Top 49 Games Similar to Blustone 2 - #1 Tap Adventure Anime RPG!

Dash Quest 2.9.4
Tiny Titan Studios
Fantasy action and endless runner collide with exciting RPGelementsin this incredibly addictive, retro-inspired adventuregame! Dashthrough hordes of enemies to reach epic boss battles!Customize andupgrade your character with Gear, Spells, Skills,Items and Pets!Complete daily challenges for Legendary Gear andother rewards!Features: • Addictive action RPG gameplay! • Dailydungeon,challenges and rewards! • Epic boss battles! •Incrediblycustomizable upgrade system! • Prestige system withunique perksand bonuses! • Adventure Mode featuring a completeWorld Map andhidden secrets! • Challenges and Mini-Games withdedicatedleaderboards! • Pets that you can accessorize! • Hero Modewithepic difficulty... and epic rewards! • Beautiful retro-inspiredHDgraphics! • Dozens of achievements! Can you save the kingdomfromthe evil Lich and become a Legendary Hero?
Tap the Monster - Medieval RPG Clicker 1.1.1
Hawk Games!
* A fantasy RPG game of heroes and monsters * Tap the Monster isafascinating endless action medieval RPG clicker that you havebeenwaiting for! Use the best strategy to become a clicker hero.Tap toattack monsters, level up your hero, slay monsters for gold,findtreasure and explore new worlds and dungeons. Tap the Monsteris afantasy idle clicker game with hero simulation mode and RPGstorywith idle and strategy based gameplay in medieval times. Juststartyour medieval tycoon adventure. * Strategy is important *Buildmedieval village to earn gold coins even if you are offline,idlesystem applied. Building gold mine, market, blacksmith, tavernandmore! - gives you profit. Gold mine and explorer's guild giveyouidle profits, invest it to earn more! Different buildings helpgrowyour medieval village so you collect more money, even whenidle.Medieval village tycoon simulation. * Fantasy RPG clickerwithendless gameplay and with best tap tap mechanics * Fightotherplayer in PvP Arena. Complete daily missions, use your tacticsandstrategy to become a hero, earn gold and discover fantasyRPG-basedworld. Battle cursed monsters, explore dark dungeons tofind evenmore treasures. RPG Hero tycoon simulator. ★ Features ★ •ADVANCEthrough thousands of levels to prove your skills • FIGHTwith over150 different monsters! • MANAGE your own medieval villageand getmore cash • UPGRADE your character and items • INVEST moneyandboost your income • OPEN CHESTS to gain powerful equipment!•COMPLETE hundreds of quests, missions and daily quests! •PROGRESSthrough 8 islands by defeating epic bosses and monsters! •PRESTIGEfor battle-hardened players to gain even more power •COMPLETE over300 achievements • VISIT the game everyday to getdaily rewards ★Online Features ★ • FIGHT against other players •BUY and SELLitems on the marketplace • TRADE with other players •CHAT withfriends! ★ No internet connection needed. No wi-fi needed.You canplay offline. The game doesn't end after reaching themaximumlevel, you can do the REBORN (PRESTIGE) which will resetyourcharacter to level 1 and you'll face even stronger andmorerewarding monsters! Download Tap the Monster for free and beginasimple, yet incredibly fun adventure. ★ Join us in ourFacebook,Discord & Reddit communities★
Corin Story - Action RPG 2.02
Action RPG Game - Corin Story!▶ Combo action to enjoy withsimpleway!▶ Stories of heroes.▶ Collect weapons, armor, monsters,andartifacts.New encounters and farewells with heroes ...Thedemonking Chaos and the three demons,And storiesofheroes.■■■■■■■■■■Create new weapons through theblacksmith!Collectand strengthen new weapons!■■■■■■■■■■Individualarmor fills yourlacking power!Collect armor and increaseyourabilities!■■■■■■■■■■Defeat boss monsters andcollectthem.■■■■■■■■■■The artifact's power is powerful.Acquisitionofartifacts has a big influence on the progress of thegame.Growingthrough reinforcement and reincarnation,Start youradventurewithheroes!EnjoyGame!-------------------------------------------------www.yemacomm.comE-mail:[email protected]
Blade & Wings: Future Fantasy 3D Anime MMORPG Game
Blade & Wings is a 3D anime online action role-playing gamethatrated as a promising mobile MMORPG, which brings highqualitygraphics with a captivating story line and features avariety ofchallenging quests. To be distinguished from the crowdedrealisticstyle action RPG games, Blade & Wings brings a brightand freshanime. New Features Upcoming: [Character SystemEscalation] Unlockcharacter's level to Lv. 500 and new Rebirth.[Pet's Awaken System]Strengthen your pets into different forms forstronger assist inbattles. [Ascension of Mounts] Power up yourmounts with ascensioncrystals for ATK and HP bonus. [Forge System]Forge surplusmaterials into valuable items. [Refine Wings for extraattributes][New Heirlooms, Outfits, T9/T10 Gears, Offline Friends'Assist,etc] For too long, players have become accustomed tobattlingagainst just NPCs in traditional games. Blade & Wingsuniquelyimpact this primal setting and reverses the identitybetween NPCand player. In Blade & Wings, you become one of theNPC forceswho break their seal and people surrounding you are theplayers andfurious enemies. Join this epic anime game and show yourenemies nomercy as you fire them out of this chaos then build a newfuturewith order. Game Features of Blade & Wings: [ExploreEndlessAdventures] Traverse through beautiful dungeons and gooninvigorating adventures through an intriguingnovel-basedstoryline. Tackle challenging missions and crusadeagainst whatstands before you. [Stunning 3D Gameplay Visuals]Featuring abreathtaking fantasy 3 dimensional world beloved by fansof animeplayers marvel at this fully-featured, unique MMORPG ontheirmobile device. Blade & Wings breaks the trends oftraditionalmobile games and brings a new gaming experience to itsplayers.[Tame Epic Bosses into Pets] Defeat the various worlddemons anddungeon bosses for a chance to tame these viciousmonsters fromquestland to fight by your side. Continue tostrengthen and powerup your hero by collecting rare equipment andemblem materials inthe fierce daybreak arena. [Intense Real-timePvP War Battles &Cross-Server Events] With heroic contestsaplenty and fantasybattlegrounds galore, players can experienceboth PvP and PvEaction in Blade & Wings. Team up with braveguild-mates, andestablish a frontier of legacy awakening. Challengeevery masterfrom different servers in Arena, Honor Battle, WorldBoss, etc.[Numerous Outfits & Mounts] With a wealth of uniqueoutfits,legendary pets, and mighty mounts to choose from, playershave anearly infinite amount of ways to customize their heroes.[Level UpOffline] Set your hero to train while you are away and youwillreturn to a stronger, more powerful hero to battle with. Ranktothe champions list and enhance power without all the hoursofgrinding! Follow Blade & Wings on Facebook to regularlyreceivefree in-game gifts and rewards. There are also manyinterestingevents and activities waiting for your participation.Like us onFacebook: Official Website: E-mail: [email protected]
Grow Stone Online : 2d pixel RPG, MMORPG game 1.410
★Over 1 Million Downloads! & 1st Anniversary Party★ It'sPartytime! Come and Enjoy this PARTY now ★Scenario Mode! Season2"Destroyed Stone" Open! ★ More Stronger Boss Monster'Gluttony'!Fight now and meet Lakvo! ★★ SURPRISE★★ ★★Play now andtype"SHOWMETHEGOLD", get 1,000,000 Gold for free ★★ ■■■ 2donlineMMORPG game to find the legendary stone! ■■■ Welcome to GrowStoneOnline, adventure to find the legendary stone! Play 2d pixelmmorpggames and Grow stone with multiplayers online! Why stone?Causeit's the first weapon of man in the world!! [How to Play] ○SuperEasy! Just tap and Touch, That's it ○ If you're busy, UseAutoFunction! ○ Get Rewards while you're not in game ○ Jump up andusemining machine! [Best Weapon] ○ Knife? Bomb? Arrow? whataboutstone? ○ Dig and grow stone in mine! do IDLE RPG ○ Imaginewhathappened if you combine them ○ Make a Pheonix, Solar Stonesetc[Enjoy 2d MMORPG] ○ Fight in Dangerous Dungeon games withfriends ○Be Brave! Adventure to Tower of challenge ○ Anyone whofight withme? Let's PVP! ○ Enjoy Castle Battle with your clan ○Run! it's aBattle Field! Co-op! ○ Hunt Monsters in many fields, doRPG! ○Exciting Raid-Boss monster online ○ Challenge! The hardesthellmode of dungeon! ○ Show me your power! Let's fight in Arena ○GetFishing Bait back! Catch Flying Fishes now [More friends, Morefun]○ Join the clan and be the best clan! ○ You're not alone!EnjoyParty Hunting! ○ Exciting Party Quest! Real RPG! ○ Become acouplewith couple system~ xoxo ○ Doing fishing, talking withothers, getitems too ○ Trade at town, mine by vending machine! [Soattractive]○ Meet various Avatar, pet in 2d pixel, retro graphic ○Decorateyour avatar with armor, accessory etc ○ Time killing!addictiveCombination! like a IDLE games! ○ Enjoy rain, snow!weather justlike a real world. [EVENT] ○ Free Dungeon Ticketseveryday! ○Double Gold, Rubies in 'Hot time'! ○ Got tons of giftfrom 'OnTime' Event! ○ Rain will bring you good luck ○ More amazingeventis waiting for you! [Contact us] ○ Please send mail if youhave anyquestion or find any errors or love our game. We'll try toreply assoon as possible even though we are on the adventure.Waiting foryou, Brave Adventurers! See you in 2d pixel mmorpg game,Grow StoneOnline! ○ Community here : ○ CustomerService :[email protected] ○ Terms of Service: ■■■ Thankyou!■■■
Nonstop Knight - Idle RPG 2.9.2
