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Ley de Atracción 1.11
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La Ley de Atracción es una ley universal con la que todosemanifietsa. Cuando sabes cómo utilizarla, sabrás cómo atraer loquedeseas. Si quieres ser feliz, tener pensamiento positivo yrecibirlo que deseas, la Ley de Atracción te ayudará a conseguirlo.Estaapp de el secreto contiene: - Más de 50 tips de autoayudaparaconseguir hacer realidad todos tus sueños - Ladescripcióndetallada de las 4 fases para manifestar tus deseos - Unplan parapracticar la Ley de Atracción durante todo el día y unintensivo de21 días para la superación personal - Audios: cómoatraer riqueza,amor, salud, abundancia, felicidad, desarrollopersonal, serpositivo desde un estado de paz con meditación ehipnosis - Unapartado de notas: apunta todas tus reflexiones ymetas siguiendola Ley de Atracción para anotar tu crecimientopersonal -Afirmaciones y frases de pensamiento positivo para serfeliz,descargar y compartir con los amigos - Un calendario de díasdepráctica mundial de autoayuda - Actualizaciones periódicas-Especial Abundancia Necesitas conexión a internet Sólo tienesquesaber cómo utilizar el secreto de la ley de atracciónGratis!Música de Kevin MacLeod The Law of Attraction is a universallawwhich everything manifietsa. When you know how to use it,you'llknow how to attract what you want. If you want to be happy,havepositive thinking and get what you want, the Law of Attractionwillhelp you get it. This app contains the secret: - More than50self-help tips for realizing your dreams - Detailed descriptionofthe 4 phases to manifest your desires - A plan to practice theLawof Attraction throughout the day and an intensive 21 daysforself-improvement - Audios: how to attract wealth, love,health,wealth, happiness, personal development, be positive from astateof peace with meditation and hypnosis - A section of notes:notesall your thoughts and goals by following the Law of Attractiontorecord your personal growth - Affirmations and positivethinkingphrases to be happy, download and share with friends - Acalendardays of world practice self-help - Regular updates -SpecialAbundance You need internet connection You just have to knowhow touse the secret law of attraction Free! Music Kevin MacLeod
Law of attraction - Numerology 4.0.8
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Now you can save your sacred codes with your email.And we haveabetter search form!Cooming soon more awesome changes
Ley de la Atracción 1.0
La ley de la atracción, atrae todo aquello que deseas Practicalaley de la atracción mediante unos sencillos pasos que ponemos atudisposición y una serie de afirmaciones y frases que te ayudaránaatraer todo aquello que desees. Además descubre el secreto y101frases destacadas para utilizar la ley de la atracción. La leydela atracción es muy fácil de usar y puede atraer muchosbeneficiosa nuestras vidas. La ley de la atracción es la creenciade que lospensamientos (conscientes o inconscientes) influyen sobrelas vidasde las personas, argumentando que son unidades energéticasquedevolverán a la persona una onda similar. Nos esperes más yatraehoy mismo todo lo que siempre has querido. Utiliza la ley delaatracción cada día y verás tus deseos recompensados. Funciona!!Realmente es muy fácil de utilizar y en esta herramientatendrástodos los pasos para hacerla efectiva. * Si tienescualquiercuestión o duda o deseas contribuir en algo, por favor,háznoslosaber. Gracias. Descarga ahora Ley de la atracción ycomparte connosotros tu experiencia. The law of attraction,attractingeverything you want Practice law of attraction a fewsimple stepsand we offer you a series of statements and phrasesthat will helpyou attract whatever you want. Uncovers the secretand 101prominent phrases to use the law of attraction. The lawofattraction is very easy to use and can bring many benefits toourlives. The law of attraction is the belief that thoughts(consciousor unconscious) influence the lives of people, arguingthat energyunits are returned to the person a similar wave. Youwait andattracts us today everything you've always wanted. Use thelaw ofattraction every day and see your wishes rewarded. Works !!Itreally is very easy to use and this tool gives you all the stepstomake it effective. * If you have any questions or concerns orwantto contribute something, please let us know. Thank you.Downloadnow Law of Attraction and share with us your experience.
VISUAPP: meditation vision board 4.1.3
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FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE VISUAPP is the apptokeep your focus on what you really want. You can add dreamsrightfrom the browser without switching the app, writeaffirmations,setup the reminders, choose the visualization music,trackvisualization time, receive motivational quotes, use9-sectionFeng-Shui board and even filter your dreams by category.So simple,beautiful and smart. ▌ HOW TO USE VISUAPP: •  Define yourgoalsThink about things that you want, think about what you like todoin your free time, about the place you want to live, etc.Remember,everything is possible if you really want it. •  Put yourdreams onthe board Here VISUAPP suggests the unique functionalitythat nosimilar application has - ADDING DREAMS TO THE BOARD RIGHTFROM THEBROWSER WITHOUT EVEN SWITCHING THE APP. To add dreams rightfromGoogle you should do next: •  find your dream on Google andmake along press on it •  click share and choose VISUAPP •  addtheaffirmation to your dream if you want •  assign category toyourdream •  your dream will be saved to VISUAPP and you'll be backtobrowser You can add dreams from your phone's gallery or bytakingnew picture. To add several photos at once you should clickon Plusbutton and then on the "Multiple photo adding" button(button withfour houses). Whenever you open one of your dreams, youcan makeswipe gesture to leaf through. Use garbage button to deletedreams.The Buddha button starts the visualization. •  Use FENG-SHUIboardThis board allows you to filter your dreams by category andform asquare of 9 most important dreams that you have. Each of 9photosrepresents 9 different areas of life: money, fame,relationship,family, health, creativity, knowledge, career andtravel. Justdecide which photo should form a part of your square.To form ityou should do next: •  to assign category to your dreamclick onthe upper center button on dream preview screen •  mark theswitchON for "Category cover" if you want this dream to representon ofthe Feng-Shui board sections •  to observe all your dreamsfromparticular section click on appropriate square on Feng-Shuiboard•  Rearrange your dreams on the board Simple drag and droptheimage to the place you want. •  Setup reminders forvisualizationMeditation, motivation, mindfulness and concentrationare the firstkeys to achieve your dreams. With the reminders youwill receiveinspirational quotes that will cheer you up. If youwant to deletesome reminder simply swipe it right or left. •  UseFeng-Shui,slideshow or single visualization mode SLIDESHOW MODEallows you tovisualize several dreams at once. Swipe the buttonwith the Buddhaon preview screen and it will be changed to theBuddha with severalhands - this is the slideshow mode. You can alsosetup this mode inreminder's settings. •  Choose the music forvisualizationVisualize with any music you have on your phone. Tochoose themusic go to settings -> music and click on centralpart of therow. Now your visualization sessions will be much moreenjoyable.Share your stories of success with us using #visuapphashtag. Youcan find us here: - Instagram: -Twitter: -Facebook: -VK: Supported languages: English,Русский,Español, Català, Українська, Polski Find more informationat ourwebsite: or write us [email protected] NOW is the best time to visualizeandturn your dreams into reality!!!
Law of Attraction Guide 2.0
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What is the Law of Attraction (LOA) The Law of Attraction canbeunderstood by understanding that ‘like attracts like’. Whatthismeans is that whether we realize it or not, we are responsibleforbringing both positive and negative influences into our lives.Akey part of the Law of Attraction is understanding that whereyouplace your focus can have an intense impact on what happens toyou.If you spend your days wallowing in regrets about the past orfearsof the future, you’ll likely see more negativity appearing,but ifyou look for the silver lining in every experience thenyou’ll soonstart to see positivity surrounding you every day.Therefore, theLaw of Attraction encourages you to see that you havethe freedomto take control of how your future develops, shaping itin the waysyou choose. When you learn how to use the many powerfulandpractical tools associated with the Law of Attraction, youcanstart living and thinking in a more optimistic way thatisspecifically designed to attract even more positive eventsandexperiences. The Law of Attraction is the idea that thoughtsbecomethings. In other words, what you believe is what comes topass. Ifyou believe you will be healthy, wealthy and successful,then youwill be. The law is simply this: We attract whatever wethinkabout, good or bad. We are all creators, and we all deserve tolivean inspired life. The Law of Attraction is a beautiful toolthatenables us to consciously put our creative powers to use! Inthewords of George Bernard Shaw, “Life isn’t about findingyourself,it’s about creating yourself.” "What is the Law ofAttraction? Howdoes the Law of Attraction actually work?" DownloadLaw ofAttraction (LOA) Now! Because The Quality Of YourThoughtsDetermines The Quality Of Your Life A self ImprovementSeries Toyour success!
Mind Power - Motivation & Law of Attraction 41.1
This will tell you about the law of attraction, the power ofthemind, positive thinking, success tips, mind tips, the mapofsuccess, performance tracking and much more. Your searchformotivation and inspiration completes here. We have thebestmotivational quotes for you. Motivation can change your life.Learnhow to use complete mind power and power of habits. It willact asa brain booster for you if you challenge your mind. If youuse yourbrain potential then can result in a big success anddevelop asuccess habit. If you know the law power for the law ofattractionthen you can attract success in life. Follow the mindpowerworkshop and learn mind power facts and mind power secrets.It's amind power training app to help you with a successful life.Thisapplication was designed with the purpose of enlightening youaboutthe core of motivation and concepts like starting with why andthereason why it’s important. It includes fragments like the powerofthoughts and how the law of attraction can make your lifebetter.Motivational quotes give you a kick and you feel inspired todo acertain thing. There are Mind tips for better sleep and ahealthiermind. The law of attraction allows you to attract all thehappinessin the world to your cause and helps you feel satisfied.Mindcontrol is a very powerful tool if you can do it. Your thoughtsaresignals and the power of thoughts can be harnessed usingmeditationand simple techniques that anyone can do. We inspire, wehelp youdream, and hope for the best. Success secrets andmaintainingdiscipline are the signs of successful people. If youwant to betruly successful, this application is for you. Money isanimportant aspect of one’s life, and we provide you with afinancialplan that can change your life. You can finance yourincome in themost effective way with the best possible results.Also, if you’reinterested in some other services, there’s a goodchance that we’dstill be able to help. Motivation and inspirationcan be foundanywhere, motivation and inspiration can be sharedanywhere. So ifyou like the app, be sure to write back. We lookforward to yourfeedback, thank you for giving us a chance.
