Top 49 Games Similar to Makeda Run

Chilly Snow 1.4.1
Acid Cousins
Chill and slide as far as possible on this endless powder snow!
Rolly Vortex 1.8
Roll quickly, be alert, manage your way through the obstacles,scorehigh and challenge friends 2.0.0
Serkan Özyılmaz
The most challenging and fun game of 2018! Protect your balloonwithyour shield while it's rising up! Beware of the obstacles.Move yourshield with one finger to protect your balloon. Clearyour way asyou reach higher and higher! Shield control is veryeasy but it'svery hard to reach high scores! Challenge yourfriends for thehighest score! Game Features: - Free to play - Onefinger control -Different obstacles and experience every time -Endless gameplay
Hop 1.3
Bounce off tiles and make as many hops as you can inthismind-blowing arcade action! Touch the screen and drag left orrightto guide the ball from tile to tile. Don’t miss the path!Makeinsane combos and beat your friend's scores! What is yourbestscore?
Rider 1.3
Get ready for some flippin' action! Perform insane stunts whileyoucruise through the never-ending world of Rider! Grabyourmotorcycle and start flipping like a maniac! ◉ Complete100Challenges ◉ Collect 40 Awesome Bikes (including 4 Secrets)◉Receive Daily Rewards ◉ Complete all 32 Levels ◉ Unlock 10 Themes◉Compare your highscore with players worldwide ◉ Make insanestunts!Download now and push your skills to the limit in Rider!
Flip : Surfing Colors 0.5.0
Let's get started skateboarding in the famous cities in theworld.The cities are beautifully colored and you can break thecolors ofobstacles with full of thrills! Compete your ultimatespeed withyour friends and, of course, win them over! MainFeatures: + Smoothand realistic skateboard-experienced based onphysics of how actualskateboard works + Rich, fantastic and dreamythemes with full ofcolors inspired by global cities + Sophisticatedchallenges withcolor blocks, so overcome yourself! + Diverseskate-boards andcharacters Tips: + Check the pose of diversecharacters when theyjump in the map + Collect more coins withcombos and boosts (Findout how to combos and boosts!) + Collect thepieces of masterpiecesfrom every cities then make them all +Complete the mission thenreceive the rewards
Smashing Rush : Parkour Action Run Game 1.6.9
Cold Soda
You can experience various stages of the game and cool parkourJustwith simple jump and dash manipulations. [How to play] - Movethecharacter to the jump/dash. - Avoid various obstacles and headtothe goal point. - The game is over if you hit anobstacle.[Characteristic] - Free game - Easy operation - Variousstages -Various characters - Three modes - An offline game thatdoes notrequire wifi - Tablet support - Low-end device supportFacebook:
Run Around 웃 1.8.5
Crazy Labs by TabTale
Run run get around! Ever feel like you’re just a littlestickmancaught up in the vicious circle of life? No? Well, now youwill.Play as a stickman as you run around the circle and jumpoverobstacles. Complete the circle loop to pass levels. All yougottado is be a good little stickman - just run around the circleandjump, and make a loop… sounds easy, huh? Think again,stickman!Time your jumps perfectly as you run around so you don’tgetsquashed. Enjoy the hilarious sound effects, awesome musicandelectric colors as you run around the circle loop and jump.Howlong can you stick it out, stickman, before you die? ABOUT USCrazyLabs is a casual games brand, under which TabTale developsandpublishes fun and addictive games. Crazy Labs partnerswithindependent development studios across the globe to createengagingmobile content for audiences of all ages. Likeus: Watchus: Visit us: us:@CrazyLabsGames GooglePlus: CONTACT US Let us knowwhatyou think! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contactus24/7 at PRIVACY: The app is free toplaybut certain in-game items may require payment. The appincludes: -advertising for TabTale and some third parties thatredirect usersto our sites, apps or third-party sites - socialnetworks links toconnect with others while playing - the option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news (e.g. updates)- anage-gate to prevent access to some features to protectchildren(e.g. restrict behavioral advertising or informationsharing). Yourprivacy matters. The app may enable data collectionfor limitedpurposes (e.g. respond to support queries; enable,analyze andimprove the app’s features and services; personalizecontentincluding targeted ads and analyse those ads). For moreinformationrefer to our Privacy Policy: that referred thirdparties are subject to their own policies.By downloading, updatingor using the app you consent to thiscollection and use of deviceinformation and your data for addisplay and reporting purposes, andto our Terms of Use:
Color Road 3.10
Roll to the ball which has the same color! Avoid the ball whichhasdifferent color. Good luck!
Talking Tom Candy Run
Outfit7 Limited
Talking Tom’s new candy store has been robbed! If you want togetthe candy back, you’re going to have to run! An amazing newendlessrunner adventure starts now. The robber has stolen yourcandy, buthe is dropping it everywhere - along the street, at thebeach, evenat the amusement park! Choose your favorite Talking Tomand Friendscharacter and get ready to run, jump, and slide your waythrough anepic, candy-filled adventure. Pick up chests to get freecoins,diamonds, new characters, and character upgrades. Chase aftertherobber together with fun buddies who will help you withtheirawesome special abilities. Now, where’s all that candy?FEATURES: *Play as one of your favorite characters * Collect coins,power-ups,and lots and lots of CANDY! * Run, jump, and slidethrough levelsfull of exciting obstacles * Activate the specialabilities ofTalking Tom and Friends characters * Upgrade charactersto improvetheir abilities * Make Talking Tom fly and Talking Angelaturnobstacles into candy * Get help from your buddies: Unicorn,Dragon,Smiley Face, and Happy Cloud * Get your candy back andupgradecandy stores to unlock new content! Talking Tom Candy Run isa topnew running game packed with an infinite amount of fun! It’sfreeto play and best to enjoy when you’re craving some juicycandy.This app contains: - Promotion of Outfit7's products andthirdparty advertising - Links that direct users to other appsandOutfit7's websites - Personalization of content to entice userstoplay the app again - Watching videos of Outfit7'sanimatedcharacters via You Tube integration - The option to makein-apppurchases - Items are available for different prices invirtualcurrency, depending on the current level reached by theplayer -Alternative options to access all functionalities of theappwithout making any in-app purchase using real money(levelprogress, games, in-game functionalities, ads) Terms ofuse: EEA privacypolicy: US privacypolicy: Rest of the world privacypolicy: Customer
Daddy Long Legs 3.20.0
Set Snail
You've probably heard of Daddy Long Legs —the infamous walkeronstilts? Take “control” of Daddy, a fabulous little creature andgetready to walk in this weirdly rewarding and very funnygame.However, walking on stilts is no easy task. Put one leg infront ofthe other and try not to fall. Simple and silly game, yousay?Let's see how far you can go. Unlock different looks for Daddyandget ready to look fabulous. The goal of Daddy Long Legs isverysimple: walk as far as you can. But, with legs five timeslongerthan the rest of the body, walking is no simple feat. Tapthescreen to change leg and watch as Daddy Long Legs stumblesacrossthe screen. With each new try you will feel weirdlyrewarded.Features: - Play as either Daddy or Horse - Pick up giftsandunlock fabulous new costumes - Compete with your friends -Simple,weird and challenging gameplay - Silly and cheap laughs -Globalhighscore - Daily highscore - Realistic faceplants. DaddyLong Legsis for gamers that like a hard challenge and a cheap laughat theexpense of a silly furry creature.