"With Nonstop Knight's fantastic production values and focus onastreamlined action RPG experience, I'm super excited to checkitout." – Playable with one thumb and designedtoinstantly pick up and enjoy – the never-ending quest ofNonstopKnight awaits! Tackle the adventure at your own pace andearnrewards even while taking a break! - Smash enemies, beatbosses,earn gold - it's that simple! - Upgrade your knight andbattlebetter - Discover new abilities to unleash in battle - Climbthedungeon leaderboards - rewards await! - Stress-free gameplay-ideal for playing on the go - No Internet connectionrequiredPLEASE NOTE: Nonstop Knight is completely free to downloadand playbut some game items may be purchased for real money. Todisablethis, turn off the in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.Terms of Service By accessing or using a flaregamesproduct, you'reagreeing to our Terms ofService( Like the Nonstop KnightonFacebook- Follow the Nonstop KnightonTwitter- Guide Nonstop Knight is free todownload and play, howeversome game items can also be purchased forreal money. If you don’twant to use these features, please disablein-app purchases in yourdevice settings. According to our Terms ofService, Nonstop Knightis allowed for download and play only forpersons 16 years or moreof age, or with explicit parental consent.You can read more here:
Portal Knights 1.5.3
505 Games Srl
Craft your adventure. Forge your hero. Become the ultimatePortalKnight! Leave the familiar world behind and step into thefantasticunknown with Portal Knights, a cooperative 3D sandboxaction-RPG!Level up your character and craft powerful gear todefeat yourenemies in real-time tactical combat. Explore dozensofrandomly-generated islands and restore peace to a world tornapartby The Fracture. - RPG character classes including warrior,rangerand mage. - Tactical action combat. - Epic boss battles. -Travelbetween randomly generated 3D sandbox worlds. - Meet thecolorfulinhabitants of the land, complete their quests, and recruitthem toyour home. - Architect your own island! Create AMAZINGstructuresquickly and easily in Creative Mode! - Mine and gatherresourcesfrom across the lands to craft your arsenal and supplies.- Buildyour home with dozens of materials and furnishings. - Playwith upto 4 friends across mobile platforms (on the same Wi-Fi). -JoinPrivate Dedicated Servers hosted by desktop players (up to4people). - Random Events. - Supports dual-stick gamecontrollers.Larger islands available on devices with 2GB or morememory.In-game languages supported: English, French, Italian,German,Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Finnish, Japanese,Korean,Norwegian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, Polish, Turkish,Czech,Thai. Follow us on Twitter @PortalKnights and @505_Games Likeus onFacebook at Visit us on the
Epic Summoners: Battle Hero Warriors - Action RPG
Feelingtouch HK
The alliances of Good and Evil have been forged. The finalbattlebetween epic warriors and action heroes on both sides isabout tostart. Ride the crest of the Idle RPG wave with EpicSummoners!Fight against one, three or even 7 epic summoners andfighters!Prepare your warriors for the definitive seven battles inthisoffline war game! Prepare summoner heroes for the fight.Joinfriends and players from across the globe as you embark on anepicaction journey of enchantment to explore the Magic Ladder andthesecrets contained deep within. Lead your epic action wartroops-battle heroes and epic warriors- into the light and overcomeallbattle challenges that lay before you to emerge victorious inanepic war! The world's destiny is in your tactics destinywarriors!Summoners game you will be able to reunite a troop ofwarriors,battle with your favourite soldier, and get the bestexperience ofthe whole epic journey. If you like battle games, youwill loveEpic Summoners. Choose your favorite warrior hero andstart winningbattles. ENGROSSING WARRIOR ACTION RPG GAMEPLAYSummoner heroescan’t wait to fight auto-battles against the enemyon your behalf!Recruit and gain experience with every powerful wartroops and epiclegendary heroes in the rpg battle of this idlegame! Equipment andsummoner legendary heroes in a warrior troopschallenge is waitingfor you! victorious battlegrounds! Earn awesomeepic combat rewardseven when you’re offline. No need to stress whenlife calls!tactics destiny warriors! ENDLESS TACTICAL AND STRATEGICFUN Wartroops fight tactics and alliances and maneuver with yourlegendarypowerful war hero to secure victory, it's your free actionRPGdestiny! Collect, upgrade and use your equipment wisely to showoffyour strength as leader on an legendary epic adventuregame!Simple, yet effective strategy combat allows to enjoy thismagicRPG at home or on the go! Plan your characters tactics andwartroops maneuver and dominate the battlefield to defeat everywarhero and enemy warriors adventure troops! The war destiny is onthebattlefield! Live the thrills of this epic and magic war!THRILLINGEPIC ACTION BATTLE CHALLENGE TO KEEP YOU ON YOUR TOESSummon andrecruit summoner heroes and epic warriors troops, deploy,defend,fight, collect and upgrade to accomplish your free RPGchallenge!Between the Expedition Airship, Battlefield Arena, MagicLadder andWishing Pond, there’s a huge world to explore in thisidle epic wargame and new creatures to find! Your interest willnever waver withour steady stream of great fighting war! Challengeyour friends,claim victory and defeat players from all over theworld in thisfree action warrior hero action RPG! A HIGH QUALITYVISUAL ANDAUDIO FEAST Exquisite legendary heroes' aesthetics andcreaturesartwork in this free action RPG challenge adventure fulloffighting! Jaw dropping epic combat and maneuver animations inthebattlefield arena and awe inspiring action battlechallengeeffects! THROW DOWN WITH PLAYERS AND FRIENDS Step into ourpowerfulbattle warriors free challenge RPG Arena and compete withskilledplayers from all over the world! Make alliances and recruitnewsummoner heroes and magic legendary warriors troops withdifferentfighting abilities to defeat every evil enemy! Changetactics andepic action maneuver and defeat rivals to see your nameclimb therankings and beat your friends best scores! Win awesomebattlerewards on your way to claiming the ultimate victory wih armyinthis free action hero war idle game! Start now this epiccombataction adventure with best legendary tactics war hero andepicwarriors action in a fantasy adventure with different creaturesandbattlegrounds in a non-stop free RPG! Destiny is to lead yourmagicsummoner legendary heroes guild army and war troops in afreebattle adventure to the death! Contact us:Email:[email protected]:
Tap Wizard: Idle Monster Quest 2.5.1
Iron Horse Games LLC
Tap Wizard: Idle Monster Quest is an epic Incremental Game!Equipyour Wizard to go on Arcane Quests to defeat hordes ofmonsters& dragons! Sit back and watch as the Wizard completeshisquest! Incremental idle clicker features meet classic dragon&monster slaying in Tap Wizard: Idle Monster Quest! Level upyourmage with unique quests. Battle monsters, raid dungeons guardedbydragons and level up in this epic idle RPG! = Tap Wizard:IdleMonster Quest FEATURES = SLAY IDLE DRAGONS - Arcane quests:Endlessmonsters to defeat! - Magic upgrades: power up each Spell!-Dungeon crawl! Tap to Synergize your Spells! - Classic HeroRetroTheme! IDLE MONSTER CLICKER - Tap gameplay meets strategicspellcasting! - Idle advancement: power up, crush monsters, getloot!BATTLE & LEVEL UP - Battle monsters & dragons: Over60enemy types! - Research projects giving all kinds of boosts! -Over100 Spell types to collect! INCREMENTAL ADVANCEMENT -IncrementalProgression means progress while you're idle! - Defeatmonsters& dragons while relaxing! Complete quests, Enchant theMage'sStaff, Beat Monsters, Fill the Bestiary with Dragons, Raid,ForgeNew Spells, Visit Dark Portals, Conquer Dungeons, Open theArcaneTower - and Defeat The Doomstone! Evil Dragons? Check.IdleIncremental Clicker? Check. Boosts, Buffs, Upgrades, RaidsandCrazy Synergies?!? Check! Download Tap Wizard: Idle MonsterQuesttoday and start your epic journey!
Arcane Legends MMO-Action RPG 2.2.2
Spacetime Studios
~NEW~ Player Housing system - get your own little piece ofArlor!~NEW~ Pet Animancy system - combine your pets into asinglepowerhouse! Arcane Legends is the best fantasy action RPGandMMORPG game on mobile, perfect for both tablets andphones!Adventure through dungeons in this MMO and fight bosses,find loot,join guilds and collect pets. Explore a breathtaking 3Dworld withfriends in this massive award-winning game from SpacetimeStudios.Build your character and quest alongside thousands of otherplayersonline and synchronously in real time. Your quests will takeyouand your friends through castles, forests, and dungeons asyoufight dragons, orcs, and other evil forces attempting todestroythe kingdom of Arlor. ***** "10 best games for Smartphones"–Kotaku ***** "A Hack & Slash Home Run" – Forbes ***** "Bestofthe Best" – MMORPG ***** "One of the most impressive gameswe'veseen in a long time" – Pocket Gamer ***** "One of the bestmobileMMORPG experiences you can find" - Touch Gen ***** "Asperfect amobile adventure game as one could ask for" - New GamerNation Epicevents every week means there's always new things to doand newways to play! + Three different classes, dozens of skills,andthousands of items to customize your hero. + Collect andgrowmystical pets that help you on quests. + Loot thousandsoflegendary weapons and items. + Play co-op with other heroes inthePvE campaign + Get competitive in three PvP modes: capturetheflag, deathmatch, and duels!
Timing Hero : Retro Fighting Action RPG 2.3.3
Buff Studio Co.,Ltd.