Power Of Positive Thinking 2.6
Norman Vincent Peale says "The way to happiness: Keep yourheartfree from hate, your mind from worry. Live simply, expectlittle,give much. Scatter sunshine, forget self, think of others.Try thisfor a week and you will be surprised." Power Of PositiveThinkingApp brings you daily wisdom of how to change your life forbetter,every day, day by day with magical wisdom of many greatthinkersThe app has some nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now& setthem as your app tune! - Weekly planner to set differenttune fordifferent day! - Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone!- Sharedaily card on social network & using other messagingtools -Listen to background music, to create a serene environment -Set analarm to receive daily quote notification - Add Cards toyourfavorites - In app purchase (to make the application Adfree)Download Now & enjoy daily bliss!
Law Of Attraction Quotes 3
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From past historical figures to present day philosophers. The LawofAttraction has been revealing itself throughout history.Theseareour favorite Law of Attraction quotes. They always inspire us,andhelp us to create the life we desire. Share these Law ofAttractionQuotes with your family and friends.
Law of Attraction Affirmations 2.8
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Affirmation is very useful for Life Success, Money Mastery,WeightLoss, Personal Growth, Confidence, Social Skills, Health,BrainTraining, Dreaming, Metaphysical, Creativity,Business,Professions, Sports, Extreme Sports, Poker, Scuba Diving,Fitnessand Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Learning Languages,LearningMusical Instruments, Phobia Elimination, Addictions,Relationships,Success with Women, Success with Men, SexualEnhancement, etc. Whatis affirmation and why it is so powerful?Affirmation is simply aprocess of thinking, listening, saying orwriting a statement toyourself or other people repeatedly. Forexample, when you wake upevery morning, you may affirm by sayingaloud “Today is a greatday!” It will have great impact to the restof your day. Trust me!Before I explain to you the power ofaffirmation, I think it’simportant that you understand the power ofbelief. How many timeshave you heard people saying “if you believeyou can, you can”?Perhaps one of the great truths in life is thatyour belief createsyour reality. In other words, your reality isgenerally areflection of the beliefs of your subconscious mind.That’s why ifyou believe you can, you can. By the way, what is abelief? Abelief is simply a thought that is accepted by yoursubconsciousmind. Actually not all thoughts are turned intorealities. Onlythoughts that are believed by the subconscious mindare turned intorealities. The reason why belief turns into realityis because ofthe Universal and Natural Law of Attraction. Features:-Affirmation Categories - Present Tense Affirmations - FutureTenseAffirmations - Natural Affirmations - Offline app, withoutinternetaccess - Quick and easy navigation - User friendlyinterface Pleasereview and rate our app, I hope you'll give us fivestars. Thankyou :) Follow us onInstagram:
Affirmation Reminder 1.0.10
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REPROGRAM YOUR MIND WITH NEURO-STIMULATING AFFIRMATIONSAffirmationReminder by YouAreCreators™ is a powerful success toolforre-programming your mind, helping you achieve a life ofhealth,wealth, love and happiness using the Law of Attraction.Theneuro-stimulating sound effects and vibration, combined withthemotor-function of pressing a button every time you repeatyouraffirmations, is scientifically proven to conditionyoursubconscious mind with a higher success rate thanotherconventional methods. Simply set your list of affirmationsandreceive reminders throughout the day to repeat youraffirmationsinside the 'Affirmation Zone'. You can choose to setcustomnotification times as well as "Divinely Timed Affirmations"whichrandomly send your affirmations back to you at the perfecttimeusing universal divine communication. Allow these reminderstoguide you through life's circumstances while helping youunderstandand apply the Law of Attraction. When it comes toreprogrammingyour subconscious mind, the most important factor isREPETITION,REPETITION, REPETITION! "It's the repetition ofaffirmations thatleads to belief. And once that belief becomes adeep conviction,things begin to happen." - Muhammad Ali
Secrets Of Attraction Daily 2.1
The law of attraction states that every positive or negativeeventthat happened with you was attracted by you. The law ofattractionis basically "like attracts like" which in New Thoughtphilosophyis used to sum up the idea that by focusing on positiveor negativethoughts a person brings positive or negativeexperiences intotheir life. The law is simply: We attract whateverwe think about,good or bad. he first step to using the law ofattraction isshifting to more positive way of thinking Dailypediahas handpickedfor you many of these secrets of Law of Attractiongiven by theAffirmation Gurus: Arielle Ford Bob Proctor Brian WeissByron KatieCharles F. Haanel Christiane Northrup Debbie Ford DeepakChopraEsther Hicks Genevieve Berhrend Gregg Braden J. P. MorganJackCanfield Joe Vitale John Assaraf Linda Armstrong Louise HayLynnGrabhorn Michael Beckwith Napoleon Hill Neale Donald WalschNevilleGoddard Norman Vincent Peale Rhonda Byrne Robert CollierWayne DyerThe app has some nice features: - Share daily quote onsocialnetwork & using other messaging tools - Listen tobackgroundmusic, to create a serene environment - Set an alarm toreceivedaily quote notification - Add Quotes to your favorites -Copy thequote to Clipboard - In app purchase (to make theapplication Adfree) - Look at other Dailypedia Apps Download now& celebratethe Affirmation Masters
Transform Your Life Dailycards 1.9
Jillian Michaels says "Part of abandoning theall-or-nothingmentality is allowing yourself room for setbacks. Weare bound tohave lapses on the road to health and wellness, but itis criticalthat we learn how to handle small failures positively sothat wecan minimize their long-term destructive effects. Onesetback isone setback it is not the end of the world, nor is it theend ofyour journey toward a better you" Transform Your Life Appbringsyou daily wisdom of how to change your life for better, everyday,day by day with magical wisdom of many great thinkers The apphassome nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now & set them asyourapp tune! - Weekly planner to set different tune for differentday!- Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone! - Share daily cardonsocial network & using other messaging tools - Listentobackground music, to create a serene environment - Set an alarmtoreceive daily quote notification - Add Cards to your favorites -Inapp purchase (to make the application Ad free) Download Now&enjoy daily bliss!
1000 Powerful Affirmations 2.8
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Affirmation is very useful for Life Success, Money Mastery,WeightLoss, Personal Growth, Confidence, Social Skills, Health,BrainTraining, Dreaming, Metaphysical, Creativity,Business,Professions, Sports, Extreme Sports, Poker, Scuba Diving,Fitnessand Bodybuilding, Martial Arts, Learning Languages,LearningMusical Instruments, Phobia Elimination, Addictions,Relationships,Success with Women, Success with Men, SexualEnhancement, etc. Whatis affirmation and why it is so powerful?Affirmation is simply aprocess of thinking, listening, saying orwriting a statement toyourself or other people repeatedly. Forexample, when you wake upevery morning, you may affirm by sayingaloud “Today is a greatday!” It will have great impact to the restof your day. Trust me!Before I explain to you the power ofaffirmation, I think it’simportant that you understand the power ofbelief. How many timeshave you heard people saying “if you believeyou can, you can”?Perhaps one of the great truths in life is thatyour belief createsyour reality. In other words, your reality isgenerally areflection of the beliefs of your subconscious mind.That’s why ifyou believe you can, you can. By the way, what is abelief? Abelief is simply a thought that is accepted by yoursubconsciousmind. Actually not all thoughts are turned intorealities. Onlythoughts that are believed by the subconscious mindare turned intorealities. The reason why belief turns into realityis because ofthe Universal and Natural Law of Attraction. Features:- Offlineapp, without internet access - Affirmation Categories -PresentTense Affirmations - Future Tense Affirmations -NaturalAffirmations - Quick and easy navigation - User friendlyinterfacePlease review and rate our app, I hope you'll give us fivestars.Thank you :) Follow us onInstagram:
Secret Affirmations Dailycards 1.9
Laws Of Attraction Says " “Grateful souls focus on the happinessandabundance present in their lives and this in turn attractsmoreabundance and joy towards them.” “Manifesting is a lot likemakinga cake. The things needed are supplied by you, the mixing isdoneby your mind and the baking is done in the oven of theuniverse.”Secret Affrimations Daily Cards brings the Wisdom ofGreat MasterOf Law Of Attraction to you in a form of Mobile App,wake up everyday, with Eternal Life Changing wisdom, startingtoday. The app hassome nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now &set them as yourapp tune! - Weekly planner to set different tunefor different day!- Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone! -Share daily card onsocial network & using other messaging tools- Listen tobackground music, to create a serene environment - Setan alarm toreceive daily quote notification - Add Cards to yourfavorites - Inapp purchase (to make the application Ad free)Download Now &enjoy daily bliss!
Success Secrets Daily 1.9
How many times have you heard somebody claim they know ‘thesecretof success’ only to find out somebody else has anothersecretcompletely different from the last secret you heard?! Whichsecretis right?! Who knows THE REAL secret?! … is there ‘a real’secret?!If so, just how many secrets are out there?! But mostimportantly,who’s secret advice do we follow to ensure our personalsuccess??You decide. Below is our secret list of powerful messagesthat’lllead to your success. Dailypedia now gives you access tothesegreatest Motivational Gurus. We have handpicked their mostpowerfulquotes & created an epic Dailypedia App The app hassome nicefeatures: - Browse Dailytunes now & set them as yourapp tune!- Weekly planner to set different tune for different day!- SetDaily tunes as Ringtone or Alarm Tone! - Share daily quoteonsocial network & using other messaging tools - Listentobackground music, to create a serene environment - Set an alarmtoreceive daily quote notification - Add Quotes to your favorites-Copy the quote to Clipboard - In app purchase (to maketheapplication Ad free) - Look at other Dailypedia Apps Downloadnow& celebrate the Legacy of our Motivational Gurus!
Law of Attraction Hypnosis - Secret Vision Board 2.33
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◎ A single audio session of 30 minutes a day that is effective*injust 1–3 weeks ◎ Hypnosis audio carefully read by thesoothingvoice of a certified hypnotherapist ◎ Peaceful backgroundmusic andnature sounds to help you relax ◎ Hypnotic Booster withbinauralbeats to induce your brainwave frequency into an optimalstate forreceiving hypnotic suggestions ◎ Separate volume controlsforVoice, Background, and Hypnotic Booster ◎ Awaken at End featurecanbe disabled at bedtime for a relaxing, restful sleep ◎Repeatsessions or loop while you sleep ◎ Continue listening tobackgroundsounds after the session ends THE BEST HYPNOSIS APPAVAILABLE TOUSE THE LAW OF ATTRACTION Law of Attraction Hypnosis isfree to tryand effective* with the default settings. A one-timein-apppurchase is required only if you wish to change thedefaultsettings. (Each of our free hypnosis apps includes its ownin-apppurchase; in-app purchases cannot be shared among separateapps.)INTERACT WITH US Surf City Apps offers a range of hypnosisapps tohelp you enjoy a healthier, happier, and more abundant life.Tellus how you use our apps to improve CONTACTSUPPORT TERMS &CONDITIONS*DISCLAIMER Resultsnot clinically proven. The content and servicesprovided by thisApplication are for educational purposes only andare not intendedto be a substitute for professional medical advice,diagnosis, ortreatment. Never rely on information on thisApplication in placeof seeking professional medical advice. Consultyour doctor beforeusing this Application if you suffer from a heartcondition, mooddisorder, epilepsy, or a psychiatric or neurologicalcondition.
