Top 48 Apps Similar to iPlayIT Pro

SKYBOX VR Video Player 0.2.2
SKYBOX is an ultimate local VR video player for Daydream(AlphaVersion). Please send your suggestions and problems to [email protected] You can streaming video from yourUPnP/DLNAmedia servers in the same Wi-Fi. And can also,download and install PC client for using AirScreen,streaming yourvideo stored on your PC without having to transferthe video toyour phone. You no longer need to manually set thevideo format,such as 180° , 360° degrees video, or up and down,left and rightformat and so on. The video will be automaticallyrecognized thecorrect format when it is opened = Save your life!SKYBOX can playalmost any format video such as MP4, AVI, MOV, VR,2D, 180° , 360°and so on. Streaming your video stored on your PCwithout having totransfer the video to your phone. And excellentuser experiencemakes so easy that never been like this before. Youcan add videosthat are not displayed in other gallery apps but aredisplayed inSKYBOX VR to the hide folder. ( path is /Phonerootdirectory/SKYBOX/hide/ , /sdcard root directory/SKYBOX/hide/).Features include: 1. 2D, 3D, 180° , 360° Video Support.2.AirScreen: streaming local videos from PC to mobile devices.3.Support streaming video from your UPnP/DLNA servers. 4.3DSide-By-Side and Over-Under Video Support. 5. Support ALLVideoFormat. 6. 4K Local and Streaming Playback Support. 7.Automaticrecognize video type (180° VR, 360° VR, 2D, or 3D). 8.Beautifuluser interface and VR environment. 9. Theater mode whilewatching2D and 3D videos.
VR Theater for Cardboard 0.12.7
Couch Games Software
=== CAPTATIO BENEVOLENTIAE There is no company or money ofsortsbehind this app: it's something I do in my spare time. If youlikeit, consider leaving a review or at least rating it. Riccardo===SALES PITCH Are you waiting for the perfect media player inproperVR? Give this one a try, while you keep waiting! Sportinggreatfeatures, like: • plenty of bugs • sub-par graphics •incompleteand out of date instructions • clumsy controls • limitedfeatures •embarrassing User Interface • limited movie formatscompatibility=== SUPPORT Couch Games Software' on Google+: Theater on Facebook:[email protected] === LONGER SALES PITCH Enjoyyour own2D and 3D movies in a virtual cinema, for free (it alsosupportspanoramic 360° and 180° movies)! Full Virtual Reality: turnyourhead around and watch the environment. 2 (honestly bare)3Denvironments, and dozens of photographic ones to choose from.Theauthor is a nice guy. Works with all mp4 files (and with a bitofluck other formats...), can play movies from the web andotherapplications. He doesn't smoke either. Supports many 3Dmovieformats, like SBS, Over/Under and Red-Cyan anaglyph, butplaysnormal 2D movies as well. No ads, no in-app payments orstatisticsgathering: 100% free for personal use! He's a bit out ofshapelately, but he started to work out. Doesn't require buttons ontheheadset to work. Make yourself at home: check the "Options"menuand configure the theater as you like! The movie represented onthevirtual screen ("Elephants Dream" (c) copyright 2006,BlenderFoundation / Netherlands Media Art Institute/, can be freely downloaded in both SBSandover/under version at theURL:
VaR's VR Video Player
After Breakdown Games
VaR's VR Video Player is the ultimate VRplayerfor virtual reality and 3D videos that gives you fullcontrol andsupports all modes.Configure any parameter of our VR player with its intuitive UIandget the most immersive virtual reality experience.Featuring:- Perfect head tracking response, enjoy a true VR experiencewithreal time movements.- Control all display parameters, eye distance, lenscorrection,field of view (zoom), brightness, saturation, contrastor seekvideo position.- Support for all modes, including: Stereoscopic side byside,stacked, 180º and 360º, panorama 180º or 360º and of course,normalvideos.- VR Controls. Change any setting by looking to it in animmersiveway.- In-app browser with thumbnail generation for video preview.- Supports all formats, including full HD mp4 videos.- Subtitles support. Auto detect .srt files when they have samenamethan video file or browse for a specific one.- Network playing (http or LAN). Select any file with yourbrowseror favorite file explorer and open it with VaR's VRVideoPlayer.- Reset view option. Recenter camera to your currentlookingdirection, a perfect way to watch movies no matteryourposition.- Static and float modes for non spherical videos. Watch videoslikea VR Cinema or without head tracking.INFO: Google Cardboard or compatible Virtual Reality headsetisrequired for an optimal experience.
VaR's VR Player PRO 1.20
VaR's Labs
The PRO version of VaR's VR Player, the ultimate VR player withfullcontrol and all modes to get the most immersive virtualrealityexperience.Featuring:- Head tracking for all devices, withorwithout gyroscope, with real time response.- All videomodessupported, enjoy any video with your virtual reality headset.2D or3D, 180º or 360º, side by side, over under or play like aregularvideo player with the No VR mode.- Full control, allparameters youneed with an easy to use UI. Eye distance, lenscorrection, fieldof view, vertical position, brightness, saturationor aspect ratioamong many others.- Streaming. Take advantage of thenew built-innetwork browser with support for SMB and UPNP or enterany HTTPurl.- VR Controls, enable in the settings screen to adjustallsettings with your vision in an immersive way. Even supportedinStatic modes with the auto-lock feature.- Image viewer withsupportfor normal and stereoscopic pictures.- Subtitles in .srtformat andmultiple audio tracks.- Remove ads option.
VRTV VR Video Player Free 3.4.1
Chai Software
Watch your favorite 2D and 3D videos in VR with VRTV VR VideoPlayerand a Cardboard compatible headset! VRTV features beautifulvirtualenvironments and is the ONLY VR video player that supportswatchingtogether with a friend in full synchronised play. VTRV VRVideoPlayer has great support for all common 3D/2D formats andmodesincluding 180, 220, 270 and 360 panoramas and fisheyeobjectiveprojection. If you enjoy the free version, why not trythe fullversion? It features: - An additional virtual environment:a cozyliving room! - Next/previous buttons, skip between files inthe samedirectory without leaving VR. - No ads! VRTV VR VideoPlayerfeatures: - Synchronization feature! Enjoy watching a movietogetherwith another Cardboard friend! - Subtitles in SRT format,with fullsupport for RTL languages, Unicode characters andautomatic encodingdetection. - Configurable subtitle size. -Immersive virtualenvironments. Watch in your own home theater, orin a crafty cave. -Player controls in a great VR UI. - Fullyconfigurable gamepad andkeyboard controls. - Supports 3D and 2Dmovies in a variety offormats: Side by side (SBS), Over and Under(OU, Top and Bottom),Panoramic video in 180 (Dome), 220, 270 and360 degrees. Alsosupports fisheye projection videos. - Simplematerial design. - Usesthe latest Cardboard SDK with less drift. -Headset configurationfrom within the app. Supports severaldifferent head trackers, findthe one that works best with yourphone and eliminate drift. -Streaming files over a network. Open astream from VRTV or use yourfavourite browser of file explorer toopen streams in VRTV VR VideoPlayer. - Static video mode. For longmovies, lock the video inplace right in front of you. VR Buttonguide: - Below screen: Openfile browser (Full version only) andPlay controls - Left of screen:Subtitle on/off, text size, Syncon/off and Screen lock. Read moreabout Sync below! - Top ofscreen: Re-center with timer, SDKre-center (keep horizon level),Screen-type switch, Video typeswitch (2D/3D Side By Side, 3DOver/Under), and fisheye projectiontoggle. - Right of screen:Screen size and volume Synchronizationinstructions: -Synchronization is a feature that keeps a movie insync between twodevices. To enable sync, first set up the IP of thedevice you wishto sync with in Settings/General, where you can alsofind the IP ofyour own device. Do this on both phones so they haveeach others IPconfigured. - Select a video to play. If it's a localvideo it mustbe present on both devices. - In the VR UI, click the"sync" buttonon both devices to enable synchronization. - On one ofthe devices,start the video by pressing the play button. After asmall delay,the movie will start playing synchronized on bothdevices. Seekingand network play is supported! This application issupported byads, but will not interrupt or otherwise limit yourviewingexperience. If you'd like to support the development, pleaseratethe application and write a review, or purchase the fullversion!Feature suggestions and bug reports are always welcome!Permissionusage: NFC, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE : Used by theCardboard SDK toset up and save your headset configuration.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE: Usedfor finding the IP of your device anddisplaying it in the Syncsettings, to help set up synchronized playwith another device.INTERNET, READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Required foraccessing media onthe device and for streaming. Note: The VIBRATEpermission is notused and will be removed in the next release.