Enjoy one of the best free rpg with great hero battles andcombats.Select from various heroes, upgrades, weapons and battlewithfearful enemies. This retro rpg features 8-bit graphics andmusicand will completely remind you of the old-school games. You’llloveevery second of it, as it is ultra-fun, easy to play andhighlyenjoyable. Start the game and enjoy a hero battle, but watchoutthere will be some really dangerous enemies. See why we are oneofthe best free rpg games for Android!▣ CAPTIVATINGSTORYLINELongago, there was an archmage with a mystic power. Sheprotected thekingdom with her 12 apostles. One day, after the kingpassed away,they disappeared without a notice, then an endless waragainst themonsters began. The legend says that only a hero withthe artifactsof archmage and apostles can end this war. Peoplewaited, for thechosen one, hoping the legend was true. for a longtime.▣ ONE OFTHE BEST RETRO RPG!You are in the role of the timinghero. He needsyour timely reaction in the hero battles. His skillsdepend on yourperformance. So, win battles and buy appropriateupgrades. Dodgeand attack at the right moment against tons ofamazing heroes andbosses.▣ FREE RPG WITH 3 GAME MODESFor start, werecommend theclassic game modes. Pick your hero and start thebattle. Craft himto be the best. Use the other two game modes:colosseum and raid tofurther have fun with this classic rpg! Seewhy it is one of thebest rpg battle and best free rpg battlegames!▣ OLD-SCHOOL,ULTRA-INTERESTING NOSTALGIC GRAPHICS ANDGAMEPLAYThis free rpg gamefeatures the old-school gaming spiritincluding retro music andsound effects and retro pixelatedgraphics! The gameplay isperfectly crafted and all you need to dois be precise! One ofthose battle games you will have hard timeturning off.▣ TONS OFNEW FEATURES!- 10 new heroes with morepowerful skills.- 16 newboss monsters with legendary powers.- 2 newepic game modes;Colosseum and Raid.▣ COLOSSEUM GAME MODE- Play as aparty of 3heroes.- Battle against other heroes with hero skills.-Switchbetween 3 party members with different skills; build yourownstrategy against powerful enemies.- Win 12 battles and becomeachampion to get honor points and Summoning Cards to unlocknewheroes.▣ RAID GAME MODE- Play as a party of 3 heroes.-Battleagainst legendary boss monsters with 3 different powerfulskills.-Switch between 3 party members with different skills; buildyourown strategy against powerful enemies.- If you are defeated,youcan continue your battle with a different party.- Killinglegendaryboss monsters will grant you medals and powerful scrollsthat canincrease hero's attributes beyond the limits.▣COLOSSEUM/RAIDTIPS!- You can switch your party member whenever youwant!- Buffsand debuffs don't go away after switching, use it toyouradvantage.- Skills such as "Stun" or "Shackle" can be used tostopthe enemy skills.- All the enemy skills can be counteredwithcertain hero skills.- Heroes will need a rest afterattendingColosseum or Raid battles. Unlock and upgrade other heroestocreate more parties to play without waiting.- The difficultywillincrease as you clear. Try it the next day if itbecomesimpossible.▣ RETRO IS COMING BACK! THRILLING CONTROL GAMEWITH FULLOF RPG FEATURES.- No auto-combat- Evade and counterattack-Dodgecombo-attacks from boss- Enjoy full 4 colors graphic and 4ch8bitsound▣ PLAY WITH VARIOUS HEROES AND UNIQUE SKILLS!- 26 heroeswithdifferent abilities and skills- upgrade your stats with bountyasyou want▣ PICK WHAT YOU WANT, COLLECT UNIQUE ARTIFACTS!-24artifacts of giving effect to all heroes- Upgrade artifacts,makeit more powerful- Clear stage 40, 80, 120 to see theuniqueepilogues of each hero.▣ TIP! TAKE THE ADVANTAGES BY 'JUST'EVADE& 'JUST' ATTACK!- Just evade : Evade the exact timing-Justattack : Attack monster that appears in the timing
SimpleMMO - The Lightweight MMO 2.6
Dawsn Interactive Studios
SimpleMMO is a incremental massive multiplayer online roleplayinggame that aims for simplicity. All you need to do is take astepwith a simple click of a button and away you go! Traverse theworldwith strange, funny, serious, and downright ridiculousadventuretexts with every step that you take. Features - - Attackfellowusers in the battle arena and find out who is the best. -Turnedbased attack system - Level up your character in this strangeandfunky world so that you become even more powerful. - Findpowerfulloot on your adventures. - Complete quests and tasks. -Engage withthe community in the side chat. - Every step that youtake is yougetting closer to the top of the leaderboards. -Communicate with avery friendly community. - Join guilds and helpyour fellow guildmembers to the top of the leaderboards. Who isthis game for? - Fanof clicking, text based MMORPG games. - Fans ofincremental games -People who like loot based games - People whowant to play theperfect game while they are on the toilet at work.- People whodon't take life too seriously.. - People. SimpleMMO isa verysimple, and casual MMORPG that has the aim to revive the textbasedgame genre. For too long now, the text based RPG game genrehasslowly been fading away into obsurity while the clunky textbasedgraphical games with too many unnecessary and complicatedvisualshave been rising dramatically. SimpleMMO's aim is to go backto theroots of text based games and provide a seamless, enjoyableandvisually appealing experience the player without providing aclunkyUI and a massive file size. Download now and start youradventure!
Rogue Dungeon RPG 1.5.2
Geometric Applications
Totally optional in-app purchases. Level up and gain over 110uniquepassive skills that interact in powerful ways! Hardcore:permanentdeath. Progression: unlock persistent bonuses and itemswith eachrun of the dungeon. Endless Action RPG. Fight to thedeath, thenrise again stronger than ever. Collect magical andlegendary itemsand relics. Power up your relics after death.Inspired by classic PCaction role-playing games, this roguelikeRPG uses randomlygenerated maps, permanent character death,randomized item drops andmore for unlimited replayability. Regularupdates are ongoing!Instructions: Touch anywhere to move Touch andhold on nearbyenemies to attack Double-tap to use your specialattack Tap onitems, chests, shrines and other things to interactCollect shardsto power up your relics! Collect gemstones toresurrect after death!Advance your character by discoveringpowerful items and relics.Gain levels for yourself and yourrelics. Choose from four ferociousclasses - Warrior, Rogue, Mageand Monk This game collects basicusage data but does not collectany personally identifyinginformation. This game uses thefollowing art: "Ring Set - PreciousMetals" by Clint Bellangerlicensed as CC3.0(
Almost a Hero - Idle RPG Clicker 3.0.3
Bee Square Games
Almost A Hero is an idle RPG clicker game where 15 of themostuseless idiots embark on a quest to be slightly lessuselessidiots. They say never give a loser an even chance. Wesaydifferent. A bunch of deeply unique and deeply flawedindividualshave been chosen for greatness. Heroic, noble,enlightened... Just3 of the many words they can’t spell. They willset off on an epicjourney that will turn them from zeroes to almostheroes. Or deadpeople. More likely the latter. Join these zeroes ona quest tobecome heroes in an ancient land. Train them to learnbattleskills, magical powers and which end of a sword is thebusinessend. In Almost a Hero you’ll find quests, secrets to unlockandthere's lots of clicking to do. Yup, it’s a clicker game. Haveyounearly got what it takes to become almost a hero? ◆AWARDS◆BestMobile Game > reddit's Incremental Games community (2017)PublicChoice Award > Gamelab (2017) ◆JOIN THE COMMUNITY!◆Discord > Reddit> Facebook> Twitter> Instagram> ◆SUPPORT◆ Contact usatsupport @ for help with: > payment issues >bugreports > tips on how to upgrade your heroes > or justtoshare your love for idle games with us
Timing Hero VIP : Retro Fighting Action RPG 1.0.4
Buff Studio Co.,Ltd.
Enjoy one of the best rpg with great hero battles andcombats.Select from various heroes, upgrades, weapons and battlewithfearful enemies. This retro rpg features 8-bit graphics andmusicand will completely remind you of the old-school games. You’llloveevery second of it, as it is ultra-fun, easy to play andhighlyenjoyable. Start the game and enjoy a hero battle, but watchoutthere will be some really dangerous enemies. See why we are oneofthe best free rpg games for Android!▣ CAPTIVATINGSTORYLINELongago, there was an archmage with a mystic power. Sheprotected thekingdom with her 12 apostles. One day, after the kingpassed away,they disappeared without a notice, then an endless waragainst themonsters began. The legend says that only a hero withthe artifactsof archmage and apostles can end this war. Peoplewaited, for thechosen one, hoping the legend was true. for a longtime.▣ ONE OFTHE BEST RETRO RPG!You are in the role of the timinghero. He needsyour timely reaction in the hero battles. His skillsdepend on yourperformance. So, win battles and buy appropriateupgrades. Dodgeand attack at the right moment against tons ofamazing heroes andbosses.▣ FREE RPG WITH 3 GAME MODESFor start, werecommend theclassic game modes. Pick your hero and start thebattle. Craft himto be the best. Use the other two game modes:colosseum and raid tofurther have fun with this classic rpg! Seewhy it is one of thebest rpg battle and best free rpg battlegames!▣ OLD-SCHOOL,ULTRA-INTERESTING NOSTALGIC GRAPHICS ANDGAMEPLAYThis free rpg gamefeatures the old-school gaming spiritincluding retro music andsound effects and retro pixelatedgraphics! The gameplay isperfectly crafted and all you need to dois be precise! One ofthose battle games you will have hard timeturning off.▣ TONS OFNEW FEATURES!- 10 new heroes with morepowerful skills.- 16 newboss monsters with legendary powers.- 2 newepic game modes;Colosseum and Raid.▣ COLOSSEUM GAME MODE- Play as aparty of 3heroes.- Battle against other heroes with hero skills.-Switchbetween 3 party members with different skills; build yourownstrategy against powerful enemies.- Win 12 battles and becomeachampion to get honor points and Summoning Cards to unlocknewheroes.▣ RAID GAME MODE- Play as a party of 3 heroes.-Battleagainst legendary boss monsters with 3 different powerfulskills.-Switch between 3 party members with different skills; buildyourown strategy against powerful enemies.- If you are defeated,youcan continue your battle with a different party.- Killinglegendaryboss monsters will grant you medals and powerful scrollsthat canincrease hero's attributes beyond the limits.▣COLOSSEUM/RAIDTIPS!- You can switch your party member whenever youwant!- Buffsand debuffs don't go away after switching, use it toyouradvantage.- Skills such as "Stun" or "Shackle" can be used tostopthe enemy skills.- All the enemy skills can be counteredwithcertain hero skills.- Heroes will need a rest afterattendingColosseum or Raid battles. Unlock and upgrade other heroestocreate more parties to play without waiting.- The difficultywillincrease as you clear. Try it the next day if itbecomesimpossible.▣ RETRO IS COMING BACK! THRILLING CONTROL GAMEWITH FULLOF RPG FEATURES.- No auto-combat- Evade and counterattack-Dodgecombo-attacks from boss- Enjoy full 4 colors graphic and 4ch8bitsound▣ PLAY WITH VARIOUS HEROES AND UNIQUE SKILLS!- 26 heroeswithdifferent abilities and skills- upgrade your stats with bountyasyou want▣ PICK WHAT YOU WANT, COLLECT UNIQUE ARTIFACTS!-24artifacts of giving effect to all heroes- Upgrade artifacts,makeit more powerful- Clear stage 40, 80, 120 to see theuniqueepilogues of each hero.▣ TIP! TAKE THE ADVANTAGES BY 'JUST'EVADE& 'JUST' ATTACK!- Just evade : Evade the exact timing-Justattack : Attack monster that appears in the timing
Questland: Fantasy RPG Adventure & Heroes Arena 1.11.3
Gamesture sp. z o.o.
