secret codesfromTIBADEV is a free application from which you can review and useofall the hidden codes, confidentiality, and that work on allmobileoperating system android. There is also a group of secretcodes forSAMSUNG, HTC, and SONY phones.*** IMPORTANT! Somemanufacturers notallow the use of these codes and they may not workon your device.By using secret codes you can change some of yourdevice settings.Use at your own risk! ***Do you know that Androiddevices areintelligent and smart? There are various android secretcodes whichcan be used for easy functioning of the device.secretcodes is anOpen Source application allowing you to scan your deviceanddiscover hidden functionalities.A secret code is defined bythispattern: *#*#code#*#*.There are multiple ways to trigger them,butthe simplest is to directly enter them in the dialerappApplicationCovers The Following:- Samsung mobile secret code -Samsung phonecodes - Samsung model code - Samsung hiddenmenu/codes- lg phonesecret codes - HTC codes - Moto secret code-code for check samsungphone- XIAOMI/MI secret code - HUAWEI Secrercode- Oppo secretcodeSome secret code example:*#*#4636#*#* - Thiscode can be usedto get some interesting information about yourphone and battery.It shows following 5 menus on screen:1> Phoneinformation2>Battery information3> Battery history4> Usagestatistics5>Wifi information*2767*3855# - Think before you givethis code. Thiscode is used for factory format. It'll remove allfiles andsettings including the internal memory storage. It'llalsoreinstall the phone firmware.PS: Once you give this code, thereisno way to cancel the operation unless you remove the batteryfromthe phone. So think twice before giving thiscode.*#*#34971539#*#*- This code is used to get information aboutphone camera. It showsfollowing 4 menus:1> Update camerafirmware in image (Don't trythis option)2> Update camerafirmware in SD card3> Get camerafirmware version4> Getfirmware update countWARNING: Never usethe first option otherwiseyour phone camera will stop working andyou'll need to take yourphone to service center to reinstallcamerafirmware.*#*#197328640#*#* - This secret code can be used toenterinto Service mode. You can run various tests and changesettings inthe service mode.These secret codes can also be usedfor gainingaccess to the secret portal of the Android and itsservices. Thereare various symbolic or numeric sequences whicheasily allow one togain access to the system settings for varioususages. In this app,there are various hidden codes given which canbe employed on theAndroid devices.Some code of them may not workon specific devices,but you can still try them.Please share secretUSSD codes youalready know and I will update the applicationaccordingly.Enjoy andhave a fun!Note: We will not be responsiblefor any damage of yourphone,no will be liable for any damage.
MyJDownloader Remote Official
AppWork GmbH
This is the official MyJDownloader Android App!MyJDownloaderaccount needed: Use the app or go to toregister your account. MyJDownloaderand this app enable you toremote control your desktop JDownloaderfrom your pocket whileyou're on the go. JDownloader is a populardownload manager foryour desktop computer. • Check how yourdownloads are doing • AddLinks to your LinkGrabber • Monitor yourclipboard for links • Getnotified about captchas and solve them• Manage multipleJDownloaders MyJDownloader is a new service by thecreators ofJDownloader. It is currently in the beta testing stage.Throughthis service you're able to control your JDownloader fromanywherewith the web interface (, theofficialapps and browser extensions as well as apps by thirdpartydevelopers. You need a running JDownloader on your desktop PCand aMyJDownloader account to use all features! Go here to registeryourMyJDownloader account: Please sendinyour feedback! We are very happy about every bit of feedbackthatreaches us. Your words keep us going. Please use the buttons intheapp or go to
Arduino bluetooth controller 1.3
Giumig Apps
Do you want to control via bluetooth the Arduino projectyoubuilt?Let your Android device be a remote control foranymicro-controller with a bluetooth module.Run the app, searchforyour bluetooth module and connect. Once you are connected youwillbe able to send your own commands to your Arduino board usingthekeyboard or some fancy buttons
org.vndnguyen.phoneinfo 3.7.9
★★★ Written specifically for SAMSUNG phones ★★★ Have you everwantedto know the Country of Origin behind the label 'MADE BYSAMSUNG'?When the phone was manufactured? How frequently the phonewas used?How many times it has been connected to the Charger? Doyou want toknow the Knox Warranty Void status without entering tothe ODINDownload Mode?... Then this app is for you. ☆Supportmulti-language: العربية, Azərbaycanca, Deutsch, English,Español,فارسی, Français, Magyar, Italiano, עברית, 日本語, Polski,Português,Română, Русский, Shqip, Српски, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, 繁體中文,简体中文.Please help to translate into your nativelanguage:☆Like Facebook page:☆Join Facebookgroup: ☆ XDAthread: ★SecretCodes: List all of Samsung secret codes (HiddenMenu) onyourdevice. Note: You may need ROOT to launch secret codes (use'Launch0' method). ★ Firmware Browser: Browse for the stockfirmwaresavailable online, for your phone and for any other Samsungmodel. ★Other Tools: - CSC Changer: Change the CSC. This toolrequires root+ multi-CSC stock firmware. - CSC Verifier: It isSamsung built-intool. Requires root + stock firmware. - ServiceModeMAIN MENU: Itis Samsung built-in tool. Requires root + stockfirmware. - S/NAnalyzer: Obtain information about Country of OriginandManufacturing Date from Samsung serial number. You can enterserialnumber from ANY Samsung phone (including OLD phone, FEATUREphoneand NON-SMART phone). - IMEI Analyzer: Check the IMEI forthevalidity by calculating the Check Digit (according toLuhnalgorithm). ★ Refurbishment Check ★ CSC Code Lookup (CSC -ConsumerSoftware Customization, aka Sales Code, or Region Code) ★MainFeatures: Displays the following information about your phone.