Top 24 Games Similar to Camera for Snapchat

Square Quick Pro-No Crop Size 4.10.3
Square Quick Photo Editor
The Best Photo Editor&Collage MakerYouDeserve. Happy Halloween!!!Collage Maker and Color Brush is designed in SquareQuick anditbecome a powerful editor you deserve now!!Square Quick not only lets you post instasizesquarephotos to Instagram with tens of funny emojis and otherstickers,you can also make collage&grid photos forInstagram to getmore followers.Yup, It is also very easy.Features include…★COLLAGE MAKER:Use the Collage option to create beautifulhighquality photo collages.★SNAP PHOTO:Make a text for your photo just likesnapchat,funnyand interesting.★FUNNY STICKERS: Add the popular emojis,giddys andothermany animal stickers to make your photo more funny andstylish.★COLOR BRUSH:Draw with beautiful brushes and share withyourfriends on Instagram to get more likes and followers.★PIP PHOTO: More fun with the new PIP Frames andmanybeautiful backgrounds.★GREAT FILTERS: We have high quality filters so yourselfiepicture will truly stand out from the rest!★BACKGROUND EFFECTS:We designed many background effects suchasGradient,Double Blur,Mosaic,Background colors based on your picandmore effects are designing.★CORNER MARK: Add many color marks so that make yourphotounique.More love,more likes.★NICE HASHTAGS: We designed the new hashtags page tohelpyou to get more likes and followers on social media especiallytheInstagram.★QUICK SHARE: Import photos from gallery or take from camerasuchas B612 and Retrica.You can choose photos by using thedefaultgallery and also use the default camera, or any of thebeautycamera apps then import.Follow us on Instagram: @SQUARE_QUICK, to get thelatestinformation, updates and funny pics.Don’t forget to add our tag #squarequick in the photos youpost.Disclaimer:SquareQuick is not affiliated withInstagram,Facebookor any other social media.
Write Snaps - Snap Story 5.15
Sappalodapps Development
<<<<< YOU CAN'T PUT IMAGEINSTORY >>>>>Download Write Snaps for FREE now and start adding texts andemojison your pictures on a snap. Write Snaps is a photography appforyour Android phone that allows our users to write on theirphotoseasily. There are a lot of customization options includingcolor,size, fonts, border, and transparency. You can also add somephotofilters to your picture. It is designed not to replace amoreadvanced photo editor such as photoshop but to provide a quickwayfor casual users to add write on photo and post them on socialandchat apps such as snapchat.************If you are looking for an insta photo writer app to add textandemojis to your pic, you should download Write Snap. It isthesimplest photo editor app to write on your picture withouthassle.Maybe you want to add photo captions before your share yourselfieson Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. Maybe you want to addyourfavorite quotes to create inspirational pictures. Write Snapsis aperfect solution if you need a casual photo editor app.=========== Write Snaps TOP features: ==========1. Download Write Snaps for FREE and use this photo editor appasoften as you like with no worry.2. Choose pictures from your Gallery or Photo Album. Or takeselfiesand new picture directly from your device’s Camera.3. Write on texts your pictures easily. You can type in anythingyoulike: photo caption, quotes, your names, jokes, etc. Makeyourpicture stands out and fun!4. Choose your fonts from 200 available fonts. There issomethingfor everyone no matter what mood you are in.5. Change your text color, text shadow, and text size.6. Change the text stroke color and width.7. Change the text background color or the highlight ofyourquotes.8. Set the text transparency.9. Rotate the text on your pics as you wish.10. Add emojis to your pictures with your emoji keyboard. Youcanadd emojis from your device and from Whatsapp nativeemojis.11. Apply other photography filters of your choice.12. Share your picture on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, andothersocial networks and chat apps.If you need a heavy duty photo editor like photoshop,thisphotography app is not for you. We are focusing on users forcasualphoto editing needs, especially photo writer withcustomizabletexts and emojis without losing the quality of existingimage file.It literally takes only a snap of your finger to writeon photoswith Write Snaps.Here are step by step guide on how you can write on photo andaddphotography filters super easily with Write Snaps:1. Choose Image from Gallery or Camera2. Write on texts or emojis of your choice.3. Adjust colors, size, and background simply by tappinganddragging appropriate bar and see the result directly.4. Tap on Adjust Font Style to change the font and choose fromourmassive font collection.5. Apply photo filters from our collections.6. Save and share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat,andInsta gram.7. Don’t forget to add #WriteSnaps tag on pic to have the chancetobe featured on the app Home Screen!So, what are you waiting for? Download Write Snaps FREE now.Starthaving fun with your selfies and pictures! Add quotes andadorableemojis to show your emotion. A picture is worth a thousandwordsbut why not adding your own voice? There are so many thingsyou cando with our app and we are looking forward to see differentways onhow Write Snaps improve your photos and how far yourcreativitytakes you.
