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Loading... - Find your home 1.18.0
The Android app by helps you to find andadvertiseflatshares and flats for short term rent, long term rentand rentby day- easy, direct and fast. Thanks to its clear andsmartphoneoptimized layout and its intuitive use you can find yournew homeanywhere anytime. Brand new: Quickly and easily advertiseyourrequest via app, read requests and switch between “Landlord”and“tenant” mode! The app offers you the following features: ✔quicklyand easily advertise your offer or request with a few clicks✔ savea draft of your ad at any time ✔ continue editing the draftlateron ✔ preview your offer or request before running it ✔uploadpictures in real-time ✔ manage your ad when you`re on themove. ✔customize your search according to your wishes (rent, size,move-indate, rent type, district, pictures) ✔ sort the adsaccording toyour preferences (rent, size, available from, availableto) ✔contact the advertisers directly and fast via call or message✔switch comfortably between ads via „Swipe" ✔ hide ads notmeetingyour expectations ✔ save your viewing appointment inyoursmartphone calendar ✔ mark your favorite ads as favorites (andaddthem to your favorites list) ✔ add personal notes for any ad ✔saveindividual filters ✔ show your dream properties or idealcandidatesto friends and acquaintances via Facebook, WhatsApp,Twitter,text-message or email ✔ choose languages between German andEnglishDownload the Android app, get an overview ofthefeatures by watching the tutorial and start your search foratenant or a new home. Should you have any questions, suggestionsorcriticisms please send an email to [email protected] Wearealways happy to receive your feedback!
Corotos buy and sell nearby 0.34.3 is the number one website in Dominican Republicforbuying and selling on the Internet. iscompletelyfree, it is easy to post an ad that will be seen bythousands ofpeople every day. POST YOUR AD FOR FREE - In just a fewclicks,your ad will be posted on the site - Easy to add photos, themorephotos the more attractive ad - Wait for buyers to call youSEARCHFOR DEALS - Search in an easy way by region, category orkeywords -Make great deals on all kinds of stuffs
Botonera de Lombardo 1.0.2
RDiaz Labs
La mejor selección de sonidos de lombardo el puntero para enviarporwhatsapp con los pibes.comenta y vota para que la aplicaciónsigacreciendo wachin.Pronto se agregaran mas sonidosThe bestselectionof sounds Lombard pointer to send by WhatsApp with thekids.Commentand vote for the application to continue to growwachin.More soundswill be added soon
Television de RD Canales Dominicanos y Mas DM 2.0.5
David Rodríguez Dev.
Televisión Dominicana y Mas es una App donde tendras unagranvariedad de periódicos de RD, Internacionales, Radio localyCanales de RD y el mundo en la palma de tu mano.TelevisionDominicana y Mas is an app where you will have a varietyofnewspapers RD, International, Local Radio and RD channels andtheworld in the palm of your hand.
Leadership course 1.09
FREE LEADERSHIP COURSE Would you like to have the bestLeadershipAPP? ... this FREE Leadership Course APP is for you! Agood leaderhas to manage his social skills, his communicativeskills and aboveall his soft skills ... Leadership Course is anapplicationexplained of the whole topic of organizationalleadership, teamleadership, tools and values ​​that a 21st centuryleader must haveto manage groups of people in any area of ​​theirlives. LearningLeadership is of vital importance for all businessmanagers or forevery young person aspiring to lead their own lives,the skillsthey must develop to be competitive in the new age ofknowledge,leadership for life ... Leadership course is wellexplained indetail with very simple words and chords for notexperts in thesubject since this way can develop their skills andpotentialities.If you put into practice all the knowledge that youare going tolearn here above all I want to congratulate you aredoing yourMasters in leadership In the content of this App you willfindtopics related and selected All about leadership and humanbehaviorand especially the application of it in real lifesituations. Thetopic of leadership is very sound in recent years,which is whymany people handle different concepts of the subject,but the mostimportant thing is that you and I have a need to be aleader withvalues ​​and ethics You would like to be a Leader, herewe have foryou this application where you provide many leadershiptools whichwill be very useful during your professional andpersonal career.Speaking and leadership course for your personalgrowth and in thisway you can achieve greater results in yourpersonal life and inbusiness, this course will give you the basictools to be a goodspeaker and that way you will be able to speak inpublic withsecurity. This App will teach you everything related tofreeleadership and you can share with your fellow students, forgreaterease of access to information and practical toolsoftransformational leadership. Learning leadership is a simpletaskbecause we are going to give you examples of real situationswhereyou can apply once you have read the course, your commitmenthas tobe with yourself. Since the way to develop your maximumpotentialhas to become a habit and as a consequence your leadershipwill beof great dimension. The application will be constantlyupdatingwith new content, as our commitment to you is to provideyou withvaluable and useful information on to help you improveyourleadership skills. What are you waiting for? ... click onDOWNLOADand develop your skills with Free Leadership Course.
Numbers Game - Numberama 2.8.68
A casual/addictive/puzzle game for everybody. Numbers Game is afunand addictive mobile version of the old Numbers Game (somepeoplecall it Numberama, Take Ten, Seeds or Numbers - the NumbersGame)you played with paper and pen, now for Android phones andtablets.It is a cool game for kids and adults, in which you have tocrossout all numbers on the screen. Numbers Game uses nocriticalpermissions, needs nearly no storage space, and is totallyfree andad-free (no in-app purchase). -HOW TO PLAY- In this logicgame youhave to find two numbers which are the same or together ten(10).Then the two numbers will be crossed out. For example 7 and 3,1and 9 or 6 and 6. The two numbers have to be side by side orabouteach other. By doing this you can skip crossed out numbers. Ifnomore numbers fit together you have to press the "Check" buttonandall the not crossed out numbers are written behind theremainingones. You have to look carefully, that you do not miss anymatchingnumbers. The goal is to cross out all numbers. Try it outnow! Ifyou want an introduction to the game from a user's point ofview, Ican recommend thispage: an introduction and a very detailed strategy. Thisnumbersgame has following features and advantages: - 5 modes -instruction- statistics - automatic save/load - back button toundo the lastturn - help button (if you can't find two numberswhich fittogether) - restart button - clear button to remove emptylines -possibility to change colors (highlight combinations,switch to darkfor playing in bed,...) - simple UI - share yourresult on Facebook,Whatsapp,... - compatible for most Androiddevices - totally free(no in-app purchase) - no ads The NumbersGame Numberama (Take Ten,Seeds, Numbers - the Numbers Game) alsomakes kids to count andimprove some basic math or numeracy skills.For adults it is a funnyand addictive number game to train thebrain. A good alternative forsudoku, number puzzles or crosswordpuzzles. Note: You might needsome patience for solving the game!Now explore deep challenge foryou mind and enjoy this number game,Numberama, Take Ten, Seeds, thereally different number puzzle gameor whatever you call it and tryto cross out all numbers in thebest time killer ever! Lars
habitaclia - rent and sale of flats and houses 4.9.6
Buy or rent? Flat, attic, duplex or house? The largest offer ofrealestate always updated you can find it in habitaclia. Why usetheapp: • Find an apartment, a house, a penthouse, a duplex, anewoffice, local, ... for rent or sale, you choose We show you alltheavailable properties in the place you select or in the placewhereyou are. Filter the maximum price, the minimum meters, thenumberof rooms and more criteria, such as houses with pool,newconstruction flats, floors with lift... the information isalwaysupdated. • Detailed information of the announcements Largephotosand videos, so you can get the most realistic idea of ​​thehouse.The price, the number of rooms, the surface, the descriptionof theapartment, the location... • Quickly contact the advertiserIf youare interested in a home, tell the advertiser as soon aspossible.Inform your data, send the request and you willimmediately seehis/her phone. • We inform you when there is newannouncements Getnotifications about new properties or those thatchange price. Wewarn you Save your favorite ads and check themeasily. We can alsonotify you by email if they change the price. •Quickly access yourlatest search We take you directly to your lastsearch made tooptimize your time. • Share the announcements withyour family andfriends Show the flat you have found, ask theiropinion, send theone you are going to visit or the one you areabout to buy orrent... you can do it by email or WhatsApp and evenpost them onTwitter and Facebook. • Discard an ad if it does notfit yourpreferences Very old? Do not like the distribution? Discardit! Wedo not show it in your searches anymore. And if you changeyourmind you can always get it back. • Do you know exactly whereyouwant to live? Search by map Visualize the properties in amoreinteractive way on the map of the area you are looking for.•Thinking renting or selling your home? Publish your ad andchangeit whenever you want. Manage requests received from usersdirectlyinterested in the app. We say “Quan t’ajuden és més fàcil”,thatmeans “when you get help, it's easier!” If you have anyfurtherquestion or suggestion, you can do it from the app or bysending usan email to [email protected]
