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Sleeping Dogs Wallpapers 1.0
SGA Media
You can start enjoying the coolestsleepingdogswallpapers ever. Just select one of the many sleepingdogsavailableand immediately change the look of your phonebackground.Please follow the instructions below in order tostartenjoyingour wallpapers.1- Download and install the app.2-Press and keep pressed for a couple of seconds on theimagethatyou want to set as wallpaper.3-A small menu window will appear. Select 'Set Pictureas'option,then select 'Wallpaper' then Save button. Done. Theimagewillappear as the background of your phone.Enjoy our cool sleeping dogs wallpapers. Do not forget totakeafew seconds of your valuable time and rate our app.NOTE: All the images are paid stock images with full rights.
Earth Live Wallpaper 6.0
My Live Wallpaper
How would you like to havethemagnificent''planet Earth'' in the palm of your hand? We bringyoua brand newapp that can make your wish come true! ''EarthLiveWallpaper''displays the position of the Blue Planet fromtheUniverse! Enjoythe beautiful pictures that come from the depthsofCosmos!Decorate the screen of your phone for Android™ withthesecoolbackgrounds! If you get our 3D wallpapers, you will havethewholeworld in your pocket! Download the Earth images freeofcharges,sit comfortably and discover the beauty of our planetinvastspace!Follow the installation instructions:Home Button -> Press Menu -> Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers* You can choose from lots of different backgroundwallpapers!* Both landscape mode and home-screen switching are fullysupported!The Earth is the third planet from the Sun and it isthefifthlargest planet in the ''Solar System''! It formed billionsofyearsago! When life appeared on its surface, Earthatmospherechanged inorder to make further procreation possible! Onthatoccasion, theozone layer was created in order to protect theplanetfrom thesolar radiation and the global warming! However,thetemperature ofthe Earth's climate system is rising due totheemission of thegases which destroy the ozone layer! ''EarthLiveWallpaper''reminds us of the fascinating beauty of our planetinorder to keepit healthy and clean!Have you always wanted to know what the Earth looks likefromouterspace? This ''planets live wallpaper'' will satisfyyourcuriosity!It will be your personal space shuttle on your voyagetospace!Imagine that you are a spaceman with the earth map headingtotheMilky Way in a space rocket! You feel a slight earthquakewhenthespace rocket launches, but you don't need theearthquakealertbecause you are not afraid! You are excited as in afewseconds youwill enjoy the view of our spinning planet fromtheUniverse! Youpass by many solar planets on your way to thethirdrock from theSun! You can see Pluto covered in ice and thenastyweather onNeptune and Uranus! The scenery of Saturn andJupitersurrounded bymoons and moonlets is amazing! When you noticetheasteroid andmeteoroid belt, you know that it is time for Mars!Youare sad asyou cannot see Mercury and Venus, but it reallydoesn'tmatterbecause you have arrived at your destination! Thesatelliteview ofthe Earth at night is breathtaking! This rotatingglobelookswonderful among numerous constellations and spacegalaxies!Eventhough it is night, you can still see huge blue oceansandseas!You don't need a planet finder anymore because this''3DEarth''live wallpaper for your phone has done a fantasticjob!With the HD desktop backgrounds, the planetary systemneverlookedbetter! Put one of the Blue Planet free images on thescreenof yourphone and feel as if you were a warrior in a gameabout theEarthdefense! Save our planet and receive the medal ofhonor forbeing thebest Earth defender ever! This ''Earthwallpaper'' is sovivid thatyou can imagine almost anything and itwill becomereality!The Solar System background images will answer all thequestionsyouhave about astronomy! You are eager to know how meteorshowersandshooting stars are created? Or maybe you want to findouteverythingabout stars and the full Moon on the blue sky?Don'tworry! Our skylive wallpaper is here to discover everysinglemystery foryou!Earth Live Wallpaper is the unique application whichwilltransformyour phone into a starship for your trip to outerspace!Get thefree download right now and enjoy the striking view ofthe3Dplanet Earth from the Universe!* Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Sleeping Cat Live Wallpaper 1.03
Sleeping Cat ! Live Wallpaper !Sleeping Cat , Little Cat App ! Perfect Quality !The domestic cat (Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus) isasmall, usually furry, domesticated, and carnivorous mammal.Theyare often called housecats when kept as an indoor pet orsimplycats when there is no need to distinguish them from otherfelidsand felines.[6] Cats are often valued by humans forcompanionshipand their ability to hunt vermin.Live Wallpaper is Free and Customizable !!Wallpapers in HD !The best application, small and fast. Not crash.Double tap on your device opens the Customizations.Use : In customizations window click on set Live Wallpaper.In this application you can find a lot of pictures in HD andfullof color! If you like Cat , Kitty , Cats , Sleeping , Fluffy ,Cute, Fun , Funny , Animal ... You will enjoy this app.