Dive into a beautiful turn-based RPG world of might andmagic.Collect powerful armor, compete in guilds, win the major warandbecome a true hero! The darkness rises and it needs to bestopped!More than 3 000 000 players, 55 000+ 5-star reviews - youwon't beable to stop playing this most addictive game of 2019! Joinagrowing community of powerful fantasy heroes and battle your waytothe top of the ranking. You and your friends will love it-everyone can become a champion! A real treat for good old styleRPGlovers! 🎮 First-person perspective with dynamic dungeoncrawlerbattles 🎮 Satisfying turn-based combat 🎮 An epic fantasystory withgreat characters and funny narrative 🎮 Complex yetenjoyablecharacter creation Create a legendary character fromscratch! 🧙Thousands of looks to choose from 🧙 Intuitive heroupgrade systemto make your character evolve 🧙 Hundreds of powerfulpieces of gearto collect 🧙 Make your character invincible byreaching the highestlevel of progress Never stop fighting! Join thearena of heroes! ⚔️Duel other players online during PvP trial onthe Arena ⚔️ Battlehundreds of vile monsters during the campaign ⚔️Compete with otherGuilds during Battle Events ⚔️ Unite with yourfriends to challengepowerful Bosses Loot, craft, collect and makeyour mates jealous!🛡️ Collect and upgrade your gear: from common tolegendary 🛡️ Forgefantasy armors, unusual gauntlets, magic swordsand much more 🛡️Craft magical tokens, chest keys, new gear andevent items 🛡️Combine gear to get bonuses and use their power toyour advantageIt's never boring! Get addicted to dynamic gameplay!🏆 New,exciting battle events every week 🏆 Hundreds of things todo,endless arena quests will keep you busy 🏆 Explore dungeonsandlocations to experience an amazing adventure 🏆 Discover theCity,visit shops, embark on voyages and many, many more Unite withyourfriends and dominate the rankings! 🏕️ Join a guild to chatandfight bosses together 🏕️ Donate and tribute to increase guildandfame level 🏕️ Send and get gifts from your guildmates 🏕️ Fightinepic guild wars and get rewards for guild ranking Who will bethemost victorious hero of Valia? Embark on an legendary questtofight and defeat the ultimate boss - the Shadow. Become alegendaryhero! One of the best & most trending classic RPGgames of 2019and great time killer - always leaves you satisfiedwith yourprogress… yet somehow wanting more! 👇🏼 Stay up to date! 👇🏼Get toknow Questland: OfficialInstagram: QuestlandBlog: Download Questland top global RPGgameand start your fantasy adventure now! Please note thatalthoughQuestland is free to play, our users are able to purchasegameitems with real money. If you don’t want to use thisfeature,please disable in-app purchases.
xStreamer - Livestream Simulator Clicker Game 1.0.7
Tapps Games
Don’t just watch livestream channels: create your own! Jointhestreaming game, create funny, viral and exciting videos andgathera massive fandom of loyal followers! Then make even dopergamestreams, rack up more views and start scoring some seriousmoney!Who said you couldn't become a tycoon playing games allday?HIGHLIGHTS 🎮STREAM viral live game videos with classic idleclickergameplay in your own channel and gather a massive onlinefandom!Make your subscribers twitch with adrenaline as they watchyourgaming prowess in action! 🎮GET more and more views and paycloseattention to your followers’ chats to give them exactly whattheywant and start making BIG money! Just be careful not to sowdiscordamong your fans! 🎮UPGRADE your setup to make better streamsandsend your subs number through the roof! 🎮CHOOSE among fourgamegenres to stream: MOBA, FPS, RPG and Survival! Measure eachone’sapproval rate among your subscribers to maximize your impactandviews! 🎮COMPLETE every Stream Goal and become the mostfamouslivestreamer on! Put all your years of gaming togood useand show the world how good you are in many kinds ofgames(clickers included)! Once you start your streaming channel,there’sno going back: your fans will always be twitching for yournextbroadcast, and they won’t settle for ResidentSleeper worthyvideos!You’ll have to deliver, lest discord fall upon your fandom!Use allthe money you earn to set yourself up with someSwiftChamp-levelgear, listen to your subscribers and you’ll quicklyrise throughthe viral livestreamer ranks and OWN like atrue idleclicker gaming tycoon! Draw your controllers and startstreamingnow!
Tiny Gladiators - Fighting Tournament 2.2.6
BoomBit Games
Tiny Gladiators is an action-packed RPG Fighting Game,combiningvirtual worlds, animated characters and high adrenalinefighting!Join the excitement of real-time PvP games, thegladiator-game funand knock out your opponents! Begin your fightinggame journey asyou battle for glory, fight against powerful enemiesand discovernew virtual worlds. Watch out! Your opponents willbecome larger atthe end of every stage in this unique action RPGgame. Crush yourenemies in this dynamic skill based fighting gameusing unique setsof armor and weapons. Pick from 4 differentvirtual characterclasses in this one of a kind PvP online game.Upgrade Your VirtualCharacter Learn powerful new combat skills butalso gear up toprotect yourself in this fantasy RPG game. Whilemost RPG games arelimited in animated character options, TinyGladiators features awide variety of outfits, skills and manyunique pieces of weaponsand armor including medieval weapons. Theseand more can be usedfor protection or to launch attacks on yourenemies! Single PlayerStory or Multiplayer Game Options! Shift intoyour street fightermode and start Tiny Gladiators’ fighting game!You will go on funand exciting single player challenges. Once youcomplete the singleplayer mode you can battle friends or otherplayers around you.Bring your best items, prepare your deadliestabilities and rise inthe global ranks of Tiny Gladiators’ topfighters in this highadrenaline multiplayer RPG! Step into theSurvival Tower if youdare and Battle for Glory!! In the virtualworld of the tower, youwill find the greatest dangers in the game.Strap on your survivalgear and try to make it long enough in thetower by defeatingmultiple enemies in a row! Each player gets onefree pass to theSurvival Tower, after that you will need to useyour in-gameearnings – Take high-risks and earn high rewards inthis one of akind combination between RPG games and fighting games!★★★Available in 24 different languages ★★★ Make sure to check outmorefun games by BoomBit In BoomBit, we make simple onetouchMultiplayer Arcade games that are impossible to put down. Theyaresuper fun, very hard but mega addictive games.
Crush Them All 1.5.556
Godzilab Inc
March your way through the evil lands, crush the gigantic bossesandfree the princess in the epic IDLE role-playing game, CrushThemAll. Tap with one finger, collect and upgrade hundreds ofheroes,find powerful artifacts and progress in this never-endingjourneyeven while taking a break! GAME FEATURES: ★ IDLE GAME :Setup yourheroes and let them fight while you’re away. When youreturn to yourphone, they will be stronger and will have collectedtons of loot. ★COLLECT and UPGRADE heroes to crush strongerenemies along yourjourney ★ EXPLORE 1000+ stages ★ GUILD RAIDBATTLES : Joinmultiplayer guild boss-battles and lead your guildto supremacy! ★CRAFT 50+ powerful artifacts to give your heroesmore powers PLEASENOTE! Crush Them All is free to download andplay, however, somegame items can also be purchased for realmoney. If you don't wantto use this feature, please disable in-apppurchases in yourdevice's settings. Also, under our Terms ofService and PrivacyPolicy, you must be at least 13 years of age toplay or downloadCrush Them All. A network connection is alsorequired.
Heroes Alliance: Action Platform Offline Game
HsGame Fans
Welcome to this "Heroes Alliance: Action Platform OfflineGame"perfectly shown in this game! Exciting new platformer thatcombinesthe action-RPG genre with adventure gameplay. Featurescharactercustomization and Upgradable of weapons to wield;fromsticks toswords.Different theme introduces the player tonewobstacles,enemies and secret areas to explore.SearchBonuslevels,strive in Survival mode,battle it out in challengingBossfights. Are you ready for this? "Heroes Alliance: ActionPlatformOffline Game"With a cracking funny story, Each map ofdragon wordwith different theme help you have wonderfulexperience,awesomeupgradeable fighting skills and an epic arsenalof weapons thatwill make even the most heroic of heroesenvious,dragon Z Fightersarcade fight fest has enough enemies andboss fights to satisfyevery hardcore gamer.Customise your owncharacter,or play as DragonWarrior Koku,super girl Buma or Olong,and fight with lots ofweapons,swords, items,gear and loot. Helpthey on his adventure tostand against darkness and bring back thepeace and serenity thatonce was. The Combo: -The special attack byeach hero. -More ComboSkills. -Basic combo, air combo, varieties ofcombo. -Level-upsystem like RPG games. The enemies: -Various Bossstage with theenough enemies. -Smart play with optimized system forfighting.-Many attacking skills like a fighting action game. ThePuzzles:-Stage consisting of numerous map tiles. -Snow theme, Darkcitytheme,Desert Gobi theme,and the forest theme…. The GameFeatures: -Intense Survival Challenges and bonuses missions to testyourlimits! - Try to get high score with different tacticsandstrategies. - Upgradable Devastating Weaponry and abilitiesthatwill help you rescue the world ! - Story Modes,Endless SurvivalandBattle Mode.Choose your mode of challenge! -SecretAreas,unlockable difficult theme and Daily events ! - ClassicRetrostyle controls in the palm of your hands, crazy andchallengingadventurous levels! Download the"Heroes Alliance: ActionPlatformOffline Game"This fast paced addictive adventure ,one ofthe bestaction games worth playing in 2018 and guarantees you manylonghours of fun!