Tetrun: Parkour Mania - free running game 0.9.5
Cableek Games
Experience a real parkour flow! Endless fun begins. Do not stopwitha falling dice. Show your best freerunning moves! Originaltowerclimber is coming to your phone. Avoid collision with fallingdice.Discover puzzle game in completely different way! This is thefreerun game you want to try! - climb as high as possible anddiscoverall levels - avoid falling dice - show the best combo -overcomeyour friends - unlock all freerunning tricks - learn allgestures -become a swag flip master - try unique parkour simulator- climb upto sky - make your run smooth like a dance - become abest runner -vector your character to the highest level Webster,Cork, Dash,Backflip, Kong, Dive flip, Cartwheel,
com.rioo.runnersubway 2.8.8
Subway princess runner game Rush as fast as you can dodgetheoncoming trains Save your loved beautiful princess, run in thesnowsubway, what are you waiting for? Use skateboard afterdoubletapping, experience the unique board in the subway. challengethehighest score of the rank with the world players. if you are agoodrunner, this is the best place for you. complete everydaytask,observe the reward of score multiplier. the more scoremultiplieryou are, the higher score you get. The most excitedsubway snowthemed runner game, escape from the Santa Claus, run asfast as youcan. Intuitive controls to run left or right, jump inthe sky toobtain more coins, excited slide to safety! Subwayprincess runneris an endless princess running game, to be the bestrunner, savethe beautiful princess. More characters to choose yourbest likedrunner, rush in the beautiful snow subway scenes. SubwayPrincessRunner Features: .Snow subway themed game .Best princessrunner.Rush as fast as you can .Influent screen touch &gravitycontrol .Double tap for skateboard, feeling the specialrunning.Challenge the highest score with world players .Grindtrains withyour cool crew .Colorful and vivid HD graphics .Powerfulmusic.Upgrade all the properties to get endless power .Get more andmoregems .Complete task, observe more reward of score multiplier.
Bendy Road 1.0
Roll fast along the Bendy Road! A new path every time youplay!◉Avoid all the obstacles and crazy contraptions.◉ Find SpeedBurstPowerups and break through everything in your way!◉ Play tocollectpoints and gems to unlock new characters with specialpowers!◉Complete missions for fun and gems and return everyday toget cooldaily rewards!◉ Get it now free and challenge yourfriends!How farcan you go on the Bendy Road?
Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom 1.8.1
The dazzling sequel to SEGA’s hit endless runner, SONICDASH.Featuring the cast and world of the new TV series, SONIC BOOM.Newand amazing 3D worlds, challenges and game play. Play as SonictheHedgehog, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, and Sonic’s new friend,Sticks.Let’s do this! SONIC DASH 2 FEATURES - RACE with up tothreecharacters in new Team Play mode! Swap runners mid-race toearnhigh scores - UNLEASH new special powers - Sonic’s DashRingMagnet, Knuckle’s Slam, Amy’s Ring Hammer, and more - CONQUERnewobstacles and Badniks - DASH on new fast-paced tracks in andabovethe beautiful Sonic Boom world - MASTER new Swing &Tiltgameplay with the super charged Enerbeam; tilt your device toswingthe runner towards the Rings and Orbs - COLLECT, evolve, andrunwith new magical Sprites - EARN special prizes in new EventsandDaily SEGA Challenges - - - - - - - - - - PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase. Other than for users known tobeunder 13, this game may include "Interest Based Ads" (pleasesee for moreinformation)​and may collect "Precise Location Data" ​(pleasesee ​formoreinformation)​. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,SONIC THE HEDGEHOG, SONIC DASH and SONIC BOOM areregisteredtrademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. oritsaffiliates.​
com.sega.sonicdash 4.3.1
Play as Sonic the Hedgehog as you dash, jump and spin yourwayacross stunning 3D environments. Swipe your way over andunderchallenging obstacles in this fast and frenzied endlessrunninggame. SONIC… The world famous Sonic the Hedgehog stars inhis firstendless running game – how far can you go? …DASH! UnleashSonic’sincredible dash move that allows you to run at insane speedanddestroy everything in your path! AMAZING ABILITIES UtiliseSonic’spowers to dodge hazards, jump over barriers and speed aroundloopde loops. Plus defeat enemies using Sonic’s devastatinghomingattack! STUNNING GRAPHICS Sonic’s beautifully detailed worldcomesto life on mobile and tablet – never has an endless runnerlookedso good! MULTIPLE CHARACTERS Choose to play as one ofSonic’sfriends, including Tails, Shadow and Knuckles. EPIC BOSSBATTLESFace off against two of Sonic's biggest rivals, the alwaysschemingand cunning Dr. Eggman and the devastatingly deadly Zazzfrom SonicLost World! Use all of Sonic's agility and speed to takedown thesevillains before it's too late! POWERUPS Unlock, win orbuyingenious power-ups to help you run further. Including headstarts,shields, ring magnets and unique score boosters! KEEP ONRUNNINGGet more rewards the more you play! Level up your scoremultiplierby completing unique missions, or win amazing prizesincluding RedStar Rings & additional characters by completingDailyChallenges and playing the Daily Spin. SOCIALLY CONNECTEDChallengeyour friends on the leader boards or invite your friendsthroughFacebook to prove who the best speed runner is… - - - - -PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase. Other than for users known tobeunder 13, this game may include "Interest Based Ads" (pleasesee for moreinformation)​and may collect "Precise Location Data" ​(pleasesee ​formoreinformation)​. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, the SEGAlogo,SONIC THE HEDGEHOG and SONIC DASH are registered trademarksortrademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. or its affiliates.
