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MAX Security Lite - Antivirus, Booster, AppLock 1.7.9
ONE App Ltd.
MAX Security Lite (Antivirus & Virus Remover,PhoneBooster, CPU Cooler & AppLock) is one of the best viruscleaner- antivirus software with virus cleaner, phonecleaner,antivirus protection, boost cleaner & antivirus forAndroidFREE! Low Power Consumption and Low MemoryUsage,well-designed for lower end mobiles. With small package, itmeetsyour needs of cleaning and antivirus. Looking forward to yourreplyat Play Store! ★ MAX Security Lite's Highlights:🔥SmallInstallation Package (6.7MB) – Light mobile security appforAndroid 🔥Low Power Consumption – Satisfy the most basicoperations🔥Professional Antivirus Engine – Trusted by more than 10millionusers 🔥Fast and Handy  – Scanning and cleaning in justa fewseconds. MAX Security Lite's Key Features: MobileSecurity& Antivirus Software - Antivirus with virus scanner andvirusremoval for Android. Junk Cleaner - Completely Cleanjunkfiles. Provide you the best Android clean. BoosterforAndroid - Boost mobile & speed up your phone in onetap!CPU Cooler - Optimize CPU usage and stop overheating appstocool down CPU temperature. App Lock - Sensitive app lockguardyour privacy by preventing unauthorized access.BatterySaver - Stop battery draining process to save batterypowerfor long time. Learn more about MAX Security Lite:★ VirusCleaner – Anti Malware MAX Security Lite acts as avirus removerand virus cleaner, which anti-malware, spyware andtrojans fromphones. Max Security Lite protects your android devicefrom harmfulviruses and malware 24 hours a day. Take advantage ofour antivirus protection for Android features, keep your phone inthe bestpossible condition. MAX Security Lite is handy for you toscan andremove virus. ★ Phone Cleaner - Cleaner for AndroidMAXSecurity Lite - Antivirus Software is not only a virus cleanerbutalso a phone cleaner and booster. MAX Security Lite,withread/write external storage permission, clean the junk filesofyour SD card storage or internal storage. MAX Security Lite isalsocapable of one-tap boost with low power consumptionthatexclusively designed for phones with small memory.★ Boosterfor Android - Super Fast Android Booster MAX SecurityLite also isa professional android booster, that frees up RAM andspeed upmemory by closing apps that run in the background, make itrunningfaster & smoother.  ★ App Lock - Smart AppLockMaster Retain security and privacy of sensitive content bylockingsensitive apps and snap intruders with camera permission toprotectyour privacy. Protect your privacy and safety with passwordorpattern to make sure nobody else can access your most usedapps.★ CPU Cooler - Phone Cooler MAX Security Lite detectsandcleans apps that cause overheating & overcharging.Monitortemperature changes, effectively reducing the phonetemperature.★ Battery saver - Longer battery life Batterysaver can detectand stop power-draining apps to save battery powerfor Androidphones.  ★ Call Blocker & Assistant Customizethe numberson your blacklist and block spam calls & unwantedcalls. WithCall, Contact and Read Phone State permissions, MAXSecurity Litecan block all annoying spam calls and provide powerfulcallassistance. ★ Better User Experience For better userexperience,location & coarse location permission will be usedto recommendthe most suitable and localized content for you. Wewill neverupload any of your location information. MAX SecurityLite need getaccounts permission to keep functions work better. Wewill neverupload any of your accounts information.📍Facebook: 🔥Like our Facebook page to get thenewest andfunniest posts every day!🔥 MAX Security Lite - A lightmobilesecurity app with small installation package! GET the bestVirusProtection App and Antivirus - MAX Security Lite NOW!
MAX Speed Booster - Junk Cleaner, Space Booster 1.10.2
ONE App Ltd.
MAX Speed Booster - Junk Cleaner, Space Booster, the mostpowerfulAndroid mobile cleaner app with Phone Speed Booster,FreeAntivirus, Junk Cleaner, Virus Cleaner, CPU Cooler, BatterySaver,and App Cache Cleaner. Optimize your Android phone! 🆕 MAXSpeedBooster - Phone Booster, Memory Cleaner by Category, free upspaceon my Android phone!🚀 MAX Speed Booster - Junk Cleaner,SpaceBooster, the best android mobile cleaner and booster,phonecleaner, and antivirus for Android packed with virusdetector,virus scanner, and virus remover! Getting laggy all thetime withyour Android mobile phone? Get MAX Booster for Android,the boosterfor android phone, junk clean& antivirus software!VirusCleaner - Antivirus for Android provides free antivirusprotection,speed up your phone, clean up viruses, clean junk files,cool downthe CPU, optimize memory, save battery power a long timeand freeup ram. MAX Speed Booster - Junk Cleaner, Space Booster,the bestcleaner apps for Android mobile! MAX Speed Booster - JunkCleaner,Space Booster Highlight Features: ★ One Tap Booster MAXBoosterClean background apps in one tap to free up storage space onthemobile phone and speed up your phone. ★ Phone Cleaner MAXSpeedBooster app is the best phone booster and cleaner for Android.MAXSpeed Booster provides junk cleaner, boost cleaner, andvirusremoval, with read/write external storage permission, to cleanthejunk files of your SD card or internal storage. You caneasilyclean virus & junk, clean my android to boost your phone.★Phone Security (Antivirus for Android)  Protect yourphoneagainst virus and malware. Virus Cleaner – MAX Antivirus, oneofthe best virus removal for android.  ★ App LockerLocksensitive apps and snap intruders with camera permission toprotectyour privacy. MAX Speed Booster, the best optimizer forAndroid:Junk Files Cleaner  MAX Speed Booster speed up yourphone andimprove the performance by scanning junk files (system andappcache, residual files). App cache cleaner can clean junk filestofree up storage and optimize phone performance. BoostUpSpeed  Free up ram of Android phone and save batterywithAndroid booster: MAX Speed Booster. Create a 1-tap boostershortcuton the home screen to speed up your phone more efficiently.MAXBooster cleans up your phone. Mobile Security &FreeAntivirus  MAX antivirus for android with an enginecertifiedby AV-TEST provides a reliable security solution. Scan formalwareas a security app. The auto-updated antivirus softwareenginesecures your mobile safety. CPU Cooler MAX analyzes CPUusagedynamically, detects overheating apps, and closes them to cooldownyour phone. Save Battery Life MAX Speed Booster can analyzebatterystatus and stop the battery draining apps to save battery,extendbattery.  Organize Notifications MAX Speed Boostermuteunwanted app notifications and put them in App Organizer.BetterUser Experience For better user experience, location &coarselocation permission will be used to recommend the mostsuitable andlocalized content for you. We will never upload any ofyourlocation information. MAX Speed Booster also needs getaccountspermission to keep functions work better. We will neverupload anyof your accounts information. Find out more in MAXSpeedBooster!  Let us know your suggestions. Feedbackaddress:[email protected]+:
Virus Cleaner 2019 - Antivirus, Cleaner & Booster
Hi Security
Virus Cleaner 2019 (Virus Cleaner, Junk Clean, App Lock&Booster) is one of the 🏆TOP rated (4.7★★★★★) free antivirusandsecurity applications for Android phone, enjoyedby 93.5million users worldwide. 

 Virus Cleaner 2019'sKeyFeatures 

 Twin Engine Antivirus -Virus CleanerSuperCleaner - Remove all junk and cache fileseffectively 
Phone Booster - Significantly boost yourdevice to get itrunning faster and smoother 
 CPUCooler - Optimize CPUusage and shut down overheating apps tocool down CPU temperature
File Scan - Scan both the internaland SD card  
AppLock - Protect sensitive apps withwell-designed themes
Notification Cleaner - Manage andorganize notifications
 WiFiSecurity - Test your WiFi speedand protect online safety
Safe Browsing - 24/7 online securityprotection  

VirusCleaner 2019's function details

 PowerfulAntivirus Protection -Virus scanner and remover for android
 VirusCleaner 2019 ispowered by McAfee - the highly productive anti virusengine -protecting your phone from ransomware, extortion viruses,malware,adware and Trojans. Through our official partnership withMcAfee,Virus Cleaner 2019 is able to offer a world-classantivirusprotection service globally. 

It is useful
antivirus cleanerfor android phone. Super Clean – Junk Cleaner& Cache FileCleaner 
Clean app cache, residual files, adjunk, unusedpackage and memory cache. 
Efficiently remove thejunk filesthat occupy your memory and storage space. Clean up alljunk fileswith one-tap, free up more space and boost phone speed.

PhoneSpeed Booster - Accelerate & Boost Phone  
Boostyourmobile to get it running faster and smoother. Efficientlyutilizeyour phone's memory and speed up your devices. Just with onetap onthe “booster” button, your phone performance will getfullyimproved. 
App Lock - Smart App Lock with StylishlockThemes 
 With Virus Cleaner 2019's App Lock, you can addextrapassword to protect sensitive apps. Lock your private apps byusingfingerprint, pattern or PIN and keep your secret safefromsnoopers. 

 Notification Cleaner - Notification &MessageControl Centre  
Manage and organizenotificationseffectively, significantly reduce disturbance tousers, creating asmooth, clean and fast mobile experience. 

CPU Cooler - CoolDown Temperature 
 Detect and close apps thatcauseoverheating. Continuous monitoring temperature changes, detecthighresource-consuming apps and start cooling progress,effectivelyreduce the temperature of your device.

 WiFi Speed TestandSecurity 
 Virus Cleaner can also protect youronlinesecurity. Test WiFi speed, detect WiFi security and protectyourdata from being hacked. 

 Scheduled Virus Scan 
-Cleaner and Booster For Android Phone Automatically scan yourphonedaily, weekly or monthly by your settings.

 Deep Scan -Scanningand Examining Files 
 Scanning both the internaldevicestorage and SD cards. Thoroughly exterminate viruses andthreatsfrom your mobile phone. 

 Safe Browsing - ForReal-TimeOnline Protection 
 Block malicious URLs and protectyourselfagainst phishing websites with instant warningnotifications.