The 12 Universal Laws 1.0
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Heard of The Law of Attraction? Well, this app revealsinformationon The 12 Universal Laws, where The Law of Attraction isonly butone Law out of this list, Download to read these laws andsee ifthey can't help you in your day to day life. Keep an openmind, andwho knows what might happen...
Law of Attraction Quotes &Tips 20.00
The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into yourlifewhatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find away tomanifest. Everything comes to us through the most elementallaws ofphysics - Like Attracts Like! Like Attracts Like is nothingmorethan the Law of Attraction. It is absolute and has nothing todowith your personality, your religious beliefs, being a "good" ora"bad" person or anything else. No one lives beyond this Law. Itisnot a secret, it is an unquestionable law of the universe.Imaginestarting to believe in yourself and your infinitepossibilities.Imagine believing you deserve everything you want outof life:Money, Love, Health, Success, Wealth, Inner peace. Imaginegettingeverything you want out of life. Once you apply the LawofAttraction everything is possible. Try with this methodandrecommend it to your friends!!! You will also find motivationalandinspirational quotes. Share them with your friends onFacebook!!!ENGLISH - ESPAÑOL - PORTUGUÊS
law of attraction app & secret teaching: Magneto 2.8
→ NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS Once you set your new year'sresolution,there are smart notifications that will keep remindingyou aboutyour new year's resolution as most of the people forgettheirresolution within 24 hours of taking them. The app willalsosuggest specially designed practices that take less than 10minutesto complete but help you achieve new year's resolutionfaster.Achieving a happy, fulfilled life is just one tap away.Downloadthe law of attraction app: MAGNETO and make use of theguide andthe daily gratitude diary to achieve positivity andhappinessquickly and on long-term. Use the daily inspirationalquotes, tipsand the gratitude or happiness journal to appreciatethe greatthings in your life. Keeping this positivity journalupdated is oneof the key ways to attract as many people as you likeand makingyour life much better than currently is. → ONE OF THEBEST LAWATTRACTION APPS The Law of Attraction simply says that youattractinto your life whatever you think about. We all know thatthe Lawof Attraction has already helped millions of people toachievetheir dreams. As you may know that, be sure to know thatMAGNETO isone f the best law of attraction app. It will help you toachieveyour dreams. Your dominant thoughts will find a way tomanifest. →SET YOUR GOALS Unlike any other similar law ofattraction app,MAGNETO contains ability to set goals. Once you setyour life goalsthe app will also suggest specially designedpractices that takeless than 10 minutes to complete but help youachieve goals faster.On top of that there are smart notificationsthat will keepreminding you about your goals. → GET INSPIRED Nomatter what youdo or what your goals are you always needinspiration to keep itgoing. MAGNETO contains one of the best andmost complete selectionof inspirational thoughts and they are thecore of the law ofattraction app. Stay inspired and motivated allthe time by readinglaw of attraction quotes, inspirational quotesand motivationalquotes → DAILY GRATITUDE JOURNAL The law ofattraction app wouldn’tbe complete without the use of a GratitudeJournal. Write yourgoals and the things you are most grateful forand you will embracepositivity in your everyday life. Use thispositivity journalfrequently and results are guaranteed. Gratitudeis the key tosuccess, this technique is also described in the bookand movie thesecret as well as used by all successful people. → GETHELP FOR THEMONEY AS WELL The Visualisation Cheque - also known asmagic chequeor magic check as described in the movie the secret ,Helps you inapplying law of attraction for money. Law of Attractioncan beapplied for every field of our lives, and money are one ofthe mostimportant things. → WHY THE LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS Thegoal of lawof attraction is to bring up your best and most positivethoughtsand help you accomplish your goals. All these thoughtsaccompaniedby the best practices, goals features, daily gratitudejournal makethis law of attraction app the perfect tool to behappier!Everything comes to us through the simple law of physics -LikeAttracts Like! Like Attracts Like is nothing more than the LawofAttraction. → GUARANTEED RESULTS MAGNETO enables you toachieveyour goals, stay motivated and inspired. In order for thelaw ofattraction guide and its tools to work, you must use it atleast 21days in a row and achieve these 10 results: 1. You will behappymost of the time 2. You will be able to achieve your goalfaster 3.You will be healthier 4. You will feel light 5. You willbe able tosleep better 6. You will feel stronger emotionally 7. Youwill haveless stress 8. You will make other’s happy 9. Your focuswill beincreased 10. You will turn into an optimist. Get Law ofAttractionapp: MAGNETO today and be happier, less stressful andcomplete yourdreams and goals!
Power Of Attraction Daily 1.6
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Rhonda Byrne says “Be grateful for what you have now. As youbeginto think about all the things in your life you are gratefulfor,you will be amazed at the never ending thoughts that come backtoyou of more things to be grateful for. You have to make astart,and then the law of attraction will receive those gratefulthoughtsand give you more just like them.” Power To Attract helpsyou builda field for happiness, wealth, true love, wonderfulhealth.Anything you choose to ask of the universe is infinitelymorelikely to show up in the right magnetic field. This is ascientificfact as powerful as gravity. Power Of Attraction daily isbroughtto you in the form of a Mobile App. Wake up every day, withtoattract Health, Wealth, Prosperity & all the power you needtofullfill your dreams The app has some nice features: - Sharedailyquote on social network & using other messaging tools -Listento background music, to create a serene environment - Set analarmto receive daily quote notification - Add Quotes to yourfavorites- Copy the quote to Clipboard - In app purchase (to maketheapplication Ad free) - Look at other Dailybliss Apps DownloadNow& enjoy daily bliss!
Law Of Attraction Library 1.2
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A collection of the best Law of Attraction audiobooks &ebooksthat will inspire and empower you to manifest the life ofyourdreams. YouAreCreators is dedicated to the upliftment&enlightenment of all mankind. It is our deepest desire toinformthe masses of the greatest secret in history, that weliterallycreate our reality! It is our intention at YouAreCreatorsto addLove, Peace, Prosperity and Direction to your life. We’rehere tosupply you with the knowledge that will help you createwhateveryou desire.
Devocionales Cristianos 1.8
Con esta aplicación recibirás todo los días un devocionalbíblicoque consisten en lecturas breves de versos bíblicosrelacionados,te ayudaran a estar más de cerca de Dios todos losdías. ¡Seasbendecido!¡Comparte la aplicación con tus amigos!Withthisapplication you will receive daily devotional Bible readingsthatare short of related Bible verses, will help you to be closertoGod every day.You be blessed!Share the app with your friends!
Lei da atraçâo 1.0
A Lei da Atração diz: os semelhantes se atraem A lei da atraçâoéuma lei do universo, estudada pelos físicos, onde descobriramquepodemos atrair o que quisernos para nossa vida. A Lei da Atraçãoeseu poder magnético alcançam o Universo e atrai outrospensamentosque são vibracionalmente compatíveis e traz essas coisasparavocê.  Alcançar melhores resultados em sua vida, vocêpodeusar a lei da atração. Mantenha a mente aberta e atrai tudo oquequiser, graças ao universo. Lei da atraçâo contem: - O que é aLeida atraçâo - Passos - Exercícios - Afirmaciones - Extras Use aleida atração a cada dia e você verá seus desejos recompensados.Issofunciona! Quando você começa a entender a – ou melhorcolocado,quando você começa a lembrar-se dessa – dessa poderosa LeidaAtração, a evidencia dela, que cerca você será bem maisaparente,pois você começa a reconhecer a exata correlação entre oque vocêtem pensado e o que está, na verdade, vindo para suaexperiência. *Se você tiver alguma dúvida ou preocupação ou quercontribuir comalgo, por favor nos avise. Obrigado. Descarga ahoraLei da atraçâoe partilhar connosco a sua experiência The law ofattraction sayslike attracts like The law of attraction is a law ofthe universestudied by physicists, which found that we attract whatquisernosfor our lives. The Law of Attraction and its magneticpower reachesthe Universe and attracts other thoughts that arevibrationallycompatible and brings these things to you. To achievebetterresults in your life, you can use the law of attraction. Keepanopen mind and draw anything you want, thanks to the universe.Lawof Attraction contains: - What is the Law of Attraction - Steps-Exercises - Afirmaciones - Extras Use the Law of Attractioneveryday and you'll see your desires rewarded. It works! When youbeginto understand - or better put, when you start to remember this-this powerful Law of Attraction, the evidence of it, that aboutyouwill be more apparent as you begin to recognize theexactcorrelation between what you We have thought and what isactuallycoming into your experience. * If you have any questionsorconcerns or want to contribute something, please let us know.Thankyou. Download Law of Attraction ahora and share with usyourexperience
Law of Attraction 2016 23.0
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Help your Law of Attraction ability by reviewing these inspiringandwise quotes by professionals in the industry.Share withTwitter,facebook, TXT, Email, etc. Based on the movie/book "TheSecret" and"The Power." Manifest your dreams today!We love andappreciateeveryone who downloads our app! Bless you all! To showourappreciation, for a limited time, we are offering a FREE *YES,FREE! * upgrade to pro-version for anyone who signs up fortheInspirations Newsletter (by ResultsAttract). For details, seetheupgrade page within the application.
