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Nostale Sp Point Calculator 0.1
Berechne Deine Spezialistenpunkte.Calculate your Sp points.Calculateyour specialist points.Calculate your points Sp.
Brave Trials 1.8.0
Battle across dimensions as you fend offtheforces of evil in real-time anime action! The entire screenisyours to explore as you deal out justice with spectacularskills.Experience combat like never before with fast action,beautifuleffects, screen-shaking graphics, and deadly finishers!Test yourskills against the World Boss, the Party Trials, theWayfaerer'sWar, the Arena, and many more fun and frantic ways toplay!Leave boring behind and begin your journey into the worldofBrave Trials today!FEATURES✔ Real-time combat, intense effects, and beautiful graphicsbringthe world of Brave Trials to life!✔ Experience an epic adventure as you travel between dimensionstosave the world!✔ Enjoy RPG action in a whole new way with World Boss, PartyTrials,Wayfaerer's War, and Arena combat modes!✔ With more than 120 unique and exciting skills and Faen tocollect,you can play the game YOUR way!Note: This game requires an internet connection.Visit our Facebook Fanpage at: you have trouble downloading Brave Trials, contact usat[[email protected]].
Brave Brigade: Hero Summoner 2.0.6
ZQGame Inc
ADVENTURE IN A WORLD OF BATTLE, MAGIC&EPIC RPG ACTION FOR FREE!!!The old King has gone mad, the Prince is missing, banditsroamfree, and angry dolls march in the streets. As the Kingdomslowlydescends into murderous madness, a Hero needs to rise andrestorethe peace. Welcome to the world of Brave Brigade:HeroSummoner.Select your Hero and then lead an elite Mercenary team underyourbanner to glorious victory. Recruit Mercenaries that willfight anddie for you or you can capture monsters to bend to yourwill!This is a tale of Heroes, a tale of courage, a tale ofyourjourney through the hostile frontier to save a Kingdomfromdestruction.FEATURES:• CHOOSE your specialized Hero, directly affecting yoursquadconfiguration and combat style• BATTLE in different worlds, each with its own challenges• COLLECT from over 200+ Mercs, each with its own exclusive setofskills and abilities• ENHANCE AND EVOLVE your Mercs, dramatically transformingtheirquirks, abilities and appearances• DEPLOY a balanced squad of Mercs to heal, attack, wield magicandprovide cover in each fight• COMPETITIVE PVP tournaments with players from aroundtheglobe• EXCITING ongoing events to participate in for uniquegamebonuses• TEAM UP with existing friends or make new ones andtacklechallenging Battle and Raid BossesHymn of Halcyon...When the black record keens and moansKnow they stir… the dragons’ bonesFire will come and thrones shall burnTurn the pages, come and learnAge old tales, steep in blood and gloryFollow the signs and read the storyAbout the world and oblivionAnd the purifying light of ten millionHeroes will rise and darkness shall fallChampions heeding the dragon’s call…Enlist in this journey as a free game download on Androidphoneand tablet devices.Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: @ZQGame****Compatible with devices with Android version 2.2andaboveBy playing this free Brave Brigade game download you are agreeingtoour terms and
Brandnew Boy 1.4
Oozoo Inc.
!! If OC is not visible after purchase transaction was made,pleaseexit client completely by tapping "back" button and restarttheclient. !!** Top 10 Overall Paid App Chart in 8 Countries!! **#1RPG Category in 24 Countries!! Top 10 RPG Category Chart in58Countries!! Jump into a explosive '3D Action RPG' adventurebasedon the Unreal 3 Engine! **** “This is one action RPG thatshouldn’tbe missed. Editor’s Choice!.” – 148apps **** “Brandnew Boyispacked full of good ideas!” – ****“Anime-esquevisual flair; adds energy to the combat andenvironments.” – SYNOPSIS: Rookie doesn’t know who he is,or how he gothere, but one thing has been made terribly clear:he’ll have tofight to stay alive if he wants to find out. BrandnewBoy isheart-stopping, breath-taking 3D combat adventure built onUnrealEngine 3 for an unbelievable mobile action experience.Strandedthis strange and sometimes beautiful place, “Rookie” findshe haslimited time to contemplate his circumstances. The nativesarebloodthirsty, and Rookie seems to be the only thing they thinkwillquench that thirst. Accompanied by a television-faced robotwhoseorigins are no less mysterious than his own, Rookie mustsearch foranswers—if he can survive. Welcome to Brandnew Boy!FEATURES: ▷SIMPLE CONTROL : An innovative and intuitive new controlsystemstreamlines combat for the touchscreen, avoiding clutter,yetallowing for spectacular combos and stunning fightsequencesthrough simple taps and swipes. ▷ UNREAL ENGINE :Beautifullytextured, dramatically lit environments provide thestage forbattle after battle in this relentlessly action-packedgame Cartooninspired characters unlike any you’ve ever seen inhabita worldunlike any other, engaging in constant combat that makesfull useof Unreal Engine 3 power and versatility. ▷ DYNAMIC COMBAT:Enemies use their own particular styles of combat, specialattacks,shields, and strengths to bring the hammer down onRookie,requiring the player to continually improve skills and learnnewtactics—and they may attack up to five at a time. ▷ TWO GAMEMODES: You can take your pick and enjoy between existing ‘Scenariomode’and new ‘Infinity mode’. ▷ SUMMON BOSSES : Defeating thegame’shaunting, devastating bosses allows Rookie to summonthesedemon-like fighters on his own behalf as a special attack.▷CUSTOMIZATION : A full arsenal of skills (which the playercanlevel), attire, and special items add another layerofsophistication ▷ SPECIAL MISSION : Time Attack, Defense, NoSkillClear, and No Damage Clear provide additional goals forambitiousplayers FUTURE UPDATE INFO, GAME TRAILERS: OfficialWebsite : YouTube: Facebook: Twitter : @brandnewtimes
Magic Rush: Heroes 1.1.210
War is coming – Will you be ready? Summon heroes to defendyourkingdom and charge the enemy in this one-of-a-kind RTSadventure!Magic Rush: Heroes is a revolutionary combination ofskill-aimingcontrols, a thrilling, real-time PvP Ladder Tourneymode, excitingmultiplayer World Map battles, simple yet addictingTower Defense,and more! Experience the fun of multiple differentgenres allwrapped up in one extraordinary game. Rush forth onanunforgettable adventure that you won’t forget! FeaturesSummonPowerful Attacks With Skill-Aiming - Manually choose targetsordirections when casting skills. You call the shots! -Summonattacks to stun, silence, knock airborne, heal and eveninterruptenemy skills using precise controls - Strategy and speedcombine.Master them both, and victory is truly in your hands! HeroTrainingPowers You Up to Defend the Kingdom - Role play as diverseherotypes, including dozens of unlockable heroes with hundredsofdistinctive skills. - Heroes can be combined in different waysandtake the opposition by storm. - Upgrade your defenderwithequipment enhancing, rune inlaying, and unique upgradesandabilities