Wish Virus Cleaner can help you a lot.
Super Security - Antivirus, Booster & AppLock 1.4.9
Smooth Apps Studio
Professional mobile security app with antivirus software,phonesecurity, cleaner and booster. Free Antivirus Download foryourphone security. Super Security – Antivirus for Android, thebestmobile antivirus app with Virus protection, Virus Cleaner,CleanBooster, Security Guard, Junk Cleaner, CPU Cooler. Say hi tobestantivirus booster for android and go to download the freeantivirusand power security apps.
 Professional antivirus boostersecurityscan for Android mobile, totally for FREE now.
 ImpressiveFeaturesof Super Security apps and antivirus software: ✔ DeviceSecurity& Virus Protection: Virus cleaner with huge virusdatabases,TOP AV-TEST recognized security scan and virus removalfor android.✔ Junk Cleaner: Scan and remove junk filesautomatically. Cleanjunk files, free up storage space and boostphone speed! ✔ AndroidPhone Booster: Speed up phone by killingbackground apps in onetap. Free up storage space on phone. ✔ AppLock: Your privacy guardand phone security app. Virus remover andfree antivirus downloadapps. Everything you need for mobilesecurity is packed in SuperSecurity - the free antivirus forandroid and security apps! SuperSecurity = Antivirus + App Lock +Booster + Cleaner + PhoneSecurity Guard ★ Antivirus - Ensure yourdevice security SuperSecurity – Antivirus Software is yourprofessional security scan.Super Security and antivirus protectsmobile phone from viruses,malware and spyware. Super Security andantivirus is the freeantivirus app with virus cleaner and cleanbooster. ★ App Lock -Lite yet powerful security app Super Securityand antivirus helpsyou lock private apps to keep others from yourprivacy. App lock(Security Guard) allows users to lock up privateapps by setting uppassword or graphic gesture and preventunauthorised access toguard your privacy and ensure your phonesecurity. ★ Booster
SuperSecurity (Booster and Cleaner, Antivirus,Device Security) andantivirus free up storage space on phone andclean up memory byAntivirus android booster. Super Security, thebest phone boosterand antivirus for android, can speed up phonemore efficiently with1-tap booster on home screen. ★ Cleaner SuperSecurity (Antivirusfor Android) and antivirus is also a mobilephone cleaner app, ithelps you free up storage space on phone andoptimize Androidmobile phone performance. Super Security andantivirus can improvephone performance and speed up phone. SuperSecurity - antivirusand phone boost cleaner for android, the bestAndroid securityantivirus and mobile phone booster app. Now come tosay hi to thesuper safe 2018 Super Security! Super Security (Virusremover andBooster for Android), more than mobile phone cleaner,androidbooster, virus protection, app lock, antivirus app andmobilesecurity apps! Super Security (antivirus free and antimalware)provides security service, virus cleaner, and virus removalforandroid. It clean junk files, boost and cool down yourphone.Please note that Super Security uses permissions below forthelisted reason. 1.Read contacts - only used for the CallBlockerfeature to display details of the calls to users; 2.Make andmanagephone calls - only used for the Call Blocker feature to allowourapp to block the calls in your blacklist; 3.Take picturesandvideos - only used for AppLock feature to take photos ofintruderssnooping on your privacy apps.
Security Master - Antivirus, VPN, AppLock, Booster 4.9.0
The original CM Security upgraded to the Security Masterandredefined the scope of Phone Security: protects not onlyyourandroid phone but also your privacy. More than a simpleantivirusfor android, Security Master is built with more powerfulfeature,including: ★Intelligent Diagnosis - Antivirus, Junk Clean,PhoneBooster, Battery Saver, CPU Cooler ★SafeConnect VPN – fastsecureVPN proxy ★Wi-Fi security - scan Wi-Fi networks forthreats★Anti-Theft Alarm – protect your phone from theft bysounding analarm ★Message Security – hide notifications preview★Applock –lock and protect apps with a password ★Intruder Selfie -captureintruder using your phone Key Features: IntelligentDiagnosisAntivirus - Security Master, a free antivirus for android,keepyour phone and privacy safe from virus & malware with#1antivirus engine. Junk Clean - Intelligently scan and removejunkfiles including system and app caches with just one tap.PhoneBoost, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler - Remove background appsthattake high memory usage, overheat and drain battery. SafeConnectVPNBypass firewalls and freely access sensitive websites, watchvideosnot available in your country anonymously without beingtracked.Hide IP address and apply virtual location, protect youronlineactivities to prevent leak of online banking information,privatemessages, and browsing history. Wi-Fi security SecurityMasterdetects and identify phishing Wi-Fi network, test networkspeed andprotect phone's online safety. Anti-Theft Alarm Anti-TheftAlarmprotect your phone from theft by sounding an alarm whensomeonemoves your phone. Message Security Message Securityhidesnotifications preview timely to protect your privacy. Itgathersall chat notifications into one and makes them easier toread &manage. AppLock Lock Bluetooth & Wi-Fi switches,apps, photos,or any private data with a pattern, PIN code, orfingerprint. WithSecurity Master, a free antivirus for android,protect your phonefrom viruses and malware. Keep your privacy safewith Applock,SafeConnect VPN, Wi-Fi Security and more features.Terms ofservice: PrivacyPolicy: AdChoices: has used ACCESSIBILITY SERVICE.
360 Security - Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner
Security Protection for Android Phone with Speed Booster,JunkCleaner, Anti Spyware and Virus Remover Trusted by 200millionusers, 360 Security is the all-in-one power cleaner, smartspeedbooster and antivirus app that optimizes your backgroundapps,memory storage, junk files & battery power, keeping yourdevicesafe from virus. Download the super speed cleaner &securityapp that’s intuitively designed to protect your mobile injust ONEtap. Why 360 Security is a MUST-HAVE app? ★ Effective SpeedBooster& Smart Cache Cleaner-Lacking space for new apps andphotos?Just clean app caches and junk files, boost your phone withONEclick! ★ Smart Battery Saver- Battery draining quicker thanever?Kill redundant apps that drain your battery! ★ Virus RemoverforAndroid-Worried about viruses or phishing? 360 Security’santivirussolution makes sure your device is free frommalware,vulnerabilities, adware andTrojans!------------------------------------------ Highlights of360Security ►Security & Antivirus Scan installed apps, memorycardcontent and new apps automatically. 360 Security’slatestprotection technologies against viruses, adware, malware,etc.►JunkFile Cleaner Mobile cleanup app. Delete all types of junkfiles(system cache, image cache, video cache and advertisementcache) tofree up the storage space. ►Speed Booster Optimize memoryand speedup phone. Clean up memory (RAM) to boost speed and improvephoneperformance , also boost games to make them runsmoothly.►Multi-function lock screen *Automatically check phonestatus whenlocked to provide optimization suggestions *Handy toolcan turn onthe dial, camera, flashlight quickly and turn on or offWIFI,Bluetooth, etc. *Provide high-quality wallpaper to make yourlockscreen more beautiful *Manage notification to avoid missinganyimportant info *Support to operate music player on the lockscreen*Full charge notification alarm to avoid overcharging*Provide thefeature to view local weather ►Call & SMS FilterHelp blockunwanted/spam calls and text messages. Allow you to addanonymousnumbers to blacklist from call log, message andcontacts.►Notification Manager Allow you to hide useless andannoyingnotifications, and prevent excessive notifications fromcoming upat the same time. ►WiFi Security: Detect current WiFiconnection tokeep your phone safe from insecure public WiFi.►Privacy Privacy& App Lock – Prevent data on the device such asFacebook,Instagram, Snapchat, photo albums and other important& privatedocuments from falling into the wrong hands. ►IntruderSelfieInstantly snap a photo of anyone who breaking into your appsandrecord the date & time in App Lock for check. ►App Manager-Uninstall apps and move apps to SD cards. ►Fingerprint LockUnlockscreen quickly and easily with your fingerprint if yourdevice hasthe fingerprint sensor, no fear of forgetting pattern orPIN codeany more. ►Real time protection Scan installed apps &local APKfiles and also monitor each installation process, providepayment& shopping security. here to confirm current availableversionfrom google play store will not ask BIND_DEVICE_ADMINpermission!------------------------------------------ 360 Securityisavailable more than 35 languages: English,Português(Brasil),Português(Portugal), Español(España),Español(Latinoamérica),Pусский, हिन्दी, ไทย, Bahasa Indonesia,Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, BahasaMelayu, 日本語, Deutsch, Français, 한국어,Italiano, Čeština, Nederlands,Svenska, Polski, Suomi, Română,Ελληνικά, Magyar, etc. ► Read inapp permissions and usage here: ► We wouldlike to hear from you: Like us onFacebook: Join us on GooglePlusCommunity:
Avast Antivirus – Mobile Security & Virus Cleaner 6.17.2
Avast Software
Protect against viruses & other types of malware withAvastMobile Security, the world’s most trusted free antivirus appforAndroid. Protect your privacy by receiving alerts when spywareoradware-infected apps are downloaded onto your device. Secureyourdevice against phishing attacks from emails, phone calls,infectedwebsites, or SMS messages. Turn on the VPN to keep youronlinebrowsing private and safe, as well as to access your favoritepaidstreaming services when traveling abroad. With more than100million installs, Avast Mobile Security & Antivirusprovidesmuch more than just antivirus protection. Other featuresinclude: ✔Antivirus Engine ✔ App Lock ✔ Call Blocker ✔ Anti-Theft ✔PhotoVault ✔ VPN (virtual private network) ✔ Power Save ✔PrivacyPermissions ✔ Firewall (for rooted Android only) ✔ RAM Boost✔ JunkCleaner ✔ Web Shield ✔ Wi-Fi Security ✔ App Insights ✔VirusCleaner ✔ Wi-Fi Speed Test What’s new VPN (Virtual PrivateNetwork)- Hide your online activities and change your location toaccessyour favorite paid streaming services from anywhere.IntroducingApp Insights - Ever wonder how much time you’re wastingwhilelooking at your phone every day? We’ve developed a solutionforyou, right inside of your favorite security app. Premiumfeaturesfor advanced protection: ■ Camera Trap: Secretly capturephotos andaudio of the thief if your phone gets stolen. ■ LastKnownLocation: Check your device's last location before itsbatterydied. ■ Sim Security: Automatically register your device aslostafter a SIM change. ■ App Lock: Keep your sensitive contentsecureand private by locking any app with a PIN code, pattern,orfingerprint password. Only you’ll be able to access them. ■RemoveAds: Eliminate ads from your Avast Mobile Security &Antivirusexperience. ■ Avast Direct Support: Contact Avast directlyfrom theapp to receive quick responses to your inquiries. AvastMobileSecurity & Antivirus in detail ■ AntivirusEngine:Automatically scan for viruses and other kinds ofmalware,including spyware, Trojans, and more. Web, file, and appscanningprovides complete mobile protection. ■ App Insights:Discover howmuch time you spend using each app on your device andtake backcontrol of your phone-life balance. ■ Junk Cleaner:Instantly cleanout unnecessary data, junk files, system caches,gallerythumbnails, installation files, and residual files to giveyou morespace. ■ Photo Vault: Secure your photos with a PIN code,pattern,or fingerprint password. After moving photos to the Vault,they arefully encrypted and only accessible to you. ■ Call Blocker:Stopunwanted callers from interrupting your day. Automaticallyblockspam or add phone numbers to your blacklist to prevent themfromcontacting you. ■ Web Shield: Scan and blockmalware-infectedlinks, as well as Trojans, adware, and spyware (forprivacy andsafe web browsing, e.g. Chrome). It also fixes mistypedURLs. ■Wi-Fi Security: Check the security of public Wi-Fi networksandemail messages, browse safely, and make secure online paymentsfromanywhere. ■ Power Save: Reduces your device's batteryconsumptionby adjusting battery-draining settings such as Wi-Fi,datasynchronization, Bluetooth, and screen settings. This app usestheDevice Administrator permission. This permission allows youtoremotely lock and wipe your device from This appusesthe Accessibility permission to protect visually impaired andotherusers against phishing attacks and malicious websites.
dfndr security: antivirus, anti-hacking & cleaner 5.23.4
dfndr security is an anti virus and anti-hacking app forAndroidwith performance optimization dedicated to keeping yoursmartphonesafe from hackers. dfndr security (pronounced“defender”), withmore than 130 million installations globally, is atop-ratedantivirus software by the AV-TEST Institute. More than asimplevirus cleaner, dfndr security antivirus for Android is packedwithpowerful features, including: ◾ Security Scan ◾ Anti-Hacking◾Lockscreen Charge Monitor ◾ Memory Booster ◾ Quick Cleanup◾Applock ◾ Notification Cleaner 🛡️Virus Protection &VirusCleaner with Security Scan🛡️ Scan for viruses contractedthroughspam, malicious content, or infected apps with thiseasy-to-usetool. The spyware removal and virus cleaner featuregives you thebest virus protection and keeps your phone in topcondition. Choosebetween the Quick Antivirus Scan and the morecomprehensive FullAntivirus Scan. 🛑Anti-Hacking & Anti-PhishingProtection🛑Anti-Hacking alerts you of phishing-related activitiesin apps suchas SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Chrome withoutever havingto click on potentially malicious links. 🚀MemoryBooster🚀 Free upRAM and speed up memory by automatically closingapps that run inthe background. ✂️️Quick Cleanup to Remove JunkFiles and Cache✂️Keep your device’s cache clear and eliminate junkfiles with greatphone cleaner tools. Easily remove apps you nolonger want with AppManager. Free up phone storage space withWhatsApp Cleaner andFacebook Messenger Cleaner to make space fornew photos, videos andapps. 🔔Notification Cleaner🔔 Control whichnotifications are sentto your “do not disturb” list and have theability to view andclean junk notifications with one touch.🔒AppLock🔒 Protect the appsthat are on your device with passcodesand fingerprint scantechnology. Additional features to keep yourAndroid safe andoptimized: ★ Advanced Protection- Preventsunauthorized partiesfrom disabling the app's protection features ★CPU Cooler- Lowersthe temperature of your phone’s processor ★ WiFiChecker- Tests thespeed of your internet connection ★ InternetAccelerator- Speeds upyour connection by closing apps that arecompeting for bandwidth ★Anti-Theft- Locks down your stolen phoneremotely to protect yourcontent and automatically takes a photo ofany intruder who issnooping on your phone ★ dfndr Assistant - Sendsyou tips andnotifications to help you better utilize all theantivirus andperformance tools the app has to offer ★ IdentityTheft Report-Find out if your email has been stolen by hackers. Tryit free witha seven-day trial Note: This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission ✨Get PREMIUM✨ PREMIUM subscription givesyou even moreadvanced features, including: personalizednotificationspreferences and an ads-free experience. dfndr securitytruly is thedefender of your Android device! Visit our website:www.psafe.comJoin our fight against deceptive advertising PSafe iscommitted tothe online safety and security of our users.Unfortunately, somethird parties are illegally using our name andlogo to createmisleading ad content, such as in the form of“scareware” falselystating that your device is infected with avirus. PSafeunequivocally denounces these “scareware” tactics. Ifyou receive asuspicious “virus alert” type ad, please take ascreenshot of thead, copy the full browser URL link of the ad orits redirect andemail both to: [email protected] We appreciateyour support infighting these malicious practices. How to identifyfake virusalert ads:
Max Security - Antivirus&Booster &Cleaner 2.0.2
Phone getting stuck with viruses and junk files? Clean it NOW!FreeAntivirus for Android – Max Security's Highlights: Max Security–Antivirus software and virus scanner and removal for Android.JunkCleaner - Scan and clean junk files automatically. Cleanphonememory and storage space. Completely Clean my Android!AndroidPhone Booster - Speed up phone to get it running fasterandsmoother! Free up storage space on phone in one tap! App Lock-Sensitive application lock guard your privacy bypreventingunauthorized access. ★ Super Virus Defender – Antivirusbooster MaxSecurity protects your phone from ransomware, extortionviruses,malware, adware and Trojans. Max Security is the bestsecurity appand clean booster with anti virus, provides anti virusprotectionand virus remover for Android, with the ability to scandownloadedapps or files for malware instantly. ★ App Lock - SmartApp LockMaster With Max Security, you can add extra passwordprotection tosensitive apps by using pattern or PIN and keep yoursecret safefrom snoopers, such as: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram,Snapchat,Email, Message, Gallery, Contact so that nobody can seethe contentin the locked apps without a password. ★ Super Cleaner -CleanMaster & Junk Cleaner Max Security is also a superphonecleaner booster optimizer and app cache cleaner - 1tap boostcleanjunk files. Max Security(clean apps) efficiently clean junkfileram cache and virus. Clean up caches and data with one-tap,free upmore space and speed up your Android phone! ★ Phone Booster–Android Phone Super Fast Booster Max Security is speed boosterforAndroid phone. Max security boosts your phone to get itrunningfaster and smoother and efficiently utilizes your phone'smemory tospeed up your devices and improves phone performance withone tapacceleration booster. ★Battery Saver: Analyze batteryconsumptionsituation. Your batter, you manage! Max Security cananalyze thebattery consumption situation of every application inyour smartphone. Auto cleanup heavy loading electric application oryou canmanually manage them by your choice. ★CPU Cooler: Closeoverheatingapps to cool down your phone. Save your mobile battery.MaxSecurity, Clean, Security analyzes CPU usage dynamically,detectsoverheating apps, and helps you close them to immediatelycool downyour phone and prevent phone temperature from risingagain. GET thebest Virus Protection App NOW! Max Security has usedaccessibilityservices.
Super Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster, Phone Cleaner
Hawk App
Super Cleaner is a world-class cleaning & boostingprogramfor Android, which has functions of Junk file Cleaner,PhoneBooster, CPU Cooler, App Lock and even Antivirus, trustedbyover 95 millions of users worldwide! Super Cleanerboastsa 4.7 (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)rating, is one of the highest ratedcleanerapplications on Google Play! 

How does Super Cleanerimprove yourdevice performance?
 Junk Cleaner - Clean junkfiles
 CacheCleaner - Clean up useless application cachefiles
 PhoneBooster - Optimize memory and speed up your phone
GameBooster - Boost speed performance and expertly free upmemoryspace
 Antivirus - A powerful virus cleaner thatefficientlyremoves all threats
 CPU Cooler - Minimize CPUtemperature andenhance performance 
 App Lock - Protectprivateinformation in apps with extra passwords 
AppManager -Analyze and manage the status of appsintelligently 
 BatterySaver - Shut down power-consuming appsto extend the life-span ofyour battery 
Super Cleaner key featuredetails: 

 Junk FilesCleaner 
 Analyze and safely removethe junk files that takeup your memory and storage space. Cleanwith only 1-tap, free upspace and boost phone speed. 