Endless Run: Lost Temple OZ 1.0
Endless Run: Lost Temple OZ is a free jungle running gamethatbringsyou thrill and excitement of a fantasy, super actionandoutrunningexperience! Be brave to face the challenge and getthebig prize! youneed to run infinitely through a dark jungleofpresent in the losttemple, You will run for your life inthegorgeous 3d mysterioustemple and jungle adventure, EndlessRunLost Temple OZ feeling thebest running game. Run in thejungle,survive a rush of obstacles inthe lost temple OZ. Run asfast asyou can to be the best runner andescape the danger. Turnright orleft to avoid the coming train orobstacle, This anexcitingendless run game where you have to runcontinuously.Dependson yourrun skills. Endless Run Lost Temple OZis the most excitedjungleand subway themed game. It is easy toplay, only to tiltyourphone, collect coins as much as you can toget ranked. EndlessRun:Lost Temple OZ Features: - Jump and movefast to findnewenvironments. - Run for your life in temple - Pushto gethighspeed - Slide or jump in dangerous traps - Get dailychallenge
com.zapak.littlesinghamrun 3.13.133
Run as fast as you can! DODGE through the obstacles! LondonUpdate:Little Singham is in London on invitation by the Queen.Hewitnesses the theft of the Kohinoor diamond from the Queen'scrown.Join Little Singham on his quest to capture the shrewd MaskedThiefand bring back the Kohinoor. Tackle the notorious Mr. PingPong andSheikh Dilkhush while his run in the beautiful city ofLondon. Letthe chase begin! Play with 4 different avatars - Police,Army, Navyand Air Force. Explore the environment and famoushistoricalmonuments on the streets of London and collect as manycoins youcan. Slide through concrete pipes. Jump over incoming carsandbarricades. Tackle through Mr. Ping Pong and other enemies andgetback on your quest to capture the Masked Thief. Grab Magnets ontherun to collect all the nearby coins. Seize the BulletproofJacketand run through obstacles. Power Boots boost up your speedand helpLittle Singham narrow down the distance between him and theMaskedThief. Do not forget to nab the Rockets on your way. Theyhelp youcollect easy coins. Coins can be used to upgrade yourPower-ups tolast longer. Use Headstart or a Mega Headstart withBikes and Cars.Use Hoverboards with Special Powerups for a free runand glidethrough London in style. Pick up Boss Fights with theMasked Thiefand show him who's the real boss with Little Singham'slethal PanjaAttack. Participate in daily challenges and earn extrarewards.Take up various missions and complete them to increase yourXPmultiplier. Collect Singham Tokens on the run and use themtorevive when needed. Connect and play with your Facebook friendsandchallenge them to beat your high score. Play Little Singhamtodiscover the “Heropanti” of India's youngest supercop. •EXPLOREthe classic London • DODGE, JUMP, and SLIDE throughobstacles •Collect COINS, gather REWARDS and complete MISSIONS •Use Bikes andCars for HEADSTART and MEGA-HEADSTART • Get free runswithHOVERBOARDS with Special Powerups • Pick up BOSS FIGHTS withtheMasked Thief and use the special PANJA ATTACK • Get Free Spinsandearn Lucky Rewards with the SPIN WHEEL • Accept the DAILYCHALLENGEto earn extra Rewards • SCORE THE HIGHEST and beat yourfriendsusing exciting power-ups - The game is also optimized fortabletdevices. - This game is completely free to download andplay.However, some game items can be purchased with real moneywithinthe game. You can restrict in-app purchases in yourstore’ssettings. * *Permissions: 1. READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEandWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE This permission is needed to cache andreadad content during the gameplay. 2. ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATIONTodetermine your location for region-based offers. 3.RECORD_AUDIOThis is required to analyze offline TV viewing data andservemedia-targeted ads. Granting this permission is optional. Ifyou'dlike to opt-out of this targeting, please visit the followinglink:
Ninja rabbit Rush - Fun Running Games 1.1
Infinite Speed Tech.
The classic vertical running masterpiece "Ninja rabbit Rush-FunRunning Games" coming back! Take you to a new eraofrunning!"Ninja rabbit Rush - Fun Running Games" has amorebeautifulinterface design and more refined characterdetails,bringing you anew visual feast! The level design isfullyoptimized, the game hasa stronger sense of rhythm. Thejourneys ofNinja Rabbit,Rabbitsaurus and Rabbit Ronin are even moreexciting.The classicimages coming back and they will take you tothedangerous junglebattle. High-fidelity 3D character modelandimaginative levelscenes let you addicted in the adventure worldofNinja Rabbit!Cute pets bring more fun, and powerful petattributeslet you runthe highest score. Exciting levels of therunway, therestorationof classic characters, the challenge of thePK battle,petdevelopment, daily challenges, and new free benefitsall inthe"Ninja rabbit Rush - Fun Running Games" waiting foryou!Theclassic running game is hot, you can't finish the newgameplayandnever get tired of these HD scenes. Quickly download thegametoget benefits! More beautiful interface design andmorerefinedcharacter details, bringing you a new visual feast!Uniquedivinggameplay and flying levels make you exclaim in therunningprocess!Beautiful and bright pictures combined withexquisite lightandshadow effects, as well as stunning visualanimation effects,giveyou an IMAX-like viewing experience, so thatevery time youhave adifferent cool experience! The Ninja Rabbitwill traversethedangerous forest, skip the stimulating mushroomarray, and playinthe blue waters to catch up with monsters, witsagainst thehunter.Can the Ninja Rabbit finally escape? All themystery is inthe"Ninja rabbit Rush - Fun Running Games" waiting foryou!
Geometry Dash SubZero 1.00
RobTop Games
Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! Jump in,braceyourself, and get ready for a real challenge! This won'tbeeasy...Game Features• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!•Threeunique levels with amazing music from MDK, Bossfight andBoomKitty!• Unlock unique SubZero icons to customize yourcharacter!•Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!• Challengeyourself withthe near impossible!Approved by RubRub \ (•◡•) /
NinJump 3.1.1
Backflip Studios
Climb ninja, climb! In this fast-paced ninja running game, yourgoalis to climb as high as you can while avoiding evilsquirrels,dive-bombing birds, enemy ninjas, throwing stars,exploding bombs& more! Effortlessly scale the side of buildingswith ninjaagility. Tap to jump from one wall to the other, slashingenemiesin your way. Hit three matching enemies in a row for abonuspower-up boost. Grab shields for protection. Watch outforobstacles & ledges. Stay alive! With over 100milliondownloads, NinJump is one of the most popular mobile gamesof alltime. Accept no substitutes!PROFESSIONAL REVIEWS"You reallyneed togive NinJump a try" ~ TouchArcade"NinJump is a game that'swellworth playing" ~ Gamezebo"There’s no reason not to give NinJumpago" ~ SlideToPlayGAME FEATURES● Amazing power-up boosts!●Ninjas,throwing stars & bombs● Various enemies &obstacles●Intuitive tap controls● Endless ninja fun>> InstallNinJumptoday. It's FREE! ______________________________NinJump isbroughtto you by Backflip Studios, makers of absurdly fun mobilegameslike Paper Toss, DragonVale, Spellfall, Army of DarknessDefense& more. Search the Google Play Store for "BackflipStudios" tosee all our games. Follow @BackflipStudios on Twitterfor gameannouncements and other updates.
Little Krishna 3.6.113
Play as the darling of Vrindavan - The mischievous LittleKrishna.Help him escape angry Chandrika who caught him stealing herMakhan.Enjoy challenges that Vrindavan has to offer and have lotsof funconquering obstacles in your way. Avoid raging bulls,angryelephants, hot lava streams, Putana and more. Collect as manycoinsas you can and score highest among your friends, inthischallenging 3D game. Begin your story at Vrindavan where youcanplay as Little Krishna or Radha. While you’re upto the usualMakhanMasti antics and pranks, learn to escape from Chandrika withthehelp of magical power-ups. Game Features: DODGE, JUMP andSLIDEthrough obstacles Collect Coins, gather Rewards andunlockCharacters EXPLORE the vibrant land of Vrindavan with amazingHDgraphics SCORE THE HIGHEST and beat your friends usingexcitingpower-ups Tackle all CHALLENGES in this official ‘LittleKrishna‘mobile game - The game is also optimized for tabletdevices. - Thisgame is completely free to download and play.However, some gameitems can be purchased with real money within thegame. You canrestrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings. **Permissions:- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data& progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving your game data& progress.- RECORD_AUDIO: This is required to analyze offlineTV viewing dataand serve media-targeted ads. Granting thispermission is optional.If you'd like to opt-out of this targeting,please visit thefollowing link: -READ_PHONE_STATE:This permission is used to Detect Phone Stateduring Gameplay,Pause, Incoming Call, and handle Internet issues.
