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Big Fish Games
JAM, CRUSH, & MATCH three or more candy like gummies andblastyour way through thousands of 🎇 FUN levels in this FREEpuzzlegame. Solve puzzles and rebuild famous landmarks. Downloadthe gamethat over 40,000,000 people are already playing worldwide!CRUSHcombos of sweet gummies alone or challenge your friends to seewhocan get the highest score! Matching candy like pieces issoexciting you won’t want to stop playing this 💕 match-3 puzzlegame.LET’S GO GUMMY! Blast Sweet Boosts • Match jelly gummies tomakespecial power ups & boosts • Crush rows with the PlasmaStrike• Blast candy like pieces with the Bomb Boost • Pop opendailytreasure chests full of gems and resources • Crush levels andgethigh scores to collect bonus rewards Match-3 Excitement •Juicygummies squish & pop when you match them • Puzzles with ⏰timedand limited moves provide fun challenges • Blast throughuniquelevels & explore exotic locales around the world Match-3PuzzleGame Fun Goes 🌏 Global • New puzzles and cities are addedeverymonth • Free rewards when you solve limited time events •Matchyour way around the world using travel vouchers to fly to anycity,anytime • Crush puzzles to rebuild famous cities • Pop candylikegummies to build landmarks from Sydney to Tokyo, Paris to Dubaiandmore • Blast your way through over 50 cities & collectstampsfor your passport More FREE puzzles to solve with Gummy Drop!• Funpuzzles don’t stop, with over 10,000 levels to play! •Sweetholiday & Christmas events like Santa’s Workshopprovidecollectible passport stamps • Play timed events for infinitelifeboosts & other rewards Match to Collect Resources •Completetasty gummy levels to gather resources • Play throughlevels againto be able to rebuild the landmarks • Match throughside levels tohelp locals and score bonus resources Gummy Drop! iscompletelyfree to play but some optional in-game items will requirepayment.Can’t get enough of Gummy Drop!? Like us on Facebook,follow us onTwitter, or visit our Headquarters for sweet musings,matchingtips, gummy stories, and tasty giveaways! Facebook: SearchGummyDrop Twitter: @GummyDrop Gummy Drop! Big Fish terms ofuse:
Sir Match-a-Lot: Match 3 Game 1.26.0
Big Fish Games
Play 🎇 Match-3 Puzzle Games 🎇 at their best with challenginglayoutsand exciting boosts! Solve fun & magical puzzles in aquest tosave the 🌎 world 🌏. Squish, pop and blast beautifuljewel-tonedpieces to create powerful matches. Crush bosses bycompletingspecial puzzle boards. Sweet adventures in matchingawait you inthis ADDICTIVE & FUN puzzle game! Tasty Puzzles •Crushjewel-toned pieces like juicy 🍎 apples 🍎 and deliciouspumpkins •Collect keys, match fireflies, and blast villains! • Jamthroughchallenges for sweet rewards Heroic Matching • Match yourwaythrough more than dozen unique lands! • Play smart to get offtheLost Island • Free rides? Not in the Haunted Carnival! • Beatthesugar rush in Sweet Stop! • Blast off to Lunar Base! ExcitingMatch3 🎆 Boosts 🎆 • Blast bunches of puzzle pieces with colorfulDynamiteBoosts • Crush tiles with the powerful Cascade Boosts •Pop allblocks using the amazing Flash Boost • New lands offer new&unique boosts! Match Faster 💨 with Outfits • Outfits offer anewunique spin on puzzle game strategy and bonuses! • Get freemoveswith the Firefighter gear • Win bonus gold with the Dinosauroutfit• Score bonuses with the Samurai costume • Strategy is keywhenchoosing the right outfit for the board! Enjoy Match 3 fun ina gameworld like no other. Join Sir Match-a-lot, the little guywho isready to defeat any puzzle and save the world! Completeuniquequests, gather firefly allies and conquer villainous bossesin thisaddictive medieval matching game. Download Sir Match-a-lotand startyour heroic Match-3 journey today! TWITTER:@sirmatchalotINSTAGRAM:@sirmatchalot Big Fish terms ofuse:
Button Blast - Dress Up Match-3 Puzzle 🎩👒🎀 3.148.204
Pixel Federation
New ultimate Dress Up Match-3 puzzle game with uniquecasualgameplay for free! It's Dress Up time for your cute littleTeddy.Download now for free!THE ULTIMATE MATCHING PUZZLE GAME! TAP,BLAST& HAVE FUN!🐻🐻🐻 Join the beautiful world of TEDDY and DresshimUpBlast two or more button blocks of the same colour to clearthelevel and collect boxes and sets of clothes. Your talent insolvingpuzzles will be your best tool while playing this superaddictiveclick to match Dress Up puzzle game. No more crushingcandies,breaking diamonds, crunching cookies or farming. Blast thebuttonblocks and enjoy this colourful adventure!Button Blast -Dress UpMatch-3 Puzzle Features:🐻 Cutest graphics and uniquegameplay🐻 Somany levels with exciting puzzles🐻 Numerous boostersalong the way🐻Spectacular rewards and extra bonuses unlocked afterlevels passed🐻Easy and fun to play but challenging to master🐻COMPLETELY FREE TOPLAYTap to Blasting, keep tapping to Win theLevel! Just tap toplay, show your reaction speed and eliminateskills!One of thenewest click to match-3 puzzle game on Google Playis here. Clickon any 2 same adjacent blocks and take on thissmashing fascinatingcute blasting trip in Button Blast!How to PlayButton Blast: 🐻 Tap2 or more adjacent cubes of the same to blast🐻Achieve requiredscore to pass levels, no time limit🐻 The morebuttons get blastedeach move, the higher score you will get🐻 Tryyour best to clearall buttons, you will be rewarded🐻 Collectbeautiful sets ofclothesEasy to play and pleasurable game for allage. From now on,let's enjoy a simple and addictive puzzle click tomatch game! Onceyou start, you'll be hooked.So Download now ButtonBlast for freeand start playing and dressing up your lovelyTeddybear!----------------Need some help? Visit our support pages,orsend us amessage! iscompletely free to play, but there are optional in-apppurchasesavailable. Either way, you’ll have a blast!
com.rvappstudios.match3_balloon_puzzle_game 3.8.7
RV AppStudios
Ready to start matching and popping some balloons? BalloonParadiseis a colorful and exciting match 3 puzzle game that takesplace ina world high above the clouds! Swap and match shinyballoons andunleash fantabulous power-ups as you work to save thesky city ofFloatopia! Belle's amazing adventure has taken her to aworld shenever knew existed. Far above the land, hidden by theclouds, is acity made entirely out of balloons. A great gust ofwind hasstirred up trouble in this beautiful world, mixing up allof thecolors and causing parts of the city to disappear! Only Bellecanput things in order, and she's got just the match 3 skills todoit! Travel to amazing new worlds as you help Belle bymatchingballoons one group at a time. Solve puzzles to getspecialpower-ups that can pop tons of balloons at once, sendingthem backto Floatopia in a great flash of fun! Features: * Restorea magicalcity floating high in the sky. * Match and pop colorfulballoons intons of different patterns. * Over 2355 levels ofexciting,fast-paced matching. * Create amazing power-ups and usethem toclear the screen! The Easter bunny is on the way, ready tobringfun new match-3 puzzle games to your door! A brand newBalloonParadise update is packed with Easter holiday goodness,includingnew levels, new episodes, and fun new graphics. EnjoyEaster bydownloading the game today! Get ready to explore afantastic newworld of adventure, excitement, and amazing balloonpopping fun!Work fast and make smart matches, your Balloon Paradisefriends arecounting on you! Privacy Policy-
Tasty Story 1.60
Andiks LTD
Your cat wants some fish... Feed your kitty in our puzzle gameforall family and kids! Free match 3 puzzle game with awesomegraphicsabout lost cat and it’s story life where you should rescueyour petstep by step in his adventure.◉   COLOURFUL ANIMAL WORLDYouare todive into the vivid and colourful animal world, to meet themaincharacter, his friends and rivals. Walk the parks and streetsofNew-York, help the cat and his friends to defeat the ViciousPugwho has taken over the streets of the city.◉  TASTYCHALLENGESComplete levels and quests, challenge with the BadBoyand explore a huge world! Compete all levels of this food sagawithyour friends and take top places in our rating! ◉  GREATCOMMUNITYBreak a leg! May the Paw be with you! Start yourtastystory with your friends in a new match 3 puzzle game and helpyourfriends in this awesome adventure game! ◉   KEY GAMEFEATURES∙Kitty. Very cute kitty! Animated characters, eachpossessing uniquecharacter features∙ Magic world with absolutelynew graphics, musicand outstanding game components∙ Unique game mapwith quests anddaily events∙ More than 300 unrepeatable levels∙More than 25 gamecomponents∙ Vicious pug boss, who takes all yourgaming skills todefeat∙ More than 10 bonuses which will help youbecome the firstin the player’s rating∙ Facebook accountsynchronisation forsending and receiving gifts and bonuses∙ Newmatch 3 gameplayexperience like best arcade games of match 3 puzzlegames genreBydownloading this application you agree that the appmay contain thefollowing:- in-app purchases- the ability to sendnotifications-geo-location services- partners ads, includingdemonstration of advideos- information on Andiks products andservices
Christmas Games - Match 3 Puzzle Game for Xmas 11.746.13
Go Vuzzle
Fun Christmas games for free! Santa Claus is coming soon againtolet you play as a match 3 puzzle game tile sweeper! Happyholidaysand Merry Christmas! Christmas Games is one of the mostpopularmatch-3 puzzle game online right now. Be a sweeper and swipetilesinto classic matching game play. More than a MILLIONplayersoverall and a great fun game for free during Xmas! * BESTCHRISTMASGAMES AND MOST POPULAR MATCH 3 PUZZLE * - Popular andaddictivetile matching fun - Classic matching game in Xmasdecorations -Swipe puzzle with bells and jewels - Best Christmasgames for free- Holiday fun with family guaranteed - MerryChristmas with Xmasdecorations What are you waiting for? Yourpersonal best Christmasgames is ready for you with tons of funlevels, unique art designand immersive Xmas decorations. Swipe tilematching fun withjewels!
