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SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescu 1.0.3
Digital Toys Studio
Hello SWAT force captain! There isanemergency call from police; most wanted terrorists havehijackedthe subway station. These terrorists do not demand forransom,their intention is to blow up train station and escape indesertcity. Play SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescue, newest 3D shootergameto fight for innocent civilians and clear the crisissituation.Trained bad guys have captured the train station and hijackedthelocomotive after shooting driver, now they have civilianhostages.City police has asked for SWAT force help as this hostilesituationis like advance warfare. The subway station looks likeabattlefield surrounded by terrorist mercenary. City is filledwithterror and fear of the terrorism, innocent citizens are cryingforhelp and waiting for subway rescue team to arrive. Lead asrescueteam SWAT shooter in vehicle and reach the train station.Enemyjeep is parked outside and guarded by terrorist gunman. Takeoutgunman with a sniper shot from your assault rifle and blowupenemies jeep and arsenal. Clear the underground subwaystationbefore terrorists leave in train to desert. After intensecrossshooting, kill all bad guys and rescue passengers fromrailwaytracks..Ride the train towards city desert and guard thepassengerstravelling across state. As you entered desert area, 2ndterroristgroup attacked the train. Their target is cargolocomotive, shootthese criminals and don’t let anyone escape. Makesure allterrorists are killed and hostages are safe. If anycivilian isshot, your subway SWAT mission is failed. As a SWATsniper take outthe enemy their arsenal and destroy their cars andjeeps. Keepshooting at enemy vehicle until car blast into fireflames. Conquerthe battlefield conflict with your shootingexpertise. Enter intoguerrilla war ambush terrorist convoy armedwith machine gun andGatling.Features:★ 10 thrilling and challenging SWAT team rescue missions★ Multiple weapons like SWAT sniper guns and assault rifles★ Realistic train station and desert battlefield environment★ Smooth touch controls for best first personshootingexperience★ Amazing headshot kill animations and detailed 3D graphicsDownload SWAT Train Mission Crime Rescue, 3D action game forintensecombat missions and terrorist shooting. Many innocent livesdependupon successful SWAT rescue mission, so do not blow thisup!