Affirmation Gurus 2.3
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Affirmation Gurus Daily brings the wisdom of America'smostcelebrated Law of Attraction Masters to you in a form ofMobileApp, wake up every day, with life changing Affirmations,startingtoday. Rhonda Byrne Says: “Be grateful for what you havenow. Asyou begin to think about all the things in your life youaregrateful for, you will be amazed at the never ending thoughtsthatcome back to you of more things to be grateful for. You havetomake a start, and then the law of attraction will receivethosegrateful thoughts and give you more just like them” EckhartTollesays "Any action is often better than no action, especially ifyouhave been stuck in an unhappy situation for a long time. If itis amistake, at least you learn something, in which case it's nolongera mistake. If you remain stuck, you learn nothing."Dailypedia hasselected 8 of these Greatest Law Of AttractionMasters: - LouiseHay - Esther Hicks - Gregg Braden - Rhonda Byrne -Deepak Chopra -Eckhart Tolle - Doreen Virtue - Wayne Dyer We havehandpicked theirmost powerful quotes & created an epicDailypedia App The apphas some nice features: - Browse Dailytunesnow & set them asyour app tune! - Weekly planner to setdifferent tune for differentday! - Set Daily tunes as Ringtone orAlarm Tone! - Share dailyquote on social network & using othermessaging tools - Listento background music, to create a sereneenvironment - Set an alarmto receive daily quote notification - AddQuotes to your favorites- Copy the quote to Clipboard - In apppurchase (to make theapplication Ad free) - Look at otherDailypedia Apps Download Now& enjoy daily bliss!
Rules Of Attraction Daily 1.7
The theory behind the law of attraction is the belief thatenergyattracts like energy in the vast expanse of space and timethatcomprises our universe. Each person's being is constantlyradiatingenergy out into space. The type of energy being radiatedisdetermined by the emotional state of the individual in questionandmay differ from day to day-sometimes even hour to hour.Dailypediahas selected quotes of the Greatest Law Of AttractionGurus &Masters We have handpicked their most powerful quotes& createdan epic Dailypedia App The app has some nice features:- BrowseDailytunes now & set them as your app tune! - Weeklyplanner toset different tune for different day! - Set Daily tunesas Ringtoneor Alarm Tone! - Share daily quote on social network& usingother messaging tools - Listen to background music, tocreate aserene environment - Set an alarm to receive dailyquotenotification - Add Quotes to your favorites - Copy the quotetoClipboard - In app purchase (to make the application Ad free)-Look at other Dailypedia Apps Download now & celebratetheLegacy of our Law Of Attraction Gurus & Masters!
Appfirmaciones 0.21.0
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¿Sabías que en promedio los latinoamericanos?- 59% Estánendeudados-80% No tienen Inteligencia financiera- 56% Estándivorciados- 11%Crecieron sin ambos padres- 64% Son madressolteras- 71% Tienenproblemas de autoestima¿QUIERES APRENDER AENFOCARTE EN TUS SUEÑOSFINANCIEROS Y EMOCIONALES?SomosAppfirmaciones y queremos ayudartecon tu propósito. Creamos unestilo de vida saludable para tu mente,empleando como herramientalas Afirmaciones PositivasCreemosfirmemente que El Poder Está EnTi. Recuerda las AfirmacionesPositivas son pensamientos quedecides grabar en tu inconscientepara transformar tu realidad a tufavor.Con solo unos pocos minutosy si lo cada dia durante 21 díaso más, verás como cambia tus pautasmentales y empiezas a ver quetu vida se transforma; solo esnecesario crear el hábito deescucharlosdiariamente.#AfirmacionesPositivas #Mentor #Amor#Dinero#Prosperidadwww.appfirmaciones.comDid you know that onaverage LatinAmericans?- 59% are in debt- 80% have no financialintelligence- 56%are divorced- 11% grew up without both parents-64% are singlemothers- 71% have self-esteem issuesDO YOU WANT TOLEARN TO YOURDREAMS focus on financial and emotional?We areAppfirmaciones and wewant to help you with your purpose. We createa healthy lifestylefor your mind, using positive affirmations as atoolWe firmlybelieve that the power is in you. Remember theAffirmations arethoughts you decide to burn your unconscious totransform yourreality in your favor.With only a few minutes ifevery day for 21days or more, you will see how changing yourmental patterns andbegin to see that your life is transformed; Youneed to create thehabit of listening daily.#AfirmacionesPositivas#Mentor #Amor#Dinero
Mind Power - मन की शक्ति 1.1.8
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Mind Power (मन की शक्ति ) हमारे मन मे अथाह शक्ति होती है इतनी कीआपकल्पना भी नही कर सकते । हमारा मन अद्भुत शक्तियों का भंडार है औरहमअपने मन से जो चाहे वो करवा सकते हैं । इस दुनियां का कोई भीकामहमारे मन के लिए कठिन नही है। बस हमे अपने मन की शक्तियों को जगानाहैऔर इन्हें कैसे जगाया जाए ये सब हम इस एप में समझेंगे । LawofAttraction ( आकर्षण का सिद्धांत ) Law of Attraction से आप अपनेजीवनमे जो चाहो वो पा सकते हो इस सिद्धांत से कुछ भी पाना मुश्किल नहीहैबस जरूरत है इसको समझने की कि इसको कैसे इस्तेमाल किया जाए । जो हमइसएप में समझेंगे । Motivation Motivation के माध्यम से हम अपनेलक्ष्यतक बहुत ही आसानी से पहुँच सकते हैं जीवन के मुश्किल समय मे भीकैसेआगे बढ़ा जाए ये काम करता है सिर्फ Motivation बस समय पर क्या करनाहैये टिप्स मिलते रहें जो हमे इस एप में मिलेंगे। Learn aboutyourabilities and mind power because your mind is the only thingwhichcan direct you to the right path to success. The mind is themostpowerful thing in this world. if you learn to use it then youcanachieve anything you want. This will tell you about the lawofattraction, the power of the mind, positive thinking, successtips,mind tips, map of success, performance tracking and muchmore.Features - - Mind Power - Motivation - Psychology - Suvichar-Quotes to achieve Success - Law of Attraction - Ayurveda -SomeKnowledgeable Points Your search for motivation andinspirationcompletes here. We have best motivational quotes foryou. Start anew life with motivation and inspiration. Motivationcan changeyour life. Achieve success with motivation andinspiration. Learnhow to use complete mind power and power ofhabits. It will act asa brain booster for you if you challenge yourmind. If you use yourbrain potential then can result in a bigsuccess and develop asuccess habit, you will be a guided mind. usethis app to boostmind. It also gives mental relaxation and freemind which is goodfor health. If you know the law power for the lawof attractionthen you can attract success in life. you can win themental battleto win the game and reach your goal. It's good formental healthfor a human mind like a rich man. Follow the mindpower workshopand learn mind power facts and mind power secrets.It's a mindpower training app to help you for a successful life.◆◆◆ShivShaktiTechnologyshivashaktitechnologyShivShaktiTechnologySvicharShivShaktiTechnologySuvicharShivShaktiTechnologyEdukationShivShaktiTechnologyLfeStle Mindpower - Law of Attraction -Motivation, law of attraction,Motivation, Psychology, Suvichar,baat kaam ki, MotivationMotivational Quotes in hindi, Motivation,motivational stories,motivational stories in hindi, motivationalQuotes in english,motivational wallpaper, motivational books free,Motivation Quotes,motivation Quotes in tamil, Motivation forsuccess in hindi,Motivation story in hindi, Motivation app,Motivation, mind powerapps in hindi, mind power increasing, mindpower books free, law ofattraction, law of attraction library, lawof attraction app, lawof attraction the secret app, psychology app,psychology in hindi,psychology, Suvichar in hindi, life MotivationQuotes ◆◆◆ This appis free and has it all so Start Downloading..!
Art Of Affirmation Daily 2.3
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Affirmations in New Thought and New Age terminology referprimarilyto the practice of positive thinking andself-empowerment—fosteringa belief that "a positive mental attitudesupported by affirmationswill achieve success in anything." Morespecifically, anaffirmation is a carefully formatted statement thatshould berepeated to one's self and written down frequently. Foranaffirmation to be effective, it needs to be presenttense,positive, personal and specific. “Be grateful for what youhavenow. As you begin to think about all the things in your lifeyouare grateful for, you will be amazed at the never endingthoughtsthat come back to you of more things to be grateful for.You haveto make a start, and then the law of attraction willreceive thosegrateful thoughts and give you more just like them”Art OfAffirmation Daily brings the wisdom to you in a form ofMobile App,wake up every day, with life changing Affirmations,starting today.The app has some nice features: - Browse Dailytunesnow & setthem as your app tune! - Weekly planner to setdifferent tune fordifferent day! - Set Daily tunes as Ringtone orAlarm Tone! - Sharedaily quote on social network & using othermessaging tools -Listen to background music, to create a sereneenvironment - Set analarm to receive daily quote notification - AddQuotes to yourfavorites - Copy the quote to Clipboard - In apppurchase (to makethe application Ad free) - Look at otherDailypedia Apps DownloadNow & enjoy daily bliss!
CFF - Código Fiscal de la Fede 20181119130258
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Código Fiscal de la Federación y su Reglamento de México. Esta eslaversión gratuita de la app, la cual contiene anuncios, teinvitamosa comprar la versión de pago, la cual no contieneanuncios. Es unprofesional que trabaja con Leyes, tiene lanecesidad de estarconsultando las disposiciones, pero cargarlassupone un granesfuerzo por su peso y volumen. No se preocupe más,ahora puedetener las mismas en su dispositivo, puede leer ley,buscas términosen ella, marcar artículos como favoritos, haceranotaciones en losartículos, etc. Es una herramienta indispensablepara losprofesionales legales, como abogados, contadores, Cuentaconfunciones para ver los artículos, cambiar el zoom, cambiar eltemade colores de visualización. Las siguientes son susfuncionesprincipales: Mostrar Contenido. En esta parte es posiblever todaslas leyes y todos los artículos de cada ley con la quecuenta elcompendio. Al ver algún artículo, puedes desplazarte alprimerartículo, al anterior, siguiente y último de la Ley queteencuentras leyendo. Continuar Lectura. ¿Te quedaste leyendoalgúnartículo y deseas continuar?, en esta parte puedes volver alúltimoartículo leído y continuar la lectura a partir de ahí.Función deBúsqueda. Además cuenta con función de búsqueda, con lacual podrásbuscar cualquier texto dentro de todas las leyes oaquellas queselecciones. Además, cuenta con una función dehistorial debúsquedas, con el cual no tendrás que teclear de nuevoel términobuscado. Función de favoritos. Con esta función podrásmarcarcualquier artículo de cualquier ley para que estén a la manocadavez que los necesites. Agregar nota de texto. Agrega una notadetexto a cualquier artículo, de manera que puedas poneralgúncomentario, recordatorio, anotación, etcétera. Temas. Cambiaeltema de visualización de los artículos, contamos con 5temas:Normal, Gris, Alto Contraste, Nocturno y Antiguo. Además,tambiénpodrás cambiar el nivel de zoom predeterminado del texto, demaneraque la lectura del mismo sea más fácil. Copiar. La aplicacióntienela capacidad de copiar el texto de un artículo parapoderutilizarlo en cualquier otra aplicación. Fiscal Code oftheFederation and its Regulations of Mexico. This is the freeversionof the app, which contains ads, we invite you to buy thepaidversion, which contains no ads. It is a professional who workswithLaws, has the need to be at the provisions, but charge them isagreat effort for their weight and volume. Do not worry more,youcan now have them on your device, you can read law, lookingtermsin it, like articles as favorites, annotate articles, etc. Itis anindispensable tool for legal professionals such aslawyers,accountants, It has functions to view the articles, changethezoom, change the display color theme. The following are itsmainfeatures: Show Contents. In this part you can see all the lawsandall articles of every law to the compendium that counts. Seeinganitem, you can scroll to the first item, the previous, next andlastof the Act you are currently reading you. Continue Reading. Didyoustay reading an article and want to continue ?, In this partyoucan return to the last article read and continue readingfromthere. Search function. It also has search function, with whichyoucan search for any text within all laws or those selections.Italso has a search history feature, with which you will havenoretyping the search term. Favorite Feature. With this featureyoucan mark any item of any law so they are on hand whenever youneedthem. Add text note. Add a text note to any item, so you canputsome comment, reminder, memo, and so on. Issues. Change thedisplaytheme of the articles, we have 5 themes: Normal, Gray,HighContrast, and Old Night. In addition, you can also change thelevelof default text zoom, so reading it easier. Copy. Theapplicationhas the ability to copy text from an article to use inany otherapplication.