for every kind of weapon. - RPGs and RTS combine tobringyou the ultimate Equipment System. PvP Games in the LadderTourney- Charge to war in a global, cross-server PvP Arena withaturn-based ban/pick phase to level the playing field. - Defendyourvictory by strategically banning your opponent’s heroesdependingon your own battle plan. - PvP combat offers awesomerewards forevery season! War Strategy and RTS Gameplay - RTS combatchallengesyou to build your tower, upgrade your tech, and dispatchyourarmies to plunder resources from enemies. - Defend thekingdomtogether! Create alliances with millions of players fromaround theworld to thrive in this war-torn landscape. - RTS battleslet youconquer enemies to become the dominant alliance! Hero TowerDefenseCombines Your Favorite Strategy Genres - An all-new “HeroTowerDefense” concept cleverly combines the heroes of the gamewithdozens of exquisitely designed Tower Defense stages. - Droptoweremplacements and activate Hero abilities in real timeduringexciting battles that you won’t want to put down! - Defendyourbased on one-of-a-kind map creations. Constant Updates Offer -Newheroes - In-game events - Weekly updates based on your feedbackandsuggestions! - Hard-working developers are constantly updatingandimproving the gaming experience with new gameplay! Are youthedefender this kingdom needs? Download Magic Rush: Heroes andjointhe RTS war today! PLEASE NOTE! Magic Rush is free to downloadandplay, however some game items can also be purchased for realmoney.If you do not want to use this feature, please set uppasswordprotection for purchases in the settings of your GooglePlay Storeapp. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,you mustbe at least 13 years of age to play or download Magic Rush.Note:Magic Rush will need to request access to "read the contentsofyour SD card" We suggest having at least 1G of space availablefordownload. Have any questions or issues with the free towerdefenseRPG adventure game from Elex Tech? Reach usat:[email protected]: Twitter:@MagicRushHeroesOfficial Forum:
Tap Titans 4.1.6
Game Hive Corporation
The world has been overrun by terrible monsters and titans -Itneeds a hero to bring peace to the land, and that hero is you!Asour leader, you must grab your blade and vanquish the terror.Withthe help of other warriors you can summon along the way,collectartifacts to make yourself stronger and destroy the darkforces tobring peace to the land. ❖ Tap Titans is 2015's bestactionadventure game. Tap Titans has already been featured on thePlayStore 57 times and by the App Store 450 times! ❖ Joinfuntournaments, enjoy beautiful art and a wonderful communityofplayers in 2015’s best RPG.❖ Tap to attack, tap to slay, taptoadventure, and tap to summon and hire warriors and heroes. Taptoactivate devastating battle skills, tap for action, tap for funandtap to collect mysterious artifacts. Keep tapping away. You areourlast hope!❖ Fight in rapid battles or long strategic RPGgames;it’s your choice how to play.❖ Features ❖➤ ADVANCEthroughthousands of levels to prove your skills➤ Tap/Click todefeat 60unique monsters & titans.➤ SUMMON 33 warriors andheroes tofight monsters & titans for you, even when you’re nottapping➤EXPLORE 10 adventure-filled realms with multiple monsters&titans in each➤ JOIN fun RPG tournaments to compete againstothers➤BATTLE cursed monsters & titans in the dark dungeons tofindeven more treasures➤ PRESTIGE for battle-hardened players togaineven more power➤ COLLECT 33 artifacts to enhance your manyweaponsand abilities➤ EXPERIENCE 2015’s best actionadventureRPG!❖Five-star User Reviews ❖★★★★★ "...this one holds myattentionreally well. I have this urge to just keep going."★★★★★"Help me. Ican't stop playing this game. Tap, tap, tap... Everytime I thinkI'm out it pulls me back in!"★★★★★Tap to Play the bestactionadventure RPG of 2015 today!❖Join your Tap Titans Friends onReddit&Facebook❖
Elemental Knights R Platinum 6.2.14
Achievement of Three Million Installations of ElementalKnightsSeries!! We are very thankful for all and provide thesespecials. -Get rewarded as much as you play ELEMENTAL KNIGHTSONLINE(EKO)ELEMENTAL KNIGHTS ONLINE is an anime-style MMORPGfeaturingborderless access and global entertainment. Join yourfriends on agrand adventure through mysterious lands with eccentriclocals...*********************************************************This gamefeatures: - Monk, thief, bishop, wizard, magiknight, andmorejob-classes - Thousands of items, a trillion combinations,andcosplay gear such as Graham Cracker Wings - Hundreds of NPCsandover 100 quests - Party creation with up to four people -Freechat, emoticons, and gestures - Play in English or Japanese-Grassy plains, forests, deserts, underground canals,hauntedcastles, and... snow hedgehogs. - Special events hostedtwice amonth - Gacha for the gambler inside you ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ●The World's DestinySpirits,creatures, and humans have been blessed with technology andmagicas a means of living thanks to ELEMENTAL: the power thatdwellsinside all of nature and the resting place of the gods. 300yearsago, lust for this power drove the citizens of this world intoaGreat War with one another. But four heroes stood up in the nameofpeace and would restore harmony to the land... Centuries later,themonsters and spirits have grown violent. The Dragons awaken fromathree century slumber. A wave of tragic incidents ensues...Eachcountry dispatches their knights and adventurers to investigatetherecent outbreak of bizarre happenings. What is the meaning ofallthis? Now you must take up your arms and armor. On your journeyyoushall encounter beautiful witches, humble townspeople,despondentwarriors, breathtaking vistas, and wicked adversaries.Let nothingprevent you from solving the mystery behind the recentchaos! Ourworld is in peril. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Recommended Requirements OS:Android 4.0 orhigher~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Join uson FACEBOOK: uson GOOGLE: on TWITTER: Watch us onYOUTUBE: Official EKOWIKI: Discussonforum:【What isRPG Elemental Knights Platinum?】 [RPG Elemental KnightsPlatinum][Elemental Knights Online] There is no difference ofcontent in 2apps. - Elemental Knights Platinum Bonuses!! Createaccount withthis platinum app and get the Special items "Charm Set"!! HugeBoost to your Level-Up!! *Notice [RPG Elemental KnightsPlatinum][Elemental Knights Online] EKO Points is impossible of theuseshared in the 2 apps. Case of game data transition fromElementalKnights Platinum to Elemental Knights Online, EKO Pointscan notmigrate.----------------------------------------------------------FrequentlyAskedQuestions***Dueto individual devices and network environments, some usersmayexperience difficulty accessing the game unless connected toaWi-Fi network. Only one or even all of the possibleconnectionmethods may work depending on each individual'scircumstances.There are no refunds for not being able to connectusing yourpreferred method.
