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com.discoverukraine.metro.beijing 1.0.15
Discover Ukraine LLC
The Beijing Subway Guide and Metro Route Planner is the quickandeasy way to navigate your way into and around the city usingthesubway service. Key features: - Accurate and up-to-date subwaymaps- Quick and convenient route planer with travel time anddistanceinformation - Exact trip cost calculator - Find the nearestsubwaystation to you using the Augmented Reality function -Usefulinformation about routes, prices and payment options -Worksoffline.
Metro Beijing Subway 10.1.2
This is Beijing's best metro app. 1. Fully up-to-date for2019Accurate metro map and metro information. 2. Route-planner Areallyeasy route-planner. Get route, time and fare information. 3.Workoffline Internet connection is not required. 4. 11LanguageEnglish, 简体中文, 繁體中文, 日本語, 한국어, Русский, Français, Español,Deutsch,Português, Italiano English Name : Beijing metro, Beijingsubway,metroman
Beijing Subway map Metromap Tourist guide 6.0.7
Subway Metromap Maker
The best and newest version of the Beijing Metro App. Timelyupdatethe latest Beijing subway line map。 Enjoy! 1. 2018 latestdata 2.Work offline, Perfect work without networking. 3. Simple,fast andeasy to use. 4. Beijing famous scenic spots and subwayroute map.
New York Subway – MTA map and routes
Subway Map - New York route planner uses the official TransportforNew York Subway Map and includes a route planner for helpgettingaround and quick navigation to stations and attractionsaround NewYork. Free to download, works both on and offline andwith over450k downloads and 50k route planner every day has becomethe #1Subway Map - New York route planner. Key features: 1. AnofficialTransport for Subway Map - New York with route planner. 2.Easy touse both with and without an internet connection. 3. Usesdatadirectly from MTA to give live line status for choosing thebestand faster route. 4. Check line status for delays and closures.5.Real-time journey planning that will navigate youarounddisruptions on the Subway. 6. Your places – save theneareststation to your key places hotel, work or home. 7. Onlinesearch –Search for any place in New York and plan your way throughtheSubway. 8. Routes history – automatically saved you 3 latestrouteplanners. 9. Stations search history - automatically saved you3latest stations search. 10. Your nearest Subway Map - NewYorkstations – found the nearby station and view the route ontheonline map 11. Around you – find restaurant, ATM, banks,busstations etc… 12. Attractions - plan your route to anyattractionin New York by subway. Your use of New York Subway - MTAmap androutes is free of charge in exchange for safely using someof yourdevice's resources (WiFi and very limited cellular data),and onlywhen you are not using your device. You may turn this offfrom thesettings menu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation. You can alwayscontact us byEmail: Subject: Subway Map - NewYork routeplanner Powered By Desoline 3.4
• Store your weight records • Check weight loss progress •Remindsyou to weigh often Simple Weight Tracker is a body weightwatch. Itstores data provided from scale to watch and analyzeweight loss.It will help you to track your body weight while ondiet plan forweight loss. By tracking changes it is easier to learnhow to loseweight fast. Chart and statistics help to find out whatdiet worksfor you, which diet plans or activities match you best.Test dietslike keto (ketogenic), low carb or low calorie diet andcheckeffects for lose fat and belly fat.
Weight Tracker aktiWeight 2.6
aktiWir GmbH
AKTIVE AND EFFECTIVE FOR YOUR WEIGHT LOSS! aktiWeight providesyouwith a detailed body weight diary including graphical statisticsonyour body weight improvements. When updating your body weight,theApp will track and comment on your achievements andcontinuouslyencourage you to improve. With aktiWeight, losingweight will turnout to be fun! And even if you want to gain weight,aktiWeight isthe right choice. OVERVIEW: - Body weight tracker -Weight Goals /Targeting of your desired weight - MotivationIncentives - WeightCharts and Statistics - Free aktiWeight - WeightTracker
Yoho Sports 20.34.12
mCube Inc.
The Yoho Sports bracelet is a smart device that can detectandevaluate people's movement, sleep quality, can help peopletobetter understand and adjust their daily life and work.Braceletfeatures: support for exercise, sleep statistics.
Drink Water Reminder - Habit Tracker in 30 Days 1.4.9
Power Mobi Lab.
Water Drink Habit in 30 Days - Water Reminder reminds you todrinkwater on time! Water Drink Habit in 30 Days - Water Reminderwillremind you to drink enough water regularly, keep your bodyinhealthy condition, and keep you motivated with 30 daysdrinkingchallenge! Do you always forget to drink water on time? Doyouoften fail to get enough water? Do you want to stay youngandhealthy? You need Water Drink Habit in 30 Days - Water Remindertodevelop good drink water habit. Start to drink water andrecordyour water intake! Main Features: 💧Remind you to drink watereveryday 💧Record your daily water intake 💧Motivate you tocomplete30-day challenge 💧Customize your cups with one tap Changeyoudrinking habit with Water Drink Habit in 30 Days now! Developingagood drinking habit will help you stay healthy and hydrated. Itistime to water your body! Download now for FREE!