 CacheFiles Cleaner 
Clean residual system cache files left byuninstalled apps to freeup disk space for Android phone or tablet.

Storage Optimizer& Cleaner 
 Clean up duplicate photos,music, documentsand unnecessary apps, free up space and accelerateyourdevice. 

 CPU Cooler 
 Intelligently analyze CPUusageand end the process of overheating apps to decreaseCPUtemperature, with only 1-tap.

 Security & Antivirus -VirusCleaner 
 Powered by a world-class virus detectionengine,Super Cleaner protects your device from all virus attacksand anyother threats.

 Phone Booster
 A quick booster can free upRAM andclean background tasks. 

 Security App Lock 
WithAppLock, you can add extra password protection to sensitiveapps,such as Facebook, Message, Gmail, WhatsApp and Snapchat.Keepprivacy snoopers away from your private information by settinganadditional pattern or PIN password. 

 Game Booster
Cleanyour device’s memory to give it a significant speed boost.Endbackground processes to boost gaming performance.Automaticallyboost gaming experience by 30%+ when launching!

NotificationsCleaner & Manager 
 Annoying notifications onyour devicedriving you insane? Super Cleaner helps to compile alluselessnotifications and silence them, keeping your device clean,quietand more efficient than ever before! Private browsing 
SuperCleaner’s fully encrypted browser allows you to visit anywebsitewithout leaving any history on your phone. Worrying aboutprivacyexposure? Not anymore! Smart charge Shows charging state andofferoptimization suggestions when charging, also provides ascreensaverwhich displays the running condition of your device.
Security Antivirus - Max Clean
Max Antivirus is an economical antivirus app, it can cleanvirus,protect privacy, boost games, clean junks and lock apps.MaxAntivirus include virus cleaner, app cleaner, phone boosterandantivirus. Security antivirus is important. How can you staysafefrom viruses, spyware, Trojans, malwares, vulnerabilities,adwares,privacy snoopers, extortion and Wi-Fi spy? How to defensefromransomware attack? How to find out viruses and ransomware? Howtoquick heal from threats? How to keep cpu cold, system runsmoothwhen gaming?Chose Max Antivirus, it can help you solve alltheabove problems. Max Antivirus is honestable andeconomisireantivirus, 100% free. Security & AntivirusVirusCleaner cleanall viruses. Protect Private, Protect Photos, ProtectBankInformation, Protect Account. Keep your android safe andsecure,This is Antivirus Master.Economical & High DetectionRateThereis no background process with Max Antivirus. It protectingfrom anyof extortion virus, malware, adware or Trojans with a lowbatteryusage, our test team tested the battery usage, Max Antivirusis themost economical antivirus app.Phone BoosterWe use a newtechnologyto boost phone, free up RAM and save battery, normally40% ofmemory can be released, get more available memory by booster.Weuse the features of android system itself to boost, norootprivileges are required, safe and efficient.Boost isreallyeffective, recommend to youGame BoosterBoost games by 40%+whenlaunching. Clean unused RAM before game launching, solveRAMproblems when exiting games. It is useful and effective. Injustone tap you can fix problems with game lagandinsufficient.AppLockWith AppLock, you can add an extrapasswordprotection to sensitive apps. Lock your private apps byusingpattern or fingerprint and keep your secret safefromsnoopers.AppLock support fingerprint for Android DevicesandSamsung mobile. Junk files cleanerClean junk files, residualfiles,unused apks, Thumbnail, browsing history, clipboard and cachetofree up storage, boost speed and improve the performance ofAndroiddevice.WiFi SecurityDetect WiFi spy, Test WiFi speed, MaxAntiviruswill show you how many devices are sharing your bandwidth,withthat you can check out which is WiFi spy, remove all spy byyourrouter manage page to make your WiFi safeandfast.Multi-languagesSupported multi-languages:Arabic,German,Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,Korean,Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian,Vietnamese,Chinese.Security Antivirus Max Clean ! 100% freedownload, get thebest antivirus NOW !
AVG AntiVirus 2019 for Android Security FREE
AVG Mobile
Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Android™ to help protect youfromharmful viruses and malware. Keep your personal data safe withAppLock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and AppPermissionsadvisor. Over 100,000,000 people already installed AVG’santivirusmobile security apps. Join them now and: ✔ Scan apps,games,settings and files in real-time ✔ Boost speed by killingtasks thatslow down your device ✔ Extend battery life with PowerSave ✔ Cleanunnecessary files to free up space ✔ Lock sensitiveapps with aPIN, pattern, or fingerprint ✔ Enable locating your lostphone viaGoogle Maps™ ✔ Hide private photos in an encrypted Vault ✔Stayanonymous with VPN ✔ Scan Wi-Fi networks for threats ✔ CheckWi-Fidownload and upload speed ✔ Get insight into the permissionlevelof installed apps With AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Androidyou’llreceive effective virus and malware protection, phonelocator, taskkiller, app lock, call blocker, Wi-Fi Scanner andphoto vault tohelp shield you from threats to your privacy andonline identity.App Features: Protection: ✔ Scan apps, games andfiles with ourdual-engine antivirus and remove malicious content ✔Scan websitesfor harmful threats (Android's default browser andChrome) ✔ Wi-FiScanner for network encryption, password strengthand CaptivePortal (ones with 'sign-in' requirement) ✔ VPNProtection: Secureyour online privacy Performance: ✔ Extend batterylife by turningoff battery-draining settings with Power Save ✔ Killtasks andprocesses that can slow down your phone ✔ Cleanunnecessary filesand free up storage space ✔ Check Wi-Fi downloadand upload speedAnti-Theft: Use AVG AntiVirus FREE 2019 for Androidtogether withAVG’s remote management console or text messages (SMS)to: ✔ Locateyour lost or stolen phone via Google Maps ✔ Lock yourphone and seta lock screen message ✔ Make your phone sound a siren✔ Theftie[free trial]: discreetly emails you a photo of anyonetrying tounlock your phone ✔ Device Lock [free trial]:automatically locksyour phone whenever the SIM card is replaced ✔Surveillance Agent[free trial]: remotely capture photos and recordaudio from yourphone via our website ✔ Remote History: query thecall log,contacts and text messages remotely ✔ Wipe your phone andSD cardcontent Privacy: ✔ Hide private photos in apassword-protectedVault to prevent snooping ✔ App Lock [freetrial]: lock sensitiveapps to protect your privacy and safety ✔Call Blocker: protectyourself against spammers and scammers ✔Delete clipboard contentand browsing history (Chrome browser andAndroid version older than5.0) ✔ Stay anonymous with VPN ✔ AppPermissions: get insight intothe level of permission required byyour installed apps AppInsights: ✔ Monitor how you spend your time✔ See where your datais used ✔ Discover potential privacy issuesThis app uses theDevice Administrator permission. This permissionallows you toremotely lock and wipe your device from app usesAccessibility permission to protect visually impairedand otherusers against phishing attacks and malicious websites.Byinstalling or updating this app, you agree that your use of itisgoverned by these terms: Google®,GoogleMaps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registeredinthe USA and in other countries Download Antivirus for Free Now!
Antivirus & Virus Cleaner (Applock, Clean, Boost) 1.2.1
🏆 4.7★★★★★ High Rating on Google Play! Ratings beyond 95%Antivirusapps, Enjoyed by 10 million Users WorldwideAV-ComparativesTested2019: Security is the world's most reliable all-in-onedeviceoptimization and protection application, free virus cleanerforandroid. Use Antivirus & Security to protect yourphoneoptimally in your daily life. With Antivirus & Security2019you will be protected from viruses and malicious software inanefficient, antivirus app for android and easy way and isequippedwith application lock features, scan and security Wi-Fi,speed upthe phone, virus clean and virus booster and cleaner, cleanphonememory and storage space. ★ FREE ANTI-VIRUS Antivirusapplicationwill virus scan on your device to protect your deviceagainstpotential threats, remove virus from phone. Scansystempre-installed and user-installed applications to ensure yourdeviceis always protected. Trojan virus remover for android, antimalwarevirus remover, anti adware for android phones free. Also,removeharmful content or give alerts to your Android device withvirusremover app for android phone. ★PHONE BOOSTER SPEED UP Cleanupmemory (RAM) and memory booster ram optimizer your phone's speedbyremoving excess background tasks. Stop Auto-start applicationstospeed up and reduce memory usage, phone optimizer and booster.Themechanism of action is that it monitors processes,applicationsrunning underground on your phone ram booster forandroid. And whenthe device detects the excessive use of the RAM,it automaticallycloses unnecessary applications that are not neededto improve theperformance of your device, ram cleaner speedbooster. ★ APPLOCKPASSWORD The best fingerprint applock software orapplication thathelps protect your smartphone and other personalinformation. Applocker with password of pattern can lock andprotect applicationslike Facebook, WhatsApp, Line and almost allother applicationsfrom intruders with applock fingerprint andpassword. ★ WIFISECURITY PROTECTION The application helps protectyour wifi networkfrom hacker attacks. Free, fast and compactnetwork tool. You cancheck wifi security identify rogue Wi-Fihotspots to protect youronline security information, detect DNS/SSLspoofing attacks andspoofing ARP. Feature highlights of virusremoval software: ✔ Scansapplications, games, settings and files inreal time from viruskiller, virus remover & virus cleaner free.✔ Scan WiFi networkto detect encryption problems, weak passwords,and other threats ✔The compact installer is only 4Mb ✔ Junk cleanerand antivirus,clean junk file ram cache and virus ✔ Clean junkfiles and boost myspeed, clean my android ✔ Scans for apps, games,and files, andremoves harmful content ✔ Interrupting tasks andprocesses can slowdown your device ✔ Speed up your phone to free upRAM, speed upphone performance and ram booster speed up your phone.✔ Displaycharging information on the lock screen ✔ Fingerprint lockscreenhide app security ✔ Support to lock apps with fingerprint,lockapps with password, lock apps with pattern. ✔ Best antivirusappfor android, anti malware and spyware for android andantivirusapps new 2019. ✔ Back up and uninstall applications ✔ 24/7phoneprotection helps protect your smartphone from potentialthreatswith mobile security virus. ✔ Quick and convenient scanningtakesjust seconds with mobile antivirus software . ✔ Antivirusfreevirus cleaner 2019, virus removal for android ✔ Trackapplicationsrunning underground, showing memory usage of eachapplication ✔Free (Advertising) If you like Antivirus and MobileSecurity,please download free antivirus apps and rate 5 ★★★★★ forus. If youhave a problem with this antivirus software for androidmobileleave feedback and we will fix it and assist you as soonaspossible.
Clean Master - Antivirus, Applock & Cleaner 7.0.4
Cheetah Mobile
Clean Master, one of the best optimization tools with spacecleanerand antivirus for android devices, helps keep your phoneclean andsafe from virus. Clean Master also free up space and RAMto improveyour phone's performance. Enjoy your speedy phone now!Clean MasterKey Functions: 🔥 JUNK CLEANER (JUNK FILES) Clean Masterhelps freeup your storage space by removing junk, residual andcache fileswhich slows down your phone. With our professionalcleaner, you canalso free up much more space from cleaning cachedata from socialapps without worrying about deleting the wrongfiles. 👑 FREEANTIVIRUS Scans for virus on all apps (pre-installedor not),blocks and removes virus to keep your phone safe fromviruses,trojans and protects your privacy with Clean Master'sfreeantivirus engine which is certified by AV-TEST! 🌟 WiFiSECURITYClean Master added the WiFi Security feature to detect fakeWiFiand unauthorized connections. Keep your phone safe frominsecurepublic WiFi. 🚀 BOOST MOBILE One Tap Boost helps speed upphone byfreeing up RAM. After boosting your mobile, you can run aspeedtest to see how much faster it is. 🔋 BATTERY SAVER CleanMasterhelps to save battery power and extend battery life byhibernatingrunning apps. 🎮 Game Master With Game Master, you canmanage yourgames, accelerate loading speed of games and find morefun gameshere. Other optimization features ☆CHARGE MASTER-Preventsovercharging, displays charging status and applicationmessagewhile charging. ☆ APPLOCK- Keeps your app privacy safe withanAppLock PIN or pattern. Clean Master, the world's leadingspacecleaner & antivirus app on Google Play. We added somepowerfulfeatures to make Clean Master more smarter and convenient.Thesefeatures will require additional phone permissions. Restassurednone of your personal info will be collected per thePrivacyPolicy. 1.New junk clean engine, added clean junk messagesand more(require SMS, Contacts, Call Logs, Calendar andLocationpermissions) 2.New way to interact with your phone on lockscreen(require Microphone permission) 3.More personalized settingstobeautify your phone New features are only accessible to someusersnow, welcome to contact us to try it in advance. 👉【LIKE US andSTAYCONNECTED】👈 Follow our Instagram and Google+ to getmoreinteresting pictures, videos & Clean Master usage tipseveryday! Instagram: Enhance thefunctionality ofthe intelligent data We will use the installedapp(s) list andapp(s) installation folder contents for the cloudengine to enhancethe junk files recognition capability of JUNKCLEANER (JUNK FILES),the running app(s) status for the cloudengine to enhance the effectof BOOST MOBILE and power savingability of BATTERY. TOS: AdChoice: CleanMaster useaccessibility services to improve junk clean feature insomedevices.
Mobile Security: Antivirus, Wi-Fi VPN & Anti-Theft
McAfee LLC