com.evastudio.Mermaid 2.25.0
LLC Progress
WANNA PLAY WITH PRINCESS MERMAID? The ocean holds many secretsandmysteries. Mermaid is the princess and the greatest treasure oftheocean. She has always liked to collect seashells, swim tryingtooutrace pirate ships, keep watch over sea stars, play with fishanddolphins and solve difficult puzzles. But once upon a timeseaanimals have found themselves in danger: bunches of trashweredropped into the ocean. Mermaid can’t abandon her friends andherkingdom! Help Mermaid to clean the sea world from the trashandrescue fish, sea stars and dolphins avoiding dangerous sharksandjelly-fish. Solve ocean puzzles and don’t get caught inpiratenets! “Mermaid – treasure match-3 puzzle” is an excitingmatch-3adventure in the sea world: solve puzzles, unlock secrets,collectseashells, rescue fish from glass jars and cans, popbubbles, saveup treasures and get a reward from Princess Mermaid!The main taskfor the mistress of the sea is to rescue all the fish!And you canhelp Mermaid to make paradise ashore and in depth of theocean.Dive to the sea world and plunge into match-3 adventures! Youwon’tbe able to stop playing the game, because “Mermaid –treasurematch-3 puzzle” is: - Well-loved match-3 puzzle genre. - Alot ofsecrets and mysteries. - You won’t be bored during the game!Morethan 46 sea worlds and 1900 levels of puzzles. And each 2weeksthey are getting more and more! Adventure continues! - Prettyseaanimals: fish, dolphins, sea stars, jelly-fish, octopuses andmanyothers. - It’s even more interesting to play! There are2additional ways to complete each level. - All pirates willbedefeated! Varity of boosters and bonuses will help to improveyourskill! - Offline gaming mode! - It’s absolutely free match-3game,but you can buy some game elements, for example, additionalmoves.- NO ADS. Sea world is waiting for you! Install “Mermaid –treasurematch-3 puzzle” for free and play right now! Subscribe forofficialfan-page to know about updates before everyone else!Facebook:
Crafty Candy – Match 3 Adventure 1.97.0
Outplay Entertainment Ltd
Match Magical Candies with OVER 5 MILLION PLAYERSWORLDWIDE!Challenge yourself to thousands of DELICIOUS PUZZLES inaspellbinding magical MATCH 3 GAME! Join Candice, anapprenticewitch, and Cookie, the adorable kitten, through anenchanted landof sweet treats! From marshmallow madness to gooeychocolatewaterfalls, discover the tastiest adventure ever! Enjoythis FREEGAME on your own or with friends, by matching deliciouslycolorfulcandies, and craft spells to blast your way to the top!Train yourbrain with a variety of perplexing puzzles, cast fizzyfireworks,and WIN ENCHANTING PRIZES! Spin the daily wheel to claimfreerewards and boost your progress to the next level. DOWNLOAD NOWANDENJOY: • 1,000’s of fantastically fun levels! • Escape intoacandylicous world dripping with creamy cakes, juicy jelly,sweetsoda, and lovely lollipops! • Unlock sweet new looks withtheWitch's Wardrobe! • Outwit the tricky witch, Trixie, inmagicalCandy battles! • Connect to Facebook to seamlessly syncyourprogress across devices! • Keep track and compare yourprogresswith your Facebook friends! Have fun playing Crafty Candy!Learnmore about the game!Facebook: FacebookGroup: Questions?Contactour player support team ifyou needhelp! Have fun playing Crafty Candy! © 2015 - 2019OutplayEntertainment Ltd. Crafty Candy is a registered trademarkofOutplay Entertainment. All rights reserved. Developer INFO:OutplayEntertainment is a leading developer of the match 3 genre.Creatingfantastic worlds, lovable characters, and excitinggameplay. Checkout our other free match 3 puzzle games; MysteryMatch & BootyQuest for the very best match 3 on mobile! Makesure to visit thestore often for all new candy, magic spells, andevents we'veadded! Begin your match three adventure today! 2.1.1
SmileyGamer Match 3 Games
Farm Charm is a charming accumulative match-3 puzzler with lotsoffascinating levels! Discover unexpected challenges along yourway,use the amazing boosters, and meet cute and funny animalfriends.WHY DOWNLOAD? • 1200+ beautifully designed and animatedlevels in 2worlds, with many different and unique challenges! •There are nolives in this game, so you can play as much as you wantwithoutwaiting! • No need to annoy your friends with requests inorder toprogress. • Cute farm pets will help you by charming theapples,carrots, leafs, glasses of milk and other collectibles.•Optionally connect to facebook to see the progress of yourfriends,and compete with them for highscores. THE STORY OF THEHARVEST It'sharvesting time on the farm of grandpa Joe. The oldfarmer lives ina charming and slightly enchanted village with hisanimal friendsMr. Piggy, Mr. Baa-lamb, Madam Frog, Miss Turkey, Moothe Cow andMonsieur Bunny. They jump on the old cart to depart onthe bigadventure ahead, through the gardenscapes, forests and acresoffertile land surrounding his ranch. Their journey will leadthemthrough the fascinating village and country around thecharmedfarm. Along the way they have to collect the apples,waterdrops,carrots, leafs, feathers and stars. But they encountermany moreunexpected challenges! Will you help them and become theFarm King?MATCH TO COLLECT Swap items to line up 3 or more to matchandcollect them. Matching 4 or 5 items will result in various beamsofmagic fairy dust to spread over the level which will charmtheitems and double their value! These beams will also increasethevalue of previously charmed (highlighted) items and collect themattriple value. THE CHALLENGES AHEAD There are many tasks thatneedto be accomplished along the way. Grow the sunflowers and freethebirds, help the bees collect honey and grow mushrooms. Whichcamefirst, the chicken or the egg? Doesn’t matter, on our farm wehaveboth! Match the eggs to hatch them and match the chicks tobringthem home. No surprise, grandpa Joe also really likes fishing!Feedthe caterpillars so they become beautiful butterflies andcollectthe jam pots for your winter stock. Also clean the gardenfrom dirtand stones while you're at it. Further ahead you have tofight thesnails and spiders (and their nasty webs), fill up thebarrels andhelp fireflies out of a trap! If you travel even furtheryou'llencounter more challenges that are yet to be discovered. PETSATTHE RESCUE Grandpa's favourite farm pet friends travel alongtohelp him out. They each have a special ability: they can charmonetype of item when they have enough energy. This will beatremendous help, so they're the heroes of this saga! There arealsosome amazing boosters available to help you through theharderlevels. Receive some help from outer space and call for a UFOtoharvest one type of item. More down to earth is your stockofhighly explosive pumpkins. For more precision work, you canuseyour trusty slingshot to shoot acorns. YOU WILL LOVE FARMCHARM!You'll have an absolute blast with this relaxing casual match3puzzle game! It's not just a toy, but an entertainingexperiencethat will engage you for many months. So don't drop it,Farm Charmwill be the new mania in swap & match town. And it'shealthy aswell, since there's no candy, gummy or jelly on the farm.Onlyyummy sweet fruits and tasty veggies in this tale. Now it'stimefor our pet heroes to come out from between the hay stack,andembark on the greatest adventure saga! The farm story begins...Formore match 3 goodness, check out our other games on the store.Alsovisit us on facebook at
Calming Lia 3.165
Mingle Games
Help Bao to calm Lia with her nightmares and save the dream!CalmingLia is a glamorous match 3 adventure game. Travel throughfunworlds, Deep Sea, Spooky Circus and much more in thisglamorousmatch 3 adventure of Lia’s dreams. Slide and match 3 ormore tosave Lia’s dreams! Beat challenging match 3 levels and relaxyourmind. Collect magic charms, beautiful diamonds and shinygold!FEATURES ● 600+ match 3 adventure levels to beat ● Anadventure setin a dreamland of Lia and the brave bear Bao! ●Hand-drawn art andlovely animations! ● Magic box with chances towin goodies! ●Collect unique bonuses! ● Magic charm collection! ●Leaderboards towatch your friends and compete for the best score! ●Play dailygold mine challenge! ● Invite your friends to help you onthisjourney and get your rewards! ● Unlock magic treasure chests asyoutravel through the game! ● Easy to play and challenging tomaster!Play Calming Lia and embark on glamorous match 3 adventuregame! Wevalue your feedback, so let us know if you have any dreamideas forus to implement: Findout moreabout Lia and brave Bao quest at with Lia and brave Bao quest onFacebook Follow Lia and brave BaoonTwitter Follow Lia and braveBaoon Instagram Lia is a completely free-to-play match-3 adventuregame,but some items in the game are offered as in-app purchases.You canturn off the payment feature by disabling in-app purchasesin yourdevice’s settings if you choose to.
Merry Christmas - match 3 1.4.3
Alpha Games LLC
Merry Christmas is the best of match 3 games free puzzle gamesaboutnew years countdown and matching games with Christmas treeand SantaClaus! Merry Chrismas!This match 3 new year game is aboutWinterWonderland and xmas games! Also our xmas countdownadventures ofsanta clause are the best of casual games and diamondgames world.Solve puzzles and decorate your christmas tree withtoys, casualjewels and christmas games diamonds to celebrate thematch 3 gamesending of 2016 and meet the new 2017 games year!TheMerry Christmas– match 3 diamond puzzle game – super puzzles ofSanta Claus gameswhich won’t let you feel bored!Christmas is aholiday when childrenand adults believe in magic! They wait forChristmas surprises,decorate Christmas tree and eat candies. SantaClaus has to be hurryto deliver in time long-awaited sweetpresents around the globe.Only for this holiday Christmas deers,the loyal friends of SantaClaus, are able to take off with hiscasual sleigh to go for thexmas adventures and deliver him to anycorner of the world from hisland of Winter Wonderland. You canhelp to xmas games heroes by yoursavvy and solving difficult, butvery interesting match 3 puzzles ofSanta games. Get through thebanks of snow! Match 3 Christmas toysin a row, overcome obstacles,take bonuses for successfullycompleted levels and help Santa togive special presents for eachinhabitant. It is time foradventures and jewel mania! You won’tlift your head from that gamefor all Christmas countdown and evenafter, because Merry Christmas– match 3 diamond puzzle is:-Well-loved match 3 genre (three in arow) of 2016 games- You won’tfeel cold with this game! A lot ofinteresting match 3 puzzle games.And each 2 weeks they are gettingmore and more!- Each season map isin the concept of certaincountry with its particularities.- Nowinter could be dangerous!Overcome obstacles by making supercombinations even with new yearscountdown!- Different boosters anddaily bonuses will help toimprove your skills!- Xmas diamond dashand jewels adventures andare uninterrupted all over 2017 gamesyear! Offline gaming mode!-“Merry Christmas – match 3 diamondpuzzle” jewelry game isabsolutely free match three puzzle game, butyou can buy some gameelements, for example, additional moves.- NOADS.Play MerryChristmas – match 3 diamond puzzle, let the holidayalways be withyou! Decorate Christmas tree and eat candies with thebest game of2016 new games! Subscribe for official fan-page and getto knowabout updates and 2017 new games first!