Videoshop - Video Editor
Jajijujejo Inc.
FEATURES 1. Trim: Cut out any unwanted moments. 2. Music: Addfromyour personal library or Videoshop's stock library. 3.Soundeffects: Choose from animals noises, farts, explosions,laughter,etc. 4. Slow motion (or fast motion): Adjust video speedto slow orfast. 5. Adjust Display: Change Brightness, Contrast,Saturation,etc. 6. Merger: Combine multiple clips into one. 7.Text: Type yourown text with color and various fonts. 8. Voiceovers: Record yourown voice over the video. 9. Animated titles:Introduce your videoswith animated titles. 10. Filters: Select fromseveral inspiredfilters to enhance your videos. 11. Transitions:Choose from 4transitions to animate between video clips. 12.Photos: Createslideshows easily. 13. Stop Motion: Create Vinevideos with stopmotion recording. 14. Resize: Rescale your videowithin the videoframe. 15. Reverse: Playback videos in reverse. 16.Copy: Createduplicate video clips. 17. High resolution videos. 18.Share onyour favorite social media channels, or send out by E-mail.Note:Adding just an enormous amount of content and effects mayoverworkyour phone's processing power so be modest! Publishers andBusinessDevelopment can reach us at MarketingandAdvertising can reach us at TERMS OFUSE
Straight Outta Meme Maker 2.0.2
321 Fetch
STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, STRAIGHT OUTTA LONDON, STRAIGHTOUTTAATLANTA. Now you can be STRAIGHT OUTTA anywhere you want withthisSTRAIGHT OUTTA meme generator. Type your text, choosebetweentaking a photo on the spot, or one you have takenpreviously. Shareto Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or anyother socialmedia site. You now have the power to create your own"Straightoutta" memes!Enjoy!
No Crop Video Editor Instagram
The fastest and most simple app for posting entire videotoInstagram without cropping or trimming.Best Instagram videoeditorwith adding music, blur border on video, best for savedvideos fromsnapchat, dubsmash videos, lip sync videos,musically(, #Don'tJudgeChallenge videos.Features:-Speed up videoplayback for long video to fit Instagram 15s limit.-Instagram blurborder for video.- Make musically( videosor savedSnapchat videos square ready to fit Instagram.- Instagramvideoeditor - Instagram video fit, video trim, video cut andvideocompress.- Musically( video editor - Add music toyourvideos, like dubsmash videos, lip syncvideos,musically( videos. And set the volume of thevideo orthe music you added.- Support GoPro videos perfectly. It isa GoProvideo editor. It can edit GoPro videos and upload toInstagram.-Get inspiration from others. Add our tag #nocropvideo inthe videosyou post to Instagram. You have chance to be featured inNo CropVideo and also in the offical account of No Crop VideoonInstagram.- Share your video to Instagram, Facebookandothers.Follow us on Instagram: @nocrop_video, and don't forgettoadd our tag in the videos you post #nocropvideo to getmorefollowers and the chance to be featured.If you enjoy No CropVideo,please take a minute to give us a good rating in the GooglePlay.It will help us do better.If you have any questions orsuggestions,contact us via:
Selfie Camera 1.7.2
This is the perfect makeup Photo Editorwithcute stickers .This is the best HD selfie Camera with 100+ filters .This is your best candy camera with simple design, powerfulfiltersand candy frames. It is designed to retouch and beautifyyourportrait photos with no crop sharing to Facebook and Instagram.★ 100+Colorful Photo Filters ★Snap photos with 100+ high quality filters applied in realtime,including Vintage, Fresh and B&W. Make your selfies standoutin Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Just swipe left and righttoswitch between filters. Selfie Camera remembers which filtersyouused last time to adjust your experience. You can also taptherandom filter button to make a change.★ Professional Selfie HD Cam ★Smooth, rejuvenate and whiten your skins and remove blemishes.Easyto get a flawless and luminous face in every shot.★ Tilt-shift & Colorful Mosaic ★Focus the photo on you, by blurring the backgrounds or darkeningtheborders of photos with tilt-shift and colorful mosaic to bringoutyour truly important selfie.★ Numerous Stickers ★Selfie Camera processes the most comprehensive stickerlibrary.Sticker of cute ears & nose, mischievous beard, cartoonsun,mischievous pet, varied emotion and words stickers which youcanrecord every memorable moments in your life , you should notmissit!★ Countdown Timer ★1 second, 2 seconds and 5 seconds to select. Strike the perfectposebefore the shutter comes down.★ Frames ★Don’t miss out on Selfie Camera’s gorgeous collage shot frames.Weprovide a list of 100+ different simplistic and snappyframes,including some are paired perfectly with Instagram. SelfieCamerasupports not only square frame, but also portrait shape.Tapthescreen to shoot multiple poses into a photo!★ Selfie Video ★More and more people share videos to social networks suchasInstagram and Facebook. Now you can instantly beautify yourvideowith Video mode. Just record as you will and we will enhancethefootage on the go. Create and share selfie videos righttoInstagram and Facebook.★ Quick Save & Share ★Save to high resolution of your device.No crop for SNS. Postfullsized pics on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linewithoutcropping! Square photo easily.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Contact Us:Facebook:
GIF Camera 2.1.3
GIF Camera!The eastest way to create animated gifs onAndroid.GIFCamera!A tool can make photos more active.It's really anamazingapp .This free app can record the funny moments happeningeverytime,and make it much moreintersting.----------------------------------【GIF CameraFeatures】Make GIF :Capture the funny moments of your friends,familyand pets by GIFCamera,and save it to animated gifs; Funny GIF : GIFCamera is yourdaily source for funny gifs and funny animatedpictures! Largecollection of the best new gifs! Photo To Gif:Createanimated GIFwith your local photos,You can control whatever speedyou want !GIF Album: Save GIF to camera gallery,and you can remakeit! GIFShare:You can share the created animated GIFs with SMS,Facebook,Twitter, Sina Weibo.
سنابكم 2.2
سنابكم هو دليل مستخدمي سناب شات العرب،يمكنكالاطلاع على آخر الحسابات الجديدة للمشاهير ونجوم سناب شاتويمكنك منالتطبيق نسخ اسم المستخدم واضافته في تطبيق سناب شاتومشاركته معاصدقاءككما يحتوي على ترتيب نجوم سناب شات واهتماماتهمSnabkm is to guideusersSnape Arabs chat, you can see another new accounts ofcelebritiesand stars of snapchat of the application and you cancopy your username and affixed in the application of snapchat andshare it withyour friendsIt also contains the order of star snapchat and interests
Light Photo Editor 2.0.1
Photos Studio
Light Photo Editor is one of a kind photo-editing app that isbeyondyour expectation. It was made by high quality standard andit isextremely easy to use. And we believe it’s everyone’s rightto enjoybeauty, so it is FREE!!! Download it today, and get1000+freestickers.Here’re the exciting parts:*120 Filters12different themesincluding 120 professional filters, with all sortsof specialeffects.Light effect*32 types of lighting with flare,and lightleakage effects. Give your photos a natural feel with theperfectlighting.*24 TexturesUse movie textures to make your photosmoreunique.*Add textWe've got fonts for everything, personalizeyourfonts to make your own colors, shadows andbordersetc.*1000+StickersWe've got thousands of different stylesofartistic stickers *Basic Adjustmentsand pro functions allow youtodo quick edit or create more pro like pics. Easy to useinterface;swipe left to cancel and right to confirm* Share onInstagram,Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, Snapchat and othersocialmedia.If you have any suggestions, please contact
Snappic- Photo Editor 2.0
Perfect your photos in a snap withusingSnappic App…Snappic is a beautiful and simple app for photo booth! SnappicwillEdit, Organize, Show, and Shareit your Phone pics.Snap picture can be quickly edited with many editing features,andsaved in Photo Albums to your Camera Roll.Photos can be easily selected to be copied to the Camera Roll,sentusing EMail, and shared using social networks.Amazing Selfies - Use the selfie mirror to take amazing photoseverytime.Fast & Easy - Instantly sync photos with your device.Add Emoji to your snaps, we have added more than 1600 emoji'sinthis update. have more fun snap pictures using this awesomefreeemoticons. editing your snaps with emoticons will makeyourpictures more beautiful.How we can use Snappic App:• Take photo or chose photo from the gallery. Pinch to zoomandswitch front to back camera fast and easy.• Snaps can set as a background image• Make your picture look like a drawing or text withstylizeadjustments such as, different color.• Add text in standard area.• Brush: we can add brush on the selected area .• PhotoEffects: Re-edit any filter at any time!• Remove a filter at any position in the stack.• Save & Share your photo directly with friendsthroughInstagram, Facebook, Twitter, or email.Free available on Google play store.Please continue to tell us what you think about Snappic by leavingareview here in the Google Play Store.our code for flippa: eace38b9a6Emoji Credits: are thankful to the team of emojione for providing freelicensefor there awesome emoji empowering our app.Disclaimer : This app is not sponsored or endorsed by,oraffiliated with, Snapchat, Inc.