360 VUZ - Live VR - Video Views - فيوز 4.2.9
VIEW 360 DEGREES EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS of latest events,experiences,behind the scenes and destinations Recorded and in LIVE360. Thisapp will let you Emerge Into Virtual Reality with a new360 videoexperience recorded and LIVE. 360 VUZ - فيوز 360 - is aninnovativevideo player for playing exclusive 360 degrees immersivevideos toshow all different views for free. You can choose your ownview.You will engage with the panoramic videos and control what youwantto see of each angle in the video by the movement of your handorthe touch of your finger. The app will feature top 360videocontent from UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, KSA, Jeddah, Riyadh,Kuwait,Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Beirut. You can connect theapplication toa VR mobile monitor and view all 360 videos recordedor LIVE. Thisapp has the support of Gyroscope , which will help innavigatingthrough the video with moving your device in anydirection. You canuse this app from any country without VPN.Features: + Live 360 VRVideos + Live Broadcast Channels + View all360 degree angles of360 videos + 360 Video Channels + InteractiveHelp Chat + Share 360videos directly to Facebook , Twitter + WatchEmbedded 360 degreevideos + NEW You can connect the application toa VR mobile monitorand view all 360 videos + Support of Gyroscope,move your device inany direction to navigate into the video Mostvirtual realityvideos are in hd 4K and are for free. 360VUZ is oneof the firstand top vrapps. Most of the VR 360 content is frommiddle eastspecifically UAE , KSA , Dubai , Abu Dhabi. Soon the appwill startaccepting sms subscriptions through providers such as Du.Shahid360 LIVE Videos of Top Exclusive Happenings. شاهد فيديوهات٣٦٠ درجةبث مباشر لايف This is not a video editor app , video maker, camera, video downloader , panorama editor app , It is a free 360videoplayer for top 360 videos. 360 MEA are the pioneers in theMiddleEast region with 360 video innovations originated from DubaiUnitedArab Emirates and the first to launch a 360 video player Appfromthe Middle East. Like us on Facebook:
iPlayIT for YouTube VR Player
iPlayIT is a simple SBS Video Player to play any YouTube videoinSide-by-Side (SBS) format through your VR headset.Experiencewatching them big in a virtual reality movie screen! Itincludes aweb browser to pick videos directly from the youtubesite. iPlayITneeds to be used with Cardboard, Gear VR or othersimilar VRHeadsets. It does NOT require your phone to be Daydreamready. Ifyou have a Daydream compliant phone, you can use Google'sYouTubeVR app instead. It is NOT a Normal Video Player and is notmeantfor use with videos that are already in SBS mode, such as SBS3Dvideos. It just plays normal YouTube videos in perfectlysyncedleft-right pairs. Depending on your device capabilities (suchasgyroscope), it may also play VR 360 type videos as SBS. Allcontentis powered by YouTube and the app does not carry any videosorrecommendations. It does not require any device permissions.Alsocheckout our ad-free SBS players for local video (iPlay SBSViewer)and for local photos (iPhotoVR) on Google Play.
VR Media Player - 360° Viewer 1.4.1+
Features:• Available 4type Fish eye lens photo and videomedia.•Open 360° picture and movie files from local storage. (canloadstandard picture and movie)• Support Google photo Sphere andRICHOTheta and other Equirectangular format. (require 2:1 aspectratio)•Gyro sensor rotation.• Fish eye viewing (like littleplanet)•Available 3D Stereo format (side-by-side and over-under)•AvailableGoogle cardboard and other any head mounted display forphone.•Very smooth touch gesture and Natural pinching zoom.•Available 4kpicture. (4k video playback is required features ofyour Androidphone.)• Full Screen wide view.• Open file from URL
iPlay VR Player for SBS 3D Video 6.1
A simple, ad-free, tiny (less than 0.1 MB!) video player thatplays2D and 3D videos suitable for Virtual Reality VR displays thatusemobile as the screen, such as Google Cardboard. ItsupportsSide-by-Side (SBS) as well as Half Side-by-Side (HBS /HSBS) formatvideos. It works on any phone, limited only by thedevice's videocapabilities. If you want to use it with Gear VR, donot plug inthe usb port. FEATURES - View any video in SBS Mode forVR Headsets- Plays SBS & HBS video with correct aspect ratio -View SBS 3D& HBS 3D as a normal video - Support for externalSRT subtitles(same file name) - Can be accessed from your filemanager - Modefor normal, non-SBS video - Delayed start mode fortime to insertmobile in headset - Does not need gyroscope-enabledphones -Lightweight, Ad-free, No unwanted permissions A few pointsto note:- It will play only video formats that are nativelysupported byyour phone (more info below) - It does not play webvideos such asthose from YouTube. Use our iPlayIT app or iPlay Proapp for that.- It does not use the magnetic navigator controls,head trackingetc. Use an OTG or Bluetooth mouse instead. - It doesnot play 180or 360 degree Full Virtual Reality videos. Use Google'sCardboardPlayer for those. - It is a player, not a converter. Itcannot saveconverted files. If you are not familiar with cheap VRdisplaysthat can convert your mobile screen into a virtual movietheatre,checkout these links:,news-20644.htmlRegardingSupported Audio/Video formats The app does not includeany mediacodecs due to its tiny size. It supports whatever theAndroid OS inyour device supports. For a list of supportedformats, refer to thelinkbelow:, 3gp etc are universally supported, support for othervideocontainers such as mkv, avi, flv etc is dependent on yourandroidflavor. Again Android does not support 5.1 multi-channelaudioformats such as DTS and Dolby AC3 unless enabled bymanufacturers.In such cases, you can use any video converter forPC/Mac such asHandbrake to convert the video to an mp4 format withstereo aactrack. Please mail us ([email protected]) in case ofany doubts.
Samsung VR Videos 2.2.03
Samsung VR lets you do what can’t be done Samsung VR videosarefully optimized for seamless, immersive experiences on yourGalaxyphone. Discover a huge library of videos, upload your ownvideosand explore the opportunities that this virtual reality appbrings.Ever-expanding library of video content With a huge libraryofimmersive VR 360 videos, there’s no limit to where you cango.Explore the different categories or scroll throughyourpersonalized feed, filled with content tailored to your tastes.Youcan even download your favourite videos to watch at homelaterusing your Gear VR. Whether you’re fascinated by space or wanttoget closer to nature, there’s something for everyone on SamsungVR:* Sports – Take a look at the training routines of iconicathletes,then experience an incredible 360° view of the big games.* Autosand machines – Samsung VR puts you in the driving seat,letting youfeel the adrenaline from the safety of your living room.* Nature –Feel at one with nature with immersive documentariesabout yourfavorite wildlife, filmed beautifully in their naturalhabitats. *Science – Out-of-this-world experiences are at yourfingertips,thanks to Samsung VR’s fascinating videos on space andscience. *Travel – Need some inspiration for your next getaway?Whetheryou’re planning a holiday or simply want to transportyourself tosandy beaches when you’re at home, there are plenty ofvideos tosatisfy your wanderlust. * Games – Put yourself in theshoes oficonic video game characters and explore their incredibleworldsfor yourself. * Brands – Stay up to date with content fromyourfavorite brands and entertainment networks. Optimized for GearVRSamsung VR is more than a basic VR player. The app is optimizedforthe Gear VR headset, meaning you’ll get a smooth, fullyimmersiveviewing experience. Samsung VR videos are also optimizedfor theGear VR controller, helping you navigate your way throughnewworlds. Watch on your phone Even if you haven’t got a VRheadset,you can still enjoy 360 VR videos. Just move your phonearound orswipe on your screen to pan in different directions to seewhere VRcan take you. Upload your content The Samsung VR app isn’tjust aVR video player. It’s also a place where you can upload yourowncontent. Share your memories with friends, family and thewiderworld, and let them see what you saw. Available on theSamsungGalaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note FE, GalaxyS7,Galaxy S7 edge, Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, GalaxyS6edge+, Galaxy Tab S2, and Galaxy Tab S3. For help orinformationregarding Samsung VR, please visit the website atwww.samsungvr.comNotice of permissions To offer this service, youwill need to grantthe following permissions. You can still use thebasic features ofthis service without accepting optionalpermissions. [Mandatorypermission] - None [Optional permission] -Call: To allow videoplayback to pause when a call is received ondevices runningAndroid 5.1 or lower. - Storage: To support viewingimages, videos,and files saved on the device. - Location : To addcurrent locationwhile uploading videos. if your system softwareversion is lowerthan Android 6.0, please update the software toconfigure Apppermissions. Previously allowed permissions can bereset on Appsmenu in device settings after software.