Guild of Heroes - fantasy RPG 1.74.3
Heed the call of the magicians guild - conjurers, witches,archersand templars are needed! Monsters and dragons roam therealm, andyour friends have already picked up the gauntlet, bow andarrow aswell as sorcerer hats to raid dungeons, gain fame, andfightwarlocks in the arena against other guilds! Guild ofHeroesdelivers everything the classic fantasy has to offer, withdeviousdwarves and ancient elves, nasty orc shamans and trollsorcery,epic action and dark caves, quests and raids as befitsanatmospheric medieval style RPG in the lineage of tabletopgames.However, the epic journey through the huge, colorful gameworld isnot only fairy tales of mystic dungeons and dragons, butalsobattle against mages in the arena, controlled by other players!Ina nutshell: ★ Action-packed fantasy RPG in impressive gamegraphics★ Equip character classes such as mage, hunter andwarrior,interchangeable at any time ★ PVP against other teams inarenaguild wars ★ Craft medieval weapons and armor with hundredsofcombinations ★ Thousands of different monsters fromdiabolicexorcists to ... oh, discover for yourself! Now, enough oftheheroic ballads; grab your wand, sword and shield, and intoexcitingfree fantasy RPG! Oh, do not forget: Follow the Guild ofHeroesCommunity on Facebook - Events, Fan Art, Guild Friends andContestsare waiting to be explored!
Occidental Heroes 1.0.0
Broadly roguelike retro role playing game with exploration,turnbased combat and permadeath set in a low fantasy world. Just soyouknow, for technical reasons the game is in English only,andtranslations are unlikely in the foreseeable future.
Mage Gauntlet
Mage Gauntlet is a classic-styleaction-RPG,designed from the ground up for mobile. It's inspiredprimarily by90's action RPGs for the Super Nintendo, such as Legendof Zelda:LTTP and Secret of Mana. We wanted to make a fast-pacedRPG thatdoesn't waste your time with fetch quests.Fight and explore your way through a humorous storylineabouteccentric wizards, powerful artifacts, and dangerous monsters.Finditems to customize your character's strengths and weaknesses.Enjoysmooth, responsive controls and fast, satisfying combat. Whenyoubeat the game, unlock a remixed Master Mode with overwhelmingenemynumbers and new secrets to uncover.MAGE FACTS- 84 levels (half normal, half in Master Mode)- 86 achievements- 110 hats (important)- Variety of loot that adapt your character todifferenttactics- 19 pets that follow you around and give different bonuses- Quick leveling and stat system lets you customizecharacterfurther- Dash and Charge moves let you slip through enemyspellattacks*********More updates planned! Follow us on Twitter @rocketcatgames tosendus suggestions!
Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Premium 1.2.4
HeroCraft Ltd.
The Jolly Roger is waving over your ship, Captain! An adventureRPGthat won the hearts of over 50.000 players is now on yourmobile!Become a daring pirate, prowl the seas on a battleship armedto theteeth, trade, and assemble your crew from the bestcutthroats,defeating other pirates and legendary monsters such asthe Kraken,the Leviathan, and others still unknown to science innavalwarfare! You will need a massive arsenal: cannons, mortars,flamethrowers, and a lot of other various rigging. But you willonlyearn the most devastating sea artifacts for completingdifficultand interesting multilevel quests. May the enemy trembleat thevery sight of your flag rising over the horizon, recklessCaptain!OPEN WORLD Endless travels over the boundless seas, fullofadventures and mysteries. FASCINATING STORY Over a hundredquestson dozens of islands in three regions. PLAY WITH FRIENDSShare thehuge world of Tempest with two friends: fight a war witheachother, or become companions. NAUTICAL WONDER Buy ships,upgradeships, and decorate ships. PIRACY WITH A BIT OF TRADE Tobuycheaper and to sell dearer is not a pirate's path. Robgalleons,sink warships, and destroy forts! SEA MONSTERS The Krakenhasbrought its sea friends! NOT ONLY CANNONS Use mystic crystalstodeflect enemy cannonballs, bring meteors down on enemies, orsummona giant octopus. ASSEMBLE A CREW OF CUTTHROATS Upgrade yourpiratesfrom green hands to salted seawolves._____________________________________ WATCH US:
Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack 1.1.65
Upopa Games
A giant terrible monster came outta nowhere and captured allthepoor hopeless blobs! Well... Almost hopeless. Because now theyhaveYOU! You are The Chosen Blob, and now it's time to fulfillyourdestiny! Summon blob heroes from all over the blobiverse, andbringback home the missing blobs Battle monsters → Collect gold→Recruit heroes → Defeat evil! FEATURES: ★ TRAVEL back in timeandsave the Blobiverse! The best time travel story a clicker everhad.Come back 5 minutes ago to hear it again! ★ RPG style idleclickeradventure! Your Trustworthy heroes will fight for you whenyou'regone! ★ The most visual clicker you’ve ever played! Over 30blobsattack simultaneously. Who’s idle now??? ★ UNLOCK yourtruepotential in the secret temple of the third eye Discover newskillsand push them to the max to become the most powerful blobeverborn! ★ COMPETE in the arena! Tap into action against otherplayersin the arena and win free loot! ★ UPGRADE yourself, UPGRADEyourheroes UPGRADE EVERYTHINGGG deliver the strongest attackpossible!★ CHOOSE your own battle strategy! Melee, Range, Spell,Tap , Gold?Plan the perfect attack based upon your own hero gear!It's nevertoo late to become ahero!------------------------------------------------ Be a hero.Watch atrailer: HopelessHeroes: TapAttack is an idle clicker game made by UpopaEntertainment. FOLLOWUS: Youtube:
Forge of Glory: Match3 MMORPG & Action Puzzle Game 1.6.9
Forge of Glory is a new exciting 3D multiplayer RPG where youhaveto battle against real players worldwide to be the mostpowerfulfantasy lord. Use soul stones to summon warriors, rogues,mages,and archers with special roles and unique skills!Open chestsandcollect cards of different rarity! Choose your own strategytoconquer other castles and seize their treasures! Build yourtownand turn it into an invincible fortress! Summon strong guardsanduse their abilities to protect your resources during PVPsieges!Explore mysterious dungeons and fight dozens of differentmonsters:pass through skeletons, try to avoid butchers’ axes, dodgehellknights’ fire and defeat trolls! Open new regions, upgradeyourheroes and rush dangerous bosses for rewards. Enjoy theexcellentart and dive into the amazing fantasy world of war andmagic! Startyour enthralling adventure and prove your bravery in agreat numberof fights! NO ADS! FEATURES: · Enjoy awesome 3Dgraphics in the newaddicting Role-playing game! · Upgrade heroesand charge yourenemies! · Collect cards with unique abilities andcombine them tomake your strategy unbeaten! · Compete for highscores with otherplayers in real-time ladder leagues! · Battleother players in PVPmode and loot their treasures! · Rush in epicdungeons and defeatterrible bosses! · Fight with a great number ofmonsters and defeatthem all! · Develop your tower to explore newrealms! · Summonpowerful guards with soul stones! · Produceresources and developtheir mining! · Upgrade your fort withexcellent city buildermechanics! · Run through endless beautifullocations! · Become thebest in the world of war and magic! PleaseNOTE! Forge of Glory isa free-to-play game, but there are some gameitems that can also bepurchased for real money. If you want toprevent using thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in yourphone or tablet’ssettings. Also, under our Terms of Service andPrivacy Policy, youmust be at least 13 years of age to play ordownload Forge ofGlory.
Space Pioneer: Multiplayer PvP Shooter Blast 1.8.1
Vivid Games S.A.
The “Very Old Friends” update is here, and it comes with anewclasses system. You can now play as the all-rounder Pioneer,themassive defense-focused Heavy, or Light the speedster. Whatarethese classes for? Well they give you differentplaystyles,particularly in multiplayer modes. In deathmatch you cantakeadvantage of their unique stats and weapon preferences tooutplayyour opponents. On top of that in coop, each class has a setofupgradable passive bonuses which affect all players inyourcrew.Make everyone faster, more resistant, etc... Space,theendless frontier... Explore the galaxy as an intergalacticalienshooter in the newest action war game. Discover new planets,chartinterstellar worlds and exterminate any invaders that stand inyourway with the latest power weapons and gear in this newtop-downshooter and action RPG by Vivid Games. "Definitely one ofourfavorite releases of the year" - 5/5, TouchArcade game of theweek"Space Pioneer is just an awful lot of fun" - 8/10,PocketGamerSilver Award DISCOVER NEW GALAXIES & EXPLOREINCREDIBLE WORLDSWhen space exploration and battle strategy gamesmeet. Explore andconquer strange new worlds on a space adventurewith your trustyrobot friend and fight against invaders. You haveto stop the alieninvasion! Build your own world as you make yourway across newplanets from the icy tundra to red Mars or lush greenjunglesbrimming with intergalactic flora and fauna on an amazingspaceodyssey. Defeat enemies at every turn in this thrillingalienshooting war game and get unlimited power! ACTION-PACKEDGAMEPLAYTo make it through hordes of aliens and invaders, you’llneed to bea skilled, versatile hunter. Fast top-down shootingaction willtest your combat reflexes and tactics to the max. Inthis actionwar game, you will never let your guard down! INFINITEGALAXY Theendless universe has countless hostile galaxies toconquer.Combined with a dynamic objectives system, the gameplay istrulyinfinite in Space Pioneer – the perfect space odyssey! UPGRADEYOURWEAPONS AND SKILLS Get even more firepower for your machinegun,shotgun and flamethrower in this action shooting game! Earnloot toupgrade the weapons and gear including gun turrets,rifles,blasters and mines. Unlock dozens of combat skills to giveyou thefighting edge. ANNIHILATE GIANT BOSSES From aggressiverobots andgiant mechs to venomous hornets, face-off against massivebosses,each with unique offensive and defensive capabilitiesincludingreinforced shields and powerful beam blasts. Alien shooteractiongames have never been this exciting! DYNAMIC OBJECTIVESSYSTEMRecover stolen disks, defend probes, repair crashed craftandcomplete missions to earn loot and unlock awesome gear andskills.Every time you play missions have new objectives, enemiesandendless additional challenges. STOP THE HORDE Battle it outagainstincreasingly tough waves of ferocious aliens and invaders inhordemodes to obtain tasty loot and experience in threedifficultylevels: normal, hard and hell. There is no easy mode inSpacePioneer. It’s endless fun! BUILD YOUR OWN SPACE BASE Customizeandupgrade your base to increase your resource production and powerupyour equipment. Follow our social media for updates andtips:➡️➡️Discord➡️➡️Got a question? Contact usat [email protected] Bydownloading the game you accept our EndUser License Agreement,Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy:
Ys Chronicles 1 1.0.7
REVIEWS “it works surprisingly well on touchscreens” -PocketGamer“The developers at DotEmu are masters of the classicgameport, and it looks like they're pulling out all the stops forthisrelease.[…] Here's hoping that DotEmu brings more entries intheseries to Android in the future.” - Android Police“As youwouldexpect from DotEmu, this port is basically perfect from atechnicalstandpoint. […]The actual gameplay is generally intact,however,and that means Ys Chronicles 1 is a must-have for anymobile RPGfan. It's a sheer joy to play, full of a kind of upbeatexcitementthat doesn't come around all that often. ” - Touch Arcade* * * Ysis an action-packed, heroic fantasy JRPG game that immersesyou ina beautiful Japanese artistic universe. Originally releasedon PCand PSP in the 2000s, this remake of the famous franchise’sfirstepisode, titled " Ancient Ys Vanished: Omen", returns in amobileversion especially adapted for touch gameplay.In Ys, you playasAdol Christin, an adventurous young swordsman. Early in thestory,you find yourself on a mysterious beach in Esteria, a kingdomwhosecities are besieged by hordes of demoniac creatures.Esteria’speople are depending on you to defeat the demons and freethekingdom. To accomplish your goal, you must find six sacredbookscontaining the history of the ancient land of Ys; books whichwillalso provide you with the knowledge to restore peace.Throughoutthe game, you’ll gain experience and strength bydiscoveringenchanted weapons and artifacts. Become a mighty knightand destroyyour enemies!Ys possesses a rich and poetic atmospherewithbeautiful artistic direction, an incredible soundtrack and adeepstory. Ys also stands out thanks to its unique fight mode: youmustpounce on enemies to attack them ("BUMP" system). Perfectlyadaptedto touch devices, this one-touch combat system makes thegame evenmore exciting and enjoyable. Discover or rediscover thegodfatherof Japanese action-RPG sagas with this mobile version youcan playanywhere! - Virtual pad- Controller support -Achievements-Languages : English, Japanese, French, Korean,Russian, Italian,German, Portuguese- Helpful hints to assist yourprogress- Severalsoundtracks choices, including "Chronicles","Original", "PC-88"-Android TV-compatible- 2 game modes: Adventure,Time Attack- 2graphic mode (adventure mode only): Chronicles,Original- HDmenusAs featured in SHIELD Hub. Play it on your TV oron NVIDIASHIELD! * * * Ys Chronicles II is now available!