Snapbucket 2.3.0
Photobucket Corporation
What’s happening?The Snapbucket app is coming to end. Thanks for supporting usoverthe past three plus years!Why is this happening?Support for Snapbucket officially ended in 2013, and now we’rejustabout four years old - that’s pretty old. Old? Well sure - inhumanyears, not very old. Dog years, we’re getting up there.Techindustry years, this app is ancient.In the last four years, a lot has changed, especially onmobile.You probably have a new phone with a new operating system, abettercamera, new social media apps, the list goes on. WellatPhotobucket, a lot has changed for us, too. While weloveSnapbucket, we’ve wanted to bring every element of Photobucketintoone simple, powerful, and all around awesome app.Well, we think we’ve done that.The editing features you know and love are still available onthePhotobucket app. We’ve upgraded our mobile editor, so now youcan doeverything you’d ever want within the app. On top ofpowerfulediting options, you can also make your own customanimated GIFs,automatically backup your photos, share themanywhere, and evenorder beautiful print products from thePhotobucket Print Shop!If that’s not enough, we’ll even give you 8GB of additionalfreestorage for downloading our app and signing up.Now what?It’s simple. Download the Photobucket app and sign in asnormal.Your free 8GB of storage will automatically be added toyouraccount. You can hop right into the editor. Everything iswaitingfor you.Photobucket. For the love of photos.
Photo Editor Free 1.10.4
InShot Inc.
A seamless instagram no crop photo editor app with Blur BorderandEmoji and full functions!A very comprehensive photo editor appwithmany amazing effects and filters!A one-stop shop for anyphotoediting need!Square Frame is a powerful photo editor free withmanyamazing effects and filters! It is one of the best photoeditingapps - instagram photo editor no crop.* A very comprehensivephotoeditor free and pretty much everything you could ever want todo onyour phone!* There are so many effects, stickers and featurestoapply to your photos! It is the best photo editor free.*Photoeditor text writing features will give you the text and lookyouwant in seconds.* Picture Editor provides instagram no cropphotowith just one simple click. It is the best instagram no cropappfor photo editing apps.Key Features:+ One-tap autoenhance.Additionally, Square Frame offers a large variety ofeffects foryour photos including gamma correction, auto contrast,auto tone,blur, sharpen, oil paint, sketch, black & white highcontrast,sepia, and more. It is the best photo editor.+ Adjustcolor, addeffects, rotate, crop, resize, frame, clone, and draw onyourphotos+ Amazing Photo filters and apply effects in realtime+One-tap to generate instagram no crop photo for editing. Thebestinstagram no crop app for photo editing. + Gorgeous photoeffectsand picture frames+ Fun stickers and photo editor cut andpaste+Color balance, Color adjustment options include hue,saturation,contrast, and brightness.+ Curves interface that allowsfine-tuningof colors+ Adjust brightness, contrast, colortemperature, andsaturation+ Sharpen and blur+ Easily edit with thetouch andpinch-to-zoom interface+ Color temperature ("Warmth")+ Usephotosfrom your gallery and camera+ Color Splash+ Instagram editor+Focus(Tilt Shift)+ Drawing mode, adding text or images - Photoeditortext writing with picture frames+ Create your own memes+Share tosocial network, such as e-mail, Picasa, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram, etc.Save your final result to your gallery.Share yourphotos using any of the services on your device such ase-mail,Picasa, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever sharingmethodyou prefer.Adjust color, add effects, rotate, crop, resize,frame,clone, and draw on your photos. Square Frame integrateswithinstagram seamlessly, it generates instagram no crop photowithjust one click. Best photo editing apps for instagram no cropphotoediting apps.The easy touch and pinch-to-zoom interface makesitsimple to play with your photos and get the exact look youdesire.Edit photos from your gallery and camera. Square Frame is afun andpowerful photo editor free that lets you quickly crop,rotate, andfine-tune any picture.