AAA VR Cinema Cardboard 3D SBS 1.6.1
Unlimited video length, full features and free VR cinema appforcardboard.NOTE: Google Cardboard or compatible VR headsetisrequired.What's new- Android 6.0, 6.0.1, 7.0, 7.1, 7.1.1 and7.1.2are supported- Screen size is considered in distortioncorrectionmode.- "Cardboard" app's cardboard device setting is usedfordistortion correction.- Video mode will be detected by filenamewisely. E.g. "example_180_sbs.mp4" will be played side-by-side180mode.- Rotation killer mode is added to head tracking option.Thiswill fix rotation issues on some devices. - Pure gyro mode isaddedto head tracking option- Crashes on starting app are fixed-Crashon Zenfone is fixed- Finder performance is improveddramatically-All ui performance is improvedNotes- Bluetooth mouseis disabledtemporary to fix performance issue- App will crash whenyou openfile that contains "%" in the file name. Please rename andopen thefileThank you very much for your feedback!Features-Unlimited videolength supported- Superview 180° VR- 180º HeadTracking:Side-by-side stereo 180° VR- 360º 3D: Left and Right eye360 moviefor a full 3D VR experience- Side-by-side stereo 3Dmovie-Top-bottom stereo 3D movie- 360° panorama video- Singlevideo-Screen size options- Graphic option enables non-highperformancedevices to play videos- 4 Head tracking modes areavailable- Videoselection in VR mode is supported. You can selectand play othervideos without taking off device from case.- NAS(Network attachedstorage) is supported. You can play video in NASvia NAS androidapp like "ES File Explorer".- Subtitle file (.srt)is supported. A*.SRT file in same folder/filename as movie filewill be used.e.g.) /sdcard/Download/movie.mp4 and/sdcard/Download/ side-by-side or top-bottomvideo automatically- Resettinghead feature rotation. You can lie ona bed and watch cinema- Driftremoval system. You can watch longvideo without any driftingeffect- Finder. You can play any videosin Android- Tightintegration with Google's gallery app. You canalso play video formGallery directly via share button- Move headposition forward,backward, up and down.- Volume control- Play,Pause, Forward andRewind- Video thumbnail- Full HD mp4 videos -Screen size option isadded. You can select any size between 10 to170.- Head trackingoptions are added. You can select new "No Roll"mode or "toughmode". If you have drift, please try these newmodes.- Graphicsoptions is added. Black out or vertical strip onsome devices willbe fixed by disabling "distortion correction".-Immersive 3DSBSAbout Candlify Technologies:We are developer focusedon VirtualReality mobile app that work with Google Cardboard,etc.If you wantto ask us to develop your Virtual Reality mobile app, please feelfree to contact us.HP:http://vrplayer.candlify.comFacebook:
KM Player VR – 360 degree, VR(Virtual Reality) 0.1.12
Let's enjoy VR video with KM Player now! Try to Download nowKMPlayer VR! ▶ Perfect VR Video Player 800 million downloadedVideoPlayer, KM player came to VR app! KM Player VR to guide you totheVR world is waiting for you. It is a VR video player thatincludesa glass mode that allows you to enjoy regular videos in VR,and a360-degree video play function that you can enjoy withoutVRdevices. The best VR video player. Please install now! Weinviteyou to the amazing VR video player world. ▶ Reason forselecting KMPlayer VR - Simple and Best UI that can be operatedeasily. -Supports all VR video formats - 360 degree VR videoviewingsupport. - VR glass mode support. - VR and general videofullscreen support. - Can play URL. - Most VR headset devicesupportExperience immersive 3D virtual reality content with asimple yeteasy KM player VR! ▶ Key Features ∎ [All VR formatsupport] It's VRvideo player that supports all VR video formats forVR movieplayback. (mp4, mkv, mov, flv etc.) ∎ [360 degree videomode] Youcan watch VR movie by rotating 360 degrees through motionon yourmobile phone. ∎ [VR Glass Mode] You can play back images ontwosplit screens suitable for VR headsets and cardboard equipment.∎[Full screen mode] You can play VR video and general video infullscreen. ∎ [URL playback function] VR movie can be viewed ontheplayer with the URL of the VR image on the web. ∎ [VRHeadsetDevice Support] Supports most VR headset devices. (SamsungGear VR,Oculus, Mi VR, NOON VR, HTC Vive, MAXTILL Trans VR, etc.)▶Required Permissions Storage space : Permission for displayingalist of storage media files and for viewing anddeletinginformation. ▶ KM Player VR is a VR video player foreveryone. Ifyou give us an idea, we will develop it for yourconvenience. Forideas, bugs, and affiliate inquiries, please feelfree to contactus at the KMP website ( Iwill be a morecomplete VR video player by listening to your voice.- KM PLAYER VRfor Android APP -
Magic VR Video Player 1.2.2
Magic VR
Features1. Light-weight and clean UI, immersive VRexperience.2.Full support to 180° and 360° VR video, 3D stereo andmono videocan be supported as well. In most cases, player willchoose thebest mode for you.3. Advanced video rendering algorithmto supportmost popular VR glasses and phones, we are keeping onimprovingcompatibility with more VR devices and phones.4. Supportmp4, mkv,mov, flv, avi, rmvb and webm etc video files, weoptimizeperformance and battery life to full utilize thehardwarecapability of different phones. Up to 4k video will besupported onlatest phones.5. Easy-to-use video playback with a VRmediacontroller panel. You can use gaze input to control the panel,abluetooth josystick/gamepad controller, cardboard trigger or evenaheadset with control buttons will be much moreconvenient.Pleasefeel free to let us know issues and suggestions,we'll try our bestto solve issues.Email: [email protected]
ARTE360 VR 1.5.20
We are the European culture TV channel ARTE and produceimmersiveand interactive experiences in 360° videos and virtualreality.Imagine stepping inside a movie, being able to see thescenesunfold all around you as if you were there... Look around bysimplymoving the device or swiping. The device can be switched intoVRmode and your phone can be used as your own virtual realityheadsetwhen inserted into a cardboard VR holder. We regularlyupdate thisapp to add new 360-projects.
360TUBE–VR apps games & videos 1.1.4
Lunagames Fun & Games
Find VR 360 videos, apps and games the easy way! VR player&discovery in one.360TUBE works in VR (Google Cardboard) andcanalso be used through touch (no headset required).MonthlythemechannelFollowing our Halloween theme last month; This monthwe'llintroduce the Christmas Countdown! channel with nice andseasonalvideos for the holidays.Get your VR lifestyle rolling withthiseasy yet powerful key features:- Broad compatibility (VRGoogleCardboard) - *see full list below- 360 degrees (3D) video inVR- VRno gyroscope sensor required- Remote videos streamingdirectly fromYouTube- Play normal (2D) videos in your home VRCinema (loftapartment)- Play your local files (from device storage/ SD card)-Daily updated feed of content- List of best VR games andapps-Controller support (easy rotation)- Manage your own playlistsandadd favoritesSo many Virtual Reality (VR) videos, games andappsout there, but what to get? 360TUBE offers up to 14 channelsofcoverage offering you easy and broad access to instantlyplayable(streaming) VR videos. You can control the videos throughtouch androtate for a full 360 experience or event better... put onyour VRGoogle Cardboard compatible headset and you can experiencethevideos as a full 360 (3d) experience as if you were there.VRprimetime is now with this easy VR app. Understand what the buzz isallabout and let 360 TUBE be your chef and trump up the bestVRcontent out there. Although parental guidance is advisedforcertain channels this VR app intended for family use. We doboycottcontent for adults only. Enjoy cool 360 videos with youfriend,family and kids with guidance!The 360 TUBE channels cover abroadrange of topics from movies to sports, music to'sallthere. Best off all each channel has a packed playlist thatwillkeep you entertained for hours. Be sure to check-in daily asweupdate our daily picks for your convenience.360 TUBE is nowupdateddaily with fresh videos and VR apps for you to enjoy whileyoustart your journey of discovery of what VR has to offer. Findthelatest updates in the scary, roller coaster (thrillingrides),world sites, and many more. Do the math, you can't go wrongwithour currently most popular Scary channel with the best inHorror VRrelated 360 videos.Next to the best videos you get to findanddiscover the coolest VR apps and games that are available, thisallthrough watching free VR videos and trailers covering thehottestapps and games out there.No need to go to the cinema or openyourDVD box this evening... Bring out the popcorn, it's time for ahomeVR cinema experience. Join the next big thing in virtualrealityand get your free copy of 360TUBE now! The VR player with 3dvideoand 2d* videos supported. Just pick your channel (categorylistedin subtitle) and instantly play the latest videos in VR(gogglesmode) or without headset in touch mode.VR headsetcompatibilityincludes all Android Google Cardboard headsets and theapp has beentested on Samsung VR gear. Please contact us if youhave any issuesdisplaying 360 videos on your headset.Now you don'thave to be agenius and scan the web for VR apps and videos. Justlet 360TUBE dothe job for you!We love to hear from you and improveour product;so please don't be shy and drop us an email or leave areview.Thanks for your support.* CompatibilityTestedcompatibilityincludes: VR KiX, VRTX One, Cmoar, Stooksy, Homido,Durovis Dive,Merge VR, Refugio 3D, ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross,VRTRIA,FIBRUM VR, VR View-Master, Nibiru. Samsung Gear VR is nottestedand officially supported, but users have mentioned using itthroughseparate app.* 2D VideosVideos that do not support 360degreesrotation are displayed in your loft apartment on a huge widescreenTV. Your loft offers an amazing 360 skyline experience fromyourapartment terrace.