“The list of checked device”Devices that have already checked and had no issue so far canbefound on the page below.More devices will be added to the list once we can see the gamerunsfine on those devices.・The size of the game may result in long download times.・A WiFi connection is recommended for downloading.・This game requires approximately 1GB of memory. Please ensurethatyou have the necessary storage available beforedownloading.-------------------------------------------------------------Would you sacrifice the one you love to save the world?The newest addition to the globally acclaimed RPG seriesChaosRings has arrived! Explore a captivating new adventureandbrand-new game system in this latest installation!Time is stagnant; the Destroyer has forced the world to thebrinkof destruction. In this desolate era, Darwin, the chosenone,discovers his fate; he must slaughter the sacrifices andoffertheir souls, all to salvage the world.Five were chosen to be sacrificed. Of the five is a girl,Marie—adear childhood friend.Will he carry out his fate? The decision lies in your hands.This exhilarating adventure can be enjoyed by everyone,eventhose unfamiliar with Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Omega.Don'thesitate to immerse yourself in this fantastical world!GAME FEATURES:-A storyline molded by the player's choices-Hidden bosses and endings-Enhanced graphics using a new rendering engine-A strategic new battle system-An array of character voices and music-Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, and Chinese(Simplified& Traditional) language support
* Android Compatibility *DRAKERIDER may not perform as intended on the latest version oftheAndroid devices with Android OS 4.3 or above. We ask foryourpatience and understanding as we work to address this issue inthecoming days.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope thatyoucontinue to enjoy playing DRAKERIDER.Kill or be killed. Experience the perils of adventure withyourferocious sidekick in this brand-new smartphone RPG!The stage of DRAKERIDER is set in Igraine, a world on thebrinkof destruction due to the repeated attacks of the Dread.AranLawson, once an ordinary tracker, now finds himself asadragalier—and mankind's final hope. This is the story of ourheroand his dragon companion, Eckhardt.The game lets you take the reins with a battle system likenoother. Instead of entering commands, control the chains toexecuteyour strategy. Easing off the reins will allow Eckhardt thefreedomto unleash powerful attacks. Too much leeway, however, willtriggerhis primal instincts, endangering Aran.Led by Akifumi Kaneko, the game is developed by WITCHCRAFTInc.,famous for their work on various anime and other RPGs. Thistitlemaintains the high quality and integrity for which theyareknown.The characters are voiced by an array of talentedartists,including Ryohei Kimura, Nana Mizuki, Shinichiro Miki,KanaHanazawa, Keiji Fujiwara, and many others. The powerful themesong"unleash," performed by Shoujyo Byou, accentuates thepowerfulstoryline and intense battles. So why not delve into anoriginallyand finely crafted RPG adventure?Game System● The battle is in your handsTighten or loosen your grip on the reins by sliding the chainsatthe bottom of the screen. The gauge at the top of thescreenrepresents its tension. Ease off to unleash powerful attacksandabilities, but give your dragon too much freedom and you willlosecontrol. If you're not quick to pull back the reins, he willturnagainst you.● Develop your dragon's abilitiesClaim victory in battle to earn CP, which you can use tolearnabilities and powerful attacks. Unlocking some abilities willcloseyour path to others, so plan carefully and customize yourdragon tosuit your needs.