Diet to Get Fat, Diet to gain Weight 1.08
ALG Movil Apps
Diet to gain weight, diet to gain weight, is a guide that willgiveyou some recipes for a week to meet the goal of increasingmusclemass and achieving your ideal weight How to gain weightispossible, diet to increase muscle mass is taken fromseveralexperiences and success stories, it is a diet to gainweightformulated by a nutritionist doctor and proven with veryeffectiveresults From Monday to Sunday you will have a HealthyDiet, a dietto get fat, a diet to gain weight, in just one week youwill seethe changes ... The Diet to gain weight so that it works,it isnecessary to carefully follow the recipe, it is a fast, simpleandeconomical Diet to make This is a diet to take in just oneweek,effective by the rapid results obtained, the ideal diet to getfatis to accompany it with exercises to increase muscle mass,juicesto gain weight, supplement for an effective diet to gainweightfast Increase weight is already possible, it consists of aperfectbalance of nutrients acting in the body, now we incorporateshakesto increase muscle mass, an alternative to food to havemorevariety in the diet to gain weight Download the application togetfat, is free ... take it out for a week and tell us how manypoundsrose, if you have reached your ideal weight ... Why choosethisapplication? Diet to gain weight, Diet to gain weight isaformulated and tested guide that has visible results in theshortterm, the menu is dynamic, to assemble it according toyourpreferences, resulting to be very varied Additional is addingnewrecipes and experiences, which are shared in update oftheapplication periodically Now we have new shake recipes toincreasemuscle mass, recommended to vary food and help even moregooddigestion Coming soon exercises to gain weight,essentialcomplement to achieve the goal of increasing muscle massTheapplication Diet to get fat, How to gain weight quicklyiscompletely free for you and only a small banner from oursponsorwill be shown, but we promise you that we will not abuse orannoyour users with heavy advertising. If you have questionsorsuggestions about your application of Diet to get fat, diettoincrease weight, you can write to [email protected] Wealreadythank you for downloading the Diet Application to increaseweight.If you liked this fun app, we would appreciate it if youcould rateus with *****, so it motivates us to add many more diets,juicesand exercises to download for free. Download now and alwaysenjoyyour new app Diet to get fat, How to gain fast weight todownloadis FREE !!! And do not miss the news, do not miss theupdates ofDiet to get fat, Diet to gain weight
Televisión de México Canales Radio y Mas DM 4.0.4
David Rodríguez Dev.
Televisión de México Canales Radio Notícias y Mas es unaaplicacióndonde disfrutarás de canales de México y el mundo,tambiénencontrarás una amplia gama de emisoras de radio y notícias.MexicoTV Channels Radio News and more is an application where youcanenjoy channels in Mexico and the world, you will also find awiderange of radio stations and news.
Elite Spider Training Free 2.7
Gamebook Studios
Be a real spider super strongest hero with knight ultimatefantasypowers & military army soldier commando at the sametime. Inthis apocalypse survival game, you have to be fearlessspiderfighter to accomplish spider robotic battle. You are thestrongestreward hero with strange modern survive powers who hasbeenrescuing his city for a long time from thugs, criminals &mafiagangsters assault. But now it’s time to help the armyrescuemilitary save the world war II from the fearless evil fighterenemyterrorists. Which is only possible by combining your strongestheropowers or knight real survival training in superhero onlinegame.Army military survival strategy game will prepare you forthespider robotic battle against combat terrorists arms in ordertorescue your country. Get ready to join the best militarycityshooting training camp in this free city best superherotraininggame. Enter in the survival strategy training game onlydesigned byfearless army fighters who want to train them to be areal spiderin modern survive. For that you have to learn how tofightfearlessly, combat shooting, epic strike & shoot. Inthisheroic game of spider robotic battle, learn all theessentialtarget tricks of real spider world war II. This program isdesignedby the knight sniper fantasy military shooter to fullytrain youphysically & mentally. Improve your superhero rescuefighting,combat & war skills by attending the best streettraining camp.The training won’t be easy. The training program isdesigned to betough & challenging to train the commandosoldiers for allsorts of situations to compete for crime gangstersor mafia evilheroes. Train yourself to be the best commando soldierspidersuperhero, it’s now time to be the hero of every city ofyourcountry instead of being a hero for just one city. Trainwithvarious different modern weapons & guns. Perfect yoursniperaim & shooting by training regularly to be the bestmilitaryarmy sniper spider shooter, rifle expert man &marksman.Perfect your gun critical shooting in order to help armymilitaryto defeat all the crime-gangster terrorist slots. Trainwith thelatest modern weapons & guns available to perfect youraiming& gun critical shooting skills because shooting is anessentialpart of a war. Train your body regularly by performingvariousdifferent drills & exercises to become the strongesthero likeall the other elite commando soldiers. Train to be thebestcommando soldier & military army security shooter.Helpmilitary army in the counterterrorism war against terroristslike areal spider reward hero to save your country.
80s Radios Music, Eighties Radios for Free 1.8
PB Ideas Virtuales
Free 80s Radios Music. If you like the music of theeighties,definitely this application is for you, since here youwill findthe main radio stations of the world specialized in musicof the1980s.More than 50 Free eighties radios and growing!Free 80sRadiosMusic is a simple but very complete application, you canenjoy thebest radio stations of the world live 24 hours a day andno matterwhere you are.Among the available stations you can find:.977 80'sHits, 104.6 RTL Best of the 80s, 80s And More, 80sForever, 80s80sRadio, 181.FM Awesome 80's, FFH The 80's, HDRN - All80's HitsRadio, Ochentera Radio, Radio 80, and lots of othereightiesradios!We will continually add new radios to make this appthe mostcomplete app of radios of the 80s available.If a stationstopsworking, just let us know and we solve it, and of course ifthereis a particular radio that you want us to add, just tell usand wewill do our best to include it in The first update we make.Ifyoulove the 80's and particularly the music of the eighties, youmustinstall this application, which by the way is FREE.Do nothesitate,join the new trend of listening online radio from yoursmartphone,install this app, try it, and enjoy the best of musicfrom the 80stoday.
PopStar! 5.0.7
PopStar!– A must-have mobile causal game! 
PopStar! – Themostfun puzzle game in the world!
PopStar! – The best “timekiller”causal game!
【Thoughtful design – excellence experience】Popstaralways keeps the top station of casual game, and which hasover 4million fans. As well as, the stars that have been poppedcouldalmost cross the galaxy many round. The graphic of the gameisfresh and the method is very easy to handle. To be specific,theplayer only need to pop the similar colors which next to eachotherand then get the point. Meanwhile, there are no level limits,sothe game must be the first choice for casual game.【Creativemethod: Matching + Puzzle】In this mode,players could findso muchfun from it, what they need to do is just fulfill differentsharpsof star in one Horizontal or vertical line. Once you clickthedownload bottom, you could experience those two types of gameplayand got dozens happiness.【Cute star】Our new Qstars is live now!Forthis function, we add more level challenges andinterestingelements to it. You can tap one star or more stars withsame colorto clear them. After clearing, the Qstars will be movedupautomatically. When they move to the top, game will be over.Singlestar can also be cleared now for this new version! 【Puzzlemode】Thepuzzle mode has many cute elements. If you want to pass thelevelyou need to clear all the stars in it. Although the starsareplaced very lovely, you also should pay attention on it.【Linkstar】Link star has abundant level mode. You need to connect thesamecolor stars to “clear”it in the limited steps. If you want togetthe full star you need to pay moreconcentration.【ContactInformation】< PopStar! > officialwebsite:
Motivation Quotes Wallpapers 3.0
Amazing collection of ♥ Motivation Quotes Wallpapers, HomeScreenand Backgrounds ♥ to set the picture as wallpaper on yourphone ingood quality. *Quick interface with high resolution images(HD).*Application works offline. No internet connectivity isrequired.*Ability to share the image and the app with your friends.*Set aswallpaper option. *Easy to use... and always FREE! NOTE: Ifyoulike the app, do not forget to press +1 button, leave a commentandqualify ★★★★★ us positively, thanks.