VR Player - Virtual Reality 4.2
Intruder Shanky
VR player - Virtual Reality app play videos in side by side (SBS)3Dformat on mobile phones using VR box or cardboard. This is VRcinemaapp to watch your movies in cinema experience. This app playvideosfrom phone storage, so you can watch all your saved videosinvirtual reality mode. This is the ultimate virtualrealityexperience for mobile devices. - 4K support - Subtitlessupport -Dual Audio Support - Screenshot option available - VR modeandnormal mode available - Intuitive interface
VR Player FREE 1.0.3
***** Thank you to everyone who supports VR Player FREE! Welistento every one of your comments and suggestions and we have aBIGnews announcements coming soon to FREE users! Stay tuned.Thankyou! *****Now...Step inside the action!VR Player FREE isourconsumer version of our more powerful and customizable VRPlayerPRO media player app for high definition VR videoplayback,immersive media experiences, and even 360° LIVEstreams.Now, youcan see what it is like to use your phone as an HDvirtual realityheadset OR move your phone around without a headsetlike holding awindow into another world.Features:- Support 2D/3Dphotos andvideos - Supported formats: mono, side-by-side,over/under- Readlocal files or call up remote URL's- Stream in 360°events live.-Activate voice commands- Gamepad and keyboardsupports- Subtitlessupport (.srt and .smi format)- Ambient lightingeffectsAvailableprojection geometries:- Plane (For all regularmovies projected ona virtual screen)- Dome (For action cameras likethe GoPro or Kodak360)- Sphere (For spherical 360° videos andphotos)- Full dome (ForIMAX and planetarium styled videos)-Cylinder (For panoramic photosand videos)- Cube (For cube maps likein video games)We value yourprivacy and security, so we want to bevery clear on thepermissions the app asks for oninstall.Permissions:• Take picturesand videos - For camera accessin "See-Thru Mode"• Record audio -For voice command access andaccuracy. No audio gets saved or sentto us.• Approximate location -Better accuracy of orientation andposition inside of VR• Modify ordelete contents from SD card; readcontents of SD card - For yourfile navigation access• Findaccounts on the device - To give youbetter and easier navigationaccess to your content storagelocations • Control near fieldcommunication - NFC is for detectingGoogle cardboard presets whenNFC tag is in the HMD.• AccessBluetooth settings / Pair withBluetooth devices - For externalbluetooth device control• Controlvibration, prevent phone fromsleeping - So it doesn't interruptyour experiences.VR Player FREEis based on the open source projectthat started it all. ThisAndroid FREE version gives you a taste ofthe power of VR Playerdesktop and PRO app in the palm of your handwith limitedcustomization of experience. Note that some of the PCfeatures arenot supported yet.For the list of compatible videoformats,see: videos are not compatible, you can re-encode using anyvideotranscoding software like HandBrake ( somedevices, mp4 in h264 format only support baseline profile.
VU Cinema - VR 3D Video Player 8.5.435
VU Studio
Great Reward!!! The VU Cinema reached 100,000Download!!!"PlayingTime Limitation has been Removed; NoAdvertisement. Enjoy the filmwithout time limit"New PowerfulFeatures: Support Custom Codec forMKV/MOV/3gp...etc., YouTubeStreaming, 3D Video Detection ,Multi-Language Subtitle, Audio TrackSelection and Ultra-Real IMAXScene (Some functions are onlyavailable in the PRO versions)Anamazing Cinema VR App. VU Cinema -VR 3D Video Player makes youfeel like sitting in a Movie Theater(Cinema)! A virtual theater(cinema) scene is presented in front ofyou in 3D mode.An easycontrol way has been provided. All functionsof this App could becontrolled via "Gaze Selection". In the otherword, you cancompletely immerse into the film and enjoy it, withouttapping onyour phone (need Gyro Sensor and G-Sensor).App also has“AutoQuality Control” option, allowing users to enjoy the bestVRexperience on different mobile phones.If you like our VRCardboardApp, welcome to purchase the PRO version for fullfunctionexperience.Note: This is a VR Cardboard App; it only workswithGoogle Cardboard Virtual Reality Headsets.Features:- CustomCodecto support almost all media format (mkv, mp4, avi, mov, 3gp,etc)(PRO version only)- YouTube Video Playback (PRO versiononly)Support most popular videos and voice search- RealisticCinemaScene IMAX (PRO version only) and Regular theater, thetheaterscene could be disabled from Control Bar- IMAX SeatSelection-Subtitle Support SRT and ASS format, fully supportformulti-national voice and RTL display (Please put the subtitlefileand video file in the same folder, and use the same filename,video playback can automatically load subtitles)- AudioTrackSelection (PRO version only)- 3D Video Support Supports 3Dformatsare Side by Side and TopBottom- 3D Format Auto Detection-DriftCorrection- Hands-Free (Full Gaze Operation; need Gyro SensorandG-Sensor) When using this VR Cardboard App, you do not needanexternal input to do this; you can do it with a gazeoperation-Photo Browsing and Slideshow- Quality Control Option-OrientationLock (Lock Screen Orientation)- Time Seek- Play/PauseControl-Reset the Angle of View (Orientation Re-Center)- VolumeAdjustment-List of Thumbnail of Movie- Smart screen lock (Underscreen lock,you can control it through the head rotation operationcontrolfunction but will not affect the screen lock)- Supportexternaljoystick operation
Cardboard Camera
Google LLC
Capture and share moments with virtual reality (VR) photos.VRphotos let you experience scenery and sound in every directionandin 3D, making near things look near, and far things look far.Fromvacation travels to family get-togethers, capture the momentwithCardboard Camera and relive it in VR. To experience your photosinVR, place your phone into a Google Cardboardviewer(, or add them to a virtual tour usingTourCreator ( PermissionsNotice:Camera: Needed to capture VR Photos Microphone: Needed tocaptureambient sounds that are stored in VR Photos.Photos/Media/Files:Needed to store VR photo files and to showpreviously captured ordownloaded VR photos in the library. Storage:Needed to store VRphoto files and to show previously captured ordownloaded VR photosin the library.
Androids Dream (Cardboard VR) 2
Dony Tamazone
Androids Dream is a VR experience, a ride over a cyberpunkcitylargely inspired by a famous SF movie (a tribute). You are inaflying car and you have just to enjoy the ride until you land onafuturistic tower
Hardcode (VR Game) 0.6.0
Jedium Game Studio
!!! THIS GAME REQUIRES A GAMEPAD CONTROLLER AND A VRHEADSET!!!IMPORTANT1) Please don't leave 1-star review just to askaquestion. Use our forum for a questions: you can't pass gamepad calibration -use our forum to describeyour problem: you use a PS4controller you may notice an input lag. It's aknown problem ofDualShock4 and there is no way to fix it on thegame side. Readmore: If you use a Mogacontroller: Switchyour controller to [B] mode before using it withour game.5) If youhave Gear VR device, get HARDCODE for Gear VRhere:http://keys.hard-vr.com6) You can use Daydream View headset,butDaydream controller is not yet supported.HARDCODE is a 3rdpersonVR shooter game for mobile VR headsets like GoogleCardboard,Samsung Gear VR, Homido, Fibrum, etc.FEATURES:- Fastaction invirtual reality.- Full use of a gamepad controller.-Single playermissions and online multiplayer.COMPATIBILITY:-HARDCODE supportsany mobile headsets (Google Cardboard, Daydream,Homido, Fibrum,etc.)- The shooter is compatible with most ofbluetooth gamepadssupported by Android.MULTIPLAYER:- The first fungame withmultiplayer inside.- The mode makes you fully immersed inonebattle with your friends.- Multiplayer continuously gets better.Ineed feedback from you to make your playing experiencesuperawesome :)I want to bring more fun to the game and work tomakeHARDCODE friendly with other virtual reality displays likeSamsungGear VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR).For more infoonHARDCODE, you may follow meonTwitter: can support meonPatreon can discuss HARDCODE inourpublic Google Group in ourDiscordserver Enjoy playing invirtualreality!P.S. First person view is terrible! Please stopasking forit :)
VeeR VR - Oculus, Daydream, Vive, Gear Available 2.4.1
VeeR VR’s mobile app brings you immersive VR experiencesanytimeanywhere. Find your favorite VR content on VeeR VR within afewclicks, and watch it on VeeR VR Immersive with your Oculus,GearVR, Vive, Daydream etc. Enjoy and share your favoritepremiumVR/360 content cross platforms with your friends! You canfindthousands of premium creators on VeeR, including World Bank,Bill& Melinda Gates Foundation, Warner Bro. Studios etc. whoallchoose VeeR as their go-to platform. Anime, horror, travel,music,roller-coaster, adventure are popular categories of contentyou caneasily find on VeeR. We have almost all the experiences thatyoucan’t wait to try! Key Features: Discovery and streaming: Youcanfind quality content worldwide on our platform, and viewVR/360videos, photos and interactive experiences with fullandsplit-screen viewing Upload and sharing: With VeeR, you cannowupload VR/360 video and photos straight from your phone, andshareto mainstream social media platforms to connect with usersfromover 180 countries who are passionate about VR just as you!Quickguide to VeeR: Find your favorite VR content throughpersonalizedrecommendations on the front page Browse theleaderboard ondiscovery page for popular channels, featuredplaylists, andtrending topics by categories Interact with ourglobal community,and participate in our giveaways and events on thenotificationpage Upload your own work to your page, and view othercreators’channel by creating new collections and download forofflinewatching VeeR offers you everything you need to createquality VRcontent, including the distribution platform, tools,support andknow-how. Our product line already includes: VeeR VR:FascinatingVR/360 global content discovery and sharing platformVeeR Editor:Powerful VR/360 photo & video editor VeeRImmersive: Bestexperiences with your favorite HMD, supported onOculus, HTC Vive,Xiaomi VR and all the major VR platforms. Ourmission is to createbeyond boundaries. Feel free to contact us at:Facebook:VeeR VR(@letsveer) Twitter:VeeR VR (@letsveer)Email:[email protected]
Deep Space Battle VR 2.0.1
The ultimate VR space shooter, Deep Space Battle Cardboard VR isnowbetter than ever and 100% free. Become earth’s mightiest herointhis fast-paced virtual reality shooter game made exclusivelyforGoogle Cardboard VR. In this action-packed dogfight battlegame, useyour wits and your weapons as a lone space pilotdefending againstthe invasion of the Shadow Fleet. Experienceimmersive virtualreality flight through a colorful galacticlandscape while blastingenemy ships. FEATURING:* VR FIRST *Thisspace shooter is designedexclusively for Cardboard VR to offer themost immersive virtualreality experience. *100% FREE *We heardyou, no more In AppPurchases! All Ships, All Levels - absolutelyfree. * NO CONTROLLERREQUIRED *Once you get an enemy in yoursights, your ship willauto-fire. It couldn’t be easier to blastyour enemies away. *ACTION PACKED *The best dogfight battle spaceshooter available forCardboard VR. Experience the best quality VRscreen shatteringeffects that will blow you away. * CUSTOMIZE YOURRIDE *Choose from6 sleek ship designs, each with their own uniquereticle and statsso you can optimize for your play style.