Kamio: Easy Edits & Stickers 2.0.7
Remix your pix with Kamio!Kamio puts millions of stickers, overlays, GIFs,andtransparencies at your fingertips, so you can make theultimateedits and photo montages.Let your creativity run wild with the all-new, completelyfreeKamio app. Search for stickers from all over the web andmakeamazing edits within seconds. You will blow away your friendsandrake in the Instagram love.Some things you can do with Kamio:* Search the entire web for stickers & overlays to addtoyour pictures -- it's all there!* Add illustrations and overlays on your photos* Now add animated GIFs to bring your edits to life!* Make your own stickers with our new Sticker Maker, usingphotosfrom your phone or from the web* Make your friends laugh by adding transparent overlays totheirpictures* Share directly to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Kik,Tango,Facebook, Twitter -- wherever your friends are* Express yourself with ease* Works great with Retrica!If you love tumblr transparents and making awesome stickersforyour photos and collages, Kamio is the best app for you.Praise for The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself app, from thecreatorsof Kamio:"The app is truly a thing of beauty. " - Gawker"Your next favorite app" - Appcozy
Snap Camera HDR 8.7.8
A Fast HDR camera experience with regular updates and newfeaturesadded all the time.Now with 4K 16x9 video recording on theNexus 5running LollipopSnap Camera lets you take pictures andrecord videowith a single click, no cluttered preview screen, justthe twobuttons you really need and a dial to select the camera modeyouwant. If you want to test this camera before buying, pleaseinstallthe trial version..The trial version has all the features ofthepaid app but will only start immediately in Airplanemode.SnapCamera has a simple, powerful user interface featuring: *Touch tofocus * Pinch to zoom * Swipe to review * Long press toadjustphoto settings with the photo controller. The photocontrollerincludes settings for: * Colour and Contrast (ifsupported by thehardware). * Silent Shutter * Burst Mode * SelfTimer * Stable Shot* Panorama mode * Flash mode * Whitebalance *Exposure * Grid lines* Fast picture mode * HDR * AdditionalSettingsThe additionalsettings menu gives you access to many extrasettings. * Pictureand Video Size * Scene mode * Self Timer delay *Burst Modesettings * Time Lapse * Still and Video Focus Modes *JPEG Quality* Effects * ISO * Anti-banding * Scene Detection *Video Bitrate,Format and Codec * Audio SettingsThe photo editorlets you: *Enhance Details * Enhance Contrast (Ambiance) * Denoise* Addcolour effects * Add a border * Crop, Rotate, Mirror *Straighten *Add image effects * Histogram Modification *VignetteAdditionalFeatures - You can see what effects will beapplied and undo aneffect at any time from the history menu- Sharean image with anyother app such as Facebook or Google+ by clickingon the shareicon- Create panoramas by selecting the panorama icon(Android 4.0and above)- Fast picture mode instantly captures photosat thepreview resolution.- Capture still snapshots during videorecording(if supported)- Use the volume buttons to focus and take apictureor zoom- Auto torch mode for low light video recording- Usetheadvanced video settings to record video in resolutions notallowedby other cameras.- Stable shot mode only takes a photo whenthecamera is completely stillHigh Dynamic Range (HDR)HDR is afeaturethat lets you take pictures of scenes with very dark andvery lightareas. The app takes multiple photos at differentexposures andcombines them to make one HDR photo. The app canoptionally savethe original exposures and open an HDR editor.Seehere for detailsof HDR: are onlyavailable on newer devices. Camera apps arenotoriously difficultto make compatible with all hardware.Pleaseinstall and test thetrial version first before you buy the paidapp.Please visit ourwebsite for tips and more details about thesettings and features.There is a discussionforumhere: to report bugs, ask questions and suggest newfeatures.Remember to say which device you have and which Androidversion itis running.This app will install 2 icons in yourlauncher, one forthe Gallery and one for the Camera. Some launchersalso put theGallery icon on your home screen.Note that most android4.4 devicesdo not allow apps to store data on an external sd cardexcept to anarea that is deleted when the app in uninstalled. Fromthe storagelocation dialog, select "external sd card" to use thisarea. Butremember that if you uninstall the app all your photoswill bedeleted. To try a beta version of the app, click here afteryouhaveboughtit: great video to see Snap Camera in action.