Azul Linhas Aéreas
With the Azul app, Azul is always by yourside,ready whenever you need!Learn about the available features:- My Reservations: with a brand new interface, you can manageallthe details of your reservation such as choose or change seats,addEspaço Azul and purchase baggage allowance.- Chat online:New! Anytime, anywhere communicate directly with ourcustomerservice team, live, with our exclusive in-app chat.- Book travel:Search and book flights to your next destination.- Tickets: From now one, buying tickets with points andpoints+moneyyou’ll have more fare options available at the sameflight. Swipeand check more fares!- Flight Anticipation:Want to get home early? Now you can move up to an earlierflightwithin 6 hours at no extra cost.- Check in:Fast and simple, anywhere. Open from 72 hours to 30 minutesbeforethe flight. Your boarding pass is stored in the applicationand youearn an extra 250 TudoAzul points at the same time.- TudoAzul:Check balance, virtual card, retroclaim, update your data intheapplication and see all your existing reservations.In addition to simplifying the processes at the airport, you cangetinformation about our services, such as the free Azul busschedule,parking options, Azul stores and more. All this so youcan enjoy thebest "Azul Experience".
Psychic 4U & Fortune telling
XPA Media
Your Psychic's Crystal Ball is the ultimate fortunetellingapplication. It will allow you to instantly discover yourfuture.My Psychic's Crystal Ball is an application which allows youtoknow your future instantly. To try it is to make it your own foritrarely makes a mistake. You have only to touch the Ball to getaprediction. Fortune telling application famous on social mediaandnow available on iOS.
YouSecret: Anonymous messages near you 2.7.5
YouSecret is a new way of anonymous communication. Over 5millionpeople already shared secrets, questions, confessions,passions andideas on YouSecret. YouSecret lets you: 🙊 Post yourideas,memories, fears, regrets, hopes an dreams annonymously 🙈Readsecrets from people you care about things you care 🐒 Filtersecretsby age, gender and location Some of the things you canexpect to dowith YouSecret: - Share ideas with the crowdanonymously - Readsecrets near you - UpVote and DownVote secrets -See trending andpopular secrets - Share stories, doubts, questions,fears, angerand curiosity Caution: Reading and sharing secrets canbe asaddictive as liberating YouSecret is a new way ofcommunicating,where ideas are more important than identity.
Reggae Music. Reggae Online. 2.2
Reggae Music Radios Free With our app, "Reggae Music Radios",youcan enjoy you favourite music, 24/7 from anywhere on theworld.Listen to the new stations Rege, Reggae, Reggae Guitar,Dancehall,Dub, Ragga, Jungle, Drums and Bass, Roots Reggae, EarlyReggae.Rockers, Ska, Reggae Bands and some Live Reggae Music. Youcaninstall the application on all your Android devices, your mobileoryour Tablet and listen to all the music Reggae available withjustone click. With this application you will have access to theReggaeclassics and also the new Reggae Music anywhere in the world24/7.Reggae Music Listen Online, just now! 🔊 The user interfaceissimple fast and clear. To listen to Reggae radios go to Radiosinthe main menu and select the station and click on Play🔊 Youwillalso have some very useful tools! Periodically we makerevisions toensure the proper functioning of our app, we alsoincorporate newradios on a regular basis, so you always have newoptions of freeonline radios to choose from and continue enjoyingyour favoritemusic all day. We invite you to install theapplication on yourdevice completely free and you can instantlyenjoy the best Reggaeradios Comments: It is recommended for theproper use of thisapplication a fast internet connection formaximum performance ofthe application: Wi Fi, 3G, 4G among others.If you want a radiostation that is not in the app, you can requestit through contactand we will be working on it 🎶 Our application istotally free andalways will be! 🎶 No registration is required 🎶Friendly andintuitive user interface 🎶 You can use any Internetconnection -Wi-Fi and 3G (it has data consumption) 🎶 High soundquality so youcan enjoy your favorite music. Do not hesitate,install our ReggaeMusic Radio application and start enjoying yourfavorite musictoday!
Crossbow Hunter: Wild Animals 1.3
Return to wilderness and prepare for the ultimate animalshuntingchallenge with Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals FPSHuntingSimulator. World’s greatest hunting experience while gettingnewtrophies, taking down wolves, bears and cheetahs. Shoot like apro,develop a steady hand and master your skills to take theperfectshot. Hunt or be hunted! Get them before they get you!Gettheultimate hunting experience with Crossbow Hunting: WildAnimals.Best hunting game on the store! If you got bored with“sniperzombie WW2” games and need some more sophisticatedhuntingentertainment - download Crossbow Hunting: Wild Animals!It’sabsolutely free, gives you plenty of fun and relax whileshootingcrossbow and taking part in crossbow/arbalest hunting trip!Feellike William Tell! Be an arbalest champion! Shooting isconductedat distances from 10 to 100 meters! The goal is to hunttheanimals! While hunting be aware that animals will startle orattackyou when they hear shoot or any disturbing noise! Animals aresoreal they nearly jump off your screen! Pursue trophies inuniquelocations of USA, Europe, Asia and go to a huntingexpedition! Takedown predators before they get you! Travel acrossthe globe andenjoy the High-end, immersive tablet and mobilegameplay! Embarkthe animals hunting expedition! It’s open season -join the huntnow! No training needed. Simply release the string ofthe bow. Feelthe Inescapable addiction, enjoy the realisticshooting experience.Simple controls, moving targets, wind factorwill make youaddictedCrossbow Champion: Sport Shooting 3D givesyou:Beautiful 3DenvironmentRealistic crossbow experienceHuntingGame Fun! Over 40levelsVaried difficulty of the gameVaries missionsto train yourskills – hunt beasts, hit many targets at timePowerupsPlaying forFree - no “in app purchases”High scoreDifferentarrows andbowsAchievementsYou can play offline - no internetisneededRealistic shooting mechanicsSimple to play and easy tolearn– just tap and swipe to shoot at the targetFun!How toplay:Simplytap and hold the screen to stretch the crossbow and aim.Releasewhen ready to shoot. Be quick! The crossbow starts shakingwhenaiming for too long! Remember about the wind factor! Thegreaterthe shooting distance, the greater the correction must betaken inheight.When aiming must take into account wind directionand speed,and take correction to compensate for the offset ofarrow. Thecrossbow reloads arrows automatically, so you can focuson aimingthe targets. Aimt through the collimator. Optical sighthas 2xmagnification. Try to win the tournament, beware of thepredators!There are two types of gameplay:Time Attack: Get asmanyhits/points as you can in a limited time.Crossbow HuntingMaster:You get only couple of arrows and have to hunt certainanimals.Precision, focus and skill is required.You can play offline- nointernet is needed (no wifi, LTE)Coming soon:Deluxecrossbowshooting!40 new levelsMultiplayerNew crossbows2 controltypes
PiniOn 3.0.2
Join Pinion, engage in missions, earn money and pointstakingpictures, answering questions and giving your opinion aboutbrands,products and services. Pinion is the first app in Brazilthatunites a community of people who carries out missions tohelpbrands and businesses understand their market fit andconsumers.The missions are quick and easy to perform. You can findthem atmalls, cinemas, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants or even athome.When you complete a mission successfully you are paid for it.Themore you participate, the more you unlock new missions withevengreater opportunities. By improving the quality of yourprofile,you can access special missions exclusive to those whoreach thehighest levels! How does it work? 1. Install theapplication, findand execute a mission. 2- Send the results to forus. 3. Wait forapproval and receive credit for the missionaccomplished. Earn R$30.00 or more and ask for a withdraw either toyour bank or a validPaypal account. Important: the account must beof the same person'sCPF registered on profile. Join us bydownloading the application,create your account and participatetoday. Your comments and ideasare very welcome and will help usimprove Pinion. ** Continued useof GPS running in the backgroundcan dramatically decrease batterylife. *** This app only works inBrazil. We are already working onGlobal Support. ***
Liga - Live Football Scores 5.2
Welcome to Liga! the best application to follow live the bestmajortournaments in America, the international cups and themajorleagues in Europe. Follow the results, read the latest newsandreceive them minute by minute. Choose also the teams you wanttokeep informed and daily receive the most outstanding news. Ligaisa free news application that brings you in real time alltheinformation you need from the most relevant leagues inworldfootball. Argentina * SuperLiga * Nacional B * B Metropolitano*Federal A * Federal B * Primera C * Primera D Brazil *BrasileiraoA * Brasileirao B * Brasileirao C * Brazil Cup *Regional CupsChile * First Division * Second Division * Chile CupMéxico * LigaMX * Ascenso MX * MX Cup Colombia * Liga Águila(Primera División)* Torneo Águila * Copa Águila InternationalTournamets * CopaLibertadores * Copa Sudamericana * World Cup 2018* ChampionsLeague * Europe League * Eurocup * La Liga de España *Copa del Rey* Premier League de Inglaterra * FA Cup * Serie A deItalia Duringeach match you can see the formations of each team andthe completedetail with cards, goals, substitutions, referees andstadiums. Youwill also be able to follow the matches live, receivenotificationsof each important event and the goals that are mademinute byminute! All notifications are configurable so that you getthe mostout of Liga and you can instantly find out what is going onin thegames in progress. Liga is a totally free version.