Secure your Android devices, protect your personal informationandhelp keep your private data away from prying eyes with theMcAfeeMobile Security app – a free antivirus cleaner and phonesecurityapp, that helps protect your online privacy while enhancingyourAndroid phone or tablet’s performance. Armed with apowerfulsecurity engine provided by McAfee Global ThreatIntelligenceoffering enhanced scans, virus removal and mobilesecurity featuresto defend against phishing, spam, risky apps andWi-Fi threats.Plus, device optimization with storage cleaner,memory booster,battery booster, and track data usage. Discover afresh, new, easyto use design with award-winning Anti-Theft, Lostor Stolen DeviceRecovery, App Privacy Protection, AntivirusProtection,Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware, Virus Cleaner and Removal,SafeBrowsing, Wi-Fi Security, Performance Optimization, SMSBackup,Contacts Backup and many other mobile security features.Choosebetween two different MMS packages offering three choicesofprotection, Free, Standard and Plus. Download McAfeeMobileSecurity today and defend yourself with the latest freeantivirusprotection, spyware removal and Wi-Fi security for yourmobiledevice. NEW FEATURES Introducing Wi-Fi Guard VPN: Wi-Fi Guard–256-bit bank-grade VPN encryption to protect your onlineactivitieseven when you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi OnlinePrivacy – Keepyour personal data, online activities, IP addressesand physicallocations private from prying eyes Ad Tracker Blocking– Preventads from being generated in your downloaded apps FREEFEATURESANTI-THEFT & MOBILE SECURITY ▪ Device Lock Security andThiefCam: Locks your device and takes a snapshot of the personusing it▪ Anti-Spyware: Stops thieves from phishing and gainingaccess toyour personal information ▪ Remotely Wipe Data: Wipeselectedprivate data or revert to factory settings ▪ SMS Backup,ContactsBackup, and Restore Data ▪ Locate, Track, and Alarm: Findyourphone with a map location service, sound a remote alarm, orgetstep-by-step help for tracking it ▪ Anti-theftUninstallProtection: Keep a thief from uninstalling the MobileSecurity appon your device ▪ Remotely manage your antivirusprotection from theweb portal PRIVACY ▪ App Privacy Check: Knowwhich apps may putyour personal data privacy at risk ▪ Call Blockerand SMS Filter**PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION ▪ Widget*: Stay up to dateon yourantivirus security status and fix issues with one tap ▪BatteryBooster: Extended battery life ▪ Memory Booster: Free upmemory(RAM) of background apps ▪ Storage Cleaner: Remove unwantedfilesand apps ▪ Track Data Usage: Set data limits and monitorusageANTIVIRUS SECURITY & WEB PROTECTION SCANNER ▪ Mobileantivirussecurity plus virus cleaner and removal: Scans formalicious codefrom files, SMS, SD card, apps and internetdownloads. Anti-malwaretool provides real-time detection ofmalware. ▪ Safe Wi-Fi:Protects from ARP spoofing attacks &unsecured Wi-Fi networks ▪Mobile Security Scan: Finds and removesinfections PREMIUM FEATURES▪ Wi-Fi Guard VPN: Safeguard your onlineprivacy under unsecurenetwork ▪ Safe Web: Blocks access to riskywebsites ▪ Kids Mode*:Control which apps your kids can see on yourdevice ▪ App Lock*:Securely lock apps with sensitive content ▪Phone Support ▪ MediaUpload ▪ No Ads *Android 5.1.1/6.0 users mustgrant accessibilityto enable Widget, App Lock, & Kids Mode**Call, SMS Blocker& SMS restore not available on Android 4.4& aboveAdditional SMS fees may apply for certain antivirussecurityfeatures MMS uses the Device Administrator permission&Accessibility services If you lose your device,visit with your email to findyourphone & access your backed-up info. COPYRIGHT &TRADEMARKMcAfee, the McAfee logo are trademarks or registeredtrademarks ofMcAfee LLC or its subsidiaries in the United Statesand othercountries. Copyright © 2018 McAfee LLC
APUS Security - Clean Virus, Antivirus, Booster 1.0.113
APUS Group
APUS Security(Security Elite) is a free security toolwithantivirus, junk cleaner, battery saver, App lock forandroiddevice. It’s the flagship application for privacy protectinginAPUS group! Security Elite helps protect your phone from virusandsublime its performance. Security Elite - With key featureslistedbelow, it helps keep your phone safe & fast running.KeyFeatures: ★Antivirus & File Scan - Powered by TOPantivirusengine ★Powerful Junk Cleaner ★Phone Booster & CPUCooler★Message Security ★App Lock ★Notification Cleaner -- Noannoyingnotifications anymore ★Antivirus & File Scan – VirusCleanerSecurity Elite is powered by the TOP antivirus engineprovider -ANTIY LAB. It helps remove virus fast and easily fromyour device.Security Elite can also scan installed apps anddownload files tokeep your phone away from the malwares, spywaresand Trojans 24/7!★Junk Cleaner - Clean cache and residual filesSecurity Elite wouldanalyze millions of apps and optimize constant.This security toolcould clean residual files, cache and free upseveral GB storage(ROM) space with perfect accuracy. Your music,chatting, pictures,documents and other files are much safer withus. ★Phone Booster ,Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler Withaccessibility we can stop andhibernate apps thoroughly, even putauto-started apps into standbymode to reduce power consumption andspeed up your phone. ★MessageSecurity Prevent others from peepingyour message notifications!★App Locker With app locker, you couldencrypt any sensitive appwhich has private information by Pin orpattern. Support forFacebook, Messenger, Twitter, Message, etc. ★Notification Cleaner- Notification & Message Control CentreManage and organizenotifications effectively, get rid of allannoying notifications. ★Call Blocker & Assistant Block targetnumber and identifycaller ID, With Phone and Contacts permissionswe can block allannoying spam call and provide more powerful phoneaccessibilityfeature. We do not provide the service/content for anyminors under16 years old (or equivalent minimum age in relevantjurisdiction).If you are a minor meeting the above conditions, youmust read theterms of User Agreement and use this app under theguidance of yourguardian, and confirm that your guardian agrees toyour Use of thisapp If you have any questions or suggestions,please feel free tocontact us: [email protected] privacypolicy:
Super Phone Cleaner - Antivirus & Booster 1.6.7
Hyper Speed
Super Speed Cleaner (Virus Cleaner - Antivirus, Booster), thebestphone cleaner for android with junk cleaner, antiviruscleaner,mobile phone booster, App Lock, CPU cooler and batterysaver. Makeyour phone faster than ever. Highlights Lighter - Muchsmallerinstallation package and run fast. Lower power consumption-Satisfy the most basic operations. Handy - Simple interfaceandeasy to use. Multi-Functional - Core functions are complete tomeetbasic needs. Key Features ✔️Junk Cleaner: Scan and removejunkfiles including system and app caches. Clean junk files, freeupRAM and boost phone speed in ONE TAP! ✔️Phone Booster:Removebackground apps to free up storage space on the phone,optimizememory and speed up the phone. ✔️Security & Antivirus:Virusremoval for Android with virus cleaner. ✔️AppLock: Lock upyourprivate apps with app lock free. ✔️CPU Cooler: Close overheatsappsto cool down phone temperature and save battery. ✔️BatterySaver:stop battery draining process to save battery power longtime. JunkCleaner – Lite & powerful cleaner, memory boosterSuper SpeedCleaner can speed up the phone and improve phoneperformance byscanning and removing junk. Super Speed Cleaner helpsyou free upstorage space, With read/write external storagepermissions, ourprogram are allowed to scan and delete junk filesstored on your SDcard. Boost Up Speed – Fast and convenient SuperSpeed Cleaner -Antivirus, Booster can clean up memory (RAM), freeup storage spaceon the phone and save battery with ourAndroidBoosterr. As a moreconvenient booster on an Android phone,1-tap booster on the homescreen can speed up the phone moreefficiently. Free AntivirusMaster Professional virus cleanerpowered by top antivirus andmobile security, provides all timevirus protection. Super VirusCleaner, a powerful antivirus softwarewith virus scans, virusremover, offers you the best antivirus forAndroid to ensure yourmobile security. CPU cooler - Temperaturedown Super Speed Cleaneris also a phone temperature cooler withAndroid overheatingprotection. It analyzes CPU usage, findsoverheating apps, andclose them to cool down phone temperature.Battery saver - Longerbattery life With battery saver, Super SpeedCleaner - Antivirus,Booster can analyze and stop power-drainingapps to save batterypower for Android. Find Out Intruder Want tofind out who tries tosnoop on your private apps?With camerapermission, Super PhoneCleaner will secretly take a photo ofsomeone unlocking apps withthe wrong password. The photo will beshown only to you to catchthe curious one! Organize Notifications –Hide uselessnotifications Super Speed Cleaner can mute allnotifications andput them in App Organizer for android. No moreunwantednotifications and never miss an important message again.Gamebooster - Boost your game speed Super Speed Cleaner -Antivirus,Booster helps you speed up game speed. By releasing thephonememory, it can give you a better game experience. CallBlocker& Assistant Customize the numbers on your blacklist andblockspam calls & unwanted calls. With Call, Contact and ReadPhoneState permissions, Super Phone Cleaner can block all annoyingspamcalls and provide powerful call assistance. Better UserExperienceAs the best antivirus, junk cleaner, phone booster, SuperPhoneCleaner provides more accurate, localized services withlocation,coarse location and get accounts permissions, which servesthe goalto improve the user experience. …… As an All-in-One androidcleaner& booster, Super Speed Cleaner clean junk files, clearcache,speed booster, cool down your phone and save battery. SuperSpeedCleaner - Antivirus, Booster, a light android phone cleaner, afastcleaner! Time to get a reliable optimizer (cleaner &booster) -Super Phone Cleaner. Let us know if you have anysuggestions.Feedback address: [email protected]
Cache Cleaner-DU Speed Booster (booster & cleaner)
Trusted by 230 million users, DU Speed Booster & Cleanercanclean cache and junk file, boost your phone to make phonefaster,making it the best cache cleaner, memory booster, DU SpeedBooster& Cleaner Total keeps your Android device safe, clean,and fastto be always just like ”New”. DU Speed Booster &Cleaner is theonly all-in-one speed booster, trash cleaner andantivirus app thatoptimizes your background apps, memory space andjunk(cache) files.While keeping your device safe from virus andtrojan, that cansecure your private data with the AppLock function.DU SpeedBooster(Antivirus & Junk Cleaner)Highlights: ► PhoneBoost& Memory Boost - The best phone speed booster Clean upmemory(RAM) and optimize phone speed by removing redundantbackgroundtasks. Stop stealthy running apps, Aims to speedingup yourandroid device. We also have phone booster shortcut,One-Tap Boostdirectly from your home screen makes it easy tooptimize. ► JunkFile Cleaner - Small yet powerful cleaner master,space saver Freeup space and improve the performance byintelligently scan the junkfiles. Such as residual files, cache,temp files, obsolete apks andother big files. ► Security &Antivirus Scan installed apps,memory card content, and new appsautomatically. DU Speed Booster& Antivirus latest protectiontechnologies against viruses,adware, malware, trojan and more. ►Network Boost One-tapcomprehensively detects network status,including Wi-Fi security,download speed, upload speed, networkingdevices. Close backgroundnetwork-occupied applications, to ensurethat the using apps is ina better network condition. ► CPU Cooler -Detect and clean appsthat cause overheating Continuous monitoringtemperature changes,detects apps highly consuming CPU and starts acooling progress,effectively reduce the phone temperature.By memoryboost, it cancool down Android device as fast as possible. ► AppsManager - Scanand clean redundant APK files Smart Task Managertransfer apps,games or files, move to SD card easily withoutscrolling from onescreen to another one! App Manager for movinginternal storage appsto external SD card will give you a lot offree space on yourtablet or smart phone. ► AppLock - Guarding yourprivacy is easierthan ever The fastest & safest applock forandroid in theworld; Security tool, easy to reset password. Preventothers fromaccessing your important private apps such as Facebook,Instagram,SMS, Gallery and so on. ► Smart Charge Display chargestatus inreal time, accurately estimating remaining charge time.Displaynotifications on the screensaver to never miss friends'messages. ►DU Swipe Help users quickly switch applications andsystemsettings! Find us online: Facebook: DUSpeed Booster & Cleaneris right here to deal with all issuesthat slow down your Androiddevice performance! DU speed Booster ishere to help you to Cleanand Speed Up android device, androidsystem or in one touchoptimize all files on your tablet orsmartphone! It will help youmaster and optimize your backgroundapps, memory space, junk(cache) files and battery power, as well asinspect appspermissions and secure your phone from viruses. Helpfight againstdeceptive ads DU Group is dedicated to providing asafer mobileexperience for our global users, so we’re committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. We’ve found that someads/redirectedpages might be malicious promotion from unknownchannels. If youcome across one of these ads, you can help us totake them down.Please send us the link and screenshots of these [email protected] We appreciate your kindly help. Ourappuses Accessibility services under certain condition toenableadvanced functions and improve your experience.
Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security
Kaspersky Lab
⭐ Free antivirus and phone security for Android™ devicesfromKaspersky Lab ⭐ Kaspersky Internet Security for Android isaFREE-to-download antivirus solution to help keep your phonesandtablets – which can be even more vulnerable than computers –aswell as your private information secure from onlinedangers.Product features: ► Antivirus protection — acts as a viruscleaner,automatically blocking malware and more on your phones&tablets ► Background check — scans on-demand and in real-time*forviruses, spyware, ransomware and Trojans ► Find my phone —locates& locks your Android phone or tablet if it’s lost orstolen ►Anti-Theft — protects personal information from thieves,wiping itfrom your device ► App Lock* — lets you add a secret codeto accessyour private messages, photos & more ► Anti-Phishing*— keepsyour financial information secure when you shop & bankonline ►Web filter* — filters out dangerous links & sites whenyou goonline Kaspersky Internet Security for Android includes:🛡Antivirus protection If our background check detectsmalware,Kaspersky Internet Security for Android acts as a viruscleaner –blocking viruses and dangerous apps, links and files. 🔍Backgroundcheck Our antivirus for Android scans downloaded apps formalware,ransomware, phishing, spyware and other infections usingabackground check to give you outstanding virus protection,guardingyour devices from threats. 🔑 App Lock Our App Lock featureprotectsyour private communications & financial informationwith asecret code that lets you access confidential apps selectedby you.Plus it hides your sensitive data (messages, photos, files&more) on your device from people up to no good.* 📱 Find myphoneKaspersky Internet Security for Android helps you track andfindyour lost phone or tablet. You can turn on an alarm on thedeviceremotely, lock and locate your phone, wipe personalinformation –including messages, photos & videos – and take amugshot of theperson using your device if it’s stolen. 🌍 Blockdangerous sites& links when you’re online Our powerfulantivirus for Androidprotects your device from Internet threatswhile you’re browsing byblocking phishing. That’s why our viruscleaner deliversoutstanding virus protection & helps keep yourprivacy andsensitive financial data secure when you buy stuff.**Functionality is available only in Premium version. This appusesthe Device Administrator permission and Accessibility services.