Horario CCV 1.1.6
Consulta tu horario y registra materias en SIIAU más fácilyrápido!Horario CCV es un horario interactivo, atractivo a lavistay fácil de usar, creado a partir de tu horario en SIIAU delaUniversidad de Guadalajara.¿No sabes en que salón es tu claseocómo se llama tu maestro?Accede fácilmente al detalle de lamateriay averígualo.¿No sabes si ya estás en listas?Puedes accedera lalista de alumnos de cada materia y actualizarla en el momentoquequieras.Una vez cargado el horario no es necesaria la conexiónaInternet para consultarlo de nuevo, solo será requerida sideseasactualizar cierta información del horario o consultarinformaciónque aun no ha sido cargada.Revisa horarios de ciclosescolaresanteriores y cambia los colores de tu horario.Registra tusmateriasen SIIAU más rápido que tus compañeros, gana ese cupo quequeda. Apartir del ciclo escolar 2016B es posible registrarmaterias desdela aplicación. Pruebalo!Cualquier error, pregunta osugerenciaestamos para servirles en nuestra página de Facebook,correoelectrónico o en las opiniones desde la tienda.Si te hagustado laaplicación puedes apoyarnos con tu calificación, reseña ydifusiónde la misma.Saludos!Check your schedule and recordedmaterial inSIIAU easier and faster!CCV is a time, visuallyappealing and easyto use interactive schedule, created from yourschedule in SIIAUUniversity of Guadalajara.You do not know where isyour class roomor how's your teacher?Easily access the detail ofthe matter andfind out.You do not know if you're in lists?You canaccess the listof students in each subject and update it when youwant.Once loadedschedule Internet connection to consult again isnot required, itwill only be required if you want to update certainscheduleinformation or consult information that has not yetbeencharged.Check schedules previous school years and change thecolorsof your schedule.SIIAU record your materials faster thanyourpeers, you win that quota remaining. From school year 2016Bispossible to record materials from the application. Testit!Anyerrors, questions or suggestions are to serve on our Facebookpage,email or opinions from the store.If you like the app youcansupport your rating, review and dissemination of it.Regards!
Self Growth Daily 2.2
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Self Growth Wisdom for daily enlightenment! "It is always thesimplethings that change our lives. And these things never happenwhen youare looking for them to happen. Life will reveal answersat the pacelife wishes to do so. You feel like running, but lifeis on astroll. This is how God does things." Self Growth Dailybrings thewisdom of great Masters to you in a form of Mobile App,wake upevery day, with awakening wisdom, starting today. We havepickedwisdom of following masters: Stephen Richards CharlotteErikssonPaulo Coelho Bob Proctor" Mahatma Gandhi Steve GoodierJarod KintzBryant McGill Paul Newman Alysha Speer Rachel AstartePiccioneStephen Richards "Rossana Condoleo Jonathan Safran FoerSheree'Griffin Ashim Shanker Amit Ray Avis J. Williams C. JoyBellC VernonHoward Avis J. Williams Troy Gathers Dana Arcuri RodolfoCostaNapoleon Hill Tommy Newberry Joel Osteen Maya Angelou - Andmanymore The app has some nice features: - Browse Dailytunes now&set them as your app tune! - Weekly planner to set differenttunefor different day! - Set Daily tunes as Ringtone or AlarmTone! -Share daily quote on social network & using othermessagingtools - Listen to background music, to create a sereneenvironment -Set an alarm to receive daily quote notification -Add Quotes toyour favorites - Copy the quote to Clipboard - In apppurchase (tomake the application Ad free) - Look at otherDailybliss Apps -Change the size of txt, based on your preference- Create your ownDailybliss app Download Now & enjoy dailybliss!
Afirmaciones Positivas En Esp 1.08
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Las afirmaciones positivas en español es una app que contienefrasesdesarrolladas especialmente para que puedas repasar lasafirmacionescon mucha facilidad y desde tú celular o dispositivos.Repasar adiario estas afirmaciones hace que la ley de atracciónempiece atrabajar para ti de forma positiva. Esta aplicacionescontienefrases motivaciones, frases para atraer el amor, laabundanciaeconómica, la felicidad, la salud, y muchos beneficiosque irasdescubriendo. Las afirmaciones están acomodadas en 10afirmacionesdiarias, para que sean bien digeridas y puedasrápidamente hacercambios en tu vida. El secreto para el buenfuncionamiento de la leyde atracción es repasar constantemente lasafirmaciones positivas,ahora en español te traemos en esta app lasmejores afirmacionespositivas para que las disfrutes y te ayuden atus beneficios.Descarga ya la app Afirmaciones positivas enespañol y úsala adiario y disfruta viendo como vienen cambiospositivos a tuvida.Positive affirmations in Spanish is an app thatcontainsphrases specially developed so you can review the claimsand easilyfrom your phone or devices.Daily review these statementsmakes thelaw of attraction starts working for you positively.Thisapplication contains phrases motivations, phrases to attractlove,economic wealth, happiness, health, and many benefits that youwilldiscover. Affirmations are accommodated in 10 claims perday,to be well digested and can quickly make changes in yourlife.Thesecret to the smooth functioning of the law of attractionisconstantly reviewing the positive affirmations, now in Spanishthisapp we bring in the best positive affirmations that help youenjoyand your benefits.Download the app and positive statementsinSpanish and use it daily and enjoy watching as they come intoyourlife positive change.
Law of Attraction Audiobooks Napoleon Hill & More
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The Law of Attraction Master Class App contains self-helpclassicsfocused on personal development and The Law of Attraction.Thesebooks contain life changing valuable concepts that manymodernauthors draw from in current self-help works. Features: *Downloadone or more Personal Development / Law of AttractionAudobooks forfree* Real Audiobook Player (remembers lastlocation)Book Titles: *Acres of Diamonds - Russell Conwell * As aMan Thinketh - JamesAllen* Foundation Stones - James Allen* TheGame of Life - FlorenceShinn* The Law of Attraction - WillamAtkinson* The Science ofGetting Rich - Wallace Wattles* TheVictorious Attitude - OrisonMarden* Think and Grow Rich - NapoleonHill Audio Book Authors:*James Allen* Russell Conwell* FlorenceShinn* Napoleon Hill* OrisonMarden* Willam Atkinson* New Thought*Wallace Wattles...moreMost ofthe authors were influenced by NewThought Movement. The NewThought movement is a philosophicalmovement which developed in theUnited States in the 19th century,following the teachings ofPhineas Quimby. In 1877, the term 'law ofattraction' appeared inprint for the first time in a book writtenby Helena Blavatsky. Thestart of the concept of The Law ofAttraction started with the NewThought Movement.The law ofattraction is the attractive, magneticpower of the Universe thatdraws similar energies together. Itmanifests through the power ofcreation, everywhere and in manyways. When listening to New Thoughtbooks what rings true areauthors such as Napoleon Hill and modernday preachers like JoelOsteen. You will see many themes in NewThought that Joel Osteenechos the thoughts in his sermons. NewThought does come fromChristian Roots and is why many preacherssuch as Joel Osteen,Catherine Ponder (of The Dynamic Laws ofProsperity) speak to thesetopics.When you listen to CatherinePonder speak you will hear heruse word for word in many cases thewords of Florence Scovel Shinnand her book The Game of Life.The20th century saw a surge ininterest in the subject with many bookssuch as The Secret, byRhonda Byrne, Think and Grow Rich by NapoleonHill and You Can HealYour Life by Louise Hay, Rich Dad Poor Dad byRobert Kiyosaki, andbooks by Esther Hick.The roots of The Law ofAttraction goes backto the New Thought movement in the late 1800's.The Audio Books onthe Law of Attraction App are from the authorsthat first publishedthe concept of The Law of Attraction. The Lawof Attractionbasically says that “like attracts like.” We live in avibrationaluniverse where everything, including our thoughts, arevibrations.Whatever we are giving our attention to or thinkingabout—whetheror not it is something we wish to have in ourexperience—is drawnto us. If your current life experience is not asyou desire, thenyou have been creating by default which is whatmost people do. Youcan, however, easily begin to consciously anddeliberately create anew reality for yourself—starting from whereyou are right now.Thelaw of attraction manifests through yourthoughts. Your thoughtsare powerful, use your words wisely and takeadvantage of the Lawof Attraction by learning how to use your mindin a focused manner.The Law of Attraction says you attract intoyour life whatever youthink about. The "LAW" helps with LifeSuccess, Money Mastery,Weight Loss, Personal Growth, Confidence,Social Skills,Creativity, Business, Professions, Sports, PhobiaElimination,Addictions, Relationships.Download, Listen to thesebooks, andapply the Master Class teachings of the core thinkersregarding theLaw of Attraction. Rhonda Byrne published in 2006 thefilm TheSecret wherein she emphasized not only the fact of thinkingaboutwhat each person wants to obtain, but also to infuse thethoughtwith the maximum possible amount of emotion associated withthatwish.