lollicam - photo, video camera
lollicam - BEAUTIFY, ENHANCE and TRANSFORM your photos, videosandselfies! lollicam's magical and unique real-time beautyeffects,face-tracking stickers and cinematic effects makeincredible photoand video experiences that can be shared instantly.Where to findus: Website: Our key featuresinclude: ◎FACE-TRACKING STICKERS AND EFFECTS: A wide array ofFace-trackingStickers / Geo Stickers and over 40+ Photo/Videofilters onlollicam allow you to make Cinematic Effects you wouldotherwiseonly see in movies. The possibilities to transform areendless onlollicam. ◎ YOUR OWN STICKER CREATOR: Craft your ownFace-trackingstickers and face-tracking texts using our new StickerCreatortoolkit! ◎ EMOJI STICKERS Utilize over 1,000+ emojis in youriPhonekeyboard as elements in your own custom stickers! ◎EXTREMESTICKERS You will feel like you are immersed in a realtimevideogame environment when using lollicam’s “EXTREME" STICKERS.Withthese Stickers, we've really taken things to the next level!◎REAL-TIME BEAUTIFY: Instantly Beautify your face with lollicaminyour photos, videos and selfies! Say goodbye to all thosetiringedits! ◎ EASY GIF CREATION: Create your own unique andhilariousanimated GIF’s with our easy to use Gif generator. ◎CINEMAGRAPH:Make your pictures move a la Harry Potter! AND SO MUCHMORE! Whereto find us: Website:
Eye-Fi (Legacy X2 only) 1.6.7
This app is ONLY for use with an Eye-Fi ProX2card. Eyefi Mobi and Eyefi Mobi Pro card users should downloadtheEyefi Mobiapp( to take full advantage of the Mobi card features.This application grants photographers the power to capturegreatquality pictures & videos from any digital camera, withinstantaccess to view, edit, and share. Quickly and reliablytransfer yourpro images to your computer, smartphone or tablet withEye-FiProX2.When quality photographs are needed, you reach for yourdigitalcamera. Smartphones fall short for life’s most preciousmoments -these require zooming, high-speed shooting, low light andotherfeatures that make digital cameras superior. With an Eye-FiProX2wireless SDHC memory card, you can quickly and easily turnthecamera you already own and love into a top quality WiFi cameraandshowcase your best shots while streamlining your workflow. Useyourfavorite apps like Facebook, Instagram, Pixlr, and Snapchattoshare instantly, and top editing tools to enhance and edityourbest shots.When paired with the Eye-Fi Android app, the Eye-Ficardtransfers photos & videos directly to your cameraroll,whenever new content is detected. No network or hotspotisrequired. Eye-Fi creates its own WiFi network so it worksanywhereyou are. Once the transfer completes, the card disconnectsits WiFito preserve battery life.Eye-Fi ProX2 features:• Instant transfer to your Android device• Instant transfer to your Windows or Mac computer over a homeWiFinetwork• Class 10 speed for ultra-fast high speed performance• Compatible with thousands of cameras (• Uploads what you shoot (jpeg, RAW + many video formats)• 8GB or 16 GB capacityGetting started:First, you will need to activate & set up your ProX2 cardusingEye-Fi Center software on your Windows or Mac computer.Afterlaunching the Eye-Fi app, tap the sign in link at the bottomof thescreen and enter your new Eye-Fi account credentials.To learn more and buy an Eye-Fi SDHC wireless memory card,visitus at
With Square Photo you can easily improve photos to post onWhatsApp,Instagram, Facebook and other apps without cropping.Works great andquick on selfies. No need to crop anything off,this editor appkeeps the full size picture and adds backgrounds toyour picturesthat make your entire photo square. The background isa blur or"light leak" effect. Easy to use, just square and shareyour photo!● Select photo from Camera, Gallery or Facebook. Quickselect of theimage you used last time ● Choose a beautiful filterto adjust yourcreation, change color, add border, blur or shadowto make your picsspecial ● Many emoji, stickers and stamps arealso available.😍😂❤️ ●Custom text maker to create text bubbles orhashtags ● Square Photouses quick, powerful photo editing featuresin a simple to use freeapp ● Make wonderful photos with coolemojis and get more likes andmore followers by using this app!Because the emojis you select aresaved in the picture that youpost they will be the same both onAndroid and iPhone ● Quickdirect share to Instagram, Facebook andWhatsApp or just save it toyour own photo gallery. ● Position,resize and rotate with twofinger pinch (including emoji) The emojisare based on Twemoji bytwitter: rate us in GooglePlay to support this free app. Enjoy!