Fastest Clean 1.30
Handy Ltd.
Fastest Clean is the smallest phone cleaner, ram booster,gamebooster, junk file cleaner, trash cleaner, memory booster,batteryoptimizer and app manager for your Android phones ortablet.★ NO.1fastest clean optimization app in the world. ★Yourdevice hasbecome laggy and freezes all the time?Your battery hasstarteddraining quicker than ever?Your device overheats and needsto cooldown?Fastest Clean is the speed booster you need!FastestClean isthe smallest phone cleaner on market. With the advancedprocessmonitoring technique it can intelligently cleanbackgroundprocesses, stop stealthy running apps. It can boost thespeed ofyour phone by up to 60%,★ Boost your games and apps, freeup memory★If you’re tired of watching how your tablet or smartphonegetsslower every day, and you don’t know anything about clearingcache,clear search history, erase history, delete cookies, orregistrycleaner terms, this is the perfect app that brings a fastsolutionto your slow phone. You’ll not have to worry anymore abouthow toclear cache or how to speed up Android phone making the longandtedious process of free memory RAM deleting everything goingstepby step; our app will take care of everything, making allmemoryclean steps required to bring back the speed of your deviceas whenit was brand new or even better than when you turn it on forthefirst time! Other booster apps just clean the caché oftemporaryfiles; this improves your phone but not at the maximumspeed asmaking a deep cleaning! Be aware of other speedboosterfreeapplications that only have virus and make the problem worst;tryour Fastest Clean and begin to enjoy the benefits! ★ Stop appsthatwaste lots of power in 1 tap. ★🐢📱🐢 If your Battery isDrainingQuicker, your Device Become Laggy, Freezes All the Time& itOverheats when Running Apps; it’s Time to Take Care of ItBefore itTurns into a Turtle Phone! Restore your Device’s HealthwithFastest Clean for Free NOW!!! 🐢📱🐢★ Easy to Use ★Easy touse,without complicated terms and different screens to activate awidevariety of functions. Thanks to the integration of a userfriendlyand intuitive interface, thinking in people that are notaware ofall those tricky terms, we made it really simple. Just taptheclean button and that’s it! Our master cleaning app will getthejob done without needing to wait for centuries or clickingondifferent dialog screens. Fastest Clean Highlights: 🚀 1 TapBoostmake it easy to optimize directly from your homescreen.🚀 Asingletouch to speed up your devices and release memory.🚀ExtremelyPowerful Tool.🚀 Colourful & Friendly User Interface.🚀Fast,compact and efficient with low memory and CPU usage.🚀 LowSpaceNeeded to Install.🚀 Advanced Monitoring System.🚀 You canaddfrequently-used apps to your whitelist.🚀 Totally free from Adsandclutter.Monitor your System🔧 Check the usage of your CPU🔧Keeptrack of your RAM and internal storage space🔧 Check outyourbattery levels and temperature⚡⚡ An Innovative Memory CleanerandSpeed Booster for Tablets and All Android Devices is Here!DownloadNOW for FREE Fastest Clean Limited Time Only!!! ⚡⚡
Antivirus Free - Virus Cleaner
NQ Security Lab.
★ Fast and Professional, Antivirus Free gives you the mosteffectivedual-engine protection - Completely Free! Highlights:►Professionalengine: Professional search algorithm both on deviceand Cloudenables rapid scanning and in-depth virus detection.►Lightweight:Consumes very few phone memory. Features: ►ONE-TAPSCAN One simpletap to start the scan, which takes only a coupleseconds to finish.►CLOUD SCAN Cloud engine rapidly reacts tolatest threats, keepingyour phone safe all the time ►REAL-TIMEPROTECTION The scan isautomatically initiated when an app isinstalled, keeping yourdevices safe.
Hi Security - Antivirus, Booster, WiFi & App Lock
Hi Security
Hi Security is a world-class FREE Antivirus protectionprogram,protecting your Android devices from all virus attacks,privacysnoopers and potential WiFi threats. Hi Security is featuredwithtop performance Antivirus, Phone Booster, App Lock,PrivacyCleaner, WiFi Security) . ★ A World Class Antivirus Engine -VirusCleaner Hi Security provides a continuously growing,cloud-basedanti virus database which provides you with secureAndroidexperience without any threats (malware, Trojans or anyextortionviruses).This powerful antivirus engine effectively scansand killsall Android viruses on your internal device storage and SDcards. ★Phone Speed Booster - Accelerate & Boost Mobile Boostmobilephone to get it running faster and smoother. Efficientlyutilizeyour phone's memory and speed up your devices. Improvephoneperformance with one tap acceleration booster. With HiSecurity,your device will become faster, smoother and better. ★ AppLock -Privacy Protection You can secure your sensitive apps.Thispassword is different from your phone unlock password, whichgivesyour device an extra level of security. Unlock your privateapps byfingerprint, pattern or PIN. More importantly, the lockscreentheme can be customised. Secure your privacy with a style. ★WiFiSecurity and WiFi Speed Test Hi Security protects yourdeviceonline from insecure public WiFi & phishing hotspotbydetecting DNS/SSL hijacking and ARP spoofing. Test WiFispeed,detect WiFi intruders and encure your network safetywhenever,wherever. ★ User Friendly, Super-Fast, Energy-Efficientand Tiny HiSecurity only takes a few seconds to examine your entirephone.High performance but require less memory and powerconsumption.Thanks for our global talented developers, we canachieve theseimpressive results. ★ Multi-Lingual Support -English,Português(Brasil), Português(Portugal),Español(España),Español(Latinoamérica), Pусский, Français,Italiano, हिन्दी, Dansk,Ελληνικά, فارسی, عربى, ไทย, BahasaIndonesia, Türkçe, Tiếng Việt,Deutsch, Malay, 한국의, 日本語, 中文简体 and中文繁體. Find Hi Security onⒻFacebookⓉTwitter Join Hi Security Lite'sFacebookgroup We lookforward tohearing from you. Let's keep in touch!
DU Security - Applock & Privacy Guard 3.3.7
100% Free mobile overall security solution for AndroiddevicesPowered by Pro Cloud Technology! DU Security is aFREE-to-downloadsecurity app to help protect your phones and padsfrom variety ofpotential threats, as well as your privacy and yourpersonalinformation. DU Security key features ► Prevent yourvulnerablepersonal information from leak ► AppLock Intruder Selfie► Hideyour personal photos & videos in file locker ► Manageyourcontacts fast & Hide your secret calls ► Block unwantedspamcalls (This function does NOT collect user data) Why DownloadDUSecurity? ★ It’s 100% FREE DU Security provides top classsecurityprotection for absolutely FREE! ★ Video & Photo VaultPersonaldata and privacy protection is our first priority. DUsecuritysolution helps you to protect privacy and defends youagainstidentity theft. You can hide your photo gallery, privatevideos andimages, contacts, private calls from hackers, protectyourvulnerable personal information and put them into the filelocker.★ Lock your app with password & pattern lock TheAppLockfeature can easily lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery,Messenger,Snapchat, Instagram, Gmail,, Clash Royale andany apps& games you choose. Prevent unauthorized access andguardprivacy. ★ Find out any thief breaking into your phone DUSecurityhelps you find your lost phone or tablet. This protectiontoolsnaps a picture of any thief breaking into your phone andallowsyou to turn on an alarm on the device remotely. ★ Unwantedcallsblocking The phone security solution includes a tool toblockunwanted calls on Android devices. You can independentlysetfiltering rules for incoming calls, add unsolicited contacts totheblack list, and detect spam from non-numeric numbers. Thistoolfunctions only as a call blocker and does NOT in any waycollectuser data or affect user privacy. Highlights of DU SecurityforAndroid ✔ 100% Free threats cleaner: Efficient malware&spyware removal and by award winning latest security engines✔Worldwide popularity: Trusted by 25 million users around theworld.✔ Fast threats scanner: Thank for cloud technology, DUsecurity ismuch faster than other paid threats cleaner. ✔ AppLock& Vault:Lock your private apps, gallery and games from pryingeyes andprevent your children from buying unwanted apps/games ✔Clear phoneCache & Junk Files ✔ Small file size: Less than 10MB✔ ScanWiFi networks for encryption issues, weak passwords andotherthreats About developer: DU Security is developed by DU Group,theLeading Developer of Android Apps, createsinnovate,state-of-the-art apps for Android devices that are enjoyedby 850millions of people! DU Security greatly respects the privacyandsecurity of its users. We would like to reassure our users thattheissue has already been resolved. We welcome all users tocontinueprotecting their Android devices with our software infullconfidence of their data's safety and security.
GO Security-AntiVirus, AppLock, Booster 1.66.9
Featuring AV-Test FULL SCORE antivirus engine, GOSecurity(AntiVirus, AppLock, Booster) is the most focused &leadingsecurity app. 10+ million downloads, GO Security(AntiVirus,AppLock, Booster) provides all-in-one mobile phonesecuritysolution, including malware, fake apps, Trojandetection.Furthermore, memory booster, battery saver, applock andsafebrowser are strengthened to make the phone safer and fasterGOSecurity Highlights: Leading Virus Detecting Engine -Theadvancedvirus detecting engine, keeping virus data newer thannormalsecurity apps Advanced Real-time Protection - blocksmalwareinvasion from every angle, with very little consumption -thebattery friendly security app on market All-around AppLock -Lockevery app you want to hide from your family & friends,keepingyour privacy utterly safe GO Security Features: ★LeadingAntivirusEngine: AV-Test Double 5 Star (Full Score) engine, hasalreadydetected more than 1 million Android malwares and high riskapps.With unique new virus detecting tech the engine is growingevenstronger with near 1000 new malwares found everyday.★Real-timeProtection: 24/7 protect your device from potentialthreats, detectvirus even in time. ★AppLock: Worried aboutgirlfriend or boyfriendsnooping on your social applications?Frightened aboutparents/friends checking your photo gallery? Lockthem all rightnow with AppLock ★Privacy Cleaner: Need to go tosensitive websitesnow and then but don’t want anybody else to know?We help cleanthese tracks to protect from privacy leak ★JunkCleaner: Devicegetting slower and storage gets lower? We clean allkinds of junkincluding app junk and ads junk, making system asclean as new★Safe Browser: Safe and private mobile browser whichcan protectyou from malicious threats and still give you rapidbrowsing speed★: Notification Manager: Too many noisingnotification? It can hidethe unwanted messages for a quiet world ★:Phone Alarm: Avoidsomeone stealing your phone without yourpermission. When youactivate it, it can detect motion when someonetries to move yourphone There will be ad content shown in certainscenes in our app.For more details, visit Thisapp uses the DeviceAdministrator permission. Open this permissioncan prevent othersfrom uninstalling Go Security easily. ContactUs: Email:[email protected]: website:
Power Security-Anti Virus, Phone Cleaner 2.1.4
VIP Membership Program - Subscribe to VIP service to remove adsMainFeatures of Power Security - Protect your phone underantivirusenvironment. - Protect your privacy, lock apps safely. -Detect andblock unsafe WIFI - Free up more space by cleaning junkfiles -Block spam calls Use Power Security App, enjoy a fast andsecureexperience with your mobile phones. * Power Security helpsin thefight against deceptive & misleading ads, if you havefound themin the app please contact us [email protected]
360 Security Lite - Booster, Cleaner, AppLock 1.4.4
❤❤❤Free junk clean master, virus cleaner, mobile phone boostertoolfor Android phones with memory less than 1GB❤❤❤ ✨Is yourandroidreally slow?✨ Do you have to keep restarting and rebootingyourandroid phone or deleting photos and videos, uninstall appsafterusing several months? Do you always complain about Androidsecuritywhen browsing the web or download android apps or gamesespeciallyfrom unknown source? And do you worry about privacyleakage andhope to protect your call log, photos and apps? Download360Security Lite now, your phone will perform faster, saferandquicker! ☀️ 360 Security Lite - Free Antivirus ☀️ , theall-in-oneAndroid optimizer, Memory Booster and antivirus app thatoptimizesyour background apps, manages the memory space, cleansjunk(cache)files, while keeping your device safe from virus. Youcan stormclean your phone by using 360 Security Lite. ★Highlights:⭐️LowPower Consumption – Exclusively designed for phones withmemoryless than 1GB ⭐️Small Installation Package (7MB) –Lightmobilesecurity and cache clean tool ⭐️Antivirus Engine Inside –Trustedby 200 million users ★360 Security Lite Key Functions:⭐️AntivirusEngine: Scan installed apps, memory card content, andnew appsautomatically. 360 Security Lite’s latest protectiontechnologiesagainst viruses, adware, malware and more. ⭐️Junk FileCleaner:Delete useless Android system files, large files and appcaches foran instant speed boost to your Android performance, whilefreeingup storage space with a single tap. ⭐️Phone Boost Optimizememoryand speed up phone. Optimize your phone speed by shuttingdownlurking background apps, free up phone memory. Keep your phonefaraway from freeze and slowness. ⭐️Game Boost: Shut downbackgroundapps automatically when entering games and enjoy fastergamingexperience. ⭐️Privacy & App Lock: Prevent sensitive dataon thedevice such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and otherimportantand private documents from falling into the wronghands.⭐️Real-time protection: Scan installed apps and local APKfiles inreal time and also monitor each installation process.Protect yourmobile device with 360 Security Lite, a free securityapp designedto protect your Android phone against the latest virus,malware,system vulnerabilities, and privacy risks. The supercleaner alsocleans application caches and junk files from yoursystem,Increases the available storage space on SD card. It’s amust havesecurity defender.------------------------------------------ 360Security Lite - FreeAntivirus is compatible with most Androidphones and systems,including but not limited to all devices fromSamsung, Huawei, Sony,LG, Motorola, Lenovo, TCL, HTC and more…
Antivirus & cleaner 1.4.1