▪GENERAL INFO: - Manufacturer / Brand - Phone Model /CommercialModel Name - Device Type - Product Name - Country ofOrigin -Manufacturing Date - Knox Warranty Void - Colour / InternalStorage▪ CSC INFO: - Product Code - Original CSC Code - Firmware'sCSCCode - Active CSC Code - Available CSC Codes - CSC Country -MobileOperator ▪ FIRMWARE INFO: - Bootloader Version - PDA Version- CSCVersion - Baseband Version - Latest Firmware - FirmwareUpdateHistory - Firmware Status - Kernel Version /Architecture(32/64-bit) - Java Virtual Machine (Dalvik or ART) ▪ OSINFO: -Root Existence - Android Version - Build Number - BuildFingerprint- Build Description - Build Date - Changelist ▪ HARDWAREINFO: -Hardware / Board (CPU 32/64-bit) - Platform / Chip - GPU(GraphicsProcessing Unit) - Modem Board - Hardware Revision - TotalRAM -Screen (physical size in inches, resolution in pixels, densityindpi and ppi) - Camera - Sound Card - Mono or Stereo Loudspeaker-WiFi Chip - GPS Chip - Battery (technology, capacity in mAh)-Sensors ▪ DEVICE ID: - IMEI (support dual SIM) - AndroidSerialNumber - Samsung Serial Number ▪ USAGE HISTORY: - HeadsetConnectCounter - Charger Connect Counter - S Pen Detach Counter -BatteryDischarge Cycles - Battery Health ▪ MONITOR: -CPU/Battery/Ambienttemperatures - CPU/Memory usages - Batteryvoltage/level - Signalstrength NOTE: This app works properly withStock Firmware. OnCustom ROM some info may not show correctly. ☆☆☆Ability to RemoveAds and Export info to the SD Card (Plus versiononly) ☆☆☆ ABOUTPERMISSIONS: - Camera: This permission is requiredto read thecamera resolution. - Read Phone State: This permissionis requiredto read IMEI, and also serial number (on Android 8.0+).
Service Report 6.07
Simão Lúcio
A fast and functional tool for Jehovah’s Witnesses, JW, torecordand report the time spent in the field ministry. It'sdesigned tobe the more simple and user-friendly possible. Theinstallationfile is only 630 kb (once installed, the app sizedepends ondevice), preventing eat up space or drain your battery.Light andfast, the application offers all the essential features: •sendreport via SMS, email or third party app like whatsapp • useastopwatch • set monthly or yearly goals for pioneers • LDCtime(available in the settings) • automatically count the exactnumberof bible studies • round (up or down) the hours at the end ofmonth• works totally offline, no internet connection neededCurrently,the app is available in 25 languages. I want to thank allthefriendly brothers that contributed for the app or forthetranslation. And I especially thank Jehovah that qualify meforthis work. If someone wants to improve a translation, pleaseemailme. *********** About permissions:-android.permission.READ_CONTACTS This permission is only usedforsetting the email or sms receiver for sending report .-android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE This permissionallowsdata backup. JW.
Planning Center Services
Planning Center
You must already have an account with Planning Center to usethisapp. To sign up for an account subscription, haveyourorganization's administrator go to Center Services: ====== Planning Center Services isanonline scheduling and worship planning application to keepyourstaff and volunteers connected. With our native Android app,youget an optimized Planning Center Services experience whereveryouare! You can manage your schedule, accept or declinerequests,blockout dates, or upload your profile picture. Musicianscan usethe built-in media player or attachments section to accessandrehearse their music. Schedulers can add users to schedules,checkfor conflicts, and email their teams at any time. Easily addto,reorder, and edit your plans. Plan pages and your personalschedulewill live update to show you the latest information.
BoxToGo Free 3.3.4
Remote control your FRITZ!Box: view caller list, switchansweringmachines & diversions, display phone book, reconnectandrestart FRITZ!Box, open user interface, switch and controlSmartHome. Main features - displaying call list - switchingcalldiversions - switching and play back answering machine -displayFRITZ!Box phone book - restart and reconnect FRITZ!Box -SmartHome: control switch sockets and heating thermostats Easy&safe - Setup wizard lets you easily setup BoxToGo. - Theconnectionbetween BoxToGo and your FRITZ!Box is SSL protected bySSL andcertificate check. Supported FRITZ!Boxes 3270, 3272, 3370,3390,3490, 4020, 4040, 4080, 5490, 5491, 6320, 6340, 6360, 7369,6430,6490, 6590, 6591, 6660, 6810, 6820, 6840, 6842, 6890, 7112,7141,7170, 7240, 7270, 7272, 7312, 7320, 7330, 7340, 7360, 7362,7390,7412, 7430, 7490, 7530, 7560, 7570, 7580, 7581, 7582, 7583,7590with firmware from xx.04.87. Allrequirements Take alook atBoxToGo Pro BoxToGo Pro (fee required) offers 115 instead of34features: - call monitor displays calls immediately - freephonecalls with Callthrough - Skype calls - easy dial with dialhelper -switch on/off WiFi and WiFi guest access - WPS &QR-Codeconnect new WiFi devices easy and fast - multiple FRITZ!Boxsupport- determine caller name via reverse lookup - WakeOnLan -remotecontrol your computer: shutdown, reboot, screenshot etc. -send faxmessages - child protection: limit internet access - light&dark design - 31 widgets & shortcuts for nearly allfeatures -complete list of comparisons: Visit for FAQs, forum and videos orcontact medirectly: or +49 (0) 30 70206375