Secret Snap (Spy Camera) 1.0
Studio Goose
Use Secret Snap to take photos withoutanyonenoticing you. You can take secret snaps from your front orbackcamera with no sound and no flash.Take photos while: writing an email, on the home screen, or withablack screen.Enable the Smart Volume Key feature to take photos at any time;evenwhen other apps are opened or on the lock screen.Simply swipe right and left within the app to opendifferentscreens to secretly take photos.#Gmail ScreenIt looks like you are just writing an email or chatting withafriend, but you can press enter at any time on your keyboardtotake a secret snap.#Home ScreenIt look like you are on your home screen, but you can takesecretsnaps by tapping the screen. Additionally you can use theminicamera preview (that can easily be covered with your thumb) inthebottom right of the screen to line up your photo.#Black ScreenIt looks like your phone is off, but you can take secret snapsbytouching the screen.#Smart Volume Key SnapsOnce the Secret Snap Smart Volume Key feature is enabled youcantake secretly take snaps while in other apps or on the lockscreenby pressing the volume up/down keys on your Androiddevice.Be in control with advanced configurable preferences:• Turn Snap notifications on or off• Use the front or back camera• Adjust the camera capture resolution• Choose the save location for you secret snaps• Lock the screen orientation or let it automatically rotate
SelfiShop Camera 2.86
Selfie Camera for the most popular tripods and selfiestickmonopodswith bluetooth buttons or cable. Now you can press themonopodbutton and take pictures on your phone. If your monopod hasa fewbuttons, you can adjust the action for each button (Capture,Zoom,Change camera...). Just run "Monopod Connection Wizard"fromoptions. For advanced users, there is a window for theresearchcommands received from the monopod. Of course the programcan beused as a camera without a moopod. Photo shot can be donebytapping the screen or on the volume button. Supportedmonopods:kjstar, selftimer, wii, yunteng and manyothers.Instructions forconnecting a cable monopods:Cable monopodscan be not compatiblewith your smartphone. If monopod is notcompatible with yoursmartphone, then, unfortunately, no program canhelp in connectingmonopod to smartphone.When you connect the cablemonopod you mustsee a headset icon (top panel). If you seeheadphone icon or noicon, it is a sign that your monopod is notcompatible with yoursmartphone. Be careful! We advise to alwayscheck monopod forcompatibility before buying.
HD Camera 1.0.0O
App maker
Hd Camera application allow you to make excellent pictures veryfastand simply, utilizing all advantage of your phone ortablet.HdCamera has so many features and options.Features of HDCamera-->Face Detection--> Easily Choose scene modes, coloreffects,white balance, ISO.--> HD Video Recording--> PhotoStamp andgeo Tagging like where the picture has been taken.-->Zoom Withmulti texture control.--> Auto-Stabilize camera so thatyourpictures level perfectly.-->FlashControl(on/off/auto/torch).--> Touch to focus.--> CameraandVideo Resolution choice and JPEG Quality.supports allresolutionssupport by camera.--> Video frame rate, bitratesupport.-->Timer and Burst Mode with changable time delay.-->UI WOrks onany orientation.--> Choice for changing savefolder-->Configurable on screen display(battery level,time,uleofthirds,device memory)--> Share Photo instantlyafterclick.--> Very small size.This project is based on Markharman'sOpen camera app and its licensed under GPL V3.You can visittheproject at
Funny Photo Booth 2.6.0
Leyi App
ANYTIME, ANYWHERE you can snap WARP photos of yourself orothers.The real time feature helps you be the best joker. So, turnyourfriend into an ET or any jokes! No matter how clumsy he is,PhotoBooth will produce surreal effects.Just let your imagine runwild,snap wacky photos and share them! Other Hot Features:*Creatingdistorting photos is as EASY as 1, 2, 3!* Real-time effectsapplieddirectly to your camera! * LIVE Preview as many as 18effects!*Work on Front & Back facing camera * Instantly shareviaFacebook, Twitter, Email etc.* Add Various effects: Normal,Sketch,Paper, X-Ray, Bulge, Stretch, and many many more...
LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic 1.8
LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic lidow square and snap photoeditorfor instagram. LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic is the best waytoshare the square photo for instagram facebook twitter withnocropping. LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic create the full sizephotoand make the lidow effect for you. Have a fun way to edityourphoto with LiSquare and get more likes and followers withLiSquareLiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic is amazing snap photoeditor, youcan create snap text for photo, and also you can make itsquare ororiginal. with LiSquare Insta Square Snap Pic you cancreate greateffect to share you fans and friends all over the worldofinstagram. Features include: ~ LiSquare Insta Square Snap PicMakeyour photo be square with one step . Add the white backgroundwithyour photo no cropping. ~ LiSquare Insta Square Snap PicBlurbackground is a great function in LiSquare . You can adjusttheblur effect for your photo . And close it so easy . Blur is amagiceffect so that let your photo be beautiful. ~ Edit your photowithcrop / zoom/ rotation ~ Colorful grad for your picture. GradbyLidow is very popular . You can choose from a variety ofamazinggrad . And you can design the color and effect . ~ Lensflare inLiSquare . We designed the beautiful lens flare for yourphoto .Enjoy the Lens flare and get more likes. At the same timeyou canuse your finger to move it . So nice ! ~ LiSquare InstaSquare SnapPic have Powerful leak . We provide the 20+ leak effect. You candesign the leak hue and transparency . Add the leak admake yourphoto more special just like Lidow ~ LiSquare Insta SquareSnap Piccan create snap text effect. ~ Classic / Vintage/ B&Wfilterfor you. ~ Text:.Add tag or snap to your photo.~Adjust:brightness、contrast、saturation、sharpness,etc; LiSquareInstaSquare Snap Pic :the best square and snap pic app withbeautifuleffect.enjoy it!
Open Camera 1.47.2
Mark Harman
Open Camera is a fully featured and completely free Camera appforAndroid phones and tablets. Features: * Option to auto-stabilizesoyour pictures are perfectly level no matter what (seeexampleimage). * Expose your camera's functionality: support forfocusmodes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,exposurecompensation/lock, face detection, torch, antibanding. *Videorecording (including HD, taking photos while recording video,timelapse). * Handy remote controls: timer (with optionalvoicecountdown), auto-repeat mode (with configurable delay). *Option totake photo remotely by making a noise (e.g., voice,whistle), or byvoice command "cheese". * Configurable volume keys.* Configurableuser interface. * Zoom via multi-touch gesture andsingle-touchcontrol. * Option to lock orientation to portrait orlandscape forphoto or video. Upside-down preview option for usewith attachablelenses. * Choice of save folder (including supportfor StorageAccess Framework). * Disable shutter sound. * Overlay achoice ofgrids and crop guides. * Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging)of photos and videos; for photos this includes compassdirection(GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef). * Apply date andtimestamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos; storedate/timeand location as video subtitles (.SRT). * Yes you can takea selfie(also known as front camera), includes support for "screenflash".* Panorama, including for front camera. * Support for(some)external microphones. * Widget to automatically take a photoafterlaunching. * Support for HDR (with auto-alignment andghostremoval) and Exposure Bracketing. * Support for Camera2 API:manualfocus distance (with optional focus assist); manual ISO;manualexposure time; manual white balance temperature; burst mode;RAW(DNG) files; slow motion video. * Noise reduction (includinglowlight night mode) and Dynamic range optimisation modes forbetterquality photos. * Options for on-screen histogram, zebrastripes,focus peaking. * Focus bracketing mode. * Support for MiBandSelfie ( Aleh Tsitou ). * Small file size. * Completely free,andno ads in the app (I only run ads on the website). OpenSource.(Some features may not be available on all devices, as theymaydepend on hardware or camera features, the Android version,etc.)Website: Note that it'snotpossible for me to test Open Camera on every Android deviceoutthere, so please test before using Open Camera to photo/videoyourwedding etc :) App icon by Adam Lapinski.
Camera51 - a smarter camera 1.1.7
Camera51 automatically detects and analyzes faces, scenes,objectsand lines and guides you to the perfect frame in everyclick.Camera51 invites you to start taking photos like aprofessional. Itutilizes photography principles used byprofessional photographersand artists and applies this vastknowledge base in a fun andintuitive interface. All you have to dois place the smartphoneicon in the "Aim-Box" and BAM! you've gotyourself a photo thatlooks like a million bucks. Features: • Autoframing / autocomposition technology: Identifies and automaticallyselects themain objects and lines of the photo to determine realtime framingguidance. • Auto selfie​: Don’t go crazy, snap theultimate selfie,automatically, whether by yourself or in a groupwithout stretchingyour fingers and reaching to push the button. •Manual objectselection: Users have the option to manually select anobject byjust tapping the screen, to determine framing guidance,focus, andexposure. • Multi object selection: Allows users toselect up tothree different objects of interest per photo. •Peripheral objectalert: Enables the app to notify you of prominentobjects that mayinterfere with your frame boundaries. Follow us onFacebook: Follow us ontwitter: Terms ofuse:!eula/c1p53