Halloween Magic Match 3 1.0.20
Play now this fun new match 3 game for adults with a HalloweenMagicMatch 3! Solve magic puzzles, unlock brain puzzling levelsand enjoyhours of fun in this highly addictive match 3 game!DOWNLOAD FORFREE and challenge your brain now! Match 3 games havenever been sofun: help the cute little Witch advance through thisnew puzzle gameby solving puzzles presented by the powerfulWizard! Get ready andjoin millions of boys, girls and adults inthis brand new match-3puzzle game! Halloween Magic Match 3 is FREEto play with FREEupdates including new levels, obstacles, treats,and more everyweek! JOIN THIS PUZZLE ADVENTURE - Match your waythrough the magicworld of Witch Puzzle - Match enchanted itemsfrom Halloween such asskulls, pumpkins and poisoned apples toclear the board - SpecialLevels: super hard puzzles, great forbrain training - CompletelyFREE to play Connect social and playwith friend, help them, sendthem more live or send request tothem. With every friend youinvited, you will receive an certaincoin, play with friend, morefun, and more exciting. Thank you fordownloading our HalloweenMagic Match 3 game and scoring a lot ofstars in our game. And wesuggest we develop in the next version.
com.bitmango.go.jewelpopmania 2.8.0
NO LIMIT TO CHALLENGE! TRY, TRY & TRY AGAIN! HOW TO PLAY •Swapjewels to match 3 of the same! • Complete the missions! •Achieve 3stars to get more coins! • Get high score with boosters!FEATURES •The KING of BRAIN TEASERS, Challenge and Beat thepuzzles. • Thereis NO LIMIT to “STAMINA” as many of the puzzlergames have. •Gameplay is incredibly simple and straightforward. •Tutorial isintuitive and easy to follow. • Graphic is wellpolished. Visualeffects are stimulating and entertaining. • Thewinter theme goesvery well with the game graphic and style. • UIdesign is verysimple and easy. • Data Sync with Facebook account •The gamesupports both phones and tablets. NOTES • Jewel PopMania:Match 3Puzzle contains the ads like banner, interstitial,video and houseads. • Jewel Pop Mania:Match 3 Puzzle is free toplay, but you canpurchase In-app items like AD FREE and Hints.E-MAIL • HOMEPAGE• on FACEBOOK • Contactusif you have any questions, ideas for improvements or experienceanybugs when playing the game: Your feedback willbeused in the future updates.
Gem Quest Hero - Jewel Match 3 Games 3.5.8
Miik Limited
Gem Quest Hero is a jewel match 3 game released with welldesigned300 levels! Finally to see if you can beat the clock inlast "SuperHard" levels and get the last precious!Best experience,graphicsand puzzles on your Android phones/Tablets! Never miss-outthematch-three (match 3) quest!Gem Quest Hero highlight Features:●Complete different targets to win the level before you run outoftime. ● Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master.●Acres of luscious levels to complete. ● Take on your friendstocompete for the best score and see who can switch their way tothefattest onions ever! ● Rechargeable boosters, extra to,eandspecial power-ups to help with those challenging levels. ●Discoverprecious in Egypt style graphics.Play Gem Quest Hero todayand joinmillions enjoying the latest touch craze!If you lovediamond gameor jewel match game, we're sure you will love this "GemQuestHero". If you don't like jewel type mania game, we stillsuggestyou try this one. The strategy & skills inside will makeyouexcited.NOTE-1: Gem Quest Hero is completely free to play butthereis ads in this game. If you do not like ads you can remove itinsettings by purchasing.NOTE-2: There might be unpredictable bugsonsome low-end android devices. We are sorry about this and wearetrying our best to fix this.Gem Quest Hero is completely freetoplay but some in-game items such as extra moves or liveswillrequire payment. You can turn-off the payment feature bydisablingin-app-purchases in your device’s settings.
Cascade: Jewel Matching Adventure 2.2.6
Big Fish Games
Dig into this one-of-a-kind brain teaser game where you aimandlaunch gems to create matches and solve puzzles! Finally,amatching puzzle game made for adults! Cascade is a uniquepuzzlematch game; train your brain to line up gems from each columnandlaunch them into brilliant gem matches! Plan your movescarefullyto use each gem match in the best order to achieve eachlevel’sgoal. Create matches by replacing a gem of the same colororreplace a different colored gem to create bigger matches.Thisclever puzzle game is more than smart, it’s also loadedwithadventure and fun! Join cute critters to journey through dozensofdelightful hand-painted lands to unlock treasure, collect gold,andsolve more than 900 unique puzzles! Go on quests, exploresidelevels, play in tournaments, and take on special GoogleChallengesand win free prizes with the Daily Spin! 💎 UniqueMatching Gameplay• Aim gems in each column then launch to creatematches of 3 ormore • Strategize each match to use as many gemsfrom the tray aspossible • Get new gems when you’re out of matchesby pressing thespin button • Clear all gems from the tray to playthe next roundFREE 🌍Off the Beaten Path • Discover more puzzleswith Side Levels• Explore special caves to find treasure chests •Get free prizeswith Daily Spin • Over 900 puzzles to solve! 📅FunDaily Events! •NEW! Gifts on path to help you on your adventure! •Play dailyQuests to earn prizes • Take on special Google ChallengesonAndroid only! • Play Lab Level Tournaments to compete forprizes!Want to hear more from current players? Get strategy tips,Cascadegame updates and follow event posts on our Facebookpage: Need Help? Ourfriendlyand responsive support team is here tohelp! By downloading this game youareagreeing to our privacypolicy:; and ourterms ofuse:
Happy Magic Witch - Halloween Game 1.0.11
Blossom Match 3
Happy Magic Witch - Halloween Game, a fun and addicting Match3puzzle game.Experience the thrill with Halloween pumpkinhead,Ghost, Witch hats, Cats, Skulls, Holy water medicine inthisamazing adventure. Embark on this adventure, explorerthisfantastic miracle world and become a magical lenend!Testyourskills in this match-3 game full of Weirds, Puzzles.For thosewholike witchery or wizardry style people, make sure to playthishighly addictive match 3 game with amazing graphics!HOW TOPLAY:-Swap and Match 3 Weirds puzzles in a line to remove them.-Lightingeffects can eliminate in one row or column.- Combineenchanteditems in spectacular combos to clear levels in bigmatches.- MagicProps: Magic bottle, Magic crystal, Magic wand.Explore theirusage!- Connecting items to destroy weirds.MATCHFASTER WITHPOWER-UPS- Magic Book: Created by matching 5 items.Combine it withan item to destroy all matching items - Free Move:Move an itemfreely, even without a match - Magic Broom: Sweep anitem from thegame- Magic Wand: Select 8 connecting items to destroythem
Meet adorable Everytown Sweet, a match-three puzzle game, fullofcute & sweet jello-like animal pieces! Everytown Sweet isacute and lovable puzzle game with 1000+ fun and exciting stagestochallenge your puzzle solving skills! Solve puzzles andcollectgold medals to rebuild wonderful Everytown. Go on this sweetpuzzleadventure and travel wondrous places with dozens of cuteEverytowncharacters! The adventure keeps on expanding! New levelsaddedregularly! ◈ What's going on in Everytown?! - Evil Dr. Oh andhisWild Boars have completely destroyed beautiful Everytown! Onlyyoucan help rebuild it! Solve missions and collect gold medalstorestore wonderful buildings and get awesome rewards!! Take upthechallenge and help restore Everytown to its former glory! Howwillthe Town look like? ◈ Sweet & Special Puzzle Missions!-Matchthree or more cute jelly-like animal blocks to solve missionsandclear levels! Each stage includes different missions -releasetrapped Penguin Builders, find materials hidden in ice, lookforblueprints under layers of plasma and more! Combine four ormoreanimals to make special power blocks, start a chain reactionandsee your score grow! ◈ Meet adorable characters livinginEverytown! - More than 40 different characters to collect,eachwith special powers to help you get higher scores andprogressfaster! Get character puzzle pieces for restoring buildingsandenlarge your collection! Invite new characters to join you onthissweet puzzle adventure and clear levels to beat evil Dr.Oh!◈EVERYTOWN SWEET is for all ages! - Wait for me! Double up yourfunwith family and friends! - Jump into this cute world,everyone![FACEBOOK][SUPPORT] EVERYTOWN Supports English, 한국어,日本語,中文简体, 中文繁體, ภาษาไทย, Bahasa Indonesia. * Customer Serviceissupported in English
Fruit Go – Match 3 Puzzle Game 1.8.38
PICOO Design
Fruit Go is a classic match-3 puzzle game filled withcolorfulfruits and magical elements. The delicious fruits alongyour way ofjourney, and the endless puzzles make it both refreshingand fun!Bunny’s travel It’s the one of a kind brainteaser game!Yourmission is to travel with Dr. Birdy and Bunny and tastedeliciousfruits in your journey. With Dr. Birdy’s help, you cansolvedifferent puzzles and achieve goals, and in it enjoy theexcitementand fun of crushing fruits. We have lovely graphics andsoundeffects to make the game even more addictive!How to Play• SwapandMatch 3+ identical fruits!• Achieve your goal in each level!•Letthe Fruit Go! As many as you can!• Special fruit with magicpowerwill come to help!• Use powerful boosters to clearobstacles!Uniqueepisodes and levels• Forest, desert, sea and snowland, all kindsof delicate and eye-catching scenes.• Special levelsto achieve.Enjoy ice cream, soda, donut and other delicious food,and meethedgehog and lion in your journey.• Hundred of levelsavailable nowwith more to come.Easy and fun- Easy-to-playinterface, all youneed to do is swap & match.- With thecolorful and powerfulitems, you can get rid of all blocks and enjoytheexcitement.Support Enjoy the game and share your feedbackorquestions to: fruitgo2017@gmail.comHave fun playing Fruit Go now!