RENPHO 3.1.1
Good health comes first! RENPHO is the best helper in yourjourneyto becoming fitter. The app can track multiple bodycompositionmetrics (BMI, Body Fat %, Body Water, Bone Mass, BasalMetabolismBody Age, Muscle Mass, etc). The cloud-based App’sintelligent dataanalysis and tracking abilities makes it yourperfect digitalpersonal helper. It can even convert your datastored over timeinto charts and reports that can easily be sharedby e-mail andmultiple social media channels. On top of all that,your entirefamily can use the App! RENPHO allows the user to createmultiplepersonal profiles to keep your data separated.
User Guide for Fitbit Charge 2 1.0
Fitbit motivates you to reach your health and fitness goalsbytracking your activity, exercise, sleep, weight etc. It is asolidfitness tracker for someone that wants to stay in shape.FitbitCharge 2 is the most selling tracker. In this app, you willgetFitbit Charge 2 Manual & Tutorial, Tips and Tricks andmanymore. Get top tips to become the master of your Fitbit Charge2.Inside the app: # Putting on Fitbit Charge 2# Setting upFitbitCharge 2# Navigation# Charging your tracker# Changingthewristband# Automatic Tracking with Fitbit Charge 2# SleepTracking#Exercising with Fitbit Charge 2# Guided Breathing withCharge 2#Receiving Call and Text Notifications# Customizing yourFitbitCharge 2# Updating Fitbit Charge 2# Troubleshooting FitbitCharge2# Fitbit Charge 2 Tips and Tricks# Pair Fitbit with theAmazonEcho# Fitbit Skill for Cortana# Fitbit app Account tipsandtricksCharge 2 Standout Features:# PurePulse® HeartRate#Multi-Sport Tracking & Connected GPS# Call, Text &CalendarAlerts# Cardio Fitness Level# Guided Breathing SessionsInstall theapp and learn more about your Fitbit Charge 2.
Zumba Dance Offline 1.6.5
AipkGlobal Pvt Ltd.
#1: Zumba Dance Offline App in Health & FitnessZumbaDanceOffline is the best app & Zumba Dance is the best dance ontheplanet because it helps you lose weight without diet bydancing.Zumba dance will motivate you to workout at home.Thinkdancing andget fit, fat loss is very easy while doing Zumbaexercises, startdoing Zumba from now, daily exercises plan forweight loss isbetter than diets.Start doing Zumba dance fitness,Five days in aweek exercise plan for weight loss is much betterthan diets.
Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Diet - VRK 7.0
This application shows information about SriVeeramachaneniRamakrishna diet ( Desi version of KETO diet) whichhelps peoplereducing weight across India. This includes variousdiet plans,weight loss food items with day wise plans.Features:--------------------- * 4 Pillar Diet Plan * General Tipsand Rules* Allowed list with pictures * Avoid list with pictures *Liquiddiet plan * Two Meal diet plan * In-built BMI Calculator *Variousdiet recipes * Clean and easy navigation UI * Off-line (Internetnot required ) * In Telugu & English language * In-Built DietTracker * In- Built diet tracking history FeaturesPlanned:----------------------------------- * Curate Daily Plan *DailyReminders * Various Indian Languages ( Tamil/Kannada/Hindietc.,)Tags: veeramachaneni ramakrishna diet, diet plan, keto ,K.E.T.Odiet, veeramachaneni diet, recipes, diet recipes,veeramachineniramakrishna diet, 4 pillar, VRK Diet, BMI Calculator,Telugulanguage, VRK, VRK App
Yes.Fit 3.0.6
Love your next workout! Walk, run, cycle, or crawl at your ownpaceand any number of workouts. Earn progress updates along theway,badges for your various achievements, and awesome REAL rewardsonceyou finish. Yes.Fit is flexible and fun fitness that anyone cando.Start with shorter events and manageable workouts and progresstolonger events and more strenuous workouts. All at a pace andtimeframe that fits your lifestyle, schedule, and individualgoals.Over 60 virtual races to explore. Choose by distance,theme,location, or rewards, and become a virtual world traveler.Yes.Fitconnects with 25 of the best fitness trackers includingYes.Fit’sown integrated tracker. You can also use Manual Entry ifyou’re notinto the fancy watches and apps. Get Connected! Yes.Fitis morethan just an app. We’re a team and a family that will cheeryou onand keep you motivated, while you reach and conquer yourgoals. Youcan be a part of a movement that changes your mood andyour life,as well as your body. Yes.Fit #fitertainment
Zumba Dance Exercise Offline 1.2.4
#Team Vinay
Zumba Dance is the best dance on the planet because it helpsyoulose weight without diet by dancing. Zumba dance will motivateyouto workout at home.Think dancing and get fit, fat loss is veryeasywhile doing Zumba exercises, start doing Zumba from now,dailyexercises plan for weight loss is better than diets.StartdoingZumba dance fitness, A daily exercise plan for weight loss ismuchbetter than diets.Developed By): Abhay, Abhishek, Ankit,Jatin,Vinay.