Fulldive VR - Virtual Reality
Fulldive Virtual Reality is a Social All-in-One VR Platform. Itiscompatible on both Cardboard and Daydream headsets. Note: Ifyouare using Daydream, you cannot access Fulldive by clickingonFulldive's icon. Instead, you can access Fulldive throughtheDaydream app and through Daydream's Library. What isFulldive?Fulldive is a 100% user generated virtual reality (VR)content andnavigation platform. It is also a social platform thatallows youto follow what your friends watch, react, and comment on,and shareyour favorite reacted videos. Fulldive allows you tobrowse andview a new generation of media, such as watching 3D and360 photosand videos, and also browse the Internet like neverbefore. Searchover one million videos and play over 500 games inour VR Market.Our content is exponentially growing! All ofFulldive’s content isfrom approved sources such as Youtube, Youku,and Facebook whichprohibits adult/mature content shown publicly.Fulldive VR appworks with any Virtual Reality viewer, includingGoogle CardboardVR or Daydream headset. Join us, and explore thefuture of mediawith Fulldive. Features: ➢ YouTube: Stream allYouTube videos in VR➢ 3D YouTube: Stream 3D YouTube videos in VR ➢360 YouTube: Stream360 YouTube videos in VR ➢ VR Video Player(2D/3D Player): Play allvideos on your phone like in a movietheater ➢ VR Browser : Browseanything on the internet in VR ➢ VRCamera : Take pictures in VR ➢VR Photo Gallery : Store and accessyour pictures and videos in VR➢ VR 360 Photo Gallery : Store andaccess your 360 photos ➢ VRStore, Market and Launcher : Browse fornew apps and access all VRapplications on through VR Upcomingfeatures: ➢ Mixed Reality Apps➢ Fulldive Bolt : Stream yourcomputer screen in VR NOTE: If youare having issue with screendrifting or shifting left and right,please calibrate your device'ssensor by following the steps in thelinkbelow: Fulldive is a virtual reality platform for themasses.Gone are the days when you need to be sitting in front of ascreento watch a movie. There’s no need to be paying thousands fora 3D TVor professional gaming gear to enjoy the movies, videogames, andvideos you love. Mission for the Future Our mission ismake theworld accessible through virtual reality. We also want VRto beavailable and affordable to every person. Technology of theFutureWith a humble and diverse background, the Fulldive teamispassionate about making VR accessible to everyone. Disclaimer:-Since Fulldive content is user-supplied, it may contain matureoradult content. - Discomfort or motion sickness may happen asaresult of using Fulldive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) - Iamstuck on the set up/tutorial page. How do I go inside theapp?Press the "Skip" button on the bottom right of the tutorialscreenor enable screen-rotation on your phone settings - Stuck ontheOrange circle. Your phone does not have a gyro sensor. You needtochange to a phone that has a gyro sensor to fully use the app.-Drifting Go to your phone settings - and re calibratethemagnet/gyro sensor. - I don't see anything on theapplication.Uninstall and reinstall the app, but now, you shouldallow allpermissions. This allows Fulldive to play content fromyour phonein VR. For more QA, visit our Forumat:
Cardboard 1.9
Google LLC
Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The Cardboardapphelps you launch your favorite VR experiences, discover newapps,and set up a viewer. Try out a set of included demos as well•Earth: Fly where your fancy takes you on Google Earth. • TourGuide:Visit Versailles with a local guide. • My Videos: Watch yourvideoson a massive screen. • Exhibit: Examine cultural artifactsfromevery angle. • Photo Sphere: Look around the photo spheresyou'vecaptured. • Arctic Journey: Fly alongside Arctic terns,create yourown flower garden, relax under the northern lights andmore. Tofully enjoy this app you'll need a Cardboard viewer. Learnmore andget your own Cardboard viewer at yourexperience through our Google+ communityat By using this app you agree to beboundby our Google Terms of Service (GoogleToS,, Googles general PrivacyPolicy(, andtheadditional terms below. This app is a Service as defined intheGoogle ToS and the terms regarding software in our Servicesapplyto your use of this app. Do not use this app whiledriving,walking, or otherwise by being distracted or disorientedfrom realworld situations that prevent you from obeying traffic orsafetylaws.
VR Thrills: Roller Coaster 360 (Google Cardboard) 2.0.2
Rabbit Mountain
The ultimate VR Roller Coaster experience. NEW &UPDATEDversion: one of the most popular VR games now features a ,new 3Drides steel runner, fantasy & alien music ride! Go beyondtherollercoater in new the Tycoon Mode! Samsung Galaxy S8 (+)usersplease make sure to enable WQHD+ resolution for thebestexperience. Settings > Display > Screen resolution >WQHD+> APPLY This game features multiple Virtual Reality (VR)RollerCoaster rides. You're ultimate attraction / theme park VR appisone install click away. Dash over the rollercoaster track in VRortouch mode (non-VR). Download it for free. ►VR no gyroscope?Noworries we got you covered. If you have a device withoutanygyroscope sensor please tilt your head left or right to rotatetheview. You do not control the vr rollercoaster, but can view360degrees during you ride. ►Multiple rides Why settle for onerollercoaster if you can enjoy many? Swing by your very ownrollercoaster park and going to be like being the tycoon of yourowntheme park and picking your own roller coaster ride when everyoufeel like it! The rides come in different tastes and thrilllevelfrom all over the world. Pick a more classic cedar rollercoasteredition or take the fastest high speed crazy ride anddiscover atwhat point you'll get queasy. We offer both recorded 360videos ofreal rollercoaster rides and NEW an amazing interactive 3Drollercoaster ride in a fantasy world that will make your jaw drop!The360 video rides come from real life footage making this arollercoaster simulation that is as real as any simulator can get.Sodownload this free VR game now and have your own attraction parkinyour pocket when ever you feel like taking a roller coaster foraspin. Experience the roller coaster racing down the track attopspeed in full 360 VR. ►Latest rides New in the 2018 agroundbreaking new 3D VR roller coaster ride that interacts withlivemusic. The all new Alien Music Ride puts you an a both relaxingandhigh speed ride that interacts and visualizes music. The trackhasfast ans slow sections and the blend into the environment makesitfeel like taking a wingsuite our for a drive on a alienplanet.Musically speaking your going to love this as you can firstpick agenre including Pop, R&B, or Dance en then start yourridealigned with the music. Please note that where the ridementions 3Din the top corner of the tile the ride will offer a true3dexperience, as where it mentions Video the ride will bestreamedthrough online video which requires an online Internetconnection(wifi recommended). ►Compatibility The VR app isoptimized forAndroid mobile phones and the use of Google Cardboard.We aim tosupport cheap and high-end devices. If you have issuescorrectlydisplaying the ride on your headset please first check ifyouenabled the Cardboard setting for your device correctly. Youcanusually scan a QR code to automatically enable the setting foryourheadset. Our known compatibility includes: VRTX One, Stooksy,VRKiX, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio 3D, ANTVR, VRSmartview,ColorCross, VRTRIA, FIBRUM VR, VR View-Master, Nibiru.Pleasecontact us if you have any issues. Furthermore you can usethis appto enjoy the rides without any VR headset through touchcontrols aswell. If you like VR apps and games, and specificallythrilling VRRoller Coaster rides then this is a must download foryou. 5, 4, 3,2, 1... Get into the VR groove and claim your free VRRollerCoaster now! ___ Find more on your AR / VR Discovery and joinus onsocial media: - Like us on Facebook - View our videos YouTube-Follow us on Twitter © 2017-2018 Rabbit Mountain EntertainmentLtd.All rights reserved.