Bloodline 2.30
Join Lilo.I, the last Royal Vampire, and her heretic allies intheirincredible battle against the armies of the Holy Land!Assemble,customize and infinitely enhance over 400 heroes as youdo battle inan extraordinary combination of ultra-competitive PvE,PvP, andGuild vs. Guild gameplay! This will be the truest test ofyourstrategic abilities, so take up the challenge and join theultimateanime-action RPG! *****OVER 400 CARDS TO COLLECT*****Fromvaliantknights and demonic warlords to psychotic jesters andminigun-totingChibis, there’s a mind boggling array of heroes tounlock andevolve, with new heroes added regularly! *****INFINITEHEROENHANCEMENT*****The thirst for power never ends with JobChange,Fate Link, Tarot Card and Mystic Formation upgradesystem!*****EASYTO PLAY*****Unleash devastating attacks anddominate your enemieswith simple taps and swipes!*****ADAPTED FROMTHE POPULARMANGA*****Based on the popular Manga,Bloodline!*****PERFECT YOURSTRATEGY*****To achieve mastery ofBloodline, you’ll have tocarefully craft your squad to effectivelycounter enemy forces andknow when’s the best moment to attack ordefend!*****INSANECOMPETITION*****Triumph in endless PvP action!Become champion ofthe Arena, outthink foes in the Tower of Fate,Wage total war in 30v 30 Guild Wars, and conquer the universe insynchronousCross-Server Battle!*****PLAY MORE GRINDLESS*****Thanks to featureslike Auto Battle, Raid and Auto-Mine,Bloodline allows you to devotemore of your time to managing yoursquad and doingbattle!**************************************Visitthe Bloodlinewebsite: http://bloodline.cherrycredits.comJoin theBloodlinecommunity:**************************************
我的學妹不可能那麼萌:公測版 1.131.0
◎遊戲介紹◎《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》是2016紅遍全球華人圈的最佳手機遊戲。遊戲中加入並萌化了三國時代的英雄豪傑,還將其作為戰姬等你收錄旗下,同時將即時策略與手動操作等特色結合並融入其中。玩家們在《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》中遨遊時,不僅要理解各個戰姬的特色技能的搭配、還要有裝備道具的合理分配和精細的操作,讓你除了收集知名武將之外,更能夠體驗豐富主線劇情及各個關卡帶來的征戰樂趣,同時享受與其他玩家互相競技的刺激快感。◎遊戲特色◎★ ★ ★ 不爽上頂樓,全國制霸由你書寫 ★ ★ ★《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》最大特色,遊戲中萌化了近百位富有傳奇色彩的三國英雄,追隨玩家們四處征戰。這些戰姬是《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》中核心的遊戲特色,每個戰姬都有其不平凡的經歷和獨特的技能。若是想要在召喚師世界中稱霸,就需要深入瞭解每個戰姬的特色技能,運用你的智慧來搭配戰姬形成殺傷力極大的combo連續技組合,讓你輕鬆打遍天下無敵手。★ ★ ★ 微動作畫面,指揮戰姬釋放大招 ★ ★ ★遊戲中不僅有華麗且酷炫的絕招特效,同時各個戰姬的表情、動作都是由設計師通宵達旦所精心打造的。無論在戰鬥中或是在休息時,戰姬們的行走、揮舞道具和賣萌等每個動作,隨處可見其精細的3D畫面設計。在召喚師帶領戰姬征戰的過程中,都需要你的手指行動力,無腦跑畫面不再適合現在的遊戲了。★ ★ ★ 指尖微操作,勝負就在一瞬間 ★ ★ ★手動釋放技能的手遊已經過時了!在戰鬥中需要時時觀察戰況,並對戰姬進行微操作,像打斷敵方施法扭轉局勢或是變換施法方向運用策略欺敵等等。做為《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》中的另一個賣點,為了不讓玩家覺得就是在玩遊戲數據,體驗真正的指揮樂趣,在遊戲中的戰鬥力只能作為參考,戰力低也能通過微操作改變劣勢,讓你一舉反敗為勝!★ ★ ★ 福利社投飲料,滿滿的校園元素 ★ ★ ★暑假過了一個月,是否想念福利社的早餐呢?在《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》中,還有各種測驗來考較你的實力,除了豐富並龐大的世界觀外,還有無數的任務供你自由選擇發揮,不服氣?那就上頂樓單挑吧!將眼前所有的障礙掃除,朝著全國制霸的夢想邁進吧!────────────────加入《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》台灣官方臉書就可以參加官方舉辦的精彩活動, 贏取更多的禮物和重要訊息。(在Facebook搜尋: 我的學妹不可能那麼萌)────────────────攻略,活動等最新資訊!!請點擊官方網址↓☞官方粉絲團:☞《我的學妹不可能那麼萌》客服信箱: [email protected] ID:moemoegirls我們會認真聽取每個玩家的心聲,感謝您的支持。Game description ◎ ◎"My younger sister can not be so Moe" is popular in 2016globalChinese circle the best mobile games. Join the game andsproutingof the heroes of the Three Kingdoms period, which will bewaitingfor you as a war Kyi's inclusion, while real-time strategywithmanual operation and other characteristics combined into one.Whenplayers travel in "My school girl can not be so Moe", not onlytounderstand the characteristics of each battle Kyi mix ofskills,but also a reasonable allocation of equipment, props anddelicateoperation, so that you collect in addition to well-knowngeneralsoutside more can experience the rich storyline and thevariouslevels of the campaign to bring the fun with other playerswhileenjoying the stimulation of competitive mutual pleasure.◎ ◎ Game Features★ ★ ★ unhappy on the top floor, the national system ofhegemonywritten by you ★ ★ ★ "My younger sister can not be so adorable," the mostprominentfeature of the game Moe hundred legendary hero of theThreeKingdoms, players follow the campaign around. These war Kyiis "Myschool girl can not be so adorable" in the core feature ofthe game,each battle Kyi has its extraordinary experience andunique skills.If you want to dominate the world in the Summoner,you need tounderstand the characteristics of each battle Kyiskills, use yourwisdom to battle with the formation of highlylethal combo Kyicombos combination, allowing you to easily hottopic invinciblehand.★ ★ ★ micro motion picture, directed war Kyi releaselargestrokes ★ ★ ★The game is not only gorgeous and cool trick effects, whileeachbattle Kyi's facial expressions, movements are carefullycrafted bythe designer of the night. Whether in combat or at rest,war Kyi'swalking, waving to sell Meng and other props and eachaction, youcan see its fine 3D graphics design. In Summoner Kyi ledwarcampaign process, we need your finger action, no brain nolongersuitable now run the screen game.★ ★ ★ fingertip micro-operations, the outcome in the moment ★★★Manual release of the skills of hand travel has become obsolete!Inthe battle need to constantly observe the fighting and warKyimicro-operations, like magic to reverse the situation, ortointerrupt the enemy caster transform direction usingdeceptiontactics like. As "My school girl can not be so Moe"another sellingpoint, in order to prevent players feel that playingthe game data,experience the real fun of command, combat in thegame only as areference, but also low combat capabilitydisadvantages changethrough micro-operation, so that you win thegame in one fellswoop!★ ★ ★ canteen vote drinks, full campus elements ★ ★ ★After a month of summer vacation, whether canteen missbreakfastthen? "My sister can not be so adorable school", there areavariety of quizzes to test your strength compared, in addition toarich and vast view of the world, there are numerous you are freetochoose to play for the task, not convinced? then it singled outtheattic! remove all the obstacles in front, toward the dreamofbecoming the national system of hegemony it!────────────────Adding "I can not be so adorable school girl" Taiwan canparticipatein the official face bookExciting activities organized by the official, win more giftsandimportant messages.(In Facebook search: My school girl can not be so Meng)────────────────Raiders News, activities, etc! ! Please click on theofficialwebsite ↓☞ official fan group: https: //☞ "My school girl can not be so Moe" CustomerService:[email protected] ID: moemoegirlsWe will listen carefully to the voice of each player, thank youforyour support.