Fruit Halloween Match 3 1.2.6
WordGame Inc.
Play now this fun new match 3 game for adults with aFruitsHalloween twist: Fruits Puzzle! Solve magic puzzles, unlockbrainpuzzling levels and enjoy hours of fun in this highlyaddictivematch 3 game! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE and challenge your brainnow! Match3 games have never been so fun: help the cute littleWitch advancethrough this new puzzle game by solving puzzlespresented by thepowerful Wizard! Get ready and join millions ofboys, girls andadults in this brand new match-3 puzzle game! ★ ★How to play FruitHalloween Match 3 ★ ★ ✔ Switch and crush 3 candyor more sweetcandy ✔ Crush 4 candy frenzy in a line to createlighting thunder ✔Crush 5 candy frenzy with T or L shape to createbomb ✔ Crush 5candy frenzy in a line to create color blossom ✔Combine 2 specialcakes to make a big surprised yummy blast! ✔Collect candy containgift time, double score Fruit Halloween Match3 is FREE to playwith FREE updates including new levels, obstacles,treats, and moreevery week! JOIN THIS PUZZLE ADVENTURE - Match yourway through themagic world of Witch Puzzle - Match enchanted itemsfrom Halloweensuch as skulls, pumpkins and poisoned apples to clearthe board -Special Levels: super hard puzzles, great for braintraining -Completely FREE to play ABOUT UPBEAT GAMES Our mission isto createthe best, cool, fun and engaging games to be played forfreeanywhere on mobile devices. We want to make boys, girls andadultshappy with our Upbeat Games!
Farm Halloween 2017 1.0.10
Match 3 puzzle
Farm Halloween 2017 - free match 3, it's a new match 3 puzzle game,and you can keep playing for FREE.Farm Halloween 2017 - freematch 3is a farm style game, it's not easy, but very funny, if youlikeplay match 3 game, You can try it.Farm Halloween 2017Features:PLAYthrough hundreds of candy ice levels filled withcreamy dreamytreats!- Match 3 games filled with ice candy, sugar,free fall andsweet treats await!- Adventure through hundreds ofdelectablefantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games and mini gamestake you onthe adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugar drops toadvance alongthe sugar track for special suprises!- 100% FarmHalloween 2017 freegame to play and enjoy with fall in love★ ★ Howto play FarmHalloween 2017 ★ ★✔ Switch and crush 3 candy or moresweet candy✔Crush 4 candy frenzy in a line to create lightingthunder✔ Crush 5candy frenzy with T or L shape to create bomb✔Crush 5 candy frenzyin a line to create color blossom✔ Combine 2special cakes to make abig surprised yummy blast!✔ Collect candycontain gift time, doublescoreFarm Halloween 2017 is FREE to playwith FREE updates includingnew levels, obstacles, treats, and moreevery week!.
Candy Christmas - Puzzle Game 1.00.17
Match 3 Fun Game
Enjoy with the colorful candies and its challenge to Christmasandmatching three candies in a row. Be happy with the cute animalsandsweet graphics. Play the game under the sweet of candies andsodacool atmosphere of snowing in candy Christmas.The creators ofthehit game, Candy Christmas, present a juicy new match 3 puzzlegamewith bushels of fruity challenges! Embark on this fruityadventuretoday! Swap, drag and sweep the cute Christmas items, likethechristmas tree, candy bells and baby, gingerbread men andicecrystals. Do not forget to feed the hungry pets. You'll berewardedwith cookies and candy.★★ Candy Christmas highlightedfeatures: ★★-MORE Sweet candies and sodalicious graphics !- CREATECOMBOS bymatching Candy Christmas Journey and Crush them!- MASTERtrickyobstacles like key, icebeg, muffin, sugar, cow andpuzzlingportals!- TOP-NOTCH performance! Animated jewels, effects,andcharacters!- FREE Candy Fantastic Christmas updates withnewpuzzles, boosts, and more!- Exciting lighting effects whileplayingincluding blast mania, lighting splash- Restore a magicalCandy,match and Candy colorful- FUN game fit for a King or SweetQueen!-Blast 3 or more fruit cake of the same type to get ridofthem.Snowman, Sweets and Candy will put your children in ahappyChristmas mood!The power of magic Candy Christmas is in yourhands.
Fruits Forest Match 3 1.2.8
Blossom Match 3
Fruits Forest Match 3 is a match 3 puzzle game withdeliciousraspberry and berry in which you basically have to crush 3candyfruits or more to get some nice points and advance more inthegame!It is a classic match 3 game for kids or youngsters to playintheir spare time with forest pudding or jelly crush butter! Beginajourney to rescue the forest from evil beaver!The happyForestanimals will guide you to crush the candy fruits andcreatevegetables combos!Join us into a surreal adventure in thecandyfruit and forestland and of course the famouswonderland!Preparefor wonderful mountain animations and chocolatestreams coming outof the chocolate trees!Features:◆ Brand newpower-ups and ways toplay!◆ fruit to concoct sweet treats! ◆ Swapand blast your waythrough ever expanding new worlds!◆ Check backoften for events,free rewards and new levels!◆ Free and filled withadventure!FruitsForest Match 3 is FREE to play with FREE updatesincluding newlevels, obstacles, treats, and more every week!Lastbut not least,a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who has playedFruits ForestMatch 3 for free! 

Match & Rescue - Match 3 Games & Matching Puzzle
Embark on your safari adventure and play wild match 3 games!JoinTusky the Explorer on a matching quest, defeating match 3puzzlesin Match & Rescue! Match delicious fruits toconquerchallenging puzzles and rescue adorable and spunky animals!Createsweet cascading combos and earn sky-high scores to set yourmagicalanimals free in this epic match 3 game! Match &Rescue isa fun and free matching game for kids and adults to play!Swipe andmatch 3 fruits along your way through the game and earncascadingfruit combos to get high scores and help free pets!Thisaddictinggame may turn you into an animal rescuing ZOO-perstar inreal life!Match 3 fruits and complete level goals to unleasheveryone fromTasha the Tiger to the mythical Dinosaur. Once youranimals arefreed, use them for powerful boosters that go bananasclearing yourgame board! Every animal like Tux the Penguin and Samthe Sea Otterhave unique powers that will help you on yourrescuingjourney!Features:• Addictive gameplay with an incrediblepuzzlejourney and hundreds of levels! • Play in three game modeswhereyou can test your matching skills!• Activate tasty SuperFruitpower-ups and watch fruit tiles pour down in an exciting freefall!• Befriend animals by rescuing them from their furry demise!Canyou save them all?• Test your matching skills as you swipethroughthe matching games!• Play the best match 3 games free! Startyouradventure today!• Play with your favorite animal and usetheirunique powers to blast through levels!• Check back every dayto winnew rewards from shiny gems to lives that will help you onyourjourney! Download Match & Rescue today for FREE.Splasharound, go hunting for fruit, and save the animals! Thisgameis not for children under the ageof13.________________________________________LIKE USonFacebook USonTwitter@mobilitywareFor answers to frequently asked questions,headover to
Halloween Witch - Fruit Puzzle 1.0.21
Match 3 puzzle
If you are a fan of casual match 3 games, look no further!HalloweenWitch - Fruit Puzzle is an addictive match 3 game with acute witchtheme, powerful magic boosters, lightning quickgameplay, andcolorful graphics! A great fingertapping match 3experience, forfree, and with a small install size. Playstrategically with lessermoves and time to collect a number ofmagical pumpkins and unlockthe mystic powers like gas pot, magicskull, power broom, andmonster hand to complete the challenginglevels. Spin Wheel andlucky to get the powers and candies to usein the game play. Becomea master wizard by collecting magicalpowers to complete the levelsrapidly with the magic match.Halloween Witch - Fruit Puzzle iscompletely free to play andin-app purchases to get extra powers andmoves. How to playHalloween Witch - Fruit Puzzle: - Swap and match3 or more magicitems - Collect free prizes everyday - Beatchallenging enemies bymatching items next to them - Create powerfulcombos by matchingmore than 3 items MATCH FASTER WITH POWER-UPS -Magic Book: Createdby matching 5 items. Combine it with an item todestroy allmatching items - Free Move: Move an item freely, evenwithout amatch - Magic Broom: Sweep an item from the game - MagicWand:Select 8 connecting items to destroy them
Christmas Candy World - Santa's Match 3 Game 1.7.6
Launchship Studios
Christmas Candy World - Match 3 Cookie Crush Fever from themakersof Birds Pop mania & Pastry Jam, Halloween WitchConnect,Garden Paradise games. Launchship Studios comes with therenewedjelly game for match3 puzzle game lovers. Christmas game iscomingagain! Play this Christmas game gummy drop world is a brandnewwinter ice village game with Xmas festive sounds contains500+levels. In this autumn season, bring the sugar candy sweetfever toyour home. Play and enjoy yourself in the world of PastryXmasmania. Sweet Candy World is built up with full of Xmasholidayseason properties. Swap and Christmas sweeper 3 match ormorecookies, cupcakes, donuts, jellies, lollipops, candies,Ice-cream,Santa hats, and similar properties to complete thefabulous levels.Travel to different levels to get an adventurousexperience ofCandy World games. Match as many properties aspossible in a singlemove to get extra boosters to finish the levelsquickly to get theHigh score. Spin the magic wheel daily and get achance to wincolor bomb, extra coins, extra moves, candy swap,boosters, andmagic candies. sweet candy fever pop and magicboosters will behelpful in your gameplay to complete the difficultlevels. GAMEFEATURES: ✔ 500+ well-planned levels of adventurousjelly world ✔Regular updates with fun seasonal themes. ✔ Stunningand vibrantwinter season illustrations ✔ FREE to play and in-apppurchases toget extra boosters and moves. ✔ Unlock new levels tochallenge yourfriends and family on the leaderboard. ✔ Connect withyour Facebookaccount and share the adventure journey with friends ✔Show offyour gaming progress on the leaderboard ✔ Completely FREEmatch-3sweet fever game HOW TO PLAY: » swap and match three ormorecandies » Match 4, Match 5 or Match 6 candies in a single drawtocollect powers boosters » Play in short time and lesser movestocollect boosters to complete the hard levels » Play to earn 3starsat every level to collect power candies to overcome obstacles💁Need some help? Visit our support pages, or send us amessage! ❤ Like us onFacebook: ★★★ Be a ChristmasGamesSpecial Cookie Star and ride through the candy gummy dropvalleyand collect sweet tasty match 3 properties. ★★★ Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Jewels Deluxe 2019 2.7.5
Jewels Deluxe 2019 - Jewel Classic Legend is free classic match3jewel game, now available on Android Market. Swap by touch todropspecial jewels in awesome music in fun character to completethemission! How to play: There are three mode gameplay in gameJewelClassic Game 2019. 1. Mode Classic: - This is the endlessmode, youhave to play until gameover, but don't worry try your bestto getyour high score! - Like all type of match 3 game, let's swapjewelsto get match 3 jewels - You get normal score. - Let's swapjewelsto get match 4 jewels - You get score and bomb jewels - Let'sswapjewels to get match 5 jewels - You get score and special jewels2.Mode Arcade - You have upto 2000 levels. It's very additiveandchallenge. - Each level, your mission is making the missionjeweldrop to bottom -> You Win. - The timer bar alway runquickly.You always get more time by Pause button -> + Time. -There area lot of items in game when you play, It like: time item,bombitem... - At the end of game: You timer with exchange to scoresoyou need to complete level in quickly if you want get morescore.And score <-> star you could get. 3. Mode Hard (Harder)- Youhave upto 2000 levels. It's very additive and challenge likemodeArcade but its very hard because the random ICE will lockjewelsfrom the top. - Each level, your mission is making themissionjewel drop to bottom -> You Win. - The timer bar alwayrunquickly. You always get more time by Pause Button -> + Time.-There are a lot of items in game when you play, It like: timeitem,bomb item... - At the end of game: You timer with exchange toscoreso you need to complete level in quickly if you want getmorescore. And score <-> star you could get. Feature: - Therearemore than 2000 levels waiting for your adventuring. - Thelevelfrom easy with low level and upto hard with high level. -Multiplediffrence jewels type will appear in the game like: Jewel'sbomb,Jewel explore row, Jewel explore cell, Jewel Hammer colorful.JewelGame 2019 is launch on Android Market and we always work hardtobring a great game for you. So let's support us by downloadthisgame - Play - Get relax. Thanks! The whole game is completelyfree.No option to buy anything.