Astronaut VR Google Cardboard 1.13
Ever dreamed of making a trip to the International SpaceStation(ISS)?With Google Cardboard and Astronaut VR you willexperience aspace walk in virtual reality (VR).Enjoy the view backto earthfrom 400km. We only have this lovely planet.For thebestexperience, you need a Google Cardboard compatible VR deviceand apowerful phone.Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 users: pleasemakesure to enable WQHD+ display resolution in Settings >Display> Screen resolution > WQHD+ > Apply.You controlyourastronaut through gaze direction and slight head rotation.Notrigger or external controller is needed.We are currentlyworkingon further missions for Astronaut VR, in which you can proveyourastronaut skills.Please send us feedback, so we canimprove.Learnmore aboutGoogleCardboard! isalso compatible with other viewers like: Fove 0, DurovisDive,Merge VR, Refugio 3D, FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, Homido, Carl Zeiss VROne
Jurassic Roller Coaster VR 1.0.4
Christian Schildt
This little virtual reality (Cardboard) simulation offers youtheopportunity to ride a roller coaster for free!This 360° and3Drollercoaster contains …-> a looping!-> steepslopes!->dinosaurs!Furthermore you can …-> choose betweentwoenvironments.-> adjust the graphics to increasetheperformance.With every round the game gets faster and fasterandmore extreme! There is no speed limit!
Ascape VR: 360° Virtual Travel 4.0.38
Ascape VR
Travel the world with Ascape VR, the live virtual realitytraveloguethat lets you watch beautiful 360 VR video of iconiclocations andtravel destinations.Experience virtual tours that letyou travelfrom the beaches of Hawaii to the streets of New York orAmsterdam,feed elephants in Africa or dive with sharks in theCaribbean. Findtravel destinations and explore culture anddestinations around theworld. Experience the world in virtualreality with unforgettablejourneys to the destinations you'vealways wanted to see.Ascape VRworks with or without GoogleCardboard or other virtual realityheadsets. Experience real 360video clips and VR tours. Specialbranded collections by JetBlue,Thomas Cook, YP, Lonely Planet andother travel brands.With AscapeVR, anything is possible.ASCAPE VRFEATURES:TRAVEL THE WORLDWHENEVER YOU WANT • World travel is in thepalm of your hands.Spend less time searching and more timerelaxing• Travel the worldanytime, with or without an internetconnectionVACATION AT THEDESTINATIONS YOU WANT TO VISIT • Vacationat the destinationsyou’ve always dreamed of and cross off yourtravel bucket list•Travel to the world’s most pristine beaches,chic cities and famousmuseumsEXPERIENCE UNIQUE ACTIVITES•Experience a Star Wars paradein Disneyland• Take a field trip tothe Coca-Cola museum• Learnwakeboarding in New Zealand• Visit theBroncos stadium in Denver•See the oldest Ford car in DetroitFUNVIDEO CLIPS FOR KIDS• Virtualvideo clips from Lonely Planet Kidsinclude fun animal activitiesfor kids• Get up close and personalwith elephants, dolphins,gorillas, sharks and penguins• Ascape VRis the perfect app forkids to have fun and get to know theirfavorite animals360 VR VIDEOCLIPS LET YOU EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING•Our video clips haveeverything you need for travel - maps,beautiful destinations andculture• Experience full immersion withevery video. We hand-pickthe tours so you get the best of eachdestination Don’t wait.Travel the world today!Compatible with anyVirtual Realityheadsets: Google Cardboard, Zeiss VR ONE, DoDo CaseVR, Homido,Durovis Dive, Fibrum etc.Please, feel free to contact uswith yourfeedback or suggestions at [email protected] We'd loveto hearfrom you!Follow us on:Twitter a review if you likeAscape. Thanks!Made with love in SanFrancisco.
VR Cinema 2.4
VR Cinema allows you to see your favourite movies invirtualreality. Just upload an HD movie file in mp4 format, launchthe appand enjoy your movie in a realistic virtual movie theatre!Pleasemake sure that the video files were added to the Video folderonyour phone. Compatible with Virtual Reality (VR)glassesApplication requires a virtual reality headset(GoogleCardboard-like): FIBRUM VR, ANTVR, Carl Zeiss VR OneGX,ColorCross, Cynoculars, Durovis Dive, Fove 0, FreeFly,Homidocenter (V2), Merge VR, Nibiru, Puyo Box, Refugio 3D,Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, VR Smartview, VR View-Master DLX,VRTRIA, VRTXOne, Xiaomi VR 3D Glasses. In addition to the abovemodels, it ispossible to use the virtual reality headset and 3D /VR glasses ofother samples and manufacturers. 360 VR emulator — 360degreefreedom. Enjoy the ultra-realistic 360 3D VR world withdetailedgraphics and carefully crafted sound merged together forthe mostimmersive atmosphere. Put on your VR-headset and experienceanincredibly emotional adventure in virtual reality. VR gamesfreetrial The app implements a freemium system. During the wholetrialperiod, you can play absolutely free! If you like the app,registera promotion code or purchase the app to use the applicationto thefullest and get unlimited access to it. To do this, just gothrougha quick registration in Fibrum Platform. Fibrum VR Do youwant toknow more about Fibrum VR applications? Install and try ourmostpopular 3D virtual reality games (VRgames). Select one of themanyvirtual worlds: space shooters, westerns, crazy three-dimensionalraces, breathtaking rides, colorful and hilariousadventures aswell as horrors of zombie apocalypse. We have a 360 VRexperiencefor every taste!
Go VR Player -3D 360 cardboard 1.13.0505.1111
Go VR Player is a free and powerful vr player app that supportsallmodes including panoramic 360°videos ,2D and 3D videos (halfsideby side ). You can watch 3D\2D\360°movies in the phone ornetworkstreaming files you can find ,and even we recommendwonderful vrvideos(Virtual Reality videos)every week in VR+ . morewonderfulcontent in VR+ waiting for You! You must try it then youknow whati say ! All your need is a VR / Virtual Reality headsetsuch asgoogle cardboard then you can enjoy the Virtual Realitytravel ,ORmove your phone around without a headset like holding awindow intoanother world. ※Publish by The Best Video PlayerTechnology Companyin China Baofeng Tc.※*Features: Support360°videos - Support 2D/3Dvideos and photos .- Supported 3Dformats: side-by-side- Read localfiles or call up remote URL's.-See your device's videos in a newway.- Watch HTML5 Video from VR+.-Head tracking clicking system.-Support navigation and search.-Support all formats, including fullHD mp4 videos.- Support resourcedownload.* VR+ Introduction-recommend wonderful VR videos includingYoutube\Discovery\Littlstarand baofengmojing.- content includesexygirl\natural\adventure\Art\life\Adult VR\VRhorror\youtubevideo\discvery vr and so on.- You can search bt andseed as youlike ,we include btdigg and The Pirate Bay . ※TheSmallest and fastVR player ※ It's only 10m , use Seldom RAM,keepyour phonecool\Smooth and fast! If you need help, please contact [email protected] We are glad to help you,Thank you!welcomevisitour websit : to download the govrplayer PROfor more better experience!
RollerCoasterVR DarkCity 1.0
Application for Google cardboard.Please wear the VR equipmentandaboard on VR roller coaster.Feel the exhilarating thrillthruskyscrapers.Please watch the broken railway.Function :+Applicationfor VR.+ Created by 3D graphics.+ Control available bygyrosensor.+ Minimize the VR motion sickness.Advertisementsareembedded in this Map.