Age of Ishtaria - A.Battle RPG 1.0.36
◆◆Thank you for over 3 MILLION Global DLs!◆◆ Clear the tutorialtoreceive a ticket for a FREE 7★ Unit! ◆◆Special campaigns arenowbeing held to celebrate the 4th Anniversary!◆◆ Get a P★7 UnitCard& Gerat Gifts! INNOVATIVE REAL TIME BATTLES!EASY-TO-MASTERCRAZY COMBO SYSTEM! ◆◆This is the Action RPG you'vebeen lookingfor!◆◆ Mix up attacks to create INSANE COMBOS! LAUNCHyour enemiesinto the air before SLAMMING them back into the ground?OK! Or lockthem into submission with powerful debuffs and skills?It's all upto YOU! Who knew fighting could be this EASY!? ◆◆Over1000 CARDSdrawn by INCREDIBLE ILLUSTRATORS!◆◆ An all-star cast ofbothveteran artists and hot, new talent breath life into thesestunningcharacters!! Are you a fan of ANIME and MANGA? You won'tbedisappointed with the ART in Ishtaria! ◆◆Embark on anADVENTUREfull of friends and monsters!◆◆ This is the Kingdom ourfathersbuilt, a land of blood and tears. This is the Land that wecallhome, at the end of this cursed Age. This is the Age that welivein, where STORM consumes crop and kin. This is the Age ofIshtaria*Price* FREE to Play (In Game Purchases Available)*OfficialTrailer*
Pocket Three Kingdoms 1.1004.0
Xiao Junyun
《Pocket Three Kingdoms》Experience classicThreeKingdom characters such as Lu Bu, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and ZhaoYun.Also includes the famous Diao Chan, Zhen Ji, Xiao Qiao, andmanyother female Heroes, waiting for your command. Don't forgettheheavenly goddesses and fairies all eager to guide youtovictory!Summon Heroes, strenghten them with armors, enhancements,andawakenings. Battle demons in the earthly realms and rejuvenateinthe heavenly realms. Test your strength by challengingsummonersfrom across the world. Engage in Quests (with 3difficultysettings), Trials, and Missions to gain EXP and winrewards. Attendevents to obtain rare items. Whichever gameplay andactivities youchoose, there will be endless hours of fun andexcitement waitingfor you!Top 5 Reasons to Download:Three Kingdoms' Classic Generals ☆☆☆☆☆Battle of Strategy and Intelligence ☆☆☆☆☆Beautiful Fairies and Goddesses ☆☆☆☆☆Elemental Heroes and Generals at your disposal ☆☆☆☆☆Treasure-filled Quests and Missions ☆☆☆☆☆◎Game Features◎★Daily Free Rewards! Get Elite Heroes with Easy Summoning!★In addition to summoning, obtain high level 3-star HeroesthroughQuests and Missions.Fire, Wind, Water, Holy, and Evil! 5 Elemental Types, with over500Heroes to collect!★Best-in-class, Japanese Inspired Artwork★Each character and Hero is carefully crafted and drawn to matchitshistorical accuracy.Experience creative character designs, thrilling battleexperience,brilliant Hero skills, and customized battleformations!★Heroes Enhancing and Development★Cultivate your Heroes. Every Hero can be a top General! EvenZhangFei can defeat Lu Bu with proper training!Includes advance Heroes, new skills, and elemental effects.★Free-style Gameplay - Thousands of Heroes and ArmorstoEquip!★Abundant armor set system. Strengthen your Heroes throughstrategicarmor equipments!10+ Armor Types with 6pc sets to collect and assemble. Only youcandecide which Armor sets work best for your Heroes!★Unique Skills with Stunning Visuals★Heroes and their unique element types have their own uniqueskills!Over hundreds of unique skills to unlock and unleash onyourenemies!See your Heroes attack with their unique skills in stunninggraphicsand visuals!★Gameplay All Under Your Control!★Traditional-styled RPG in a well-designed combat system. SummontheHeroes and unleash their ultimate skills!Choose from auto and manual battles to maximize yourgameplayexperience!★Easy In-Game Instructions!★Introduction guided step-by-step by the lovely Fairy Roselle.Clear interface, easy-to-navigate UI. Waste no time ingettingstarted!★Over 500 Heroes to Collect!★Collect, battle, and share your most-prized Heroes withyourfriends!Extensive in-game activities and generous rewards to keepyouentertained for endless hours!────────────────Join 《Pocket Three Kingdoms》 website to participate.Stay updated on our official site for exciting events, updates,andgiveaways.Search Facebook: Pocket Three Kingdoms────────────────For latest updates, news, and tips, visit the site below↓:Official Site: ptk.carolgames.comOfficial FBFanpage:《Pocket Three Kingdoms》Support E-Mail:[email protected] value every player's opinions. Thank you for your support.
Grand Sphere
Digital monkey inc.