Cute Puppies Live Wallpaper 2.8
Welcome to the land of cute puppies! Corgi puppies,dobermanpuppies, and schnauzer puppies are waiting for a dog loverlikeyou! Beautify your phone screen and your life with thiscollectionof “puppy pictures” and enjoy in amazing feelings of joyandpeacefulness which only dogs can bring us! Download ❤ CutePuppiesLive Wallpaper ❤ today and you'll have the best wallpapersandbackgrounds! Features: ♥ A huge collection of free“livewallpapers”! ♥ Dog wallpapers, puppy pictures, images,andbackgrounds hd! ♥ App that puts you in a lovely and cheerfulmood!♥ Optimized Battery Usage! ♥ Compatible with 99% mobilephonedevices! ♥ Landscape mode and home-screen switching! ❤ CutePuppiesLive Wallpaper ❤ is a new live wallpaper app especiallydesignedfor all people who love dogs and animals in general. Itcontains acollection of “pictures of puppies” of all kinds: goldenretrieverpuppies, pomeranian puppies, cocker spaniel puppies,beaglepuppies, and many more. It enhances your wallpaper backgroundwithimages of little dogs which will melt your heart and take awayallyour worries. Download it now and you'll have the bestpuppywallpapers ever! Recommend this phone customization app to allyourfriends and enjoy looking at cute little dogs! Dog is man'sbestfriend, isn't it? Dogs are able to provide love and affectionthatis often more sincere and deeper than human and that is why weliketo keep them as pets. Most of us get very gentle aroundpuppies,just like around babies. Imagine pug puppies, Frenchbulldogpuppies, great Dane puppies, or pitbull puppies runningaround youand inviting you to hold them and pet them. A cute sight,right?Now you can look at these cute creatures every day! Downloadthiscollection of puppies wallpapers and enjoy in beautifulfeelingsthey evoke. Let some cuteness into your life! Yorkiepuppies, huskypuppies, labrador puppies, and Maltese puppies arewaiting for youin the best wallpaper widget of the year! Apply oneof cutewallpapers 3d and fill yourself with positive emotions!Thesepuppies pictures will bring you inspiration and put a smile onyourface every time you unlock your phone screen. Pick yourfavoriteamong akita puppies, dalmatian puppies, havanese puppies,andBritish bulldog puppies and cover your phone with joyfulnessofthese little dogs. Cute dogs wallpapers – only for you! ❤CutePuppies Live Wallpaper ❤ with puppy pictures completely freeofcharge. If you have kids, they will be especially thrilledaboutthis lwp app. Children are known to love animals, and lookingatanimal pictures and reading fairy tales featuring variousanimals.Their favorite pets are usually cats and dogs and theyespeciallyenjoy playing with little puppies or kittens. Use thiswallpapersetter app to have a new puppy photo every day. You canalso use itto learn dog breeds or teach them to your kids. Butbeware – yourkid could want to have shih tzu puppies, englishbulldog puppies,or morkie puppies. Set these pictures of dogs asyour home screenbackground and think about buying a puppy. Eitheryou have one ornot, this hd wallpaper app will surely make youhappier. Livewallpaper apps with “cute puppies” especially for you!If you likeeverything that is cute and adorable, ❤ Cute PuppiesLive Wallpaper❤ will make your day! Download it now and enjoy inthe sight ofcute dogs on your phone! If you like animal wallpapersand cutebackgrounds, you're at the right place. Here you will finddogwallpapers and backgrounds which will put a smile on yourface.When you install this superb app with images of puppies, youcanchoose among various puppy backgrounds. Moreover, you canchoosewhether or not you want to use Parallax effect and also thetype,direction and density of particles. ❤❤❤ Please support usbytelling your friends about ❤ Cute Puppies Live Wallpaper ❤andleaving us a good review! ❤❤❤