XTeam - SF Clicker RPG 2.1.8
The Alien group has invaded with the ambition to conquer theEarth!All around the world kneeled down before them, yet we have XTeam!Lead X team and come out into the field to save theworld.-Features- ■ Play by tapping or holding the screen. ■ Grow upwith10 strong heroes who have various weapons ■ Go arounddestroyedmain cities in the world and exterminate the Alien ■Summonantiquities having mighty ability ■ Return to force and startwarmore powerfully These Permission below are necessary to handlegameexpansion file in your device ■ READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE■WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE These permission below are necessaryforgame play ■ GET_ACCOUNTS
Holyday City Tycoon: Idle Resource Management 5.4
Iron Horse Games LLC
Build a city and become a business tycoon, all with just fewclicksand patience! In Holyday City, you’re in charge ofresourcemanagement, business management, and the growth of yourtown into asprawling metropolis. As an idle game, your city willlevel up andexpand as the game plays in the background. Clickergame mechanicslet you build and manage your businesses with asimple tap, so cityexpansion is a matter of time and management.HOLYDAY CITYFEATURES: YOU’RE THE TYCOON • Use resource managementto quicklybuild wealth and businesses • Simulation game that putsyou incharge of growing businesses • Investment game mechanicswhere yourbusiness decisions boost your city’s growth TOWN BUILDER• A builda city game that puts you in charge of businesses of alltypes •Restaurant management for a steady flow of income • Shoppingstoremanagement to bring in small profits quickly • Upgradebuildings tocreate a booming town IDLE CLICKER MECHANICS • Tap gamegameplaylets you build and win with just a few taps • Idlegameplaycontinues your town’s growth even while you’re busy •Timemanagement game mechanics let you grow your town quickly orovertime • Incremental game advancements bring you from a smalltown tomassive metropolis one step at a time City builderexcitement is atyour fingertips! Download Holyday City Tycoon andcreate youramazing town now! No internet connection needed
Monster Trips Chaos 2.2.0
SharpenPlay Entertainment
★★★Genuine Offline Pocket Monster Game★★★ ★★★An indie game,offlinemap, lots of monsters.★★★ Very interesting adventure games,levelpuzzles, monster battles, skill strategies, etc. Take yourmonsterballs to catch the monster on your adventures. Challengeandcollect Mythical monsters, defeat all the Gym Leaders andbecomeworld champions. These are our dreams. Let us grow with themonsteruntil it reaches super evolution. Welcome to downloadexperience!------------------Details------------- Monster Trips isa RPG gamewith elements of strategy and monster trainer. To becomethe bestmonster trainer in Monster Trips, players have to travelall overthe world, capture tons of powerful monsters and enjoythiswonderful journey.Explore the world to capture and trainyourultimate monster brigade. FEATURES Monster Type SystemMonsterTrips is based on monster battles. Monsters have differenttypesthat have both strengths and weaknesses. To train differentmonsteraccording to interests and strategies is the essence of thisgame.【Various Skill Combinations】 Skill is the key to each battle.Eachmonster learns different skills as it grows and variousskillcombinations make the game very interesting. 【Send MonsterToFriend】 Send and receive monsters between friends.【UniqueMechanism】 Mechanism System: Unlock the mechanism tochallenge GymLeaders. 【Original Scenes】 Players can enjoy thebattle, roadsideflowers and beautiful sky while traveling throughthe world.【Interetsing Puzzles】 Game Hall System: Play puzzles andexchangerewards with coupons. 【 Various Elements】 Other Features:Big WorldMap System: Town, cave, lake…… The best views you haveever seen.Quest System: Get to know everyone and their stories.Finish theirquests to get rewards. Achievement System: The more youachieved,the better trainer you are.
Sonny 2.1
Armor Games
Rising from the dead with his mind intact but memoriesmissing,Sonny embarks on a massive adventure to uncover the truthand savethe world in this challenging turn-based post-apocalypticRPG.Sonny is a combat-focused RPG crafted for planning andstrategy.While it starts simple, the gameplay quickly gains depthandcomplexity as Sonny and his team learn new skills andgameplaymechanics. Evolve Sonny with Strains like Shadow or Fire togainnew abilities, and join forces with heroes as you battle acrossthewasteland. Play for free with no timers or in-apppurchases!Featuring stunning artwork by Jet Kimchrea and anengrossingoriginal score by David Orr.
Inflation RPG 1.6.6
You can increase your levels to over 100LV from just 1 battle!Anexciting game of steady progression. Go for the highestlevelswithin a limited number of battles! - Game description A gamewherethe goal is to raise your levels within a limited numberofbattles. - Field A vast field! On the field there areappropriatelevels and bonuses helpful for getting through battles.Try toprogress through the game efficiently! - Status When yourlevelsrise, divide your status up among characters and efficientlydefeatthe enemies! - Battle Ultra exhilarating high speed battle!Aplayer can unleash multiple attacks and critical hits accordingtohis status. - An abundance of equipment items Level upefficientlywith a variety of ultra powerful equipment!
Secret of Mana 3.1.013
Initially released in Japan in 1993, Secret of Mana took theworldby storm with its innovative real-time battle system andgorgeouslyrendered world. It continues to stand out among otheraction RPGsfor its seamless gameplay that anyone from beginner toveteran canenjoy.One of the most memorable elements of the Manaseries is theRing Command menu system. With the single press of abutton, aring-shaped menu appears on the screen, where players canuseitems, change weapons, and do a variety of other actionswithoutneeding to switch screens. This Ring Command menu system forwhichthe Mana series is so well known was first introduced inSecret ofMana and has since appeared in most games in theseries.Play asRandi and his two companions, Primm and Popoi, asthey adventureall around the world. At the center of our epic storyis themystical power of Mana. Battle the empire in its quest forcontrolof Mana. Befriend the eight elementals who wield the forcesofnature itself. Numerous encounters await at every turn.Thisgamesupports peripheral controllers.
소드크러시 3.2
판타지 3D 액션 RPG3D fantasy action RPG
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure - Online RPG 3.7.4022
Battle Arena: Heroes Adventure is an incredible mix of best RPGsandMOBAs with action games elements. Show off your battle talentandtactical thinking, build an invincible team of heroes, defeatotherplayers in realtime PvP battles on arenas, and destroy hordesofenemies in exciting missions. Join the fantasy world ofroleplayingand battling. Cooperate with other masters and contestin real timeplayer vs player war of guilds. Download the game forfree and getready for an RPG adventure! Realtime PvP battles! BAHAwill let youchallenge mobile game players from all over the world.Crush yourenemies in the online hero battle arena and become thebest of thebest. Control your team in multiplayer PvP battles andmake yourunique strategy even in defence. It isn't enough to havepowerfulheroes to win this war - you also have to make the rightdecisionsat the right moments. Build your own team! Choose fromover 50heroes: a merciless undead leader, a furious gnome berserk,thekeeper of an elven forest, a menacing robot shooter from thefuture,and many more, they will remind you about your favouritecharactersfrom movies, books and games. Combine heroes and build abalancedteam. The improvement of your in game team equipment andtrainingskill is the key to be a winner on online arena in thatnew roleplaygame. Improve the quality of your gear or find anotherrandom one inchests invite a friend and win a battle to completeepic quests.Upgrade your magic warriors by winning legendary dailycontest ofchampions or take part in defending your guild of heroesagainstepic boss. Find your own unique combination of heroesevolved to bea winner in every multiplayer battle. Battle monstersor shop heroesto improve your power rating. Excellent graphics!Over 60 amazinglocations neverseen in other games. Your journeywill take youthrough virgin elven forests, scorching orcish landsthat werepartly destroyed by guild wars, the mysterious city ofAtlantis, andthe cold cliffs of the gnomes. BAHA will guide youthrough theheroes adventure. Lots of heroes with gorgeouslyrendered abilitiesfrom a wide variety of universes that is so rarefor MOBA roleplaying games. Heroes have all sorts of attacks soyou can fightyour enemies any way you want. There's something foreveryone:snowstorms, fireballs, poisoned arrows or missiles,blasters, andflashbangs! And it’s not only a game for boys becauseof pumpingheroes and fantasy tactics, a lot of cute heroes arewaiting too,anyone would like to set up a good team, level it upand chargeheroes to battle! Play the game with your friends forfree! Anywherenot only with wi fi connection. Invite other playersto enjoyplaying mobile RPG and make a clan. Trade heroes andequipment withyour friends. Chat, share tactics, fight friendlycooperativeskirmishes and all that in one mobile game. Follow uson: Facebook:
Demon's Choice: Text Adventure RPG 2.7
Delight Games
Play as a succubus in this choice-driven text adventure set inamedieval fantasy setting. You're Azizella, Binder of Souls, andyouhave just escaped the Abyss. Now, a free demon, you seek tooutwitthe fiends that hunt you as you plot your own rise toultimatepower. It's like a series of your favorite fantasy novels,butgamified to be even more awesome! Your choices change the storyandalter survival stats you need to make it to the end ofeachheart-pounding adventure. Azizella is a character from theRingCity Universe, the same setting as "Wizard's Choice" and"Rogue'sChoice". From this game, you now enter a vast adventure,full oftwists and turns and epic world-building! Written by SamLandstrom.*** Features *** - Zero learning curve. Read the storyand makedecisions. - Life, gold, favor, and morale are tracked. -Outcomesare determined by decisions you make. - Score and rank atthe end.- Accessible to blind users.