Faily Tumbler 2.4
Spunge Games Pty Ltd
After we’ve seen Phil Faily test his luck on cars and motorbikes,wetake a glimpse into the life of an Ancient Faily! While huntingforsome dinosaur eggs you disturb a mighty volcano and are tosseddownthe side of the mountain. You are forced to keep ‘tumbling’down themountain avoiding obstacles and hazards in order to remainahead ofthe pursuing lava flow. In this physics based ragdoll gameyou mustmanoeuvre your way through various hazardous environmentssuch aslava, water and clifftops, resulting in a hilariousexperience. Fromthe developers of the Worldwide No 1 Hits FAILYBRAKES and FAILYRIDER comes FAILY TUMBLER! FEATURES • NAVIGATEdownhill as far asyou can go avoiding obstacles along the way •AVOID lava, cliffedges, man-eating fish and whirlpools • COLLECTyour glider and soarabove the hazards • DESTROY obstacles with youshield • COLLECTcoins as you go • UPGRADE your character’s skillsand powers •UNLOCK unique costumes and gliders • RECORD gameplayand share toYouTube, Facebook or Instagram • ENDLESS fast pacedgameplay •ENDLESS hilarity • ENDLESS fun! Faily Tumbler requirespermission toexternal storage for the screen capture and sharefunctionality.
Running Princess 1.38
The game for girls. In the game you have to help the princessgetinto the castle. It will have to overcome all the zigzags.We'llhave to hurry, the bridge collapses.
Horizon 1.1
Avoid obstacles while you maneuver through the unpredictableworldof Horizon! Make barrel rolls, collect gems and travel as faraspossible.◉ Complete 100 Challenges◉ Rank up by gatheringXP◉Collect 40 Ships (including Secrets)◉ Receive Daily Rewards◉Unlock25 Trails◉ Compare your Highscore with playersworldwideDownloadHorizon now!
EverRun: The Horse Guardians - Epic Endless Runner 2.3
Budge Studios
Run far & fast across beautiful lands with the tenHorseGuardians of Everbloom! Budge Studios™ presents: EverRun™!Assemblethe ten legendary Horse Guardians of Everbloom and jointhem on themost magical adventure to save their forest! Brush,feed, take careof your horses and decorate each of their stableswith divinedecorations! Run far and fast across magnificent landsto recoverand return to the Everbloom Tree all of its lost magicalpetals!EPIC HORSE RUNNING ADVENTURES • EXPLORE the world’sbreathtakinglandscapes, from radiant rainforests to dusty deserts!• GATHER alllost petals to bring the Everbloom Tree back to life •USE theGuardians’ super powers to dash past obstacles, blastthrough themor even take flight! • COLLECT Embers to awaken thefull power ofyour Horse Guardians • DRESS UP your Guardians fromhead to hoofwith mythical armor sets! • GROOM your horses withmagical brushesand feed them to replenish their energy! • ENHANCEyour runs withepic trails made of furious flames, sweet snowflakesand more! •DECORATE your stable with divine decorations forglorious roomsworthy of the horse heros • RACE through all ofnature’schallenges, blizzards or sandstorms, day or night! •ENDLESS RUNNERMODE: Gallop without limit, gather as many petals asyou can andset your own record! PRIVACY & ADVERTISING BudgeStudios takeschildren's privacy seriously and ensures that its appsarecompliant with privacy laws, including the ChildOnlinePrivacy Protection Act (COPPA), a privacy legislation intheUnited States of America.  This application has receivedthe“ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) Privacy CertifiedKids’Privacy Seal”. If you would like to learn more on whatinformationwe collect and how we use it, please visit our privacypolicyat: .If you have any questions, email our Privacy Officerat: Before you download this app,pleasenote that it is free to play, but additional content maybeavailable via in-app purchases. This app may containcontextualadvertising messages from Budge Studios regarding otherapps wepublish, from our partners and some third parties, includingtheoption to watch ads to receive in-game rewards. Budge Studiosdoesnot permit behavioral advertising or retargeting in this app.Theapp may also contain social media links that are onlyaccessiblebehind a parental gate. END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT Thisapplicationis subject to an End-User License Agreement availablethrough thefollowing link: . ABOUTBUDGE STUDIOSVisit us: Like us: @budgestudios Watch our HAVE QUESTIONS? We alwayswelcome yourquestions, suggestions and comments. Contact us 24/ BUDGE, BUDGE STUDIOS and EverRunaretrademarks of Budge Studios Inc. EverRun © 2016-2017 BudgeStudiosInc. All Rights Reserved
Bus Safari Rush - Running Game 4.1
Surf & Run for your life in an endless running friends game,Runas much as you can to escape the dangers and traps of thisamazingand wild race. Don't wait any longer and make your waythroughstunning 3D scenarios in this free running. Surfing withyourfriends, join the gang to enter a secret jungle! Increase yourpowerand your speed using the Gold Vacuum Cleaner, all handledwith asimple touch control. A journey in the time of the braveexplorersthat awaits you to recover and run in search of lostgold. Find thesecret Temple hidden in the most dangerous jungle onthe planet! TheTemple jungle game of the year, the wildest andfunnest endlessrunner adventure! Don't stop running in a world ofadventures, runand jump without stopping in the new trend game ofunbridled action.One of the best fast and casual games of androidin endless runstyle. Recover gold, dodge ferocious animals, winprizes and secretbooties in an endless and incredibly entertaininggame. The nextgreat rush run adventure has arrived with new wildsurfers. Newaction and runner adventure game where not only willyou have torun, jump, dive and dodge, you will have to fight meleeagainstenemies, build the magic phrase words and escape fromferociousanimals. Flee island cannibal monsters in an endless runrace in theamazing run jungle! The new surfers explorers of thesubway havetravelled to the great African jungle, in an adventurefull ofdangers and wild animals running like crazy. Choose yournewadventurous subway explorer and get ready for the best race of2018!Bus Safari Rush is a new free game with no end to run on anepicendless rush adventure alongside the top new surfers of theyear.Look out! Lions, giraffes, gorillas and many more jungleanimalswill try and crush you. All while evil isldand cannibalswill try toeat you in their wild jungle home! This is the funnestrace of 2018.A new rush story with all sorts of characters,cannibal archers,zombies, trucks, bus tours and more make itendless fun to avoidbeing demolished in an awesome safari likeyou've never seen before.Find the hidden jungle temple and leteach endless race surpriseyou! A fun endless run featuresbeautiful graphics of exotic colors,along with a UI and gameplayspecially designed for Android devices.Super easy to play, slidingsideways, jumping, rolling and catchingfruits to eat and not losestrength. Jungle Run - The Secret Temple✔ Fun Runner Battles -Play in the Combat Zone. ✔ Hidden words: findthe phrase to unlockhidden powers. ✔ Wild Animals: dodge beasts youfind in the jungle✔ Crazy enemies: cannibal archers, crazygorillas, angrycrocodiles! ✔ Unlock achievements: see how far youcan go! ENDLESSRUNNER FUN KEEPS ON GOING! ✔ Runner game junglescenery ✔ Easy gameto pick up: Tutorial Levels to learn how to play✔ Full Androidsupport for all devices and tablets. ✔ Greatgraphics: beautifuland simple interface ✔ Upgrades & power-ups:amazing vacuummagnets, fruits & more ✔ Power up with lettersand secretphrases! ✔ Unlock characters to play! Time to startendlessrunning! Run with your best friends in this fun and amazingjunglerun adventure!