VR Cinema - Moon VR Player: 3d/360/180/Videos 2.5.0
Rock VR
Use Moon VR Player to watch the videos on your computersmoothlywithout copying it into your phone! Frees up your memory!Moon VRplayer is a powerful and totally free VR player, without anyads!Moon VR Player allows you to watch 3D films and VRvideos.Featuresof Moon VR Player:- Watch VR/2D/3D videos on yourcomputer by AirPlay (both Win and Mac) without copying them-Support visit onlinevideos with links from Youtube, Vimeo, etc.-Support all VR modes:3d\180°\360°\2d\half side by side\up anddown\panoramic video.-Support all video formats:mkv\mp4\wmv\mov\avi\rmvb\flv\3gp-Support subtitle both in 2d modeand VR mode: srt/ass/ssa- SupportAC3/DTS audio track and change theaudio track- Support 4K videoplayback. - Support adjust the size ofVR screen- Support lock orreset the VR screen- Support open videoson FTP/SMB servers withMoon VR Player- Elegant backgroundUpcomingfeatures:- VR cinemamode- VR browser functionWith all thesefeatures, Moon VR Playerwill be the most useful VR tool for your VRexperience.Our Missionfor the Future:Help everyone all over theworld capture and sharewonderful vitural reality experiences.How doI play Moon VR Playeron Samsung Gear VR?- Please follow thefollowingguide: watch videos on my computer by Air Play?- Please downloadAirPlay software from our office site: is a guidence in Moon VR Playerapp.Official Site:https://moonplayerapp.comDevelopemail:[email protected]:
InMind VR (Cardboard) 19.0.7
InMind is a short adventure with arcade elements designed fortheGoogle Cardboard. It's also playable without any specialviewer.Game is totally free, as well as our new VR projectInCell( allows the player toexperiencethe journey into the patient's brains in search of theneurons thatcause mental disorder. Submerge into the microworld andexperiencethe miracles of the human mind. The future is nigh. Thehumanity isstanding upon the brink of a new era where modernhealthcare makestremendous scientific advancements. With the helpofnanotechnologies a surgical prototype bathyscaphe allowsitsoperator to shrink to a microlevel and travel inside thepatient'sbody. A unique experimental project made by Nival to testtheopportunities of the new Virtual Reality provided byGoogleCardboard.Compatible with View Master, Fibrum, Homido,Lakento,Archos, Durovis and others Cardboard like headsets.
VR Abyss: Sharks & Sea Worlds for Google Cardboard 1.1.4
Rabbit Mountain
Dive deep into the ocean and experience the most stunningunderwaterthrills without getting your feet wet. Shark Attacks,Sinking Ships,and the Coral Reef all in one amazing 360 VirtualReality (VR) app!No need to sit in front of your aquarium or fishtank to enjoy thebeautiful fish and sea life. This underwater VRapp offers youmultiple highly visual 360 experiences: - NEWEndless VR Diving gamemode - Discover the Coral Reef - Go down ina shark cage and see howthe sharks make vicious attacks - See theOrca (killer whale) upclose - A sinking ship Finally you don'tneed a diving assistant orbuddy to become a deep ocean diver. Skipthe diving school, skipboring classroom sessions, just divestraight into the Abyss and seewhat the deep ocean depths have tooffer. This simulator offers thereal deal! Before you know ityou'll see sea evolution in all itsglory and will be fighting offa shark attacks like a pro. So youcan leave your shark tracker athome because will be head-to-headwith a shark before you know it.VR game mode The new game mode is afast paced endless divingexperience that will take you deep underthe waves of the ocean.Flip and go diving deeper into the abyss andsee if you can set thenew high-score. Be sure to pick-up thoseoxygen power-ups to refillyour tanks and watch out to avoid a sharkattack or a wondering seamonster. No need to resort to violence,this VR game is aboutmaneuverable skills and you should focus onjust diving ahead on apath that avoids you from fighting a seabattle in which you standno chance. The controls are simple as youcan tilt your headleft/right to start flipping is the correspondingdirection. Lookup/down to dive deeper or float upwards. So ifyou're in for VRgames without controller, then you just found theperfect match. Sograb your diving gear and join the diving clubnow! Reap therewards of the abyss and go deep diving. Best off allyou can leaveyour wallet at home and download this VR game totallyfor free. Ifyou like VR games and apps this is a must freedownload.Compatibility Important notice for Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+and Note8 users, please make sure to enable WQHD+ resolution forthe bestexperience. Settings > Display > Screen resolution> WQHD+> APPLY This VR app works without a gyroscope so youcan enjoydiving into the endless abyss regardless of the Androiddevice. Wesupport a version for Google Cardboard using a compatibleviewer*or a stereo rendered version that works without GoogleCardboardand without a gyroscope. *) Tested Google Cardboardviewersincludes: Fove 0, VR View-Master DLX, Puyo Box, DurovisDive, MergeVR, Refugio 3D, FIBRUM VR, Cynoculars, ANTVR, VRSmartview,ColorCross, Carl Zeiss VR One GX, Homido center (V2),Nibiru,Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTX One, Stooksy, Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX,VRTRIA.Please contact us if you are having trouble with yourviewer, weare here to help or hear your opinion. Copyright 2017 -2018Virtual Amigos. All rights reserved.
Cedar Point VR 1.6.2
Experience Cedar Point’s newest roller coaster Valravn fromthecomfort of your phone! To fully enjoy this app you'll needaCardboard VR viewer. Learn more and get your own Cardboardviewerat
VR Apps and Games (Guide) 1.10.1
Apps Cowboys
✓ Join thousands of users getting TOTALLY FREE the latest VRAndroidapps, tools, games and movies ★ VR new apps reviews Do youwant getthe most out of your Cardboard or VR glasses? Are youinterested inlive an awesome virtual experience with your new VRdevice? ★Discover how to: - Make your first parachute - Findyourselfstrapped into a behemoth ride - Enjoy the feeling ofperformingstunts on a difficult road in beautiful scenery - Drivea Subaru Mt.Washington Hillclimb - Be careful with our 360º horrormovies andterror experiences - Ride a Swiss Air Force F-5 jetairplane - Play360 VR arcade games - Watch hundreds of 360 freevideos selected foryou ★ You can trust in apps for Cardboard andVR ✓ Completely free ✓No spam. Only quality apps. ✓ Enable orDisable new appsnotifications as you want ✓ Disable ads with onlyone touch ✓Runnable in your smartphone or tablet device 

★Supported VRdevices 
- Oculus DK2 - Oculus DK1 - Samsung Gear VR -Durovis Dive- HOMIDO VR - Stooksy VR-Spektiv - DODOcase Cardboard- GoogleCardboard - Zeiss VR One - Yay3D VR Viewer - Refugio3D -VReye GO …and mucho more! Please rate our app in the Google Playstore. Yourapp experience is important to us. If you encounter anyproblems orissues, email [email protected] for a directresponse. ThisIndependent App doesn't have anything to do with theGoogle PlayStore. All listed apps, app-logos, are property ofGoogle and/or thedeveloper. DEVELOPERS: Don't doubt in write us anemail to introduceyour VR app. Thanks for testing. Coming soonupdates related withDaydream project
VR player movies 3D 1.3.2
Arab App Pro
Virtual reality glasses experience serves as a unique andimmersiveexperience. Algod in a new adventure of your environmentandexplore things like you are already there in therealisticpossibility. Amazing thing is true? You can video, whichis locatedinside the phone without tiring easily through the videoplayer vr3d can run multimedia video player such as video andaviationadventure ship and watch movies advised to put the headsetfor bestexperimental run.The screen is divided into two parts inorder toenjoy watching movies vr box 360 ° also easily compatiblewith allvirtual reality glasses such as cardboard and all otherprotectivefreshness.You can go to a wonderful and amazing adventureyou canenter the virtual world.{How the application uses thedisplaymovies vr box}By downloading video from the Internet orfromYouTube then the player and watch movies player vr boxwithease. ✔ features the application of virtual reality✔✔supports sbs saw the best movies✔ compatible with alldefaultNdharat✔ supports 2D / 3D videos✔ support unlimited videolength✔Supports 3D formats along✔ supports 360 ° video✔ workswithoutInternet✔ very small size✔ easy to useIf the application youlikedo not forget rate 5 Stars,
VR Space 1.1.1
Blue Cow Entertainment
VR Space for Cardboard headset device, is an Immersive "fulldive"virtual reality tour of Sun Star and planet systems inourproprietary VR universe. Make a Discovery of stars andvastgalactic vr space. Features: - Stunning views of VR space-Experience our ambient music - Vr cardboard HD graphics of Sunstar- Immersive virtual reality-VR technology - Cardboardheadsetdevice optimized- fulldive virtual reality adventure in VRuniverse- No touch controls or other controllers needed in ourvirtualreality, VR headset device games Set out on the Immersivevirtualadventure to discovery of depths of galaxy and have ablissfulfulldive vr experience of floating in the space with our VRapp.One of the best adventure apps among vr games withoutcontroller.With our update which is coming soon, VR Space willbecome one ofthe best adventure shooter games in VR cardboard"Space Games"category on the store and among other vr games our appwill takeit's high position if you support us by sending yourfeedback toour email, instead of writing them in reviews. Thank youfor yoursincere support! Enjoy our Free VR Space experience andfall inlove with fulldive vr technology and vr headset devices. VrSpacedoes not require a controller and it is one of the best appsamongvr games without controller. Astronomy lovers should alsoenjoyastronomy in virtual reality.
Perfect Burger VR 1.1.1
3DiVi Inc.
