Top 6 Games Similar to kick off face shoot

Beach Shooting 1.1
Mobile Game 3D
★★★introduction★★★The warriors need to face the threats of large gun gameagain!A top sniper can fight by himself with a whole army! Shootalltheterrorists, who appear in front of you.Try to killyouropponentsbefore they defeat you.Good luck and have fun!★★★how to play★★★1 click on the screen to move2 Click mode button to aim and shoot3 Click on the lower right button to reload★★★characteristics★★★1 control: simple games and easy to use, experience the funofenemyfire!2 weapons: a pistol, machine guns, each weapon hasitsdifferentcharacteristics, embodied in the accuracy, rate offire,fire, thelife of the different!3 enemy: a variety of different difficulty enemy,ladderlevelincreasing difficulty, standing on the ladder top, feelthemillionpeople above!
AndrTitanic 1.9
Leo Rod
Try to get as close as possible the iceberg without touchingit,inthe minimum time. This app is a parody of the famous movie,andhasnothing to do with the real history.
Werewolf Legend 2.0
Netpower Games
200 years after Yu controlled the flood,thestele in the palace was destroyed! The monster broke throughtheseal, and the demon came to be the king and started to destroythesociety~~~The imperial board of Astronomy observed the stars and foundthatDubhe moved, so did Alkaid, and Seven kill was shiningwhileCynosure is dim!!!Three meteors fell in the east. Seven kill appeared in the worldandwould kill monsters to save human beings. This is called ShaPoLang!!! "The world will be taken once the 3 stars get together and there’snochance to turn any more!With the help of Seven kill and Alkaid, A boy with Dubhehisfortune, stepped in the complicated world and startedhisjourney.You can experience the 3 characters corresponding to 3relatedstart:Dubhe- swordsman- good at attackingSeven kill- archer- very flexibleAlkaid- Hercules- great defenderJust switch characters to pass level quicker and enjoy theextremefun of fighting! You can also enjoy the special levels whichwillbring you countless coins, items and tips!In Werewolf Legend, stop freely means death. You can onlyfightwithout end. The only way to survive is to kill!!!Just experience the creative multi-character switching systemwithits featured characters, amazing special effect, awesomeepicsoldiers and abundant dungeons!Control mode:Lower left button is for walkingLower right for fightingRemember to get equipments, coins, ExP and pets fromchallenginglevels!The key to improve your ATK is to upgrade your skills andintensifyyour equipments and pets!Money tree, treasure, home of BOSS …… multiple dungeons and somanyrewards are waiting for you to explore!
球球大作战 5.0.0
Superpop Inc.
Battle of Balls has broken out! This isanultra fun, cute and challenging casual game allowing playersallover the world to compete with one another in real time. Inthegame, you will play a ball and your only aim is survival. Hey,tryyour best to eat smaller balls and get bigger and bigger.It is true in the world bigger balls will eat smallerballssooner or later.Every ball in the world should try their best to get bigger!Simply move your ball properly to eat smaller balls on the wayandmake your ball bigger.Don't be frustrated even if your ball is rather small. Justtryeating smaller balls to get bigger.Even if you are an extremely big ball, you should watch outforhidden weapons.[Simply Use 1 Finger to Play]No matter how lazy you are, you can play the game everywheresimplyusing one finger.[Fun Strategies]You may make use of various strategies to survive in the game.Forexample, you may hide inside bushes to prevent being detectedbyothers, split once to eat a smaller ball, hide behind a bigballfor safety, etc.[Customizable Appearance and Name]Every player can customize their own avatar's appearance andname.Just kindle your imagination to create a cool avatar.[Players All Over the World]The game is accessible to players all over the world. Just eatyourfriends, eat your neighbors, eat strangers, etc. Isn't itfun,huh?
Shoot Beer Bottles 2.0
This game allows you to shoot thebeerbottleand broken glass.smash bottles with bullets.learn how to blow up glass!in this battle you need to destroy the bottle and get points.get ready, the game over when the time is bottle shoot game for everybody, kids and shoot as many bottles as you is a real online and discover your skills!learn how to become a good shooter!The main features:- for phone and tablet.- different challenges.- target size changed from level to level.- target can move in some levels.- great graphic.- gun shooting.- amazing frames.- addictive!- game for relax
shoot target game 2.0
shoot target game allows you to aim andshotinyour free need to shoot at the target to get points.don't waste time, the game over when the time is finished.Features:- Aim and shoot to the target.- Many levels.- Target size changed from level to level.- Target can moves in some levels.- simple!- free!