Space Snake 1.0.0
An addicting journey through deep space!Touch and drag tocontrolthe snake, but be careful, you must have a greattiming!Collectpieces to enlarge the snake and gems to unlockstylish newcharacters. Slide through the space as far as you canand createthe biggest snake in the world!A great soundtrack by:Innovation,Technoir, Highscore / Botnit CC BY3.0 Hot Nights in Los Angeles /Three Chain Links CC BY 3.0
PAC-MAN 256 - Endless Maze 2.0.2
** Google Best Games of 2015 **** Facebook The 10 Most TalkedAboutGames of 2015 **** The Game Awards 2015 NominatedBestMobile/Handheld Game **From the creators of Crossy Road…Cherriesare redGhosts are blueMunch a power pelletGet Lasers too!PAC-MAN256 is the maze that never ends. But the Glitch is comingforyou…-------------------------------FEATURES:• PAC-MANperfectlyreinvented for your mobile phone or tablet • Outsmartghosts withover 15 ridiculous power ups: Laser, Tornado, Giant andmuch more•Stay ahead of the super-villain lurking in PAC-MAN sincethebeginning: The Glitch• Take on a new gang of revivedretro-ghostsincluding Sue, Funky, and Spunky• Waka waka on PAC-DOTSand stringa 256 combo for a super special surprise• Controllersupport• Playit on NVIDIA SHIELDFeatured on NVIDIA SHIELD Hub! @BandaiNamcoEU @BandaiNamcoCA@3sprockets Haveanyproblems or suggestions? You can reach
LEGO® Friends: Heartlake Rush 1.4.0
LEGO System A/S
We wanted to make a LEGO run game that would be fast-to-the-funandhave heaps of things to collect and do. Right now we haveAndrea,Mia, Olivia, Emma, Stephanie and a bunch of their LEGOfriends inthe game for you to drive around with. There’s heaps ofmissions togo on, collecting things as you drive, fligh, jump, duckand dodgeyour way around other vehicles and obstacles on thestreet. Zobo isin there too, and when you collect him, you’ll turninto adifferent sort of vehicle. Even though it is a LEGO Friendsgame,it is not meant to be a game for girls only. If you or yourfamilylove run games, racing, collecting cool items, we hopefalling inlove with LEGO Friends game will come easy. - DRIVEthrough LEGOHeartlake City as your favorite Friends character! -COLLECT coins,ice cream, fruit, flowers, gifts, confetti bombs, anda specialcollectible item for each of the five Friends! - PURCHASEspecialcharacters or an amazing Stud Doubler! - CUSTOMIZE your carswithdecals, colored tires, and aerial toppers! - COMPLETE MISSIONStolevel up and earn more coins! - DODGE enemies coming right atyou!- DECORATE your cars with unlockable decals! - BOOST ANDTRANSFORMyour car into a jet by picking up Zobo the robot! - UNLOCKall 10playable LEGO Friends characters and cars by earning coinrewards!- MIX AND MATCH your characters, cars, and decals for atrue LEGOgame building experience! - SAFETY FIRST: Play in a safe,closedenvironment, with NO third-party advertising, links toexternalwebsites or hidden data collection. LEGO marketing contentandinformation is served, for instance LEGO news about LEGO setsandother LEGO games, in hope of inspiring creative play. Pleasenotethat you can download this game for free and it is free to playtheapp but additional content is available via in-app purchase.In-apppurchases cost real money and are charged to your account.Todisable the ability to make in-app purchases, change thedevicesettings. For app support, contact LEGO Consumer Service.Forcontact details, refer to Weloveto take your comments from reviews to our internal designmeetings,and talk about how to make our play experiences better.Please takethe time to tell us what you think! Child Safety andPrivacy isimportant to the LEGO Group. Please read more about themon policy and terms of use for apps are accepted ifyoudownload this app. LEGO, the LEGO logo and the FRIENDS logoaretrademarks and/or copyrights of the LEGO Group. ©2018 TheLEGOGroup. All rights reserved.
Sorry Mom 1.26
A thrilling, addictive casual running game about running awayfromyour mom who is mad that you are a picky eater!- Chooseamongquirky, cute characters to avoid your mom and clear as manyareasas possible.- Starting from your town, run away to deserts,ocean,artic regions, the sky, the universe and beyond!- Save yourplayrecords as funny images.- Charge up the boost gauge andlimmerseyourself in a thrillingrace!GamePage
Subway Santa Run 6.1
Ingram Higgins
All set for Christmas? From the decorations to mouth-wateringhotchocolates and other desserts, we all love preparing forChristmasEves. No one wants to miss the fun of this most awaitedfestival,be it downloading festive movies for Christmas or invitingfriendsat our place; this occasion is all about spreading love andfun.How about doubling the fun with an all-new unique Christmasthemedgame? With our Subway: Santa Run game, you can now multiplytheamusement of this Christmas. This infinity running game isperfectto play during the Christmas Holidays to feel the real fun.ThisChristmas themed game is designed to give real life to allyourSanta fantasies. The game feels easy to play because we keepitscontrol very user-friendly so that you will find it fun yetsimple.All you need to do is to help our Santa to run faster andcollectall the gifts that come along on the run in a subway. The 3Dgamegraphics will give you a real touch and make you feel as iftheSanta is running in real. Besides, the soundtrack thatkeepsplaying while you face challenges of each level; gives youanimmense motivation to run faster and combat all the dangersthatyou come across. So, brace yourself to play an endlessrunningchallenge where you have to help the moving Santa who needstocollect maximum gifts and finds a way out of the frozen subwaytoreach his village; where he can give away all the presentsonChristmas. Also, the evils are chasing him, so he needs tosavehimself by running as fast as he can while collecting the giftsonhis way. Subway: Santa Run is the most fun and addictivetouchgameplay that will keep you engaged for several hours.Moreover,this game is suitable for every age-group, be it, kids oradults,everyone is sure to love this compulsive running game. Helpour theSanta bypass all the obstructions, collect all the gifts andrun tocomplete all the levels, make this Christmas and new yearholidaysfantastic with this Subway: Santa Run!!! Join this endlessgiftquest, children are waiting, and so gear up yourself to endurethebiggest Christmas adventure of your life!!! Try not to miss anyofthe gifts that you find on your run through the frostedsubway.___________________________________________________________SalientFeatures Of Subway: SantaRun___________________________________________________________ -Easyand enjoyable game mechanics - Artistic graphics -Variousobstacles - Smooth touch controls - Touch the screen to maketheSanta run. - Collect all the gifts to give away them totheChristmas kids. - Run and complete all the levels. - Enjoy thebestSubway: Santa Run soundtrack. - So many challenging levels***Howto play*** 1. All you need to do is just to tap the phonescreen tomake the Santa jump and bypass the obstacles. 2. Collectas manyChristmas gifts as you can, without being struck by thechallenges.3. Run to the edge of the frosted Subway to pass eachlevel.