com.cookapps.toyparty 2.1.3
Tilting Point
Welcome to Toy Party 🎈🎉 🎊 - the most adorable match 3puzzleadventure! Come along with Joyce and her friends on this toystorythrough dozens of present filled worlds 🎁🌎! Pop, match, andjamblocks in 6 directions on the hexa puzzle board - all whileplayingwith the cutest toy friends! What are you waiting for? Jointheparty! Immerse yourself in the match 3 story! Joyce is acheerfulbut stubborn toddler on an adventure through toy filledworlds. Sheloves to play match 3 games and blast blocks along theway! It’syour job to keep her happy, but be careful when she’scranky! Sheneeds you to give her toy presents and candy in order tojourney onto the next world! Don’t let her get grumpy! She alwaystravelswith her trusted sidekicks, Bunny 🐰 and Teddy 🐻, who willhelpguide you along through magical worlds. Bunny is a merry rabbitwholeads you the way. He’s always eager to give you new questsandrewards! Teddy is the sweet bear who challenges you toweeklycontests against people from around the globe. He will openthe toybox for you to take your sweet reward! Together they areexcited toshow you the wonderful world of toys! Are you ready tojoin theparty? 🎊 10 Reasons to Play! ⭐ Thousands of hours ofnon-stop blockblasting action! Fun! ⭐ Immerse yourself in a toystory with dozensof colorful worlds and delightful 3D graphics! ⭐Relaxing gameplayfor all ages! Adults and kids both love Toy Party!⭐ Open the toybox! Don’t miss out on new rewards and prizes everyday! ⭐ Match 3Quests and challenges every day! Complete three in arow to open upthe toy box and collect new prizes! ⭐ Get ranked!Compete inleagues to rank up from beginner through sapphire tiers.Morepoints means more rewards! ⭐ Fantastic toy powerups andboosters!Use up to three for powerful combos to blast and jamblocks! ⭐Starts easy but gets difficult! Watch out for the trickyalienlevels! ⭐ Don’t worry if you get stuck, Joyce can help youthrougheven the toughest puzzle games! ⭐ No WiFi needed to play!Enjoymatch 3 puzzle action on the bus, plane, or wherever you maybe! 🎮Gameplay ⭐ Single Level: Challenge yourself in individualmatch 3gameplay ⭐ Teddy’s Contests: Compete in leagues to collectmedalsand win rewards! ⭐ Bunny’s Quests: Daily and weekly conteststotest your skills and unlock new items! ⭐ Challenge mode!:Redolevels for trophies and extra medals! 🕹️ How to play ⭐ Match 3ormore blocks in a row in order to clear obstacles ⭐ Blast, jam,andpop blocks! ⭐ Pop all the necessary obstacles to complete alevel ⭐Use boosters and powerups for combos! ⭐ Watch out! You havealimited number of moves! ⭐ Try and get golden trophies oneverylevel! ⭐ Available to play in English, German, French,Portuguese,Italian, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Mandarin 🚀 UsePowerups andBoosters! ⭐ Punch gun - Blast away pesky obstacles fromthe map ⭐Extra lives - Start over levels if you get stuck ⭐ Extramoves -Don’t worry if you’re close to failing ⭐ UFO’s - Whirlinghighpowered lasers to blast blocks ⭐ Sand Shovel - Scoop awayblocks inyour way ⭐ Outfits - Equip Joyce with cute and crazyoutfits forspecial abilities! 💎 What makes Toy Party Unique? ⭐ ToyParty is afree to play match 3 puzzle game with a toy story andin-apppurchases available ⭐ A new style matching puzzle game whereyoublast blocks in six directions instead of four ⭐ Toy Party isgreatfor kids and adults to play! Puzzle games for everyone! ⭐ Pop,Jam,and Blast away! Enjoy Toy Party! 📞 Contact & Support ToyPartyFAQLink: SupportLink:
Blossom Splash Match 3 1.01.11
Match 3 puzzle
Blossom Splash Match 3 , A sweet game to play with saga ofexcitinglevels .Connect flowers to help honey bees to collect theirhoney.This game gives you interesting levels with different modes.Enjoythis blossom game , meet the target to get highest score .Link asmany flowers to blast a blossom bud and make flower bloomwhichbrings queen bee to collect honey . The world of gamesalwayscontains interesting and wonderful things. If you arepassionateabout a Blossom Splash Match 3, you will not be able toignore theinteresting metaphors from that game. It’s not easy toexperiencethe adventure of your fruit juice when you play Blossomand try tobreak the new game of Blossom Splash Match 3. Buteventually youwill overcome those challenges. A new adventure opensthe door ofthe cute cat in cookie cat when the cat tries to eat allthecookies and you can help them collect food in the FREEpuzzlegame.Features: ● Sweet and fun to play, interesting linkblossomgame . ● Enjoy beauty of beautiful gardens and stunninggraphics onyour blossom. ● Link 3 or more flower to clear up andget highscore. ● Largest chain connected can bring a special effectjarfull of honey and many more surprises.Enjoy your sweet tripofBlossom paradise .
Match 3 - Spooky Hotel 1.09
HyperSpell Inc
Are u a fan of logic and puzzle games?Try out the most addictive match 3 puzzle game for free withaspooky addition of music characters and design. By visitingourSpooky Hotel you challenge yourself to reach new heights,competewith your friends and just have fun in general playing ourMatch 3puzzle game.The game includes many cool and spooky looking levels, goodgraphicsand background music which of course will leave youspeechless andhappy in the same time!Match 3 - Spooky Hotel Features:- Advance along the map and complete the challenges.- Challenge yourself with the exciting match-3 puzzles.- Play and enjoy amazing puzzle levels in this fun addictingpuzzlegame.- Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars on every level.- Enjoy this Spooky Hotel puzzle matching game!
com.rvappstudios.gummy.paradise.drag.match 1.3.2
RV AppStudios
Play the sweetest match-3 puzzle game around! Simply draw a linetomatch the gummies and set the board alight with the mostcolourfulcombos and explosions ever! Queen Fairy rules the landofGummyville but needs your help! A troublesome bear, andhiscronies, are threatening the Gummy Paradise and your gummymatchingskills are desperately needed. Defeat dastardly baddies byswipingthrough lines of vivid gummies as fast as you can. Unlockamazingpower-ups and screen-clearing mega bombs with masterfulmatches andperfect timing. Gummy Paradise, is the perfect way tospend some‘me time’ and save a kingdom from candy chaos! Go on asugary sweetadventure in a world made out of gummies as you connectand matchyour way to victory. Fun features include: - Travel theGummyParadise saving the kingdom as you do! - Visit Honey Park,CandyGarden, Lollipop Lane and other super sweet locations - Bustoutthe Mega Jawbreaker, Blast Meter and the all-powerful GummyBoomand fill each screen with colourful explosions andspectaculareffects - Battle the devious bear and his crew and savethe land -Meet a cast full of super cute characters and friends -Connect toFacebook and share the Gummy Paradise love with friends -Play inlandscape or vertical mode - 920 fresh and exciting puzzleswithmany more on the way Gummy Paradise is the funnest andmostcolorful drag and connect puzzle adventure that lets youexplore aworld filled with candy! The best new top rated puzzlegame thatwill keep you busy for hours. Connecting yummy sugaryjuicy jelliesis way more fun, what are you waiting for? DownloadNow! PrivacyPolicy -
Blossom Blitz Match 3 1.3.5
Fun Match 3 Games
Blossom Blitz Match 3 is an addicting and fun puzzle game, freetoplay straight on your Android or Tablet device! Spend arelaxingday at the lovely flower garden, explore thousands ofbeautifullevels, blast colorful flowers and win levels. Thiscompletelyaddictive Blossom Blitz Match 3 flower game will keep youoccupiedfor hours! Link the flowers and blossom blast your waythroughhundreds of amazing match-3 levels filled with amazinggraphics,unique items and splendid boosters. Plunge Into Adventure!Clearthe blossom garden, and beat the challenges in this awesomepuzzleadventure. Try it out now and get ready to enjoy theamazingmatching game full of beautiful flowers. Play this funflower gamethat will take you on the most wonderful journey! MatchFlowers andCreate Combos Start blasting, and create special combosto get acool explosion! - Smash and match 4 flower buds to get astripeditem of this color and create a line blast. - Match, pop,and burst5 lovely items in an L or T form to get a bomb that willexplodesurrounding items. - Match and hit 5 colorful figures in arow toget a rainbow blast. Why you’ll like it: 🌸 Exciting blossommatch-3levels: tons of fun, featuring unique boosters andexplosivecombinations. 🌸 Addictive gameplay: swap and match thebrightflowers, and be part of a breathtaking adventure! 🌸 Fun gamewithsimple, casual gameplay that’s easy to learn but challengingtomaster. 🌸 Thousands of fun and exciting blossom levels. 🌸Beautifulgraphics and effects. 🌸 There is no life or time limit, soyou canplay as much as you like. 🌸 Completely FREE, download todayto yourAndroid or Tablet device and match your way to victory. 🌸Neverending match-3 bloom blast fun! Clear the board from allthecolorful buds from the blossom yard to win levels! Reachhighscores and try to get 3 stars on every blooming level. Playthisincredible bloom blast puzzle today, and get ready for anaddictiveride. Play now, link 3 beautiful flowers, createamazingcombinations and solve the brain teasers to blast them awayand winexciting rewards! With so many exciting levels, andawesomeboosters and bonuses, Blossom Blitz match-3 game is a musthave foryour Android device - You will bloom for sure! Play thisaddictivematch 3 blaster game and experience endless hours of funandfascination!