Paladins: Text Adventure RPG 2.5
Delight Games
A text adventure RPG where YOU play the characters in amedievalfantasy novel! The story is set in the rich world of Dezrelcreatedby author David Dalglish. You play several differentcharactersincluding a Paladin of Ashhur, a wolf-man pack leader, ascrappyfarmer, and more!Put yourself into the shoes of thecharacters andwatch the story unfold, but be careful what choicesyou make. Deathis always near.64 chapters of adventure, over 100achievements, andTONS of interesting choices. And it's all free.Sweet, sweet,freedom.This interactive novel is based on DavidDalglish'sPaladins Series of fantasy novels. Mr. Dalglish haspartnered withDelight Games to "gamify" his novel. As far as weknow, this is thefirst time a traditional novel has been gamifiedlike this.Download it and be among the first to experience a novelin thisnovel way. ;)Reading made addictive!
Medieval Fantasy RPG (Choices Game) 5.4
Delight Games
⚔️ OLD-SCHOOL D&D-STYLE TEXT ADVENTURE WITH MODERN TWISTS!Ifyou like old-school D&D-style RPG games where you makethechoices for the main character, this is for you! Play a wizard,asuccubus, and a rogue in this epic series of text-basedgames.Here, old-school doesn’t mean primitive. There are hundredsofachievements to uncover—from the silly and surprising to theepic.As you make choices, stats go up and down, with rarely an“instantdeath”. You have ready options for going back on choiceswhilegripping you with a sense of suspense and challenge. ⚔️SIMPLE, YETADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY. Medieval Fantasy RPG is dead-simpleto learn,yet hard to master. You read and make choices, that’s it,but theconsequences of your choices are not always obvious. It'slike aseries of your favorite fantasy novels, but gamified to beevenmore awesome! Soon you will be immersed in an RPG richer thananyyou have played before because your own imagination is drivingwhatyou see, hear, and touch. ⚔️ PLAY A MASSIVE,WELL-THOUGHT-OUTSTORY! This huge series of intertwining story linesis made up ofover 1 MILLION words! Over 7 years has gone into thedevelopment!You start off playing a character in search of gloryand loot, butsoon delve into a world of deadly conspiracy andparalleluniverses. Later, the story continues as you switch toplaying asuccubus (demon), and then a rogue—each with their ownpersonalityand goals. Also, there’s more on the way! Like a goodD&Dcampaign, it doesn’t end. ⚔️ ACTUALLY FREE AND NO PAYING FORACHOICE. Play well and you will be rewarded with the currencyyouneed to finish everything without spending a penny. Hunt downthoseachievements, get the high ranks, and choose to watch therewardedvideos as they become available. Not that I don’tappreciate yourmonetary support and I’m confident that you willfind it well worthit, but know that you do not have to. Unlike manychoice-basedgames, you do NOT spend currency to make choices. Nochoice iswalled off from you for need of gems, etc. nor is thereany suchhint to spoil which is the “better choice”. You choose! ⚔️REALROLE-PLAYING. To succeed, you must put yourself in the bootsofyour character and do what’s best for him or her, even if it’snotwhat you would normally do. This requires more than logic, butalsoempathy for your character and the situation he/shefindsthemselves in. This is role-playing in its purest form. ⚔️EASY ONBATTERY AND STORAGE. EVEN PLAY OFFLINE! Although this is ahugeinteractive story, offering many hours of enjoyment, it’s atinydownload and you can even play offline. ⚔️ WHAT'S INCLUDED.Thispackage of text-based games includes the entire Wizard'sChoiceseries (6 large adventures), Demon's Choice (6 chapters sofar),and all of the Rogue's Choice series (10 chapters so far).Althoughyou can find these stories elsewhere by Delight Games, thispackagewas created specifically to deliver the Ring City Universeofstories, enhanced with new features includingachievement/pointprogress tracking. Also, this package has beendesigned to be afree game where you refresh your virtual currencywith yourachievements and through rewarded videos. This is theultimatepackage of Delight Games interactive fiction for youmedievalfantasy fans.
War Boxes: Tower Defense 1.0.5
Game Mechanics
Protect your land driving your favorite tank! WAR BOXESTOWERDEFENSE is a new offline tower defence game with si-fi tanks!Buildturrets and stop the attacks of the enemy waves. Rush intobattleand defend the base from airplanes and assaulters. Jump intoepiccube war! Shoot with missiles, cartridges, plasma, lay minesandfreeze the enemy! The game combines the genres of Action andTowerDefence, and continues the series of mobile games - "WARBOXES".Many tower types: An arsenal of turrets at your disposal.Burnenemy with fire and stop with freezing, crush the area withdeadlyblows, do minefields and make rocket shots. Remember, someenemiesmay be stopped only with special turret! Hardcore: Yourenemies aredangerous and ruthless. Break them with active anddeliberateattack tactics! They will lay siege to the base from theground andair. Tank groups, killer tanks and powerful bosses willcome outagainst you! Thought-out strategy is your advantage. Pickup thebonuses: it will help you in battle. The conquest: Destroyall theenemy waves and be the master of the maps! Only a completevictorywill open you up the way to new areas. Protect all the mapsand winthe whole sector of cubic city Polygon! Game features: -survivalarena - tower defence + action genre - no need internetconnection- destructible maps - bright cubic graphics - downloadfor freeSubscribe our groups in VK and Facebook and get the newsfirst! VK:
Fifth Edition Character Sheet 1.71
Walter Kammerer
A complete multiple page character sheet for a fiftheditiontabletop role playing game. Also includes a charactercreator forquickly making characters. Customizable 5 page charactersheet: -Create, save, and edit multiple characters -Automaticallycalculate: ability modifiers, armor class, skillbonuses, etc. -Track hit points, damage, temporary hp - Highlightsskillproficiencies - Manage multiple weapons with calculated attackanddamage - Spell book with spell attack bonuses, spell DC, andspellslots tracking - Notes and Features page along withcurrencytracker - Hide pages you don't need, reorder pages as youwantBasic Character Creator - Build complete level one charactersinseconds - Includes options for races, sub-races,classes,backgrounds, and more Whether you're slaying dragons,buildingkingdoms, charming town guards, amassing treasure, ordelvingdungeons, you can track your role playing with thischaractersheet.
LightSlinger Heroes: Puzzle RPG 2.6.2
LightSlinger Game LLC
LightSlinger Heroes is a twist on match-3 RPG adventures. Shootandmatch 3 or more bubbles to attack legendary monsters in thisfastpaced puzzle RPG. Collect heroes to create your ultimate team.Duelfriends in tactical puzzle battles. Form Guilds and fightbosses inreal-time multiplayer raids. Join the quest to become thelegendaryLight Slinger! • PUZZLE SHOOTER - Sling and match bubblesto castpowerful magic. Strategically match power ups bubbles, todefeatepic bosses! • EPIC HEROES - Summon heroes and collectpets.Discover powerful skill combos and create the most powerfulteamsfor PvP or Guild events. • PvP ARENA - Compete in multiplayerPvPbattles. Discover tactics to outwit the defending teams in afight.• GUILD ADVENTURES - Invite friends to a guild. Sharegifts,complete guild quests and strategize with team mates to raidguildbosses. • ENDLESS SURPRISE - Every quest is a dynamic puzzle.Notwo boards are the same. Participate in 3 different eventquests:tactical challenge dungeons, procedural puzzle adventure,co-op mmostyle guild raids. • Follow us:
Miner Clicker: Idle Gold Mine Tycoon. Mining Game 1.13
Let your capitalist adventure begin! Idle mining will bring youhugepiles of gold if you play this right. Upgrade yourminingsettlement, fend off golden golems and tap your way toriches!Buildyour own mineMiner Clicker is a classic idle clickergame, whichstarts with building your own mine! Build your firsttiny shaft andassemble little miners for this idle adventure. Feela gold rushand unleash your inner greed by crafting a money farm!Your littleminers will work tirelessly to satisfy your hunger forgold andyou’re the boss, so stay idle! Games like this often endshere, butit’s not a case in Miner Clicker!Game of mine begins!Moneylikes tomultiply - gold likes it too! Invest in your inc bybuilding newminers’ huts in just few clicks and enhance everydungeon of yourown! Miner Clicker is a idle clicker game ofadventure, that letsyou upgrade your buildings just by clicking onthem! Click andwatch how your empire grows - it’s an truly idleadventure! As acapitalist you can’t forget about your littleminers. Clicking afew more clicks will transform them into realmine heroes, thusdigging more and more gold! Isn’t it a true moneyfarm? Crafting& clicking like in best idle games!Secure yourmineAway fromthe surface your little miners may dig somethingbetter than goldlike… Mana Stones! These shards are rare, idleloot, but providegreat boost to efficiency of your miners! Diggingin mine can bedangerous, so don’t think you can stay completelyidle. Heroes ofyour mine might be attacked by monsters like goldengolems! Clickto dispose them and make your mine prosper again! Bewatchful andsoon you realize, that in this idle clicker game hardwork of everymine digger is worth thousands of gold!FEATURES:⛏️Build your ownmine! Become a mine builder in a classic idle clickergame!⛏️Dozens of enhancements - a clicker game with upgrades.⛏️Find ManaStones and perform rituals to boost your idle adventure.⛏️Become aminer tycoon! Just by tapping, clicking and digging!MinerClickeris one of the best idle games on the store! Build your ownmine,hire little miners, dig gold and prosper! Time is money, sodon’twaste your time and DOWNLOAD this idle adventure of heroes&crafting now! FOR FREE!