Pet Runner - Cat Rush 1.0.9
Pet runner cat rush game Pet runner is an exciting freeendlessrunning game for girls and boys of all ages. Choose yourloved petand dash your way through the city and park for funrunningadventures! Take your loved pet: cat, dog or panda on afunadventure through the park, city and forest. Run, slide andleapyour way across the city road or subway scenes, careful thecomingbus or trains. Dash forward as fast as you can, dodgeobstacle andcollect coins! Take a trip down a fun park slide toreach megaheights! More pet characters to choose: cat, rabbit,petty dog andloved panda. experience differ animal role, feelingthe best petrunner game. run in the subway, city or beach scene,get the highscores in the ranks with the world player. more propsto help youget more performance, magnet, multiplier, jetpack, andsupersneakers. Pet Runner Cat Rush Features: .Pet run game .Differpetrole, cat, rabbit, petty dog and panda .Colorful HD graphics!.Runacross the city, subway or beach .Choose to run with apuppy,kitten or rabbit .Dodge obstacles and collect coins! .Useawesomepower ups .Collect coins to upgrade .Come back every day fornewrewards .Beat world players with high scores in the ranking.Manyobstacles to jump over and avoid It is the best pet runninggamefor all ages, welcome to download it, run, slide, jump, rollanddodge trains with your loved cat game.
Fancy Pants Adventures 1.0.11f
Over the Top Games
Fancy Pants Adventures is now available, free on yourfavoriteandroid device! Race through dense forests, underwatercaverns, andpirate ships in search of your kidnapped sister in thisepicplatformer game. Stomp, kick, and slash your enemies with 40meleeweapons and an arsenal of moves. Battle Pirates, Ninjas, aGiantPenguin and more! Features: - Plenty of platform levels filledwithsecret rooms - Parkour style gameplay - Many challenges andraces.- Unlockables: hats, weapons and PANTS! - World 1 and World 2canalso be unlocked. - Gamepad support! - Leaderboards!-Achievements! Join Fancy Pants Man in this platform game asyouhelp rescue his little sister, Cutie Pants, from the worstpiratesever. • AN INCREDIBLE ADVENTURE Leap, slide, sprint andsmash yourway through some of the most unique levels to be found ingaming. •SO FANCY PANTS MAN... WHAT'S NEW? Fancy Pants Man willwield newweapons, take on new enemies and use a ton of new tricksandabilities on his way to rescuing his beloved sister. • LOOKSPRETTYFANCY Unique hand-drawn artwork and gorgeous, colorfulvisualstyle. • START A COLLECTION Collect the squiggles and starsspreadthroughout each stage and use them to unlock new awards,costumesand accessories. Developed by Brad Borne and Over the TopGames.
Royal Princess Island Run 2.0
Pretty Teen Games
Royal Princess Island Run is an endless running game wherePrincessRunning adventure awaits you on an island! Enjoy the mostaddictiverunning game for girls with a beautiful princess runner.Just likesubway princess running games, Royal Princess Island Runis thebest princess running game so far. FREE PRINCESS RUNNING GAME-HIGHLIGHTS Endless running game with non-stop fun Crazy funrunningadventure on island-themed Beautiful princess runnerChallenginglevels to run through deserted island Smooth controls torun, jump& slide to pass barriers ROYAL PRINCESS RUN GAME Rungirl runto simulate survival running Never stop running to escapeislandDodge obstacles & hurdles along the way Collect coins&gems to get high scores Royal Princess Running GamePowerups:Magnet: Catch magnet powerup to collect all coins aroundyou 2XCoins: Catch 2x powerup to double all the coins you catchFlyingPony: Catch this powerup to fly riding a pegasus like ponyand manymore. Like temple, castle and subway run games, it is oneof thefun princess running game. So! Get ready to rule the amazingislandwith endless run, rush and surf in amazing princess runninggame.About Developer: Pretty Teen Games is an interactive studio -aimsto provide highly-quality casual games for girls around theworld.Enjoy our addictive and fun princess running games for girlstohave non-stop entertainment. Stay tuned for more! We just makecoolgames for kids & mostly run games, and games without wifi.
Super Mega Runners : Stage maker Create your game 16.2
Tap to jump! Over 200,000 levels! Retro style run andjumpplatformer game! Simple controls! Lots of fun! Reach the goalwithyour super mega runner! Stage Maker available! You can makeyourown stage and share it with other players. ■Run and Jump!Tapquickly for a little jump. Tap and hold for a higher jump.Masterthe jump technique to clear the athletic stages! ■Power-Ups!Hitand destroy "!" blocks for special items. Get mega big withastrawberry and destroy everything on your way, or get extrarichwith a banana! ■Mega Runners! President Abe, Army Guy, MisterTee,and more! Each runner has their own characteristics! ■StageMakerOver 100,000 user-stages! Super hard stage ranking available.Youcan make your own stage and share it with other players.
Cat Run 1.0.17598
Now be quick! As a swift kitty, you’ll need to escape thedogschasing you and dash through the challenging obstaclecourse.During the game, you can collect coins and destroy obstaclesforadditional points in order to become the best runner amongyourfriends.The quick pastime game for every cat lover!This game isnotsuitable for gamers with slow reactions! As a cute cat, yourunalong an endless corridor, dodging dogs and obstacles by jumpingorducking at the right moment. Attention: the dogs can appearfromanywhere and make your life miserable! But as an agile cat,that’sno problem for you, right?Sprint through the course, boltaroundobstacles and avoid the dogs!On your way along the longcorridor,there are lots of coins to be found. Collect them to getmorepoints and to increase your score! Special obstacles can alsobedestroyed to help you on your way to beating the high score.Hangon in there and soon you’ll be the best runner!A fast-paced3Drunner in the style of CatHotel and DogHotelThe detailedandrealistic graphics of the successful animal hotel series makethisrunner a casual game with a difference! Thanks to manymovementoptions and the three lanes, the difficulty increasesuntilultimately real skill is needed.★ Be a fast kitty and masterthecourse★ Ditch all the dogs coming after you★ Collect coinsanddestroy obstacles for more points★ Get even more breeds and playasa cute Siamese cat★ Beat your friends’ high scores and becomethebest runnerBe quick, prove your skills and RUN!Visit usonFacebook:
Supa Strikas Dash - Dribbler Runner Game 1.46
Superebel Games
Build your Ultimate Supa Strikas Team in this immersivesoccerendless runner experience. Jump, kick and head-butt thefootball topass your competitor team mates in this amazing endlesssoccerrunner game. Supa Strikas Dash gives your the chance tobecome thebest supa strika dribbler on the earth! Prove you are abetterrunner than your friends, collect coins, grab golden cups andbeatthe high score! NEW! Collect the Official Supa StrikasTradingCards Game and gain unique and amazing rewards! INTUITIVEGAMECONTROLS Control the ball with great precision taps anddribblethrough your enemies. You can check out the kick’s precisionin themeter on the top, and remember - stay in the green area tomax yourscore! RAPID & ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY Guide your SupaStrikas herothrough the different football arenas to see how faryou can reach:Jump over obstacles, dribble over enemies and scoregoals in thisendless football runner. Time your dribbles preciselyto dodge theobstacles in a challenging and addictive experience.Supa StrikasDash is the perfect Soccer runner which captures thereal essenceof all that’s fun in soccer, sports and the SupaStrikas universe.BEAT YOUR FRIENDS & HIGHSCORE Strive toachieve your bestpersonal score at every round. Check theleaderboards to see whoranks on top! Reached a new high score?Share it with your friendsand challenge them to beat your score!CRAMMED FULL OFCUSTOMIZATIONS Customize your player for a uniquelook and feel!Thousands of combinations are available: Build yourSupa Strikascharacter team: Dancing Rasta, El Matador, Cool Joe,TwistingTiger, North Shaw, Blok, Klaus, Big Bo Unique Soccer Balls:Superleague, Power ball, Cuju Ball, Yellow ball, Red ball, Reedball,White ball, Old ball Unlock challenging achievements that willkeepyou engaged for hours, providing you with in-game coins tohelpbuild the ultimate Supa Strikas Hero! SHARP VISUALS!Polishedgraphics and high-quality sound effects immerses the playerin thesoccer arenas and brings the Supa Strikas universe to life onyoursmartphone screen!