Match 3 Jewel Star 17.0
Thunder Media
Try the most delicious puzzle!Collect candy and mermaids in a new amazing game that willappealnot only to children but also adults. Lots of amazing andbeautifullevels are waiting for their sweet tooth. Sugar game inthe styleof three in a row! It's very simple: you pick the samecandy nearbyand get bonuses. The more candy you marmeladok andsobirёte in anumber of the better will be your bonus. Bonuses will help you get more points as well as to copewiththe task level. If you sobirёte four identical candies in arow,you get a fruit bomb, which destroys a variety of sweets at atimewhen sobirёte five identical candies in a row, you get afruitcocktail shaker, which destroys all the candy and mermaids ofthesame color. Game controls are very simple and easy to get used to it forafew minutes, but the game itself with each level becomesmoredifficult, and will not be so easy to go through all the gametime.Your adventure will meet different levels with differenttasks,such as to dial a certain number of points or to collect acertainnumber of certain candies as you will have to collect rareitems,in order to pass the level. If you have been exposed to the type of puzzles Three inarow, then this game is exactly like you, we have left all thekeymoments of the game unchanged, but transformed the game into amoreinteresting design. Now the game will not seem boring to youandyour children will love it! A lot of differentbeautifulchocolates, excellent animation jelly explosions, candycombo arewaiting for you right now.Features:➢ shining sweet candy and mermaids➢ it established in three games in a row style➢ many different and challenging levels➢ stunning powerful effects➢ absolutely free game➢ unusually tasty puzzle➢ amazing graphics➢ great music➢ User-friendly interface➢ easy to playHow to play:Touch your finger to the phone's screen, move the candy so thatatleast three lined up in a row of the same color.If you like our puzzle, do not forget to rate it and share itwithyour friends, thanks in advance;)
Birds: Free Match 3 Games 11.820.29
Puzzle Games - VascoGames
Birds is a cute and addictive birds match 3 puzzle game that youcanenjoy playing for hours. Rescue the birds and make them happy!Match3, 4 or 5 in a row to create special combo's and boosters forhugeeffects and win! Let’s enjoy hours of endless fun in thispuzzleadventure. You can fly away and flap with all the differentwildlifebirds to the most beautiful destinations. While you’reenjoyingamazing bird sounds! Join our world of birds and win match3 puzzlegames in this bird land. Features: - Amazing world mapwith wildlife- Facebook connection for friends and high scores -Enormous amountof levels to play - Swap, flap and tap the birds -Classic match 3puzzle video games gameplay - Free match 3 games toplay Help us byrating our match 3 games with a lot of stars. Youcan also follow uson Facebook:
Spellfall™ - Puzzle Adventure 1.6.0
Backflip Studios
Match Tiles. Cast Spells. Conquer Evil. Spellfall™ is auniquetile-matching puzzle game where you cast magical spells todefeatevil monsters. Along the way, you'll master new spells, growmorepowerful and acquire new equipment to aid in your fight. Evilhasmet its match! • Match 3+ Spell Tiles • Cast Powerful Spells•Defeat Wicked Monsters • Equip Gear & Abilities • WorkYourMagic! Each monster match-up includes an increasinglychallengingtile puzzle board. Match three fire tiles to cast a firespell.Match three water tiles to conjure a water spell. Line upfour ormore matching tiles to inflict even mightier damage. Defeattheevil beasts and you'll be rewarded with better weapons,specialabilities and magical powers needed to overtake morefierceopponents encountered later in your journey. Cast out thedarkspirits and save the world from ruin. Spellfall is a match fortheages. Play Spellfall today. It's free!
Farm Garden Match 3 2.1.6
WordGame Inc.
Fall in love with this sweet new Match 3 candy puzzle game!Matchandcollect tasty candy treats in Farm Garden Match 3, theamazinglydelicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy yoursweet tooth!Simple and fun to play but a challenge to masterFarmGarden Match 3Features:PLAY through hundreds of candy ice levelsfilled withcreamy dreamy treats!- Match 3 games filled with icecandy, sugar,free fall and sweet treats await!- Adventure throughhundreds ofdelectable fantasy levels- Addicting frenzy games andmini gamestake you on the adventure of a lifetime!- Collect sugardrops toadvance along the sugar track for special suprises!- 100%FarmGarden Match 3 free game to play and enjoy with fall inloveUNCOVERgummy fish bites for free fall the Cat in Ice FishingMode!-Matching gummy gems is the best way to fish in this frozenfun-fest-Battle the fish with your matching skills and land a highscore★ ★How to play Farm Garden Match 3 ★ ★✔ Switch and crush 3candy ormore sweet candy✔ Crush 4 candy frenzy in a line to createlightingthunder✔ Crush 5 candy frenzy with T or L shape to createbomb✔Crush 5 candy frenzy in a line to create color blossom✔Combine 2special cakes to make a big surprised yummy blast!✔Collect candycontain gift time, double scoreUnique features ofFarm Garden Match3 Puzzle :* Super match-3 gameplay & flowerpower 3 matchinggame* Hundreds of exciting levels!* Fun comboboosters and power-upsand hadas de la florElements of Farm GardenMatch 3 Puzzle :* powerflower blossom* Connect to Facebook andplay with your friends!*FREE to play!* Check back weekly for newlevels, challenges andmore!Highlights of Farm Garden Match 3Puzzle :1. Challenging Match3 flower games2. Background musicElevator entertainment3. TargetScores Flower power match 34.Heroes enigma & flower match 35.Suitable for family, flowerpower gameFarm Garden Match 3 is FREE toplay with FREE updatesincluding new levels, obstacles, treats, andmore every week!Match3 games have never been so sweet! Candy Icecream and sweet treatsabound in this frozen sugar rush! Join Piperthe Cinderella, Teddythe Yeti and other colorful characters andmatch 3 free today!
Storm8 Studios
Match ice cream treats to break through cookie walls andmultiplyingjellies in this delicious adventure filled with trickyobstacles.Easy to learn, but difficult to master. Get ready forweekly events,sweet prizes, and SATISFYING CHALLENGES! Piper thePenguin and herfriends need your help - they are hungry for icecream! Create sweetcombos to solve challenges that are guaranteedto delight your sweettooth! Play the most challenging match-3puzzle game in the AppStore! SWEET FEATURES ★ 1000+ tasty levelswith new levels addedevery week ★ Game Modes that will keep youcraving for more! Scoop aSuper Sundae or uncover gummy fish bites★ Enjoy fun events, competein the Tasty Tournament and collectSnowflakes to earn valuablerewards like gems, boosters, andunlimited lives ★ Addictively tastycombos and power-ups to boostyour high score: Rainbow Pop, MegaScoop, Whipped Cream, and more ★Explore a yummy world withmouth-watering ice cream landscapes ★Compete against your Facebookfriends and other players around theglobe Join in the fun and takeon the ultimate match-3 challengewith Frozen Frenzy Mania! LoveFrozen Frenzy Mania? Learn aboutother Storm8 games. Instagram:@Storm8 Twitter:
com.purplekiwii.mb 1.3.58
No more puzzles. The end king of the puzzle game !! The Match3game, which has been loved by more than 20 million overseasusers,Enjoy the best game Monster Busters that have surpassed10,000,000downloads! Monster Busters is a fun match-3 puzzle gamefor allages. Match same colored monsters to save the gingerbreadcookiefriends! Enjoy each and every stage with entertainingchallenges.Install the best match-3 puzzle game to your mobiledevice &start the adventure today! Are you ready to goadventure to saveyour little cookie friends who are trapped inMonster Tower !?[Monster Busters Features] ★ Be a Hero to Save YourFriends Anyonecould be a hero saving the gingerbread friendscaptured in themonster tower. Not so scary but actuallycute-looking monsters havetaken away your friends while they wereplaying with you! Noworries though cause they’ve got a bravefriends to save them. Andit’s you! Let’s go climb up the monstertower to find your friendsback. ★ All Alive Characters You can seeyour own avatar move upand down the monster tower, and unlike mostother games, even thecharacters you’re fighting against are allalive to add up theextra fun and lively energy in game. It’s uniqueand fun findingyour own strategy for each character to win themissions too!Missions that are challenging but absolutely doable. ★Play withYour Loving Ones A game for all ages you can play withyourgrandmother, father, children, of course your friends, andallother loving ones. Play and talk about Monster Busters whileyou’respending time together. Not only that you can meet with newfriendsfrom all over the world! Connect to Facebook and help eachotherwhenever your friend is in trouble! Compete and see who’stakingthe first place! Join now! Are eager to startthisgingerbread-saving heroic adventure together with you! The realfunstarts now! ---------------------------------------------MonsterBusters is completely free to download and play, but somein-gameitems may need to be purchased.