Cleaner is a boost mobile security app to clean RAM 、just gospeedup your phone .To clean android phone and boost mobile to abetterstatus Antivirus is FREE !antivirus android, Privacy guardfor yourphone security, clean to make it faster!Antivirus Free,protectsyour Android devices with functions of real-time antivirusandanti-theft, ensure security! With Free Antivirus, your deviceswillbe protected against invaders of harmful virus, malware,spywareand message, which helps to prevent unauthorized access andensurepersonal data safety.Antivirus gratis!Fast cleaner is aphonecleaner plus cache cleaner plus speed booster andAppLock,mobilesecurity appFast cleaner has some powerful functions.Like go speedbooster、applock、ram booster, game booster, turbocleaner ,memorybooster, cache cleaner for your Android phones ortablet.Speedbooster can go speed up your phone and help you to savebattery.Speed booster Give your phone all-side speed boost mobile!One-tapto cool CPU,Meanwhile, it is also have smart APPlock. A musthavesecurity app, the best boost mobile masterAPPlock security. Amusthave security app, Tighten Security on Your clean your private data with the smart AppLock! WithAppLock,nobody can check your sensitive apps, messages exceptyourself.applock, a must-have privacy guard !※ Lite, Easy and Fast!what cancleaner do for you?★ full free Clean junk files.★ full freeCleancache.★ full free Clean junk APK.★ cleaner master full Cleanofyour device★ AppLock lock up your privacy★ More easy to cleancacheand junk photos.★ guard your phone 360°★ enhance your phonegosecurity-----------FEATURE-----------☆ Clean RAMDetect thehealthof your phone, clean RAM 、junk files and caches in seconds.Easy toenlarge phone storage.turbo cleaner uses accessibilityfeatureshelp you to stop unnecessary apps and clean hidden junkfiles.Clearing application cached files and freeing up storagespace onyour device .Make your phone become smoother, turbo cleanercanclean memory、clean junk、clean cache with full power, so it isaturbo cleaner ☆speed boosterSpeed booster Give your phoneall-sidespeed boost, never worry about lag of phone☆cleanermasterCleanermaster of all cleaner app How to use Cleaner?Just onetap! So easy!It helps you to solve many phone problems!1. Tap"Clean “to boostup your phone. More than 80% users often use thefeature.2. Cleanjunk files and unnecessary APK, release phonestorage in seconds.3.Add frequent used apps to white list, easierto manage apps.4.Applock, lock up your apps, protect your privacy.Your privacyguard &security toolCleaner, the best smart freecleanermaster, the most smart privacy guard. Give your phoneall-sidespeed boost.Cleaner. The most useful Android speed boosterandfastest phone cleaner and ram booster,with powerful functionslikejunk cleaner 、Ram cleaner、battery saver and app manager. Withthesuper phone cleaner and memory cleaner, you can fastestcleanandroid phone with deep power cleaning, delete junk filesandresidual files with only one tap. Choose the super junkcleanermaster and ram cleaner master for your Android phonesortablet.Cleaner is a free Optimizer and Android Privacyguard.Cleaner can help you to clean RAM 、clean caches and cleanjunkfiles, prevent unnecessary apps consuming too much powerandenlarge storage. Download this FREE Cleaner, It can boost thespeedof your phone by up to 80%! With the advanced technology,cleanersmartly clears RAM and releases background apps, includingsomeapps that haven't been rooted.Cleaner A free app! Cleaner is agoodboost mobile Optimizer for you to smooth your phone. releasememoryand speed up in seconds.
Avira Antivirus Security 2019-Antivirus & AppLock 5.7.0
The best free antivirus cleaner, mobile phone security, privacy,andanti-theft app for Android: Avira Antivirus Security. Yourphotos,contacts, emails and credit card numbers are on your phone.AviraAntivirus Security is a top security app that protects yourphone& tablet. More than a free antivirus scanner&malware/spyware cleaner, our full-featured free mobilesecurity appprovides safe browsing and remote anti-theft featuresto track& find your devices. Key Features of Avira AntivirusSecurity ⭐Virus Scanner & Cleaner – Scans, blocks & removesviruses,spyware, malware, etc. ✓ ⭐ Phone Locator & Tracker –Helps youfind, track, & recover your lost or stolen phone ✓ ⭐Privacyadvisor – Shows how each of your apps collects sensitivedata ✓ ⭐Super light Virus Protection – Quickly scans for malwarebutdoesn’t slow you down or drain your battery✓ ⭐ Camera &MicProtection – prevents anyone from listening in and spying on you✓⭐ AppLock – PIN protect your sensitive apps (chat, calls,Skype,etc.) ✓ ⭐ Free or Premium features. You choose✓ The UltimateinAntivirus Security for Android Avira Antivirus Security isacomprehensive antimalware & safety app designed to keepyourAndroid devices & sensitive data safe. Our powerfulvirusscanner blocks spyware & phishing attacks, and removesanymalware and adware found on your phone. ► Free AntivirusandPrivacy Protection - Our powerful antivirus forAndroidautomatically scans your apps, updates, and external devicesformalware. ➕ Rates each app on a privacy scale according to howmuchdata it collects ► Anti-Ransomware - Avira AntivirusSecurityprevents ransomware from encrypting your phone and takingyour dataand apps hostage. ➕ Proven ransomware protection fromAvira blocksmillions of ransomware attacks every month. ►Anti-Theft, Locator& Recovery Tools - Track your phone on amap, lock apps toprevent unauthorised access, and remotely wipeyour device. ➕Trigger a loud siren to help locate your Android. Asan additionalsecurity service, you can prompt whoever finds yourdevice tocontact you. ► Identity Safeguard and Blacklist - Spyware&virus detector checks if your contacts have been leaked to athirdparty and notifies each contact if email addresses havebeencompromised. ➕ Blacklist and block unwanted contacts fromspecificnumbers ► Web-Based Malware Protection - Access all yoursecuritysettings and remote functions such as siren, memory wipe,&phone locator ➕ Manage multiple devices across differentplatformsfrom the web-based portal. ► Free or Premium VirusProtection -Free virus protection for all Android devices. ➕ Enjoythe bestadvanced virus guard for your device with Premium. NewforAntivirus 2018 – Pro Features ⭐ AppLock – Block specific appsonyour device by schedule or geographic location. Perfect ifyouallow your children to use your device, AppLock ensures safewebbrowsing and app usage. ⭐ Camera Protection – Stop applicationsandwebsites spying on you through your camera even while they runinthe background. Ideal for businesses where security is anissue,users can whitelist certain apps. ⭐ Mic Protection –Blockunauthorised access to your microphone. Advancedfunctionalityensures your phone works even while Mic Protection isactive. ⭐ WebProtection – Enjoy Internet Security free frominfected &phishing sites This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.LANGUAGES English, German, French, Dutch, Italian,Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Korean,Japanese,and Chinese (simplified and traditional), Indonesian.
Anti-virus Dr.Web Light 11.0.3
Doctor Web, Ltd
Features and Advantages • Quick or full file system scans, aswellas custom scans, of user-specified files and folders. TheSpIDerGuard monitor scans file systems in real-time whenever anattemptis made to store files and applications in the device’smemory. •Neutralisation of ransomware lockers: malicious processesareterminated even if a device is locked; lockers not yet presentinthe Dr.Web virus database are blocked; data remainsintact,eliminating the need to pay criminals a ransom. • TheuniqueOrigins Tracing™ technology is used to detect new, unknownmalware.• Detected threats are moved to the quarantine from whichisolatedfiles and applications can be restored, if needed. •Minimal impacton system performance. • Restrained use of batteryresources. •Frugal data usage due to the small size of the virusdatabaseupdates—a big plus for users whose mobile device plans haveusagelimits. • Detailed statistics reveal what threats havebeendetected and what actions have been taken with them. • Aconvenientand informative widget for working with the SpIDer Guardfilemonitor. This version does not include these importantcomponents:the Call and SMS Filter, the Anti-theft, and the URLfilter. Toprotect your mobile device from all types of malware, usethecomprehensive protection solution Dr.Web Security SpaceforAndroid. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Thisapp uses Accessibility services.
AMC Security - Clean & Boost 5.10.4
IObit Mobile Security
Get Free All-in-one AMC Security (a.k.a Advanced Mobile CarefromIObit) to clean, boost and protect your phone andtabletperformance! Trusted by over 20,000,000 users, AMC Securitywillmake your devices running as fast as they are brand new.Availablein 38 languages, AMC Security also offers real-timeprotectionagainst phishing website, protect your mobile securityand Privacy.All-in-one Features of AMC Security: ✔Clean and deepclean in onetap ✔Phone & Game Booster ✔Power Booster ✔BatterySaver✔Notification Cleaner ✔Security Guard ✔PaymentSecurity✔Anti-Phishing ✔Web Security ✔Privacy Locker ✔App Manager✔Cleanand user-friendly UI ✔AMC Swipe AMC Security - Clean &BoostFeatures: Clean and Deep Clean: ■One-tap Smart Scan(cleaner):Clean all types of junk files (photo junk, system junk,cache junk,and residual junk), clean privacy records (Clipboardhistory),clean apk files and clean running apps, which willoptimize andspeed your phone's RAM (memory) and free up morestorage. ■DeepScan (cleaner): Clean deep system junks, big files,downloadedfiles and thumbnail files, which will better boost yourphoneperformance and make it running like it's new again.■Notificationcleaner: Clean unnecessary and annoying notificationson yournotification bar, stop your phone from slowdown causedbydisturbing and trash notifications. Boost Phone Performance:■PhoneBooster: Boost applications that are running in thebackground andclean up your RAM (memory) to boost up your device'sperformanceswith one tap. ■Game Booster: Boost your gaming speedand experienceand smooth game play without lagging. ■Power Booster:Boost andhibernate auto-restarted apps to free up more memory.■BatterySaver: Initial Mode &Ultimate Mode, Day &Night Modehelpsave more phone battery. ■App Manager: Clean anduninstallunnecessary apps and APK files to free up more phonestorage.Privacy Guard: ■Privacy Locker: Hide your private andimportantphotos, videos, files, contacts and SMS so no one canaccess to it,never worry about privacy leak. Protect MobileSecurity:■Anti-Phishing: IObit Cloud Services provides a plug-inwhichupdate in real time so that whenever you access a sitethatdetected as phishing, it will help you keep the tricksoutside.■Payment Guard: Help finds out copycat apps, so that youcanuninstall them before money being stolen. Once you launch apaymentapp, it keeps protecting you all along in the background.■WebSecurity: Protect you from websites that contain malware,maliciousURL and fraudulent content, and warn you instantly byIObit CloudServices when heading to the danger. ■Security Guard:Remind you toenable Wi-Fi Security which can check Wi-Fi’sencryption way, ARPspoofing, and even MITM. Also it reviews otherimportant devicesettings and gives insecure advice. AMC Security ishere to dealwith all issues that slow down your Android performanceand protectyour mobile security! If you have any questions orsuggestionsduring using AMC Security, contact us [email protected],we will get back to you within 24 hrs.Follow us on Facebook to getnewest AMC Security updates, giveawaysand other cool tips:
Antivirus Free 1.6.8
Antivirus Free & Security for mobile istheworld's most reliable all-in-one device optimization andprotectionapplication, free virus cleaner for android. UseAntivirus Free& Security for mobile to protect your phoneoptimally in yourdaily life.Antivirus Free & Security and Protector for mobile isanFULL-FEATURED antivirus & security app which can scanviruses,malware, spyware, trojans, phishing attempts, unsafe webbrowsingand any threats on your devices. Based on next-generationbehaviordetection technology, Security and Protector for MobileLLCdelivers one of the fastest virus scan in Security andProtectorfor mobile industry.Why you need Antivirus App?With cyberattacks and malicious apps targeting Androidsmartphonesincreasing in frequency, everyone may be at risk offinancial lossor information disclosure. Antivirus Free Securityand Protectorfor mobile can help to warn discovered potentialrisks, clearexisted threats, provide a comprehensive protection toenhance yourphone security safer.What you can do with Antivirus Free Security and Protectorformobile?✓ Antivirus Cleaner & Security Protection for mobile -Providereal-time malware/virus protection to ensure phonesafety,antivirus security✓ Scan - 1-click to Scan Virus, Junk, Web, Apps, Media, Settingsandresolve all✓ Boost Cleaner - Clean cache/junk/memory, Optimize battery&storage to Boost phone speed✓ Web Protection - Scan website URLs to prevent phishingandinappropriate websites to kids✓ Payment Security - Detect payment environment beforepurchasingonline★AppLock: Worried about girlfriend or boyfriend snooping onyoursocial applications? Frightened about parents/friends checkingyourphoto gallery? Lock them all right now with AppLockThe best antivirus and protection for mobile:► Smart & Secure – World’s No.1 antivirus engine, whichwillprotect your mobile from 24/7. No a single virus can get intoyourmobile;► Light & Powerful - The smallest installer size will savethestorage space of your phone for your needs;► Fast & Accurate - After antivirus scanner will completethefirst scan, it will only take 30 milliseconds to scan anapp;► Simple & Convenient – The user interface of CYSecurityAntivirus is very easy to use, which will provide you aniceexperience using our android antivirus;✔ Virus Scan & Alert: not only detects and removes any virusonyour Android phone or tablet, but also restores yoursafetysettings and checks for virus, malware, spyware, scams,andsecurity risks before you download apps - the first ever!Antivirus, scan virus, remove virus, virus malware detector.
Antivirus : Virus Removal 1.7.0
ToolsDevelope Inc.
Main features: Virus Removal: Professional anti-virus enginedetectsand quickly removes mobile threats,give you Real-timeprotection.Application lock: you can lock the phone in allapplications, to themost complete protection of privacy Junk Clean: Instantly cleans upunnecessary data, system caches, gallerythumbnails, installationfiles, and residual files. Picture lock:lock the privacy photos youdo not want others to see If you have aproblem, please do not giveme negative feedback, please contactus, we will reply as soon aspossible and solve all problems.
Virus Cleaner : Antivirus & Battery Saver 1.4.1
Virus Clean is a free antivirus app that can scan your deviceforany mobile security threats and protect your Android phonefromviruses, malware, adware, and spyware.⭐️ Antivirus protectionwithvirus scanners, detectors & remover ⭐️This mobilesecurityantivirus app will deeply scan the installed applicationandapplication installation files in real time and performautomaticvirus cleanup, anti-spyware, and anti-malware removalduringinstallation. ⭐️ Mobile Speed ​​Booster - Accelerate &Boostphone ⭐️ Upgrade the move to make it run faster and smoother.Theeffective use of mobile phone memory and speed up theequipment.Improve phone performance with one tap accelerationbooster.⭐️ Deepscan - scan & check files ⭐️ Scan internaldevice storage andSD card. Remove viruses and threats from yourphone. ⭐️ Smart applockers for App Lock ⭐️ App Locker is anintelligent app for yourprivacy lock that locks important app toprotect your privacyinformation from others.⭐️ Smart Battery Saver⭐️ Depending on theusage, intelligently select the option to savebattery power andretain your energy to the time you need it themost.
Free antivirus and VPN 3.4.2
Panda Security