Subway Surfing 3D 2018
MT Free Games
Subway Surfing 3D 2018 is a wonderful 3D Run Game from MTSFreeGames. This is a unique crazy run game filled with funandentertainment for the subway Surf lovers. It's anadventurousgameplay to run in the subways and collect all the coinsto unlocknew levels. If you are a good runner, then this is thebest placefor you to score & get rewards. Challenge yourfriends tocompete with you to collect coins & win coolsurprises whichare just waiting for you all. Join the mostthrilling yet dangerousgame adventure of the year 2018.In thisgameplay, you have to swipeto turn, jump, run & slide over toavoid obstacles. Oops, don'tget hit by the subway trains as youmight get crashed. Just keeprunning to collect coins to completethe level. Be careful whilerunning as you may get hit by the subwaytrain & do avoidobstacles. Keep escaping and don't get caughtby the security whilerunning to collect the coins. Wow! You willhave amazing powerboosters like magnets were you can collect allthe coins fromanother end while running. Get ready to Download& Play themost thrilling run game of the year 2018. LanguagesSupported:Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, Dutch,Russian,Arabic, Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnam. SubwaySurfing 3D2018 Features: *FREE Run Game to play *Unlock & playall levels*Colorful HD graphics *Run & Collect coins to win*Challengeyour friends to compete *Unlimited surprises waiting foryou. Ifyou love Subway Surfing 3D 2018, please do leave a comment.SocialMedia:- Like & Follow us on Facebook &Twitter:Facebook: videos: Subscribe ourYoutube Channel to get new gamenotifications! YoutubeLink:-
Run 1.12.1
Run.Do not slow down.Do not fall off.Do not give up.Run, thehitgame from Kongregate comes to mobile for FREE!FEATURES
* Findsevendifferent allies and gain access to their unique talents!*Watchout for breakable tiles! (Or don't. Repairing them issomeoneelse's job.)* Run and jump through a galaxy-spanning networkoftunnels in Explore Mode. Good luck finding an unbroken pathhome!*See how far you can get and climb the leaderboards throughtheever-changing tunnels of Infinite Mode! It's not like you cangetany more lost after Explore Mode... * Rock out to astellarsoundtrack!
Running Princess 2 1.22
The game for girls. In the game you have to help the princessgetinto the castle. It will have to overcome all the zigzags.We'llhave to hurry, the bridge collapses.
Subway Scooters Free -Run Race 7.0.3
Ciklet Games
Rush you can pass the upcoming cars, bus and scooters insubwaycity. Delivery pizza with surfers by scooter on time. Getyourspecial scooters on the subway and pass on the barriers inrunninggame. Become the fastest scooter surfer drivers. Show thebestscooter driver and show the fastest surfer drivers in racegames insub city. Collect more gold in mission mode. Get newcharacters andscooters with the gold you earned. Earn surprisegifts with daily.Use the special powers and pass the other racers.Subway scooterfree - run race is an endless running game in racinggames. Becomethe best scooter in subway city. Give more pizza. Mostlikedcharacters are waiting for you: Fire Dragon, Sweety girl,Rapper,Neon man... and more. Choose one now and start running onthesubway racing with all scooter drivers. Touch on right and left-swipe up and down. Control easily to your scooter. SuperiorHDGraphics - Mission modes with full of actions -Impressivecharacters - Special powers - Surprise bonuses. Performfastdrivings to extend your pizza shop. Obtain new charactersandscooters.Use new characters to unlock perfect power andspecialabilities.Complete different modes and mission actions toearnsurprise gifts. 9 Different Languages : English – German –Italian– Spanish – Russian – Chinese - Japanese - Korean SubwayScootersFree - run race Features: .sub themed game endless run andracegame .Best scooter race runner .Rush as fast as you can.ImpressiveHD Graphics .Excellent Places .7 Special Characters.Surprise BonusCharacters .Mission modes with full of actions.Developed SpecialAbilities and Powers .Surprise Bonus Gifts (ingame ) .Daily Tasksand Surprise Gifts .9 Different Languages ★★★JOIN US ★★★ Facebook: Twitter:
Kong Rush - Banana Run 1.0.6
Nova Game Lab
Feel more hungry with kong rush - the best journey game🐵Monkeykongare very hungry. So he was looking banana monkey in thewoods.Butthere are many things to stop it in the forest likestonestatues,fierce monkeys, swiming short and so on.🐵 Tropicalforestsare verydangerous.Journey game will help you after hoursofstressfulwork.Journey game is the favorite game of manyofficepeople andevery one🐵 Game Features:🍌Banana Monkey's journeygameis bestendless running and it's free🍌Amazing design andcutemonkey runwith super adventure🍌Control simply click on themonkeyto jumpthrough the game journey🍌Break the wooden box, andcollectmanyitems🍌Double jump can make the monkeyjumphigher🍌Surpassingpersonal records by tricking a monkey intojumpingoff a bananaobstacle,🐵 How to play banana king - monkeygamesfree🍌Tap screento jump the kong.🍌Double tap screen tojumphigher🍌Slide to helpkong become super monkey kong🍌Collectbananas,items as many as youcan.🐵 Help the monkey jump get out ofjungleadventure by eatbananas - let’s play jungle monkey run tofeel morehungry.🐵 Yourmission in this super adventure journey gameis tohelp monkeysovercome obstacles such as short swimming,icesculptures, Swingshot etc. by jumping monkeys - monkeygamesfreeEat more monkeybananas and help you score🐵 Great! Downloadkongrun - monkey runnow!And enjoy this this extremely addictivegame!!