Infinite Abundance 1.1
This app comes with over a dozen audios designed to help youreachan incredible level of abundance. Some of the audios you'llfindinclude:- 250 Affirmations for Wealth- MeditationforConcentration- Meditation for Change- Affirmations for SuccessandAbundance- Affirmations for Confidence- Guided MeditationforEntrepreneurs- Law of Attraction Audio- Change Your RealityandBeliefsAnd a lot more. This app is completely free. Werecommendthat you wear headphones before listening to the audios,as thatwill make the experience even better. Also, don't forget torepeatthe audios frequently. Enjoy!
Bosquejos para Predicas 5.0.0
Bosquejos para Predicas es una aplicación gratuita que tepermitedisfrutar de contenidos con reflexiones poderosas acerca delasSantas Escrituras y recursos variados para elaborartuspresentaciones, sermones y predicas en tu iglesia o en tureuniónde celula o en el hogar. Además, podrás navegar a través detoda lasabiduría de la Palabra de Dios en un lenguaje simple yclaro consólo unos pocos clics Algunos ejemplos de Bosquejos parapredicasincluidos: Acróstico de estudio bíblico La primeradesobedienciadel hombre El ropero del hombre Caín y Abel EnocCaminar con DiosComunión con Dios Cristo siempre disponibleConsagración de lossacerdotes Qué hace Jehová Palabra preciosa deDios Como orar Elhombre piadoso Cristo en los Salmos Dar la gloriaa Dios Elservicio del Seños Un sermón completo El sabio predicadorLasbendiciones de la restauración Confía en el Señor Jesús elHombrede oración La vida cristiana El cristiano y el mundo El librodehechos El perdón de los pecados Etapas tempranas de lavidacristiana El Espíritu La gloria de Dios El cuerpo del CreyenteEnamor Cristo y su Iglesia El soldado cristiano Vemos a JesúsLamanifestación de fe Fe, esperanza y amor En este libropodrásencontrar una herramienta para tu iglesia o usopersonal.Aprenderás también que es la homiletica, la idea de que eslaPredicacion y su importancia y mucho mas. Con estas clasesserasinstruido para preparar sermones para mujeres, sermonesparajovenes, sermones cortos y mas. Te ofrecemos de una manerasencillay práctica una app donde encontrar como predicar sermones ,temaspara predicar, histórico de Homilías , calendario litúrgico,sermones escritos, galería de sermones, evangelio deldía,subdivisión del sermón, etc.. Dentro de Bosquejos paraPredicasencontrarás temas bíblicos tan interesantes como: >Oratoria: Sedan principios básicos de la comunicación, la pedagogíay lahomilética para presentar discursos, conferencias, seminariosysermones. > Como interpretar la Biblia: Aprenda a usar laBibliacomo se merece y a interpretarla bien siguiendo todas lasfichasque se muestran. > Estudio de la Biblia donde encontrarásenAntiguo Testamento y el Nuevo testamento. > Acerca de laBiblia:Una gran cantidad de preguntas y respuestas que lograránampliarnuestro conocimiento sobre nuestro Señor y su Palabra.>Recursos Teológicos: Un complemento imprescindible dondeencontrarátoda la información sobre teología sistemática yteologíafundamental, biblia online así como una enciclopedia y unasfichasteológicas. > Diccionario Teológico: Totalmente offlinepara queusted pueda consultar cuando desee todas las definicionesacerca dela teología. > Temas Bíblicos: dividido en una seriedeartículos que van desde el aborto hasta la vida nueva, pasandoportemas tan variados como el alcohol, la amistad, la depresión,eldivorcio, la homosexualidad, la lujuria, obediencia,paciencia,soledad o tentación. En cada uno de ellos podrás leer unversículode determinados puntos de los libros sagrados delcristianismo.> Métodos de Estudio Bíblico, para estudiar laBiblia tomando encuenta los pasos de la observación cuidadosa deltexto, luego suinterpretación, aplicación y correlación, Tambiénconsidera losbeneficios de la lectura de las Escrituras y explicacómo preparar,organizar y dirigir estudios bíblicos con el fin deevangelizar ydiscipular. > Galería de sermones y muchos másrecursos Descargaahora Bosquejos para Predicas y comparte connosotros tuexperiencia. En nuestra sección "Más Apps Bíblicas"ponemos a tudisposición aplicaciones gratuitas como , Bíblia deEstudios ,Temas Biblicos para predicar , Parabolas de Jesús ,EstudiosBíblicos, Diccionario Biblico , Diccionario Teológico,DiccionarioBiblico Hebreo , Diccionario Biblico Griego , Oracionescatólicas ,Matrimonio y Noviazgo Cristiano , Frases Biblicas ymásaplicaciones de Teologia para alimentar tu alma y cuidar tuFE.Sketches for Sermons is a free application that allows you toenjoycontent with powerful reflections on the Holy Scriptures andvariedto make your presentations, sermons and preach in your churchor inyour cell meeting or home resources. Also, you can browsethroughall the wisdom of the Word of God in a clear and simplelanguagewith just a few clicks Some examples of outlines forsermonsincluded: Acrostic Bible study The first disobedience of manMan'scloset Cain and Abel Enoc Walk with God Fellowship with GodChristalways available Consecration of Priests What does JehovahpreciousWord of God how to pray The godly man Christ in the PsalmsGiveglory to God The service BREASTS A complete sermon Thewisepreacher Blessings of restoration Trust in the Lord Jesus themanof prayer Christian life The Christian and the WorldActsforgiveness of sins early stages of the Christian life ThespiritThe glory of God The body of the Believer In love Christ andHisChurch Christian soldier We see Jesus The manifestation offaithFaith, hope and love In this book you will find a tool foryourchurch or personal use. You'll learn that it is homiletics,theidea that preaching and its importance and more. With theseclassesyou will be instructed to prepare sermons for women, sermonsforyoung, short sermons and more. We offer a simple and practicalwayin which to find an app like preaching sermons, preachingthemes,historical homilies, liturgical calendar, sermons,writings,sermons gallery, gospel day, subdivision sermon, etc ..Sermons inOutline for'll find so interesting biblical themes suchas: >Speaking: basic principles of communication are given,pedagogy andhomiletics to present speeches, lectures, seminars andsermons.> How to interpret the Bible: Learn to use the Bible asitdeserves and to interpret well following all the tabsdisplayed.> Study of the Bible where you find in the OldTestament and theNew Testament. > About the Bible: A lot ofquestions and answersthat will achieve expand our knowledge of ourLord and His Word.> Theological Resources: An essentialcomplement where you willfind all the information on systematictheology and fundamentaltheology, online bible and an encyclopediaand a theological chips.> Theological Dictionary: Totallyoffline so that you canconsult when you want all definitions oftheology. > BiblicalThemes: divided into a number of itemsranging from abortion to thenew life, through such varied topics asalcohol, friendship,depression, divorce, homosexuality, lust,obedience, patience,loneliness or temptation. In each of them youcan read a verse fromcertain points of the sacred books ofChristianity. > Methods ofBible Study, Bible study taking intoaccount the steps of carefulobservation of the text, then hisinterpretation, application andcorrelation, also considered thebenefits of reading Scripture andexplains how to prepare, organizeand conduct Bible studies inorder to evangelize and disciple. >Gallery of sermons and moreresources Sketches for download nowSermons and share with us yourexperience. In our "More AppsBíblicas" we offer you freeapplications, Bible, Bible preachingIssues, Parables of Jesus,Bible studies, Bible Dictionary,Theological Dictionary, BibleDictionary Hebrew Bible DictionaryGreek Catholic prayers, Marriageand Christian Courtship, Biblicalphrases and more applicationsTeologia to feed your soul and takecare of your faith.