Vehicle Photo Frames 2.2
Free Cool Photo Frames
Download ★ Vehicle Photo Frames ★ now and be sure that yourphotoswill have the best picture frames in the world. For all thevehiclelovers our photo frames are the perfect thing. You alwayswanted tohave some beautiful vehicle, but you never had enoughmoney to buyit? We can not help you to buy it, but we preparedwonderful framesinspired by vehicles that will decorate your photosin the bestpossible way. All your photos now can be decorated withfantasticvehicles. You only need to choose which one you like themost. So,don't wait anymore and start decorating your pictures withgreatphoto frame effects. Now it's easy and it's free. You onlyhave afew steps to the perfect picture. First, you choose photowhich youwant to frame , then you choose the frame that you likethe mostand that's it. Your picture decorated with a beautifulphoto frameis ready and you can set is as wallpaper, save it orshare it withyour family and friends. All of these things arepossible with thisfree app for Android. The best picture frames arewaiting for you,so don't let them wait anymore and download VehiclePhoto Framesfree app for Android now.Features of Vehicle PhotoFrames:★wonderful photo frames★ save framed photo★ set framedpicture aswallpaper★ share your photoIf you want your photos tohave the bestframes then you must have this best app for Android onyour phone!
poems to fall in love poems to fall in love 2.0
solo para ti apps
From your mobile device you can share these original poems tofallin love Here we offer you just love poems and love phrases tofallin love with feelings from the deepest part of the heart sothatwith love poems, beautiful phrases you love that person sospecialto you. Poems of love beautiful phrases offers you thoughtsfromthe deepest part of the heart. To share the love poems andfeelingswhatsapp Facebook, instagram, snapchat etc totally free andlovethe person you like so much with these beautiful poems of freelovefor you and always have the heart of your beloved orbelovedbeating for you . Here you will find love poems that bydedicatingto that person you love so much you will be surrenderedto the lovethat you offer, dedicating the love phrases andbeautiful versesthat you will find here for love, friendship or foryour life, wehope that they are of Usefulness to face your day witha smile. Youcan use these phrases for whatsapp, Facebook or thesocial networkof your choice. Who does not like to receive messagesof free lovepoetry or romantic love phrases. That's why Share thesephrases oflove and beautiful verses with your loved ones, friendsand theperson you love give them a beautiful collection of lovepoems withimages every day. A love compliment to dedicate to yourpartnerkeeps the flame of love alive you will also find beautifullovepoems for your wife. In love poems beautiful phrases youwillalways find poems to fall in love with, to conquer yourpartner.Because here the phrases of love are very special and fillwith joythe soul and heart of your partner. We all love receivingmessagesor phrases of love: I love you, I love you, I miss you,when I wakeup and when sleeping a beautiful phrase gives us thestrength thatwe sometimes need as well as the phrases of life tohave breath tofight day after day because love and friendship mustalways betaken care of. The application will be updatedperiodically withnew poems, verses, phrases to fall in love with,always original.Soon will come in the content new love phrases withimages of loveand beautiful phrases of love romantic phrases, loveverses andpoems, beautiful words to fall in love, cute phrases offriendship,words of encouragement and motivation, quotes and famousphrases oflove, and much more for you to share on your socialnetworks suchas whatsapp, Facebook, instagram, snapchat etc waitingfor you tolike! Do not wait any longer click on DOWNLOAD, so youcan start toenjoy and share the love poems, beautiful phrases ofLove and FreeVerses! We will be updating periodically and includingmore poemsto fall in love, compliments that really fall in lovewith imagesof love with more romantic verses to share on socialnetworks NOTE:The entity that owns the application reports that itcontainsimages that have been collected, selected and downloadedfrom freeinternet sites. These images are in the public domainsince theyare not identified by any watermark, symbols or otherinformationthat indicates existence of exploitation rights reservedabout itDespite this, a clear will to respect the rights underRoyalLegislative Decree 1/1996, of April 12, approving the revisedtextof the Copyright Law, and compliance with the obligationsimposedby the Law 34/2002, of July 11, of information servicessociety andelectronic commerce, the creator of this applicationcalls anynatural or legal person who is the owner of any of theimagescontained therein, credit by email [email protected],committing the creator of the applicationto the immediateelimination of said image after verifying, ifapplicable, theownership of the protected image. Only for you appsthe best forlove, we will always be your best ally in love.
myABCKit: Spanish for kids 3.2.9
myABCKit develops reading and writing skills through play, withfuneducational content, perfect for children from ages 3 to7.myABCKitadapts to each child's learning rhythm: they begin withsimpleexercises adapted to their age, and as they progress, theyareintroduced to grammar, reading comprehension andnewvocabulary.myABCKit is based on a scientific cognitivemethodvalidated by teachers and educators that enables children tolearnfaster than they would with traditional methods, in just 10minutesa day!The app can be used in Spanish and English, to learn anewlanguage, or to improve the native language. Download the appandhelp your children learn to love learning Spanish!SUBSCRIPTION-14days of FREE unlimited access to the app.- The subscriptionwillautomatically renew. You can cancel it up to 24 hours beforetheend of the current period.- Payment will be charged to youriTunesaccount.- You can manage the subscription and deactivatetheautomatic renewal by going to "Subscriptions" after thepurchase.-If you cancel after the charge of your Premium plan hasalreadybeen made, the subscription will remain active until the endof thepaid period.- You can cancel the subscription at any time,with nocancellation fees.CONTACTSupport: [email protected]
News Argentina. Noticias y Diarios 125
Blue Blood Apps
Mantenete informado a través de mas de 150 fuentes de noticiasydiarios de Argentina Estos son algunos de los diarios de losqueobtenemos nuestras noticias a través de los canales de RSS:ClarinLa Nacion Infobae Pagina 12 TN Ole La voz del Interior ElAncastiEl Dia La Plata La Opinion Austral Noticias de Chubut PrimerLineaNorte Corrientes El Parana Info Huella LaRiojaMendoza on line Los Andes Neuquen al Instante DiarioAndinoActualidad Rio Negro El Tribuno Huarpe Canal 13 San Juan ElDiariode San Luis El Litoral El Ciudadano Nuevo Diario Web ElLiberal ElDiario del fin del mundo La Gaceta Accede a las noticiasy notas demanera ordenada, eligiendo la o las categorías que teimportan; losdiarios nacionales y los de tu provincia. Seguí lostemas que maste interesen mediante los filtros personalizados.Indica cuales delas cuentas de twitter que seguís o te interesan yluego podes lostwits de dichas cuentas los tendrás en la seccióncorrespondienteen la lista de noticias. Enteráte de la cotizacióndel dolar y elclima actual. Con News Argentina en una solaaplicación todas lasnoticias de Argentina. Si deseas desinstalar laaplicación puedesir a "Ajustes", luego a "Aplicaciones" y despuésseleccionar"Desactivar". Mantenete informed through over 150 newssources andnewspapers of Argentina These are some of the diaries weget ournews through RSS feeds: Clarion The nation Infobae Page 12TN OleThe voice of the interior Ancasti El Dia La Plata OpinionAustralNews of Chubut FRONTLINE North Corrientes info Footprint The Rioja Mendoza onlineTheAndes Instant Neuquen Andino Journal Today Rio Black theTribuneHuarpe Canal 13 San Juan The Journal of San Luis El LitoralThecitizen New Web Journal the Liberal The doomsday Journal LaGacetaAccess news and notes in an orderly manner, choosing thecategoryor categories you care about; national newspapers and inyourprovince. I followed the topics that interest you usingcustomfilters. Which indicates twitter accounts that follow or youareinterested in and then prune the twits of those accounts willhavethem in the appropriate section on the list of news. ENTERATEofthe dollar and the current climate. With News Argentina inoneapplication all the news from Argentina. If you want touninstallthe application you can go to "Settings", then"Applications" andthen select "Disable".