Play Android's #1 Top Free RPG Adventure Today! ◇◆ Anall-newFANTASY RPG experience! ◆◇ Explore the wonders of "Astrum" ―aworld filled with mystery andmagic!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Riskit all to return what is lost! You are a Grand Sphere, onewhopossesses an immense power only granted to few. Commandyourknights to protect Astrum and rescue Princess Stella of theTellanEmpire. Your adventure as a GrandSphere begins NOW! □■Exciting newSPHERE BATTLE System! ■□ -Command Spheres to launchdevastatingattacks! -Unleash lethal Skills to pulverize foes!-Create theultimate party with over 150 Units to choose from! □■REAL-TIMEbattle with up to 4 players! ■□ -Gather your friends totake downtough Bounty Bosses! -Share messages during battles torally yourallies! -Connect Sphere Chains to unleash Sphere Surges!□■POWERFUL storyline! ■□ -YOU are the hero of Astrum! -Enjoyanemotional adventure you'll never forget! □■ DRAMATIC voiceacting!■□ -Characters come to life through famous Japanese voiceactors!■Princess Stella - CV: Asami Seto ■Eioh the Servant - CV:RumiOkubo ■Comette the Automaton - CV: Aya Suzaki ■LuhmertheStrategist - CV: ToshihikoSeki-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------【Price】Free-to-play (in-game purchases available)
Chaos Dynasty 1.0.5
☆Super Skill Combos! Special skillstoselect!Recruit hundreds of ultimate Three Kingdom Warriors☆Real PK with strategiesCollect generals in your HQ. Explore for more treasures andfightfor your own faction! Experience EPIC Online fun and interactwithother players.Extreme SLG strategy game. 5 reason to download it now:☆ Classical battles back in Three Kingdom ☆ ☆ Collection of hundreds mighty warriors ☆ ☆ Set your team’s formation and enjoy strategy fight ☆ ☆ Join the Faction War and raid your opponents ☆ ☆Team up and discover in plentiful events ☆☆Like us on facebook
Knight Saga: Sword & Fire CCID LTD
Knight Saga : Sword & Fire":Themostpopular open your Knight legend,login to get 1999 diamondforfree,beauty and the handsome at your disposal and Recharginganyamount gold to gain 5 stars hero ,exquisite picture,touchinganddeserving a song,traditional RPG mix with classical towerdefense.Are you ready to open your journey of Knight ,if so,download fromhere to be yourself on the road to Knight.Features:1. New generation ARPG mobile game, subversive oldoperationstyle.2. Free gifts, online gifts, free diamonds after login, 5 starhero,many gifts help on your adventure.3. 5 classes : Warrior, Knight, Archer, Mage, Priest, chooseyourline up freely !4. No more auto battle, use your fingertip, fight for thewin!5. Over 100 fetter relationship, and exclusive gears matchyourheroes !6. PVP, PVE easy play makes you can't even stop !7. Brilliant skill with perfect display, single attack andmassiveAOE, you shall enjoy the shows...Follow us on Facebook : us : [email protected]
Exos Saga
Eyedentity Mobile
Exos Saga: A dynamic RPG with acaptivatingstory and spectacular graphics!▶ A gorgeous side-scrolling RPG with breathtakinganimatedvisuals!- Collect more than 150 characters, each with a uniquebattleskill!- Form strategic parties and take on any monster that comesyourway!- Collect and upgrade an array of extraordinary weaponsanditems!- Meet new friends, make alliances, and battlebossestogether!- Test your strength and compete against other combatantsinarena-based PvP!
Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG 1.9.8
Download now and join thousands of legendary Dragon Warriors inaquest to rule the the galaxy in an anime RPG. Long agothelegendary dragon god Skubata had created the universe. Withhisdivine powers he created 4 Dragon Warrior races to roamthegalaxy.Each Dragon Warrior race was given the superpowersof:Strength, Speed, Martial Arts and powerful KI ball blasts. Thegodis looking for a great Dragon Warrior to join him in the heavenstorule the universe. Only one can reach the top, Will itbeyou?Player ★★★★★ reviews: 5/5 "Loving it hands down themostaddictive platformer on this side of the galaxy!"5/5 "Great!!!Imreally hooked with this game.."5/5 “Very cool sci fi roleplayinggame, love my heroic anime warrior” *NEW - Recentlyaddedmultiplayer feature: easily invite your friends to aheroiccross-galaxy space battle Follow us on social networks!Wearededicated to making Evostar: Legendary Warriors RPG the bestActionRPG on mobile! New content will be addedregularly.Facebook:✔Travel, fight and defeatenemies across the galaxy!✔ Beat each levelin each planet andbecome the greatest heroic space warrior!✔ Handlevarious excitinghigher gravity levels as you get stronger!✔ Inflictmassive damageon your enemies and dodge or deflect their attacks!✔Craftlegendary Power Suits!✔ Slay your enemies in fast paced fightsfullof action!✔ Power up your anime warrior and upgrade hisattributesto legendary levels!✔ Collect lots of exciting loot aftereveryfight!✔ Transformations - When you upgrade your attributesenough,something legendary might happen…!✔ Fight and defeatlegendaryenemies, and become stronger after every fight!✔multiplayer RPG -challenge your friends to the ultimate RPGmultiplayer battle✔Awesome anime like experience might resemble thefeeling of thegreat anime such as naruto or dragon ball z!And thatdoesn't evenscratch the surface:✔ A classic RPG - upgrade yourattributes,craft your own various Power Suits and collect loot!✔Never-endingnumber of levels to beat! ✔ Slay infinite number ofenemies inlegendary heroic fights across the galaxy!✔ 50 uniquePower Suitsyou can craft!✔ Break chests and collect their lootwhile you slayyour enemies!✔ Enjoy the exciting action by flyingsuper-fastwherever you want!✔ Collect loot from your very ownSpaceship!✔Awesome graphics, sci fi and anime effects!✔ Cool sci fiactionthemed sounds and music!✔ Heroic anime themed warrios, placedin abeautiful sci fi world!✔ Fight and defeat your enemies in thisnewexciting sci fi free role playing game.What are you waitingfor?!Join the action in Evostar: Legendary Warriors RPG and fighttobecome the greatest and strongest anime warrior inthegalaxy!PLEASE NOTE! Evostar: Legendary Warrior RPG is freetodownload and play, however some game items can also bepurchasedfor real money. If you do not want to use this option,please setup password protection for purchases in the settings ofyour GooglePlay Store app. Moreover, under our Terms of Service andPrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play ordownloadEvostar: Legendary Warrior RPG.Support Are you havingproblems?Feel free to contact us at [email protected], we'll beglad tohelp!Terms ofService:
Colopl Rune Story 1.0.61
It's a phenomenon inJapan,downloadedover89Million times, and now you can playitworldwide!Experienceanaction game made especially for mobile,usingrealskillandstrategy! Play co-op real time with yourfriends,orbattlesolothrough an epic narrative- now with theoriginal 2Dart!* Engaging Story Quests *Complete quests that will reveal Rune Story’smysterywithhoursofintriguing gameplay.* Real-Time Co-Op Action RPG *Perform magnificent combo attacksthatwillsurpassregularpuzzle-solving, dragon-fighting gamesandcontrolallmovements,actions, and skills from the palm ofonehand.* Over 100+ Unique Characters to Play *Unlock hundreds of characters andweaponcombinationswithineightclasses - Fencer, Lancer, Warrior,Brawler,Sniper,Mage,DualBlade and now, Dragon Riders!.*No Play Blockers*Forget about those other games that make you waitforanenergyorstamina recharge. Play all you want in Rune Story!* Fight Epic Bosses With Your Guild *Become the strongest guild! Accumulate Guild Pointsinco-opqueststoobtain special rewards.* Build Your Own Unique Town *Build and upgrade your town to harvest resources tolevelupandtrainyour team.Legend has it that runes imbued with ancientmagicfellfromsevenelder runes in the sky centuries ago,butfewremain.Airships flythe skies between the flying islandAstoraandtheworld’s othercountless islands. Use the wondrousrunecompasstoguide your pathas you attempt to uncover magicalrunesandjourneyto The World’sEnd, a place no one has everreached.Create your own Rune Story now with hundredsofheroesreadytobattle at your fingertips! Venture on anepicadventurewithyourfriends, make your own society, andexperienceadeepaction-roleplaying game! Become a powerful heroandunravelthemystery thatall begins with a talking cat…COLOPL NI presents Rune Story! Based on WhiteCat,themassivehitRPG from the anime capital of the worldJapan,RuneStory willtakeyou on a role-playing fantasy unlikeanyother.SOCIALFacebook:
RPG Spectral Souls
"Spectral Souls - Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires"(EnglishVersion), the first Full Size Tactical RPG for Androidplatformavailable for your favorite Smartphone : * 3D BattleScenes. * Thefirst full scale Japanese Tactical RPG for Android. *52outstanding soundtracks. * 84 characters. * High resolutiongraphicassets. * 100's of hours of GamePlay packed in 1GB data.*Cut-Scene videos. * Support for Touch & Keyboard withkeymapping. * Compatible with MOGA controllers. * Play it onNVIDIASHIELD. Simply "a must have" for all fan of "SpectralSoulsuniverse" and for all fan of Tactical RPG in general. **IMPORTANTNOTICE PLEASE READ ** -Game is set, by default, to use theHIGHESTresolution available so please adjust in the option screenshouldyour device be a little "just" to support the full hiresdata. -AHigh-End device is highly recommended for the bestgamingexperience however the game is fully enjoyable from Nexus1orsimilar type of device. There is a pre-hardware check in thegamebefore allowing the 1GB download so those with hardware notyetsupported should be able to refund within the actual refundwindow.STORY : Neverland is a world apart from our own, home tostrangeand dangerous creatures. Two of these creatures, humans anddemons,have been struggling against each other for many years. Asthecenturies passed, control shifted from demons to humans andbackagain. The humans finally earned a clear victory after theFirstNeverland War. But this left the country in ruins and leddirectlyto the Second Neverland War, which saw the decisive victoryof thedemons once again. Magic Age 1053— Tragedy strikes thesmallwoodland village of Petun—the town is attacked and burned totheground by vicious Neverland troops. But Petun is only the firstofmany massacres; the Demon Army tears through every human villageitcan find, slaughtering the people as it goes. Humiliatedandinfuriated by these abuses, the humans begin to resist andfightback. It starts as a rash of disorganized, sporadic riots. Butitsoon grows into something more, something meaningful.Theseuprisings become a beacon of hope to all humans, spurring themonto unite and form a new empire. They choose a name to reflecttheirmost noble traditions, to reflect a time when they ruled overthedemon horde. They call it the Reformed Simba Empire.Petun—littlemore than a bump in the road, a mark on a map. But thisis where itall started, where the undercurrent of disdain andhatredoverflowed into a bloody torrent of death and destruction,drowningNeverland in war for years to come. This is where ourstorybegins—the story of the Seven Year War. - Visit our websiteandforum at for more FAQ andinformation.©2011-2015 IDEA FACTORY, developed for Android,licensed andpublished by HYPERDEVBOX .
"FINAL FANTASY IV" has finally come to the Android! The titlefirstdebuted in 1991 as the fourth installment in the FINALFANTASYseries. Wildly popular thanks to its unique characters anddramaticstorylines, it went on to be ported to many differentplatforms.FINAL FANTASY IV was the first title to introduce theActive TimeBattle (ATB) system, which has become synonymous withthe series.It also saw the introduction of the Augment system,which enabledthe transfer of abilities from other characters andgave players anedge in battles. This iconic title is packed withother amazingfeatures. - Voice acting for event scenes Key eventsunfold withspoken dialogue. - Deeply emotional portrayalsCharacters gothrough visibly apparent emotional changes. - A brandnew mappingfeature Players start with a completely blank dungeonsmap, addingan element of the unknown to the mix! - Jukebox Playerscan listento the game's music anytime they want.