Matrimonio Cristiano 8.0.0
Matrimonio Cristiano es una aplicación gratuita que tepermitedisfrutar de contenidos con reflexiones poderosas acercadelmatrimonio y recursos variados para toda la familia. Ademaspodrásnavegar a través de toda la sabiduría de la Palabra de Diosen unlenguaje simple y claro con sólo unos pocos clicks. Contenidodebellas imágenes cristianas con hermosas fotos y frases de Diosparameditar, dar gracias a Dios y pedir perdón a Dios.Matrimoniocristiano te trae gran cantidad de artículos paramejorar tumatrimonio o restaurarlo en caso necesario. Encuentrarespuestas atemas como las relaciones, el amor, las prioridades olos hijos.Formar un Matrimonio cristiano no es unaciencia exacta,pero si hay cosas que una pareja puede adaptar paraestablecer unfundamento sólido para su relación. En esta aplicaciónencontrarásuna ayuda imprescindible. Conoce aspectos de la pareja yvidamatrimonial basados en la Biblia y nuestro SeñorJesucristo.Matrimonio cristiano trata, entre otros, lossiguientes temas:- Como Construir un Matrimonio Mejor - Disfruta detu matrimoniocristiano - Podrá Dios hacer algo por tu Matrimonio? -ElMatrimonio es Unión y Símbolo de Cristo y la Iglesia - El amoresla clave total en la vida - Como Restaurar un Matrimonio Herido-¿Qué enseña la Biblia acerca del matrimonio? - Consejos quesalvanmatrimonios - El Matrimonio y la Sexualidad - UnaDefiniciónBíblica del Matrimonio - Preguntas que Cada Pareja DebeContestar -Comprendiendo a mi pareja - y más … Gran cantidad derecursosbíblicos como: - Temas bíblicos: está dividido en una seriedeartículos que van desde el aborto hasta la vida nueva, pasandoportemas tan variados como el alcohol, la amistad, la depresión,eldivorcio, la homosexualidad, la lujuria, obediencia,paciencia,soledad o tentación. En cada uno de ellos podrás leer unversículode determinados puntos de los libros sagradosdelcristianismo.  - Calendario litúrgico - Recursos paraelmatrimonio - Biblia completa - y más… En nuestra sección "MásAppsBíblicas" ponemos a tu disposición aplicaciones gratuitascomoBíblia de Estudios , Temas Biblicos para predicar , ParabolasdeJesús , Estudios Bíblicos, Diccionario Biblico ,DiccionarioTeológico, Diccionario Biblico Hebreo , DiccionarioBiblico Griego, Oraciones católicas , Frases Biblicas y másaplicaciones deTeologia para alimentar tu alma y cuidar tu FE. Elmatrimonio y lavida familiar son parte del magnífico plan de Diospara lacreación. Desde la fundación del mundo, desde los comienzosmismosde la vida, Dios quiso que el hombre y la mujer se casaranytuvieran hijos como fruto de su amor. No lo dudes ydescargamatrimonio cristiano , tendrás en tu mano una granherramienta paraorar diariamente y sentirte más cerca de nuestroSeñor. Paracumplir la normativa de las autoridades de protección dedatoscomunicamos: En este sitio se usan identificadores dedispositivopara personalizar el contenido y los anuncios, con elfin deofrecer anuncios de medios y para analizar el tráfico.Ademáscompartimos esos identificadores y otra información deldispositivocon partners de medios sociales de publicidad y análisisweb. Másdetallesen: is a free application that allows you to enjoycontentwith powerful reflections on marriage and varied resourcesfor thewhole family. You can browse through all the wisdom of theWord ofGod in a clear and simple language with just a fewclicks.Christian content beautiful images with beautiful picturesandquotes from God to meditate, to give thanks to God and ask Godforforgiveness. Christian marriage brings lots of items toimproveyour marriage or restore it if necessary. Find answers totopicslike relationships, love, priorities or children. Form aChristianmarriage is not an exact science, but there are thingsthat acouple can be adapted to establish a solid foundation fortheirrelationship. In this application you will find anindispensablehelp. Known aspects of the couple and marital lifebased on theBible and our Lord Jesus Christ. Christian marriage is,amongothers, the following topics: - How to Build a Better Marriage-Enjoy your Christian marriage - You will God do something foryourmarriage? - Marriage is Union and symbol of Christ and theChurch -Love is the total key in life - How to Restore a WoundedMarriage -What the Bible teaches about marriage? - Tips savingmarriages -Marriage and Sexuality - A Biblical Definition ofMarriage -Questions Every Couple Must Answer - Understanding mypartner - andmore … Lot of biblical resources: - biblical themes:is dividedinto a number of items ranging from abortion to the newlife,through such varied topics as alcohol, friendship,depression,divorce, homosexuality, lust, obedience, patience,loneliness ortemptation. In each of them you can read a verse fromcertainpoints of the sacred books of Christianity. - LiturgicalCalendar -Resources for marriage - Complete Bible - and more… Inour "MoreApps Bíblicas" we offer you free applications such asBible, Biblepreaching Issues, Parables of Jesus, Bible studies,BibleDictionary, Theological Dictionary, Bible Dictionary HebrewBibleDictionary Greek Catholic prayers, phrases Biblicas andmoreapplications Teologia to feed your soul and take care ofyourfaith. Marriage and family life are part of the grand plan ofGodfor creation. Since the foundation of the world, from theverybeginning of life, God wanted man and woman to marry andhavechildren as a result of their love. Do not hesitate anddownloadChristian marriage, you have in your hand a great tool topraydaily and feel closer to our Lord. To comply with the rules ofdataprotection authorities communicate: On this site deviceidentifiersare used to personalize content and ads, to providemedia ads andto analyze traffic. We also share such identifiers andotherinformation from device partners social media advertising andwebanalytics. More detailsat:
Daily Teachings 1.8
TS Ltd
All around the world, millions ofpeoplehavebeen inspired to live the life of their dreams, usingthetimelessprinciples unlocked by Rhonda Byrne in thewildlysuccessful filmand book, The Secret.Now you can carry The Secret's wisest, most compellingteachingswithyou wherever you go and live The Secret 24/7, 365days a yearwithThe Secret Daily Teachings App for Androiddevices.Key features include scheduling specific times foralerts,selectingtime frames for random alerts, bookmarking,andsharing.With The Secret Daily Teachings App, you will trulybecomethecreator of your life.**Please note: Your Daily Teachings never expire. When youreachtheend of the 365 day calendar, they return to day one for youtoenjoyyour teachings again. **
The Secret To Money by Rhonda Byrne 1.2.8
Creste LLC
The Secret to Money by Rhonda Byrne is an app that is designedtochange the way you think about money, and to radically changethecircumstances of money in your life. Inspired by RhondaByrne'sworldwide best selling phenomenon, The Secret, in this appyou willdevelop a whole new perspective on your own personalfinances andpotential to live a life of abundance. The Secret toMoney is apersonal development program of games and dailyactivities createdby Rhonda Byrne herself, featuring 5 powerfulSecret-inspiredpractices that will help you develop a wealthmindset: DESIRESPURCHASES MANIFESTED MONEY DAILY INSPIRATIONSAFFIRMATIONS DESIRES:In this practice, you create a list of 7things you would buy ifmoney were no object. This "Secret" listreminds you of why youwant more money in your life, and what itwould actually feel liketo have the things you desire most.PURCHASES: In this practice,you will change your mindset aboutmoney by spending large amountsof money in your imagination. Everyday, you will receive virtualchecks in escalating amounts from theBank of the Universe, asfirst introduced in The Secret book. Usingyour imagination, you“spend” each check on whatever you want orneed, and record thesepurchases within the app. Currencies arelocalised for each countryand set according to the language andlocation setting on the phoneor tablet. MANIFESTED MONEY: In thispractice, you record all theways that you have manifested moneytoday - money you havereceived, saved, were gifted or refunded. Youwill be surprised byhow much "Secret" money you begin to manifestevery day that youare practicing The Secret to Money. DAILYINSPIRATIONS: When itcomes to money, a little bit of inspirationgoes a long way towardsincreasing the money in your life. In thisdaily practice, you willreceive inspiring, financially themedmessages drawn from TheSecret books in order to help you change theway you think aboutmoney. Each inspiration is available to share.AFFIRMATIONS:Affirmations are positive statements that you make tocreate apositive mindset and change your life on a particularsubject. Inthis daily practice, you will read 20 uniqueaffirmations of wealthand abundance inspired by The Secret to helpchange your moneymindset. The Secret to Money by Rhonda Byrne wasdesignedspecifically for you as your invitation to use The Secretin orderto live the life of your dreams. As Rhonda says herself:"When Idiscovered The Secret back in 2004, the first big subjectthat Iused The Secret for was money. "Like many people, I wasbrought upwith the belief that money is hard to come by, and thatyou have towork really hard for money. I even had the belief that Iwouldnever have much money because my family didn’t have money."Allthese beliefs came from just one belief – a belief in a lackofmoney. "So, in 2004, while researching for The Secret film,Icreated many different money practices and invented lotsofimaginary money games in order to change my belief in a lackofmoney to a belief in an abundance of money. I committed tothesepractices, and did them every day. Considering the decades Ihadbelieved in a lack of money, it didn’t take too long for me toseethe circumstances of money begin to change in my life. Andtoday,there is no lack in my life whatsoever. "I know that whateverI cando anyone can do – and that’s why we created The Secret toMoneyApp. The Secret team has taken my life-changing moneypracticesthat took me from lack to abundance and put them into TheSecret toMoney App. The App is simple, practical, and designed toradicallychange the circumstances of money in your life, as it didfor me."
How to Attract Money FREE BOOK 2.0
The complete book, FREE-------------------------------EdwardE.Beals was one of the first people to write about the LawofAttraction. Long before Rhonda Byrne discovered the secretthatone's positive thoughts are powerful magnets that attractwealth,health, and happiness, he already knew it.What everybodywants inlife is success - and that often, if not always, includesfinancialindependence.No matter what a person wants to achieve, alack ofmoney will be a constant obstacle.But how do you draw moneyintoyour life? Is there a way to do it consistently and easily?Istherereally a fundamental and natural law of wealth which,oncediscovered, understood and practiced, will enable you toprosper infinancial abundance beyond your wildest dreams?Ismonetary successjust the operation of mere luck, chance or accident- or is theresomething more precise and deliberate going on thatmost of us havenot noticed?Read The Law of Financial Success andfind out foryourself. Although this book was written years ago, thetext stillsounds fresh and contemporary. The explanations of mentallaws andprocesses are clear and concise and the exercises aresimple andeffective.----------------------------------Looking forebooks?Check out the other classic books we published on GooglePlay.