Fancy Tale:Fashion Puzzle Game 31.2
Sweet Nitro Publishing
Train your brain in this colorful Match 3 fashion puzzle! Matchandstitch irresistible fancy dresses, suits, bags, jewels andmakecolorful new outfits for the friendly clients of FancyTale:Catherine the Cat, Pip the Penguin and many more! Get intotheworld of fame and haute couture and make everyone fall fortheircharms on the red carpet. Collect, combine and create newdesignsin the most addictive fashion puzzle game. It’s free toplay!Travel through different fashion shops from downtown boutiquestothe Wild West countryside. Mix and sew from the newest creationsorgive a retro style a revival. Share your results with yourfriendsand brag about your style! Do you fancy being the latesttopfashionista? Enter a world of fame and compete in thisshiny,addictive puzzle game with hundreds of levels. Thewonderfulfashion world of fancy tale is waiting for you… Yourfashionboutique puzzle game! From the creators of your favoritematch 3puzzle cooking game: Tasty Tale! Features: - Easy to learn,hard tomaster - Fancy shops from all over the world - Friendlyanimals asyour loyal customers - Addictive gameplay in the fanciestmatch 3game - Over 150 levels with funny and challenging obstacles-Seamless synchronization with Facebook - Leaderboard tocompeteagainst friends Already a fan of Fancy Tale? Like us onFacebookfor the latest news: Sowhat areyou waiting for? Plenty of fashionable creations are readyfor youin the most addictive game on Facebook. Play now! Pleasenote that,while Fancy Tale is completely free to play, some in-gameitemssuch as extra moves or lives will require payment.Imprint: Terms ofuse:  
Wooly blast - Top blasting game 😍😸 2.8.7
Welcome to the incredible world of Wooly Blast, thecolorfulmatching puzzle game that puts you in a 3D world! WoolyBlast is a3D spinner game that is challenging, but is very relaxingandcaptures your attention with a lovely colorful world. Itssuperiorgame design and smooth gameplay relieves stress throughandcombines challenging puzzles and fun! Challenge your brainandblast matching color blocks! Spin your playing field anddefeatenemies, explode bombs and use powerful boosts! Try your luckwithroulette. Spin around 3D puzzles and explore this fun world.JustTAP, SCROLL and BLAST all the blocks away! Use your matchgameskills and power-ups to solve the puzzles. Advance throughcolorfulmaps and amazing 3D stages to see more of the woolyworlds.FEATURES YOU WILL LOVE: *Free to play *Unique 3D gameplay.*Dailyrewards! *Updates all the time! *Unique gameplay
Flower Blossom Jam - Fun Match 3 & Free Match Game 11.600.21
Puzzle Games - VascoGames
Happy to see you in the colorful flower shop of Tailor. Thisflowergirl has a flower shop that needs some gardening to bloom andgrowcolorful flowers. Help the florist in the spring with match-3andswap lots of weeds in a blossom jam chain! Link colorfulflowersand reap the greatest together. An oriental blossom swap isreadyto continue. Help Tailor in her flower shop and feel happyandbloom! Summer vacation deserves some great and colorful bloom.Timefor a flower power chain! Help Tailor out and finish all thetasksin the garden.Tailor has a flower shop in a flower gardenforyears, but now she needs some help during the summer vacation.Growcolorful flowers fast and gardening weeds takes time while shereapin the spring. Flower power is necessary to bloom in a perfectway.Escape from reality and help Tailor in her flower shop. Willyoustart the blossom jam chain for this flower shop? Help theflorist,match-3 or swap flowers and bloom this blossom jam! Red,blue,green, yellow, orange or rainbow!The blossom jam flower shopofTailor needs gardening to grow colorful flowers. Reap the weedstobloom in a magical way. Flower power is almost there, all youneedto do is help the florist. Why is this blossom jam flower shopsoaddictive?✿ Lovely flower girl with flower powerTailor isadedicated florist and is addicted to swap and link to growcolorfulflowers. Help Tailor out and finish all the tasks in thegarden!✿Challenging gameplay to escape reality with match-3Growcolorfulflowers by match-3 or swap blossom jam objects. Link themostbeautiful weeds.✿ Escape reality with flower powerEnjoy thesummervacation with oriental blossom jam chain. Link and bloomweeds forthe flower girl, help the florist in the garden. Red,blue, green,yellow, orange or rainbow!✿ Share scores and bloom onFacebook withfriendsMake a chain for the flower shop and helptailor to finishall the tasks. This blossom jam is coming tospring.Tailor is readyto get some friends to help the florist. Swapand match-3 deliciousweeds, remove the dirt and spring a bloom orblossom jam in thegarden. Link crazy flowers. Red, blue, green,yellow, orange orrainbow!The rainbow chain of plants is ready tobloom. Link now andescape reality with crazy flower power!HelpTailor by rating herblossom jam flower shop with a lot of stars.Thanks for playing andhave fun long time!Follow us onFacebook:
Sweet Splash Match 3 1.0.3
Are you ready to challenge your intellect with this funandaddictive game?Match 3 or more same candies to make themboom,crush them! Reach the target score or collect candies to movetothe next level.Simple and fun to play but a challenge tomaster.HOWTO PLAY:1、Swipe to match 3 or more similarcandies.2、Collect thecandies, and complete the levels!3、With thecolorful and powerfulboosters, it is easier to try a level!4、Enjoyother variousmissions!5、Achieve 3 stars to get more coins!What areyou waitingfor? Download it now and play with you friends!
com.kbpro.JamDay 1.7.35
KB Pro
Masha and the bear “Jam Day” - new kids game! Help Mashacookingjam: collect fruits, candy and cookie in match 3 game free.Playgame for kids with Masha and the bear! The Jam Day game isbased onthe wonderful russian cartoons Masha and the bear, whichcan beviewed free, and match 3 games free no wifi. Jam Day is: •Athree-in-a-row game with fruit! (for adults and children)•Hundreds of levels: complete them all and unlock secretcandylevels! • Competition levels! • Vivid special effects •Helpers togive you a boost in the difficult levels! • Originalsoundtrackfrom the Masha and the Bear series! 👍That’s cool! Youremember theJam Day episode of the kids cartoon Masha and the bear?The rulesare simple, so let's get going! You’ve probably seenrussiancartoons like Cats Mice, Masha Kasha, Sweet Life, or the newones.And now we at KB Pro have a new adventure for you! To getthroughall the arcade levels, you will need to solve loads ofuniquepuzzles: collect fruits, sweet candy, and cookies for cookingjamaccording to the recipe. 🎮Play with your kid! If you lookingforgames similar to match 3 free, Jam Day is the best matchinggamesfor adults and children with Bear Misha and Masha or othersovietcartoons. The game mach3 can be downloaded free. Just sweetcandy,and juicy fruits: an arcade game for the whole family! 👧Oh,I’m sobusinesslike! When Masha games makes jam, hang on tight!She’llcollect fruits three in a row: cherry, apple, pear,plum,raspberry, and she’ll have to crush cold candy and cookies forherjam. 👩Misha, who’s that lady? Experience shows that moms tryoutfree games for girls and boys personally, and often enjoythemthemselves. Puzzle games with Masha aren’t just fun for kids!Wecreate top games for children, but it’s well known that momsanddads enjoy playing match 3 - games free too, so these areawesomegames as well. 🙋 Let`s play! Your kid asks on the phone: okgoogleMasha and the bear? 😄 Quick, install matching games Jam Day!Thisbest match 3 games free no wifi is a games for girls and forboystoo. Our heroine loves to try out different activities:Mashadoctor, goes racing, solves puzzles, but in this relaxinggamesmach3 she has to make jam — the match game. There a new levelsinthe match three games free for android, like new Masha and thebearMisha episodes: win, move ahead, and enjoy yourself! 🏆 Canyoucomplete all the levels in these ad-free free games? We did! 💪Thegame “Маша и медведь: День Варенья - три в ряд” was createdin2016-2017 and 2018 and is one of the best game 2017. So grabyourphone or tablet and download free games: they’re childrengamesfree offline. From the makers of fun top games based on therussiancartoons “Маша и медведь” (Masha i medved): • Маша имедведь: ДеньВаренья - Три в ряд игры без интернета • Macha y eloso: Fairytalewords - educational games
Cookie Crush Puzzles 1.0.1
Huong Thao
Cookie Crush Puzzle is a simple, yet quite polished and funmatch-3puzzle colorful cookie game but more colorful effects thanever. Becareful because of its addiction and sparkle!HOW TO PLAY:-Match 3or more identical Juice jam.- Match the Juice jam until theboardtransparency, the Cookie Jam will appear.- Make the Cookie Jamdownto the last line to pass the next level.SCORE TIPS:- Eliminatethecookies quickly can get extra scores.FEATURES:- Over 500magicallevels and challenges in Cookie Jam for endless FUN!- Manycolorfulexplosions with type of the Cookie Jam.- With 7 new colorboomeffects that becomes the only one and very sparkling in theCookieJam games.- Two Game Modes: Arcade and Time Counting(Classic)-Match 4 cookie crush can take the Juice jam bomb.- Match5 Juicejam can win color-changing cookie crush and 2 lighting.- ThebombCookie Jam can eliminate the Cookie Jam around with multi colorformore fun.- Classic cookies games, you can make thousands ofnotonly sugar but also sweet and confounding cookies here!- Varietyofgame-plays, awesome new colorful juicy characters!-Beautifulspectacular boosters, splendid HD colorful graphics!-Thecolor-changing cookie crush can eliminate to any othercoloredJuice jam.- The timing cookie crush can extend the playingtime.-The lightning cookie crush can eliminate Juice jam in one roworcolumn.- Outstanding graphics and music, easy to play, hardtostop!- Ready for phones, tablets and IPS displays that supportsanew wide range devices.- Fortune Cookie Jam withsurprisingrewards!- Let's recreate the cupcake and cookies matching3 sweepgames around the world!- Controls via virtual analog stickorsimple drag and swipe!- Unique and delicious cupcake andcookiecrush set with cookie and sugar in each level gives you tonsofsweet challenge.Welcome to the sweet candy tale world fullofcookies and sugar in Cookie Crush Puzzle ! Let the manuscriptforthe cookie and sugar, sweep the cupcake all over the world!Comeand enjoy delicious cookies, delicious sugar and delicious jaminCookie Crush with Cookie Jam.All free, hope you will bepleasurewith Cookie Crush Puzzle!Thank you all for downloadingCookieJam.Please do not forget to let us know what you think aboutthegame!