Chants de Victoire 4.3
L'application Chants de Victoire est une représentation numériquedulivret, retrouver tous les chants du livret de 1 à 311 danscetteapplication.Certains chants ont été associés avec leursmélodies ("au format midi "). Vous pouvez écourter etapprendre.The VictorySongs app is a digital representation of thebooklet,find all thesongs of the book 1 to 311 in thisapplication.Some songs have beenassociated with their melodies ("in midi format"). You can shortenand learn.
Nursery Rhymes For Kids: Preschool Learning Songs 1.7
Enjoy free our playlist with the best songs of Toy Cantandoforkids, accompanied with funny videos where you will see... Enjoyourplaylist for free with the best nursery rhymes, accompaniedwithfunny videos where you will see cow Lola, pin pon andothersfavorite characters singing for you. This app is designed foryourlittle ones to sing, dance, entertain and let the imaginationflywith the stories that going to find in this nursery rhymes,Wichmostly are starring by the characters of our farm. Toycantando, isa record label and publisher for childrens, specializedin didacticand educational material. We have nursery rhymes, musicand videosfor children and babies, children's tales and stories tolearn,sing and play. Become part of this great family and accompanyyourchildren in the best learning process. Children like this appsomuch, today is a perfect day for download it, to have fun andstartto enjoy the videos and music from Toy cantando. Next, we giveyouto know the playlist of the best nursery rhymes included inourapplication. Install it in your mobile or tablet and enjoy thebestnursery rhymes thought about the education, values and funofchildren, who learn singing. :flecha_a_la_derecha:Wheels On TheBus:flecha_a_la_derecha:Johny Johny YesPapa:flecha_a_la_derecha:Rain, Rain, Go Away:flecha_a_la_derecha:BaaBaa Black Sheep :flecha_a_la_derecha:FingerFamily:flecha_a_la_derecha:Five Little Ducks:flecha_a_la_derecha:HumptyDumpty :flecha_a_la_derecha:TwinkleTwinkle Little Star:flecha_a_la_derecha:Head Shoulders Knees andToes:flecha_a_la_derecha:Old MacDonald Had aFarm:flecha_a_la_derecha:Ten in the bed :flecha_a_la_derecha:Rock AByeBaby :flecha_a_la_derecha:If You’re Happy and You KnowIt:flecha_a_la_derecha:Bingo
Spanish Verb Conjugator 1.3
CP apps
• Complete support for ALL irregular verbs, for FREE, with nolimitsor subscription-locked conjugations.• Displays verb formsfor everytense, including subjunctive forms and commands.•Conjugatesreflexive verbs with proper handling of accent marks, asin"levántate".• Does not use the Internet to produce conjugations,soyou never waste time waiting for a conjugation over a slownetwork.•Provides conjugations in accordance with the standardsset by theReal Academia Española, the central authority on theSpanishlanguage.• Color-coded conjugation layout, which not onlyhighlightsirregularities in verb forms, but also leverages memorytactics tohelp you remember conjugations for tests and quizzes.•Simple, cleanuser interface that allows you to quickly conjugatemultiple verbsfor homework assignments.• Autocorrects typos, forexample, if youforget the accent mark in "reír".Please direct allfeedback andsuggestions to [email protected]
Nada de Perfectas Soy Luna 1.2
Amalabs Studio Apps
Nada de Perfectas Soy Luna wallpaper is app that you canchooseimage of Nada de Perfectas Soy Luna to your phone, you cansave orset as wallpaper.Beautifull Carol Sevilla in the soy lunaserieswith the different image drawing.*noteThis is just fans apps,notofficial.Source image belongs to Nada de PerfectasYou canfollowinstagram of Nada dePerfectashere
Emergency Police Boat Chase 3D 2017 1.11
Nucleus 3D
The best action packed game on play store emergency policeboatChase 3d, this boat simulator game will charge your innerpursuitin this latest boat crime and gang chase simulation game.Driving aluxury yacht and especially a police yacht is everyone'sdream.Make your dream true with this beautiful and luxury boat inthisrealistic police boat in the city crime chase game. you musthaveplayed police dog crime chase games, police horse stunts andcrimechase game and other police horse, car and dogs crime trainingandchasing games but this game is launched with a unique ideaofemergency police boat drive 3d game which is entirelydifferentcrime chase games as compare to all other police crimechase citygames on the play store.A police yacht like this is hardto get inreal life unless you have won a lottery, but this free 3Dboat gamecan you give the feeling of sail on the surface of oceanlike aship or cruise wandering around in sea. Your goal in thisgame isto set your target, drive and escape the dark ocean waterand pilotyour boat or yacht to kill the criminals. To catch thecriminals ina sea you must be trained enough to pilot your boat onethe roughand cruel surface of ocean especially taking your yachtout of theparking, controlling the speed and steering of the boat.It’s a betyou will find this boat crime chase game far better thanall otherboat parking and boat simulation games, as this game isnot asimple boat simulator game, you will certainly enjoy thejumpingspeedy boat with a firing sound of machine gun on thecriminals.Nomore crime city games, here we come with a police boatin a solopolice yacht crime chase game, with the conception ofthieves /smugglers vs. police boat crime chase games havinginspiring policeand yacht, ship and cruise chase missions.Get readyto kick off thefull accelerated action with a police boat in one ofthe dashingpolice boat games. In police boat crime chase gameadventure youhave a speedy and powerful engine boat.Your sea needsa hero, areyou brave enough to save your city fromcriminals.Emergency policeboat chase 3d: Crime Ocean or sea isabsolutely going to entertainyour inner police pursuit. You hadnever played such an awesome andstunning cop boat simulator. Boatcrime chase is indeed anunbelievable crazy boat chase simulator forall those boys, girlsand kids who love to have fun with a speedyboat windsurfing as apoliceman, cop or police pursuit.With thispolice crime chase youractual mission is to chase the prisoners,robbers, criminals,terrorists, smugglers and thieves who ran awayfrom the jail ortrying to escape from police in the country oceanor seaport andrunning fast in deep sea.Reach enemy boats and takedown withmachine gun but avoid cross fire.This speed boat simulatoris forall ages, just download it now and have everlasting funandadventure.-Kill or catch criminals.-Awesome ocean and seaharborenvironment-Real and amazing sound effects-High Quality 3Dgraphicsand game play-Realistic speedboat physicsEmergency policeboatchase 3d: Crime sea and ocean police crime chase yacht would bethebest game of 2016. It’s time to play police crime chase gameswiththe speedy police boat for police crime chase missions. Thisuniquechase boat simulator is the best game in all other policechasegames or crime chase games.This fascinating boat simulator isaunique game in 3D android games. Nucleus 3D believes indeliveringtop quality entertaining games.
Car Key 2
Omulet String
Have fun with this fantastic car key simulator.In this app youwillfind more than 10 keys of different brands ofcars.Besidesperfectly mimics the every different sounds car keys.Ithas a soundto open the doors, one for the rear gate, another forthe centrallocking and one for the alarm.Teases by showing yourfriends thatyou have a remote control key that can open their cars.
TiZKKA 👖👠👛👗Outfit ideas 5.1.4
Roupologia, Inc.