RPG Symphony of Eternity 1.1.8
SPECIAL PRICE 50% OFF (USD 7.99 -> USD 3.99)!!!A highqualityfantasy RPG full of monsters, legendary weapons anddramas!Thisstory mainly includes two factor: One is the quest for alegendaryweapon "Regratlute" which makes its bearer's desires cometrue.Thehero Kreist is the cool guy who're willing to get theweapon andtake the happy golden years, rescuing his concernedpeople with thepower of Regratlute. His friend Dauturu is thehot-hearted ancientgolem who agrees Kreist's dream.Another factoris the coup d'etatof Eashtend kingdom. Honesty and kind king,queen, ladies andgentlemen in the royal family are totally killedby the traitor,lady Safario with the dark desire to conquer wholethe world.Thistwo storyline becomes into one stream when Laishutiawho says sheis the escaped princess of Eashtend royal familyencounters Kreistand Dauturu. To get back the Eashtend fromtraiter's clutch, theydecide to be a party to seek Regratlute anddefeat the traitors. *The actual price might differ depending onthe region.[Language] -Japanese, English, Italian[Supported OS] -1.6 andup[Incompatible]This app has generally been tested to workon anymobile device released in Japan. We cannot guarantee supportonother devices.[IMPORTANT NOTICE]Your use of theapplicationrequires your agreement to the following EULA and'Privacy Policyand Notice'. If you do not agree, please do notdownload ourapplication.End User LicenseAgreement: Policy andNotice: thelatestinformation![Newsletter][Facebookpage]
Fantasy War Tactics R 0.562
WHAT'S NEW [Patch Notes] BIG UPDATE 2018 ▶ Level 90 Max Cap ◀[NEW]Increase Level Cap from 80 to 90 ▶ + 20 Equipment Enhancement◀[NEW] Max the Enhancement Equipment to + 20 ▶ Hard andHellDifficulty ◀ [NEW] Add New System Difficulty "Hard and Hell"▶Calendar for New Users ◀ [NEW] Add New Calendar System GiveawayforNew Users ▶ Calendar for Returnee ◀ [NEW] Add New CalendarSystemGiveaway for Returnees ▣▣▣▣▣ Game Introduction ▣▣▣▣▣ VarietyofGame modes, with variety of strategy! Hero-collecting RPG!FantasyWar Tactics R! ▶ Scenario Mode ◀ Become a Lord who dares toconquerthe world! Recruit heroes and take over the world! ▶ HeroGrowthMode◀ Essential dungeon for your Heroes’ growth, Pit ofNephthysThe island where ancient time travelers appear, Lost IslandIndexof every knowledge on universe, Skybrary ▶ Challenge Mode ◀Unveilthe mystical voice that echoes from top of the tower, Towerof Dawn▶ VS Mode ◀ Battle with other Lords and raise your honor,Battle ofHonor Virtual enemies waiting at virtual dimensions,DimensionalBreakthrough Raid with your Guildsmen, Fortress ofDarkness ▶Convenience Mode ◀ Analyze the unknown Genes into Heroes’Genes,Laboratory Lords, send heroes on expeditions to areas youhaveconquered, Expedition ▣▣▣▣▣ SUPPORT ▣▣▣▣▣ Are you havingproblems?Send ([email protected]) or contact ourin-gamecustomer service by going to Settings > Other >CustomerService > Customer Center ▣▣▣▣▣ COMMUNITY ▣▣▣▣▣ Checkthe latestnews and participate in Events with tremendous rewards! ※OfficialFacebook : ※ Official Forum: ※OfficialPage : Thanks for playing!※ TermsofService:※PrivacyPolicy:*OnAndroid, Fantasy War Tactics requires Android 4 or higher and1GBRAM or higher for optimal gameplay.* *Fantasy War Tactics doesnotsupport Motorola devices.* *Google App Permissions Thisgamerequires the following permissions in order to provide abettergame environment and proper gameplay. - Dial permission:necessaryfor the game play analysis tools to identify the type ofdevices. -Pictures/Multimedia/Files access permission: necessaryforadditional contents download. Permissions will NOT be usedforpurposes other than the installation/play of the game.
RPG Asdivine Dios 1.1.5g
Play a grand RPG through to the end for free!Welcome to thenewAsdivine and get ready as a tale about divine encounterswithmankind and mankind's encounters with the divine is abouttounfold...An Adventure of Divine Proportions!Among the manyworldsthe deities have created, there is one world that aboundswith lifeknown as Asdivine. But when a spate of disturbances eruptsacrossthe globe and an ever spreading murk threatens to destroyit,Izayoi, the deity of Asdivine himself, takes up his cause tosavethe world he created with his own hands. Unfortunately,sufferingfrom a loss of his own divine powers, is there any hope hecan hesucceed? Find out as the curtain raises on this adventure ofdivineproportions! A New Benchmark in QualityFollowing in thefootstepsof the critically acclaimed Asdivine Hearts, Asdivine Diosfurtherenhances its palette of visual expressions. While stillmaintainingthe beauty of the original 2D artwork, some of the mostfluidcharacter motion and bold effects ever seen in a handheld RPGhavebeen realized with amazing results! Bigger and Better thanEverBefore!Boasting a voluminous story, an expansive world,treasurefilled dungeons, exciting battles, weapon creation, andmore… theall-inclusive RPG experience is finally here! Not onlydoesquality, but content also goes hand in hand as players are nowableto customize weapons and even combine magic and skills to rackupdamage to new heights! Plus, with more options than everbefore,battling it out with hordes of foes has never been sofulfilling!But wait, that's not all! In Asdivine Dios, limitlessenemies andloot, a multitude of subquests, and even bosses thatwill blow yourmind await!*Asdivine Dios can also be enjoyed in itsentiretywithout the need for additional purchases. Whilein-app-purchasecontent requires additional fees, it is notnecessary for finishingthe game.* A "Premium" Edition that includes1000 bonus in-gamepoints is also available for download! For moreinformation, checkout "Asdivine Dios" on the web!*The actual pricemight differdepending on the region.* Please contact us through theContactbutton on the title screen if you discover any bugs orproblemswith the application. Note that we do not respond to bugreportsleft in application reviews.[Supported OS]- 4.0 andup[GameController]- Optimized[SD Card Storage]-Enabled[Languages]-English, Japanese[Non-Supported Devices]This apphas generally beentested to work on any mobile device released inJapan. We cannotguarantee full support on other devices.[IMPORTANTNOTICE]Your useof the application requires your agreement to thefollowing EULAand 'Privacy Policy and Notice'. If you do not agree,please do notdownload our application.End User LicenseAgreement: Policy andNotice: thelatestinformation![Newsletter][Facebookpage]