Download the most complete protection for your Android devicesforfree! Panda Mobile Securityis the free antivirus for AndroidwithVPN that safeguards your privacy by protecting your smartphoneandtablet against viruses, malware and ransomware. And you can useitfrom your Android Wear™ smartwatch too! Panda MobileSecurityincludes: App features FREE VPN Avoid prying eyes andaccess yourfavorites sites through a private, secure, virtual datatunnel.Don't miss any of your favorite TV shows ever again! •Availablefor one device • One single default virtual location • 150MB/dayFree antivirus protection • Real-time scan of every appyoudownload and app updates • Run on-demand scans of filesandmultimedia content, even from your smartwatch • Scan any SDcardwith our antivirus Privacy auditor The privacy auditor checksanddisplays the access permissions of the apps installed onyourAndroid™ device (access to contacts, bank accounts,photos,location, etc.). Speed up your device Improve the speedandperformance of your device and reduce memory usage by checkingappresource consumption in real time Anti-theft and phonelocatorProtect and recover your lost or stolen device with theGPSlocation system: • Locate your phone remotely and in real time.•Lock your phone remotely • Wipe all confidential data fromyoursmartphone remotely • And you can locate and lock yourphoneremotely from your smartwatch too. Pro features • Callblocker: Addphone numbers to your blacklist and block unwantedcalls (requiresnew permissions: access to the phone and access tocontacts). •Theft alerts: If someone steals your phone or tablet,you will geta photo of the thief after three failed attempts tounlock thedevice. •App lock: Block access to your apps (Facebook,Whatsapp,Instagram, etc.) with a security PIN. Protect your andyourfamily's privacy from prying eyes. • Motion alert: An alarmwillwarn you if someone picks up your device without your consent.•Connect your smartwatch to your phone or tablet: An alarm willgooff if your device moves too far away from your watch. •Remotealarm: Set off an alarm on your lost or stolen deviceremotely fromyour smartwatch. • Remote photo: Take photos with yourdeviceremotely from your Android Wear™ smartwatch. This apprequiresDevice Manager permissions.
Antivirus - Virus Scanner & Remover 1.4.5
Power Tools Apps
Antivirus - Virus Scanner and Remover for Android authenticatedbythe AV-TEST is the best antivirus app and junk cleaner forandroidFREE! Highlights: Real-time Protection – Authenticated bytheAV-TEST, Antivirus protect your device from potentialthreats.Virus Cleaner - Deep scan and detect virus, spyware,malware,trojans. Quick Virus Scan - Only takes a few seconds tofulfill thedeep virus scanning. Junk Cleaner - Clean junk files,residualfiles and cache to free up storage CPU Cooler - OptimizeCPU usageand stop overheating apps to cool down CPU temperature.App Lock -Sensitive app lock guards your privacy by setting uppasswords forany apps. Battery Saver - Automatically stop batterydrainingprocess to save battery power for longer time. CPU Cooler -Cooldown device temperate and reduce CPU usage. Charge Manager -Autoclose battery-draining apps while charging to preventoverheating& overcharging. Call Blocker & Assistant -Customize thenumbers on your blacklist and block spam calls &unwantedcalls. With Call and Contact permissions, Antivirus - VirusScanner& Remover can block all annoying spam calls andprovidepowerful call assistance. Antivirus – Virus Scanner andRemoverwill improve your phone performance and makes it brand new.Fasterand deeper scan, better and safer experience. Get thisall-in-oneAntivirus - Virus Scanner and Remover right now!
CM Security Lite - Antivirus 1.0.3
Lowest Power Consumption and Lowest Memory Usage –Exclusivelydesigned for phones with memory less than 1GB SmallestInstallationPackage (1.28MB) – The lightest mobile security tool #1AntivirusEngine Inside – Trusted by 500 million users Highlights ofCMSecurity Lite: ☆ #1 antivirus engine: Powered by both localandcloud engines, and supported by experience with 500,000,000usersand 16-years of history in the PC & mobile securityindustries.Repeatedly ranked first in tests carried out by AV-TESTandAV-Comparatives.    ☆ Multi-layer protection: Fixsystemvulnerabilities and scan new apps, file systems and websitestoensure your device's safety and your privacy in real-time.   ☆Fastand handy: Scanning takes just seconds, faster than other paidantivirus scanners. CM Security is also lightweight, taking up halfasmuch phone memory as other antivirus apps . ► APP &SYSTEMSCANNER Scan pre-installed and installed apps and the filesystemto keep your phone safe from virus, trojan, vulnerability,adware,malware and spyware. ► SD CARD SCAN Scan external SDcardsthoroughly to detect and delete threats. ► ON-INSTALL SCANPreventharm to your device with real-time scanning of newapplications andupdates. ► SCHEDULED SCAN Routine automaticscanning allows forpassive security. Our Google+ Beta community: Termsof service: Privacy Policy:
Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
Best Android Security Product of 2015, 2016 and 2017 accordingtoAV-TEST The most advanced cybersecurity app for Android givesyourdevices absolute protection against viruses and malware. Toprotectyour Android after the 14-day trial is over subscribetoBitdefender Mobile Security. NEW! VPN Added Surf thewebanonymously & unlock geo-IP restricted content with VPN.Free -200 MB traffic / day. Upgrade to PREMIUM VPN and youget:-Unlimited traffic -Multiple virtual locations from all overtheworld including US, UK, IT, AU! Features at a glance: ✔Autopilot -Get security recommendations ✔ Malware Scanner - 100%detectionrate ✔ New: VPN - hide your IP & unlock geo-restrictedcontent✔ Account Privacy - verify whether your email account hasbeenbreached or not ✔ App Lock - lock your sensitive apps with aPINcode ✔ Web Protection - real-time protection for the mostpopularbrowsers ✔ Anti-Theft - lock, track, and wipe your phone ✔WearON -extend Bitdefender Mobile Security to your smart watchMalwareScanner With an independently proven 100% detection rate,MalwareScanner is always up to date with the latest intel onviruses andautomatically scans apps for malware as you installthem. AutopilotThe new Autopilot has been designed to act as aSecurity Advisorand gives you deeper insights into your securityposture. AccountPrivacy How safe is your email address? Now you canfind outwhether your account details have been leaked or not bysimplyrunning a check with Bitdefender Mobile Security. SmartUnlock Whenyou're using a trusted Wi-fi such as your home hub,Smart Unlockgrants you direct access to your apps by disabling thePIN.Fingerprint Sensor Support Unlock secured apps with the tip ofyourfinger. PIN Timeout 30-second timeout after 5 consecutiveincorrectattempts to access your PIN protected apps. Web ProtectionWebProtection detects malicious content and keeps your browsingsafefor the most popular browsers. Anti-Theft Lock, geo-locate,soundan alarm, and wipe your Android from any Internet connecteddevice.Snap Photo Your phone will snap a mugshot of any person whotriesto tamper with your phone in your absence. WearONExtendBitdefender Mobile Security to Android Wear devices. Don’tloseyour device with the help of Phone Alert and Scream. (Android4.3and up required) Please Note! This app requires deviceadminpermission. This app uses Accessibility services.
Security Antivirus 2018
Muel Dev.
You are one step away from cleaninganymalicious threats found in your device. Protects yourAndroidsmartphone or tablet against all threats coming fromviruses,malware, adware and malicious threats. This AntivirusSoftware candetect threats in installed apps and even in files inyourstorage.Main features :- update for new year 2018.- One touch to scan- Scanned check all drive.- Suitable for any Android device- Ultra fast scanning engine- Minimum system resources required- Works flawlessly with all Android device- Detect threats in apps and on SD-Card- Check files on install- Clean Memmory- App pattern locker for Lock Secret Application- Manager your app- Monitor smartphone information- Delete threats immediately- Fastest scanner- Never slows down your mobileYou should select use an Security Antivirus 2018.Thank you for download Security Antivirus 2018
Antivirus Security 1.8.9
AV Antivirus Security Ltd
Get Antivirus FREE 2017 for Android™ tohelpprotect your phone and tablet from harmful viruses,malware,spyware, scamware and text messages and keep your personaldatasafe with an app lock and picture vault.* Features Antivirus Security Ltd:1. Antivirus Protector - Antivirus Security Ltd:Scan the system, pre-installed and user-installed apps to keepyourdevice safe from viruses, Trojans, vulnerabilities, adwareandspyware. Keep your privacy safe by scrubbing personal infofromyour device.2. App Lock AV Antivirus Security Ltd:AppLock can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger,SMS,Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any app youchoose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.Ensuresecurity.No one can find out your secrets!4.JUNK CLEAN - MEMORY BOOST Antivirus Security Ltd:MEMORY BOOST:Free up memory (RAM) and save more battery.JUNK FILE CLEANINGDelete junk files, residual files and cache to free upstorage,boost speed and improve the performance of your Androiddevice andSD card. Keep your phone clean and fast.REAL-TIME PROTECTIONThe scan is automatically initiated when an app isinstalled,keeping your devices safe.■ Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware scanner automaticallyscansfor infected/dangerous apps and Trojans upon first use.IncludesWeb & file scanning for complete mobile protection, andalsoprotects against spyware and viruses.■ App Permissions: Provides insights about installed apps andhelpsyou understand your apps’ access rights, ad networkintegrations,and permissions.Web Security - Antivirus Free & Mobile Security● Scan websites for harmful threats. If a suspicious URLisdetected, you will be redirected to a “Safe Page”.● Search, shop and use social networks with peace of mind,knowingyour identity and personal data are protected from phishingandmalware.● Safe Web Surfing is applicable only to Android's defaultbrowserand Chrome.
Memory & Virus Cleanup 1.6.4
Z Lock Screen Team
We are a professional anti-virus software, to provide youwithall-round protection, allowing you to enjoy mobilelifeTheantivirus engine we used is based on the cloud serviceantivirus,if there is no network, antivirus will not work.What weoffer:✔Antivirus Engine✔ Junk Cleaner✔ App Locker✔ Call Blocker✔ChargingBooster✔ Private Browser✔ Battery ManagerThere are moreexcitingfeatures waiting for you to experienceWe are constantlyimprovethemselves, if you have questions,contact us ,we will solveit assoon as possible.
Antivirus Cooler 1.2
System Security Inc
ANTIVIRUS - Protects your Android mobilephoneor tablet against viruses, malware and spyware.ANTIVIRUS for Android is a FREE-to-download antivirus solutionthathelps protect your smartphones and tablets, as well as anypersonaldata stored on your devices, against dangerous mobilethreats,viruses, spyware, Trojans etc.Cooler master - Professional temperature monitoring andcontrollingapp that detects and closes heavy resource consumingapps to reduceCPU usage and lower phone temperature.■ Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware scanner automaticallyscansfor infected/dangerous apps and Trojans upon first use.IncludesWeb & file scanning for complete mobile protection, andalsoprotects against spyware and viruses.■ App Permissions - threats detector: Provides insightsaboutinstalled apps and helps you understand your apps’ accessrights,ad network integrations, and permissions.ANTIVIRUS - quick and easy way to scan your device fordangerousapps
Antivirus 2018 1.9.6
Free Antivirus 2018 is a real-timeantivirusprotection. It keeps you safe from the latest mobilethreats suchas viruses malicious and spyware apps by monitoringnewly installedapps on your mobile device.Antivirus Android Mobile Security 2018 is the #1 all-in-onepowercleaner 2018, smart speed booster 2018 and antivirus 2018 appthatoptimizes your background apps, memory storage, junk files&battery power 2018, keeping your device safe from virus 2018andtrojan.Download the Antivirus Android Mobile Security 2018 appthat’sdesigned to protect your mobile in just ONE tap, makingphones runlike they're brand new all the time.Design Accordin New Year 20181:Effective Speed Booster & Smart Cleaner-Lacking space fornewapps 2018 and photos? Just clean app caches and junk files,boostyour phone with ONE click!2:Smart Battery Saver 2018- Battery draining quicker than ever?Killredundant apps that drain your battery and Fast charge 2018andextends battery life!3:Virus Remover for Android-Worried about new viruses 2018orphishing? Antivirus Android Mobile Security 2018 topantivirussolution makes sure your device is free fromviruses!------------------------------------------Highlights of Antivirus Android Mobile SecurityMulti-function1:Handy tool can turn on the dial, camera, flashlight quicklyandturn on or off WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.2:Provide high-quality new wallpaper 2018 to make your lockscreenmore beautiful3:Manage notification to avoid missing any important info4:Support to operate music player on the lock screen5:Full charge notification alarm to avoid overcharging1:Security & AntivirusScan installed apps, memory card content and new appsautomatically.Antivirus Android Mobile Security latest protectiontechnologiesagainst viruses, adware.etc.2:Junk File CleanerDelete all types of junk files (system cache, image cache,videocache and advertisement cache) to free up the storagespace.3:Speed Booster 2018Boost speed to improve the performance and RAM of your phone,boostyour games to make them run smoothly.4:CPU Cooler MasterIntelligently saves your device’s power by knowing whentoautomatically trigger Antivirus Android Mobile SecurityBatterySaver feature and make your phone stay with durable powerand neveroverheated.5:Anti-theftAn all-in-one anti-theft solution, should you lose yourbelovedphone. A suite of features: Erase, Locate, Alarm & Lockcanassist you with retrieving the lost device and protectingpersonaldata.Privacy & App Lock 2018– Prevent data on the device suchasFacebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat, photo albums andotherimportant & private documents from falling into thewronghands.6:Real time protectionScan installed apps & local APK files and also monitoreachinstallation process, provide the best payment &shoppingsecurity.7:which scan auto call recorder 2018 files and cleansavedata.Antivirus protectionOur antivirus 2017 updated 2018 is a solution to scansdownloadedapps for viruses and other malware using a backgroundcheck toprotect your vulnerable devices against digital threats.Afterdetecting malware, the phone security app blocks virusesanddangerous apps, links and files.Real-time protectionEasy-to-useSuitable for any deviceUltra fast scanning engineMinimum system resources requiredFree!Note : USES BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE permission in your appPrivecyPolicy:
Power Clean - Antivirus & Phone Cleaner App