Plan your outfits! Recommended by Google, as 2017 featured app!BestDaily Helper App. TiZKKA helps you discover & organizeoutfitideas.. Fashion lovers from all over the world come togetheron the#1 Fashion App to show off their style and trends, sharingtheir ownlooks, giving advice, and growing as fashionistas. Thisis yourcommunity if you are looking to get inspired, share youroutfits,and contribute to the fashion world. More than a closetorganizer,TiZKKA is an outfit planner for your clothes. TiZKKA apphelps youdiscover & organize outfit ideas. TiZKKA - wordderived fromIcelandic «tíska» meaning "fashion", noun. GetInspired - Getinspired with looks that are curated to fit yourstyle and love fortrends. Shop Fashion - We help you out bysearching for the mostsimilar products and at the best prices soyou can dress amazinglywith: Shop The Look Discover - Discover thelatest trends of thefashion world. Share - Share your looks withthe community. Learn -Learn about trends, fashion, and everythingthat will help you dressjust the way you want. Want to learn whatfits your body type best?How to match better? Want to know whatshoes are in style? Discoverand learn how to match the rightcolors for your next outfit andshoes, wearing what is right foryou and giving you the rightmentality! Where can I find beautytips? What makeup works for myskin tone? Get you dose of lifestyleand wellness by reading thelatest articles and videos from onlythe best sources: Vogue, Elle,Cosmopolitan, just to name a few.
Psychology Course 1.03
FREE PSYCHOLOGY COURSE Would you like to have the best APPofPsychology Course? ... this FREE Psychology Course APP is foryou!Curso de Psicología is an application with theoreticalfoundationsand contributions of all the great psychologists, of alltimeshighly recommended for students of psychology, educators andforall the public who wants to learn the basics of humanbehavior.Course of free psychology, it is fundamental to know to beable tounderstand to our peers as it mentions the subjects ofemotionalintelligence, to handle better our interpersonal emotions.Courseof psychology is well explained in detail with very simplewordsand chords for non-experts in the subject of psychology If youputinto practice all the knowledge that you will learn here firstofall I want to congratulate you are doing your Master'sinPsychology In the content of this App you will find relatedandselected topics All about psychology and human behaviorandespecially the application of it Psychology course is alsowithinformation valid for teachers since it contains thecontributionsof psychopedagogues as is the case of Jean Piaget, LevVygotsky andmany more ... You would like to be a Psychologist, herewe have foryou this application of free psychology course whichwill be veryuseful during your career This App is to teach you afreepsychology course you can share with your study partners,forgreater ease of access to valuable information of your career.Theapplication will be constantly updating with new content, asourcommitment to you is to provide you with valuable andusefulinformation about psychology. What are you waiting for? ...clickon DOWNLOAD and learn everything about human behavior withFreePsychology Course.
Congratulations of love
C&C - CarrionCastillo
Create love letters , the ideal application to congratulatewithlove through love letters to your loved ones through lovelettersfor Whatsapp or congratulations of love for Whatsapp. Createlovecards and greeting, congratulate love to him. create loveletters -ideal Valentine's Day - with just the click of a button.Choosebackground, text, color and share with your friends the lovecards,through social networks and whastapp. Never send a message oflove,messages of love, images of love was as easy as designinglovecards with the app greeting of love. Create love cardsandgreeting, congratulate love to her. - Letters of Love foryourfriends and contacts. - Congratulate that special day withyourmessages and send them in the form of a postcard, love cards,usingthe social applications installed on your device(Whatsapp,Facebook, twenty, twitter, google +, whatsapp, sms ...).- Simple,fast, intuitive, choose and share love cards. -Personalize yourlove letters with your love message, select thelove image, thecolor of the text and the typeface. All with justthe click of abutton.ç - love. - letters. - create cards. - Send afree postcardof love to your friends, contacts and family. -congratulate. -create cards. - Share your love with love letters. -gretting. -Greeting of love for your partner, friends and contacts.-postcard. - Show your love with a beautiful love letter. -lovemessages. - share for whatsapp. Create love letters forFacebook.Create love greeting for Twitter. Create and Share yourlove letterby email - Email. Create love cards for Picassa. Createlovegreeting and share by Bluetooth. Create and Share your lovelettersfor Evernote. Create love cards for Google +. Create lovegreetingfor and share by SMS. Create and Share your love letterbywhatsapp. Design love cards for Line. Design love cards Createloveletters Send love messages
Muving 4.294
Discover Muving! Look for an available scooter on the map,reserveit and enjoy the amazing experience of sustainable mobility.Youcan use our electric bikes whenever you want, day or night.Ourelectric bikes are distributed throughout the city. To knowwherethe nearest motorcycle is you just have to open the app andlocateit on the map. You don’t need to charge any battery, we takecareof it! Use our motosharing service to go to work, go see afriend,go shopping or visit one of our cities. With Muving youdon’t needkeys, you will enjoy a ride without smokes, noises ortraffic jams.Forget about endless stops and queues, with Muving youare the onewho decides when and where you want to use an electricmotorbike.Download the app and sign up in less than a minute, it'sverysimple. After filling in your information, we will ask you foracredit card to pay for the service and a photo of yourdrivinglicense from both sides. Enjoy sustainable mobility! Do youhaveany question? Check the FAQs on our website:
My Work Shifts 2.0.3
Essential for those working with rotating shifts or want tokeeptrack of their work days.Enter shifts is incredibly fast, youjustneed to create a pattern shifts and indicate the date rangeinwhich it is repeated.You can define new shifts or modifyexistingones to adapt the calendar to your needs.Modifies thecolors of theenvironment to customize the calendar shifts.Takes athorough checkof your turns thanks to the statistics screen, soyou'll alwaysknow what you have worked, holidays taken, holdingpersonal issues,etc ...You can also enter comments in the days youwant (anasterisk on the days you entered a comment will appear).Youcanalso enter a second shift in the days or annotate doubleovertimeperformed.The application has other features thatundoubtedly willbe very useful.Manages different forms by using thebackup.Fromversion 1.5, the application has a widget, to use leftdown brieflyon the desk, on the options that emerge, select widget,finallylooking and select "My Work Shifts".Any questions orsuggestionswill be well received.Enjoy the application.
Love Messages in French – Text Editor & Stickers 2632 v13
Jublapa Labs FR
Are you looking for a romantic short text message in French tosendto your sweetheart? This is your ultimate source for thebestwishes, sayings, and quotes. Start a new romance or rekindleyourrelationship with these romantic quotes and text messages. Useourhilarious cheesy pickup lines on your dates to make yourcrushsmile. You can also use them for your dating applications suchasTinder or Grinder. Use our awesome collection of messages forhimor her; • Choose from the menu; o Love messages and pick-uplines oGood morning messages o Good night messages o Christmas andNewYear wishes o Mother’s day messages o Famous quotes oMotivationalmessages • Use our text editor to choose your font andedit yourtext • Use our photo editor to personalize your love cardsor addstickers and frames on your love messages • Create love cardsandshare them with your lover These romantic text messages toyourspecial one not only on Valentine's day or 14th February buteveryday. Let your loved ones know that you already miss them andwillbe dreaming about them all day. Make them feel like themostlovable person in the world. If you like the app, please rateandcomment to help us improve!
Biathlon Manager 2018 1.07
Biathlon Manager 2018. In the game you need to create yourbiathleteand lead him to the top of the world rankings. Whencarrying out arace, you need to consider a variety of factors,such as endurance,speed skiing, speed and accuracy of shooting.After the race, youneed to determine which biathlete skills youneed to improve at themoment. 80 levels of improvement for eachskill are available toyou, so the game may not be very fast in thepassage. In addition totraining in the task will include therestoration of biathleteforces and the search for additional moneyfor training. You canspend free days restoring strength to anathlete or go to work.Choose the best option for passing thegame.Features:- The game doesnot require a permanent connection tothe Internet - BiathlonManager 2018 is completely free and doesnot require financialinvestments - 80 levels of development ofeach skill - 4 types ofraces differing in the length of the circleand the number ofshooting ranges - 36 race tracks broken into 4championships.Startwith the Junior Cup and win the World Cup. WithBiathlon Manager2018 you will experience the real life of abiathlete. You will feelthe joy of victory and the desire forrevenge in defeat. Become theleader of the world rating.I wish youa pleasant game!
EMT Madrid 7.0.3
EMT Madrid, S.A.