com.launchshipstudios.birdspopmania 2.9.2
Launchship Studios
Birds Pop Mania: Match 3 Games Free: A cute and addictivebirdsmatch 3 puzzle game from the makers of super hit games pastryjam,Garden Paradise & Halloween Witch Connect. These birdsmatchbubbles puzzle game takes you to the new bird's paradiseworld.Rescue them and let the jungle angry birds be free bymatching andpop them with your strategy. For fans of cutestnibblers birdsmania match 3 games, Launchship Studios comes withanother excitingand fun-filled birds nibblers game with stunninggraphics andsounds for a great experience. Are you ready for therelax journey?Download Our Charm King of Birds Pop Mania now,you'll be addictedfrom the very first hit! GAME FEATURES: ✔ 1000+Well-designedlevels each one is unique and full of fun and amazingchallenges! ✔New Charm King birds match puzzle game with stunninggraphics withleaderboards and achievements. ✔ Hundreds of levels tosplash thevery angry birds, eggs, and chickens in a style ofcharming flashybirds blast. ✔ Completely free to play and in-apppurchases to getextra moves and lives. ✔ Sweet graphics that youhave never seenbefore and fabulous properties. ✔ New and improvedgame modes,Different tricks to bring you a variety of differentconditionsgarden mania challenge. ✔ Eye-catching graphics andanimationswhich will bring you into the story-driven adventure!✔Rechargeable boosters, well-designed power-ups help withbirdsblast and challenging levels. ✔ Pop bubble shooter thenibblers tomove to the next level. ✔ Easy and fun to play, yetchallenging tofully master: all with strategic swiping Water Splashgame! ContactUs!: ★ Questions? Contact our Tech ★ Having any problem with thegame?Click here! >>> ♥Privacy Policy: ♥Terms of Use: FreeMatching 3 Birds match Adventure, Water Splash! Havefun playingVery Charm King Birds Evolution Game!
Puzzle Games: Candy, Jelly & Match 3 13.0
Microwater Media
The sweetest Match of the match 3 games free and puzzle gamesfreeof the year! Play for free and match three games.Join thefantasticsugary adventure in the candy kingdom and collect alldelicioustreats. Explore candy world and discover over 100 joyfulandcolorful levels. Make combinations to get more scores to winlevel!Get the scores and buy sweet boosters that will help yousucceed.Crush all the sweet candies to unlock unique bonuses.Try toget 3stars on every level and will be the best in the candy world!GameFeatures:🍬 Classic match 3 games genre — match three gamesforandroid!🍬 NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED to play! 🍬Excitegameplay and interesting game modes;🍬 One-touch gamecontrol;🍬Friendly user interface;🍬 Extremely addictive;🍬Deliciouslollipops;🍬 Hundreds of challenging levels;🍬 Cool comboand amazingexplodes;🍬 You can play anywhere;🍬 Candy world for allages — forchildren and adults;How To Play:✔ Get Puzzle Games:Candy, Jelly& Match 3 from Google Play✔ Collect candies 3 in arow.✔ Enjoyone of the best 3 in a row games!FollowUs:VK:
Farm Animals Match 3 1.3
Blossom Match 3
Fall in love with this sweet new Match 3 candy puzzle game!Matchandcollect tasty candy treats in Farm Animals Match 3, theamazinglydelicious puzzle adventure guaranteed to satisfy yoursweet tooth!Simple and fun to play but a challenge to masterHow toPlay * Moveand match 3 Animals of the same type to burst and winpoints. *Collect prizes and make special Animals combinations tocreate aFarm Animals ! * Boost your experience with awesomepower-ups. *Play and enjoy thousands of colorful puzzle levels inthis funaddicting game. * Reach high scores and try to get 3 starson everylevel.Join the adventureTravel across the lollipopwonderland,explore wondrous places and discover thousands of funlevels filledwith vivid colors, great puzzles, and bonuses. Match,pop andcollect candy, it’s easy and fun! Unlock unique boostersthat willhelp you beat all the challenges and win levels. Don’twait anylonger to join the Farm Animals Match 3 , it’s extremelyaddictive!New level new target Solve the brain teasers and winamazing bonusesthat will reward you with high scores and awesomepower-ups.Download this fun and addicting game, match 3 candies,collect itemsand beat all the challenges. Complete the missionsset at thebeginning of each level and clear the board. Play todayand startworking on your matching skills. Game Features:*Beautiful graphicsand effects* Thousands of fun levels filled withcandy and jellytreats* Explore enchanting worlds* Farm AnimalsMatch 3 is the bestpuzzle game, play online or offline-no internetconnection isrequired! * Make sure to keep an eye out for coolupdates and newlevels.Create massive candy explosions by makingthe followingcombinations:* Swap and link 3 candy items to createa line blastand remove them from the board. * Match 4 Animals toget a stripedtreat of the same color and create a line blast.*Match 5 Animalstreats in an L or T shape to get a bomb that willexplode all itemsaround it.* Match 5 sweet Animals in a row to geta special colorfulrainbow bomb. * Connect 2 special items tocreate an even greaterexplosion.
Candy Bee Match 3 1.00.14
Play the #1 online match-3 puzzle game for FREE! Swap andmatchcandy, win awesome prizes and clear the board. Download CandyBeeMatch 3, unlock fun bonuses and win levels.For all of you fansofonline board games, get ready to fall in love with thispopularcrush game, available now for free on Android. Candy BeeMatch 3 isa fun match-3 puzzle game taking place in the candy game.Beginyour adventure today and explore plenty of exciting anddeliciousworlds and levels. Join Alex in the incredible journeyacross thesugar land and help her clear levels and collect awesomeprizes.Swap and match your way through new magical game worldsanddiscover the ultimate puzzle adventure! How to Play • Moveandmatch 3 candies of the same type to burst and win points. •Collectprizes and make special cookie combinations to create acookiecrush! • Boost your experience with awesome power-ups. • Playandenjoy thousands of colorful puzzle levels in this funaddictinggame. • Reach high scores and try to get 3 stars oneverylevel.FEATURES:• Easy, addictive puzzle gameplay! Match andconnectone colourful line of bees after another to unleashcombos!•Challenge your friends! Can you Candy Bee Match 3 enough totoptheir high scores?• Loads of different game modes: Pop thecheekyspiders' web, collect honey pots and much, much more!• Nottoforget: A lifetime's supply of bee puns!We are always workinghardto update the game and satisfy your puzzle needs! Alreadyplayedand enjoyed the game? Stay tuned for updates and do drop usareview! Also, check out these sources for all the latestnews:Findbig matches on your way and see how many scores you cancollectfrom Candy Bee Match 3.Candy Bee Match 3 is FREE to playwith FREEupdates including new levels, obstacles, treats, and moreeveryweek!Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyonewhohas played Candy Bee Match 3 for free! 

com.daerisoft.foodcrush 1.2.0
♥ Unlimited sweet food puzzle! ♥ The sound effect is the best!♥Play Match 3 Puzzle in a sweet-filled world■■■■■Introduction■■■■■▣ Food Crush - A sweet matching puzzle game!▣ Enjoy a sweet gameof matching candy, jelly, and ice cream!Popular developerDAERISOFT's new Match 3 puzzle game! Homepage ▣400 exciting levels and stagesfilled with sweet candy.▣ Explorevarious world themes and playover 300 challenging levels. ▣ FoodTruck Collection ▣ Collect yourown food truck! Gather the best foodtrucks and use your powerfulabilities to play the game morefavorably. Boast your friends whenyou have a great food truck!■■■■■How to play Food Crush■■■■■ ☞Match 3 of the same coloredcandies to earn points. ☞ If you match4 candies, they become aspecial candy! ☞ Use the power of specialcandies for specialadvantages. ☞ Clear stage missions with a givennumber of moves. ▣Achieve a 3 Star Rating! ▣ Use your best move toclear challengesand obtain 3 stars! ▣ A variety of missions andobstacles provideexciting new challenges. ▣ More than 300different missions await tochallenge you. ▣ A strong, addictivegame! ▣ An addictive Match 3Puzzle game you can pick up and playany time! ▣ A fun puzzle game!▣ A simple puzzle game of matching 3identical sweets of the samecolor. Free fun with a high level ofstrategy! Every review youleave encourages us to make a bettergame. Thank you! Daerisoftgames will continue!
Jam City, Inc.
Over 100 million people are playing our deliciously sweet match3games! Cookie Jam is filled with thousands of fun andchallengingpuzzles! Match 3 cookies & candy in order to clearthe boardand beat the puzzle! Cookie Jam match 3 games are free toplay andtons of fun! Play now! Are you tired of matching threecandy orspreading jelly? Blast through dessert themed islands andhelp ChefPanda crush cookies before they crumble in Cookie Jam -theSWEETEST match 3 game on mobile! Play thousands of puzzle gamesforfree, with new puzzles every week so you never run out of apuzzleto play! Swap candy colored treats and crush deliciouscookies andcakes. It’s no wonder people say Cookie Jam is the BESTMATCH 3GAME EVER! We have thousands of match 3 games and puzzlegames toenjoy! KEY INGREDIENTS: 🍪 Free to play and fun foreveryone! 🍪Never-ending fun with THOUSANDS of unique levels withnew onesadded weekly 🍪 Deliciously sweet supply of candy crushingpower-upsand combos 🍪 Swap, crush, and jam your way throughfantasticalbakery themed islands 🍪 Earn rewards and sweet prizeswithlimited-time events 🍪 Connect to Facebook to seamlessly syncacrossmultiple devices and challenge friends!LIKE: FOLLOW:@playcookiejamDEVELOPER INFO: Jam City is the leading developer intrulycross-platform social gaming! Check out our other free match3games and puzzle games! You'll love to swap, match, andcrunchthrough ever expanding levels and events. Check back often toseeall the new candy, cake, and sweet treats that we've added!You'lllove to crush through each sweet puzzle. Begin yourbakeryadventure on this free match three game today!