Perfect Burger VR is a free virtual reality game.Also you canfindthe game forGearVRhere: a fast-food van. Many customers drop by to try youramazingburgers. Challenge your cooking skills, make the best burgerin theworld! There are many ingredients in front of you, becarefulchoosing the right staff you want to put in your burger. Youcanplay this VR game using VicoVR Controller if you want fullbodymotion version of the game. Or you can play it like anyothercardboard game in any virtual reality headset you like.Werecommendplaying this game with VicoVR Controller to move yourwhole body invirtual worlds. More info here:
Trinus Cardboard VR (Lite) 2.2.0
Odd Sheep
Play your favourite PC games in virtual reality withouttheexpensive hardware. ★ Featured in Gizmodo, IGN, MicrosoftInsider ★Winner: ZEISS VR One App Contest ★ Over 1,000,000downloads ★ Freetaster sessions (as many sessions as you want) ►HOW IT WORKSTrinus VR connects your Android phone to your PC, soyou can playyour favourite PC games in virtual reality (VR). Ituses thesensors in your phone for head tracking to give you a greatVRgaming experience with a wallet friendly price tag. So straponyour VR headset and enter the Trinus! Trinus VR is free totry,with time restricted sessions. If you want to remove thetimerestriction, you can purchase full access via the Purchase tabinthe Trinus PC server application. ► FEATURES ★ Works with allPCgames including GTA, Elite Dangerous and Minecraft. ★SupportsSteamVR (and Oculus games via ReVive) ★ Compatible withallheadsets including Google Cardboard, Homido, FreeFly, VROne,GearVR, Durovis Dive. ★ Wireless gameplay (orturbochargeperformance with USB connection). ★ Unlock the fullversion with notime restrictions for even more awesomeness. ► WHATYOU NEED •Headmount of choice (e.g. Google Cardboard, Homido,Freefly, VROne, etc.) • Your Android phone (mid to high end devicewithgyroscope) • Your Windows PC • Free TrinusVR PC app ►GETTINGSTARTED Step 1: On your Android phone download the TrinusVRLiteapp. Step 2: Grab the free TrinusVR PC app:http://trinusvr.comStep 3: Follow the super simple Setup Guide.Step 4: Strap on yourheadset and start playing! ► NEED SOME HELP? •Pop along to theforum: •Reddit at • Shoot anemail:[email protected] ► MADE IT THIS FAR? Get a 15% off withthisdiscount code: enterthetrinus Reading through the detailssometimespays off ;)
VR Maze Game 1.0.3
Christian Schildt
“VR Maze Game” is a 3D VR (Virtual Reality) maze game forCardboardheadsets.Features:- Experience the friendly gameatmosphere infirst person view!- Play normal mazes in randomorder!- Challengeyourself in a hardcore maze!- Adjust the graphicsfor the bestexperience on your smartphone!
Metro VR 3.1.4
Ervaar onze nieuwe winkel met deze 360° foto/virtual realityapp.Onze Metro Cash & Carry-winkels bieden een exclusieveformulevoor de hospitality- en foodprofessional. Virtuele wereldPlaats jemobiele telefoon in een Virtual Reality Cardboard, eenspeciaalontworpen kartonnen houder, en beleef een ultieme ervaring.De appstart automatisch wanneer je je telefoon horizontaal houdt.GeenVirtual Reality Cardboard? Deactiveer de VR-modus om de apptegebruiken in de normale modus. Beweeg je smartphone om de360°videotoer optimaal te beleven. De app gebruikt deingebouwdegyroscoopfunctie op je smartphone.Experience our new shopwith this360 ° photo / virtual reality app. Our Metro Cash &Carrystores offer an exclusive formula for the hospitality andfoodprofessional.virtual worldPut your cell phone in a VirtualRealityCardboard, a specially designed cardboard container, andenjoy theultimate experience. The app will start automatically whenyou holdyour phone horizontally.No Virtual RealityCardboard?Deactivate theVR mode to use it in normal mode. Move yoursmartphone to fullyexperience the 360 ​​degree video tour. The appuses the built-ingyroscope function on your smartphone.
WEARVR 2.0.6
The WEARVR App is here to help you find the latest andgreatestVirtual Reality content for your mobile device. No longerwill youhave to scour the web for Android compatible VR apps -they're allhere! Grab your cardboard, download the app and you canstartexploring different worlds, playing immersive games or justscaringyour friends. WEARVR is the leading independent VirtualReality appstore, hosting and promoting over 1,000 VR games andexperiencesacross a wide range of genres. From roller coasters,driving andflying sims through to 360-degree videos, social appsand jumpscares, you’ll find them all on WEARVR. Check out thewebsite here:
VR Roller Coaster: GALAXY 360 in Deep Space 1.2.0
Virtual Amigos
Multiple VR rollercoaster like experiences set in outer-space.Feelthe speed as you drift through deep space and defy all lawsofgravity! Take a shuttle into space and see remote spacestationsand galactic structures from distant civilizations as youtake aride in deep space. Get the roller coaster VR rides atmultiplesites across the universe; here are some of the featuresoffered bythis awesome VR app: 👽 Many different rides 👽 Works onGoogleCardboard and on devices without gyroscope 👽 Ultra HighDefinition(HD) graphics 👽 All rides features unique ambiance andsolar systemThis VR game also works without any gyroscope orcontroller. Defygravity and experience the infinity of space inthis 360 virtualreality app. Awsome game mode coming soon! Staytuned. VirtualReality is so much more immersive than a regularmobile app orevent TV, seeing is believing as it's best describedas mounting a360 theatre to you head and seeing a total new worldcome to lifeas if you were there. Join the ultimate VR team andtravel beyondremote destinations in deep space for the ultimaterollercoasterrush. Pushing the needle to a new frontier of VirtualReality (VR)simulators, we build pixel perfect experiences for youto enjoywith or without a VR headset (goggles). In VR mode theexperienceis highly captivating through full 360 head tracking andin touchmode you don't need a headset and can simply use the VR appthroughtouch controls. Our smart software will allow you to viewthe VRexperience on devices with or without a gyroscope. *)CompatibilityThis VR app is designed for Android mobile phonesusing GoogleCardboard. Issues? Please check your Cardboardsettings. You canusually scan a QR code of your headset to applysettings. Testedcompatibility includes: Fove 0, VR View-Master DLX,Carl Zeiss VROne GX, Homido (V2), Nibiru, Xiaomi Mi, FreeFly, VRTXOne, Stooksy,Tepoinn 3D, VR KiX, Durovis Dive, Merge VR, Refugio3D, FIBRUM VR,ANTVR, VR Smartview, ColorCross, VRTRIA. For SamsungGear VRsupport you will have to use either an emulator or simpleuseGoogle Cardboard viewer.
VR Solar System 1.4.4
It is a virtual reality journey through space in our solarsystem,you will have the possibility to travel to each planet ofoursystem and learn from them like never before. Just put yourphonein the Cardboard and enjoy.A 360 experience, live and learn inthefirst person, as an astronaut, the experience of traveling inthesolar system.With the Audio guide of this application learnandknow the plans, stars, satellites,...Availablein:*Spanish*English*French*German*Italian*Portuguese*Russian*Polish*Dutch*DanishThejourneytakes us through the planets: Earth, Moon, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn,Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto.Headset supportvrArse ,homido , Lakento , VRelia , Durovis Dive 5 , H one ,altergaze,park-II, Pico , bobovr , view master , vrizzmo , noon,vr shinecon ,Letv Le cool1 , Cmoar , Zeiss vr one , freefly vr ,fibrum , box ,refugio3d , Gamingvisor , Viewbox , dscvr ,virtualvizor , lens Lab, fove , opto , XG , Homebox, Evolo ,headset Decals, share, flatvr, hifly , evomade, iBlue , VirtualReality Headset , Lettv , ibaddy, Magic , riem , riem2 , deepoonm2 , vico , onebutton , Blitzwolf ,afunta , andoer , baofengmojing, Loop, vr apps
SideloadVR for GearVR 6.04
Mark Schramm
--== Only for Samsung Note4, Note5, S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7Edge==----== S8 (Plus) Support not yet available, but in theworks==--SideloadVR is a public GearVR app testing platform.GearVRapplications are usually locked down to a specific device,butSideloadVR enables the public testing by creating a unique apkforeach device. SideloadVR downloads apks directly fromdevelopers,automatically creates the signature file and injects itinto theapk.If you are a developer and want to be included inSideloadVR,please fill out this form and we will get backtoyou:
VR Roller Coaster 2.0.7
Experience the real life sensation of this 3D roller coaster andanexciting environment with your mobile virtual reality headset.TryVR Roller Coaster as it was meant to be by ordering theWearalitySky with ultra wide Field of View.Orderhere:*Tap with 1 finger tore-calibratethe forward direction.*Tap with 2 fingers to restarttheride!Features:-Google Cardboard powered stereoscopic renderingandhead tracking for mobile VR.-Exciting VR roller coasterexperiencewith loops and dives.-Vast, randomly generated city thatchangedeach time you open the app.-An exciting environment filledwithnoisy crowds, buildings, birds, screaming riders, andanairship.Learn more about GoogleCardboardtoday! with anymobilestereoscopic headset with a built in accelerometer.