Royal Princess Run - Girl Survival Run 2.3
Megus Games
More than 1Million Downloads in one month The top Royalprincessrunning game for girls. Are you a fan of girl princessgames?especially royal princess game, high-speed running game,andendless runner games? If yes, then download new games forgirlsfree fun run and jump, the adventure-packed game " RoyalPrincessRun: Princess run & survival" the endless running gamefree ona beautiful beach island, with elegant running princessJumping.Endless princess run, new game for girls who like runnergirl gameadventure with Royal princess run and Jump games TheRunningPrincess game experiences run and escape adventure with arunningprincess jumping on the snow track, in the new fun run girlgame of2018 ranks among the best and most addictive running gamesof 2018.Like temple, castle and subway, it is one of the funprincessrunning game. so beat heat on the beach with Royal princessrunner,run girl run adventure in the beautiful game. This snowprincessrunner girl game follows a story of a pretty runningprincess,Emma, Sophia, Isabella, and Olivia.The running princessgame is nowin a maniac run sate, running in search of anotherprincess tosurvive in the dark wild night help Princess runner girlrun toescape in this running princess games for girls in her wildrungame Kids Running games follow Princess in runner adventuretrack,keep princess running for the survival, collect diamonds,gems, andpowerups in free fun girl running games for girls for thelovers ofrunning princess game for kids. Princess run game is foradventuregirl, who love Princess runner girl in the fun runninggames forgirls, so run the game! ❃3D Princess Run Game, Endlessrunner girl:Features❃ ✔ Addictive running Princess game Fun Rungame ✔ Beach,island, forest running games adventure ✔ Difficult&challenging tracks in Running Adventurous of run girl run ✔Hardrunning game on the Mysterious run and escape journey ✔InteractiveGameplay & Sounds ✔ Princess Run in beautiful gameEnvironment✔ High-Quality 3D Graphics ✔ Fun Princess running gamefor kids ✔jumping and running game with Easy Controls of the flyinggirl ✔Best new running games for girls, princess run Download FreePlaythis fun runner Princess Game for girls: - tilt left or right-Drag up to princess jump - Drag down to slide - Run, Jump andSlideto avoid obstacles Let's join the Royal Princess runningandjumping on a seaside adventure running castle. Experienceamazingand challenging princess running games for girls with wildrunnergirl in addicting games for girls. If you like snow princessrunnergames for girl run? try wild run girl run game! endlessrunningescape adventure in this best running girl game. The freegame inwhich you can start running, again and again, id theaddictinggames for girls. Royal princess game is sprint run gamesfree forprincess run lovers of run and jump and slide fromobstacles reachthe higher level while playing snow princess runnergames. Runningprincess jumping try to collect the red shapedcrystal diamonds andgems and stars and wings to maximize the scorein this princessgame. Enjoy frozen princess run game for free, feelfree to write,we will do our best to improve this new game, endlessrun girl rungame free, its the adventure games to the princesscastle. FunPrincess games is the best game for princess and mostaddictivefree games for women
Running Fred 1.9.2
The anticipated sequel to Falling Fred is here! Fred is back withanew host of painful antics, awesome acrobatic/desperatemoves,special items and uber-cool locations. Take control of ourhaplesshero as he pursues his quest to remain among the living!RunningFred combines ludicrously natural controls and furiouslypacedaction with the shameless buckets of gore praised on itsprequel,making up a fantastic third person platformer unparalleledonmobile devices! Main Features: - Lots of acrobatic maneuvers-Dozens of perilous traps - Multiple game modes:Adventure,Challenge and our favourite Endless Survival! - Tons ofspecialskills and perks - Lot of characters to choose from! - Pimpup yourcharacter with special outfits - Keep your progress acrossall yourdevices What reviewers say: "New Running Game WithUnexpected GoreThrill Your Nerves" –"Running Fred is anexcellent gamewith lots of things to do. It’s free and I highlyrecommend it." -App'd Up"Bloody Brilliant!" - iFanzine "The sheeramount ofcontent, replayability and fun that comes from deftlyavoiding trapafter trap is phenomenal" - AppSpy "For gamers wholikerunner-games, this game is easily a 5 out of 5 stars game"-fabela-imag "Those who love Falling Fred, just love therunningFred, the anticipated sequel to Falling Fred." -Best10AppWhat'snew in this new version:- New character with a fullyfunctionaljetpack!More levels and cool stuff is coming. Keep yourgameupdated! 2.1
Pretty Teen Games
The castle runner is an endless running game for girls perfectforall princess lovers and fun running games. Meet a prettyroyalprincess runner who is escaping through the castle. Run,jump,slide and dodge obstacles to run fast and escape the castle inthisfun running game. Tips to play princess running game: Easytounderstand run, Jump, run game play Run, dash & slidewithroyal princess 3D runner Race & jump to skip obstacles ingirlsrunning game Unlock Multiple princesses to play free 3d runnergameAttractive sound effects off runner game 2019 Free runninggameavailable to play in offline mode Collect unlimited gold coinsandgems in run girl game Open prizes for premium rewards andupgradesPrincess castle runner game for girls is one of the mostaddictiveendless running game ever with attractive graphics! Choosefromdifferent cute princesses to run fiercely as you jump, dashandslide past obstacles in order to collect coins and reach thehighscore! Fun run game - Help your princess escape castle onanendless running royal path through the castle, dodgeobstacles,collect coins and exciting boosts in this princessrunning game forgirls!
Rotten Escape: Endless Jump Action 1.0.3
Idiocracy, Inc
Little Tom and his friends lived a happy life in cozy littlecornersof the supermarket. But one day they were deemed too rottentoremain on display. Now, trapped on the supermarket's garbagedump,these little rotten friends have to escape the manymonstrousmachines that aim to put an end to all rotten life. Theironlychoice is to go up. For how much longer can they live? That'sup toyou. HOW TO PLAYIn this game you control your charactersbytouching 3 set areas of the screen. Each of the 3 areas youtouchon the screen will make the character jump to the relevantarea.The goal of the game is to get as high as you can with thehighestscore possible.FEATURES: - One-handed play. - Fun endlessarcadeadventure. - Over 20 characters to play with.- Various stagestoexplore - Increasingly challenging experience.- Playanywhere,anytime. No internet connection required.- Supports GooglePlayGames achievements and leaderboard. ABOUT IDIOCRACY:Idiocracy,Incwas established back in 2014 by a group of "Idiots" that dreamedofcreating new game experiences for mobile platforms. We'relabeledidiots for daring to make games with relative "unpopular"choicesof genre or game-play mechanics. Pirates War: The Dice Kingwas ourfirst title, released on Google Play back in 2016. We havesinceworked on other projects of similar nature -- such as Jumanji:TheMobile Game and Dice Brawl: Captain’s League -- and now wearestarting to pursue different categories of gaming. We learned alotfrom our past projects and Rotten Escape is yet another firststepfor us in this magnificent world of video-games.Are youhavingproblems? Have any suggestions? Contact our Customer keep up with the latest news, visitourmedia channels below.Facebook:
Hoverboard Rush 1.0.7
Rest Studio
hoverboard rush is an exciting and free skateboard game! Rusharoundsubway in hoverboard to reach the highest score!It is aawesomefreestyle 3D skateboarding game. Run as fast as you can,Jump toavoid obstacles, on time in fast speed hoverboard to be thebesthoverboarders champion hoverboard rush is so easy to controlbutsuper fun. speed up, jump or perform various tricks in the airandland safety. More skills of hoverboard, such as rush, turn leftorright, jump or slide to accelerate or jump over the obstacles onthesubway and get the scores as possible as you can. Earn skillpointsto level up your character skills. Excited hoverboard rushgame.there are more characters to choose, every character hasuniquedressing and action. more hoverboards, surfs in subway toavoid thecoming train!Hoverboard Rush Features:-hoverboardgame-The way toplay is very easy -Surfs or run as fast as youcan-Get the pointsmultiplier and reach a much higher score-Jump,slide or turn left orright to avoid the coming train-Amazing soundeffects-Great 3Dgraphics-Collect coins or diamond on the way-Morecharacters andhoverboard to choose-One finger to control -Smoothand rhythmiccontrol-Upgrade your props, such as magicJoin the mostdaring chase!
Sky Ball 1.1
If you enjoyed playing Balls Race, you will likely enjoy thisbrandnew ball game experience!Roll fast on the platforms! Takeboosts!Fly in the air as long as you can to improve your score! Butdon'tfall down!