The Secret Place Bellflower 1.0
The Official app of The Secret Place Church, Bellflower,California.#revival
Estudios Bíblicos para Mujeres 7.0.0
Estudios Biblicos para Mujeres es una aplicación gratuita quetepermite navegar a través de toda la sabiduría de la Palabra deDiosen un lenguaje simple y claro con sólo unos pocos clicksCientos derecursos y Temas Biblicos para la mujer. Tematicasespeciales paradescubrir las mujeres de la Biblia y ser una mujerconforme alcorazón de Dios Te ayudará a ampliar tu sabiduría sobrenuestroSeñor Jesucristo. Descubre las mujeres de la Biblia y unampliosurtido de predicas , devocionales , Estudios Biblicos ,mensajes ytemas para mujeres cristianas. Estos estudios bíblicospara mujeresserán una bendición y una ayuda en sus vidas. Acércatea la Palabrade Dios y su sabiduría y dedica un momento especial asentirtebendecida con estos estudios y predicas. Estudios BíblicosparaMujeres contiene los siguientes temas: - La conducta de unamujercreyente - Mujer virtuosa - Sara - Madre de Naciones - Rebeca-parte 1 - Tamar - La madre de Fares - Rahab - La mesonera -Debora- La jueza - Rut - La Moabita - Abigail - De buenentendimiento -Betsabé - La madre de Salomón - Ester - Reina dePersia - María -La madre de Jesus - María - La hermana de Lázaro -Elisabet - Lamadre de Juan el bautista - La mujer samaritana - ymás ... Algunosdevocionales cristianos incluidos en estaherramienta son: - MujerEspiritual - Paz en el hogar - Virtudes deeducación y respeto enDios - Unidad espiritual - Las verdaderasamigas - Alcanzar la meta- La paz para con Dios - Mujer completa enDios - Martita laengreída - La fe que une y edifica - Suave yapacible - MaquillajeCristiano - Dios se hace conocer en elsilencio - Me entrego sinesperar nada a cambio - Tú llenarás miboca - La devoción de Rutpor Noemi - Amo a Jesús, amo su venidaDentro de Estudios Bíblicospara Mujeres encontrarás temas bíblicostan interesantes como: >Como interpretar la Biblia: Aprenda ausar la Biblia como se merecey a interpretarla bien siguiendo todaslas fichas que se muestran.> Estudio de la Biblia dondeencontrarás en Antiguo Testamento yel Nuevo testamento. > Acercade la Biblia: Una gran cantidad depreguntas y respuestas quelograrán ampliar nuestro conocimientosobre nuestro Señor y suPalabra. > Diccionario Teológico:Totalmente offline para queusted pueda consultar cuando deseetodas las definiciones acerca dela teología. > Temas Bíblicos:dividido en una serie de artículosque van desde el aborto hasta lavida nueva, pasando por temas tanvariados como el alcohol, laamistad, la depresión, el divorcio, lahomosexualidad, la lujuria,obediencia, paciencia, soledad otentación. En cada uno de ellospodrás leer un versículo dedeterminados puntos de los librossagrados del cristianismo. >Métodos de Estudio Bíblico, paraestudiar la Biblia tomando encuenta los pasos de la observacióncuidadosa del texto, luego suinterpretación, aplicación ycorrelación, También considera losbeneficios de la lectura de lasEscrituras y explica cómo preparar,organizar y dirigir estudiosbíblicos con el fin de evangelizar ydiscipular. > Oratoria: Sedan principios básicos de lacomunicación, la pedagogía y lahomilética para presentar discursos,conferencias, seminarios ysermones. > Galería de sermones ymuchos más recursos EstudiosBíblicos para Mujeres contienepublicidad para cubrir los gastos deprogramación. En nuestrasección "Más Apps Bíblicas" ponemos a tudisposición aplicacionesgratuitas como Biblia de Estudios , TemasBiblicos para predicar ,Parabolas de Jesús , Estudios Biblicos ,Santa Biblia Reina Valera ,Sermones Predicas Adventistas ,Devocionales para la Mujer y másaplicaciones de Teologia paraalimentar tu alma y cuidar tu FE.Descarga ahora Estudios Bíblicospara Mujeres y comparte connosotros tu experiencia. Bible Studiesfor Women is a freeapplication that lets you browse through allthe wisdom of the Wordof God in a clear and simple language withjust a few clicksHundreds of resources and biblical themes forwomen. special themeto discover women of the Bible and being awoman after God's ownheart It will help you expand your knowledgeabout our Lord JesusChrist. Discover the women of the Bible and awide assortment ofsermons, devotionals, Bible studies, messagesand themes forChristian women. These Bible studies for women willbe a blessingand help in their lives. Come to the Word of God andHis wisdom anddevotes a special feel blessed with these studiesand preachingtime. Bible Study for Women contains the followingtopics: - Thebehavior of a believing woman - Virtuous woman - Sara- Mother ofNations - Rebecca - Part 1 - Tamar - The mother ofFares - Rahab -The mesonera - Debora - Judge - Ruth - Moabite -Abigail - of goodunderstanding - Bathsheba - Solomon's mother -Esther - Queen ofPersia - Mary - Mother of Jesus - Mary - thesister of Lazarus -Elisabet - The mother of Juan el bautista - TheSamaritan woman -and more ... Some Christian devotionals includedin this tool are: -Spiritual Woman - Peace at Home - Virtues ofeducation and respectin God - Spiritual Unity - True friends -Reaching the goal - Peacewith God - Complete Woman in God -Martita the conceited - The faiththat unites and builds - Soft andGentle - Cristiano Makeup - Godmakes himself known in silence - Igive without expecting anythingin return - You will fill my mouth- Ruth's devotion by Noemi - Ilove Jesus, I love his coming InBiblical Studies Women will findsuch interesting Bible topics suchas: > How to interpret theBible: Learn to use the Bible as itdeserves and to interpret wellfollowing all the tabs displayed.> Study of the Bible where youfind in the Old Testament and theNew Testament. > About theBible: A lot of questions and answersthat will accomplish expandour knowledge of our Lord and his Word.> Theological Dictionary:Totally offline so that you canconsult when you want alldefinitions of theology. > BiblicalThemes: divided into a numberof items ranging from abortion to thenew life, through such variedtopics as alcohol, friendship,depression, divorce, homosexuality,lust, obedience, patience,loneliness or temptation. In each of themyou can read a verse fromcertain points of the sacred books ofChristianity. > Methods ofBible Study, Bible study taking intoaccount the steps of carefulobservation of the text, then hisinterpretation, application andcorrelation, also considered thebenefits of reading Scripture andexplains how to prepare, organizeand conduct Bible studies inorder to evangelize and disciple. >Speaking: basic principlesof communication are given, pedagogy andhomiletics to presentspeeches, lectures, seminars and sermons. >Gallery of sermonsand more resources Bible Study for Women containsadvertising tocover programming costs. In our "More Apps Bíblicas"we offer youfree applications such as Bible Study, Bible preachingIssues,Parables of Jesus, Bible studies, Bible King James Version,SermonsSermons Adventists, Devotional for Women and moreapplicationstheology feed your soul and care for your faith.Download now BibleStudy for Women and share with us yourexperience.
Life Change Affirmations Daily 2.0
Dailypedia Apps
Life Changing Affirmations Daily brings the wisdom of mostpowerfulLaw of Attraction - Affirmations to you in a form of MobileApp,wake up every day, with life changing Affirmations, startingtoday.Affirmation for Money: “I am very happy & grateful thatmoneycomes to me in increasing quantities from many sources onacontinuous basis” Affirmation for Peace: "I am connected tothesource energy which provides me divine well being,infiniteabundance and faith in my abilities to attract and createpositiveoutcome in any situation." Life Changing Affirmations willwork on5 aspects of your life: - Health - Success - Relationship -Peace -Money We have handpicked these most powerful affirmations&created an epic Dailypedia App The app has some nice features:-Browse Dailytunes now & set them as your app tune! -Weeklyplanner to set different tune for different day! - Set Dailytunesas Ringtone or Alarm Tone! - Share daily quote on socialnetwork& using other messaging tools - Listen to backgroundmusic, tocreate a serene environment - Set an alarm to receivedaily quotenotification - Add Quotes to your favorites - Copy thequote toClipboard - In app purchase (to make the application Adfree) -Look at other Dailypedia Apps Download Now & enjoy dailybliss!
Creation - Voice Affirmations & Law of Attraction 1.2.14
#CreationApp #Manifest #NLP "What you put out comes back allthetime, no matter what." - Oprah Winfrey Creation is a simple waytoimprove your life using your own voiced affirmations &NLP.Choose from 200+ affirmations in catagories likerelationships,money, mental & physical health, happiness ormake your ownaffirmations. Record your own voice affirmations &listen in aloop as you sleep, in the background during your day oreven whileyou watch netflix. Discover affirmations from the greatslikeLouise L Hay, Abraham Hicks & Napoleon Hill. Jointhecommunity, improve your happiness & quality of life,programpostive thoughts into your subconscious mind, manifest goalsintoyour life & master the Law Of Attraction. ⭐ Record yourownvoice affirmations ⭐ Listen to your affirmation playlist in aloop⭐ Embed new thoughts into your subconscious mind with NLP ⭐Fallasleep to your affirmations mixed with background songs likethecalming ocean, the rainforest or wake up to good morning jazz⭐200+ preset affirmations to choose from ⭐ Memorize anythingbytyping, recording & then listening on a loop ⭐ Make yourownmantras Creation App tutorialvideo: Creation"Whatever you hold in your mindon a consistent basis is exactlywhat you will experience in yourlife" – Anthony Robbins "I believeyou can speak things intoexistence." – Jay Z "It’s sort of like amantra. You repeat it toyourself every day. “Music is my life.Music is my life. The fame isinside of me. I’m going to make anumber one record and the numberone hit.” And it’s not yet, it’s alie. You’re saying a lie over andover and over again but then oneday, the lie is true." – Lady Gaga"If you can see it here (in yourhead), and you have enough courageto speak it, it will happen. Alot of times people believe incertain things but they keep tothemselves. They don’t put it outthere. If you truly believe in itand become vocal with it, you arecreating that law of attractionand it will become reality. – ConorMcGregor "Total believer. Ibelieve in manifestation. I believe inputting a rocket of desireout in the universe. You get it when youbelieve you have it.”. –Jim Carrey "When I was very young Ivisualized myself being andhaving what it was I wanted. Mentally Inever had any doubts aboutit. The mind is really so incredible. Ivisualized myself being afamous actor and earning big money. Icould feel and taste success.I just knew it would all happen." –Arnold Schwarzenegger "Ibelieve that I can create whatever I wantto create. I t’s hard toput into words, it’s real metaphysical,esoteric nonsense, but Ifeel very strongly that we are who wechoose to be." – Will Smith"I always felt like I could do anything.That’s the main thingpeople are controlled by! Thoughts- theirperception of themselves!They’re slowed down by their perception ofthemselves. If you’retaught you can’t do anything, you won’t doanything. I was taught Icould do everything. And I’m Kanye West" –Kanye West "Whatever youthink today becomes what you are tomorrow."– Napolean Hill "A manis but the product of his thoughts what hethinks, he becomes." –Mahatma Gandhi "The more man meditates upongood thoughts, thebetter will be his world and the world at large."– Confucius "Thesoul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."– MarcusAurelius "We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what wethink."– Buddha "Change your thoughts and you change your world." –NormanVincent Peale "Once you replace negative thoughts withpositiveones, you'll start having positive results." – WillieNelson
Reflexiones de ayuda y fe 7.0.0
Reflexiones y Creencias
La fe no es un escudo para vencer el miedo; es la amorosaconcienciay confiada certeza de la existencia del Dios al que novemos. Con felos éxitos y los fracasos son vistos de otra maneraporque se esconciente de que Dios está con nosotros y si Él estácon nosotrosquién estará contra nosotros. Al tener fe obtendremosayuda, lasreflexiones que te dejamos en esta aplicación sonhermosos temas congran contenido cristiano, para lograr miles debendiciones y ayudaespiritual y fisica. Jesús extendió la mano alos pobres, losnecesitados y los enfermos, poniendo en práctica loque predicaba,.Con ternura y compasión realizaba actos de sanacióny consuelo.Muchas personas tratan de seguir este ejemplo, pero aveces pasanpor alto que Jesús también aceptó, e incluso pidió, laayuda de losdemás.Faith is not a shield to overcome fear; He isthe lovingconsciousness and confident certainty of the existenceof God we donot see. With faith successes and failures are seendifferentlybecause he is aware that God is with us and if He iswith us who canbe against us.By having faith get help, thereflections that weleave in this application are beautiful themeswith great Christiancontent, to achieve thousands of blessings andspiritual andphysical aid. Jesus reached out to the poor, theneedy and the sick,putting into practice what he preached ,. Withtenderness andcompassion performed acts of healing and comfort.Many people try tofollow suit, but sometimes overlooked that Jesusalso accepted, andeven requested the help of others.