This application lets you know all the information of theservicesprovided by the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid: •You willsee what stops have around you. • Calculate your routes. •Consultyour timeouts bus. • Inform the entire network of lines andstops.• Set your favorite stops and have them always at hand. Youcanalso: • Customize your profile and we will notify you if thereisany issues on your line. • Have acoustic information of timeouts.•Capture codes at stops to automatically locate you in theplacewhere you are. • Check your transport card balance. • Use thenewservice of alarms. All of this and much more!! Send usyoursuggestions
Fietsknoop bike your own route 4.4.1
Use the bike nodes system in The Netherlands, Belgium andtheborders of Germany to plan your own bike routes. After youmakeyour route you can save, mail and share it. You can ride yourownroutes by starting GPS navigation combined with speechinstructionsin your own language. On the map you see several pointsofinterests for a stop. You can click on a POI for moreinformation.Besides planning routes you can use labels to groupyour routes andyou can invite friends to share routes among. Theapp initiallystarts in the Dutch language. Open the main menu andnavigate to"Mijn instellingen". Find "Taal instellingen" and chooseyour ownlanguage. After closing the screen Fietsknoop changes itslanguage.Have fun!
Tractor Pull Transporter 3D 1.0
Soft_Tech Gaming Studio
I am sure you will enjoy us Tractor Pull Transporter 3D andheavytractor village farming simulation game. In this ultimateoffroadfarming tractor driving game, you enjoy a lot of tractorpull withdifferent vaccine and real farming harvesting drivingsimulation.You play many euro farming city cargo transportsimulation gamesbut this farm tractor cargo extreme driving gameswill give you abetter experience for village farm life cultivationcargo or plowland tractor driving simulation 3D. In this real heavytractor pulldriving duty 3D that contain the different levels youwill alsoenjoy the drive pull farm tractor cargo 3D Christmassimulationgame. You will drive the bus pull tractor road drivingsimulationand change the combine harvesting tractor driving 3Dsimulationpull driving to the other vehicle.Start your moderntractor farmingpull driving for pulling experience change the typeor foragetractor farm driving 3d you will also use rope to pull thetractorfor US agriculture tractor cargo duty and use forward speedandreverse speed button which controls the tractor to chainedfarmtractor driving simulation. After getting a real tractoranimalscargo transport you will get more difficult and amazingexperienceso you will be farming tractor crazy driving 3D andChristmacountryside farm truck tractor cargo wheat transport in thecity.Hook your crazy tractor cargo driving simulation to load a carbusand other vehicles on the road.In this offroad tractor pullingthedriving 3D game, you will enjoy tractor hill wood cargo driving3D.This cultivation farming heavy tractor duty game and pullmoderndrive tractor city transport game, cultivate tractorharvestfarming 3D simulator games. You will accept differentchallenges ofcultivating crop tractor village driving and transportcargodifferent good to reach in the city. This city pulling tractorrealdriving simulator game having to pull euro tractor cropharvestingdriving. You will implement tractor excavators city cargodrivingthe drive the tractor to pull. It is the difficult task totractorpull farm driver simulation in hilly and city road andoffroadfarming tractor drive truck transport simulator.This villagecroptransport tractor driving simulator game big tractor plowlandfarming drive and farm tractor city parking 3D we will give totheuser-friendly interface. You will get experience in foragetractordrive adventure 3D game and real tractor pulling drivechallengesimulator game. In this amazing tractor transport driverduty, youwill be getting experience how to farming cargo pulltractordriving from city to transport.This part is so amazing ruralnewtractor cultivation cargo 3D.Drive your hill pull cranetractorcargo driving 3D and attach the tractor trolley for transfertheanimals different place and also transfer the crop and wheatoneplace to another.
Love poems 2.4
solo para ti apps
In this application love poems beautiful phrases you willfindoriginal phrases and love verses that you will not findanywhereelse because they are thoughts of the developer ofthisapplication. Here we offer you only love poems and love phrasestolove feelings of the deepest heart so that with lovepoemsbeautiful phrases love that person so special to you. Poems oflovebeautiful phrases offers you thoughts from the deepest heart.Toshare the poems of love and feelings by whatsappFacebook,instagram, snapchat etc totally free and love the personyou loveso much with these cute love poems free for you and alwayshave theheart of your beloved or loved beating for you . Here youwill findpoems of love that when dedicating to that person that youlove somuch is surrendered to the love that you offer, dedicatingto himthe Phrases of love and nice verses that you will find herefor thelove, the friendship or for your life, we hope that they areofUseful to face your day with a smile. You can use these phrasesforwhatsapp, Facebook or the social network that you prefer. Whodoesnot like receiving messages of free love poetry or romanticlovephrases. That's why Share these love phrases and beautifulverseswith your loved ones, friends and the person you love giveyou dayby day a nice collection of love poems with images. Acompliment oflove to dedicate to your partner keeps the flame oflove alive youwill also find cute love poems for your wife. In lovepoemsbeautiful phrases you will always find poems to love, toconqueryour partner. Because here the phrases of love are veryspecial andfill with joy the soul and heart of your partner. We alllove toreceive messages or phrases of love: I love you, I love you,I missyou, to wake up and to sleep a beautiful phrase gives usthestrength that sometimes we need just like the phrases of lifetohave breath To fight day by day because love and friendshipmustalways be taken care of. The application will beupdatedperiodically with new poems, verses, lovemaps, alwaysoriginal thatyou will not find anywhere else because they arecreated by thedeveloper of this application. Soon will come in thecontent newlove phrases with images of love and beautiful phrasesof loveromantic phrases, verses and love poems, beautiful words tofall inlove, beautiful phrases of friendship, words ofencouragement andmotivation, quotes and celebrated phrases of love,And much more sothat you share by your social networks likewhatsapp, Facebook,instagram, snapchat etc hoping that they are toyour liking !! Donot wait any longer click on DOWNLOAD, so that youstart to enjoyand share the love poems beautiful phrases of Loveand BeautifulVerses for free! Poems of love beautiful phrases, isan applicationtwo in one because it brings you the best radio inPeru. Romanticrhythm radio The most listened radio of Peru withromantic musiclive. Your ratings, votes and comments or comments atthe bottom ofthe page are important to improve the application.
💰 Money spells and 💖 Love 1.0.8
💰With money spells you can attract money into your life andlearnhow to make money. With these money spells you will getprosperityand peace of mind when discovering how to attract moneywithout theneed to use work spells that if you like you could usethem andeven how to attract good luck.💰How to make money, when thecircleof wealth is broken and money stops coming, then begins todescendagain as to attract good luck, to our lives it is not wrongtoresort to spells to replenish your cash flow withmoneyspells💰Mostly you will discover how to earn money, you can doityourself at home to attract money. The materials used aresimpleand easy to get, Money Spells includes music to attract money🎶relax on the couch or sofa to listen to music to attract money 🎶inyour day to day you can feel relaxed with music to attract money🎶💰You will most likely discover How to make money thanks totheseaffirmations for abundance like making money is also thanks tothehelp that work spells provide, how to attract good luck, howtoattract luck, music to attract money, how to earn money forwiththis benefit you are economically designed to help you meetyourdreams and your economic goals, Money Spells.💰 Potions helpyoustart seeing the results. Do these powerful rituals, if you dothemwell they will provide you with success, Money Spells.💰This iswhatwill help you how to make money - work spells - how to attractluck- how to attract good luck - how to earn money - work spells-music to attract money 🎶 the world of magic, witches, sorceryisVery effective to get what you propose. Transform yournegativeenergy into positive, Money Spells.💰Download the FreeApplication💰Spells for themoney💰Now-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------💰Howto make money - how to attract luck - how toattract good luck - howto earn money - work spells - music toattract money 🎶
😀😆 videos of falling 😀😆 2.0.0
Fall videos is the best and biggest collection of funny videosoffalls that you can enjoy on your android mobile. In thisfallapplication for whatsapp Android (2.3+) you can count on thebestfunny videos.Want to watch videos of laughter, humor, funny,cats,babies? Are you looking for fun videos of youtube?Withthisapplication of fun and humorous fallen videos you can enjoythebest compilation of videos of laughter.You will find funnyvideos:videos of spicy humor, cats, comics, funny babies, pranks,jokes,laugh videos, karaoke, fails, birthday videos ... all arehumorvideos.Are you ready to have the best free fall videos in yourcellphone? Do you like good humor? This is your bestapplicationAllowsstreaming viewing onlyWithout a doubt this is yourapp, pleaseshare our funny and funny videos on all social networks(Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus among others).