Gunspell - Match 3 Battles 1.6.38
AKPublish pty ltd
It is a story-driven rpg-adventure where guns and magicacttogether! Become a member of this powerful Order whose missionitis to protect Earth. Travel through other worlds, contendwithmonsters, upgrade your weapons and enhance your magic. Havefun! Itis a completely free game with an option to purchase packsofin-game currency or a premium account. • Match 3 battles with alotof features • Multiple strange new worlds to explore • Hordesofenemies to fight • Tons of different weapons, items, and spells!•Awesome graphics! Game Awards ★ DevGAMM Award ★ MS WindowsStoreStuff Pick ★ Repeatedly featured by Google Followus:
Eternium 1.3.44
Making Fun, Inc.
Eternium is an amazingly fun and beautifully crafted ActionRPG,reminiscent of the great classics. Eternium stands out fromothermobile Action RPGs by its effortless “tap to move” andinnovative“swipe to cast” controls, and its player-friendly “nopaywalls,never pay to win” philosophy. With the exception of acouple ofonline-only features, the game can also be played offlineafter thecontent download completes. Drawing signs to cast spellsis easyand rewarding. The tap-to-move control is more natural andrelaxingthan thumbsticks, and it’s also truer to thevintagepoint-and-click Action RPG experience. The game can bereallyplayed for free, as more than 90% of our players do.Purchases arecompletely optional. Gems, the game’s main currency,can becollected from enemies and quests. There is no limitingstamina orenergy. The best things in the game are obtained byplaying, notpaying. As of fall 2017, major new features are inadvanced stagesof development, including real-time multiplayer,town portal, and afourth world. Enjoy the visceral satisfaction ofresponsive,fast-paced combat, with spectacular special effects,pleasingsounds, rewarding damage numbers, all set againstimmersivebackdrops and atmospheric, inspiring music scores. Play asa Mage,Warrior or Bounty Hunter, wielding a sword, axe, staff orgun.Level up to learn new abilities and increase yourattributes.Battle skeletons, zombies, automatons, aliens, demons,dragons andmany other creatures, across three beautifullyhand-crafted worlds,or in endless generated levels. Venture intodark caves anddungeons, explore forests, villages and graveyards,lay siege todemon controlled castles, brave snowy mountain peaks,travel to themoon to slay strange creatures among craters andcanyons, andbeyond, to the deserts, pyramids and jungles of the redplanet.Open treasure chests to loot gold, gemstones and battlegear. Equipshiny breastplates, menacing helmets and hoods, spikedshoulderpads, mysterious cloaks or capes. Protect yourself with ashield,or choose to wield two weapons as a warrior. Rescue yourtank,healer and ranger companions who will join you in battle. Usetheirabilities together with yours to create rewarding andpowerfultactical combos. Experience a refreshing storyline, filledwithinterplanetary intrigue and seasoned with funny characters.Huntyour arch-enemy, Ragadam, across the worlds, while tryingtouncover and undo his twisted plans. Progress from common torare,epic and legendary gear. Find gemstones that fit in yourarmor’ssockets. Craft socketed rings and amulets, and fuse three oftheminto a higher quality one. Unleash awesome offensiveabilities,such as Whirlwind, Shockwave, Arc Lightning or Blizzard,controlthe enemy crowd with Frost Nova, Vortex, Silence, or sneakandassassinate with Smokescreen, Traps and Snipe. Each hero classhasaccess to about 20 abilities (skills or spells), and each ofyourthree companions has four more. The game starts simple,butculminates in a flurry of tactical possibilities at highlevels.Once your hero reaches level 70, your experience points gointoChampion Levels, which are unlimited and yield steadystatupgrades. Champion Levels are also inherited by your newheroes, sothey will have an easier time growing up. Aside from thethreestory acts, an endless progression of beautiful, randomlygeneratedlevels awaits in the Trials of Valor game mode. Eterniumis craftedwith passion by a small band of old-school RPG fans, wholovemaking the game they always wanted to play.
Starlost - Space Shooter
Hoodwinked Studios
Starlost is an early access top-down space shooter, mixingtowerdefense, bullet hell, and classic RPG elements with gorgeous3Dgraphics. Take control of Axel in an unforgettable epic storymodecampaign. Mine asteroids, research new technologies and buildupyour ship - choose your loadout, select your abilities anddefeatthe evil robot hordes in this intense shmup! * Build heapsofweapons - over 24 different types * Research and use over20special abilities to defeat the enemy * Make your ship uniquewithover 40 upgrades * Use railguns to annihilate enemy starships!*Enjoy classic shoot em up gameplay with fresh mechanics * TrustinCeres, your mothership, to protect you * Utilize movementmechanicsto survive - strafe, turbo, blink and more * Unravel themystery ofthe dormant enemy AI... just what are they? Ready? Strapin anddownload the space mining adventure of a lifetime. ★★★★★ Weareadding more and more features everyday. Stay tuned forupdates.Want to help? Like us on Facebook( andfollow us on Twitter( - every bithelps. Want to chat? Wehave a discord channel! Come and say hi:) Permissions - Write ExternalStorage:Used for saving screenshots in Endless Mode - ReadExternalStorage: Used by Unity to install the game.
A Girl Adrift 1.366
◆ Open World Growing Tap game: Drifting Girl!◆ A funtap-RPG-fishinggame!◆ The adventures of a Drifting Girl in theworld that has beensubmerged in water!◆ Cures insomnia in thebeautiful sound of theseaHomepage■■■■■GameIntroduction ■■■■■The survival of a girl who drifts around inaworld that was submerged in water!A new open world gamebyDAERISOFT, a popular Google Play game developer!Let’s fishandexplore in the world you have never seen before!■■■■■ GameFeatures■■■■■■ First release of a college students’ developmentteam, TeamTapas!Please expect more contents to be updated!■Communicationgame where we communicate with users to make a fungame together!-It’s true! - I could not believe it at firsteither!■ A new gamethat drifts you into tomorrow!- It’s true! - Istarted playingwithout thinking...-■ A healing game that heals yourmind withbeautiful sound effects!- Again, true! - It cured my 30years ofinsomnia.-■ A beautiful game where you can learn aboutamazing fisharound the world!- True, again! - I’ve never seen fishlike thesebefore. LOL.Fishing? RPG? A fun-filledtap-RPG-fishinggame!Infinite collection!Heal your heart with softcolors, graphicsand sounds!Every review you leave encourages us tomake a bettergame. Thank you!
Magic Chronicle 7.1.11
Magic Chronicle is a free-to-play ARPG in which you fight infun,tactical battles alongside a party of your favorite heroes andsavethe world!Enjoy the exhilarating battles and exquisite heroesthatMagic Chronicle brings, right in the palm of your hand!1. Easybutpowerful: fight for a simple and engaging duel!Different fromotherARPG action mobile games, " Magic Chronicle " owns theoriginaladvanced combat gameplay. With one hand, you can achieveall thegame operation: tapping on the battle, sliding around, usingEXskill. Play anywhere, anytime!2. Over 100 exquisite heroes&various mounts Dozens of well-made heroes and mounts keepyourcompany! After evolving, their shapes will also change.Experiencecreative character designs, thrilling battle, brillianthero skillsand customized battle formations!3. Various PVP&PVEchallengeswith endless excitement!Test your strength by challengingmonstersfrom across the world. Engage in Quests, Challenges, andMissionsto gain EXP and win rewards. There are many challenges,including,but not limited to Gold Rush, Monster Forest, Arena,Jewel Mining.Join events to obtain rare items. Whatever gameplayand events youchoose, there will be endless moments of fun andexcitement waitingfor you!4. Unleash the power of maids!A varietyof exquisite andunique maids for you to summon and collect! Lolita,hottie,sassy... Help them become stronger and prettier! Improveyour maidsby Training & Touring. The better they get, thegreater theirbattle performance will be!Form your maid team andchoose yourpaths!Start your fantasy fairy adventure in MagicChronicle!
Titan Quest 1.0.1
THQ Nordic
One of the best hack-and-slash games of all time now fits inyourpocket!Originally released on PC in 2006, Titan Quest is anactionRPG set against a mythological backdrop. The Titans haveescapedfrom prison and are hell-bent on destroying the Earth. TheGodsalone can’t stop them -- a hero is needed to lead thisepicstruggle. Victory or defeat will determine humanity’s fate andthatof the Olympians.You are that hero! Create your character,exploreancient civilizations like Greece, Egypt, Babylon, andChina, andfight against hordes of legendary creatures! Master thearts ofarchery, swordsmanship or magic and upgrade your charactertounlock awesome powers! Discover special items to help youcompleteyour quest: legendary swords, devastating thunderbolts,enchantedbows, and much more!Specially adapted for mobile devices,this newversion offers numerous new features:• A newtouch-friendlyinterface • Completely redesigned touch-friendlygameplay •High-quality graphics• A huge, open world to explore•Fullday/night cycle• 80 different mythological creatures:Minotaurs,Cyclopses, Gorgons, and many more• 1200+ items todiscover• 30different character classes • 150 different characterskills•Colossal playtime of more than 60 hours • Scalabledifficultymodes: weapons and enemies match your skill level •Dozens ofunlockable achievements to discover• No ads, no in-apppurchases.Full Premium experience - Enjoy the full content foroneprice!Mixing ancient mythology with non-stop action, Titan Questisa classic hack-and-slash offering energizing gameplay with afast,intense rhythm. Overcome thrilling challenges and vanquishthegreatest enemies ever to invade the mobile world!