Power Clean is a light, fast & smart android phone cleanerandbooster app that clean phone memory and storage space withsimply 1tap. Join 130+ Million users who enjoy faster phone speed& getmore space on phone! ★Ads-free Subscription - Get a 3-dayno adstrial for FREE! - Remove all ads and enjoy the premiumexperience.Power Clean phone cleaner main features 🚀 Speed phonecleaner forAndroid – integrates advanced junk cleaner engine &super fastcleaners; 💡 Smart phone cleaner and booster – 1 tap boost&auto clean phone memory and storage space; 🗑 Clear cache junkonPhone – system cache cleaner and clean cache creek app junk;🕵🏻Residual storage cleaner – detect & auto clean residual filebydeleted app on phone; 💪🏻 Advanced memory cleaner (Power boost)–cleaning junk files & optimize storage in depth. How doesPowerClean help to clean my phone? ☑ Clean apps unwanted – thecleanerbatch uninstall apps of less usage & auto clean theirresidualfiles; ☑ One tap phone cleaner – easy-to-use cachecleaner,residual file cleaner, memory cleaner, etc.; ☑ Memorystoragecleaner – phone memory cleaner boost Android device &clearspace; ☑ Clean cache – clear system cache, AD cache &cleanapps’ cache junk files; ☑ Obsolete APK cleaner – clean uptheuninstalled APK files on your device; ☑ Junk photo clean up – 1tapto scan & auto clean duplicated junk photos on your device;☑Notification clean – move & storage wanted app notificationtoa clear notification bar. ☑ Residual file cleaner app – autocleanresidual junk from deleted apps; How does Power Cleanprofessionalcleaner help to speed up my phone? ⬆ 1 tap boost forslow phone –fast clean phone junk & speed up phone with onetap; ⬆ StorageCleaner – optimizer for phone memory space &effective memorycleaner; ⬆ Clean RAM – RAM cleaner & RAMbooster to clean phoneRAM & speed phone; ⬆ Cleaner Boost –advanced phone speed boostthat clean phone junk thoroughly. PowerClean antivirus booster andcleaner 🛡 Antivirus for android phonesfree that clean phone virus;🛡 Virus scanner - virus detector toscan virus in depth; 🛡 viruscleaner - clean virus effectivelyprotect phone security; 🛡 24/7virus protection - virus cleaner toprotect against virus all thetime. Power Clean phone cleaner moreAndroid utilities 🛠 Appmanager for Android with phone app cleanerto clean app 🛠 App lockpro: app lock with password and gesture toprotect app privacy; 🛠CPU monitor & CPU cooler for android thatstops overheatingapps & settings; 🛠 Within the cleaner, PowerBattery saver thatoptimize power consumption & batterycharging. Power Cleanphone cleaner Facebook Clean phonecleanerGoogle+ App fights against deceptive ads Power Clean iscommitted tofighting against misleading downloads. Officialpolicy[email protected]
Webroot Mobile Security & Antivirus
Webroot Inc.
Webroot antivirus, internet security, and identityprotectionWebroot SecureAnywhere® Mobile Free keeps you secure whenbrowsing,shopping, and banking on your Android™ device. MOBILESECURITY ►Automatically scans apps for malware and viruses ► Set itandforget it – continuous protection without interruptionsorslowdowns ► Blocks unwanted calls and text messages PAID FEATURES•Device Wipe – Remotely erase your data from the device if lostorstolen • SIM Card Lock – Automatically locks your device whentheSIM card is removed • Network Monitor – Provides details ofappsthat are accessing the network • Battery Monitor – Providesbatterystatus and power usage by apps • App Inspector – Scans allapps andidentifies those that can: *This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. LEARN MORE • More info on WebrootSecureAnywhereMobile: •Troubleshootissues with installation or loggingin:•Need support?:
Antivirus & Mobile Security 3.1.0
TrustGo Team
TrustGo is a free professional antivirus application. Itfeaturesthe most powerful virus scan engine, allowing you toquickly findmalicious apps carrying viruses or stealing privatedata on yourmobile devices. TrustGo can also fully protect yourdevice fromsystem vulnerabilities and privacy risks. It is alsospeciallydesigned with extras like Data Backup, to back up yourlocal datain just one second, App Manager, to easily uninstall appsyou don’tuse often, and Privacy Advisor, to help you fullyunderstandprivacy permission usage on your device.TrustGo is acompletelyfree professional antivirus application, which uses themostpowerful virus detection engine. It boasts a 100% virussampledetection rate, using an engine independently developed basedonbig data processing. This application is an 8-time champion oftheAV-TEST evaluation, having received full marks each time. ★NoImage mode–save mobile data and reduce page load★ BlockmaliciousURLs and protect yourself against phishing websites withinstantwarning notifications.TrustGo Antivirus & SecurityImportantFeatures:★ AppLockThe only AppLock that does not haveanadvertisement.With AppLock, you can add an extrapasswordprotection to sensitive apps, such as, Facebook, Message,WhatsApp,Snapchat, Anti Spyware, Antivirus, Avast, McAfee. Lockyour privateapps by using pattern or PIN and keep your secret safefromsnoopers.★ App ScanFully scans every app to prevent virusandTrojan and protect your privacy.Scan pre-installed andinstalledapps and the file system to keep your phone safe fromvirus.Scanfor viruses, malware, spyware and Trojans - with latestantivirusdatabase★ Full ScanPerforms a deep scan of the system tofindhidden viruses.★Payment protectionHelp finds out unofficialapps,so that you can uninstall them before money being stolen. Deepscanpayment environment,Discover viruses andvulnerabilities,Protectpayment security。The Payment protectionfeature can easily protectAmazon Shopping,PayPal,Androidpay,Alipay,Airbnb,booking,Facebook,Whatsapp and any apps &games you choose.★ DataBackupCompletely free backup and recoveryfeature that supportsone-key backup and restoration of contacts,SMS, and call history.★Privacy AdvisorAllows you to easily viewprivacy-related apps toidentify and prevent risks.Our securitysolution helps you toprotect privacy and defends you againstidentity theft. You canhide your contacts, phone calls and SMStexts from prying eyes,protect your vulnerable personal informationand control whatothers can see if they pick up your device★ AppManagerHelps youmore easily uninstall apps which are not frequentlyused to keepyour phone clean.★ Find Phone | Anti-TheftThe best"FREE" find myphone tool.This protection tool allows you to turn onan alarm onthe device remotely, lock and locate your phone, wipepersonalinformation (messages, photos, and videos) and take amugshot ofthe person currently using your device in the case oftheft orloss.★ System ManagerDisplays your device’s real-timebattery andmemory use, in order to save power and make your phoneeasy touse.Memory-hungry apps running in the background will slowdownyour phone, Super Cleaner can help you find the culprits, stopthemto reduce memory usage and boost your phone’s performance.Inaddition, you can create an 1-tap boost icon on your homescreen,so you just need one tap to boost your phone. Speeding upyourphone has never been easier.★ Supported LanguageDeutsch,Español,English, Française, Português, Português do Brasil,Pусский, Türk,Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย, TiếngViệt, 日本語, 한국어,中文(简体), 中文(繁體)Contact Us:Email:[email protected]:
Anti Malware - Scan Virus
Anti Malware - Virus Scan same an antivirus & security app.Thisis the world's most reliable all-in-one device optimizationandprotection application, free virus cleaner for android.UseAntivirus & Security to protect your phone optimally inyourdaily life.With Anti Malware - Virus Scan you will beprotectedfrom viruses and malicious software in an efficient,antivirus appfor android and easy way and is equipped withapplication lockfeatures, scan and security Wi-Fi, speed up thephone.★ FREEANTI-VIRUSAntivirus application will virus scan on yourdevice toprotect your device against potential threats. Scansystempre-installed and user-installed applications to ensure yourdeviceis always protected. Trojan virus remover for android, antimalwarevirus remover, anti adware for android phones free. Also,removeharmful content or give alerts to your Android device withvirusremover app for android phone.★PHONE BOOSTER SPEED UPCleanupmemory (RAM) and memory booster ram optimizer your phone's speedbyremoving excess background tasks. ★ APPLOCK PASSWORDApp lockerwithpassword of pattern can lock and protect applicationslikeFacebook, WhatsApp, Line and almost all other applicationsfromintruders with applock fingerprint and password.★ WIFISECURITYPROTECTIONThe application helps protect your wifi networkfromhacker attacks. Free, fast and compact network tool. You cancheckwifi security identify rogue Wi-Fi hotspots to protect youronlinesecurity information, detect DNS/SSL spoofing attacks andspoofingARP.Feature highlights of Anti Malware - Virus Scansoftware:Antivirus can clean virus, protect phone, protect privacy,booster,and AppLock. It can warning suspicious, clean virusesspywareblackmail. Anti Malware - Virus Scan include Cleaner,Booster andAntivirus. Find out all Spyware, virus. Privacyprotection withAppLock, keep phone cold. Boost and run fast.AntiMalware - VirusScan is honestable antivirus, 100% free. WithBooster, make phonerun fast, you can boost your phone beforerunning game. WithCleaner can make virus Clean, Kill Trojans andclean Junk files,free more space, max your storage.Anti Malware -Virus Scan is thebest mobile antivirus for android.With AV-Test A+full scoreantivirus engine, both local security and cloudantivirus.TheAV-TEST Institute is a leading international andindependentservice provider in the fields of IT security andantivirusresearch.Anti Malware - Virus Scan same a security &antivirusappVirus Cleaner clean all viruses. Protect Private,Photos, BankInformation, Account, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messager,etc. Keep yourandroid safe and secure, This is AntivirusMaster.Protecting fromany of extortion Virus, malware, adware orTrojans, able to offerthe best anti-virus protection serviceglobally. Viruses remove,antivirus free and Anti Spy ware.Wesupport Full Scan - SD Card todetect all the threats that arehidden on your phone.✔ Lockapplications containing sensitiveinformation, for example:Whatsapp and Facebook✔ Scans applications,games, settings andfiles in real time from virus killer, virusremover.✔ Scan WiFinetwork to detect encryption problems, weakpasswords, and otherthreats✔ Speed up your phone to free up RAM,speed up phoneperformance and ram booster speed up your phone.✔Support to lockapps with fingerprint, lock apps with password, lockapps withpattern.✔ Best antivirus app for android, anti malware andspywarefor android and antivirus apps new 2017.✔ 24/7 phoneprotectionhelps protect your smartphone from potential threats✔Quick andconvenient scanning takes just seconds with mobileantivirussoftware .✔ Antivirus free virus cleaner 2017, virusremoval forandroid
Antivirus Security Boost Tool 1.0.10
Fast Tool Mobile Apps
Antivirus Security Boost Tool is the idealfreesecurity solution for your Android cellphone or tablet,offering youFree and great protection.Easily get protected against Android viruses, with a quick andrealtime app scan!With just one click, you'll start your mobile scan. Thisdeviceanalyses will only take some seconds and will protect andallow youto clean your device.Antivirus Security Boost Tool is very lightweight so, you don'tneedto be afraid of being overloading your cellphone ortablet.Installing this app, you'll also get 1 Tap Boost and 1 TapScanfeatures, so cleaning and boosting your device has never beensoeasy.Antivirus Security Boost Tool will be your bestoptimizationtool!Try our best features:- Device security & protection- Virus detection- Remove infections- Get device Traffic Stats- App & Process Manager included- 1 Tap Scan- 1 Tap Boost- Lightweight- Realtime scanner- New installed apps scanning- Easy to use- FreeNowadays it's so easy for your Android to get infectedwithmalicious files and virus... Prevent this from happening!Don't let your device get slower and run out of battery becauseofmalicious files and apps... Ensure your device safety!Remember... your device can be faster and protected, withAntivirusSecurity Boost Tool!
LINE Antivirus 1.1.18
LINE Corporation
★Get rid of viruses lurking in your smartphone QUICK! ★Theultimatefree anti-virus app! The free calling and messaging app,LINEbrings you LINE Anti Virus! Let this free security app protectyourpersonal information from malicious programs and apps.Simpleone-touch checks let you stay incontrol!-------------------------------- ▼LINE Anti Virus: MainFeatures-------------------------------- ★Simple one-touch checkslet youstay in control! Check for any malicious programs or for anyothermalware on your smartphone in just a few seconds. A detailedscanis also an option: Simply select “Full Scan”. ★ Cloud engineaddedWe added a cloud engine with more powerful detectioncapabilities,providing more secure protection for your smartphone.★Real-TimeMonitoring for Maximum Protection As well as detectingmaliciousprograms, this function alerts you immediately of anyabnormaloperations by applications and any threats to your securitythroughthe widget and notification bars; enabling you to dealwithhigh-risk situations as quickly as possible. ★Check whichappsaccess your personal information at a glance This featureallowsyou to easily check which of your information the appsinstalled onthe device are accessing, such as contact information,locationinformation, calling history etc. You choose! You candeterminewhich apps are high-risk and delete them as necessary,while appswhich you trust can be added to the app’s “Safe Apps”list. ★Choosehow you want the app to work As well as adding trustedapps to aSafe Apps list, you can configure which contents to scanfor aswell as choosing to have Real-Time Monitoring switched on oroff.★New anti-smishing feature Smishing, or SMS phishing, is ahackingmethod that gathers personal information or causes monetarylossthrough the spreading of malicious apps via URLs sent throughSMSmessages. LINE Antivirus protects you from such threats withitsnew anti-smishing feature. ★One-touch optimization feature Cleanupyour smartphone's usage history and RAM with a single touch tohelpit run smooth as butter. ★ Secure File Deletion Files can nowbesecurely deleted, ensuring that no personal information canbeleaked when changing devices or losing your phone. ★ Additionofthe App Management Feature Manage apps that have been installedonyour device for a long time and apps that haven’t been used inawhile. * About access authority [Required access authorities]-Internet access: a network connection is required formaliciouscode scanning in the cloud and offline engine updates. ​​[Optionalaccess authorities] - Storage: access is needed formalicious codescanning in storage during a full scan. - ReadingSMS: needed forscanning text messages including URLs during asmishing scan. -Call: needed for deleting call history in theoptimizationsettings. ​​ ■ You can use LINE Antivirus withoutagreeing to theoptional access authorities, but some features willbe unavailable.Keep your smartphone safe! We hope you enjoy usingLINE Anti-Virus!