Stories for kids 2.2.17
A collection of 25 stories with morale, adapted to childrenandavailable in 5 different collections. In the firstcollection"Animal Stories" we got inspired by the beautifulAesopian fablesand those from Jean de La Fontaine, as well as froma marvellouschinese folklore story. The second collection containsfivewonderful tales from the Brothers Grimm, rewritten especiallyforthe children today. The third collection offers fiveadventuresfreighted with mystery, emotions and intriguingdiscoveries of thefamous sailor Sinbad. Afterwards we invite you toPacala andTandala. Stories full of tricks and jokes with a lot ofhumor andwitty anecdotes that are perfect for children to listenbeforesleeping. Since we know that children like pranks a lot,weconclude the entire collection with the best adventures:Mowgli,the child from the jungle will capture the small one'simagination.Beside the stories we prepared some puzzles andcolouring pagesthat provide children an extra experience. Howchildren will learnand play at the same time: - 17 differentcolours in a colouringgame - drawing interesting extracts from thestories - the littleones will exercise the ability to solve puzzleswith diverse levelsof difficulty - the stories can be listened orread by the parents- they will understand the connection betweenwords and theirsound, because the text will be highlighted whilenarrating thetales At this moment we have the following stories:Animal Stories• The Fox and the Crow • The Ant and the Grasshopper• The Tortoiseand the Hare • The Town Musicians of Bremen • TheMonkey King Talesof the Brothers Grimm • Hansel and Gretel • TheValiant LittleTailor • Sleeping Beauty • Cinderella • Hans and theDragon TheAdventures of Sinbad the Sailor • Sinbad the Sailor andtheGigantic Whale • Sinbad the Sailor and the Great Roc Bird •Sinbadthe Sailor and the Island of Monkeys • Sinbad the Sailor andtheOld Man of the Sea • Sinbad the Sailor and the One-EyedGiantPacala and Tandala • The story of Tandala and his two brothers•The Trickster Pacala, the Priest's Servant. • Pacala and Tandala•The Bet with the Nobleman • The Cemetery Thieves The Jungle Book•Entering the Wolf Pack • The Thieves in the Tree Tops •TheTreasure at the Cold Lairs • The Hunter with a Thousand Thorns•TheRed Flower We hope that you like our stories and have fun withyourlittle ones! "Kidsopia brings you a wide range of fun gamesandcreative ways to teach your child new things. The Kidsopiaplatformis for toddlers (two to three), pre-school kids (four tofive) andalso for those who are just entering primary school(six-seven).The games offer many of the basic ideas and notionsthat a childwould need to grasp. Kidsopia is an educationalplatform based onresearch undertaken by the UNICEF: ""Earlylearning and developmentstandards for children from birth to sevenyears"". The main goalis to offer an amusing and intuitive way tolearn about numbers,counting and letters, drawing and colouring,sizes, shapes andimages, differences and similarities, animals, andmany more, allpresented within different adventures and stories.Encompassingdifferent developmental areas such as: intellectual,creative andemotional, the Kidsopia platform offers to the parent ahandy anduseful tool for children to learn through play. In areassuch as:science (mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry),biology (humanbody, animals, plants), art (painting, drawing,colouring), puzzles(images, words or any other logical problems),emotionaldevelopment (self-awareness, self-confidence, roleplaying,copingand understanding feelings) we focus on practice as thestepstoneof learning. We believe that by using our applications,kids willbe able to learn these concepts in a relaxed, playful andcleverway. More details here: Languages availablefordownload: English, Romanian, German.
Zuapp 18.9
Every day new funny pictures, a different one for everyoccasion!Good morning messages, good night, politics, sports andmore! Sharenow on WhatsApp and all social networks the best images.Also besure to contribute to the collection of images, you cansubmitseveral funny pictures and if they are good, get intotheapplication's image list. Enjoy the app and share somefunnypictures with your friends on WhatsApp!
App Lock 1.3.2
Application lock 100% lock, unlock any application on the phone,akey lock, simple and fast! Protect personal privacy. Yousimplypress the beginners guide to open the phone tap permission tolockapplications. Lock settings to prevent others from changingsystemsettings. Really lock your phone applications. ApplySettingsSetting hide unlock pattern, set up in numerical order todisrupt,prevent others from seeing your password. E-mail securitysettingsto help you recover your password. Depending on yourneedspersonalize. Privacy lock Lock Gallery photos, contacts,textmessages and other personal privacy applications. Photo SafeHideyour private photos, select the photo that you want to hide akeyhidden. Free Themes Free cool lock screen theme, let thephonedifferent from the lock screen start. The new lock screenInterfacedesign aesthetic, functional design is praise, first-classdesign,first-class applications.
Orvis T.V Costa Rica 7.61
MLopez IT Solutions
The best open Costa Rica TV Stations on a single place, youcanwatch the following channels: - Channel 2 HD - Channel 4 HD-Channel 6 HD - Channel 7 HD - Channel 11 HD - Channel 13 HD-Channel 42 HD - Channel 33 HD - Channel TD+ HD If any tv stationisnot working properly you can report it and we will fix it assoonas possible. If you would like to add any TV station pleaseleaveits name on the comments box and we will add it to theapplicationIf you have any problem with the application please letus know andour team will contact you in order to provide you abetter usageexperience. This application requires an activeinternetconnection. -- We do not own any of the content streamed bythe TVstations listed on this aplication, we just provide a singleaccesspoint for the user to watch the tv stations. --
Moon Live Wallpapers 1.9
Latest Live Wallpapers
The most beautiful photos of the only natural satellite ofourplanet are now available to you, just download free latestMoonLive Wallpapers app. It has never been so easy to enjoy theamazingphotographs of our universe. Set your background now withthe toplive wallpapers and give your smartphone or tablet a totallynewlook. Set a moving object on your screen. If you choosethisnatural satellite of Earth, it will change its shape, varyingfromthe full to the half-moon with all the amazing crates whichappearto be smiling at us. Or you can choose a shooting star andmake awish when it falls. Get the impression of being out there inspace,among the planets of our solar system and admire the view oftheSun and the night sky. The most popular Moon Live Wallpaperswillenable you to gaze at the stars on the sky and enjoy themoonlight.Feel the warmth of the Sun on your face and contemplateby the seawhile the sun rays are reflecting of its surface. Thecool animatedlive wallpapers are intended for people of all ageswho want tomake their devices modern and interesting. The colors ofthesestunning photographs are so vivid that you will get thefeeling ofbeing into the cosmos surrounded by the twinkling stars.Behold themeteor shower over the starry night. You will get thewish to graba telescope and observe them closely. With the latestMoon LiveWallpapers your device will be separated from all of therest andthe others will envy you on such sparkling and shininglandscapes.While the moon moves on your screen and tries to hidebehind thebig white fluffy clouds, you can relax and forget aboutall yourproblems. These soothing Moon Live Wallpapers are the mostpopular,so do not wait another minute and download them. You onlyhave totap once to preview the pictures and hold to set thechosenbackground. Do not hesitate any longer, the top MoonLiveWallpapers is the best for you and you can have itforfree!Features:- Amazing Live Wallpapers- Fantastic moving moonandstars- Breathtaking look for your phoneThe most popularlivewallpapers offer you the most beautiful pictures, which you cansetas a new background on your smartphone. Take a look atmagnificentworld of water and you will be thrilled. Choose from thevariety ofthe hottest live wallpapers, enjoy in their beauty andmake yourphone unique. If you can’t decide which one you like themost, thenyou can select slide show option. Activate it, check allwallpapersand then choose your favorite one. Also, this top liveapp offersyou a few flying objects such as stars, glow, as well asdropletsof water. These effects will be at your disposal and youcan tryall of them. This will make your photographs look stunningand moreattractive. Live wallpapers are perfect for any mobiledevice ortablet and they are suitable for girls and boys and peopleof allages. You will be forever lost in the beauty of theseHQbackgrounds. Do not hesitate anymore and download latestlivewallpapers free of charge on your Android™. Colorful sceneswilllight your day and raise your spirit. Relax and enter theamazingworld of the best live backgrounds right now.How to use:-Installapplication- Scroll wallpapers and choose one you like themost-Select favorite moving object- Use rotate option if you like-Set awallpaper and enjoy Cheap Car Rental 1.8.16
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